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2023.06.07 11:56 Tntchamp123 EU PlayStation online trophies

Hey, looking for someone who can help with the PlayStation online trophies, I’m in EU region. PSN is: TnTChamp123, feel free to send a friends request anytime. I hate how the multiplayer is dead and region locked. Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.07 11:56 SilverGM What are some brighter settings you've enjoyed?

I'm exploring for a new setting to run in, but so many settings out there are massively dystopian, a genre that I can't stand (I don't like it when people are sad, fictional or not).
I'm not talking just about purely noblebright settings, although those are on the table too. But I'm after any setting where there's good guys that have the chance to really improve peoples lives, and problems that can be solved.
I'd prefer settings that don't have too much external reading; I'd be running a Star Trek Adventures game for the setting if I ever actually watched the show (I just don't like TV).
My current favourite TTRPG setting is Golarion from Pathfinder, though that's currently in the process of ripping off the OGL bandage, which is why I'm looking for another setting to get invested in while I wait for the dust to settle. My favourite more general setting is a dead draw between Eora from Pillars Of Eternity and The Yondering Lands from Wildermyth.
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2023.06.07 11:55 mantuxx77 Xbox live key

Hello, i bought a red dead redemption 1 xbox live key, i own series S, the region is set correctly, code region is correct, but when i try to redeem it through microsoft website, it says you may need to use diffirent device, and i cant add it to my account, am i fucked now and should ask for a refund, or its somehow possible to activate it through the console itself, because xbox app on my pc doesnt work too
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2023.06.07 11:55 GaryOakG A squad fill adventure

So yesterday I loaded into Al Mazrah again with 2 squadmates assigned to me by squad fill.
Why do I do this? Because apparently I’m the type of guy that keeps thinking the glass is half full, even though at this point someone has downed the contents and smashed the glass into my face.
My initial assessment of my teammates was twofold; though they did not seem to communicate with me, they were obviously working together, and did not seem to mind taking me along on their ride. Wherever it was destined to go.
We all had the classical 1-plate-no-gear start and spawned in the Al Mazrah sandstorm. Though my squad started off by running into some random buildings, they soon started spamming markers in the middle of the radioactive zone. Ah, the chemist then. Okay, let’s do it.
Before we can really start looting for a bit of gear, they bring up a chop top and sound the horn incessantly. They seem to have a plan and are in a hurry.
Though I didn’t have time to look for a gas mask, plates or plate vests, I hop in. I know you can loot gasmasks off any NPC in the zone, and otherwise I can always sit back and see if I can discover whatever it is my teammates are planning - and join them once I understand their strategy.
My teammates drive toward the zone with determination and speed. To my surprise, though, they don’t stop at the edge of the radiation zone, but drive straight in to the very center. Uh, do they know I don’t have a gask mask? Besides, aren’t we all 1-plated? They must have a plan.
Upon arrival though, we note a group of about 12 to 15 heavily armoured AI’s directly surround the Chemist, and my teammates, like me, dare not open fire for fear of getting insta wiped. The chop top is, of course, DDOS’d and unusable.
The radiation is killing us though. All three of us, or so I notice now. My teammates didn’t have any gas masks either.
Already half dead, I desperately look for an AI to kill for a gas mask, but the only AI’s around will take emptying a full mag into them to kill them, whilst being able to kill me by snapping their fingers at this point.
I try to run to safety, but we are in far too deep to consider that way out. Panicking, I look to my teammates; surely they had a plan with all this, right?
One of my teammates has gone hiding in a house, making sure those high level bots won’t be able to kill him, probably forgetting or blissfully ignoring that the radiation will do so anyway mere moments from now.
The other one, even though the radiation has almost killed us at this point and there’s only about 6 seconds to live, thinks that this might be the best time to start activating the local UAV tower.
In my dying moments, I reflect on my life choices. We die right there in the radiation zone without any of us having fired a single round.
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2023.06.07 11:54 Coupledrinksr4ndy Total HC noob here. Haven’t played since 2005.

Playing HC because I’m dead inside and the stakes allow me to feel alive.
Lvl 29 human priest. Just got to Ashenvale. I got a little too close to Splintertree and the stealth guard out of nowhere almost ended my run. Had to pop all of my oh shit buttons to survive the onslaught of 2 lvl?? guards.
My heart…god damn. Exactly why I play this game.
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2023.06.07 11:54 Life-Membership-1411 me_irl

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2023.06.07 11:53 Its-delicat 2 years after “the change” and it’s not getting better

I’m at my wits end. I don’t know why I feel the need to chronicle but I feel like it’s been built up and I’m so frustrated and at my wits end I need to somehow write this all out. Maybe once it’s in text it’ll make more sense to me? Now that I wrote it out im realizing this is the longest rant I’ve ever written and it’s pretty stream of consciousness. I’ll summarize at the bottom for ease because you definitely don’t need to read my scattered frustrated tirade!
We’ve only been together 3 years. It started with multiple times a day, which I know is not sustainable and I did not expect to last after puppydog stage and that was FINE. After about 2 months it dropped to a couple times a month, with a little vibe action on the side or mutual parallel play, also very satisfying and fun and felt like a great settled-in normal. Things were fun, experimental, and we bought lots of fun toys and gear to try out and explore! It was going great and we were creating a life and home together and delving into left field sexually and it was working GREAT! From my perspective and according to all conversations (which felt honest and open the whole time) we were having fun and always excited for new things!
After the first 10 or so months, one day little did I know was the last time. Suddenly he’s “too tired” or “not in the mood”. We were on opposite shifts but every weekend I fucked up MY schedule to be on his. I was up 36 hours straight or slept 4-5 hours over 3 days so we could spend time together. He never stayed up late or got up early… how the fuck is he “too tired”? I was ready to go all the time and it was always a no. After a full day of dirty talk and expectation I’m getting all done up in something kinky and crawling into bed ready to realize a days worth of conversation and innuendo and “ahhhhh well maybe not tonight”. You can only shamefully shed a strappy skintight bodysuit so many times and stuff it back in the drawer embarrassed before you just stop trying.
But then when I try initiating in a baggy T-shirt and briefs I “never dress up” and “sometimes guys need to be courted too!”. So I dial up the dirty talk, I send little peeks from the stall at work, I flirt by text, send sexy memes. I take him out, buy him dinner and random “just cuz I love you!” Gifts. I flirt and grope and hint and it’s always met enthusiastically and positively when it’s just talk, but it goes from “let’s go shower! I’ll suck your dick!” met with grins and nods, to “hey can you move I need to wash my hair… ok all done here’s your towel”.
Multiple MULTIPLE discussions of “well work is really hard right now” or “I’m just tired” “I just haven’t been in the mood” etc. If I directly ask it’s “well I’m not in the mood but please don’t go look for sex elsewhere”
A year and a half. We had sex once last summer out of the blue. Just trying to sleep and I had hands on me and I was so excited. I don’t know what I did and that was awesome!….and next morning back to the same. We went on an extravagant vacation in December. Lots of alone time, beautiful places. We had sex once, out of the blue, so drunk I don’t know if he remembers and I hardly do. And we got home and back to the same. I beg and flirt and ask and I get “well I’m not in the mood but please don’t go look for sex elsewhere”.
Dressing up, making an effort, rejected over and over. Stop dressing up, bring up my frustrations and it’s “try dressing up and flirting more im just not in the mood TODAY”. Always that unspoken hope of maybe tomorrow? Until tomorrow I get “well I’m not in the mood but please don’t go look for sex elsewhere”.
Then in January I suffered a significant spinal injury. For the last 6 months I could hardly walk, constantly in pain. I basically just did physical therapy, slept, and suffered. And it became “I’m so sorry we can’t have sex, but with your injury I would never be able to without hurting you!”. Which was true. I couldn’t think about sex when I needed all my energy and focus to walk across the room, and even then I was in blinding pain.
During my worst pain and nerve impairment in my lower body he was so supportive! We had consistent eager sexual conversation, constant encouragement and support for masturbation because it was all I could handle. I really felt that once I healed we’d be back on track.
Then 3 weeks ago I finally hit a milestone in recovery. Thanks to the most recent treatment I have full feeling below the waist, and full mobility. I can work out, walk, lift, jog!! Everything seems perfect! My body is back! During those 5 months I gained about 10lbs because of the immobility. I’ve always been very fit, almost no jiggle and work a very physically strenuous job so I had no issues with staying trim and small. Im tall so 10lbs on my frame filled out my hips a little, a little more cellulite but no rolls, no belly, no face changes. I cannot honestly believe my body changed so significantly it’s no longer attractive and he still insists he can’t even tell. Tells me I’m still just as attractive and my body is perfect, but I touch him and it’s like I’m a hideous beluga from hell. Chaste kisses and quickly flipping to face the other way.
Verbally he seems so proud of me, so interested and so flirty ALL THE TIME, but we climb into bed and it’s “Goodnight!” Quick flip, lamp off, snoring.
The worst part is my worst day was the time we finally had sex again. Once again, out of nowhere lusty kisses, sex, everything I’ve always liked. All the details with a cherry on top! I don’t know what I did.
Now a couple weeks go by and it’s chaste closed mouth pecks, “goodnight” quick flip away, lamp off, goodnight, “too tired”.
I express how I’m finally back in my body and after so long I finally have my libido back and how amazing, exciting and wonderful this is. Every time the conversation goes “well I’m not in the mood but please don’t go look for sex elsewhere”.
How does someone with the libido I saw for those first 10 months just turn it off for YEARS? I’m struggling and he says he’s fine just whacking it out. That’s all he wants or needs. He’s not straying, we’re pretty tightly scheduled, we have shared GPS, we’re in touch pretty much all day every day. He’s not getting it elsewhere, but for me this level is not sustainable or survivable.
I always thought a DB was the sign of a relationship in decline but outside of sex our relationship is so strong and open and developing into the life I want… Except I need the physical connection like I need to breath and I’m fucking suffocating. I can’t even put myself in a headspace where you’d live like this by choice, so I simply cannot understand how this can seem ok.
TL;DR: 10 months of our 3 years was an active experimental sex life. And then like a flip of a switch one day he’s always too tired, or not on the mood. Verbally always eager, complementary, and excited for sex, but it almost never actually happens. In the last 2 years I can remember having sex 3 times, all out of the blue, no explanation or attempt on my part it just happened. But come morning we’re back to chaste kisses that get broken off if I try to turn them into anything.
I got injured and couldn’t have sex, which in retrospect seems like it was the best thing ever for him because I stopped asking. Once I healed and expressed my return to HL, I feel like I got one night of fun and now it feels like the expectation is we return to no-sex status quo.
Despite every other aspect of our relationship blooming and becoming better over time, the bedroom is dead as doornails and I feel I can’t get past it.
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2023.06.07 11:53 Life-Membership-1411 me_irl

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2023.06.07 11:52 NotionPictureShow YANG GANG VINDICATED: Andrew Yang, Slayer of Trumpism

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2023.06.07 11:51 VIKING21081 [H] Games [W] Baldur's Gate 3, Monster Hunter Rise, GTFO, Firewatch, Bigfoot, SpyParty, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, Dynasty Warriors, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, System Shock, Mafia 2, Resident Evil Village, Hi-Fi Rush, No Man's Sky, Destroy All Humans

Killing Floor 1
Killing Floor 2
Smoke and Sacrifice
Idle Champions Celeste's Starter Pack
Surgeon Simulator
Talisman: Digital Edition
Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
Small World
Evan's Remains
One Step From Eden
Cultist Simulator
Deep Rock Galactic
A Plague Tale: Innocence
In Sound Mind
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
Warhammer: Vermintide 2
Raji: An Ancient Epic
Metro Exodus
PGA Tour 2K21
Crying Suns
Popup Dungeon
Endless Space 2
Ryse: Son of Rome
Drawful 2
Radio Commander
Amnesia: Rebirth
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Kingdom Two Crowns
West of Dead
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
Driftland: The Magic Revival
Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove
Iron Danger
Fury Unleashed
Slinger VR
Telefrag VR
Say No! More
Lust from Beyond: M Edition
The Amazing American Circus
Roarr! Jurassic Edition
Corridor Z
Draw Slasher
The USB Stick Found in the Grass
Go Home Dinosaurs
We Are Alright
Going Under
Yoku's Island Express
Orbital Racer
Lust for Darkness
Broken Age
Intro to Game Development with Unity
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7
Operation Tango
Windjammers 2
Builder Simulator
Behind the Frame
The Invisible Hand
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2023.06.07 11:51 korea_viva The Sea Knows
( Korean Dubbing , English / Italian Subtitles )
Plot summary : January 1944. Korean students are conscripted as student soldiers for a transportation troop in Nagoya, Japan. Among them are Arowoon and Inoue, who were on a blacklist for defying the proconsul. A veteran soldier Mori makes Arowoon lick the dirty sole of his combat boots or bark and act like a dog, maltreating him as a worthless being. The Japanese abuse them as they emphasize '50-years-long tradition of Japanese army' but Arowoon and Inoue sneer at them. Then Arowoon comes across Hideko who is Japanese and falls in love with her. He dates Hideko during his furlough or whenever he has time and is consoled by Hideko as they talk about what he goes through at the army. Hideko's mother is strongly against their relationship but they get married on their own. Then, Arowoon escapes the army immediately before the massed air-raid of the U.S. and wanders around the bombed streets. When the army base and the city became completely chaotic, Japanese soldiers performed group cremation for dead soldiers as they forbid families from seeing the corpse. People are enraged as they see dead bodies burn and Arowoon walks out amid burning bodies and gets to meet Hideko again.
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2023.06.07 11:49 tw_bot The price of plenty: The Gulf dead zone and a legacy of science - WUSF Public Media

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2023.06.07 11:48 one_nightbreak SWTOR Jedi Knight

SWTOR Jedi Knight
this is my dark side jedi knight from star wars: the old republic. i just subscribed to hero forge yesterday after using it free for a while and after looking at the community i realized that i could do stuff like use horns to make her montrals, so i gave it my best shot. if i hadn't had those projected decals i would've been screwed though lol, i'm glad i got any similar markings on her head at all. didn't occur to me that "projected" meant "will look different if her pose changes" so i didn't mean this to be the final product exactly, but i had spent too long fiddling with it to care about finding the best pose
any commentary, critique, protips, whatever is appreciated! i also wasn't sure if i'm allowed to post the reference i used but here's hoping i didn't break any rules, i'm worried i missed it in the intro megapost lol. also wondering if i should get on my pc for future projects... i've always used the forge in my ipad browser, is that good enough or am i losing functionality? lots of stuff i need to explore basically
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2023.06.07 11:47 Gablepres Stanton Swann, Lord of Stonehelm

Discord Username: JB Allye#1218
Character Name and House: Stanton Swann
Appearance: Stanton Swann is an older man, regal in bearing and strong-backed despite his mostly-grayed hairs and wizened eyes. He stands a bit shorter than the average knight, five foot and ten with a lean and powerful frame honed by constant exercise and battle. Scars line his body beneath plate, male and cloth, and a blade wound traces a white streak from the left side of his neck nearly to his ear.
Age: 45
Gift: Leadership
Skills: Strategist(e), Tactician, Cautious, Covert
Talents: Running, Horse breaking, Swimming
Starting Titles: Lord of Stonehelm
Starting Location: Storm's End, with Quentyn Baratheon.
Family Tree:


Stanton Swann was born in the first moon of the year 162 AC to the Lord Ryger Swann and his wife, Lady Lynesse. He was the second born of their children, but the first to survive past his first year, and he bore his elder brother's name. An altogether normal child, at least by most standards, Stanton grew up healthy and mostly happy, though not without challenges. Ryger Swann was a harsh taskmaster and an equally stern father, and though Stanton would not be a man until his sixteenth year, he wasn't a 'boy' by his ninth.
Stanton took to his harsh instruction well, and though he was not the most skilled warrior in the Seven Kingdoms (not even the most skilled in his own keep), he was a very intelligent young man above all else, something that his father both appreciated and cultivated in the boy. In matters of state, he was competent, in matters of court, he excelled, but it was in tactics and warcraft that the boy showed his genius. His father, no slouch in command himself, was overshadowed by the son, and he hardly minded. Instead, he simply drilled the boy further.
By now, though, it was time for the future Lord Stanton to start doing the business of Lords, and part of that was squiring for a worthy knight. That worthy knight was Brus Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End, and while not as harsh as Ryger Swann, Brus didn't take it easy on the boy. In his own words, he knew 'the lad can take it'. Take it he did. Stanton proved a worthy second to the Lord Baratheon, and along the way would cross paths with, and befriend, his son, who he affectionately knew as 'Billy'. Though Billy himself would be afield as a squire, they spent some time together as children that would only become more common as they both stepped into lordship.
After his ascent to knighthood, and with it, his ascent to manhood, Stanton would return home a different figure than he was when he left. He walked with a newfound confidence and ease about him, with the look in his eye of a young man who had supreme faith in his own abilities and poise. Already a strapping young man, this made him something of a heartthrob within court, and he had no shortage of flirtations with various women of the realm in his wilder years. One such conquest, and the one nearest to his heart, was Carolei Estermont, second daughter of the Lord of Greenstone. Arranged to marry a Rosby man, Stanton would charm her into breaking her arrangements and eloping with him to be wed in Stonehelm, and through means that no man or woman in the House of Stonehelm can decipher to this very day, he was somehow able to convince the Estermonts that he'd done them a favor. Alas, the marriage was far less eventful than the courtship. Despite... vigorous attempts, the two could not seem to conceive, and Stanton worried that the troubles that plagued his own parents with their children had been passed down to him, after a fashion.
Sadly, the life of a lord is not all flirtations and dalliances. Soon enough, Theory would become Practice, and Stanton marched to war for the first time at the age of 24... alongside his friend, the Lord William Baratheon. Stanton was no warrior, or at least, not a particularly outstanding one, but as a tactician he was immaculate. Mostly an outrider for the Marcher forces accompanying the host, Stanton would claim few notable scalps of his own, but his men would demolish the flanks of the opposing force in concert with the royal army, and he would quickly acquit himself well as a leader of men, earning praise from his father and his fellow Lords alike. What few were willing to talk about openly, including Stanton, was his other, more... unsavory activities in the war. Stanton was the leader of the forces ordered to flush the would-be-usurper out of hiding in the Dornish villages and countryside, and he took to the task with grim determination, hunting his quarry with a viciousness and ruthlessness that disturbed his men, though they followed their orders without much protest. Many scars still line the Boneway, and Stanton can claim credit for a troubling number of them.
Though his father would linger on for five more years after the Red War, he would abdicate his seat in favor of Stanton due to his advanced age, leaving the 25 year old as the Lord of Stonehelm. By this time, he had finally had a child, born while he was away at war. A hearty baby girl, who his mother named Shirei. Stanton, uncharacteristically, was rather miffed at the situation. Seven years he'd been wed, and after seven years of trying the gods saw fit to spite him with a daughter. He would never share his feelings with his wife and daughter, however, instead doting on her in the same fashion he doted on his wife. Despite his actions in the war, the image presented to the realm was one of a devoted husband, a devout knight, a fair lord, and a loving father.
All that would subtly begin to change.
As he aged, Stanton would continue trying for a male heir, but once again, a long drought would plague his line. In that time period, William would be blessed with a family of his own, something that caused no end of private envy in Stanton, though he dared not speak it aloud, out of love for his dear friend. He would quickly take to the heir to the house of Storm's End, Quentyn, and even at his young age Stanton treated the boy with the same love and respect he held for his father.
That said, Stanton's subtle descent continued. Conflicts with the Marchers of the Reach over their new conquests drove a wedge between former allies, and Stanton was quite vocal of his personal distrust of their former comrades-in-arms, a position he still holds to this day with much more vitriol. Once a gregarious and outgoing man, Stanton would slowly become reclusive and stern, much like his father. A public feud with Richard Morrigan drew censure from William, and similarly verbose and public displays of vitriol towards their Reachman neighbors only served to make it clear that something was very wrong with Stanton Swann.
That wrongness would only elevate further with time. As he grew older, Stanton became paranoid that the Marcher Lords of the Reach were spying on their Stormlander neighbors, a belief that he came to hold so closely that he would pace the floors at night, seeking anyone who acted suspiciously. A long-time family servant, Lyle, would be found to be acting 'suspiciously' one night, and rather than act reasonably,... Stanton would beat the elderly man to death with a fire front of his daughter. As it turned out, Lyle had been skimming from the Swann coffers to afford better accommodation for his family, but Stanton had no proof of such a thing, or even a suspicion of it, before killing the man.
Stanton's new demeanor was not a temporary fit, and his episodes have continued, though much more commonly in private now, as William was able to convince his longtime friend to ease his temper, if only somewhat, and the one thing that hasn't changed about Stanton in his later years is his love for 'old Billy boy'. Even going into his fortieth year, the man had no sons, only two more daughters to his name, which meant that unless there were some miracle, Shirei would be the executor of his will and estate, if not the Lady of the house, as he himself had only one brother, and that brother is a Maester. Atop all this, his daughter was hardly a 'catch', a plain, mannish woman much like her father in her stoicism but not nearly as intellectually inclined. If anything, he wished more that Quentyn Baratheon, or Damon Morrigen, the nephew of his hated rival Richard, could be his son, but alas, such a thing was impossible.
Now an aging, bitter man, Stanton Swann turns his attention towards his legacy, that of a good man turned a bitter, wizened butcher by war and time. Skirmishes alongside the Carons against the Dornish, border disputes with the Reachman, and the appointment of his dear friend William as Hand of the King loom large over his head along with the state of his house, and Stanton has come to a realization. He cannot die without a male heir. He mustn't. And he would do anything, and he meant anything, to make that happen.
Even things that no sane man should consider.


Character Name and House: Shirei Swann
Age: 21
Appearance: Shirei is a tall and lean girl that looks much like her father when he was a younger man. with a slight figure, sharp features, and deep brown eyes. She has a few scars of her own from afield and minor accidents with the family sword, but otherwise remains an unassuming, if not particularly beautiful woman.
Gift: Champion
Skills: Swords (e), Defender
Talent(s): Swimming, Singing, Woodworking
Starting Title(s): Heir to Stonehelm
Starting Location: King's Landing, with the Hand.
Note: Shirei is the current bearer of Swan's Song.


Shirei Swann is the first of the three daughters of Stanton and Carolei Swann, and from birth she was always a strong, boyish little thing, though not as much so as she is now. Stanton and his wife doted on her, as any good parents would, and Shirei grew up loved and healthy, surrounded by care and comfort. Among her household servants, an old man named Lyle, who had seen her father reared, was her favorite, and the old man would constantly watch over the little Lady as she played in the yard or caroused around court.
Shirei never knew her father as the world had known him before his turn for bitterness and hatred, only seeing how others reacted to the man. With her, he was mostly gentle, though sometimes his temper got the better of him, or he was harsher with her than was warranted. The man never struck her, never abused her, the most he did was perhaps raise his tone to her a bit too harshly, and he would always apologize upon doing so, assuring her that it was not her fault that he was troubled so. She believed him, of course. She loved her father dearly.
Alas, this perception of her father was colored dramatically by the death of her first and oldest friend. She was hardly ten when Lyle was caught 'acting unusually' by her father and beaten bloody before her, her mother, and her then infant sister Serra. The beating was an uncomfortably long one- Lyle, an old and frail man by now, was dead long before Stanton stopped swinging the iron. The experience traumatized young Shirei, and she's never quite gotten past it. She also hardly believed the tale that Lyle had stolen from the family coffers.
Aside from that, however, her childhood was fairly typical, though not entirely so. Family friendship with the Baratheons meant that Shirei spent some time around Quentyn, and she envied the heir of Storm's End's skill at arms, learning the sword and shield to better accompany him in the yard and join in on his carousing, whenever he stayed in Stonehelm for a short time. The same would be said for Damon Morrigen, nephew of her father's most heated and hated rival at court, who she bore very little ill will towards. In fact, as they were both about the age where one begins to think of such things, Shirei quite fancied him, though as the heirs of their respective houses, such a match was all but impossible.
Stanton did not discourage his daughter's pursuit of arms, especially when she showed quite the knack for it, and grew into a rather tall and lean woman, taller than him in fact. He didn't encourage it, either. If anything, to Shirei's dismay, the man seemed utterly indifferent, passing off onto her the family sword, Swan's Song, and telling her not to do something stupid.
Now a woman grown, unwed at twenty, and positioned that she may one day lead a House Swann that has alienated all but its closest friends, Shirei is uncharacteristically nervous under her mask of stoic acceptance. Fearing for her father's declining mental state and her own place in the wider world, Shirei nonetheless does what she sees as her duty. Currently, she's petioned her father to remain in King's Landing, partly out of loyalty to her 'Uncle Billy', and partly out of a desire to be away from her father for some time.
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2023.06.07 11:45 Cold_Conversation_74 Did anyone else find maddie annoying alot?

tbh i dont use reddit so im not too big in the in depth conversations, but i was surfing to see if anyone felt this way as well? the benefit of the doubt thing that simon constantly hinted at with maddie rlly was too real like i mean she literally vouched for everyone whenever simon would bring up a new suspect and then eventually say…”oh u were right lets get to the bottom of this and what they did” and for me i found it very annoying. Like bro are u rlly combating simon about mr anderson bc he oddly rlly close to u and even gave u his NUMBER(which idk ab yall but thats very weird if i asked any of my hs classmates). like the way simon got irritated EVERYTIME she would say(oh this cant be them or oh no way)….like bro we on the third suspect by now n the first is smb who REALLLYYY broke ur trust, like stop giving these ppl the benefit of the doubt. i just feel her ignorance(even tho she did apologize to simon eventually) made me very much dislike her, also the little things she did like when simon is literally testing and she’s belligerently telling n yelling at him to tell anderson to check his phone n email…like bro he’s trying to test😭😭😭 u can easily juss watch anderson behind him n eventually wait till he opens up his phone(seriously i dont even understand why she went through all tht trouble eventually the avg human being is gonna unlock their phone in the matter of 1-2 hrs in 2023…she couldve just watched behind him to see him put it in himself). Also the time where hes gettin taken in by the cops and she’s annoyingly yelling “SIMON WHATS HAPPENING SIMON WHERE ARE THEY TAKIN U?!?!” like bro SHUTT UP u act like he would kno or could even tell u in the first place☠️idk things like this rlly made her annoyin to me at first. I feel like the only reasonable person to overthink on why or if they would do it is obviously her mom. Idk like why was she even skeptical ab nicole after tht flashback like thats also weird vibes bro is literally obsessed w u tryna be u tht could b motive to kill u. like idk IF I WAS DEAD I WOULD BE QUESTIONING EVERYONEEEE but hey ig maddie is too…considerate? gullible? whatever just a rant sorry if its choppy just finished the show at 5am. 8/10 great season good plot progression and wrap up idk why ppl hate the ending it makes alot of sense. Also i dont hate Maddie still a good mc n i feel she did develop overtime but just found her insanely annoying at first.
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2023.06.07 11:42 Wimbly512 Movie of the Week: Queer Romance

Desert Hearts (1985) The story of straight-edge literature professor Vivian who travels to Reno to get away from a relationship breakup when she falls in love with an attractive and unconventional girl named Cay. (Max, Criterion)
Maurice (1987) After his lover rejects him, a young man in early 20th century England, trapped by the oppressiveness of Edwardian society, tries to come to terms with and accept his sexuality. (Rent)
Bros (2022) Two men with commitment problems attempt a relationship. (Prime)
Your Name Engraved Herein (2020) In 1987, as martial law ends in Taiwan, Jia-han and Birdy fall in love amid family pressure, homophobia and social stigma. (Netflix)
The World to Come (2021) In 1856, two women forge a close connection despite their isolation on the American frontier. (Hulu)
Rafiki (2018) Kena and Ziki long for something more. Despite the political rivalry between their families, the girls resist and remain close friends, supporting each other to pursue their dreams in a conservative society. When love blossoms between them, the two girls will be forced to choose between happiness and safety. (hoopla, kanopy, rent)
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2023.06.07 11:42 SilentCardiologist51 Is there any woman so hidiously ugly or emotionally unappealing that she has never been kissed by a man?

Can this really happen? I never had any female friend who never held hands or never got kissed.
Do I live in some other realm or most women I was friends with had way more experience with guys than I had with girls and slowly I matched their experience with my experience and while I now believe I am at their level.
But one question I was pondering, can a woman really be that unattractive or unappealing or even say emotionally dead that no man ever kissed her? Or she doesn't receive attention from any man?
Even grandma has 400+ matches on tinder these days. Prove me wrong.
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2023.06.07 11:41 sk19972 Arthur in music - my own re-telling

Hi all! I've been working on this project off and on for five years now, and I would love to share it with you all for criticism and constructive feedback.
The project in question is the text for an operatic retelling of Arthurian legend in four parts, the first three of which I have completed. I began work on it at Christmas, 2018, and have worked in fits and starts upon it since then, at times considering using parts of it for a potential PhD in Music Composition. Whether or not the music will come to be, I am not sure; I have written sketches of my musical ideas that I then used (a la Mahler writing song cycles before some of his symphonies) to create a 20-minute setting of Preiddeu Annwn for Baritone and Piano or Orchestra. If I do not continue with creating the music, then the text in someways can stand alone as something of a work of Epic Poetry - though, of course, it will be lacking in some aspects by focusing so heavily upon poetic speech.
As a retelling designed for performance, I have had to refine down many characters, so many of my favourite knights and kings (Owain and Uriens, for example, or Ynyr and Gereint) have had to be omitted. It is of course a shame, but I hope that this results in some dynamic story-telling.
Structurally, the cycle is reminiscent of the famous Ring Cycle - this wasn't initially the plan, but I feel it became unavoidable the more I thought out the narrative and split it up into smaller, cohesive dramas. Thus, we have four seperate works, titled (tentatively) Igraine, Excalibur, Guinevere, and Camlann. (I am not sure whether I am a fan of the latter two, and would be glad of a discussion of other possible titles!)
In Igraine we have one of the very few twists of my own: I have decided to conflate Ambrosius Aurelianus with Merlin for good. The drama begins with his abdication and induction into druidic orders, and subsequently his brother Uther's coronation. From there, we witness Uther's lust for Igraine, wife of Gorlois. Merlin, tormented by prophetic dreams, is forced to aid his brother in this lustful pursuit, culminating in Igraine's r*pe and the conception of Arthur.
Excalibur begins at the funeral of Uther, some fifteen years later, as Merlin oversees the transition of power. The King-Sword, Caliburn, is put aside to wait for someone worthy: Arthur. As is the standard narrative, he takes up the sword to much consternation from other petty kings and his own surprise, but then proves himself the rightful ruler by achieving a great victory over the Saxons at Badon Hill - where he breaks the King-Sword in battle. Merlin then brings him to the Lady of the Lake, who reforges the sword into Excalibur.
Having met Guinevere briefly in the previous tale, she and Arthur are married, and usher in an age of peace. Percival and Lancelot both arrive at Camelot, and the Round Table is inaugurated. A vision of a great cup is sent to the gathered warriors, and thus begins the Grail quest. Trials and tribulations abound, and love struggles to be given time among the Royal Couple. Eventually, Percival achieves the Grail, but it remains within the Chapel.
As the natural conclusion, Camlann sees Arthur's small failings mounting against him, as Mordred comes to court, and Lancelot and Guinevere fall in love. This proceeds as usual, reaching a gutting conclusion on the field at Camlann, where all but Bedivere and Galahad, Lancelot and Guinevere perish. Galahad is sent out on his own Grail quest at the close of the tale.
There are plenty of details I've left out of this quick summary (All of Morgana's arc, and her conflation with Morgause; Gawain's pursuit of Pagan wisdom in the form of the Green Man; conflating Pellinore and Pellam/Pelles/The Fisher King - Pellinore is all of them, after he is lost and assumed dead at Badon. In typical mythic fashion, he seems to lose his wits, but his babbling may reveal more than first appears.) If you wish to know more, or make more in depth criticisms and other feedback, I would love for you all to read the whole text here.
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2023.06.07 11:41 Just_upvoted Anon wins.

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2023.06.07 11:40 ServiusQuintus Theory and Practice

Theory and Practice
So, Allarus Custodes have always been sort of character and monster killer and I was thinking, what would be preferable?
Axe or Spear
Axe: S9, wounding Swarmlord on with BS3 on 5+ and AP-1 (he saves on 3+), but I can stil reroll the wound roll and if alone, he can get very likely get killed by unit of 3 Allarustodes (max potential 36W)
Cons: Very easy save per attack and wounding on 5+
Spear: S7, wounding Swarmlord with BS2 on 5+ and AP-2 (he saves on 4+), I can reroll wound roll and dmg potential is 30W
Cons: S7, less likely to tear trough his bodyguard/s, which will very likely be Tyrant Guard
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2023.06.07 11:40 sampsonite3000 Death of the Casual: How EA has taken the joy out of FUT

My FUT journey started back in FIFA 13. I got it for Christmas, and through YouTube (KSI, W2S, AirJapes, Nepethez, Kazooiee… you name it), I got introduced to the game.
Back then I was just a kid, no credit card or anything like that. Having one IF player made your team elite. Gold Messi/Ronaldo were essentially the same price from Start to End. You could rip a silver squad through Division 1. Cutting back across goal wasn’t called being a rat, it was called being sweaty, and people did it ALL. THE. TIME. You think going down the wing and cutting back is a new phenomenon? Wrong! Don’t believe me, go watch a KSI video from 2012.
Before moving on, let me take you down memory lane…Mayuka, Agbonlahor, Wallyson, Benteke, Pato, Wellinton, Felipe Santana, David Luiz (End Game CB despite being common gold), Akinfenwa, Ramires, Di Natale, Miccoli, Emenike, Kelvin…I could go all day. No SBCs, no Objectives, TOTY was basically the only promo, and there was just one. Skilling was hilarious, finesse shots were broken, near post OP… was a pure madness, shithouse game that was fun as all hell and just not. that. serious.
After Fifa 15, life was getting too busy to put time towards the game. So, put FIFA to bed, went to college, got a job, and fast forward 8 years later, I got back into it along with a couple of old friends for nostalgia’s sake. I am lucky enough (lotta hard work to be fair) to have a comfortable job, so figured I could use that to buy packs and avoid grinding. I just wanted to play for fun. Little did I know what I was getting into…
I bought a couple million coins (yeah, whatever), bought a bunch of fun players, and figured that the high rated squad I had back in Jan - Feb would be enough to last me through the game. I couldn’t have been more wrong, as the players are insane for the first week or two, then started playing like normal golds. This is the conspiracy theory I think is most responsible for the game’s current state. You are rewarded for getting new players with juiced up stats behind the scenes, and when that wears off, you want to get new players again. I fell into this trap, bought coins again, and got banned from the transfer market because I did way too much, way too fast. Only then, when I literally couldn’t buy more players, did I realize how ridiculously insane the game (and my own mentality) had become.
In its current state, FUT is absolutely, positively, fucking, CRAZY. There are a million posts a day on this so I won’t harp on it, but compared to the game 10 years ago, it’s unrecognizable. Grinding 10s of boring squad battles games for fodder? 500k packs? Absurd objectives for XP that lead to nothing? Ass servers? Terribly timed updates? Logging in every day to get two 81 overalls? A "community limit” on overpriced packs to create false scarcity? The toxicity surrounding Champs? EA's general incompetence? It’s insane! FUT is not a game mode for someone looking to have fun, and the casual player is dead.
Guys look — variety is good. It’s cool that they have so many different players in the game. High rated players are now easily affordable. But EA’s exploitation of gambling addiction and people’s propensity for liking colorful cards has taken a casual, fun game, and turned it into a fucking disaster for anyone who doesn’t have 2+ hours a day to grind.
To be clear, this isn’t a rant. I only play the game for fun and just try to score fun goals. I have a great team, I play Rivals, and if someone is cooking me, I just quit and find a new match. I don’t care about my record, or my striker’s Goals/Game ratio, etc. I play to play, and that’s about it.
If anything this is a sad reflection on what the game has become.
Not that anyone cares, but I’ll see y'all in August when they apparently hand out high rated cards like candy. Stay strong brothers, avoid breaking out the credit card at all costs, and remember that video games are supposed to be a break from your stressful reality, not the other way around.
Happy summer!
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