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binding recs for enforcer 94s / aggressive skiier

2023.03.29 01:24 dh832005 binding recs for enforcer 94s / aggressive skiier

Looking to understand what bindings to get for enforcer 94 (I am 6 feet 200 pounds /aggressive/all mountain skiier). I have a Rossignol Alltrack 110 boot.
here is what chatgpt said:

  1. Marker Griffon 13 ID: This is a popular choice for intermediate to advanced skiers who like to ski all-mountain terrain. It has a DIN range of 4-13, making it suitable for most skiers, and has a wide mounting platform for improved power transmission and edge control.
  2. Salomon STH2 WTR 13: This binding is designed for advanced skiers who like to ski hard and fast on all-mountain terrain. It has a DIN range of 5-13, making it suitable for most skiers, and has a low profile chassis for better power transmission and edge control.
  3. Look Pivot 14 GW: This binding is designed for expert skiers who demand maximum power and precision on all-mountain terrain. It has a DIN range of 5-14 and a wide mounting platform for improved power transmission and edge control. It also has a unique turntable heel piece that allows for natural ski flex and more consistent release.
  4. Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW: This binding is a versatile choice for intermediate to advanced skiers who like to ski all-mountain terrain. It has a DIN range of 4-13, making it suitable for most skiers, and has a low profile chassis for improved power transmission and edge control.
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2023.03.28 17:37 username-_redacted Large sous vide cooks on the cheap

Large sous vide cooks on the cheap

I posted here about my favorite sous vide recipe, one of my own devising, steel cut oats. One of the things I like about it is that the oats last WEEKS in the fridge in Ball jars and so I can prepare 2 or more weeks worth of breakfasts for my family in one evening. As such I've been looking for options to cook more jars at once.
I have a Lipavi C10 and like it a lot but it will only hold 6 1-quart ball jars at a time. I've been contemplating the C20 which would double that but at $48 I'm just not there. However, I have been a fan of 12-gallon flip-top crates from Costco for years and they're $8. I've been testing whether that might be a good option for certain cooks. Wanted to share what I've found.
First thing is that my circulator (an Anova Precision cooker) and I think most circulators will only sit at a particular height from the rim/edge. This container's base dimensions are approximately 13 inches by 18 inches so each inch of water is almost exactly one gallon. That means with the circulator at the top edge of the container I'd probably need to heat up ~9 gallons of water to reach the minimum depth. Fortunately the main thing I'm interested in using it for is a quart ball jar that's 6.5 inches tall. So I only want about 6 inches of water in it. I therefore cut a small hole just larger enough for the holder to go through. The bottom of the hole is 7.5 inches from the bottom of the container which means the circulator sits just above the bottom and 6 inches of water is still safely below the hole. If you try this you'll want to measure accordingly but this works well for me.
I made the cut with an oscillating saw and it took < a minute. I've since cleaned up the edge a bit. I do like the hole being in the middle of the height as opposed to cutting all the way down from the rim because I think the container retains a lot more strength this way. There's a lot of material and ridges at the top that I wouldn't want to cut through. That said, I may also try a second bin with the hole moved to the left a bit so as to be centered on the short side. That way I can notch a half hole in both lids and be able to open and close the lids without removing the circulator, but keep the lids closed while cooking to retain heat and steam. I've got plenty of things around the house I use these for where a small hole in this first version won't bother me at all (tarps, hoses, etc).
I've been running it for a few hours now at 155 (my oatmeal recipe, my primary purpose for this, is 155 for an hour). The plastic container feels just fine, not flimsy, seems at no risk of failing. I'm not sure what the limits of the plastic are so if you're cooking at 185 for 10 hours I'd probably stick with an igloo cooler or something like that. But for $8 this will let me fit 14 quart ball jars all upright and I'm pretty delighted with that. That's 2 more than the Lipavi C20 would give me and $40 less. Plus, between cooks this will sit in the pantry to store the circulator and the ball jars as we go through them and clean them.
Happy to answer any questions you might have.
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2023.03.28 16:17 Morjit [FS][USA-NC] Various Consoles, Hardware

Hello all!
I have this all posted on Facebook Marketplace and also over at /hardwareswap, I'm going to largely copy and paste with the timestamps here:
I am downsizing my collection of consoles and hardware. I can do local pickup (I'm in 28273) or delivery (delivery would be to you at a Safe Exchange Zone nearby, a list of which can be found here: https://charlottenc.gov/newsroom/releases/Pages/Reminder-Safe-Exchange-Zones-Available-for-Online-Transactions.aspx) Payment methods are either Local Cash, Registered PayPal Goods and Services.
Please reach out if you have any questions regarding the items.
List, prices and condition below:
Xbox Series X - Used, Great Condition - $400. Comes in the original box, with controller, power cable and HDMI cable. Simply don't use this anymore as I've moved fully to PC gaming.
Xbox One X - Used, Great condition - $175 - This is 1TB but actually has been upgraded to a WD Blue 1TB SSD (These originally came with a slower HDD). Loads very quickly. Comes in original box with controller, power cable, HDMI cable, and an extra controller (grey/blue colored, in it's own box). Also comes with a vertical stand that has a green LED bar and built in fans for better cooling (pictured). Currently wearing a carbon fiber wrap that can be removed easily.
Xbox Series S - Brand new in box, unopened - $250 - I bought this originally with plans of running it as a dev kit + emulation, but never got around to it and my plans have changed. As stated, it's new in box, never opened.
Xbox One S - Used, Great condition - $120 - Comes in the original box with controller, power cable, HDMI cable, and an extra controller (pictured, no separate box).
Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 - Used, Great condition - $100 - Comes with all the accessories including the charging case, additional d-pad, thumbsticks and triggers, plus the thumbstick adjustment tool.
**SOLD**Custom PC - Used, Great condition - $300 - This was used as a homelab server for a while, case still has protective plastic on the glass panel. Simply putting a decent GPU in this would give you a good base for a gaming PC. CPU cooler is the EVGA AIO CL 280mm Liquid Cooler. Specs are; CPU: Intel Core i5-10400 6 core/12 thread @ 4.3GHz Motherboard: MSI Z490-A PRO RAM 4x Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz (32GB Total) Storage: Western Digital Black SN750 500GB NVMe PCIe Gen 3 Case: NZXT H510 Compact ATX Mid Tower PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold Certified Fully Modular
Dell PowerEdge 2420 24U Server Rack - Used, Good condition - $300 - This is actually an amazing server rack, it just is huge and takes up space that I want to reclaim. Also weighs a ton. A few scratches and scuffs, but overall in great shape. Comes with 2 functional keys. **NOTE** pickup is preferred, but if you would like me to deliver this to you, I will need to add extra for cost as I will need to hire a suitable vehicle (I don't think my Corvette would handle this). I'll also include a pair of 1U mounting ears and a 2U half-depth shelf.
Dell PowerEdge R720xd 2U Rack Server - Used, Good condition - $300 - This is an amazing rack server, that really treated me well, and is near top-spec'd for an R720xd. It supports 12x 3.5" Drives on the front, and 2x 2.5" drives at the rear (I upgraded this with the rear flex bay kit). Comes with no drives, but does include all drive trays (12x 3.5", 2x 2.5"), and sliding rails too. Specs are; CPUs: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 (2.6GHz, 8C/16T, 20MB Cache) RAM: 128GB (8x16GB) 2RX4 PC3-12800R RAID Controller: PERC H710P 1GB Network Card: Intel X540 Dual Port 10GbE + I350 Dual Port 1GbE Daughter Card Remote Access: iDRAC 7 Enterprise (Dedicated) PSU: Dual Hot-Swap 1100W
TP-Link 24 Port Managed Gigabit Switch - Used, Great condition - $70 - This is a managed switch with 24 gigabit ports that supports some nice features like LAGG, QoS and IGMP. Comes with 1U mounting ears.
StarTech.com 8 Outlet PDU - Used, Great condition - $30 - features surge protection, 1U mounts.
Comment before pm please.
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