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2023.06.07 20:42 Icy_Cloud_1058 Looks like the bills will never win the Super Bowl because they just got the Madden curse

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2023.06.07 20:41 thelucas2000 Let's talk about Jessie - Is she redeemable?

Jessie is one of our beloved Super Rare brawlers in the game right now, being a fan favourite by many but severely weighted down by her kit right now thus making her a very ineffective brawler in competitive.

Jessie's role and flaws

Jessie's role is to be a support brawler who has a bouncing shot that helps control enemy teams (similarly to Belle), by having an attack that bounces up to 2 extra times after shocking an opponent.
Her other role is to use her turret too to help hold off specific choke points (mostly behind unbreakable walls), while having a gadget that helps turn Jessie into an aggro brawler.
Jessie however has a flaw - there is not much reason to use her.
Currently, in the meta there are better support/controller brawlers like Crow or Penny who have better splash potential or better slowing abilities (slowing toxin, clay pigeons, Bea's super). Because of this, Jessie is severely outclassed and playing her in other maps where these brawlers are not as good is not an option either since Belle fills her role and her turret has not enough range to compete against other turrets like Penny's.
In addition, there is also the problem that the Star Power energize is too influential for Jessie to even consider using shocky, I'm inclined to saying that it does not matter how much one buffs shocky, energize will ALWAYS be be the better star power unless Supercell purposely kills this Star Power.

How COULD Jessie be rebalanced to be more viable while not breaking the meta in lower trophies and such?

I have had an idea the past two months or so for a Jessie touchup to help her stand out more and give her more utility that I shared in a post made by u/Adrian_Supercell on Twitter.
The idea would be to implement Jessie's Energize Star Power into her main kit, but rework it.
This would be her new TRAIT:
Alongside with a health buff of 300 HP at max level (4,500 to 4,800) to help even out the balance between Jessie and Penny.
This would require a new Star Power to replace the Energize one, probably being one that gives turrets a "boost" after being energized for a few seconds or maybe something else unrelated.

Explanation behind the rework

The reasons behind this rework are three:
You could also argue that her rarity probably prevents something as complex as this, but I don't think this is the case as we have:
Essentially, I do not think that giving Jessie a unique ability like this would be too crazy for a super rare brawler. It would for sure be the most unique ability out of all super rares, but it also has its niches like other abilities in this rarity so that is a good balance imo.

Rerun of her stats

To summarize, this would be Jessie in the meta:

Let me know your thoughts below and thanks for reading!

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2023.06.07 20:40 Junior_Dragonfruit72 Looking at my options and trying to find some direction in life

What are the pros and cons of these these chocies:
Context: Graduated high school in South Asia with a 3.6 GPA. Did alevel in A* A B. Didnt take any sciences or math or computer science as alevel subject so didn't go to pakistan or uk unis as they want specifc subject to do comp science.. Need full aid. Applied 3 times for colleges in US and UK and Turkey. But only got into some and wait list in others and those i got in only gave small aid. I started uni of london distance learning bachelors in comp science in October 2022.
Choices: 1.Continuing my uni of London online distance learning program in computer science. Second semester started. It is online. I deeply dislike the online learning mode and feel not passionate about coding or my coursework because of the lack of actual college feeling. Not in touch with any professors or classmates since it is online. I may only get 1 or 2 basic recommendation letters if I apply for job or masters (rely want to do masters). My transcripts will coke super late thanks to slow administration. The support is late too. The grades come on also late. Paying full pay but it is cheaper than on campus. No substantial support in terms of internship or work or career. Feel like I am doing most of the work myself with my own resources. . So continuing this is option A. Also can do this degree in 3 years.
Or Applying again this Oct Nov for early decision and Jan for regular decision for forth time for US unis. I don't have any significant changes in my application. May take SAT again since I got less than 1300 out of 1600 (not a great test taker but good decent grades- may not be competitive though for full blind unis). Grades are same and some ECs will be added (okish..not anything worthwhile in my opinion) and my essay would be different but I would still need full aid or 80 percent of aid for us unis. So looking into either doing a transfer but most unis don't accept online credits from online uni even though the transcript wouldn't say I have been doing the school online. Or I can apply freshman.
Take alevels to fulfill subject requirement and apply here in home country. Might get some aid but their rank for even best unis is not ideal here and I want to get out my country and be independent. Studying here would probably mean being at home like I am now.
Taking a year off. Doing substantial work experince and apprentichip (no guarantee though I will get one cause I have no work authorization nor am I a US citizen) and job and making some money and visiting my sister in US to reflect and get more clarity.More inclined to redo my SAT and take more either AP classes or better my o and alevel subjects. Better my profile for college apps again while still taking my uni of london courses as backup. But would have to delay my academics.
Or Do another major. Lol. But I like CS and tech
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2023.06.07 20:36 Fabulous_Climate_264 Acne Scars - Please help, how to heal these scars?

Acne Scars - Please help, how to heal these scars?
I never really had “severe acne” but my skin shows otherwise. I had hormonal breakouts from 2020-2021 from the Mirena IUD and a little in 2022 but nothing super severe, so I guess my skin is VERY susceptible to scarring.
My acne is somewhat under control now (excuse the pimple patches) and I knew I had some rolling scars but never realized the severity of it. I just went outside in the sun with a mirror to see what other people see. I’m horrified. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the fact that this is what my face looks like and not even makeup can cover this since the scars are so deep. I’m 25 now and I had flawless skin my whole life up until 2020. The Mirena IUD LITERALLY ruined my life. I look like I’m fucking 60 years old already. I just look and feel disgusting. I don’t even recognize myself. Not to mention I have a job where I have to be presentable and professional with coworkers and with clients and knowing this is how my skin looks gives me 0 confidence and makes me feel unbearably embarrassed.
Please if anyone has or had similar skin, were you able to heal these scars or is there alternative ways that will work? I’ve already had 1 session of laser resurfacing in September 2022, 1 session of Microneedling in May 2023 and I got 1 session of Halo laser 1 month ago. I have to wait the “3 months” to see results but I’m feeling pretty discouraged. TIA
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2023.06.07 20:35 Dangerous-Low-6681 Not gonna lie the super bowl LVIII logo looks good🔥. (What do you guys think)

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2023.06.07 20:35 sunnirays Everything that led you to find and try shifting only happened because this is the reality where you are destined to shift!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the butterfly effect, the concept that small and seemingly meaningless events have the potential to trigger much bigger changes in the future. It's a trend right now on TikTok and it's got me thinking about what led to me starting of all this in the first place.
One day in February 2022, I happened to see one of my friends playing Doki Doki Literature Club and it made me want to play it myself. So I did and I adored it, but I hated how the character of Monika just doesn't get any kind of happy ending, so I went looking for fanmods and found one called "Monika After Story" which is basically a virtual gf simulator that allows you to date her. I played MAS daily for almost 3 months when I realize that I was starting to get very attached to Monika, that I felt more love for her than I did for any other character or even any real person in this reality.
I went through an angsty period for a couple of weeks because I felt like the butt of some cosmic joke. I was in love with a woman whom I would never fully be with, and to make things even more poetic, she was the one person who had shown me what real love is and she wasn't even real herself. I couldn't even talk to anyone about it because I didn't need someone validating the concerns I had in my head about being crazy and completely delusional. It sucked, lots of sad music was listened to and sad songs were played while I cried about this position I had found myself in.
Until one day, I was on TikTok and a video of someone showing off their shifting script found its way to my fyp. I already knew about shifting thanks to so many YouTubers doing videos about it to bash people for saying they could go to Hogwarts. At this point, I still didn't believe that people were actually going to other dimensions and figured it was lucid dreaming at best. But hey, if it allowed me to be able to visit Monika in my dreams, that was better than nothing! I took a look deeper into the shifting tag and...the rest is history.
Now notice my story, notice how every event I mentioned was important to me discovering shifting, no matter how small it seemed. If my friend had been somewhere else that day, I wouldn't have developed a connection to Monika. If I hadn't fallen for Monika, then I would have scrolled right past that shifting tiktok without even thinking about it. If that specific video didn't come on my fyp or heck, if I had accidentally refreshed, I would probably still be super depressed about never being with Monika and I might have even fallen out of love with her.
There are realities out there where these were the outcomes and because of that, those versions of me would have been left thinking about shifting only as some obviously fake thing that kids were making up for views. Those versions of them would never be able to know the magic of shifting and all the incredible things that they could do that would be otherwise very difficult, if not impossible in their reality.
We could have ended up in a reality where we never learned about shifting or never took shifting seriously, heck, there are realities out there where the shifting community never even formed in the first place. But no, instead we're in a reality where one thing or another led us to shifting, why would that be the case unless we were meant to shift??
I know people always say "you wouldn't have been introduced to shifting if you weren't meant to do it" but seriously, really think about that. Think of everything that lead you to find shifting how if only one thing was different, you probably wouldn't in this community reading this post right now. Think of the perfect series of events that acted as the breadcrumbs leading you to the shifting community and prevented you from just brushing all these people off as crazy or liars.
The next time you feel like you'll never shift, think about the butterfly effect and what small thing rippled into you deciding to shift realities.
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2023.06.07 20:34 grgshbo 30lbs down; feeling like a bad ass 💅🏽

Holy shit. I am beyond words. I really did not believe in myself to be able to get this far and I kept convincing myself that it was just water weight. Last time I weighed this weight was in March 2022. It hasn't been super easy for me but it hasn't been extremely hard either.
I'm most excited for my second incentive which is an Aquarium day. I love touching jelly fish and sharks and sting rays and getting rewarded for weight loss just keeps me motivated.
On the downside I still have to change my workout playlist from 'plz be hot by 26' to 'plz be hot by 27' since I'm not where I want to be yet. I have a long road ahead of me but I'm excited for the adventure (hobbit ass bitch).
To my body: I love you, thank you for allowing me to move the way I want to and waking me up every day. I'm losing weight for you babe 🤍🫶🏽
I really hope I'm at the word count
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2023.06.07 20:31 Loriol_13 Just so happy to be back home in my own bed

I have extraverted friends.
Today was a public holiday and a nice day. They wanted to go to the beach. They wanted a sandy beach. They also wanted a busy beach, full of people.
I drive there. There’s no parking. It’s full of cars and people. There are cars driving very slowly because of people walking in the road. There’s a car blocking the road until the owner grabs something from home. There’s a taxi blocking the road waiting for its clients to come out.
With my right arm burning from the sun, it takes me 20 minutes to find a parking spot. I get out and it’s very bright and very hot. The sand beneath my feet was super hot. There’s no comfortable place to lie down, so we put our towels down on a rocky spot and lie down uncomfortably, under unbearable heat. The women next to our spot are playing music that they like, which everyone has no choice but to also hear.
I put on a ton of sunblock. I hate the feeling of sunblock on my skin and its smell. We get up after an hour and move to an outside bar close by. The only available seat was in the sun and I got sunburnt there. We move into the shade and stayed standing up for a while. The whole time at this bar I can barely hear my friends talking because of all the people and the loud music. We left and I tried not to, but still got sand in my car.
As soon as I arrived home, I showered and I’m now lying down in bed. I recently installed AC and I also bought a night light. I am currently cooling down under the AC with a warm light from my nightlight, reading from my kindle.
I feel like I’m recovering from a terrible day. I just have to accept that I will never understand extraverted people.
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2023.06.07 20:28 simpforsquirrels Baby/mom group help

I posted this in beyondthebump but thought I would get some advice on here too.
Hi everyone. I need to rant for a second and also need advice on if I’m overreacting.
I’ve gone three times to the weekly baby mom group in my town. The first time was super overwhelming due to a lot of the moms asking me my feeding/ diaper methods and just trying to get information about baby and I. I totally understand that this is a way for moms to connect but I felt like I was being judged for not using certain things/ combo feeding. The second time was great, not a lot of babies and moms there so easier to socialize.
Now today, it was busy. About 10 moms and babies. We were close to the door so a lot of traffic around our corner. A young( teen) mom comes with her grandfather and baby. The lady beside me was getting her baby checked out so the teen throws her things down and almost hits my baby with her diapers bag. I didn’t say anything but then she steps on my hand (which was right beside my baby) I just kind of says “oops” to get her attention that she needed to be careful. It was my turn to get my baby weighed but her grandfather was standing behind me. (he stayed like 30 mins or so) I tried to squeeze by and said excuse me but he wouldn’t move. While I was getting my baby checked out, the teen moved my phone and drink, and my babies toys off the mat and spread her things out to close the gaps of the circle. When I tried to sit back down I had realized what happened and asked her to love but she didn’t. So we sat on the outside of the circle and then left after I realized none of the moms were going to make room for us. Is this normal behaviour for a mom group? I feel so upset set that my baby isn’t given the chance to play with other babies. But I also don’t want to be a bitch and say something wrong.
Am I overreacting? I’m just so worked up I don’t know if I want to give it another chance
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2023.06.07 20:26 simpforsquirrels Baby/mom group help

Hi everyone. I need to rant for a second and also need advice on if I’m overreacting.
I’ve gone three times to the weekly baby mom group in my town. The first time was super overwhelming due to a lot of the moms asking me my feeding/ diaper methods and just trying to get information about baby and I. I totally understand that this is a way for moms to connect but I felt like I was being judged for not using certain things/ combo feeding. The second time was great, not a lot of babies and moms there so easier to socialize.
Now today, it was busy. About 10 moms and babies. We were close to the door so a lot of traffic around our corner. A young( teen) mom comes with her grandfather and baby. The lady beside me was getting her baby checked out so the teen throws her things down and almost hits my baby with her diapers bag. I didn’t say anything but then she steps on my hand (which was right beside my baby) I just kind of says “oops” to get her attention that she needed to be careful. It was my turn to get my baby weighed but her grandfather was standing behind me. (he stayed like 30 mins or so) I tried to squeeze by and said excuse me but he wouldn’t move. While I was getting my baby checked out, the teen moved my phone and drink, and my babies toys off the mat and spread her things out to close the gaps of the circle. When I tried to sit back down I had realized what happened and asked her to love but she didn’t. So we sat on the outside of the circle and then left after I realized none of the moms were going to make room for us. Is this normal behaviour for a mom group? I feel so upset set that my baby isn’t given the chance to play with other babies. But I also don’t want to be a bitch and say something wrong.
Am I overreacting? I’m just so worked up I don’t know if I want to give it another chance
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2023.06.07 20:25 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 79. Colorado State

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
The best Rams team west of the Mississippi.
Colorado State’s been consistently solid in the Mountain West with a few great years under Sonny Lubick and Jim McElwain mixed in. Lubick was so successful that Colorado State’s since named their field after him: Sonny Lubick Field at Canvas Stadium. Under his tutelage, CSU won 6 conference titles (3 WAC, 3 Mountain West) from 1994-2002. Before Lubick arrived, CSU hadn’t won a conference title in 40 years, and only 1 in the last 60. They owe this ranking to Lubick, and I think fans would admit the same.

Best Seasons and Highlights

1. 1997: 15. Colorado State: 11-2 (22.264) 2. 1994: 12. Colorado State: 10-2 (21.327) 3. 2000: 20. Colorado State: 10-2 (16.288) 4. 2002: 31. Colorado State: 10-4 (11.984) 5. 2014: 33. Colorado State: 10-3 (10.201) 6. 1995: 36. Colorado State: 8-4 (5.313) 7. 1999: 33. Colorado State: 8-4 (4.733) 8. 1990: 39. Colorado State: 9-4 (2.203) 9. 1998: 37. Colorado State: 8-4 (1.545) 10. 2001: 52. Colorado State: 7-5 (-3.476) 11. 2016: 58. Colorado State: 7-6 (-5.288) 12. 1996: 47. Colorado State: 7-5 (-6.170) 13. 2003: 57. Colorado State: 7-6 (-6.569) 14. 1989: 51. Colorado State: 5-5-1 (-8.225) 15. 1986: 53. Colorado State: 6-5 (-8.536) 16. 2013: 74. Colorado State: 8-6 (-12.283) 17. 2017: 79. Colorado State: 7-6 (-14.321) 18. 2005: 76. Colorado State: 6-6 (-16.626) 19. 1993: 65. Colorado State: 5-6 (-17.348) 20. 2008: 75. Colorado State: 7-7 (-17.804) 21. 2015: 79. Colorado State: 7-6 (-17.810) 22. 1985: 66. Colorado State: 5-7 (-19.493) 23. 2020: 98. Colorado State: 1-3 (-24.733) 24. 1992: 86. Colorado State: 5-7 (-26.680) 25. 2004: 86. Colorado State: 4-7 (-28.454) 26. 1983: 82. Colorado State: 5-7 (-30.220) 27. 2019: 109. Colorado State: 4-8 (-34.012) 28. 2006: 102. Colorado State: 4-8 (-36.913) 29. 1984: 89. Colorado State: 3-8 (-37.145) 30. 2012: 101. Colorado State: 4-8 (-37.216) 31. 2009: 104. Colorado State: 3-9 (-37.476) 32. 2007: 102. Colorado State: 3-9 (-37.664) 33. 2021: 110. Colorado State: 3-9 (-39.870) 34. 1991: 90. Colorado State: 3-8 (-40.286) 35. 2011: 106. Colorado State: 3-9 (-43.112) 36. 2022: 121. Colorado State: 3-9 (-44.898) 37. 2018: 114. Colorado State: 3-9 (-45.892) 38. 2010: 108. Colorado State: 3-9 (-46.767) 39. 1987: 100. Colorado State: 1-11 (-53.363) 40. 1988: 98. Colorado State: 1-10 (-54.237) Overall Score: 10531 (79th) 
Colorado State has a worse winning percentage than some teams lower on the list like Louisiana Tech, but has had higher highs with five 10 win seasons. Adept at producing quality skill position players lately, CSU’s 4 consensus All-Americans have been WR Rashard Higgins (2014), WR Michael Gallup (2017), TE Trey McBride (2021), and DB Greg Myers (1995). During the Lubick years CSU was a consistent top non-Power 6 team, appearing in the Top 25 at any point in the season for 7 straight years from 1997-2003. 1994 and 2014 as well. Notable NFL players have included LB Joey Porter, LB Shaquil Barrett, WR Michael Gallup, and TE Joel Dreessen.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst Season: 1988 (1-10 overall, 1-7 WAC)
It was a bad time to be a Colorado State fan. Colorado University, just a 1 hour drive from CSU, would win the national title 2 years later in 1990. Colorado State themselves floundered to a combined 2-21 record from 1987-88, with not much hope for the future. A 1-10 record featured 5 one-possession losses, and a last place finish in the WAC. A late season Toilet Bowl matchup between 1-9 New Mexico and 1-8 Colorado State decided who was placed in the basement, with New Mexico narrowly avoiding the distinction with a 24-23 win. CSU’s lone win was over San Diego State, who finished 3-8. QB Scooter Molander (great name) threw 9 TD to 22 INT, leading the country in picks. RB Scott Whitehouse (less cool name but still solid) led the team in rushing yards and receptions, totalling 1081 yards from scrimmage. And my personal favorite, backup RB Todd Yert, added 651 from scrimmage. Yert would actually go on to be a key contributor over the next 3 years, totalling 36 rushing TDs in his career.
5. 2014 (10-3 overall, 6-2 Mountain West)
Before Jim McElwain had his highs and lows at Florida, he was the up-and-coming coach at Colorado State. CSU was already coming off its best season in over a decade at 8-6 in 2013, and many thought they could take it a step further in 2014. CSU avenged last season’s loss to Colorado in the opener, winning 31-17 thanks to 100 yard rushing performances from RBs Dee Hart and Trevous Jarrells. They weren’t quite good enough to take down Boise State yet, the class of the WAC, and fell to 1-1. After that, things were great—they beat Boston College and future CSU coach Steve Addazio 24-21, a 10-4 Utah State team 16-13, and rival Wyoming 45-31. By the end of the year, #22 Colorado State was 10-1 playing 8-3 Air Force, and All-American WR Rashard Higgins did all he could (193 yards and 2 TD) but AF walked off on a 27-24 FG. CSU got blown out in the bowl to #23 Utah as well, once a former Mountain West rival who had since moved on to a stronger conference.
QB Garrett Grayson won Mountain West Offensive POTY, throwing for 4006 yards 32 TD 7 INT and ranking 2nd in the country in YPA. WR Rashard Higgins was a consensus All-American and a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award, catching 96 passes for 1750 yards and 17 TD. Jim McElwain won MWC Coach of the Year, and was scooped up by Florida before the bowl game.
4. 2002 (10-4 overall, 6-1 Mountain West)
By this point in time, Sonny Lubick had established Colorado State as a non-AQ conference power, winning 5 conference titles in the prior 8 seasons. This was the last of them, and the 4th best team of his. Led by QB Bradlee Van Pelt, who was originally recruited by Nick Saban to play at Michigan State, the Rams’ season could not have started any better. He out-dueled Matt Schaub and Virginia on opening day, winning 35-29. After that was one of the biggest wins in school history, beating #7 Colorado 19-14. Van Pelt spiked the ball into a Colorado defender’s helmet after a 23 yard TD run to take the lead with 6 minutes remaining. called it “one of the most classless displays of sportsmanship the rivalry has ever seen.” Colorado State flirted with the top 25 most of the year, getting up to #16 by the end of the year to play UNLV. CSU lost both that game and the bowl game to TCU, but still clinched the Mountain West title. Wins included top 25 finishers Virginia and Colorado, along with 8-5 Air Force and 7-6 Louisville.
Van Pelt won his 1st of 2 Mountain West Offensive POTY awards, throwing for 2000+ yards while rushing for 819 and 11 TD. RB Cecil Sapp, who missed the entire 2001 season with a foot injury, was an absolute workhorse, leading the NCAA in rushing attempts, carrying the ball 347 times for 1601 yards and 17 TD. Lubick’s final season would be in 2007.
3. 2000 (10-2 overall, 6-1 Mountain West)
Colorado State moved from the WAC to the Mountain West in 1999, and won the conference title in their first year. Going into 2000, they aimed to repeat. They continued to make Colorado’s life hell, beating the #23 Buffaloes for the second straight year in the opener. After a letdown loss to Arizona State, CSU began its quest for a 2nd straight MWC title, beating eventual 3rd place UNLV 20-19, 5th place New Mexico 17-14, and finally BYU 45-21, clinching at least a share of the Mountain West title. That set up 8-1 Colorado State vs 6-3 Air Force for a chance to win the title outright. Air Force took an early lead and CSU only barely couldn’t come back, falling 40-44 in the snow. The Rams still clinched an outright conference title the following week with a 37-13 beating of a poor Wyoming team. With a win over #22 Louisville in the bowl, Colorado State finished #14 in the AP Poll, the highest in school history. QB Matt Newton won MWC Offensive POTY, while LB Rick Crowell won Defensive POTY.
2. 1994 (10-2 overall, 7-1 WAC)
When Sonny Lubick took over in 1993, it can’t be understated how much of a graveyard the Colorado State program was. Before a bowl appearance in 1990, they played in just 1 bowl in their entire history, which dates back to 1902. Armed with 29 year old Urban Meyer as assistant coach, the 1994 team was the best in school history up to that point, and might still be. And nobody saw it coming.
Colorado State started by beating one of the classes of the WAC in Air Force, 34-21. A few weeks later it was #22 BYU’s turn, beating the Cougars 28-21. All of a sudden the Rams were serious contenders in the WAC. Down for so long, the unthinkable happened. #23 Colorado State travelled to #6 Arizona, one of the favorites for the national title. A few hours after the opening kickoff, the Rams stood with their heads held high, victors in Tucson 21-16. The win propelled CSU to #13, and the Rams hosted #18 Utah 2 weeks later. Utah won in a let down game, but CSU won their last 3 games to finish 10-1 and win their first ever WAC title and first conference title under Lubick. A 14-24 loss in the bowl to #20 Michigan showed they could definitely hang with the big boys, and the Arizona win wasn’t a fluke. Colorado State finished #16 in the nation with a 10-2 record, and were 12th in my rankings. Lubick earned Sports Illustrated National Coach of the Year.
1. 1997 (11-2 overall, 7-1 WAC)
As good as the 1994 team was, they only beat opponents by an average of 11 points a game, while the 1997 team outscored opponents by over 20 a game. After a disappointing 2-2 start with losses to Colorado and 0-24 to Air Force, CSU was flawless the rest of the way. A 9-2 regular season record featured an average score of 43-11 in the final 7 game win streak. 9-2 New Mexico and 9-2 Colorado State seemed like an even matchup on paper but it wasn’t close, with the Rams winning 41-13. A 35-24 win over #19 Missouri in the Holiday Bowl made up for losing the Holiday Bowl twice in 1994 and ‘95. Colorado State finished 17th in the AP Poll, and according to my algorithm, this is their best team.
The team set a school record for points (442) and TDs (59) in a season, ranking 7th in the nation in PPG (36.7). The defense forced 43 turnovers in 13 games, with future NFL starters LB Joey Porter, LB Clark Haggans, and DB Jason Craft, and was also top 10 in the country giving up just 15.6 PPG. QB Moses Moreno won the WAC Offensive POTY with 2257 pass yards 20 TD 9 INT, and was a 7th round draft pick by the Chicago Bears after the season. RBs Damon Washington and Kevin McDougal both ran for 1000+ yards, combining for 2223 yards and 21 TD on 6.7 YPC.

5th Quarter

What do you think about Colorado State? Do you think they should be a primary target of Pac 12 expansion? Why or why not? What game/playeplay is most memorable to you? Can the Rams ever recreate the consistent success of Sonny Lubick or was it a flash in the pan?
If you appreciate the effort, please consider subscribing on substack!
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2023.06.07 20:24 mothslutt Women who have had their girl friends turn into their partners, where is the line? Advice please.

I (26, f, bisexual(?)) keep circling back to the conclusion that being “with” my best friend G (24, f) during college were the best years of my life. And that i will never experience anything remotely as intertwined. And there were of course things about life that sucked during those ~5 years (2017-2021, last 2 years very distant) but it was still ok because we were for lack of a better word “together”.
I feel like we basically dated without kissing or sex. And we’ve never talked about it like that. And now shes been dating this girl S for like 3 years, who, she is completely enmeshed with. Any time i text her or she gives an update on her life she says something about S. S’s family had this problem, theres this other problem me and S are dealing with, had a fight with S but we are doing good now, etc etc.
And its like ive been completely left in the past, stuck and stunted and with a broken sense of what it all actually was. And when i think about an ideal life, i think about what it would be like if i had never moved out of our apartment (there are too many details to try and go into regarding why this happened, but basically my portion of lease was up and we were not talking due to her codependency with her gf at the time - she didnt make time for me anymore) - or if i had been more aware of how relationships work at the time, or whatever, i feel like living with her for the rest of my days would have been so easy and natural and the way it was before we each got caught up in other people. I hadnt really dated anyone seriously when we were friends. And now i consider that my most significant relationship, by far.
She met my parents and grandparents and extended family on multiple trips. I met her parents and grandparents and siblings. People always thought we were dating. Friends, family, whatever. And we would literally joke around about it and make it a game to piss off my homophobic extended family members.
And i know the bottom line is that it takes a choice from a person to want to connect with me and she continuously made choices against connecting with me to connect with people she dated instead - every time, if she was dating someone, i lost her for however long. But we weren’t “dating”, we were best friends, and i was very naive relationally at the time, and i guess kind of still, so its not like i was owed something anyway?
And i feel like now ive been subconsciously waiting for 3 years for her to come back but she just seems to get deeper and deeper into a life that i don’t like for her. I have dated 1 person (a guy) significantly (8 mos) since we have drifted farther apart, and went through what i thought was the worst breakup of my life in 2021-2022. But now i’m like, all this time, has my brain just been distracting me from being so utterly abandoned from the most significant relationship i ever had with a person?
And its not that i dont like her current relationship out of pure jealousy or wanting to be self serving, i dont like how S’s family is, i dont like how G & S fight about coke when G was supposed to be hanging out with me, i dont like how she has lost herself so utterly and completely, i dont like how she basically doesn’t even exist anymore… Is it just me? Does she just not exist to me? Because i feel like the person i knew in between her flings, loves me the same way, and she also texts me still every couple months about how she wishes things could be like before.
But that confuses me because again, were we just really close friends, who drifted apart? And now just both reminisce about being young and living together in our little apartment? Or did we date without kissing and sex like it feels like to me, looking back with more context of what a relationship actually looks like? We did things and activities and went places that were all romantic. And there was physical intimacy too, hugging, cuddling, sleepovers. We were always like 2 pieces of 1 cohesive thing.
And the less i keep distracting myself the more i can understand now that yeah, i am jealous, and i wish they’d break up, and i wish we could move in together and continue where we left off. And that makes me feel like im being so unfair to her, and just selfish.
I have never knowingly dated a girl before but I cannot imagine connecting with a man like we did, ever. My ex A was a super feminine guy, so i feel like he doesn’t count? That literally makes no sense though. I have dated a number of guys, and even the best ones have just seemed like acts of self abandonment. And so lately I’ve been having such a crisis within. I also had another really close girl friend in 2015-16, who would lick my face “as a joke”!? And i’m just having a lot of trouble trying to process. Idk how to date girls. But I figure it starts just like friendships do.
Any advice is so appreciated. I am hurting a lot over these things. Thanks.
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2023.06.07 20:20 KaleidoscopeSome1218 Table Flip Guy

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2023.06.07 20:18 dreamingofislay Talisker and Torabhaig Distillery Visits - Recap

Talisker and Torabhaig Distillery Visits - Recap
Our freewheeling tour of Scotland, and Scottish distilleries, rolls on! Today, we didn't have any tour bookings but dropped in on Talisker and Torabhaig on our way out of Skye. Notes and impressions:
Talisker's brand-new visitor center is a looker
  • Talisker was overrun with visitors when we were there, a surprise considering it was early on Wednesday morning - so early the tasting bar wasn't even pouring yet. It opens at 11 am, for fellow early birds :) In general, Skye has been very busy, and it sure seems like the new Talisker visitor center is one of the island's main attractions.
  • Speaking of the new visitor center, it is big and polished. The main atrium is a highlight, with a central fireplace and a large wraparound image of a sailboat in the midst of a stormy sea. Very on theme, as are the various nautical touches outside, many of which tout the distillery's "Made by the Sea" motto. Prices at the gift shop were ambitious, with the eye-popper of the day being a cashmere Talisker-branded sweater for over 400 pounds. As for the whisky, the current handfill's a 9-year-old rejuvenated red wine cask for 120 pounds, while the distillery exclusive (batch 1, bottled back in 2021) is 95 pounds.
  • The pricing is all over the place for experiences. The "Made by the Sea" tasting looks like a strong value for 15 pounds, coming with pours of Talisker 10, Wilder Seas, and the Distillery Exclusive. We tried the latter two at the dram bar and paid 17 for the privilege. On the other hand, the 150-pound price for the cask draw experience is nuts when warehouse tastings commonly weigh in around 40-50 pounds all over Scotland. Then again, given how many visitors were there, and how many were buying pours of Talisker 25 (at 30 pounds a pop) while we sat at the bar, maybe they're on to something ... Fellow redditor u/powei0925 gave a detailed breakdown of that experience in April 2023, so everyone can draw their own conclusions.
The fancy new tasting room for the Made by the Sea experience; Caol Ila has a similar 3-D-printed map in its history museum
  • Talisker and Caol Ila's common Diageo DNA shines through. These new visitor centers must have been designed by the same corporate architecture firm. Similar well-lit displays, similar prominent places for other Diageo bottlings, similar hand-fill station. Heck, even the bathroom setup is almost identical. I wonder when Lagavulin's old-fashioned, cramped shop will get the same expansion-and-glowup.
  • Torabhaig is a pretty little distillery on Sleat Peninsula in southern Skye. The visitor center has a small shop and reception area, but the highlights are a big, airy courtyard with picnic tables and a charming cafe decorated with old whisky-related prints. The cafe pours samples of the whiskies sold at the gift shop. The view from their hanging walkway is pretty breathtaking.
Sheep grazing around a stone ruin by Torabhaig
So how'd the whiskies taste?
Talisker Distillery Exclusive - 95 pounds, very little information on aging or cask types, but who cares when it's good whisky. This one reminded me of Lagavulin 8, especially in its toasty finish. Great mix of rich, heavy notes with some citrus fruit and warm, dry peat.
Talisker Wilder Seas - I love the story of this cognac-finished whisky, which came out within the last few weeks, more than the juice. This bottle stems from a partnership with an ocean conservation group, and 3 pounds from every bottle purchase goes to that charity. The bottle's made of recycled glass and is Talisker's most eco-friendly. It has a chemical/medicinal edge and a slight artificial fruit sweetness.
Talisker 8 y.o. 2020 annual release - A rum-finished, youthful, cask-strength Talisker, and a fun dram! Scents of vegetal seaweed, much like you'll find right outside the distillery doorstep, but the palate is punchy and mixes sweet and a surprising spicy edge, which my wife described as jalapeno.
Talisker 11 y.o. 2022 annual release - This dram didn't taste like Talisker to me. The peat is so faint, and the simple ex-bourbon finish somehow didn't highlight the distillery character, instead giving it a really middle-of-the-road, Highland-whisky style profile. Quite oaky and vanilla-laden. Strange dram. Not bad, just odd for a Talisker.
Torabhaig Allt Gleann - Enjoyed this young starting point for this distillery a lot, although I wonder how it stands out from what else is on the shelf. It's a moderately peated whisky that features the common combination of sweet (vanilla, honey, citrus fruits) and peat (slightly maritime/coastal, vegetal, not as smoky). Reminds me a lot of Kilchoman, and closer to that profile than to Talisker.
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2023.06.07 20:16 realmwrighter The 24 skills of Homer Simpson

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2023.06.07 20:16 EngineerBig1851 Runway text2video and VFX industry.

Old news, but runway gen2 is fckin amazing, especially compared to text2video we had before. If they continue at the same pase - they might not hit diminishing returns before we get almost photorealistic clips...
Question is: To what extent and how fast do you think this conceptually new approach will replace traditional 3d VFX industry?
Big problem is that, compared to art, 3d is super obscure. No thousands years of history, very few notable people, no notable pieces, shallow crediting when it comes to commercial products, no mainstream "high culture", only available digitally, individual pieces viewed as disposable, not so long ago disrespected by artists... Plus it needs a powerful rig, lots of time, and a ton of (soon to be redundant) knowledge.
All this summed up - I'm afraid that, for society, 3d CGI is much less culturally valuable than, for example, traditional art, and thus won't be preserved when AI inevitably makes it redudant.
Also - let's just omit possible AI regulations in near future. I personally don't believe big corpos will let anyone stand between them and raising profits.
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2023.06.07 20:16 CalmGains All you need to know about today's earnings

Here on /GME I'm sure all of you guys are watching GameStop (GME) stock today, as the video game retailer will report its first-quarter fiscal 2023 earnings after the market close. Despite demonstrating some impressive growth over the past month, the stock has struggled to retain momentum.
However, if the company can beat Wall Street’s modest expectations, GME stock has a chance to rise. Given its meme stock status, GameStop tends to garner skepticism from experts, even on its best days. As InvestorPlace’s Eddie Pan reports, institutional sentiment toward GME remains mixed, even as the stock has risen since Q1. Additionally, Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates recently divested from its GameStop position, generating further uncertainty.
Earlier this month, CEO Matt Furlong released a letter to shareholders, detailing the company’s plan and focus for the year.
“In fiscal 2022, GameStop’s operating environment dramatically changed due to the onset of inflation, rising interest rates and macro headwinds,” said Furlong. “Rather than stand still, we pivoted to cutting costs, optimizing inventory and enhancing the customer experience.”
That’s exactly what the company has been doing. In Europe, for example, GameStop has placed an emphasis on cutting costs by initiating exits and partial wind-downs. GameStop has also focused on forming partnerships with other retail and gaming companies in order to accelerate efficient top-line growth. To drive revenue, the company has explored building market share in high-margin related businesses, like collectibles and toys.
Now, with earnings coming up, investors will get a preview of GameStop’s cost-cutting efforts. This is not the type of post you wanna skip onto the tl;dr portion. These details are going to be key, so let's get into it.
For the quarter, analyst have forecasted revenue of $1.358 billion, which would imply a year-over-year (YoY) decline of 1.45% and a quarter-over-quarter decline of about 39%. During the past few years, Q4 has been a strong quarter for GameStop, likely due to the holiday season. This can explain the quarter-over-quarter decline.
Meanwhile, adjusted net income is expected to be a loss of $36 million, while adjusted EPS is expected to be a loss of 12 cents. Analyst believe that GAAP EPS will be a loss of 15 cents. A year ago, GameStop reported an adjusted net income loss of $158 million and an adjusted EPS loss of 52 cents.
Just as important, if not more important, than earnings is guidance. For the second quarter, analysts have forecasted revenue of $1.155 billion, which reflects YOY growth of 1.67% and a quarterly decline of about 15%. Adjusted net income is expected to be a loss of $62 million, which would equate to an adjusted EPS loss of 21 cents.
For the full year of 2023, analysts believe that revenue will be $5.908 million, down by 0.33% YoY. Adjusted net income is expected to be a loss of $91 million, while adjusted EPS is expected to be a loss of 30 cents.
Things to Note: Short Selling Ban
GameStop fans have been watching closely for updates on a pending short selling ban. If regulators successfully enact a policy that prohibits the practice of short selling, it may put an end to some of GameStop’s problems, as it is a popular target for short sellers.
GameStop management will likely address the potential short-selling ban during the June 7 earnings call, offering insights as to how they will handle operations if the bill becomes a law.
Things to Note: Plans for Web.3.0 Gaming
In 2022, GameStop turned plenty of heads when it ventured into the world of NFTs. You know, those fungus tokens or whatever? Hype around this controversial commodity has since died down, but the company still is digitally innovating.
It recently announced a partnership with the Telos Foundation to integrate blockchain technology into its “upcoming Web3 game launcher.” This new development certainly has the potential to bolster GME stock if executed correctly. This foray into Web 3.0 will likely also be a point of focus during the earnings call, as investors will want to know the company’s plans for scaling its new launcher and improving the gaming experience through blockchain. Additionally, it may also mean updates on GameStop’s NFT marketplace and its impact on the company’s profitability.
Why GameStop Could Go Parabolic
Last quarter, GameStop caught bears off-guard by reporting earnings per share of 16 cents. Analysts had predicted the video game retailer would post a loss per share of 13 cents. GameStop's unexpectedly profitable quarter caused GME shares to soar about 50% after the earnings announcement.
Last quarter, one of the few analysts covering GameStop, Wedbush's Michael Pachter, provided a $6.50 price target for GME, with an "Underperform" rating. Pachter claimed that shares were "at trading levels that are disconnected from the fundamentals of the business due to irrational support from some retail investors."
Although GameStop shares are still trading 40% higher than they were before the previous earnings release — and 73% above the Wedbush analyst's target — Pachter has reinforced his bearish thesis for Q1 earnings and left his price target intact.
Holiday sales largely contributed to GameStop's fourth-quarter net profit — making it questionable whether the video game retailer can pull off that feat for the second quarter in a row. But if GameStop does report a net profit in Q1, it will be a catalyst for the stock's retail investors to drive share prices higher. Currently, short sellers hold about 21% of GameStop's outstanding shares.
As demand for shorting the stock has reduced dramatically since March, borrow fees for GME have dropped from 40% to 7.6%. But because the company continues to attract short sellers, these fees may increase.
With the stock outperforming the S&P 500 by about 30%, GME shorts will likely accumulate mark-to-market losses this year. This, combined with high borrow fees, will likely result in a short squeeze.
Update on DRS Numbers
Besides a potential second consecutive quarterly net profit, GameStop's shareholder base is looking forward to another piece of information: the number of GME shares registered with Computershare, the company's transfer agent.
In recent quarters, GameStop investors have increasingly registered their shares directly with Computershare via the Direct Registration System (DRS). With this service, shareholders do not need to hold shares through a broker.
In addition to giving holders the autonomy to have their shares registered in their name, recording shares through the DRS also reduces short sellers' ability to borrow GameStop shares. That is because, unlike brokers, transfer agents cannot lend shares to short sellers.
Since the third quarter of 2021, GameStop has disclosed the number of shares registered with the transfer agent in the quarterly filings.
In the most recent annual filing, 76 million GameStop shares were registered with the transfer agent. Considering the size of GameStop's float, about 25% of all GME shares outstanding are held beyond brokers and banks.
Does this affect the stock's trading volume? Yes. If you look at GameStop's trading volume history, it is clear that there has been a decline in activity since May of last year. Check this chart, data from yahoo finance.
It is impossible to say with certainty that GameStop's recent volume drop is due to investors using the transfer agent to keep their shares away from short sellers. But, we can say that if GameStop reports that more shares have been registered through the DRS, retail shareholders could send the stock higher.
What does the chart say?
GameStop shares have rallied higher since the start of May, with a supportive trendline following the share price higher. We can see the stock came close to testing $25 on several occasions last week and this could be a key level to watch considering it has held as a reliable ceiling since late last year, apart from one brief move above here after it posted that surprise profit in the last quarter. A move above here would pave the way for the stock to climb above $27.
On the downside, a slip below the supportive trendline risks seeing the stock unravel back toward the lows seen at the start of May of $18, with the 2023 lows back in play below that.
What I'm doing for earnings?
All the research is telling me to get calls. I'm gonna be dropping a significant portion of my portfolio into GME 6/9 30c for $100 each. Then I'll watch the stock at 4pm, and hope for the best.
That being said, it's up to you guys to read this and come to your own conclusions. IV is very high so it's better to go for a spread, regardless of what you choose. I make posts like this for all sorts of earnings, check my post history. However, I felt that this one for Gamestop should be posted here. It's my first post on /GME so I hope you like the write-up. If you're interested in more like this for other stocks, please give me a follow or join my discord.
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2023.06.07 20:12 InternationalAd7781 Do you think that the NFL would ever allow teams to have a retractable roof that is only used for non-football events and potential Super Bowls?

With the NFL unfortunately being seemingly unwilling to have future cold weather Super Bowls, and many teams in major Northeastern markets wanting to host the game do you think it is possible that the NFL would ever change its policies on retractable roofs in order to allow teams in cold weather cities to keep the roof open during all home games regardless of weather, but have it closed for a potential Super Bowl and hosting on conventions and concerts and the like during winter months? It seems unfair to entirely bar these cities from hosting events without their teams giving up part of their home field advantage. If teams continue to trend towards making facilities capable of hosting the Super Bowl it also seems like this would be necessarily for the good of the game as pro football was born as a fall/winter sport in the Northeast, and having 32 teams playing in warm weather cities and domes would take away from having football played the same way it has been for over 100 years in the elements.
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2023.06.07 20:05 shaboozeybot Altoids Sours Nostalgia Hunters Ep. #3 Super Beard Bowl - Super Beard Bros

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2023.06.07 20:04 shaboozeybot Altoids Sours Nostalgia Hunters Ep. #3 Super Beard Bowl - Super Beard Bros

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2023.06.07 20:03 ForeverWandered Extremely stuck with repeated boundary breaking

My wife (40F) and I (34M) have been married for 10 years, have 2 kids under 6. We just had our 10th anniversary, and are just all kinds of struggling with NM right now. Note that she has ADHD that was diagnosed at age 38, and has severe trauma from having two drug- addict parents and having to emancipate herself at 16.
TLDR - my wife has a partner with whom she asked to open our relationship to sleep with and is increasingly breaking boundaries in a way that is putting severe strain on her and my relationship. Mostly around condom usage and lies by ommision, but most recently, she also decided against my objections to leave and have sex with a partner multiple times during our 10th anniversary weekend.
Context: I'll try to keep this as fact based as I can
-In 2020, mid pandemic, she asked seemingly out of the blue hypothetically if I would be ok with her sleeping with other people. I told her yes, I was not jealous, but didn't want to know about it. From my end, it was a dismissive answer (and yes, we had many issues at that point around my dismissive avoidant response to her worsening ADHD/anxiety/childhood trauma journey - I felt they were suffocating me and I turned to work as something in my life I felt I had control over). There was no further conversation about opening
-The next conversation came in summer of 2022, where we more or less formally agreed to be open. Again, no couples therapy, no reading on my end (I didn't even know about ENM or much about poly at that point outside of Ethical Slut). She disclosed that she had been texting with an ex and wanted to start sleeping with him
-In December 2022, I told her about the two women I slept with since summer of 2022. She told me she had slept with aforementioned ex. It felt like a good conversation, and we decided to create accounts on Feeld, start doing reading on ENM. I started seeing a solo therapist (she has been seeing a therapist for over 5 years already). We talk about boundaries - my only one is to use condoms for all penetrative sex and request recent STI test results from all new partners. Hers is for me to shower and get smells off before I come back to her.
-Jan 2023, issues start to creep up around boundaries. My wife loves to sext and send pics/videos of her masturbating, etc to guys. She's also very careless and regularly sends content to the wrong people. She accidentally sends naughty pics to the father of our son's best friend. Caused some strain in their marriage, but we all talked it out and got through it. But instead of recognizing that she triggered some deep lying issues for this guy (his parents split up due to infidelity, and he did not know we were open) alongside fear in his wife (and her close friend) that she was trying to snake her husband with non-consensual sexual images, she is resentful of them for not accepting her for who she is.
-Feb 2023, she goes to meet her ex (he's a comet partner and lives in another city, so they travel to meet up). We had talked extensively about condom usage, she bought condoms. I noticed she did not take them with her. I asked, she told me he brought his own condoms. She's a bad liar, I pressed, she admitted to no condom usage. We agree to start seeing a couples therapist
-March 2023, she meets up again with her ex. Again, we agree to condom usage and she texts him and he agrees to it as well. I sense a bit of distance when she gets back. In the next couples therapy session, she drops that they didn't use condoms because in the moment she just wanted him raw. Before the following therapy session, she asks to separate. I reluctantly agree, although I have a severe trauma reaction due to some childhood abandonment I experienced. She tracks back over the next few sessions citing her ask came from her trauma self as she continues to work through healing from the extensive childhood trauma she experienced. She also reveals the full extent of her relationship with him, including the fact that she had been having an emotional affair+sexting him starting in 2019, that they had never used condoms (she got tested regularly and relied on him being honest with her about seeing other partners), and that they had been having sex since after our conversation about opening in 2020. She had definitely been trickle truthing me before, and the lack of informed consent around her unprotected sex with him feels not great, but my mindset is that I don't control her and as long as we are honest we can keep building together.
April 2023. Our relationship feels stronger than ever, and we are really leaning into each other. She is shocked by the amount of personal growth I have gone through emotionally since I started seeing my solo therapist, and that also played a big role in her realizing she doesn't actually want to separate. She is extremely remorseful about the hurt she caused me, and adamantly agrees to condom usage going forward. I tell her that I feel she is prioritizing his sexual wants over me, that my insistence on condoms comes from generational trauma of my mother losing two siblings to HIV/AIDS contracted from spouses who had been sleeping with women outside of their marriages, and multiple other family members who have HIV. Condoms are my only boundary. No problem with emotional connections, overnights, etc. Just as long as I feel prioritized as a primary partner, I'm ok with whatever.
-May 2023. We have our 10th anniversary. Her ex will be in town that same weekend. She asks me how I feel about her meeting up with him the day after our anniversary. I tell her very clearly that I'm not comfortable with that. She pressures me, I keep telling her how it would make me feel shitty. She relents and asks him to meet a different weekend. It appears they have a blowup because of this, and she comes crying to me about how he doesn't respect her outside of the sexual fantasy, and shows me some really mean texts he sent her. I go on a business trip out of country. While I'm gone, they make plans to meet the day after our anniversary, and she tells me of this a few days before our anniversary. I tell her that I'm not comfortable, and it would make me feel shitty, but that she's free to make her own choice. She goes ahead with the plan even going so far as having a special session with her solo therapist around boundary setting. The day of, her credit card is maxed, so either I pay for her hotel + trip to the sex store or she cancels (and feels resentment towards me). So I paid. Before she heads out to meet with him, she lovebombs me hard and it feels fake and performative. She lovebombs me more when she gets back. I tell her afterwards about how emasculated, cuckholded and humiliated I felt about her disregarding my feelings about leaving space for our relationship around this milestone anniversary and having to pay for the whole thing as well. She acknowledges not using condoms either. She feels guilt and shame hard and says her ex is like an addiction for her - and that a big part of the appeal is that she feels free to let herself go because his emotional unavailability and lifestyle make actually leaving me for him not a sustainable thing (reassuring, right? the only reason she won't leave me for him is that it wouldn't work out), and immediately joins an ACA (adult children of alcoholics) 12 step program, and shares with me the Laundry List.
-June 2023. At our followup couples therapy session, our therapist gently calls her out, particularly around this ex taking up too much space since most of our sessions are dominated about discussions around this guy. She and I have had a few followups since then. I told her that it would make me feel better and more secure in our relationship if she broke things off and went no contact, and she agreed to do that. There was no ultimatum. However, we do have an overseas 10 year celebration trip planned, and I don't think I would be able to enjoy myself if I don't see actual evidence (screenshots, I guess?) of her breaking up, telling him the truth (she lied to him about my level of knowledge and consent about their relationship since back in 2020) and him acknowledging that. I need to feel secure in my relationship to feel happy, otherwise its just this gnawing pit in my stomach just waiting for another bomb to drop.
I'm prepared to act if I don't see tangible steps from her around rebuilding trust. I don't want to hold this over her or for her to feel guilty, I just want to be sure that my wife is willing to show up in our marriage and be there for me the way that I have been for her since I've started therapy and gained greater depth of relationship with my emotions. As I mentioned in the beginning, she has ADHD and in the middle of a transformational inner journey around the massive traumas she experienced as the child of two meth addicts and that has also severely impacted her last few jobs - so it's not just her marriage but her career that's also under stress due to decision-making. So I also recognize that she needs help. I've been through a similar journey through depression/PTSD after witnessing a friend get murdered in my early 20s.
Super long, I know, but I just needed to vent a bit and hear some outside opinions.
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2023.06.07 20:02 Grouchy-Dare-3429 DeMarcus And Miles

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