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2023.03.29 17:58 LiawasHere1 Im killing myself after I graduate high school

That’s next year but eh..I have no will to live. I fucked up my relationship with my boyfriend and even though he’s trying to forgive and forget, it probably won’t happen and I won’t blame him. I still hate my body with a passion and I have no talents, I’m a complete loser. So next year I’m killing myself either in a different state in some random woods or going out of the country. Even if someone will miss me, what’s the point.
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2023.03.29 17:58 melthasm PC build suggestion for WoW

Hello, I am planning to build a PC this week and I need your help please. Now, I use ASUS TUF FX504 gaming laptop which I upgraded its ram from 8 to 16 and got a Samsung 970 Pro 256 GB a year ago. I play World of Warcraft/FFXIV 99% of the time and my pc can't handle modern graphics that good anymore.
My plan is to get 3060-70-80 and Intel i7 10th+ gen and my price range is about this area. However, checking many sources left me with doubt. I would really appreciate if you can help me some of my questions.
-Is Nvidia 30 series overkill for playing WoW on max settings and is 20s enough?
-Should I hop on the AMD/Nvidia train and let Intel go? If yes, which CPU should I get?
-Can or should I use my current SSD on the new PC since it feels really fast with good performance on Legion Dalaran loading screen?
-Is 144Hz/Full HD monitor better than 60Hz/4K for gaming?
Other than that, I am up for any suggestions for any build mixes to play WoW/FFXIV on max settings and some other games between to carry me for couple years. Thanks a lot
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2023.03.29 17:58 Frenchtoastmami Phobia of looking too attractive around people so I dress down on purpose. Is this even a thing?

I’m not a narcissist.
I have a lot of trauma so I cover my body up a lot and I stopped putting in effort in my looks. I wear baggy clothes and stopped doing my makeup. I get hit on A LOT and I don’t like the attention so I try to dress down because I don’t know how to take compliments and I feel weird when I’m complimented.. but I still get hit on. I just got diagnosed with agoraphobia. I don’t like to go out in fear I’ll be interacted with so maybe in combination with my agoraphobia it’s antisocial? What’s wrong with me? Is there a specific phobia towards not wanting to be perceived?
Disorders I have: PTSD, OCD, Anxiety and depression, Agoraphobia
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2023.03.29 17:57 lyx9 Oh wow, look at the valk I got!!

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2023.03.29 17:57 Bonnie_Clip I can't with this

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2023.03.29 17:57 Abm743 Is my pricing off base? 2013 G37X content

I've been trying to get rid of my wife's G37 for the last 2 months and I didn't even receive a single offer, not even a lowball one. White/tan, 123k miles. Body: 8/10 (there are rock chips and some scuffs on rear bumper by the trunk lid). Interior: 8/10 (driver's side carpet is stained from rubber winter mats and I can't get it off). Mechanical: 8/10 (there is a rattle at idle coming from the blower motor that was there since I bought the car 50k miles ago).
Am I asking to much at $12.2k?
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2023.03.29 17:56 nomegusta11 Breaking down fight IQ: Korra vs Kuvira

I was inspired to do this because of a post someone did asking about fight IQ. I box recreationally (do not compete), spar, and overall am a big enthusiast of the sport! We talk about fight IQ all the time in boxing, and so I thought it’d be fun to breakdown Kuvira’s fight IQ during her one-on-one with Korra in Season 4.
Fight IQ is really all about assessing your opponent, capitalizing on openings, creating set ups to create openings, psychological warfare, and utilizing your surroundings. I think out of every ATLA and LOK character, Kuvira has the highest fight IQ.
00:05 So immediately 5 seconds in, Kuvira starts by saying “go ahead and use all the elements and the avatar state, I know you’ve been a little rusty.” She is already engaging in psychological warfare not necessarily to bring Korra’s confidence down…but to frustrate her and bait her into poor fighting. And it works.
00:15-00:21 Korra is out here throwing solid “punches” and “kicks” while Kuvira is slipping, rolling, and moving around, all while assessing Korra’s form and looking for weaknesses. She doesn’t throw any counters or anything of her own, she’s just moving around, calmly dodging, and assessing Korra.
00:21-00:26 This bit all happens so fast, but basically coming from a slip, Kuvira uses her momentum and timing to bring up a small earth pillar, catching Korra’s punch, earth bends to hit Korra’s core, catches her hand with metal, and then knocks her off balance. All in 5 seconds. She’s identified where she wants to hit Korra and you’ll see her do the same things: hit Korra’s core, which will tire her out, and knock her down, which will humiliate and frustrate her.
00:43-00:53 God what a flawless counter! So again, Korra is out here throwing haymakers and Kuvira is just dodging like a boss, continually assessing and looking for openings. Korra throws a fire kick leaving her stance vulnerable. Kuvira drops low and knocks her off balance, and as Korra is getting back up, BAM, she’s there with a nice piece of earth straight to her body, knocking her down again. Kuvira is a natural counter fighter.
00:54-01:07 Goddamn Kuvira floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee! Korra comes back with a nice fire uppercut, an air jab, and a couple of kicks and some earth bending. Kuvira is floating around making Korra chase after her, all while dodging. She has already assessed Korra by this point and knows her weak spots: Korra is vulnerable to getting knocked off balance because she’s not moving around enough, she stays planted for too long. In boxing, you wanna go in, throw your combos, and GTFO as fast as you can. Korra doesn’t do that, she stands there for too long, giving Kuvira an opening to strike. And where does Kuvira immediately target? You guessed it, her legs, knocking her off balance, covering her eyes, and hitting her (again) in the body with a rock.
01:19-01:27 Korra is throwing haymakers again, which Kuvira at this point easily rolls and slips. She counters with some metal bending (notice how fluid she is, as she’s coming from a slip and then BAM, metal). These don’t land, and that’s fine, because I don’t think she was throwing them with the intention of hitting her: she was putting pressure on Korra, and now Kuvira is holding her ground. I think she’s baiting her to attack, but it could well be that this was simply a miss.
01:28-01:36 Korra decides to launch herself in the air for an aerial attack, throwing some air bending at Kuvira. Which again, Kuvira slips, and very fluidly uses the momentum of coming back from the slip to earth bend a piece of earth to meet Korra in the air. After Korra has airbended, she’s left vulnerable, literally hanging in the air, weak to any counters.
01:41-01:50 Korra comes in charging, again throwing haymakers, which Kuvira is dodging. Notice how Kuvira doesn’t move far away from Korra like she was doing before. Before, she was engaging in long range fighting. Korra is tired and frustrated, meaning she’s going to make more mistakes and her bending is probably not going to be as strong. Kuvira is going to finish her out with some close range combat via metal bending.
01:52-02:09 Kuvira before gave Korra a chance to breathe, waiting for next move. Now she’s on the offensive, putting pressure on Korra to react. I think this next bit was a bit of a set up: she throws some rocks at Korra, which she defends by raising a big slab of earth and letting that absorb the impact, and then throws it at Kuvira. Now, I think this was a set up because this is kind of a classic earth bending move; we have seen this countless times, of earth benders defending against an attack by blocking it with a big chunk of earth, and then throwing it back to the attacker. Kuvira seems to expect this and throws it right back at Korra, and destroys it while Korra is using all her strength to hold it off.
02:26-02:39 Again, Korra throws the haymaker, which Kuvira ducks, and AGAIN, attacks her balance. Korra counters with a piece of earth bending that honestly I don’t think is meant to hit Kuvira; I think she was attempting a set up by distracting Kuvira with the rock and then immediately following up with a kick. But Kuvira predicted that due to her earlier assessment of Korra, and caught Korra’s leg before anything could come out of it.
So that’s basically it! I think this fight is a really good example of a powerful bender (Korra) vs a less powerful bender relying more on fight IQ (Kuvira).
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2023.03.29 17:56 anotherhistorynerd 48y/o recently diagnosed

I recently started taking Ritalin, but I take half of a 10 mg twice a day. I’m not sure it’s right medication for me. My body feels like my foot is on the gas but the car is in park, if that makes sense to anyone.
How does it feel when you have the right medication?
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2023.03.29 17:56 dreamtreedown I am so amazed

Wow! I am SO amazed at you and your bands travel. Very cool to see. I have so many questions I could write a book 😝 What has been your favorite place you are visited? How do you get from city to city? Have you met any cool and interesting people? Have you made any new fans? I am so proud of you. This morning I told our neighbor about your “tour” and she was very impressed! She wants a Born of Osiris t-shirt signed by all the members. I would like one as well and so does aunt Jane. Our little rockstar! 🎸🌟 love ya! Any plans to travel to Seattle? Pop and I went there in the 90s and fell in love with it. The space needle is SO neat 😁 love ya! Be careful! Stay away from the groupies, their always causing trouble. Remember to eat healthy…Stay away from processed foods. Fresh fruits and veggies are fab (meaning fabulous). How’s Cameron doing? Tell him I say hi! Remember the first day you two became friend? I sure do! Remember I’m always only a phone call away. Don't forget about us when you make it big 🤣 love ya!
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2023.03.29 17:56 spekter299 [Dragon Ball] Human/Saiyan Hybrids

So something that's always bothered me about the series is that saiyans can interbreed with humans. This may not seem like a big deal, but most species in the same family (in the taxonomic sense) can't interbreed despite their similarities. Let alone animals in the same order. Even within the same genus, you can breed a hybrid, but they tend to be sterile so it isn't able to continue the line. So why can humans produce offspring with literal aliens, and offspring who can have offspring of their own? Especially troubling because there is not one single species on earth that humans can interbreed with
I can think of 3 possible answers:
Humans and saiyans share a common ancestor, or one of them is an ancestor to the other, recently enough (in the speciation sense) to have viable offspring like humans and Neanderthals.
Saiyan gametes are adaptable enough to make themselves compatible with human gametes. I say saiyans because we know humans can't, otherwise there would be at least one other species on the planet we could interbreed with.
Ki acts as a kind of catalyst to merge the otherwise incompatible genetic material.
Now let's look at the evidence we have:
Saiyans can eat earth food. This may not seem that important, but they are alien life so the odds of earth food having the kind of protein structure they can digest is extremely unlikely to happen coincidentally. So this could indicate option 1 or 2, difficult to say which.
However, other physiological differences exist in other species. Namekians are known to reproduce differently than humans and saiyans do, and while humans and saiyans share the same color blood most other species have something different. This makes option 1 a lot shakier, but it's still possible those two species shared some link while others did not.
The kais. The function of the kais is like that of a gardener, they seed and nurture life across the universe. Having been seeded from the same source, the kais, it's possible that humans and saiyans can interbreed because all mammalian life in this universe can. Not so much a common ancestor as a common source, but still a point in favor of that explanation.
Gravity. When a saiyan endures extreme gravity, they adapt. The gravity point isn't just about muscles getting stronger either, it's their bones getting stronger, it's their blood pumping harder to still reach the brain when it's 500x heavier, it's ligaments and tendons suddenly moving 500x the mass (the 500x number comes from Vegeta's post-Namek training, I'm not aware of numbers given later in the series). I draw attention to this because it's something humans CANNOT do. When a human is exposed to high g-forces (the g stands for gravity and refers to multiples of the force of gravity experienced when rapidly accelerating or decelerating) their blood stops being able to circulate, and they either black out or red out (the difference being whether blood can't get into the brain or it can't leave the brain). Humans can adapt to 9gs or 9x earth gravity with training, but without specialized equipment that represents a firm upper limit for human physiology, and that limit can only be held for a few seconds before losing consciousness.
Under that gravitational load humans have a hard time breathing. Human bones can self reinforce under strain, but again the ceiling on that ability is far below even the natural 10x gravity on planet Vegeta. Even digestion would be difficult to impossible under that stress.
All of this matters because the planet Vegeta that Frieza destroys is not the planet saiyans evolved on. They moved there as evolutionarily modern saiyans and just adapted to the high gravity.
3b. Zenkai. As a sub point to the above, saiyans respond to lift threatening injuries by bouncing back even stronger than before. Humans have something thematically similar, broken bones tend to heal stronger than before. The difference is again in the upper limit of it. Microinjuries from strain are how muscles grow, and it causes bones to self reinforce, but our ligaments and tendons are the opposite. You treat a ligament and it'll heal, but it's never the same again let alone better. It's also a gradual, iterative process that takes years of constant effort. For saiyans though, they can do it in days.
This all speaks to a high degree of adaptability as a survival mechanism, not quite Doomsday level, but significantly above what humans are capable of. This supports theory 2, they're just that adaptable.
Transformation. How many forms can saiyans change into? They can become 100 foot tall gorillas, they can suddenly expand muscle mass to go from martial artist to power lifter, their hair can change color, shape, and length at will. Saiyan bodies are significantly more malleable than that of a human (setting aside the question of where the additional mass comes from in that first 2). Besides the zenkai, the ability to transform is the signature ability of saiyans. This supports point 2 as well, because if they can transform to that degree, of course their DNA could in theory be malleable enough to become compatible with humans.
Nobody is surprised hybrids exist. When Radditz gets to earth, one of the first things he learns (apart from Goku having not leveled the place) is that Gohan exists. He's not surprised. Neither is Frieza, and with his desire to eliminate saiyans you'd think learning that humans are a potential vector for repopulation would draw a reaction from him. That neither are surprised leads me to suspect storms m saiyans have produced hybrids before. Where are these hybrids now? Likely dead at the hands of Frieza or other saiyans. Both have sent species to extinction, so what's a few half-saiyans along with them?
Vegeta knew Gohan was a hybrid, so he shouldn't have been surprised with Trunks. But here's the thing, he wanted Trunks to continue his lineage and he would have no way of knowing Gohan wasn't a mule at the time (a hybrid of donkey and horse that can exist and function, but cannot reproduce). Unless of course he already knew that like Viltrumites, saiyan genetics breed true. If he already knew saiyan hybrids could not only reproduce themselves, but continue producing saiyans, then mating with a human to continue his line makes sense.
From all this here's how my 3 possible answers look:
Common ancestor: unlikely. That would explain the similarities in appearance, blood, and reproduction process, but the odds of saiyans belonging to the genus homo are slim unless the kais got lazy and left the same template on for the two species.
Adaptable gametes: highly likely. Everything we know about saiyans points to their biology having extreme adaptation ability, so that extending to who they can breed with requires very few assumptions.
Ki bullshit: no idea. There's no evidence for, but also none against. I really only mentioned it because if Toriyama decided to say this was the explanation I could accept it.
So TL/DR: saiyans can have saiyan children with humans because saiyan genetics are as adaptable as everything else about saiyans.
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2023.03.29 17:56 Geetanjali19 Who Is AadiRam Ram Navami Ram is just another word for the Supreme God who is immortal who can provide us salvation and can make us free from this mortal body. Kabir Is God

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2023.03.29 17:55 _TurtleX How I Imagine P5A Would Start

It's 2AM right now and I have no idea how to put this into a coherent post but this is how I think P5A will begin.
The game will start with Akechi running from Pub Sec, after the events of Royal Akechi survived as implied by that one removed cutscene, however he has had to remain stealthy because he is a prime suspect in the mental shutdown incidents.
Akechi, after finding the Metaverse Navigator back on his phone, left hiding to investigate a sudden onset of Apathy Syndrome cases, believing them to be some strange form of mental shutdowns, however these shutdowns seemingly had no aim as opposed to his own targeted attacks which were orchestrated by Shido. Akechi identified a pattern in the Apathy Syndrome cases and went to where they were most common to figure out a cause in this.
Akechi deduced a few potential targets, however all of them had palaces which posed a problem for him as it made it much harder for him to operate discretely, especially considering that Shido warned him of a top secret police branch that would investigate cases like this back when they were working together.
While trying to enter and investigate one of the palaces, he is ambushed by Pub Sec and begins running towards one of the palace entrances, because there was no way he could be chased into the Metaverse. However, just when he enters the keywords into the Nav, the Pub Sec forces enter the room he's in, Akechi has no choice to enter the Metaverse and just throw the Pub Sec officers out.
After entering the Metaverse, most of the Pub Sec officers become confused by the sudden change of environment, but one of them is familiar with this type of location and summons his Persona to engage Akechi. This Pub Sec Officer is Zenkichi Hasegawa.
Akechi and Zenkichi fight, (I guess if this is how P5A goes this fight could go both ways) and after a close battle, Zenkichi wins and takes Akechi out of the Metaverse, along with the confused Pub Sec officers. Back in reality, Zenkichi apprehended Akechi and began trying to wake the unconscious Akechi up, but while he is shaking Akechi's body, the former Detective Prince, Naoto Shirogane, enters the room and interrupted him. Naoto begins explaining that from this point on she will be handling the case with "The Shadow Operatives" and tells Zenkichi that his assistance is no longer needed for this investigation. Zenkichi is confused by what he just heard, but at this time Akechi regained consciousness but was already handcuffed, he mutters "To think you could use a Persona." Naoto hears this and immediately asks Zenkichi if he is a Persona user, Zenkichi then asks Naoto "You know about Personas?" After a quick but vague discussion on the topic, Naoto decides that Zenkichi is trustworthy and tells him that maybe he can help out with the Shadow Operatives investigation after all.
After arriving at a custom Shadow Operatives facility which was made to theoretically deal with the abilities of Phantom Thieves and people involved in those kinds of activities, Zenkichi is surprised to be greeted by a very excited Sophia, who coincidental found the facility around a month prior while wandering with Ichinose, who is currently helping investigate the Apathy Syndrome cases with the Shadow Operatives. Even more surprising to Zenkichi is the fact that Joker is also currently being held within the facility.
(For brief reference if I do follow up on this, Sophia found her way there by smelling a unique signal that was similar to a jail but not a jail (Aigis' Plume of Dusk). Joker is there because Aigis was sent to retrieve him when Mitsuru and the Shadow Operatives identified the alarming comparison to the current Apathy Syndrome cases and the month of January in 2010, when the fall was quickly approaching and Apathy Syndrome cases were skyrocketing. Joker is currently being compliant and is doing his best to help stop this crisis. These events take place just before the new year, in the same year strikers and the third semester occurred. The rest of the Phantom Thieves, including Sumire, are currently worried about Joker's whereabouts and are doing there own investigations. I have no idea how to get the p4 crew involved yet asides from having mementos tear into the tv world or getting Naoto + Labrys to inform them.)
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2023.03.29 17:55 Specialist-Pin412 Barrel Decision

I'm piecing together an AR for hunting and just testing limits in general for distance when practicing, hunting shots would mostly be 350 yd or under but there is potential for just over 500 yd at one of my stands. I've been considering either a Satern Liberty or Wilson Combat 18" but have started questioning whether I should just go ahead and spend a couple hundred dollars more and go with a something like a JP, Satern cut rifled, Bartlein or Lilja. I really wasn't wanting to step up into that range but am having the buy once cry once kind of thoughts in the back of my head, especially since my initial reason for building it was to have a easier to handle, lighter recoiling gun for my son to use to start hunting with me but that I could also extend the stock and shoot myself as well, I will ultimately give it to him eventually and do want to build an heirloom quality gun (not sure that term really fits an AR but hopefully it passes along the gist of my reasoning) but also don't want to totally break the bank on it as I've got 2 more sons that will be following in his footsteps I'll have to build dor as well. I would also be open to other suggestions as well.
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2023.03.29 17:55 PrisonerByNoCrime PTSD is a whole body tragedy

PTSD is a whole-body tragedy...of the heart, mind, body, and soul- of which all are interconnected.
But beneath the surface of the protective layers of trauma survivors there lays an undamaged essence, a part that is confident, curious, and calm, a part that has been sheltered from destruction by Jesus himself. Healing is a form of getting back to this original Self ... who we were created to be.
In order to find out original parts we must let ourselves be cracked open, we must allow the hurt to cradle us, the pain to come rushing in ... it is the only way to be whole again.
B 🤍
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2023.03.29 17:55 Idwtgc777 All I think about is how I look

I’m so obsessed with the way I look it literally consumes 90% of my thoughts there are two sides of it
1-I’m an the IT field which is very male dominated, the 4 years I spent in uni studying I had to prove to my colleagues (guys and mid looking girls) that I am smart enough. I applied to an internship but got rejected so ever since that rejection all I think about is how I look since “I’m not smart enough”
2-I know I’m beautiful but I want to be the most beautiful. Right now I go to the gym 3 times a week, I have a daily morning and night skin routine, every day I spend 10 minutes mixing raw Shea butter with lotion to achieve butter like skin, my wavy hair routine consists of 6 steps and 200 dollars worth of products. Recently I have been feeling insecure regarding my skin color so I ordered skin lightening pills and I’m scrubbing and exfoliating my body to achieve a lighter skin color
Honestly I want to be more beautiful, I kind of do feel empty but I want to do my best to look more beautiful
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2023.03.29 17:55 mangguo1 Is the hiv can hiding in the body and show up at 6 month?

He said he’s negative,I am not really sure. I got test hiv rna test at 12 weeks,negative. Also received a negative results with 4th generation test after 90 days. But I am still worry if hiv can hiding in my dna and it’s going to begin reproduce and show up at 6 month
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2023.03.29 17:55 Rawchaa Theory time! What I think is going on so far! (Sorry I keep posting shit but I'm pretty excited)

Goah Mukaku was sent to the inside by Shen to form a flawless fighting style for the connectors new body. And think this because Ogi called Mukaku, and the only time when that word is used is when someone has dealing with another (work related). However I don't think Mukaku was just there to form a style, I think He was sent to secure something in the inside specifically. The reason for the clones was a test to see how the clones would far off in a harsh environment, Goah was supposed to teach Ryuki the Niko style but Mukaku taught Ryuki the Gaoh style instead so that Shen wouldn't get his hands on the Niko style while also baiting Shen out of hiding to come for him.
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2023.03.29 17:55 elysianye sigh

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2023.03.29 17:54 EffeminateMan33 Why should i love God?

I can understand fearing an all powerful being, being scared of it. But why loving an all powerful being? How can you love such an impersonal being? And yes the supposed christian God if hes even exist, is very impersonal to me. I mean you cant really have a "relationship" with a being that doesnt talk much if anything right?
And what makes that being so lovable? I know many christians say the world is bad because of humanity etc.
But there are also things human cant control, very bad things. And they arent from God either? Then what is it? Isnt God all powerful and in absolute control?
And this world is far from perfect, the human body is far from perfect.
And if God is so much love, why does he torture people eternally who didnt love him enough?
Does this sound like love? I know many christians say you send yourself to hell. But doesnt God have the keys to hell?
Im ready to go to hell, im not a real atheist. If God exists, i cannot love him, its impossible. And since he doesnt accept fear, i guess ill go to hell then, like most of humanity.
Fact is i would never submit to God out of love, but only fear.
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2023.03.29 17:54 kajalauc what happens when we die?

What happens when we die according to the Bible, some interpretations are that we sleep until judgment day, Jesus says that whoever believes in him even when he dies will live, Paul also alludes that we live with Jesus when we are not in the body. I am new to studying the Bible, I am often confused. What are your thoughts on that?
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2023.03.29 17:54 Ready_Equipment_6566 #Who_Is_AadiRam Ram Navami "Ram is just another word for the Supreme God who is immortal who can provide us salvation and can make us free from this mortal body". Kabir Is God

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2023.03.29 17:54 Hot-Tone-7495 My son slept in until….

I wake up at 630 every morning and my son usually follows at about 645. We’ve been moving recently so our days are super busy and active.
730 rolled around, I check on him and he’s still fast asleep. Wow! This is late! 815 rolls around and I check again. Still sleeping soundly. At 830 I decide to turn on the gaming system and play a video game. I NEVER get this much time to myself so, heck yeah!
The second the game loads, I turn around and my son is standing right behind me lol. He got up so silently.
So much for that!! I still enjoyed the alone time but didn’t do anything fun with it, just scrolled Reddit in anticipation of him waking up
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