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Reserving judgement is a matter of infinite hope

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Subreddit dedicated to both the book and the movie.

2021.01.15 23:49 ScreamingVegetable Muppets Great Gatsby

Thousands of people have already urged Disney to produce a Muppets adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic "The Great Gatsby." Join their voices and show Disney that you want to see this film happen!

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2023.06.03 22:43 Content-Farm-2902 Taking over my dads chameleon

Taking over my dads chameleon
My dad hasn’t been taking care of his chameleon so I have decided that I am taking over and going to get her on a path to health! This is her current set up, if anyone can help me make adjustments that would be great. My dad has a mister and Fogger that are timed. He feeds her crickets and mealworms. I looked in there and noticed a huge bump On her head and something is going on with her eye. I’m taking her to the vet this week but if someone has suggestions of what I can do in the meantime pls let me know and how I can adjust her enclosure! (FYI her care was fully in my dads hands so please do not blame me for her health I literally was in tears feeding her this morning because of how disgusting and sad her situation is right now.)
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2023.06.03 22:43 ZaeZaeDX Separating My Life From My Parents

Hello all, I made a vent post a few days ago and my situation has progressed a bit more and I was hoping maybe someone here may have some useful advice. I will try not to make this another vent post but it seems like after much hurtful and guilt tripping back and forth with my parents they are going to give me what is mine and stop being parents entirely (not the resolution I was hoping to reach but it was the only option available in which the toxicity would stop).
I bought a house and brokerage account in their name using my own money and this will now be in my name (assuming they don't double back on me and try to make things even harder, which isn't out of the question). I have filed a change of address form from their home to the one that I have been living in for 3 years that will soon be in my name and have gotten as many important documents from my parents (which they initially tried to hide from me and lied about having - okay, I apparently will still be venting in this post) and put them into a safety deposit box that I just opened.
There are a lot of things that I will have to do on my own now that they never have nor will they ever prepare me for such as getting car insurance, knowing how to receive and pay the bills for my home, opening a credit card, and all the other adult things which they have used as a fear tactic to keep me under their thumb. Assuming that I end up with my house and brokerage account I will be in a good position on paper but I don't know how to handle all of this on my own. I am worried that I will lose everything (which is a fear they planted in my brain and that wouldn't go away unless I learned how to manage my own life which was impossible while I was on their leash).
I may be paranoid but I don't want to get my freedom just to lose everything. I want to do well both for myself and to spite them (perhaps this is childish but they have said many hurtful things to me and they are rooting for me to fail) and for the time being, I only have myself to rely on. I am 21 and going into my senior year of college and had hoped to continue on to medical school which further complicates things as I'll likely need to take out loans for medical school and figure all of this out with my other responsibilities (but at what point in time will I ever not have other responsibilities to bear?).
Sorry this has turned out to be not as succinct as I had hoped but basically if anyone has any life advice for a child who was never taught how to do these things on his own (or even what things there are to do) so I don't get shot in the foot out of the gate from my own ignorance I would greatly appreciate it! I am assuming with the change of address I will need to get a new driver's license printed with the new address and even get a new car title and registration. I also have no idea about the house bills and am just very overwhelmed at the moment and am feeling a sense of urgency so any and all guidance is welcome.
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2023.06.03 22:43 rebgray Partner seems interested

I’m 36f and in the place in my life where I want to settle down and enjoy stability. I’m partnered with a 40m who when I met him would be described as a “player.” We fell in love and have been together for 6 years. And we want a future together. And a family. There has been some emotional infidelity in the past on his part. He had platonic relationships with women that ended up pushing boundaries and I can imagine it’s all part of his seduction game. And I’m sure women’s intrigue soothe his ego. We joke that since Covid and since he’s been working from home everything’s great “keeping him away from society.” He’s now feeling like he wants to spread his wings he’s saying things like I always wanted to live in Brooklyn maybe I’ll just get an Airbnb there for a month.
He has an addictive personality. Never seems content. Even now when things are the best they’ve ever been he’s still not satisfied. He wants more. He has a history of childhood sex abuse so sex has always been an issue for us. He’s saying he wants to meet other people (he’s using bumble for friends) to talk about that and explore the idea of kinks. He doesn’t want to discuss any of this with me. I’m a very open minded person and I remind him of this often. That I’m adventurous with sex and we can make it fun but he isn’t interested. He doesn’t even want to hear about my sexuality. Something I once was so proud of and enjoyed. He needs to be in control the whole time so I basically lay there, don’t really participate and never initiate.
So I guess I’m asking for advice. I’m not interested in dating other people but if he’s “finding friends” how can I best take care of myself? I’d love to connect and discuss more if y’all are open. This whole topic is making me feel like I need to focus on my own friendships so he has the space to do him
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2023.06.03 22:43 Mathanomics [US, US] [H] 1st Ed. Dark Typhlosion, Sealed Promos, Vintage (WotC), Modern, Slabs, PayPal [W] Specific Charizards, Trade Binders, Paypal

Hey everyone. I have even less stuff up for trade now and this may be my last post on this subreddit.
\**MAINLY looking for trades. But will consider Paypal G&S for some things.*
The vintage and slabs I did my best to price based off last sold items on eBay.
\**All prices are negotiable of course. I'm flexible, just let me know or point out changes in prices and I'll do my best to work out something with you.* ====================================================================================Timestamp + Trade Collection w/ Prices (anything $100+) This link also has some of my Charizards from my PC. I have everything Zard related listed as NFS/NFT. If you have something from higher wants let me know and we can discuss it in the comments: (If you purchase everything from the 4th picture, I will sell everything at 35% off TCG's current prices.)
This link will contain high quality closeups of the front and back of all ungraded cards worth $10 or more:
This link will contain high quality closeups of the front and back of all graded cards:
====================================================================================Wants: Higher to Lower Priority (graded or raw)
--Legendary Collection Reverse Holo Charizard *Any Condition
--Shadowless Charizard *1st Edition or not, Any Condition/Any Language
--WotC Holo Charizards *Any Condition/Any Language
--High End Cards/Binders/Trades
I am open to look at trade binders, ect. I may consider it if I find it interesting. Thanks for looking and have a great day.
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2023.06.03 22:43 Sad_Lychee7387 I thought I knew where I got my shoes…

It was about ten years ago, I had just moved to NOLA and was walking down Bourbon to work when some guy says he bet he knows where I got my shoes. Being an early 20s smug asshole, I thought “this guy is an idiot how could he know where I got my shoes”. Well, about 1 minute later I’m out $20.
I’ve spent the last ten years laughing at people who fell for this and acting like I would never fall for it. But most importantly, my shoes looked great after the shine.
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2023.06.03 22:42 MagicLibertyCap Finally after a long time some quality appeared

Finally after a long time some quality appeared
Super smooth, doesnt clog nose and small dose bomb hits great, i am really satisfied and the euphoria is great
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2023.06.03 22:42 theIrrationalWoman I would like to sell my unacademy account subscription

Im a dropper student and was preparing for neet through unacademy and i could really find great educators online(I'll suggest if you need ) but as of now my exam had gotten over so i don't need it any more but my subscription is till August end and I'm just paying but not using so if any of your siblings or friends any student who is dropper or is in class 11 or 12 can contact me to purchase it from me and later you can extend the subscription if needed.
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2023.06.03 22:42 anordain66 13 year comeback.

13 year comeback.
Reconnected my Quad 66/606. It’s been in the cupboard for over 13 years. Speaker set up is temporary. Still sounds great.
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2023.06.03 22:42 MyMeow91 I'm so broken

Hello redditors,
It's my first post on reddit because I don't who to talk to me and my SO of 11 years broke up today... Well, he brokes up.
I don't know what to do at the moment...
No one have done something terrible, but it's been years of shit building up and now it's too much... During the night, he decides that he didn't want me anymore and now he is gone to his family to talk. He abandons me, letting me feeling like a shit with my foster kid. I love them, but I don't have any strenght at the moment. I just want to cry in my room alone and I can't because he is gone to his parents and I can't leave them alone...
I love him, our relationship was a lot of compromise and hard word, but it was nice in a lot of other way. We just got our house and now... I got nothing. Just a pile of shit emotions and a beer.
My family is not close too me, we got the same friends and hia family was a second family. My MIL was really great to me...
I feel so alone with anyone to talk... That's why I'm here now talking about my private shit to some stranger on reddit.
Sorry fo my english, it's not my first language...
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2023.06.03 22:42 triplec76 The Memorial

I would like to see Muirfield Village added for next year's tournament (or sooner, obviously). I feel like Jack would be on board with that, he's been a part of a few golf games in the past.
It's such a great course, I grew up going to the tournament every year and playing it from inside the ropes is such a cool perspective.
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2023.06.03 22:42 speed9911 Lightweight hiking pants

I have been using the Patagonia Terrabone joggers for 2 years. They have been great because they are so lightweight and comfortable. However, the colour is very faded now and ive put some massive holes in them. Would the gamma lightweight be a good replacement? I also have the Gamma LT pants but they are a bit warm for the summer.
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2023.06.03 22:42 Strugglingcoder4 Since we are diving into Indo-carribean ancestry and culture recently ,this is a traditional folk song I wanted to present, If anyone can translate it that will be greatly appreciated as we lost the language of our forefathers.(sry I’m this hasn’t to do with DNA)

Since we are diving into Indo-carribean ancestry and culture recently ,this is a traditional folk song I wanted to present, If anyone can translate it that will be greatly appreciated as we lost the language of our forefathers.(sry I’m this hasn’t to do with DNA) submitted by Strugglingcoder4 to BhojpuriMusic [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:41 ELASen Quick Recommendation: Gamegenic Token Silo

Quick Recommendation: Gamegenic Token Silo
Holds every token and the dice from the core box perfectly. Great $15 purchase.
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2023.06.03 22:41 viiisabella Yesterday I let another family member go that was affecting my mental health. I don’t have much more family left, and the number continues to decrease.

When I was young, my family was extended greatly and often spent time with one another for parties, get togethers, events, and more. I remember feeling loved, feeling safe. As time went on, it seemed as though new drama and altercations would occur more often than not, and I witnessed countless arguments and toxicity within my family that affected my perspective on the adults I once looked up to and trusted. It was ugly. Violent, sometimes.
At thirteen, my uncle chose his wife over us. He left with no warning, and never told me why. I looked up to him, and never understood what had happened. I blamed myself for him not wanting to speak to me anymore. At seventeen, I removed myself from my mother. She had cost me my sense of self-worth, and left me with awful anxiety and fear of growing up and moving away. But, I did.
So much has happened. From as long as I can remember to around the beginning of high school, I considered myself to have a large, loving family. Yet at my high school graduation celebration, a total of ten people showed up. At my nineteenth birthday two weeks ago, 6 came with half consisting of my girlfriend and her parents.
And this week, I let my other uncle go. He blames me for destroying our family the day I left my mother, and told me so himself. I now have my grandmother and my girlfriend left. It hurts. I miss having a family.
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2023.06.03 22:41 adanvc Badger Patriot 105 or Iwata Eclipse HP-CS for illustration work.

After a year of using a cheap Chinese no-brand airbrush, I'm ready to do the upgrade to a real airbrush. So I'm looking for one to do moderate to fine detail on my illustrations, highlights and glow effects in particular, and a bit of skin shading. I will also use it to paint gradient backgrounds so it also needs to be able to do quick coverage spraying. So after a week of researching, my options had come to these two airbrushes, the Patriot 105 and the Iwata Eclipse which are mostly known for being great all-rounder brushes.
The Patriot 105 is currently the one I'm leaning more. Mainly because it's currently on sale on Amazon here in my country at $80 USD. Though I've read that I will need an adapter fitting to connect the hose I currently have to their propietary fitting. That adapter is currently $11 USD on Amazon. It seems this airbrush would be more than enough for what I currently do and without breaking the bank.
The Iwata Eclipse is currently $175 USD with hose included (Iwata branded, which is nice) and it seems I'm not gonna need to buy extra adapters for this one, but it's much more expensive than the Patriot option.
I don't mind if I end up spending more to get the Eclipse, though I'm not sure if I really need to spend that much for what I'm gonna be using it because 90% of my artwork is done with traditional brushes and the rest is done with airbrush. So yeah, hoping to get some insight on this dilemma! Thank you so much!
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2023.06.03 22:41 interesting_duck5757 Continue Studying until 6/3 scores come back?

Took MCAT today, not feeling great. I was hoping for 515+ but I am not sure if that's possible anymore.
My highest FL was 514 and if I superscore my FLs it's 518. Do people recommend continuing to study in case I don't get the score I need?
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2023.06.03 22:41 Vast_Bread_ 🏴‍☠️ PirateShip aka Pirate8 🏴‍☠️ P4S USA Jellyfin Only $14.99 10 Gbps English 99k+ Movies (3K added every month) 22k TV 4k+ Anime Blazing Fast to USA 🌭, Australia 🦘 and UK 👑 7-day trials at 99 cents!

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2023.06.03 22:41 ASK_ME_AB0UT_L00M Looking for advice for upgrading the cooling on a USFF HP ProDesk 600

I recently got a USFF HP ProDesk 600 to run as the compute head for a Plex server. So far it has been great: the quicksync igpu has done an awesome job handling transcodes and I'm very happy.
The problem is that this little thing runs hot. The CPU will hit 80c at peak utilization and ~65c running several transcodes, and the heat has me worried! Before going off and half-assing a cooling solution, I wanted to see if /sffpc had some suggestions.
The CPU has active cooling and it pulls air from the front and pushes it out the back of the case (interior view) but between the CPU, nvme, and the density of the case, the whole thing runs really hot overall.
I'm not opposed to doing some case surgery (I was thinking of cutting most of the roof off of the thing and sticking a 140mm fan on there) but again, I figured somebody had to have worked on stuff like this before.
Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!
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2023.06.03 22:41 Geniuskills Hey, I'm Daywalka, I've been djing for 15+ years but only recently started sharing.

Im a house party kind of guy so there isn't much right now, but expect more.
At the moment there's a 10ish year old mix and an impromptu recording from a Friday or two ago when a friend (DJ Stop.) invited me to play on his radio show, Quadrafunk on 95.9 in Winnipeg.
Just sharing my love of music, have a great weekend everyone ✌🏻
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2023.06.03 22:41 rfamico Yeah Succession’s good, but Mad Men is still the last truly great show to air

Succession’s not even Jesse Armstrong’s best work; that would be Peep Show
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2023.06.03 22:41 hes1916x OG bagholder ($220/sh)

Warning: This is going to be a very long, rambling post from a long term bagholder.
TLDR: I'm down, mommy it hurts.
I'm a bagholder from the summer of 2021. I absolutely was influenced and inspired my entire investment career by the great Mr. Munger. And when he bought in at $242, I took a good, hard look at Alibaba. I saw a company dominating Chinese e-commerce with huge potential for cloud. And I saw a company that was in amazing financial health with amazing free cash flow prospects.
So I bought in at $220 (some at $225, some at $218), sometime in the summer of 2021.
And then it dropped. And it dropped. And it dropped.
I was sitting on huge realized gains from early 2021 (who wasn't?). So I chose to harvest some losses and, thankfully Alibaba kept dropping.
I dollar cost averaged into a position for an average cost basis of $200/sh.
It has been an interesting two years, with the stock crashing to $58, recovering to $125 (a few months ago), before crashing back to $84 (now).
The one thing that's happened over the last 24 months is that: (1) the company's e-commerce growth has stalled; (2) cloud growth has stalled; and (3) profitability and free cash flow generative ability remain robust with $25B in FCF in 2022 and $15B in 2021 for an average annual FCF of $20B.
So here I'm sitting on *huge* unrealized losses from my average cost basis of $200. I'm down 55-60% on my investment. And the thing has $58B in net cash, $20B+ of FCF generative ability for the foreseeable future (even with competitive threats from PDD, JD, others, political risks such as CCP, US/China relns).
So I ask myself, what should I do? I'm not able to sell this thing for more than $84 right now (duh). That's a market cap of $220B. A cash box with $58B that spits out $20B/year.... what's that worth? $58B + ($20B x 8)? That's $220B (present market cap). 8 seems like a comically low multiple for such a dominant company with at least some potential for growth in cloud/logistics/int'l commerce/local services. 8 is appropriate for a utility company with no growth prospects. But I suppose that's the CCP risk and the US/China risk we're pricing in here. I suppose that level of risk was *much* lower in summer 2021 than it is today.
Everybody knows that $20-25B FCF figure is dampened by the loss-making non-e-commerce businesses. Everybody knows that over time, those non-ecommerce divisions will flip into FCF generative.
It's been a wild two years. What's another two?
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2023.06.03 22:41 mochalady21 Lv110 OSRS Account. Hoping to sell today or tonight!🙏🏻

Selling a lv 110, will provide pictures and any otjer details you’d want in DMs. Im the OG owner and can provide creation details upon purchase. 2 99’s, Augury unlocked, firecape, torso, and dragon defender. Around 130 quest points. Its an old account, so you just login with the username instead of the email address. Will consider all offers, need to make some quick cash for something that came up. Please DM if youre interested, it’s greatly appreciated!!!
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