cookieswirlc porn

2023.03.07 12:38 Southern-Courage5758 cookieswirlc porn

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2023.03.05 10:47 KeyAlternative3586 cookieswirlc porn

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2023.02.19 07:24 PuzzleheadedAd2461 CookieSwirlC Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family And Biography

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2023.02.18 01:43 Substantial-Walk8875 CookieSwirlC Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family & Biography

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2023.02.12 20:43 Zealousideal-Mail996 CookieSwirlC Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family & Biography

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2023.02.12 13:20 Zealousideal-Mail996 CookieSwirlC Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family And Biography

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2022.12.29 19:41 gtafan5 Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.
This is while I was looking for Disney Infinity ToyBox tutorials.
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2022.12.22 11:01 IrresponsibleChop I don't think they understand the role of the SEC

I don't think they understand the role of the SEC
The SEC is there to police securities not tell people how to get around securities law.
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2022.12.11 04:43 Final_Friendship_793 I regret ever saying I wished to be american

I grew up in Brazil, but I received a lot of north american influence. I studied in a bilingual school, watched english speaking youtubers and etc. When I saw those tumblr girls I just thought "wow, it must be the best thing ever to live in USA. Imagine drinking starbucks with my friends, ice skating, SEEING SNOW!" and stuff like that. So, I use tiktok a lot. And there's a trend using the sound "plastic Jesus" and showing stuff that remind people of their childhood. Everytime a video like that comes into my for you page I start crying. I dont even relate that much with these videos. But now I see, my childhood in the country I live in is the best. Also, my parents arent poor, but we have no condition to move houses. I've been living in the same apartment since I was born. When I was little I saw my friends with big and rich apartments and I hated the place i live in, it is small and old. It was my dream to move to another building. But now I realised that I cant leave my childhood room. There's so many memories I lived here. I never thought I would say this, but I love being brazilian. (even thought we dont have any starbucks in my state :'( ) Thank you, silly little video making app, for making me remember my childhood. Now I will watch cookieswirlC , goodbye! How did I undesrtand what she said? English isnt even my native language, i was only 6
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2022.12.05 06:19 almozayaf Dose it count?

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2022.12.05 06:17 almozayaf Dose it count?

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2022.11.12 17:22 Lucky_Amethyst [Discussion] Blind and Doll Obsessed

Good morrow! Before I begin, I’d like to preface this by saying this is my first time posting on this sub and I just generally don’t use social media unless I absolutely have to, so please forgive any awkward language, misuse of slang or any other random mistakes I’m bound to make. Anyway, I am a 20-year-old female with a severe visual impairment; I was born with septo-optic dysplasia which has left me with basically no functional vision. I’m able to see light, color and, if held up close, the basic details of an object, but pretty much nothing else. As a child, I never had much of an interest in dolls, preferring sensory toys like clay, kinetic sand and beads. It was only when I turned 13 and got into doll/toy Youtubers like Cookieswirlc and Disney cars toy club that I really became interested in owning dolls (to the confusion and occasional judgment of my parents). For me, dolls were a way to connect with the world, learn what other people looked like, recreate worlds from beloved movies with which I’d previously never been able to interact and play out (and find ways to resolve) difficult situations in my life. For years, dolls were my way to cope with a world which I could neither see nor control as well as just being diverse models that I could dress up and have fun with. Then, Rainbow High came out and collecting dolls went from a coping strategy to a full-blown obsession. Unfortunately for me, dolls became my obsession right as I left home and went to college. Though I’ve met some extremely supportive people at my current school, I’ve been incredibly hesitant to tell people about my love of tiny plastic humans. I know most of my friends would probably treat me normally or like my parents did (supportive with a sprinkling of confusion and a dash of silent judgment), but I just can’t take that chance. I don’t keep my girls in the dorm, I don’t let friends use my phone because pretty much everything I do on there revolves around dolls and if I buy a new doll while at school, which is very rare, I always have it delivered to my home address for fear that the male room attendant will somehow know what’s in the package. Rather than a source of comfort, my doll obsession has turned into this paranoia which has consumed so much of my life. I’m constantly worried that someone’s going to find out and make fun of me, stop liking me or equate my blindness to some sort of mental disability because I’m a blind adult who still plays with toys. (Not that there is anything even remotely wrong with having any sort of mental disability, it’s just that people are freakin cruel when they think you’re in any way different from them) I feel so frustrated right now because I watch so many of these Youtubers who are completely comfortable having dolls just right out in the open without a care in the world what anyone else thinks while I feel trapped by the one thing that lets me feel like I have some semblance of control in the world. All I really want right now is a friend with whom I can discuss why the Barbie life in the dream house line is exponentially better than the Barbie dream house adventure line and how the Bratz Rock Angelz music album changed the game for doll line music going forward and what the best RH series is (hint: it’s series three). I just learned how to use Reddit a few weeks ago and I’ve been obsessively scrolling through this sub without ever posting anything. I’m posting here today because I’m just really lonely and I want a doll collector friend. I’ve never met a fellow collector online, let alone in person, so I just wanted to do that here. Am I strange? Yes I am. Do I care if people judge me for it? Um… yes I do, but I doubt that’s going to happen here, so yeah.
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2022.10.22 04:59 Big_Teaching_9031 Cookieswirlc is actually an p star?😨 give me answers

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2022.08.19 15:50 sandra_naked cookieswirlc porn

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2022.08.05 00:56 GenerlcUser Day 64 and 65 of posting a doodle world fact until we get an option to join the Louis fan club. (1) The currently most viewed doodle world video is "Going to Doodle World" by vtuber CookieSwirlC at 995k views. (2) Riffrat's phantom thief skin is a reference to the joker, the protagonist of Persona 5

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2022.06.13 12:09 HopefulOwl6919 recommendations for toy youtubers that focuses on dolls and/or anything cute?

I'm sorry if this is not allowed here, tell me and I can post it somewhere else.
When I was younger I used to mainly only watch Dollastic and some CookieSwirlC videos at the time and only watched some other youtubers that I don't remember their names now.
I've been getting back into collecting toys and I don't know anyone who posts updated toy hunts, hauls, reviews or unboxing of toys and cute collectibles since Dollastic hasn't posted in a while and CookieSwirlC is posting different videos that I'm not interested in.
xCanadensis, Clawdeena9, and My World are the only ones I mainly watch now that I have found but they are mostly focusing on dolls. I love their content but I want to branch out more to other types of collectibles/toys but don't mind watching more Monster High or Rainbow High doll centred content as well. I'm basically looking for a channel that was like Dollastic since she has different priorities now (I hope she's ok and thriving well in her home) and other channels that focuses on some monster high or rainbow high dolls
Any recommendation is welcome and thank you in advance
Edit: I genuinely thank all of you for the recommendations. I will definitely watch their videos at night when I have free time. Can't wait to expand my horizons (人´∀`)。゚+
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2022.05.21 16:28 Magnetic_Mallard CookieSwirlC My Little Pony Airport Parts 8-9

This sounds really stupid, but a long time ago I used to watch these with my little cousin because she loved these kind of videos. This had to have been like 8 years ago. I remember she watched this series called My Little Pony Airport that this YouTuber made and in part 8 there was this disclaimer beforehand that the video featured disturbing material or something like that. I was kind of surprised that the video heavily featured guns. It wasn't extremely graphic or anything, I don't actually remember if it was even used. I guess it was still kind of funny to see that in a CookieSwirlC video though. From what I remember, it just kind of consisted of Applebloom hiding from this other pony walking around the forest with a gun. Like, that was it. I think there was a bit of it shown in part 7, but part 8 was really where it was the main focus from what I remember.
Recently I was talking to my family about it and how I thought it was funny that my cousin was even allowed to watch those videos. They genuinely didn't believe me, so I looked it up and realized it had been taken down. Both parts 8 and 9 were gone. I'm assuming she got rid of part 9 too as in the beginning recap thing, it likely referenced part 8.
I've Googled it, but haven't been able to find any sites or reuploads that didn't immediately sketch me tf out. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any reuploads of it or where I could find some remnant of it to prove to my family that it was real lol.
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2022.05.06 09:57 Biographymask CookieSwirlC - Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Single, Nationality, Career

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2022.05.02 11:20 ShortcakeKitty [TOMT] [Toy] [2010-2015] Wifi connected interactive eyes doll

Hi! Been having trouble with this for about 3 years and I figured I’d see if you guys could find it!
It’s a doll with somewhat cartoony, although pretty reasonable proportions, lightly coloured blond-ishy hair, glasses and a outfit with a pink skirt, a white girly graphic t-shirt and a little fake denim sleeveless vest, with basic black flats. It had big nerdy glasses (pink or green, can’t remember at this point) and the feature that stuck with me: big cartoony pixel eyes that could change and display different pictures and emotions based on what you said or ask it (it had a microphone so it could give some prerecorded response) It was connected to wifi and I remember being amazed at how it could do that since I’d only seen basic Barbie dress up dolls, nothing connected to the internet. I think a YouTuber like CookieSwirlC made a video of it, and it was my first video I watched about it. I think it had a generic name like “My ______ talk and play doll“ but I could be wrong. It’s not a Baby Alive doll since it was targeted towards kids who aren’t technically toddlers but not really kids yet either, sort of in between, and Baby Alives are too young to be the same doll. I don’t believe it was one of the My Friend Cayla dolls either (about the same height) but it could be. I don’t want to buy it at this point, just really curious as to what it was.
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2022.02.27 19:15 SwissBoy_YT Fnaf tags for anyone that needs them

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2022.01.14 12:21 Snappybritz3408 Fashion Frenzy Dress Up Runway Show Video - Cookieswirlc Let's Play Online Roblox

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2022.01.07 07:48 flash_match YouTube channel for my daughter with games, pranks or stunts?

My daughter is in Spanish immersion and is picking up a lot of the language. She also likes watching YouTube videos of people playing video games, doing pranks, or doing stunts. Are there any good Spanish speaking YouTube stars with kid focused material? She loves CookieSwirlC and would watch it all day if we let her. I’d rather offer her a similar type of video collection in Spanish.
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