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2015.05.21 13:42 jamesking420 All things Shield TV - an Android streaming and gaming box by NVIDIA.

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2023.03.29 18:44 Loostreaks Second half was better. Still the weakest in series ( so far) and wasted opportunity

When it moved from Elayne's chapters ( definitely the dullest and could have been easily reduced by half), it gained a bit more momentum with Perrin's chapters and later with Egweine's.
The book is obviously pretty much a setup for events in next one ( I'm about 5 or 6 chapters in and it's definitely moving faster).
One thing that I think is really undeveloped is the Black Tower. Logain seems to be gaining major role, I would've loved to see more of daily goings in that place, power struggle between him and Taim ( it was pretty obvious from the start what will become of this guy).
Also, what's completely baffling is: why is there almost no mentioning of cleansing of Saidin? This is the biggest event in the series so far, Rand undoing the disaster that shaped the course of the world for the last 3000 years and completely destroyed previous civilization. ( Aside from Last battle, no event compares to this)
I expected Aes Sedai ( that were with Rand) would be trying to get in contact with other sisters and rulers to determine what would become of this, reactions and discussions involving other Asha'man ...but the book completely ignores this and instead wastes chapters on trivial discussions and monologues.
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2023.03.29 18:39 jasin18 Purchased my 3080TI Vision 1 year ago today for $1,848.73.

I had a 2080 and wanted to complete my Vision build. I read reviews of this saying it would die in 3 months, but I wanted to see for myself, so I kept the 2080 for a while. It has been running fine since.
You could count this post as a review. Just because the product has some negative feedback, and if you want it, get it anyway and keep the receipt or purchase a protection plan. This GPU was the last item I needed to complete my white Vision build, and I have no regrets. The price was very steep, and I could have waited 6 months or more, but the build was incomplete, and I could not help myself.
Overall I'm pleased with Gigabyte, always have been. Now my only worry is about the Diablo 4 crashes with this GPU.
Has anyone else here purchased a product they know was overpriced but necessary to complete the setup?

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2023.03.29 18:36 DefamedPrawn Are there Shield TV Pro knock offs to be wary of?

Hi. I once bought Android Streamer online that I thought was a Minix Neo U9h, but later discovered that it was a cheap knock off.
Now thinking of buying an NVIDIA Shield TV Pro. Is there much danger of the same thing happening, and are there any tricks to mitigate that danger?
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2023.03.29 18:35 Lesterjournalist Most Awaited IPL 2023 Begins on Friday at Narendra Modi Stadium Now

Most Awaited IPL 2023 Begins on Friday at Narendra Modi Stadium Now

Agreater release of the Indian Super Association starts on Friday with the initial match between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans.
In its initial segment of the SWOT examination of the partaking groups, TOI takes a gander at how Gujarat, Chennai, Mumbai Indians, Lucknow Super Goliaths, and Rajasthan Royals shape up.

Gujarat Titans

Relatively few would have wagered on the Titans bringing home the IPL championship on debut. Presently they are the most-checked group and rivals will attempt to take advantage of the chinks in their shield.
Strength: With the presence of Hardik Pandya, Shubman Gill, Mohammed Shami, Rashid Khan, and David Mill operator, the group’s center is an area of strength for extremely.
Weakness: Lockie Ferguson’s flight implies support bowlers to Pandya, Shami, and Rashid look a piece flimsy on experience.

Rajasthan Royals

Having at long last disposed of the picture of ‘perpetual dark horses’, last year’s other participants Rajasthan Royals will enjoy some real success on certainty. Simultaneously, they will be feeling the squeeze to match last season’s exhibition.
STRENGTH: The crew has a decent equilibrium of experienced and promising players. They have some force to be reckoned with unfamiliar signings in Joe Root, Jason Holder, and Adam Zampa.
Weakness: The center request is somewhat delicate. Shimron Hetmyer, albeit ideal for dealing with the back-end pressure, is conflicting.
  • People’s most awaited Indian Premier League 2023 is going to be started on Friday.
  • The match is going to be held in Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmadabad.
  • Among the five teams Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans were playing the first match.

Lucknow Super Giants

Driven by KL Rahul, Lucknow Super Goliaths completed third in 2022. Might they at any point up the ante this time?
STRENGTH: Amazing gathering of allrounders such as Deepak Hooda, Krunal Pandya, Krishnappa Gowtham, Romario Shepherd, and Marcus Stoinis. Quinton de Kock and KL Rahul, have a solid and hazardous opening pair.
Weakness: Twist bowling stocks appear to need strength. Other than Ravi Bishnoi, there is the maturing Amit Mishra in the group.

Mumbai Indians

After a forgettable 2022, which saw them lose their initial eight matches and finish at the lower part of the standings, MI will hope to return quickly furiously.
STRENGTH: One of the most outstanding batting setups, bragging the preferences of Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav, and Ishan Kishan.
Weakness: In Jasprit Bumrah’s nonappearance, Jofra Archer is the main authentic pacer in their positions. The twist office wears a feeble look too.

Chennai Super Kings

At the point when Chennai Super Lords went overboard Rs 16 crore on Ben Stirs up in the barterings, it showed urgency. A group that regularly never goes for more than Rs 10 cr for a global player burned through every last dollar for Stirs up, because MS Dhoni is probably going to resign after this season. What’s to come starts now for the establishment.
STRENGTH: Experienced players who understand what following through on the enormous stage is like. Furthermore the authority abilities of MS Dhoni.
Weakness: The speed bowling pool looks marginally feeble. Deepak Chahar is returning after an extended lay-off and the assault misses the mark on hit the-deck bowler who can reliably bowl at velocities of 140 or more mph.
Learn more: https://www.worldmagzine.com/sports/most-awaited-ipl-2023-begins-on-friday-at-narendra-modi-stadium-now/
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2023.03.29 18:30 AutoModerator [Get] notJust Dev – The Full Stack Mobile Developer

Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/notjust-dev-the-full-stack-mobile-develope
[Get] notJust Dev – The Full Stack Mobile Developer📷 After completing this course, you will:
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2023.03.29 18:30 sinistral23 Kodi output 2 channels of LPCM to two stereo DACs?

I have looked but cannot find similar situation.
I would like to avoid using either an AVR or a sound bar. Nvidia Shield is fine.
I have two stereo DACs. Currently running a 2.1 system. Is there anyway to get any surround sound from Kodi where it maps the fronts to one DAC and the surrounds to the other? Preferably over usb? If so, could Kodi control the DACs' volume?
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2023.03.29 18:28 SkepticalGinger42 Variations must be consistent in fulfillment channel???

A catalog team rep is telling me that the fulfillment channel on child variations must be consistent. In other words, you can't have a variation setup that has some that are FBA and some that are FBM. It must be either, but not both. This rings as being completely made up. I've requested the rep to show me where that is documented, and she hasn't been able to provide it. Has anyone else heard this? More details, I recently merged existing listings into a itempackagequantitycolor variation. All of them work and display correctly except one. This ASIN shows as part of the variation on the inventory screen but still displays as a stand-alone listing on the Amazon storefront. After receiving the normal BS responses from seller support reps, I finally called and got to the catalog team. The rep doesn't have a clue, and I think she's just making stuff up to get off the phone.
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2023.03.29 18:20 TheCJK Endless Summer 5

Leebiz woke up late and hurried to shower and clean her foreteeth before hurrying through the winding corridors within the Tarentolla. She rounded a corner, and stopped short of smacking into one of the Guar guards.
The felinid stared down at the shorter Bara female. She issued a low growl as her claws slowly extended out of fingertips.
Leebiz raised her hands up. "I didn't mean to startle. Please, I have to get to work."
"Rest of the ship has been at work an hour already." The spotted guard replied.
"I know, I know. I overslept. It happens." Leebiz attempted to skirt around the guard, but the taller carnivore stepped in her way. "Please, I have to go assist the new guy."
The Guar raised her hand up slowly, readying to strike.
Leebiz shut her eyes, awaiting the clawed strike.
The guard shook as a sharp pain winced through its neck.
Leebiz looked at her. "Captain calling?"
The Guar groaned and stepped aside. "Carry on Bara. Hope to see you at mealtime one of these days."
Leebiz hurried past, forcing air into her lungs. She turned several corners before she relaxed enough to feel her heart pounding. She paused to catch herself. Once she calmed down she continued on down to the storeroom containing the stills, batches of mash, and Purrk.
Purrk looked over at the doors as Leezib entered. He stood beside the cooler line, monitoring the drip. "Hey Leezib. Good morning."
She sighed. "Yeah."
He looked at her for a moment and shrugged. "What's going on?"
She walked over and sat her digital clipboard down on one of the barrels. "I'm here to assist you."
He smiled slightly as he tasted a drip from the line. "Alright, um. Mind running crane for me?"
She nodded. "What do you want where?"
He pointed at one of the barrels near her clipboard. "The stills can hold four of those. Mind helping me get them to the still there?" He pointed at the second in the line, next to the active one he was running."
She nodded and grabbed the crane controller. She stared up at the ceiling as she gauged which button caused it to go which direction. "How you feeling about everything?"
He tilted the line and quickly swapped out jugs before looking up to answer her. "Honestly, it's a weight in my mind. Stressing me out."
"Which part?" She asked as she lowered the lifter toward the first barrel.
"Well, everything on this ship eats us?"
She nodded.
"What about the Diles?" He asked.
She hooked the barrel into the straps and tightened it, then looked at him. "Yeah. Them too. The traveler made them, technical savvy, fix things. Leaves the Captain to do what he's good at."
Purrk nodded and walked over to the other still as she lifted the barrel up to it. "And no one knows where the travelers went?"
She shook her head, still watching the hanging barrel, trying not to swing it as it moved via the crane.
Purrk climbed the ladder and opened the precleaned still. He then attached a hose to the port on the bottom of the barrel and began draining it in. "So this thing just made us all, killed all the locals, and vanished."
She nodded. "Yup, just as I told ya. That's all we know."
Purrk sat on the top of the ladder, listening to the barrel drain, looking down at the running drain line on the active still. "More than I knew a week ago. Pebble shits."
She laughed. "Yeah."
He leaned in listening as the barrel ran empty. Purrk patted it, getting the last bits to pour down. He then turned the lever, shutting the port, and unattached the hose. "Next one."
She nodded, running the crane over above the empty barrels, before lowering it down.
The two worked together most the day, filling up three flats and a stacked pallet. Purrk was ending a run and Leezib was washing out one of the stills when everything began vibrating. Purrk stopped, his eyes widening as he stared at the still.
He looked over at Leezib. "What's happening?"
She didn't look up from her cleaning the tipped over still. "It's the warning."
Purrk's ears perked up, pivoting, listening the entire ship humming. "Warning? Warning of what?"
"We're in system of the hidden world."
He stared at her for a moment.
She paused scrubbing and looked over at him. "Old world. Has warnings, don't trespass, you'll be killed, all sorts of stuff broadcast on all spectrums."
He blinked a few times. "And we're going there?"
She nodded. "It's just ghosts. Nothing left there anymore but ruins." She laughed. "And rainbows."
He took another taste of the end of the run and turned off the heat. "I don't know what's going on."
She sat on the lip of the still and wrung out the rag into one of the drains in the floor. "Remember the cages?
He nodded.
"Well, we're all going rainbow catching with em." She gave the rag another twist. "They're stupid nut eaters that live in the trees of this planet. Two days and we'll have all the traps full."
Purrk smiled to himself and moved the jug over to the end run rack. "Good. Maybe that'll keep the other crew full for us."
She shook her head and crawled back into the still. "The rainbows are a delicacy back on the Blenddar homeworld. The Captain fills the hold with them and takes them back to sell."
Purrk's ears lowered. "Oh." He said as the reality sank in. He paused and looked back at her. "Maybe if they grew those things they wouldn't need us."
She paused again and looked back out the still. "So far, he's the only one that knows they exist on this world. Nobody else comes here." She said, her voice echoing in the metal. "The warning works pretty well at deterring most from landing."
Purrk thought for a moment. "Maybe we could take some seeds or something back to Baringa. Some of the rainbows, and raise them there. He could export them in bulk from our world."
She crept out to the edge of the still. "Purrk. Everything you're thinking, he's thought of." She said, pointing at him. "He doesn't want to raise them. He harvests them, easily. He sells them high. He's got a whole trade route, and we're just cogs. You get it?"
Purrk lowered his ears further. "I get it."
She sighed and crawled back in to clean. "Good, lets finish up with what we've got and go join the others in the mess before we land."
He blinked slowly, nodding to himself. "Alright."
The two finished cleaning and meandered through the halls to the undercarriage of the ship. A few moments later and they were in the cargo bay. The rovers had been wheeled out and the Baraman ground crews had already begun loading them with cages.
Bithin and one of the other Bara who didn't talk much were readying a hovercraft.
Purrk pointed at them. "What are they doing?"
Leezib started toward the ramp to the main loading area, waving him on. "Come on. They're getting it fit for our expedition."
She nodded as he caught up. "The Diles and our subordinates are going to the predetermined sites. Tried and true. We," She pointed at Zel who was loading cages with Bawa and Lawa. "We, are going to take the zip and scout new sites, check population densities of rainbow." She looked at Zel. "How far from ready?"
Lawa and Bawa both pointed to the shut bay doors. "Still in descent." Bawa replied.
Ronk, leaned over the rail up above. "Going through checks now Ma'am. Once they're loaded down there, we should be good."
She turned and pointed at Purrk. "Go on and sit with Ronk and Farl. You drive those forks, you should be able to pick up the zip easy enough."
Purrk nodded and climbed up the side ladder.
Bithin was walking around the open air sitting area, checking stowage chests and a box filled with food and drink. He looked back at Purrk. "Should be a fun outing."
Purrk looked out at the rest of the Bara loading their ground transports. He turned back to Bithin. "Yeah."
A few moments later they finished up loading the bay on the zip and everyone started climbing up. Purrk got in his seat near the two quiet drivers. He leaned over, looking at the controls. "This pretty easy to run?"
Ronk leaned back toward him, turning his ear. "Ruins on the surface screw with it. We gotta keep clear of those, can't go too high or we'll plummet, can't get the resonators wet, mostly just navigating is the hard part I guess."
Purrk looked at a screen in front of Farl. "That the maps?"
Ronk nodded. "Yeah, you know how to read em?"
Purrk shook his head. "No."
Farl groaned. "And she wants you to learn to drive."
Purrk nodded. "Yup."
The room resonated as the door began operations. The two halves began hinging open, sliding down along the wall so as to become the ramp as they open. The bright light from the nearby star shone in through the opening. The Diles lowered their sungear onto their eyes, while everyone else just held a hand up to shield from the brightness.
Purrk blinked periodically, letting his eyes adjust. "Wow. Bright out there." Then he felt the wave of thick air hit. "What is that funk?" He gagged for a moment.
Leezib moved into a seat near the back next to Zel and Bithin. She leaned forward sucking the air in. "That, is the smell of a wild world. Pure nature left to her own devices."
Purrk looked around as engines ignited and wheels began flinching forward and back on the rovers all around him. The rampdoors clanged down and impacted the grassy field outside, signaling the beginning of the hunt. The rovers began forward.
Farl leaned forward, operating the levers on the control stand. The zip lifted off the floor of the cargo bay, and with another lever push, they darted out into the open air.
Purrk watched the reeds and streams whiz by underneath the zip. Clouds of gnats hit him in the face as they turned to dodge a stand of trees on an nearby embankment.
Leezib pointed in a direction and Farl turned to the left to match her command. She scooted down the bench and leaned into Purrk's ear. "We're going to that swimming hole I told you about. You're going to love it!"
He nodded and smiled. He turned back to watch the land moving around them. Insects droned in the hot, humid air. Flocks of birds rose up, scattering after being spooked. Farl ran the controls, lifting them up and over the trees. The thrusters pushed down on the leaves as they went.
Leezib pointed. "Look!"
Purrk looked over the rail where she indicated. Dozens of rainbow colored creatures poked their heads above the trees, their fluffy tales flickering as they chirped at them.
She yelled toward Ronk. "Note this site! That's an entire dray!"
Purrk leaned back to her. "A dray?"
She leaned into him. "They rove in hordes, raiding nut trees! This whole planet is a swamp of nuts!"
Purrk smiled thinking about the food just laying on the ground.
She spun her finger in the air and Farl discontinued is circle and began toward the watering hole.
The zip hovered slowly over the river as it neared a cliff. The eight looked over the edge down into the basin below as the water poured into it.
Purrk smiled, pointing.
Leezib nodded as the hovership descended to a grassy island at the edge of the filled basin. I hovered a moment more and then lowered down fully onto the ground.
Leezib was the first up and over to the ladder. "Lawa, Rawa, help Zel and Bithin get the cages set out." She then looked over at Ronk and Farl. "You guys did a good job flying today. Help us set up camp and we can all start swimming and enjoying the lilies."
Purrk looked around. Bright colored birds cawed in the tree canopy up above, barely audible over the din of the water breaking on the rocks. "This is amazing."
Leezib laughed. "Yeah, it's a good respite from the ship."
Purrk took a deep breath, letting the fresh air fill his chest. "Can't wait to go swimming."
"Let's get the tents and table out first."
Purrk nodded and descended the ladder.
Everyone set about to their tasks, getting the site set up. The four out in the woods setting up cages returned to find the camp ready and waiting for them.
Bithin stripped his shirt off, tossing it on a nearby rock, and waded out into the calm edge of the pool. Zel and the Twins quickly followed him.
Ronk was sunbathing on the deck of the zip, a lily hanging out of his mouth as he chewed. Farl was floating near the roaring break of the waterfall, and Leezib and Purrk were submerged near the crop of lily pads, the tops of their heads poking up over the water.
Bithin started swimming over to the lily pads. "What you think Purrk?"
"Better than back home." He said, flicking his ears happily. "I couldn't have imagined a place like this. It's perfect."
Bithin closed the gap, swimming up beside him. "Yeah, sucks we can't stay here forever."
Purrk rolled over slightly, paddling with one arm. "Why can't we?"
"That's considered going rogue." Leezib said. "Be open season on us."
Purrk rolled his eyes over to her. "That isn't fair."
"But it is." Bithin retorted. "They have the weapons and ship. They're built for hunting us." He sighed slightly. "It's nature."
"It's stupid." Purrk said.
Leezib lifted a pad out of the water and started nibbling on it. She raised her head up a bit and looked at them. "We've got it better than most. It's good we can enjoy this place."
"Thank you guys." Purrk said.
Bithin rolled over. "It's our pleasure buddy."
The crew were laying about near the ship as the system's star set on the horizon. Purrk groaned as he flipped over, his stomach digesting all the greenery.
Leezib was up, shirted, and walked over to him. "I talked with Ronk. He's going to take you out, let you fly a bit."
Purrk rolled over, staring at her. "What? Why?"
"Why what?"
"Why do I get all the special training? Fly that thing. Isn't it expensive?"
She looked over at the zip and then back at him, shrugging. "Captain wants you trained up for your own crew. He'll probably buy one or more of the zips just because of that. You'll need to know how to run one yourself."
He sat up. "Do you?"
She shook her head, flicking her ears. "Nope. That's why I have Ronk and Farl. Keeps them employed." She smiled at him. "Now go on, get up there. He's going to start firing it up, and you should know every step."
Purrk groaned and made his way to the ladder, climbing up and into the driver seat.
Ronk had the navigation screen illuminated and was going through the electrical systems check list. "She wants you to learn to fly this thing."
"Yup." He replied.
"I don't think it's wise."
"Yup." Purrk said again.
Ronk leaned over and pointed at a switch. "Turn that and get the engines primed."
Purrk did, and the zip began humming.
Ronk looked over the edge and saw Farl wave. He looked back at Purrk. "Farl checked the area, you're good to lift off."
Purrk looked at the levers. "Um, which one."
The older Bara groaned and pointed at the large lever on the side. "That's altitude. It has a max based on energy output. Raise it up to high too fast and you'll cook everything under us."
Purrk stared at him. "So, don't do that."
Ronk shut his eyes for a moment. "Raise it up slowly, get us gently to the tree tops."
Purrk nodded, pushing the lever forward and the zip responded.
As they reached a significant height above the ground Ronk looked at his gauges. "Alright. Take her ahead."
Ronk pointed again.
Purrk smiled and moved the zip slowly forward out over the trees.
Purrk was enjoying the night air blowing through his fur. The planet had a completely different feel in the dark. The smells had changed, more fragrant. The understory was dark with dots of light emitted from bugs and fungi.
Ronk motioned with his hand and caused a map projection to be displayed off to the left of Purrk. "Mind the red zones. EM pulses will screw us up."
Purrk nodded, noting the upcoming sphere of red on the map. He skirted around it, following a valley and crossed over several grassy hills.
They continued for half an hour at a full throttle, heading in the direction of a forest covered mountain.
Purrk pointed at it. "What's over there?"
Ronk shrugged. "No clue. Only got the maps made from orbit a few trips ago. Half the purpose of your joy ride is terrain scanning."
Purrk nodded slightly and turned to focus ahead. The lights on the dash flickered. "What was that?"
Ronk tilted his head as everything flickered again. "No, no, no. We're not in any red zone. There's nothing out here."
Purrk looked at him. "What is it?"
"Ping from one of the ruins or something."
He looked at the map. "We're not in any detection area. No scans are being picked up." He looked at Purrk. "I don't know what it is."
At that moment the ship dropped. The lights on the dash went dark, and the two Bara descended quickly into the murk below.
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2023.03.29 18:20 joekerr37 question on playlist for android box...

Is there any way to see your playlists on the nvidia shield plex app? I can add stuff to a playlist on shield, and I can see playlists on my computer, but there's no way to see or access a playlist on the shield plex app itself.
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2023.03.29 18:13 Mission-Simple-5040 Can someone suggest a series at par with " The Shield"

I've already watched most of the top rated series like Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Rome, Chernobyl etc. I've tried to watch few series after completing The Shield but it seems that there's something missing. I just couldn't enjoy anything after completing it.
Honest suggestions would be appreciated
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2023.03.29 18:11 IrregularTense Kaiserreich: A Guide to the Pacific States of America (PSA)

Although this guide is for the Kaiserreich mod, I think there are some good general tips which apply to HOI4 in general.
This is intended to be a hopefully somewhat beginner-friendly guide for how to approach playing as the PSA (4-way civil war). I personally experienced some frustration starting out, so I'm going to take a few steps back and highlight some key concepts of HOI4 in general.
After that, a framework will be provided for how to approach the game, and I will make specific suggestions about doctrines and such. This guide refers to the 4-way civil war scenario where MacArthur takes over in the east. Many thanks to all who worked on this mod. It’s really special.
I don't think there are any significant spoilers in this guide.
Before starting, be sure that you understand how to use battleplans and how to maximize your planning advantage. Please note that the following tutorial was created before spearhead assaults were available.
Be sure that you understand how to perform spearhead assaults. Please note that you do not create spearheads by painting them like you do with offensive lines. You create spearheads by clicking on the destination province. If you want to control the path to the spearhead assault destination province, you can use multi-stage assaults with the TAB key. To do this, right-click on the spearhead destination and hit TAB one or more times before releasing the mouse button. Each time you press TAB, the starting point of the assault changes, giving you the ability to chain spearhead assaults.
Whenever provinces change hands, your front lines and batteplans could be altered in undesirable ways. Any time a province changes hands, you'll want to immediately pause and review the front lines and battleplans of all adjacent divisions, in case they may need to be adjusted (ALT is the magic key for adjusting front lines, or you can delete and replace). Notably, this happens if you are at the front line and the owner of the enemy territory changes due to a scripted event.
Be sure you understand what the battle indicators mean. A higher number means the balance of power is currently on your side. Green means you have the momentum (balance of power number is likely to rise). Red means that your enemy has the momentum (balance of power number is likely to fall). When attacking with infantry, you'd ideally like to see the number above 70 and with color green, otherwise you may wish to consider calling off that assault after factoring in all other considerations. With armor attacks, it seems like you don't have to get the balance of power number quite so high, but you want the indicator to be green.
The deciding factor between whether you'll have a moderate/manageable game or a difficult one seems to be whether Canada aligns with you in the war. If they do, then their Entente partners will too, and you'll receive a lot of foreign divisions and aid.
If Canada aligns with one of your enemies, then you're mostly on your own. You'll receive occasional divisions and air wings from Japan and maybe Austria, and you'll receive plenty of lend-lease infantry equipment (mostly). But, you'll need to do almost all of the heavy lifting.
It is quite possible to win without the Entente's help, but it's challenging. I haven't actually figured out what causes Canada to align with one faction or another. Perhaps someone will explain that in the comments for those who would like to control whether that happens. There may be an advanced option at the beginning of the game.
Before starting the scenario, select the MacArthur takeover advanced game option, so that there are 4 parties to the civil war (or don't, if that's not what you want). Additionally, you may wish to select one of the War Plan White options. I personally wasn't able to get the scenario to work with the maximal PSA starting territory (see the link below), but that's OK. It is very doable to have a successful campaign with the default PSA starting point.
You may wish to buff the United States by one tick, making it likely they will survive to fight you, however if in addition to that the Entente aligns with the U.S., they could be a very difficult adversary.
During the first year-plus of the game, you play as the United States in the lead-up to the war. Whatever research you complete before the country splits up will be completed for all factions. If you have one day left on a research project when the country splits up, all partial research on that project will be lost. I have read suggestions that you should avoid researching tanks and such, on the basis that you don't want to help your future enemies. In my opinion, you can go ahead and research whatever you think would be most useful. I like to approach it as the United States gearing up for what appears to be a likely war somewhere in the world, blithely unaware that the war will be another civil war.
I don't think you need to bother with building divisions or factories. You probably won't be able to anyway, because your civilian factories will probably be affected by work stoppages.
Immediately after the country has split into separate factions, you'll probably want to save your game so you can restart from this point.
When playing the setup phase as the United States, you can play pretty fast. However, once you start playing as the PSA, I recommend playing at the slowest game speed. There is just too much going on.
Additionally, for at least the first few months I recommend pausing once per day to reassess. I typically stop at 12:00 UTC, which corresponds to a couple of hours before dawn in the western United States. I like the idea of issuing new orders at that time.
Reassessing involves looking at all divisions. If they are moving, do they need to be ordered to move strategically? Is a moving division caught in an enemy attack, and therefore it needs to be ordered to retreat in order to continue moving to its destination? Has a province recently changed hands, requiring front lines and assault orders to be adjusted? Are there decisions available, such as recruiting militia or converting factories? Are there any notifications which have appeared at the top of the screen which need to be addressed, e.g., lend-lease offered?
In terms of what your early game objective should be, it is feasible to capture some or most of the southern rocky mountains and to hold some or most of the territory in the north (typically the Dakotas, although occasionally they side with the CSA). This varies according to the early enemy strength.
Initially, you will have 12 divisions under your command. Consider assigning these divisions to a general who has a relatively fast planning speed. Let's call this the First Army. You can name your armies by clicking on the name and typing. You can immediately, on day one, change the template of 5 of those first 12 divisions to "volunteer light infantry". These are special forces mountaineers. Five divisions is the most you can maintain, at least in the early game. These units will be short on infantry equipment and support equipment, but they'll still move faster and fight harder than the guard units.
In order to change the template, first go into the division editor for "light infantry volunteers", and change the naming convention to mountain divisions. For each unit, as you change its template, you can also click on the green button next to the name in the division editor in order to automatically replace the name with an appropriate name for its new template.
Mountain divisions will move and fight well in the mountains, so try to make use of that.
Maybe, reserve the general with the fastest planning speed to command your first batch of militia units. One day after the PSA is created, you will have the option of recruiting 9 militia in Northern California. Take this option. When these militia become available, assign them to the general with the fastest planning speed. Let's call this the Second Army. There are important considerations around recruiting militia in California. This is discussed further down.
Roughly speaking, think about utilizing the first two armies to capture as much of the southern Rockies as is practical. Think about using additional recruited militia after that to defend in the north. Think about using the lone motorized infantry division as a fast moving assault unit, operating on its own. A poor man's armored division.
As new units become available, you will want to immediately assign them to the front line and start accumulating planning bonus. I typically do this with the "z" key, right click on the destination province, then shift-x and right click on an adjacent province which represents the spearhead assault destination. It doesn't have to be where you really want to attack. It could simply be a placeholder, but the important thing is that as long as divisions are on the front line with an assault plan, they will accumulate planning bonus. Planning bonus will degrade anytime a unit is in combat, or is moving, or is not at the front line, or has no assault plan. Planning bonus does not degrade when you change plans or reassign a division to a different general. Planning bonus degrades much more rapidly if you give manual attack orders.
Note that if you assign units to a general, they will automatically receive orders. If you then create a front line for them, you will need to control-left-click the new front line to override their current assignment.
Likewise, front lines and assault plans are associated with a general, so if you reassign divisions to a different general, they will become unassigned from their front line. If you attempt to reassign them to that front line, they will be reassigned back to the general responsible for that front line. So, if you want to reassign them to a general but keep the same front line, you'll need to press ctrl-h to cancel their orders, assign them to the new general, and then create the new front line and assign them to it using control-left-click. There may be a faster way that I'm not aware of, such as assigning the existing front line to the general.
If you cancel an attack order by shift-clicking “execute” over the general’s card and then clicking on the spearhead assault arrow, you will generally also need to select the division(s) and press “h” to order the unit to stop attacking (sometimes multiple times).
North of the Rockies, which are typically plains and some hills, think about using fallback lines (hotkey "c") to order some troops to hold position in the rear. Initially, you will probably have trouble holding ground. Identify as soon as possible where you may need to fall back, and try to have divisions entrenching behind those positions. Divisions will automatically entrench if they aren't moving, attacking, or being attacked.
Avoid exercising your army divisions. Exercising divisions causes equipment attrition (damage). You don't start out with any stockpiled equipment with which to replace damaged equipment.
Avoid training any units other than armor for about the first year of the war, and then you can reassess. All of your infantry should come from raised militia units (see DECISIONS section below). Additionally, you won't have enough trucks to support your supply needs, and also to produce armored divisions, and also to produce mobile infantry divisions. So, you will have to forego the latter for probably at least the first year of the war.
Avoid using the infantry template (helmet icon), because it requires too much manpower. Rather, use your guard and cavalry divisions as starter templates. Add artillery companies (and potentially other companies later on) to strengthen those templates.
You may want to exercise your air wings. You start out with 50 fighters in reserve. You can either keep them in reserve to replenish casualties in your existing fighter air wing, or you can create a new air wing. Note that if you create a new air wing, you will then have too many non-naval planes to fit all of them into a single level 1 airport.
In another post, I'll show the locations of the airbases which you may wish to build in the border states.
You may want to exercise your naval vessels. Immediately after creation of the PSA, set your naval repair queue maximum dockyards to 8. If you don't do this, damaged ships will not be repaired. You can do this on the military production screen. There is a naval repair queue button to the right of the build ship button. Check in on your naval repair queue from time to time to see if you have any vessels under repair.
Consider building naval vessels using your free dockyards. Don't trade for resources to support naval construction. This would require a civilian factory, which you can put to better use elsewhere, e.g., building military factories. You can hover your mouse over a ship in the construction queue to see what the effects are of missing resources. It may be worth it to just take the hit on production efficiency due to missing resources.
It's worthwhile to consider just what exactly recruitable-by-decision militia units represent. They are quickly trainable (within 6 days or 12 days) light infantry divisions which come with enough free infantry equipment to be immediately at 80% strength.
A day after the PSA is created, you may begin to utilize decisions to recruit militia in Northern California, Los Angeles, Southern California, San Francisco, Washington, and Oregon. Before you do so, understand that there is a trade-off when recruiting militia in California. Upon (or very shortly after) outbreak of hostilities (when MacArthur's deadline passes), it will be possible in the California provinces to convert civilian factories to military factories. If militia is recruited in a California province first, then the number of factories you can convert will be reduced. Likewise, if you exercise the factory conversion decision first, then the number of militia which you can recruit in that province will be reduced. I believe this is intended to model that the same manpower which would perform the factory conversion also composes some of the recruitable militia units. This tradeoff of how you prioritize factory conversion vs. militia recruitment is shown in the following table.

No Cal 6 3 9 5
L.A. 5 2 4 2
So Cal 4 2 3 1
Oregon 2 1 3 1

Continually monitor whether you can recruit additional militia or convert factories by decision. You can do this by keeping an eye on the numbers in the Decisions icon, or by pressing shift-q to see whether decisions are available to you in the various provinces. In the early game, you will often be able to have two decisions going at a time, so keep a watchful eye, particularly before hostilities commence, and for about the first month thereafter.
It seems to make the most sense to recruit militia in Northern California immediately. It is quite difficult to get a good start without those 9 militia divisions. For the other California provinces, see if you can wait until the outbreak of hostilities, perform the factory conversions, and then recruit militia in those provinces. I feel like this is a good middle ground in terms of managing this trade-off.
Press F4 to see your supply situation. You want to structure your plans around possessing and holding supply hubs. Supply hubs provide supply to units in the nearby provinces. In the early game, you won't have any motorized supply (trucks), so supply won't travel as far from the hubs, and therefore the hubs will be doubly important.
At least in the early game, supply problems don't tend to require upgrading the rail lines. Rather, it will likely be due to 1) not enough trains, 2) supply motorization or lack thereof (not enough trucks?), 3) recently captured territory, 4) too many divisions for the available supply, or 5) divisions cut off from supply. You will need to build trains, which you can do just like any other equipment. Once you have trucks, you can upgrade the supply motorization level for divisions in order to use trucks to supply them.
Check on the construction screen from time to time. Roads and rail may become damaged, which can cause supply issues. Sometimes, you have to drag those repair tasks to the top, so they will be performed right away.
Build military factories.
Build airports. Level 1 airports only hold 200 aircraft, which may not be enough. Your enemies may have not only their own aircraft, but many air force wings from aligned nations.
Forts may be helpful for holding territory, although they are not a guarantee.
If your early game infantry offensive grinds to a halt, consider stopping and digging in. Initially, you should have an advantage in terms of concentration of forces and planning bonus, but pushing it too far will result in increasingly high casualties.
After the initial infantry push, and until you obtain tanks, you will probably want to avoid most assaults. Unless you have a general with the "probing attack" ability (two of them are eligible for that ability in the early game), attacking divisions will lose all entrenchment, which is costly. You may find, from time to time, that you want to conduct a spoiling attack against enemy divisions which are attacking other of your divisions, particularly if the enemy is having some success. The "probing attack" ability can be useful for this purpose.
Utilize terrain, such as rivers, when choosing a defensive position. You can also fortify a position by building forts.
Be initially cautious about going on the offensive. At first, your armor may not be great at generating encirclements. Pay attention to the terrain and the weather (snow, mud, etc.). Take your time, build up your planning bonus (staff office plan can be helpful), and capture little scoops of enemy territory until you get a feel for how you can utilize your armor. Add support companies to improve your armor divisions. Incrementally improve your tank design. You want your armored divisions to be fast, and have high soft attack and high breakthrough.
Set the default occupation law to Martial Law, and change the garrison template to use cavalry divisions. Check in on the resistance levels from time to time (F6).
I recommend the George C. Marshall side of the National Focus tree, because it provides 850 trucks, which will satisfy your motorized supply problem. That side of the tree also grants the opportunity to employ George C. Marshall as a theorist, which provides a 15% discount to Mobile Warfare doctrines.
Don't forget the Air Force National Focus tree! Some time shortly after you've kicked off Operation Glacier, it might be time to start on those.
Select only the first doctrine in the Grand Battleplan series, and plan on switching to the Mobile Warfare doctrine series later on.
You start with a deficit of infantry equipment, support equipment, and artillery. The first doctrine in the Grand Battleplan series provides a substantial buff to entrenchment which can help to offset the dearth of equipment. Additionally, any other entrenchment bonuses you can obtain will come in very handy. Namely, some generals are immediately eligible for an assigned trait which buffs entrenchment.
Once you have fielded enough armor to take the offensive, switch to the Mobile Warfare doctrines for much better armored offensive operations. Be aware that when you switch, you will lose that very significant entrenchment buff.
Prioritize the following (not necessarily in order):
Don't get too hung up on making up your huge deficit in infantry equipment. You will receive a significant amount of lend-lease equipment which will help immensely. Besides infantry equipment, you need to produce support equipment, artillery, tanks, trucks, aircraft, and trains. Accept that your infantry units will be short of infantry equipment for some time.
In the early game, support equipment is more of a nice-to-have. If you switch a division to use a template which requires support equipment, and you don't have any, then the division will just operate with a deficit of that equipment. But, eventually you will want to have some support equipment, so it's best to get started on it.
This is a priority, but you don't want to get too carried away here either. Keep in mind that over time production efficiency will kick in.
Be aware that there is a National Focus which provides a bonus to artillery research.
Make a duplicate of the national guard unit template, and then spend 10 army experience points to add an artillery support company to it. You can then individually convert guard and militia divisions to this template as artillery becomes available.
These may become important. Start building some, and allow for production efficiency to kick in over time.
You can get by without building these. There are many other pressing needs.
You will want to produce a lot of tanks ASAP, because you can't conduct a successful offensive without them. You can immediately begin producing basic light tanks, and relatively soon you can produce a variant based on an improved light tank chassis. What you want from your tanks is for them to be fast, low cost, and with good soft attack and breakthrough. Try to keep reliability above 80-90%.
In order to obtain advanced tank weapons, you will need to research artillery.
Regularly improve the tank design as you accumulate army experience, and when you begin to feel comfortable with the production speed. Each new variant will tend to slow down production a bit.
You start with only the trucks in your mobile infantry division. Interestingly, if you were to disband that unit, which I do not recommend, you'd have a small capability for motorized supply.
I recommend the George C. Marshall side of the National Focus tree, because it provides 850 trucks, which will satisfy your motorized supply problem.
You should probably also manufacture some trucks as well. You will need them for motorized supply and for the infantry battalions in your armored division.
You will eventually need to manufacture trains. Check the logistics information at the top of the screen to see your train usage. If possible, try to start manufacturing trains before it becomes an issue.
Fighters provide air superiority. Without air superiority, you can't provide CAS. Build a lot of fighters, and then later on start to build CAS.
You can spend air experience to improve the weapons, engine, and range of aircraft. You can also hire an aircraft designer, which will affect any aircraft researched or variant produced while the aircraft designer is active.
Plan on ramping heavy fighters at some point, if you feel you can afford it. Regular fighters are more effective, but heavy fighters have a longer range.
Plan on ramping strategic bombers at some point, if you feel you can afford it.
Be aware of enemy AA. Check in on your airspace to see if your planes are being shot down with regularity.
Be aware that foreign powers are capitulated primarily by capturing their starting regions which contain victory points. Concentrate on their initial core territory, not regions which they happen to have gobbled up.
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2023.03.29 18:05 mandudemanperson Game freezes on raid end - Must restart PC to re launch

Since yesterday Mar 28, I've been experiencing an abnormally long wait between exiting the raid and entering the post raid stats screen. The screen is stuck on the last frame viewed in raid when the extract timer hits zero, or the last frame in a death animation. Sometimes the game crashes before it makes it to the post raid screen. Rarely, it will throw a server disconnection error.

If the game crashes, or I must alt + F4, or even quitting the game normally, I have to restart my PC in order to launch the game again. If I do not restart my PC, the game will freeze at the immediate initialization. Usually it will not even make it to the first splash image - Just a black screen with a spinning loading circle.

Updated my Nvidia driver and that did not help.
Disabled mip streaming in Graphics.ini and that did not help. It was enabled before.
Here's most of my dxdiag, as much as I can post.
System Information
Time of this report: 3/28/2023, 20:34:01
Machine name: HOTBOX
Machine Id: {64695851-013F-44E7-8DB0-016217ECE252}
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19044) (19041.vb_release.191206-1406)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: ASUS
System Model: System Product Name
BIOS: 3302 (type: UEFI)
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor (24 CPUs), ~3.8GHz
Memory: 65536MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 65446MB RAM
Page File: 26381MB used, 48793MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 12
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: 192 DPI (200 percent)
System DPI Setting: 288 DPI (300 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
Miracast: Available, no HDCP
Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported
DirectX Database Version: 1.0.8
DxDiag Version: 10.00.19041.2075 64bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Input Tab: No problems found.

DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D: 0/4 (retail)
DirectDraw: 0/4 (retail)
DirectInput: 0/5 (retail)
DirectMusic: 0/5 (retail)
DirectPlay: 0/9 (retail)
DirectSound: 0/5 (retail)
DirectShow: 0/6 (retail)

Display Devices
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
Device Type: Full Device (POST)
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_2204&SUBSYS_39753842&REV_A1
Device Problem Code: No Problem
Driver Problem Code: Unknown
Display Memory: 57063 MB
Dedicated Memory: 24340 MB
Shared Memory: 32723 MB
Current Mode: 3840 x 2160 (32 bit) (60Hz)
HDR Support: Not Supported
Display Topology: Internal
Display Color Space: DXGI_COLOR_SPACE_RGB_FULL_G22_NONE_P709
Color Primaries: Red(0.639648,0.330078), Green(0.299805,0.599609), Blue(0.150391,0.059570), White Point(0.313477,0.329102)
Display Luminance: Min Luminance = 0.500000, Max Luminance = 270.000000, MaxFullFrameLuminance = 270.000000
Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
Monitor Model: MStudioPro 16
Monitor Id: WAC1053
Native Mode: 3840 x 2160(p) (59.997Hz)
Output Type: Displayport External
Monitor Capabilities: HDR Not Supported
Advanced Color: Not Supported
Driver Name: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_50916785244854f2\nvldumdx.dll,C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_50916785244854f2\nvldumdx.dll,C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_50916785244854f2\nvldumdx.dll,C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_50916785244854f2\nvldumdx.dll
Driver File Version: 31.00.0015.3141 (English)
Driver Version:
DDI Version: 12
Feature Levels: 12_1,12_0,11_1,11_0,10_1,10_0,9_3,9_2,9_1
Driver Model: WDDM 2.7
Hardware Scheduling: Supported:True Enabled:False
Graphics Preemption: Pixel
Compute Preemption: Dispatch
Miracast: Not Supported by Graphics driver
Detachable GPU: No
Hybrid Graphics GPU: Not Supported
Power P-states: Not Supported
Virtualization: Paravirtualization
Block List: No Blocks
Catalog Attributes: Universal:False Declarative:True
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
Driver Date/Size: 2023-03-15 8:00:00 PM, 770656 bytes
WHQL Logo'd: n/a
WHQL Date Stamp: n/a
Device Identifier: {D7B71E3E-6144-11CF-B757-7A190EC2D235}
Vendor ID: 0x10DE
Device ID: 0x2204
SubSys ID: 0x39753842
Revision ID: 0x00A1
Driver Strong Name: oem40.inf:0f066de3b9184289:Section071:\ven_10de&dev_2204
Rank Of Driver: 00CF2001
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2023.03.29 18:03 Gryphus_6 lmao, what?

lmao, what? submitted by Gryphus_6 to GuardianTales [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 18:02 Libir-Akha Enchanced sync causing games to randomly lock to 60 fps? Alt-tab fixes the problem temporarily

Hey, recently started using enchanced sync after reading the lburbusters guide. I'm on a 165 hz monitor. Double moni setup. When using the regular in-game vsync everything's working fine. But with enchanced sync the games start to completely randomly lock themselves to 60 fps.
Happens completely randomly, sometimes after 5 minutes of gameplay, sometimes after 40. Weirder yet the only temporary solution that I have found is to tab in and out of the game in question. But that only fixes the problem temporarily, it eventually will return anyway
Anyone had this problem? What could be causing this? I've searched on google but found nothing. 5700 xt and the latest drivers here.
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2023.03.29 17:53 MrNerdy The Mushroom-Folk Player Accidentally Contracted Lycanthropy. What would that even look like? Did I mess up?

So I may be one foot deep into the DM equivalent of flying a bit close to the sun with homebrew nonsense. My players just explored a magical ancient tomes archive in a city's oldest library. Another player needed the archive to activate a McGuffin magic book they have. I had constructed the library archive to be where the city stores the oldest magically potent tomes and a few artifacts, but they were largely dormant; EXCEPT for when an artifact is being activated, like what they needed to be there for.
The setup plan was that once the party's Rogue (The one with the McGuffin) activated the magic, they would be preoccupied, and the rest of the party would learn all the books in the archive are HEAVILY enchanted, and the artifacts all have a potent touch-based curse or boon, based on a saving throw if you touch them. Also, there would be animated book defenders of the archive that fight the players to put things back. That's the setup for this nonsense.
What ended up happening is that one of my player is a homebrew Myconid race; He walked in and immediately sniffed out the artifacts, BEFORE the Rogue triggered the magic surge. I gave the descriptions of all the items, and the Myconid wanted to pick up and carry around what I described as "A Petrified Canine Jawbone, with latent transmutation magic". Player thought it would be neat, and this character has a solid RP history of just grabbing stuff, and worrying about consequences later. All the items had a mild curse (mid tier consequence), a nice boon (DC 20 or higher on a save) and a nasty curse (Complete failed save DC 5 or lower). I had thought the players would interact with the items and books more once they KNEW the magic was active, but since the Myconid was already carrying around the jawbone, he had to roll a save immediately after the McGuffin was triggered.... and got a 3. The Jawbone was from a werewolf, and curses the afflicted to be cursed with a random form of Lycanthropy.
So, did I just F Around and Find Out with cursing my player to easily? And what the hell would a lycanthrope MUSHROOM even look like? I communicated that all the curses in the archive are removable with a Remove Curse (Which they would need to pay for, since none have that spell) but I can't help but feel like I may be a bit rough on this player. For context of why I feel like I am beating on this player, this was the SECOND time I have cursed them as a consequence of their own very fitting RP, and before the Archives sequence was concluded, the Myconid had ended up having to touch another artifact, failing that save too, and gaining vulnerability to necrotic damage. I understand the Dice-Gods do as they will with rolls, but I feel like I need to deploy some Deus Ex Machina's for this player to help them not fall into a bad time playing.
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2023.03.29 17:51 EroticBananaz My own worst enemy?

PCVR. The essential(imo) mods.
< 100 hours.
Love rhythm games.
Wondering if anyone else went through this how to overcome it? I psych myself out soo bad. I'll be doing fine, then miss an easy part because in that moment my brain decided to switch the colors. I notice in game if I have a thought completely unrelated to BS even if for a split second I lose that in the zone feeling and just start fucking up. I feel like I do so well and then I start spiraling every sessions. Maybe I'm being dramatic. Maybe I just need to put those few hundred hours in. Maybe my ADHD riddled brain is to blame as well.
Anyways, tips on using the easy offset mod? I followed the video guide. But I've always been unsure of what it's supposed to feel and look like when setup properly. My left arm has limited range of motion(compound fracture years ago). My swings feel inconsistent with both arms but especially left. I feel like I can NEVER just hit a damn block straight down the middle without a wobble only seen in recovering alcoholics(no offense to anyone)
Just frustrated. Any tips I appreciate. New to all this and the sub, let me know if I broke any rules. I skimmed the sidebar but I'm working atm.
Thanks guys.
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2023.03.29 17:49 aprickwithaplomb [MOM] Degrees of Freedom: An Urabrask Side Story

[MOM] Degrees of Freedom: An Urabrask Side Story
I got mad at how Urabrask (and the praetors in general, later on) were unceremoniously offed in the course of the main story, so I wrote a quick side story that kind of shores up the issues I had with how they went out.
It had become necessary, in the course of the Great Work's completion, for a system of measurements to be established. The rebels had their own system, but an imperfect one - one that reflected the bygone benchmarks of a culture now reduced to hiding in what holes Urabrask allowed them. So it was that a new one was needed.
Gleeful Demolition by Tian Duong Chu
And what better candidate than the scamps? The former goblins who fed the flames with their worship, with their toil, with their bodies, if they were so fortunate. The exarchs, in their industrious solipsisms, looked away from the gabbling creatures as they carried out instructions. They were living tools. But the claw of the praetor feels the scamps' lifeblood in every hooked flange and serrated ridge, and knew that to scorn them was to dishonor their sacrifice. So it was that temperature at which they burned was decreed to be the suitable unit for all others to be built around.
Halo, the drink of choice on New Capenna, vaporizes at 3 scamps.
Pain coursed through his whole being. Gitaxias's machinist had left him here, under a bridge of this forsaken jetty, to recover what damage the Planar Bridge had done to him. Under the pretense of helping foment "alternative paths towards perfection", he had blindly trusted the man, as the Forge lacked alternatives to what Urabrask foresaw as its inevitable end. Necessity had drawn him here, and here he would die, metal skin flayed from his exposed innards.
A croaking sigh superheated a nearby colony of fly eggs into ash, and he felt something that his tongue lacked the word to explain.
The clatter of boots on cement interrupted his reverie. He turned to see that hateful half-flesh buzzard with a person in tow, dressed in a green-engraved uniform. A valet's cap traced brown curls and a soldier's poise.
"Vivien", said Tezzeret, "meet Urabrask, my rather unencumbered master."
She narrowed her eyes.
"Well met, praetor."
It took a supreme amount of will to summon the strength to voice anything besides a howl of pain. Nonetheless, Urabrask spoke.
"A pleasure. I trust he has - *explained*, the situation."
"You're organizing a rebellion against the autocracy of your home plane, and you're looking for support."
He approximated a nod, awkward and ungainly. "This place...bested my kind, once. Not an easy task. I would see how it was done."
She leaned back. "How do I know that you're not just trying to find out how they won, so you can prevent that from happening again?"
This question confused him. He was not Gitaxias, who sewed falsehoods as easily as he sewed sinew to steel. And yet, he realized, he had no proof of this, no scripture attesting his integrity. It was Tezzeret who finally spoke, voice curling like a snake.
"Urabrask here couldn't lie if his newtlike brain could even conceive of such a thing. My master simply isn't...built for it."
A bitter laugh from the green one. "And I suppose I'm to trust your judgment on that, given your previous masters?"
A shrug from the metal man.
Despite the early suspicions, Vivien eventually agreed, mostly in the absence of viable alternatives. In exchange for his knowledge of the Phyrexian host, she pored into the Park Heights archives, the seedy recesses of the Caldaia. She brought to him half-remembered histories, read to him orally from a reasonable distance. When their pertinent conversations ended, she would occasionally even recount the stories of her plane, lost to some nameless trespasser. "Only reason I'm telling you about it is that there's no saving it." The machinist stopped by to occasionally throw a dismissive scrap of metal to repair his mangled body. Bereft of his usual tools, and bent double in agony most of the time, Urabrask could do nothing but reluctantly thank him.
Gradual was the recovery. He was no Vorinclex, practiced with the transferral of life, who could repair in minutes simply by draining off the local fauna. Instead, with the tip of a claw, he carved a new exoskeleton from the scrap and detritus.
Still, that final piece remained elusive. The Capennans were a begrudgingly tenacious people, but in no way should they have been able to repel Yawgmoth's horde a millennium prior.
One particularly hot day, Vivien had showed up with nothing new to report. The city had been in the middle of a heat wave, and while Urabrask himself welcomed it, the usual crowd had retreated to their magic-cooled atriums and been remiss to share information. She'd come in a light dress, with a bottle of some nameless liquid in tow.
"You've got something there."
She looked sideways. "Ah, yes. Halo, it's called, a bit of contraband, actually. I don't usually drink, but today's my mother's birthday. Thought I'd celebrate, even if she's not here."
There was something he couldn't quite place in her wavering tone. The idea of parental attachment had always seemed, well, ridiculous - a remnant of Norn's mewling attachment to the familial structures of a process unknown to every being in their sphere. One did not have an individual attachment to one's birthing pod or compleator, no matter what you pretended. And yet, her manner was genuine, without parody.
It occurred to Urabrask that humans did have mothers.
"There is a thing, they do, in the dim light of their squalid apartment flats. A toast... I think Tezzeret called it. They clink their glasses together, and then drink, simultaneously."
When she did not reply, he added "It seems to yield a newfound strength to their bearing."
He saw her face momentarily contort, before her usual discipline returned.
"Hah. Are you asking me for a toast? A Phyrexian praetor? I wouldn't miss that for the world."
It was not long before she returned with two glasses. Pouring the bottle into one, she handed it to him with a gloved hand.
"To Mom."
"To your mother."
Luxurious Libation by Joe Slucher
They drank. For a while, Vivien's senses eroded - the edges of her vision blurring into a pleasant haze. It felt like being pulled into the Blind Eternities, consciousness rising, rising. The vision of her mother, and her people, so clearly in view - and then -
She heard the horrid, high-pitched scream of metal on metal, and the praetor hacked up the concoction. Its multicolored, shimmering contents sat in bright contrast to the fungal slick of his surroundings.
"Are you alright?"
When he stopped retching rainbows, he retched magma, then an assemblage of biomechanical organs. Then he spoke. The praetor's voice was thin.
"Now we know how they lost."
Slobad, once a savior of his world, returns to slag at five hundred scamps.
The centurion who brought him in pieces shifts ungainly upon leaden feet. It is an exultation to be allowed in Urabrask's sanctum, to witness his private bellows, and yet she has never seen the praetor so calm. With a flick of the tail, he stokes the remnants of the mangled body clear into the subsuming mass of molten metal.

Urabrask's Forge by Lie Setawan
"Great smith, praetor-maker, we-"
"No formality needed."
"He was weak, sire. Unfit - still unable to shake the dressage of his identity before rebirth -"
"How did he die?"
"A coward's death. The Great Work proceeds one link stronger. We found out later that he -"
"How'd he die, fool?"
The centurion feels a jettisoned wave of exhaust nearly melt her tined helm. She meets his gaze as she stumbles backward, before recovering.
"He had gone to see Vorinclex's second, the traitor-elf, and carried with him a body, found by some forsaken pool in the darkslick. We believe he had intended to subvert our cause - to trade the body as collateral, to surrender himself to the Hunter Maze and Norn's forces."
Urabrask tilts a jaw, and retreats to a hunch.
"They had a shared history."
"He was butchered on the spot, by the elf herself, no less. Vorinclex nearly had his body, before we sent in a scamp to recover it. Though I am not sure they would have consumed it - they would have seen his plaintive plea, and his oil, as weakness." She resists adding *As it was.*
"He was once part of her family. If not by the blood of the womb, then by the blood of the sword. Certainly more of a family than Norn professes to be." His claws clip the floor in their restless pacing, and he looks askance, through the layer of molten alloy that divided his quarters from the rest of the layer, toward the Hunter Maze.
"And yet, if their bonds could not unite them after compleation, what hope have any of us?"
The centurion does not answer. She looks instead at his tail, as it reaches for one of the myriad valves that release the slag into the main circulatory channels.
"You don't intend on releasing that mix into the furnaces, surely. He will contaminate the oil of better warriors. The war that will follow has no tolerance for-"
"For waste of perfectly usable bodies."
He flushes the valve, and the centurion looks on in stony silence.
"Yes, of course, praetor."
A planeswalker's spark is estimated to leave its owner at a mere eighth of a scamp.
The flame-haired girl controls the fire, yes, as does the tree-bottomed woman beside. But they do not master it, do not embody it as he does. One gesture of the claw, one movement by his assembled exarchs, and they would both know rebirth. They would likely serve the war against Norn better in that form, and their own precious Multiverse besides.
But he does not.
Instead, exhausted, they ask for his help. After consideration, he provides.
"Infighting will be the death of your kind."
He knows the irony that hangs over that statement. Scamps weld together shipments of Tezzeret's contraband to goliath husks in direct preparation for one final stand. Gitaxias's surveillance drones whisk around the upper layers in ever increasing numbers, despite the continuous - waning now - flak over the smoggy skies. Ever the opportunist. The porcelain legion, in their multitudes, were swarming over a thousand different planes, all the while creating unthinking facsimiles of their cause.
Vivien had explained it to him. It was funny, that feeling. Perhaps he would introduce it to the language after this was all over.
In some ways, they had already lost. The Phyrexian conflict had never really been a war, merely a delaying tactic. Gitaxias's surgical bays, in conjunction with Norn's hatcheries, created enough raw material to fight two fronts at once - one without, one within.
The second irony of all this was her new army had discarded the once-vaunted ideal forms of the Fair Basilica in exchange for more mass-producible humanoid templates. In doing so, she had eschewed perfection for the many. They were so much chaff, many not even undergoing full phyresis before being plucked and thrown onto the battlefield. Never to experience that rapturous certainty of purpose that marked the converts of the forge. And yet they were winning for it.
What numbers Sheoldred had gathered from her gibbering coliseum may have been individually better fighters than the thousand-faced singers that Norn unleashed upon the Dross Pits, but they were overtaken in a wave of white once the first lines had been broken.
And now she, too, was lost. He had little sympathy for her platitudes of some revival of the long-dead Father of Machines, but he had to admit that her silent smile was preferable to Gitaxias's seemingly-infinite tolerance for intrigue or Vorinclex's animalistic deference to the hierarchy of power. Let her intone uselessly for the supplication of her dead god, if it meant that she left well alone.
How long would the others bow, he wondered?
He dismissed the planeswalkers. They had a scheme, and if he could not bring himself to use them as Norn would, he might at least find some use from their failure.
Blightsteel separates from its constituent parts at eleven thousand scamps.
Worse than the agony of having to flay oneself alive was that he had to unmake the Great Work to do it. The Work of untold millions, whose only story was written in the architecture of the thing he was now scavenging for scrap metal.
He told himself that the Work would not continue unless the Forge survived to continue it.
The molds were ready. Scamps skittered to and fro, handing off dices in expectant, chittering lines of assembly. The engravers had managed to teach them a little of the language, in what spare moments they had. They wanted a savior, their own champion in shining armor. They believed that this would surely turn the tide, and snuck glances over their shoulder at the crucible that would do it.
Darksteel, the Mirrans' last prize, becomes liquid at thirteen thousand scamps.
Urabrask clambers into the mold, and the presses close around him. Veins of superheated darksteel close and open in scriptured sequence. Claws, muscle, bone reforge, and are reborn in a new alloy. Imprints of arteries and chambers for ichor, and -other- substances, find their purchase in a new circulatory system. Every scamp, every lost champion, every fallen soldier finds itself infinitesimally unified within his armor.
An injustice that he was able to be born thrice, when so many were denied even their second.
A scamp outside minding the temperature found itself suddenly looking at its own impaled carapace. A verdigris spike emerged, before it tossed the body aside, into the wall of the bellows. There was suddenly a furor - another seedpod slammed into the exhaust wall outside, as another group of brutalizers scaled the outer wall of the Autonomous Furnace. Centurions and scamps alike found themselves off their feet as quake after quake shuddered the mechanism. A few attempted to grasp weapons, forming a circle around the molten sarcophagus that housed their leader, but even as they did so, they could feel a pall in the atmosphere, draining life and warmth alike toward a singular, approaching center. An axe clattered to the ground seconds before its user, spent of vitality.
"Urabrask," Vorinclex hissed, "you always were one to run and hide. To defy her Will is heresy. "
One enormous sweep of a bony forearm sends the remaining scamps sprawling out, never to know the ecstasy of immolation again. The next nearly upends the enormous metal mold, spilling molten darksteel onto the floor of the dais.
"Come out. To know your last master."
One more blow, and the mold splits at the seam - spilling the contents into the lattice of wires and pipes supporting the belows. Urabrask looks up at his opponent, his skin still yet to cool. The half-born pain permeates every aspect of his being, but his voice does not waver.
"Urabrask serves no one."

Urabrask, Heretic Praetor by Simon Dominic
His exhaust flares, and with the nascent blood of the bellows beneath him, he lunges. Claw meets claw meets horn meets tail. The force of his body slams the larger praetor into the retaining wall behind, and together they tumble into a network of supporting channels. Ichor and slag spill in a caterwauling whine.
Glistening oil incandesces at 15 thousand scamps.
But if Vorinclex notices the temperature of the white-hot lines as they trickle into his eye holes, it doesn't show. If anything, he seems to revel in it, the runic inscriptions upon his forearms glowing as they reach out, going limb over limb as Vorinclex stalks over the remaining pipes like some kind of Capennan leonin. Only a gout of raw flame from Urabrask repels their advance, but Vorinclex responds by shielding his arms with his skull-like visage.
"No place for you in the chain. What shall I do with your prized forge after Norn grants me your layer? Perhaps I'll start by making mulch of your nauseatingly sentient -"
Urabrask's reply is the sideswipe of a darksteel tail, severing one of Vorinclex's cooling forearms. The green praetor starts what might be a howl but emerges as the clanking chime of laughter.
"I'll do you one better."
With a serrated jaw, he rips the other clean off. Ichor falls away and screams to nothing on the exposed channels they fall on.
"Attachment to constructed forms - when nature provides in abundance."
"Your lot will never know the glory of creation. Trapped in base instincts, slave to another-"
It is Vorinclex's turn to answer without words; the leap of his hind legs carry him into Urabrask's carapace as, from stunted arm holes, some parody of branches emerges, twisting and binding Urabrask's arms as they careen out of the furnace floor and into the magma layer below. Even darksteel can not hold back the apex predator's all-hungering maw as it snaps and tears away metal and flesh alike. Generations of alloy, of family, friend and foe, fly from the exoskeleton.
When Urabrask summons the strength to knock Vorinclex away, the limp that he carries is that of a wounded animal. Vorinclex knows it well. He knows that escape is now not an option, understands that the end is a matter of when rather than if. Vitality already flows in abundance from the prey, shoring up his own wounds even as it leaves theirs open.

Vorinclex by Daarken
His favorite part of the hunt.
So he does not even attempt to block the claw that comes swinging in wide, knowing its paltry strength ricocheting off his carapace will serve only to demoralize his opponent further, until the injector is already embedded in his side. A iridescent flush of vaporized -something- makes its way through his veins. It starts at a point, then balloons outward, like a -
All in an instant, every part of Vorinclex rejects every other part, is aware of some deep, fundamental wrongness in his being, wants out from the body that holds it in. Redemption attempts to find something it can redeem, and in the absence of that, tears what remains asunder. Joints fracture, ichor hardens to glass, bones shred their metal casings.
"That was meant for Norn, not her lapdog. Even in your failure, you serve her." Urabrask's voice is thin as he stands, against what once was a monument to the sphere's blessings. Only fragments remain - stripped down to its base for parts. He looks upward. Small fires start at the base of the slagworks - the unnatural fires of raid and ruin.
And yet, even this is not enough to down the apex predator. Even inside his gutted frame, Vorinclex evolves, discards used organs for backups, routes the Halo through new inert capillaries. Gouts of Halo and oil spill from his maw as his arms again find their footing on solid ground, drawing strength from the soil deep within. It was good, he decided, that even this final trick would not save the Furnace.
"No," he spits, "Not my failure."
Urabrask is ready for the lunge this time, but even in Vorinclex's weakened state he only barely holds on.
What remains of the Forge to be saved?
Through the din of shearing metal, he hears it. The sordid caterwauling of the scamps in the words they've only just now learned, the cries of the fuselings wielding their tongs and pokers in one last defiance.
A soul - a spark - burns at 30 million scamps.
He screams, and his jets scream with him, pushing Vorinclex back, back until his hind claws can no longer find purchase on consecrated ground. Copper rotpriests, late to the altercation, come just in time to witness their leader slam through them, crushing carapaces and dogma alike, clear into the air in a white-hot arc.
Urabrask tastes the air in five open wounds, and in the agony there is singular truth. Vorinclex hangs on, as he always does, desirous only of victory, so certain of his own survival that any other possibility is inconceivable. Tendrils reach out from fledgling buds and become so much smoke against the friction of the superheated air.
They pierce through the Mirrex, the dessicated hexgold panels turning to dust as their bodies collide with the remains of old, rusted-over rebel bases. There is a wistfulness as they soar high over the remains. As flame becomes cinder, so too, do ways of life, do civilizations. What were they doing now, he thought - still trying to bring back a life long since lost?
He couldn't blame them. Perhaps he ought to have acknowledged their strength earlier.
Red Sun's Twilight by Julian Kok Joon Wen
They crash through the Monumental Facade, the heights of hubris. For a second, the edifices constructed in their image are larger than life - and then singularly small, and rapidly receding.
Mirrodin's cosm greets them in the keening twilight of five suns.
He cannot feel anything now save the all-encompassing heat. Good thing, too, as he looks down and sees Vorinclex discard his left arm, then his right, torn off at the joint by his jaw. He does not need it now. They are bonded by the molten darksteel flowing from his chest wound. He will see this through.
"You would throw yourself away, in service of some lofty nothings."
So even Vorinclex can realize a hint of the truth at the end. How terribly funny.
All becomes one in the light of Phyrexia's red sun.
Vorinclex, praetor of the Vicious Swarm, burns at fifty million scamps.
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2023.03.29 17:42 allworldg [question] nvim-cmp: completion makes a little conflict with "set completeopt" in cmdline.

I set "completeopt" to highlight first Item and auto select it. Then I use Tab to choose Item and Enter to replace . It is great. But in cmdline I need to press Tab more than once to complete it if first Item is what I want.

Tab twice
cmp.setup({ preselect = cmp.PreselectMode.Item, completion = { completeopt="" }, mapping = { [""] = cmp.mapping.confirm({ select = true, behavior = cmp.ConfirmBehavior.replace, }), [""] = cmp.mapping(function(fallback) if cmp.visible() then cmp.select_next_item() elseif luasnip.expand_or_jumpable() then luasnip.expand_or_jump() else fallback() end end, { "i", "s", }), }) cmp.setup.cmdline("/", { sources = { { name = "buffer" }, }, }) cmp.setup.cmdline(":", { mapping = cmp.mapping.preset.cmdline(), sources = cmp.config.sources({ { name = "path" }, }, { { name = "cmdline" }, }), }) 

Is there any way to once to select first Item in cmdLine without remove "completeopt" ?
By the way, I cannot access nvim-cmp doc in neovim. :h nvim-cmp said "no help". Why?
Thank you.
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2023.03.29 17:33 Avlaropls EU (Germany) - Music Production/ Gaming: Looking to build a High end gaming PC to run games at 4k/2.5k 144hz and produce music with Ableton Live and plugins.

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
AAA games and emulation (up to Nintendo switch) Ableton Live 10-11. Some games I intend to run smoothly are Final Fantasy 7 Remake
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Within the next month probably
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Tower and monitor
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Germany, Bayern probably. But I’m willing to order EU wide if it makes sense
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Mouse, Keyboard (corsair) External Audio Interface (Native Instruments Complete 6) Wifi/bluetooth card, second Monitor (1080p just for discord or multitask), maybe an HDD with 2tb of storage
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
No overclocking right away, rather if needed after a while.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
I’d aim for at least a GTX 4070Ti as a graphics card, 32GB of ram and if within budget, internal storage 1-2TB ssd if possible (1tb being the minimum)
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Already have my own Wifi/bluetooth card, ethernet is not a must
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
I have no preferences on size, nice looking tower is appreciated, but RGBs are not a must
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
No windows copy needed unless it’s very budget friendly (20€ approx)
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2023.03.29 17:33 Standard_Passion_781 External Monitor randomly goes black for a second then back on

This issue has driving me crazy for months. I have four staff with similar setups, including myself, all with the same exact problem. We all have a Dell Precision 3570 with a wd19s docking station and dual external monitors (we all have a different mix of monitors). All of us are experiencing one monitor going black for a second and immediately coming back up. Sometimes it happens once in a day, sometimes several times a day. No immediate cause, we don't game on these work computers, nothing hardware intensive is running. We are actively working on the computer when it happens.
For my setup, I've had the same monitors for 3 years - no issues. When I swapped out my old Dell for this new model and dock, I've had constant issues with one of the monitors going black and immediately coming back on. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the logs to indicate an issue. I've updated all drivers and the BIOS for the laptop and dock via Dell Command, each time there is an update. I've tried rolling back both graphics drivers, intel and nvidia. I've tried completely uninstalling all the graphics drivers and reinstalling fresh from Dell support. I've unplugged the USB cable going from the problematic monitor to the dock, and just left the DisplayPort cable plugged in. I've switched the dock connection to my laptop from the back to front USB-C port.
For a while, I thought the last round of driver updates fixed it. I didn't have it flicker off for a week. But alas, it just did it again a moment ago.
Any ideas?
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2023.03.29 17:30 AutoModerator [Get] notJust Dev – The Full Stack Mobile Developer

Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/notjust-dev-the-full-stack-mobile-develope
[Get] notJust Dev – The Full Stack Mobile Developer📷 After completing this course, you will:
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2023.03.29 17:29 ExistentialTowel Help getting typescript server plugins working in LSP

I write lots of js at work and most of what I'm writing are native web-components. To build this I need to use JS string literals with `html` and `css` tags, ie:

I'm struggling to get proper code completion and other LSP features to work with the CSS and HTML inside of this template strings. I'm using what Mason calls the "tsserver" which is the `typescript-language-server` binary. In my LSP settings I _think_ I am correctly sourcing the plugins in my typescripte config for LSP (using `typescript.nvim`):
local M = {} function M.setup() local ts_config = require('typescript') ts_config.setup({ server = { init_options = { plugins = { { name = 'ts-lit-plugin', location = '~/.asdf/installs/nodejs/18.11.0/lib/node_modules/ts-lit-plugin/' }, { name = 'typescript-lit-html-plugin', location = '~/.asdf/installs/nodejs/18.11.0/lib/node_modules/typescript-lit-html-plugin/' }, }, } } }) end return M 
I'm specifying those locations because I am not allowed to put this into the `tsconfig`/`package.json` for my work's repos.
submitted by ExistentialTowel to neovim [link] [comments]