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OMORI is a surreal psychological horror RPG Maker game. Explore a strange world full of colorful friends and foes. Navigate through the vibrant and the mundane in order to uncover a forgotten past. When the time comes, the path you’ve chosen will determine your fate... and perhaps the fate of others as well.

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2023.03.20 05:18 astupididiotonreddit I did this just to see if it worked and it did--

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2023.02.26 19:15 feurigeist (OC) old animated gifs of me and my cat in Omori style

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2023.02.22 22:15 Mr-Sir0 Omori Stickers

On my giphy channel, I posted a collection of each Omori Sticker.
If you want to use these stickers, then you should click on the sticker you want to use, and follow this format:
![gif](giphyend of link here)
If you did it correctly, then you should get the correct sticker!
These stickers only work in the Reddit app, as on the website, you will instead get a link to the sticker.
If you want the rest of the GIFs on my giphy, click here!
Also, if you want to constantly use a specific GIF or Sticker, then it would be a good idea to set up something in text replacement so you won’t need to copy-paste the gif every single time.
Credit to u/real_jeffyjeff who had a post that helped me get access to all of the stickers.
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2023.02.07 12:33 BreezyCat128 My random Smash Bros. moveset ideas for Kel, Hero, and Auby

So let’s cut to the chase here. I love both Omori and Super Smash Bros., so I made individual movesets for Kel, Hero, and Aubrey because why not! :)
So before we start, let’s go over the gimmick they’d have- emotions! They all have their “signature” emotion (Happy for Kel, Sad for Hero, and Angry for Aubrey). As the battle goes on, their emotion level increases, signified by a meter over their UI (a yellow sun for Kel, a blue rain cloud for Hero, and a red flame for Aubrey). The higher their emotion level, the more significant their stat changes are. You’d also see changes in their animations and facial expressions as well as a glowing aura around them to convey their emotions in-game.
-Kel’s emotion is Happy, so his speed increases while his attack decreases.
-Hero’s emotion is Sad, so his defense increases while his speed decreases.
-Aubrey’s emotion is Angry, so her attack increases while her defense decreases.
(I know this isn’t perfect, but it’s the best I could do without making things too complicated.)
Now, onto the main event: the movesets!
So there’s not a whole lot to say about their basic attacks. They’d just be that- basic attacks with their weapons (Kel’s beach ball, Hero’s frying pan, and Aubrey’s mailbox). Kel’s I guess would be the most unique since he’d have to kick or throw his ball into a specific direction, so his basic attacks have the longest range.
The grabs and throws are similar. Not much to say about them.
Now for the fun part- the specials! ​
So, these are the specials I came up with for each of them. I tried my best to base them on their skills from the game, but I had to improvise a little bit- especially for Hero for obvious reasons.
•Neutral Special: Flex- Kel increases his attack for a little bit.
•Side Special: Run N’ Gun- Kel dashes forward for a fast attack. If you know how this skill works (damages based on speed instead of attack), you’ll know that the happier Kel is, the faster he is. It has high launch power at higher speeds. Sooo… yeah, I included the Kel nuke in this moveset. XD
•Up Special: Ball Spike- Kel rises up a bit and spikes his ball at a slight downward angle. Works like Wii Fit Trainer’s Side B, except Kel goes a little higher and his ball comes back to him.
•Down Special: Comeback- Kel takes a confident stance for a couple seconds. If he’s hit during this stance, he nullifies the hit and increases his happiness level and attack. It works kinda like Incineroar’s Revenge.
•Final Smash: Ricochet- Kel kicks his ball, and it goes flying all over the screen. It also bounces off walls, platforms, etc.
•Neutral Special: Pancake- Hero flips out a pancake from his frying pan as a projectile. Kinda like Mr. Game & Watch, but as a single projectile, and it can’t be spammed.
•Side Special: Pan Toss- Hero tosses his pan forward as a projectile.
•Up Special: Pan Upper- Hero swings his pan upward for a little bit of height.
•Down Special: Cook- Hero heals himself for a little bit of damage with some food.
•Final Smash: Flambé- Hero basically does that one attack from the Omega Flowey fight in Undertale where the giant frying pans flip out a bunch of flames.
•Neutral Special: Wind Up Throw- Aubrey winds up and tosses the mailbox she’s wielding. It then circles back to her.
•Side Special: Headbutt- Aubrey charges forward with a headbutt attack. This also damages her a little if it hits, just like in the game.
•Up Special: Twirl- Aubrey twirls around and rises upward.
•Down Special: Power Hit- Aubrey charges up a giant swing with her mailbox. It’s STRONG when fully charged, but it also leaves her very open.
•Final Smash: Beatdown- Aubrey jumps forward and swings her mailbox down. If it hits a foe, she repeatedly slams them over and over before smacking them away with a final hit.
What do you think? I’m pretty happy with these movesets and how they came out! :)
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2023.02.06 15:41 BreezyCat128 Do you ever give nicknames to the characters’ sprites?

For example, I call this sprite of Kel the “Sunshine Smile” because it’s super bright and joyful like the sun (and the yellow Happy aura around him kinda looks like sunlight)! :D
I just wanna make sure I’m not weird for this- ;w;
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2023.02.02 05:53 AliceTheAlien327 OMORI Tenor Gifs saved my life today. Sorry for the terrible audio quality- (first time making an OMORI meme in video format!)

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