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2023.03.30 06:16 supermayo8a Advice on Green Card Application for Spouse - Applying from US or Mexico?

Hi everyone,
I'm seeking some advice regarding the green card application process for my spouse. Here's a bit of background information: I am a dual US/Mexican citizen, and my spouse is from Mexico. We got married in New Zealand last year after being together for over 5 years, and we've just returned to Mexico after living and working in New Zealand for three years on a work and holiday visa.
Now, we're considering whether to apply for a green card from within the US or Mexico. Currently, my spouse has a Tourism B-2 visa, and we're not sure if it's possible to apply from within the US under this type of visa. If we do apply from within the US, we'd both like to work during the process if possible since we're both currently unemployed. However, if we apply from Mexico, we can both work as we're both nationals.
We don't have a place of residence in the US since we've been living abroad for so long, and our marriage certificate is in English but issued in New Zealand.
What do you think would be the best option for us in terms of timeline and ease of the process? Also, would we have to stay within the US during the process if we apply from there under a Tourism visa?
Thanks for any advice you can give us!
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2023.03.30 05:41 Johaan1025 [THANK YOU] “What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.”-C.S. Lewis

u/sugarmagandjohn x 8
From the deepest depths of my heart and soul, I thank you….. Thank you for making me feel appreciated, and loved. Your note mattered so much to me, and I’m eternally grateful to come to know someone as wonderful as you… You’ve got an awesome aura, an aura of peace, an aura of love. You are one of the kindest, most caring people I have ever met. You give of yourself without expecting anything in return. I hope you recognize how amazing you are.
Thank you so much for the beautiful card and your message… I can honestly say, I understand how you are feeling. Everyone says “Time heals all wounds”, and I’m not sure how much I believe that… while time may not always heal, it allows us to put a band aid over that hole left by the one’s we cherish. Winter is a tough time… wake up and it’s dark and leave work it’s dark !! No matter how many winters I’ve been through, I still don’t think I’ll ever get used to it…I prefer a nice crisp fall.
Thank you for all the goodies !! My nieces were with me and I let them open it with me, and the excitement and joy with each thing they opened was literally another beautiful gift you gave me without knowing…. and I thank you so much for that. It gave me the chance to share who you are, and how wonderful kindness can make someone feel special.
The chocolate, was thoroughly enjoyed by my nieces and myself, after their parents went to bed (which wasn’t exactly very responsible of me, but they promised to brush their teeth… after watching a movie, a pillow fight, running around the kitchen island, I somehow managed to get them to finally fall asleep. The pens, the Washi tape are soo cute !! I loved them and can’t wait to use them !! I love the sticky notes !! Confession : I’ve always had an addiction to cute stationary !!
The beautiful trinket box was perfect !! I had some special Sindhoor from a temple of a Goddess from my home town in India… a Goddess I have a lot of faith in, so the sindhoor is in your beautiful box for me to use everyday.
The face mask was exactly what my dehydrated, sun exposed skin was craving, so thank you.
The wood block with the original art and the quote really touched my heart… and is something I really believe in… I firmly believe friends don’t grow on trees! I can consider myself to be a lucky person, for I have found in your heart a generous forest of good feelings, and am inspired by your affection and friendship.
The 2 cards are also so beautiful… I really love them a lot !! The origami heart was adorable… as a kid I could never even make those paper things with a number, color and then you lift a corner and read the fortune… I don’t know if I’m explaining it right… they weren’t cootie catchers… hmm 🤔 so I always love origami
The bookmark is so cute !! I love to read… I was one of those weird kids my mum had to take my books away and push me to play with the neighborhood kids, and my sister had to be dragged indoors to read !! She somehow managed to leave her entire summer reading books on the plane on our way to India… but books have always been my refuge. So, the bookmark promptly went to hold my place on the book I’m currently reading.
I loved the RUMI quote… I have always loved RUMI, and have saved quite a few of his quotes.
I also would like to express how thoughtful your holiday card with the chocolate and ornaments. I absolutely adore the stand up card with the Christmas scene and the card with the Tree and gemstones… it really is so beautiful, and perfect amount of bling bling !! The Rilakuma planner was crazy cute and my niece made me promise to give it to her when I’m done, which I’m still trying to work out in my head what she will do with it next year.
Thank you… 2 words simply can’t be enough to express everything I am feeling ❤️
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2023.03.30 05:24 MicinneMaretoux [Primal] [Exodus] Guild Medieval - GM - Looking for friendly, mature players of any playstyle! [C] [FC]

Hello friends!
GM is recruiting for our Free Company on EXODUS!
Just over 2 decades ago, in early 2001, Guild Medieval was founded to provide a drama-free community that emphasizes that we have fun with playing with each other, while maintaining that each player should be able to play at their own pace. Since then we have grown to have over 2000 members spread across half a dozen games and we are still expanding and laying foundations in new games.
In joining Guild Medieval, you would not only join a Free Company, but a firmly established, ever growing gaming community.
We heavily emphasize the family friendly nature of our guild, thus:
No Profanity, Harassment, Bigotry, or Cheating/Exploiting.
We encourage fair play and friendliness, with players both in-guild and out. Admittedly, we acknowledge that our social rules are strict, but we truly do cherish an environment where everyone can just relax and have fun.
In-game we have zero requirements. Any level, any job, any grand company, any play style is welcome. All that we ask is that you be a friend, and we shall sincerely return the courtesy to you.
If you feel like Guild Medieval is the Free Company for you, please visit our forum,, to see our full list of rules and policies, and fill out the application.
FC Info
FC Rank: 30
Type of FC: Casual, Social, Leveling Crafting, Gathering, Groups
Airship: 2 Airships, 2 Submersibles
We have buffs up each day to help with various leveling tasks.
We also host regular events, leveling, Heaven on High, Chocobo Racing, etc.
Total Population: 90 in game, over 2000 guild wide.
House Size: Medium in the Mist (Ward 14, Plot 37)
Minimum Requirements: None!
Please note that while we are based in Exodus we are utilizing a Cross-World Linkshell. This will be useful if anyone with a free account or on another World is interested in joining as well.
Voice Chat: Discord
All serious applications are considered and replied to–this means filling out the reason for joining with more than just a couple sentences. Responses are usually within 48 hours, so please be sure to check back on our forums within 48 hours of applying. Your application should have been processed and you'll have been sent a PM.
Applications with little information or poor grammar will not be considered. Answering NO to the Guild Rules or violating them on the application would be cause for refusal.
Once your application has been approved, you will also be able to join our Discord server!
Visit us at and apply!
Hope to see you soon, and let me know if you have any questions.
Mic - Micinne Maretoux
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2023.03.30 05:22 jayrs97 Being terminated while on medical leave in NC

I’ll try to keep this short and to the point. January 9th i was admitted to the hospital while on the clock for a lung collapse. Had a chest tube and was expected to return the next week. 2 days after discharge it happened again and more severe. I had to have a procedure called VATs. I have been on medical leave since then but beginning of March I was informed my FMLA would not kick back in April as I had exhausted my leave the prior year for the same lung collapse. My manager came to the hospital not because he cared but wanted to see how serious my complications were. He pretended to care. He told me to rest up and they can’t wait to have my back at work. (This was third week of January when he visited) after being informed of my exhausted leave I was told to keep contact with him as I had no job protection or health insurance during that time. I called him last week of February to make sure both managers were aware that I was coming back when I was healed. They both said yes and they’ll see me when I arrive in 2nd week of April. I have kept contact and let them know still. During the 28th of February my manager who has a personal vendetta against me called to let me know as long as I return by may 15th I wouldn’t have to apply as a new higher and my benefits would be re instated. I was on the phone with HR when he called so I informed HR I would call her back after the call. It took a few minutes and I jotted down what he told me in my notes app and I called HR back to let her know my manager had called me and I asked her if what he told me is true which she said is correct. I told her thanks for clarifying because I just wanted to check since me and him haven’t always been on good terms and I was worried he would tell me other wise and find a way to fire me. She understood my concern and I told her I appreciated her help. During this time up until the 2nd week of March I had to get paperwork from the lung specialist so I could be approved for my short term disability by their review board, which I was approved for. Now the present day this afternoon I had lunch with a co worker who wanted to see how I was doing so I agreed to the meal and we talked and he informed me they were hiring someone else and asked what the deal was if I was coming back. I told him what I’ve been told and was supposed to get medical clearance in the next two to three weeks once my benefits and FMLA are back first or second week of March. ( I was told by HR it would be re instated during this time since I was worried about appointments and the time and paying out of pocket.) I called my manager this afternoon during the meal and told him I was getting the clearance soon to return and he told me there was no longer room for me there. He told that he called me that day to tell me the policy and is now twisting his words to make it seem like i was the one who didn’t understand what he told me even though I jotted down what he said and repeated it to him during our conversation then immediately called HR back to clarify what he said. So I know im not wrong and I know this was done intentionally because he doesn’t like me. He has threatened multiple times to take away my health insurance and has thrown the fact he helped me get my car by deducting the payments from my check which is not something normally done and don’t get me wrong I appreciated his help. ( I work at a rather big dealership company). Unfortunately I feel there is nothing that can really be done because he is using a loophole in policy to fire me and state law seems to not back me up. I am still receiving short term disability until the 9th of April but he told me that I was no longer an employee. He also doesn’t like me because I speak my mind and we have had a few disagreements but I’ve always been respectful to him still as he is my manager even though I dislike how he operates. He also dislike the fact I had a 4 day work schedule even though that’s the same scheduling I’ve had since I’ve started and was approved by the prior manager before he transferred. I’m a student I started college later in life as I didn’t know what to do. I’ve done so much for that company but he’s doing what he can to get me out of there because he doesn’t like me even after pretending to care the whole time. He has planned this from the beginning and that’s why I recorded our conversation when he visited me in the hospital. Unfortunately I didn’t get to record the call we had where he said the things he claimed he didn’t as I didn’t know how to use a phone call recording app because I was on pain medication. I thought maybe he isn’t such a bad guy after all even though I had my hunch. I don’t know if there is a real case to be made here or what I’m really looking for. I feel it’s wrong to be terminated based off this but he has found loophole that I assume legally let him do so and he follow through since he doesn’t like me. I just don’t know what to do and I feel so…I don’t even know. He is a snake of a man who throws everyone under the bus and literally no one in our store likes him other managers trash talk him eve from our sister stores. They all know what a hard worker I am and I enjoy my coworkers and the work I did. My position is Porter at a dealership in one of the busiest stores of our manufacturer in the country. I’m considered essential but treated as lowest tier worker. Sorry for ranting I just don’t know what to do, I might have to just accept the wrongdoing being done to me but I don’t want to go out without a fight. If anyone reads this thanks for taking the time for my rant
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2023.03.30 04:47 Vegetable-Cobbler734 Stocks are up over 1% across the board! Will tighter regulation put the U.S. banking industry out of its misery?

Stocks are up over 1% across the board! Will tighter regulation put the U.S. banking industry out of its misery?
The three major U.S. stock indices closed collectively higher on Wednesday! As the market's fears of a full-blown banking crisis waned again under the ongoing reassurances from European and American regulators.
Will tighter regulation put the U.S. banking industry out of its misery?
Federal Reserve Vice Chairman for Financial Supervision Barr, FDIC Chairman and U.S. Treasury Department officials attend the second day of congressional hearings.
But the vice chairman Barr bravely admitted the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, which shows that the Federal Reserve still need to continue to work to improve the resilience of the banking system, to assess whether stricter standards will prompt banks to better manage the risks that led to their failure.
The media said the FDIC is considering "ruthlessly charging large banks" to make up for the nearly $23 billion in bailout costs from recent bank failures, and the U.S. securities community is pressuring the FDIC not to charge small banks additional fees.
U.S. bank regulation is a cycle
Looking back at the U.S. regulation of the banking industry, it has experienced multiple rounds of switching between liberalization and strong regulation. The FDIC, which now carries the mission of bank deposit insurance, was established in 1933, exactly 90 years ago, and was created precisely in response to the financial panic and bank runs of the time.
After World War I, the U.S. manufacturing industry saw rapid growth, and the ensuing demand for corporate financing contributed to a boom in the securities market, with the U.S. stock and bond markets achieving unprecedented growth in the 1920s.
The number of U.S. banks engaged in securities business grew from 277 in 1922 to 591 in 1928, and a large amount of funds from commercial banks freely entered the high-risk securities market under the loosely regulated mechanism at that time, and from 1922 to 1929, the amount of bank funds entering the securities market tripled, and the percentage of bank funds invested in the securities market reached 38% in 1929.
In the second half of 1929, the Federal Reserve tightened its securities policy, the bubble burst, and the banking system went into chaos. Banks, which had put a lot of money into the stock market, faced losses and were in trouble, depositors were scurrying to withdraw their deposits, and more than 9,000 banks failed during the Great Depression of 1929-1933 because they could not raise funds from the Federal Reserve System.
After Roosevelt came to power, he approved the Banking Act, known as the Glass I Stigl Act, which established a system of banking separation. Two agencies, the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), were given regulatory authority over banks and savings institutions, respectively. Under interest rate regulation (Regulation Q), banks were prohibited from paying interest to demand depositors, and interest on time deposits was also limited.
A painful "Great Depression" made the SEC realize the need for stronger financial regulation.
As the wheels of history moved through the 1970s, the rise of neoliberal economics, which emphasized competition and efficiency, and the absence of a major economic crisis in the United States in the three decades following the Great Depression, calls for deregulation grew.
More importantly, the development of financial institutions under long-term regulation was greatly restricted and their operations were in trouble. High inflation and interest rate regulation led to serious "financial disintermediation" in the U.S. Under Regulation Q, the interest rate on bank deposits could not exceed 5.5%, while the domestic inflation rate exceeded double digits, forcing a large amount of capital to flee banks and flock to money market funds.
The liabilities side was short maturity deposits, which were under pressure to be lost, and the assets side was long maturity, fixed rate mortgages, which were under pressure to be impaired in times of high inflation and high interest rates. Banks are eager to break interest rate controls and seek to expand revenue streams in other areas such as securities.
Under pressure, the U.S. Securities and regulatory agencies deregulation, specific measures include: Garn-St Germain (Garn-St Germain Depository Institutions Act) to relax the restrictions on the investment side of S&L, and allow banks to provide floating rate mortgage goods, to solve the problem of interest rate mismatch; phasing out Regulation Q, etc.
By the end of the 1980s, non-performing loans began to skyrocket after the real estate market downturn due to serious financial fraud by a large number of savings and loans institutions.
According to FDIC statistics, more than 2,900 institutions went bankrupt during the storage crisis, corresponding to total assets of about $920 billion, accounting for about 19% of the average annual GDP during the period, even the above-mentioned FSLIC, which was established after the Great Depression, also went bankrupt due to its inability to bear insurance payments.
After the crisis, the U.S. re-entered the strict regulation mode, the Basel Accord strengthened the capital requirements for the banking industry, and the enactment of the Financial Services Modernization Act in 1999 marked the return of the financial industry to mixed operations and the establishment of "umbrella regulation".
The subprime crisis also revealed the inadequacy of financial regulation, and in 2009, the Commission of Inquiry mandated by the U.S. Congress released the Financial Crisis Inquiry Report, which summarized eight causes of the financial crisis, including the failure of risk management of systemically important financial institutions, the failure of financial regulation and supervision to undermine financial stability, the lack of high-risk investment and transparency, and the lack of preparedness of the Securities and Exchange Commission to deal with the crisis.
Subsequently, the U.S. enacted the Financial Regulatory Reform Program and the Dodd-Frank Act, and implemented the Volcker Rule to strengthen the supervision of systemic risk and important institutions.
After the Trump administration took office in 2018, it pushed to amend the Dodd-Frank Act to raise the criteria for determining that banks have systemic risk, so that only banks with assets of more than $250 billion are classified as more stringent regulatory targets (the previous regulatory standard was $50 billion).
As of the end of 2022, Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic Bank, which are in the epicenter of this banking crisis with assets of $209 billion, $110 billion, and $212.6 billion, respectively, are excluded from this regulation.
In addition, also relaxed the supervision of small and medium-sized banks, including exemptions from the "Walker rule", reduce the frequency of stress tests, etc.. And this has become the focus of the ongoing hearings on "dumping".
What is the impact on banks?
After the financial crisis, countries have strengthened the supervision of systemically important banks, but the supervision of regional banks of relatively low importance is more lenient. After this Silicon Valley Bank triggered a series of financial turmoil, it is likely to force the Federal Reserve to adopt stricter regulation, and the statement at Barr's hearing also released the signal of strict regulation.
A return to the standards in place before the 2018 Dodd-Frank amendments is not out of the question, and not only systemically important banks, but other small and medium-sized banks may also face higher capital and liquidity requirements.
In fact, as we back to the lake of the regulatory adjustment, after the crisis there is often a round of reflection and upgrade of financial regulation, but with economic development and financial innovation, or banks operating in a bottleneck, there is always a window of regulatory relaxation, and once again the financial control can not keep pace with the situation.
For banks, ultra-tight regulation will inevitably have an impact on the conduct of banking business and profitability. After the financial crisis, in response to regulatory requirements for capital and liquidity, banks' compliance costs have inevitably increased while their asset scale expansion has been restricted, and the growth rate of bank assets has further decreased from about 10% in 2013 to 5% in 2018.
Banks' willingness to lend continues to be subdued, preferring instead to hold high-quality liquid assets including U.S. debt and central banks beyond, which is particularly prominent in the wake of the pandemic.
Also in terms of bank profitability, there is a gap with the pre-crisis level, with the average ROA of the US banking sector at 0.8%-1% during 2012-2018, slightly lower than the pre-crisis level of 1.3%; ROE is consistently below 12%, a larger gap than the pre-crisis level of 12%-15%. It was only after the deregulation in 2018 that ROA jumped significantly.
On the one hand, the regulation more or less restrained the bank's ability to make money, but on the other hand, regulation is not a panacea, loose tight and may trigger the exposure of risk, such as the mentioned 80s savings and loan crisis is an example.
Under strict regulation, storage institutions operating difficulties, under pressure interest rate certificate government relaxed interest rate restrictions, but the plight of banks did not lift, in the competition of high interest rates for storage, the cost of bank liabilities rose sharply, while the asset side of the housing impairment problem still exists, which squeezed the profits of banks. The fundamental crux of the problem still lies in the constantly high interest rates, storage institutions are highly concentrated in the real estate industry chasing high returns.
The crisis triggered by Silicon Valley Bank has many similarities with the storage crisis, deposit outflows, asset impairment, significant expansion after regulatory relaxation, and the possibility of regulatory action again after risk exposure.
History will not repeat itself, but it will be similar. As long as the monetary policy is still tightening, the yield curve continues to be inverted, the plight of banks can hardly be completely lifted.
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2023.03.30 04:45 Black_dog_2011 Born With A Silver Spoon

I do not understand why people cheat. What kind of beast are we that we will deliberately inflict the worst kind of pain on the person we swore to love, who has been there for us through everything, and made countless sacrifices for our well-being? In the process, we rob our 'loved one' of dignity, pride, self worth, and a host of other things that cannot be restored. My betrayal happened 25 years ago and completely broke me. I recently read a couple posts from guys whose betrayals happened years ago, too, which has inspired me to write, although advice, support, condemnation are really no longer pertinent.
If you had asked me until the day, I would have stated that I had been born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Although I came from a fairly poor family, I had absolutely everything else because of my Katie, We were born in the same month, as first children to young parents who lived on the same street, only a couple blocks apart. So my Katie was in my life right from the start, and we became a 'thing' without knowing it. We spent so much time together that it just seemed natural that she was n at my place, or I was at hers. By the end of elementary school, a favorite activity of the boys and girls was to meet up somewhere before we went in for the night and steal a few kisses. It was never stated, but I didn't kiss the other girls, and she only kissed me.
Our transition to high school began horribly for me. I have to add at this point that Katie was stunning, like upper first percentile gorgeous. I never saw her equal. All the boys noticed her. The unwritten rules of elementary school did not apply here and soon all the boys in the school vied for her attention. They staked out her locker, jostled with one another to see her between classes, and at lunch. We were always intercepted on the way to school by boys in cars. I was devastated. How could a grade nine boy have any chance against bigger, stronger, richer boys who had cars and money? My love of school vanished. I became morose, didn't study, didn't walk her to school. In fact, I told my mom that I wanted to quit. Katie's mom saved the day by phoning my mom to ask if I was OK. I hadn't been over for a long time, and Katie was worried about what was going on. She invited me over next evening and she, I, and Katie sat down and talked. When I explained myself, Katie assured me that as far as she was concerned, I was, am, and always would be her boyfriend. My love of life returned. The unwanted attention of men, though, never went away.
By the time grade 12 ended, I had given her a promissory ring which she had accepted. We had begun making decisions about our careers: she wanted to be a dental technician, and I had decided on a general year of arts and sciences at university. We remained in our parents' homes in order to save money, and due to an unexpected offer by her parents, this was fine with us both. A favorite activity of ours was to drive out into the country away from city lights. We would park our car, throw an unzipped sleeping bag across the hood and windshield, then a couple pillows for our heads. We covered up with a light blanket, then snuggled up as we watched the sky, talking, wishing upon the falling stars, etc. before moving to the backseat. We had been sexually active since the summer before. This time we fell asleep and didn't wake up before morning.
Her parents were up making breakfast when we arrived so I prepared myself for a scene. Instead, Katie's mom calmly asked us to sit down and have breakfast. I still waited for the shoe to drop. They asked where we had been and I thought that at 19, I was old enough to tell them the truth, so it was time to man up. They both smiled and her dad told us that their main concern was our safety so instead of using the backseat, I would be welcome to sleep with her in her room. This was before cell-phones, by the way, so parents did not know where their kids were, and couldn't find out. Her mom told me that it had been clear for a long time that we loved one another and were inseparable, and her dad told me that he was proud that his daughter had found such a fine young man. Our Sex was always fantastic. We spent hours discovering our bodies and how to pleasure one another. I was the king of the world.
For brevity, I will speed things up but I wish I could go on. The lengths I went to to show her how much I loved her, and the thousands on wonderful things we did as a couple might make it easier for readers to relate to the completeness of my destruction when it came.. She finished her course and quickly got a job. We took an apartment together after my third year. I had made the decision, with her input, to go into teaching. I had the capability to do anything else, but teaching afforded us more time together. More time with her was something money could not buy. After my fourth year, I proposed, and we set a date for the early summer after I convocated. We stayed in our apartment for one more year, and in the year following, I had landed a job. We bought a house in which we planned to live forever. We planned on having children after I had been given a permanent contract.
At 28 we began our family, welcoming our son, David. I was so proud of Katie and of David. I think I acted as if Katie were the first woman in the world to give birth. It was wonderful and terrifying. I had prepared for the birth, but the violence of it shocked me. I relied on the two mothers for advice and the three women were constantly amused with my playing mother hen. What is she feeling? What does she need? What should I do? When can we have 'relations' again? The birth brought me even closer to Katie. I had often heard that once born, children become the number one in their parents' eyes, supplanting their partners. Not me. Katie was a miracle, a wonder. She had always been my best friend, lover, soulmate, etc. Now she had become my soul itself. There simply was no me without her. Now, sometimes, in the deadness inside my heart, I can almost conjure these feelings. I felt even greater pride when Hannah arrived after David, three years later to be exact.
Katie's employers were very generous to their employees. Every second year, they would give the hygienists, technicians, receptionists, etc., a five day long weekend. The girls would make all the plans, and the practice would pay all the costs. One year, once the kids were older (David 10, Hannah 7), I had made plans to take the kids somewhere special, instead of the usual trip to one or the other grandparents. Instead, we were going to a city far away with a famous mall that featured a huge water park, indoor amusements, submarine ride, and so on. Pretty exciting for all three of us. Once it was time, I drove my love to the airport where she was to meet up with the others, and we set off.
I will just cut to the chase here. On the second day, the kids and I were wading toward the wave pool, when we saw something that stopped my heart. Outside the park, but on their way there, were Katie and someone I didn't know, walking hand in hand. In this place! Countless people from everywhere go there. And, As I stated upfront, with her looks anyone who had ever seen her would recognize her immediately. "There's mommy" declared Hannah. The tears were already flowing when Davey asked, "Dad?' He wanted me to assure him, I guess. The cheating couple found a pair of reclining beach chairs, and before sitting down, exchanged a long, passionate kiss, hands massaging the others' butts. Davey asked me again, "Dad", but I was just gasping and couldn't form sounds. As the cheaters separated and sat down, Hannah began running toward Katie, calling "Mommy, mommy". As she recognised Hannah, Katie was in full panic, scanning the crowd until she finally saw us. I began walking toward them, and she buried her face into the bath towels she had brought. I stopped in front of AP and asked Hanna to come to me. "So asshole, I want to introduce you to the children whose family you just destroyed. I hope their faces haunt you for the rest of your miserable life." He met my words with a shit-eating grin, long practised, and went and sat a few chairs further away, without uttering a sound.
I told the kids to stay with their mom and high-tailed it to our room. I changed as quickly as I could, leaving most of my stuff, and all the kids'. At reception, I explained that Katie would eventually want to know where I was, and that it was OK to tell her I had left, and to let her into the room to get the kids' things. I am not proud of this, but I figured that two kids might inject a little coitus interruptus into their plans. Then I began a very long and lonely eight hour drive home, punctuated by many stops along the highway as my sobbing at times grew too intense for me to keep going. When I arrived at our house, I pulled the phone jack out of the wall. I sat down, and wrote each of the kids a long letter which I placed onto their pillows. I took a hockey bag, stuffed it with random clothes and items I thought I'd need. I had had more romantic plans for the bathtub, but I ran a lot of water into it and poured the better part of two gallons of bleach in. Then, every wedding picture, or photo of the two of us I could find (all the pre-children photo albums) and all the lingerie and other sexy things I had given her. Wedding certificate, too.
Before I left, I laid out the house for the reception I had wanted to give her. The week before this, I had purchased two hundred, thick, white candles of various heights, and commissioned two of Katie's colleagues to get me the oils and lotions she might like. I laid out the candles beginning at the entrance like a little path leading to the bathroom. Candles crowded all the horizontal surfaces in the bathroom, and the bath oils and lotions were placed nearest to the tub. I had gotten two new large hotel grade white bath towels that I placed on the toilet seat. On top of that, was the lingerie and other sexy things I had bought for the night, except I cut them up. The kids were to stay with grandpa and grandma, and our neighbor and his wife were to light the candles after I phoned them from the airport. Our bedroom, too, was loaded with candles, and I folded over her side of the bed and tore off the petals of two dozen roses to sprinkle onto the sheets. It was to be the homecoming of all time. I left my wedding ring on the kitchen table, scooped a few photos of the kids and left, forever.
I was in no condition to see anyone, so I booked into a cheap motel to wait for Tuesday--long weekend, remember. I did phone my principal and explained that he needed to find a sub because I would not be in in the near term. Tuesday morning, I made an appointment with a divorce lawyer and gave him the terms: I would take out half the money in our checking or savings account, whichever was most, but relinquished claim to everything else. I asked for visiting rights during holiday periods. I would never see Katie face to face; all communication was through the lawyer who was not allowed to disclose my whereabouts to anyone. I headed toward a part of the country where there was a housing boom to find some kind of basic job that paid the bills . I never even thought about teaching again. My lawyer did a beautiful job of keeping correspondence focused on business, and he never disclosed my whereabouts. He even controlled the exchange of children.
I could go on, particularly how I handled things with the kids, my beloved in-laws, but I want to return to my first paragraph. Was the affair worth it? It destroyed me. Think of a light bulb with a burned out element. My spirit, my love of life, of being me, burned away. Self-respect, confidence all extinguished, never to return. Now, so many years later, I still cannot trust women. I cannot make myself vulnerable. Guys try to set me up, but I always refuse. My libido did not survive the affair, anyway. I was largely an absence in my kids' lives (two weeks in summer are not much). Was that worth it? Just a mistake?. I feel like I can't answer anything anymore, but for God's sake girls, think about what you are doing before you enter into your little fling. Does your husband or boy friend deserve this?
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2023.03.30 04:22 Alexander_Publius Challenging an Unconstitutional Immigration Policy in the Philippines

Juan and Maria are Filipino citizens with all necessary travel documents, including a return ticket, who were offloaded by immigration officers because the officers suspected that they would work abroad and not return to the Philippines. The immigration policy requiring Filipino citizens to go through immigration when leaving the country is being challenged in court as unconstitutional and a violation of the right to travel.
As a law student/lawyer, analyze the constitutional issues involved in this case and argue for or against the constitutionality of the immigration policy requiring Filipino citizens to go through the immigration process when leaving the country. Consider the principles of constitutional law, including the right to travel and due process. Should the court uphold the policy as a legitimate restriction on the liberty of travel in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, or strike it down as unconstitutional and a violation of fundamental rights?
Article III, Section 6 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution guarantees the liberty of travel, which shall not be impaired except in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, as may be provided by law. The provision covers the right to travel both within and out of the country. This means that Filipino citizens have a constitutional right to travel freely and cannot be prevented from doing so unless there is a compelling reason based on national security, public safety, or public health.
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2023.03.30 04:20 DaPearGuyMan Anyone know when this discount will end?

Anyone know when this discount will end?
I can’t find when these will go on sale and want to buy them before they do, but wanna wait before I do. I really want these for my birthday.
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2023.03.30 04:12 SirStylus Selling / Trading Kryptonite New York Cinch 1213 Evolution Series 4 Disc Chain Lock

Hey there! Not sure if this is the right place for this but I just recently got an e-bike and had planned out accessory purchases leading up to buying it. I got the lock I got because it had outstanding reviews and using it it does absolutely feel very secure! That being said I've found it to be un-usable in my situation.
The weight of my bike plus the chain is just barely too much for me to be able to comfortably bring my bike up and down the stairs to my apartment. I've been wrapping the chain around myself or leaving it in the house, bringing the bike down, then getting the chain, and I found no matter what solution I tried it wound up with me using my bike less because of how obnoxious it was bringing this 10 pound chain around with me.
I want to swap to a Foldylock Forever, but I sank 100 bucks into this chain and a new Foldylock Forever is $125. The company I bought my original chain from has a pretty strictly worded return policy and given the paint has been flaking off the exterior cloth sleeve of the chain (kind of my only gripe aside from the unusable weight of the thang ding) I doubt they'd be willing to refund me even though I'm still within the return window. Figured it'd be easier to just see if anyone would be interested in making an offer on my chain so I could use the funds to buy myself something I can actually use. Obviously it'd be cool to get my initial investment back, but I put myself in this dumb situation so I'll accept the best reasonable offer. Or hell, if you have a Foldylock Forever you don't like I'd do a straight trade.
Thanks a bunch for checking this out, if you know a subreddit this might better belong in you'd be helping me out if you gave me a suggestion.
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2023.03.30 04:12 Fiddle_inthemiddle No updates filed 1/31

No updates filed 1/31
I filed on 1/31 and accepted ten minutes later. Haven't seen anything in refund status and transcripts are all empty except wages. The wages page just says "no return filed"
Called the IRS and they said they couldn't find my return. After 30 minutes, the rep comes back and says it's with the errors department and I'll receive something in 10 weeks.
Still no letter except for signing up for
Is there anything I can do? I've been checking transcripts 2x a day and no updates.
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2023.03.30 03:51 Libromancer MIL managed to pull off one of her long term goals, and now we are stuck fighting it

My MIL is a dangerous person.
I am going to try an keep this as concise as possible. Sorry for the disorder, I hope it makes sense at the end. It is a condensed time line up till now, when it is actively unfolding further.
For as long as I have known her she has been trying to get her parents into an assisted living facility. She has started a narrative that they were losing their minds, they were not mobile, and needed to be nursed 24/7. At Christmas and holidays she would gift them brochures for facilities along with help/alerts for falling.
This was farthest from the case, and for the most part we just ignored her. Right before the COVID pandemic GFIL passed away. BIL (the golden child) got involved with SIL, and had a child. SIL was desperate to bond to MIL, and listened to MIL. She even joined in on encouraging MILs narrative.
Most recently my GMIL went in for knee surgery around December. My MIL used this as her opportunity to have her placed in a home, and to keep her from being able to contact any other family members. MIL called the cops on me when I was getting pictures of GMIL cats to show her when we visited. She changed her story multiple times, it was first she called the cops, then it was her brother(UIL) who lives 1000 miles away, then it was GMIL lawyer. MIL spun stories to GMIL lawyer, saying we were going to kidnap GMIL, we were after her money and had stolen her vehicle. The whole time MIL was try to control everyone's perception, and manipulate us.
After 2 months GMIL was moved to a more permanent facility, and this is when we fully caught on to what MIL had done. We were barred from seeing GMIL, from calling GMIL for 30 days. During that time MIL took control of all medical power, and pushed her doctors to write a dementia diagnosis. We received the medical paperwork in an email, in the notation it states that her family pushed for a diagnosis, and it has multiple crossing throughs with initial's. One prominent cross through was retains cognitive facilities. She took away GMILs' cell phone, that we pay for. The phone has not been returned to either us or GMIL.
My DH went off on MIL, and spoke to the lawyer but it was too late she had already formed an opinion.
After DH went off, BIL got in contact with us and acted concerned. We later found out from their FOO that BIL was manipulating us with MIL.
During this time GMIL has managed to sneak phone calls out of the facility to us. Recently they took away her phone book, and it ended all communication for the past week.
Restrictions were recently lifted after DH reached out to the lawyer requesting an update now that the 30 days has expired. The lawyer responded with two other people in the email. We have used this opportunity to respond all, and we continue to only respond all with all individuals in the email. It seems to have curbed the lawyer into being nicer.
The facility and lawyer has restricted her from seeing friends and family.
We are not allowed to call except at a scheduled time once per week, when prior to her being admitted we spoke with her daily and visited multiple times during the week. We would take her once a month to her husbands grave. We have been almost completely restricted from seeing her. We are not allowed to ask how she likes it at the facility among other topics, and if she is upset following a visitation we will barred from further visitation.
UIL(UNCLE) has been placed on monitored communication/visitation. His restrictions are even more severe than ours. I suspect this is because MIL throws a fit in any area where he is concerned. She has previously acted like her parents were dead because they would speak to him, she would begin to communicate with them again when she wanted something. That something was almost always financial help, they paid for her house, her car, and any maintenance/repairs.
We are also not allowed to bring any third parties with us. This is so we cannot confirm her diagnosis with an unbiased party, or switch her lawyer.
I have been looking up laws local to us, and we have tried reaching out to advocacy groups for help.
We are working with FOO and UIL. GMIL cannot go back to living on her own, she is not mobile due to improper care and healing following her surgery. Previous conversations she has stated the desire to live with either us or UIL.
I have been offering genuine friendship to SIL. It has the benefit of receiving information we would not have. They (BIL, SIL, and MIL) have been disingenuous and have been using this relationship as a way to continue manipulating us. Most recently it has been in an attempt to get us to attend easter at BILs house, because it is possible GMIL will be there and we can see her.
My greatest fear is my MIL carrying through with her other narrative. That I do not want my children, and that I do not like children. She has threatened CPS before, she has also openly stated that I am unfit and she would raise my children. She has stated the same thing about SIL and niece.
I would appreciate any and all advice on how to proceed. We would like to get GMIL evaluated by an unbiased party, and then move forward from there. I currently have several social workers thanks to my babys' stay in the NICU. The social workers have had multiple in home visits every week since she came home from the hospital, I am not concerned about MIL being able to execute her CPS narrative and taking the my children in the near future. She might have the ability to go after SIL. I would appreciate a list of advice to follow regarding how to prepare for that potential eventuality. Thankfully my state does not have grandparent rights.
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2023.03.30 03:48 trinajulie Actively looking to leave

Yesterday I had a yr8 student say "I'm going to murder [you]", and then dig her nails into my hand. Her punishment? 2 day suspension, and she said "great, I get to start my holidays early". I'm so done. Her suspension was for "failing to follow teacher instructions" HOD told her mother "she had a moment", and she was only back the day before from a separate suspension. I don't feel supported, I actually feel anxious and my eyeballs has started twitching since that lesson. If I didn't have a mortgage to pay, I wouldn't have returned to work today. Just a rant because I'm fed up.
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2023.03.30 03:40 IntrovertedDesigner1 Currently on my holidays. Brought one book with me and now I’m returning home with 5 … oops

Currently on my holidays. Brought one book with me and now I’m returning home with 5 … oops submitted by IntrovertedDesigner1 to stephenking [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 03:30 SplashyFob Is it 180 days? Or 365?

So we bought an IDANAS bed frame a little while back, one of the threaded rods that stems from the bed leg sheared off. I’ve been on the phone with 8 people now asking for a spare leg from the spare parts department. We were worried that we couldn’t get it because of the warranty/return policy. Our initial call was on the 178th day since purchase, but after 2 months of calling and pleading with people to just help us out, now they’re saying (through email/Facebook messages) that we’re past the point of the warranty. But I called another person today, who told me that lasts a whole year. So this will be the 8th time someone has promised me a bed leg will ship out. I have so many questions.
Has anyone else had a similar experience?
What is the actual cut off to receive spare parts after purchase?
Is this common for ikea customer service?
Anyone want to make a bet as to whether or not I actually get a bed leg this time?
Can I make using a car jack as a bed leg the new trend?
1 bed leg is less than a drop in the bucket for a multi-billion (I’m guessing) dollar company and any other business I’ve worked for - if there was ever a customer issue the answer was just “give them what they want”. So like… what gives?
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2023.03.30 02:59 Ialorialis [EVENT] Company Return Policy

The warbands of the Germans return from the north, rather unharmed and uneventful
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2023.03.30 02:50 Mermaid_Queen99 I was fired from my job while out sick

I don’t know if it’s worth seeking legal counsel or not over this. I was out sick with the flu and my job’s policy is to provide a doctors note if you are out for more than 3 days. I provided a note that excused me for 4 days. This happened on a Monday which means I would’ve been due to return to work on Friday. I went back to the doctor on Wednesday because I caught and eye infection in both eyes and my flu symptoms were still severe so they gave me another note which excused me for 3 more days. This note cleared me to return on a Saturday, which was a day I wasn’t scheduled to work. So I was off the weekend, and I happened to not be scheduled on the following Monday so I essentially had been off for numerous days in a row which might have looked bad but it’s not my fault I wasn’t scheduled again until Tuesday. Well on that Monday, I got an email from my employer saying I was terminated due to “unreliability and poor performance”
I am unsure if I should seek legal advice due to wrongful termination. My employer never mentioned any issues with my performance or reliability before. I had almost perfect attendance, was never late, never left early. I had PTO sick days to use while I was sick. The termination just came as a shock and the timing seemed to suspicious. I do have medical conditions and a weakened immune system so it does take me longer to recover from viruses.
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2023.03.30 02:46 myredditaccount80 Return policy on open box items?

About 10 days ago I bought an open box excellent certified laptop. Now the model I really wanted is on sale. I've used this one though. I have Total Tech. What's the return rules on this?
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2023.03.30 02:42 ink-boi Just remembered I have reddit so here's a Salmon Run iceberg I made a few weeks ago

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2023.03.30 02:42 Puzzleheaded-Rock-42 Speech issues, lisp

Hi, I'm a 30y female...have had fasciculations since 2016, everywhere in my body but had symptoms mostly in my legs, felt weak, shaking and various symptoms many here will be familiar with. I did 2 emgs at the time, the more accurate one showed signs of reinnervation or something but no signs of ALS. I later found out I had adenomyosis (most likely endometriosis) and my uterus was getting huge before my period, I've read of many women complaining of adenomyosis related leg symptoms so somehow I put my heart at rest. After 6 years this (I start by saying that I had a very bad period of quarrels with my partner, a lot of psychological suffering since June 2022) December I had to face a personal / family event during the Christmas holidays that I do not deny that worried me a lot. These days I remember having trouble swallowing when I ate, like swallowing would stop for a moment and I would panic/apnea even though I wasn't really choking...When this event passed, after about 2 weeks I had a colicky pain severe bowel movement which passed in 3 days (but I also attribute it to adenomyosis), after which we returned home and during the trip I had intense salivation which continued for about a week and continuous yawning... Once these symptoms passed, a day I wake up, January 20, 2023, and as soon as I open my eyes I feel my tongue which is in a strange position, heavy on the right side, I don't pay attention and I get up. I was calm, so I hadn't thought about ALS for quite a while when I realized that I was talking in a strange way, with strange S's, as if I had a lisp (which I never had). It gets worse when I sit down to breakfast and while eating I still feel that "block" symptom for a second of swallowing in the right side of my throat and panic for a few seconds. Since that day I feel that I speak badly, the S come out strange, the words sound different than normal, I seem to slur really ... I saw an otolaryngologist and he didn't notice anything, he did a laryngoscopy for just 2 minutes and said that he didn't see anything strange even though I told him that I have perennial MUCUS attached to the palate that doesn't go away (another symptom I have). Now I'm going to have blood tests to see if I have any vitamins, electrolytes etc deficiency (assuming I'm anemic) and then I'll probably have to see a neurologist...and I'm terrified. I should add that I have a sore throat immediately after eating and my throat gets tired when I eat, but I have also suffered from hiatal hernia for years, in addition to having recently been treated for H.Pylori which gave me dyspnoea... I am going crazy :( English is not my language so i used Google Translate so i say sorry if there are a lot of mistakes.
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2023.03.30 01:36 KenpachiWood4700 Got all these guys for 70$ the one on the far left has different legs not sure if it’s a fake or just different legs ??

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2023.03.30 01:30 melhen16 [Offer] In honor of National Card Writing Month [US/WW]

National Card and Letter Writing Month is celebrated throughout April, and this year is no exception. This month-long holiday celebration was initiated by the United States Postal Service as a way to honor and celebrate the efforts that go into mail service.
In celebration, I would love to send you a card. I will be sending them out sometime during the month of April. Whether it be a postcard or folded card, a card is a card is a card. If you would like to receive a card in honor of National Card Writing Month, please fill out my form here.
All I ask in return is that you post a thank you once you receive the card. :)
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2023.03.30 01:21 XanderScorpius Service Dog denial and possible Hipaa violation?

I live just outside of Charlotte, NC. Ihave a service dog in training. She is psychiatric almost exclusively. My state gives in training rights for public access to service animals. My service dog is for PTSD, CPTSD, Generalized anxiety disorder, and a possible personality disorder. I have her trained to help for ADHD/Autism tasks but do not have a proper diagnosis yet. I am on 2 medications, Prozac and Abilify.
I have been donating plasma with this center for over 4 years. I've given over 250 donations. And I worked there for 1 year. After I quit, I notified them that I was getting a service dog. Denise, the center trainer, informed me in August of 2022 that a corporate directive was passed down and they needed to accommodate service animals (they had lost a lawsuit as their previous policy required an alternate handler).
I informed Denise it would be a while before my service dog was trained enough to come. Around Thanksgiving, I started asking questions about bringing my service dog. Management was either never available or unreachable for me to speak with. So I was asking others like phlebotomists and floor management. I was dismissed, ignored, told that it wasn't priority. At one point, a blood sample failed (I wasn't eating well enough, it's not due to disability). I wasn't allowed to be informed of the information surround the failed sample over the phone. I brought in my service dog. I hoped to leave another sample. I was told they couldn't accommodate the dog, I was met with attitude, told I can't donate, asked why I have the dog, etc.
I left with the dog and left my sample another day.
I continued to press about accommodations. They refused to discuss.
I told them I needed to be able to bring my service dog. If I didn't need her, I wouldn't have her. I was blocked from completing the kiosk questions in the system and dragged into the office to discuss me "asking about bringing my service dog". I was told it wasn't happening, I couldn't bring my ESA, asked for a doctor's note and certification. I told them it was illegal to ask for those things. They said they were told to ask. I had handed out ADA cards that magically no one saw and went missing.
I was shown policy that said it had to be a task trained service animal. I said she was. I listed her tasks. They gave no response, cleared me for donation.
While I sat in the bed, hooked up to the machine and donating, they handed me policy paperwork with highlighter, telling me again it could NOT BE an ESA. I said again she is trask trained and I even showed them a list of her tasks on my phone. The RN walked away without another word. She then returned with two forms and told me I was deferred until those were filled out. They ask what my diagnoses are, what meds I'm on, dosages, severity of condition, and had to be filled out by an MD.
I tried to contact lawyers. I contacted the DOJ through the ADA website. DOJ responded they are too busy. I contacted several other legal organizations and received no response.
I gave up. I let my doctor sign the forms. But she would not disclose my diagnoses because she fears breaking HIPAA. She cleared me to donate, and listed my medications and dosages but wrote on the paperwork that she would not disclose my diagnoses due to HIPAA.
I called the plasma center. They advised me they would not accept the paperwork as it does not list my diagnoses. I told them they can't ask for that. It's illegal. I was told too bad. I was told to talk to someone higher. I asked for someone higher. they were not available. I was not given an exact time to call to reach them.
I contacted a corporate complaint line. I did so a month ago and apparently they closed the ticket without ever calling me back and this time, I was told they'd call me back in the same fashion.
I am at a loss. How legal is this? No one will take the case. Legal aid is unreachable. DOJ won't listen. I'm lost.
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