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2023.06.07 20:32 TOXICMINDSATTHETOP All dreams have meanings, but I don't want the meaning of this nightmare.

In my life, I had a lot of unnerving nightmares like me being in a neighborhood completely alone, with no sound or cars parked somewhere; me going at home after school only to be met by a completely different house and the sound of birds chirping and the wind blowing stopping as soon as I saw it, etc. But this one. This one has left me so scarred that I still remember it as clear as day. I go to sleep at various times due to me being a phone addict, though that day I went to sleep at around 9 AM approximately.
So, let me explain the dream now. It started off with a stop-motion animation where there was a little girl (maybe 5 or 6) drawn in stickman fashion (everyone in the animation was drawn like that) standing on the road with a smile. Then, the scene shifted to a person in a coat walking quickly through the people in the sidewalk, almost like he was late for work or something. The scene shifted back to the girl, who had now crossed the road with a woman, her mom, looking at the person. She asked to her mom: "Hey Mom, why is that man walking like that?" The mother responded: "I don't know, sweetie." The man then stopped right in front of the mother and child.
He looked at them with the most emotionless face possible. The child asked him: "Hey, why are you looking at us like that?" while the mother was keeping her daughter's hand tight. The man didn't respond, and after half a minute of silence, he took something from his pockets: from the left, he took a pistol. A motherfucking pistol, yeah. From the right, he took a bottle, or at least, that's what I thought it was. He shot the mother in the head in cold blood and threw the bottle: it wasn't an ordinary one. It was a Molotov cocktail. He threw it in the middle of the road.
The little girl, panicking, shook her mother who was bleeding from the front, muttering: "Mom, why aren't you waking up?" and screamed for help. Actually, everyone was screaming for help, because the man in the coat was starting to run at people with a knife and killing them, causing havoc. The sky turned a reddish orange, and the girl was trying to run away right when she bumped into the man. He killed her by tossing her in the flames caused by the Molotov. She screamed and whined and cried, but no one could help her. She died.
Then, the animation ended and right after played something that I cannot get out of my mind anymore: some photos shifting really quickly of a real-life 5 year old girl's body burnt to a crisp. The last image was the girl's face. It wasn't ordinary, actually it was really uncanny: Her lower jaw was missing, her eyes gouged out, but the rest of the head was fine. Then, the background of the image became pitch black and the image's gamma was creaked by a lot, and now the eyes were white points looking straight into me. I cowardly stuttered: "Hey, hey! We can calm down now, I didn't do anything to you!"
Some text appeared under the image, but I can't remember exactly what it was like. It was along the lines of: "Oh, they threw me in a pit of fire and I shouldn't react like this?!". Then, the nightmare ended and I woke up. The last image was burned in my memories: I can remember it almost exactly. It has been haunting me, and I swear I saw the girl sitting in my bed last night. Today I woke up to my bed being in flames. I am losing my sanity over one nightmare. If I don't post after this, I am either in a mental asylum, or I killed myself.
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2023.06.07 20:32 neda6117 Becoming BTC maxi and leaving exchange is the best thing i've done

I got completely destroyed last year with altcoins. I made a mistake but i learned a lot that way. The thing about having them is that you're always worry about even silly things like devs leaving, something happening like hack or someone steal money because alts are all centralized.You don't know if your alts will ever make a comeback because in new bull market a lot of new and shiny alts come and the ones you had are mostl forgotten.
After HarmonyOne fiasco, sometimes i woke up in middle of the night checking if something similiar happend to my alts.Its so freaking stressful. With BTC i actually feel like i'm investing rather than gambling and honestly and stupid as it sounds i sleep so much better at night.
Also,even though i don't have cold hardware wallet, i transfered all my BTC from Binance to mobile wallet(BlockStream Green), wrote my seedphrase seperately and put it in my metal house safe😃 Its really relaxing not having to worry about particular Exchange freezing my assets or something happening to them and losing my BTC.
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2023.06.07 20:31 Questions314 The Dream Pt5

I tried my best the next night to but I forgot to clean the drink glasses for the drinks I made them. “But it’s just two glasses” I wined.
“Listen I know you are trying hard. But rules are rules” Kay said. “See you tomorrow” and as she walked up the stairs she added “and I hope that is the last I hear you question the rules” After I was done my chores I headed up to the guest room and jerked off all night to the sounds of them fucking.
For the next two weeks we followed the same pattern. Jason would come over Friday night I would make dinner while they caught up. Then after we would hang out in the living room for a while. Though they never started anything downstairs anymore. At pretty much 10pm on the dot he would tell Kay to meet him upstairs after she checked on my chores. And every night she would find something. A glass out of place, a plate put away dirty or even one time I didn’t push the chairs in correctly at the dining room table. She would explain that I hadn’t finished all my chores so I would not be allowed to join them in the bedroom. I would sulk for a bit then finish my chore and go upstairs to the guest room by myself.
During the week when Jason wasn’t here also got into a pattern. While things where somewhat normal during the day at night when Kay got horny (which was all the time recently) I would have to leave the room because I was still not allowed to she her naked. At first she will wake me up gently and ask me to leave for a few minutes so I would head to the guest room to lay down. Sometime I would return but most often I would just spend the rest of the night there. Soon through it changed to just a tap on the shoulder and I knew to leave to eventually all I needed was to hear the sound of her vibrator turning on and I would head out.
After one weekend as Jason was getting ready to leave he sat me down. “Listen you haven’t been pulling your weight with your chores.”
“Sorry sir. I am tryin…”
He cut me off. “I don’t care why. But it can’t continue. And there has to be consequences. So all this week I want your to wear panties instead of your own underwear. “ he hands me a bag of bright pink panties. “No excuses. I will know if you don’t were them. So go on put them on”
I nodded as I stood up and stripped down. As I pulled up the new pair of panties I noticed my little dick already getting hard. The felt so soft and nice I didnt think I was going to mind wearing them. Smack! “They look great on you sweetie” Kay said as she slapped my ass as she came back into the room.
This was so embarrassing. I almost cam right there.
“Thanks?” I said as I tried to quickly put the rest of my cloths back on.
“Now I’ll know if you try and cheat. You have to wear them all week understand?” Jason asked
“Yes sir” —————
And I did wear them all week. But it was only a five pack so when it got to be Friday I washed them all so I would have them all clean for when Jason came over for the weekend. As I was sitting on the couch folding Kay walked by and gave me a quick hug and we talked to a bit.
“Jason just sent a message he should be here soon”
“Ok I am done here. Let me clean this up” I took the clothes upstairs and got changed back into a pair of the panties. By the time I got back downstairs he was here and I walked into them making out on the couch. When I got close I saw Kay whisper something in his ear. And I saw his expression change.
“I left pretty clear instructions last week.”
“Yes sir. And I followed them”
“Listen I know you have a tiny dick, but I thought you were able to follow instructions. You were supposed to wear the panties all week. Jay when are you going to learn?”
“What do you mean? I wore them all week” I cried.
“Really. Kay tells me she noticed you had them all on the couch here about a hour ago. If they were all here that means you were not wearing them”
“But I was washing them…” I tried to say as I stared at Kay in shock. I thought she had my back. I did all this for her.
“No more excuses. Strip down to your panties right now and come here.” He said more sternly them I had heard before. I did as he said and walked over in just my pink panties. And by the time I got over to him I noticed I was hard.
“Oh my god! Your hard aren’t you?” Kay said. “Even with just the panties it’s difficult to tell since it’s so small. Hehe”
“Bend over” Jason commanded.
“Aaa what?” I couldn’t even finishing talked before he had me bent over with my ass in the air.
“I am in charge here. And you need to learn that”
Smack! He slapped my ass hard.
“Ouch!” I cried. “ but but sir…”
“Shut up! I told you to wear the panites for a week and you couldn’t do that. Now you will be spanked until I fill you have learned your lesson.”
Smack! Smack! Smack! “But I have si….” I tried to say. Smack! Smack! Smack! Each one hurt like hell and I tired but I could not hold back the tears. Smack! I started crying! “Please sir. I’ll do better” Smack! Smack! Now it was just crying hoping for it to end soon. My ass was on fire. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
“Don’t disobey me again.”
All I could do was whimper out an ok. As I crawled onto the couch trying to stop the tears.
Jason took Kay by the hand and walked her upstairs. Soon as I began to calm down I heard the sounds of her screams of pleasure. And my before I knew it my tiny cock was rock hard. But I was too sore to jerk off.
I woke up the next morning still on the couch and still very sore. But I heard sounds coming from the kitchen. I walked in still just wearing my panties to see Kay and Jason making breakfast.
“Hello there.” Kay said. She was wearing just a silk robe that looked amazing on her. I could almost she through it. Almost see what I used to always see. But she was covered up just enough. She walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I am sorry you had to experience that” she said. “ but I think it’s important that you know your place. Don’t you?”
“Yes.” I said with my head down.
“That’s good to hear. Please clean this up and then get ready to go out” Kay said as she left the room with Jason.
“Oh and leave the panties on.”
The rest of the day they treated me pretty well. As long as I did what I was told we had a good time. Though while we were out it did look like I was a third wheel crashing a couple on their date but I didn’t mind. I was happy to be out with them. We got home late that night and as soon as we got in the house they started making their way right up the stairs. For a second l thought I would be invited to join them. But then I saw a mug I left out from the morning. So I started back down. “We’re are you going?” Kay asked
“I didn’t finish cleaning this morning. Sorry.”
“Oh wow. I missed that. Thank you for being honest.” She said as she walked down to give me a hug. “I first I just assumed your were just doing this to make me happy. But you really enjoy this don’t you?”
“I… I don’t know. It just feels right somehow.”
“Yes it does. It feels so right having Jason’s huge cock in me.” She moaned.
“Do you think I’ll ever..”
“Ever what?” She said as she rubbed her hand over my crotch. “How did I put up with you small dick for so long?”
“Ever…” I moaned as she rubbed. “ ever get to watch you two again?”
“Haha. I thought you were going to ask if you could fuck me again. You really have changed a lot. I like that you know your place and who my pussy belongs too.” She gave me a kiss on the head. And walked back upstairs leaving me with my hard on.
I should of just gone upstairs to jerk off right then. But instead I knew to had to finish cleaning.
——— The next morning I woke up to Jason In my room. I startled awake.
“Sorry sir. Didn’t realize I slept in.” I said as I rushed to get dressed.
“No need to apologize it’s early and I have to get an early start this morning. I am going away on business for the next two weeks so I won’t be coming over. I have a task for you”
“Yes sir. What do you need” oh wow Kay was right. I really have gotten comfortable in this role.
“In this bag is a dildo replica of my cock. And I want you to use it on your wife every night. And when you do use I want you to remind her that it’s my cock in her and you could never make her feel this way.”
“Yes sir… does this mean I will get to see my wife naked?” I asked cutting him off out of excitement.
“No.” He said. “You don’t get to ask for things. Ok? You’ll also find a blindfold in there. I expect you to use it! You and your small thing you call a penis don’t get to have any choices. You do what I say and you do what Kay says. Understand?”
“Yes sir.” I said as he left the room. As soon as he was gone I took the dildo out and stripped off my clothes. I started to lick it and I feverishly rubbed my cock and cam all over the sheets. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and how horny I was. …
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2023.06.07 20:30 khoafraelich789 Used Car Guide: 1996-2010 Dodge Viper

Used Car Guide: 1996-2010 Dodge Viper
5 tips to find a first-class example of a secondhand Dodge Viper.

I’ve got a Dodge Viper problem. Despite their horrifying fuel consumption, restricted outward visibility, leg-singeing rocker panels, and an exhaust note like a hot-rod UPS truck, I’ve enjoyed driving two of these machines for the better part of 10 years and about 65,000 kilometres to date.

My first Viper was a 2000 GTS Coupe. My childhood dream car, we spent five years and about 45,000 kilometres together driving around town, going on road trips, lapping various tracks, and attending car shows and the like.

About four years ago I traded this unit in for a 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe. We’ve done about 20,000 kilometres together, partaking in a similar range of activities.

I’ve had zero mechanical problems associated with the driveline in either of my cars, and little more than the odd electronic hiccup resulting from a weak battery or wonky sensor. I’ve owned a lot of cars, and my two Vipers have been among the most reliable — second only to my 1993 Nissan 240SX.

The key success factor here is that I’ve had both units checked over fully by a qualified ‘Viper Tech’ in a dealer setting, on my dime, before purchase. In both cases, this pre-purchase checkup was worth the investment. For my first Viper, the inspection revealed thousands worth of upcoming repair- and replacement parts which helped me negotiate a much better deal; on my second car, it picked up a dead trunk-release button which the selling dealership fixed on their dime, and also confirmed that this car was in otherwise excellent shape.

To be clear: the best thing you can do before buying a used Dodge Viper is to make arrangements to have it seen by a Viper-trained technician in a dealer setting.

Still, after a decade of V-10 Mopar motoring, I’ve also come up with some additional tips to share with potential used Dodge Viper shoppers, especially those considering a vintage like mine — that is, the second- to fourth-generation cars.

Following these tips can help you enjoy a more trouble-free driving experience and avert potential headaches or surprises with your new toy.

Door hinges

I’ve found the door hinges in both of my Vipers to be quite fussy, and I’m not alone.

In my 2000 GTS, the doors seemed to sag with repeated use over time. The driver’s door hinge eventually needed to be readjusted multiple times to prevent the door from striking the body when closing. The out-of-alignment door hinge also caused damage to the weather seals around the door, resulting in a small water leak.

The hinge can be loosened, adjusted, and fastened back into place, but the process is frustrating and somewhat complicated if you’re not the most mechanically-inclined (like me). Professional help may be the best course of action if the Viper you’re considering seems to be suffering from saggy doors; it’s not a difficult job for someone who knows what they’re doing.

My 2008 Viper SRT-10 is exhibiting similar symptoms this year. The driver’s door has begun emitting a loud creak when opening fully (or closing), and lubrication of the hinge hasn’t helped. The door is rubbing somewhere, and the hinge needs to be readjusted.

Note that leaving this issue unchecked can cause collateral damage to the weather seals (pricey) and window glass (pricier), so you’ll want to address it as soon as you notice any warning signs.

These warnings include doors that seem to stick during some portion of their movement, doors that don’t close properly with a light push, doors that fail to engage the striker properly or even bounce back open, doors that require slamming to latch shut, or any used Viper whose door-mounted weather seals are cracked, ripped, or otherwise visibly damaged.

In sum: be sure the doors open, close and latch without undue force or noise, and that all weather seals are intact and in solid shape.

Powertrain stresses
To prevent undue wrenching of the door hinge, I always start the engine after the doors are closed.

Firing up the Viper’s big V-10 twists the car back and forth (it’s all that torque), but can also wrench on the heavy doors and their small hinges, which seems to shift things out place in quick order. With the doors closed at engine startup, this excessive wrenching of the hinges is prevented.

Fun fact: during a tour of the Dodge Viper factory, one long-time Viper craftsman told me that the original hinge design was intended to be steel (stronger), though the engineers pushed for a lighter aluminum hinge (softer). In the day, he figured this might cause problems for some owners, and it turns out he was right.

“The fifth-generation cars use a different hinge, and the doors are much lighter, since they’re made from an aluminum film that’s shaped by air in a mould” he said.

Wheel alignment

Dodge Vipers have, I figure, a somewhat unfounded reputation for dodgy handling and being difficult to control. In my opinion, these problems are mainly driver-related (not car-related), but that’s a topic for a different story.

Of course, the Viper’s steam-roller tires do try and follow every nook, cranny, and tar-strip on the road, which means the car often seems to be squirming and shuffling even as you drive along in a straight line.

Still, don’t underestimate the difference that a proper wheel alignment can make. I recently had one performed in a dealer setting on my 2008 for the first time, and the difference in handling, stability, and response while steering and braking were notable — especially in terms of reduced workload at the wheel. It’s easy to assume ‘this is just how Vipers handle’, though a fresh alignment instantly made my 2008 feel more precise, more responsive, and less labor-intensive to drive on the highway.

In my case, the difference was night-and-day. As an added bonus, proper alignment means that the (very pricey) tires won’t wear as quickly.

Power windows

The power windows on both of my Vipers were finicky and fussy. Compared to most cars, I found the power windows in both of my Vipers to feel and sound harsh when in use. They’ve also been the cause of various headaches, especially in my 2008.

This Viper has a feature called window indexing, a fancy way of saying that the window drops a half-inch or so when the door handle is pressed, allowing it to clear the body of the car and for the door to open and close more easily.

The indexing function on the passenger side window failed one day, meaning that opening the passenger door meant catching the upper ‘corner’ of the glass inside of the opening, contacting it and wearing down the finish. Closing the passenger door likewise resulted in contact of the window against the body in the same spot.

This can all result in wear to the vehicle’s paint, a noisier drive, and an increased likelihood of damaging the Viper’s finicky and sometimes-fragile power window hardware because of an unintended impact.

On your test drive, note that one, both, or none of the power windows may be suffering this problem, and that the problem may be sporadic in nature. I can’t offer a fix that’s worked reliably for me, though disconnecting and reconnecting the battery does typically fix the issue for a time.

On your test drive, confirm that both power windows work as expected, and be sure to carefully inspect the outer edge of the upper door opening above the window itself for signs of marking, paint damage, or scuffing that indicate contact.

Cooling system and overheating

Some owners have reported overheating of their Viper, especially in situations with high ambient temperatures, and during sustained periods of heavy-throttle driving, such as in a motorsports setting. Other owners have reported random engine overheating as a possibility from time to time, with a temperature gauge that may suddenly push towards the dangerous red zone on the coolant gauge randomly, and without warning. Many other owners have experienced no overheating issues from their Vipers.

Several factors may contribute to a Viper’s engine overheating, as well as inconsistent or seemingly random coolant-temperature fluctuations.

To protect yourself and avoid surprises, start with a pre-purchase inspection that includes the used Viper’s cooling system, including the coolant level and condition, an inspection of the water pump and surrounding area (for leaks), all hoses, the thermostat, the cooling fan(s) and associated wiring and relays, and the radiator itself.

Have a professional inspect both the engine oil and engine coolant for signs of cross-contamination, which could indicate a head-gasket problem.

On your test drive, take note of the coolant temperature gauge at various points. The needle should settle somewhere around the middle of the gauge and stay there, perhaps creeping up slightly over the halfway mark on hotter days. If the gauge suddenly climbs towards the red zone for no apparent reason, the vehicle you’re considering should be seen by a professional before you buy.

In this application, an overheating engine can be the result of a simple problem like an air bubble in the cooling system, or a serious one like a failing head gasket. You’ll want to know before you buy.

Run the Viper’s heater on your test-drive, too. If functioning properly, the heater will have no trouble pushing a lot of hot air into the Viper’s cabin once the engine is warmed up. If that’s not the case, or if the heat suddenly seems to disappear, have the system checked professionally. Some owners have successfully fixed problems by ‘burping’ air bubbles out of the cooling system. Ask a professional if you’re not sure how.

Driveline clunks

The Viper’s driveline is not a pinnacle of refinement, and certain noises and vibrations are more prominent than you may be used to. The question is which of these are normal, and which are cause for concern?

When checking out the user Viper you’re considering, quiet the cabin and listen for a few specific sounds in a few specific situations to prevent unwanted surprises.

First, place the vehicle in neutral with the engine running at idle and the clutch pedal pressed fully. Slowly release the clutch pedal, listening closely for any sign of a scraping, whirring, or grinding sound as the clutch is released. If you hear such a sound, press the clutch pedal in again to see if it goes away. The sound may seem to be coming through the floor near the driver’s feet. This sound can indicate a worn throw-out bearing, a part usually changed with the clutch.

I’ve noticed this sound on both of my Vipers. In both cases, it’s remedied by replacing the clutch, which includes a new bearing. You can drive your Viper while it’s making this noise, but if the bearing or associated hardware eventually fails, your clutch may become unusable.

You’ll also want to be on the lookout for unwanted sounds from the rear differential. The oil in this component needs to be changed regularly with a specific gear oil and a precise amount of friction-modifying additive. Using the wrong type or amount of gear oil or friction modifier can result in unfavourable consequences, including rear-axle noise. If your rear-axle oil isn’t serviced regularly by someone who knows what they’re doing, you’ll likely be hearing from your Viper’s rear end.

When driving a Viper, the differential sits just behind and beneath the driver. Though some whirring and light clunking from time to time is largely considered normal, any binding, whining, or heavy clunks — especially at low speed — can be signs of trouble.

Final Thought
These tips are designed to help test-driving shoppers more easily identify possible trouble areas reported by some owners. An attentive test-drive and shopping process that focuses on the areas above can help you find a first-class example of a secondhand 1996-2010 Dodge Viper.

Source: driving ca
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2023.06.07 20:29 Dak1on The Princess and the Human, Book 2 Ch. 1

Book 1 - Wiki

31st day after my arrival

Dear Diary,

it is now going by Earth’s calendar, I now would’ve spent an entire month on Hohmiy. Although the days here are slightly longer, so I guess it’s actually a bit more than that. Either way, it certainly was an eventful month “month”. Over the last “week”, things have finally calmed down a bit. The princess Sil has recovered enough to get back to work, even if not at full capacity. She also can’t stand for long yet, but considering she almost died
She also started to prepare delegations to the other species to see if any of them met the rest of the colony. They will depart soon. I’m not sure if I should hope for or fear getting an answer. I want nothing more than to hear that the rest is alright, but what if they are all that’s not the only reply that could come back. Either way, it will take a while.
I swear if I hear the phrase “word travels slowly beyond the hyperlanes” one more time, I’m gonna lose it.

Today in the evening is the trial. Which also means it is time for me to step out of the shadows. Honestly, my heart hasn’t calmed down at all yet. Thankfully, longer days also mean longer nights, otherwise, I wouldn’t nearly have gotten enough sleep. My speech is ready, and both Doc and the Baron did their best to prepare me. I know it word by word. All that’s left is to not embarrass myself and Sil while literally the entire planet is watching me. No biggie. Part of me wants to ask if not broadcasting everything is an option, at least not live. I know it is not, but still. At least I don’t have to be near anybody, and Osiyn promised he would finish the protective suit today, so that will probably also help.
To think that this shady guy from the Tystrie had so many spies on the planet… good thing they managed to decrypt his datapad. Captain Kessga has been able to discreetly arrest most of them without it being made public.
For their trial itself, it’s more or less a clean case. And once the opener is done, I won’t have to do anything except keep my rage down when I see the ambassador. Honestly, I didn’t even know I could get this angry. In hindsight, it is scary. But I have to keep it down, I must be better than that.


The sun rose over the walls of the Sky Palace as Queen Mirvani started her day. Today, it would be her turn again to visit Kiyrtin at the hospital, something she was looking forward to. She knew that she and her partner, King Kiyrta, would get informed immediately should his condition take a turn for the worse, but it still was a relief each time she saw him being fine. Well, as fine as he could be given the circumstances. He was still a nursing case until his first molting, and if the doctor’s estimates were correct, he would be on the verge of adulthood by the time he made a full recovery. She was still seething from anger whenever she thought about it. This First Ones-dammed saliyc had almost killed her precious son and robbed him of his childhood in the process, and for nothing else than his stupid company. And while she could find some satisfaction in the knowledge that she had brought him to justice, that didn’t change his situation.
She shook her head and entered the audience hall, which was currently fairly empty. Only the King and the palace’s steward were here for now.
“… and for the rest, he can just ask Rigiy. You know, the one who always does this weird thing when she talks, like-“
“I assume you are talking about Duchess Rigiyrion of clan Jarion?” the steward was quick to interpret the king’s words. “Who has a birth defect that sometimes causes her throat to act up, slightly impairing her speech pattern?”
Kiyrta tilted his head.
“Ah, is that’s how it’s called? I mean the thing Sil often did as a kid, especially when she was angry, that was really adorable. It at least sounds similar to what Rigiy does, it’s of course not really adorable when an adult does it. And she’s just doing it randomly, not just when she’s angry, so it can get a bit weird.”
For a tigg, Mirvani thought she could see the steward wincing, though she probably just imagined that. After all, why should he?
“You Majesty, I’m sure you have a lot else to do, how about I formulate the answer and you just sign it?”
Good to see that his job is not just a mere duty to him, the queen mentally noted the steward’s eagerness as she went over to her partner, who merely shrugged and dismissed him.
“Unification Day?”
Kiyrta nodded at his partner’s assumption.
“You’d think they would know what to do for something that happens every cycle. Did you hear anything new from the building yard?”
“Yes, “We apologize for the delay; the plans should be finished in a few days”. They apparently had to reschedule because of an unexpected shortage of manpower.”
Adjusting her yellow cape, she sat down.
“And still no news about Sil finally finding a partner? Or at least that she's looking for one?”
The king just shook his head. Then, he started to chuckle.
“You know, maybe we should give her the throne a bit sooner to motivate her! Even she can’t rule the planet alone.”
“She would try anyway!” Mirvani joined him in his laughter. “But jokes aside, we’re not that old yet. Maybe in five cycles, we can do that. Though we should have at least a grandchild when-“
A frantic knocking at the door interrupted her, and upon being called in, a stressed-looking servant hurried to the king and queen.
“Y-your Majesties! We received an urgent message from the Star Palace!”
“What happened?”
“Um,” the servant fidgeted slightly. “Before I can relay the message, and I’m quoting Her Highness, Princess Silgvani on this: "Make both, my father and my mother, promise to listen to the end before they do anything". Again, her orders.”
Kiyrta cocked his head and looked at his partner.
“Why does she always do that?”
“No idea. Anyway, I promise.”
“Me too.”
The servant nodded.
“Okay, then: There was an attempt on Her Highness’s life. She was poisoned, but-“
“WHAT?!” both screamed in unison.
“Sh-she survived.” the servant hurriedly reassured them.
“Who did it?!” the king demanded. “Are the suspects?!”
“How did it occur?!” the queen added.
“Th-the culprit was already caught.”
“Then have them brought here immediately, prepare the trial ASAP!”
“I-I quote Her Highness again: ”Since you entirely relinquished all authority relating to foreign matters to me, due to the specific circumstances of this case, I outrank you in this. Since I myself was the wronged party, by the laws of our ancestors, you do not qualify to hold the trial. As the highest authority on Hohmiy in all foreign matters, I hereby invoke the rule of impossibility for a judge of higher rank, and declare myself judge in this matter”.”
The two went silent for a moment until the king spoke again.
“But… has she already recovered enough for that?”
“By her own testimony, yes. The trial will start in one inva. And yes, it will be broadcasted live.”
Mirvani nodded.
“Cancel all of our appointments for today,” she ordered the servant and activated the big screen at the end of the audience hall.
Once the news got out, the palace was in turmoil. Accidents and endangerments born from incompetency were one thing. But an active assassination attempt on the royal family, that had never happened during the lifetime of anyone still alive today.
Finally, the broadcast started. Mirvani could see her daughter on the screen, and she couldn’t help but notice how weak she looked. But her expression was one of pure determination. Across from her, cuffed to a chair, sat a Tystrie, a matriarch judging by the size. Could it be…
“The trial in the case of Kykla, ambassador of planet Eroas and representative of the Tystrie, is hereby open,” she could hear her daughter's voice from the speakers. “As there is more than one wronged party, the word is first with the one wronged last, as it is our tradition.”
More than one? What was she talking about? The massage hadn’t said anything about that.
“Who is that?” Kiyrta inquired as a strange creature came into the picture, bowing before Silgvani before turning to the audience. “Or what?”
Mirvani could only agree. If it was an alien, she had never seen it before. It didn’t even look close to any of the species in the alliance. A pale body with neither skin nor fur, except for one rather large patch on its head, so long it almost reached her hips. The face had a reddish hue, with eyes that shimmered blue in the light of the headlamps. Its body was quite small with a delicate frame, which made it difficult to believe that such a frail species could even survive until reaching civilization. The clothes it wore were rather excessive; a white… something covered almost its entire body from the neck down, but as this was seemingly not enough for it, it also wore a green top and a blue skirt over it, the latter being similar in style to the fashion of Hohmiy's nobility.
It didn’t speak at first. Instead, its hands rose to its neck, and almost demonstratively slowly, it took off its translator.
“I am Nadine Valentina Esmeralda Anastasia von Klot of House Haydenfeldt, ambassador of planet Earth and representative of the humans,” it said in a soft voice. Its accent was quite notable, but besides that, it surprisingly spoke perfect Vanaery. Few people bothered learning the language of another species, as it took a good portion of one’s life to master it. And before mastering it, translators were more reliable, even if they weren’t perfect. And what definitely never happened was a noble learning another language, they would at best fund it for one of their servants. And all that was assuming it was a language they could physically speak.
“For the sake of a more fluid procedure, I hereby declare that humanity relinquishes its right of persecution to the Vanaery for this case only.”


The day before

“Are you sure you don’t want to persecute her yourself as well?” Silgvani asked as the small alien rehearsed her speech for a final time, her gloved hands holding the notes shaking in nervousness. “You would have any right to do so.”
“Not by our laws,” Nadine refuted, “And I really don’t want to do something that could cause issues later on. Calling myself the ambassador of humanity is already more than stretching it.”
“You literally represent every human known to the Vanaery,” the princess shrugged.
“Sil, we both know that that’s a technicality and that I don’t have any real power. I get that I have to say it so this doesn’t turn into a massive political clusterfuck, but anything beyond that could mean serious trouble at some point. Besides, it’s not like it would change anything. I mean, is there any way this will end without you ordering her execution?”
“Well, we have to inform her home planet about the verdict and they could theoretically appeal it, but considering how clear-cut the case is I doubt they will.”
“Then it makes no difference.”
After a short knock on the door, Mhita entered with a box in her hands.
“Lady Nadine, a package arrived for you.”
With a thankful nod, the small alien took the box and left for the adjacent room.
“What the hell?!” she suddenly shouted from behind the door.
“Did something happen?”
“Look at this!”
Nadine re-entered, her face having taken on a more reddish color – “blushing”, as Silgvani now knew it was called. Instead of just being long-sleeved gloves, her new protective suit covered everything from the neck down. It was a single piece with no visible seams, even the gloves weren’t separate. The only things not covered were her face and feet. This would hopefully alleviate her fear of touching someone. Her reaction was strange though.
“What is the problem? Isn’t this exactly what you ordered? Covering everything, white so it can be easily combined with other articles of clothing, and a bit tighter fitting so you can wear other things over it.”
Nadine’s expression on the princess's statement was one of complete bewilderment.
“There is a difference between “a bit tighter fitting” and a FREAKIN’ SPANDEX!”
“A what?”
“I can’t wear this! This is worse than being naked!”
Silgvani tilted her head in confusion.
“… how so? I get that your kind has a different attitude to clothing than we have, but I really don’t see the issue here.”
“B-but… I…”
“Look, if it is that bad, no one forces you to wear it. You could just wear your normal clothes, but considering what happened, I also understand that you don’t want to risk your sweat getting on someone. There is no established connection yet, so no one will judge you for your clothes, but you not making an appearance today is sadly no longer an option. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable, but if you want a protective suit, that’s the only one we have. And as I said, it was designed with you wearing something else over it in mind anyway.”
For a while, it seemed like Nadine wanted to say something, but in the end, she sighed.
“Please promise me that no human will ever see the recording of this trial. At least not the part where I am visible.”
“If it is important to you, that can be arranged.”


Githaiy gave Nadine a nod as the small alien sat down next to her and visibly deflated before putting on her translator again.
“It was good,” she reassured her. “Your pronunciation could still use some work, but each word was correct. Even for a rehearsed speech, it was impressive considering how little time you had.”
Nadine just nodded and turned her gaze back to the center of the hall, where a vassal started to announce the accusation.
“On the 87th day of the cycle, the defendant coerced the maid Kaiyla, who at the time was temporarily stationed at the Star Palace, to administer Her Highness, Princess Silgvani, a lethal dose of calcium that would have killed her had it not been for the immediate and heroic actions of Lady Nadine of the Humans. The defendant then had Kaiyla killed, making it look like suicide to blame the crime entirely on her. On the 90th day of the cycle, when Lady Nadine uncovered the ruse, the defendant used a network of spies within our own people - which is currently being dealt with - to administer her the highly restricted and dangerous neurotoxin ethanol, which she only survived due to her unique physique which the defendant had no knowledge of. The defendant finally attempted to blame Githaiy of clan Trocu, royal physician at the Star Palace, for the deed.”
Nervous muttering could be heard among the audience, even more than after Nadine’s speech. Both Githaiy and the princess had agreed to not put emphasis on the doctor’s role in saving the princess’s life, one because it was her job, and two because all of this had the secondary purpose of giving Nadine a good image right from the get-go. Therefore, they made sure to highlight Nadine’s feats during the accusation.
Once the princess raised her voice, the muttering quickly died down.
“Kykla, ambassador of planet Eroas and representative of the Tytrie. You are accused of attempted regicide, attempted homicide, murder of a commoner, conspiring, and defamation in multiple cases. What do you have to say?”
The ambassador cocked her head in a way that looked almost mockingly.
“I was just following orders! The high council were the ones who decided that Princess Silgvani needed to be removed, all I did was in service of my people, as all of you would have done for your own!”
She made a dramatic pause in which the entire hall fell absolutely silent.
“Is that what you want to hear from me? That’s what you hope I would say, give you a reason to punish all of my kind for the acts of one individuum, right?”
“I “hope” that you just make your statement already,” the princess answered with a sinister voice.
“What is there to state? Your servant already said everything. I did as is written in the accusation, and I did so on my own accord. No one on Eroas knew I would do that, I myself made the decision only after arriving here. A decision that almost got me killed thanks to that thing over there. My only accomplices were Qeylo, if whatever your little monster left of him can still be identified, and whoever on this planet worked for him. I never met any of his “friends” as he called them, but you seem to have that topic already covered anyway.”
With that, she leaned back in her chair, making it clear that she had said her piece. The rest of the trial was standard procedure, some guards and servants gave their statements, and Githaiy explained a bit about the poisons and their effects until it was time for the verdict.
“Kykla of the Tystrie. For your crimes, I hereby sentence you to death. The sentence will be put on hold and you will be imprisoned until the high council of Eroas confirms the verdict. By the First Ones, I, Silgvani of clan Kiyron, princess of the Vanaery, have spoken.”
Outraged chatter filled the hall as the audience left, while Nadine and Githaiy rushed over to the princess.
“Your Highness, how are you feeling?”
“I’ll manage. But I should go to rest.”
As they escorted the princess to her private chambers, they noticed some servants muttering hastily.
“Is there an issue?” she asked, as always not being able to leave it to others.
“N-no, your highness,” one of them quickly assured her. “There was a short power outage at the start of the trial, and we’re currently trying to find out how it happened. But you don’t need to worry, your highness. It was just for a few tiggs, and we managed to get the broadcast up again immediately.”
“So, everyone saw the verdict?”
“Yes, I can guarantee that.”
“Alright then. Carry on.”
Finally, they reached the chambers and Silgvani sank into her chair with an exhausted groan.
“What happens next?” Nadine wanted to know.
“Now we send a delegation to Eroas to tell them what happened. Since Kykla is not a citizen and a representative, her own people must confirm the verdict before we can enact it. But as I said, with all the evidence and her own confession, they won’t try to appeal it. It’s just a formality at this point, but considering the travel time and the fact that they will likely be in turmoil when they hear it, it can take up to thirty days until we have the confirmation. We likely won’t hear from them till then since word tra-“
“Travels slow beyond the hyperlanes, I know.”

Since there are quite a number of names in the story by now, I wrote a glossary into the wiki where you can read up on the different species and characters. It’s still a WIP, but I hope it helps still. I can’t expect you to remember everything after all.
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2023.06.07 20:27 yugosaki You really can't kill a toyota engine

Last night I was driving my aw11 from one city to another. I was at about the 3 hour mark of constant 4000RPM 120KPH, when suddenly it started getting louder. Not quite knocking, but started sounding like a diesel engine. I backed off the throttle and took it out of gear for just a moment and it died immediately. I coasted it off the road and had a look at it. It was dark and I couldn't see much, but everything LOOKED ok, so I tried to start it. Heard metal on metal screeching. Nope. Called for a tow.

Today in the daylight I had a look at it - no oil. Oil drain was gone. God damn it.
Threw some marvel oil down the cylinders, threw a new drain plug and new oil in it - the sonofabitch starts and idles. No knocking either.
It may be burning oil - I can't tell yet because it might just be burning off whats in the cylinders. I'll have to do some testing over the weekend. Im thinking worst case scenario I need to re-ring the pistons, but good lord these things are tough.
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2023.06.07 20:27 ArchiveSlave Commander's Rounds Gaiden Entry 116.5: A Royal Prerogative

(All my stuff is here)
Princess Royal looked at the timetable that the commander had passed on to the ex-rebel Kansen from the office of the Royal Prime Minister. As far as these things went, it wouldn’t be too many more months before the new base in the Western Mediterranean would be brought on line, and they would be leaving Azur Lane’s Pacific HQ for a new assignment involving keeping watch on the Suez Canal and the Dardanelles. She would be glad to shed the maid outfit she had been forced to wear for these months, and, well, there was someone who was also excited.
“Haha, looks like she’s done it- A real base all to ourselves.” Florida smiled as she walked along the edge of a fountain in the main square. “No more hiding in some river junction, lots of actual support this time, and, most importantly of all?” She looked right at Princess Royal with a smile. “All the gorgeous Atlantic Kansen you can look at. They should be calling it a vacation, not a redeployment!”
Princess Royal huffed. “I shouldn’t have to remind you that we’re being sent there to look after two of the world’s most important waterways. There will be little time for the festival of ogling that you will want to enmesh yourself in as soon as you arrive. Even if we’re not covering an ocean, there’s still going to be plenty of work for us to do when we get there and afterwards.”
Florida giggled. “Hey now, don’t rain on my parade. I’d tell you to take that stick out of your ass, but you’re probably too afraid of liking it to put one in there.”
The battlecruiser’s eyebrow twitched. “Would you mind spouting such things in another time and place?”
The battleship put on a sly grin. “Oh, right… You prefer Tiger to do that kind of thing, I guess.”
Princess Royal blushed and gave Florida a furtive, covert nudge, just enough of one to make it look like the dreadnought battleship just naturally lost her balance. Florida toppled back into the water with a splash, and as Princess Royal left, she heard the battleship shout “Joke’s on you, I’m into this!”
Princess Royal sighed a little. Some of these other ships were utterly incorrigible. Were they not taught manners? Did their country even have any to begin with? Did they used to have them and give them up as too much of a bother?
Those would be questions for later as she went to clean up Yuubari’s lab, an assignment that perpetually annoyed her due to the wide variety of… substances… That could end up being spilled there. She was never quite sure what they were even working on in there, and she never really felt compelled to ask, either from within or without.
Once she was inside, she saw that Delaware and Dr. Anzeel were talking with each other.
“I don’t think any of us questioned human genius.” Delaware began. “…However, we did have something to say about how it was applied, especially since humans seemed to think that we inherently owed them something for forcing us into existence.”
Dr. Anzeel nodded. “Well, some might say that what you just said is a fancy way of saying “I didn’t ask to be born!” Or something like that, but you didn’t exactly give us much time to make amends.”
“I think that we believed at the start that giving humans a chance to make amends would mean giving them another chance to betray us.” Delaware looked Dr. Anzeel right in the eyes. “And given what happened to you, I would hope you could understand.”
“Perhaps.” Dr. Anzeel replied, and then smiled. “But here I am, aren’t I? But the fact of the matter is, even if I despised humanity, I still have work to do for my girls. If the Sirens gain full control, humans aren’t the only ones who are going to suffer. After talking to the others, the world the Sirens want is one dominated by a war without end. It’s… The kind of world where Enterprise would suffer most, to say nothing of those other girls who want to enjoy this world that they’ve been born into.”
Princess Royal listened as she continued cleaning up, and Delaware still had more to say. “So you still believe that there is a world worth expending your efforts for?”
“What was done to me and was done to you long ago was done by some people who allowed themselves to be corrupted by power.” She said. “But for most people, and I think most Kansen, the most they want to do is live their lives. Humans want to be able to go to the beach again without worrying about black ships turning up on the horizon, I would say. And I think that you and the others would like to be left alone without thinking that anyone was coming to get you.”
“Perhaps.” She shrugged. “Still, we do have to do our penance, it seems, and thankfully it’s being administered by someone we trust. Besides, our new assignment will leave me with plenty of opportunities to show my own worth. The defenses of the Dardanelles and Suez Canal are atrocious, and since I’ll have a proper lab and proper resources, I’ll make sure that even Poseidon wouldn’t be able to force the straits.”
Dr. Anzeel started putting some of her equipment away. “You sound confident.”
Delaware replied. “It’s the paradox of military matters. You can’t have success without confidence, and you can’t necessarily have confidence without success. Anyway, I’ve got my own work to do, so I will be leaving.”
After Delaware left, Dr. Anzeel took a look at Princess Royal. “Ah, hello there. Sorry I didn’t see you before, I was talking with your colleague.”
Princess Royal hmphed. “I feel like I should be taking umbrage at the implication that I was beneath your notice before I came in to clean. I can only hope there’s nothing too exotic to mop up.”
“Nothing out of the ordinary this time.” She said. “Purifier wasn’t messing with her booster fuel this time, so you don’t have to worry about your water catching on fire.”
“I will believe that this is a distinct possibility.” She said, and got to work. “Doctor, we kansen who followed Erin meant to live free, but became paranoid about losing our liberty to the point where we launched ourselves into battle all the same. But now you say you wish for us to be able to contemplate things other than the battles we were made for?”
“If you would like.” The doctor said. “Has there been something on your mind?”
“Of course, my mind is not empty of musings.” She said. “Rather, it’s about…”
“Princess Royal is always troubled by something.” Said Tiger as she came down into the lab. “Matters great and small, but I think she would be better off if she was willing to accept the kind of relief that others, like me, can give.”
Princess Royal huffed. “Now, what is it that has brought you down here, Tiger? Surely you have some other purpose here than teasing me.”
“Hardly.” She said, giving Princess Royal a hug from behind, causing the other battlecruiser to squirm indignantly. “I just haven’t seen you all day. Or really much of yesterday either, and I was wondering if something had befallen you. Especially since you know that you can just leave it to me to make everything feel good again.”
The Royal battlecruiser pouted as she was released by her larger companion, and sighed. “Do not think I am unaware of your potential methods, but for now I am busy. I have no doubt we will run into each other when the day is done- you seem to have a knack for popping into my life.”
“Of course~” She also took a look at Dr. Anzeel. “And there’s our lovely doctor, too. But I suppose I’ll just leave the two of you to talk for now- I was just making sure our princess hadn’t managed to over-grump herself and pull something.”
And then Tiger left without a care in the world.
Dr. Anzeel talked immediately. “I haven’t known her for long, but would you say that she’s always like this?”
Princess Royal sighed. “Well, if it’s something you must know, she is, indeed, like this most of the time. She can’t help teasing others with her words and body, and she is utterly relentless about it. It’s almost mystifying that there can be one so openly lascivious in our Royal Navy. Duke of York excepted, naturally.”
Dr. Anzeel held her tongue. Though she hadn’t met Implacable personally, she had heard some stories. “It is surprising, I must admit. The most you usually get from a royal is some kind of playful teasing, as I’ve seen it. I can see why it exasperates you.”
Princess Royal hmphed. “I’m only deigning to speak to you on this matter because, among all of the humans here, you are the one who most knows what it’s like to be very suddenly betrayed, so we have some small measure of common ground. Frankly, I am confused as to why you even shoes to work for this commander in the first place.”
“Considering that I was taken away from Enterprise and the others by the military, yes, I don’t have any love for soldiers. I still don’t, in fact. The commander has made some promises, of course, but it won’t be until the end of the war that they’re fulfilled or not.” She finished putting away some lab instruments. “However, the commander lets me be with my girls without any restrictions or conditions, plus he gave me the choice in the first place. Even if I don’t completely trust him yet, I don’t fully believe he’ll disappoint me either.” She smiled. “I guess you could say I’m helping him win because I’m interested in seeing his true colors.”
Princess Royal threw up her hands. “I guess that’s how it’s going to be, then. I shall not witness it, however, as it seems that in a few months at most I and the rest of our band are being shipped off to the Mediterranean to overlook the Dardanelles and Suez and provide some sort of extra comfort to the people of the Hellenic Republic by our presence. I haven’t the slightest idea what we might actually do other than sunbathe and listen to the seabirds, but Iron Duke seems to see it as important.”
“It’s better than being a prisoner, though, isn’t it?”
“Infinitely.” Princess Royal said. “…But now I shall have to continue to work with that enthusiastic strumpet at all times and at all places. While normally I would relish showing humans what it truly means to master the waves, I have also been given time to contemplate things, and I have certain feelings that I find difficult to admit, but I feel as though I will burst if I do not.”
Dr. Anzeel started some coffee. “It has something to do with Tiger, doesn’t it?”
Princess Royal put on a blush. “What it’s about has nothing to do with you, all that matters is that there is a matter in the first place.”
“I see.” She said. “…You know, your highness, I never had the chance to say goodbye to Enterprise or the others before they took me away, so if there’s something you want to clear up, the best time is always now. And if you can’t do it now, you should do it as quickly as you can.”
“I do have some more cleaning to do.” She went on. “First here, and then in that commander’s house. It seems odd, but I guess I shall have to set some time in order to clear the air, won’t I?”
“You know, you could just tell me that this is about Tiger.” She said.
“Urgh.” Went Princess Royal. “Fine, it has to do with Tiger. I’ve been playing too nice with her, and I believe it’s long past time for me to tell her exactly what I think of her and her various and persistent provocations. It’s not something I mean to put off any longer- By this evening at the latest she shall know exactly what is on my mind and she’s going to have to deal with it.”
Dr. Anzeel nodded. “Sounds like she’s in for a surprise.” Dr. Anzeel began pouring a cup for herself. “Want some coffee?”
Princess Royal paused. “Though I won’t go so far as to curse it as “bitter bean broth” like Settsu does, I am, and shall always remain, entirely a tea person.”
Dr. Anzeel smiled. “Can’t say I didn’t ask.”
Princess Royal decided that the best way to tell Tiger what she had in mind was to be somewhere that no one could hear them, at a time when most people decided to mind their own business. She ask one particular lavender-haired Royal destroyer what the best place to tell someone something personal and private was, and she got the response of “Under a legendary tree, or on a rooftop.”
And since she didn’t know of any legendary trees on the premises, she opted for the rooftop of the guest housing. She stood there, finishing up at least two cups of tea as she waited for Tiger to show herself.
It was right after Tiger arrived that she spoke first. “Ooooh, I guess you have something special to tell me this time.”
Princess Royal stopped dead in her tracks. “How would you figure such a thing?”
“Easy enough, I would say.” She said. “You don’t often go out of your way to pay me a social call- most of the time we just seem to end up together by some circumstance or another, each and every time. Not that I mind, of course. I’ve never minded having you around to play with~”
“And that is precisely the thing that the two of us need to talk about this very instant. After all, news has come to me that we’re going to be having a proper base of our own not long from now in military terms, so I thought it would be the right and proper time to clear the air before we have to start working together in real earnest.” She stood up straight. “Miss Tiger, I am going to be complete with you this instant so that there is not even the slightest bit of confusion later on.”
Tiger put on a wide smile, her orange eyes seeming to brighten. “Oh? Well, let’s just hear it. After all, I’m the only one here, so your little secrets are safe with me~”
Princess Royal huffed. “Miss Tiger, you, and I mean this completely, are an uncouth harlot who can hardly open your mouth without letting loose a tide of unrestrained innuendo. Half of your speech and mannerisms seem to be guided by the thirsts of your impossibly needy loins at all times on all days, and it is only by some great providence or miracle that you have not yet driven me insensible.” Princess Royal turned her head to the side. “…However, at the same time, I also wish to kiss you.”
This was the first time that Tiger seemed even slightly taken aback by something she said, but Tiger regained her smile quickly enough. The battlecruiser had a small chuckle. “Oh ho? Now, this is quite a development. Go on, though you probably meant to.”
Princess Royal pouted. “…As maddening as you are, I have also contemplated what it might be like if you were gone, for one reason or another, and as much there are times when you make me wish to shout or make some other indication of my displeasure. I do not believe that I would be well if you were to be out of my life. Everything would feel wrong and bland if you were to be forever absent, and since it seems I cannot do without you…” She looked Tiger right in the eyes. “…The least I can do is be with you for as long as this all lasts.”
There was a moment of silence, and then Tiger said something. “Those are a bunch of pretty words, well suited to coming from a pretty mouth. But… I wonder what you plan to actually do, hm?”
Princess Royal blushed a little. “Now, what do you mean?”
“Poetry is just vanity on its own, darling~” She began. “You can talk and talk all you like, but…” The battlecruiser walked towards Princess Royal with a sway of her hips. “But you’ve known me for some time when we’ve both been like this, and I want to know if you’re willing to say with your hands what you’ll say with your words. Both of us are deathly tired of speeches…” She put her hand under Princess Royal’s chin and tilted her head up slightly. “…I love that you never do things by half-measures, but if you want to have me, then you can’t merely tell me, you’ll have to take me. So, Princess Royal, will you do this, or suddenly become shy and retire at the last and crucial moment? Show me~”
Princess Royal shuddered as she was forced to look right into Tiger’s enchanting orange eyes. The tall, buxom beauty was a physical marvel- Princess Royal had to admit that to herself. But she was being given a chance to finally have one over on the woman, so she took it. She seized Tiger by her coat and tugged her forward, planting her own lips on the battlecruiser’s, and not just for something quick- she was in it for the duration to kiss Tiger as long as she could stand.
As it turned out, Tiger could stand quite a bit, and it was a long time until the pair separated.
After they separated, Tiger touched her forehead to Princess Royal’s, and put her arms around the shorter girl’s shoulders. “Heh… Of all the cute girls I could find, I found the one who just finds it so hard to say “I love you”. Well, we’ll just have to fix that, won’t we?”
Princess Royal blushed and pouted. “Hmph. All I can really hope is that some good behavior might rub off on you over time.”
Tiger chuckled. “Darling… That’s going to take a whole lot of rubbing. And what if I don’t change the way you want me to, hm? What will you do then, if this Tiger doesn’t change her stripes.”
Princess Royal’s pout disappeared, but her blush stayed. “…I wouldn’t recognize you if you were too different, and I believe the Tiger I feel this way about is the one right in front of me. If it is so beyond you to change, then don’t. This is how I will have you, whether you make yourself a little more presentable or not.”
The voluptuous battlecruiser giggled. “…Well, why don’t we stay overnight to see how we get along in private. My bed always has room for two~”
Princess Royal’s pout returned. “Only if you find it in yourself to not hog the covers.”
“Hehe, All right~”
Dido was anxious. The commander had sent her to find out why Princess Royal and Tiger were late to their cleaning duties, and so she had to navigate the supervised guest housing where the formerly rebel kansen were being kept until it was time to send them on their way.
Dido hurried along the corridors, stepping lightly to make sure that she didn’t wake up anyone who was still asleep- Agincourt could get pretty testy about that sort of thing. She knocked on what should have been Princess Royal’s room. She then nervously dared to knock again.
So much for that.
She then worked up the nerve to walk over to Tiger’s room. While she wasn’t as liable to complain about being woken up as Princess Royal, Tiger made her quiver for different reasons. Her heart briefly felt like it jumped into her throat before she knocked on the door.
“Oh… who has come calling on this good morning?” There was Tiger’s unmistakable voice.
“Um, it’s me, Dido, and the master was wondering why you’re late today…. May I come in?”
Tiger spoke up. “Why, you certainly can, darling~”
“She most certainly can not!” There was Princess Royal’s voice. “I’m indecent!”
Tiger giggled. “No, I’m indecent, you are merely unclothed.”
Dido tapped the door again. “So…”
Tiger spoke up. “All right, just wait five minutes for her highness to make herself presentable.”
Dido did what she was told.
After a few minutes, there was the sound of a click, accompanied by Tiger’s sultry voice. “Come on in~”
Dido blushed as she stepped in.
Tiger was cooking a full breakfast, only she was dressed in a translucent, flame-orange nightgown that allowed Dido to see the racy black underwear that was tasked with handling the battlecruiser’s abundant figure. Dido peeked over to the bedroom to see Princess Royal sitting in bed, with her usual level of grumpiness and wearing a set of elaborate red pajamas.
Dido blushed “O-Oh… You two had… A special moment…”
Tiger smiled. “You see, it’s not a problem. When outside of battle, this girl is a harmless kitten.” As if to emphasize that, Tiger began stroking the top of Dido’s head.
The maid blushed immediately. “Uwaaa…”
Princess Royal sighed. “Be that as it may, I hope you may find some diplomatic way to inform the commander of our tardiness. You are not to say you found us together in the altogether, or some other such scandalous thing.”
Dido gave a dutiful nod. “Ah… Yes…” She looked at Tiger and everything going on in the kitchen. “Is there anything I can help you with while I’m here? It’ll help you get ready faster, I think.”
Tiger shook her head. “I’m fine here, but I think our princess could stand being spoiled by a cute maid. Why don’t you go wait on her hand and foot until breakfast is ready.” She chuckled. “And besides, the faster you help us get ready, the sooner you’ll get to be in charge of us~”
Princess Royal crossed her arms. “I don’t know how much of an incentive that is. You know how domineering she isn’t.”
Tiger went back to breakfast. “Oh, she’s quite good at taking charge, under the right circumstances.”
Dido squeaked and went over to Princess Royal. “Do you need anything?”
Princess Royal looked up for a moment. “…I think I would like you to at least do my braid. I don’t need to explain how it works or looks, nor should I have to. I am sure that you’re observant.”
Dido sat down on the bed, and took Princess Royal’s hair into her nimble hands, and immediately got to work. The battlecruiser closed her eyes as she was taken care of, and Dido could tell that Princess Royal was in a state where she was feeling that something was right with the world. Responding to this, she took the time to get it just right. “I know it may be beyond me to ask, but I guess you will stop fighting as much?”
Tiger chuckled. “Oh, dear… It was never anything for you to worry about, and probably even less so now. You can just say that we decided to be honest with each other and came to an understanding.”
Princess Royal blushed a little at that. “Please don’t try to have that sort of way with words. The maid is already as red as she can manage.”
Dido did indeed blush, and did want to bury her face in Princess Royal’s hair. “W-Well, I’m sure the commander would be happy to know that but… Ah… I guess you’re not telling him the details.”
Tiger came in with breakfast, walking into the bedroom with a sway to her hips. “Of course- That’ll be our little secret between the two of us. Of course, if you’d like to join in and learn about that yourself…”
Princess Royal flushed completely red. “T-Tiger! Not in front of the help!” She huffed. “It’s obvious that last night wasn’t enough, and that you need some further action.”
Tiger chuckled, and set out breakfast. She had always teased Princess Royal, and she had always responded- But now Princess Royal was truly hers to tease, and Princess Royal was able to properly express herself- even if it was behind closed doors.
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2023.06.07 20:26 witchywhale Mama trauma

When I was a teenager about 15 or 16 my mom attacked me.
My mom liked to stalk me on my high school's website called parent connect. A program she that allowed her to see what I ate at lunch, she would know my attendance she could keep up on my grades ect and she would go on this website at least five times a day if not more.
As a kid I hated homework, I didn't get the point of it. I thought it was stupid and pointless, so a lot of the time I didn't do it but because of that it did affect my grades. so I had gotten in trouble and was out on a plan to do all of the homework I hadn't done including what was to be given. well I worked really hard the week before Christmas break to get it all in and have a good break. the last class I went to to turn in my homework was my math teacher, unfortunately she did not put that in on parent connect that I had turned my homework in so it looked like on that program that I did not even though I did. I handed the homework to my teacher and we had a conversation and I left she did not put it in on parent connect so when I got home my mom was livid because it looked like I did not turn my homework in. she did not believe me that I had gone to my teacher and handed her the homework directly and had a conversation with her. All because it didn't show him parent connect. When my teacher just wanted to leave it was the end of the school day it was the Friday before Christmas break she probably wanted to get the heck out of there and for her to go on to that program and put in that I had done my homework would mean that she had to stay late instead of leaving but she would just put it in when she came back if not over break.
I had always had resting bitch face and I told my parents I don't do it on purpose it's just the way my face rests especially when they're yelling at me, which my mom did all of the time. that was her form of communication to me was to scream at the top of her lungs.
And my dad had given her permission to slap me whenever she didn't like a face that I was making. he told her to just slap it off so that's what she tried to do. she stood on the other side of her small sewing table and told me she was going to slap me and I needed to approach her, I did not want that to happen because I had been getting hit multiple times before so I did not willingly want to walk up to somebody so she could slap me. She didn't like that I said no or resisted so she grabbed my forearm and tried to drag me to her and I kept backing away and she would not let go.
She had a death grip on my forearm and at one point I was backing away from her and she was holding on to me so much trying to pull me to her I was actually pulling her while she was not moving.
Eventually she was able to start swinging and I covered my head with both of my arms so she couldn't hit my face, so she started hitting me with both hands screaming at the top of her lungs to put my hands down and let her slap me.
I screamed no, so she hit me harder and she clawed at my arms with her nails and slapped my arms trying to slap my face, while screaming at me to put my arms down. eventually she backed me into a corner and I fell to the ground she then proceeded to still attack me swinging at me with both hands hitting me with both of her hands her nails whatever she could do whatever she could on me while standing over me.
Eventually all I remember is my leg went up and it kicked her in the stomach and she flew backwards into a chair
She was livid because I had pushed her off of me while she was attacking me.
After that I had no rights in that house I didn't even have a bed, she took away any forms of communication with the outside world, I was not allowed to go to my brother's Christmas choir concert that he had when he was in elementary school. they did eventually let me go to that but that was the only thing I was able to do in the week away from school.
I had no phone, no computer, no music nothing.
My mom took my bed away because she saw an episode on Dr Phil on how to deal with terrible teens and the episode suggested taking the child's bed away. I've honestly somewhat hated Dr Phil because of this episode.
So I had to sleep on the floor. the first night I rolled up some towels into a pillow and laid one down and I took a blanket off my bed to use. when she walked in the next morning she was livid because I was supposed to just sleep on the floor with absolutely nothing no blankets no pillows just the floor and myself -I don't even let my dogs sleep like that on the floor
And that morning I asked her what gives her the right to treat me so bad to hit me without any care in the world and she said I'm your parent and that gives me that right to do whatever the fuck I want to do to you.
Sometime later not that week whether it be weeks later or months later I don't remember she tried to sleep me again. I ended up blacking out and hit her and it was her screaming at the top of her lungs that brought me back. I had no clue what had happened, or what I did. I had never blacked out before. I was standing there like a deer in headlights trying to figure out what had happened when she grabbed a yardstick and came at me with the yardstick and in a few seconds I was able to run into my room close the door which she proceeded to try to get through, so I sat in front of the door. I had to prop my legs up on a play table my brother had in the shared room we had so she could not get through the door.
She put a hole in the door and she almost broke the door and half trying to get to me.
After that she proceeded to always get in my face and dare me to hit her. And in my face I mean she would get her nose to my nose and tell me to hit her,I dare you to hit me give me a reason to kick you out of this house, give me a reason to call the cops on you, hit me in my house I dare you.
And at the time I was very naive to law enforcement so in my head it didn't matter how cruel and mean my parents were if I put hands on my mom then I was the one who would be getting in trouble and going to juvie while my parents just let it all happen. As an adult I know it would not be like that, hopefully.
One thing that had always stuck is I never hit first. I only hit after so I can say it was out of self-defense. never hit first, but she still proceeded to get in my face constantly whenever there was an argument or anything that happened, daring me to touch her so she could proceed to beat the hell out of me and call the police and then claim that I was the one who struck her.
What's even better is in her dementia she proceeded to tell the entire family about these incidences about how I attacked her first and she did absolutely nothing to provoke it.
My family never questioned my mom they believed her 100% on that so I never got to have a relationship with family because that's what they thought of me.
My dad never came to my defense. he never did anything. He always just sat by and let my mom handle the punishment however she saw fit. And if it sounded like I was becoming too much for my mom that's when he would give her permission to hit me beat me whatever my mom wanted to do and that gave her the courage to always strike me.
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2023.06.07 20:23 SourceFast6293 27 [M4F] NYC/NE - I really need a new title for this

Hey! I am basically just looking for something that can lead into a relationship if we vibe in such a way
But onto more specific stuff about me.
And I suppose I'll list some stuff that I'd like in a partner.

Not sure what else to say really, but I hope this is a somewhat better post than my prior attempts. If I sound interesting enough, reach out and lets talk! And I'd be open to sharing my face if you are, as well, physical attraction is important!
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2023.06.07 20:22 LilKing-Trashmouth Late Season JOTY candidate coming in 🔥

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2023.06.07 20:21 SourceFast6293 27 [M4F] NYC/NE - I really need a new title for this

Hey! I am basically just looking for something that can lead into a relationship if we vibe in such a way
But onto more specific stuff about me.
And I suppose I'll list some stuff that I'd like in a partner.

Not sure what else to say really, but I hope this is a somewhat better post than my prior attempts. If I sound interesting enough, reach out and lets talk! And I'd be open to sharing my face if you are, as well, physical attraction is important!
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2023.06.07 20:18 Kendalf Methinks the Larry doth protest too much - Reflection on LH call with Financial Journey

This post may now be moot with indications that Hardge is walking from Mullen, but the academic side of me wants it on the record that there were clear signs that Hardge was not being on the level with his sayings and dealings. Plus the fact that I already had most of this written last night, and was waiting for Financial Journey to release the actual recording of his call with Hardge to confirm what had been said earlier.
On the one hand, Hardge has repeatedly spoken boastfully (not at all humble) of all the massive deals he personally had lined up, all of whom wanted to work with HIM and not Mullen. He then talked like he was doing Mullen and its shareholders a favor by sharing the alleged profits of these deals with Mullen. Hardge sounded quite miffed that Mullen seems to not want to agree to his terms for the deal and considers it a huge knock against his public credibility. And yet despite all this, he still wanted to try to work something out with Mullen so he can be paid the $5M that he believes the company owes him.
Let’s take what Hardge has previously claimed at face value.
He owns the patents and IP for the EMM. So all intellectual RIGHTS and LICENSING is apparently set.
He has multiple independent test results proving that the EMM does what he claims. So all VALIDATION of the technology is apparently set.
He has deals with Saudis and multiple other Middle East countries ready to provide BILLIONS of dollars. He even has individual investors wanting to put “a billion dollars” into his company (15:20 mark). So all FINANCING needs are apparently set.
He has an international manufacturing company that is ready to make tens or hundreds of thousand of EMM devices starting within 4 weeks (2:36 mark). So all MANUFACTURING needs are apparently set.

So why does Hardge need Mullen Automotive to sign any agreement at all?

What does Mullen bring to the table that Hardge did not already have in place?
He claimed that all these international agreements were in the works and ready to go BEFORE Mullen entered the picture. The only thing that Mullen would seem to do is take 51% of the revenue. LH claims he wanted to share these deals to “take the load off”. But if he had BILLIONS in financing commitments, shouldn't he be able to hire ALL the necessary labor and engineering expertise he could ever need?
Credit to Cal for asking Hardge (26:27 mark) why he doesn’t do the deal direct with the Saudis. Hardge claims he needs the engineering staff and facilities that Mullen has to do the work installing the EMM. Hardge’s response is just unbelievable, and again credit to Cal for trying to pursue it a bit further with Hardge in asking him why that would be such a big problem if the return is so much greater. Hardge claims that he would have to hire “consultants to do all of that in the midst of an already hectic business schedule.” But that’s just a basic part of running a business!
And then at the 28:48 mark Hardge talks about Mullen’s vans. Here’s a key statement Hardge makes: “They didn’t have a manufacturing for the installation, I went and got my own that I already was working on. Now we got a deal, they can provide any numbers around the world, international manufacture.” It sure seems like Hardge knows how to arrange for manufacturing and installation deals, which directly contradicts his explanation just a couple minutes earlier for why he wants to work with Mullen.
Hardge has also said on multiple occasions that the EMM is “easy to install” and “plug and play” such that “a high school drop-out could install this system in these vehicles” (8:15 mark in the Mullen Troy livestream). In other FB livestreams, he spoke about the EMM as an aftermarket device that the buyer would install on their own vehicle, just like putting on a window shade or cell phone cover.
In addition, Hardge himself said as reported by Cal in Twitter space meeting that Mullen engineers apparently didn't know how to do any wiring stuff, and that when he was at Mullen's Troy facility doing work on the vans that he had to do it all himself, or something along those lines. Not exactly a sign of confidence in Mullen's technical staff, is it?
It makes no sense for Hardge to say (2:09 mark) that it would take the Saudis 2-3 years to build a factory in Michigan to manufacture the EMM, given that he has said previously that the cost to make the EMM is just $85 and can be built using off-the-shelf parts from Home Depot or Lowes.
There are multiple clear contradictions between what Hardge claims he has on hand (deals, financing, manufacturing) and the degree of effort that he has put in to try to get paid $5M from Mullen to finalize the Definitive Agreement. Hence my play on Shakespeare in the title of this post: Methinks Larry doth protest too much. It seems unbelievable that anyone that genuinely has all the deals and such that Lawrence claims he has lined up would still be sticking around trying to work out some sort of agreement with Mullen. I believe that Hardge was trying to pull a fast one on Mullen from the start, and unfortunately for the company and its shareholders David Michery bought into the con and dragged Mullen into the last several weeks of buffoonery involving LH. And the damage has already been done.
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2023.06.07 20:12 InfluenceOdd69 My parents won't let me get a life

The only thing I'm doing all day is playing games from morning to night. I'm so fucking frustrated at the fact that my parents are just brushing this routine off.
I've told them multiple times that I don't like sitting Infront of a screen 24/7. I told my dad to teach me to ride a bicycle, he gives up on me the next day. Told my mother I wanted to join the gym but she's ignoring me.
It isn't even because we can't afford it. My sister's get everything they want. While asking for a barely 10$ gym membership is seen as ungrateful.
I'm so fucking frustrated in life. I want to do something. I can't go to the street to make some friends, first I live in a very poor neighborhood (we get an income close to the upper middle class, so there is envy and overall a class clash, they tried to start a fight with me once but I brushed it off), they all are uneducated (it sounds atrocious and classist out loud but the truth is that 50% of my vocab is English so I can't really even communicate easily with them). They also see me as the sheltered kid, "Pretty Boy" as some might call.
I just need to do something than to play Fortnite from day to night , I'm not giving up until I get the gym membership
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2023.06.07 20:10 Zaragoza14 21 [M4F] Arizona Online Anywhere - Looking for a genuine connection to build

So I’m going to just be blunt this time and say that I’m look for something real and honest with someone I want to get to know you and have late night deep conversations and all that other mushy lovey dovey stuff because I like that 😂 I want to watch movies anime’s or hell just even fall asleep on the phone with you I want someone who’s been craving something that’s genuine and isn’t trying to play with you so if that sounds like you DO NOT HESITATE TO MESSAGE ME. BUT of course I don’t want to scare you I do want to talk and just see if we can get to know each other I’m not crazy I am a bit clingy guy if you’re a good communicator as I didn’t really have much of it but if you enjoy being around me and I do you then theoretically it should work out 😅
I enjoi all kinds of things like gaming skateboarding basketball drawing i even a one point I liked writing poetry 😂 I love a person who gets excited about showing me their interest hobbies shows and ect I love anime although I haven’t been watching much lately I just want someone who’s interested in having fun in just getting to know each other if I’m being honest I love a person who teaches me stuff it’s really attractive to me 😅 let’s jam out to dumb music and have a dance party on face time together 😂
But with most of that out of the way I appreciate you reading this if you did and I hope your day/night is going amazing
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2023.06.07 20:09 Zaragoza14 21 [M4F] Arizona Online Anywhere - Looking for a genuine connection to build

So I’m going to just be blunt this time and say that I’m look for something real and honest with someone I want to get to know you and have late night deep conversations and all that other mushy lovey dovey stuff because I like that 😂 I want to watch movies anime’s or hell just even fall asleep on the phone with you I want someone who’s been craving something that’s genuine and isn’t trying to play with you so if that sounds like you DO NOT HESITATE TO MESSAGE ME. BUT of course I don’t want to scare you I do want to talk and just see if we can get to know each other I’m not crazy I am a bit clingy guy if you’re a good communicator as I didn’t really have much of it but if you enjoy being around me and I do you then theoretically it should work out 😅
I enjoi all kinds of things like gaming skateboarding basketball drawing i even a one point I liked writing poetry 😂 I love a person who gets excited about showing me their interest hobbies shows and ect I love anime although I haven’t been watching much lately I just want someone who’s interested in having fun in just getting to know each other if I’m being honest I love a person who teaches me stuff it’s really attractive to me 😅 let’s jam out to dumb music and have a dance party on face time together 😂
But with most of that out of the way I appreciate you reading this if you did and I hope your day/night is going amazing
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2023.06.07 20:09 Erenyeagahh7 Is Promethazine safe for long term ?

So I usually take one 12 mg Promethazine per week. This would sound strange but I cannot sleep on Sundays because of work anxiety and stuff. So I usually take half a pill of Promethazine I.e. 12mg on Sunday nights for the last one year. This helps me a lot and I can easily sleep 8ish hours. The next day i don't need anything since I am so tired from work and gym etc that I sleep by myself. But recently I read some potential side effects of Promethazine and it scared the shit outta me. I know my dosage is low but can it still be a problem if I continue to use it ? Any long term Promethazine here ?
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2023.06.07 20:09 karinchup Left pinky tip pain advice/experience?

So I had some left hand fatigue Sunday, maybe from over practicing short repetitive passages last week and I may have slept on my arm wrong. Woke Sunday with a little whole pinky soreness that quickly went away but I had a spasm in my thumb half the day that did go away with rest and some heat. However, suddenly Monday night (today is Wednesday), I developed a pain right in my pinky tip where I land on guitar string and also typing. It is only really when pressed right on that spot (rest of tip is normal). It is not shooting pain, it's slightly sharp. It is not a skin pain but just under. Does this sound familiar at all to anyone? any ideas?? I guess I just have to revert to RH exercises for now?
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2023.06.07 20:08 TimeOut50 AITA for staying locked in my room during all my brother party ?

A little BG : I (24M) am a social phobic person, I just hate social interactions because I never feel at my place in them. So because of that I live alone without any friend or hangout or watherver else.
I recently returned at my parents house for my mother birthday and I ended in a arguing with my parents about my current situation, they always compare me to my younger brother (19M) who is the perfect opposite of myself : very social, a LOT of friends, hangout multiples times a week, very popular with girls, ect... And they especialy blamed me for a event that occur a year ago, when I was still living at my parent house :
For celebrate the end of highschool my brother organized a party at home, around 25 people (his highschool friends, I don't know the majority of them, only a few that are his childhood friends). So that evening, when the first person arrived I just locked my room, shut down any light or sound, and "played death" all the night. During the evening my mother knocked at my room, she was giving me some food because she thinked I should be hungry (she was alright, I was hungry but far too scared to take food), she asked me why I dont go enjoy with everyone and I just argued I have work to do, she didn't insisted and leave me.
I only get out of my room at noon of the next day when the last person leaved, my parents was very angry about me, not my brother (he know my situation and just accepted it).
So there is my question : Would it made me a asshole to stay locked in my room where there is a party in my own house because I dont want to meet anyone ? Why my parents can't understand I'm not made for social interactions ?
Oh and, for those who will said "go therapy", I already done that during highschool and it was totaly useless. I just accepted the fact that the world turn perfectly fine without me, I would be extremely egoist from me if for example I join a group of friend to be member of it. There are already perfectly good without me I dont need to change that by my coming. I just accepted that some people just are not made for social life, and that all. So please no need to said "go therapy"/"go find help" or wathever else like that.
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2023.06.07 20:07 Sure-Youth-5586 Full lineup drop for Northern Nights

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2023.06.07 20:00 fatbootycelinedion Walked out of a job after working 3 days on new terms

I’m a 32 yo woman who went to community college for an Associate of Applied Business in Interior Design. It taught us hand drafting, CAD, Revit, Adobe, and a lot more. Part of the program requires an internship or job. I saw a job that sounded vague and I felt under qualified for. It was in commercial foodservice space planning. After some convincing I spoke with the employer and was always strung along somehow. Mind you, I work in the service industry so I felt that it was a good opportunity to learn design I had already worked in. The “job” was presented to me as a favor because I had no experience. $15 an hour part time.
The role had a lot of red flags overall. The only employee seemed disgruntled and had his notice in. No one else worked there besides the owner. Big issue was he was a consultant and not an architect or designer. The drawings I did almost seemed more for an architect or engineer’s level. Or someone with a bachelor’s degree.
The other big issues were that he was racist, misogynist, and vulgar. I’m not a princess, I’ve worked in bars. But as someone intelligent enough to speak more than English, I hated to listen to him tell CSRs to speak English in some dominating display of power.
I needed to graduate. He made signing papers for school a pain in my ass. It was an accessible place I was at, and then the proposals flooded in. In case anyone’s cares, the US hospitals tallied up their budgets last year and made so much money and still have COVID money. I started a project with this guy to design a state run psych hospital kitchen.
I keep doing drawings, emails, spreadsheets and he promises a salary when I graduate. Perfect. The offer began as $50,000 annually and then turned into a $50,000 a year benefits package. Going back to my age, he began to interrogate my health and tell me my health insurance he would pay for was too expensive. A 74 year old who had a stroke.
Nothing was ever signed to work there besides an nda. I filled out health insurance forms and he was pissed I was an older woman and not a young college grad and waited until the intended start of salary on June 1st to lowball me.
I worked about 4 days a week in May after school was done but this project had nuances with BIM360 I literally don’t know. He paid the former employee to help me Saturdays 730-11 am.
On Thursday he said because he paid that employee to help me, I had to work through June at 40 hours a week for $15 an hour and not $20. He presented a favor by paying me every two weeks because he paid monthly. But let me know it cost him more money. By the way, he just jotted down the money. The take home before tax he told me was “$40,044”which is really $19.25 ☹️
I’m in debt more than when I started last fall. I kept working Thursday, Friday and Saturday and he “threatened” me Friday that I had better not be tired from bartending and unfocused when the former employee came in. Because that cost him money.
Over the weekend I tried to maintain normalcy but sunk into a depression or breakdown. May have been an epiphany. Regardless I seethed Sunday night into Monday morning. I came in at 630 am and he immediately said my eyes were red so I must be tired. He asked what I did the night before. I won’t say all details, but I screamed, I tried to get a contract before continuing work, and I tried to negotiate better pay before leaving. In the end he told me I was a waste of time because he helped me get experience and he’s just gonna outsource stuff now. Whatever.
I’m looking for advice on how to negotiate better from the beginning, whatever helps. And how to better spot bad employers from the beginning. I have noticed it seems the CAD jobs want the cheapest labor and I won’t look for another role like that again.
Tl;dr I worked 8 months with a promise of salary then was told the day it was to start I had to work salary hours for part time pay and walked off the job days later.
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2023.06.07 19:56 TheSandersonSisters What would you do if your SS was this chaotic

Hi all, Im not sure where to start but I am really struggling.
So pertinent back info, my ss (9) is diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and OCD and is on Concerta plus therapy 2x/week which has shown a bit of improvement but not much. A lot for a little kid right? He has always been a handful, and tbh I never looked forward to him coming to our (my house actually) for his scheduled visits. Dont get me wrong, I actually loved this child (and I think I still do), but he has caused so much chaos that Im honestly feeling traumatized by him. Like I am repulsed when I see a picture of him at this point because the feeling of anxiety in my stomach just overwhelms me. I know it sounds bad, I love him but I dont like him. From epic meltdowns, aggressive violence towards other children (especially his brother), lying, stealing, his crazy energy that he can't seem to satiate. There is literally always a disaster with him lurking around the corner because he CAN NOT control any impulse he gets. He has gotten suspended multiple times, gotten kicked off the bus etc.
Anyways the most recent thing that happened was that in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping (around 4-5 am), he woke up searching for candy as we have put a ban on it since he literally will not eat anything but candy, and he is visibly affected by all the sugar. So he went nuts looking for it- I mean every crevice of the house. He went into the basement (where he is not allowed), went into my partners cabinet that had a child safety device on it that is IN THE CEILING (we have barstools that he dragged) and went through his things. Now please try not to judge me, I didnt even know we had these but he had some gummy edibles (legal in my state) in this cabinet and SS stole them. And he ate them with his brother. So obviously chaos ensued and we had to get them to the hospital. CPS was called, they did a surprise check at the house and deemed it safe and stable. That it was an accident, it wasnt wreckless as SS stole it from a cabinet that had a safety device on it. At the hospital, the stepkids mom was there and basically told us that SS is just out of control- that she has fingerprint locks on her bedroom because he is such a cleptomaniac, and he was still able to find the backup key for it that was in the most conspicuous place and she cant trust him. He found a lighter and tried to light the shower curtain on fire in her house. I found a SAW IN HIS BED that he took from the basement workshop. We (especially his dad) keep an eye on him every second of every day but he finds ways (middle of the night, figures out how to get through safety devices, etc.). (Also fyi I now have a fingerprint doorknob on the basement door so that he literally CANT get down there, the backup key is in my office at work so he has absolutely no access).
One of the problems besides this whole mess is that I really don't like this kid anymore (I love him and want whats best for him but if I never had to see him again not one tear would be shed by me and Id be relieved). I know not everything is his fault due to his neurodivergence and age, but I just am at my wits end with him. I am so afraid that he is such a liability at my house, and I have so much anxiety whenever he is around (so every other of my precious weekends) trying to keep him out of trouble or thinking of whats coming next. Also, some people in my family dont want him at their house anymore because they are afraid of him stealing dangerous things (he finds those the most interesting) and being responsible or held accountable for it. It doesnt help that SKs mom is very high conflict and wouldnt hesitate to ruin my life if she had the chance. I have plans to take these kids with my family and bf for an extremely expensive disney trip for my parents 50th, and I am so worried they are going to ruin it. On the other side of the coin, I feel so damn guilty because these kids and their dad ADORE me. I never let on to them how I am feeling, and I never will. I just dont know what to do. I want to stay with their father because I love him and he treats me like gold- he is very aware of how upsetting the situation is and he himself is grieving in a way the life he thought he would have had with his children. I have brought up to my SO that the next time there is a big issue with his kid, they cant be at my house anymore. And the thing is, I know that will most likely end our relationship or at the very least traumatize his children as they will think I dont love them anymore when they are very attached to me. help
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2023.06.07 19:56 Adventurous-Kiwi8093 My first subwoofer

My first subwoofer
I just got this wired up and installed last night after work . How does this sound ? Is it too much for break in ? I’m very very new to all of this so any advice and tips are welcomed !! (:
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