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[NeedAdvice] I have no motivation for school work, i procrastinate and refuse to do things.

2023.06.06 17:48 No_Advance941 [NeedAdvice] I have no motivation for school work, i procrastinate and refuse to do things.

i have a whole project, 3 strands remaining, involves making a product, due tomorrow. I procrastinated and only did the first strand, getting 100 then told my teacher my file wouldnr open during internal deadlines for other strands, and dragging it out. the report card is due in 3 days, and my teacher still thinks i was having file issues. what can i do i cant fail, my parents would get mad i need to get the project to them by tomorrow i am stressed. I plan to rush it tomorrow during school, and pretend have made a product.
how can i move forward from this? how can i stop doing this? its not that i dont know how to do my work, its that i just refuse to do it and procrastinate. This isnt the only subject i did this with, another subject too, but i was lucky the teacher let me off.
please help me straighten myself out
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2023.06.06 17:45 Noirloc [Saleen Tesla Gtx]

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2023.06.06 17:43 korilove491 I wish I could roll back time

I got scared so I ran, I got scared because you weren’t just acting that way through the phone; you were kind gentle, patient, loving, caring and everything else in person, face to face. You weren’t just all talk. You cared and I felt it but have never felt it before, so I ran. I self sabotaged, I’m sorry I ruined us. Your seamless transition the one that I was present for begging you to talk to me to open up to me to try and work things out. I wasn’t perfect I take my fair share for driving you away. But I did love you, I do love you. I begged for your time as well it was much later than I should’ve I kept up with your schedule I fought for you. I fought to keep you I faced anxieties I was doing good and making way to be suitable for you. I know that love isn’t enough to live on and while I do think maybe going our separate ways was necessary for me to become exactly what I said I would be. And hope that eventually you knock out of fooling yourself. I’m not stupid I may be getting the short end of the stick. You may have felt like I was never there but I was I tried. I didn’t give it my all and I should’ve given it long long ago but you are basing the possibility of a future with me solely off of my past and while that past is creditable and painful that isn’t who I am today and certainly will not be who I am tomorrow. I long for you not because of our past nor the possibility of a future but because you are someone who taught me love. Someone who I can’t see myself living without. I’m sorry for the disrespect lack of respect I’m sorry for all of the pain I have caused I am sorry for never amounting to what you saw within me. But your fooling yourself if you truly believe there is nothing here still. Be harsh cover it up do what you must but I am no fool. We shared a genuine connection. A connection at the first site of each other. It was small and it developed over time. It was beautiful it was grand and I did what I thought was right. I got into this thinking there wouldn’t be a lot of time for us and I was okay with that I didn’t want to impede on your success I never wanted to feel like I was getting in your way. I knew what I wanted to do but just continued to allow my own depression and attitude get the best of me allowing it to dictate my life. I will forever regret the failure that is the way I treated you I will forever miss you. I will forever long for you I will forever love you. I won’t be moving on for some time. I won’t be able too I don’t want to I just want to live my life with my person. That isn’t what you want and I have to respect that. I have to respect your wishes and while you may not see it now I promise you no one will understand you the way I do. I hope they do I pray for your health and happiness I pray someone else is able to make that beautiful smile shine and to have that embarrassing shy latina I once loved glow as radiant as I know her to be. I pray for you to live a successful life and that all well end up well for you regardless as to what I want. For I know what I have for you is love in its truest form and I hate myself so much for realizing it so late. I hate myself so much for allowing you to escape my clutches because I didn’t take care of you I didn’t take care of us and I would give anything absolutely anything and everything for one more chance to make you laugh to make you smile to even hear your heart pound. I am going to be what I set out to be not in hopes of your return or in hopes of your regret but because I can’t let you get the best of me. I cannot let the loss of my best friend continue to hold me down. I hope you realize that you truly are my bestest friend. My life is filled with regret. And forcing my own best friend my life partner against me will be something I live with forever but I promise you I will be who I set out to be and there is nothing that will stand in my way for this is my life’s work and I will not let it ride on either it will or it won’t. Love is found in the most unexpected places. You deserved to be loved to the maximum. I wanted to give you the best life but couldn’t even get a grasp of my own life. I have read and re read the things that were attached and I have read them over and over again. I never ever meant to hurt you. To cause you such pain and distrust. I have loved you now and I will love you always
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2023.06.06 17:34 Sensitivebarbarian2 Commies have been posting these cringe posters around London I am going to be back there tomorrow what should I tag the poster with, I was thinking some good ole’ liberty prime quotes but I am open to other ideas

Commies have been posting these cringe posters around London I am going to be back there tomorrow what should I tag the poster with, I was thinking some good ole’ liberty prime quotes but I am open to other ideas submitted by Sensitivebarbarian2 to GenUsa [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 17:31 spicyspirit444 Woman keeps putting off my interview/rescheduling it?

I applied for this job the day it was posted to Indeed, then called & asked if I could come in & fill out a paper application. This is my usual strategy when I really want a position.
I was informed there was no paper app, because the building is still being built, but that some staff are already meeting/training at another location. Cool.
During the phone call, we set an interview for 2 days later. I was absolutely thrilled.
Until about 10 minutes after the call, when she texted that she was actually way too busy, & would have to set our interview for.. 2 & a half weeks from now?? I already knew something was up.
Anyway, I continued my job search, & about 3 days before my interview, I texted to reconfirm my interview. Glad I did, because she responded “oh, yeah, the positions still open but” (according to her) she had me written down for that Thursday instead of Monday, which she said was her bad, reviewing our text messages. She was going to be out of town till then. Ooookay. Only a couple more days no biggie, but clearly she’s a mess.
A couple days later, 3 days before my interview, she texts AGAIN. “Sorry to keep putting you off” ya I don’t think you are. “I’m headed back to town tomorrow & my day is already sooo full of issues, (ok dramatic) can we meet a couple days more late?” I haven’t responded, I don’t plan to.
💀 this shit has been wild. I considered the fact I have some experience with costumer service, but not in this field & I’d have to learn a bit about sales. It’s a sauna using LED technology, so like any basic spa/sauna reception/sales position. But I’ve run a store before so, I can learn.
I’d understand if there were more qualified applicants, however I was passionate & had a bit of knowledge/interest about the job from personal experience. Essentially, I’m already a costumer & know a bit about the technology.
Why would someone post a job application & then not have a single time slot in over 2 weeks for an interview? Either someone is doing interviews, just not mine, or this woman has no clue what she’s doing.
Which also wouldn’t be shocking, considering she keeps being soo busy she has to reschedule my interview 3/4 times. I’ve never met someone so busy.
I’d consider it’s a new business but I think more likely this woman is just completely unorganized or playing a game with me. It’s clear I’m not a highly valued candidate which I understand but I’m definitely not giving this woman the idea my time is just up to how she feels that day.
I am a bit bummed as I was pretty excited for the job. Anyway, anyone have any ideas for what this lady is on? I’d love to know, lmao.
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2023.06.06 17:31 manical1 [USA-CA] [H] Apple iPad Pro 12.9 128GB M1 Wifi Only ; 12.9 magic keyboard and apple pencil [W] PayPal

Asking : $850 Shipped / $825 local (91770)
iPad Pro 12.9 128GB WIFI - Good Condition Comes with brand Apple charging block and C charging cable.
Comes with Magic Keyboard with box, a Olive Green CASE, Extra screen protector
Not sure about battery health, but last multiple days. Repairs: None Open to reasonable offers, but no low balling please.
Ships by tomorrow.
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2023.06.06 17:26 JosipBrozT0tti Dat(Ed?)ing a Quiet Borderline (?) Would appreciate some thoughts and advice.

So I've dated this girl I found really good looking and sexy at the beginning. From the onset she proceeded to stalk my instagram profile and ask about mutual followers. I got intrigued by this because I thought she shared some of my values and was really into me. After our first meeting she wanted to come over to my place but I felt it was too early for that and that I had to get to know her first. She percieved this as a rejection, but later on said that she really appreciated that I said that and that she didnt want to come over for sex but that she was bored and wanted to get to know me.
A week goes by and I really fancy her so my tinder activity drops down and I drop my casual hookups with other females I had at the time because I wanted to keep it clean and follow my feelings. After a really good 2 weeks I felt loved and appreciated like I had never before and it was all great until I got a text that she might have chlamydia. I found this to be very strange so I asked her if she used to casually sleep around alot. Before that she really wanted to know my bodycount but I made it clear that I did not want to know hers because I did not want that to define her (I had this gut feeling that she sleeped casually around alot which is normal in scandinavian culture, and did not want that to define her as a person). After I asked that question she said that she felt judged and that it can happen to anybody, also that the chlamydia test came out as non-conclusive and said that it most likely stemmed from me because of the short amount of time between the tests. At the time I felt that i was super strange, but did not want to make her feel bad and judge her. She later confirmed after according to her a third test that she indeed had chlamydia, I got tested and had it aswell. I did not really care at the time whether she gave it to me or not because again, i did not want to judge her on her past. But this was the first time i asked about something which made her uncomfortable and that I had to backtrack on to not hurt her feelings.
After this it all became strange. From constantly talking about sex and sending nudes, reaffirming her interest (even talking about the future) her texts got less frequent and i noticed a mood shift. At the time i just felt like she had lost interest in me so I just needed a confirmation so I could move on to other girls and not be exclusive with her (wasting my time). So I wanted to communicate this, she turned it around on me and said that i now totally ruined her sexual experience with me and that she will now constantly think about needing to have sex with me everytime we meet. From being a issue I wanted to bring up, it turned into her crying and me reassuring her that I really liked her and that perhaps I was the problem for overreacting, this was also the start of me believing I was the problem.
One night i pick her up by my car and i wanted to have a open conversation with her about everything. She asks me if I have experiences with borderline, i mention a girl i was with for a week that got too much and then I ask her directly; Do you have borderline? She says no but she had (?) something that is quite similar which is called complex PTSD, but that she is cured of and has a few afteraffects from. I feel bad for her, do not put much thought into it and google later on until i forget about it. After this again she becomes cold and distand, which effects my mood and I try to bring it up. This is maybe like a week after this and on the phone she starts to say that we cant work out because she cannot handle distance and that she thought of us as a summer fling (???). I respect her for saying that (even though everything up until now has been contradictiong to that motion) and I put forth that I really like her, that I believe this can work out and that I can fill the role of the man that she described that she wanted. She then proceeds to tell me that she has BPD and that she has been to DPT(?) therapy for a month and visits a school psychologist once a week to vent and keep track of it. I immidietly catch on that she first told me she did not have it and then later told me she had it. She defends her position saying that it is really hard to open up about this because of stigma and that she didnt feel she knew me enough. I backtracked and thought it was fair, but still felt lied to. The day after she goes super cold again and me feeling like I cannot deal with the coldness tries to confront her about it and she thinks we should end things. I say ''if you feel that is the best I respect your decision, do you want to end it here and now or do you want to meet up and talk about things?''. She says she wants to meet up and talk tomorrow, but wants to meet me in the club tonight (because we were both supposed to go out) and I thought great why not experience how it is like clubbing with a girl i'm dating. We meet up, make out and have a good time me feeling on top of the world. There is no sex involved (because of the chlamydia) and she never wanted to sleep over with me because she was afraid to get too attached. This time she does not want sleep together because the future is uncertain and she doesnt want to get too attached if our thing doesnt work out. I completely respect it, and end up walking the way home.
We then meetup for a talk and I thought she would now share more of her BPD behavior so that I could see if it is manageble for me or not. She then proceeds to say that she was most likely misdiagnosed with BPD and that it probably is just ADHD. This was super strange for me at the time, but she love bombed me that day so i didnt really think much about it. At that moment i did not care if she had any disorders, only how she made me feel. When i got home i was bombared with sexy texts and her saying that it is sad that she has chlamydia and all the things she would do to me if if she did not have it (cant have sex for 10 days when on antibiotics to prevent re-infection). I thought we had fixed things and were moving in the right direction, until...
I took a trip for three days, she sent me lots of lovely texts and I felt secure that we had a rly good thing going on. The minute i came home from the trip and sat in my couch I could tell her texting got different. Suddenly all the places that we planned to go together, parties and a trip to a different city got weird. She wanted me to come back as fast as possible so that we could go out together, but when i was home she didnt even ask me to join her. I felt kinda excluded but did not want to make a fuzz about it so I kept my cool and stayed home. In the middle of the night she texts me ''wish we could have meet in the club'' and I said yeah me too if you had invited me. She then sent a long text saying that I knew that she was going out and that she expected of me to meet her which i just found funny and stupid. Then she proceeded to say ''Sorry, but never again complain that I say something and do not follow through'' reffering to when I point out inaccuracies in her promises and the BPD thing. I just felt that it all was ridicoulus and drunk text so i just said i hope you have a great night out and sleep tight. She then sent a reassuring text afterwards which said '' Im angry but i'm still fond of you''. i replied the same and wished her a good night.
The next day it all went to shits. She ghosted me for half of the day, I thought maybe she was ashamed of her texts last night so I asked if i got to meet her this week. She said really cold ''yeah you could meet me tomorow during the day, but i'm busy during the night''. I found the sentance to be strange so I asked what are you busy with. She replied ''Something that you wont like'' which turned my gut inside, I then asked what is it that i wont like and she replied ''Im going to a rave party'' reffering to taking MDMA. Prior to this she asked me what i thought of a partner doing MDMA and i said that i was insecure about it and that it wasnt my thing, and that it wasnt something i was a big fan of. I spent maybe 1-2 minutes thinking how I could formulate a nice text without pushing her away until she suddenly wrote ''I'm gonna do it wether you like it or not''. I called her out on that sentence, saying it is sassy and out of place. Reassuring her and making my position clear that I never in my life want to be the controlling person telling a partner or a friend what to do, and if MDMA was a big boundary for me I would just walk away. She replied super careless and it didnt seem like it phased her at all. I then called her out on that she just two days prior planned our future together and now she doesnt seem interested at all and that it is hard to deal with hot/cold behavior. She says she understands and that she just got unsure about our whole thing (overnight?). I got hurt by it, asked if it was her head or my actions that caused the insecurites, and she said both. I wanted to know what I had done to make her feel insecure, she told me she would tell it to me tomorow (before she is off to do MDMA). I agreed, felt terrible and waited a few hours until i just wanted asnwers so I told her i needed answers now. She said that she felt like my friends are red flag and that reflects directly upon me as a person. I'm shook because this is new, she has not met my friends and they are all nice persons. Then she proceeds to say that our life situation is so different and that she cannot handle the long distance. Our life situation currently is identical so I just found it to be bizzare. I told her that if her goal is to push me away due to commitment issues, she is succeeding because I should not have to explain to her for the second time in a short amount of time that this will work out. She then sends voice messages crying saying she has to work on herself and that she cannot focus on the thoughts of another person at the same time. Her last text was ''Sorry I cannot give you what you need'' (i dont even know what I have requested?) and me being fed up and replying ''I respect that''.
This was two days ago and it hit me pretty hard today. I feel like maybe I am the one who is unstable, trying to move things fast. My last relationship was 3 years ago and there have been alot of girls who wanted something serious with me, but I did not want to because I did not feel like i was ready. When I met her she kinda gave me alot of what I needed, or made me feel like she was willing to work on things the same as me. It is the hot and cold behavior that got to me, making me more attached and craving more of the hot when it was missing forcing me to require reassurance. Sorry for the long text but it has been haunting me. Questions like should i block her? Will she ''return''? Should I text her? Should I ask for more closure? Should I casually sleep with her if I get the chance (she is super attractive)? Is she not BPD? Is there any hope that I can fix this so it can constantly be a good relationship?
Thanks for taking the time to read and sorry for the misspellings (English is not my native language and I'm worked up so the text might seem all over the place..)
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2023.06.06 17:23 zenwilltopower fully uncensored ChatGPT service, would love feedback is NSFW ChatGPT!
why'd you make this?
"why the fuck are you charging money for this??"
"What are people paying you for? To put a jailbreak prompt before ChatGPT??"
"I’m confused, so essentially you submit the prompt for me and I pay for both OpenAI costs (cause API key is needed) and $3 to you? I just don’t see the value of the site. You say instant loading, server uptime and upkeep but what are you even loading or hosting?"
what's the current alpha MVP state?
where do I sign up?
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2023.06.06 17:20 RaplhKramden Advice needed on replacing bathroom light switch with GFCI combo switch/outlet

I just bought a Leviton GFCI combo light switch/outlet to replace the light switch in the bathroom of our rental apartment in a 1955 2-story 2-unit walkup. Thankfully I didn't open it yet as this might not be possible, at least without the landlord approving it and paying an electrician to do it properly, so I can still return it for a refund.
The problem is that when I took out the existing switch (after shutting off the breaker and confirming there was no power), there were just 2 wires, no neutral or ground. I think it's what's called a "switch leg drop" or something like that, basically a switch that opens or closes the hot wire going into the light fixture, which is where the neutral wire is connected.
So to make this work, I'd have to somehow either reroute or pigtail the neutral to the switch box, AND find a ground wire or connection and route that to the switch box as well. The existing box is metal, but nailed into a wall stud so it's not grounded. It's a really basic setup that probably wouldn't pass code today.
If I remove the light fixture and find the neutral, is it possible to use one of the leg drop wires that go to the switch box to snake all the wires I'd need at the switch box to the switch box, by temporarily connecting them at one end and then pulling them there?
Another complication is that the light fixture is on a wall that's at a right angle to the wall where the switch is, each around 2-3 feet from the corner, and for all I know the switch wires are fixed to an interim stud that I can't access so using them to snake the new wires wouldn't work and I'd have to use a snaking tool, which I don't have.
I'd also have to find a way to get a properly grounded wire to the new outlet, or else the outlet wouldn't be grounded and GFCI obviously wouldn't work and that's both illegal and dangerous.
Which I why I think this may be complicated enough that an electrician is needed, all the more so given that we rent (although if I manage to do it myself, properly, he'd never know and just assume that the previous owner, from whom he bought the building a few years ago, had had the work done, as he never did a proper inspection when he bought it).
If this doesn't requiring punching holes in the wall and at most a snaking tool and new wires (I have all the rest, wire cutters & strippers, wire nuts, etc.), then I'm pretty sure that I can handle it, though. I've run Romex and replaced switches and outlets before without issue.
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2023.06.06 17:20 ravengetsd Typical Length of Show

I am attending the show in Austin tomorrow, and the doors open at 6. I am wanting to know if there is a typical length of the show I can go off of, or if anyone has been to Emo's Austin center and knows when they typically put an end to shows? I am taking an uber to the concert and if I can get a time range for the end then I can reserve an uber for after the show. Any help would be appreciated!
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2023.06.06 17:19 sinnerman2233 Please let me know what you think of the backstory in my fantasy world.

a long time ago the world was normal-sized. no bigger than Earth. it was ruled by the sorcerer king. He was a virtuous and wise king whose only flaw was his lacking a companion. He had no interest in the noble women. he saw them as boring and weak. he remained alone for years until he met a woman who caught his fancy.
She was the assassin sent to kill him. She had disguised herself as a maid and remained hidden, preparing for a day he would be caught off guard.
The king, of course, knew exactly who and what she was the moment she showed up. he simply didn't care. the list of people capable of killing him was two names long. lucifer and god.
One day while he slept, she struck. before her dagger could even touch his skin he was already behind her in a new outfit.
"you sure are patient. but not very quick. I had enough time to put on my robes while you were dilly-dallying."
She tried to activate the poison in her suicide tooth but was surprised when, instead of cyanide, she tasted blueberry juice.
"I replaced the poison in your tooth with fruit juice. I've been bored."
She looked at him with resolve. "ill never tell you who ordered the hit. No torture will break my spirit."
"I've already killed Duke Montesquieu. And the entirety of the black hand."
She looks unphased. "Your cheap lies won't trick me. you may have killed Duke Montesquieu but I've been receiving letters from the black-hand leaders for months."
"yeah, those were from me. You've been receiving letters from me. I've been receiving all the letters you sent back as well."
She watches as he opens a drawer and her letters begin pouring out.
"W-why? Why play along with this charade? Why not just kill me and be done with it?"
"As I said. I've been very bored. Tell you what. How about we both pretend this never happened? I'll keep pretending to be oblivious and you keep trying to kill me. If you actually manage to kill me one day you can have anything you want. Don't worry about being arrested I've already set it up so that whoever kills me gets all my stuff. it keeps life interesting."
She agreed and time passed.
Every day she tried to kill him in a new way. Every day she failed. She tried to kill him throughout winter and summer and spring and fall the holidays included. No day was off-limits. Not even their wedding day. Even the day she gave birth to their daughter had an assassination attempt.
This was how life was for the king. Many did not like the idea of a king marrying a commoner let alone a former assassin. But he couldn't care less. for the first time in a long time, he was happy.
This was until tragedy struck. One of the many people out to claim the bounty the king had placed on himself attacked. But unlike the rest, he didn't have the sense to make sure his family was out of the blast radius.
The attack killed his wife and daughter. If that pain wasn't enough there was also the fact that his wife was in hell for her past actions.
The king's life became consumed by the desire to rescue his wife and daughter.
He looked into the mystic arts. (magic system here:
The combination of magic and mystic arts was expressly forbidden. but the king cared not.
by combining Magic and mystic arts something new was created. Heretical arts. From that point on he was known as the heretic king.
Heretical arts were immensely powerful. magic and mystic arts interacted in a strange way. when using them at the same time instead of working additively or multiplicatively they worked exponentially.
This allowed The king to open portals to heaven and hell to retrieve his family.
This transgression did not go unnoticed by Lucifer and God who decided that mankind was to be punished for their insolence.
What the people didn't know was that the death of his family and their subsequent rescue were orchestrated by the rulers of heaven and hell. All so they could have an excuse to invade the mortal realm.
As heaven and hell invaded the king did not send his army. He stood alone. He fought the armies of heaven and hell for 100 days without moving. God and Lucifer decided to step in themselves.
God and Lucifer teamed up and still could not kill the king easily. They fought for weeks until eventually, the king fell to his knees. He had long since discovered the two's plan.
God spoke. "you have fought well. But you are just a man. Your race is only fit to serve."
Lucifer spoke. "A mortal was never meant to hold such power. Your existence is blasphemous. how admirable."
The heretic king spoke. "Fickle and pathetic. That is all you are. But I am worse. Creation is mankind's birthright. I would never allow trash to have it."
He placed his hand down on the dirt. "The world shall remain forever unconquered."
Instantly magic began to flow from all corners of the universe infinitely empowered by mystic arts.
The planet began to shake as it grew and grew. For 100 days and 100 nights, the planet grew.
When it was finished growing it encompassed the entire universe. This single planet was now the size of the universe.
Mankind Barely survived the calamity. Most of them were scattered across the massive globe.
The angels and demons retreated.
Knowledge of magic slowly faded as societies were too scattered to communicate.
Humanity had devolved back into its tribal roots.

This is just part one! I'll post the second part tomorrow!
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2023.06.06 17:14 DeadeyeBen New Realm! Fresh Vanilla Minecraft server opening tomorrow with like minded people. Dm me for more!

New Realm! Fresh Vanilla Minecraft server opening tomorrow with like minded people. Dm me for more!
ME AND MY CHUMS have started a new dizcord and tomorrow a new 1.20 updated realm! come join us and others! Message me on here or add the dizcord BennyOD#1934
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2023.06.06 17:11 Plshelpmeimscarred Is this email legit?

Is this email legit? submitted by Plshelpmeimscarred to UPSers [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 17:08 really_not_unreal Grub2 isn't listing any new kernel versions

This issue is complex, and there are a lot of details that may be important in this, so I'd appreciate a thorough read-through before you make suggestions -I've already tried most of the common fixes, as mentioned below.
I'm running Fedora 38 KDE, with Windows 11 on a different SSD. Over the past month I've observed that my kernel has gotten quite out-of-date. My system is running Kernel 6.2.15. Usually I don't pay much attention to updates, but today I noticed that Kernel 6.3.5 was available. I installed it, and it the installation appeared to work correctly (I don't recall seeing any errors, and the process exited normally), but when I rebooted, I was only given the options to use Kernel 6.2.15 or Kernel 6.2.9.
Upon running an ls /boot, it appears that my system has been installing new kernels (I have files such as vmlinuz-6.3.5-200.fc38.x86_64), but not adding them to the Grub list. It appears that Kernel 6.2.15 and 6.2.9 doesn't even exist there. I attempted to fix this by running sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg, as suggested in many places but was given the error /usbin/grub2-editenv: error: cannot open '/boot/grub2/': No such file or directory..
I've checked, and the /boot/grub2 directory does not exist.
I did notice that Dolphin shows an additional partition which seemingly contains other boot things. Mounting it in Dolphin places it at /run/media/username/drive-uuid/, and the file system is ext4. This partition does have a grub2 directory, which contains all of the expected files. The root of this partition contains installations for Kernel 6.2.9 and 6.2.15.
Here is a list of the important partitions:
As such, I am theorising that this is what is happening in my boot process:
  1. My system boots to /dev/nvme1n1p2
  2. Kernel 6.2.15 is started
  3. That partition is unmounted
  4. /dev/nvm1n1p1 is mounted at /boot/efi instead
I have tried to boot directly to /dev/nvme1n1p1, but it gave me a blue screen (0x0000FF, not Windows 11 blue) with a scary message saying "press any key in 5 seconds or we'll reset your PC". Needless to say, I didn't follow through with that.
I also tried to fix this by reinstalling Grub2 with a live USB, attempting to reinstall Grub2 on /dev/nvme1n1p1, but although the operation appeared to succeed, I was still only given the option to use 6.2.9 or 6.2.15 on boot. This lends evidence to my theory above. I did notice that when I followed these instructions, I got a new grub2 directory in /boot/efi (rather than /boot).
Essentially, I have a few questions:
I need to use software that depends on a patch released in Kernel 6.3.4 tomorrow and can't afford to have non-stop segfaults, so I'd appreciate any ideas that don't involve a complete reinstall. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 17:07 Zealousideal_Trip406 Flying to kenya while my visitor visa is 'In Process'

So I screwed up and didn't request the visitor visa i needed as an American until today, for my flight that leaves early tomorrow and arrives around midnight tomorrow.
Lufthansa is accepting my visa code for travel, and so i'm wondering: Am i setting myself up for a very bad time if i take the flight and hope it works out? My friend i'm visiting is going to call the office when they open up to see if they can expedite it, and I won't be particulrly upset (i mean i'd be sad but this is my fault) if I am stuck in the airport whil;e it processes, or if they just tell me i have to fly back. What i would be upset about is if I am forever barred from visiting.
I'm currently in portugal, and will return to the US when this is all done, which makes this more complicated.
Any advice is very appreciated!
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2023.06.06 17:05 jamedi_ [Review] - This Gilded Abyss by Rebecca Thorne

[Review] - This Gilded Abyss by Rebecca Thorne
Review originally posted on Jamreads
This Gilded Abyss is a horror fantasy novel, written by Rebecca Thorne, also known for her series of cozy novels Tomes & Tea. Really different from her other novels, in this case, we have a horror story set in a world with Bioshock vibes, tickling several boxes on what I look for in a book.
In this story, we are going to be following Sergeant Nix, a soldier who wants to forget her traumatic past, as she lost one of her best friends years ago, Quian. When Subarch Kessandra, one of the favourite royals of Valkesh, and Nix's ex, requests Nix's protection to investigate a massacre in the city of Fall, a submarine place, she immediately refuses; Kess is part of that past she's trying to flee from. Using her influence, Kessandra manages to enroll Nix in this mission, getting both aboard the Luminosity, a submersible. But once the truth is revealed, this luxury vehicle becomes a dangerous place, as Kess is not really investigating the massacre, but the cause of it: a illness that creates a violent rage in its victims, and that seems to have been spreading in the Luminosity. Our characters won't have any other option than leaving the past behind and trusting each other if they want to survive until the submersible is docked into Fall.
With this premise, we also have an enemies-to-lovers relationship in the figures of Nix and Kess, influenced by their shared past. Both are similar in some aspects, especially in how both are super fixated on what they think, and that makes their personalities clash. Nix is suffering guilt and anger due to Quian's death, and partly, she blames Kessandra; overcoming this trauma will be key to survival. On the other hand, Kessandra is one of the most loved royals, and she's trying to combat this mysterious disease, which seems to be related to Ichoron. Her position seems powerful, but in reality, she has taken several risks to discover the origin of the disease, becoming the target of a complot to eliminate her.
Thorne weaves a credible relationship between our two characters, using the tension created by the situation to make it evolve. I would say it's not especially spicy in terms of romance, but if you like to read some romance, you won't be disappointed by this sapphic one.
Another aspect that I feel Thorne nailed is the horror atmosphere. Using a closed location, the tension is enhanced greatly, and I would say the existence of an "invisible threat", such as a disease, is certainly a success; vibes are really similar to the ones I experienced playing Prey (by Arkane Studios).
Talking about the pacing, I would qualify it as relatively slow at the start, taking its time to introduce the world and the relationships among the characters, which will be central to the plot. Once we are aboard the Luminosity, it accelerates to the point you are just devouring the pages.
My other gripe is the ending, as I think it could have worked better as a standalone, instead of using an open ending, which prepares for a trilogy. Said that, This Gilded Abyss is an excellent book, even when you take those minor things into account; a total recommendation if you like horror in your fantasy. Extra points for the steampunk vibes.
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2023.06.06 16:59 FXUAssassin The Victorian Woman (My Supernatural Story)

This is the closest thing I have had to a supernatural experience, it's not exactly scary and it's not action packed. But it's very unexplained with what could have been a very nasty injury for one of my friends involved with the story.
So it happened around 2013 or so. I live in a seaside county in England, which has lots of old buildings and locations that can be 100's of years old. This story takes place in a very old and fairly famous seaside town of Whitstable.
Me and my group of friends were out in the evening just hanging out and enjoying the evening. There was about 5 or 6 of us and we were walking along the beech front on our way back to a friends to spend the night. Where we were was much lower down than the street view, so the road and all the houses were above us on a hill so when you look up you can see street lights, undercover benches to view the sea from, a few public toilets and a little refreshment stop that is open during the summer.
As we approached the path that leads up the side of the hill to the road and sidewalk above us, I wanted to have a quick pee as I didn't think I could hold it until we got back to my friends house. So I quickly mentioned I was going to go up next to something we have on our beeches called a breakwater, basically wooden fences that go into the sea to restrict large waves. As I went to do the deed its pitch black on the seafront as its at night and the only light available is that of the streetlights from up the hill. So naturally your eyes are drawn to it. As I was doing the deed, I noticed something odd while looking up. Where this little public toilet was up on the hill, it had a sign with a spotlight which illuminates the sign at night, but doesn't create much light pollution around it. Simply a spotlight effect pointing down underneath. Baring in mind this is probably 100 meters or so away from me at this point so its very hard to distinguish details, but while I was looking up I saw what looked like a woman standing under the light. Wearing a full Victorian style blue dress and a straw hat, looking out over the sea.
I just kept looking and trying to figure out what I was looking at, this is around 10 at night and the streets are devoid of people, why would this person just be standing under a light by herself? So once I was finished I ran back to my group who were walking ahead and called to them saying I've seen someone standing up by that street light wearing a Victorian dress. Naturally everyone just brushed it off, but when I rallied them to follow me up the slope to the street view they followed me inquisitively. I could still see the woman there as I approached the hill, but as you get closer because of the location of the light and the steepness of the hill. It gets obscured by the hill itself. SO now out of view we still make our way to the top and once we were there, nothing. No one is there. We look up and down the street and there are no obstructions or places to hide. There is a tennis court with a road ahead of us, the toilets to the left which are locked and open road to the right. The only thing that could be used as a potential hiding place is a undercover shelter over the road from us but its empty. Baring in mind I lost vision of this person for literally 20 seconds while power walking up this slope so to disappear in a massive bulky dress would take an Olympic amount of athleticism to run that fast.
So we are perplexed and I'm sure people wouldn't have believed what I saw if not for what was left underneath the light on the street where the woman was standing. The straw hat. Naturally as young adults we just made jokes, picking up the hat and wearing it. Making jokes about it being a ghost etc. So naturally, we did what any self respecting young adult would do when faced with the super natural. We took the hat back to my friends house to spend the night with it.
As we were back at my friends house, we went into his room. Which was a cabin his parents had installed in his garden to give more room to his family as the house they live in is a bungalow and there not much room to move. And nothing odd was happening, just discussing the oddity that had happened and other normal things.
The first sign things were getting strange was as we were sitting on his bed, he had this large canvas print behind his bed. Whilst we were just sitting their talking to each other, it fell off the wall and landed on my friends back. Luckily its not heavy so it didn't hurt, but needless to say we began to question things. He chalked it off to it being us as its happened before so we cracked a few jokes and started to get ready to sleep.
Our sleeping layout was our friend in his bed, me next to him and whoever else on the floors. In the darkness we often chatted before sleeping so we did this as usual, before settling down to sleep. As it quietened down there was only the sound of us breathing, until we hear a bang and one of our friends yells "Ahh!" Now, context for this next part. My friend loved to decorate his room with things, and one of these types of things he decorated with were these metal plaques. Similar to a small number plate but with pictures and slogans on them, which he had hung off of nails on the roof rafters of his cabin room. They were fairly secure as they had screw holes to be mounted, so they weren't being propped up anywhere or anything. They were fairly cheaply made by their look so they weren't exactly well machined meaning they had very sharp corners.
So once we hear our friend make noise we all kinda woke up and what was that. We turn the lights on and one of these plaques has come off of the nails, which required lifting to do and all the nails were still in the rafters. And fallen down right next to our friends head, impaling one of the corners into his wooden floor, sticking straight up. Needless to say this could have been a serious injury if only a few inches to the left.
So after that we just decided nope to this, picked up the hat threw it outside. Once we had done that we agreed we would burn it the next day and tried to fall back to sleep, which we did as there were no more incidents that night. We proceeded to burn the hat in the morning and never had any other incidents from that day forward. But my story remains.
As I said not exactly scary, but it is 100% true from the best of my recollection. All the major points are accurate and I cannot say if all the events are linked, but its all extremely coincidental. Plus the seafront has a very old and very big Hotel called The Marine, which was built originally in the late 1800's which was rebuilt in the 1900's. If there is any relation to the woman I saw and the supernatural, it could possibly be related to the age of that Hotel, who knows. But it has stuck with me for the last 10 or so years, could have been longer as I can't exactly remember the date. But what I saw and what happened preceding that day will stick with me, simply because I cannot explain it.
I can get pictures of the public toilet and street light we found the hat under if people are interested but its just that, a light and street sign.
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2023.06.06 16:55 YGLD $HOTH Trade Alert 🚨 - Trading Plan Posted Before Market Open ✔️ - Nailed 1st Price Target ($4.15) ✔️ - Fell Short Of 2nd Price Target ($4.42) ❌ - Keeping On Watch 👀

$HOTH Trade Alert 🚨 - Trading Plan Posted Before Market Open ✔️ - Nailed 1st Price Target ($4.15) ✔️ - Fell Short Of 2nd Price Target ($4.42) ❌ - Keeping On Watch 👀 submitted by YGLD to ShortSqueezeStonks [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 16:49 YGLD $HOTH Trade Alert 🚨 - Trading Plan Posted Before Market Open ✔️ - Nailed 1st Price Target ($4.15) ✔️ - Fell Short Of 2nd Price Target ($4.42) ❌ - Keeping On Watch 👀

$HOTH Trade Alert 🚨 - Trading Plan Posted Before Market Open ✔️ - Nailed 1st Price Target ($4.15) ✔️ - Fell Short Of 2nd Price Target ($4.42) ❌ - Keeping On Watch 👀 submitted by YGLD to technicalanalysis [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 16:48 YGLD $HOTH Trade Alert 🚨 - Trading Plan Posted Before Market Open ✔️ - Nailed 1st Price Target ($4.15) ✔️ - Fell Short Of 2nd Price Target ($4.42) ❌ - Keeping On Watch 👀

$HOTH Trade Alert 🚨 - Trading Plan Posted Before Market Open ✔️ - Nailed 1st Price Target ($4.15) ✔️ - Fell Short Of 2nd Price Target ($4.42) ❌ - Keeping On Watch 👀 submitted by YGLD to wallstreet [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 16:48 YGLD $HOTH Trade Alert 🚨 - Trading Plan Posted Before Market Open ✔️ - Nailed 1st Price Target ($4.15) ✔️ - Fell Short Of 2nd Price Target ($4.42) ❌ - Keeping On Watch 👀

$HOTH Trade Alert 🚨 - Trading Plan Posted Before Market Open ✔️ - Nailed 1st Price Target ($4.15) ✔️ - Fell Short Of 2nd Price Target ($4.42) ❌ - Keeping On Watch 👀 submitted by YGLD to StockBreakouts [link] [comments]