Nicole waterson

Nicole Waterson (The amazing world of Gumball). Like how she pretty much is taller Gumball with eye-lashes.

2023.05.17 22:47 ArthurSpinner Nicole Waterson (The amazing world of Gumball). Like how she pretty much is taller Gumball with eye-lashes.

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2023.03.17 06:39 EstarriolStormhawk 2022 Bingo Word Anarchy with Bonus Micro Reviews!

Halllll-right, so first up, you know how the bingo page says things like "One square = one book" and "Can I use novellas for squares? Yes, but only a couple of the squares--don't overdo it?" Well, my fancy was drawn to a wide variety of novellas and short novels this year. So I decided to smash both of these rules simultaneously. I read LOTS of novellas and used more than one book per square! No author was repeated in more than one square, so I matched the spirit of the thing and that's good enough, if I do declare so myself.
ROW 1:
LGBTQIA List: Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear (HM) - I loved the absolute mech out of this book. I loved this book so much I'm almost a little mad no one shoved it in my face before. How dare you all!? But also thank you all! It's swashbuckling, it's tender, it has some great food in it, it has some awesome mechs, and filled all over with superb characters I fell head over heels for. And it has some superb quotes: "Madame Damnable's a battleship;" "You'd never break this one. You'd never even bend her. She'd die like Joan of Arc first, and spit blood on you through a smile;" "the first glance he'd offered Waterson that didn't seem to imply that the sergeant was studying up to become a halfwit;" "She's got to be fifty-nine, and she's still got a balcony you could do Shakespeare from;" "Eavesdropping's a sin, but ignorance is fatal. Take your pick." And I have to stop there or I'll just keep going on and on. So fucking glad I read this excellent book.
Weird Ecology: I read four books for this one (because they were all pretty short and it was two from each series)!
2+ Authors: Dealer's Choice (Wild Cards #11) written by Stephen Leigh, Edward W Bryant, John J Miller, Walter Jon Williams, and written and edited by George R. R. Martin (HM as fuck) - Allow me a 15 second internal screaming break before this micro review begins... hoo. Yeah. Hokay. So I started reading Wild Cards back in high school because I'd found this Song of Ice and Fire series I really liked and proceeded to read everything by GRRM I could get my hands on. At one point, B&N had a big ol' stack of these shiny shiny orange foil covered INSIDE STRAIGHT: A WILD CARDS NOVEL EDITED (that word does not look right in all caps) BY GEORGE R R MARTIN. And that was good enough for me, simp I was. And twas back in the day that I did not mind reading things out of order. Didn't matter that it was book #18. Anyway, long story long, I liked the book and liked #19 too, so I decided to try to track down the whole series through many delves into many used bookstores and started reading them in order from #1. Overall, I really like the series. In places it's dated. In places, CHOICES were made. And in places, it shines. What do I think of Dealer's Choice? Well, CHOICES were FUCKING MADE and you can tell there was genuine effort to be kind and open and hooooooo no and NO NO NO WHY NO STOP IT NO I NO NO I HATE NO. Dealer's Choice was the final novel in the "Rox" "Triad" (there's a solo novel by Melinda M Snodgrass that was #10 and is kinda in the triad? But also not.) and my largest feeling is of intense relief that the Rox Triad is over. It's finally over. It can't hurt me anymore. I had heard that the Rox Triad was poorly regarded by Wild Cards readers and they were all wise sages. But I wasn't going to not read them! I wanted to know the story! And that's one of the things about this book in particular - I hated very nearly every fucking choice made in this book and the prose was nothing more than mostly functional and yet - and yet I couldn't put it down. But now I can! And I don't have to pick it back up! Summary: 15 solid seconds of screaming. I recommend this series overall, but HOLY FUCK DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SKIP THE ROX BOOKS. SKIP THEM. DM ME AND I'LL SUMMARIZE THEM FOR YOU IF YOU REALLY NEED. I'm looking forward to book #12, I think.
Historical SFF: The Hidden Palace by Helene Wecker (HM) - This one is a hard one to review. For two reasons: I listened to it as an audiobook and I'm p sure it was the first book I finished for this bingo round. My reading comprehension/retention is not NEARLY as good when I listen to things and also I don't take notes on books I listen to. But I remember liking this one overall. Maybe I should re-listen. I do really remember enjoying it, I just struggle to say exactly why. :x womp Fun atmosphere? Definitely interesting characters - loved the expanded cast.
Set in Space: A Desolation Called Peace by Akrady Martine (HM) - aka she's really hot but she keeps calling me a barbarian and has zero consciousness of this fucking power dynamic. Ugh, the delicious PINING. The good, good SUFFERING. And dear, sweet, gods that sex scene. I listened to the first book in this series as an audiobook and that was a mistake due to aforementioned listening badness. Reading this one with my eyeballs was superb. Also, fun fact: I read this one riiiiight after What Moves the Dead by T Kingfisher, so when it got to *that part* in this book, I was nearly screaming. I loved this book. I'm going to reread the first book, but with my eyeballs this time.

Row 2:
Standalone: Kraken by China Mieville (HM) - Part of me wants to link Jacob Geller's video "Fear of Big Things Underwater" and call it a day. But while that covers a lot of what I loved about this book, it's not even 10%. This book has sideplots that take less than 10 pages total that were more fleshed out and compelling than some whole books I've read. And it's so fucking funny. And it reaches down into my soul to drag up that shiver of exultant horror in my soul and watch as it writhes ... and then pulls out lines like "a predatory meat cylinder" or "many metres of abyss meat." I was trying to do a little pomodoro break when I read that second one. Full on broke me. Still think of it and start giggling every now and then. There are an impossible number of incredible lines in this book. I loved the absolute fuck out of it.
Anti-Hero: Half a King by Joe Abercrombie (HM) - I liked it well enough, but frankly it didn't really capture me. I found it engaging enough to finish, but feel no real need to read the rest of the series. This one also falls prey to the fact that I listened to it, so I don't remember as much about it.
Book Club/Readalong: Machinehood by S. B. Divya (HM) - This book came extremely highly recommended by a friend. Which made it very awkward when I absolutely hated it. I'm not going to beat this horse too much, but I don't feel that the book accomplished a single thing it set out to do, especially in regards to the technology. And the central "mystery" was hammered bluntly into my face so hard that I knew the first time it was brought up that the red herring was RED, which made it extremely frustrating that basically the whole cast bent over backwards to convince themselves that the red herring must be true! Pages and pages and pages of exposition that had to be hammered in the most awkward and doltish ways to try and fail to make the red herring seem convincing. The central questions of the technology in this book have been done better over and over and over again and the setting of the world has been too. Skip Machinehood entirely.
Cool Weapon: Bluebird by Ciel Pierlot (HM) - Overall I enjoyed this rollicking space adventure even if I feel like the ultra genius main character should really have known that gene-locking her cool weapons to herself is not nearly so effective when she has an identical twin. As you can tell, my immersion gets easily broken in scifi. =(
Revolutions and Rebellions: Firebreak by Nicole Kornher-Stace (HM) - This is one of those books that has a similar near-future late-stage capitalist setting as Machinehood and does it immensely better. Also does technologic superhumans much better. It's a fantastic book full of introspection, video-game-esque action, real fury at injustice, and empathy. And it's totally aroace. It's a great book. I bought myself a signed copy and gave my first copy to my cousin.
Row 3:
Name in the Title: The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson (HM) - I loved this one. Lovecraftian fantasy but from the perspective of an educated woman who isn't afraid of geometry. There's so much more curiosity about the world and since the protagonist is middle-aged, she's also experienced and a fully capable traveler. It also has a passage that has absolutely not left me since, that was articulated perfectly: "There were people everywhere, and half of them were women." I was surprised that this wasn't a popular highlight (in kindle) as it's pretty much the thesis of this book - how, after reading so much literature in which women are rare even when used as set dressings, background objects, or wallpaper - how they're just so often absent unless they have some specific main-story reason to even exist... it becomes genuinely surprising to really realize that women are half of all people. (See various studies that show people consider a group of 30% women to have "a lot" or even "mostly" women.) I loved the shit out of this one.
Author Uses Initials: Memory's Legion by James S. A. Corey (HM) - The capstone of a series I've been reading since 2011. Beautiful and melancholy to read the last of it. I enjoyed rereading the couple of stories that I'd read years ago and enjoyed reading the rest that I hadn't (by far the majority). Since they wrote the stories in between the novels, it was kinda fun to watch just how much they grew as authors.
Published in 2022: Notorious Sorcerer by Davinia Evans (HM) - I knew I would love this book and I absolutely fucking did. Fantastic world building. Characters I thought were okay in the beginning and then the characters learned and grew and I LOVED them by the end - and who served as such good foils for one another. Some really great metaphors and colloquialisms that fit the setting so damned well. Plot elements that could easily have felt overly busy but were perfectly balanced. I loved the shit out of this book. I can't wait for the sequel. You need swashbuckling bravo disaster gays to bring a bit of hedonistic curiosity to your life.
Urban Fantasy: Iron and Velvet by Alexis Hall (HM) - Some fun parts, but overall I thought it was just fine. It didn't excite me. I kinda struggled to finish it, but for no egregious reason I could point to. I don't generally prefer urban fantasy and this book didn't convert me.
Set in Africa: A Dead Djinn in Cairo and The Haunting of Tram Car 015, P. Djeli Clark (HM) - Really fun setting and fun characters. I look forward to more from Clark. I also listened to Ring Shout after these two and loved it. (Reviews will be getting shorter because oh no, I faffed about too much screaming about Dealer's Choice and it's too late).
Row 4:
Non-Human Protagonist: Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton - loved this twist on a historical romance. Especially when it got unexpectedly brutal. Very metal - loved it. I really need to read more Walton.
Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey: The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan by Zigzag Clayborne (HM) - man's grabbed a name so cool I'm almost mad about it. I will sum this book in one quote: "'I'm putting a saddle on the sucker and riding his ass back to oblivion.' And that's all Bubba had to say about that." Read this book. Okay one more quote: "Poetry was powerful mojo. It was chaos and physics distilled. Bad poetry even more so."
Five Short Stories: Six Dreams About the Train and Other Stories by Maria Haskins (HM) - EXCELLENT, but WILL do psychic damage. They're so so good, but I had to space them out. Read them! They're superb! Content Warning: So much child abuse.
Mental Health: Juniper and Thorn by Ava Reid (HM) - Incredible. Shiny-bright, spectacular prose. Fascinating world. And dear, sweet god the HORROR. And the perfectly reasonable reactions to the horror! And yet ends surprisingly nicely. Excellent, do read! I fucking loved the shit out of this book.
Self-Published: (two because short)
Row 5:
Award Finalist, Not Won: The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold (HM) - I was expecting to like this one more than I did. It's not that I disliked it, it's just that I struggled to keep my pace in it. It didn't pull me along like Curse of Chalion or Paladin of Souls did. I liked it well enough, but I wouldn't reread it over the other two.
BIPOC Author: Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice (HM) - Frankly, I was hoping for a bit more of the horror element than I really got.
Shapeshifters: Tall and Dark by Suzannah Rowntree (HM) - I went into this blind. No idea how it got onto my list. Really glad I went in blind, made it even better. The shapeshifter element was very fun.
No Ifs, Ands, or Buts: Saint Death's Daughter by C.S.E. Cooney (HM) - If I allow myself any time to talk about how much I FUCKING LOVE THIS BOOK I will be here all night. I FUCKING LOVE THIS BOOK. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK. READ T.S. ELLIOT'S THE LOVE-SONG OF J ALFRED PRUFROCK AND/OR WHISPERS OF IMMORTALITY (poems) FIRST AND THERE'LL BE FUN EASTER EGGS. I am absolutely feral about how much I love this book. And I love C.S.E. Cooney. She's a damn delight and a treasure.
Family Matters: The Bear and the Nightingale by Katharine Arden (HM) - This book has been on my list for yeeaaars, so thanks fantasy book bingo for making me finally get around to it. I enjoyed it immensely. Still think the rusalka should have been allowed to do just a bit more drowning.

Really hope I didn't miss anything. These should all be HM. But I'm sleepy.
TL;DR Most of these are really great, especially Saint Death's Daughter. Skip Dealer's Choice.
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2023.03.16 11:46 DangerousDancingDan8 NEW Presentation Names

u/WWEgames u/WWE2Kdev u/ITZLexieP u/CornellGunter_ u/yoStax u/JediJnx u/TruBWill
Please add those names in the Create a Superstar Mode and please in #WWE2K24. You guys improve the Presentation Names in the Create a Superstar mode.

Names that have been in the game for ages:

WWE2K14, WWE2K15, WWE2K16, WWE2K17, WWE2K18 :

Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 (This isn't in other WWE2K14, WWE2K15, WWE2K16, WWE2K17, WWE2K18. If I'm wrong please. corrected me.)

Letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

A: Aaron, Abs, Ace, Action, Adam, Adams, Adder, Adrian, Akane, Akira, Al, Alan, Alex, Alexander, Ali, Alice, Alien, Alpha, Amanda, Amateur, Amazing, Amazon, Amber, Ambiguous, American, Amir, Amy, Andersen, Andrew, Andy, Angel, Angelina, Angle, Angus, Ant, Anthony, Antoine, Antonio, Ape, Aquarius, Arcade, Arch, Archangel, Arctic, Aries, Armadillo, Ashley, Asian, Astronaut, Atlantic, Aunty, Austin, Awesome, Azrael

B: Baby, Back, Bad, Bailey, Baker, Balmer, Baltimore, Bane, Barbarian, Barnett, Bart, Base, Basket, Bay, Bear, Beast, Bee, Beginus, Bell, Belt, Ben, Beret, Bernie, Big, Bigdaddy, Biker, Bill, Bily, Bison, Black, Blade, Blake, Blank, Blaze, Blizzard, Blue, Boar, Bob, Booger, Bottom, Bouncer, Bowen, Boxer, Boy, Brad, Bradley, Brain, Bradley, Brain, Brandon, Brawler, Brent, Brett, Brian, British, Brittany, Brock, Brody, Brooklyn, Brother, Brown, Bruce, Bruiser, Bryan, Bryant, Bryce, Bubba, Buffalo, Bug, Buggy, Bull, Burglar, Buster, Butcher

C: Caffeine, Cage, Cali, Camacho, Campbell, Canadian, Canary, Cancer, Canine, Capricorn, Captain, Carl, Carlos, Carter, Case, Casey, Cassidy, Cat, Chameleon, Champ, Champion, Chang, Charles, Charlie, Charlotte, Cheater, Cheese, Chef, Chen, Chet, Chicago, Chicken, Chief, Chimera, Chinese, Cho, Cholo, Chris, Christian, Christina, Christopher, Chuck, City, Clarence, Clark, Claws, Cliff, Clinton, Cloud, Clown, Coast, Cobra, Cockroach, Coconut, Cody, Cole, Colin, Colt, Columbus, Commander, Communist, Convict, Cooper, Cop, Corporal, Corporate, Corpse, Cory, Cougar, Cowboy, Coyote, Crab, Crack, Craig, Crazed, Crazy, Criminal, Crimson, Crocodile, Crow, Cruiser, Crusty, Crystal, Curtis, Cyborg

D: Daddy, Dallas, Damn, Dan, Danger, Daniel, Danielson, Daring, Dark, Darrell, Dave, David, Davis, Day, Deadly, Deal, Dealer, Death, Defector, Demon, Dennis, Denver, Destroyer, Detroit, Devil, Devin, Diamond, Dickey, Dinosaur, Dirty, Disaster, Diva, Doc, Doctor, Dog, Dojo, Dominator, Don, Donald, Double, Douglas, Dragon, Drake, Dreamer, Dublin, Dude, Duke, Durr, Dustin, Dusty, Dwayne, Dylan, Dynamic, Dynamite

E: Eagle, Earl, Earp, Earth, East, Eastern, Eater, Ed, Edward, Edger, El, Electric, Elephant, Eliminator, Elite, Elizabeth, Emerald, Emily, Epic, Eric, Erik, Ethan, Evan, Evening, Executioner, Expert, Eye, Eyed

F: Faceless, Falcon, Fallen, Familiar, Fanboy, Fast, Father, Feline, Female, Fiend, Fierce, Finch, Fink, Fire, Finisher, Flea, Fletcher, Fly, Flying, Fool, Foot, Fort, Fox, Franco, Frank, Freak, Freaky, Frenchman, Fresno, Friend, Frisco, Front, Frost, Funky, Funny, Future

G: Gabe, Gabriel, Gaming, Gangster, Garcia, Gargoyle, Gary, Gas, Gates, Gemini, General, Genie, Genius, George, Ghost, Giant, Gibby, Gilbert, Girl, Gladiator, Goat, God, Gold, Golden, Goldman, Gonzalez, Good, Gondo, Gorilla, Goth, Grabber, Graham, Grandma, Grandpa, Grave, Gray, Great, Green, Greg, Gregory, Griffin, Grime, Grizzly, Groovy, Gulf, Gun, Guru, Guy

H: Hacker, Hammer, Hammett, Hannibal, Hardcore, Harris, Harry, Hat, Hawk, Heart, Heather, Heavenly, Heavy, Henry, Herbert, Hernandez, Hero, Hideous, Hill, Hippo, Hitman, Hockey, Hogg, Holiday, Holly, Hollywood, Homer, Homie, Hood, Hooligan, Hornet, Horse, Horsemen, Hosoqai, Hotstuff, Howard, Hubert, Hugh, Hundred, Hunter, Hustler, Hustlin

I: Ian, Icon, Icy, Immortal, Indian, Indianapolis, Indy, Iron, Irritating

J: Jack, Jackie, Jacksonville, Jacob, Jade, Jaguar, Jake, James, Jane, Japanese, Jared, Jason, Jay, Jefe, Jeff, Jeffrey, Jen, Jennifer, Jeremy, Jerry, Jesse, Jessica, Jester, Jet, Jim, Jimmy, Jin, Job, Joe, Joel, John, Johnny, Johnson, Joker, Jonathon, Jones, Jordan, Jose, Joseph, Josh, Joshua, Juan, Judge, Judo, Jun, Just, Justice, Justin

K: Kabal, Kang, Kano, Karate, Kareem, Katelynn, Keith, Ken, Kendall, Kendo, Kenneth, Kent, Kevin, Kid, Killer, Kimberly, King, Kirk, Kisser, Kitty, Kline, Knight, Kobayashi, Kong, Korean, Kowalczyk, Kurt, Kyle

L: Ladiesman, Lance, Land, Larry, Las Vegas, Lassiter, Laura, Lauren, Ledesma, Lee, Legend, Lenny, Leo, Leon, Leonard, Leonardo, Lewis, Lex, Liam, Libra, Lightning, Lilith, Lion, Lisa, Little, Log, Loki, Long, Long Beach, Lopez, Lord, Los Angeles, Louisville, Love, Lovecraft, Lover, Luchador, Lucifer, Luger, Lui, Luis, Lumpy, Lunatic, Lurking, Luthor

M: Machine, Macho, Mack, Macleod, Madison, Madman, Maggie, Magic, Majestic, Maker, Malcolm, Male, Mall, Mamba, Man, Maniac, Manly, Mantis, Marcus, Marge, Mark, Marko, Marshall, Martin, Martinez, Marty, Masked, Master, Mastodon, Matador, Matsuda, Matsumoto, Matt, Matthew, Maverick, Max, Maximus, McCarthy, McDonald, McGregor, Mega, Megan, Melissa, Member, Memphis, Men, Mercer, Mercury, Metal, Meticulous, Mexican, Miami, Michael, Michelle, Mick, Mike, Miles, Miller, Mime, Mini, Miss, Mitchell, Model, Mohammad, Mommy, Money, Monk, Monkey, Monster, Montana, Moore, Morgan, Morning, Morris, Mortal, Mosquito, Mother, Motor, Mountie, Mouse, Mr., Mrs., Ms., Mummy, Murphy, Muscle, Mutant, Mystical

N: Nashville, Nate, Nathan, Nathaniel, Natural, Navajo, Nelson, Nerd, Nero, New, New York, Nice, Nicholas, Nick, Nicole, Night, Nightmare, Ninja, Nitro, Noah, North, Northern, Nose, Nurse, Nut

O: Oak, Octopus, Of, Ogre, Old, Oliver, Olympian, Omega, Online, Oozing, Opal, Ophiuchus, Orange, Otaku, Outlaw, Owen, Ox

P: Pacific, Page, Pain, Palmer, Panda, Panther, Park, Parker, Pastor, Patch, Pathetic, Pathological, Patrick, Patriot, Patriotic, Paul, Peanut, Pedro, Peltier, Penguin, People, Perez, Perry, Peter, Phantom, Phenom, Philadelphia, Phillip, Philly, Phoenix, Pierre, Pine, Pinky, Pirate, Pisces, Platinum, Playboy, Player, Poker, Polar, Pow, Powell, Power, President, Prince, Princess, Principal, Pristine, Pro, Prodigy, Professional, Professor, Prototype, Prune, Psycho, Puma, Punks, Purple

Q: Queen, Quinn, Quitter

R: Rabid, Rachel, Raiden, Rain, Ralston, Ram, Ramirez, Randy, Rat, Rattle, Raymond, Real, Reaper, Rebecca, Recluse, Recto, Red, Reese, Regime, Renegade, Reptile, Rhino, Ricardo, Richard, Richardson, Rick, Riley, Ring, Rio, Riviera, Rivers, Rob, Robert, Robinson, Rocker, Rocky, Rod, Rodriguez, Ronald, Ronin, Rookie, Rooster, Roy, Ruby, Rude, Russ, Russian, Ryan

S: Sack, Sacramento, Sagittarius, Saint, Sakamoto, Sam, Samoan, Samuel, Samurai, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose, Sanchez, Sand, Santa, Sapp, Sapphire, Sarah, Sarge, Satin, Satoru, Savage, Savior, Scarecrow, Scorpio, Scorpion, Scott, Scottish, Screaming, Sean, Sears, Seattle, Senator, Senior, Sensation, Serbian, Sergeant, Sergio, Serpent, Seth, Sexy, Shadow, Shamownage, Shane, Shang, Shannon, Shaolin, Shaw, Shawn, Sheldon, Sherrill, Shingo, Show, Shrinker, Siberian, Side, Sikh, Silent, Silva, Silver, Simon, Simpson, Sin, Sister, Skater, Skinner, Slate, Slopes, Small, Smasher, Smith, Smoke, Smoking, Snake, Sniper, Snow, Soccer, Sokolov, Soldier, Sonya, Sophia, Soul, South, Southern, Soviet, Space, Spartan, Spectacular, Spider, Stalker, Stallion, Star, Stephanie, Stephen, Steve, Steven, Stick, Stinky, Storm, Storms, Straw, Street, Strong, Student, Stunt, Styles, Sub, Submission, Sue, Sullivan, Sunshine, Superstar, Supreme, Surfer, Surgeon, Suzuki, Syndicate

T: Taipan, Tank, Tarantula, Tattooed, Taurus, Taylor, Teacher, Technical, Ted, Teddy, Teenager, Terror, The, Thief, Thighs, Thing, Thomas, Thompson, Thousand, Thug, Thunder, Tia, Tic, Tickler, Tiffany, Tiger, Tiki, Timothy, Tin, Tiny, Titan, Toc, Todd, Tokyo, Tom, Tommy, Tony, Top, Tornado, Torres, Town, Toy, Travis, Trevor, Triple, Trouble, Troy, Tsung, Turbo, Turner, Turtle, Twin, Tyler, Tyson

U: Ugly, Ultimate, Ultra, Uncle, Unstoppable

V: Vampire, Van, Vandiver, Vega, Vegas, Vice, Victor, Viking, Villain, Vince, Vincent, Violet, Viper, Virgil, Virgo, Virtual, Visor, Voodoo

W: Walken, Walker, Wall, Walter, Wandering, Warden, Warlock, Warlord, Washington, Wasp, Water, Watson, Wayne, Web, Webmaster, Wesley, West, Western, Whiny, White, Wide, Widow, Wild, Will, William, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Witch, Wolf, Wolverine, World, Wrestler, Wyatt

X: Xander

Y: Yamashita, Yap, Yellow, York, Yosef, Young, Youngblood, Yuri

Z: Zachary, Zero, Zodiac.

WWE2K19, WWE2K20, WWE2K22:

A - A K 47 - A-List - Aaron - Abbott - Ace - Adam - Adams - Adorable - Adrian - Ahmed - Aiden - AJ - Akane - Akira - The Alabama Slamma - Alan - Albert - Albright - Aldo - Aleksander - Alex - Alexander - Alexia - Ali - Alice - The All American - Allen - Alpha - Amanda - The Amateur - Amaya - Amber - The American Dream - Americas Sweetheart - Amir - Amy - The Anarchist - Andersen - Anderson - Andre - Andrea - Andres - Andrew - Andrews - Andy - Angel - Angela - Angela - Angelina - Angelo - Angus - The Animal - Ann - Anna - Anne - The Anomaly - Ant - Anthony - Antista - Antoine - Antonio - Archangel - Aric - Arik - Armstrong - Arn - Arnold - Arthur - Ashley - The Asian Nightmare - The Assassin - The Athlete - Austin - Avalanche - Awesome - The Axe - Axe - Azrael

B - Babe - Babos - Baby Face - Backlund - Bacon - Bad - Bad Attitude - Bad Boy - The Bad Guy - Bailey - Baker - Bakke - Baldwin - Ball - Ballesca - Balmer - Balousek - Bannon - Barbara - The Barbarian - Barber - The Barber - Barend - Barker - Barnes - Barnett - Barrett - Barry - Bart - Bartlett - Barton - Bas - Basham - The Basket Case - Bass - Bates - Batista - Bay - Bear - The Bear - The Beast - The Beastmaster - Beauchamp - Beautiful - Becca - Bee - Beech - Beefcake - Beginus - Behrens - Bell - Ben - Benally - Benjamin - Bennett - Benson - Beretta - Bernie - Berry - The Best - Betty - Beverly - Big - Big Bad - Big Evil - Big Ham - Big Magic - Big Meanie - Big Money - Big Nasty - Big Time - Bill - Billy - Bishop - Bison - Black - Blacksmith - Blackwell - Blade - Blake - Blanchard - Bland - Blaze - The Blueprint - Bob - Bobby - The Body - Bolek - The Bombshell - Bombshell - Boone - The Boss - Boulay - Bourne - Bowen - Bowers - Bowlin - Bowman - Boy - Boyd - Brad - Braddock - Bradford - Bradley - The Brain - Bram - Brandon - Bravo - The Brawler - Brayden - Brenda - Brent - Brett - Brewer - Brian - Briggs - Brinton - Brittany - Brock - Brody - Brooks - Brown - Bruce - Bruiser - The Bruiser - Bruno - Brute - Brutus - Bryan - Bryant - Bryce - Bubba - Buck - Buckley - Buddy - Bui - The Bull - Bulldog - Bulldozer - Bullwhip - Burchfield - Burns - Burnstorm - Burton - Bush - Buster - Butch - The Butcher - Butcher - Butler - Buzzsaw - Byrd - Byron

C - Cactus - Calcote - Caldwell - Caleb - Cali - Cameron - Campbell - Candy Man - Cannon - Captain - Carl - Carlito - Carlos - Carmelo - Carol - Carolyn - Carpenter - Carr - Carter - Case - Casey - Cashman - Cassidy - Castle - Castro - Catherine - Caveman - Cepeda - Cesar - Champ - The Champ - Chandler - Chaney - Chang - Chapman - Charles - Charlie - Charlotte - Charming - Chase - Chen - Cheryl - China - Cho - The Chosen One - Chris - Christian - Christie - Christina - Christine - Christopher - Christopherson - Chuck - Church - Cindy - Clarence - Clark - Clarke - The Claw - Clemens - Cliff - Clingan - Clinton - Clown - Coach - Coachman - Cobb - Cody - Cole - Coleman - Coles - Colin - Collins - Colonel - Colossus - Colt - Columbus - Connor - Consiglio - Cook - Cooke - Cooper - Corino - Cory - Cottonbelly - County - Cowboy - Cox - Coyote - Craig - Crawford - Crazy - Cretchman - Crimson - Cruce - Cruise - Crush - Crusher - The Crusher - Cruz - Cry Baby - Crystal - Cubas - Culver - Cummings - Cunningham - Curt - Curtis - Cutie Pie - The Cyborg - Cyclone - Cynthia

D - Daddy - Daigle - Dalehite - Dallas - Dalton - Damian - Dan - Danger - Dangerous - Daniel - Danielle - Daniels - Danielson - Danny - Darrell - Darren - Dashing - Dave - David - Davidson - Davis - Dawn - Day - Dean - Death - Deaver - Deborah - Debra - Demers - Demoise - Demon - Denise - Dennis - Derek - Derick - Derk - The Destroyer - The Devil - Devious - Devon - Diamond - Diana - Diane - Diaz - Dickey - Diego - Dino - Dirty - The Disaster - Dixon - Dizzy - Doc - Doctor - The Dog - Dog - Doink - The Doll - The Dominator - Dominguez - Don - Donahue - Donald - Donaldson - Dondelinger - Donna - Doris - Dorothy - Double A - Doug - Douglas - Drago - The Dragon - Drake - Draven - The Dream - Dregs - Drew - Droese - Drolet - Dubb - Dublin - Dude - Dudley - Duece - Duggan - Duke - The Dumpster - Duncan - Dunn - Dustin - Dusty - Dwayne - Dyer - Dylan - Dynamic - Dynamite

E - The Eagle - Earl - Earp - Eaton - Eddie - Edward - Edwards - El Guapo - El Jefe - El Numero Uno - Elgin - Eli - Elijah - The Eliminator - Elizabeth - Elkins - Elliot - Elliott - Ellis - Elston - Emerson - Emily - Emma - The Enforcer - The Engineer - England - Epps - Eric - Ethan - Eugene - Evan - Evans - Evelyn - Everett - Ewing - Express - Extreme

F - The Falcon - Faria - Farmer - The Felon - Felt - Fenwick - Ferguson - Fernandez - Figueroa - Finch - Fingers - Fink - Finkel - The Fireman - Fisher - Flapjack - Flash - Fleites - Fletcher - Flores - Flyboy - Flynn - Fonseca - Ford - Foster - Fowler - Fox - Fraga - Frances - Francine - Francisco - Franco - Frank - Frankie - Franklin - The Freak - Freakzilla - Freeman - Freight Train - French - The French Paradox - Fresnedi - Frost - Frye - Fuller - Funky - Furious - The Future

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H - Haas - Hacksaw - Hagan - Haku - Hale - Halie - Hall - Hamilton - Hammer - The Hammer - Hammett - Hammond - Hancock - Handsome - Handy - Hank - Hannah - Hannibal - Hardcore - The Hardcore Icon - Harnage - Harold - Harper - Harrington - Harris - Harrison - Harry - Hart - Harvey - Hatcher - Hawkins - Hayabusa - Hayes - Headhunter - Heart - Heath - Heather - Heenan - Hein - Helen - Henderson - Hennig - Henry - Herbert - Hercules - Hernandez - The Hero - Hero - Hicks - Hill - Hillbilly - The Hippie - Hogan - Holland - Holly - Holmes - Holt - Homeboy - Homer - The Hooligan - Hopkins - The Horseman - Horton - Hosoqai - Hot - Hotrod - Howard - Howe - Howell - Hubbard - Hubert - Hudson - Hugh - Hughes - Hughs - Hulk - Hull - Hunt - Hunter - Hurricane - Hustler - Hyper Speed

I - Ian - The Iceman - The Icon - The Idol - The Illustrious - The Immovable Object - Indestructible - The Innovator - Iron - Ironman - The Irresistible Force - Irvin - Isaac - Isaiah - Isabella - Italian Stallion - Ivar - Ivy

J - Jack - Jackie - Jackson - Jacob - Jacobs - Jacqueline - Jade - Jaejin - Jake - James - Jane - Janet - Janice - Jannetty - Jared - Jarret - Jarrett - Jason - Jay - Jayden - Jean - Jeff - Jeffrey - Jeffreys - Jen - Jenkins - Jennifer - Jeremiah - Jeremy - Jerome - Jerry - Jervis - Jesse - Jessica - The Jester - Jesus - Jet - Jillian - Jim - Jimenez - Jimmy - Jindrak - Joan - Joe - Joel - Joey - John - Johnny - Johnson - Johnston - Jonathan - Jonathon - Jones - Jordan - Jose - Joseph - Josh - Joshua - Joyce - JStone - Juan - The Judge - Judith - Judy - Julia - Julie - Juliene - Junior - Junkyard - Jushin - Justice - Justin

K - Kaiva - Kamron - Kang - Kaplan - Kareem - Karen - Kari - Katelynn - Katherine - Kathleen - Kathryn - Kathy - Katsuyori - Kazarian - Keith - Kelley - Kelvin - Ken - Kendall - Kendrick - Kennedy - Kenneth - Kenny - Kent - Kerry - Kevin - Key - The Kid - Kid - Kidman - Kimball - Kimberly - The King - King - The King of Old School - Kink - Kinsel - Kirk - Kisser - Kitty - Klien - Knight - Kobayashi - Koloff - Kortje - Kristin - Kristy - Krom - The Krusher - Kurt - Kushida - Kuykendall - Kwan - Kyle

L - The Ladies Man - Lady Destroyer - Lance - Landon - Lane - Lanza - Larry - Lars - Lashley - Lassiter - Last Call - The Latina Sensation - Laura - Laurant - Lauren - The Lawman - Lawrence - Lazzara - Ledesma - Lee - Lees - The Legend - The Legend Killer - Lenny - Leo - Leon - Leonard - Leonardo - Lewis - Lex - Liam - Liger - Lightning - Lilith - Lillian - Lincoln - Linda - Ling - Lisa - Little - Little Homie - The Living Legend - Lochlan - Loco - Logan - Loki - Long - Lopez - Lord - Lori - Louis - Love - Lovecraft - Loverboy - Low - Lowenberg - Lucchese - The Luchadore - Luenser - Luger - Lui - Luis - Luke - The Lunatic - Lunchbox - Luscious - Luthor

M - The Machine - Macho - Mack - Mackey - Mad Dog - Madison - Madman - Maggie - Magic - Magical - Magnificent - Magnum - The Mailman - Majors - Malandra - Malcolm - Malenko - Man - The Man of 1000 Holds - The Maniac - Maniac - Manin - The Mantis - Marcantel - Marceau - Marcella - Marco - Marcus - Maragaret - Marge - Maria - Marie - Marilyn - Marissa - Mark - Marko - Marsh - Marshall - Martha - Martin - Martinez - Marty - Marvelous - Marvin - Mary - Masca - The Masked Man - Mason - Masters - The Mastodon - Mat - Mathews - Matsuda - Matsumoto - Matt - Matthew - Matthews - Mauler - The Maverick - Maverick - Max - Maximus - May - McCarthy - McDonald - McGregor - McIntyre - McKay - Mean - The Meathead - The Mechanic - Medusa - Megan - Melissa - Mentioned - Mercedes - Mercer - Michael - Michaels - Michelle - Mick - Mighty Ugg - Mike - Mildred - Miles - The Milkman - Miller - Mills - Miner - Mitchell - Mochacchino - Mohammad - Mondo - The Monster - Montana - Montgomery - Moore - Morales - Morgan - Morris - Morrison - Morse - Mortis - Motoda - The Motor - Mountain Man - The Mouth - The Mouth of the South - Mr - Mr Amazing - Mr Black - Mr Macho - Mr Perfect - Mrs - Ms - Mullet - Mullins - Munoz - Munson - Muraco - Murphy - Murray - Muta - Myers

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X - The X Factor - Xander

Y - Yamamoto - Yamashita - York - Yosef - Young - Young Blood - Yuri

Z - Zachary - Zack - Zenk - Zucconi - Zynda

These names we need:

Surnames: Adonis, Allot, Arrington, Atkins, Avery, Aycoth, Bakers, Bates, Barter, Boardten, Bollenbach, Bonner, Brinkman, Brown, Burton, Butz, Collier, Cloud, Cambage, Cisneros, Colwell, Combs, Cooke, Couch, Dangerously, Dees, Delle, Del’Bonis (Pronounced Tell Bonless), DeShields, Diggins, Donne, Detty, Eads, Favors, Fields, Fowles, Francis, Frye, Furbacher, Gains, Garrison, Greenfields, Greenwell, Griner, Grub, Grubb, Grubs, Grubberg, Grubbauer, Grubby, Grubbie, Grubworm, Grubbs, Grubbström, Hamby, Harmon, Hartmon, Hatmen, Hisle (Pronounced High-sell), Holden, Hoskins, Humphrey, Jennings, Jewell, Kaiser, Kanu, King, Lane, Levesque, Licciardello, Lonescu, Loyd, Loy, Magbegor, Manak, Mastino, Meadows, Meesseman, Mollet, McBride, McCoughtry, McGuffey, Miceli, Morehead, Ogwumike, Ogunbowale, Oli, O’Neil, O’Neal, Perpich, Philbeck, Plum, Quest, Quigley, Quincy, Qays, Ramsey, Rose, Ryzin, Saxton, Satou, Spiritoff, Springer, Stamps, Striker, Supe (soup-pe), Taurasi, Tettenhorst, Thornton, Topper, Vandersloot, Voisard, Watson, Wheeler, Woolsey, Wray, Wrestleton, Xander, Yancy, Yana, Yank, Yaro, Yenifer, Yessica, Yeo, Yetty, Yarrow, and Yarden.

Forenames (First Names) : Ailen, Ajax, Alyssa, Ariel, Arike, Art, Azurá, Brionna Carlton, Cargan, Candace, Candra, Cara, Carissa, Carmen, Cheyenne, Chloe, Cindy, Courtney, Crystal, Damon, Dan, Daniel, Danny, Dario, Dearica, DeWanna, Doak, Edna, Elena, Ezi, Fred, Gary, Glen, Gunter, Hannah, Hank, Harvey, Jario, Jean, June, Junpei, Kayla, Kelsey, Laura, Lauren, Lexie, Liz, Loretta, Mishi (Pronounced Me-she), Monica, Nneka, Nat, Natasha, Nate, Natty, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nina (Pronounced Nigh-Nah), Nina (Pronounced nee-nyah ), Napheesa, Placito, Romeo, Ralph, Rhyne, Rita, Sabally, Sabrina, Sandra, Sandy, Sherri, Sheryl, Skylar, Swoopes Sylvia, Tybolt, Xandra, Xara, Xavi, Xarissa, Xenon, Zogan, and Zoey.

Other names:
Von Kirkel

Nicknames: Alluring, Bones, Bricks, Cool, Dangerous, Dancing, Dazzling, Enchanting, Fantastic, Fetching, Hunky, Interesting, Knockout, Lush, Machine, Magnetism, Mission, Rad, Revelation, Sticks, Striking, Sublime, Taste, Toxic, Tribulation, & Trikkey (Pronounced Trike-e).
-Money terms.
-Country names.
-USA States names.
-Numbers 1-90.
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2023.03.13 02:12 Valha28 EWW: The Date

Hello and welcome to episode 27 in a series inspired by u/kamikazeb0y and CinemaSins, where I'll be sinning each and every episode of Gumball.
Quick Disclaimer: I know this is just a children's cartoon and isn't meant to be taken seriously. This, like the show itself, is not at all meant to be taken seriously or considered an actual critique of the show. It is all in good fun.
With that out of the way I present you, Everything Wrong With: The Date!
"You see, it's Mr. Cuddles' funeral..." It took only 34 seconds into this episode for it to be revealed that the title is view bait. Why reveal this so early on? I mean, come on, they could have built it up until he actually went to Penny's house and led us on for at least a little while! +1
"Man, you're my hero. You're going on this big date and you're not even nervous! I'd be freaking out! I mean think about it, if you blow it, she'll never speak to you again, and you'll be left alone for the rest of your life, and never find happiness!" Darwin thinks it was a good idea to tell Gumball this, knowing full well how big a crush he has on Penny and how much he'd want the date to go well. +1
"I'm gonna have to go with Dad on this one. You're kind of a loser, Gumball." Anais sides with advice she is absolutely smart enough to know is terrible, simply because her brother is "a loser". Surely she'd know that if Penny asked him out she must already like him. +1
"What?! My favorite sweater came out of the dump?!" "No! Don't be silly. I found it in a sewer outlet." He says this but we see later on in the series that he has more than one of this sweater, so this can't be true. +1
"Right! You've got the look, but you're gonna need a bit of money in your pocket so you can treat her on the date" What happened to "You don't need money to show a girl a good time." just a minute ago? +1
Richard holds out Nicole's credit card Watterson is misspelled on her card as "Waterson" for some reason +1
Also also, why would Nicole ever trust Richard with something like her credit card, the thing that has access to the family's entire life savings? Surely she must know how bad of an idea that is. +1
"Gumball, just get out of my room." Wait, this is her room? Why does she sleep in Gumball and Darwin's room if she has her own? +1
"Oh, thank goodness I thought it might be a real funeral" Gumball thought it was a good idea to say this to someone he has a crush on and wants to impress +1
"Errr, this Saturday, 4 PM. It's-It's a date." runs away giggling Penny didn't once think to catch up with Gumball before the funeral to correct him and make sure he knew what he was actually getting into. +1
Gumball notices he's holding Penny's hand ***"***Awesome! ...DAY for remembering... those who have left us." Gumball/Penny make their love for the other obvious but it somehow goes nowhere cliché +2
"Err... of course. Well, Mr. Cuddles was Penny's pet. Even though I never met him, Penny's pretty hot. So I'm sure he was pretty hot too." Gumball/Penny make their love for the other obvious but it somehow goes nowhere cliché +3
Polly shows Gumbal a picture of Mr. Cuddles, who is a tarantula Not once did Penny think to mention that Mr. Cuddles was a spider, or ask if Gumball was okay with Spider's +1
Gumball is in Penny's bathroom in his normal clothes How is he back in his normal clothes again? He very clearly didn't bring them with him. +1
"I brought someone here along who wants to say sorry. Shows Mr. Cuddles on her hands "Right, Mr. Cuddles?" Despite now knowing that Gumball is terrified of spiders she still thought it was a good idea to bring one with her. +1
Total Sins: 18

Most Sinned Episodes So Far: The Dress & The Genius (42)
Least Sinned Episode So Far: The Gi (2)

Previous Episode:
Next Episode:
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2023.02.24 05:47 ShityTrashCan Who would benefit the most from a Red Lantern Ring?

Who would benefit the most after receiving a Red Lantern Ring?
Juggernaut (Marvel) Kratos, during GOW 1-3 (God Of War) Darth Maul (Star Wars) Primeape / Annihilape (Pokémon) World Breaker Hulk (Marvel) Akuma (Street Fighter) Nicole Waterson (TAWOG) Benson (Regular Show) Tricky the Clown, before the transformation at the end of Madness Combat 6 (Madness Combat) Asura (Asura’s Wraith) Dio, During Part 1 (JOJOs Bizarre Adventures) Broly, any version (Dragonball) Guts (Berserk) Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) Carnage, any host (Marvel)
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2022.12.12 20:11 Capable_Lemon_5618 Do it

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2022.10.30 08:25 PM_ME_YOUR_DALEKS Another list of 15 Hollywood longreads for your Sunday reading pleasure

Since my previous list was well received, here are another 15 showbiz/arts related longreads. Once again, these include tragic/crime stories, so please head the descriptions for sensitive content. For extra reading, here is my other list of showbiz longreads, and here is my first weekly book recap.
Chris Heath is one of the best celebrity profilers and here he interviews Paul McCartney, who's spent his entire adult life as one of the most famous people on the planet. While always respectful and never invasive, Heath punctures the myth of McCartney as a genial everyman, exploring how he's protected himself at a level of fame perhaps no one else has ever survived intact.
Imagine realizing one day that you're a Beatle. Think about how you might decide to handle that for the next 50, 60, 70 years. Even when you have the talent and the ego and the drive, success is always some kind of a surprise, for no one can ever imagine exactly how it will be when it does arrive, and even less so what it will bring in its wake.
The 1989 Oscars, also known as the "Snow White Oscars", was once the most notorious Academy Awards ceremony, albeit overshadowed by the Moonlight/La La Land mix-up or the Will Smith incident. As a movie-crazy seven-year-old, I was glued to the Oscars but don't recall this specific one. Did I block it out? This intriguing profile gives a voice to Snow White herself, Eileen Bowman, as she recounts her experience during the 15-minute performance that was supposed to be her big break.
Our first stop was Allan Carr’s house. I remember his swimming pool had pink water in it. He had a 30-foot Oscar outside his door and auditioned us in a robe. The other girl and I looked at each other thinking, “What is happening?”
I'm intrigued by the behind-the-scenes aspects of celebrity life and the support staff required to maintain a life of fame and wealth. From bill paying to housekeeping, contact management to pet care, there are countless people keeping the show running. Elvis Presley had one of the most well-known entourages in history. This piece explores the final moments and efforts to conceal what happened when the legendary star passed away, as seen through the eyes of those closest to him - employees, medical professionals, groupies, doctors, and family members.
People in the room began frantically asking the medics what should be done. Suddenly, as if in response, one young man blurted out helpfully, “We think he OD’d.”
In the world of pop history, Jerry Lee Lewis was a dark and enigmatic figure. Despite his controversial marriage to his child cousin, it was far from the worst of his deeds. In this 1984 investigative piece by Richard Ben Cramer, it was revealed that Jerry Lee likely committed the murder of his fourth wife, Shawn, and evaded any consequences. Despite being a wealthy white male, the reason for his escape was likely due to the protection he received from the good ol' boy network of Deep South law enforcement. The fact that not even a Rolling Stone article could cause a stir highlights the extent of his evasion.
When his troubles would mount, when he felt the need of solace, Jerry Lee reached out to another woman, demanding uncompromising devotion. And when it seemed he must drown in his troubles, then he took stock and tried to strike another deal with the Lord.
The Woman in the Window was a bestseller in the post-Gone Girl era, but in my opinion, it was one of the worst books I've ever read. The story of its author, Tom Mallory (also known as AJ Finn), is even more intriguing, as it raises questions about his mental health and potential deceit. Not only did Mallory fabricate details about his own life, including his career and family, but the fairytale-like success of his novel was also a falsehood. The publisher, William Morrow, bid a record amount for their own editorial assistant's debut novel, raising further suspicions about the authenticity of his rise to fame.
But Mallory’s central theme was that, although depression may have caused him to think poorly of himself, he was in fact a tremendous success. “I’ve thrived on both sides of the Atlantic,” he said. “I’m like Adele!”
We know the joke about Lea Michele, but there actually is someone who made it to the top in Hollywood while being illiterate: hairdresser turned producer Jon Peters. In between stints as Barbra Streisand's paramour and Pamela Anderson's husband of five minutes, Peters became head of a major studio without the ability to read or write. Of course, a small thing like that wasn't going to stop him from selling a memoir. Enjoy the wild ride taken by the ghostwriter for Peters' still unreleased (and perfectly titled) book Studio Head.
“I’ve never really read a book,” he said. “But have I got stories.”
Dr. Haing S. Ngor was a wealthy gynecologist in his native Cambodia when the Khmer Rouge overthrew the government and commenced a genocide. He survived starvation, illness, and unimaginable torture and loss before fleeing to America. Despite being a non-actor, Haing was cast as another Khmer Rouge survivor, journalist Dith Pran, in The Killing Fields. His remarkable performance won him the Academy Award for best supporting actor, but Haing used his Hollywood spotlight to advocate for justice against the Khmer Rouge. He was tragically murdered in Los Angeles in 1996 in an alleged robbery - or was it? This article explores why Haing's friends and loved ones (including Dith Pran and Sam Waterson) suspected his murder was more than what the LAPD claimed.
"Haing always told us to stop worrying," another friend recalls. "He just repeated the old saying, 'The sky has eyes.' He meant that God was looking out for him."
This in-depth piece, now available as a podcast, stands out on CNN's website and has recently been updated. James Brown, like Jerry Lee Lewis, was a musical prodigy with a monstrous side. Jacquelyn Hollander encountered Brown in the 80s and became part of his inner circle, a journey that went from strange to traumatic. Her time with Brown involved kidnapping, rape, stolen bodies, and possible homicide. Prepare yourself for a shocking revelation, as what you know about the Godfather of Soul may not be the whole truth.
She tried to explain. The story had many twists and turns, but it kept returning to one day in 1988, when she got in James Brown’s conversion van and took a ride into the woods.
As a teen, I was obsessed with Vanity Fair and saved every copy. I have vivid memories of reading this glossy, sumptuous article repeatedly. I've still never watched a Doris Day-Rock Hudson movie, but have secondhand nostalgia thanks to this article's description of their candy colored, pillbox hat world. James Wolcott insightfully puts their films into the context of the times - and Day and Hudson's own tragic private lives - and successfully argues for their subversion of norms. A superb example of what made Vanity Fair's Old Hollywood coverage second to none.
Without knowing it, Rock Hudson and Doris Day were shucking the Eisenhower blahs and ushering in the New Frontier. They were the First Couple of American Pop.
David Cassidy's heyday occurred before I was born, but the story perpetrated by Behind the Music was that this Rolling Stone cover story was his downfall. From today's perspective, it's hard to see why. Revelations that a young twentysomething pop star drinks, smokes pot and fucks aren't so shocking, but he was supposed to be family friendly Keith Patridge. What's most interesting in retrospect is the detailed calculations behind Cassidy's career from managers, producers and the ice queen editor of 16 magazine. The mode may have changed (social media for teen mags) but little else has. No offense to the late David Cassidy, but the behind the scenes machinations are more interesting that the marginal star of the story.
Jill watched the show on a backstage TV screen. “It’s so weird,” she said. “Last night, he was really nice. He was a really good fuck.” Jill shook her head. “But seeing him doing his act, I can’t believe it’s the same person. This act is so Las Vegas. He’s like a male Ann-Margret.”
This is the rare thinkpiece that considers American celebrity in the context of class. While it briefly considers the sexism inherent in the tragic blonde trope, the power comes from grounding the life of Anna Nicole Smith in a specific tableaux of Southern white poverty. Vickie Lynn Hogan was an abused, ignored white girl who manifested her one talent (looking good for the camera) as a ticket out of grinding poverty. But she couldn't escape the scars America inflicts on its poorest citizens, especially drug addiction. An interesting parallel is drawn between Anna Nicole and her late husband, who both wanted money to cure their pain and loneliness.
The woman rose up, made powerful by beauty, and then found herself falling, her beauty fading, her power eroding, her ugliness as she tried to cope with this loss providing spectators with the reassuring feeling that such power is never really worth having, if losing it looks like this.
Though largely forgotten, Smash has a footnote in TV history as the show that birthed "hatewatching." How did it go wrong? Predictably, huge egos including the showrunner and producers (Steven Spielberg!) refused to listen to criticism. Chief among the problems: refusing to admit that the "star" of their star vehicle, Katharine McPhee, was outshined by the lesser known Broadway actress Meghan Hilty. Smash is an artifact from an old broadcast era that smashed (ha!) smack into the social media era.
"Theresa would say, 'It's not a struggle! She doesn't have a problem! She's the hero! She saves everything!'" said someone who witnessed this oft-repeated discussion.
Legendary deejay Casey Kasem was the voice of Top 40 radio for decades, but when he retired and became ill and infirm, a battle for control erupted among his family. What haunts me is this situation didn't arise from shallow hangers-on, but from Kasem's wife of 30 years and his adult children. If he couldn't trust his supposedly devoted family in illness and death, what does that mean for the rest of us? If money really ruins lives this badly, I guess I'm glad I'm poor.
Sit back, close your eyes, and try to come up with an American celebrity, living or dead, you’d be less likely to associate with this kind of lurid tabloid grotesque than Casey Kasem.
Whitney Houston's combination of spectacular talent and self destruction is a cliche, but resonate because unlike, say, Judy Garland, I grew up with Whitney's music. But while she could get rid of Bobby Brown or various other hangers-on, she could never escape herself. The twisted thing is that, while Whitney's religion and family fostered her talent, they may also be responsible for the addictions and guilt which killed her.
“It was a superhuman feat! We talk about her addiction, but when you look at Whitney Houston, you have to realize how much work she did, how much love she put out into the universe.”
After 50 years of rejecting offers to tell his story (including rejecting a paid consultant gig for Robert Redford's movie Quiz Show) Charles Van Doren wrote this essay shortly before his death. He describes the circumstances surrounding his role as a contestant on the 1950's game show Twenty-One, a gig which not only brought him huge cash prizes but also national celebrity (he was on the cover of Time!) The revelation that it was all fake - the answers, speech patterns, contestant biographies, and even their clothing, were all orchestrated by the producers - shocked a nation that still put unequivocal trust in what they saw on television. It's obvious why the producers did it, but why did Van Doren? The reputations of the contestants were ruined, but television prospered. By the time an NBC game show host made it to the White House 70 years later, it was for discovering that, to some, fakery and scandal are a highlight. Maybe the producers of Twenty-One, who planted a New York son of privilege in front of a camera and turned him into a star by feeding him the right answers, were prescient after all.
One of the best things about writing is that it’s private. I can sit with my thoughts without having to respond to people who say, “Aren’t you Charles Van Doren?” Well, that’s my name, I say to myself, but I’m not who you think I am—or, at least, I don’t want to be.
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2022.08.21 23:07 killerdevil1011 Nicole waterson.

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2022.06.01 12:50 Guetguet1993 [S] Guet survivor: Greece (season 62)

18 new players came to Greece ready to be the next millinair be this time he ws men vs female.

Men tribe

Fret from Halo ( u/ThelesatExpected23)
Leon from Pokemon ( u/kingfin9391)
Matt Rutherford from Glee ( u/ravenshometms2)
Mike Ehrmanthraut from Breaking bad ( u/One4All12)
mr Krupp from Captain Underpants ( u/dahcowboy)
Patroclus from Hades ( u/somewell)
Skipper from madagascar ( u/Mimikyu_Master2020)
Ted from 60 seconds ( u/sameyvsamy)
Winnie The pooth from Disney ( u/team_Death_Bed_8454)

Female Tribe

Hana from Fire emblem ( u/Kingfin9391)
Ishitzy Ishtar from YUGIOH ( u/BimXoXo)
Mia Loukas from Crominal case ( u/ravenshometms2)
Monica from Monica gang ( u/somewell)
Nicole Waterson ( u/Strong-Picture-7585)
Presea Combatir from Tales Of Symphonia ( u/TheleastExpected23)
Scarlett from Total Drama ( u/saeyvsamy)
Syrene from The Last story ( u/BimXoXo)
Teardrop from Battle from Dream island ( u/Retrotome2763)

season 62

My toughts: calmy season good battle between bos and grils but not memrabl characters Monica was the bossy grils tribe leader he finis blinside. on boys Sjipper take cherge with the villain Fret and the duo manage to the end. Skipper dominate achalenng and gam putting him to won show and made a victory for u/Mimikyu_master2020 gg

tell wha you toughst about the season and see you soon for the new sesons.

second chance II
Metropolis ( only boys seson)
Pleasure Island (only grils season)
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2022.05.27 03:21 ilikemyface3 Nicole Watterson is a feeder. [The amazing world of Gumball]

Nicole Watterson is the wife of Richard Waterson on the TV show The amazing world of Gumball. Richard doesn't have a job and he's so incompetent he can't even handle the day to day chores we'll his wife is at work. Sometimes he tries but he often ends up making things worse. It doesn't really seem like he's good at anything except eating. This is when it clicked for me. Richard Watterson is very obese and spends much of the day eating very unhealthy foods in front of the TV. This may be wonder why would Nicole stay with him? My theory is that she just derives so much sexual pleasure from watching her husband engorge himself and maintain his physique that he's in her eyes he's worth it. Richard doesn't seem like a very good husband but I think Nicole is so blinded by his beauty that she ignores it.
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2022.04.14 22:46 Toady2004 Do not google Nicole Waterson without safe search on

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2022.03.25 16:14 ArchWall82614 I made a drawing of Yuki Yoshida and Nicole Waterson!

I made a drawing of Yuki Yoshida and Nicole Waterson! submitted by ArchWall82614 to Theamazingworldofgumb [link] [comments]

2022.03.25 16:12 ArchWall82614 I made a drawing of Yuki Yoshida and Nicole Waterson from The Amazing World of Gumball!

I made a drawing of Yuki Yoshida and Nicole Waterson from The Amazing World of Gumball! submitted by ArchWall82614 to draw [link] [comments]

2022.03.25 16:12 ArchWall82614 I made a drawing of Yuki Yoshida and Nicole Waterson from The Amazing World of Gumball!

I made a drawing of Yuki Yoshida and Nicole Waterson from The Amazing World of Gumball! submitted by ArchWall82614 to Artsamazing [link] [comments]

2022.02.28 06:37 NoFee4104 yes or no?

So I think that pepa's side of the family could be the waterson family from the amazing world of gumball just think.. Pepa would be nicole, Feilx would be richard, camilo would be gumball, dolores would be darwin (would kinda be a gender-swap but change of character) and antonio would be anais (again gender-swap but change of character) so yes or no?

View Poll
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2022.01.20 23:48 Hay_Den330 Nicole Waterson (Amazing world of gumball) vs Undyne (Undertale)

R1: Nicole is in her usual form and Undyne has her standard armor and equipment
R2: Nicole is in her anime form and Undyne is now Undyne the Undying
R3: Nicole is in her anime form and has help from Gumball and Darwin and Undyne the Undying has help from Asgore and Papyrus.
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2022.01.15 05:10 Rocky_Senpai15 Nicole Waterson vs ChiChi [The Amazing World Of Gumball vs Dragon Ball Super]

R1: In Character
R2: Bloodlusted
Who would win?
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2021.10.16 19:03 nyanslut opinions on nicole waterson cosplay? wig is kinda shitty but well

opinions on nicole waterson cosplay? wig is kinda shitty but well submitted by nyanslut to cosplaygirls [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 12:24 shinshikaizer The Challenge: Invasion II

This is going to be a long season.
The season opens with 32 Challengers—16 of each gender—who have never won any reality-competition show before but have done multiple seasons of reality television. TJ introduces the season as The Challenge: The Professionals, and says it's an individual season, played in partners that will change every week, determined by the players drawing names out of a hat.
Meet the Men:
  1. Kyle Christie
  2. Cory Wharton
  3. Fessy Shafaat
  4. Nam Vo
  5. Ed Eason
  6. Gabo Szabo
  7. Kelz, whose surname will get this post blocked by auto-mod.
  8. Jay Starrett
  9. JP Andrade
  10. Dario Medrano
  11. Idris Virgo
  12. Joss Mooney
  13. Nelson Thomas
  14. Adam Kuhn
  15. Joseph Allen
  16. Hughie Maughan
And the women:
  1. Amanda Garcia
  2. Emy Alupei
  3. Nany Gonzales
  4. Da'Vonne Rogers
  5. Michaela Bradshaw
  6. Kam Williams
  7. Nicole Zanatta
  8. Theresa Jones
  9. Melissa Reeves
  10. Esther Agunbiade
  11. Natalie Duran
  12. Sylvia Estrode
  13. Jenna Compono
  14. Kailah Casillas
  15. Jenn Lee
  16. Zahida Allen
TJ mentions this will be the richest season ever on The Challenge, with each of the two winners—one of each gender—receiving a million dollars, while the other finalists will themselves be fighting for their share of a million dollars.
The Challengers are housed in the Bunker. The loser member of the mission for each week's elimination gender will automatically go into elimination, with the house voting on the other elimination participant.
Eliminations happen in the Proving Grounds. However, a twist revealed during the first elimination: the winner of the elimination round will leave the Bunker and move into the Sanctuary, which is a very nice and normal Challenge house, where they won't have to participate in the missions, can't be sent into the Proving Grounds and are qualified to run TJ's final after completing Stage II of The Professionals, and because of this, winners of the week have the option of throwing themselves into the elimination against either the loser of the week or the house vote.
TJ also reveals there are only four Trials in the Proving Ground, and they will be played in order from week to week. The Trials are:
  1. Balls In (Inferno II, Invasion, Free Agents)
  2. Knot So Fast (Seasons, Invasion)
  3. Home Wreckers (Bloodlines)
  4. End of the Rope (War of the Worlds II)
At the mission during Week 6, a Purge is announced: the winners of the week's elimination will be the final competitors moving into The Sanctuary.
At the mission during Week 7, TJ announces he lied: this season is The Challenge: Invasion. He also introduces the Champions who will be invading, all of whom are have won at least one reality-competition show:
Meet the men (and the shows they've won):
  1. Chris Tamburello (The Challenge)
  2. Devin Walker-Molaghan (Are You the One: Second Chances)
  3. Josh Martinez (Big Brother 19)
  4. Wendell Holland (Survivor: Ghost Island)
  5. Jordan Wisely (The Challenge)
  6. Tony Raines (The Challenge: Champs vs Stars 2)
And the women:
  1. Jenny West (The Challenge)
  2. Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor: Kaoh Rong)
  3. Kaycee Clarke (Big Brother 20)
  4. Natalie Anderson (Survivor: San Juan del Sur)
  5. Emily Schromm (The Challenge)
  6. Laurel Stuckey (The Challenge)
The Contenders and the Champions are now separate teams, but daily missions are scored individually, with the team accruing the best overall performance winning each mission while the overall winner of each mission receives immunity for the week. The winning team for the mission votes one member of the losing team who doesn't have immunity to send into the Coliseum, the place where the rest of the eliminations for the season will be taking place. The house then votes for one person of each gender into the the Coliseum, with the winner coming back into the house. The the Trials and the order they occur in remain the same.
When there are four men and four women left and they think they're headed to the final, TJ reveals one final twist: this season is The Challenge: Invasion of the Professionals, and brings in 4 former professionals of each gender.
The men (the sport they were in and the show they were previously on):
  1. Joe Thomas (American Football, The Titan Games)
  2. Lio Rush (Professional Wrestling, The Challenge: Double Agents)
  3. Daniel Gibson (Basketball, The Challenge: Champs vs Stars 2)
  4. Alan Valdes (Actor, The Challenge: War of the Worlds)
And the women:
  1. Louise Hazel (Track and Field, The Challenge: Champs vs Pros)
  2. Michelle Waterson (Mixed Martial Arts, The Challenge: Champs vs Stars)
  3. Tia Blanco (Surfer, The Challenge: Champs vs Pros)
  4. Shawn Johnson (Gymnastics, The Challenge: Champs vs Stars)
The game now switches to an individual format, with the winner of the mission winning immunity and the loser automatically going into elimination in the Coliseum, while the house votes in their opponent.
After four more weeks, TJ announces it's time for the longest final ever on The Challenge due to the prize money at stake, and will be multiple legs that take place over the course of three days, with ranked points given based on performance. DQing on any leg results in no points for that leg.
He also reminds them that the winner of each gender get 1 million each, the 2nd place gets 250k each, 3rd place get 175k each, and 4th place gets 75k each, for a total prize pool of 3 million dollars. However, you have to finish the final to win any money.
Day 1:
There is no overnight segment between day 1 and 2.
Day 2:
There is an overnight leg between days 2 & 3, basically stay awake wild weird shit starts to happen.
Day 3:
Final episode count: 20 main season episodes + 2 reunion episodes + 1 episode of "Shit They Should Have Shown"
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2021.08.17 21:25 Guetguet1993 [S] Guet Survivor: New Era ( Season 41)

18 new people begin the journey of a new era of players on guet survivor. This second generation of players are ready to win 1 millions of dollars.

Blue Tribe

Abby Anderson from The Last Of Us ( u/BryantSteele)
Americaball from Countryballs ( u/ThatMadMan68)
Jay "Jayjay" Burdell from Zoophobia ( u/Hi-Shinx)
Kool Aid man from Logo ( u/Mimikyu-Master2020)
Maximus Decimus Meridius from Gladiator ( u/BryantSteele)
Nozomi Tojo from Love Live ( u/Monadoo-Boii)

Yellow Tribe

Aiden Frost from Inazuma Eleven ( u/Mink1477)
Explora from Crush Crush ( u/ThatMadMan68)
Kabouter Klus from Kabouter Plop ( u/Mink1477)
Roger from Pac Man ( u/Kingfin9391)
Siesta from Detective Is Already Dead ( u/Monadoo-Boii)
Woolma Lamb from The Get Along Club ( u/Hi-Shinx)

Red Tribe

Jack Cooper from Alexia and Katie ( u/fullerhouselover)
Kamala Khan from Marvel ( u/aarondi9)
Max Fuller from The Fuller House ( u/fullerhouselover)
Nicole Waterson from The Amazing Wolrd of Gumball ( u/Guetguet1993)
Ratcatcher 2 from The Suicide Squad ( u/aarondi9)
Ryoma Hoshi from Danganrompa ( u/Kingfin9391)

Season 41

my toughts: This next era begin realy slow but made a strong start, the alliance in the begginning are really interesting with two powerfull duo control the game ( americaball/Abby, RogeAiden) but the merge was completely change by The villain Klauswho use his teaching by his master Plop by creat a strong final 3 alliance ith Nozomi and Max. The firemaking was the ultime chance for Max and Nozomi to take out the favortie to win Klaus by again with is luck he survive and finish to win made the prediction of Mink true and take the first win of this gen 2 after winning the first season of my serie ( the story made again one male to win and the first villain to win and agin he was a kabouter plop character. Monado-Boii won of my regular old submiter of thi serie made pretty decent second place and fullerhouselover take the 3rd post with one of his favortie character im think (great debut). The rest of final 5 made by two new people who begin this serie two kingfin (who again submit great character as the house of chimchar)and bryant steele.

All-stars: Klus, Nozomi, Max, Abby, Roger, Americaball
Second chance: Woolma, Aiden

Tell me what you toughts about the season and see you soon for a new newbie season.
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2021.07.31 15:37 Guetguet1993 [BB] The House Of Chimchar: Third Ride (Season 3)

After Monocrow depair winning, 25 new contestant and the lucky winner of the house of loosser come to my house for win the 1 million of dollars.


Catria ( u/Kingfin9391)
Chiakie Nanami ( u/RedHood7000)
Claus ( u/reddit-sux24)
Cleo ( u/Hi-Shinx)
Cuphead ( u/Nahuelfire39)
Endermite ( u/someguyreddit648)
Eve ( u/Nahuelfire39)
Fret ( u/Hi-Shinx)
Gloria Sato ( u/tommypickles45)
Handaconda ( u/Kingfin9391)
King Kong ( u/swoldow)
Lio Rush ( u/RedHood7000)
Melman ( u/InvestmentHoliday555)
Mipha ( u/SuspiciousHand7792)
Misty ( u/SadBoiNotBadBoi)
Miss Frizell ( u/RikkiSnake)
Mr. Weenie ( u/awsomeguyvideos12)
Nicole Waterson ( u/InvestmentHoliday555)
Ophrah Winfrey ( u/SadBoiNotBadBoi)
Pig Pen ( u/Mimikyu-Master2020)
Revali ( u/SuspiciousHand7792)
Rosie ( u/reddit-sux24)
Roz ( u/Mimikyu-Master2020)
Selever ( u/tommypickles45)
Thomas ( u/RikkiSnake)

House Of Loosers

Girlfriend ( u/tommypickles45)
Guardian ( u/SuspiciousHand7792)
Gumby ( u/Mimikyu-Master2020)
Lapis Lazuli ( u/InvestmentHoliday555)
Porky Minch ( u/reddit-sux24)
N ( u/RedHood7000)
Nate ( u/Guetguet1993)
Meme Man ( u/SadBoiNotBadBoi)
Rillaboom ( u/swoldow)
Ray ( u/Nahuelfire39)
Salad Fingers ( u/Kingfin9391)
Valjean ( u/RikkiSnake)
Yoko ( u/Hi-Shinx)

House Of loosers
Season 3

Ep 1: Valjean win the house of loosers and become the final houseguest. Gloria and Lio made many big multi alliance for control the house with the support of their great friends Miss Fizell and Revali, Thomas and Valjean see not good the power of this four and decide to make a secret 4 alliance with Handaconda and Misty who have some conection with Ophrah. Misty won the HOh and put The oldest member cast Cleo and King Kong into nomination, Thomas won the veto but save nobody. At the end King kong made a speech to say to give him a chance to prove he can be a good player and Cleo whas the first to go.

Ep 2: Selever become bored to play with multi alliance and decide to only keep allegeance with Lio. Melman won the HOH and make a big move by nominate Misty and Valjean but Valjeau use his sad story to persuade Endermite to keep him. Chikaie was nominate insteand and the poor girl who have no alliance became the easy target and leave the house.

Ep 3: Selever continue to be a annoying person and Lio decide to cut his relationship with him. Handaconda won Hoh and put Fret and Endermite into nomination after Catria save Claus as warriors. Endermite ask Valjean to keep him as reward on his save last episode and Valjean use his multi alliance for have Fret enought vote to leave.

Ep 4: Revali won HOH and Veto and use his double win to make some justice and nominate Endermite and Roz. Endermite try again to save his ass but Valjean this time doesnt help him and Endermite go telling Valjean to go to hell.

Ep 5: Lio know Revali doent like Roz and decide to kick out her on his alliiance. Pig Pen angry made everythn he have to won the HOH and made a big move by nominate Miss Frizell and Ophrah, Eve with her veto decide to help Pig pen by saving anyone. Ophrah wihout surprise take his bag and leave knowing Miss frizell have to mutch ally for not go.

Ep 6: Lio take pressure to Pig Pen to made a decision between power and friendship and Pig Pen decide to rest with the majority by cutting his relationship with Roz. Melman again with the HOH make big move by nominate Gloria and Valjean but Gloria save herfelf via the veto, Melman doents want to be punish made a giht to Gloria and Lio by nominate Claud. Claus leave the house as sacrefice.

Ep 7: Lio won The HOH and decide his time to Melman to go but he save himself via the veto. Angry Lio have no choice to made some clean into his multi alliance after he discover Valjean and Thomas secret alliance. Handacondra and Thomas have nominate and after a close vote Thomas continue the game and Handacondra go.

Ep 8: Miss Frizeel doent wha to do after wwon the HOh and The veto but finally put the name of Eve and Rosie. Valjean decide to turn against Lio and Gloria and put his social skill for have the majority of vote into Eve. Lio see shoked Eve leave the house.

Ep 9: The house decide his time for the annoying playin Roz and Selever to go, Roz leave the house with the majority of vote.

Ep 10: After see Pig Pen is only one who dint vote Roz last episode, Lio decide to cut his relationship with him. Melman again decide to go againts Gloria but Revali save her by winning the veto, melman decide to place is next move by nominate Misty instead. Selever think he no chance to go but in the shadow Gloria and Lio decide to blindise Misty for have Valjean and Thomas under the ring.

Ep 11: Revali won the Hoh and decide to nominate Catria and King who have no ally, King Kong save himself by winning the veto and Catria was unanimously voted out.

Ep 12: Mr weenie with surprise won the HOh and decide to nominate Thomas and Pig Pen but Thomas save himself by winning the veto. Valjean was nominate instead; Lio decide tokepp Valjean as chesspeince and Pig Pen was voted off unanimously. Pig Pen left crying called Lio rude.

Ep 13: Thomas won The HOh and madethe biggest move of the season nominate The house leader Gloria and Lio. Gloria save herself by winning the Veto and Lio paid the fact to call out Pig Pen and was next to go.

Ep 14: Cuphead won his second HOh and made a big move by nominate Miss Frizell and Valjean. revalli again save the day of his closest ally and save Mis Frizell, Selever was nominate instead and wiouth surprise Selever go.

Ep 15: Miss frizell was again nominate but she save herself with the veto. Rosie the Hoh decide to nominate the people wha not very close ally Mipha and Nicole. after a close batlle Mipha won the battle and Nicole go.

Ep 16: Gloria see Miss Frezeeland and Reveli as too big challenge and decide to keep distance thinking using Valjean and Thomas for blindside them later. Valjean won the HOH and nominate Melman and Cuphead and after a tie Valjean decide to keep Melman and Cuphead say goodbye to the house.

Ep 17: King kong won the HOh and Gloria ask him to blinside Revali but again Revali wo the veto. Rosie and Melman was nominate instead and this time Mellman one of the bigget challenge threat on the competition see his journey ends.

Ep 18: Valjean decide is time to take control of the game and made a secret alliance with all the outsiders on the house. Gloria want keephis power and nominate esaily Nicole and Rosie, Valjean have to make a choice and Nicole go.

Ep 19: Gloria unhappy to Mr weenie betrayal end his raltionh and decide to work only with his first alliance. Valjean win the HOh and taret the challenge threat Revali and Mis Frizell but again Revali is too strong and he won the HOH. Valjean under pressure put Mr Weenie name, Gloria smile and the poor mr Weenie was eliminate.

Ep 20: Thomas won The HOH and put a big move by nominate Gloria and Revali, revali was close to won veto again but fell and this time he was blindsided.

Ep 21: Miss Frizeel want revenge and go against Valjean and Thomas, Valjean save himself and have to face one onf this ally to go, Valjean decide by a shocking to throw thomas under the bus and blinside him. Thomas leave the game angry.

Ep 22: Rozie won the HOH and Veto and made the only choice he have to made eliminte the only who no alliance Miss Frizell; Frizell say goodbye and wish goodluck to everyone.

Ep 23: Gloria won HOH and put easily King Kong and Rozie on the bench on nomination, Valjean again very glad Gloria save them betray again his ally and Rozie go.

Ep 23: Gloria won the Final HOh and decide to blinde one the favorite to win Valjean.

Final: Gloria control the game, King kong did relly nothing and witouh surprise Gloria won the season and become the first women towin the house of Chimchar.

my toughts: Im think in the beginning the season have the chance to be boring but finally we have a great season with great players personality and turn of events. Valjean is now one of the most iconis lucky house of looseers winner, what a great villain he vas so close to the final. The winner Gloria control the game perfectly well and made for Tommypicles his first win and made history of the game by the crown of the first female winner.

All-stars: Gloria, Valjean, Miss Frizeel, Thomas, Revali, Lio
>! Second chance: King Kong, Rosie, Melma, Selever, Pig Pen!<

Tell what you toughts about the season.
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2021.07.12 19:09 SnowCadence [Self] Anime Nicole Waterson from Amazing World of Gumball by Snow Cadence

submitted by SnowCadence to cosplay [link] [comments]