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2023.06.04 00:18 currentlyatw0rk Breaker flipping question

Hi I’m in an apartment where everything is a pain in the ass to get things fixed. This isn’t something I could even fix on my own but I’m wondering if this is an issue worth pressing with my management.
My entire living room keeps losing power but I haven’t changed anything on that circuit at all. Lived here 4 years now and all of the sudden it’s just having problems staying on. I’m running a portable air conditioner on it but I’ve turned everything off except for the AC. There was only a TV on before anyways. Not sure if it’s worth mentioning but I’ve been running this AC unit in the same spot for 3 years now without issue. Was I just lucky?
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2023.06.04 00:18 RickC-37 Are there no decent dwellings available around here?!

I'm a single individual with a cat and a monthly income of 3500 a month after tax.
My lease is up in a little over a month and I need to put in my notice (getting cabin fever in this place) but can't find anywhere halfway decent.
Ideally I'd like to shoot for $900 max and anything available is hardly worth looking.
I'm at my wit's end 😑
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2023.06.04 00:18 throwaway2948474 Becoming a trader need help

So I’ve been pvping in doodle world for a long time (500+ hours moving onto 600)
I have all the pvp skill but no wealth (somewhat) … I want to be successful in both
I have been making bad trades or iffy trades for who knows how long
I once traded a Easter riffrat for a glubbie so I can get champion belt…
And Easter wiglet for space megatortles (I then traded space megatortles for a normal somberock when it was roulette exclusive)
Currently my rarest doodle is a 5 star blue tint halloween glubbie… what is it worth?
And can someone give me a list of how valuable a doodle is I know this currently
A catchable common doodle
A route rare
A roulette exclusive
A common doodle ht
A route rare ht
A roulette exclusive ht
A common doodle misprint
A route rare misprint
A Roulette exclusive misprint
A common doodle mht
A route rare mht
A roulette exclusive mht
Then it’s a long spiral of mht tints I need help though 🙏 please
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2023.06.04 00:18 anonannabelle How do I stop being the boring, no personality friend?

I (20F) currently have 2 friends (22 and 27). These are friends that I met while we were all working together at a grocery store years ago. All in all, I would say that we are all very antisocial outside of talking to each other.
Personally, I talk to people that I currently work with all the time, and as a part of my job, I am around clients constantly. I converse easily with these people, and have been told that people love my “outgoing nature” and “bubbly personality”. Unfortunately, though, these conversations are all surface level, and are often more focused on the other person in the conversation.
In my life outside of work, I have very few interests or hobbies. I spend a majority of my time when I’m not working playing video games and talking to these said friends via Playstation Parties (voice chat). This is the case for them as well, however they have deeper interests in the games they are playing and things outside of video games in general. For example, the one friend (22) is VERY interested in reading, history, and the lore of the video games they play. I’ve never been able to find myself half as interested in anything of substance as they are in little mundane stuff. They have been going to school out of the city for 3 years now, but have no interest in meeting people, stays in their dorm, and moves back home for the summer.
This summer, they have gone back to work at the grocery store that we used to all work at. They have been there for a few weeks. This is important for later.
I have always know that I am not a super interesting person, but as of late, they have been saying that they are getting sick of carrying conversation between the three of us and always being the first person to have to speak. If they’re not speaking, things generally get quiet and boring. I used to deny this fact, but recently, I’ve been seeing it as well.
There are a couple coworkers at this job that they have recently started talking to. One of them, they rave about how funny he is and seem to generally have a lot of fun talking to him. The other is someone who seems to be a mirror image of them, with all of the exact same interests from games to music to reading.
I can tell that they really like these people, and they are becoming quite close to them. Some of our conversations revolve around things that these people have said that made them laugh, or talks that they’ve had about shared interests with them, and stuff like that.
I’m feeling replaced, and I know it stems from a place of jealousy, but it also just feels like I’ll never stack up to these people in their eyes regardless of the fact that we’ve been best friends for years and they met them 2 weeks ago. It’s almost like seeing these people has turned their eye to the fact that I’m not really worth much of anything as a friend.
I want to be on that level with them, I really do, but I just feel like the more I think about this, the harder it gets to have conversations. They seem bored with things that would’ve otherwise peaked their interest when it comes to what I’m saying or doing, and it just seems like now that they’ve seen the type of people they could be friends with, I’m fading more and more into the background.
I want to know how I can be more interesting to them. How can I start meaningful conversations, and make them feel like I’m right there with them the same way these new friends are?
TL;DR: My best friend has been making new, more interesting friends, and I want to be able to be seen as fun and entertaining again. How?
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2023.06.04 00:17 PricePlow Kaged Comes to H-E-B in Texas… with an Orangetheory Twist!

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2023.06.04 00:17 Bumpty83 Curious About IP Acquisitions in the Gaming Industry?

Hey fellow game developers,
I recently came across some news that got me thinking and I wanted to discuss it with you all. I just stumbled upon an article from 2022 (link: TinyBuild Acquires Konfa Games and Bossa Games IP) where it was mentioned that TinyBuild Games acquired the intellectual property (IP) of both Konfa Games and Bossa Games for a whopping $8.4 million. Although the article is a bit old, I just learned about it now and it raised some questions in my mind.
Firstly, I'm wondering if the publisher already had a working relationship with the developers before deciding to acquire their IP. Does this mean that the developers will still be involved in working on the IP, even though they no longer own it?
Additionally, I find it interesting that a publisher would be willing to invest such a significant amount of money in acquiring an IP, especially if the game associated with it hasn't generated that level of revenue yet. What factors might make a publisher think it's worth buying an IP for such a price?
As a game dev myself, I'm curious to learn more about these aspects of the industry and how such deals come about. If anyone has any insights or experiences to share, I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks in advance for your input!
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2023.06.04 00:17 RetroStevie Two reviews left for an otherwise boring pond (that not many people know about) near my house

Two reviews left for an otherwise boring pond (that not many people know about) near my house submitted by RetroStevie to googleReviews [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 00:17 FoxtheSpeaker 22M, TX, USA and new to pen pals!

Hello! I’m a 22 year old EMS worker out of Texas, though I’m originally from South America. I’ve moved quite a bit around the states, and its been a long time since I’ve really had time to make friends. I’m a bit socially award anyway, so it’s not too easy in person. I’ve never done snail mail for a pen pal, but I’d like to if we end up getting along! I’m also happy to just email. Some things about me: - Big bookworm, love all things historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, or adventure - Love different TV shows and movies, nothing too niche, I just like discovering new ones or talking about ones we’ve both seen - Massive, and I do mean MASSIVE music nerd. I love everything from musicals (whether that be Broadway, movies, or shows) to pop to rock to country, ranging over any decade, really. I also play a few instruments. Just for hobby, I’m not a pro. - I’ve got two ferrets, and they’re my pride and joy. Locke and Apollo. - I do like to drink, as in I enjoy tasting and mixing drinks. I am largely a whiskey fan, and like trying new ones. Maybe we can taste test and review (if you’re of legal drinking age, of course). - My job gives me quite a few interesting adventures (and a few more emotional ones) and it might be nice to be able to unwind or chat with someone else who might understand (so, nurses, EMS, medics, etc, maybe we could share our vents or super weird stories). - I enjoy working with my hands, and I’m trying to pick up woodcarving. Nothing crazy, just small things, maybe I could make my first little object and send it to you! - I do enjoy creative writing, and prose and poetry are things I’d like to get more into. -I like cooking, although I’m not very good at it. I’m trying to get better, and any tips tricks and recipes would be awesome. - I am trying to get into drawing, though I’m pretty horrible at it so far. - I enjoy the outdoors, parks, rivers, trails, or just sitting in the sunlight and enjoying the breeze (granted, it would be much better if it wasn’t so hot and humid here). - I love tattoos. I currently have 8 (5 palm sized or bigger and 3 little ones), and would like several more. - I am the only child of a pastor and a missionary and my relationship with religious is… complicated to say the least. I’d love to talk deep with someone regarding this, theology, spirituality, or other things, it doesn’t have to be religion. -Lastly, I’m trying to get into plants! I want to grow a few things, and learn to care for them. Maybe in the future I can grow herbs for use in the kitchen (see above where I say I try to cook. Keyword, “try.”)
I’m open to a pen pal from just about anywhere, of any beliefs and ways of life, and don’t have many preferences. All I would prefer is that you be around my age (no minors, preferably 20 and up). Feel free to send a PM or comment if you’d like to exchange emails!
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2023.06.04 00:16 101865 A New Hope

A New Hope
Everyone, this has been such a fantastic single player campaign! Worth the 70ish bucks. The story. Gameplay. Mechanics (Series X). It was emotional, challenging, visually pleasing, and kept me going. Something great to look forward into diving in after 13 hours of shift. I got it day one and finally beat it today. Such a wonderful experience. Thank you.
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2023.06.04 00:16 Fun-Watch-7614 Moving from Canada (Qc) to Spain! ADVICE PLEASE

askspain AskCanada
Hello! This is my first time ever posting on Reddit.
Long story short, I was born here in Canada but I grew up in Tunisia from like 3 years old til 14, then I came back to Canada. Now I am 22, still in University. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. All I know is that I genuinely hate it here, I've always hated it here and I would like to move somewhere else and Spain has been my dream country since forever, plus I'm fluent ish in Spanish so that should be helpful. Anyways, I am currently enrolled in Sociology (wanted psychology but I wasn't accepted and it seemed like the closest thing to it but it isn't and I hate it). I'd like to know, as a student, still not close to finishing my degree, can I just move to a university in Spain and complete my bachelor's there or restart in Psychology or anything like that? is it possible? Will I be wasting many years?
Main reasons why I hate it here is the weather and people (not all ofc). As I mentioned above, I grew up in Tunisia, a country with a hot weather. I spent my entire childhood near beautiful beaches, beautiful historical cities, people there are very friendly and warm. I woulda moved back there if the country wasn't struggling economically and shit. Canada is completely different. It just feels grey. It's very cold, and I am very affected by weather changes. I feel lazy and unproductive and overall down whenever it's cold/cloudy (which is most of the time). Plus I find it extremely hard to befriend new people, it feels like most friend groups have been friends since childhood. At an adult age it's hard to find new friends and whenever I make plans with people they never happen. It's just so lonely here. I'm straying from the main subject but I wanted to explain where I'm coming from. Keep in mind this is just my personal experience. Nothing objective about it. I'm sure other people are thriving here.
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2023.06.04 00:16 AtomicHurricaneBob USA Cycling Membership worth the invesment?

I am considering one of the USA Cycling Memberships. I have heard good things about the insurance (seems to be worth it in and of itself). However, I also plan on entering a few races this year (mostly XC MTB, Duathlon, maybe one or two office part crits).
Anyone have any positive/negative experiences? Which membership level did you choose and why?
submitted by AtomicHurricaneBob to cycling [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 00:15 Maleficent_Frame_958 I made a story about a lightning monk for skyrim. Should i make it a mod?

Name: Kaelen Stormrider
Background: Kaelen Stormrider is a resilient individual who endured the tragic loss of his parents during his childhood. However, amidst the chaos, an unexpected savior emerged in the form of his ancestral guardian, a 500-year-old arena legend and champion. This revered figure protected Kaelen and his younger brother from their family's killers, using their unparalleled combat skills and wisdom to ensure their escape to safety.
Skills and Abilities: Kaelen inherited his ancestral guardian's lightning-based combat skills and received extensive training from them. He wields lightning spells with precision, channeling the ancient techniques passed down through generations. Drawing inspiration from the guardian's legacy, Kaelen combines lightning-infused strikes and his mastery of Pak Mei Kung Fu to overpower adversaries with remarkable finesse and power.
Information: As a disciple of the Stormseekers and a student of his ancestral guardian, Kaelen embodies discipline, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of justice and enlightenment. He carries the weight of his tragic past but draws strength and guidance from the wisdom of his guardian. Kaelen's journey through Skyrim is fueled not only by his desire to unlock the full potential of his lightning powers but also by his determination to seek justice for his fallen parents and honor the legacy of his ancestral guardian.
Age and Appearance: Kaelen is a young adult in his mid-twenties, while his ancestral guardian remains a towering figure of immense experience and knowledge, appearing as a wise and weathered elder. Kaelen possesses a lean and athletic physique, reflecting his dedication to physical and martial training. His eyes, like his guardian's, hold a mix of determination and a deep understanding of the world. Kaelen's raven-black hair, often tied back in a practical manner, emphasizes his focused and composed demeanor. Both Kaelen and his guardian wear attire befitting their roles as warriors, combining the traditional Stormseeker robes with elements of the arena champion's legacy.
With the guidance and protection of his 500-year-old ancestral guardian, Kaelen Stormrider's journey takes on a profound significance. He not only seeks justice for his parents but also aims to uphold the legendary legacy of his guardian. The guardian's wisdom and unparalleled combat skills serve as a source of inspiration and strength, propelling Kaelen forward as he faces the challenges that await him in Skyrim.
submitted by Maleficent_Frame_958 to Fallout [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 00:15 fhfhdj Bloodied Blades: Volra's Tale Part 2 A story inspired by Worldbox

Lyraph pushed the tip of his bone dagger into the ground and pressed his ear against the hilt. The group had nestled itself within a copse of trees near a shieling amongst the hills far from the town. They had spent several days moving up and down the hills until Lyraph cursed one morning.
Gulk watched the man intently, staving off boredom with incessant questions, “What’s he doing?”.
Volra was casually tossing a rock up into the air and catching it, “He’s listening to the earth, son of Golthom. Did I not already tell you of our methods for hunting royal foxes?”.
He gave her an annoyed look. He had been asking questions about everything since leaving the town. Why were naked men banging drums in the roof tops? How many warriors are typically stationed in the battlements? Who were the red clad women in Mourn Stone Street? Volra answered as best she could but soon grew tired of his curiosity and ordered Lyraph to answer for her.
“Those men are the only thing keeping the town together. They ward off evil spirits, or at least that’s the excuse. I merely find them nice to look at. And the warriors? They are usually half that number from what you see these days. Vask Harten had the old chief worried in his final days. Mourn Stone Street is a sacred section of the city where women are most easily able to commune with the gods themselves. It’s also where I was conceived, according to my father”.
By the time they reached the rolling hills in the third day of the journey, Volra felt something wrong. It was just a feeling, but she had learned to trust such feelings long ago and it has saved her life more than once since then. She ordered Lyraph, who was the expert hunter of the group, to get down the hill they were on and listen to the earth.
That was when he began cursing. He took his dagger back and ran up the hill, “We have company. 8 or 9 I believe. I have a feeling they’ve been following us for some time now. I suggest we get out of here and find some place defensible”.
Volra nodded, “Agreed”, she took a moment to think, “We must move on and bide our time until opportunity presents itself. You and Gulk will run up ahead of us. There’s an old ruin around here but I can’t remember where. Tarven and I will guard the rear while Kiral watches for your return. We will all move together
Lyraph looked alarmed, “Volra, I would rather have Tarven with me. I don’t trust the man and Gulk seems more reliable…”
“That wasn’t a suggestion”, she said, putting a little more iron in her voice.
‘What’s gotten into the man? Doesn’t he know I’m the better fighter?’, she thought. Long ago, they both agreed that he was the better tracker and her the better warrior. She thought that if Tarven put their lives at risk, she would be the one to kill him.
Lyraph and Gulk moved through the sussurating leaves, moving under and over roots looping, arching, emerging from the ground in webs as if tendrils from earth dwelling octopi. The hunter was surprised at the nobleman’s grace while moving through the swirling roots. He had expected the man to fall flat on his face after the second root at the very least.
He cleared his throat, “You move well, for a foreigner that is”.
Gulk looked at him and smirked, “This is no different from my homeland. Only difference is men would rather ski down mountains and steep slopes rather than trek through forests”.
Lyraph vaulted over a big root, “What is ski? I always imagined you Strohinites wet yourselves in scalding hot water and then swim in the snow”.
Gulk burst into laughter and yelped. When Lyraph turned to the man, he saw that the nobleman had tripped on a small root which itself looked like an old man’s finger. He hurried to the man, extending a hand to help him up. Gulk took it and got up, thanking Lyraph.
“To answer your question, it is when men tie two planks of wood to their feet and slide down a snowy slope. There’s a lot of snow in Strohin, so men find it the most convenient method of travel”, said Gulk.
They moved on, avoiding poisonous bushes of Thuni plants. The purple colored leaves always made them obvious to the wanderer who knew where to look for them. Lyraph had to hold his companion by the shoulder before going through one. They found a suitable place, it was stone built and sturdy despite the obvious centuries of disrepair. Moss blanketed the crumbling walls and drawings of large wolves could be seen in places yet unclaimed by the moss. Beyond was the old fort’s crown: merlons of bone and skulls painted black and red.
Gulk gawked at the place, eyes full of wonder, “What is this place? I have never seen merlons such as these. Not even in Aroloth where men are known to build the impossible”.
Now it was Lyraph’s turn to smirk at the man, “You thought we only had walls made of trees? Bah! Our people are ancient. The ancestors built footholds in the lower lands whilst they lived in mountains. No one knows why they lived in the mountains or why they felt the need to build forts when no one lived beyond their mountains in the first place”, he then motioned to the nobleman, “Come, let us get back to the others. This is as good a place as any to make a stand”.
When the two men returned, Kiral made the sound of a hawk and Volra and Tarven emerged from the bushes. Kiral was out in the open, hoping to attract either friend or foe, embracing one or ambushing the other. Tarven and Volra hid near the bushes while using Kiral as bait. Volra wordlessly jogged to the ruins, the others following close behind.
They found a portcullis in the side of the fort or rather crumbled part of the wall that circled the ruins. Volra cursed and spit in the grass when inside, “We’re too few to make use of these walls. We must reach the tower and make our stand there. Pray to your gods if you have any, otherwise we wait for the foes to arrive”.
Tarven grunted, “We are Strohinites, woman. We pray with other men’s blood on our hands”.
She knew he meant to sound fierce but she could not help but feel a smile threaten to touch her lips. She forced her face to stay still as she nodded in acknowledgement and said, “Very well, go on sons of Strohin”.
The group entered the tower, a thin finger coated in the same moss as the walls that entrapped it. The inside was pitch black. A faint light from the roof cut through the dark but only faintly as the source was too far to reach them.
“Can’t see shite, but I can correct that”, said Gulk as he unslung his ax.
The ax itself was a black blade with purple runes incised into it. He spoke some words in an ancient tongue and the blade grew crops of little dots of blue light soft as pudding. After a second, the dots grew into hand sized orbs and disintegrated only for the blade to grow more and restart the process.
“The stone from this ax was quarried and shaped by the stoneworkers of Mount Uhag. The best in all of Strohin”, said the warlord’s son, pride showing in his words.
Tarven looked at the blade with reverence, as if a god had graced him with their presence. Kiral chuckled and drew her own stone ax and wooden dagger. Lyraph simply nodded and searched about the places touched by the light of the orbs. Volra cleared her scabbard and joined him.
She saw Gulk’s disappointed face before she left, clearly he had expected a bigger reaction than indifference. She stopped and said, “Thank you for the light”, then moved on.
The first room in the tower was empty. The air was stuffy as Noseraph’s room though trapped for centuries rather than decades. The ground was covered in brown and yellow leaves from the vines that climbed up from the entrance, the iron banded door not strong enough to push back the elements. Every step they took roused up a swarm of dust around their feet. A flood of darkness cringing away from the blue light as Gulk explored the room with the rest of the group. Lyraph called out to him to illuminate the stairs and see if they were safe enough to climb.
“We can go up, judging from the state of the stairs. They are stone made like the rest of this place. Look here, a small depression in the center of each step. They are worn from the centuries of heavy use and…”, the hunter stopped, indicating the foes were near.
Volra started climbing the stairs and motioned for Lyraph to join her. Together they climbed up three floors and reached the merlons made of bones and skulls. Below, she saw distant red dots filter through the gap. ‘How did Lyraph hear them? They were too far away for any human to hear them. Old friend, what are you hiding?’, she thought.
She drew her bow and took out an arrow. Lyraph may have been the sharper eye but she was the better archer, “Can you count how many of them there are?”, she asked.
The man nodded and looked at the walls, “There are twelve. And probably two more from the way the one with the satchel motions at the trees behind her”.
Volra didn’t know what the woman could have in her satchel but drew her bow and stretched it until it reached her cheek then let go when she thought it would kill someone. The woman with the satchel fell to the floor, the arrow having buried itself in her head. Two men ran to her and checked her pulse before running with the rest of their band to the tower. Volra took another arrow and drew her bow.
This time the arrow landed on a man’s leg, a scream coming out. The group spread out, making the next two arrows miss and Volra dropped her bow and quiver to draw her sword. Her knuckles grew white from the tightness of her grip.
The duo went down the stairs. The sounds of war cries and howls of pain bounced off the walls of the tower, making them pick up the pace to the source. When they reached the bottom, a woman lay down in a puddle of blood. Tarven clutched at his stomach with one hand, surrounded by the bodies of two men and a woman, obsidian sword dripping blood in the other. They saw Kiral spit out blood as the woman in front of her gave out a blood curdling scream. It took but a moment for Volra to realize that the woman’s dominant hand had three fingers missing. All the foes wore crimson cloaks, she noticed. Cloaks ordinarily worn by the women of Mourn Stone Street. Volra steeled herself to fight the rest.
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2023.06.04 00:15 JMT2492 New to the EDM scene

Hey y’all,
So for some context, I don’t really listen to techno or EDM in any direct capacity. But every time I hear it, I start nodding my head.
I am making a EDM/Techno playlist and I would like to ask those more experienced than me what I should put on it. Give me your recs and what you love about em.
For what it’s worth, I really like songs with catchy riffs/epic base drops/trunk banging bass.
With Love, Jay
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2023.06.04 00:15 Insane_humann Help with baly itinerary! And whats better gili islands amd nusa islands?

Mw and my husband are going to bali next septembre for only 10 days, im still not sure about the itinerary but tnking about spending 4 days in ubud, 3 days either in gili islands or nusa penida and the rest canggu/ seminyac? And is uluwatu worth visiting is it better than canggu/seminyac?
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2023.06.04 00:15 emmettflo Okay, what would the historical Jesus REALLY have thought about homosexuality?

First off, happy Pride Month everyone! I’m hoping this community can answer a biblical history question I’ve had for a while.
Jesus didn’t mention homosexuality once. I can only think of three plausible explanations for this fact:
1) Homosexuality was so widely seen as taboo that it didn’t seem worth mentioning. If it had come up, maybe Jesus would have advocated for compassion and mercy like he did for the woman caught in adultery, but his admonition to homosexual people would still would have been “go and sin no more”.
2) Homosexuality was more or less widely seen as acceptable so again, it just never came up. If asked about certain passages in Leviticus, Jesus would have declared them invalid.
3) Jesus embraced homosexuality but didn’t say anything publicly about it to avoid causing any more trouble than he already was and alienating his followers.
Given what we know about Roman-occupied Palestine circa 30 CE, which one of these hypotheses is the most plausible, if any?
(Even if Jesus personally didn’t exist, what did the people who were putting words in his mouth think about homosexuality?)
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2023.06.04 00:15 bay30three Is an Adidas Falcon/Pureboost/Supernova really a downgrade from Brooks Adrenaline GTS?

Hi all
I am 40M, been running for 3.5 years. I run 15km per week, and enter two half marathons a year, in spring and autumn. My PB is just over 2 hours.
I'm onto my 2nd pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS.
But I can't help wonder if they are actually worth their price, or whether I should buy a cheap-ish Adidas Falcon/Pureboost/Supernova at 1/2 the price for my next pair?
They have the added benefit that I can wear them as casual sneakers after they are no longer fit for running in.

Thanks in advance, won't be able to reply as I'm about to go for my 10km run.
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2023.06.04 00:15 Hermit-Man Should I be actively trying to buy a house rn?

Some background: • 35(M) living in a moderately HCOL area • ~$160k saved as a down payment • no real debt other than a car payment that’s $395/month • salary is between $100k - $130k • no dependents. Only me, my gf and 2 dogs • house would be primary residence • this would be my first home purchase
I keep hearing about how high interest rates are and that it’s not an ideal time to buy. Also that the market is going to head into a recession “any day now” and that it’s better to wait. Is this valuable insight worth following? Should I wait another 6 mo - 1 year to see how the economy does or should I start speaking to lenders? Any advice would be appreciated
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2023.06.04 00:14 flyingsquirrel33 Boric Acid Works…

Long story short: Had COVID (on the 3rd day of being positive I began to have noticeable itching & discomfort down there). I had to wait to go in-person to be seen by a gynecologist or PA-C so I decided to try 7 days of Boric acid suppositories for the 1st time ever, it helped but there was still discomfort/slight itching after the 7 days. Finally Went in to get swabbed for yeast/BV. Practitioner came in and said that there was no yeast cultures or a significant amount of BV that showed up & they won’t prescribe me anything due to lack of severity. He said “continue boric acid for another 7 to 14 days. We sometimes instruct patients to take 21 days worth of those to clear yeast infections or BV without antibiotics”. So turns out it worked with helping clear whatever yeast or BV I had a week ago 🤷🏻‍♀️
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2023.06.04 00:13 huskofapuppet Rant

I hate dogs so much. I will never in a million years understand the appeal of owning them. Everything from their behaviour to the hassle of owning one is so repulsive to me. I hate the way they beg for food no matter how much you say no, the constant noise they make, the mess they'll cause around the house, their unpredictable aggression, they way they smell, their neediness, and so so much more.
Why would anyone want to deal with this? You might as well just have a child at that point, because they have a lot in common. And at least children grow out of these annoying habits, dogs don't. Nothing about dogs is worth owning them besides how cute they are. But tigers are cute but no one wants to own them. Why are dogs any different?
We live in a society where dogs are treated like gods and everyone else just has to put up with them. I just don't understand.
Also, fuck dog owners I hate them all. I don't care how many pissed off dog owners/lovers are reading this. I hate dogs.
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2023.06.04 00:13 MR_PANCAKES_gaming Ive finally decided on the date of my suicide, and this time I'll finally go through with it.

26th of June. On that day I'm going to chug as many cleaning liquids as I can to finally kill myself. I've been suffering with school for almost 6 years now, with probably over 12 suicide attempts that no one knows about. I just can't handle it anymore. Once my exams are over and the holidays start, the first day I'm home alone, I'm going to finally kill myself. I'm emotionally disconnected from everything and physically and mentally can't keep up. Suicide is now what I want and think is best. For me, I hope it's slow and painful, but I hope it works. I just don't see life as worth living anymore, and even though I know I'll burn in he'll, I'll rather do that than continue my miserable life. My facade of happiness has gone on too long. I'm getting too depressed to even leave my bed. So until the 26th, I thought I'll document my last few weeks on here, so when I die, people will have a shitty look into my last weeks. Don't know what I'll do until then. I'm not happy now, but I will be soon. Bye.
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2023.06.04 00:12 VanceCodsworth A couple from today

A couple from today
Local eatery was hosting a "British Car" meet, however the weather was less than ideal. Didn't hang around for long in the cold and wet; the rain started again shortly after I arrived, but I got a few (admittedly mediocre) pics.
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