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2023.06.07 20:27 Plane-Point4503 How Udonis Haslem and "Heat Culture" Keep Finding Themselves in the NBA Finals

How Udonis Haslem and "Heat Culture" Keep Finding Themselves in the NBA Finals by Marissa Kasch
via https://www.thesportsletter.com/essays/florida-man-loves-finals/
The Miami Heat have faced their fair share of doubt this season. They lost the opening-round play-in game before securing the 8-seed in the playoffs, but they proved skeptics wrong by beating the Bucks, Knicks and Celtics to reach the Finals. The analytics said they had less than a 5-percent chance to beat Milwaukee, less than a 3-percent chance to beat Boston, and less than a 1-percent to beat all three. Yet, here they are. The Heat are still the underdogs that they have been all postseason, but that title has seemed to work in their favor. One veteran Heat player knows this franchise never stops fighting.
Udonis Haslem has been through almost every era of the Heat franchise and has seen it all. And though you likely won’t see him on the court, he remains the leader and voice of Miami’s mentality. Haslem is tied with LeBron James for active players who have played the most seasons in the NBA (20), so he’s as wise as they come.
'Florida Man' Seeks 4th Title
We’ve all seen the infamous “Florida Man” headlines, but Udonis Haslem may be the literal version of the Internet phenomenon. He grew up in Miami before making the trek to Gainesville to play for the Florida Gators. There, he became the first player in program history to play on four consecutive NCAA tournament teams. He also helped earn the Gators 97 wins, making him the player with the most wins in school history.
After his time at Florida, Haslem went undrafted (like much of the current Heat roster). He moved back to Miami and made his debut with the Heat in 2003. At the end of a 20-year career, Haslem is known to be one of the NBA’s best championship-winning role players.
Haslem’s Eras Tour
Haslem knows the Heat all too well. In Miami, he never goes out of style, and he has a reputation. Like Taylor Swift, he has his own eras within the Heat history, each one just as special as the last. Don’t worry though, NBA Finals tickets are still cheaper than Taylor Swift tickets.
Rookie 1st Championship
In his rookie season (2003), Haslem played with Dwyane Wade (also a rookie) and Lamar Odom. The next season, Miami added another elite player: Shaquille O'Neal. Wade and Shaq formed the superstar duo that led the first Miami Heat championship (2006), and Haslem played a key role. Even though he averaged just over 6 points and 6 rebounds per game, he had 17-and-10 double-double in the Game 6 closeout of the Finals.
Superteam Era 2nd & 3rd Championships
Haslem’s biggest nod from teammates came in 2010 when LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade all took less than their maximums so he could remain a part of the Heat. That should tell you something about how vital Haslem is to the organization’s success. It was the same era that the Heat went to the Finals four times in four years. They won two rings.
Jimmy Buckets Era
For the last four years, Haslem has played in Miami’s Jimmy Butler era. As we all know, the Butler years have been nothing short of spectacular as the Heat have been to the playoffs every year since he signed in 2019. They reached the Finals in 2020 (bubble) before losing to the Lakers. And now, they’re back.
Haslem credited the superstars he has played alongside. He attributes his success as a role player to those he played with, knowing only team over self. If his story tells us anything, it’s that you don’t need to be a superstar to leave your mark on a franchise, and the length of a career isn’t dependent on talent, but heart.
Heat Culture
Haslem takes pride in teaching teammates “Heat Culture.” And who better to teach them than the man who has played more than half of the seasons since the franchise began (1988). He played alongside some of the most talented players in NBA history and made the playoffs in 16 of his 20 seasons. Not to mention that this is his seventh NBA Finals appearance and potentially his fourth ring.
According to Haslem, Heat Culture is discipline, accountability, work ethic and enjoying somebody else’s success. He says there are no days off. More importantly, there is no offseason. To Haslem, Heat Culture is a lifestyle.
And though he doesn’t get much playing time at age 42, he remains a crucial part of Miami’s success. His wisdom from 20 years in the league and continuation of Heat Culture are what make him an invaluable leader to the team.
The hometown hero. The fan favorite. The player-coach. The Heat culture curator. This Florida man just loves Finals.
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2023.06.07 20:25 csgokONflict [EU] Looking for 3 more players!

We are Chrono Esports, a highly motivated and competitive esports team looking to expand our roster with skilled players who share our passion for gaming. We are actively seeking talented individuals to join our ranks and contribute to our continued success.
About Chrono Esports:
Discord: linktr.ee/teamchr
Steam Community: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/chronoesports
Who We Are Looking For:
We are in search of dedicated players who meet the following criteria:
Game: CS:GO
Rank: min. Silver 1
Roles: 3x AWP, Support, Rifler or Rotator
Why Join Chrono Esports:
Competitive Environment: We foster a highly competitive atmosphere that pushes players to constantly improve their skills and reach new heights in the game.
Teamwork and Communication: We value strong teamwork and effective communication, as they are crucial to achieving success in competitive gaming.
Growth and Development: We offer a supportive environment where players can enhance their abilities, learn from experienced teammates, and participate in regular practice sessions and scrims.
Tournament Opportunities: Chrono Esports actively participates in various tournaments and leagues, providing players with opportunities to showcase their talent on a larger stage.
Community and Camaraderie: Joining Chrono Esports means becoming part of a close-knit community of like-minded gamers who share a common passion for esports.
If you are a driven player who is looking to compete at the highest level, we invite you to join our team and embark on this exciting journey with us. To express your interest or for more information, please join our Discord server and fill in the form there.
Discord: linktr.ee/teamchr
Steam Community: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/chronoesports
We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming new members to the Chrono Esports family.
Best regards,
Chrono Esports
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2023.06.07 20:25 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 79. Colorado State

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
The best Rams team west of the Mississippi.
Colorado State’s been consistently solid in the Mountain West with a few great years under Sonny Lubick and Jim McElwain mixed in. Lubick was so successful that Colorado State’s since named their field after him: Sonny Lubick Field at Canvas Stadium. Under his tutelage, CSU won 6 conference titles (3 WAC, 3 Mountain West) from 1994-2002. Before Lubick arrived, CSU hadn’t won a conference title in 40 years, and only 1 in the last 60. They owe this ranking to Lubick, and I think fans would admit the same.

Best Seasons and Highlights

1. 1997: 15. Colorado State: 11-2 (22.264) 2. 1994: 12. Colorado State: 10-2 (21.327) 3. 2000: 20. Colorado State: 10-2 (16.288) 4. 2002: 31. Colorado State: 10-4 (11.984) 5. 2014: 33. Colorado State: 10-3 (10.201) 6. 1995: 36. Colorado State: 8-4 (5.313) 7. 1999: 33. Colorado State: 8-4 (4.733) 8. 1990: 39. Colorado State: 9-4 (2.203) 9. 1998: 37. Colorado State: 8-4 (1.545) 10. 2001: 52. Colorado State: 7-5 (-3.476) 11. 2016: 58. Colorado State: 7-6 (-5.288) 12. 1996: 47. Colorado State: 7-5 (-6.170) 13. 2003: 57. Colorado State: 7-6 (-6.569) 14. 1989: 51. Colorado State: 5-5-1 (-8.225) 15. 1986: 53. Colorado State: 6-5 (-8.536) 16. 2013: 74. Colorado State: 8-6 (-12.283) 17. 2017: 79. Colorado State: 7-6 (-14.321) 18. 2005: 76. Colorado State: 6-6 (-16.626) 19. 1993: 65. Colorado State: 5-6 (-17.348) 20. 2008: 75. Colorado State: 7-7 (-17.804) 21. 2015: 79. Colorado State: 7-6 (-17.810) 22. 1985: 66. Colorado State: 5-7 (-19.493) 23. 2020: 98. Colorado State: 1-3 (-24.733) 24. 1992: 86. Colorado State: 5-7 (-26.680) 25. 2004: 86. Colorado State: 4-7 (-28.454) 26. 1983: 82. Colorado State: 5-7 (-30.220) 27. 2019: 109. Colorado State: 4-8 (-34.012) 28. 2006: 102. Colorado State: 4-8 (-36.913) 29. 1984: 89. Colorado State: 3-8 (-37.145) 30. 2012: 101. Colorado State: 4-8 (-37.216) 31. 2009: 104. Colorado State: 3-9 (-37.476) 32. 2007: 102. Colorado State: 3-9 (-37.664) 33. 2021: 110. Colorado State: 3-9 (-39.870) 34. 1991: 90. Colorado State: 3-8 (-40.286) 35. 2011: 106. Colorado State: 3-9 (-43.112) 36. 2022: 121. Colorado State: 3-9 (-44.898) 37. 2018: 114. Colorado State: 3-9 (-45.892) 38. 2010: 108. Colorado State: 3-9 (-46.767) 39. 1987: 100. Colorado State: 1-11 (-53.363) 40. 1988: 98. Colorado State: 1-10 (-54.237) Overall Score: 10531 (79th) 
Colorado State has a worse winning percentage than some teams lower on the list like Louisiana Tech, but has had higher highs with five 10 win seasons. Adept at producing quality skill position players lately, CSU’s 4 consensus All-Americans have been WR Rashard Higgins (2014), WR Michael Gallup (2017), TE Trey McBride (2021), and DB Greg Myers (1995). During the Lubick years CSU was a consistent top non-Power 6 team, appearing in the Top 25 at any point in the season for 7 straight years from 1997-2003. 1994 and 2014 as well. Notable NFL players have included LB Joey Porter, LB Shaquil Barrett, WR Michael Gallup, and TE Joel Dreessen.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst Season: 1988 (1-10 overall, 1-7 WAC)
It was a bad time to be a Colorado State fan. Colorado University, just a 1 hour drive from CSU, would win the national title 2 years later in 1990. Colorado State themselves floundered to a combined 2-21 record from 1987-88, with not much hope for the future. A 1-10 record featured 5 one-possession losses, and a last place finish in the WAC. A late season Toilet Bowl matchup between 1-9 New Mexico and 1-8 Colorado State decided who was placed in the basement, with New Mexico narrowly avoiding the distinction with a 24-23 win. CSU’s lone win was over San Diego State, who finished 3-8. QB Scooter Molander (great name) threw 9 TD to 22 INT, leading the country in picks. RB Scott Whitehouse (less cool name but still solid) led the team in rushing yards and receptions, totalling 1081 yards from scrimmage. And my personal favorite, backup RB Todd Yert, added 651 from scrimmage. Yert would actually go on to be a key contributor over the next 3 years, totalling 36 rushing TDs in his career.
5. 2014 (10-3 overall, 6-2 Mountain West)
Before Jim McElwain had his highs and lows at Florida, he was the up-and-coming coach at Colorado State. CSU was already coming off its best season in over a decade at 8-6 in 2013, and many thought they could take it a step further in 2014. CSU avenged last season’s loss to Colorado in the opener, winning 31-17 thanks to 100 yard rushing performances from RBs Dee Hart and Trevous Jarrells. They weren’t quite good enough to take down Boise State yet, the class of the WAC, and fell to 1-1. After that, things were great—they beat Boston College and future CSU coach Steve Addazio 24-21, a 10-4 Utah State team 16-13, and rival Wyoming 45-31. By the end of the year, #22 Colorado State was 10-1 playing 8-3 Air Force, and All-American WR Rashard Higgins did all he could (193 yards and 2 TD) but AF walked off on a 27-24 FG. CSU got blown out in the bowl to #23 Utah as well, once a former Mountain West rival who had since moved on to a stronger conference.
QB Garrett Grayson won Mountain West Offensive POTY, throwing for 4006 yards 32 TD 7 INT and ranking 2nd in the country in YPA. WR Rashard Higgins was a consensus All-American and a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award, catching 96 passes for 1750 yards and 17 TD. Jim McElwain won MWC Coach of the Year, and was scooped up by Florida before the bowl game.
4. 2002 (10-4 overall, 6-1 Mountain West)
By this point in time, Sonny Lubick had established Colorado State as a non-AQ conference power, winning 5 conference titles in the prior 8 seasons. This was the last of them, and the 4th best team of his. Led by QB Bradlee Van Pelt, who was originally recruited by Nick Saban to play at Michigan State, the Rams’ season could not have started any better. He out-dueled Matt Schaub and Virginia on opening day, winning 35-29. After that was one of the biggest wins in school history, beating #7 Colorado 19-14. Van Pelt spiked the ball into a Colorado defender’s helmet after a 23 yard TD run to take the lead with 6 minutes remaining. CUBuffs.com called it “one of the most classless displays of sportsmanship the rivalry has ever seen.” Colorado State flirted with the top 25 most of the year, getting up to #16 by the end of the year to play UNLV. CSU lost both that game and the bowl game to TCU, but still clinched the Mountain West title. Wins included top 25 finishers Virginia and Colorado, along with 8-5 Air Force and 7-6 Louisville.
Van Pelt won his 1st of 2 Mountain West Offensive POTY awards, throwing for 2000+ yards while rushing for 819 and 11 TD. RB Cecil Sapp, who missed the entire 2001 season with a foot injury, was an absolute workhorse, leading the NCAA in rushing attempts, carrying the ball 347 times for 1601 yards and 17 TD. Lubick’s final season would be in 2007.
3. 2000 (10-2 overall, 6-1 Mountain West)
Colorado State moved from the WAC to the Mountain West in 1999, and won the conference title in their first year. Going into 2000, they aimed to repeat. They continued to make Colorado’s life hell, beating the #23 Buffaloes for the second straight year in the opener. After a letdown loss to Arizona State, CSU began its quest for a 2nd straight MWC title, beating eventual 3rd place UNLV 20-19, 5th place New Mexico 17-14, and finally BYU 45-21, clinching at least a share of the Mountain West title. That set up 8-1 Colorado State vs 6-3 Air Force for a chance to win the title outright. Air Force took an early lead and CSU only barely couldn’t come back, falling 40-44 in the snow. The Rams still clinched an outright conference title the following week with a 37-13 beating of a poor Wyoming team. With a win over #22 Louisville in the bowl, Colorado State finished #14 in the AP Poll, the highest in school history. QB Matt Newton won MWC Offensive POTY, while LB Rick Crowell won Defensive POTY.
2. 1994 (10-2 overall, 7-1 WAC)
When Sonny Lubick took over in 1993, it can’t be understated how much of a graveyard the Colorado State program was. Before a bowl appearance in 1990, they played in just 1 bowl in their entire history, which dates back to 1902. Armed with 29 year old Urban Meyer as assistant coach, the 1994 team was the best in school history up to that point, and might still be. And nobody saw it coming.
Colorado State started by beating one of the classes of the WAC in Air Force, 34-21. A few weeks later it was #22 BYU’s turn, beating the Cougars 28-21. All of a sudden the Rams were serious contenders in the WAC. Down for so long, the unthinkable happened. #23 Colorado State travelled to #6 Arizona, one of the favorites for the national title. A few hours after the opening kickoff, the Rams stood with their heads held high, victors in Tucson 21-16. The win propelled CSU to #13, and the Rams hosted #18 Utah 2 weeks later. Utah won in a let down game, but CSU won their last 3 games to finish 10-1 and win their first ever WAC title and first conference title under Lubick. A 14-24 loss in the bowl to #20 Michigan showed they could definitely hang with the big boys, and the Arizona win wasn’t a fluke. Colorado State finished #16 in the nation with a 10-2 record, and were 12th in my rankings. Lubick earned Sports Illustrated National Coach of the Year.
1. 1997 (11-2 overall, 7-1 WAC)
As good as the 1994 team was, they only beat opponents by an average of 11 points a game, while the 1997 team outscored opponents by over 20 a game. After a disappointing 2-2 start with losses to Colorado and 0-24 to Air Force, CSU was flawless the rest of the way. A 9-2 regular season record featured an average score of 43-11 in the final 7 game win streak. 9-2 New Mexico and 9-2 Colorado State seemed like an even matchup on paper but it wasn’t close, with the Rams winning 41-13. A 35-24 win over #19 Missouri in the Holiday Bowl made up for losing the Holiday Bowl twice in 1994 and ‘95. Colorado State finished 17th in the AP Poll, and according to my algorithm, this is their best team.
The team set a school record for points (442) and TDs (59) in a season, ranking 7th in the nation in PPG (36.7). The defense forced 43 turnovers in 13 games, with future NFL starters LB Joey Porter, LB Clark Haggans, and DB Jason Craft, and was also top 10 in the country giving up just 15.6 PPG. QB Moses Moreno won the WAC Offensive POTY with 2257 pass yards 20 TD 9 INT, and was a 7th round draft pick by the Chicago Bears after the season. RBs Damon Washington and Kevin McDougal both ran for 1000+ yards, combining for 2223 yards and 21 TD on 6.7 YPC.

5th Quarter

What do you think about Colorado State? Do you think they should be a primary target of Pac 12 expansion? Why or why not? What game/playeplay is most memorable to you? Can the Rams ever recreate the consistent success of Sonny Lubick or was it a flash in the pan?
If you appreciate the effort, please consider subscribing on substack!
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2023.06.07 20:22 Guu_stav Conjugate Elite wants you!!!

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/33513/conjugate-elite/

Guild GP: 355M
Members: 49/50

Looking for 1 active player to join immediately. 6M+ ideal. Fully developed roster a must.

Elite is based in the UK and is a Conjugate Alliance guild, we are a PVE focused guild so run RotE twice a month and are focusing on the Kyrat raid.

We are one of several Guilds that make up the Conjugate Family. Elite has representation from EU, NA and UK. If you are looking for an active, organised, top flight guild, this guild is for you. We have a robust Discord Server with players from 1M to 11M GP where you can both ask & answer any questions as we grow stronger as a swgoh family.

We are currently focused on rounding out our RotE platoon units and teams, as well as working towards Reva shards and Krayt Raid teams

-RotE: 23⭐️, roughly 30 operations completed per run & 4/5 Reva Shards from the 8 current attempts (when the Grand Inquisitor event goes live, we will have over half the guild ready to unlock him so will be looking at 27+ attempts in the coming months)
-LS GeoTB: 24 ⭐️ & 21 KAM Shards (not applicable now)
-DS GeoTB: 31 ⭐️ & 44 Wat Shards (not applicable now)

**Daily Requirements: **
-600 Tickets is expected
-Discord use mandatory during events https://discord.gg/d5XWVr7 please monitor as required during TB & TW
-You don’t need to be chased for TB Combats and Deployment.
-Have, or are building reliable teams for RotE
-Have, Grand Inquisitor or already ready to unlock him with next event
-Ideally prepared to assist with RotE Operations assignments
-deally have some old conquest units, mainly BFSoJ, BOLO and/or Scythe

**Event Requirements: **
-Communication is a must
-TW, Join, set D per map instructions, Attack intelligently using solid counters
-TB, Full Participation expected
-By able to deal 800k+ in Krayt Raid by July 1st. This target will increase
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2023.06.07 20:20 Go_Habs_Go31 [Grant McCagg] I got an interesting text this morning from Buffalo: “Montreal is developing a reputation here at the combine as the toughest interview for players and going well over the time allotment.”

[Grant McCagg] I got an interesting text this morning from Buffalo: “Montreal is developing a reputation here at the combine as the toughest interview for players and going well over the time allotment.” submitted by Go_Habs_Go31 to Habs [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 20:05 Garrus_Vak Introducing the R6 Hyper Series Qualifying Major, Console's Largest Summer Tournament, Followed by a Brand New Player Entry Draft.

Introducing the R6 Hyper Series Qualifying Major, Console's Largest Summer Tournament, Followed by a Brand New Player Entry Draft.
Hello again everyone! VakCasts here once more with another update on the R6 Hyper Series. I am proud to announce that due to overwhelming demand and registration for our 4th season, we have elected to make a first-of-its kind Qualifying Major.
Slated for Mid-Late July, the Season 4 Qualifying Major is an advanced and more competitive form of a relegation tournament for our upcoming 4th Season.

How It Works:

  • 16 Teams, 4 Groups of 4 Teams Each.
  • 15 Teams are open registration, the worst team from our 3rd season is forced to play in the major to keep their spot for Season 4
  • Round Robin Bo1 Group Phase, top 2 teams from each group advance to Bracket
  • Double-Elimination Bracket, all matches Bo3, Grand Final Bo5.
  • While the Top 4 teams qualify, the winning team will receive an unannounced prize at a later date.
  • Top 4 Teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) Qualify for R6 Hyper Series Season 4
  • The roster that is used to qualify is the roster that must be used in Season 4, provided the team qualifies at all.
  • Discord Link: https://discord.gg/qEFu8VN

How to RegisteWho is Playing?:

At present we have 9 teams registered which leaves 6 spots open. Keep in mind 1 spot is reserved for the worst team from out yet-to-finish Season 3.
  • Teams are permitted to have a roster of 9 players (5 starters and 4 subs.)
  • MnK Strictly prohibited
  • Players from Xbox and PlayStation alike are permitted, roster mixing is A-Ok.
  • If you have a team you wish to register, please DM me on Reddit or Discord and we will get you set up!
    • All teams must follow our City-Based Franchise System
    • If you have your own Org we are more than happy to accommodate your branding and find a mutually beneficial branding package

2023 Hyper Series Entry Draft

Fear not solo players! We also have a way for you to gain entry into the fastest growing league on console!
  • The 2023 Draft is an avenue for solo players to use to get involved in the comp community. Starting this month, Free Agents are no longer permitted in the league. All incoming solo players must wait for the yearly entry draft to gain entry into the league. From there they are free to act as a free agent as they have gained entry into our player ecosystem, similar to real life sports leagues.
  • Every solo player regardless of skill is welcome to declare for the draft but being drafted is not a guarantee. If you declare for the draft but go undrafted you are able to be signed as a free agent as well, similar to undrafted NBA players.
  • The Draft for the teams is very similar to the NBA draft:
    • 2 Round Draft, every team gets 2 picks
    • Worse Teams have better odds at a better draft pick
    • Every team is allotted to special roster slots for their draft picks, this compliments the existing 9 man roster limit
  • Draft will take place following the Season 4 Qualifying Major, tentative date for the draft is August 2023
  • If you wish to declare for our draft join our discord here: https://discord.gg/qEFu8VN
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2023.06.07 20:03 oniraug Just got an email 😒

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2023.06.07 20:02 PhilthDawg Update. September ayyyye 🤨

Please visit our website and click through to our social media channels, they include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.
One of the key components for MLFB has been and remains quality play by skilled players, and for our fans to be able to view our games on TV and enjoy behind the scenes action. Hindering us was the bankruptcy of a subsidiary of industry giant Sinclair Broadcasting. Sinclair had acquired FOX Sports Channels and aired games nationally under the Bally Brand Logo. While they were interested in us, the bankruptcy court imposed duties hurting our position with respect to broadcasting on their platform. We are making alternate arrangements which include both streaming and televising our games this season.
It is now our plan to begin camp in August with our season possibly including some games in early September, allowing us to include players who have been cut from NFL rosters during the final round of cuts. These players, in addition to our existing database of players, will provide a quality mix of talent. We will play an abbreviated schedule in 2023 while our players are awaiting a possible 'call up' as the NFL exhibition season plays out, and return to a full spring schedule in 2024.
More details on training camp location and schedules will be released shortly. Thank you for your patience and for allowing us to maintain our goal of creating a first class league while providing tremendous opportunity for our players.​
IR Contacts Frank Murtha, CEO [email protected]
Martin Ryan, Emerging Growth Services [email protected] (952) 653 1888
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2023.06.07 20:02 TwistedApe You're the New POBO

Heartbroken and mentally exhausted after a see-saw of emotions following the Celtics tumultuous 2023 postseason, Brad Stevens has decided to retire from basketball and set up a temple dedicated to teaching stoicism in Indiana.
With Wyc looking for a new POBO, your name has popped up on reading some of your more inciteful Reddit posts. He's interested in seeing what direction you would take the team if you were to take over operations and how you would get the Celtics over the hump.
To do so, he wants your thoughts on 3 main areas:
1). Philosophy/Culture What's your vision for how you would like this team to play? What reputation would you be looking for the Celtics to cement?
Alternatively, what kind of culture would you look to set?
2). Coach Direction He's aware that Mazzulla wasn't you're hire so gives you free reign.
Will you keep him on? If not, who would you be looking for?
3). Roster Direction How would you handle team building?
What kind of team would you look to build?
What's your pitch?
As an example, here's my plan:
Philosophy/Culture • 5 Star Offence - my plan is to build a philosophy where each player is fully developed and we tap into every part of their potential. I want every player on the court to be able to score or have the occasional set play run for them.
• Examples: more Smart post-play, Rob Williams' high post passing and midrange shot and Grant Williams'off the dribble game similar to Duncan Robinson
• I want to run more offence through Rob Williams in the high post similar to how the Heat use Adebayo
Coach Direction • Fire Joe Mazz - the team is too good to waste anymore time developing a young coach. The window could close very quickly depending on health or a key player asking out.
• I would see if I can get a vet coach with good tactical ability and the respect of his players. Ty Lue would be my prime candidate if we can pry him from the Clippers
Roster Direction • The team we have is already very good and has shown itself capable of getting to the Finals and ECF consistently. I would make moves around the edges such as strengthening an aging and injury-prone frontcourt. If we could somehow get Naz Reid for Pritchard that would be my number 1 move. Adding some more vets to the team would also be beneficial if possible to add some more steel to the team when they lose concentration/focus
• Re-sign Jaylen Brown - he's been a generally great playoff performer and is still young enough to keep improving. Plus, 2 way wings are the most important commodity in the league
• Re-sign Grant Williams - he's another valuable 2 way player who has shown the ability to check Giannis over a game whilst still hitting his 3's and showed a burgeoning off the dribble game earlier in the season which was promising
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2023.06.07 20:02 GameOnBrother The Buffalo Bills hit Madden 24’s cover for the first time

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2023.06.07 19:57 bIaze2x Need help with lineup

Need help with lineup
Most are un-auctionable
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2023.06.07 19:44 juppee Weird bug, lost control of some players in quick play

Weird bug, lost control of some players in quick play
Playing custom roster quick play. Out of nowhere, 2 players on my team move on their own, as shown in the video (butler and marin, controller shown to show Im not moving it) but with the other players I still have control 🤔 did I accidentally press something or its just a bug?? 😅
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2023.06.07 19:35 tipurbartender Raise my subscription instead of Ukraine & Türkiye

Blizzard, if you NEED the extra cash so bad, give me an option to raise my subscription by a few bucks and leave these two countries alone. Increasing the (already very high) regional subscription for these two countries is disrespectful at best and vile at worst. Both of these countries are facing tough times and Actiblizz should be doing all it can to accommodate the players in those regions and provide them some escape from their reality. I would happily foot the bill to subsidize their subscriptions. The 30% increase you a proposing for them is insane when you find out that they are paying almost 6% of their gross monthly income for a subscription. I want to play and enjoy wow and want others in less fortunate areas to also have that opportunity. However, I will NOT support you fleecing the less fortunate and kicking them when they are already down. If it comes down to supporting your business decisions or donating my subscription money to charities in these countries, well that choice was made when I learned the difference between right and wrong as a child.
Context: Blizzard announced raising the subscription price in Ukraine & Türkiye. Ukraine is fighting for its survival in a horrendous war with a terrorist regime and Türkiye suffered a devastating earthquake in February of this year that killed tens of thousands and left millions homeless.
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2023.06.07 19:31 fifawitz1313 Is this the most important summer transfer window in USMNT history?

By my count about 50% of our Nations League roster could be on the move this summer. You can add Adams and maybe a few young players to that list as well.
With the US hosted World Cup only 3 summers away, it seems critical that these players find themselves clubs where they can establish themselves as important players and regular starters.
I cannot think of a past summer transfer window that had this much on the line for the future success of the USMNT.
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2023.06.07 19:30 Suspicious_Shoob A disappointing 'introduction to British Forces'

A disappointing 'introduction to British Forces'
I've already posted this in the Discord server but I thought I'd share it here too for some additional opinions and perspectives. Included are my thoughts for improvements to the Loadouts, Vehicles and Cosmetics as well as some general issues, mostly relating to the British faction as they are currently very disappointing and nowhere near as good as they should be. This has been edited somewhat following on from some of the discussions I've been having over there.
All in all, this update feels incredibly rushed to me and I'm sceptical as to how much QA was actually conducted on it. As a side note, I do like the speed increase and think it's a good change but am of the opinion that it should've been brought in with some additional changes and improvements to movement across the board.
Any criticism, or other ideas, will be gladly accepted. And now, onto the post -
As someone with an interest in the British Army of WWII, I was very much looking forward to this update, however, I was sceptical when the Lewis, Lanchester, Jungle Carbine and P14 were shown in the Dev Brief and now I see I had every reason to be. It sucks that I've basically got to go back to CoD 1 and 2 to get a comparatively decent representation of British equipment and weaponry to what we've gotten. I don't know how much of this update is BM's work and how much is T17's and frankly I don't care. All I care about is the British getting to, not only a playable state, but, a state where they're actually fun and enjoyable to play. With that in mind, I thought I'd put together this post and, while I know I'm mirroring a lot that's already been said (which I hope is getting the message across to the devs), I'd like to put forth some suggestions on how I think the British faction could be vastly improved. Though I am a bit of a stickler for historical accuracy, the gameplay should take some priority in this matter. These are purely my thoughts but I welcome any criticism or ideas.
When it comes to the Loadouts I think the P14 should be removed for all Roles except the Sniper, and the the Lanchester and No. 5/Jungle Carbine should be removed for all Roles. Personally, I think the Lewis should also be removed or, at the very least, made the second loadout option for MG (I'd like to see it replaced with the Vickers GO No. 2 Mk. I Land Service). Also, the Bren needs the ability to use its bipod as do the BAR and FG42.
I appreciate that the PIAT might be a bit of a trickier weapon to implement but it was not a rocket projectile and it shouldn't be able to shoot halfway across El Alamein. The relative lack of range that a proper implementation would bring can be offset by its fast reload.
The sights on the British weapons also need adjusting (as was done to the Garand) as well as their general placement on-screen. I appreciate that the sights might be true to real life but that doesn't necessarily translate well into a video game with a fixed view. I've used CoD 1 and 2 screenshots of the Sten and Bren as examples of how these guns can be implemented without completely destroying the player's view. The Sten and Bren are the worst offenders for this but the No. 4 needs a little adjustment too I think.


Fine as they are
Standard Issue - Replace the Lanchester with the Sten Mk. II
Point Man - Fine as it is
NCO - Replace the Lanchester with the Sten Mk. V or the M1928A1 w/ box mag
Standard Issue - Replace the P14 with the SMLE No. 1 Mk. III
Grenadier - Fine as it is
Trooper - Replace the Jungle Carbine with the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I
Standard Issue - Fine as it is
Veteran - Replace the Lanchester with the M1928A1 w/ box mag
Grenadier - Fine as it is
Raider - Replace the Bren with the Sten Mk. V
Automatic Rifleman
Standard Issue - As it is but allow the Bren to use its bipod (I believe AR and MG roles both having the Bren could help against the Germans' higher RoF and ammo capacity of their MGs)
Veteran - Add this second loadout and give it the M1928A1 w/ 50 round drum magazine
Standard Issue - Replace the P14 with the SMLE No. 1 Mk. III
Corpsman - Fine as it is
Standard Issue - Replace the P14 with the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I
Ammo Carrier - Replace the Jungle Carbine with the Sten Mk. II
Flamer - Fine as it is
Machine Gunner
Standard Issue - Replace the Lewis with the Bren. Allow the Bren the use of its bipod.
Veteran - Ideally I'd like to see the Lewis removed but at least move it to this loadout if it needs to stay. I'd like to see it replaced with the Vickers GO No. 2 Mk. I Land Service or at least add the VGO in a third loadout slot.
Standard Issue - Replace the P14 with the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I
Gun Crew - Fine as it is
Ambusher - Fine as it is
Elephant Gunner - Replace the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I with the SMLE No. 1 Mk. III
Standard Issue - Replace the P14 with either the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I or the SMLE No. 1 Mk. III
Sapper - Replace the Jungle Carbine with the the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I
Field Engineer - Replace the Lanchester with the Sten Mk. II
Tank Commander and Crewman
Fine as they are
Standard Issue - Fine as it is
Scout - Replace the P14 with the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I
Standard Issue - Fine as it is
Veteran - Replace the P14 with the No. 4 Mk. I (T)


The Brodie looks like it's riding too far up the head and should be a bit lower to the brow I think. Variations could be added to show some of the different ways in which they were worn i.e. at an angle with/out the chin strap in use. (I personally also think the faces look a bit weird but that's not really something limited to the British faction.)
The Rifleman and Automatic Rifleman both need the Bren magazine pouches adding to their webbing but keep the bandolier on the Rifleman.
Remove the Tank Commander's second Pixie Suit and all the extra bits and pieces hanging off them. Tank crews would try to have as few things as possible that could get snagged if they needed to bail out. Do the same thing for the Soviet tank crews' uniforms.
Future cosmetics suggestions are just things that I hope to already be in consideration and development i.e. Denison smocks, Para helmets, RAC helmets for tank commanders, Battle Dress for tank crewmen, Berets, Mk. III Turtle helmets, leather jerkins, late-war uniform variations, desert uniforms etc.


I've not used any of the British tanks yet but, from what I've pieced together from others' comments, it's not good.
The Tetrarch doesn't fit with the game at all. They saw barely any use with the British with only a few being used in West Africa and Madagascar and then only 20 being taken to Normandy in Hamilcar gliders as part of 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, seeing a bit of action and then being relegated to HQ roles after being replaced with Cromwells.
I think the Tetrarch should be replaced with the Stuart Mk. III (M3A1 Stuart). The Stuart Mk. III was used in North Africa, Italy, the Far East and North-West Europe and while, yes, it would be another Stuart in the game, it would at least be a different variant to the US faction's M5A1. The Stuart Mk. III being the British light tank would also give them another tank with a hull MG that the Tetrarch and Firefly are both lacking.
A Stuart tank of 34th Armoured Brigade crossing a Bailey bridge over the Antwerp-Turnhout canal at Rijckevorsel during the attack north of Antwerp, 22 October 1944. IWM B 11111
Improve its forward speed, make it a bit more manoeuvrable. It was a very fast tank irl and just using the same stats as the other tanks doesn't work for it.
Remove it from the Heavy category, give it it's proper medium movement characteristics. The complaints I've seen are that the Firefly is horrid to drive and lacks any sort of proper manoeuvrability.

Also, when it comes to the roster of vehicles, this is what makes sense to me if they're gonna continue pushing this symmetry but still go somewhat historical.
North Africa:
Sd.Kfz. 222 - Daimler AC
Panzer II - Crusader Mk. II
Panzer III - Valentine or Crusader Mk. III
Panzer IV Ausf. G - Crusader Mk. III or Matilda II (possibly even Grant or Sherman Mk. II)
Tiger - Churchill Mk. III or Mk. IV
North-West Europe:
Puma - Daimler AC
Panzer II Ausf. L - Stuart Mk. III
Panzer IV - Cromwell
Panther - Firefly or Challenger (only 200 built but they saw service with all of the Armoured Division's Armoured Recce Regiments and the CIAB from July to VE-Day in NWE excepting 79th AD)
Tiger - Churchill Mk. VII or Churchill Mk. III or IV with 6 pounder Mk. V and applique armour. (Mk. VII seems more likely looking at the hilarious level 3 bunker)


The radio messages for the OP/garrison are pretty bad and I cringe every time I hear it. Please replace it with something at least a bit more authentic.
Playermodels in the back of the Bedford are squashed together and clip through each other.
Unfired bullets are ejected from the Webley when reloading.
On El Alamein replace the models of American vehicles and wrecks with British vehicles and replace the Tiger wrecks with Panzer IV wrecks.
Left arm's sleeve is stretched when holding the Sten, I'll have to check if it affects other guns.
The Cromwell's turret is raised a bit too high off the hull and the BESA sticks out a bit too far.
While I appreciate using actual markings on the tanks, straight up copying Bovington's Cromwell just feels a little lazy to me. Bovvy's Cromwell is also marked up as being Polish 1st Armoured Division and so doesn't really match entirely with the faction. I've got nothing against the Poles (they did their part tremendously and deserve recognition) but surely one of the actual British units that used them would be more appropriate?
The Firefly's markings are an incorrect and clumsy mix of Guards Armoured Division (Europe) and New Zealand 4th Armoured Brigade (Italy).
Remove the Airborne Divisional marking from the 6 Pounder, doesn't really make sense to me to have it on while it's just used by normal infantry and will mostly remain that way even if Para cosmetics get added.
Also, all the markings seem oddly bright to me and almost look like magnets that have been stuck on rather than painted on, especially when the vehicle's been destroyed.
Any criticism, or other ideas, will be gladly accepted.
Tl;dr Copium at the shite implementation of the British forces
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2023.06.07 19:09 helioroid Madden NFL 24: Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen Takes the Cover, Game Set for August 18 Release

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2023.06.07 19:07 Excellent-Syrup7411 Personal analysis and breakdown of the potential budgetary options at DM for Chelsea this summer

Personal analysis and breakdown of the potential budgetary options at DM for Chelsea this summer

Disclaimer: Stats are of course not the most definitive example of how a player will perform or how good they are, feel free to say as much below if you desire. Just want to help illustrate the other choices for DM we have available in the market right now and I also believe Caicedo is a fantastic player so no need to tell me.

Also Romeo Lavia is not included on the charts above simply because in my opinion he's more suited to the Enzo role with his exceptional passing ability than the DM spot. Also above all I don't see him as starting material for Chelsea just yet regardless of where you would slot him in.

Final note before the explanation of my thoughts below, the last slide is not by any means conclusive and could be wildly wrong for any of the targets, it is just an estimation based on the latest reports around each player, including Sangare and Al Musrati whose release clauses are rumoured to be the amounts listed in the final chart.

Without further adieu, my thoughts, enjoy!

Personally there's two different transfer paths I can see with these players due to their playstyle and pricing

The first pathway is we sign the slightly more expensive than the rest, Palhinha. With this choice we get a proven dm in the prem who's defensively the best you can obtain in any league essentially. However the draw back here for me and as you can see the images above is that Palhinha is fairly useless in possession even compared to the secondary DM selection candidates present above.
The acquisition of Palhinha would be a clear indicator to me that Pochettino is switching the team into a 4-3-3 as this would suit his skill set allowing him to exist in the team as a proper sitting 6 that offers defensive security and rarely ever is called upon for other purposes. The two other midfielders to his left and right would carry the weight of being the proper functioning midfield that move all across the pitch helping on defence and most importantly creating attacking oppetinites.
If recent reports were to be believed you could deploy Enzo and Gabri Veiga (should Chelsea acquire him) to work beside Palhinha with quite a dangerous effect in my opinion, could definitely see it suiting the desires of Pochettino.
For a backup dm in this system you could sign one of the other cheaper memebers of the list to be Palinhas rotation option, likely someone like Alvarez as he's also most used to being a sitting 6 and even can play centre back when called upon. This pathway would likely cost around £100 million by my estimations based on the news reports regarding each players pricing.

The second pathway and the more likely one I could see is we sign a player accustom to playing in the pivot already or one who's more mobile/technical and useful in possession.
The other 3 players fit this bill more closely. Alvarez is probably the best overall but Sangare for an almost certainly lesser fee is a good choice too. Sangare already is the right sided player in a pivot (suits Enzo) is fairly mobile, good at defending, tall, strong with a decent eye for goal for a dm and a more than alright passing capacity. Al Musrati also being pretty much the equal of Sangare but slightly older although even cheaper is also a viable choice.
Then as a rotation option the club could purchase one of the other 2 from the 3 or they could acquire a promising youth DM. The other day I saw the idea of 20 year old Argentinian Federico Rodondo being purchased for a fee that would likely be less than 10 million euros and having him as the rotation option slowly building up to being the starting DM choice beside Enzo. This is my personal favourite idea for how to handle this transfer window and build for the future at the same time.
This pathway is the most cost efficient ranging from £40 million to around £75 million to sign both starting and rotation options at dm (again just estimations could be wrong). This would massively free up the funds to splurge on a striker and or goalkeeper signing if that was in the club and managers interests.

All in all these are just the ravings of a simple fan, feel free to pay no heed to them whatsoever or criticise any point. Peace ✌️
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2023.06.07 19:06 The_King_of_Salem Moose Franchise Observations

I'm about 30 games into a Moose Franchise, and wanted to share my observations about the changes to their roster in the new game. I think they're still a strong team, but they've been buffed and nerfed in some pretty unique ways.
First, the good. Stallion Johnson sneakily might be one of the most improved players in the whole league thanks to his newfound youth (21 years old) and his new trait, Offspeed Hitter. This makes him really easy to use, as you can sit on offspeed stuff with him and time your power swings to get 99's on those pitches. Invest in this guy, he will pay off for you.
Johnson's improvements are a bit of a double-edged sword, as the outfield is even more crowded now. You're going to want to play Hose Tremendo in CF for home games at Stade Royale. With its 430 foot center field, you need Hose's Cannon Arm out there. You absolutely want Heronimus Jackson's bat in the lineup, and Buck Swiner is a really solid defender with one of the few left-handed power bats on the team. Irene Fast is not getting any younger at 38, and may be the odd one out of this talented outfield.
The Moose's new player is SP/RP Swirly Cutstiff. She's no Norm Fenomeno, but she's a B tier pitcher with a unique arsenal that doesn't feature a 4SFB, but includes an Elite Cutter. Swirly is a Choker and will underperform in the clutch. I've been using her as a stopper early in the game if we're down by 3-5 runs. That way, there's no pressure on her and she can shut them down while we try to make a comeback. It's a bit odd that the Moose received a SP/RP when they already have mop-up guy Felix Farmhand, and the two might compete for player development funds as they're both very young.
Rhiannon Cannon has tragically aged to 32 years old, and you will no longer be able to develop her into Pedro Martinez. Enjoy her Elite 4SFB while you can. Luckily, the Moose have a new SP development project in Sancha Silvio, who is now just 21 years old. Like a true Moose pitcher, Sancha has great accuracy, so focus on improving her stuff and maybe try to get her a fifth pitch.
I am pleased to inform you that Rip Dingers remains That Guy. He has stolen the Low Pitch trait from Perry Quaker, and crushes bombs on low curveballs. Quaker, meanwhile, is now Clutch, and Heronimus Jackson has picked up the Outside Pitch trait. These three are the heart and soul of the lineup, but they're all right-handed, so maybe try to complement them with a good lefty bat in free agency if you can.
Speaking of free agents, if you're using the default ones, I heavily recommend picking up Theresa Ketchum for Pedro Nixon. Nixon is a good hitter, but his defense is abominable and teams will run all over his pathetic arm. And if you want to put Roman Rhoads in for his defense, first of all, his defense is not very good, and then there's no room for Nixon's great bat in the lineup as you're probably going to want to play Heronimus Jackson in the DH slot. So upgrading to a badass defensive catcher with a good bat and a great trait (Mind Gamer) has helped me shore up one of the Moose's only weaknesses, controlling the running game.
Lastly, until they patch out this bug, I thought I'd talk about Lionel Martinez, who is actually useful now. He's got the Pinch Perfect trait, which makes him better while pinch hitting, but will remain if you leave him in the game, as long as you don't change his position.
So there you have it. The Moose. Let's go Moose baby love da Moose
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2023.06.07 18:57 Psychological_Lab_52 How would you evolve the next Halo game to revive the series?

I don't know how I'd approach campaign, but I have a vision for what I'd do with multiplayer (and BTB specifically).
BTB like most of Halo has been lacklustre for some time now, and Infinite did little to address this, so here are the ways I'd evolve it:
Increased scale:
this is an easy point to address, because I think everyone was a bit underwhelmed with Infinite's 12v12 player limit. I'd go as high as 24v24 or possibly 32v32, and scale maps up to match this change.
A classic approach to gameplay and content:
forget the focus on the BS progression system and cosmetics angle, the reason why games are games is because of gameplay, so we'll strip things back to reflect that. A solid roster of BTB maps covering as many biome types as possible, and re-imagining classic maps like the 2 base box canyon map perfected by Valhalla, the epic open battles of Sandtrap, the tunnels, ledges, verticality and tension induced by the U-bend shape of Danger Canyon (with better designed spawn areas and extra routes to the bases).
Overhauled vehicle mechanics and physics:
Infinite is way too unforgiving to vehicle users. It seems like 343 designed them around this philosophy that your time in a vehicle should be capped regardless of how good you are, hence why you can be the best warthog driver in the game but small arms fire alone will eat you up most of them time after just 2 laps around the map, the less said about how easy it is to stun vehicles with a shock rifle (the power drain in 3 was much more balanced because you at least had to get up fairly close), or take them out with the easy to use Skewer, the better.
Beef vehicles up, or just design their counters to be more balanced. Tone down the damage inflicted by small arms to encourage the use of counters. Address the physics so the warthog doesn't float around so horribly.
Keep vehicle health but introduce repair pads where smart and skilful drivers can park for a moment to restore their vehicle to full health (thus removing the anxiety and frustration that comes with constantly having to look for a new warthog when you've only been shot up by ARs and BRs. The balance of these vehicle pads is they're placed in zones where you're fairly vulnerable and have to wait for some time to have your vehicle fully restored.
Side objectives/strategic map elements:
Imagine a map centering around the light bridge in the mission Halo from CE. The bridge represents the best way to get heavy vehicles across to the enemy's base, at which point they have an advantage in laying seige on the enemy, but the bridge is interactive and constantly fought over by each team, looking to activate or deactivate it according to the game state.
On top of this kind of map unique mechanic, there are also other recurring side objectives within all maps. Perhaps there is some form of forerunner technology to be harnessed, like points that are controlled to harvest a kind of power, that is used for upgrades. Each individual player can contribute to the team in different ways, and as a collective the team is constantly improving its ability to attack and defend the enemy.
You want to reinforce the base? Construct shield doors, alarm systems, automated turrets etc. Want to upgrade transport for your team? Soup up your team's warthogs by purchasing upgrades for speed, handling, armour, and more. The possibilities for this are endless.
Dynamic maps:
I've eluded to my love for Sandtrap, but one thing I'd love to see in a scaled up remake is a sandstorm effect. Perhaps this could randomly come into play in different areas of the map creating cover for players on foot, or maybe this in itself could be a kind of tech available on the map that the teams fight over to produce cover for their guys on foot.
So you see where I'm going with this.
An example of a classic map re-purposed for this new age BTB:
Infinity. I love the scale and atmosphere of this map, and still believe it has great potential with a higher player count. It's already got great scale, super fun and varied terrain for Warthog flag runs, caves and depressions where players on foot can hide and lurk, great verticality with the bridges and sniper perches, plenty of space for air combat etc.
It's a map that has a bit of everything, but in this new BTB with the ability to upgrade vehicles enchancing them for flag runs, fortifying your home base, or controlling and fortifying outposts nearer the center of the map, disabling/enabling shield doors and teleporters, there is so much crazy Halo style chaos to be had with it. You just need a little imagination.
A focus on team play and recognition of such:
Introduce modifiers when awarding points to players. If I set up some forerunner style defence system in my base or sandtrap style minefield to disrupt a chokepoint, dish me out bonus points even if I'm not directly killing players or scoring flags, if I carry the flag a long distance towards base acknowledge that too, if I'm taking out enemy players in the vicinity of a teammate with their flag recognise that too.
In this version of BTB everyone is contributing in their own way, and even if you're not directly involved with the main objective you can bet you're still doing something fun and meaningful that's contributing to the team's success.
Looking forward to hear what you guys have to think.
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2023.06.07 18:50 sirganjaman Lineup advice?? Graded cards can’t be auctioned. Klay and lance are in for heatwave challenges.

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2023.06.07 18:50 Competitive-Sand9310 XBOX XS Madden 23 REGS

( LETS HAVE A FUN AND LONG LASTING LEAGUE. Show me you have what it takes to come up on top with the team you build. All you have to do is join the link below⬇️. JOIN UP, CLAIM TEAM, JOIN IN MADDEN, and have a successful szn. )
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2023.06.07 18:49 Competitive-Sand9310 XBOX XS Madden 23 REGS

( LETS HAVE A FUN AND LONG LASTING LEAGUE. Show me you have what it takes to come up on top with the team you build. All you have to do is join the link below⬇️. JOIN UP, CLAIM TEAM, JOIN IN MADDEN, and have a successful szn. )
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