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2023.03.25 02:20 Dezkenob1 Notification text is dark

Notification text is dark
Does anyone know how to make the title text in notifications white or lighter because they are currently dark grey? I have dark mode on but surely there should be a way of making the title text in notifications readable? This is on the Xiaomi 13 Pro with the MIUI 14 update. I didn't have this problem on my Xiaomi 11 Pro.
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2023.03.25 02:19 Relicofpast Equalizer2 4K, Spiderman 3, Thor4, Toy Story2-3-4 4K, Batman vs TMNT, Star Wars, Disney movies, GOT S08, John Wick, more (Request) Offers, List

Game of Thrones S08 (HD) Vudu
Aladdin (2019) (HD) GP (Split code)
Avengers Infinity War (HD) (4K) iTunes
Avengers Infinity War (HD) GP (Split code)
Avengers Endgame (HD) GP (Split code)
Avengers Age of ultron (4K) iTunes
Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (HD) MA
Black Panther (HD) GP (Split code)
Bumblebee (HD) Vudu/Itunes
Bullet Train (4K) MA
Cars 1 (4K) Itunes (Split code)
Cars 2 (4K) Itunes (Split code)
Cars 2 (HD) GP (Split code)
Cars 3 (HD) GP (Split code)
Coco (4K) Itunes (Split code)
Coco (HD) GP (Split code)
Deadpool (4K) Itunes
Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness (HD) GP (Split code)
Encanto (HD) GP (Split code)
Equalizer 2 (4K) MA
Everything Everywhere all at Once (?) Vudu
2 Fast 2 Furious (HD) MA (Only MA Split)
Fast & Furious (2001) (4K) Itunes
Fast Five Extended Version (HD) MA (Only MA Split)
Fast & Furious 6 Extended Version (HD) MA (Only MA Split)
Furious 7 Extended Version (HD) MA (Only MA Split)
Finding Dory (HD) GP (Split code)
Finding Dory (4K) Itunes
Finding Nemo (HD) GP (Split code)
Finding Nemo (4K) Itunes
Ghostbusters 2 (4K) GP (Canada code) (Won't port to MA)
Ghostbusters 3 (4K) GP (Canada code) (Won't port to MA)
The Good Dinosaur (HD) GP (Split code)
The Good Dinosaur (4K) Itunes
The Hobbit: An unexpected journey (HD) MA
Hunger Games Vudu (Only one Split)
Hunger Games Catching Fire (HD) GP/Vudu/FN (Only one Split)
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 (HD) GP/Vudu/FN (Only one Split)
Inside Out (4K) Itunes
Inside Out (HD) GP (Split code)
Jurrasic World (HD) MA (Only MA Split)
Justice League Doom (HD) MA
John Wick 1 (HD) Vudu/GP
John Wick 3 (HD) GP (US)
John Wick 3 (4K) Itunes
Jumanji: The next level (HD) MA
Lilo & Stitch (HD) GP (Split code)
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (HD) GP (Split code)
Mission Impossible 5 (HD) FN/VUDU (Only one Split)
Mission Impossible 6 (HD) FN/VUDU (Only one Split)
Monster University (4K) Itunes
Monster University (HD) GP (Split code) (May not port)
Moana (4K) Itunes
Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 3 (HD) Itunes
Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 3 (HD) GP (Split code)
Prometheus (HD) Itunes
A Quiet Place (HD) Vudu
Ralph Breaks the Internet (HD) GP (Split code)
Raya & the last Dragon (HD) GP (Split code)
Skyfall (HD) Vudu/GP
Spiderman 3 (4K) MA
Star Wars VII: Force Awakens (HD) GP (Split code)
Star Wars VII: Force Awakens (4K) Itunes
Star Wars Last Jedi(4K) Itunes
Star Wars Last Jedi (HD) GP (Split code)
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker (HD) GP (Split code)
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker(4K) Itunes
Star Trek into Darkness (HD) FN/VUDU (Only one Split)
Thor 2 (HD) GP (Split code)
Toy Story 1 (4K) Itunes (Split code)
Toy Story 1 (HD) GP (Split code)
Toy Story 2 (4K) Itunes (Split code)
Toy Story 2 (HD) GP (Split code)
Toy Story 3 (4K) Itunes (Split code)
Toy Story 3 (HD) GP (Split code)
Toy Story 3 (HD) GP (Split code) (Canada, Wont Port)
Toy Story 4 (HD) GP (Split code)
Toy Story 4 (4K) Itunes (Split code)
Thor Love and Thunder (HD) GP (Split code)
Titanic (HD) Vudu
Transformers 1 (HD) Vudu
Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen (HD) Vudu
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (4K) MA
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (HD) GP
Zootopia (4K) Itunes
Zootopia (HD) GP (Split code)
Deadpool (HD) GP redeemable in US
Deadpool 2 (HD) GP redeemable in US
Ghost in Shell (4K) Itunes
Ghostbusters 2 (HD) GP redeemable in US
Gravity (HD) GP redeemable in US
Jurrasic World (HD) GP redeemable in US
Jurrasic Park (HD) GP redeemable in US
Lego Movie (HD) redeemable in US
Mission Impossible ghost protocol (4K) Itunes
Rons gone wrong (HD) Canada code
Transformers Last knight (4K) Itunes
XXX return of xander cage (4K) Itunes
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2023.03.25 02:18 MantisCandy ScarVi: Moon Ball Own Tempo 5IV Rockruff Giveaway

Status: Online
Been using the Masuda Method to try and get myself a blue Rockruff, and now I have about 2 boxes full of them!
Pokemon Info:
Rockruffs are all Lvl. 1 and in Moon Balls. All have 5 perfect IVs and a random nature.
Comment with your IGN and the last two digits of a Link Code. You can have up to 3 Rockruffs, so if you want more than one, please say so (otherwise I'll assume 1 by default).
My IGN is Mal.
I will be searching for trades using the code 4024-17_ _ and will reply when searching. If I'm online, please be ready to trade immediately after commenting; if I cannot find you after 3 searches, I will move onto the next person. Just ask politely again if I happen to miss you.
I'll take just about anything! Just please no eggs, trade evos, or anything that would require Rule 3 information.
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2023.03.25 02:18 ParkingDepartment174 Looking For Manga/Manhwa/Etc. Title - Female Protag NOT Villaness/Isekai

Hello! I'm trying to remember the title of something I've read; it's either a manga or manhwa and it has a light novel as well.
Female Protag with long brown haiwhite and blue men's uniform (fancy with buttons) and works as some sort of history/decipher in fantasy setting.

From what I remember, female protag was part of noble family but stepmother(?) made her take potions to delay her body from being more fem and was raised as a male. Became an adult (20?) and was kicked out of the family and rented a room at an inn to unalive. She has dreams of 5 people who come to her to make a pact/contract that will make them live longer? Basically they need her alive for them to be alive or something like that.
The 5 are influential ppl, a dark mage, assassin, royal guard/knight, a teacher for an academy that looks like a little girl, and a old man that is the richest merchant or something. They help be MC's new family and enjoy life.
Last thing I remember is that MC infiltrates a all girls school (she girl but looks boy) to protect a girl that is assumed to be some sort of gold energy being?? A special being that worshipped by the two fairy guard brothers (dont quote me) and theres a trap at the school thats only activated by song of the special being.
If you can help, much appreciated!
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2023.03.25 02:17 ardesofmiche [WTS] SB tactical HB PDW brace gray/clear anodized color scheme $250

Hey y’all, parting ways with my HB PDW brace in the gray/dark gray color. Light use and scuff marks but nothing serious. Functions well. Asking $250 PP G+S. Thanks for looking.
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2023.03.25 02:17 JNewsted1988 Sonic '06: My Take - Part 4/FINALE (Last Story)

We've finally made it... at last, we're on the Last Story. All 3 hedgehogs have had their stories lead up to this. How will it all end? Well, we're about to find out! Let us begin:
Somewhere in Soleanna's forest, Mephiles manages to get his hands on the purple Chaos Emerald, one which we haven't seen throughout this game. He finds Elise and Sonic walking through the field, and using the blinding power of the gem, comes up from behind the two when they least expect it, and (yes, I'm using language here, NO SHAME)... FUCKING KILLS SONIC by launching a beam of energy straight through his chest. Distraught by this, Elise manages to cry, unsealing Iblis after all these years. With the two halves of Solaris now freed, Mephiles calls on the Chaos Emerald he has to unite them together.
Meanwhile, in Dusty Desert, Team Dark is surrounded by a puddle of dark liquid from the army of Mephiles clones they took down at the end of Shadow's story. As he picks up and puts his Inhibitor Rings back on, the green and yellow Chaos Emeralds that were resting on the ground begin to glow, and the screen cuts to black. The next cutscene dramatically plays out, with Mephiles having all 7 Chaos Emeralds surrounding him (which I have NO clue where he got the blue and red ones from), and the two halves of Solaris finally coming together. A bright flash of light engulfs the entirety of Soleanna, where Amy, Tails, and Knuckles currently are.
Now in an endless void, all of the characters are found to be together, even Silver and Dr. Eggman have somehow appeared. Trying to figure out what was going on, Shadow and the others piece together the clues that Solaris has finally been reborn, but how is that possible? They then turn to see the dead body of Sonic resting against Princess Elise, realizing that this was all part of Mephiles' plan so she'd cry, and that EVERYONE, including Dr. Eggman, were played like cards in his hand.
As Amy mourns over the loss of the beloved blue hero, the princess senses Sonic's spirit in the wind, knowing that he's not dead yet, and that there's still time. Silver then comes up with the idea that he can be revived using the Chaos Emeralds' power, believing in the princess that she can bring him back. Dr. Eggman then analyzes where the fabled gems have gone, noting that Solaris scattered them all across time, and that the crew has to split up. Firm on their resolution, the group splits up, each setting out across the void to find them before it's too late.
And now it's time for... the End of the World. This final stage brings all 7 remaining characters - Tails, Omega, Knuckles, Silver, Rouge, Amy, and Shadow - on their quest to find the Chaos Emeralds before reality is destroyed by Solaris. This massive adventure split up into 7 sections, the first being with Tails in Crisis City as he searches for the yellow Emerald. His section plays out similar to Silver's level, with one major difference that can be considered the "gimmick" of this level.
Across all 7 portions of the stage, you'll come across these holes - called the "Eyes of Solaris" - that try to suck you in or toss objects at you. I really do like this idea as I think it's like Solaris' way of stopping you as you make your way towards each of the Chaos Emeralds, and one hit INSTANTLY kills you, even if you have Rings. You can briefly make them go away by touching a statue that lights up an orb, but it isn't long before they come back again. What I DON'T like, though? Well, that's coming up in a bit.
After Tails gets the yellow Emerald, the perspective switches to Omega, who's located in Flame Core as he's searching for the green Emerald. Again, it's mostly the same as before, and I believe you're in... I wanna say it's probably Shadow's part of the stage, but really, I have no idea since I feel like all the characters can share the same damn level at times like with White Acropolis, so I don't know which part you're exactly playing through. Anyways, Omega's hover ability will really come in handy here, as you can use it to skip most enemies (which is DEFINITELY recommended since time is literally of the essence here to save Sonic). Make your way up the lava-fall and grab the green Chaos Emerald and get the heck outta there!
The 3rd part of the stage takes place in Rouge's and Silver's Tropical Jungle level, only this time you're controlling Knuckles. Once again, you'll want to take the same approach as you did in Tails' and Omega's sections and not worry about combat and instead trying to find the cyan Emerald that's hidden somewhere here. Use the gliding ability that Knuckles has to land on certain platforms and you can skip basically the entire section. You may have to do some climbing on walls to glide to where the Emerald is, but other than that, his section should be a breeze. Grab that gem and GO!
I should also mention that the Eyes you come across can also suck in enemies and nearby objects, which can be incredibly helpful and harmful at the same time when you're trying to make it through the stage as quickly as possible. I do like how not even Iblis' monsters themselves are not safe from the wrath of Solaris, so it's like EVERYTHING is trying to stop you from making it to the end. But they won't stop the hope to revive Sonic!
Keeping on with the stage, the 4th section has Silver navigating through Sonic's portion of Dusty Desert, using his psychokinesis and hover abilities to make his way through the treacherous landscape and find the silver Chaos Emerald. And... well, I'm just gonna say this: I didn't like this section at all. Not one bit. Why is that, you may ask? Well, it's surprisingly simple, and it's a reason that'll come up again with another character not that far down the line:
I swear to God, he moves at the speed of freakin' molasses, and that's not exactly helpful when you're trying to dodge those Eyes that try to suck you in and KILL YOU IN ONE HIT. It's even worse when objects come flying out of nowhere, hit and knock you back and into the things you can't even see and give you no chance of escape! There are quite a few points where I was literally saying to my TV, "COME ON, MOVE IT, SILVER!!!" because he's just moving along at a strolling pace when he should be, I don't know... running to get the gem? Ugh.
Thank God he has the Teleport Dash upgrade you can buy for him in his story, as it'll be quite helpful when trying to escape the pull of Solaris. I believe this is the only time in the game I actually found that ability to be useful for him, because I barely remember using it AT ALL in his main story other than trying it out at various places in Soleanna's hub areas. But, anyways, you get through his section like all the ones before him and the ones after him: make it to the end and avoid any enemies that come in your way, using the orb thingies to temporarily cause the Eyes of DEATH to go away. Get the silver Emerald and meet up with the others!
The 5th section sends you to Tails' portion of Wave Ocean as you glide across the waterways with Rouge in search of the purple Emerald. You can use the same strategy here that you did with Knuckles since you don't need to worry about combat and should climb the pillars, jump off, and glide on through, only really landing to activate the orbs. Compared to Silver's section, this part is actually quite a breeze, so make your way to the gem like the good treasure hunter Rouge is and now there's only 2 more left to get!
Things are getting rather chilly, as now we're in White Acropolis for the 6th portion of the stage with Amy making her way towards the blue Emerald. She's finding herself on the lower route of Rouge's and Tails' segment, and she has to use her hammer and double jumping prowess to get by. 6th verse is somehow same as the 1st, so try to get by all the enemies doing as little combat as necessary and focus on using the orbs and making your way towards the Emerald. However, there's one major problem I have with this section that also happens with Silver, and it's that just like her partner, Amy is SO UNBELIVABLY SLOW. I don't know why this is, but this really bothers me especially when I'm trying to get away from the Death Eyes which still instantly kill you. The good news is that this section is relatively short-lived, so the pain doesn't last for very long. Get that blue diamond and now it's all up to the Ultimate Lifeform!
The 7th and final section of the stage revolves around Shadow as he makes his way through the ruins of Kingdom Valley to find the red Chaos Emerald, the last of them to be found. Much like Flame Core's segment, I have no idea which character's part of the stage you're going through, because I'm mainly trying to make it to the end of the stage. Just like before, make it to the end of the stage doing as little combat as possible and use the orbs to take out the Eyes of Solaris, ride the eagle, and complete the stage as you grab the final Chaos Emerald! And... that's a wrap on the End of the World!
Wow... what a stage. I will say this about it: Even though there were a few problems I had with this stage, which included the slowness of Silver and Amy, sometimes the wonkiness of the camera causing you to get hit by things you can't even see, and getting a Game Over on ANY section - yes, even the last Shadow section, which DID happen to me - causes you to do the ENTIRE thing again starting back at Tails' Crisis City segment. But those issues didn't stop me from enjoying the stage as a whole, as I did enjoy the gimmick of traversing through nearly every stage of the game (except for Aquatic Base and Radical Train) only with Solaris hot on your trail. This is one of those levels that would indeed work had this game been given more time in the oven, because this was quite the fun trek!
With the cast reunited and all 7 Chaos Emeralds gathered, Princess Elise says a prayer, wanting to talk to Sonic and save the world once again. She then kisses Sonic (why?...), and that, with the power of the gems, revives the blue hero and transforms him into Super Sonic. He thanks Elise as he falls to her knees, and then Shadow and Silver join in and transform themselves. With the 3 super-powered hedgehogs transformed, they blast off into the sky, everybody cheering them on from below.
And here it comes... the final battle. The battle is split into 2 phases and every character is used in their own way. You start with Super Silver and use the meteors that Solaris throws at you and damage his left arm. It may not do much damage, but keep it up and it will eventually shatter. From there, switch to Super Shadow and use the Chaos abilities he has and damage the right arm in the same way. Just remember to keep moving! Once that's done, switch to Super Sonic and keep boosting into the core and Phase 1 is complete!
However... it's not over yet. The god comes back up and goes absolutely out of control as an orchestrated version of "His World" plays in the background. You need to constantly switch between all 3 hedgehogs and deal damage to his core, but it's best if you attack it while it's firing a laser at you since it exposes the weak point. Silver may unfortunately not be of much use here, so you'll want to rely on Sonic and Shadow. However, keep it up and he goes down, ENDING SOLARIS ONCE AND FOR ALL!
As the 3 hedgehogs land back in front of the other heroes, time and space is restored and we eventually see the Duke and young Elise come across the true form of Solaris. He explains that once it grows, they can eventually get control of time and that Elise can eventually see her mother again. As they walk away, the current form of the Princess and Sonic walk up to the flame and take it into their hands. She says that if they were to blow it out, the Flames of Disaster incident would have never happened and that everything would continue on, but that she would have never met Sonic. She tears up slightly saying that the truth is that she doesn't care what happens to the world, but Sonic tells her to just smile and that it'll all be okay.
With that, she does so and blows out the flame, sending everything back to the Soleanna Festival that was seen at the start of the game. Sonic can be seen running by at one point, wanting to get a view. As he speeds by, he creates a wind which Elise calls somehow familiar to her. One of the feathers from her hair floats up into the air and passes in front of the moon, which Sonic is viewing from a rooftop, and the screen fades to black, ending Sonic '06.
And that's the game. Hard to believe it all ends with it acting like it never existed in the first place, but it all ends where it all began. I don't have anything else to say other than this game surprised me more than I initially thought it would. I came into this game expecting it to be bad and what I came across was something that had tons of potential that never got to be fleshed out.
So... what do I think about this game as a whole? Honestly... I simply don't know. It might take me a bit to decide what I truly think about it all, since this game did quite a few things good and a few things bad. But all I can say is, I'm glad I can finally put this game behind me and I don't have to play this game again... unless I decide to play Project '06 in the future, that is, and I probably will... once I find a way to.
Now, I think it's time I play a LOT of Sonic Generations. I'll see you all next time with another take on a new Sonic game!!
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2023.03.25 02:16 Last_Gigolo Can anyone tell me anything about these? They were gifted because I like diecast, and I like Knight Rider.

Can anyone tell me anything about these? They were gifted because I like diecast, and I like Knight Rider.
Someone gave these to me. The person they got them from was a diecast collector acted like they were gold. I don't see any value in them. But, they are kind of cool because of Knight Rider.
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2023.03.25 02:15 godzillavkk Do you think a campaign with a plot similar to "Wolf's Rain" or "The Land Before Time", would fit well in Dark Suns?

Both stories have two things in common. A dying and hellish world, with seemingly only one fertile land left. And no one truly knows if it exists or not. Some even dismiss it as a fairy tale or legend. But through a series of events, a group of unlucky schmucks find themselves together and set out to find it... all while being hunted by numerous dangers who want their lives and/or to exploit this so called last fertile region. Both also have really heartbreaking death scenes.
The primary reasons Dark Suns was not given the 5e treatment, was because some criticize Dark Suns for being too bleak. So why should one care? Well, I think this could be the antidote. And the best part is, since all continuity in every Dungeons and Dragons setting is loose enough to be dictated by the players, this will be just as loose as all other written campaigns. So you don't have to take it into canon if you want. But if you want to truly make a difference in the most hellish D&D setting I've ever heard of, this would make an excellent campaign story in my opinion.
What do you think? Stories and rumors across Athas come up of a last fertile region that may or may not exist that also may or may not hold the key to bringing life back to Athas. And a group of random people set out to see if the stories from their childhoods are true or not. At the same time, at least one of the Sorcerer Kings has gotten an interest in this, and sees this as his chance to obtain godhood.
View Poll
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2023.03.25 02:15 Phydok Excellent Vintage Minifig Display

Excellent Vintage Minifig Display
Here is my recently hung up minifig collection. I love it, a lot of time and effort in the making. They are all official minifigs from sets released in the 80s and 90s. My mother kept all of my Legos and manuals. I recently went through all of them and assembled all the minifigs with proper accessories. After that I found Brickset and assembled other official figures with parts I had. I then found Bricklink and ordered the missing pieces and a couple figs from the same 80-90s themes to fill out the rows. The shelf is a challenge coin shelf with 2x black plates across the bottom. The top shelf is slightly taller. The dragon crested knights and King Kahuka only fit on the top row. It's pure nostalgia whenever I walk by it.

Also the Star Wars ones in the middle are from 1999 so it's still all 80s and 90s.

Edit: I'm missing one part. The imperial armada captain should have a chrome breastplate but they are pretty expensive on bricklink.
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2023.03.25 02:15 DryF1re Ironmace served by Nexon MEGATHREAD

"To all our fans, we have recently been served a cease and desist letter and DMCA takedown by Nexon regarding Dark and Darker based on distorted claims. We are currently working with our legal team to remedy this issue in the best manner possible. Due to the sensitive legal nature of this issue we must be careful with our statements so as to not jeopardize our position. We ask for your understanding as we work to get the game back up as quickly as possible. Please know that we will do all that is possible for our fans. Thanks!"
Keep discussions here please. We don't need 50 threads like last time. We will remove other threads to keep things neat and tidy.
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2023.03.25 02:15 thmare Day 40 mental health update

I tapered off slowly over the course of one month. It's been 10 days since I touched the stuff, 40 days since I was in my old habits of 600+ mg per day, which had I kept up for 15 years. I'm writing here to make note of the changes I am going through, in case I ever end up sipping that black poison again.
The first week of tapering was the worst, I may have done it a bit too abruptly. I went down to one cup per day, in the mornings right as I came to work. And through the day I had as many decafs as I could clunk down. Before my daily cup I had this feeling of pressure inside my skull, causing headaches that went all along from front to back. I was dead tired too, and didn't feel motivated to do anything at all. Forget about exercise, reading, anything like that, all I wanted to do was to lay down and sleep. Needless to say I wasn't very productive during that period. But I didn't feel so stressed about my poor work perfomance, as I would have before.
Two weeks of that and I swapped my one cup per day to one decaf per day for another two weeks. After one slow day I was then back to functioning somewhat reasonably, I was expecting to have all those headaches again but it seems someone up there had pity on me. It was at this time that the major changes in mood started to creep up. I was anxious before tapering, and also during it, but the difference in how it felt was huge. Before I would be jumpy and expecting always something to happen, worrying about everything and never managing to calm down. This worrying would persist but it shifted outward instead, and in a broader sense of time scale. I wasn't so worried about what people around me would think of me anymore, more about what I was going to do with myself, like a general sense of discomfort. And about how my week was going to be, rather that what I was doing there and then. It was less in the body, more in the mind. Like I no longer felt restless or had the urge to hide my face, or this tingling sense all along my arms and legs, or the urge to back out of a conversation for fear of being awkward. The depression started to kick in too, coming and going with a period of a few days.
After cutting out the decaf as well I again had one slow day and that was it. No more headaches or crippling tiredness, just plain old dull life. I am still in the habit of drinking hot drinks, and quite a lot of it actually, but it's only good stuff nowadays. I drink barley tea and rooibos tea, and I have discovered that for me it is sometimes enough just to have a cup of warm water. It's crazy how much of it society tempts you with, I had to throw out half of my energy gels/bars that I use for long distance running, I hadn't even checked what they contained when I bought them. I didn't even know about dark chocolate or green tea before coming to this sub, but it would explain why I was hooked on those too.
I've always been more of a slow burn type of person. Everyone is different, some have bursts of energy that fade out quickly, others never really get up to those high excitement levels but can go on for longer. It's a performance versus endurance trade off. In the past weeks I feel like I'm falling into my natural role when it comes to this. I don't have anything to artificially excite me anymore, which I thought I really needed since I wasn't as active as other people. I needed to get high in order to be normal, but with an up comes a down, and the withdrawals I was going through each morning intensified my natural reluctance to exitement even more. In hindsight I can see that I was a wreck. It's better to work with your strengths than against your weaknesses, and being more mellowed out in general has already lead me to having a more fulfilling social life and a greater total work output than before. I don't need to be one of those speedy leopards with great creative bursts scattered through the day or week, when I can be the slow-but-steady mule taking things slowly but getting there nontheless.
My main reason for deciding to quit was the anxiety. I suffer from depersonalization/derealization, the sensation of feeling that you or your life in general is not real, and chronically not being able to be present in the moment. It's caused by anxiety, in a way that the mind is overloaded and can't deal with reality, so it pretends that it is not there. The way people get stuck like this is that you get anxoius about having such feelings of unreality, which intensifies those feelings because of the increased anxienty, which then intensifies anxiety even more, and so on. It's been nine and a half years now. I started recovering slowly about three years ago but the feelings are definitely still there most of the time. To get fully out of it I beleive that I need to get fully out of anxiety.
I would say that I am just as anxious now as I was before, if not a little bit more. But I am aware that it is a slow process, and I am willing to wait it out. It's a different form of it as I mentioned before, and this I think is where the key lies. I am not panicking in the same way, it's deeper than that. Like I know I can't run from it, I can't go up and do something about it by flailing around or going through things endlessly in my head. I just have to sit and suffer, and not make choices in life that I know will make me feel worse. I don't have the urge anymore to stuff myself with food in order for the anxiety to go away. So I don't have the same kind of insatiable apetite, since the type of restless anxiety that gave it to me has greatly subsided. My digestive system has slowed down too, I think it used to get quite boosted before from all those cups. So I don't have the same kind of hunger, because I just feel full for longer periods while eating less. In combination these two things have lead me to losing some weight, I don't know how much because I don't use a scale, but I can feel the difference, and my girlfriend has noticed it in my appearence too.
The depression is making it hard though. I didn't use to be so depressed right before quitting. Many years ago I went through a very tough time, that itself lasted for five or so years, so I know what it is to suffer from it. I didn't expect it to hit me like this but sometimes it gets quite intense when it comes. I get depressed for a few days, and then feel fine for a few days, but each time it comes it's worse than before. It's something that I know I can get through, if it doesn't last more than a few months to less than a year, but it will suck.
Everybody has their own personal reasons, but I am starting to see clearly why I got so hooked. For me it's all about escapism. This depression I am feeling now and this other kind of anxiety are not things that have sprung out of the air all of a sudden. They are things that my mind wanted me to feel but that I couldn't deal with, so I numbed myself in order for the intensity to not be overwhelming. I know it because it was the same with cannabis for me, which I abused for a couple of years, and then alcohol, which I abused for another few. This numbing myself is what causes the real anxiey to never go away. If I never deal with it it will stay there. I absolutely needed to numb myself back when I was depressed, or I wouldn't have been able to go through that period. But I feel like I am more resiliant now and that I can deal with it.
So that's where I'm at now. Some ways in a better state than before but mostly feeling momentarily worse. However in the long term it feels like the changes I am going through will lead to an improvement overall, and I can tell that this current slump is a temporary thing that I just have to get though.
Thanks for reading. Much love to you all.
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2023.03.25 02:15 ProfessionalDense768 [TW: pregnancy & loss] Emily Oster (author of Expecting Better, Cribsheet, The Family Firm) let right wing dark money fund her “research” for c*vid, repeatedly has s**t & on evidence based stillbirth preventions tools bc she thinks the risk is "rare” & she isn’t a scientist. PhD is in economics.

[TW: pregnancy & loss] Emily Oster (author of Expecting Better, Cribsheet, The Family Firm) let right wing dark money fund her “research” for c*vid, repeatedly has s**t & on evidence based stillbirth preventions tools bc she thinks the risk is submitted by ProfessionalDense768 to griftersgonnagrift [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 02:15 QwerteePoster [25/03/2023] Shirt Discussion - Dark Lord in the snow planet sumi-e

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2023.03.25 02:14 Scooby_Myers 28m heyy! It's a good as any night to strike up a [friendship]✌️

Hey there, A few things about me :
Musically influenced. Staying kinda active, camping. I like to read & write when I'm not being a nerd or something Big on horror stories & and movies, but not all that im into . Music-related wide range there too, but metal /rock/rap/ alternative and yes( the softer stuff too) Not all metal heads are desensitized!
I'd say supernaturall/ crime fiction/ mystery as well as horror books I mentioned a second ago.
Love to cook and try new things/ recipes even though they don't always turn out good 😋 I can kinda bake . *interests /goals/ motivation
*playing guitar, learning drums, and well as sampling / producing music * skateboarding-snowboarding * owning a house on land More tattoos ( I have a little guy on my shoulder?) Hint it's a fish! *go to more concerts! Get a motorcycle ( my dad was a biker ) I finally quit vaping & the devils lettuce. I'm have a few mixed drinks every blue moon buy its been about 4 months since I last drank. I'm still drumming up more (:
I'm looking for a friendly yet rambunctious spirit to vibe with (: age range id say," mid 20's and lower 30's preferred. Ill reply to all but I'd prefer to have a girl bestie im gonna be frank with that.
I'm finally at a better place in my life ( but only platonic)
Although not looking for anything too specific but im pretty much open if we end up clicking & chatting on a regular basis. I have a few platforms to chat on if we click too also
Please feel free to reach out , im looking to hear from you & hopefully you have a good day
Of Silver & Silence (:
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2023.03.25 02:13 aballofsunshine Glow in the dark sign ready in Nash, second row 🤞🏽

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2023.03.25 02:13 wawa_wa Re-listening to and ranking AFI's discography after not hearing it in almost 10 years.

Hey Hey Hey, been on a kick recently of listening to bands I liked as a kid. I'm not super into this style of music anymore save a few bands and albums, but I have really enjoyed my time listening to AFI again. Here's a ranking from best to worst with some thoughts:
01 Black Sails in the Sunset
Man this one is just so good, as good as I remember it being. Every song is so tightly written, the energy so amped.
02 Sing the Sorrow
Much closer in sound to Black Sails than people give it credit for with more ambition and radio-ready hooks without polishing out what made their past two releases so good. Its melodramatic don't get me wrong, but its melodramatic in a really earnest way that never gets old. Few albums do this sound this well.
03 The Missing Man EP
I almost missed this completely when listening to their albums, man is it good. It's suprisingly cohesive and well written. Trash Bat has flashes of the Crash Love B-Sides sound. I'd hoped that this marked a new direction going forward, because man I think the band needs it.
04 Art of Drowning
My favourite of theirs as a kid. It's great, we all know it's great. Holds up well with signs of what the band will do next, but at times can feel like Black Sails 2.
05 Crash Love
I was surprised I liked this so much, because I distinctly remember everyone hating it when I was younger. It's the first real departure from the hardcore-tinged rock the band was going for since STS, but I straight up think the melodic writing on a lot of this album is really strong. Lyrically however, I think this is the first time the lyrics swerve too fully into pure radio-corniness. There's also a better version of this album they could've made had they put the B-Sides on instead of songs like Sacrilege.
06 Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes / All Hallows EP
Its good. I have very little to say about it however, it's just a solid 90s punk album with a dash of horror punk peeking through. I'm lumping All Hallows EP in here because they rank about the same, its just horror-punk man its decent. Totalimmortal bangs though.
07 AFI (The Blood Album)
Sort of a mild return to form the band, I wouldn't say it's amazing but there's a lot of strong material here that maybe didn't get the best production. There's a lot of middling tracks too (Get Hurt, Dark Snow, So Beneath You). With a different producer and arranger on board, this could've been great. I still enjoy it, but it lacks focus. Still a Stranger is one of their best songs in forever. Kinda got a The Damned thing going on too (all once punk bands eventually ending up sounding like The Damned I fucking swear lmao). I can hear the band poking around their influences to try and find where to go next.
08 Answer That / Very Proud of Ya
Look I like this era of punk, but man there is not a whole lot going on with them here. There's songs I like, and I have no issue hearing either record but there were bands doing this exact sound with more personality at the time. They're fine they're whatever.
08 Decemberundeground
I am sorry, but my thoughts are not very kind from this point on. Even as a kid, I bounced off this album HARD. And that's still true. I enjoy maybe a few songs, namely 'Love Like Winter', 'The Killing Lights', 'Endlessly She Said'. I just cannot stand the production, the writing, the tone, none of it works for me. It is pure unadulterated mall-emo edge. Forgive me, I know people like this album a lot and I'm glad but it's not for me at all.
09 Burials
Yeah look placing this was hard, I on paper prefer this sound more to DU, like much more but it's just diet-Sisters of Mercy. I like 17 Crimes though. The whole album washes over me and it's so boring.
10 Bodies
They never got that producearranger haha. After Bodies and ESPECIALLY The Missing Man EP I was hoping for much more, but this thing is a mess. Every song sounds like the band sat in a room and was like "hey. let's do a Depeche Mode track, let's do a Damned song, let's do a New Order song". They do nothing with any of those sounds and that's saying a lot because I don't even really like The Damned. The song-writing is not here brother, neither are the lyrics or the production. It's so dull, good god is it dull.
This has been fun, please don't take this ranking super seriously, if you love Burials that's totally cool and valid.
I'm going to go listen to the new JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown -adios.
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2023.03.25 02:12 Theveganqueen1997 25 [F4R] Georgia USA: Seeking a long lasting relationship (serious inquiries only)

Trying this again as I’ve had no luck before
Greetings, My name is Angie and I'm from Georgia in the United States. I've been lonely for quite some time and find it hard to find a soulmate in IRL. What I'm looking for is someone who I can connect with and have wholesome conversations with. I want to be able to love my future soulmate just as much as they do me. The biggest part of a long lasting relationship is the ability to communicate openly without worry. I'd love if my significant other has a dark sense of humor and continues to crack me up non-stop. As cheesy as it may sound I long for those late night calls and cute texts. I want for us to drive out the very best in each other; become our support system. A little bit about me is that I grew up in Florida and not too long ago moved to Georgia. I'm currently in college to become an RN but I'm also passionate about cosmetic chemistry and nutrition. I'm passionate about science and theoretical applications especially within the medical field. I'd appreciate if my partner is open minded about varying topics and welcomes healthy conversations. Appearance wise I'm not too picky as long as the individual is well groomed and practices basic hygiene. To add on I enjoy playing video games, exercising (I've been slacking off lately), cooking and baking (vegan), playing board games, reading, exploring nature, playing sports (basketball and soccer) for fun, and trying new experiences. I hope to travel someday. I would prefer if you were closer to Georgia or are in Georgia.
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2023.03.25 02:11 WesternTrail Numbers Stations in Chinese Media

Saw a couple recent posts on Chinese numbers stations and was reminded of a couple pieces of media from that country that mention them. Figured y’all might be interested.
First, a propaganda comic from the 1970s:
And there’s a Chinese book called “In the Dark” by Mai Jia (a veteran who studied wireless radio in the military, real name Jiang Benhu) in which one story focuses on intelligence officers monitoring foreign numbers station broadcasts.
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2023.03.25 02:11 Detective_NYC Had a brutal experience and was told it was good

My last of 3 ceremonies at a retreat in Peru had me moaning in pain for 3 hours. I don't remember much, just took the medicine and went straight to another realm where I felt like I was at death's door. I was sweating profusely but couldn't purge otherwise. I ripped off my clothes and kept trying to dry my skin with anything near me. My left arm and leg went numb I felt paralysis and it was really scary. I kept begging to let me live and I will be a wonderful human being, I promise. A few times I was asked if I was ok by the people running it and said yes even though I wasn't. I thought I was a half hour into the ceremony when they said the ceremony is ending soon I had been moaning in pain out loud for 3 hours.
The curandera said this was good for me I needed to purge pain. I vomited at the end when I came to. Only a few minutes when hearing a female ethereal voice sing did I feel anything like I was in heaven. I never want to go back to this dark place and felt it would be my last ceremony. Some say this is normal, some say no. I have had other ceremonies, none so dark and intense. Weeks later I do feel better but I don't know about life changing breakthroughs now having done 4 ceremonies. I definitely can't go back to that place and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
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2023.03.25 02:11 Lordnever21 How to make Stormkeeps work

I’m planning out what to purchase for my SCE collection and I want to run my army as Stormkeep SCE and was wondering what would be a good direction to take my Hallowed Knights towards.
I own the Dominion box set as well as Gardus, and was mostly thinking that I want my army to be tanky and have some teeth to it to take to a LGS tournament every once in awhile. With that in mind, which units should I consider adding?
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2023.03.25 02:11 -_-River2380-_- Warrior memecats: Prologue

Palestar (Leader Bingus) - a male, pink-colored sphynx cat, with purple eyes.
Featherear (Deputy Floppa) - a male, caracal cat, with amber eyes.
Nightpelt (Medic Sylvester) - a male, black colored cat, with yellow eyes.
Leomask (Cingus) - a male, white and bengal van cat, with amber eyes.
Bloodclaw - (wrath kitten) a female, grey cat, with red eyes.
Greyfur (Justin) - a non-binary, grey maine-coon, with amber eyes.
The exiles:
Tabbymask (Wawa) - a male, white and standard issue tabby van cat, with amber eyes.
Hollowpelt (Maxwell) - a male, white and black tuxedo cat, with amber eyes.
Jinx (Jinx) - a female, black cat, with big round yellow eyes and paw deformities.
Gwagwa (Leader gwagwa) - a male, rotund orange tabby cat, with icy blue eyes.
- Prologue -
Palestar hissed at Hollowpelt and pawed their face aggressively, Hollowpelt retaliated by raking his claws at Palestar's face, giving Palestar a scar across their eye, refusing to yowl in anger, Palestar started raking at Hollowpelt across their white torso and bit Hollowpelt's neck, so hardly that Hollowpelt dropped dead, Palestar yowled in victory and ran to their clan's clearing to boast about their victorious kill,
"Everyone! Hollowpelt is dead, i killed them!" Palestar yowled pridefully, licking the blood off of their paw and eye,
"Shut up and go to the dark forest, raw slave-made chicken!" Nightpelt meowed rudely, Nightpelt gestured to Palestar that Nightpelt was going to kill them and take every one of their remaining 4 lives, slowly,
Palestar then padded to their den to sleep,
Palestar woke, yowl's piercing their ears as they awoke, the exiles had attacked the camp, Palestar's peach-fur arose as Palestar galloped to their blood-stained clearing, Bloodclaw and Palestar teaming to beat down Gwagwa, Gwagwa pinned down by palestar,
"I used to be your friend, Gwagwa, now you are the person i resent the most!" Palestar yowled in absolute wrath as they were blinded by Gwagwa pawing at their eyes, Gwagwa taking the pin, brutally trying to rip Palestar's ear off.
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2023.03.25 02:10 da-white-debil Satella and iGameGod issue

specs: 11 pro max, iOS 14.7.1, using unc0ver 8.0.2
Recently I restored my RootFS and completely restored my phone. Before restore Satella 1.7 (Paisseon repo) and iGameGod 0.3.0 (CyPwn version) worked fine. I have added and installed iGameGod 0.3.5 (from iOSGods official version). I don't like official version loading ads. I tried removing the official vers. and installing CyPwn vers., but now CyPwn version does not show up in game and Satella does not work on any apps it previously did.
I am aware Satella and LocalIAPStore do not work with all app's, however they do not work on any app's, even ones that previously worked. None of the app's need or have been updated.
Total shot in the dark if anyone knows a solution. I have already repeated Root File System restore and encounter same issue.
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