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2023.06.06 18:18 WeirdPonytail Home health aide/nurse recommendations and tips?

My father (mid 70)) recently had a really bad fall that gave him a bad gash on the back of his head. He’s going to be discharged soon and I’m moving back in for a week or so to make sure he’s doing wound care and not pushing too hard. I’m not physically big or strong enough to take care of him as he ages, and he’s showing signs of other age related decline.
I’m thinking of hiring a (male) health aide or nurse to come help him out during the days or as needed. He’s not very active but he struggles with gait and walking due to some previous injuries, and is kind of in denial that he does need to use stuff like a rotator or use a wheelchair on bad days.
I’ve heard ads on the radio for things like Visiting Angels, but I’m otherwise clueless on how to go about finding a good fit for him and how to navigate the entire process. GNV Reddit has been very helpful in the past and I thought reaching out here for tips and suggestions could be a start. I’m hoping to find a male aide or nurse with some sort of official accreditation that can be verified. If my dad had his way he’d go on Craigslist to find any ad for a young female companion and tell me that’s who he’s hired and I’m not looking for a repeat of the ‘housekeeper’ fiasco….
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2023.06.06 18:17 DryStand6144 Help find a Pathfinder NPC manager

I think I'm going crazy, but I'm 100 % positive I've seen a browser app where you can pull up 1e monster stats and even modify them with templates. It would also lay out several stat blocks compactly side-by-side on one page. Now I can't find it and I would appreciate it if someone who knows what I'm talking about sends me a link.
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2023.06.06 18:17 Ninggg097 I want to open a business for the first time. What do you think of this?

Hello, basically there is a community of people who like to collect these things called "BLIND BOX" it is a type of sealed packaging that keeps what's inside a mystery until you open it. These can vary in rarity/popularity. Sometimes they sell figures as limited editions etc. (Bear Bricks, POP Mart &Funko pops) feel free to google image.
These are the sort of things I want to open a store for and sell. The overall idea is to have vending machines that vend mystery boxes, or sell individual ones as part of sets and even sell single figures that could range in price and size based on its popularity and rarity
I am currently 25years old, and I want to understand the limitations of opening a business under this field?
Where do currently sellers get the products? Do they buy directly from manufactures or is it the matter of buying retail and then reselling at a higher price? or is it both?
profitability of this type of business? Do you think its good in the long run or short? (if there's hype, there's a market No?)
Is this the right thing to think about regarding its demand inside the community? (I haven't seen a shop where i live do this before)
If im missing any important information regarding my enquiry please let me know as I am very new and only brainstorming.
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2023.06.06 18:17 ra1nmaker27 Idea for “respecing” labs

I get how respecing labs and or UW for that matter doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, would be hard to implement well. But I want to get my range back down lol… so what about letting me research backwards..? Same amount of coins and time to research back to level 12 from level 13 research. Or even more time and coins haha I don’t care, it would make it hard to abuse but let us fix mistakes we made without knowing the consequences. Thoughts?
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2023.06.06 18:17 Physical_Leave3506 [for hire] Illustrator / Character Designer/ Portraits/Icons to fullbody ,character design ,for more information send me a dm!

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2023.06.06 18:17 Honest_Percentage_44 How do I (M33) make intercourse the best experience it can be for her (F28) if I can't get it up?

Couldn't think of a better place to ask: If I can't get it up, how do I make sure the woman still gets something out of sex with me?
I'm under a lot of stress nowadays and sometimes there's just nothing happening downstairs even though my mind is ready to go. I'm seeing this girl who I really like and we've basically arranged to have sex soon, but there's a good chance I'm not going to get it up with her the first few times. What would you like in that situation? Only oral, only fingers, a bit of both? And is that "enough" to want her coming back? Would you put up with that kind of sex life, at least for a while, if you liked the guy enough? Or would you move on to someone else?
Now I know PiV isn't needed to enjoy sex, because many women enjoy sex with women. But this particular woman exclusively dates men, so I fear getting sidelined for another man if I can't bring her what she wants in bed. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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2023.06.06 18:17 Southern-Topic-9888 Is there any possible way for me to download the entire cache of an Instagram chat that’s been going on since 2019?

My best friend is an online friend I met in 2019. I often wish I could just go back and read our earlier chats or even our first chat ever. I’ve never deleted a thing. It’s all there in the DMs, but scrolling up would be near impossible because we message back and forth so much.
Does anyone know a way I can just download it all? Please 🙏 …
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2023.06.06 18:17 Mvota711 Unable to find clinical hours

I’ve applied to over 100 jobs now. Scribing, Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, PT Aide, Medical Receptionist, Patient Care Advocate.
Every job has either declined my application of ghosted me. How do you guys find clinical positions so easily?
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2023.06.06 18:17 mairi09 Dress Code Violation

Ya'll I am mortified, embarrassed, hurt and defeated right now. I was asked to leave the office due to a dress code violation.
I don't wish to post photos but I was in a button up and jean leggings. If you type into google "calvin klein womens blouse" & "jean leggings" that's close to exact what I was wearing. After some pushing, I was told it was the pants that were the issue. They pass off as skinny jeans, they have belt loops, button and zipper and pockets! I wasn't falling out of them (meaning they aren't too tight or too loose), they are clean, and NOT see through. I've worn these more than two dozen times in the office, this exact outfit never have I been pulled aside and told they weren't appropriate. Until today.
I'm really struggling here - I cried the drive home and am still getting teary eyed typing this. I'm very conscious of what I wear and for lack of a better word 'conservative' with how I dress. I've seen folks in our office rock up in cargo shorts, jean shorts (above knee) and band t-shirts FFS. Never have I seen anyone else get sent home because another fellow employee complained. It is my personal opinion that shorts of any kind are less professional than what I was wearing. BUT I WOULD NEVER MAKE AN OFFICIAL COMPLAINT TO ANYONE IN THE WORKPLACE REGARDING WHAT ANOTHER PERSON IS WEARING. I've requested the official policies so this doesn't happen again... please help me
Ladies have you ever been told at your job that you aren't following dress code policy? How did you react? How do you pull yourself back up after what feels like a slap in the face or personal attack?
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2023.06.06 18:17 timmit65 MSP as a springboard to a career change?

I'm trying to change careers in my 50s. I have always worked with technology, but never in an enterprise. I've never worked in a company larger than 20 people.

When I say I've always worked with technology, I've been in sales and have always sold hardware and software that worked with computers (first via cards, then USB, then network, now Thunderbolt and Network). I have always supported those products and, also, done the IT work for my small companies. That said, the hardware and software I've sold and supported has always been in the creative field Audio and Video editing, broadcast, or production (live production events for up thousands of people (Digital Mixers ecosystems, video walls, loud speakers with network ports, wireless mics that are networkable and for the longest time helped people digitally record audio, first to tape, then to stand alone units snd for 20+ years to computers). For 95 % of the items I work with, if they are networked (if networked), they're not on the main network of the venue, or at least on a VLan. Again, I'm in my 50s and have worked in the creative field, I rarely touched a PC until 15 years ago. The Mac was and is king. Pro Tools wasn't available for Windows until early 2000's and wasn't stable until Win 7. Photoshop wasn't available for Windows until 2000?, but was an oddity for years. So, I've never had to use Active Directory.

I now have the A+ and Security+ certs (there are tons of military contractors in my area, so Sec+ is the most common cert asked for). I have an interview with an MSP Wednesday I'm not that sold on the company, but their client is a major hospital in the area. Would 6 months there be enough time to make me more marketable to a better MSP or a defense contractor? I keep getting interviews, but have only been offered 1 job. The pay was too low to consider.

I have been studying for Network+, but I only want to continue if I have to. Much like Sec+, my interest level is pretty low. And, it's pretty stressful studying it for me. But, some of the job adds ask for networking, switches etc. Should I push on through, if this job doesn't work out?

To clarify my expectations, I don't want to do anything in security or networking! I only want desktop and systems admin., and whatever networking is necessary for desktop and systems admin.. I don't think AD will be a problem for me to learn. As long as there's a GUI, I usually take right to things. I have ben the Super Admin for Zoho CRM for the last 15 years allowing permissions creating new users, deleting users, etc.. I also have a good amount of experience with VTC, especially Ceiling array microphones and DSPs, but again since I don't have any Cisco hardware experience, I don't get a second look.

Given this info and the subject any recommendations would be appreciated. TIA!
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2023.06.06 18:17 Milo-2321 On the fence

On the fence
Just asking for opinions or 2 cents from anyone that has experience with either vehicle or just has an opinion in general. plan on purchasing a 4x4 Toyota with the 1kz-TE 3.0 turbodiesel from an importer. I want to build a camping/road trip rig but I’m torn between the Hiace and the hilux surf (basically 3rd gen 4runner). Biggest pro with the hiace is space and biggest pro with the hilux is capability. Van life appeals to me more so I’m leaning that route. Living near the beach in the panhandle of Florida.
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2023.06.06 18:17 Rohit9912 Steam Headless vs Windows 11 Ghost Spectre VM. Ghost Spectre wins by a mile.

Hi guys I just wanted to share my opinion on how much better Windows 11 Ghost Spectre VM is.
My specs CPU: Threadripper 1950X GPU: RTX 3070 and Quadro M2000 RAM: 64GB DDR4 2933MHZ
I have a UNRAID Server from where I have a few different services setup (jellyfin etc) and I wanted to try making a gaming vm because why not. So I have a look around and found that alot of people recommended steam headless as it used less resources, power and provided a better gaming experience. Well I gave that a go
Steam-headless was easy enough to download and setup the container and that was the only thing easy about it. I had wasted nearly 3 days trying to ensure games like miles morales, the last of Us and Evil West worked. Evil west was the easiest to setup but I couldn't get the last of Us and miles morales to run properly. It ranged from crashing on boot to crashing while my save was loading.Some of you guys might say try different version of proton, ge-proton or lutris but that didn't make a difference as i usually ended up with another issue. On top of the that I had various fps issues where the rtx 3070 should be able to handle up to 1440p 60fps Ultra settings for majority of games. It was barely holding 1080p 60fps high settings as I had major drops down to 30-40fps most of the time. So I gave up.
I then heard about windows 11 vm and gave that a go. I knew that in general windows 11 hogs alot of resources on the os itself so I had a look around for better options. Found a linustechtips video on the Windows 11 ghost Spectre edition and I tried that out. Well I'll be honest, every game worked out of the box and no more fps dps and stuttering issues. The best part was I was noticing a lower wattage from the VM when no games where being played compared to the steam-headless container. I noticed a reduction of 7w-15w of power used.
Both the windows 11 Ghost Spectre and the Steam headless were dedicated 6 cores 12 threads, 16gb of ram and ofc the rtx 3070.
Well I'll be honest if anyone is looking to setup their own gaming vm I would recommend giving OS's like tiny10 or Ghost Spectre a go and see if they would make a difference for you. Beware that VMs like tiny10 and Ghost Spectre remove alot of the core windows feature which in result have a weaker built in security, but for me I didn't really care as there isn't much personal data on the vm itself and is quite secluded with my local lan. Also the Windows VM will take the whole graphics cars and won't be shared with other containers or VMs.
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2023.06.06 18:17 iboughtarock TIFU by hiding my brain freeze fetish and ruining my first serious relationship

Obligatory "this didn't happen today" but rather a while ago, during the early stages of my first serious relationship. Let me preface this by saying that I have a peculiar sexual quirk that involves brain freezes. Yeah, you read that right. Trust me, it's as weird as it sounds.
So, to give you a bit of context, this story starts way back when I was a curious and naïve youngster. My friends and I would often have competitions to see who could consume the coldest beverages the fastest. Well, one fateful day, during a particularly intense chugging session, I experienced a massive brain freeze. But here's the kicker - rather than being an excruciating moment, it somehow felt... pleasurable.
Fast forward to the present day, and I'm finally in my first serious relationship with an amazing person. We've been together for a while, and things have been going great. We've shared our hopes, dreams, and secrets with each other, but there was one secret that I just couldn't bring myself to confess. Yeah you guessed it - my brain freeze fetish.
The topic of sex started to come up naturally as our relationship grew more intimate, but every time it did, I couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and anxiety. How would I explain this to her without sounding utterly bizarre?
In an attempt to fulfill my fetish without letting my girlfriend know, I came up with a misguided plan. I bought a small container like those found in hotel rooms, specifically designed to hold ice cubes. I hid it in a desk drawer next to my bed, and when the time came for intimate moments, I would discreetly consume the ice cubes, hoping to induce a brain freeze sensation without her knowledge.
One evening, as we were engaging in some passionate foreplay, I decided to deploy the ice cube trick. I slipped my hand into the drawer, grabbed an ice cube, and started to subtly munch on it while pleasuring her orally. It was a risky move, but I was convinced it would heighten the experience for both of us.
However, in my nervousness and haste, I accidentally bit down too hard, causing a big chunk to shoot from my mouth. To my horror, it landed on my girlfriend's sensitive skin, and the sudden sensation of coldness shocked and startled her.
"What the hell was that?" she exclaimed, leaping away from me. Confusion and panic flashed across her face as she realized what had just happened. The mood was shattered, and an awkward silence enveloped the room until she left.
I was left there, overwhelmed with regret and embarrassment, realizing that my misguided attempt to indulge in my fetish had not only failed but also resulted in the end of my first serious relationship.
TL;DR: TIFU by secretly incorporating my brain freeze fetish into intimate moments, accidentally startling my girlfriend and causing the end of our relationship.
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2023.06.06 18:17 Willowtherenowned Reality of jobs for expats

Hello- I got a job offer to work in Heilbronn, and will be applying for my EU Blue Card. I am very concerned about my husband's ability to find a job, however. We know that with the Family Reunification visa, he will have permission to work, but are just unsure about the reality of the situation. He has his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, but is currently at a low German level. I'm debating if we should even move, as I am so worried about him ruining his career. Does anyone have any advice? Or does anyone have a good career coach they can suggest?
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2023.06.06 18:17 frenchhornbae second lobe irritation & butterfly backs - Help!

hello! i’ve had my seconds pierced for nearly 6 months now, and while one side is fine, the other is not. it has on and off irritation and i’m going to florida soon so i went to see my piercer to consult her about what to do. she told me it looks irritated and to just baby it (yes, with saline spray!), and acknowledged that the backing could be irritating it and we could switch it out to a flat back.
however.. my ear is pierced at a 20g with a titanium butterfly back, and she only has 18 and 16g in flatbacks. stretching it could make the irritation temporarily worse but help in the long run.
i woke up this morning with puss and a little bit of redness, and it’s clearly trapping all of the goopiness in the butterfly back.
would switching it out help me despite stretching irritation? should i take the backing off and keep the jewelry in to clean the gross stuff off the backing? LMK!
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2023.06.06 18:17 Professional_Ear7173 Pivot foot

So when i catch the ball in the post and i start doing some fake steps i establish my left foot as my pivot. So if i want to go for a jumper my pivot foot cant leave the ground and then touch it again. But now if i catch the ball in the low post with my left foot to the basket and then take a step to the right side behind me right infront of the basket with my right foot. Can i bring my left foot next to it and then take the jumper or is my left foot a pivot in that situation even if i only moved the other foot once? Or do you need to make multiple steps with the non pivot foot to make it a pivot situation?
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2023.06.06 18:17 oOohalloweenqueenoOo How do I tackle this carpet problem?

Hi ya'll. I need your help. I recently bought a townhome and before closing I didn't smell a weird smell but after closing I do. The smell smells like feet/locker room smell. After much deliberation I have figured out that it doesn't have anything to do with the AC but has something probably to do with the carpet because the smell came up in other parts of the house after I did a light carpet cleaning with my own cleaner. Weird thing though is that the smell doesn't smell stronger when I get down to the ground and smell the carpet. It only stinks at mid-height of the rooms. Still, I think the floor may be the problem. (What else could it be??) My guess is that there might be a water logged pad underneath the carpet.
So, what do I do?
I am at a loss. I have no idea how to move forward but the smell is such a weird crazy mystery and it makes me sad.
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2023.06.06 18:17 DefiantAd8515 Lol, 29(F) Paid 35k taxes -Patriarchy

I'm trying to laugh at the situation. I work hubby currently doesn't, I made majority income, took responsibility to find an accountant went to the meeting myself to file, took on the entire project, paid thr 35k in March that I owed, I get a letter in the mail yesterday claiming I still owe it all plus interest and you know why?!
Because despite the fact that my accountant never met my husband, or collected payment from him they apparently put him as the primary tax payer lmfao. Apparently even though we filed jointly the IRS doesn't mesh the payment together so it still shows I owe.
So now I get to play call the IRS everyday and hold for hours at a time to try and fix this mess all Because why.....
Because my accountant put me as secondary. Cool. Glad I paid him $500 to create more work and stress for me. Love it
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2023.06.06 18:17 Overall_Art_3157 how to move on from the healthiest relationship you ever had

I'm devastated and so drained. It's been a month since my ex initiated the break up. I had no choice. She said she is not asking me if we could break up, but she is really deciding it for us.
The reason for the breakup is that she has a lot of problems. I tried to help her. I really did, but I know it was not enough. She broke things off bc she thinks that I don't deserve her worst part of herself. Even though I offered my love, I said that it's okay with me, she still initiated the breakup. She said that if I stayed and tried to help her with all my strength, maybe if she became okay, then I'm the one whos gonna be empty and tired from helping her.
She said that she needed herself. And that's okay. I'm okay with it, but some part of me is always telling myself that maybe I'm not a good partner or that I didn't do my best.
This is the healthiest relationship I ever had, and that's why the pain is different. No, I'm not 24/7 crying just like when my 2nd relationship ended. What I am feeling rn is a mixed emotions. I'm sad and angry, I feel lost. The scary thing is that idk how to move on from this bc we were not toxic or there's no one's fault in here. I understand her. I truly do. It's just hard.
Any advice or words of wisdom that you might share? Thanks in advance for the replies.
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2023.06.06 18:17 caick1000 Moving to programming when you already have a high paying job?

My situation is a bit complicated. My career trajectory is the following:
This sounds good and all, but in all of these jobs I just had a small part in programming and in all of them I’ve used different technologies (PHP, Python, Bash, JavaScript, Node, React, Redis, Kafka, SIP/VOIP, Git/GitHub, Agile, and more). I was mostly hired by all of them due to the SIP/VOIP niche.
To make things worse, my current job is basically just technical customer support lol. I solve telecom issues 90% of the time.
I basically consider myself a junior even if I have 5 years of work experience in tech.
The problem arrives because in this “support” role I earn about 100k a year (before tax). If I feel like a junior and earn this much, how in the hell can I migrate to a full programming job?
I am 24, I have to pay rent, and I live comfortably. I’m not a huge spender but I can’t afford to get a 50k job or less and lose half of my income. I don’t have a CS degree.
Anyone went through something similar? Any tips or insights?
My solution to this right now is trying to get a medium-level developer job instead of junior, but I am struggling a lot to get an offer.
For clarification, I can 100% get a junior developer role due to my experience, I’m just not sure about medium-level.
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2023.06.06 18:17 randomfun643677 Top surgery with Dr. Kenneth Wolf in Michigan 2023 part 1 of 2

Hello everyone, I’m interested in sharing my top surgery experience with Dr. Wolf in Bloomfield Township, MI since I haven’t seen any recent posts.
Getting scheduled:
I called his office back in March of this year to have my appointment scheduled. I was provided an email address to reach out to Dr. Wolf. I was instructed to attached two images of my chest (front view and side view). After doing this, he emailed me back within a week with his suggestion, which was double incision with nipple graft. He also included the price of $6,900. He told me to call his office and get scheduled if I’m interested. I called and scheduled my appointment. My appointment is scheduled for the end of June of this year. You will have to pay $500 up front to secure your surgery date. You will pay the remaining amount during your pre op appointment.
Pre op appointment:
This appointment was quick and easy. He and his team are super friendly. During this appointment he explained pre op and post op instructions and he also took a quick look at my chest. Afterwards, I made the final payment. If you don’t live near the office, then your pre op appointment will be done through email.
He accepts cash, major credit cards, and few other lending options listed on his website. No insurance, no debit.
My surgery is in a few weeks so I’ll keep you all updated.
Hope this helps!
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2023.06.06 18:17 sharks212 I (21F) told my friend (25F) she’s getting cheated on and she wants to stay, at what point do I stop supporting her?

This cheating scandal has been going on for 2 years at this point, and i’ve lost friends and gone through insane drama and stress because of this situation. my friend never believed me that our mutual friend was cheating on her but this time I finally was sent cold hard proof and showed it to her. So she confronted him and searched his phone and found even more proof. I figured it was finally a done deal, that they would break up. But she wants to stay with him. Obviously I was pissed, I tried not to show it and just gave her advice but I was probably too harsh and now i’ve pushed her away and she said she needs space. Basically she wants to be able to date him without judgement and I made my feelings about him and them dating pretty clear. Do I backtrack and say i’ll support her decision no matter what? Or do I stay adamant? As her friend I should support her but this is a hard thing to support. Are you supposed to support them even in wrong decisions? I can do it though, like I can be fake if needed, I just don’t know what the right thing to do is.
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