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2023.06.08 00:58 EpidermGrowthFactor AACOMAS Covid prompt (2500 characters) question

Please describe how COVID-19 has impacted your pathway to medical school. Items to consider incorporating into your response may include but are not limited to:
Academic: Were you able to interact with your professors? Did you have to leave an academic program stateside or abroad? Did your school require you to move to pass/fail grading systems? Did your MCAT exam get cancelled, delayed? Other academic barriers?
Professional: Did you hold a job? Did you have to go out and seek new job opportunities? Did you lose a job? Other financial or professional barriers that you faced?
Personal: Did you have to move out of a house or dorm? Did you have to cancel travel plans? Did you modify your planned experiences related to healthcare or volunteer opportunities? Did you seek out volunteer opportunities that arose from the crisis? Did you assist any family or community members that were affected?
This section isn't required, but would it be a red flag if I skipped it? If I had to answer it, it would be pretty banal:
Is this all even worth saying?
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2023.06.08 00:57 imyourforte Blame Canada. Blame Canada.

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2023.06.08 00:56 Equivalent-Voice2525 Anyone else experience jealousy/self blaming?

I’ve been out of a emotionally abusive relationship for a few months. We have three young children together (5,2 and almost one) our relationship seemed so perfect at first, I truly thought he was the only person for me. Slowly he started making me feel badly about things, putting more and more responsibilities on my shoulders. By the last 6 months of our relationship things were horrible, he was unbelievably mean to me and would say vile things, and I was ready for things to end so when he kept threatening to kick me out we finally came to the decision that I would stay in the house for now and he would leave. When we first ended things, it almost seemed to get better, we got along again and I was almost thinking of going back but I was very hesitant and didn’t give my affection freely. We ended up bickering a lot again and faded off. Now he’s moved on to someone else this month and they’re going on vacations, going camping, going to bars all the time having so much fun. I’m feeling jealous because he never wanted to do any of those things with me and I always have the kids so I can’t even if I want to. Meanwhile he just takes them whenever he feels like it. Seeing him be so happy with someone else also makes me have some regrets from our relationship. There were times I was defensive and looking back maybe I should have made some changes sooner. I had postpartum depression after our last and did let the house go a bit. I also know parenting wasn’t like he expected it to be and I think he resented me because we weren’t free to have fun like childless people. I tried to get a babysitter as often as possible but we didn’t have a lot of options. He worked so much and never wanted to spend time with us. He now spreads so many lies and horrible things about me. He goes on and on about how unappreciative I am for still being in the house and says I’m lazy and awful because I haven’t worked since we had our second, even tho it was mostly because we couldn’t afford daycare. Some of the horrible things he says about me are routed in some truth so it has me feeling very down on myself. I blame myself for not trying harder or letting things be the way they are. I’m feeling so stuck, like I’m doomed to live a miserable life forever. I never regretted having my kids but I feel like he never wanted to do anything with them, and it’s so hard to do things with all three on my own. I don’t know what I’m hoping to gain from this post, maybe solidarity?
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2023.06.08 00:56 Background_Koala_455 Y

No tldr. I'm sorry. I don't even know how I would begin to whittle it down to a tldr. I appreciate your compassion and time for taking time to read it all.
Preface: I am unable to bring him to the vet as of right now, because lack of funds, as my original cat had babies(his litter mates) and my plan is to find other homes for them, so it was never my intention to actively need to take care of more than two cats. Although because of this I am going to plan on saving a cat everybody find on top of a regular emergency fund(ADHD, everything is planned but I'm not there yet). So I really just need ideas of what might be going on. I completely understand that because there is no physical examination, I won't get the 100% correct answer, but if there's anything I can do to rule out something, that's what I'm after. I know generally one should just bring them into the vet right away, I don't need that sort of comment. (But again, if it could possibly be very bad, with an explanation why, I think my family will help me, so if you think it's bad or could turn really bad and I should bring him to a vet, that I'll accept)
Also, if it does seem serious enough, I believe I can talk one of my siblings to help pay for the vet if needed. Right now his symptoms have remained the same since it started, so on the outside nothing has gotten worse. But I understand cats don't show pain and things could be at work under the surface.
I have a 3 month old boy and he's so cuddly and loves to chase stray flys that randomly always seem to get in. It's entertainment for them so I don't necessarily mind the random fly or three.
However, in the past week, he's started to develop a cough. It sounds pretty dry, and it's not all the time. He might go for an hour or two(sleeping and/or awake) just fine and then sometimes it's just like a throat clearing sound like one or two, almost even like a hiccup but cough sound, and sometimes he sits for 30 seconds like he's about to spit up a hairball, but doesn't.
During these 30 second attacks, he tries to keep his head low and his butt up, as if something is going to come out... But I've checked and I haven't found any fluid on carpets or counters where he's coughed, or hair. I keep thinking it's like post nasal drip, or the cat version, and he only coughs until he doesn't feel it in his throat anymore and he can swallow it comfortably. it's pretty random when it happens, as in it's not just after he eats or when he wakes up, or if he plays for a bit. It doesn't seem to have a pattern, only that it happens.
He does play, he runs around, he chases the other cats and roughhouses. I've noticed he started to sleep away from the other cats in seclusion(my anxiety had me crying because of cats and separating themselves and what that could mean) but maybe he's just trying to get actual restful sleep... If I lay down next to him for support he tends to leave as if he's been bothered. So it's really only when he's trying to rest that he secludes himself.
While he was sleeping, his respiratory rate was about 20 a minute, which seems to be right on par with normal, at least from the limited research I've done. From what I can tell his gums look fine, no purples or blues. I don't know if it's true that a dry nose means sickness, but his nose has been moist everytime i check.
And then here comes in the environmental changes that's happened in the past week(about the same time his cough started):.
-my AC has been running pretty consistently, I usually do half AC and then turn it off and open windows, but it's been way too hot and humid. I want to do a deep clean of my AC, and today has been decent so I have the windows open. But to soon to make an difference if that is the problem. I'm going to try no AC tomorrow as well.
-i recently was donated a half bag of cat food from someone who's cat didn't like it, but it turned out to be the exact type of cat food I typically buy... Sam's Club Meow Mix Blend. The past couple of bags of cat food I've just been getting the regular meow mix. I have been slowly adding a cup or two of the "new" stuff to help transition, probably reaching about 50/50 when he started coughing, but that's just a guess. The bag was half full, and was only tied at the top by the plastic pull thing at the top oof the bag. I do not know how it was stored, but the other cats aren't having a reaction to it.
-i got a mattress from a friend, who had two cats and a dog.. that I haven't put sheets on yet(thanks ADHD) so I was thinking maybe there's a potential allergy? I have a mattress cover for it so I put that on it and will be putting sheets on it once I wash them.
Besides that, I did have friend over who I let smoke in the house for a couple of days straight when he visited(I only vape). I've decided to not have him smoke inside anymore, and I'm trying to cut my vaping down inside to only when I have my fan blowing out the window(it's right by my head basically) and even then I'm trying to go outside more.
Should I be concerned? Wait no... How concerned should I be? I feel like I can get help from a family member of it worsens or maybe even if it sounds like it could be bad or potentially pretty bad before it worsens. I haven't noticed teary eyes or nose crusties. Literally just the cough.
I'm sorry for the long post, my Reassurance OCD is kicking in, and my general anxiety that makes me lost anything that might help kicked in as well.
Again, I understand that reddit can't diagnose, I'm only looking for for advice on what I can do, what it might/could be. And please, don't worry about my anxieties and OCD when you're replying. OCD might not be logical sometimes, but I still can be and I understand that these will be guesses/educated guesses and not certainties.
I appreciate anyone's and everyone's time. Thank you for reading this. Also as I typed this last sentence, he's sleeping and made his cough hiccup noise twice, but is still laying down and went right back to sleep.
Sorry for any grammaspelling mistakes. I will edit as I reread this,after I post it. I hate scrolling through the phone app:s text block.
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2023.06.08 00:56 MicherReditor [17m] bored

Looking for people to talk to. Mainly a big computer nerd who's about to graduate in looks at calendar 21 days wtf please help. Interests: - computers (I use Arch ok fine EndeavourOS btw) - Minecraft (both modded and vanilla) - programming/game development (haven't done much yet but my goal is to start working on some sort of part time game dev project before 2025) - getting as much performance out of low end computers as possible, mainly in games like Minecraft.
I am in these fandoms: The Owl House, Omori, Undertale (a lot less so now, haven't really been in the fandom for like a year or two),
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2023.06.08 00:56 NovaLane0 My (F17) mom (F43) is a horrible parent.

So I honestly don't know where to start with this but I guess I should start when I was younger, where it all started. My mom has always done drugs, ever since I can remember. I remember being a kid no older than 5 hanging out with people 6-7 times older than me. My mom not always being there to make sure I was safe, but as a child and this as my normal, I saw nothing wrong with it. Then my uncle (M48) started doing inappropriate things with me, my grandmother knew but didn't stop him, my mom didn't know because she was busy with "priorities" y know? So this happened for 4-5 years before my uncle was caught and sent to jail. You would think my mom would see the drugs were a factor in this happening but no, of course not. So me and my mom had to move because my uncle was the main person supplying income. We moved into a small 2 bedroom trailer and my mom got worse when it came to drug use. I was maybe 9 or 10 at the time and she was gone for weeks at a time, leaving me with my paralyzed grandmother to take care of her all by myself. The went on for months. There was no electricity and I had no way to contact authorities if something bad happened, I was completely. Luckily my mom's friend Sarah came over and saw what was going on, she called the cops and I was brought with my grandmother to the hospital where I was checked out and questioned. My mother showed up at the hospital, no one said anything but you could cut the tension with a butter knife. I ended up staying with my cousin for a couple of weeks, before staying with my biological aunt and uncle in law for 6 years while my mom was getting sober.
My mom is 4 years sober as of today, she has an amazing wife Lydia(Not her real name) but still says she can't take care of me. Up until this point I didn't mind.
I am in foster care because for 4 of the 6 years I lived with my aunt and uncle, my uncle was raping and molesting me. I didn't tell anyone until I was 16 about to turn 17. I hadnt told anyone before because my uncle had told me that my aunt would hate me and make my life hell (knowing my aunt she would) so I believed him. I believed that I had no alternative other than to take the abuse mental from my aunt and sexual from uncle.
I guess you're wondering how my mother ties into all this. My mother, and aunt do not believe me one bit. My mother believes that i am just trying to set up my uncle. Me and my uncle were perceived as close to everyone looking in, and my mother didn't understand if this was happening why didnt i talk to her about it. What she does not understand is that at the time it all started she was still high, or getting sober. Once again I was alone.
My mother says she loves me, but she's sober, has a nice house and both her and Lydia have jobs, and yet it's out of the question that I live with her. Even if she did let me I don't think I would want to you know? Why would I want to be around someone who takes the word of a man who did something like that to me without even hearing my side of the story...
This really is just a vent post, but I'd love some advice if anyone has some... ❤
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2023.06.08 00:56 Outrageous_Machine_5 Grizmas in July Airbnb rooms open!

Hey all! I booked my Airbnb months ago with the expectation that I'd find homies to join. Unfortunately it's just me and my guy going, and now the site is saying tickets are sold out.
If anyone is looking for a spot to stay, the house has 3 bedrooms and we'll only be using one. It's a half mile from the beach show, so I'll be ubering into Wilmington for Fri + Sat. If you're interested in joining and splitting costs, let me know! @alalaloren on IG 🙆‍♀️
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2023.06.08 00:56 Nyxelestia Renters, have you ever successfully gotten a landlord to enforce a noise clause on a neighbor?

If any of you, while renting, ever had a noisy neighbor (i.e. loud music or bass-boosted movie speakers), were you ever able to get your landlord to do something about it? If so, how did you go about it? Or, if you tried and failed, do you know what happened or why nothing would be done about it?
My downstairs neighbor plays music so loud I can feel the beat through the floorboards and it's been going on for a few months now. I have a hard time believing that their neighbors to both sides as well as below them are as conflict-adverse as I am, so now I'm afraid that someone else might have already complained and the landlord didn't do anything about this loud neighbor, despite there being a clause about noise consideration in the lease.
If anyone else has some experiences successfully taking action against constant loud music, movies, etc. from a neighbor while renting, I'd love to hear about it. When trying to talk directly to the neighbor didn't work or actively backfired*, what did work?
* = bringing this up because "have you just tried talking to them?" is so commonly suggested, but that's what I already did. Over half a year ago, I was able to talk to them about playing late at night and they obliged, and things were peaceful until about six weeks ago. They started to play later at night again, so I left a note asking them to not play so loudly at night. Since then, they've been playing much louder, for far longer, both during the day and often into the night as well.
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2023.06.08 00:55 foreverstellas Need help with 0 APR card, 25k debt

Hi. I am trying to tackle my CC debt. I’m struggling to get approved for any 0% APR balance transfer cards due to my credit.
Any advice?
Income: 86k pretax. Per paycheck, I do 6% 401k (company matches up to 6%, I used to contribute 8% but lowered it on the advice of this sub) and health insurance, vision, dental etc are all taken out pretax. I also contribute to an FSA and a company stock plan. This leaves me about $2,000 in my account per paycheck.
Rent: $1,200
Other utilities/bills: ~$500 (variable depending on season). I have no car payment.
Personal loan monthly payment (required): $246
$1,884 — Chase — 28.74% APR
$10,440 — Chase — 27.99% APR
$2,784 — Discover — 27.84% APR
$3,795 — AMEX — 28.99% APR
$3,305 — AMEX — 29.99% APR
$4,426 — Personal loan — 11.99% APR
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2023.06.08 00:55 skahunafrus Thoughts on this...?

This update from my brokerage firm and their clearing house:
Thank you for your patience while we obtained additional information. tastytrade, Inc. is not listed in the Court Order in the Exhibit of Brokers. However, our clearing firm, Apex Clearing, is listed. I reached out to them for a response to your inquiry and they provided me with their certification pursuant to the Court Order (attached) and the following response.
On May 25, 2023, Apex Clearing Corporation ("Apex") entered its certification pursuant to Order Compelling Brokerage Firms' Compliance with Various Regulatory Requirements (the "Order") in In re: Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc., et al., Case No. 23-90085 (DRJ) (Bankr. S.D.T.X.) certifying that as of the filing date:
· Pursuant to Section 2(a) of the Order, Apex credited all Dividended Scilex Stock to their customers’ accounts and attached a report thereto detailing as to each customer account, on an anonymous basis, the number of shares of Dividended Scilex Stock credited and quoted price of such stock on a real time quotation basis; and
· The market price of Scilex shares as of the close of business on May 25, 2023, was $6.02 USD. Apex was not able to certify the value of the dividend shares of Scilex because they are restricted and not being traded at the present time.
A copy of Apex's certification is attached for reference. The anonymized Client # associated with your accounts are 5WT38972 - Client#12717 and 5WT25686 - Client#12708.

Isn't this BS? that they can't certify the value? Apex was not able to certify the value of the dividend shares of Scilex because they are restricted and not being traded at the present time.
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2023.06.08 00:55 Nyxelestia Renters, have you ever successfully gotten a landlord to enforce a noise clause on a neighbor?

If any of you, while renting, ever had a noisy neighbor (i.e. loud music or bass-boosted movie speakers), were you ever able to get your landlord to do something about it? If so, how did you go about it? Or, if you tried and failed, do you know what happened or why nothing would be done about it?
My downstairs neighbor plays music so loud I can feel the beat through the floorboards and it's been going on for a few months now. I have a hard time believing that their neighbors to both sides as well as below them are as conflict-adverse as I am, so now I'm afraid that someone else might have already complained and the landlord didn't do anything about this loud neighbor, despite there being a clause about noise consideration in the lease.
If anyone else has some experiences successfully taking action against constant loud music, movies, etc. from a neighbor while renting, I'd love to hear about it. When trying to talk directly to the neighbor didn't work or actively backfired*, what did work?
* = bringing this up because "have you just tried talking to them?" is so commonly suggested, but that's what I already did. Over half a year ago, I was able to talk to them about playing late at night and they obliged, and things were peaceful until about six weeks ago. They started to play later at night again, so I left a note asking them to not play so loudly at night. Since then, they've been playing much louder, for far longer, both during the day and often into the night as well.
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2023.06.08 00:54 Alone-World1690 The actual bull argument with today's news

Today's news will probably stop the bull trap that has happened especially in the GTA, GVA, and Calgary. Prices will be going back down temporarily due to investors pulling out of the market. If you want a house to live in it would probably be a good time to buy within a year or two from now as I see the market stalling for a while at least until interest rates stabilize again.
However, the behind the scenes news is this is also extremely bullish when thinking in terms of 5 years down the road. Canada will be experiencing a real-estate lull where new construction is going to start grinding to a halt due to the interest not making it profitable anymore to build and people won't be willing to buy in an uncertain environment. However, all this will be occurring while 500k-1M immigrants will be arriving to the country each year at least until 2025 when there will be a new election. There might be a recession and a lot of turmoil in the next few months and years but after the economy stabilizes real estate will be at incredible all-time highs due to the supply shortages eventually manifesting themselves again stronger than ever.
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2023.06.08 00:54 Philocalist_Cat Possible causes of high-moisture patches in middle of wall?

Any ideas on what could possibly cause these moist patches in the middle of my walls? The first spot is on an exterior wall and the second is on an interior wall in the middle of the house. The moisture reads high in an area about as large as my head, but above/below/beside that area, moisture levels are within normal range. What could be going on here? Thanks for any thoughts you want to share!
Edit (for context): One spot is in a bedroom and the other is in the hallway
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2023.06.08 00:54 AmandaBynesUs2gether anyone else who didn’t burn out until after college?

putting this on my alt because it’s gonna sound like a lot of bragging but i feel so alone in this. i see so many posts of people who started to struggle in middle/high school or college, but i was even later and i feel like such a mess because i’m reaping the rewards of being so “together” for my first 22ish years while also super depressed.
“gifted” in elementary, 10 APs in high school with zero effort yadda yadda, everyone said college will be different. ok cool. nope, graduated with honors in 3.5 years with a mechanical engineering degree, and i felt like i still never put in a lot of effort. then worked in the real world for awhile and got a little depressed. simultaneously got a masters in systems engineering while working full time, also graduated with honors, and tbh it was even wayyy less technical effort than my bachelors (i say technical effort was easy bc the mental/motivational effort started to get tough as depression got worse). what the heck.
now i’m 25, been done with my last degree for over a year, i’m a married dinkwad with the most supportive husband ever, bought a freaking house, full wfh job that is relatively easy, have multiple close friends, and my depression that surfaced right after finishing my bachelors at 21 slowly got worse until now it’s crippling. also got diagnosed with adhd-c and i’m thinking i might start looking into an autism diagnosis. i’m a woman so these were 10000% not recognized as a kid. my crash and burn started at 21-22 but there was no definitive crash…. i’m just here now i guess.
i’m sorry for the rant i know i’m extremely privileged and in a great place in life, just feeling like everything is such a struggle and i’ve wasted my 20s so far. yes i have a therapist and am medicated ♥️ i think this sub understands this, but please don’t do the whole “wow look at all your accomplishments objectively, you’re doing great!
i just found this sub, love y’all!
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2023.06.08 00:54 getawaybitch AITA for hating her? I am depressed, defeated, and suicidal. Am I losing my mind?

My life sucks and i truly don't know what to do anymore. About what two years ago my husband met this girl at work. Went out with her without telling me. They had drinks. Told me the day after. She has always caused issues. In our marriage since the beginning. Mainly because of this instance, I immediately did not like her. Well, fast forward she considers my husband, her best friend. After a ton of drama and my husband constantly coming to her house, even though it makes me uncomfortable. He went with her to go sign her divorce papers. Given, though I begged him not to go. He took her nephews to go move her house and help her. Even though I cried, and begged him not to. I immediately just didn't like her. Because she was known as the whore at his job. And even his niece who works at the same place even told me that they were just super close, and it was weird. She even referred to him as her significant other on the phone while my niece was next to him, and he didn't even correct her. Well, I finally decided to sit down with her and talk to her and have lunch and everything that I told her she immediately ran and told him. We had a little hiccup in our family and since I have no when I turned to her and I had brought things with my husband up again and she ran and told him everything that I said, yet again. I do not like her and I was just now was cleaning one of my bags that has been in his car and I found her health insurance card and it's just like why do you have this. He even brought her to our house Without telling me, I had introduced her to my mother-in-law. And she's completely And she's completely destroyed me. And I don't even know why am still with him because he hit me the other day because we started arguing over this girly yet again. I don't know what to do anymore I don't know if I'm losing my mind. there's so much that I could say about this I just wish I could rent the hotel and be part myself finding that about 20 minutes ago. Because when he hit me, he broke his phone and said that he would never contact her again, but he still has her pinned on his messages. Im losing my mind. He has even had a half naked photo of her saved in a hidden photo. I thought he loved me. Maybe im crazy. I dont know man. He asked me to be her emotional crutch. He took a day off to be with her after ever taking a day off for me. He has been nothing but sweet since the day he broke the phone but i am Broken.
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2023.06.08 00:54 idontlikemtdew My cats hate each other and I don’t know what to do.

Hi, I have 3 cats. I got 2 of them (2 1/2 years, female Z) (1 1/2 years, male B) at the same time and the other one (1 year, male M) my husband and I got in March of this year. M’s previous owners got rid of him because “he was too curious and got in the way.” Broke our hearts he was getting re-homed for such a ridiculous reason. We introduced the cats the proper way. The new cat was in the guest bedroom for a week before they actually meant each other and when they did meet it was short, supervised meetings. They all have their own litter box, toys, water and food bowls. There is plenty of space for them to get away from each other if they choose so. When they first met, it was fine. M was very timid and sad. We did the short meetings til we felt it was safe for them to be out together. They did good together for the about 2 weeks, but eventually when M started getting comfortable and his personality started to shine, is when we had the problems. Z and M’s personalities just DONT get along. They are both playful and out going, so I think they both want to be the center of attention. I thought it would get better over time, but it’s definitely getting worse. They fight all the time. It’s to the point they can’t even be in the same room as each other. I really thought they were going to kill each other one day. We have to lock one of them up in the guest bedroom. We pretty much have to switch up days on which cat gets to roam the house. It’s so sad. B gets along with both cats and has been super calm with all of this going on. Idk what to do at this point. My husband and M have bonded so much. I’ve never seen a cat love someone as much as he loves my husband. My husband also would probably die for this cat at this point. Both cats are so kind and cuddly, just not with each other. I really don’t want to get rid of him. I’m not a fan of rehoming pets and I definitely don’t want to break up my husband and M. I just want Z and M to get along! 😭 Please, any advice will help!
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2023.06.08 00:53 matt_ex Northern Nights Music Festival Phase 2 is live!

Northern Nights Music Festival Phase 2 is live!
Today, Northern Nights Music Festival has announced the phase two music lineup and revealed more cannabis details for its 10th anniversary, taking place in Northern California’s iconic Redwood Forest this July 14-16. With an eclectic music lineup, top-tier cannabis and wellness programming, and serene natural landscapes, Northern Nights remains one of North America’s most unique boutique festival experiences.
The festival’s dedication to discovering new artists continues to make it a staple of the West Coast festival season. Cook’s Valley Campground in the heart of the Emerald Triangle serves as the picturesque backdrop for fans to explore fresh talents alongside performances from some of the top names in electronic music.
With phase two, Northern Nights has added Belgian drum and bass legend Netsky, the genre-bending style of MiMOSA, the unique sounds of Santa Cruz act KR3TURE, and Denver producer NotLö as she continues her rapid ascension in the world of bass music. Phase two continues with rising names in the scene including ION, High Step Society, Spüke, Truthlive, Naughty Princess, Casmalia, and more.
The phase one lineup included the Northern Nights debut of live multi-instrumentalist duo Big Gigantic and returning favorite G Jones, the bass music icon whose epic sound design was bred from the coastal forest landscapes of Northern California. Additional Northern Nights firsts on phase one included GRAMMY-winning producer Mura Masa, multi-genre producer and Young Art label head TOKiMONSTA, and house hitmaker Dr. Fresch.
For its 10th anniversary, Northern Nights will continue its reputation as an innovator in the festival space by delivering a fully integrated cannabis experience powered by Weedmaps, Embarc Events, Cvalt, and One Log House. This activation will do away with the ‘cannabis garden’ model pioneered by NNMF and perpetuated by other events around California, incorporating cannabis vending into the venue footprint itself for the first time at a music festival. Fulfillment via the Weedmaps platform and designated purchase pickup zones will enable open sales throughout the event, creating a new model that reimagines how cannabis sales can be merged into the festival experience.
The NN23 Tree Lounge returns with a new centrally located cannabis activation featuring cannabis sales, live music, shade, misters, and vibes. There will also be festival-wide cannabis experiences curated by Royal Blunts, AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) + Farmer & The Felon, and Arcata Fire, Rising Source x Ridgeline Farms, Madrone, and Boonville Farm (BNVL). An Emerald Triangle independent farms curated menu & farmers market with the finest herb from the best producers in the world! Additional sponsors include Monster Energy and Waterloo.
Northern Nights will also become the first music festival to create its own in-house cannabis strain. Following a multi-year process of pheno-hunting for the best cannabis qualities, Northern Nights will have seeds available on-site for both personal and commercial sales along with flower available for sampling at the Tree Lounge. Created in collaboration with world-renowned breeder Humboldt Seed Company, the new “Northern Nights” strain relies on proprietary genetics while furthering the commitment of the organizers to revolutionize the ways that cannabis culture can be showcased in a music festival format while supporting local curators. The event has always represented the tip of the spear when it comes to bringing cannabis programming into the music festival arena. In 2019, Northern Nights became the first music festival to have legal onsite cannabis sales and consumption, establishing the event as a pioneering force in the legalization that has swept the country. In 2022, Northern Nights became the first music festival to have dispensaries located at stages and the first music festival to have multiple on-site dispensaries.
The festival has also announced its Movement & Wellness phase one lineup in collaboration with Movement Makers, which includes breathwork practices, sound healing experiences, primal movement, exploratory dance, community education circles, live music & arts integration, and much more including a variety of yoga classes and a cacao ceremony.
At Northern Nights, attendees will get the chance to experience seven unique stages which include the massive Main Stage in the middle of the festival, the River Stage that allows guests to hang in the water while watching performances, the Grove Stage tucked away in the Redwoods, and the Bunker Stage for those who want to keep the party going. Fans can also catch music at the Tree Lounge along with the Wellness Stage, plus a Surprise Stage featuring exclusive performances.
Anywhere Outpost Glamping tents are now on sale for those looking for a more luxury experience, which include furnished bedroom tents, lounge tents, air-conditioned restrooms with flushing toilets, exclusive hot outdoor showers, and a complimentary beverage bar. Need a ride and/or want to #NNGreenTeam it? Redwood Ford of Ukiah will be providing shuttle services from STS to NN all day Friday 7/14 as well as scheduled drop offs back to STS on both Sunday 7/16 and Monday 7/17. Get to and from the festival in style, meet new friends, save the planet and get back to work on time thanks to Redwood Ford!
Chart your journey now to one of the most unique festival experiences of the year. Tickets for Northern Nights Music Festival are available now on the festival’s website.
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2023.06.08 00:53 Neat_Yogurtcloset526 Wtf is with chiaozu?

I swear chiaozu has been literally the exact fucking same ever since his introduction in Dragon Ball, and since then he's died twice, won less fights than fucking yamcha, done literally nothing of any relevance to the plot or overall story other than seemingly act as tiens life partner and the personal cook for kame house.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is, why does he still exist when he's pretty much the most useless character in the entire franchise
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2023.06.08 00:53 AmbitiousOwl3394 Help me decide

Hi all! I just got off the waitlist for UC Hastings (San Fran) after I kinda gave up hope on getting of that waitlist and put deposits down for Santa Clara. I got into the Tech Edge program which seems amazing especially because I want to end up in house in big tech ideally. Hastings has a lot of better ranked items but I have seen a flood of posts of current Hastings students talking about how bad it is- the instructors, the facilities, the homelessness and feeling unsafe. Versus being in more of a boring area but safer, good specific to what I want program, and I got basically a year of tuition free with scholarship and no money from Hastings. I’m wondering if anyone at either of these schools/ familiar with the Bay Area tech law area has any pointers or opinions to help me inform my decisions being from Georgia with no lawyers close to help me get an idea of what to choose.
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2023.06.08 00:53 justapcguy Kinda hitting Rock bottom here... Especially now with the current bank interest rate.

Really stressed about what's occurring as of right now with banks. I am still living with my parents, and just today, my parents were telling me there is a chance we might lose our house. Because of the bank loan interest rates. My parents kinda keep me outta the loop when it comes to house finances etc. So, only today i found out whats going on.
I was a student, still paying off my loans for the past 7 to 8 years on top of other expenses. Although, now i have about 5 to 6k left in student loans. I had to move back with my parents due to what happened with the pandemic and my job. I on purpose had to avoid seeing my doctor due to my personal health issues, since i really didn't want to stress my parents. Now i am hearing about this news. My mom told me to have strong mental health to what may happen in the near future with our house. But, hard to take that advice when i am seeing my mom tearing up while she was saying that.
I just feel tapped out and really depressed. Just when i thought i had a little room to "breath". Now, this...
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2023.06.08 00:53 mortuarypsychic Looking for an Abandoned House

I’m hoping people can point me in the right direction. I’m currently searching for an abandoned house in south Lakeland or the Mulberry area that anyone knows about. I don’t want to trespass, but I want to restore it and live in it. I just need to do some research and see who owns it and if they would be willing to sell. I am not a huge fan of how modern houses look and I prefer houses with a ton of history to them.
Thank you in advance :)
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2023.06.08 00:53 me_but_alt I think i hurt my friend and i don't know what to do.

Alright, a bit of context.
My (15M) friend Jill (15F) has been the best friend of another friend of mine, Ava (15F), for over 2 years now. I was in primary school with Ava for like 5 years, we never really talked a lot, but in highschool, i started seeing her walk around the hallways, then started taling to her again, and i kinda got a crush on her.
Now, Jill has been Ava's best friend in the time that i havent seen Ava, and she got really attached to her. For the first while, i started really hanging out with Ava a lot, like i'm talking on a daily basis. I thought this was good, since she was my crush and i was of course hoping that she liked me too.
While that was happening, one of my other friends, Emma (15F) reached out to me saying that she thought that maybe because i was hanging out with Ava so much, Jill might feel hurt. I kinda waved it off saying that she doesnt know for sure, and if Jill really felt that way, she would tell me herself.
Also, one of my other friends asked me if i liked Ava, and i said yes, but dont tell anyone, thinking that she was just having fun, seeing me and Ava interact, and wanted to know if her thoughts were correct.
It's one year later now. Everything is just kind of stable, me, Jill and Ava do a lot of stuff together, and we're all comfortable. My crush on Ava is kinda gone, i've learned that if we did start dating it would only affect my other friendships negatively, so i now just appreciate the good friends.
But, 2 weeks or so ago, Jill confessed to me that she thought she had feelings for Ava. I was fine with this, fully supportive. The problem was that we both didnt know how Ava felt, or if she was even into girls.
Now last week, another gay friend of mine, Layla (15F) (this is the last friend i swear), started getting all cuddly with Ava. Like how 10 year olds see love. Constantly trying to be anywhere near her, involving herself in all of Ava's conversations, and wanting to sit next to her at everything.
This really upset Jill, because she suspected that Layla had a crush on Ava too. I tried to distract Jill, help in every way i could, but she started distancing herself from Ava, because Layla interrupted all of their conversations.
Now today, i went to Ava's house, and in a casual conversation, she asked: do you happen to know why jill keeps ignoring me? I was kinda shocked and didnt know what to say, i ended up just saying that Jill is uncomfortable with how much Ava is hanging out with Layla. Of course i didnt say why, i cant reveal that Jill has a crush on Ava, that made this a really complicated situation.
After i left, i called Jill about the conversation with Ava, (don't worry, Ava gave me permission to) and said they really have to work it out together, it's all just one big misunderstanding.
Then later, me and Jill were texting, and we were talking about how she gets sad really quick when other people start hanging out with Ava like a LOT. Thats understandable. But she started talking about how she felt the same a year ago, when me and Ava were hanging out so much. And i just had to confess. It had been on my mind for too long, so for the sake of honesty, i told her about my past crush on Ava.
She said: "yeah. I know."
I was kinda shocked, but not really surprised. But then she said that really got her down in that time.
And Emma knew.
That is when everything clicked.
THAT IS WHY EMMA TOLD ME TO STOP HANGING OUT WITH AVA SO MUCH. that all came from Jill, who was too afraid to tell me. And the question i got from that other friend if i liked ava? Yeah, straight from Jill. And i said yes. And it hurt her. Bad.
Normally i'm pretty observant, but i was too stupid to see that i was really hurting Jill, and i feel so goddamn bad for that. Everyone knew. Emma literally tried to tell me. But i didnt listen.
Jill says it's fine, but it really doesnt feel fine. I know i hurt her. And that hurts me.
So, i never turned to reddit before. But i really need advice. How do i go on with jill, and how can i help fix Jill and Ava's relationship? I am in the best position to help them, because they won't talk to eacht other but only to me. So please reddit. Help me with this.
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