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2023.03.25 02:38 AndImAGreenPig My personal opinion on the show

Before you go bat crazy, I have nothing against the show, so if you're going to get mad over this, I advise you stop reading.
Don't get me wrong, I love this show and I'm proud of how far it's come. But recently, It feels like it's lost it's spark.
Let's start off with reasons
My first reason is the community. The show itself is beautiful but with good shows come entitled Karen's & kyles, and your occasional creeps. The overall drama just turned the show and it's reputation from a ripe apple to a rotting fruit, with bugs eating at it, on the verge of falling off it's stem.
Second of all, speaking from experience, people cram the show into everything.
I can't search up stuff I like without seeing Bluey. FNF? Bluey. Puss in Boots? Bluey. Anything? Bluey. I get it, crossovers are cool, and I wholeheartedly agree but does it need to be smashed into everything..ya know? It's okay to have two shows co exist.
My next reason, the trends. Constant raids of.. "art", FNF Mods, and low effort cash grab content to make money as quick as possible. It's a living headache waiting to happen.
Now, for my final reason, the show itself seems to be hanging by a thread, the creators have been working hard, and we can expect season3 pretty soon, but with what's been happening with the fandom, will it still have it's same wholesome vibe?
I hope the best for the future of this show, and i really love the concept of it. It's meant to be relatable, wholesome and funny, let's not force it to become Peppa Pig x The South Park or MLP Fandom.
But overall, this show has gone big and it's pretty heartwarming to see.
With that out of the way, what most are you guys excited for in the future of Bluey? 🤔
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2023.03.25 02:38 wigglenaut gatech warning

i am a freshman at georgia tech.
if you're considering coming here, please for the love of god talk to a current student. the tour guides will bs you. there are required to be biased.
the workload and culture here is ungodly. everyone is industry-minded and your mental health comes last after trying to get internships. yes, as a freshman. and the support is not there.
also, there's asbestos and mold everywhere. oh, and if you like breathing/hot water, don't choose smith or cloudman as a dorm. you will deeply regret it.
also! if you are lucky enough to get glenn (as I was), the rooms are tiny.
and campus is huge. like, 25 minutes walking from one side to the other. and it's not accessible. i broke a bone and there was basically no help. and many prof's are not understanding.
i think that sums it up. if you're going for the prestige, sure, come here. but your mental health will suffer greatly. and you will probably end up a corporate drone. every day i contemplate running off to the forest to become an old witch and never see a white man in khakis and a blue button-down shirt at a career fair explaining the benefits of an internship with lockheed martin (blowing people up efficiently since 1912!).
thanks for reading sorry i really hate it here and my antidepressants have stopped working
(oh also we have had multiple suicides this year. pretty common. it's become a joke, because yes, it is that bad.)
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2023.03.25 02:38 Traxxas_Fanboy Question about Infraction.

So to keep it short and sweet I’ve been looking into getting another rc car, and my first consideration is the Infraction. My local hobby shop is selling it for $100 off, so I will also be picking up the NASCAR cup series mustang body also. Im planning on picking it up tomorrow. Is there anything that I should know? Also is the hype legit? I bought a Kraton 6s a couple years back thinking it was overhyped but still worth it because people only had good things to say about it, but from my experience the hype is well deserved, so I have high expectations for this too.
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2023.03.25 02:37 trashycheeto a questionable parent-advice please

there is a child in my daycare whose parent is starting to have me considering reporting them. the child, (3) is in my class. Since i started a year ago, 3YO has been bringing a lunch that is in no way suitable for a child. (our daycare does not provide lunch and snacks and we remind parents of that in our monthly newsletter.) His lunches consist of microwave dinners, (think hungry man tv dinners) corndogs, and premade sandwiches from the 7/11. For snacks he usually has lots of chocolates and candies, maybe a granola bar and an applesauce. everything is prepackaged and he never has fruit, dairy, or vegetables. (this 3YO is known to love fruit, oftentimes me and the other teacher bring him fruit from home because we know he loves it and he never has it in his lunch.) Now obviously i dont know how they eat at home but based on lunches, this child hasnt been receiving proper nutrition. Another issue i have is that the mother has recently (about 4 months ago) started a new job that is an hour away from home, which means that the pick-ups and drop-offs are done by everyone else (grandparents, babysitters, friends, etc.) and it is clearly taking a toll on the 3YO. the odd time the mother actually does drop-off the child throws fits, kicking and screaming, and hurting himself and whoever is in the vicinity. (just today, his fit resulted in him poking another parent in the eye with his finger, the mother then threw down his bag and left abruptly without apologizing.) The mother and myself have spoken before about how this new job requires her to work long hours and saturdays, which means care before and after we have him falls on his grandparents and her friends. this child used to be a happy and sweet kid but since his mother has been at this new place he has been a sad, quiet, and sometimes physical child. 3YO usually comes to school wearing pajamas, or the same clothes for upwards of 3 days in a row, and he normally smells unbathed, and a lot of the time he will come without underwear or socks. He will rarely have outside gear, (snowpants, boots, mittens, hats) which means we have to keep spares around specifically for this child so he doesnt feel left out of going outside with his friends. Of course, i dont know his home situation. i realize everyone's parenting style is different and im sure this mother loves her child. I dont know what could be going on in her personal life so i shouldnt be judging. It just makes me slightly uncomfortable knowing all of this and not doing anything. No child deserves to be lacking and i want him to have a great childhood. any advice is appreciated, let me know if im overreacting.
TD/LR: i believe a child is being neglected, how should i proceed?
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2023.03.25 02:37 offensivegate 28 M Looking for someone to have daily chats with someone, bond and even game together. bonus if you're military or work out.

I'm looking to build a meaningful platonic friendship with someone. I'm particularly interested in bonding with other guys, as I haven't had a close friendship with a male before and I'm eager to change that.
I'm a supportive person who enjoys connecting with others on a daily basis, sharing our daily struggles and uplifting each other. If you're looking for someone to share your progress pics with, count me in!
I have a few interests that I'd love to share with my potential friend, including gaming, socializing, horror movies, Star Wars, and Marvel. I'm a big fan of RPGs, but I'm also open to playing Overwatch 2 or COD MW2 together. If you're up for it, we can also have voice chats over Discord or chat on there too.
I'm looking for someone who's 20 or older, and it would be great if you're in the military or a fitness enthusiast. If you're interested in getting to know me, please tell me a little about yourself when you message me, including your age and interests. And, to avoid getting ignored, please make sure your message has some effort and substance - just saying "hey" won't cut it!
I'm excited to start building a meaningful friendship with someone, so if you're up for it, send me a message and let's get chatting!
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2023.03.25 02:37 extracrispybubs 30 [M4F] Midwest/Online/Anywhere - This Must Be the Place

You can listen to this post, and listen to my voice, here!
It's been a particularly tough couple of years to be a teacher, but now that we're past spring break, I've been able to catch my breath a bit. Lately I’ve been catching up on reading, workouts, and those recipes I’d bookmarked who-knows-when ago, but I’d like to start catching up on my social and dating life too, and I'm looking for people who want the same.
About Me:
About You:
About Us:
Looking forward to talking with you soon!
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2023.03.25 02:37 NeedFibre Do I have to keep increasing my dosage the longer I’m on spiro?

I recently increased my dose from 25 mg daily to 50 mg daily. I was wondering if my body will eventually get used to the 50 mg and produce more androgenic hormones to make up for it, leading me to keep on continuing to increase my dosage. Sorry if I’m spewing complete nonsense, this is just a scenario that I’ve been wondering about.
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2023.03.25 02:37 ThroGM Would you mind helping me understand zapier/automation tools ?

Hello Reddit.
I am kinda struggling to understand where they actually fit in. As far as I understand, they handle they background stuff( sending emails, sms, and they even contact the databases)
OK, but when and why should I use them instead of coding ? How limited are they ? Would you mind sharing some work examples?
I am deeply interested in learning n8n since it is a self hosted solution.
Thank you in advance
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2023.03.25 02:37 PainGroundbreaking88 Really HEATHER SANDERS, you really chose the phrase I ran 🏃‍♀️ thru the city🌆?? Better you could t-trell wanted to kids with a GROUPIE as bad as SMACC wanted kids wit a 304. They wanna be "high powered so bad". What is high powered?

I don't know I fuck with t-rell I see my boy tryna change heather narrative, and I get it my boy. But she 2 🧂 towards smacc she said u had a house smacc like damn bitch every time. You working wit kanye...never you must be smoking... Like shot after shot. If yall don't stop judging and pushing this stoopid ass high power narrative.tryna always keep up with the fuckn Kardashian head asses, yall gon loose yall core. Shit gets unrelatable and real bouji. Tighten up simp groove 🍊
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2023.03.25 02:37 Psychedelix117 Driving home from work and this car reminded me of something…

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2023.03.25 02:37 tonyrobots Just updated to Beta (0.03.05) and stash is gone

Hi all, I just updated to the v.0.03.05 public beta and my stash is gone. Nothing in there, and only the first two tabs are unlocked, though previously I'd had 8 unlocked IIRC. I tried moving save files from the "legacy" directory per the instructions here on the steam forum, but it didn't work.
It's not a huge deal, and this is the nature of early access beta version stuff, but still hoping there's someway to restore my sweet little stockpile. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.25 02:37 Lonelymommahere2love Lonely Bedroom

Hello. I apologize for the length of this but if your able to offer any advice, I would be so grateful. My husband and I have been together since I was 16 and he was 20. We are now 32 and 36. Over the course of our 17 year relationship we have over my unfaithfulness (at 18 years old), our sons health diagnosis (open heart surgery and a make a wish trip as we were not sure what the outcome would be) to finally coming out to the other side. Also in these years, I have come to find he has narcissistic tendencies however I find these are more related to the fact that he is an addict than a narcissist. We went through 2 years of heavy alcoholism that I finally had to take the kids and leave when on Christmas Day he was passed out drunk. I left for 3 weeks and gave him a ultimatum and he chose us. I didn’t really realize he was a true addict until I noticed he was stealing pain pills from me after my surgery, and then he would over take certain medications- this all of course has been over the last 17 years in spurts. I have had multiple conversations with him about him being an addict and the patterns I have now began to recognize when he is getting into bad habits… he starts to leave work early, chooses not to come to things with the kids and I… I hope your keeping up with my spastic post….
Recently he has started drinking again.. his defense is it’s just beer so it doesn’t matter… but over the last few weeks… he drinks every night until he is drunk. I again had the same conversation- and he stopped drinking. But then my 14 year old son came to me and said that his dad had told him all I do is nag and bitch at him. I can’t really explain to my 14 year old why that is…
Anyway- I believe because of his addictions this has affected his libido. I look better than I ever have, recently lost 40 lbs doing everything I can to gain his attention and affection and it’s not there. He especially has no interest in the bedroom. He blames his medication (doc put him on anxiety meds after our sons diagnosis) great thing to give an addict but his doctor didn’t know he was an addict and truthfully at the time neither did I and he really did need them…
But so did I… I needed him. Then. And Now. I need love and affection. I went through our sons battle with anxiety and worry alone and without medication to help.
I just am so alone. I have talked to him 100x and he acts like he hears me but it never changes anything.
I love him, he is the father of my children. But I am broken being this lonely.
I continuously wonder could someone else make me happy, laugh, smile, cuddle, conversation and show me attention just a little…. That’s all I ask.
Anyway- I don’t know really what I’m asking for. I’m just venting I guess. But if anyone has a suggestion- I’m all ears.
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2023.03.25 02:37 Vast-Bee How to handle setting expectations with teachers?

I’ve seen posts where people in NALCAP say they ended up teaching the class/making all the lesson plans basically on their own and the teacher didn’t really help. Honestly, that seems ridiculous to me since you are only paid for the hours you’re teaching and are supposed to be an assistant.
I’m fine with putting extra time in and planning lessons, I’m not trying to avoid work, but making every lesson plan just seems like too much to expect from someone who’s only paid for active teaching time.
Have any of you set boundaries with a teacher on how much work you’ll do for free outside of your paid hours? How did you handle it/approach it?
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2023.03.25 02:37 TacoPandaBell Incompetent Registrar

I’m so tired of pretending that my registrar does a good job. She’s terrible. She can’t balance classes at all (I have two classes of the same subject and one is literally double the size of the other) and despite having a “red list” of kids who shouldn’t be placed together in classes, she puts them ALL together in the same class. We have an “escort list” of all the kids in the school who cannot be unsupervised at any time and more than half of them are in my 3rd period. When pressed to shift kids around she gives the excuse “this was the only way it would work” and does nothing. Last term I had back to back classes of the same subject where one had just 6 kids and the other had 24 when she could’ve balanced them out to 15/15.
Numerous kids also start terms without a fully created schedule. We don’t get our rosters until the morning the term starts because she literally waits until the night before to set them up. This term there are numerous kids who don’t even have a history class because she couldn’t figure out how to set up the schedule 🤦🏼‍♂️
Sorry, just needed to rant. I’m just tired of pretending that she’s not completely useless.
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2023.03.25 02:37 FieryPhoenix10 I need help, jobs are hard to keep

I am 19, I haven't had official diagnosed with autism but it is being under investigation by doctors.
I am struggling to find a job or even get interviews and my last employment ended because they wasn't accommodation enough and they was frustrated that I applied without letting them know I have a disability (I do suffer with chronic pain and other issues) I only put I prefer not to say on the form, they could of asked, which they didn't and I tried my best like it was my first corporate job
it was up hill battle to get accommodation because it was mainly WFH but they require us to go in for 2 days which was amazing at first but then they wanted specific days which is hard for me as I don't drive and the office is up a small hill which left me in pain so I needed at least rest day between each days but no they couldn't allow it.
Another issue, I had a manager which I have mention I have austim and he said he understands and has worked with people with autism (which I was thankful for at first) but he was frustrated at me not talking to eveyone on the team and if I do, I don't talk about work because he wanted me to ask him questions which I didn't understand at first because he gave me a mentor which I assumed he can help me out but it felt like the mentor was just the one who made the workplace uncomfortable and difficult for myself because when my mentor was talking to others around himself I don't want to oppose myself into the conversation so I wait until I have the opportunity to speak (he mentioned that to my manager and I said I didn't want to be rude)
Another problem we do have required 10 mins breaks, I don't normally leave my desk, I just normally dissociate because it was mentally draining and I have been told by my manager that I don't do my work and i tried to explain that but in more suitable way, I just got question more of why I am here, why did I apply for this job.
This job has left having panic attacks and crying in meetings with the manger because I just want to do my job right and I have issues with authority figures in my past so I am more sensitive and I just wanted to prove to him I am doing the work as he told me I have one of the highest work progress.
I lost the job because I wasn't be able to form to the normal or speak to my team and that manger stopped the assessment for the support I needed, because I have dyslexia and it was computer based role and they wanted to give me support with it so I am able to be perform to normal standard.
I am still applying for jobs but I no longer put I prefer not say to the disability question. I feel like I am trying to have a job but I am being forced into unemployed with my disabilities and it is getting hard to accept or to have hope to get a job, it is hard because I get rejections or even ghosted from companies
Do you have any advice?
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2023.03.25 02:37 TheAllMightyGolfCart So there is this girl I like

So, I at my job, witch I will be leaving soon in april to join the army, there is this girl. And since day one that I see her, I have this feeling. The feeling I havent felt in quite a while. I think I like her. And it seems childish to ask but.. what now?
I know I'm 18, but my last girlfriend was when I was like 15 or so. Ive been single for such a while, that I dont know how to do flirting and dont sound corny and stuff. Also, when I was 15, It was a LEAT* relation more or less. So only text and phone calls. Have seen her a couple of times but thats when we where already farmiliar with eachother.
So I dont know how to handle this. I mean, today I went to my job and handed papers to end my contract by april, and she saw me. She asked if I had to work, to witch I said no, I quit. And she just looked so sad, and gave me a hug before moving on to work. I can talk with her pretty easy and stuff, make jokes, she said she likes guys who know multiple languages, witch I do. She always tries to tease me with that. Also she always sticks stickers from a sticker machine on me for some reason to tease me.
Idk she just seems to be flirting with me and ever since i cant stop but to think about her. Its a feeling, once again that I havent felt for a long time. Anyone any tips? On what to say or do? Note: I dont have her socials or phnenumber. My mission for tomorow is to ask her that first. But what to do after that?
*Living Extreamly Apart Together (made up term)
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2023.03.25 02:37 Kris9195 Relocating Soon - What can you tell me about this area in New Orleans?
My wife and I will be moving to New Orleans coming up soon for a few years for work, and are considering a place within the circled area from the link above. What opinions/comments can yall tell me about this specific spot? I’ve done exhaustive research through reading a million posts on here, reading articles online, looking around in street view, & watching all sorts of videos on Youtube, but wanted to ask here too. Our biggest priority is safety (I know its all relative), especially since she’ll be leaving early in mornings and sometimes arriving home late at night (the place we’re considering only has street parking).
We’ve only been to New Orleans once, which was just for a weekend recently - and we wont be able to go back before moving, which makes finding a place to live from another state somewhat complicated (I constantly check just about every app in existence for rental listings, and we reached out to a realtor who is helping us). But we both really liked the general area around Magazine Street where the Whole Foods is. Being within walking distance to shops/restaurants would be nice, but not a must (although this area is still within walking distance to places on Magazine). Thoughts?
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2023.03.25 02:37 stetsdogg I Built A Crowd Sourced Verizon 5G Coverage Map with 1.2+ Million Speed Tests!

Hey verizon!
I built a community-contributed map of the cellular networks!
It’s called
We’ve got over 1.2 million speed tests mapped so far, and the map offers super helpful filters & tools for comparing cellular coverage.
My favorite part is this map shows where Verizon has mmWave and C-Band deployed, so you know exactly where you can test those crazy-fast speeds :)
Check out the map here
Watch the Announcement Video on YouTube
Here are some cool things we offer:
Map Coloring

How Does Work?

We work by having people run speed tests on popular speed testing apps (SpeedSmart, Ookla, and nPerf) and then uploading CSV files of their results.
Our map processes speed tests in real-time, so any tests you contribute become instantly viewable on the map when you upload them.
If you upload 100 speed tests or more, we give you 1 month of CoverageMap Pro with Ads for free as a thank you. This includes all filters, views, and color options.

How Can I Contribute?

The #1 easiest way to contribute is to use a free speed testing app called SpeedSmart. Download SpeedSmart, turn off Wi-Fi (so you’re on cellular), and run one speed test.
Thanks to our partnership with SpeedSmart, your test will automatically appear on the map in due time.
You can also contribute to the map by uploading the speed tests you’ve taken as a CSV file.
Here’s our guide on how to get CSV files and upload them to the map.

How Do You Make Money?

We currently earn money by having ad placements on the map and through our CoverageMap Pro subscription.
If you have a question or feedback, please let me know. Genuinely trying to make the best coverage comparison tool available.
P.S. - We’re looking for an iOS and Android app developer to help make an amazing app. If you’re interested, email Trevor at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.03.25 02:37 BoKGwai [WTS] Optics: Aimpoint, Vortex, Eotech and more

Hi guys
For sale today I have:
Aimpoint T2 w/ 1.93 Scalarworks mount - Some wear on the body, but glass is pristine - $700
Eotech G33 w/ STS mount (comes with box) - Catch and release, basically new -$400
Vortex PST 1-6 Gen 2 w/ Larue SPR non QD 1.93 mount - The optic is 9/10, the mount is salty af - $500, or $450 for the optic alone (will not sell mount with out optic)
Also for sale:
fde G$ 10.5 mk8 - $160 - previously black, but cerakoted to FDE
KAC urx 3.1 barrel nut wrench - $100 (available for rent for $20)
Prices have shipping included
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2023.03.25 02:37 BruhMoment637 Empire of Rice Lake

Hello everyone! I am the Emperor of the Empire of West Grape Island, William I. I founded this micronation in August of 2022 and have been working on it since then. If anybody is interested in joining the discord whether to apply for citizenship, create foreign relations or just be a visitor, feel free to drop in!
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2023.03.25 02:36 SpaceBagel8 Work Accomodations for being unable to drive?

Hi! I'm new here so hope this is okay to post here.
I have a full time job that I love and pays well enough, considering I am very limited when it comes to transportation. I go to work at an office, and it's not far of a bike ride, and my coworkers are kind enough to give me rides too. Everything's great until I have to work at another location. Where I live there is shit public transportation and this week I have to uber there and back, which costs a lot. I'm going to losing more than I'm making that day.
Others have told me it's a bit unfair and that I should talk to HR or something and explain and see what can be done. I don't know how I feel, having had bad experiences with my seizures and other jobs being understanding in the past.
I thought about going to my doctor and seeing if they could write a letter or something about work accomidations and needing to be scheduled at my home location because my transportation issues are due to my seizures. I can't find anything about that specifically so I don't know if that's something I can do, or should do? I'm already in a rough spot financially and this makes it harder. It's not like I can pick up and find another job like this that's reasonably close, or pays as well. Any advice, or anyone else dealing with something similar?
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2023.03.25 02:36 ZombieIsTired Why not increase input data for AI's? What would happen?

This was released earlier today, and my first thought while reading it was: "wow the growth of AI really does feel exponential," but then I started to think about the implications of what GPT4 can do and where we can go with it.
At the moment, it still struggles with some tasks here and there, but for the most part the model is extremely impressive, but what caught my eye is in section 5.1: Interaction with the world - Tool Use. Previously, and currently, to train models we just give them a huge amount of data and they learn it, but from my understanding we couldn't just add a little bit more information, we would need to retrain a new model to get a different neural net.
From section 5 though, it seems like it's able to learn more after this training. It looks like it's able to utilize tools to correct something from its past knowledge, or to make a new connection in general, I think this is probably a reason why the paper is titled as such, because this seems like something an AGI would be able to do.
The paper also goes into detail with some of the things the model still fails at, but for the most part it seems like it just lacks context. It knows a lot about our world, but it can't actually be in it, or at least know what the world is outside of an abstract "understanding" of correlations and connections. So stemming from that, is the crux of my question.
What would happen if we created some functions for gpt4 to use that would drastically increase the input data by mimicking human data inputs, or rephrased, what would happen if we were to feed it a real-time stream of audio, video, and maybe things like temperature, or information about its environment? Do you think it could learn about its surroundings in the same way, and would this stream of information be useful to it? What if we allowed GPT4 to make function calls to a robot with all of these inputs, would it move around autonomously to learn about it's environment if we gave it the goal of "learning"?
I guess in a way we built these neural nets that more or less are starting to mimic the way that humans can learn (at least in an abstract sense, obviously we don't run on 1's and 0's, but we learn in a similar process). My thought process though is it seems like one key difference between human learning and AI learning is the amount of and flow of input data.
Humans receive an enormous amount of information every second that our brains store and process, whereas AI's do not. It seems that GPT4 could have the capability to do more than learn off of a single source though, and continue to learn, so what would happen if we just fed it a continuous stream of input data similar to humans? Are there any massive coding barriers that prevent this? Does this have an issue with the amount of memory used, or is it easy enough to filter data, or could it learn to adapt to the amount of new input data? I don't know much about how this all works internally, and our computational limitations attached to GPT4, but it seems sorta feasible right?
I'm hoping someone with more information about GPT4, or AI in general could answer this, but what do you think would happen if we just allowed GPT4 to do this?
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