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2023.05.07 09:35 ogpanicmonkey In today's episode of 'WTF FTS' we explore the topic of my life being a kdrama or Telemundo show cause this can't be real

Okay like I totally 110% understand if anyone doesn't believe all this is happening. I have 404'd multiple times today because logic no longer exists and now I'm mostly dead inside with a dash of anguish sprinkled with WTF.
Seriously. WTF.
So if anyone looks at my account and reads the first post made last night in this sub this is now a continuation of unbelievable shit. 99% this will hit a rational person and cause severe spiritual and logic damage. So buckle up buttercup.
Previous post I mentioned great uncle was in the hospital and terminally ill several hours away. My mother and uncles came down to where my great uncle was hospitalized in the cardiac unit. They sign in with the security lady who supposedly verifies who they're going to see. They get to his floor. They open the door. My great uncle is not there much to everyone's surprise. They find a nurse to inquire where he had been moved to. She informs them he was discharged on Thursday. When I saw him Tuesday he was seriously weak and fuzzy headed and looked like shit. He kept looping. Which tbh not a surprise given his physical state when I saw him. When I was with him in his room I read the whiteboard in his room. Checking numbers and shit while my dad distracted my great uncle (btw my dad isn't related to him. My dad is my mom's ex husband but they still get along great). I notice that his emergency contact was a name I didn't recognize. That puzzled me because his nephew was the closest relative, followed by me, then it was a cousin who lives in a different state and is nowhere near a state line. The name was obviously Filipino and given how my great uncle is as well it was just a tiny bit disconcerting instead of a huge red flag. To anyone who doesn't know Filipinos are really tight knit and friendly. Filipinos can bump into another unknown Filipino on the street and while talking figure out that great grandparents lived in the same village so you are then obviously family and get invited to their house for food. Well I then get distracted by having to quickly grab a nurse to look after my great uncle for a moment.
At the end of the visit I make extra triple sure that my number is in his phone and that I kindly but firmly tell him that should shit go down call me since my closest uncle is an alcoholic and would likely be too inebriated to drive safely to get there to help and he has terrible people skills so he's more likely to piss someone off than get info he wanted. I care about my uncle but he scares the poo out of me especially when drunk. To give y'all an idea of why I'm wary even though I know he cares about me as much as he is able to care about other people. He looks like a living breathing 80's serial killer who likes kids too much. I also know he poured bleach on squirrels that had gotten into his attic space just to hear them scream. My sister and I have agreed we are never going to his house after he passes to go through stuff.
I also make sure my number is put in his chart as a possible emergency contact. Honestly he had six effing numbers in his chart added over a course of few days. I explain to the nurse that there is no member of the family in the city he lives in and while I knew she couldn't give me or anyone else specific details without his permission but if something needed our attention we'd come to help drop of a hat without needing specifics. Because that's what family does in my book.
Fast forward back to today. So my mom and uncles went to his apartment after the hospital. He's lived in said apartment since my mom was a teen. They knock on the door. It opens aaand someone who is very obviously not my great uncle answers the door. Family asks where great uncle was. They are then informed that my great uncle had moved out over a year ago the new tenant had no clue where he'd gone. Guys we'd seen him several times after he'd moved, we'd called and chatted, we'd taken him out to eat. Seriously not a single effing peep about his relocation.
At that point we start to panic because where could he have gone? He wasn't answering his cell and he wasn't going to work for long periods of time because you know shitty health draining him. Couldn't do a welfare check with the police since we had no address to send them to. Due to his health and the ever growing number of red flags we were dealing with we had to file a missing person's report. Through family and friend discussion we figured out the last people to see him that were not hospital employees were my dad and I on Tuesday.
So for hours my family and I have been on the 'wtf is happening' train.
Semi good news the sheriff deputy that got the case found a potential place where he could've gone. Massive problem it was in the sketchiest part of the city. Even the deputy passed on going there alone tonight to check because it is literally that dangerous after dark.
But oh we are not done with the drama. This is the cherry on the shit sundae that is this part of my ridiculous hell. My mom and uncles decided to go to the big city over an hour away to have lunch before turning right on around and heading back to then to go knock on the door because I shit you not my mom said 'it'll give him time to get ready'. WHAT THE FUCK. He's terminally ill, sent home from the hospital before he could feasibly get by on his own before the end, hell the state he was in it'd be hard for even an at home nurse to care for him properly on their own. What is he getting ready for???? Prom???? A quincanera?!?! A wedding??? SWEET BABY JESUS HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HE'S BEING LOOKED FOR.
I, who is usually conflict avoidant and the grand poobah of tongue biting , told my mom and uncles how I found their plan to be stupid. Not mildly stupid. Super stupid. My older sister agrees with me that this is a gold metal level of stupid. I pointed it out and finished it with texting a gif of Neil DeGrasse Tyson dropping a mic. Because all fucks are gone. I don't care if they're pissed about what I said. They needed to be told that in small words and a PowerPoint with plenty of pictures and some flash cards to illustrate my point so they could maybe understand. Not holding out hope though.
Oh and my stepmom is pissed I am not going to my niece's dedication tomorrow. Good days I still can't sit in the sanctuary for church in the church i literally grew in. Too many people in an enclosed area. Right now? After dealing with this mess and the death of my found family's baby girl yesterday I don't understand why she thinks I'd be willing to go to a very crowded space to be near a living baby girl when I found out my very dear friends baby daughter had died less than 48 hours ago. I know I will eventually be able to deal given time and help. Just not right now. Not today.
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