Ct dmv registration cancellation

VT car dealership said front license plate isn't required - did something change?

2023.05.30 22:32 just_hear_4_the_tip VT car dealership said front license plate isn't required - did something change?

I recently bought a new vehicle from a dealership in Chittenden County. The front of the car doesn't have pre-drilled holes or a bracket/holder for a front plate (no, it's not a Lotus). The salesperson I worked with said their service department can drill holes and install the front plate, but that it's not necessary because front plates aren't actually required in VT (and "yeah most people don't know that"). In the interest of time—and for a number of reasons unrelated to ascetics—I took them at their word and finally left the f'ing dealership with the front plate on the passenger side floor-mat.
It must not have taken long for the front plate to mosey under the passenger seat... so, needless to say, I'd not given it or VT's front-plate laws any thought until a couple months later when my kid dropped a toy into the under-seat abyss, which set off an emergency go-go-gadget arm retrieval during a tauntingly fast red light. Far from the worst "oh, wtf is that?" under-seat find, but still a momentary surprise to pull out the license plate of the vehicle I was actively driving. So, then I started paying attention and per random sample observation, my VT-registered car seems to be the only one on the road without a sanctioned front-plate.
I'm not anti-front plate... I just lack the motivation to go out of my way to a car dealership if I don't have to... and, my DIY-drilling skills excludes bumpers and voiding warranties. My car has been front-plateless for months and I do use public parking (including metered, when necessary) at least 1-2 times/week, but I haven't had any issues, tickets, etc.
My limited google and VT DMV website searches didn't yield recent "front plate optional, bitches / bare your bumper" PSAs... and just about everyone who replied to the Lotus owner (post linked above) will probably think the dealership salesperson has a citation kink—or, like me, was ready [for me] to leave.
So... at the risk of shaming myself into an a service dept appt... is anyone aware of any changes to vehicle registration laws and/or exemptions in 2023? Just wondering if I need to pump myself up for a dealership visit before my next inspection or other tbd maintenance issue.
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2023.05.30 22:22 CysterTwister Just had to cancel my first FET TW for lots of emotions around purpose of life etc.

I had to call and cancel my first FET that was supposed to be Thursday a week before my 35th birthday. I can't stop crying. It's only being canceled because they found a kidney stone on a CT scan I had last week. I was having some pain and I thought it was just bathroom issues. It turns out it's actually a 1 cm stone in my ureter. They don't know what's causing my bathroom issues. I know that this isn't the end it's just a delay but it feels like the end of the world. I am so sick of my body betraying me. I feel like I'm constantly dealing with some new pain or new ailment. I know it could be worse. I know I'm actually incredibly lucky for so many reasons but holy fucking hell I hate this. I'm not a religious person and it just feels like the universe is out to get me. I keep telling myself that the universe doesn't care about me. That is just the hand I got dealt. That this isn't over it's just a delay. I just don't want to deal with any of it anymore. I want to curl into a ball and pretend like none of this is happening. I want to pretend like everything is worth it but sometimes it feels like it's not. I go through all of this and think about how hard it has been and then I think why would I ever want to have a child? Why would I want them to feel these things? Life is just so hard sometimes. I've been telling myself for the past year that being human is hard but it's worth it. Then things like this happen and I wonder if it is worth it. I know I'm going to be okay. I know I'm going to move forward but right now I think I just need to be sad. Any hugs or words of encouragement are definitely appreciated. Just please don't tell me at least it's not XYZ. I already know that. It just doesn't take away the pain I'm feeling.
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2023.05.30 22:12 Natemoon2 NV registration suspended, live in CA now, can I register in CA?

So basically, I moved to CA from NV in September and haven’t registered my car yet, NV registration is up on 6/15/23
In October- December, I didn’t realize it but I had a 50 day insurance lapse on my Nevada insurance, so I got new CA insurance once I found out.
Well now I’m trying to register my car in CA and I can’t find my registration card, so I requested a copy from NV online but now I’m finding out NV suspended my registration because of the insurance lapse, so I can’t get a copy of the registration.
So am I able to go to the CA dmv and register my car in CA still? Can I just show them a copy of my last registration card?
And if I do this will NV try to come after my sometime in the future for the suspended registration fines?
Thank you for the help
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2023.05.30 20:58 chaoticbreeze Help - can't set up onecard or sign in to ssf

Hi, I'm a new student starting fall 2023. I've already accepted my offer and paid the $500 tuition deposit.
When I try to sign into the onecard app it says "An activation email has been sent to: [email protected] Please check your email and click on the "Validate Now' button and then you are ready to proceed." It's been a couple weeks and clicking "ready to proceed" still says pending.
Whenever I try to sign into the SSF site to see the clubs it says it has trouble signing me in and my email is blocked because it's not a member of a group or hasnt been given access by an administrator.
Also I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to see courses in my homepage. I still have the admissions square that says "3 active applications", but the program I chose says "registration activated" and the other two "application cancelled".
I've tried the usual advice of clearing cache or trying an incognito browser, it doesn't do anything.
I'm wondering if I just have to wait for a certain date for my account to "activate" or whatever or if it's something I need to email someone about?
I'm a transfer student from a university and I dont remember the admission process being this confusing.
EDIT: the email I mention is not mine. I have no idea who that is, I assume it's a school admin
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2023.05.30 19:49 Torsneyy I drew a stickman, what should i name him?

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2023.05.30 19:14 czigmeisterbrewing Czig Meister hosts adult field day for their 7th anniversary on June 10th! Sign up linked in comments.

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2023.05.30 17:37 Professional-Suit470 Help Fix My Car to Pass Inspection - Emergency!

Hey Everybody,
It's been a stressful year, and I know it has probably been for you, so let me cut to the chase. I just failed my car inspection and need funds to fix it and retest by June 4th or else the registration will be suspended and I can't drive. I need my car for my meager UberEats income as well as to drive my elderly mother to her appointments, etc. She relies on me, I'm pretty much on call for her at any moment so I can't afford to lose my 2014 Nissan jalopy. I tried to get an extension via the DMV but since it failed in some of the safety sections I am ineligible. I know this doesn't give you a lot of time to gather change together but anything helps. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Note: This sub graciously helped my mother stay in her motel room with her cats 45 days ago. I didn’t end up getting that post office job, (been on interviews since but still no word), because of an intense stalker situation, (longer story shorter: it’s been going on for about 10 years from an individual in his 50s that I’ve never had a relationship with - he follows me to different jobs, different towns, etc violating the restraining order which even got him locked up for a time), and my own mental and physical exhaustion of helping out my mother. Any money that I make from UberEats or art commissions has been going to her motel room so I’m in this predicament of not being able to fund the car problems to meet the deadline.
Note Note: I tried applying for ModestNeeds.org but they need paperwork that I just don’t have access to. GoFundMe says it may take 2-5 days for funds to reach my account, they also take fees so if it’s possible to just send anything via Venmo that would be helpful. I can DM it upon request.
Note Note Note: I have no intention of relying on this list forever it’s just unfortunate that multiple things have happened in such a short time span. When it rains it pours. ☔️
Thank you for reading this crazy amount of information.
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2023.05.30 16:11 FederalBreakfast78 Stones, obvi.

Backstory, I had kidney stones back in January, I had a lithotripsy, stent, etc. they removed them.
Fast forward to two weeks ago, I had 2 stones in my ureter and a 15mm in my kidney, again I underwent the procedure and had a stent placed as my ureter was too “twisted” the urologist wasn’t able to get up as far as he wanted to get the rest, had a hospital stay as he thought I might develop an infection, I didn’t.
The plan was for me to go back this week and have another procedure in hopes the stent would straighten out my ureter and he could get the rest, unfortunately my stent fell out three days later and surgery was canceled as he knew he wouldn’t be able to get back up there.
I’ve been having a little pain here and there so he sent me back for another CT scan. Low and behold I have a 7mm and 10mm in my ureter, again. The 7mm is low enough for him to retrieve but the 10mm is up where it’s twisted so he’s not confident he can retrieve it.
I have a follow up appointment with him tomorrow to go over next steps and figure out a game plan. Does anyone have any suggestions I should bring up to him? I’m sure he knows something but I just like to have a few ideas up my sleeve.
Also, the stones he retrieved two weeks ago came back as 100% brushite.
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2023.05.30 15:26 HauntingPangolin1965 Anxiety about doctors now

I have to see a new obgyn today for a well woman exam, but I'm bringing up my early peri symptoms too.
I'm having extreme anxiety because I've spent a few years with terrible doctors. This one is a new doctor and I don't have high hopes, given how many doctors I have "fired" in the last three years. Everything from obgyn to GP and between. In fact, I see two other new specialists (endocrinologist and sleep dr) this summer.
I've become extremely triggered by doctor offices and medical staff. The more problems you have, the nastier and more dismissive they become. No one wants to actually solve medical problems anymore. At least not in my recent experience. I'm really burning through this list of covered providers too.
My regular GP flat out refused to give me an endocrinologist referral. My hormones are all over the place given all of my symptoms. I lost my uterus at 36 because of a huge fibroid tumor. I'm down to one ovary. I have a nodule on my thyroid confirmed by an urgent care CT scan that was scanning for an impacted salivary stone. My own sister and late father are/were hypothyroid. Both of my living siblings are prediabetic, too.
My old Dr wouldn't refer me to an endo. She got it into her head that I need to see a psychiatrist. Yeah. Ok. Pop quiz... which came first? The chicken (anxiety etc.) or the egg (peri symptoms, thyroid nodule, uterine tumor)?
From where I'm standing, my anxiety is a symptom, not the fucking cause.
The only reason I'm even seeing an endo in June is because the secretary over the phone said, "It's your lucky day -- I won't make you get a referral." I have no idea why she did that. I didn't ask her to. But it goes to show just how much bullshit this "referral" system is. You don't even actually need one. It's just more gatekeeping between you and getting medical care.
I remember 20 years ago I could call a doctor and actually talk to them over the phone and they'd script me some medicine, no visit fee, nothing. I also remember doctors used to prescribe you medicine to get you through the weeks between your meds running out and your next appointment time. Recently, the Dr office I "fired" refused to refill my anxiety meds between appointments. My regular Dr left the practice, landing me back in dreaded "new patient status" and I had to wait way too long between appointments. And they refused to give me my medication to get me to appointment time. So now I'm without a daily psychoactive med.
Nowadays it's so much worse. There are so many obstacles between the onset of problems and actually getting help.
I really don't look forward to this appointment. I have no idea what to expect except for the usual: being fucking ignored.
The last doctor office also told me that my perimenopause symptoms were too much to discuss. Then they canceled my appointment citing it was a 15 minute appointment. There's no qualifier on MyChart citing appointment time caps when you schedule one, but they get mad that you don't know that. They also told me we can only discuss three things at each appointment. I'd been their patient for five years -- this was all new to me. So I dropped them and moved on to a different team of doctors in a different medical system.
(Two) Screenshots of what they said: https://imgur.com/a/zzMzvtW
Seriously, folks, save screenshots of the shit medical offices say to you. Post them in reviews and let others know that the expectation for patients to withhold medical problems from a Dr because of "limits" is unthinkable and wrong.
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2023.05.30 15:14 CvilleElections411 Close of Books for June Primary Voter Registration! (xpost r/Charlottesville)

Today, May 30th, is the close of books for the June 20th Democratic Party Primary! If you wish to vote a regular ballot for this primary, you must update or complete registration by 5pm today on paper (edit: and bring that paper to the city elections office at 120 7th St NE) or 11:59pm online (with a VA DMV-issued ID) at the Citizen Portal.
Same Day Registration will be available after this date, both for the remainder of Early Voting and on Election Day, but we encourage everyone to complete their registration by Close of Books. If you do not, you will only be able to vote a provisional ballot, and it won't go into the regular ballot scanner.
If you live near UVA, we've also created a handy reference list to tell if you're in Albemarle Co. or Charlottesville City. It has contact info for both localities, in case you need it for any reason. UVA Area Housing Guide
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2023.05.30 15:05 CvilleElections411 Close of Books for June Primary Voter Registration!

Today, May 30th, is the close of books for the June 20th Democratic Party Primary! If you wish to vote a regular ballot for this primary, you must update or complete registration by 5pm today on paper or 11:59pm online (with a VA DMV-issued ID) at the Citizen Portal.
Same Day Registration will be available after this date, both for the remainder of Early Voting and on Election Day, but we encourage everyone to complete their registration by Close of Books. If you do not, you will only be able to vote a provisional ballot, and it won't go into the regular ballot scanner.
If you live near UVA, we've also created a handy reference list to tell if you're in Albemarle Co. or Charlottesville City. It has contact info for both localities, in case you need it for any reason. UVA Area Housing Guide
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2023.05.30 14:20 tinyrhinodontcare [Race Report] Hamden Hills Half Marathon

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Finish Yes
B Don't Walk No
C Sub 2:00 Yes


Mile Time
1 7:53
2 8:02
3 8:36
4 7:30
5 8:51
6 8:21
7 8:18
8 8:39
9 8:06
10 8:26
11 8:44
12 8:46
13 10:12
.2 7:40


I ran my first HM on 3/25 and then proceeded to try to train for this HM, a Spartan 5k, and a Spartan Trail 10k all at the same time (do not recommend doing this). Over 8 weeks I averaged about 25 miles/week but I only ran 3 long runs (10 twice and 11 once) and I missed 2 weekends of long run in a row for first the Spartan Sprint on 4/30 and then the Trail 10k on 5/6. Both of those efforts had significant elevation and took a lot out of me, but I didn't have enough time to back off my mileage and rest - I actually took 1 day off after the Trail 10k and then ran my highest mileage week of 30.5 miles (culminated by a terrible 11 mile long slow death in some surprise heat that knocked me right in the confidence.) I felt pretty shaken by how badly it went and proceeded to run all subsequent runs leading up to the race at a decidedly not easy effort to "prove" I could still run at a faster pace. Just to make me a little more uneasy, I started having intermittent right side hamstring/piriformis pain after running (which I mostly ignored other than changing how I stretched and rolling it out.)
Through all of this I continued to strength train 5 times/week and work a physically demanding FT job.
So - going into this I was overtrained/physically fatigued, not injured but dealing with an aggressive niggle, and not confident in my ability to finish (this only got worse as the forecasted temperature went up). But this was supposed to be my first Half Marathon in 2022 and I had to defer to 2023 because I was injured, so I was determined to run it anyway.


Woke up at 5:00 and had coffee and toast/PB. Rolled out my legs and hip and was out the door by 6:30. Drank a Nuun Sport on the way. The race was only about 15m from my house but I got there when registration opened at 6:45 because I was a deferral from 2022. The process was quick and easy as always with this race company. I took some time to tape up my toes (they were destroyed during the 11 mile disaster and haven't had a chance to heal) and get situated in my shoes. Took a a couple pee breaks, did some dynamic stretching, ran down the canal trail about .5 total. It was cool-ish at this point (high 40s/low 50s) but I knew it was going to heat right up in the sun (forecasted high 78 for the day). If I had my way I would never run in weather warmer than 55 and it hasn't been warm enough consistently to acclimate to the 75+ temperature (I run in the morning before work). So I went sports bra and shorts and hoped for a freak hail storm like at the last race (ha!).


For the record - I was very aware of the hill profile in this race, none of this was a surprise to me. I also did a lot of hill repeat work in the process of prepping for Spartan, but I didn't have a long/steep hill to work on.
Miles 1-2 were flat on the canal trail. I run 100% of my runs on different parts of the canal trail and this stretch is one of my favorites. I knew I was going to go out a little hot in the first mile but it was cool and flat and I settled down a bit by the second mile.
We came off the canal trail and up a steep zig-zag walkway onto a main street at Mile 3. It was a mile uphill with a gain of 200' but it wasn't steep (and was not hot yet) and I felt good. We crossed the only major intersection of the race at 2.5 - also site of the first aid station where I accidentally grabbed Gatorade instead of water and promptly spit it back out.
I cruised right along through Mile 4 - all downhill for almost 200'.
There was an aid station at 4.5 where I correctly grabbed water, took a mouthful and tossed the rest on myself - getting hot. Mile 5 was all uphill with another gain of 200', max grade 7%, couple little flats/slopes along the way. I still felt ok, it was just very steep in some spots. The lollipop loop started at Mile 5.5.
Mile 6-7.5 net downhill with a few small ups, nice break - largely through some heavily shaded small back roads - the reprieve from the sun was nice, the potholes were not. I took a couple SaltStick chews somewhere around here and there was an aid station at 6.5 where I had another mouthful of water and dumped the rest down my back..
Mile 7.5-8 back out in the sun and took the only gel of the race (Maurten Caffeine), headed back up to finish the lollipop loop. I had a second gel on me but my fueling strategy is flawed and I need to figure it out.
Mile 8-9.5 mostly downhill, legs not happy about flying downhill at this point. I think I must have slowed down for the aid station at 8.5 and there were also a few uphills at the beginning of that mile. Definitely starting to feel it at this point and reminding myself that if I could get through 10, the hills would be over. Took a couple more SaltStick chews.
Mile 9.5-10.5 last hill, almost 200' gain, wanted to die especially when I turned the corner at the top of the hill and just saw more hill. I was working just as hard mentally as I was physically at this point. FINALLY came off the top of the last hill to the aid station at 10.5 and called out for water - the highschool volunteer very excitedly handed me a cup - with Gatorade. I glanced at it, said "Oh this isn't water!" and threw it on the ground but never stopped. A few seconds later I heard someone very close behind me (which made no sense because I had been basically on my own for miles) - turned out to be one of the girls volunteering at the same aid station who sprinted up to me to give me a cup of water :)
Mile 10.5-11.5 downhill, 200' loss - definitely cruised for a little while and then started losing mental control as total fatigue set in. I remember thinking that I should downshift a bit and see if I could recover on the downhill but I was pretty tapped at this point.
Mile 11.5-12.5 back on the canal trail, flat - I knew exactly where i was and how much distance I still had to cover. I was fighting a losing battle and told myself to just slow down (I thought I was running about a minute/mile slower than this, I did not check my pace on my watch.)
Somewhere around Mile 12.5 the wheels came off and I realized I was going to pass out if I didn't walk, so I gave in and walked for about 30 seconds. When I started running again, my body told me it needed a longer break, so I ended up walking probably a quarter mile total. I knew that I wasn't going to walk to the finish line, so I did pull myself together and ran the last quarter of a mile or so.
Total elevation - 936'


I almost immediately sat down on the grass after I crossed the finish line but then I got up and had some water, chatted with the race director for a few minutes, and went to my truck to mix a hydration drink and stretch. I spent some time sitting/walking around and drinking my drink since it was a beautiful day once the running was over.
I ended up winning my age group out of 21, 4th place overall female out of 54, and 28th/119 overall.
I've been feeling quite disappointed in myself for giving in and walking even though in the moment I didn't feel like I had a choice. I know that progress isn't linear and not every effort can be a PR - but I'm extremely hard on myself and was struggling with confidence and feeling positive about this effort before I even started.
None of the niggly pains I was dealing with flared up during or after the race which was a huge surprise. I took a 3 days off from running and will be back at it Wednesday morning with my next goal a Half Marathon in September (fast, flat and training to PR).
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.05.30 09:41 RABIDrva Richmond Area Bot Instigated Destruction Update!

Hey everyone, Its been a few months and A LOT has happened. Thanks to all the local folks to have decided to join our group and help us get started! I figured it was time for an update and to try and trick more people into joining us! If you missed my last post, I founded RABID, Richmond Area Bot Instigated Destruction, a local combat robotics league! We will be hosting a few tournaments a year for combat robots ranging between 150g and 3lbs. They are just like the 250lb robots seen on Battlebots, but smaller. Just because our robots are smaller does not mean there is any less destruction though. It just means it is a lot easier for someone like you to get involved!
If you saw my first post, this is the update: We found a venue and got a date! We will be hosting our first event July 22nd at BUILD, RVA. Since it is our first event, we are keeping is small and only hosting 1lb robots in what is known as the plastic ant weight class. These bots are completely 3d printed! A huge thanks to BUILD, RVA for working with us to put this event on. The event will be open for spectators if you just want to stop by and see what all this nonsense I keep talking about is. Build does have a waiver they ask that everyone signs before entering, so please help us work with them in keeping everyone safe. We are working on getting some demo robots that anyone can try driving at the event as well, so and of you will be able to come and try it out.
After my last post I created a discord server to help organize everything. I have had a bunch of people join it and I thank you all. For anyone that missed that post, here is a link to join the server. If you are at all interested you should join. We have a good mix of experienced combat robot builders, and Battlebot fans that have no idea what it takes to build a robot. If you ever wanted to try it out, we can help you get started! We also have a website now at https://www.rabidrva.com/.

For anyone interested in competing, I recommend joining the discord, and checking out our registration page over here. As I said in the last post, these bots can be build for around $100-150 if you have access to a 3d printer. There are even files available online that you can print, build, and compete with if you are not able to design your own robot yet!
Finally, I need to thank the sponsors that have helped us get started!
Turnabot is an amazing family run company that makes getting started in the sport easy and affordable.
Build, RVA for allowing us to use their great facility to host the event. If you ever want to work on a project, but don't have the tools or knowledge for it, they can help. They have an amazing setup and have all sorts of tools that most of us could only ever dream of having access to!
NHRL is one of the biggest combat robotic events in the world. While they are located in Norwalk, CT, they have been very gracious and have helped us a lot to get started. If you are a fan of Battlebots, I cannot recommend checking them out enough. The bots may be smaller, but the competition is fierce! Most of the team you see on Battlebots regularly compete at NHRL to help design new robots and keep their skills sharp!
And finally, Macro the Maryland Area Combat Robotics Organization. They are the closest competition to Richmond and have been paramount in helping me set all of this up. Some of the best bot builders in the US compete here regularly and they share my enthusiasm to grow the sport!
If you survived all of that, Thank you! If you have any questions, joining the discord is the best way to reach us. Also if you know any local companies or organizations that may be interested in helping out, don't be afraid to send them our way!
One last thing.... why did you all let me think I was the only Battlebots fan in RVA for so long?
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2023.05.30 07:06 propagandadeux Audi dealer sold me a car without the title?

Almost two months ago now I bought (financed) a lightly-used 2021 A4 from an Audi dealership a couple hours away from where I live. In my state the DMV sends the plates to the dealer you buy the car from, so they told me they’d mail the plates to me once they got them. A week before the temporary paper plate expired I gave them a call to see what was up and they said they hadn’t gotten the plates yet. The DMV here has been super slow ever since covid so I figured it was no big deal; I called them again a couple days after the temp plate expired and they said they’d get back to me. I forgot about it tbh for a few days after that, and they never called me back; at this point the temp plate had been expired for almost two weeks. I finally got ahold of the finance manager over there last week and he claimed they had been “having difficulty locating the title,” and said that they were going to send someone this week to drive from the dealership to where I live with the title to have me sign it. This seems unusual, to say the least. I filled out all the normal paperwork when I bought the car. I made the first payment on the loan recently, and I’m not sure how any bank would fund an auto loan without having possession of the title, but the financing is through a subsidiary of the same company that owns the dealership (they beat my bank’s rate). This is meant to be a reputable dealer, I think they were in Audi of America’s top 10 list or whatever recently, but this seems like really suspicious behavior. At this point it’s not technically legal to drive the car, and if they haven’t even filed for the plates yet that means it’ll probably be close to a month before I get them. I asked the finance manager if he could print a new temporary plate and he said he couldn’t because it would be illegal, but if I got a ticket they’d pay it. I’m not likely to get hassled by the cops around here over this, but I’d rather not run the risk of getting pulled over in the first place, and I don’t have any way of holding them to their promise of paying any ticket I might get. I’m also just generally dumbfounded that they would sell me a car without having the title to it, and then apparently wait to tell me they hadn’t even filed the registration for the car until 2 weeks after the temporary registration expired. Does anyone have any idea wtf is going on here or what my next steps should be?
edit: Obviously I understand that the bank holds the title. I referred to that when I stated my confusion as to how a bank would fund an auto loan without possessing the title. That is not what is at issue here. When I’ve financed vehicles in the past, I haven’t touched the title at all until the termination of the lien, which why this situation is so unusual to me.
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2023.05.30 05:55 XxJustBeYouxX Need accompanying driver paying 150$

Need accompanying driver paying 150$
This will be my last post regarding this. In order to get my driver's license I need to borrow somebody's car and with that put their information into the website photo of ID registration and insurance including my information permit ID number as well. This information is required just to get an appointment scheduled. And then it must be presented again in person at the DMV. I have included pictures to the actual process from the Arkansas State Police Little Rock website. This is not a scam nor fraudulent. I am simply trying to get this bitch ass drivers license they make all these hoops for. If you have a Friday morning free I am paying 150$ thank you.
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2023.05.29 23:59 arnott Financial news and literacy website TheStreet censors itself about direct registration(DRS) of Gamestop(GME) stocks

An article appeared on The Street titled: CEO of Pulte Capital Partners Advocates For Direct Registration For GameStop Shares.
Pulte is one of just a handful of institutional figures who has been publicly advocating for GameStop investors to directly register their shares.
Over the past several quarters, many GameStop (GME) - Get Free Report shareholders have chosen to register their shares with a transfer agent. Notable among them is Bill Pulte, philanthropist and CEO of Pulte Capital Partners, who has made plenty of noise on the subject via his Twitter account.
So far, Pulte has been the exception, not the rule. Millions of GameStop shares have been directly registered via DRS, but this movement has been powered by smaller, retail shareholders. Pulte, on the other hand, is a larger, institutional investor.
Then something happened and the article was pulled from the website, now the link leads to a 404 error. Not before the page was archived.
Google cache link Archive link
Someone is afraid of people finding out about registering stocks in their own name, instead of the stocks being in the broker's name. This prevents the stocks from being lent to short sellers. Short selling dilutes the value of the stock. Why is someone afraid of people finding out about a movement to direct register stocks of Gamestop (GME)?
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2023.05.29 22:56 enjoychoi CA Specialty Plates

Hi all,
My car lease is about to end in one month and I have specialty plates on them right now. Ideally, I'd like to get new Specialty Plates for my new car that I will be getting once my current lease agreement ends. My renewal fee is also in one month (usually in the mail) and my question is........Should I place an order for the specialty plates since it takes about 4-6 weeks?
Also, am I paying for two fees (one for the new speciality plates placed online and one for the registration when I get my new car?) Also the plates that I have right now, do I need to pay the renewal fee for that as well since it arrives in the mail?
I do plan on letting go the specialty plates I have right now but idk when I should release them. Do I forfeit the specialty plates when my lease ends with the dealership or do I let the DMV know that the plates are no longer under my title? Please advise and thank you 😅
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2023.05.29 21:37 toes-1234 Failed standing Assessment

So winter 2023 was my first term and I got bad marks which are C.D.F and my gpa was 1.4. I registered for summer and I’m retaking my failed course and after registration by a 3 weeks I received an email of failed standing assument so I’ll be suspended for a year. But I’m retaking the failed course with 3 other so If I raised my gpa above 2 will the assessment will be cancelled ? Plz Answer ASAP
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2023.05.29 20:39 tpanevino Houston Citizenship by Descent Appointment Recap (LOOOONG)

I recently completed my Citizenship by Descent (jure sanguinis) appointment at my local Italian Conuslate's office in Houston, Texas. Below is my write-up that outlines my experience. Hopefully, this is helpful for those currently working through the process. Best of luck to you all! ✨
In July of last year, my father was diagnosed with cancer. While the news was both unexpected and frightening, my dad’s diagnosis ignited a latent desire to learn more about who he was and the ancestors that came before him. In the weeks and months following his diagnosis, I tried to connect as often as possible with my dad – I asked questions about his childhood. I asked him to tell me about his parents and grandparents. I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned.
One late summer day last year, as my dad was preparing for another round of chemotherapy, he mentioned that his grandfather, Vincenzo, had immigrated from Italy to the United States. He didn’t know much about his late grandfather. He had died before my dad was born. I spent the following days deep in the far corners of Ancestry.com combing through records in search of everything Vincenzo Panevino. It turns out my dad was right about his grandfather ¬– Vincenzo Luigi Antonio Panevino had indeed crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a one-way ticket to New York City at the ripe age of 30. Each record I uncovered unlocked even more information on my great-grandfather – he was born in 1859 in Aliano, Italy (a small, rural town that sits right near the arch of the boot). His birth came nearly two years before Italy’s unification in 1861. It was during my research on my great-grandfather that I stumbled upon the process of jure sanguinis. The more I learned about the process, the more it felt like the next logical step on my journey into the past. My dad agreed. And with that, I was off to the races on a vital record collection spree!
Appointment Recap
In March of this year, I was able to secure an appointment for this past Thursday at 9:30 a.m. This came after a previous appointment I had secured for this past January was randomly canceled by the Houston Consulate without an option to reschedule. The process of obtaining this second appointment most definitely aged me!
The night before my appointment, my husband and I drove into town. Thankfully, my in-laws live in the greater-Houston area, so we were able to spend the night at their house before driving to the consulate the following day.
The morning of my appointment, my husband and I arrived at the consulate a bit early. Parking was seamless; the cost is only a few bucks an hour and the lot is located within the same building as the consulate. With some extra time to spare, we decided to stop by nearby Fiction Coffee (literally a stone’s throw away from the lobby of the building that houses the consulate). Their coffee and breakfast tacos were amazing! I left my husband there and made my way up to the 19th floor ready to officially kick things off.
I arrived at the entrance of the consulate and pressed the red button adjacent to the doors; a voice blared out asking what I was there for. I informed the person on the other end that I was there for my citizenship appointment, and I was quickly buzzed in. Once inside, an Italian officer instructed me to place my belongings onto a conveyor belt for a security scan. Next, I was directed towards a window to a consular official who again asked the reason for my visit and for my name. After he jotted down some notes, I was let into a small waiting room and told to make my way to window number 3. While I waited for my appointment to begin, I glanced around the room. The windowless space was quite small, filled with only a handful of red chairs and multiple copies of Italics Magazine.
A woman arrived behind the glass partition and introduced herself as Margherita. I told her that I had heard so much about her through the amazing Dual U.S.-Italian Citizenship Facebook group. She let out a genuine smile and told me how thankful she was that such a group exists to help people complete this process (join if you haven't already!). After a few minutes of small talk, Margherita and I got right to work!
I began by handing over my driver’s license and passport as well as photocopies of each. Next up, was a utility bill with my name and address on it. Finally, Margherita asked me to sign all forms in front of her (in my case, that was Forms 1, 2, 4, and the Registry Form). With these initial documents out of the way, Margherita took a moment to scan my forms and acknowledged that it appeared as though I was eligible to move forward based on the forms I handed over. Margherita propped up Form 1 on a clipboard and then pulled out a secondary form that she would use to annotate each document I submitted.
We began with my great-grandfather, Vincenzo. I submitted a printout of his Italian birth certificate from PEC which was accepted. Additionally, I also had printouts of his original Italian birth record and birth index (both of which I found on Antenati) which Margherita also accepted. Thankfully, because I had read other member recaps for the Houston Consulate, I made sure to bring a certified copy of the ship record/manifest that documented my grandfather’s arrival into New York City in 1889. Margherita was appreciative that I had this and mentioned that manifest records were important to her when she was reviewing cases. Just to be safe, I highly recommend ordering this record via NARA if you’re within Houston’s consular jurisdiction. Next up, I handed over my great-grandfather’s marriage, census, non-naturalization records (USCIS, NARA, county records), and death records without issue. Because my great-grandfather never naturalized, Margherita asked if I had his A-File (Alien File) Card as further evidence of his non-naturalization. I had not found such a card during my research process. Margherita stood up and pulled out a photocopy of what the A-File Card looked like from her filing cabinet. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and searched for more info. On NARA’s website, I discovered that Alien Registration Numbers and A-File’s were not first issued until just after my great-grandfather died in 1940. Because of this, he likely was never issued an Alien Registration Number or an A-File. I pressed my phone up to the glass to show Margherita the National Archives website. She scanned the web page I presented to her and appeared to agree that I would be unable to locate this record. I was not assigned homework to collect this. Onward we went!
Although the Houston Consulate’s website states that non-line documents are optional, I made sure to bring them just in case! I had gathered certified copies of all non-line documents with translations. Margherita made a point to explicitly call out that translations and apostilles were not necessary as non-line documents were only used by the consulate staff to corroborate any information on your in-line family members. Nonetheless, she accepted everything I gave her. Similar to my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother also immigrated from Italy and Margherita was also appreciative that I had secured her ship manifest/arrival record as well.
We continued down the line, sliding through the window apostilled and translated birth/marriage/divorce/death documents for all in-line relatives and basic copies with translations for non-line relatives. When we got to my father’s documents, Margherita paused and let out a notable sigh. She stammered, “Your father, he is no longer with us, no?” I nodded. Two months prior to my appointment, my father’s battle with cancer abruptly ended. As I worked to process the loss of my dad, I continued on with this process. In many ways, I found this journey to be a somewhat cathartic way to work through my pain. I received my father’s apostilled death certificate exactly one week before my appointment. It was the final document needed to complete my application. Margherita put down her pen and we spoke at length about my dad. She didn’t seem to mind our appointment running a bit longer. She was genuine and compassionate. We are so fortunate to have her as our consular official.
As my appointment drew to a close, Margherita slid the document she had been using to notate every document I submitted back to me. She asked me to review her notes for accuracy while she went to the back of the office to officially submit my application with my $321.70 USPS money order. She returned with a photocopy of my Form 1 document which now had my file number written at the top. She informed me that I had no homework as of right now and mentioned that she would contact me via email if any additional documentation was needed. She also let me know that although the consulate had 24 months to process my application, she believes the process would likely wrap up much sooner. Margherita even told me that whenever she has moments of free time, it’s not uncommon for her to pull out an “easy” application (i.e. applicants who aren’t married, have no kids, or those with little to no homework) to try to complete it. Fingers crossed that means we’ll see even more approvals out of this consulate this year!
I thanked Margherita extensively as my appointment came to a close. We waved goodbye through the glass and Margherita disappeared into the office behind her. And just like that, this phase of my journey was complete. I walked out of the office homework-free and one step closer to my goal of dual citizenship. My husband and I celebrated afterward with an amazing lunch at North Italia just up the block. I was elated!
Closing Thoughts/Takeaways
The last time I visited my dad in the hospital, I shared all the details I had dug up on ancestors I’d only seen in a handful of pictures. We pieced together their lives. In some sense, they were all finally real to me. To us. On Thursday, as I walked out of the Italian Consulate, I closed out an unexpected chapter in my life. Buried in the seemingly mundane vital records I had just turned over was a bridge back to little ol’ Aliano, Italy, and a connection to my great-grandfather, my grandfather, and my dad. It’s through this very process that, in some small way, I get to keep them alive.
Grazie mille to everyone who helped me along the way to unlock the past and future when I needed it most. I could never thank you enough! Now, off to celebrate with some gelato! 🇮🇹✨
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2023.05.29 19:42 Machine-Ready Am I saving efficiently enough? (mid-30's and living in HCOL)

Hello everyone. I am a single mid-30's male living in a HCOL US city. I recently started becoming interested in the FIRE movement, although I'm certain I'm way behind. Finances weren't discussed in my household at all growing up. I've been trying to get aggressive with my savings. I wanted to know if my current spending/ saving is a step in the right direction.
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2023.05.29 17:54 xtremezeker14 Can't login into my account on my other device

Can't login into my account on my other device
My iPhone screen blacked out (lcd/screen went black) and so all my apps and accounts including OPBR are still there and active but I can't see anything because my screen is blacked out. I'm now using an android but whenever I login my Facebook details I get this pop up.
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2023.05.29 17:51 ChikinTendie Trading in a car with another owner

I want to trade in my 2012 Honda Accord, but the title and registration are in my father’s name. Would he be able to come to the dealership as the owner and trade it in for me so I can finance a car in my name with the trade-in value? I only ask because of DMV wait times being so long.
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