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2023.04.01 07:00 LiveRadar /r/WiiU's Monthly Question Thread (All Questions & New User Posts Here!) - April 01, 2023

/WiiU's Monthly Question Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Monthly Question Thread, a place where all of your Wii U-related questions can be asked and answered in. Besides questions, feel free to post your unboxing videos and pictures here, so that way it doesn't back up the main subreddit page.

Please make sure you check out our other Wiki pages, make a search through the subreddit or Google before you ask a question. Most of the time it has already been answered. If you're too lazy, then this thread is perfect for you!

Handy Resources

Frequently Asked Questions + New Owner's Guide - Is a great place to check first hand if you run into any problems or if you have any unclear thoughts. Our FAQ has answers to many questions regarding the console itself, controllers, transferring data, hard drives and other subjects. Our new owner's guide should be able to assist you in setting up your console or if you have plans on purchasing one.
Games recommendation for Wii U, eShop and Wii - In there you'll be able to find many great titles recommended by the community themselves. Also includes what type of genre, the amount of players and if OFF-TV is supported. We also have game recommendation threads created by Chronus13 every week. They cover a wider selection of AAA-games to indie games. You can check them out here!
Controller Infographics - Welcome to the sea of controllers. A rather detailed infographics about each controller compatible with the Wii U.
External Hard Drives - Do you need extra space for your games? Check no further. The external hard drive wiki has all the information you need. There's also a list of compatible hard drives.
Tips & Tricks - Tricks that could enhance your experience with the Wii U.
Error Code Lookup - Please use this search to find your error codes. You can also try to use our subreddit search or google to look up your error codes. We recommend you contact Nintendo directly if your error code was not found or if there is no solution to it.

We suggest you contact Nintendo's Support for any bigger issues with your hardware/software at:

  • 1-800-255-3700 (US)
  • +44 (0)345 60 50 247 (Europe)
  • +61 3 9730 9900 (Australia)
  • +81-75-662-9600 (Japan)

Other Wii U Related Subreddits

Have you made the Switch yet? More about Nintendo's latest console over at /NintendoSwitch!
Need to fill up that friend list of yours? I'm confident you'll find some at /Nintendofriends! You can also check out the /wiiu official Discord server!
Are you hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles X? Of course you are. Go check out /Xenoblade_Chronicles right now!
I see you're an avid amiibo collector. You should consider going to /amiibo for once!
Not feeling fresh enough? Then check out /Splatoon to fulfil your needs!
Interested in Devils Third? Check out the /Devils_Third!
Got levels to share? Can't get enough of Super Mario Maker? /MarioMaker is just for you!
Do you feel like a pop-star craving to slay some monsters? Hurry over to /TMSFE!
Have you ever wanted to battle as a Pokémon? Head over to the arena at /PokkenGame!
Can't get enough exploring Breath of the Wild? Head over to /Breath_of_the_Wild!
Since it's not completely obvious as to what questions you should ask and which ones you shouldn't, here are a few examples of frequently asked questions: Is now the time to buy a Wii U?
Which games can you recommend me?
What features does the Wii U have?
What controllers work with this game?
Which USB hard drives will work with my Wii U?
Can I get a free game? - Begging for games is prohibited and may result in being banned.
Is there a way to hack my Wii U? - /wiiuhacks is the place for homebrew related topics.

Another good rule of thumb is if your questions can be easily answered, or has a yes or no answer, it most likely belongs here. Now then, get busy asking us your questions. Our bodies are ready for them!

Please be polite when you answeask questions!

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2023.04.01 06:30 ContentFriendship605 Unbelievable

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2023.04.01 06:20 Commercial_Mango8726 Including Future Internship in Transfer App?

Hey everyone, I'm a sophomore hoping to transfer into BU next fall and could use some advice regarding the application process.
I was fortunate enough to secure an internship this summer that aligns with the overall theme of my resume + ECs that I mentioned in my application. But I wasn't able to add it to my resume nor ECs section since it hasn't actually started yet. I'm thinking that mentioning this might be beneficial to my app as I would think it demonstrates interest and passion towards my field, but idk if I should mention it since I have't actually started anything.
Would it still be helpful to include in my application? I would be uploading an offer letter with a comment of what it is straight to the BU app portal since the common app deadline passed a while ago.
Any feedback is appreciated!
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2023.04.01 05:23 classicolanser Ban u/gopherfawkes upvote party

Unsurprisingly the source of u/gopherfawkes reporting that chucky Hepburn will be in the transfer portal by tonight was incorrect. He agreed to be banned if this did not happen today.
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2023.04.01 04:59 Antique-Raspberry551 no Stanford transfer portal?

Has everyone already gotten their transfer applicant portal? I haven’t received a single email regarding my application
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2023.04.01 04:35 KJones77 Iona G Daniss Jenkins enters transfer portal

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2023.04.01 04:31 clyyyyyy Sharing: MP2 maturity claims experience

Hello! I know lots of people here are investing/interested in MP2 so I just wanted to share my experience when claiming my 5yr maturity ☺️
It was very easy! No fuss and all totally online. So I just went to Virtual Pag-IBIG (don't login) > Claim Pag-IBIG Savings > MP2 Savings Maturity. There I attached the form (filled out and signed with electronic signature) and authorized them to transfer full amount to my Loyalty Card Plus (Union Bank). Aside from the claims form, just need 1 valid ID, LCP, and selfie with both cards. No request for receipts/proof of contributions, etc. They just sent a tracking number so I can view its status thru the online portal.
I filed on March 18 (haha I should have waited for the 2022 dividend rate to be announced! 😅) and got the full amount deposited to my LCP today. Correction: March 30 pala (There was an option to authorize transfer to new MP2, which I should have chosen in hindsight, but I was waffling if I wanted to spread it out to new MP2 and WISP Plus at the time...)
Now I wonder, should I deposit all to my new MP2 now, or should I wait until the 30th and let it earn interest in digital banks first (I moved some of it to Maya goals 🤭)?
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2023.04.01 04:23 PiccoloKuma Which Bonvoy multiplier do Amex reservations booked through portal get?

tl;dr Given that I'm a gold member through my Amex Plat, when i book a Marriott stay using the Amex portal do i get a x12.5 Bonvoy multiplier? A x10 Bonvoy multiplier? Some other multiplier? Or zero Bonvoy points?
Hi! I'm relatively new to travel loyalty programs. I currently have an Amex Gold for food and groceries, and an Amex plat for Airline and hotel bookings. I sometimes stay at Hyatt or Marriott for THC+ (1-3 stays/year) but otherwise book whatever is cheaper on the Amex portal for ×5 MR.
For an upcoming travel plan i was going to select a Marriott (not in FHR nor THC) when i thought maybe booking using a hotel branded card would be better. I was considering getting a Marriott card because it provides a gas bonus, hard to earn Korean AiAsiana/etc. transfer points, and x17 multiple on Marriott hotel purchases. Then i saw that the Boundless CC only provides a x6 multiplier that's added onto a x10 multiplier for being a member. Marriott Gold members get a 25% bonus multiplied (not added) to the existing multiplier (i think?). Which multiplier would i get booking a Marriott hotel through the Amex portal as an Elite Gold member through Amex Plat?
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2023.04.01 03:59 iFunny10 Any tips?

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2023.04.01 02:53 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Michigan men's basketball star Hunter Dickinson enters transfer portal USA Today

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2023.04.01 02:46 epicpanda18 [Joe Tipton] Michigan's Hunter Dickinson has entered the transfer portal

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2023.04.01 02:28 AutoNewsAdmin [Sports] - Michigan men's basketball star Hunter Dickinson enters transfer portal

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2023.04.01 01:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Michigan center Dickinson enters transfer portal ESPN

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2023.04.01 00:59 PHLdawg [Tobias Bass] Gonzaga guard Hunter Sallis has entered the transfer portal Sallis, a former 5⭐️ recruit averaged 4.5 points, 2.2 rebounds, 1.4 assists

[Tobias Bass] Gonzaga guard Hunter Sallis has entered the transfer portal Sallis, a former 5⭐️ recruit averaged 4.5 points, 2.2 rebounds, 1.4 assists submitted by PHLdawg to CollegeBasketball [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 00:45 tonnie_taller Michigan center Dickinson enters transfer portal

Michigan junior Hunter Dickinson, one of eight players in team history with more than 1,500 points and 750 rebounds, has entered the transfer portal.
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2023.04.01 00:38 AutoNewsAdmin [Sports] - Michigan center Dickinson enters transfer portal

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2023.04.01 00:01 PolarisC Hunter Dickinson enters the portal. Can't sit here, Hunter.

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2023.03.31 22:24 diorlipgloss00 Rejected

welp i got rejected today from fit my dream school and honestly i don’t rlly know how to handle it. i truly wanted this, i don’t know if i should reapply again in spring. it all just feels depressing, feels like i lost sight of my goals in a way. since i’ve been dreaming of it since high school and i went to cc in order to transfer /: idk idk idk. also key note for upcoming ppl 2024, pay attention to your portals.
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2023.03.31 22:21 RangersFan243 Wyoming transfer Graham Ike will take a visit to Providence on April 14-16, a source tells @247SportsPortal. One of the top players on the market.

Wyoming transfer Graham Ike will take a visit to Providence on April 14-16, a source tells @247SportsPortal. One of the top players on the market. submitted by RangersFan243 to CollegeBasketball [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 22:04 bilga73 Please advise me on transferring CC credits

Hi I’m going to commit to UMD for fall. I’m HS senior attending Dual Enrollment program and have finished like 15 CC courses from CA, 6 of them being CS courses( mainly programming, Data Structure, Computer Architecture). When I checked the UMD transfer portal for my CC, it only showed total 3 courses that I could transfer. Is there a way to find out how I can get more of my courses to be transferred? The main reason I attended that high school is complete as many of GE classes as I can. For UCs and CSU, I can transfer almost all of them but I didn’t get into UC.
How many courses I can transfer is a major factor in my decision.
Please advise.
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2023.03.31 22:03 Ayskery 24 Hours

For some, even half a life did not pass before the world collapsed ...


I'm Andrew Miller, Research Fellow at the Red Dunes Research Laboratory. I have level 4 access and I'm researching
anomalies in the movement of objects, living organisms in an unnatural way, but by movement by means of transferring matter or energy from one point
to another without passing through the physical space between them, well, it's easier to say teleportation.
I've been working in the Red Dunes for 10 years, but depending on the pace at which we investigate these teleportations, we can say that we will not achieve anything. But,
However, we have discovered something!

The world has shifted one century and I want you to go through your new displacement device.
matter without passing through physical space! Barney said with a skewed face.
It was a small teleporter that could only teleport flower cacti, the whole team did not expect more from Barney.
We all just kept silent and sat stone-faced. At this time, Barni was poking at his teleport, ala MDMWPTPS device.
Could you see the sadness on Barney's face? If I had appeared instead of him, I would not have sad, I would not have been upset because this is a basic level.
Barney got better and better at his job over time. And we started work on the Black Mesa project.
It was 2007, the work is nearing its end. Black mesa shows up as a teleporter to other worlds
to make contact with aliens.
Now work is underway on a crystal that can connect our planet with another. We are still studying this, but during this time we were able to make the appropriate costumes
HEV (Hazardous Environment Suit), this protective suit covers the wearer's body, also this suit is equipped with an antidote for neurotoxins, flashlight, morphine administration, geiger counter and binocular.

The development of the portal has already ended, we chose Barney as the best employee to enter the portal, but he decided to apologize, and gave
Davis (Team Leader) Barney cupcakes.
Well, I've been honored to enter the portal. I took my gun with me and went on my way...

Do you think I should continue this? Or is it hackwork Half Life?
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2023.03.31 21:21 jakehubb0 Hunter Dickinson has entered the transfer portal

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