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Boulder, Colorado or discussions on large rocks. For questions about housing, visiting etc: go to About > Rule #2 > Wiki.

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bostonhousing is a great resource for anyone looking for Boston apartments, rooms for rent in Boston, roommates in Boston, sublets in Boston and advice about moving to Boston + the surrounding area — including Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline.

2023.06.03 23:50 rzrgrl_13 A brief Amazon primer

Hi all, I work in e-commerce retail, and I wanted to mention a few Amazon nuances in response to the earlier thread.
AZN has several ways of selling a product:
Sold by merchant, shipped by merchant
Assuming you’re buying from a known brand, this is likely your safest route: AZN is just the marketplace, not the warehouse. The product comes right from the brand listed as the selleshipper.
Sold by merchant, shipped by Amazon
This is probably your least safe option. It’s a 3rd party seller who has sent product to AZN warehouses for fulfillment. This can include the brand itself, but is also where you’ll find all the random resellers.
Sold by Amazon, shipped by Amazon
I’d put this as your 2nd safest. In this case, Amazon has purchased the product from the merchant directly, and is selling it themselves on the marketplace. They seem unlikely to buy fakes, but the product is going through the fulfillment centers with whatever climate/FIFO/co-mingling issues might exist there.
Keep in mind you also need to pay close attention to who “wins the buy box.” If there are multiple sellers - say, the brand, 2 resellers, and one shady counterfeiter - AZN will assign any of those 4 sellers as what you get when you click “buy now” or “add to cart.” This depends on price, shipping speed, etc. and is dynamic.
I always start with the Brand Store to see what the brand itself is selling on Amazon. I don’t believe it’s guaranteed that you’ll get the brand’s buy box by default if you click through from their AZN brand storefront, so do still check that once you get to the product detail page that you want.
Hope this helps some folks decide if they should buy skincare on Amazon or not!
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2023.06.03 23:50 neutrogena-clean Documents in the wrong location?

I've seen this in multiple locations - sometimes the box of documents in one Apartment aren't the documents for that apartment/residents.... they are for different apartments or completely different buildings. Anyone else run into this? Wondering if it's my world seed...
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2023.06.03 23:50 YTDamianDrakeTTV Emergency help

Hey guys...idk whether this place is legit or not, but I'm running out of options, my job recently cut hours and pay and I'm currently in a really bad situation, despite saving every penny I had I've still become 200 dollars short on rent because my landlord raised the price on me after I told them about my work problems. I know 200 dollars is a lot to ask for which is why I'm not doing that, instead I'm asking for 50 dollars just to get me though next week. If anyone is able or willing to help, I'd pay it back asap. Cash app is $ItsMattTho...thanks guys
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2023.06.03 23:50 AlwaysOpenToLearn HR says they aren't allowed to show the report to the person who is involved in it and said person was given no chance to defend themselves against what was said. Therefore cannot verify if what was said is true. Employee was fired over it. Reporter has many worse reports against them. [NH] + [MA]

So a few months ago, a friend of mine got fired for calling another manager an insult (think dick, douche, ass, etc. I can't say, just in case). The situation is a bit complicated. Company A wanted to outsource the work my friend's team did. The outsource company hired whatever members of the initial team wanted to continue there. Manager of Company B's team quits after unknown office politics and Friend eventually takes over position and becomes new manager. Company A hires new employees on their side, one of which, the manager that replaced my friend's position and is now direct liason between A & B, ended up being a complete dickbag who abuses people to the point that nobody wants to work with them. Broke my friend down to tears after screaming at them for not calling them immediately for something "urgent" even though they were on a call with their boss at the time. Friend made mention to boss about the situation, but didn't want to report it in fear of starting office politics. However, they used the word "abusive" which meant the boss was required to report it and did so without my friend's knowledge. Later, friend is talking in a team group chat (unintentionally, another co-worker they are friends with put their message in the wrong chat group. It was meant to be a private conversation). Friend says "[Manager A] is a [insult]" and then quickly realizes it is the wrong group and deletes it. Another (traitorous) team member decides it was a good idea to screenshot the message and send it to Manager A. Manager A reports to HR and friend gets fired the next day, despite there being abuse reports against Manager A. Friend was not contacted by HR or told what was in the report, and therefore was given no chance to defend themselves or to dispute what was potentially said. Friend asked to see the report and was told it was not allowed due to "proprietary information". Friend has no idea what was said. How could they have gotten fired for calling them an insult in a private group chat that was supposed to be a safe space to complain about bosses and managers. Friend, despite being a manager, was still included in the group because they were so close with the other team members (except the traitor who sold them out; traitor was also new and not part of the original team) and had only been promoted a few weeks prior. Actually, friend was promoted twice in a few months and then fired a few weeks later for a comparatively far smaller offense than literal verbal abuse. They were a very VERY hard worker who often worked late into the night to get things done and was often abused by Company A throughout their time there. I don't see how that is a fair practice. Friend wonders if Manager A was told about the initial abuse report and was looking for retaliation, but has no proof. Company A has a track record for not firing employees despite several HR complaints and outsource Company B has a zero tolerance policy. But I don't see how it is fair that my friend was being abused with no consequences but they say one single word in a "safe" chat room and get fired. They wondered if it was related to the other group members being their inferiors.
My friend has not been able to find work since being fired and is now struggling financially. When transferred from Company A they were given a year of severance (which ends in a few weeks) so friend cannot get any help due to technically still having had income. Friend also has a disabled child of college age who struggles with mental illness and is often unable to help with chores and finances. Everyone involved absolutely hates the situation as friend was very good at their job and everyone absolutely hates Manager A. Nobody will take the position to replace friend since nobody wants to work with Manager A.
What can I or my friend do in the way of financial help or legal help (preferably pro bono, it is a large corporation and would be very hard and expensive to sue otherwise). Is there grounds for wrongful termination? Would it be valid if it was in retaliation? How would I prove that? Please help.
Other information: - Friend worked at initial company for over a decade - Friend is about 50 and coworker is about 60 so ageism is a potential motivator. - Information from old co-worker says that no new work has come in so they suspect Company A will not renew another year with Company B, effectively ending that team without technically firing them. - Customers have requested not to work with Manager A and several employees refuse to work with them either.
Note: Any inconsistencies are because I sent this to friend to review and edited accordingly.
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2023.06.03 23:50 scrollwheelie Hanging Lego Artwork

I’m making a Pick-a-Brick order so I can make some 2 dimensional things to hang on my wall. I want to see if the community can help me figure out the right bricks or a rig so I can hang my pieces on a wall with a nail or screw. Ideally just one of whatever sturdy apparatus so I can level it with ease but if it’s going to need two I get it.
I need to figure out exact dimensions when the bricks arrive but I’m thinking it’ll be 3x3 feet (3ft is about a meter for my friends who use Metric). The backplate, supports, and art itself will be 4 plates thick in most places, some squares will be 5 thick. So it’s not going to be crazy heavy, but it won’t be light either.
Can anyone recommend a good system to hang this? Also, I’m not opposed to gluing things permanently because they’ll never be taken apart. I live in California and am a bit sensitive to earthquakes. These will hang above my Titanic and I’d like to make sure they don’t fall and break anything unless something really wild happens.
Thanks so much!
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2023.06.03 23:49 BruceBb2020 Panasonic air conditioner remote display impossible to read under low light.

Panasonic air conditioner remote display impossible to read under low light.
In this day and age , I laid tens thousands of dollars to get my apartment air conditioners replaced. I end up with remote that have no back light and the design makes it’s impossible to read under no lights or low light. The shares of the inner plate makes it difficult to read even under regular light. How is it possible for big brands like this to let such poor design to get away with.
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2023.06.03 23:49 alexthiago How do you remember how bad it feels

This post is mostly for myself. This is me verbalizing that I do in fact have a problem.
A month ago I finished finals and moved back home for the summer. Living with my parents makes me not want to let them down so it had also been a month without smoking and minimal drinking (a drink or two when I went out to dinner w the family). However, this next week I start a new summer job at a city that is a bit of a drive away from my parents’ place so this week I moved into an apartment closer to downtown where I’ll be living by myself for the next couple of weeks. And that’s where the evil lil voice in the back of my mind creeped up. “Ohhh we’re gonna have a great time. We’re gonna work hard during the week of course. But oh boy we’re gonna go out every Friday and Saturday and we can go as hard as we want without the parents cramping our style. We can even uber back so no problemo.”
Yes problemo. Last night was the first night out. I’d been looking forward to this night all month. First time going out at my old stomping grounds in months. Been working out and newly single so extra excited. Going out with a buddy I hadn’t seen in years too. He says no need to uber I can be the designated driver. I say fine but just to be clear I plan to get drink drank drunk. This should have been a red flag.
I don’t remember much. I remember dancing some, kissing someone, getting her number after. The little I remember is just a great time. What’s the problem then? 1) Spent hundreds in drinks; 2) Wasted away all the gains from workouts and dieting with over ten drinks worth of empty calories; and 3) I’m laying in bed at 5pm on a beautiful day having done nothing but lay in bed wishing I was dead before my stomach kills me itself.
And it’s like this every single time I go out. Every. Single. Time. I need to get through my thick head that: just because I had fun, just because I didn’t make any dumb decisions (this time), just because I haven’t lost my job or family (yet) - that doesn’t mean that I don’t in fact have a problem. It doesn’t obviate the fact that I am literally poisoning myself, wasting money, and most importantly, that I will 100% regret it the morning after.
But I always forget. But I don’t want to. I need to remember THIS feeling, right now, at 5:44pm June 3, 2023, when I felt like such shit that I decided to make a public post on the internet about it. I feel like shit. I need to remember the next time the music is nice, the lights are on, and a friendly face says “let’s get a drink”, that THIS is how I will feel tomorrow. I need to remember.
How do you remember?
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2023.06.03 23:49 TomatoCheeks0108 I think I am starting to develop feelings for my coworker, but I'm in a relationship...

Obligatory on mobile and English is not my Mother tongue but I have 0 respect for this language.
I (F20) started work at a new company as a Nurse Assistant last month and honestly most coworkers are really pleasant people and are good to work with, even the managers are pretty decent. Though there is this one coworker (M28) who I really enjoy being in the same shift with. Things just work when he's around, everything gets done in Time, we all have a great time working with each other (3 coworkers per shift) and we even have time to actually do our breaks for the full 30 minutes (which is rare in Nursing :/ ) because he organizes everything perfectly when he's the shift supervisor. He's also really great as an individual, we get along well, usually chit chat a lot during breaks,listen to the same music, exchange funny memes, he even goes the extra mile to explain various things about nursing to me since I will be graduating Nursing school in two years.
I thought I just admired him for being amazing at his job even though he just graduated last year, or that i just liked being around him because he's a cool person, or that he's quite attractive. Nonetheless, I didn't even think of him that way at the beginning because he's a bit out of my age range, but lately I've been feeling more and more nervous around him, i blush when he smiles at me, and I keep catching myself staring at him when I am not supposed to stare at him, I constantly check his reactions to how I act while we are in a group setting with other co-workers, I get close to him without even thinking about it and it making me so confused because I am not supposed to feel that way. I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend (19) for two years now. I'll be honest, we are having a few problems in our relationship for the past time where I told him if nothing changes, that i will fear for our future as a couple. I love him, but I'm scared that I will fall out of love with him because of my coworker situation, I don't even know if these feelings I am having are just a reaction to my relationship problems or if they are genuine. I don't even know if I am actually having those kind of feelings toward my coworker or If I am just exaggerating. I don't want to throw away a great two year long relationship...but I can't help myself feeling this way...
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2023.06.03 23:47 moongladered roommate and dishwasher

I live in my roommates house that her family owns. It’s just the two of us there but her older brother pays for the house and i just pay him rent which is pretty cheap and the utilities are all included. However, my roommate doesn’t use the dishwasher. She uses it for storing dishes that she cleans by hand. So this means everytime i cook i have to do all the dishes by hand. I did this for many years when i was at university and honestly i’m just tired of it. I’ve mentioned it before asking why she doesn’t run it but she said to save water. Because her family is the one to pay the utilities i don’t want to run up their water bill but at the same time i really want to use the dishwasher because i’m at a point in my life where i’m working long hours and dont have the energy to keep doing everything by hand. Would it be wrong or me to ask to start using the dishwasher? How much will it really run up the bill?
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2023.06.03 23:47 Terpdankistan Next up in trim jail: Fried Strawberries (Apple Fritter x Strawberry Guava) from Bloom Seed Co. 70 days of flower, 18 day hang dry, and has been sweating/curing in food grade pails for a week. Finally ready for a haircut, and smelling absolutely delicious: apple and berry pastry.

Next up in trim jail: Fried Strawberries (Apple Fritter x Strawberry Guava) from Bloom Seed Co. 70 days of flower, 18 day hang dry, and has been sweating/curing in food grade pails for a week. Finally ready for a haircut, and smelling absolutely delicious: apple and berry pastry. submitted by Terpdankistan to microgrowery [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 23:47 OneBoredMan02 Time to be a Hero Volume 24

Serious Issues - Time to be a Hero - Volume 24
Sunday 24th June 2017
It's been ten days since Natsuki got kidnapped and held hostage by the recently arrived agents from Coomer. We beat them and promptly moved base to this little cabin like structure just at the outskirts of town, it's run down in places but it's nothing we can't fix up! Since last week nobody has reported any sightings of any Coomer agents which is expected, but I know it's just part of how they work. They look for a trial and follow it, until they find you. But when they do, they don't attack, they hang back for awhile and watch, waiting for a moment to take you by surprise. Stalking you. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Waiting for an opportunity. When they do make their move, they are quick. They are precise. They are calculating. They do not make mistakes. They do not get cocky. They do not let up for a second. That's why we all need to be on high alert and wide eyed. Hell, normal patrol is more dangerous now than ever! We just need to get permission and recognition from everybody else if we want to patrol for the night! Thankfully we came up with a secret code for the group chat, just in case that anybody that hacks into our group chat will not recognise what we are talking about right away. Basically we use emojis to let the others know about certain things, it's a code and it confuses me at the best of times. But Sayori did put this together on a whim so we should be just that little bit safer now. Right now I'm sitting in my apartment watching tv as I wait for Monika to come back from visiting her parents. She asked me if I wanted to come along but I declined her offer, I just want to rest a little bit from working hard to make the base for us. I had Sayori on my back telling me the various things she wanted, it was like her telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas! It was a ridiculous amount of things I had to make and it really took the wind out of my sails! So here I am, just relaxing I guess... I look at the tv show I was watching, it's some random programme about a teacher making drugs or something? I don't know about it, it's kinda funny I suppose, yet I can't really sit down and just enjoy it. In the back of my mind, I'm worried sick about Monika! She's been away for an hour now and I feel like it's been far too long for her to be out and not at least send me a text or whatever! But I shouldn't think too much of this, I'm just stressed out of my mind and very tired. I rub my eyes as I try to return back to the programme, but I just can't. Now that I've acknowledged the worry I can't get it out of my head! Fuck it! I toss away the remote and grab my phone, I'll just give her a text. Ask her how she's getting on with her parents. I shoot Monika a text in our chat reading:
'hey honey! just checking up on u and ur parents, how is it all going??' I set down my phone and wait for a reply...
one minute passes...
She still hasn't seen my text! Argh! Botan, give her time to pull out the phone and have a look at her notifications! She's with her parents for goodness sake, she can't just focus on me all the time! I need to settle down more! Maybe if I do some chores? I stand up and look around the apartment? What could I do? Maybe give the carpet a vacuum? Yeah! I head over to the closet, pull out the vacuum and bring it over to the centre of the living room. I turn it on and start the routine of clearing up the floor. I move the couch and get under it as I make my way around the room. Reaching into little corners and below the tv stand as I make sure everything's clean! I smile as I turn the vacuum off and see that the carpet is now much cleaner! I smile as I put the vacuum back into the closet. I then head back over to the couch and pick up my phone, Monika still hasn't seen my message? I'm getting concerned now, it's been unread for seven minutes, maybe I should phone her?? I go to select the call option but I stop myself, I am just....overreacting. Give her time. Maybe she left her phone in another room? She's at her parents' house after all? Or maybe she still hasn't gotten a chance to? Right, well what now?

Guess some dinner wouldn't hurt? I walk into the kitchen and have a look around the fridge for something to eat? Hmmm, maybe Monika would like something for when she gets back? I grab my phone and give her another text. 'would u like something 4 dinner?' I put my phone back into my pocket as I have another look. Guess I'll have some pizza with some chips! I take out a bag of frozen chips and a pepperoni and cheese pizza, setting them both onto the kitchen counter. I grab a tray for both pizza and fries and set them both out. I head over to the cooker and pre-heat the oven as I give it a minute or so. I then put my chips in first, followed by the pizza and close the oven door. Time to let them cook! I head back over to the living room and sit down. Got to give them time to cook, so what now? I look at the time, it's just coming up to eight? Hmmm, Monika did say she'll be back at around eight so....where is she? Botan! Stop it! I slap myself in the face! I really need to get a grip of myself! Maybe I can destress with a nice bath? Yeah, that will help! I walk into the kitchen and set a timer on the electronic clock for my food to be taken out. I then head into the bathroom and start running the bath. After a few minutes the bath is filled up and has plenty of bubbles going as I take off my clothes, here we go! I step in as the warm water quickly makes me jump in surprise at the heat! I then quickly get in as I relax. Oh yeah, this is much better! I smile, it's almost like I wasn't panicking about my girlfriend potentially going missing when she's out right now! ….urgh! I cover my face in water and take a deep breath. I just need to calm down. That's all. Monika can handle herself. The worse thing that could happen is that she gets killed and I never see her again...rgh! That temper I have, I almost forgot! Jeez, no more thoughts like that! Jesus, why did I even think of that?? Am I really wanting to push myself to burst out there and go looking for her? She's fine! As soon as I think that I hear my phone vibrate in the pocket of my shorts! Oh! That's probably her! I reach over to my towel, drying my hands before grabbing my phone. I take look at the message I just got, it's from Yuri?
Y: 'Hi Botan, I know this may seem a little short notice but can you please come down to the shop? I require your assistance with something' …sigh, fuck off man! I shake my head and chuck my phone away! Fucking Yuri! Why does she have to ask me of all people?! Why not her fucking boy toy?! sigh...calm down man. I'm losing it. Having no Monika around is really bad for me. She's the only thing keeping me from floating away from reason. With Coomer now here too, I guess it's all starting to pile up somewhat? Sigh...right. I pick my phone back up and send Yuri a text.
B: 'kk Yuri, give me 5 mins' I sigh as I sit up, so much for this bath? I quickly get out and dry myself off with a towel. I then walk out of the bathroom after pulling the plug on the bath, my phone vibrates again? I check it, another message from Yuri.
Y: 'thank you very much, please bring your best suit too!' ...oh right! I quickly dry off my hair and get in costume before running to the window-wait! I check on the timer in the kitchen, there's still around fifteen minutes to go? I turn the heat down to the minimum and make the adjust on the time, I just to be sure I don't want to burn down my new home. Monika would kill me. I leap out of the window into the dying light of the day! Okay, to the store! I don't know what's going on with Yuri but she might need my help! Although her texts were quite casual there? No matter! I swing into the air and land on a roof as I see the shop in the distance! Right, be ready for anything! I jump across a gap and leap off of a roof to see Yuri in front of the store? She looks....glum? I land not too far away from her as she looks at me, she doesn't look happy that's for sure? "Thanks for coming Sparrow." She's using my hero name?
B: "Of course citizen? What do you need?" I walk up to her as she looks around herself?
Y: "Uhm, well... there's a person in the store who's...well..." Yuri looks into the store and shivers? "I don't think he's mentally well at all..."
B: "What do you mean?" I look into the store as I spot a man? He's throwing things about in a crazed like fashion?
Y: "I would deal with this myself but..." Yuri whispers as she eyes one of the numerous cameras in the store. "I can't really run off and just come back you know?"
B: "I understand, well what do you think is wrong with him?" She shrugs?
Y: "He came in normal at first, he smiled and even said hello. Next thing I knew he started screaming all of sudden?" We look at the man as he climbs on top of the counter? "I've never seen anything like this before?"
B: "Calm down Yuri, I'll take care of it...did you call for police and an ambulance? This might be a drug related issue."
Y: "I have Sparrow don't worry. All the doors are locked so it will only be you and him in there. Just try not to make too much of a mess please?"
B: "Got it." I walk into the store slowly as most of the lights are off? I look back at Yuri who only locks the front door behind me and gives me an encouraging smile. I think she's a little scared to be in this type of situation. After is very dark, and I'm not too fond of this situation already. I grab a torch from my pouch and get moving, the store just frozen in silence it seems? Okay, come on Botan. You got this. You've dealt with much worse things than just a potential drugged up man. This should be a piece of cake...hopefully? "Hello??" I call out rather nervously, but the silence I get in return just makes my spine shudder. "I'm here to help, please make yourself known!"

?: "YAH!!" A sudden scream comes from my left as I see the man on all fours quickly moving about between the stalls?! What the hell has gotten into him?! I look around before getting the good idea of zipping myself up to the roof to get a birds eye view of the whole store. I do just that and shine my torch downwards, quickly spotting the man huddled over some flowers as he eats them?? Jeez, this man's not right at all! He looks at me with a crazed look before slowly turning. "Ah! baga to yos!" He stares at me as he talks gibberish. "Joka in plot bin!" I just feel sorry as he stares at me, he needs serious help. "Ah! Yoga bob!" He picks up a candle and throws it at me! I'm able to get out the way but it lands me back onto the store floor and out of sight of the man. I can hear him moving about as I try to keep quiet, I need to get the jump on him. I don't want to hurt him of course, this could be some sort of episode he's suffering from? I spawn in some sleeping gas as I look around for him, just going to put to him to sleep so that I can start to look him over. This must be some- "Yawh!" The man jumps on my back as I stagger for a second! He hits me or rather slaps me in the head a few times before I grab his arm and throw him off of me! I'm not too hard as I only pull him off and get in front of me as he tries to scramble to his feet, but sadly for him I'm too quick as I hook his head and apply the gas to his mouth and nose. The man struggles at first but starts to slow down as he eyes close and then he's out. I set him down into the recovery position as I look at him. Poor guy, what was the cause of this? I look at his face as...hold on? I know this guy? That's....Nick! The guy who I saved on my first night here! What's he doing back here?! Nick looks a little worse for ware, his beard is a lot longer as is his hair. He looks like a wild man if anything. His clothes are rather nice though? I get a closer look at him as he breaths gently. I told him not to come back! Or...did he choose to come back? Maybe he was found by some of the big mans' guys? I look at Nick for any sign of some drug use, he couldn't have a mental condition like that? Soon I find two needle marks in both his neck and right arm? Two marks? Hmm, why did he get injected twice? What is this stuff? I take a capsule and a blood sample for later. Sayori and Yuri can take a look at that. If the drug runs in the blood then that will be where our answers lie. The room then gets lit up in blues and reds as the police arrive first! I pick up Nick and carry him to the door as Yuri sees me coming. She unlocks the door as she looks at me.
Y: "Thank you Sparrow! What was wrong with him?"
B: "Drug." I say to her and she subtly nods. The police come over and start talking to Yuri as the ambulance arrives shortly after. I give them the run down of Nicks' actions as well as another sample of blood for them to test, the authorities could do with a heads up about what this drug actually is. Nick gets carted away as things get rapped up rather quickly as the ambulance goes off to take Nick to hospital and the police leave after they take our statements and have a general look around. Soon it's only me and Yuri again, she looks at me.
Y: "Thank you again with your help Botan, I just didn't really know what to do...that was so sudden."
B: "Don't mention" I hand her the sample as she looks at it.
Y: "Is that from the man?" She asks wearing a serious expression.
B: "Yeah, you and Sayori can look it over. You two are the brains after all..."
Y: "Very well then..." She pockets it as she looks at me again. "What's wrong? You look...rather sombre?"
B: "I knew that guy...Nick."
Y: "Were you friends or...?"
B: "Well, do you remember my first night in town?" Yuri thinks before she puts the pieces together.
Y: "Was that the man you helped?"
B: "It was. I told him to leave Yuri, and never come back. But..."
Y: "Did you think he was brought back here against his will?"
B: "He had two clear injection marks Yuri, one on his arm and another on his neck."
Y: "Hmmm...maybe he was jumped with that drug and let a guinea pig?"
B: "Maybe...or perhaps this was a message?"
Y: "What do you mean?"
B: "...the big man knows a lot Yuri, a whole lot more than we think he does." Yuri swallows as I sigh. "I need to get going, I have somewhere to be."
Y: "Oh okay, have a nice night! Thank you again!"
B: "Of course, see you later!" I swing away back home as I'm left feeling rather down. Poor Nick, I didn't wish to see him again see him reduced to that? Is just sad... I arrive back home as I quickly head into the kitchen. I hope the food wasn't burnt! I check the food and see that it's...okay? It's fine I guess? I pull it out and look at it... you know what? I think that-
Knock! Knock!
There's two quick knocks at the door and then shortly a giggle?
M: "Guess who's back~" ….oh fuck! I throw the food into the bin quickly and spawn in some replacement food as Monika comes into the kitchen! "Hey honey, why are you in gear?"
B: "Oh? I was just helping Yuri is all!" She nods as she looks at the food.
M: "Awww, you really made some dinner for us~?" I just nod as I take off my mask.
B: "I guess..." Monika smiles as she sniffs the air?
M: "hmm? Funny?" She then checks the bin... "....ohoho! Did it not go right the first time?"
B: " comment?"
M: "ehehe! It's fine Botan! Don't worry about it!" She sits down as she rubs her head. "aww, what a day. What did Yuri want with you?" Monika looks a little....jealous? Is it? I can't really tell. "I'm not jealous Botan." ...oh...
B: "Sorry! I's been a pretty rough night." I sit beside her as she rubs my back.
M: "How'd you mean? You look pretty upset?"
B: "I just...I went to the shop because a man was...well for a lack for a better word, crazy." Monika nods for me to continue. "Yuri didn't want to run off to get changed so she called upon me."
M: "Why you?" Monika asks rather sternly?
B: "I don't know? Maybe she thought I was best suited to deal with this? I went in there and well..."
M: "Well?"
B: "It' was the guy who I helped on my first night. He was drugged Monika. Probably dragged back here in this mess, taken away from the chance I gave him! I just...don't think that's fair at all..." Monika nods slowly.
M: "Well...was he okay or...?"
B: "He was crazy. Acting like a wild man. A primate. He was eating flowers Monika!" Monika sighs.
M: "Poor guy...what was his name?"
B: "Nick."
M: "Sigh...well? Did you get a sample of his blood or something else?"
B: "I did, it's just...I thought I really helped him Monika. I thought I gave him a way out wasn't enough..." Monika rests her head against my shoulder.
M: "You tried Botan. You tried, and that's good enough for me."
B: "It's not good enough for me though. Nick deserved a life! He didn't deserve that! To be someone's guinea pig!"
M: "Just relax's okay..." I sigh as Monika smiles sadly. "Hey? How about we go lie down and eat this food okay? Let's just snuggle together while eating pizza huh?" She smiles as I nod.
B: "Okay..."
M: "Good boy..." She helps me up and takes the pizza as we go through to the other room to rest.
- Yuri's perspective -
Look at this mess! Was it too much for me to ask Botan to at least help me tidy this up? Sigh...I'm going to be here forever! As I'm sweeping the floor the lights suddenly come back on?
Y: "Huh?" I look at the lights as someone enters the store? "Hello?" …
A: "Boo!" I jump as I see Alex behind me?!
Y: "What?!"
S: "ehehe!" I see Sayori also come skipping in as I relax.
Y: "oh, guys don't do that!"
A: "Sorry Yuri! It was too good to let this pass! What's going on by the way? Why was the place dark, and why is it a mess?"
S: "Are you okay Yuri?"
Y: "I'm fine, it's just...well a man came in with some sort of drug in him." I show Sayori the sample Botan gave me.
S: "Huh? Is this his blood?"
Y: "Yes." Sayori takes it and has a look.
S: "hmmm, if it's a drug I'll find out what drug it is!"
Y: "Thank you."
A: "Did you hurt yourself at all?"
Y: "No I'm fine! I just got Botan to help me is all!"
A: "...I see?"
Y: "I didn't want to disturb your night out guys, after all...I know you two really want to build bridges again after that whole duplicate incident."
S: "Yeah, we're getting better. Slowly but getting there!"
A: "Yeah! Just a few more nights out and we're golden!"
Y: "Just don't try anything together..."
S: "ohoho! I wouldn't worry about it Yuri! I'm not about to steal your man away from you~"
Y: "What?! No! We're just friends!"
A: "Sayori, really??"
S: "Man you two are just hopeless...ah well! You want our help Yuri?"
A: "Yeah! We can help tidy up!"
Y: "That would be grand, thank you!" Alex heads off as does Sayori as I continue sweeping. The three of us focus on cleaning up for awhile as the shop looks a little better! A few minutes have passed and we've managed to pick up most of the destroyed products as well as mop up the floor. Sayori is busy re-arranging the flower display as I finish up collecting the rest of the ruined flowers. I smile as I dump the rest of them into the bin and turn around to see Alex moving a few boxes. I glance over to Sayori, she seems to have this faraway look in her eye? She seems sad? uuu, I want to say something to her but I don't want to say the wrong thing! I walk up to Alex as he looks at me.
A: "Hey Yuri, what's up?"
Y: "Um, it might be just me but.... have you noticed Sayori has been quiet for the past ten minutes or so?" We glance at her as she's smiling while looking at a few flowers.
A: "Well... yeah. I didn't want to say this in front of her but, tonight was one of her quiet nights." I look at him as Alex looks generally worried. "She was... you know?" I nod.
Y: "I see... her rainclouds must of came in again..."
A: "Yeah... I didn't want to provoke her in some way so I just let her be."
Y: "That's probably the right move, she might just be having one of her down days..." We look on in silence as Sayori suddenly turns around and smiles at us.
S: "Okay! I'm done here, what about you guys? Is there anything else to do??"
A: "Uh...Yuri?" I look around... everything seems to be in order? If not, I'll just sort it out for tomorrow.
Y: "It's fine! I think we've done everything we could! Thank you for your help guys~"
A: "Of course!"
S: "You're welcome!" Sayori smiles as she skips to the front door. "I'm going to go ahead a little early if that's okay, I'm rather tired..."
A: "Are you sure? We should go together, that way Coomer can't pick you off Sayori."
S: "It's okay! I'll get the bus! Thanks for your concern~"
A: "...right."
Y: "Well if you're sure, then goodnight Sayori~"
S: "Goodnight guys!" Sayori leaves and skips down the street.
A: "Well... we should think about leaving too."
Y: "Yeah... let me get my bag."
A: "Sure!" I head into the office to grab my things, only to notice the face in the corner of my eye! I turn to see nothing...uh? I could've sworn there was a face peaking into the shop? It might just be me, I've been very paranoid lately... Well, I'm sure it was nothing to worry about...
S: "sigh... so they both noticed me... I'm so fucking worthless..."
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2023.06.03 23:47 ChefBruzz Un-flued Natural Gas Heater Service & Safety Check

I have been running this heater for a couple years, and I purchased it second hand, so I thought I would make sure it is safe to use and have a fitter do a service.
I could not find anyone to take the heater int to to service it (I live in rural NSW Australia) , so I had to resort to an in-house service call, but asphyxiation is no joke, so I bit the bullet.
guy comes out, pulls and cleans the screens, takes it outside and blows it out. (I had already done a pretty good job cleaning out accumulated dust and I actually removed the outer covers to do this).
I ask him if there needs to be a Carbon Monoxide Test, as this is the primary reason that I had the heater serviced. He replies that he checks for gas leaks and that a CO test is not required...
I get billed $5 AUD a minute for the 30 minute call out to do what I have already done, with NO safety test...
I feel like I got dudded.
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2023.06.03 23:47 East_Reserve_9936 AITA for ignoring a friend on the anniversary of her mum's death?

I (23F) started a new office job in May 2022 and quickly became inseparable with my coworker (also 23F). We would spend time after work together, share weed, and even took care of her kitten when she wasn't allowed to have pets in her apartment. We became very close and she was like a sister to me.
However, in January 2023, tensions were high during a couples hangout due to her receiving bad news about a family member passing away. I said something that was taken the wrong way and she snapped at me. We apologized over text but at work, she was off with me for a few days. We eventually made up but she was hot and cold towards me for a few months.
One week, she ignored me all week and I assumed it was another instance of her not liking me. However, it turns out it was the anniversary of her mum's death, which we had bonded over as I had also lost my dad recently. I have difficulty dealing with grief and didn't cry much on my dad's anniversary, so I didn't realize the significance of the day for her.
When we tried to mend our friendship last month, she brought up how hurt she was that I ignored her on the anniversary of her mum's death. I tried to apologize and explain, but she wouldn't hear it.
Now, we work in separate departments and she goes out of her way to make my job difficult.
So, am I the arsehole for ignoring my friend on the anniversary of her mum's death?
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2023.06.03 23:46 BigMom_IsABeast My thoughts after finishing The Owl House

It's a good show. There is beautiful art and animation, the music is fantastic, and the designs for characters and monsters are great.
But I'm just not a fan of many of the writing decisions. Apart from Luz's insecurities and Belos' backstory, it was hard connecting to the characters and the Boiling Isles. To me. the magic system was poorly written. Gaps were missing in character development. Most antagonists were incompetent so it was impossible to take them or the worldbuilding seriously. And I don’t think all of these issues can be blamed on the Great Shortening. They were present in Seasons 1 and 2A.
But honestly, the finale got me feeling something. I was tearing up during the credits. The issues I had were Belos’ death and the Collector’s redemption. Belos’ death was fitting, but I wish it was connected to the complexity behind his backstory. And considering the stubbornness of a mortal like Belos, I wish the Collector’s morality didn’t change so fast. I don’t think I’m a fan of Collector leaving the Isles. Though it was mature of him, so that’s nice. And I definitely have a lot of questions about the lore behind the Collectors and Titan Trappers, which admittedly does have me questioning why the crew left this lore in the final episodes.
But, I can tell these decisions were the result of Disney’s asinine decisions. Dana and her team were restricted and tried to make their best out of a bad decision, which I respect. Especially in the anti-creator sphere of network TV. Even though I’ve disagreed with many writing decisions in these specials and the show overall, I can tell a lot of love was put into The Owl House. 2/3 of these specials being great says a lot.
If there is any show that needed more polish, whether that be a lack of executive meddling, or making sure the lore and worldbuilding are consistent, it would be The Owl House. I look forward to looking back to this show, and seeing how it could’ve been better.
I wish Dana Terrace and every member luck in their future endeavors!
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2023.06.03 23:46 ThrowRA_marblecake He’s getting therapy after 6 years of my begging but I still might leave. Feeling guilty.

It’s a long story but in a nutshell, he’s treated me with disrespect and condescension the past 6.5 years of our 7 yrs together. Belittling, flirting with others in front of me, controlling, treating me as if his way of doing things, feeling, and thinking is better. I can’t begin to describe it. In short, it’s been 6.5 long years of narcissistic emotional and financial abuse and I finally had enough and got an apartment. Didn’t move in yet.
In the meantime, all these years I’ve begged him to go to therapy with me but he refused bc he felt we were too new for it, and then said it didn’t work with his exes and always signaled the end so I just went on my own since 2018. I went from a compliant headnodder to a stronger person who stands up for herself, which has led to a lot of fights. Because of the apartment, he finally decided to see someone. At first he insisted that we go together, but I said no bc I had begged for years and he denied my truth by not going and left it to be my problem. Now that he was going to lose me, he finally goes. I’m still going on my own and didn’t really want to start back at square one.
The problem is I’m not sure it matters anymore. He came home angry from his first session for some reason but told me the next day he is going to learn abt the things he does that cause me to react the way I do, and the things I do (!) that cause him to react. I’m not perfect AT ALL, but I came into this relationship with sincerity and the desire to grow with someone. I turned into a ghost of my former self when I felt I had no right to claim my space due to his incessant criticism, control, and correcting. Therapy is bringing me back — reviving me.
What made my stomach turn was he said the therapist suggested he read the Love Languages book, and he asked if I'd take the quiz. Problem is, I talked to him abt this in 2016 when i felt he wasn't engaging with me like he was the first few months, and I told him my love languages and did the quiz with him then. For years I've reminded him of my love languages and why X or Y would be nice, while trying to accommodate his. For him to talk about it now like it’s this new idea sickens me a bit bc i feel unheard once again and like this is something I've grown beyond. I feel bad even saying that.
He's been super kind all weekend and I feel guilty because I'm done at this point. I just feel very confused as to why he's not been able to be this way all along and feel invalidated that he only is trying this stuff now that he thinks it’s right. He’s done this temporary kindness thing thru out our time together when he’s done something upsetting, but what if this time he means it? Am I leaving a good thing?
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2023.06.03 23:46 Acceptable-Ad9280 Inhaling and vaporizing DMT to efficiently breakthrough

Apologies for the ‘duplicate’. What’s your preferred method of smoking DMT? I know of the glass vapor genie, e mesh, etc. The machine stands out to me, however I want to drop $130 on the GVG. But is the machine perfectly reasonable as well, or is the quality difference outstanding? What type of lighter would I use, a butane torch, holding it a few inches out, or just a grill lighter to avoid burning the dmt? How do you do an inhale, 35mg in one long 20 second toke, holding for 20 seconds, or do you do like 2 tokes, 10 seconds, hold for 8 seconds? I really would avoid doing 3 tokes, it becomes impossible to do more as the world is breaking apart. Any great videos on how to vaporize it (aka a good explanation for newbs- sharing DMT with friends) would be amazing.
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2023.06.03 23:45 WhizzerGoingDown_ Need Help With Bills/Education

I am currently struggling to pay rent, as well as saving up in order to pay for my education (I'm at college, all self-funded) and top surgery. It's not as urgent as some of the other ones here, but I lost my dad a few months ago, which hasn't helped as he was helping me out as a guarantor on my rent when I couldn't make payments.
I have attached both the link to my gofundme and my ko-fi account. Anything is appreciated!
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2023.06.03 23:45 Bmil [WTS] 16” AR barrel assembly/front end

Ok it’s time to sell this salty boy. $250 shipped OBO for the barrel assembly and handguard, +$10 for the QD end plate (also salty) and +$25 for the F5 mfg EBR v2 (it’s like a bad lever but it’s a single piece so bolt catch + lever).
Barrel still has life in it, rifling is fine and the gas port isn’t gaped. She needs a cleaning for sure, all the exterior tarnishing is cosmetic from being shot in a variety of conditions.
Parts list:
Midwest Industries G3M 15”
Ballistic Advantage 16” SPR profile barrel 223 Wylde (mid length gas)
CMMG or Midwest Industries gas block (can’t remember and seriously can’t tell the difference)
Dead Air Keymo Muzzle Brake (timed, torqued, and Rocksett into place)
Selling as a bundle because I can’t be fucked to pull it all apart.
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2023.06.03 23:44 C_Plot The Facets of Socialism

From socialism
There are certain facets we should expect from socialism. I see the State, not as a monolith, but as a site of class struggle between capitalists and proletarians. Once the working class becomes, en masse, a class for itself, it will substantially win that class struggle over the State and with that usher in socialism by eliminating class antagonisms, class distinctions, as well as amputating the repressive apparatuses, and thus transform the State (an instrument for the oppression by a ruling class) into a socialist Commonwealth (government subordinated to the needs and concern of society).
Among the facets I view as important are:
  1. smashing / amputating the repressive forces of the military and bureaucracy—replacing standing mercenary armies and mercenary police with a Militia, self-service and community self-service government based in web APIs with programming code faithfully implementing statute code, fundamental rights genuinely enjoyed universally and not as mere façade (rights is the accused, rights of the convicted/sentenced, Militia rights, non-common/non-public sphere rights).
  2. a democratic republic that stewards, operates, and acts as the proprietor for our common wealth (common resources such as common facilities and common services) in a distributed manner (global, nation-state, province/state, county, municipality, commune)
  3. workers in control of the means of production, through cooperative enterprise, a.k.a. communist enterprise (where the enterprise is directed democratically, one-worker-one-vote instead of with the capitalist plutocratic enterprise with one-dollar-in-wealth-one-vote)
  4. all rents—the revenues from selling natural resources—accrues solely to the public treasury for distribution equality as aN Unconditional Universal Basic Income (UUBI) social dividend
  5. the implementation of Pigouvian subsidies and fees (from Fabian socialist Alfred Pigou from which the name derives) and usage fees for other common services that warrant neither subsidy (positive externality resources) nor excise (negative externality resources)
  6. a heavily graduated progressive income tax to fund any remaining positive externality resource subsidies beyond the revenues available from excising negative externality resources (mostly needed for arming the Militia and for withering away criminal Justice mechanisms)
  7. Facilitating the formation of residential communes with direct democracy town halls in our small scale and low population neighborhoods—facilitating also greater direct-production-consumption opportunities than we can achieve in our households
I focus on the US mostly and so I have insufficient knowledge of the intricacies of actually existing socialist countries to adequately evaluate them against this list of facets. In broad strokes though, many actually existing socialist nation-states accomplish facet item (2): even the Nordic nations and other European nations do fairly well on that front. As you say China has done very well on facet item (2).
The Nordic nations and Western European nations excel on item (1) beyond most of the overtly named socialist nations, but they often flounder in trying to ill-advisedly conform to US draconian demands (surrounding drugs and other Vice laws), though Portugal, ruled by a coalition of communist, socialist, and green parties, is in the vanguard in eliminating these Vice laws (these laws are used for entirely repressive purposes and do not belong in a republic). We see Nicaragua backsliding on personal rights by outlawing abortion. China deploys a collective punishment of Uighers prostrating itself to Global capitalists and the US capitalists who demand repression of Muslims by every nation-state.
Cuba has eliminated the death penalty since the early 2000s and compare very favorably with the rogue and repressive Guantánamo Bay human rights desert run by the US on what is supposed to be Cuban territory. Cuba also has a Militia but my understanding is that it is not as robust as we should expect within socialism.
Most all fail to universalize cooperative enterprise (with exceptions only for prudent carve outs for common resource socialist enterprise such as transport networks, insurance risk pools, money-payments and general credit, a common marketplace or allocation system otherwise, general applied research projects, and manufacturing the non-fungible resources needed by government by buying fully fungible resources from fair and equal auctions). This is the condition for the very control of means of production by workers.
Any other details regarding natural resource rents, Pigouvian subsidies and fees, and heavily graduated progressive income taxes are beyond my knowledge for the actually existing socialist nation-states (whether they proudly claim the socialist moniker or not).
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2023.06.03 23:44 Aggravating_Fan_9296 F19 M20 Please tell me if I am being selfish or is my boyfriend being selfish

So I wanna know if I’m just being selfish or what. So my boyfriend lives in a house and has to park on the residential street. I live in an apartment building and have an assigned parking space that me and my mother have to share. My mother has a handicap place card and we have handicap parking in our building so usually whoever getting home first for the night has to park in the handicap so that whoever comes home last can have a space and park in the assigned space. Mind you the handicap parking is not an assigned space so anyone can park there as long they had a handicap place card. My mom doesn’t go out late so if I’m home first I’ll park in the handicap and then when she gets home I’ll move my car and she will park there so that I can park in our assigned space when I get home. My boyfriend was picking me up and dropping me off when we first got together now he is starting to want me to drive to him and save his parking space while we are out in his car and then when we come back late at night usually 11:30pm-12:30am I have to drive back home in my car and park in my assigned space. My whole point of this is, i don’t feel like i should be driving home late at night after being with my boyfriend just to save his spot in front of his house even though I come home to a parking space. Am I being selfish or should he be picking me up and dropping me off when we are taking his car.
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2023.06.03 23:44 Ueberjaeger With the Hard Rock Cafe closing and McDonald's, Uniqlo, Ale House, Banana Republic, Tea with Tae, Bayou Bob's, Rialto Cafe, Pizza Colore, TJ Maxx, Paramount Cafe, Marlowe's, and many other stores, restaurants, and coffee shops closed—we will be witnessing the platinum age of the 16th Street Mall!

Open your eyes people! Is it really all that hard to imagine? All these vacancies are giving us a beautiful, clean canvas to work with.
I foresee a hip microbrewery opening up with all sorts of adventurous new brews. I can almost taste their bubble gum-graham cracker double IPA. I'm imagining a nice crisp tripel made with vaginal yeast. Their food menu would have exotic dishes such as a hamburger on a brioche bun with horseradish aioli and arugula.
The City and County of Denver could convert some of the vacant spaces into places of safety. Some could be safe injection sites with free aluminum foil. Others could be converted into garages for people to work on and store their bikes so they don't have to do it on the greenbelt or in an alley. Most importantly, a few could be converted into spaces with high ventilation (I'm thinking well over 1,000 CFM) so that our more Bohemian Denverites can safely unbox their Funko Pops without concern for the harmful effects of vinyl off-gassing.
Why are so many people off-put by the possibilities of a clean canvas? Why can't people see a vacant storefront as a beautiful space for an artisan gastropub, an art gallery of upcycled needles, or another spot full of mile high soul to spring out of?
Namaste and Akoocheemoya my fellow natives.
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2023.06.03 23:44 elainefromseinfeld Chapters 34 & 35 Discussion Post

Hello Middlemarchers, and welcome to Book 4! When last we left our friends, Lydgate and Rosamund had just gotten engaged, as had Celia and James, Casaubon had been warned to give up work for his health, and Mary hoped she had done the right thing by not interfering with Featherstone’s older will on his request. Now let’s see what they get up to next.
It’s Featherstone’s funeral, and it’s a busy affair. People are excited to see who is bequeathed what and the funeral itself is pretty luxurious. The narrator notes that Casaubon, though a natural choice for ordaining the funeral, was not at all liked by the late Featherstone, who found him preachy, so Mr Cadwallader is leading the processions instead. The funeral is being watched from the window at Lowick by Dorothea, Celia and James (who are now married), James’s mother, Mr Brooke, and Mrs Cadwallader. Casaubon stays in his office working, in spite of Lydgate’s earlier warnings that this will be bad for his health. They spot Lydgate with a beautiful young woman - Rosamund - and Mrs Cadwallader comments on the local farmers who have enough financial freedom to not be beholden to landlords like the tenants she’s used to. Eventually, Casaubon drifts into the room, just in time for the assembled viewers to spot Ladislaw in the crowd! Mr Brooke reveals that he has invited Will to stay at the Grange, and everyone notices that Dorothea is alarmed by the news. Casaubon suspects privately that Dorothea has orchestrated Will’s visit. Not even hearing that the drawing of him as Thomas Aquinas is ready perks him up.
In the next chapter, the assembled relatives await instruction from Featherstone’s will, when the lawyer announces that TWO wills have been discovered! (We knew this, but they didn’t!) The lawyer supposes that the earlier will, which has been ratified, is the legal one. Apart from some small bequeathments including gifts for the relatives and a few hundred pounds to Rosamund and Mrs Vincy, the bulk of the estate is left to someone called Joshua Rigg (who has to change his name to Featherstone) who is not surprised. Mr Trumbull calls for the second will to be read. This will also leaves mostly everything to Rigg, but instead of leaving small gifts to relatives it set up a charitable foundation in Featherstone’s name for the poor. The relatives all take the hump. Neither will leaves Fred anything, and he is bitter, commenting to Mary that he will have to go into the clergy to support himself. Mary hopes that the disappointment will be a shot in the arm for Fred, but she ultimately doesn’t have time to worry about him, as she also has to find a new situation.
Context & notes
As usual, I’ve popped some questions in the comments to get us started, but they’re just a jumping off point. Please be mindful of spoilers if you’ve read ahead, and feel free to ask questions. Now let’s gossip!
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