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2023.05.30 23:51 Jkrr91 [US] [Selling] Love com, Requiem of the rose king, Sugar sugar rune, Red River, I'm not meat, Skip beat, VB Rose, Bride of the water god, Wolf girl and black prince.

Shipping price is not included.
Requiem of the rose king 1-4,6-16 $130
Love com 8-15 $165
I'm not meat 1-3 $20
Sugar sugar rune 3 $30
Red River 1 $15
Red River 16 $50
Bride of the water god 1 - free damaged back cover, just pay for shipping. 15- $5
VB Rose, 1,2,5,9 $2 each
Beast master 2 $4
Godchild 2 $3
Skip beat 3 $5
Wolf girl and black prince $5
Otomen 1,2,3,4,6,7 $3 each
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2023.05.30 23:51 Motyga-copper Shop milestone / moving Etsy shop to new country

Finally broke the level of 100 completed orders in copper jewellery niche, it took 10 months. It is my second shop (first was opened just before the Covid, 590 sales) and I would like to summarize some short tips about changing your shop location (my case from Russia to Romania) and starting shop in 2022 comparing with 2020.
  1. Track and backlog your production processes. It will be easier to reinstall your workshop with list of materials and tools
  2. Try to replace local materials and chemicals by something from your local retailers' nets, don’t order everything online
  3. Your favourite tools worth to be moved to new place
  4. Scrutinize your new country’s custom rules and postal tariffs before the transfer (extremely important for EU countries)
  5. {Obvious} Strong social media presence and own site / Shopify will be helpful. Short videos drive traffic, but it feels like in my case it’s not converting to sales
  6. Check opportunities / handmade fairs / support for self-employed persons in new country
  7. Find new inspiration in local art and nature
  8. Etsy is huge transnational corporation with own risk / profit system. Keep this in mind and don’t wait too much from support
  9. Inflation affected shipping costs more than basic materials
And good luck to new sellers, competition is hard, but you can find your customer!
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2023.05.30 23:50 Stocktradingnow $spy $spx $ES_F $comp $qqq $NQ_F #spx #spy #es_f #comp #qqq #nq_f #stocks -Daily chart close with notes 05/30/23

$spy $spx $ES_F $comp $qqq $NQ_F #spx #spy #es_f #comp #qqq #nq_f #stocks -Daily chart close with notes 05/30/23 submitted by Stocktradingnow to u/Stocktradingnow [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:49 birdbrain212 Ranking stardew festivals while tipsy

  1. Luau -Nothing exciting going on, all you get to do is give one of your items for free and watch emily drunkenly dance. Why is my contribution the only one that matters? This festival has potential though.
  2. Dance of the Moonlight Jellies
  3. IM SORRY. Yes it’s beautiful but after the very first time seeing it it is very boring.
  4. Festival of Ice
  5. It is kinda fun the first time but after that I usually skip. Love the decor though.
  6. Egg Festival
  7. Good start to the festivals and the egg hunt is pretty fun. Still enjoy the hunt after you win the straw hat.
  8. Spirits Eve
  9. GREAT DECOR. The maze is fun but theres really nothing to do past year 1.
  10. Feast of the Winter Star
  11. So cute, great decor, and its exciting to see who will be your gift giver and what gift you will receive.
  12. Night Market
  13. There is a lot to do, fun activities and great items to buy. Bonus points because it lasts for days and doesn’t halt the game.
  14. Flower Dance
  15. Most people would place it lower but it is one of my favorites. Such a unique idea and it impacts the game greatly. Nothing like getting rejected by everyone year 1 and then having that special person to dance with year
  17. Slightly partial because of the fall fairs I grew up going to. But all the activities?? Setting up your grange display and then rubbing it in Pierre’s face?? Nothing could be better.
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2023.05.30 23:49 4321five Yoshi Beta Design Modernized

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2023.05.30 23:47 AndyAPEX How to increase your MCAT score by 10+ points in 2 weeks

I keep seeing a lot of posts asking how to improve within XXX amount of time before the exam. There are some good responses but I feel like a lot of them aren't relatable. I am by NO MEANS a genius because I'm just your average Joe "work hard, study hard" kind of guy. But I feel like I can give some proper advice since I went from a 501 to 516 on the FLs in 2 weeks.
Timeline: I had about 6 months of studying. 3 months were "fake" studying and the other 3 months were real studying. What I'm about to disclose is an accurate timeline of what I did in order.
Content Review (3 months): I spent 3 months doing on-and-off content review using Jack Sparrow's ANKI deck. There's about 6000+ cards and I memorized about 70% of them. If I actually tried, I probably could've done this within 1.5 months. But you know what? I'm human and I get lazy.
uWorld (2 months): Another 2 months of on-and-off practice questions. There will be days where I do about 80 questions and days where I do none. I used uWorld because they have hard af passages and they require you to remember even low yield topics. uWorld was essentially used to find out what my weaknesses were and a way to learn how to approach hard passages.
Tldr; uWorld was basically lube for bumhole when I take the AAMC FLs.
AAMC FL1: This is where I tested my current knowledge and you know what I got? A motherfuckin' wake up call because I got a 501. I was completely stressed tf out because I was gunning for a 510+ at least. Instead of being a weenie and getting depressed, I looked at the bright side. The only reason why my score was low was because of CARS and low yield questions. The content review I did was solid. So it was time to formulate a game plan.
AAMC Section Bank and CARS QPack (1 month): After getting gangbanged by uWorld and AAMC FL1, I decided to switch over to AAMC for my final month of studying. And let me tell you, nothing really changed. Section bank and CARS Qpack ripped my butthole a new one but I wasn't going to give up. The more I progressed with the questions, the more I realize how I should be approaching these questions. Like I said, it wasn't my content review that was lacking but my test taking strategies. When people told me to "understand AAMC logic", I did not know wtf they were talking about. But as I did more practice questions and REALLY ANALYZE why I got the question wrong and why I chose the wrong answer... I understood.
AAMC FL2 (2 weeks left before test date): This is where I had my breakthrough. I got a 513.
AAMC FL5 (1 week left before test date): After taking FL2, I reviewed the content I missed on that and did more AAMC practice questions. Then I decided to take FL5 because it's the most representative out of all the FLs. I got a 516 (although lowkey I could've gotten a 520 if I didn't suck ass on CARS). Now I have about 4 days before my test date on 06/03/23.
I'm going to keep at it until I feel confident and try my best to get that 520+.

Okay, that was my story so here's what I did to study!
C/P: Dimensional analysis (unit manipulation), or known as DA, is all you need to answer every question regarding to calculations. Sure, you'll need to memorize a few equations here and there but DA is the way to go. Also learn all your CONVERSIONS. For the chemistry/orgo part of this section, I suggest you learn ALL IMPORTANT CHEMICAL STRUCTURE CHARACTERISTICS that you always see being asked in the practice questions and FLs. What do I mean by that? I mean polarity, bonds, periodic table trends, etc. But what about learning theories? Man, FUCK learning all those theories because you know why? If you know the relationships between each variable in the equations you memorized, YOU DO NOT NEED TO LEARN ANY THEORIES. Because essentially, theories are a more in-depth explanation as to why variable Y is dependent on X.
CARS: Bro, IDK what to say but just practice. If you're bad at CARS like me... Then all you can do is just practice. I just did 3-5 passages a day TIMED. I don't do that untimed BS because then I'll just get used to being slow. Learn how to improve your techniques in a timely manner. Because on the real exam, you are not going to have 20 minutes to finally understand a passage and do questions.
B/B: Do a lot of content review. You cannot skip out on B/B. There is no cheese. Learn everything the best you can. For biochemistry, all you gotta know is the 20 amino acids and its characteristics, enzyme kinematics/inhibition, all metabolic pathways forward and in reverse, all experimental techniques, and protein/lipid types. What about biology? Don't know where to start? Well, let me shamelessly plug in my 19 PAGE MCAT BIOLOGY SUMMARY (doesn't include DNA replication, transcription, or translation so pls review that on your own lol): https://www.reddit.com/Mcat/comments/13th8ax/mcat_biology_notes_only_19_pages_short_version/
P/S: All you need is this 86 page doc and learn how to interpret studies and its results. Read it, memorize it, love it, and get you that 132. Here's the link for it: https://www.reddit.com/Mcat/comments/64um9s/ka_ps_the_lazy_ocd_86_pg_version/

Well that's all to it! Good luck guys! Here's some miscellaneous stuff from me:
Section Bank Percentages: C/P (62%) B/B (68%) P/S (62%)
AAMC FL1 (05/14/23): 501 - 126/121/127/127
AAMC FL2 (05/21/23): 513 - 129/128/129/127
AAMC FL5 (05/29/23): 516 - 131/124/129/132
Test Date: June 3, 2023
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2023.05.30 23:47 PaxV I was bored and checked my december list of manga with my present one...

And I found...
- I own ~150 more volumes since december. About 10 new series
- I removed one series.
- I bought quite a bit written by Shuzo Oshimi
- I bought quite a bit of Romance
- I bought quite a bit of Shojo/Josei
- I bought relatively little Shonen
- Only 1 in 4 books were to keep the running series updated
- Almost 2 of each 3 books are new series.
- The 1 in 11 remainder are oneshots
- What did I buy?

Complete series:
- Assassin Classroom the box 1-21
- Flowers of Evil complete edition 1-4
- My Dress up Darling 1-8
- My Boy 1-9
- Nana 1-21
- Perfect World 1-12
- Sweat and Soap 1-11
- Welcome back, Alice 1-4
- Shiori's Diary 1-3
- Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou 1-2

- Avant Garde Yumeko
- Pink
- Shino can't say her name
- Helter Skelter
- Is love the answer

Volumes adding or finishing series
- Higehiro 6,7
- Komi can't communicate 21-24
- Rent a Girlfriend 13-18
- Sweet Poolside
- Children of the whales 20-21
- Imakoi 4-5
- Mint chocolate 6-7
- Orange: to you dear one
- Takane and Hana 5-18
- Blade of the Immortal Deluxe 7-8
- Blood on the tracks 12
- Blue Period 9-13
- Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction 12
- Gantz Omni 11-12
- Gigant 9-10
- My Wife has no Emotion 4
- The country without humans 3
- The way of the Househusband 9
- I think our son is gay 4
- I want to be a wall 2
- Citrus+ 4
- Doughnust under a crescent moon 5
- Even though we're adults 5
- Given 7
- I can't believe I slept with you 3
- I cannot Rach you 3,5,6
- I hear the Sunspot : Four Seasons
- Monologue woven for you 3
- Sasaki and Miyano 7,8

And what got removed?
- On or Off... 1

So that's my update. I could have posted a haul, This is roughly the same.
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2023.05.30 23:45 103ndj Am I being groomed?

 So I've been training with my gym trainer for 8 years since I was 12. He has been more nice to me for a few of those years. He's much oIder than I am (dont know how old never asked) but he's middle aged and im a young adult. I will list below what I have observed. 
  1. He tells me I'm special when I don't do anything special. I work out just like everyone else at the gym.
  2. He got me a debit card but the strange part is he doesn't make me work for the money on the card like he does with his kids who are given an allowance. He calls "working out" the job I do for the money when I should be working out anyways because it's a gym.
  3. He takes me out to eat and gets me food a lot for after the workouts (protein bars, popcorn, meals other people made for him etc...) He tells me after working out about his clients who make all this food but he doesn't eat it it seems a lot and gives me some to take home.
  4. He tries to play fight me (pretending to punch me, playful hitting, etc...) and says it's because he has to "mess with me" to keep me on my toes but what is there to be vigilant about excactly? On my toes and on the lookout for what?
  5. He's always super nice and goofy and overly optimistic in a weird way that doesn't make any sense. He gives the impression that he's "hiding something" through being the "happy go lucky goofball/clown"
  6. He treats me like I'm the "exception" Ex: I had nothing to cut my food with at a restraunt and he said "because you're special I'll let you use my pocket knife"
  7. Saying things to me like "She knows who the alpha is. Don't you?" And referring to his chair as "the king's chair"
  8. Laughs at me when I literally do and say nothing funny as if trying to butter me up or flatter me.
  9. Calls me pet names
So far I have blocked him on my phone due to suspicion. How should I handle this if it is a problem?
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2023.05.30 23:45 Mycomar [WTS] Fractional Silver, 1/10s and grams.

Proof: https://i.imgur.com/I4snfke.jpg
I have hundreds of fractional silver I want to sell. 1/10 and grams.
I’m badly in need of an oil change and blower motor switch for my ‘99 Buick
1/10 - 7.50$ each
Grams - 2.50$ each
Will drop prices for more than 20 pieces each of weight
Free shipping priority over 20 items binned.
9$ for priority 5$ for first class shipping
I accept venmo and PayPal
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2023.05.30 23:44 dr721 Looking for a non-Amex no FTF card

Looking to get a new credit card, specifically a non-Amex with no FTF. I currently use my Citi card for almost everything. I have the Amex Delta card because my family, partner, and I almost exclusively fly Delta when it's available and I have good standing with them. I don't use the card for much other than the benefits like priority boarding, free checked bag, and companion pass (which I have so far always been able to redeem for > than the annual fee of the card). However, I have been traveling more recently, including outside of the US and have had trouble using a the Amex (preferred when abroad due to lack of FTF) due to lack of acceptance. I'm hoping to add a new card that would give me no FTF and is not an Amex. I don't plan to cancel either of these cards. However, I am more of a simple CC user and prefer not having to balance a lot of rotating rewards to maximize benefit, so I would love for whatever card I add to not add a tremendous amount of complication in order to make it worthwhile.
Current cards:
Citi Double Cash $10,500 limit, ~2014
American Express Delta Platinum $12,300 limit, ~2021
FICO Score: 800
Oldest account age: 9 years
Chase 5/24 status: none
Income: $80,000 Average monthly spend and categories are frankly pretty variable because my partner and I go back and forth between who pays for things. Biggest reward-eligible spend categories are definitely food (dining & groceries) plus travel (flights, hotels/Airbnb, rideshare, public transit). Otherwise it's largely 'other.' Rough averages are:
dining $600 groceries: $400 gas: $0 travel: $400 other: $1000
Open to Business Cards: e.g. No What's the purpose of your next card? Non-Amex with no FTF Do you have any cards you've been looking at? CSP Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card? Open to either, but ultimately do prefer simplicity rather than churning
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2023.05.30 23:42 Nv7z2 graphql unexpected error

Yo guys, im trying to build my first ever node.js + graphql backend and I'm doing something wrong (but idk what). I'm using MongoDB + Mongoose + TypeScript stack.

What is wrong here, why is it wrong and how can I fix it?
Here's my project repo: https://github.com/Nv7z2/Seo-task-manager
Backend project structure:
├── backend │ ├── app.ts │ ├── package-lock.json │ ├── package.json │ ├── src │ │ ├── constants │ │ │ ├── auth │ │ │ └── task │ │ │ └── taskStatus.const.ts │ │ ├── controllers │ │ │ ├── auth.controller.ts │ │ │ ├── task │ │ │ │ ├── taskPriority.controller.ts │ │ │ │ └── taskStatus.controller.ts │ │ │ └── topic │ │ │ └── topicalCluster.controller.ts │ │ ├── database │ │ │ └── connectDb.ts │ │ ├── graphql │ │ │ ├── modules │ │ │ │ ├── auth │ │ │ │ │ └── auth.graphql.ts │ │ │ │ ├── task │ │ │ │ │ ├── taskPriority.graphql.ts │ │ │ │ │ └── taskStatus.graphql.ts │ │ │ │ └── topic │ │ │ │ └── topicalCluster.graphql.ts │ │ │ ├── resolvers.ts │ │ │ └── schemas.ts │ │ ├── middlewares │ │ │ └── authMiddleware.ts │ │ ├── models │ │ │ ├── task │ │ │ │ ├── taskPriority.model.ts │ │ │ │ └── taskStatus.model.ts │ │ │ ├── topic │ │ │ │ └── topicalCluster.model.ts │ │ │ └── user.ts │ │ └── utils │ │ ├── auth │ │ │ ├── generateRandomPassword.ts │ │ │ └── handleAuthResponse.ts │ │ ├── handleResponse.ts │ │ └── task │ └── tsconfig.json 

How I run the backend on localhost:
npm run build:watch npm run prod 

The query I'm sending through localhost sandbox:
mutation CreateTaskStatus($input: TaskStatusInput!) { createTaskStatus(input: $input) { code data { _id name type } } } 
Input to the mentioned query:
{ "input": { "name": "Done", "type": "done" } } 

Expected output:
{ data: { name: 'Done', type: 'done', color: '#ff9800', _id: new ObjectId("64766962e889308cbdf9fc6a"), createdAt: 2023-05-30T21:23:46.218Z, updatedAt: 2023-05-30T21:23:46.218Z, __v: 0 }, code: 'task_status_created' } 
Actual output:
{ "data": {}, "errors": [ { "message": "Cannot return null for non-nullable field Mutation.createTaskStatus.", "locations": [ { "line": 2, "column": 3 } ], "path": [ "createTaskStatus" ], "extensions": { "code": "INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR", "stacktrace": [ "Error: Cannot return null for non-nullable field Mutation.createTaskStatus.", " at completeValue (/Users/nv7z2/seo task managebackend/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:594:13)", " at executeField (/Users/nv7z2/seo task managebackend/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:489:19)", " at /Users/nv7z2/seo task managebackend/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:377:22", " at promiseReduce (/Users/nv7z2/seo task managebackend/node_modules/graphql/jsutils/promiseReduce.js:23:9)", " at executeFieldsSerially (/Users/nv7z2/seo task managebackend/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:373:43)", " at executeOperation (/Users/nv7z2/seo task managebackend/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:347:14)", " at execute (/Users/nv7z2/seo task managebackend/node_modules/graphql/execution/execute.js:136:20)", " at executeIncrementally (/Users/nv7z2/seo task managebackend/node_modules/@apollo/servedist/cjs/incrementalDeliveryPolyfill.js:47:34)", " at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)", " at async execute (/Users/nv7z2/seo task managebackend/node_modules/@apollo/servedist/cjs/requestPipeline.js:229:37)" ] } } ] } 
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2023.05.30 23:41 CSGOMatchThreads FaZe vs ENCE / IEM Dallas 2023 - Group B Upper Bracket Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion

FaZe 🇪🇺 0-2 🇪🇺 ENCE

Anubis: 7-16 Overpass: 13-16 Ancient

Map picks:

Inferno X
X Vertigo
Mirage X
X Nuke

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 FaZe
🇱🇻 broky 37-36 72.5 71.2% 1.06
🇨🇦 Twistzz 34-34 76.8 67.3% 1.03
🇪🇪 ropz 29-32 63.2 61.5% 0.87
🇳🇴 rain 26-34 65.0 61.5% 0.83
🇩🇰 karrigan 27-40 57.5 67.3% 0.80
🇪🇸 SunPayus 45-25 83.8 75.0% 1.38
🇮🇱 NertZ 37-33 90.2 67.3% 1.23
🇩🇰 Snappi 33-36 75.7 75.0% 1.07
🇲🇪 Maden 33-27 58.8 65.4% 1.01
🇵🇱 dycha 28-33 67.5 71.2% 0.98

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Anubis

Team CT T Total
🇪🇺 FaZe 4 3 7
🇪🇺 ENCE 11 5 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 FaZe
🇱🇻 broky 18-18 85.3 78.3% 1.26
🇨🇦 Twistzz 19-15 82.7 78.3% 1.24
🇪🇪 ropz 13-15 68.0 65.2% 0.79
🇳🇴 rain 10-17 56.6 65.2% 0.67
🇩🇰 karrigan 9-17 47.9 69.6% 0.66
🇪🇸 SunPayus 24-10 99.8 73.9% 1.64
🇩🇰 Snappi 21-19 95.9 78.3% 1.32
🇮🇱 NertZ 13-15 81.6 60.9% 1.06
🇲🇪 Maden 13-11 53.5 78.3% 1.04
🇵🇱 dycha 11-15 58.8 69.6% 0.94

Anubis detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Overpass

Team T CT Total
🇪🇺 FaZe 4 9 13
🇪🇺 ENCE 11 5 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 FaZe
🇳🇴 rain 16-17 71.7 58.6% 0.96
🇪🇪 ropz 16-17 59.4 58.6% 0.94
🇩🇰 karrigan 18-23 65.1 65.5% 0.93
🇱🇻 broky 19-18 62.4 65.5% 0.91
🇨🇦 Twistzz 15-19 72.1 58.6% 0.88
🇮🇱 NertZ 24-18 97.1 72.4% 1.38
🇪🇸 SunPayus 21-15 71.0 75.9% 1.19
🇵🇱 dycha 17-18 74.3 72.4% 1.03
🇲🇪 Maden 20-16 63.1 55.2% 1.00
🇩🇰 Snappi 12-17 59.7 72.4% 0.89

Overpass detailed stats and VOD

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.05.30 23:40 jambajuice69420 In search of Lululemon Align leggings

In search of Lululemon Align leggings
In search of Black Lou Lou Lemon Align leggings
I looked around but can't seem to find exactly what I want. Im looking for Size 4 and 25" length. Does anyone know a reputable place to buy?
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2023.05.30 23:40 Own_Shift2842 Sitting in the car outside prometric

First thoughts, I feel almost identical to when I came out of p/f step1, except just a little more confidence for one main reason: at least me feeling like garbage right now is because all the vagueness and experimental Qs I just encountered for 9 hours. Sure there were some questions that I knew I could have known if I had just one more fact memorized, but like everyone says - step 2 is so much less about how much you know. I’m just trying to stay optimistic, but I am thankful for this community that reminds me I’m not alone in this post-exam misery. On my NBMEs I was marking like 4-5 Qs max, today I was marking like 10+ qs each block (I only mark Qs if I think there’s a chance I’ll come back and change my answer). But I just had to dig deep for every last drop of stoicism I had left. I realize that this is a licensing exam for the most noble profession in the world, and of course it’s gonna be testing my grit and endurance and ability to move through each block critically and efficiently without psyching myself out. In the end, I’m still going to get to be a doctor which is all I’ve wanted since I was a kid. I spent the whole past year just focusing on doing well on clerkships and shelves, and then spent 3.5 weeks dedicated. All my SAs were consistently between 247-261. Probably the worst part is the post exam phone calls from my well-meaning parents who can’t understand why I don’t have a feeling of how well I did.
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2023.05.30 23:39 Sufficient_Manner_91 How do the specs look for this lab round diamond? Will be setting this on a 6 prong solitaire as an engagement ring!

How do the specs look for this lab round diamond? Will be setting this on a 6 prong solitaire as an engagement ring! submitted by Sufficient_Manner_91 to EngagementRings [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:39 ladykatytrent [US][TRADING] Yokai Cats, Vampire Hunter D, Manga Theater, Peach Girl and more!

Hey y'all. Looking to trade today!
Here's what I have:
Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater
Haru's Curse
Crossgame 1
Yokai Cats 1
High School Debut 7
Peach Girl 1-8
Call of the Night 8
Ao Haru Ride 4
Vampire Hunter D manga 2
Puella Magi Oriko Sadness 1-4
Spice and Wolf LN 1, 22, 23
Again!! 1-3, 5
I also have a hardcopy of Lore Olympus 1 and some Gunnerkrigg Court.
Here's what I'm looking for (in no particular order):
Hooky 2 softcover
Kowloon Romance 2, 3
Spice and Wolf 9+
My Love Mix Up 2-6
Madoka Magica Rebellion 1
Umineko anything except for 1-3 and 19, 20
Rent a Girlfriend 18
Apothecary Diaries 7
Inuyasha Vizbig 5, 17
Love Me Love Me Not 2-9
Idol Dreams 4+
Shortcake Cake 4+
Ao Haru Ride 12
Hunter x Hunter 8-23, 25-34
Mao 3-5, 7+
Haunted Bookstore Manga 3
Girl from the Otherside Deluxe 1+
Shaman King Omnibus 10, 12+
Miss Koizumi 3
Witch and the Beast 3, 7, 8
In/Spectre 4+
Girl in the Arcade 3
Dragonball 3 in 1 10, 11, 13, 14
Something Wrong With Us 7, 11, 12, 14+
Komi Can't Communicate 8-18, 20-22, 24+
Pretty Boy Detective manga 3
Coffee Moon 2
Soul Eater PE 6-9
Slam Dunk anything except 1, 2, 7
Bungo Stray Dogs manga 8, 13 -15, 18, 20+ and all the side stuff
Yuyu Hakusho 4-12, 16-19
Kimi Ni Todoke 10, 16, 17, 19, 25
Norigami Omnibus 4
Tokyo Revengers Omnibus 7-8, 9-10
High School Debut 10, 11
Mieruko Chan 2+
Resident Evil 4
Yamada Kun 13+
Skip Beat 7-36, 38-42, 44
Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie 3-9
Horimiya 1+
Ghost and the Lady 2
Kingdom Hearts II 3+
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories 2+
Kingdom Hearts 365 2+
Fly Me To The Moon 17
Haikyu 3, 11+
Madoka Magica Wraith 1-3
Madoka Magia Side Story 2-5
Magia Another Story 1, 2
A Galaxy Next Door 1+
Vampire Hunter D manga 5-8
Maybe other things!
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2023.05.30 23:38 Thelonezombie Bing was not having it (I told it to read “Einsteins laws on Jalapeño Dynamics”)

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2023.05.30 23:37 CSGOMatchThreads FURIA vs MOUZ / IEM Dallas 2023 - Group A Lower Bracket Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion

FURIA 🇧🇷 0-2 🇪🇺 MOUZ

Inferno: 10-16 Vertigo: 4-16 Mirage

Map picks:

Anubis X
X Ancient
Overpass X
X Nuke

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇧🇷 yuurih 29-36 84.7 67.4% 1.01
🇧🇷 KSCERATO 30-30 71.6 67.4% 0.97
🇧🇷 drop 25-33 50.8 63.0% 0.76
🇧🇷 saffee 20-35 49.0 63.0% 0.65
🇧🇷 arT 18-36 46.2 58.7% 0.57
🇦🇺 dexter 39-28 87.1 80.4% 1.35
🇩🇪 JDC 36-21 82.9 71.7% 1.31
🇮🇱 xertioN 36-31 89.6 82.6% 1.28
🇸🇰 frozen 33-18 83.2 76.1% 1.26
🇭🇺 torzsi 23-25 52.2 76.1% 0.99

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Inferno

Team CT T Total
🇧🇷 FURIA 8 2 10
🇪🇺 MOUZ 7 9 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇧🇷 yuurih 19-18 94.1 76.9% 1.18
🇧🇷 KSCERATO 20-18 81.4 57.7% 1.05
🇧🇷 drop 17-16 54.3 61.5% 0.86
🇧🇷 saffee 13-19 60.0 73.1% 0.83
🇧🇷 arT 9-18 38.5 57.7% 0.58
🇮🇱 xertioN 20-19 92.4 76.9% 1.26
🇩🇪 JDC 21-13 68.8 61.5% 1.21
🇸🇰 frozen 18-13 87.1 65.4% 1.18
🇦🇺 dexter 18-17 71.4 69.2% 1.16
🇭🇺 torzsi 10-17 48.8 73.1% 0.90

Inferno detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Vertigo

Team T CT Total
🇧🇷 FURIA 4 0 4
🇪🇺 MOUZ 11 5 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇧🇷 KSCERATO 10-12 58.8 80.0% 0.91
🇧🇷 yuurih 10-18 72.5 55.0% 0.82
🇧🇷 drop 8-17 46.2 65.0% 0.64
🇧🇷 arT 9-18 56.1 60.0% 0.58
🇧🇷 saffee 7-16 34.7 50.0% 0.44
🇦🇺 dexter 21-11 107.5 95.0% 1.62
🇩🇪 JDC 15-8 101.2 85.0% 1.47
🇸🇰 frozen 15-5 78.0 90.0% 1.38
🇮🇱 xertioN 16-12 86.0 90.0% 1.32
🇭🇺 torzsi 13-8 56.6 80.0% 1.13

Vertigo detailed stats and VOD

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.05.30 23:36 Praximist-YT One Piece watchers of Munich

Since the most hyped up event of the manga will be adapted to anime in approximately 9 weeks i.e.Gear 5, are there any watch parties in munich where people will gather and watch it together. If there is one, please let me know If not, let's make one!
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2023.05.30 23:35 vindollaz Im 30 and saving for a house. Should I stop investing in my 403b and open a Roth IRA?

Not sure who to ask and I’m not very financially literate at all, so I was hoping for some guidance here. Or if anyone has any resources to point me towards.
I’m 30, I make about $120,000 a year with projected 7%, 6%, and 5% increases over the next 3 years. No debt other than a $10,000 car loan I’m working to pay off (2.9% interest, $275 monthly payment) I don’t currently pay rent.
I have about $87,000 in my 403b account in a vanguard 2055 target retirement fund.
I am currently aggressively saving up a downpayment for a house, hoping to buy with my fiancé within a year.
I don’t think I can afford to contribute both to my 403b and also contribute the maximum to a Roth IRA. Would it be advisable to stop contributions to the 403b and fully commit to maximizing a Roth IRA?
Any advise would be appreciated. Sorry if this isn’t a proper post. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.30 23:34 r3allybadusername Rant: we're expected to work 40 hours a week for less than minimum wage and I want to scream

My pi is cracking down on us working from home. They informed me this morning that I'm expected to be at work from 9-5. Typically when I have work I can do at home (which is 2-3 days of the week), I work from 10-8 and do a bit of work on weekends.
I have nothing against a 40 hour work week (clearly since I do more than that at home) but this argument got me thinking. If I work 40 hours a week then, even without subtracting my tuition, I'm making less than minimum wage. Now I have to battle traffic and awful bus schedules to get to campus as well. And this is after moving out of my parents house in a low col area during my masters and into a city with an extremely high cost of living specifically for my phd
I'm passionate about this project and I want to keep working on it but the high cost of living and incredibly awful wage is just beating me down. It hasn't even been a full year and I just feel so combative about coming in. It felt like the flexibility was the only thing that made me not care as much.
Obviously I don't want to fight my pi on this because it's not worth it when I have a big scholarship application coming soon but every bone in my body just wants to find someone I can demand a living wage from and yell at them.
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2023.05.30 23:34 SniperCaroline A list of the things I have build so far this year

At the beginning of the uear my sister gave me a challenge. For years I have been wanting to fill out my sims save file, but havent. My sister's challenge is to build 23 lots in 2023 and I guess so far it's going pretty well.
I have really found a lot of inspiration for different things to build and incorporate in my builds. For example the four neon/retro inspired Oasis Springs or the huge Windenburg manor with inspiration from the Salvatore boarding school from Legacies or even just filling up Henford on Bagley.
What are some of builds you have made so far this year?
  1. Henford on Bagley - restaurant / bar (3/1/23)
  2. Henford on Bagley - flower shop (4/1(23)
  3. Oasis Springs - Bowlingalley (2/1/23)
  4. Oasis Springs - movie theater (4/1/23)
  5. Oasis Springs - Arkade (14/1/23)
  6. Henford - Big farm (22/1/23)
  7. Oasis Springs - cafe (12/2/23)
  8. Brindelton Bay - Dutch style (14/2/23)
  9. Oasis Springs - Spa (18/2/23)
  10. Willow Creek - Park (25/2/23)
  11. Moonwood mill - Roller skating (11/3/23)
  12. Oasis Springs - Casita inspired (12/3/23)
  13. San Sequoia - Starter home (16/3/23)
  14. San Sequioa - Family (20/3/23)
  15. San Sequoia - Ice cream restaurant (2/4/23)
  16. Windenburg - Massive manor (16/4/23)
  17. Tartosa - Wedding Chapel (30/4/23)
  18. San Sequoia - Community center / Rec center (20/5/23)
  19. Henford - Country cottage (22/5/23)
  20. Brindelton Bay - Pet shop (27/5/23)
  21. Copperdale - Music store (29/5/23)
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