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2023.03.29 11:33 TitansTaint Found out she has another relationship

I thought it would destroy me but all I felt was a twinge and that surprised me. The more I think about it the more I roll my eyes. She's still married and still texting me wanting to "come to an understanding" yet has already moved in with him and his kid. We have nothing left to understand, no kids or assets left to split and the reasons for the divorce are clear and mutual. There's a reason she wants to keep me on the burner and understanding ain't it. I feel for the dude but I am so happy it's not me this time. I've learned to put myself first and get settled in my new life before trying to involve other people in it and I am so thankful for that lesson. Just imagining enmeshing myself on that level with someone in a situation like that makes me shudder. I'll take emotional stability for 1000 please Alex.
I have been feeling like I am ready to start dating but have been going back and forth. I was worried when this moment came it would make me want to jump right in and lose myself in someone but it doesn't. It does the opposite actually. I want a solid relationship built on mutual respect and love grown over time. I want someone I truly know and can trust. I want someone that will add to the life I've built for myself. I have to actually build that life before any of that can happen and I'm looking forward to that journey. It's going to have an amazing payoff at the end.
I thought this would be an impactful day when it happened. Turns out it's just Wednesday. I have this sub to thank for that. You guys rock.
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2023.03.29 11:32 Austine_K Consequences of lack of sleep on a student's academic performance.

Consequences of lack of sleep on a student's academic performance.
Lack of sleep is a problem that affects millions of students across the globe and, unfortunately, can have serious consequences on their academic performance. Sleep can impair alertness and memory, lead to stress and burnout, hinder concentration, reduce class attendance, and lower grades.
Alertness and Memory.
Sleep is important for our brains to function properly. During deep sleep, our brains are replenished with energy to perform at their best during the day. A lack of sufficient deep sleep leads to cognitive decline in attention span, reaction time and working memory – all essential skills for successful academic performance.
Stress and Burnout.
Studies have found a correlation between high levels of stress due to lack of sleep and burnout syndrome in students; this means that even if those studying manage to stay awake for long periods, it does not mean that they will be able to keep up with their studies effectively because physical fatigue may affect their ability to focus or learn optimally. On top of this, exhaustion increases irritability which can lead them into an emotional rollercoaster which then translates into reduced productivity, eventually leading to burnout syndrome.
Concentration and Class Attendance.
Lack of adequate sleep has been linked with significant decreases in attention spans among college students - making it harder for them to pay attention during classes or lectures, thus further deteriorating academic performance. Moreover, several studies show evidence linking inadequate amounts of sleep with lower academic scores due to poor concentration levels but also due indirectly through poor attendance, which is quite common amongst tired students as well as general disinterest in attending classes or missing assignments deadlines on time due partly to being too exhausted from a deficiency in vital hours necessary for optimal functioning both physically and mentally throughout the day.
As stated above, bad sleeping habits could contribute heavily towards poorer grades by either directly affecting concentration levels resulting in lower scores on exams, quizzes and tests, or indirectly through, lowered class attendance by reducing opportunities available for learning the material presented through lectures or simply from an increased amount of stress associated w/sleep deprivation causing impairment along other related cognitive domains eventually translating into reduced grades overall.
To have adequate time to relate to your social life, have enough sleep, and focus on your revisions, always remember to seek the help of a professional online writing service provider from assignment forum to make your academic journey a cakewalk.
In conclusion, a lack of sufficient restful hours can drastically impact students' academic performance, leading to severe repercussions if left unnoticed and untreated, such as difficulty progressing academically. That being said, proper care should be taken regarding sleepy habits since getting enough quality shut-eye each night is essential for optimal functioning throughout your days whilst pursuing higher education successfully!
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2023.03.29 11:32 uglydollirl my fiancé is getting deported tomorrow, i don’t know what to do.

a little background information, my (18m) fiancé (20m) and i met a while ago, but we instantly hit it off. i knew i loved him from very early on, and nothing has changed that. he’s perfect to me, he makes me feel like the luckiest man in the world. for privacy’s sake, i’ll keep the situation vague. my fiancé almost died on his campus’s property, and although he’s never had any behavioral issues on campus, he got expelled. he found out while he was in the hospital recovering. he’s staying in america because he has an i-20 visa, and he was given 15 days to pack up all his belongings from the school and leave the country. however, only a few days in, the school managed to fuck him over once again. we found out yesterday that they were instead giving him 48 hours to pack up and leave. (it’s important to mention that he got discharged from the hospital the day before yesterday.) he’s moving halfway across the world, and his timezone is 11 hours ahead of mine. i’ve been trying to stay strong, in front of him at least, so we can enjoy the time we have left together. i love him more than anything. keeping the most recent events in mind, we very recently got engaged. we both don’t have enough money to afford a wedding, let alone rings, but it’s a promise that as soon as he’s back, we’ll build our life together. i know he’ll be back someday, if he’s accepted to any colleges in the area that’ll grant him an i-20 visa. and as soon as he’s back home, i’m going to give him the proper proposal he deserves. he’s my home, my world. distance could never change that. does anyone have any advice on long-distance, or this situation in general? i’m very anxious, i’m not sure how to properly deal with this. anything is appreciated.
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2023.03.29 11:32 scabiessuck Migraine affecting nose ?

Does anyone have migraines that primarily affect their face and does not respond to OTC pain killers ? Lately I’ve had a lot of “pressure” on the bridge of my nose and it also makes my teeth feel a bit numb. I’ve visited an ENT that ruled out a sinus infection and she believes it’s a headache. I’ve had this “headache” for 3 weeks and it doesn’t go away with ibuprofen or Tylenol. I did take Gabapentin last night and I believe it helped to get rid of the pressure in my nose but then I was left with a headache. This morning the pressure is back as well as the headache. Anyone have similar symptoms ?
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2023.03.29 11:32 Sad-Durian-3579 Asking for advise: dating and safe sex communication

Hey dear community, I met an amazing man with whom I have been to couple of dates. Gradually he opened up to me about being addicted to cocaine, and shared his story with me. Now he is clean, is teaching at the elementary school, and is traveling around the world to share his story with others.
However, this fact has caught me in a bit of shock, so I need some advice, particularly:
  1. Safe sex - given that he has shared with me that he used to be addicted to cocaine for quite a while (10 years or so) I became worried about safe sex and started assuming that he maybe has some STDs etc How to communicate this worry in a way that doesn’t hurt him?
  2. Generally- I have no experience with cocaine and what does it do to people. What can I expect?
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2023.03.29 11:32 RedZxned Na I'm sorry but these devs are just trolls, there is no other explanation. A 4 year old would make better balance decisions and location additions than this entire dev team.

After that latest balance change which was absolute garbage, they add another location that just takes control of the most important turn in the game and as far as I can tell purposely plays your cards in the dumbest way possible to destroy any strategy you had. Played about 6 games now where I have had sera in my hand and refused to play it. So dumb man
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2023.03.29 11:32 StepwiseUndrape574 Alarming GTA Online Exploit Enables Cheaters To Corrupt Accounts But A Fix Is Inbound

Rockstar Games is a studio that invokes feelings of enjoyment and feelings of ire, the latter primarily for opponents of the studio's works, often parents. That's thanks to the studio's reputation as the creator and distributor of games that often contain sexuality, violence, and swearing. That has drawn them some legal attention over the years, though the one lawyer who was usually on the crusade, Jack Thompson, is now disbarred. The issue lately, though, is that the popular Online portion of Grand Theft Auto 5, GTA Online, has a very nasty exploit crop up that can allow for remote code execution (RCE).
The exploit can allow cheaters to remotely add, remove, and modify stats. It could also permanently corrupt the data on another player's account. Any of these issues, in turn, means that Rockstar's systems could permanently ban or delete an innocent player's account on GTA Online.
Just modifying the games files is bad enough, but some say that this RCE could potentially allow for code execution at the system level. The issue is has created so much concern that the current advisement by the community for PC gamers is to either ensure a certain firewall rule is in place, or just not play at all. We'd opt for the later. If, for some reason, your game data does get corrupted, though, there is a fix. Find the "Rockstar Games" folder on your PC's Documents folder and delete it. The files should refresh upon reloading the game.
Rockstar was made aware, rather rapidly, thanks to the subreddit for the game and are working on a fix. This has prompted the Rockstar Support Twitter to make a post indicating a Title Update is coming to GTA Online. The company has even posted a job listing on LinkedIn for a Cheat Software Analyst to add to its staff.
gta online car Image of a vehicle from Grand Theft Auto Online
As the Tweet says, if you feel you have been affected by cheaters, make sure you contact Rockstar Support. We're hoping this doesn't take too much of Rockstar's attention from from Grand Theft Auto 6, because we're pretty excited for it with all the leaks so far. Still, an RCE exploit is a big concern, and resolving it should be of the highest priority.
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2023.03.29 11:32 Elon__Ge Banking Crisis: A Possible Antidote to Inflation, Rather than a Recession Trigger - Goldman Sachs Claims.

When faced with instability, banks often become more conservative, becoming more selective in issuing loans, raising loan rates, and holding more cash to protect themselves from the worst-case scenario of a bank run.
These stricter loan standards may lead to a credit crunch, making it difficult for consumers and businesses to obtain necessary funding, potentially having a significant impact on the economy. Some predict a looming recession.
However, Jan Hatzius, Chief Economist and Head of Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, believes that banks' recent issues and the ongoing credit crunch may actually help the Federal Reserve cool the economy and combat inflation.
In a report released on Tuesday, Hatzius wrote, "Our baseline expectation is that reduced credit availability will prove to be a headwind that helps the Fed keep growth below potential…not a hurricane that pushes the economy into recession and forces the Fed to ease aggressively."
Hatzius is not alone in this view. At a press conference last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell also stated that stricter loan standards could have the same anti-inflationary effect as raising interest rates.
To curb the highest inflation levels in 40 years, Fed officials have raised interest rates at a faster pace over the past year than at any other time in history.
As banks reduce the amount of loans they provide, businesses find it harder to invest in their growth, and consumers find it harder to obtain loans to purchase new homes or cars, ultimately cooling the economy.
However, if loan standards are too strict, similar to the Fed raising interest rates too much, the economy could slow to the point of recession.
Hatzius does not believe that recent banking issues, such as the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, will cause banks to reduce their lending to that degree. Larger banks will continue to provide loans because they have "higher capital and liquidity standards than smaller banks and are subject to more stringent stress tests" from regulators, which makes them more resilient in times of financial stress.
Hatzius added that it is too early to judge the long-term impact of the banking crisis. Nevertheless, he raised the prediction for the probability of a US economic recession in the next 12 months, stating that it is now at 35%, up from last month's 25%.
First, he warned of the potential for another bank run due to consumer wariness after SVB's collapse. "The most effective way to reduce this risk would be an unlimited deposit guarantee. But that probably requires an act of Congress, which is unlikely to materialize barring a more intense crisis," he said.
Meanwhile, Hatzius argued that the need to pay higher interest rates to attract depositors is a longer-term issue for banks in the age of social media and digital banking, where depositors can quickly move funds by tapping an app.
"This is the first bout of turmoil of the truly digital age, in which residual concern about bank solvency may interact with frustration about low deposit rates," he wrote. "This could put more significant upward pressure on bank funding costs and create greater downside risk to credit availability than our statistical analysis would suggest."
Get the latest market information here.
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2023.03.29 11:32 Neverneverland1888 I’m scared I’m lying/going to be seen as a liar about my abuse.

I don’t know how to explain this. I know my memories are real. I wasn’t 100% sure it was sexual abuse until I posted what happened on Reddit. Now I’m sure it was or at least trying to accept it and tell myself it must have been.
I have my first therapy appointment on Monday but I can’t escape a nagging feeling that is telling me it’s not real and that I’m lying. My abuser would always call me a liar. She still does. It could be about anything big or small and not once has she apologies when she realises I’m not lying.
I know deep down its real. I know I’m not lying about the physical or emotional abuse but my head can’t accept that the sexual abuse was real. I’ve never spoken to anyone about the SA so I think that’s why it still doesn’t feel real and I’m in disbelief that it is. I know if my abuser was to find out I was calling what she did SA she would be furious and deny it to the grave.
Does anyone else feel like this?
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2023.03.29 11:31 ParaMoon42 Angry Now And Just Venting...

Hello, everyone. It's me, Dani. :-)
I'm the 42-year-old sibling/anime nerd/writer, who's trying to care for my 57-year-old brother named Rob with a brain tumor and a badly infected leg (due to diabetes, thanks to the brain tumor). Along with my sister, Ace, who is the true rockstar and angel in all of this. And Rob's wife is a SAINT! She's put up with this madness for over a year and deserves all of the flowers possible! =p
So, it's been *checks notes* NINE days since I made my first post here, which started out with me venting about the horrible state of Rob's leg, the difficulty in changing his bandages (and peeling chunks of his skin away in the process, because the infection was THAT BAD!), about me going into a room to silent cry after those changings - before putting on a happy face again and approaching Rob with empathy and compassion again.
And just like the erosion of his leg, so is the state of our sibling relationship - as I've reached the point of screaming, cursing him out, and blocking phone calls altogether from Rob! I'll explain...
So, Ace took him to the best VA hospital in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Once the medical staff saw the state of his leg, they IMMEDIATELY admitted him and set up a whole team of specialists for him. Two wound-care specialists, a new endocrinologist, a GP (that Rob loved and kept praising a lot), a head nurse named, uh... let's call him Calvin - that took to him as a fellow ex-soldier himself, a psychologist (as he voiced that he was feeling a lot of anxiety and wanted to talk with someone), a social worker, and a group of nurses to tend to his every need and whim.
This dream-team would football huddle together and work quickly with the goal to save Rob's leg from being amputated from the knee, as that was a real possibility on the table. (Keep in mind, this isn't on his Veteran benefits - no, it's on his wife's private insurance). And the treatments were super effective, with every one of his doctors pretty much giving the green light that he'd likely be released from the hospital by Monday. Meaning the Monday that's already passed now...
By Saturday, Rob decided, "My leg is healed enough! I want to go home!" He meant that he wanted to go back to our apartment for my sister and me to resume playing nurse-maid to him. Every doctor was adamant in their professional opinion that it would be unwise for him to leave the hospital in the middle of the treatment that will save his leg! So many times, the phrases "not recommended" or "I wouldn't recommend it" was repeated by every doctor and specialist. They would tell Rob this directly and oftentimes with Ace in the room to witness it.
Somehow, Rob heard, "Something-something... you can go home now if you want to." Every. Single. Time. And when Ace went home from her visit with him, he'd get the doctor to get on his phone, to relay to Ace that he can skip out on his treatment, but the doctor would repeat over the phone, "I don't recommend that your brother signs out of treatment prematurely, in my professional opinion." Then Rob would take the phone back and shout to my sister, as if he was vindicated, "You see? Doctor says I can go home!"
Calvin tried to warn him, "If you leave this hospital, you'll lose the leg for certain!" Rob tried to argue with the head nurse that his leg wasn't that bad, so Calvin stated the truth, "Dude, I can smell the infection, as we speak." I had experienced that smell for two days before he went into the VA... it smells of rotting flesh! No lie or "no cap" as the kids say these days.
Rob got angry and decided that it was all his wife's fault that he was losing his leg. He called her up on the phone, screaming at her, and asking for a divorce, as poor Ace tried to calm him down. His wife's account was, that she gave him his antibiotics - he refused to take them and the infection got worse. And that's an observable truth, as Rob has a habit of not taking his medication when he's at home and it's left up to him to do. And, he's too prideful to let anyone else manage his medications for him.
Either that or too paranoid. I don't really know.
Before Saturday, on Friday, Rob decided that Calvin was at fault and should be fired. He blamed Calvin for "lying" to him about the risk of losing his leg, deciding that it was never that serious at all, and that Calvin was purposely trying to get him to divorce his wife. And then, more bizarre conspiracy theories against the hospital and staff occurred. (see the previous post, if you're curious.)
So, it's been days of nonstop gaslighting and emotional blackmailing from Rob! And... for some crazy reason, he believes I'm the "weakest link" (even though, Ace has openly admitted that she's the weaker of the two of us and has been leaning on me for support to not cave into his mind-games), and his presumption that he's somehow "smarter" than me and that he can easily get his way from me only pisses me off MORE so! :(
And the worse thing is - the leg thing is situated now... It's not great, but they managed to stop the infection. Rob took it upon himself to flood my phone with photos of his bloody mess of a leg, to "prove" to me that his leg is fine. Even though it looks like a shriveled and dead tree limb with huge gaping bloody wounds, that are actively staining the white linens within the photo. Yes, there is no more liquid and pus, just lots of blood flowing now, but... Seriously, any special effect artist would be PROUD to recreate the way his "leg" looks now, for any horror movie!
BUT, on Sunday, his brain tumor swelled up so much that his eye is drooping, because it is pressing on the optical nerve. Rob's vision is impaired by the tumor and the surgeon wishes to schedule him for brain surgery as soon as possible. They're trying to get a spot for him in the OR and everything set up, but... you know, COVID, so the systems are still bogged down, and the soonest they could get it was in a few days from now. He has to STAY for a few more days to get the brain surgery that he most certainly needs.
And he will... because he has no other choice. =p
In my last post, I explained that Ace and I set an ultimatum to him - if he signs out AMA, he'll have to figure out on his own how to get back to our apartment and how he's going to climb the stairs to the second floor alone. Fat chance of him being successful at either - because he's too weak to sit up on his own, let alone stand on two legs without any help, and he's not been in Minnesota long enough to learn how to travel it yet. (FYI, we're far away from the hospital, in a suburban town many miles away! And he doesn't have any money to pay for that kind of cab fare, even if he wanted to!)
Ace and I are doing a little "tough love", refusing to take him out of medical care, which would be actively helping him to die on our sofa if we did. Nope.
His wife is in FULL and EAGER agreement with this too, along with Rob's social worker as well. The social worker will speak to his new GP about getting a psych eval for him (because the doctor that he praised so much before was harassed and driven up a wall so much - he switched rotation to another floor, just so Rob could stop insisting that he speak with Ace on the phone several times a day and say that it's okay for him to leave the hospital with a huge swollen BRAIN TUMOR in his head!!!)
It's okay... I'm taking a breath. LOL.
So... in order to stop getting his gore-fest photos and his constant calls, still trying to convince me that I'm a better nurse to him than, you know, nurses who went through medical training and all. And trying to hit every pain point in me to get me to cave into what he wants, I blocked his number. Leading up to the blocking, I DID blow up at him on Monday and shouted, "No, you listen to me! Your leg is f**king falling apart! I was peeling off your skin, every time I changed the bandages! Why do you think I'd immediately go back to my room, every time? I went to my room to CRY!" Rob paused, but he didn't care at all, he continued to argue that his leg was NEVER that bad and now that the infection was gone, he should come home... ignoring the swelling BRAIN TUMOR!!!!
I had enough and erupted with, "You're not going to manipulate me, you mother****er!!!" I don't use that swear, usually, as it was my mother's favorite swear. Perhaps, I was channeling a bit of her short temper, at that moment.
Then Rob tried to argue that I can't see very well (trying to use my eye condition against me - I am visually impaired with Keratoconus, yet in my constant blurred vision, I could see his skin sloughing off his wounds anyway. And so did my sister, who isn't visually impaired... nor were his doctors who were shocked and stunned at the state of his leg too, and poor Calvin the head nurse too), that I was seeing his leg "wrong" and "imagining things"... and that's when I hung up and blocked him.
For the past two days... of blissful peace! XD
I went about my day and life as usual while checking in on my sister, from time to time, who was still taking his calls and being driven up a wall.
And the phone block on Rob should have remained...
Tonight, he used the nurse's desk phone to contact me and leave a message on my voicemail. Before he went into the hospital, I had happily presented him with a "house-warming gift". You see, I suffer from PTSD and night terrors (will not get too much into that, just mentioning it for clarity's sake), and my sister bought me a tank with osculating jellyfish in it, to help me sleep better at night. It's a lot pretty, and calming, and it does help me out a lot.
When Rob came to visit us the first time (in far better health than he is currently in and not at all the asshole that we know him to be as now - I know, I know... it's the tumor.), he saw it and thought it was the coolest thing ever. So, I asked my sister to send the link to where she bought the tank, so I that could buy one for Rob when he came back to live with us/seek medical treatment in Minnesota. (That was THE PLAN, after all, that Rob would move in with us for a while and seek medical care here in Minnesota, as he said that our state had better doctors here than in Maryland.)
So tonight, Rob decided to leave me a message, saying that he was sorry and that if he was to go back to Maryland - would it be okay if he took along the jellyfish gift with him? No matter how much of an asshole someone is to me, a gift is a gift. I don't take back gifts, NOT EVER. That's not my style at all. And so, I took him off the phone block to text him just that. Word-for-word.
He wrote back - his words jumbled and misspelled heavily, because of his vision impairments, that was along the lines of "I know that you hate me now." And I replied back, "I don't hate you. I'm just not willing to put up with emotional blackmail bullshit." So then he called me and I kind of KNEW it was a bad mistake to answer, but I did answer...
Immediately, he tried to convince me that he can come home now because there was a "scheduling error" and the doctors said that he can leave for two days and come back for the brain surgery this weekend! This began a shouting match between him and me! LOL! Ace had talked to the doctors and social worker YESTERDAY, who said no such thing. And they keep stressing, if Rob leaves now, it will take at least three whole weeks before he would be able to get in brain surgery. Because, COVID, things are stressed and short-staffed in every hospital.
He will not last that long. He will either die of starvation (as he's not eating meals - and that's not anything new. Ace and I noticed that for a while now, before he went to the hospital, and had asked his wife about it too. She confirmed that Rob wasn't eating much in Maryland either. It may be time for a feeding tube to be introduced soon), or the pressure of the tumor may cause him to have a fatal stroke or other grizzly brain horrors and he'll die on our sofa.
I said to him (and please excuse my swears), "Stop being such a bitch-baby and stay for the surgery!" And he grumbled, "Stop calling me a bitch-baby..." And I literally punched the air, because I was so pissed off, and I snarled, "Okay, I will when you STOP acting like one!!!" Then I realized that I was screaming my head off past midnight, caught myself, and said, "You know what? Ace is in the next room, trying to get some sleep, so she can work in the morning... I'm NOT doing this with you, Rob!"
Then he asked, "B-but... do you still love me, as your brother?" I answered, "Yes, I love you, Rob... even though you're f**king nuts right now!" And he sulked, "I'm not f**king nuts..." Then he said, "Okay, I'll let you and your sister rest tonight then." And... he's back on phone block. I don't think I'll unblock him until AFTER his brain surgery. =p
Fool me once...
Anyway, sorry for this crazy long post! I did try to edit it down, but... so much has happened in the last... *checks notes again* OMG! TWO DAYS, since I last posted here. Seesh! :(
I'll update - AFTER Rob has gone through surgery and is situated. I just needed to vent and blow off some steam... at, currently, 4:30 AM in the morning. I'm hoping that this long af post was at least a little entertaining and provided a few chuckles, at the very least. ;-)
Be excellent to each other. And peace out!
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2023.03.29 11:31 Willow_Sakura Does anybody on this app ever actually get cash card

Have ordered a cash card 5 times now after waiting a month or more each time. I have tried different addresses even no dice, do cashapp card even exist?
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2023.03.29 11:31 benevida Need 30ft USB Gen 1 A to B Cable w/ no Hubs. Optical?

I have my desk set up 20ft from the server rack where I keep the KVM. I need a USB 3 Gen 1 (5Gbps) A to B cable that goes from my laptop's docking station (the A end) to the KVM, (the B end) and then another cable that goes from the KVM to the monitor. I need an effective 5gbps cable so that I can plug in a hard drive to the monitor to do video editing on one of the servers in the rack. I bought a Startech 30ft active cable that is a good cable, but it has three hub in the cable to get it to work right. That's a problem. The docking station has two USB hubs, not to mention the two in the KVM, and the one in the monitor. You are only allowed 5 hubs in a USB chain, and I am looking at 11! If the USB cable had only 1 hub, or 0 hubs, it would work. Do optical USB cables have hubs built in? Does anyone know of another solution?
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2023.03.29 11:31 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Online Accounts Shop (XBOX One/X/S , PC and PS4/PS5) 🏅

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2023.03.29 11:31 Eatatsunsets How Does Food Taste On An Electric Grill?

How Does Food Taste On An Electric Grill?
Electric grills have become very popular in recent years. They are available in various styles and sizes, making the grilling experience more accessible to everyone.
However, if you’re used to the taste of barbeques that come from charcoal or gas grills, you might be wondering, “How does food taste on an electric grill?”
Your food will taste delicious if carefully cooked on an electric grill. But do not expect to get the same taste as that is provided through a charcoal or gas model.
We’ll also help you answer many other related questions. So, scroll down to continue reading.
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2023.03.29 11:31 greenteawolfer 20% Off CarolWrightGifts Coupon & Promo Code

Check out the link for 20% Off CarolWrightGifts Coupon & Promo Code. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of CarolWrightGifts coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.
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2023.03.29 11:31 Sad-Durian-3579 Asking for advice: dating a former cocaine addict

Hey dear community, I met an amazing man with whom I have been to couple of dates. Gradually he opened up to me about being addicted to cocaine, and shared his story with me. Now he is clean, is teaching at the elementary school, and is traveling around the world to share his story with others.
However, this fact has caught me in a bit of shock, so I need some advice, particularly:
  1. Safe sex - given that he has shared with me that he used to be addicted to cocaine for quite a while (10 years or so) I became worried about safe sex and started assuming that he maybe has some STDs etc How to communicate this worry in a way that doesn’t hurt him?
  2. Generally- I have no experience with cocaine and what does it do to people. What can I expect?
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2023.03.29 11:31 jonnomaxx Question about dates travelled to U.K.

My US girlfriend has completed all payments for NHS surcharge and the application fee it’s self. We selected November as her visa dates to arrive in the U.K. due to some upcoming events which she needs to go back for.
She is planning to come to the U.K. on a tourist visa before completing her biometrics appointment, which she will likely go back and complete in July/August.
My question is this: because she is coming to the U.K. between now and then will she have any issue on the dates selection where it asks the last time she travelled to the U.K.? Obviously at the time of completing the application it was in the past but now she will have spent additional time in the U.K. which is not included in the application itself.
It does say she has something like 216 days to complete the biometrics so we are unsure if the upcoming visit will negatively impact her application when is now only pending her biometrics appointment and passport send off.
Any help is appreciated!
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2023.03.29 11:30 huenation STUDIO PIERROT AMV

Does anyone have a link to Studio Pierrots amv for naruto and sausake. It's basically an amv with naruto and sauake about the beginning of their life and shippuden, it has original scenes from the arcs.
Can't find it.
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2023.03.29 11:30 epicrumbs Anyone out there recommend some nice in-ear earphones (UK)?

I currently use Sennheiser HD-25 which have been excellent and sound great but I've started getting really bad ear pain from the pressure of wearing them. Thinking of going for some of those fully molded in-ear jobs (or maybe a pair of Pioneer HDJ-X10).
Does anyone recommend a pair of in-ears designed for DJ'ing, ideally a pair that will be custom molded rather than the circular bung style.
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2023.03.29 11:30 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Ovens – Uplevel Consulting 2023

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Who is it for?
Uplevel Consulting is for people who already have an established business with customers, but want to scale to 7-figures with predictable systems, automation, lean team and PPC ads.
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How does it work?
You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Fb group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.
When does it start?
Because Uplevel is an online course, it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get lifetime access.
Why does it exist?
We created Uplevel because most established businesses are clueless when it comes to scaling, hiring/managing a team and making things predictable, consistent and systemized.
Here’s how it works
To scale a business and change your life, content is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Uplevel Consulting provides proven process, mental reprogramming, community and expert mentorship.
Get Immediate Access !
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2023.03.29 11:30 Iron-Mayne Anyone else not getting appetite supression from vyvanse?

I found that Vyvanse doesn't really surpress my appetite. BUT! what it does do, is something I felt before when I was hyperfocused on something(anything) + no caffeine,no candy type diet (pizza and burgers are allowed and stuff) I felt like I was then. Where I had energy but I didn't think about food all the time. Now on this medicine, I am not eating because I have to feed something in my brain, but because my stomach is empty sort of. Also going out for walks and exercising during periods where I wasn't hyperfocused but had the same diet. I would be completly dead when I came home motivation to do anything aswell as the next day. On Vyvanse, going out for walks and exercising is a benefit, something I also noticed during hte periods I was hyperfocused + had the diet I mentioned.

anyone feel the same?
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2023.03.29 11:30 Neverneverland1888 I’m scared I’m lying/going to be seen as a liar about my abuse. Anyone else feel like that?

I don’t know how to explain this. I know my memories are real. I wasn’t 100% sure it was also sexual abuse until I posted what happened on Reddit. Now I’m sure it was or at least trying to accept it and tell myself it must have been.
I have my first therapy appointment on Monday but I can’t escape a nagging feeling that is telling me it’s not real and that I’m lying. My abuser would always call me a liar. She still does. It could be about anything not or small and not once has she apologies when she realises I’m not lying.
I know deep down its real. I know I’m not lying about the physical or emotional abuse but my head can’t accept that the sexual abuse was real. I’ve never spoken to anyone about the SA so I think that’s why it still doesn’t feel real and I’m in disbelief that it is. I know if my abuser was to find out I was calling what she did SA she would be furious and deny it to the grave.
Does anyone else feel like this?
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