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Phantom Forces roblox subreddit. Post your stuff here, ask questions, or just chat.

2023.04.06 16:58 Due-Blueberry-80 So i wanna looking for phantom phorce hub and then i found a script in the hub that was saying WARNING WARNING EXPLOITING IS A CRIME and then saying they are gattering my ip and like it a crime stuff like that is that true?

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2023.03.10 23:12 rayofheimdall louadout

can someone make me a phantom phorces loadout. ( im level 27)
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2023.02.28 12:17 Gunner_3101 oopsie doopsie, stylis did a mistake. same thing for me, previously consistent 60 fps now its a very stuttery 40 fps
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2022.12.30 18:15 essstar Phantom Phorce

Apologies if this is posted elsewhere... I bought the most excellent Phantom Phorce CD when it came out a million years ago and loved showing off the cool arcade game cardboard pop-up while full on rocking out to the very delicious remixes. I've since moved too many times to know where it has gone, and after my external HDD died a few years ago, I lost all those songs/files. To no avail, I've hunted furiously across the web for a Phantom Phorce album torrent. I've seen individual tracks on Youtube that I can rip and cobble into an album-ish, but I want the whole package with the Kurt Stern segue bits n' all. Does anyone have a link to a torrent or even their own ftp/dropbox/mega link, for example, where I can download this whole album and re-re-re-appreciate anew? Thanks for your advice and help Reddit fam.
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2021.07.31 13:27 _pogmydudes666 PF needs big changes

I love Phantom Phorces, it's my favourite Roblox game. It has hundreds of weapons nad attachments and it has a solid amount of people who play it, but it needs plenty of changes. This is the two things that I think should be added to the game or improved.
1: A better anti-hackers system. Players should be able to contact players selected by Stylis who are able to ban or votekick, but only when requested, so they don't abuse of their power.
2: Stylisshould add more frags and equipment to the game. It currently says that that feature will be added when PF2 will be released, but it's not actually being released so i think it's time for different frags and equipments to be in game.
This is my opinion.
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2020.10.19 02:35 ratsbastard no one talks about this game....

Impulse remastered is great to play it's an absolutely amazing game with not that much weapons but good gameplay and just super fun.This game is honestly better than phantom phorces mainly because of the fact that no one spawn camps. the game also has no one playing it so please play it , it deserves so much more attention. This game is also great because it's easy to get used to (if you've ever played call of duty) This game will be linked in the description!
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2020.10.18 04:04 ratsbastard Hey guys im in need of help because the only front page shooter games i see is phantom phorces arsenal and bad business i want some high quality shooter (that aren't on the front page)

Gimme some good ones cause there basically none.
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2019.02.20 00:57 MEK42 [For Sale] Prices LOWERED! Something for everyone sale: Margot Box-Set, Vaporwave, Daupe, Ambient/Downtempo, Signed Records, OSTs and MORE!

Lowered many prices and added a bunch of stuff. If you've seen this list before, it has changed, so look again :)
Shipping from California, $5 shipping in the USA
Most records are VG+ to NM and if you pick one that isn't, I'll let you know. A fair amount are even sealed (I didn’t mark every sealed one as sealed)
$10 LPs
Lazer Sword - S/T
Lilys - Eccsame The Photon Band (Ghostly Pale)
Male Bonding - Endless Now (Blue)
Mew - +- (Sealed)
Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon
Rollmottle – The Obsolete Man
Roedelius - Selected Pieces 1990 to 2011
Sam Means – 10 Songs (Yellow, member of The Format, sealed)
Seregeneti - Kenny Dennis LP
Shamir - Ratchet
The Sugarcubes - Here Today Tomorrow Next Week
The Low Anthem - Smart Flesh
The Fresh and Onlys – Long Slow Dance
The Reveling‎– Consider Everything An Experiment (purple /50)
The Godfather OST
$15 LPs
2Cellos - Celloverse (Translucent)
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Stone Flower
Clutchy Hopkins - The Storyteller
Douglas Dare - Aforger (Clear)
Echo and the Bunnymen - It's All Live Now
Guy Pearce - Broken Bones (Blue)
Malinga Five – Rock Africa (Unofficial)
Metaboman – Ja/Noe (Sealed, 3XLP)
Owen – The King of Whys (Red starburst loser edition, slight warp but play not affected)
Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl (Sealed early bird edition)
Spoon - Hot Thoughts (Pink)
Storyville and Mega Ran - Soul Veggies
Spaghetti Blacc, gnats - Paper Jam 2k14 tha conspiracy
Such Hounds - Strangers (Yellow, numbered)
Stranger Cat - In The Wilderness (numbered, rainbow)
Tycho - Dive (12" Single)
Tracy Bonham - Wax and Gold
The Legends – It’s Love (Red)
Tennis - Yours Conditionally (VMP)
Various - Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack (Robin Red)
Wavves - Beach Demon / Weed Demon (7")
$20 LPs
Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin - Music Is My Medicine
Darksleep - Obviate (Vaporwave)
Giants - Old Stories (White/Gray/Oxblood)
How To Dress Well - Total Loss (No 7", but limited pink and white version)
Kisses - Rest In Paradise
Kutiman - Space Cassava (Sealed)
La Roux - La Roux
The Marshmallow Ghosts - The Marshmallow Ghosts
Massive Attack - Blue Lines (2012 repress, disks have marks but plays VG+)
Mike Watt - Contemplating The Engine Room
Paramore - Brand New Eyes
Serengeti - Kenny Denis III (VIP numbered edition)
Sleep Party People - Lingering (VIP) - 25
Tad - God's Balls (original press)
Tim Heidecker - Titanic and Other Songs (Sealed)
Various - Death Row - Greatest Hits (4XLP)
The Wombats - Lost In The Post (not numbered promo, comes with WomEx outer sleeve) - 25
Kelis - Kaleidoscope - 25
Game of Thrones Season 6 OST - 25
Scream - Fumble (1993 press) - 25
Various - Arts + Crafts: 2003-2013 (4xLP Comp Clear vinyl) - 30
Asking Alexandria - From Death to Destiny (Red/Black split) - 30
Asking Alexandria - Stand Up And Scream (Blue/black split) - 30
Asking Alexandria - Reckless + Relentless (Cleablack split) - 30
Jessica Jones S1 OST (Purple) - 30
Iron Fist S1 OST (Green) - 30
NxWorries - Yes Lawd! Remixes (Clear, sealed) - 30
DJ Krush - The Message At The Depth - 30
Three Fish - Three Fish (Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam's side project) - 30
Meyhem Lauren - Terminal Illness - 30
Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquesta - Jet Set Siempre (Gold) - 30
Hollywood Undead - Swan Songs (Clear vinyl box set with Small T-Shirt) - 30
Damien Jurado - Visions Of Us On The Land (Deluxe) - 30
Markus Guentner - Theia - 30
Welder - Florescence - 30
Two Finers- Stunt Rhythms (3lp Blue) - 30
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (2LP + 1LP deluxe reissue) - 30
Moon Wiring Club - Leporine Pleasure Gardens - 30
Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of (Yellow VMP) - 30
Worthless - All My Friends Are Stone (crazy splatter and flexi) - 30
Kevin Devine - Instigator (Clear with red and green splatter, sealed) - 30
Reggie Watts - Pot Cookies 7" - 30
Blue Sky Black Death - The Holocaust - 35
Godsmack - 1000HP - 40
Juliana Hatfield - Hey Babe (porcelain blue, /50) - 40
Sculpture - Toad Blinker (Zoetropic picture disk vinyl) - 40
Los Campesinos! - Sticking Fingers Into Sockets (10") - 40
MF Doom - Mm Food (Green/White VMP, sealed) - 40
True Detective OST - 40
Super Furry Animals - Phantom Phorce (Gold) - 40
The Killers - Hot Fuss (Clear, box set exclusive) - 40
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland (Glow in the Dark with rainbow splatter, inverted color cover) - 45
Marcus D & nitsua - Epoch - 45
City and Colour - Sometimes (Blue/Orange) - 45
David Gray - Foundling (Sealed) - 45
ev.exi - Remember - 45
The Blasting Company - Over The Garden Wall OST (Harvest Festival) - 45
Wolf Alice - Visions of a Life (Signed on the cover) - 50
Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport - 50
Shigeto - Full Circle - 50
The Maine - Less Noise (Sea Glass) - 50
Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks (Black) - 50
of Montreal - An Introduction To Of Montreal (TEST PRESSING, comes in the regular jacket of the album) - 50
Robohands - Green (Cream Vinyl) - 50
Desertshore - Drawing of Threes (Orange) - 50
Dredg - Catch Without Arms (Green) - 55
The Aquabats! - The Fury Of The Aquabats (Blue, signed) - 55
Soundgarden - Superunknown (CLEAR VINYL pressing, Disk 1 has a slight warp that causes needle jumps on the first track on each side. Disk 2 is fine. Price reflects this) - 55
Sparta - Threes (Peach and Black Splatter) - 55
City and Colour - Little Hell (Red, tour exclusive) - 60
Kevin Devine - Put Your Ghost To Rest (2LP Orange/Green/White/Black Splatter) - 60
Ghostface Killah - The Lost Tapes (Glow in the Dark, Sealed) - 60
WestsideGunn- Hitler Wears Hermes VI (Black/Red split, sealed) - 60
HKE - HK - 60
Coconut Records - Goats OST - 60
Sum41 - All Killer No Filler (Blue) - 60
Morcheeba - Fragments of Freedom - 60
As Tall As Lions - As Tall As Lions (numbered, blue) - 60
Tape Loop Orchestra - Before The Light - 60
UGK - Underground Kingz - 70
Flughand - EXPEDITion Vol 7: Moonloops (numbered) - 70
LCD Soundsystem - Christmas Will Break Your Heart 7" (Sealed) - 70
Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation (Yellow) - 80
Mae - The Everglow (Anything variant) - 80
Surfing - Deep Fantasy (Clear) - 125
Rick and Morty Box Set (SDCC Exclusive Variant) - 120
Airiel - Winks & Kisses (3LP) - 140
Margot & The Nuclear So and So's - The Bride On The Boxcar 5LP (Black vinyl, water damage stains to the bottom of the backs of the pages inside but disks were unaffected and are VG+, price reflects the "damage") - 190
Thanks for looking. Best wishes to all.
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2018.09.16 21:22 Han_Brolo [For Sale] Digable Planets, Harmonia & Eno, Metallica, Ministry, Migos, Ryo Fukui, Skeletonwitch, Super Furry Animals (link to Discogs with more for sale as well)

Hi everyone- spent a little too much on records recently (who can relate?!) so I have the below up for sale. Will be adding more later today, but feel free to check out my Discogs for sale list to see what else I have.
Meanwhile- here is a short list. Shipping is media mail from Los Angeles, flat $4 for as many records as you want.
Digable Planets - Reachin' (A New Refutation Of Time And Space) - [Light Blue Vinyl - Turntable Lab Pressing - Sealed - Mint] - $35
Harmonia & Eno '76 - Tracks And Traces [2009 pressing - Sealed - Mint] - $20
Metallica - Hardwired...To Self Destruct [Black Vinyl, Near Mint] - $15
Ministry - Live Necronomicon [White Vinyl - Sealed - Mint] - $35
Migos - Culture II [Red Vinyl - Sealed - Mint] comes with a signed insert that has been debated as being either actually signed by Migos (which was what was advertised) or stamped...hard to tell for me, really - $40
Ryo Fukui - Scenery [We Release Jazz Reissue - Sealed - Mint] - $30 SOLD
Ryo Fukui - Mellow Dream [We Release Jazz Reissue - Sealed - Mint] - $30 SOLD
Skeletonwitch - Devouring Radiant Light [Orange Vinyl - Near Mint] - $20 SOLD
Super Furry Animals - Phantom Phorce [Gold Translucent - Near Mint] - $40
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2017.02.10 18:13 blox4fun I See EVERYTHING in DARK Places GLITCH in Phantom Phorces Capture The Hi...

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2017.02.04 03:39 blox4fun Phantom Phorces playing against my dad :)

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2013.11.30 00:29 surfingelectrode SELLING: Arcade Fire, Black Angels, DEVO, Yo La Tengo, Dr Dre, etc

Hey guys, here's some stuff I'm looking to sell. All of these are in NM/+ condition and most are still in shrink. Shipping is $3 for US, more for international. If any of these prices are too high, feel free to make an offer. Thanks!!
Arcade Fire - Reflektor - Played once, mint. - $17
Black Angels - Passover - Reissue - $15
Casket Girls - Sleepwalking - Record Club Edition, 230/260 - $15
Deerhoof - Milk Man - Yellow reissue - $12
DEVO - Something for Everybody - Blue vinyl with CD in shrink - $15
Dr Dre - The Chronic - Reissue, in shrink - $15
Elephant Stone - s/t - Limited edition screenprinted version - $15
Foxygen - Take The Kids Off Broadway - in shrink - $10
Jesus Lizard - Inch 7" box - Wear to plastic sleeve, everything else mint - $27
School of Seven Bells - Disconnect from Desire - $15
Super Furry Animals - Phantom Phorce - $15
Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs - $15
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2013.11.05 07:38 surfingelectrode SELLING: A weird mix of stuff... Black Angels, Casket Girls, Deerhoof, Jesus Lizard, etc

Hey guys, here's some stuff that I'm looking to sell. Everything here is NM and has been taken really good care of. If any of these prices are too high, feel free to send me an offer. Shipping is $3 in the US, more for international.
Black Angels - Passover (reissue) - $15
Casket Girls - Sleepwalking (Record Club Edition, 230/260) - $15
Deerhoof - Apple O' (Blue reissue, in shrink) - $17
Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity (Green reissue, in shrink) - $15
Foxygen - Take The Kids Off Broadway (in shrink) - $10
Jesus Lizard - Down (reissue) - $15
Jesus Lizard - Inch (9x7", plastic holder has some wear) - $30
School of Seven Bells - Disconnect from Desire - $15
Super Furry Animals - Phantom Phorce - $15
Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs - $15
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