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Kikoff, Perpay, or both?

2022.09.16 18:03 Novajinxx Kikoff, Perpay, or both?

Hello and happy Friday to you all! A little information for you first of all. I'm 39 and up until about 3 1/2 years ago I had a credit score of 732 and I was so proud of it. Lol. Long story short right before we had our daughter in 2019 my boyfriend relapsed and I had no idea until I was 9 months pregnant and had to stop working and suddenly all the bills were not being paid and all our stuff was getting shut off (starting with my car insurance, internet all the way down the line to electric) and my landlord showed up with an eviction notice pretty much one after the other. Everything we had was in my name. We seperated so he could get clean again (which he has been since! yay!) but this was all right around the time covid was kicking up. I was already struggling to try to get myself back right financially from all the damage he caused when I was laid off setting me back again. It's taken us pretty much until last year to get financially straightened out and out of most debt. The years of trying to catch back up and everything has left my credit score at a whopping 539 (transunion and equifax). We are rv lifers and would like to maybe when we get some money back around tax time, have saved on the side, and use our current rv as a trade in, purchase a newer one and put it on a payment plan. Which would help my credit of course. But I'm afraid my current credit is gonna either completely prevent that from happening or we'll get hit with unreal interest rates. I would like to try to get my credit score up atleast a little bit by March-April of next year. I was looking at ways to fix my credit last week and have been approved for perpay with a credit line of $650. Which from what I can tell everything on that site is waaayyy over priced. But! with the return of fixing my credit I think I'm alright with it. It kind of reminds me of fingerhut if anyone remembers that. Lol! It's just stuff that you don't really need but you kind of want. And Kikoff I looked at this morning so I signed up for it and was approved. I kind of like the concept of Kikoff better and I don't end up with stuff I probably don't need. I have done a little reseach on both and i'm leaning towards kikoff, but I love reddit for the real reviews. So for my situation, which one of these services would be better to use? Or is there another that could be recomended more and I'll go check it out. OR? would be it beneficial to use both? Would it help or hurt my score more to have 2 accounts open? Because...on the other hand..I could use some new noise cancelling ear buds. :' ) Thanks in advance for any replies btw!
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2022.07.22 06:43 Marketprosecure Kikoff Account Review

Kikoff Account Review
10 Things You Should Know About Kikoff Account and Unsecured Credit Before Applying
Kikoff Review
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2022.04.25 18:02 Lucifer_Martin Kikoff review: This credit building product helps people with no credit score and costs $2 a month

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2020.04.15 22:15 our_online anyone heard of this site

Hi everyone,
Over the weekend I got one of those Instagram ads you get when you scroll down your feed. It's a website credit service called where you get a super small loan of 12 dollars for the year and you repay them through there site every month in the billing cycle. It's similar to Self lender except it's free. Wondering if anyone knows of this website and has some reviews. If it's legitimate awesome and I'll definitely consider signing up since I just recently started building credit (early 20s post undergrad and never had a credit card).
Thank you all!
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