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2023.06.07 20:41 Kengo5o I was hating my life until I drank coffee

I was never an everyday coffee girl, just once every now and then. I got pregnant a couple years ago and cut out all caffeine. Tried to drink coffee when I was breastfeeding and it made my lo projectile vomit so I've been pretty strict no caffeine for a while now. We just moved out of state and lo is going through a big growth spurt. Very clingy and needy. Husband is straight back to working and basically left me to take care of the baby and unpack by myself. We also downgraded so there's too much stuff for this smaller place.
The last week I have completely melted down. I can't keep up with the baby, making three meals a day for both of them (hubby works from home), basic house chores like laundry and dishes and cleaning all while unpacking. The house is a complete shit show. I was feeling completely defeated. I was begging my husband for a big mac but he wants to save 🙄. I nearly cried over that haha.
Anyway. I was on the verge of tears this morning while making my husband coffee. Hating the fact that he never wakes up before me and always asks me to make him coffee (it's a small thing, I know, just very overwhelmed). I ended up pouring myself some and drank a cup.
I'm in love with life again. What the fuck is up with coffee??? How did it just make me fall in love with everything that is wrong?
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2023.06.07 20:39 n999o [Serio] - Como le digo a ella de su olor

Porfavor si no tienen idea, apreciaría mucho que no hagan chistes o comenten pavadas que no aportan.
Estoy saliendo con una mina y me gusta y atrae. El problema es que tiene un olor horrendo en su parte íntima.
No soy un virgo, he tenido relaciones con varias y si bien nadie está libre de olor, no es normal lo que tiene ella (al menos dentro de mi concepto de normalidad basado en las experiencias que tuve); esto es inaguantable, mezcla de atún rancio, basura y aliento de perro.
Esto hace que intimar no sea nada agradable, mas que nada al momento de ponerla que se "impregna" El olor y, al tener contacto con el aire, se empieza a sentir de forma tal que baja la calentura.
A alguien le pasó? Como lo manejo? Es una situación horrible.
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2023.06.07 20:38 cynicalnoodles My (25M) girlfriend (24F) of almost 2 years is worried about the long-term

My girlfriend and I have been dating almost 2 years. We have been long distance for the last year (7hrs flight away), and see each other in-person about 7 days a month. She is about to move closer (2.5 hrs away) to start a PhD program in the fall, and is understandably under a lot of stress around that.
Neither of us dated much before other than a few coffee or dinner meetups that went nowhere during/post-college. We both had 1-2 year long relationships in high school.
Her parents divorced a few months ago. One factor in the divorce, among several others, is that her mother felt that she settled down too soon without having explored herself or dated many other besides her father. My girlfriend shares that fear, and has been worried about her own lack of dating experience.
We are serious, and have talked about considering getting married and starting a family within the next 5 years. But that nagging fear of wanting to explore herself has been a constant fear of my girlfriend ever since things got serious between us.
On her most recent visit, we nearly broke up. She expressed that she was feeling like she needed more space. I offered to reduce our contact/virtual dates when we are apart, and she was open to that idea. I told her that we should take advantage of the time we are long distance to explore our hobbies, careers, and friendships.
But she nearly left because she is worried about the long term. She worries that this is doomed to fail because of that nagging fear of not having had dating experiences with enough partners. I told her I still wanted to try anyways, because our relationship has been so special, and she agreed for now.
I know this will be a long term issue for us to work through. How can I best support her, while also building her and my confidence that what we have is really special?
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2023.06.07 20:38 Registeelurgirl Is the 9-5 better?

so, I don't work a 9-5. I am self employed running a buy and sell business. I am single. I wake up any time I want. My job pays the bills/ food although I split rent with my brother where we live in a high rise building in the center city (1 br quite expensive). Basically I live comfortableish but I have no savings really. I am 30+. I have all the free time to go travel, work on hobbies, do whatever I want. I feel retired, but a lot of the days I waste it... there is no scheduling and I feel autopilot a lot. I mean I do have gym membership where I go at least 4x a week. I think why I think I don't have a good life is I am 30+ and I should be married with kids at this age. Also, I am working an unconventional job where it is quite unstable and that might put strain on my future wife and kids so maybe I have anxiety and need to pursue something more stable like a 9-5 before I put myself out there and start dating? people like my brother who works a 9-5 get to have that stability so no one would be afraid to enter into a ltr with him. He also is content with his job because he knows what to expect of his day. Also feeling tired after a long day is the best feeling ever because you feel you accomplish something. I, on the other hand don't get to experience that. what you think?
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2023.06.07 20:38 badassbisexualbitch Andromeda Advice

Hi guys! You probably remember me from the frustrated post about ME3.
I decided that ME3 not working was a problem for future me on another playthrough, googled the ending (am still in denial lol) and now plan to start Andromeda.
I know people have some….opinions about it but I’d like to experience it for myself. Since it’s a Mass Effect game, and Mass Effect games can have some pretty terrible outcomes if you don’t do the right thing (the suicide mission comes to mind) I was wondering if there were any general things to do to get the best outcome. Nobody dies, world doesn’t end, that sort of thing.
As before, any advice will help. Thanks so much, and Keelah Se’lai!
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2023.06.07 20:37 BloodWagon On September 15, 1958 someone deliberately caused the crash of a Soo Line passenger train in Hamel, MN, and got away with it

By Rail to Canada, no Passport Needed
The clock showed 9:30 PM, Central Standard Time, September 15, 1958. Soo Line Train 9/13 was 21 minutes behind schedule as it cruised along in the fall Minnesota night, heading into the shallow bend towards the town of Hamel. There was no need to slow down from 58 MPH (93 kph) as the approaching station was not a stop for the train on its way to Portal, North Dakota and Winnipeg, Manitoba. From Minneapolis to Glenwood, Minnesota the two trains, also known as the “Dominion” and the “Winnipeger”, ran together before being split for their final destinations. The Dominion would be picked up by the Canadian Pacific for connection to Vancouver, British Columbia the next day.
GP9 diesel-electric locomotive No. 557 lead the train with the engineer and fireman aboard, followed by cabless power unit 503B. Behind them came six baggage cars, five sleepers, three coaches, and a lounge car, not in that order. Aboard the cars were 75 passengers, about five Pullman Company sleeping car porters, three dining service employees, three mail clerks, two baggagemen, the conductor (H.M. Ratje), and two brakemen.
Bright headlights shown ahead in the dark. The firemen, seated on the lefthand side of the cab, was observing a road crossing ahead of them. The engineer, Herman J. Steinke, was keeping an eye out on the tracks ahead. One detail was missed by both men, however. A green light supposed to mark the switch for the siding that served local businesses in Hamel was dark. In fact, although they never could have seen it, the lock had been bashed off and the switch thrown so it pointed into the siding. The lamp extinguished. At full speed, Train 9/13 rocked hard and as it hit the siding curve 120 feet later, jackknifed across the tracks at 9:35 pm.

The Accident
Miraculously, no one was killed as the first eight cars and both locomotives derailed spectacularly. Sixteen people were hospitalized for their injuries among the dozens treated at the scene. Witnesses in Hamel reported the crash impact felt like an earthquake, calling in to the Hennepin County Sheriff to notify them of the disaster. The Sheriff’s emergency calls were answered by Civil Defense rescue teams and six fire departments within thirty minutes to begin the process of extracting those unable to escape the cars. Uninjured patrons were bussed back to Minneapolis by the Soo Line for the night, to figure out ways of getting them on to their destinations.
It was during the rescue efforts that a Hamel Fire Department firefighter noticed the damage to the switch lock that prevented tampering. While it was locked to point into the switch rather than the main line, he noticed that the shackle of the lock had clearly been battered open before being re-closed. Investigation by police and ICC officials also disclosed that someone had tried to batter the lamp’s connecting bolt so it could be rotated to give a false ‘clear’ indication. When that had failed, someone had apparently settled for extinguishing it. Five hours before Train 9/13 came through Hamel, about 4:30 PM, the local track maintenance foreman had inspected the line. He reported the switch had been set correctly at the time but could not remember if the lamp was lit yet. It was fueled twice a week, having been topped off three days before.

The Suspect, the official Verdict, and the Aftermath.
By the first of October railroad police were seeking a man known to peddle sewing needles door-to-door in the Hamel area. He was in his fifties, stoop-shouldered, an ‘eccentric dresser’ who wore a flap-eared cap. Local residents had noticed the man in the area of the siding earlier in the evening but thought nothing of it at the time. Police apparently failed to locate him, or cleared him of wrongdoing, as no further remarks on this suspect appear in the newspapers.
On December 17, 1958 the Interstate Commerce Commission officially rendered its report on the incident. After examining the crew, witnesses on the ground, passengers, and the incident scene itself, they concluded the crew was not at fault for the accident. The ICC official accident cause was listed as malicious tampering, by person or persons unknown, who had deliberately forced open the switch, changed its direction, and extinguished the indicating lamp. From the transportation safety end of things, it was case closed.
Engine 557 and 503B were returned to service, as did the injured employees. Rail traffic was disrupted for several weeks until the line could be fixed. Today, perhaps the last survivor is Engine 557, still operating in Hanska, Minnesota as Farmers Co-Op of Hanska No. 124.

Conclusion and Questions
In 2023 it seems highly unlikely that the September 15, 1958 derailment will ever be solved. No one died, and the newspaper headlines of the day were occupied with the tragic Newark Bay bridge accident on the Central Railroad of New Jersey that killed 48, so it quietly slipped from memory. However, that does leave us with some room to speculate on the cause.
  1. The ICC Got It Wrong: There was no deliberate sabotage. Railroad locks take a beating even without deliberate tampering and investigators followed a path that would absolve the company and its employees of fault for incorrectly positioning the switch. The investigation makes no remark on when the switch had last been legitimately used before the accident.
  2. The Peddler: A convenient target. Marginalized and possibly without a home, as he is also described as ‘dirty-faced’, it would be convenient to latch onto a sighting of him near the switch as an explanation. We’re given little motivation to why he might have tampered with the switch. However, after examining several cases like this, there often doesn’t seem to be much motivation amongst those apprehended. Children playing around, wanting to see the train wreck, without any more information its hard to say much more.
  3. Someone Else: Local children, teens, another resident. Someone wanted to see the train crash. Notably someone had to wield a heavy tool against the switch lock and lamp bolts, no Lockpicking Lawyer here, which would seem to point towards an adult.

The Interstate Commerce Commission Report of the Accident Investigation occurring on the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad at Hamel, MN:
The Soo Line Public Timetable in effect at the time of the accident:
News Articles and Photos (As a warning, this does include images of a non-fatal railroad crash and injured persons being transported):
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2023.06.07 20:36 Fabulous_Climate_264 Acne Scars - Please help, how to heal these scars?

Acne Scars - Please help, how to heal these scars?
I never really had “severe acne” but my skin shows otherwise. I had hormonal breakouts from 2020-2021 from the Mirena IUD and a little in 2022 but nothing super severe, so I guess my skin is VERY susceptible to scarring.
My acne is somewhat under control now (excuse the pimple patches) and I knew I had some rolling scars but never realized the severity of it. I just went outside in the sun with a mirror to see what other people see. I’m horrified. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the fact that this is what my face looks like and not even makeup can cover this since the scars are so deep. I’m 25 now and I had flawless skin my whole life up until 2020. The Mirena IUD LITERALLY ruined my life. I look like I’m fucking 60 years old already. I just look and feel disgusting. I don’t even recognize myself. Not to mention I have a job where I have to be presentable and professional with coworkers and with clients and knowing this is how my skin looks gives me 0 confidence and makes me feel unbearably embarrassed.
Please if anyone has or had similar skin, were you able to heal these scars or is there alternative ways that will work? I’ve already had 1 session of laser resurfacing in September 2022, 1 session of Microneedling in May 2023 and I got 1 session of Halo laser 1 month ago. I have to wait the “3 months” to see results but I’m feeling pretty discouraged. TIA
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2023.06.07 20:36 Sensitive_Plankton21 Ritalin xr vs adderall xr?

After 33 years I finally was diagnosed and prescribed a medication. My doctor ordered 20mg adderall XR once daily. When I went to pick it up however my insurance won't cover it unless I try 2 other medications first? So they sent me home with 20mg Ritalin XR (methylphenidate). Because of the type of my insurance I am not allowed to pay cash for the adderall.
I've been taking it a week and although it helps for a few hours in the morning I'm not having a great experience. What are you experiences on ritalin xr. I was excited to try adderall and feel like I'm missing out from true relief.
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2023.06.07 20:36 CallMeOlko Help me to chose

i am a life time windows user. But on my last notebook (asus TUF A15) windows 3-4 times a week shuts down for no reason. I assume thats the problem with the OS on my notebook. Im kinda tilted bcs of it.
So i am thinking of rerolling to macbook. This asus cost me about 1000€ and i would like to keep the price point also with the macbook. I was so hyped about pro version but its way out of my budget.
So thats why i am here. I would like to ask you if macbook air m1 16gb unified memory would be enough to edit full HD and 4k videos with effects (i am a video/photo editor). I saw some reviews about that. Some of them were like "No don´t buy it, because it throttles" on the other hand some people say that it is usable and power doesn´t go down bcs of thermal throttling that much.
I am kinda torn between:
- Macbook air M1 16gb unified memory
- Lenovo legion 5 pro, AMD Ryzen 5 5600H, RAM 16GB DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB 130 W
I must poke out that i play only one game which is League of legends nothing more. I don´t play high demand graphics games or something like that.
Thank you for your answers :-)
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2023.06.07 20:34 feeeggsdragdad New character introduction ruined by enabled edgy rogue

Retired my previous character because his story came to a satisfying end. Talked to the DM about my new bard character and okayed it all.
My character was introduced just walking into a room the party was in while my old character was still around and while we were being introduced to TWO full separate new quests which neither had anything to do with my new character and he had no info about. Just had him walk out of the room until they had gotten the quests and said goodbye to my old character.
New character is a mysterious friend of an old quest giver that is missing. My bard is willing to work with party since they were friends with the old quest giver but I have no info or anything to give party about any of these quests so I'm just here I guess.
Edgy rogue rolls 30+ investigation on who my bard is and now I had to tell them basically my whole backstory.
Later after traveling and some abuse from the rogue of minor illusion as a budget disguise self and the rogue just being allowed automatic stealth success without rolling because of their boots of elven kind we get to a place where we need to sleep. The edgy rogue proceeds to pickpocket me while I'm sleeping, stealing all my gold and attempting to steal my only magic item which I said was in its own pouch so the DM said they had disadvantage on the roll for that specifically. DM wouldn't allow me to roll investigation which I had +8 only perception which was +1 to even figure out who did it.
If I was true to my character, he would have left as soon as he woke up and realized his gold was stolen.
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2023.06.07 20:34 Last-Background-4836 [WTS] Lot of AR parts

Lot of AR parts. ~~$90 $80 $70 $60~~ $50 for what's left or I'll part it out. If you want one or more items, make me an offer. If you're only buying one or two really small items, you pay $5 shipping until you're over $15 in parts and then I'll cover it.
Shipping included unless otherwise stated. PPFF- no notes. PM only; no chats. Here's pics of everything PICS
A2 Birdcage 5.56 (unknown rds)
9mm muzzle device (unknown rds) 1/2x36
Unbranded trigger guard (with parts)
Magpul trigger guard (with all parts)
3x Larue picatinny hand stops
MLOK rail section- Polymer- Midwest
MLOK rail section- Polymer- BCM
BCM Keymod rail covers
5x 3oz. Carbine buffers
Mag catch/button x2 (no spring)
2x A2 grip (stippled- no screws)
Reptilia Grip (no screw)
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2023.06.07 20:33 reconverting Finally getting LG!!

Just posting to say I just took my first LG section with -0 in 35 minutes and I am still so shocked I can't believe it. I went in not focused on time, just doing it, and I aced it! 2 days before my first test no less, I have taken a week off logic games because I was struggling but it's coming to me now! Good luck to everyone else on the June test, we got this!
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2023.06.07 20:30 Avaale Shopping Addiction Rehab Thursdays!

This is the space to deal with all your FOMO on the next big product that could cure all your skincare woes!!!
Talk about
Need someone to virtually pull your finger back from that buy now button? Post here for support!
You got this, friend!

Please be polite and kind. This is a judgement free zone. Rude comments will be removed. And action will be taken against those violate Rule 1.

Note: Skincare, Hair care, Personal / Body care, Makeup are the topics allowed here
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2023.06.07 20:29 ttotheodd Live to Work vs Work to Live

I know I'm most likely preaching to the choir here, but I saw a FIRE post recently where someone was lamenting being overworked and worried about hitting financial savings goals in his early 30's. As someone who is slightly past my early 30's (sadness) it made a particular story come to mind.
You see, I'm a volunteer EMT in my home town. Nothing fancy, but we get a good variety of calls and I enjoy being able to give back to the community which treated me well in my youth. 2 years ago I went on a "uknown medical problems" call where I was the first to arrive. I found a man in his early 50's laying in his upstairs hallway, covered in sweat but still talking. After finding that he had no radial or brachial pulse, I knew it was most likely a massive cardiac event, as he complained of classic MI symptoms. His sister was standing with him, and all she could say was "well he's been under a lot of stress lately, he works for (large telecom company)." All I could do was tell him that more help was on the way, and unfortunately when the medics arrived and hooked up the 12 lead, his rhythm was not looking great at all. Large bore IV's and a quick trip to our hospital later, and he coded and died within 5 mins of arriving. I was most likely one of the last people who he talked to, and that has stuck with me.
No job is worth your life, however I understand that such a blanket statement ignores the shades of grey we all face when caring for our families. There are bills to pay, dance recitals to pay for, and Lego sets to buy. However, that particular call has always been a good reinforcement of my principle that I should only work to live, not vice versa. Will anyone care that I was an executive director when I missed half of my kids' practices and plays? Even if you do make "the big events", you are ignoring the small times where being home and present allows you time to invent games, make pillow forts, and "play the zombie game daddy".
What I'd leave you with is this: find a balance in your life between what makes you happy and what work you need to do to make your life comfortable. There is always a nicer house, car, or vacation. However, time presses on, and that is something that no promotion can bring back. Cheers.
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2023.06.07 20:29 brettdavis4 I’m debating about quitting(postponing) my journey to becoming a BodyPump Instructor

I’m considering quitting my journey into becoming a BP Instructor.
My journey has had a lot of hurdles and speed bumps.
Late last year, I was considering getting certified a year from then. My plan was to get into better physical shape and be prepared to go through the training and filming process.
However, one of the more popular trainers offered 50% off the training. It was a Black Friday deal and the training would be in March.
Unfortunately, late in December I really messed up my back and I had to take time off from prepping to work with a Physical Therapist to work on my back.
I was able to get back to prepping but I never really went heavy and just focused on technique.
I made it to the training and passed and did pretty well. At the time, I thought I’d had a really good group.
Before the training, I found out I was going to lose my job at the end of the month. This really effected my ability to focus while practice and training. Job searches are now super stressful for various reasons.
Before I went off to training, I had gotten the blessing of my gym’s GFM to get the training. I was guaranteed I’d get the opportunity to team teach and I could film there. Unfortunately(for me), the GFM goes off on maternity leave and her supervisor says I can’t team teach and I could film. The rug also got pulled out from me on the filming. I couldn’t book the studio to film, I would have to share it. Unfortunately, I could be in the situation where someone comes in a decides to do their own thing and that could mess up my filming.
Ironically, getting a new job, solved my issues with the gym. The new job had a gym franchise that was really close to it. Due to where my new job was and traffic, the gym I had hoped to teach at was 45 minutes away. I ended up switching gyms. This gym franchise does have offer LM classes. However, I don’t know anyone there.
On top of the gym changes, the person that had offered to help(review technique and progress), hasn’t been able to help.
It also sounds like my initial training group isn’t doing too hot. We made a private FB group afterwards and it sounds like myself and 2 others are going to try to film. The other 15-17 people have fallen out of the group. The 2 people that have filmed have gotten some pretty rough feedback from the assessor and didn’t pass.
There are only 2 bright spots so far for me presently.
  1. I had a few various minor aches that required me to ask for extensions. So I have from now til July 18th to submit a video.
  2. The initial gym only had 1 BP class that I could make. I started to go to a boutique studio to get more practice. I’ve reached out to the boutique studio and the owner and a few instructors are up for helping me out and letting me get in the team teaching and filing.
I’m debating about whether to continue or quit. I feel like I’ve got some challenges up ahead if I continue. Maybe I could pull it off? I could also be stressed out from hearing the bad news from the other people in my class and from life in general. I’m also dealing with some burnout as well with this process.
I could try to push through and maybe things work out well with the boutique studio.
There is a part of me that is considering quiting for good or quit this release and just start from scratch with a more stable environment in place.
Any thoughts or input?
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2023.06.07 20:25 Bright_Host_9823 West 20

does anyone have experience with switching units during a leasing period? i’m not currently in gainesville but i really want to move units due to my roommate being constantly invasive and rude. i’ve called the leasing office and they had me fill out some form but i doubt anyone will ever get to that and i’ll never hear back about it. is there a way to switch rooms and units after the leasing period has started?
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2023.06.07 20:24 OrbitalCrisis7 Ya no se

Soy un chico de 17 años cursando secundaria y me canse, ya no se que hacer que hago con mi vida uno no puede tener oponion o razón que ya esta mal, La verdad me quiero ir a la mierda lo unico que me mantiene cuerdo es mi deporte y ni en eso puedo, es tan ignorante la gente que da bronca no pueden madurar, estoy en crisis y creo que una manera de descargarme es contandolo aca. Necesito ayuda para mantenerme en mis cabales quiero especializarme en alguna filosofia ya esto de vivir no me sirve. Quiero aclarar que no pienso suicidarme tan mal no estoy pero necesito una solucion
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2023.06.07 20:24 RiskNo7087 Kirby's Adventure on Lego Ideas, nearly 1000 supporters. (Thank you!) Can you help me reach 1K?

Kirby's Adventure on Lego Ideas, nearly 1000 supporters. (Thank you!) Can you help me reach 1K? submitted by RiskNo7087 to legoideas [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 20:24 nicoo_arocena Pagar Game pass uruguay (credito brou)

Gente hace unos dias compre una xbox series s Mi primera vez en xbox y me asusto mucho al ver que solo se podia pagar en plata argentina y no me aceptaba muchas de las tarjetas que tengo (Bbva Visa debito, Prex uruguay y argentina, midinero, Santander debito) Y leyendo en internet vi que itau visa credito funcionaba (no la tengo) asi que se me dio por probar Mi tarjeta de Crédito (Brou Recompensa) y funcionó Queria informar ya que debe haber mucha gente como yo que se lleve estos sustos de que aca en Uruguay no se puede usar casi ninguna tarjeta. Aprovecho a informarles cuanto me cobro de recargo A dia de hoy 7/6/2023 el precio del Game Pass Ultimate esta a $899 pesos argentinos y pagando con la tarjeta de credito me debitaron $147 uruguayos (u$s3.50) Lo recomiendo ya que la suscripción en región estados unidos es de casi 15 dolares creo. Espero que sea de ayuda para el que este buscando una solución a mi me funciono con Brou Recompensa Pero prueben con cualquier tarjeta de credito visa o master si no tienen esa. También averigüe en la pagina de Dix gamer venden tarjetas de saldo para xbox (muy caras) pero como ultima opcion sirven
Saludos a todos y mucha suerte
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2023.06.07 20:23 Revivedpetal M(23) and feeling lost on what to do for a job/career

Hi! I'm actually making this post for my partner. He doesn't use reddit, but I found this group and wanted to see if anyone could possibly help with his situation for finding a career.  
Regarding his experience, he's only worked a few retail jobs, and was a supervisor for one of them for a few years, but is wanting to try and get out of retail. He has tried college briefly, but it just wasn't the right fit for him, which is fine since college isn't for everyone.  
As for his interests, he loves guns, he's able to take any gun apart, put it back together, and knows basically all knowledge surrounding guns. He also loves knives, video games, and almost anything involving engineering since like I said before, he loves taking different objects apart and fixing them.  
He has been recommended to either go to a temp agency, find an apprenticeship, or something similar. I'm still doing research since I'm not sure which option would be best fit for his situation, but if anyone has any suggestions, guidance, or any kind advice on what he should do, please comment below. I truly would appreciate any help with this :)
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2023.06.07 20:23 Ditzed How do horrible tourist traps maintain good reviews?

Uneducated American tourist here - how do these awful tourist traps have high ratings (4.5+) yet awful food?
Ciao all! In Italy for my first time in Europe (lived in Asia in the past but somehow never made it to this beautiful continent!) Had some great food, okay food, but this was the first time I’ve been truly shocked by an abysmal tourist trap. In Rome, wanted to grab dinner around 7 and was checking reviews for places near my hotel (my first mistake, i understand. was tired after long day of Capitoline and Colloseum). found a place with 4.5 stars, seemed to be somewhat decent. Went in and was greeted with an English-only menu (oh no), excellent service but abysmal food even compared to McDonalds in America. (restaurante in question:
Anyways, my question is: how do these places get such high reviews? Is it botting? I knew it was a “tourist trap” but did not expect to be so horrible from the reviews. I left a scathing one but do not see it doing anything to harm their business. Are most Americans simply having horrible palates and not trying any decent Italian food?
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2023.06.07 20:23 Pineconesoup 32 people for each rank is no where near enough spaces for Tournament participation

Logged in shortly after 7PM to sign up for a tournament and they are all completely full, anyone else have this experience?
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