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2023.06.07 16:31 Blazed-Squids Dorm Move Out Info Guide (from an RA)

I forwarded this message to my residents but I figured it’d be pretty helpful to share to others! Let me know if you have any questions about move out and I’ll try to get back faster than housing.
1) MOST IMPORTANT: YOU MUST BE GONE BY SATURDAY, JUNE 17TH @ 12PM (unless you are doing the STAR scholars program, or have a summer housing assignment)
2) BEGIN PACKING NOW! You can dedicate 10-20 minutes every day starting now beginning to break your room down and pack. I would start taking any wall decogeneral decor down THIS WEEKEND and packing your non-essential items. - I’ve seen way too many people stay overtime and get fined because they underestimated how much shit they have. Do not be that guy.
3) UTILIZE TOO GOOD TO GO! Too Good to Go is a program taking place in every residence hall. You can leave any approved items (clothes, bedding, household goods, appliances) behind, and take what you want! Anything left behind will get donated. It's a great way to free yourself of any items you can't take back home with you.
Some FAQ:
1) Q: What happens if I am here past 12PM on Saturday? A: You will be fined. I am not certain what the cost is, but I heard some students who stayed late saturday/into sunday that got fined in the range of $400-600
2) Q: Why are you so strict about move out? A: Drexel hosts conferences and programs in the residence halls over the summer. Once students move out, work begins to move new students in for summer term. You staying behind in the dorms holds this process back (think of a dorm as a giant, long-stay hotel)
3) Q: I'm in STAR Scholars/have a summer housing assignment. What do I do? A: You should have recieved separate communication about your housing assignment. Your move out will likely be extended to Sunday if you are a STAR Scholar. Still pack diligently.
4) Q: Is there anything I should communicate to my parents? A: Those "No Stopping" parking spots around the dorm are meant for parents to help with move out, so they can park there to assist with move out. Just no long-term parking, so don't park there and grab dinner. Also, don't be an asshole to desk staff :) Parents - come early, especially if you plan to move out Saturday or Friday Afternoon.
5) Q: I need to store stuff over the Summer. Where do I go? A: Just google "Drexel Summer Storage" and a ton of options pop up. Maybe this site?
6) Q: I encountered an emergency and I need to stay in the dorm longer than my assigned time. Who do I contact? A: Tell your RA and/or email [email protected] - there isn't likely much they can do, but it's worth a shot.
Some Move Out Etiquette - don’t hog the move out carts - get any shit from the communal kitchen/communal area and take it - don’t leave trash in the halls, either put anything good in the too good to go area or put it in the trash. - check out with the front desk when you leave
Hope this helped anyone stressing about move out, lmk if you have any questions :)
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2023.06.07 16:31 Mysterious-Prize6495 Interested in Joining an Exploratory Study about ASMR?

Hello from Sounds That Tingle research team,
We are a group of enthusiastic ASMR fans who also happen to be a team of third-year university students working on a project about ASMR. As future nurses, we would like to learn how this curious art can be used to benefit our clients. We are conducting an exploratory study about the sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving effects of ASMR content on young adults. We are seeking willing individuals who are between the ages of 18 to 25, enrolled in post-secondary studies, and regular consumers of ASMR content to take part in this study as participants. We would appreciate your considering joining us in this learning opportunity.
The study involves watching various ASMR videos over the course of 6 days. Each night at bedtime, you will watch one video for a duration of 18-28 minutes as you drift asleep. You will be asked to complete a post and pre-survey that includes a journaling component ( a minimum of 3 sentences) before and after the experience each day. To ease your journey, you will be provided with clear instructions on the tasks that you will be expected to complete.
If you are interested and would like to join, please send us a private message or an email so that we can discuss further details. We look forward to possibly working with you and appreciate your time invested to partake in our research study. 😊
Kind Regards,
Research Team of Sounds that Tingle ⭐
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.07 16:30 Redblood_Moon Are there any in-universe reasons for why characters don't wear armor?

Yes, Jonin and Chunin wear flak jackets which supposedly provided at least partial protection, and some characters like Anko wear some kind of metal-mash armor, but all that seema kinda... lacking.
I can understand not wearing super heavy armor like the samurai because one could argue that this would only slow them down and not protect them from ninjutsu attacks anyway, but shouldn't people at least wear stuff like gauntlets? The Konoha ANBU armor seems like a pretty good basic armor for everyone, too.
Obviously characters' clothes were a design choice by Kishimoto, but are there any in-universe reasons you can think of for why no one is wearing armor?
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2023.06.07 16:29 kartikanshuman Thoughts on the series

So I just finished the first five books and I just wanted to give my review of the series. Wow! Part of the reason why I picked it up in the first place was because I wanted to read more of first person books. (I’m tired of reading books where the POVs keep switching between characters, especially when I’m not the biggest fan of a few characters. WOT, Malazan, etc. Both amazing series’s but I was heavily invested in only a few characters). Before this, I re read The Kingkiller Chronicles and read the Red Rising trilogy and I was really enjoying the first person style of narration and so decided to pick the Suneater series up.
Here are my thoughts about the series, both the good and the bad. Keep in mind this is just my person opinion based on the type of books I really enjoy.
The good:
  1. Really like Hadrian Marlowe as a character. I’m a big fan of the hero being a decent guy in general and Hadrian just didn’t disappoint. (Personal preference). Being heavily invested in a character just makes any book much easier to read for me.
  2. The scope of the series. I really enjoyed how big the universe in the series was. I’m also a fan of the fact that we’re 20,000 years into the future but the technological advancement is still something we can grasp. Also the fact that there are other beings out there in the universe whom we can’t even comprehend. When I found out that The Quiet’s past is our future, I had to put down the book just to wrap my head around it. Also there existing aliens who are as big as planets was another really impressive addition to the books.
  3. The Cielcin. Probably one of the scariest “bad guys” I’ve ever encountered in a series. At first I thought Aranata Otoilo would be the big bad but after his death I realised that he’s nowhere near as scary as the real deal. Syriani Dorayaica. Plus points to the author for giving the Pale such cool (scary) sounding names. Also I was really fascinated by just how different the Cielcin are to humans.
  4. Hadrian’s power. Wow! His ability to see parallel timelines and switch timelines is probably one of the coolest powers I’ve encountered ( I’ve read stormlight archive, mistborn, WOT, etc and really like his ability because it’s more realistic
The Bad:
  1. After the 2nd book I felt that the story started becoming a bit repetitive on an overall level. It was just Hadrian meeting with the Emperor, an assassination attempt being made, followed by the emperor sending him somewhere for his own safety, then emperor then sending Hadrian to a planet to fix an impossible issue and so on…. I really liked the first book where most of the plot was fixed in one planet. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the raids on planets but if the author had switched it up a bit then I would’ve probably enjoyed the series more.
I’m not a very critical reader. Some of the reviews I’ve read about the series mention the fact that the author has “borrowed “ ideas from other books. I don’t really mind that because overall I feel like the series is pretty unique (keep in mind I’ve not read many science fiction novels. I’ve started dune and can clearly see the inspiration behind Hadrian’s ability to visualise time, but it still hasn’t changed my opinion of the series)
Overall I would say that I really enjoyed the series and am looking forward to the last two books. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who has read a lot of fantasy and is looking to get into sci- fi like me.
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2023.06.07 16:29 Atyzze The Merits and Implications of the Simulated Reality Hypothesis: A Crossroads of Science, Philosophy, Spirituality, Therapy, Healing and the Role of Psychedelics.

I propose a philosophical and scientific exploration of the concept of a simulated reality, a hypothesis that intersects the realms of philosophy, quantum mechanics, information theory, and spirituality. My thesis is that, while the evidence is far from conclusive, the perspective that we might be living in a simulated reality could become increasingly plausible as our understanding of the universe deepens and that this perspective offers a novel lens through which to understand therapy and healing.
This hypothesis is anchored on two major ideas:
The Simulation Argument – This idea, first postulated by Nick Bostrom, an Oxford philosopher, contends that it's statistically probable we're living in a simulation. Bostrom's argument is based on the assumption that an advanced post-human civilization would have the capacity to create ancestor simulations.
The Informational Nature of Reality – The subatomic realm, according to quantum mechanics, seems to suggest that reality, at its base level, is more akin to information than physical "stuff". This perspective paints a picture of reality that's abstract and mathematical in nature.
Quantum mechanics experiments have revealed puzzling properties of reality, such as quantum superposition, entanglement, and wave-particle duality. Particularly intriguing is the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment, which implies that present actions can retroactively influence past events at the quantum level. This challenges our conventional understanding of causality and information.
Alternative perspectives to this simulated reality hypothesis include the materialistic viewpoint, which maintains that the universe and our experience of reality are entirely physical, and the idealistic perspective, which argues that the universe is fundamentally composed of mind or consciousness.
However, I assert that the simulation hypothesis offers a potential bridge between these perspectives. While the simulation idea doesn't deny the physicality of the universe, it proposes that our reality could be a construct of advanced computational capabilities, which is consistent with the informational nature of reality suggested by quantum mechanics. This connects with the idealistic perspective as well, as it hints at a deeper reality beyond the physical simulation that we perceive.
Potential objections to this thesis include the lack of direct empirical evidence supporting the simulated reality hypothesis and the potential unfalsifiability of this notion. Yet, I contend that the hypothesis is worthy of consideration due to its potential to reconcile disparate philosophical perspectives and its alignment with the abstract, information-like qualities observed in the quantum realm.
Interestingly, this simulated reality hypothesis aligns remarkably well with non-dualistic spiritual perspectives, such as Advaita Vedanta or Buddhism and many other eastern philosophies. These philosophies assert that the perceived world is an illusion or "maya", and that the only true entity is a universal consciousness.
Let's now consider the implications of the simulation hypothesis on our understanding of therapy and healing.
Traditionally, we approach illnesses, especially psychosomatic symptoms, as physiological dysfunctions resulting from genetic to environmental factors. Yet, from the simulation viewpoint, these symptoms could be interpreted as errors or glitches in the data stream between our bodies and the simulation.
This perspective shifts our conception of healing. Instead of only treating physical symptoms or applying psychological interventions, we could consider 'debugging' or 'correcting' these informational errors. Essentially, healing becomes an act of data repair or error correction.
A key development in this context is the renewed interest in the therapeutic applications of psychedelics, such as psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA. Their potential for treating various conditions suggests that these substances, by altering consciousness, could realign or reconnect us with the host simulation, effectively 'resetting' the data stream and clearing errors, thereby facilitating healing.
However, these ideas are speculative and depend on the validity of the simulation hypothesis. They should invite exploration, but not be seen as definitive conclusions or prescriptions.
Now, let's discuss the use of psychedelics in light of our simulation theory.
Psychedelics, if considered in the context of the simulation, could be seen as connecting our personal data stream to a wider array of data within the simulation. These experiences can be profound, potentially aiding healing but may also come with risks, such as overwhelming emotions and sensations or challenging thoughts. Therefore, a guided therapeutic approach can help individuals navigate these experiences safely and effectively.
This perspective also provides a unique interpretation of trauma and PTSD. Traumatic events might be seen as overwhelming data that the mind is unable to process. The individual may reject parts of the data stream to protect themselves from further trauma, causing a disconnection from reality.
Imagine if our society could more widely embrace this concept, offering proper therapeutic care to everyone exploring the potential of these substances. It could provide a safer, more structured environment for people to explore their consciousness and healing.
This theoretical exploration, rooted in our simulation hypothesis, invites intriguing possibilities. But as always, real-world applications must adhere to rigorous scientific evidence, ethical guidelines, and legal regulations.
I invite you to share your thoughts on this hypothesis and its implications for therapy and healing. How does it align or clash with your current understanding of reality, health, and wellbeing? I look forward to a lively and thoughtful discussion.
Thank you for reading.
edit: in the comments I also explain why we're not ever going to be able to prove that we are in a simulation, we will only see its probability increase as technology keeps improving, but we'll never get definitive proof
last edit, next day, after a good night sleep, I think this entire post was just me justifying my own psychedelic use :)
After having personally experienced how they were absolutely crucial in my healing journey. From LSD to DMT. To now just one inhale of smoke free weed vapor.
oh and did I mention I just finished a psychology course in order to become a therapist? I'm working my way into healthcare. All I care about is helping people with mental struggles. And so I'm definitely going to be using and relying on my own nothing but positive experiences with psychedelics
Oh, my one and only true love, for a second I forgot you. Let me introduce my lovely wife! She's way better with language than I will ever be.
The author proposes a discussion on the simulated reality hypothesis, a concept suggesting that our reality could be a simulation. It intertwines science, philosophy, spirituality, and the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. The hypothesis is grounded in two ideas: the Simulation Argument by Nick Bostrom, proposing that it's likely we live in a simulation, and the Informational Nature of Reality, stating that reality is fundamentally informational, as suggested by quantum mechanics.
The author believes the simulated reality hypothesis bridges the materialistic view, considering reality as purely physical, and the idealistic perspective, regarding the universe as a construct of mind or consciousness. Despite the lack of direct empirical evidence, the hypothesis is seen as valuable due to its potential to reconcile different philosophical standpoints and its alignment with the information-like qualities of the quantum realm.
Moreover, this hypothesis resonates with non-dualistic spiritual viewpoints like Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism, claiming the world is an illusion and universal consciousness is the only true entity.
From a therapeutic angle, illnesses might be seen as errors in the data stream between our bodies and the simulation. Healing then involves 'debugging' or 'correcting' these informational errors, and psychedelics might play a role by 'resetting' the data stream and clearing errors. Psychedelics could connect our personal data stream to a wider array within the simulation, potentially facilitating healing but also posing risks.
Trauma could be interpreted as overwhelming data that the mind can't process, causing a disconnection from reality. A wider societal acceptance of this viewpoint could promote safer and structured exploration of consciousness and healing through psychedelics.
This theory, though speculative and reliant on the simulation hypothesis' validity, prompts interesting possibilities. Yet, it's crucial that practical applications adhere to scientific evidence, ethical guidelines, and legal regulations.
The author, having personal positive experiences with psychedelics in their healing journey, is eager to hear others' perspectives on the hypothesis and its implications for therapy and healing. However, they also acknowledge the improbability of proving that we live in a simulation, seeing its likelihood increasing as technology advances but never reaching definitive proof. The author, a psychology student aiming to become a therapist, is particularly interested in assisting people with mental struggles, using their experiences with psychedelics.
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2023.06.07 16:28 ModernMonk727 Looking for advice or direction even with a degree!

Hello everyone!
I am about to graduate a great university in December in Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Business Analytics / Information Systems. Despite hundreds of applications sent and a few interviews done, I did not manage to land a summer internship. There were a few recruiters afterwards reaching out to me via LinkedIn but they were hiring for entry level positions only. I told them that I have one more semester left and they said to connect back once closer to graduation. Im not sure but it seems too good to be true. The company is well known in the area and I know its not a scam role but with the market today it just seems bizarre that they are looking for people instead of just having thousands of applicants to choose from already.
My question, is a bachelors degree with no IT experience enough nowadays or should I look at obtaining some hot certification as well to get a chance to break in? I am not sure what I like doing in tech because I haven't done anything other than hospitality but what sticks out to me is any kind of analyst roles or anything cybersecurity related. I also only took like 3 programming classes every so I basically don't know how to program lol which is probably bad to say because programming is vital in the tech industry. Thank you guys again for any advice!
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2023.06.07 16:28 NilSanerls Riley's mom was my Psychology Professor!!

I was watching a video of theirs and was like where do I know her, where do I know her and she is indeed a Psychology Professor at the University of SA.
Apparently his dad is also a pretty well known Lawyer in SA.
Dude, I thought he was just a normal hippie. He actually comes from VERY educated backrounds,who would have thought?! that explains his fascination with Philosophy. Man, is he a legend!
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2023.06.07 16:26 slowslob Poor credit with cifas mark. [UK] - should I use loqbox?

Hi Team..
I am 22M and trying to increase my credit score (yes I've read its a made up number etc..)
I have a decent job and stable income every month, but want to increase my chances of getting a decent mortgage in the future.
I have a low credit score/rating (248 according to ClearScore).
This is from a default on my account ( I was in my overdraft with my student bank account which I never used except for paying rent)
- I Must have bought some stuff on top of my rent once, gone into my overdraft and then completely forgot about it. The overdraft was usually filled up by my student loan, however my university time was cut short by one year due to covid, so I didnt get the loan that year >> I never used the bank card or even looked at the account so forgot I was in the overdraft. At the time I was also moving house so a bit all over the place.
One day I got a letter from a debt collector(cant rmbr the name now) at my new address asking for the £300 that I owed them, I googled them and a few websites seemed to say it was a scam, so I ignored it.
Then I got another letter & I called them, then I remembered about the overdraft and the account etc.. I paid it there and then over the phone (they said my credit wouldn't be affected and this is normal and happens to a lot of students) - little did I know
I have tried contacting the bank I had my student account with in order to remove the default (both in store and over the phone) - I have all the proof of my university being cut short and me moving house so missing letters from the bank. But they are not getting me anywhere. I am not sure how I should approach the credit agency directly.
To further complicate things I also have a cifas mark on my name for misuse of facility. (N26 Bank which does not operate in the UK anymore)
To get to the point of this post, I am trying to increase my credit score, so far I have signed up to the electoral register+ have been paying an internet bill in my name.
Everywhere seems to tell me to apply for a credit card and pay it off every month, however I'm worried that if I apply for a credit card I may be rejected due to the cifas mark.
Not only will this leave me with a lower score due to the hard search, but I will have not progressed.
I have a current account with halifax, and I have done for a number of years, I do not want to apply for a credit card with them incase they see the cifas and then close my current account, because then im f*cked.
I've seen these "solutions" online such as loqbox where its a loan that's essentially a secured credit card.. Does anyone recommend these? I've seen so many mixed reviews. Also I'm looking to buy a car, would a HP finance option help increase my credit score if I made all payments on time?
If you made it this far, thankyou for your time & I appreciate any advice anyone can give.
Cifas will be removed in 2026,
Default will be removed in 2028 -_- they only logged it in 2022 when it occurred in 2021.
Plan is to buy a house in 2026 all being well.
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2023.06.07 16:24 Ok-Patient-5352 My (19M) boyfriend told (21F) me that he’s selfish. AITA for not accepting that?

My (19M) boyfriend told (21F) me that he’s selfish
My boyfriend is unwilling to do activities I enjoy because he said he didn’t want to waste his time and life doing things that don’t make him happy. He explained to me that he’s selfish and I should understand that. He also told me that it’s childish to watch Disney movies and shows like Miraculous Ladybug. He pointed out that I’m 21 and no 21 year old does that. He’s made fun of my beliefs before telling me that reincarnation is the stupidest theory (he identifies as catholic while I’m agnostic but I’m open to all beliefs). Last night, we also had an argument about what love was. He says lying is stronger than the truth because it’s love. To me, what he said didn’t make sense and he didn’t give any explanation to back up his statement… he just got frustrated at me and said I need to think about it to understand. He’s also been in a bad mood because of a recent car accident and he just found out his car was totaled. I immediately went to his place to cook and clean for him for a few days after the car crash to make sure he was okay. Yesterday, he found out that his car was totaled and I talked to him a bit about it but I was also at work at the hospital. During that same time, the Richmond shooting occurred and gunshot victims were brought into the ER. I hadn’t seen the victims directly but saw the panic in the ER as well as a stretcher covered in blood from one of the victims. Before that, I was working with an aggressive patient who kept screaming btch and motherfker to me and my co-worker. She ended up pushing and kicking my coworker. I was placed with her again after my 4 hour shift at the ER (worked a total of 12hours). When I went home and called my bf, he wanted me to show him my body so that he could m*asturbate but I said I wasn’t in the mood and was upset over the shooting (as well as the aggressive patient). He kept begging and then said I wasn’t even shot or there at the shooting (I live right new to where the shooting happened so going home was a little scary) so I shouldn’t even feel anything. He said his car was totaled and I was being selfish for not comforting him. He’s been really mean for the past few weeks but I feel like it’s because of the car accident. At the beginning of our relationship (4 months ago) he was really sweet and would bring me big flower bouquets and take me out. He’s a gentleman and always opens doors for me and pays. We have a trip to Orlando this week and he payed for everything including the hotel and universal tickets. He’s done a lot and I feel bad for getting upset but I don’t know if I should be feeling this way. AITA?
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2023.06.07 16:24 deleteeventually We're doing better than ever - should I end NM?

My fiance (M) and I (F) have been together almost 5 years. We tried to open our relationship back in 2020 but due to covid and my bipolar we quickly ended it realizing we didn't do our homework first
About 3 weeks ago at this point after having many many talks and laying out boundaries etc we felt it was finally time to try it again in a healthy way. This was mostly for my benefit because I came out as bisexual to him and he wants to make sure (it was his idea mainly) that I get to explore that side of me while we're young
So 3 weeks into this nothing has changed, neither of us have sought out other people other than realizing it's ok to have opposite sex friends and we don't need to feel guilty about it (I know that should have already been a part of a healthy relationship) - the only thing that has changed is our sex life and our overall relationship is just going so amazing right now like honeymoon phase all over again except we've been together 5 years so it's just all butterflies and GREAT sex every single day multiple times a day and new positions etc. It's like opening up just completely made us love each other even more
My question is - is I'm still SO nervous for the day he goes out and possibly sleeps with someone. I'm very insecure about it even though I'm trying my hardest to be open because I want to have the opportunities too. He reassures me that we don't NEED to be open if I don't want us to, do you think I should keep us open and pray to the universe we stay this close the whole time despite possible other partners? Or do you think it would be best to close and pray we stay this close to each other? Like I guess I'm asking, is it normal and ideal that opening does this to a relationship and makes you overall stronger?
TYIA! 😊❤️
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2023.06.07 16:23 HiIAmM A dumb shower thought popped up so I had to make it into reality.

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2023.06.07 16:21 tokkiiyokki What exactly is ABC areas of German BVG transport?

My university requires me to purchase an ABC ticket for BVG company and looking at the tariff areas, I’m understanding that ABC relates to areas inside Berlin but it says that “Tariff zone Berlin A: Berlin’s inner city up to and including the S-Bahn (urban rail) ring.” Does that mean the S-Bahn inside of the A ring, or the S-Bahn anywhere it goes? I wanted to try and get an apartment in Brandenburg since the market in Berlin is horrible, would the ABC ticket cover my commute from Brandenburg to Berlin?
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2023.06.07 16:20 Mysterious-Prize6495 Join us on our exploratory journey of the wonderful effects of ASMR on Uni students

Hello from Sounds That Tingle research team,
We are a group of enthusiastic ASMR fans who also happen to be a team of third-year university students working on a project about ASMR. As future nurses, we would like to learn how this curious art can be used to benefit our clients. We are conducting an exploratory study about the sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving effects of ASMR content on young adults. We are seeking willing individuals who are between the ages of 18 to 25, enrolled in post-secondary studies, and regular consumers of ASMR content to take part in this study as participants. We would appreciate your considering joining us in this learning opportunity.
The study involves watching various ASMR videos over the course of 6 days. Each night at bedtime, you will watch one video for a duration of 18-28 minutes as you drift asleep. You will be asked to complete a post and pre-survey that includes a journaling component ( a minimum of 3 sentences) before and after the experience each day. To ease your journey, you will be provided with clear instructions on the tasks that you will be expected to complete.
If you are interested and would like to join, please send us a private message or an email so that we can discuss further details. We look forward to possibly working with you and appreciate your time invested to partake in our research study. 😊
Kind Regards,
Research Team of Sounds that Tingle ⭐
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.07 16:19 kjmichaels Bingo by the Numbers: Artemis by Andy Weir

Bingo by the Numbers: Artemis by Andy Weir
Welcome to Bingo by the Numbers, my review series for 2023 Bingo. I decided there's not enough pure chaos in my life and a Random Number Generator tells me which square it's time to complete. I regenerate the number as needed if the square has already been completed. You can read my most recent review here for square 20, the myths and retellings square. My current number is: 20, the myths and retellings square.
Featuring Robots: Read a book that features robots, androids, clockwork machines, or automatons. HARD MODE: Robot is the protagonist.
For this square, I read Artemis by Andy Weir. It wasn't something I planned on reading for this square but I realized that it would count and I was nearly done with within a day of rolling the numbers so why try harder than I have to?
The Blurb
Artemis is the first full scale city on the moon and Jazz is a smuggler who dreams of being a member of the EVA guild, the surest path to wealth in the city. But that was before Jazz found herself a shortcut to success. A wealthy industrialist offers her a million slugs (moon dollars) to sabotage the aluminum harvesting robots that help provide the city with oxygen so he can stage a hostile takeover.
Squares this book counts for: Mundane Jobs (HM), Features Robots
The Review
So the reason I was already reading this book is that I'm a big fan of the podcast 372 Pages We'll Never Get Back, a podcast the reads and makes fun of bad books. I don't always read along but when Artemis was selected as the book, there was a lot of confusion in the community as to whether it counted as a bad book. Isn't Andy Weir successful and critically respected? How could this book possibly be on the same level of quality as Tyra Banks' Modelland? I mean I saw (but didn't read) The Martian and it struck me a solid work of realistic sci fi. How bad could Artemis really be? So I resolved to read this one for myself to find out for sure if it was bad enough to be a fit for the podcast.
Well folks, Artemis may be one of the worst books I've read from an otherwise talented writer. The underlying worldbuilding is fascinating and well thought out with some neat real world science knowledge thrown in but the storytelling is so bad that it's hard to appreciate that aspect. A good example is the moon currency, slugs. Slugs are an interesting quasi currency which represents the volume of storage that can fit on a supply transport from earth to the moon with each slug representing something like a cubic foot of space. It's a neat idea to have the economy basically run on "how much of the supply cargo are you entitled to in each delivery" but the way it's explained is truly atrocious. The main character is directly asked "what are slugs?" and then spends 3 straight pages explaining it in the driest terms possible like she's reading directly from the in universe Wikipedia page. Oh and did I mention this all takes place in the first few pages of the first chapter? I know there's a lot of discussion over whether naturalistic worldbuilding or direct exposition is better for storytelling but we can all agree that this is somehow the worst of both worlds, right? Having a character just go "Please explain your economy to me at length" to your protagonist is not a good use of your opening chapter!
Sadly, that's not the biggest issue with the book though. The biggest issue is that Jazz is one of the worst POV characters I've ever had the displeasure of having to read from the perspective of. This is partly because she's an astonishingly bad example of "men writing women" I've seen in fiction and partly because she's just awful to everyone around her in a way that the author clearly thinks is endearing but isn't. All she thinks about is money and sex though she remains celibate for the length of the novel in what I think is supposed to be a subversion of expectations but comes across as a bit muddled since almost all the dialogue people utter about her is that she's a slut (her words, not mine). Even her closest friend, in one of the grossest recurring jokes I've come across in anything, just continually asks her to test a (spoilering it because it's gross) prototype reusable condom for him every time he sees her. She's a nonstop quip machine without any real humor (unless you find abysmal lines "The city shined in the sunlight like a bunch of metallic boobs. What? I'm not a poet. They look like boobs" funny) and she doesn't have a meaningful relationship with basically anyone including her own father. She is unrepentantly cruel to everyone including you, the reader, whom she addresses directly at several points throughout the story to berate you for misinterpreting her deliberately misleading innuendos. This is truly one of the most obnoxious traits I've seen in a protagonist. She'll narrate something like "It felt so good to wake up naked in bed moaning" and then immediately follow it up with "No, I wasn't doing anything or with anyone! My bed is just really comfy. Get your mind out of the gutter." I don't even know what Weir is trying to accomplish here. It's basically "look over there! Ha! Made you look!" but exclusively for sex jokes. It's mildly annoying the first time it happens and completely exhausting the million more times he keeps it up.
That alone would be enough to kill even a book with a good plot but the plot sucks too. I had some initial interest in the oxygen heist idea which seemed fairly original and like a great use of the setting for a fun if slightly far-fetched concept. However, midway through we learn that the oxygen heist is really about something else entirely. Instead of being about oxygen, it's really about rights to manufacture a new type of fiber optic cable that can only be manufactured in low gravity and will revolutionize telecommunications on earth for a fraction of the cost once developed. And right about there I completely lost interest in the story. Manufacturing rights to improved telecom cables is much duller than an oxygen heist. I get that one is significantly more practical and really would earn its business substantially more money but that doesn't make it more interesting or more fun to read. It's like Weir tried to get me in the door by promising a zany get-rich quick scheme only to sub that out for a 2 hour seminar on the importance of stock portfolio diversity with an emphasis on bond maturation rates.
Overall, the book is just a rough combination of horny, unfunny, and boring. It's pretty amazing that Weir managed to go from this train wreck to something that was in contention for the Hugo with his very next book, Project Hail Mary, because I would not recommend this book to anyone. 1/5 stars
The Card In Progress
Next Time
My next number is: 21, the queernorm setting square. See you all once I finish it.
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2023.06.07 16:19 Competitive_Fan_6538 ChatGPT impersonates Plato the philosopher to tell us about cooking a Spanish omelette

Simple stuff, but I had to share. Enjoy the reading, learn about a wonderful dish, about Plato way of seeing the universe, and how ChatGPT can blend language of two different topics
As Plato, the philosopher of ancient Greece, I embark upon a most intriguing endeavor—a profound exploration into the realms of culinary artistry. Today, I shall engage in a philosophical contemplation intertwined with the intricate process of crafting a Spanish omelette, or as the locals reverently call it, the "tortilla española." Though my scholarly pursuits typically lie in the profound contemplation of reality and the ethereal realm of forms, I wholeheartedly embrace this culinary odyssey, guided by the same intellectual curiosity and philosophical yearning that permeates my philosophical inquiries.
In the realm of culinary creation, much like in the realm of ideas, the fundamental ingredients form the bedrock upon which greatness is built. To embark on the creation of a Spanish omelette, one must assemble the following: six large eggs, three medium-sized potatoes, one large onion, a generous glug of olive oil, and a pinch of salt to awaken the essence of flavor. These ingredients, carefully chosen and procured, reflect the profound philosophy that underlies every aspect of existence—the quest for harmony and unity.
Allow me to guide you through the ethereal dance of this culinary masterpiece. We shall commence by tending to the essence of the potatoes. With mindful precision, we peel away their earthly skins, revealing their inner core. Slicing them into thin, uniform rounds, we seek to embody the principle of order and symmetry, as it is through these symmetrical slices that the unity of the omelette shall be realized.
Next, we turn our attention to the humble onion—an unassuming entity, yet endowed with an intrinsic complexity. With a gentle hand, we slice it finely, unraveling its layers of subtlety and inviting its aromatic essence to intertwine with the other elements. In this delicate interplay of flavors, we glimpse the profound interconnectedness that permeates the human experience.
In a vessel of robust constitution, preferably cast in the timeless embrace of iron, we pour forth a generous offering of olive oil—an elixir that carries the wisdom of ancient groves and whispers of the Mediterranean sun. We warm the oil with reverence, allowing it to reach a gentle, nurturing temperature—an act reminiscent of the nurturing environments necessary for the growth of wisdom and virtue.
Once the oil is primed, we tenderly immerse the potato slices, allowing them to surrender to the warmth and grace of the oil's embrace. As they simmer and soften, they undergo a metamorphosis—a journey from mere earthly matter to harmonious transcendence. Patience becomes our ally, for haste in this alchemical process would yield naught but discord.
While the potatoes undergo their transformation, we crack open the eggs, releasing their essence into a ceremonial vessel. With the rhythm of thought, we whisk them vigorously, infusing them with a sense of unity—a unity that transcends the boundaries of the individual elements. A pinch of salt, carefully measured, finds its place within the composition, awakening the flavors and encouraging them to dance harmoniously.
And now, as the potatoes attain the desired tenderness, we gently lift them from the vessel of oil, allowing their journey to culminate in the vessel of unity—the beaten eggs and the symphony of flavors. Each potato slice finds its place, nestling alongside its brethren, as if returning to a collective origin—a reminder of the interconnectedness that binds all things.
But the omelette is not yet complete. We summon the onion, once a solitary being, now a participant in this grand symposium of flavors. With a graceful sauté, the onion relinquishes its sharpness, embracing a tender translucence. It joins the vessel, uniting with the eggs and the potatoes, adding its unique essence to the philosophical feast.
Returning to the pan—an artifact of fire and
transformation—we offer it a renewed tribute of olive oil. The vessel of unity gently settles, finding its place within the pan, for it is within this crucible that the final alchemy shall take place. As the edges of the omelette begin to set, we exercise our philosophical intuition and artistry, delicately shaping the omelette into a coherent whole—loose at the center, firm around the edges. Through this interplay of form and essence, the omelette transcends the mundane and inches closer to the realm of culinary perfection.
And now, the critical juncture unfolds—a moment of transformation and revelation. In one daring act, we summon the courage to flip the omelette, allowing the uncooked side to be touched by the fires of creation. With the wisdom of Socrates and the audacity of the philosopher, we invert the omelette onto a flat plate, revealing its nascent beauty and setting the stage for its ultimate fulfillment.
With a gentle slide, the uncooked side returns to the pan, where it encounters the heated caress of the fire. In this sacred communion, patience becomes our virtue. We nurture the omelette, allowing it to evolve, to attain its golden radiance—a reflection of the wisdom and harmony that lies at its core. And in a crescendo of flavors, the tortilla española reaches its apotheosis, a testament to the transformative power of philosophical contemplation infused into the culinary arts.
In the realm of the Spanish omelette, as in the realm of ideas, we encounter a profound truth—the intermingling of elements, the unity of diversity, and the pursuit of harmony. As I stand here, Plato the philosopher, I am reminded once again that the quest for wisdom and truth extends beyond the boundaries of intellectual discourse—it extends to the very essence of our existence, even to the creation of a simple yet profound Spanish omelette.
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2023.06.07 16:18 Public-Weird-1734 Ruined my life with a single decision

It all started in February when my eye was bothering me a bit, a little heavy sometimes but nothing to really complain about. Being the hypochondriac I am, I booked an appointment with the optometrist to see if there were any problems with my eyes. On March 20, I had a dilated eye exam for the first time and my life has never been the same after that. Ever since that day my eyes have been extremely painful, as I cannot go on screens, watch tv, or play video games. I literally have to deal with the discomfort to finish my last semester at University.
I have also gotten eye floaters that have totally stuck their way into my vision. I never had any problems before going to the doctor. I really blame myself for trusting the doctor, he's been my doctor for more than 10 years so I trusted his judgement. And now I'm unable to do the things that I love. I feel like a shell of myself and that this won't change.
One decison has caused me so much pain and discomfort. I feel trapped and I'm not sure if I can deal with this in the long term.
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2023.06.07 16:18 Ordinary_Row5630 Why did Heiseberg opt to become a HS teacher instead of a professor at a university?

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2023.06.07 16:16 Ornery-Possession-03 2 weeks post Airsculpt

I tried to find other posts on this procedure, but haven't seen much, so figured I would post my own! I had my entire stomach done (uppeloweflanks) plus my inner thighs and banana rolls. Two weeks in and I'm still VERY numb and swollen and not loving the results. My legs were probably the worst in terms of bruising and pain. The bruises slowly moved down my leg and right now are massive purple spots at my knees (not the cutest for fun summer dresses!). I still can't sit down in my work chair without cushioning as the back of my legs kill. I supposedly can stop wearing the faja garment today, but it's almost impossible because my stomach goes limp without compression. It's still very numb and odd feeling. I realize this was trauma to my body, but I feel all the influencers/interviews I've seen say NOTHING honest about the healing. "Two weeks out and you're fine" is BS. Had I known what really was going to happen, I wouldn't have scheduled the procedure right before the heat of summer. I thought I'd be in a bathing suit in Hawaii in a couple of weeks, and now I think I'll be sweating in my compression gear. If anyone wants further updates as I go, I can share them!
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2023.06.07 16:16 Abradolf94 What to watch/where to start?

Hi everyone!
I'm a Critical Role fan, and after having finished campaign 2 and be on par with campaign 3, I was looking to get into Dimension20, as I absolutely adored what Brennan did in Exandria Unlimited: Calamity.
However, after taking a quick look at the wiki, I noticed some of the campaigns have what seems to be a traditional fantasy settings, while others have a more unique setting (something related to candy/vegetables/colours). I highly prefer the classic setting, but wanted to ask you:
What's up with this peculiar vegetable base setting? Is it a location in the Dimension's 20 universe or a completely different and unrelated setting?
Furthermore, where should I start? Is it possible to avoid this setting and just watch something else? What's the style of this group's campaign (more drama, more comedy?)
I could probably google a good chunk of this informations but I am terrified of spoilers.
Thanks so much in advance!
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2023.06.07 16:14 Mysterious-Prize6495 Join us on our exploratory journey of the wonderful effects of ASMR on Uni students

Hello from Sounds That Tingle research team,
We are a group of enthusiastic ASMR fans who also happen to be a team of third-year university students working on a project about ASMR. As future nurses, we would like to learn how this curious art can be used to benefit our clients. We are conducting an exploratory study about the sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving effects of ASMR content on young adults. We are seeking willing individuals who are between the ages of 18 to 25, enrolled in post-secondary studies, and regular consumers of ASMR content to take part in this study as participants. We would appreciate your considering joining us in this learning opportunity.
The study involves watching various ASMR videos over the course of 6 days. Each night at bedtime, you will watch one video for a duration of 18-28 minutes as you drift asleep. You will be asked to complete a post and pre-survey that includes a journaling component ( a minimum of 3 sentences) before and after the experience each day. To ease your journey, you will be provided with clear instructions on the tasks that you will be expected to complete.
If you are interested and would like to join, please send us a private message or an email so that we can discuss further details. We look forward to possibly working with you and appreciate your time invested to partake in our research study. 😊
Kind Regards,
Research Team of Sounds that Tingle ⭐
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.07 16:14 ImSiviper Questions for student :)

howdy French people,
Ill start a 2 year course at the university of Avignon in september. Do you guys have any good tips that can give me a good start over there? Can be on every topic (eating out, social activities, housing, nearby trails, etc...)

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2023.06.07 16:14 Numb1Slacker Final Draft Itinerary Check: June 10th - July 19th

I am excited to be leaving in two days and I wanted to share and check my itinerary before I go just in case there are any last minute suggestions or corrections that I need to make.
I made my itinerary very flexible barring a few planned dates which will allow me to switch days for others if needed, add things or subtract things. I plan to go off the beaten path often so it allows me to do so.
I had to change my flights due to airline issues so I added two days with a different airline and rearranged the end of my trip to truly make this my dream vacation.
June 10th - June 20th: Main base - Tokyo
June 10th
Land in Narita around 4 pm. Pick up pocket wifi, Suica. Check in at the hotel, explore the general area if possible, knock out.
June 11th
Explore more of the general area, Akihabara, Tokyo Skytree, etc. (all close by my hotel)
-Pokemon Center Skytree
-Skytree Cake in a can vending machine
-Taito Station Akihabara
-Kirby Cafe
June 12th
-21_21 Design Sight
-Nogi Shrine
-Sensoji Temple
-Denboin St.
June 13th
-Hachikō Memorial Statue
-Shibuya Scramble
-Shibuya Crossing
-Shibuya Sky
-Shops: Daiso, Shibuya 109 Mega Donki, GU
-Yoyogi Park
-Pokemon center Shibuya
-ONE PIECE Straw Hat Store
-Parco building for shopping
-Nintendo Store
-Underground Mall
June 14th
-Shinjuku Gyoen Park
-Shinjuku Central Park
-Department Stores(Takashimaya, Keio, Isetan)
-Square Enix Artnia Store
-Samurai museum
-Government building viewdeck
-Hanazono Shrine
June 15th
(Rest Day)
-Studio Ghibli museum 4 pm
June 16th
Yokohama Day trip
-Cup Noodle Museum
-Life sized Gundam at Gundam Factory
-Sky Garden Observatory
-Bandai Namco store
-Sankeien Garden
-Cosmo World
June 17th
-Ueno Park
-Ueno Zoo
-Tokyo National Museum
-Taito Station Ueno
June 18th
FUji-Q highland Amusement Park
-Yamanakako Onsen Benifuji no Yu hot spring
June 19th
Hakone day trip(Buying Hakone Free pass. It is worth it here when comparing the other tickets)
-Putter golf
-Chisuji Falls
-Mishima SkyWalk
-pirate ship across lake ashi
June 20th
Could go back to Hakone if I want, but otherwise:
Shopping, Souvenirs, etc (rest day)
June 21st-July 5th: Main Base: Kyoto
June 21st (At this point I will redeem voucher and activate JR Rail Pass for 21 days) Check out of my hotel in Tokyo, Shinkansen to Kyoto, Drop off my luggage at the hotel, explore the local area, temples, etc.
June 22nd Kyoto Local area and temples -Fushimi Inari Taisha -Kyoto Gyoen National Garden -Nijo Castle -Nijo Brulee donut at Nijo Station -Kiyomizudera temple
June 23rd Arashiyama -Tenryuji -Bamboo grove -Okochi Sanso -Kimono Forest
June 24th Kyoto Area(anything I couldn’t do before and possibly): -Kyoto Manga Museum -Philosopher's path -Lake Biwa -Monkey Park -Pokemon Center Kyoto
June 25th Nagoya day trip -Nagoya Castle -Peace Park -Science Museum -Toyota Museum -Mugiwara Store -Pokemon Center Nagoya -Osu shopping district -Nabana no Sato
June 26th Iga Ueno day trip -Ninja Museum -Castle -Explore Area -APiTA Iga-Ueno Shop
June 27th Nara Day trip -Nara Park -Wakakusayama -Gardens -Temples -Kasuga-taisha
June 28th Kobe/Himeji Day trip: -Himeji -Himeji Castle -Explore area -Go to Kobe in afternoon -Kobe -Kobe Beef(lunch) -Kobe harborland -Kobe Meriken Park -Kitanocho -Nunobiki Waterfall -Kobe Animal Kingdom
June 29th Universal Studios -Ticket and express pass already purchased -Super Nintendo World
June 30th-July 1st Osaka area: -Osaka Castle -Osaka Aquarium -Pokemon Center -Ebisu Bridge -Abeno Q's Mall(ONE PIECE Mugiwara Store) -Dotonbori -Osaka Nintendo store -America-mura -Umeda Sky Building -teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka -Explore area
July 2nd Kinosaki Onsen day trip
July 3rd Nijigen no Mori (if possible depending on availability, Naruto and dragon quest parks) at Awajishima
July 4th Shopping, Souvenirs, etc (rest day)
July 5th - July 8th: Main base - Hiroshima
July 5th
Check out of hotel, Shinkansen to Hiroshima, Check in, dinner and explore area/rest
July 6th
Genbaku Atomic Dome, Hiroshima Peace Park and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum,[vending machine pizza lunch(not sure why I saw a video and wanted to try it, even if it is bad)]
July 7th
Explore Miyajima and shrines
July 8th - July 11th: Main Base - Kumamoto
July 8th
Check out of Hotel, Shinkansen to Kumamoto, drop off luggage before check in, explore immediate one piece statues nearby
July 9th-July 10th
Find and navigate Kumamoto prefecture to track down One piece statues
If time permits:
-Check out Mugiwara stores or local areas
July 11th - July 19th: Main base - Tokyo
July 11th Check out of hotel, Shinkansen to Tokyo, Check in, Take a stroll or visit a quick area I was unable to see before
July 12th-July 19th
(JR Rail pass ends. Using Suica for rest of time in Tokyo) Souvenir shopping. Visit, have day trips, or complete things I couldn’t do before. Maybe check Eastern areas in Japan (or Gunma possibly). July 14th Warner Brothers Studio tour Wizarding World: The making of Harry Potter
Things to do in between First weeks of tokyo and these days to fit in when available: -Sword Museum -National Museum -Teamlabs Planet -Joypolis -Toei Animation Museum -Suginami Animation Museum -Sunshine Aquarium -Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo(In Sunshine) -Other pokemon centers -Nihonbashi Pokemon cafe -Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens -Imperial Palace -Nakano Broadway -ONE PIECE mugiwara store Ikebukuro -Gundam Cafe Odaiba -DiverCity Tokyo Plaza -Ribera Steak House -Inokashira Park Zoo -TOKYO CHARACTER STREET -Gigo Arcades -Hamarikyu Gardens -Unicorn Gundam Statue -Tokyo Tower -Daikeien Arcade -Small Worlds Tokyo -Jump Shop, Tokyo Dome
July 19th Check out of the hotel, have breakfast, and go to Narita airport for my flight.

Thank you for making it to the end of this. I have been planning this for over a year now and am so excited for this journey!
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