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I don't know why you're here... This sub is just a place for me to post stuff that I want to have a link to. You can go now.

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dont swaer my momm checks my phone

2023.03.25 12:54 frankylampy No words.

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2023.03.25 12:54 anabananen Been experiencing PMS the past week. Also took a PT today, came back positive.

To start, my period has been irregular since I had my first ever period. My next period usually comes 30+ days.
So now, the first day of my last period was on Feb 16. My bf and I had unprotected sex at the first week of March. I've also been experiencing PMS last week and this week (abd still experiencing them as of today): tender breasts, sensitive nipples, cravings and white discharges. I'm expecting my period to come this week. However, I'm just having that gut feeling, so I took a pregnancy test earlier. First 3 came back positive with 2 lines. I panicked, so I bought 2 more but a different brand. I took it and still 2 lines appeared however the other line is quite faded and colorless.
Anyone here who experienced this? Hoping this is just a false positive test since I still don't want to be pregnant. I'm now contacting my OB to have an appointment.
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2023.03.25 12:53 chadezmoon My parents keep lecturing me

I have a few ways of escaping reality. One of them is video games and gym. My exams went pretty ok. I had to deal with a lot of shit during this my exam times and ofc my parents were involved. I don't have a good laptop so i play valorant or Minecraft in my free time. I don't have friends irl and only online. My parents said i can play video games all the time i want after exams. My exams are over and they keep saying u should study for the upcoming exams. They planned trips without confirming my plans. And when i said i had plans they started yelling at me and i had to listen. Then i said sorry my bad next time family will be my priority and went to my room to play video games to calm myself down. There comes my dad. Starts yelling at me for playing video games. Starts degrading me for playing video games. Calls me a pathetic loser. Says that my classmates parents'are rich and they don't need to worry about future but i do but in reality everyone has to worry about future. Takes my headphones off my ears and starts listening to what I'm listening which is basically game ambience. Calls me a pathetic loser again and repeats the lecture. Mom comes. She does the same. Both keep yelling at me. Starts emotional blackmailing me. I had to quit from he competitive game so I'm gonna prolly get a ban or a timer. They check my laptop and found nothing. They keep calling me an addict. Im not an addict. I play video games in my free time. I get like 1 or 2 hours of free time a day and in a week i play 3 to 4 times. Im about to head to the gym. My dad's listening to some news on loud volume. As if he isn't addicted to news. All the time he watches news. Even while eating. I just want him to tell me that im proud. But all i get is a lecture. This is one of the reasons why i stopped trying in exams. I don't feel motivated by my family. They keep pushing me down. Yea I'm Indian. They planned a trip somewhere but my parents had to ruin the mood for me. My dad keeps lecturing me cuz according to him im the only one in the family who listens. Ik he's concerned about my future but i really got this and everything is under control but no he wants to berate me degrade me thinking that it would work as a motivation but no it doesn't. My parents are just bullies.
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2023.03.25 12:53 Mick_Kay_ Woman who Rallied The Entire Twitter in Hopes of Finding Her Crush ❤️, Finally Recieves a Response from The Man.

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2023.03.25 12:53 Deeyosmith FLR (M) Correspondence

Hey everyone,
Do you think a DBS certificate is strong enough evidence for correspondence? I have applied for FLR (M) and I’m having a last minute look at the documents I have before I upload them.
My partner and I coincidentally have DBS certificates for March 2021 that was posted to our address but we’re trying to decide if it’s better to use it or our mobile phone bills for that month. Which evidence do you think is stronger?
Thanks 🙏🏽
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2023.03.25 12:53 Diguder sms authentication

I tried to login and i cant get in because i had my sms authentication on, i have waited for a while but it never send my phone any sms. i tried to submit a ticket but i have to relogin on the website with an account which i cant login into. any suggestions?
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2023.03.25 12:53 8kai0man8 How do I help my cat with back pain?

My cat had an injury while I was out on vacation and my mom was supposed to be watching him. He is 2 years old now and this was a little over 6 months ago. When we took him to the vet, he got an x-ray that showed compressed vertebrae towards the middle of his back. This left him limping and much less active than he used to be.
Some days his pain seems to be better and he can walk normally. Others, however he walks with a noticeable limp and arch in his back. This pain seems to get worse if he lays down for too long without moving, but at the same time seems to get worse if he moves around too much.
He can't really jump anymore, often climbing up onto the bed or couch with Brute force upper body strength. I do my best to help him up whenever I can and try to make stairs for him in places but he rarely uses them.
Tonight was the first night he refused to climb into bed with me; he almost always sleeps in my arms. He mowed at me to come get him, so I did. He's sleeping against my side right now, purring himself to sleep, but I can't help but feels sad that I don't know how to help him feel better.
Could anyone please point me in the direction of treatments that I could do to help alleviate his pain? He's such a young, sweet, little guy, I can't stand the thought of him being in pain for his whole life.
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2023.03.25 12:53 greasypan69 High ping and slow download speed on my phone(Samsung M11)

I pay for 100 mbps internet and I achieve those speeds in other phones and in my PC, but on my phone i get 120 - 180 ms ping and 3 - 40 at best mbps on Ookla. I tried factory resetting my phone and nothing changed.
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2023.03.25 12:53 symph0n1c_1776 Have you ever been on man hating tiktok?

I was actually relieved to see lots of videos about the ban. It allowed me to basically steam clean my fyp (that refresh but don't do Jack lol)
I was on leftist tiktok, and I tried my best to stay there by dismissing manosphere content. The non interested button is my friend.
I remember at one point, I opened tiktok and saw the stats for male virginity and suicide. When the lady spoke, she read a comment talking about how men will suffer. She had this glow, this look of glee in her face, when she stared at the camera and said, "GOOD!"
I've also seen women led street interviews where all the two women do is shit on men and talk about how dumb/mean/crazy/jealous etc they are.
I've also seen accounts where they exclusively respond to insecure men (some of them are fire, like the one girl who roasts cod players) and blame them for a wide array of societal problems.
Its honestly very disheartening... I want to be one of the good ones even if I feel like I never am.
Is this just ok...? Am I being dramatic?
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2023.03.25 12:53 joza28 How can I remove global shipping program options from a single listing?

I normally have the global shipping program enabled so when people buy my items I ship to the facility and then they ship to the buyer. However, I want to remove it for a listing I have on a phone, I can’t figure out how to do it . Does anybody know how to do so and can walk me through it? Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.25 12:53 blackrosiecle Help! I can't decide between scrubs for my next order, which is best atm?

Hi! So I like the sound of both the new celebrate scrub and sticky dates co-mingle. They both seem very pricy, are they particularly worth it? Anyone tried both have preferences? If so what's swayed you?
Unfortunately can't make it to store soon to try things in person. I had planned on getting the rub rub rub scrub as I love it this time of year. I'm trying to stay in budget and want to try some of the Mario colab bits... I'm wondering if I should just get the new scrubs and leave my favourite rub rub out of my purchases this time round 🤔 but don't want to be disappointed!
Any advice/ suggestions appreciated, thanks 😊
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2023.03.25 12:53 mrdugong_666 Wanting to move on from high school friends.

Hello all, I am 23 (male) about to turn 24 and have been out of high school for six years now. A lot of the people I used to talk to have fallen off but there is still a small handful of guys I speak to (about threeish). But the more time goes on, the further we grow apart, people are just busy with there individual lives. I also don't know if these people are for me anymore as I have grown fond of other interests and things. But I have no other friends, if I stop talking to them I am completely alone besides my family. I also am a very neurotic person and think that some of the guys/ people they are personally associated with don't even like me that much anyway. Which makes me want to run away to a new country and start a fresh where I can fully be the person I am today with no connections to my high school self who was a highly flawed, insecure, "cringe" and weird individual. I feel this need to prove I am not who I was in high school and I want to disconnect from everything high school related, so I am considering dropping my high school friends, is this a dumb move, am I just overreacting? Idk just some random thoughts from me but please share your experiences/thoughts even if they differ, thanks guys.
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2023.03.25 12:52 No-Initiative6030 10-99 HELP ME

Hello my employer has not sent me a 10-99 form he was paying me with monthly checks and
I don't own a corp or anything like that and never mentioned anything about 10-99 until late in the year what should I do I've asked him to send me the form and left me on read via text. I called also and he said I'm working on it that was in Jan 25 this year.
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2023.03.25 12:52 Mean-Doughnut9577 AITA for saving a childs life?

Pls bare in mind English isn't my first language , and i don't live in the US. Also to protect my identity, i will be giving false names i don't want my family and neighbourhood seeing this!
Hi guys! So i (56M) (6'7, millionare, grown up, owns 7 businesses) I'll call myself Brad pitt. , was in my 7 bedroom mansion (Located in 710 E Commercial St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States) with my GF, (20F) (5'5, Perky A cups, Big round booty) we'll call her Ericka Ratjoskia. we were celebrating our 8th year anniversary, and while we were having sexual contact involving the insertion of my erect 9inch cock. I randomly hear a scream. At first i thought it was our dog Baxter (4M) who occasionally likes to lick our feet while we're doing the dirty. But it wasn't. It was a dirty little snotty cumpet disgusting child who we'll Jackson Micheal (6M), now at first i tried to ignore his cries for help, as i believe all children are disgusting and should die. But the loud noise was really putting me off giving my GF, Ella Rawking a good plowing. So i get up and see what's happening, now his mother (76F) (Obese, bad skin, smells bad, single, pregnant, has a disability, and is transgender) who we will call Diana Ross, was saying that her cumpet was choking on a grape (serves him right, abusing his child privileges and thinking he has a right to eat.) I sighed, and decided to use my Military avengers Marines FBI MI6 Justice league background to use and perform cpr on him, so i can get back to plowing my GF Elisa Redworka. Suddenly, as i'm saving the little bastards life, i noticed a chain with a mini jesus fell out of his pocket. I, as a strong believing atheist and occasional redditor, have 0 respect for losers who believe in skydaddy. I believe christianity is an oppressive cult that has 0 respect for womens, religion is a scaretact used to kill and strip people out of their basic rights and freedom. So while i'm debating what to do next, my GF Emily Ratajkowski tells me to hurry up. I yell at her to "shut up silly bitch", Now i'd call myself a rather accepting person. I do not discriminate. I accept all nationalities. (Unless your a Jew, Russian, Korean,Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Polish, Nigerian, Mexican, Lebanese, Muslim, Canadian, Catholic, Irish, Vietnamese, Jamaican, German Mongolian,Cat,rabbit)
So long story, i end up choking the kid to death as i simply do not want skydaddy worshippers on this block.
Now his mother, my family, his family, my dead relatives, his dead soul, my neighbours, my neighbours cat, are all blowing up my phone.
INFO: we're all on the Keto diet if that matters.
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2023.03.25 12:52 mirkoohh I do not see any plays

Hey, I released my first song a few days ago and my friends & family listened to the music and followed me. But in the artist dahsboard's stats no plays are shows. It is always 0. I even listen from my mobile phone IP to see if it counts but i does not. What is this? oO
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2023.03.25 12:52 Mick_Kay_ Woman who Searched The Entire Internet in Hopes of Finding Her Crush ❤️, Finally Recieves a Response from The Man.

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2023.03.25 12:52 Acceptable_Egg5560 The Nature of a Giant [29]

Praises again to u/TheManwithaNoPlan for helping edit!
Memory transcript: Tarlim, Venlil civilian. Date: [Standardized human time] September 2nd, 2136
I awoke in darkness. Strange. Why haven’t my blinds opened yet? I shook my head and gave a yawn as my mind caught up with itself. I could barely see my finger in front of my eyes. I reach my foot out to turn off the fan proactively, but my paw only manages to swat the air. What? Wait… My mind, jarred by the odd circumstances, finally relayed my current whereabouts to me. I’m not in my room or on a train. I’m in Jacob’s room! Those blackout curtains work great! Though, they don’t have the option to automatically open.
“Hmgh,” I hear a mumble down by my tail, “muh huh?” A feminine mumble!
My memory rushes back in full. I helped Sharnet calm down yesterday. Jacob and I talked for about a quarter of a claw, or an “hour” in his time. By the end, I had found myself yawning. The train had basically come in during the end of Sharnet and I’s wake cycle, and our bodies were telling us it was time to sleep. I had wanted to stay awake and talk, but he noticed and basically demanded I get some sleep. “We will have plenty of time to visit on the ride over and at Dawn Creek,” he had justified. Then he offered both me and Sharnet his bed.
I tried to object, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Said there were plenty of places he could “crash for the night” as he closed the curtains. Kept saying it was the least he could do. I wish I would have argued more, but as soon as he showed me the light switch, the darkness of the room made me dead on my feet. Those instincts hit HARD. He then just wished me a good night and stepped out of the room.
I had to hurry to remove my braces before I completely passed out. If I remember correctly… I don’t. Oh well. “Sharnet?”
I felt her jolt against my legs. She had basically claimed my tail as a pillow when we crawled into the bed last night. I bet she’s momentarily forgotten our position as well. “Wha! Who, where…?” I heard the flap of her ears as she shook her head. “Right. Hey Tarlim.”
“Hey,” I responded. “Could you get the lights or curtains? I can’t find my braces.”
A grunt of agreement sounded, I felt weight disappear from my tail, and then I heard the sound of claws on wooden flooring. With a rustle, the curtains opened and light flooded into the room. I had to squint to let my eyes adjust, but soon I was finally able to see where I left my braces.
There they were, lain haphazardly in the middle of the room. Must have accidentally tossed them farther than I meant. Just… barely out of reach. Sharnet saw me reaching and stepped towards them? What is- she picked them up and handed them to me! I… I hadn’t even thought to ask!
“Th-thank you,” I stammered before moving to place them on my legs. Sharnet watched silently as they self-tightened against my legs. Once they were done, I stood up from the bed, not a bit of pain in my joints.
“So…” Sharnet said with a yawn, “what now?”
“Now,” I responded, striding to the corner that we had left our packs, “is first-claw grooming.” Opening my pack, I pulled out my trusty brush.
“Oh!” Sharnet exclaimed, before she began to fidget. “I, um… I don’t have one. I just used the brushes they provided on the train.”
“That’s-nngh-okay,” I responded, removing a particularly stubborn tangle in my head fur, “I can help you groom.”
“Really?” She raised her ears in surprise. “You… you would groom me?”
“Of course!” I responded, removing some lint from my chest. “Miss Paly taught me how to do a ‘Quick and Proper’ grooming, as she calls it. Get out the lint and tangles, three times over before moving, long smooth movements, and there we go!” I posed myself to show I had made my torso fur properly flow.
“Wow.” Sharnet looked at me impressed. “Are you… and are you okay with grooming me?”
“Why, yes!” I swung my tail over to more easily brush its tip poff. “It would be rude not to. Isn’t that like what your parents taught you?”
Sharnet said nothing for a while as I continued to brush my tail. “They taught me, but I never really had anyone to go through with it,” she finally said. “I had always been moving after I moved out. Always after information for an article. I… I only ever used salons or combed myself.”
“Well then, I suppose this will be new for the both of us.” I waved my tail, feeling the swish of my smooth fur. “Even when Madam Pala was teaching me, she still cared for her own fur.” I sat down so I was more on her level. “So please forgive me if I’m a bit awkward. I will try my best.”
I held out my brush as Sharnet stared at me. She gripped the fur against her legs. Anxious. Did I misread the situation? Am I overstepping? Sharnet soon shook her head with a huff and stepped forward, turning her back to face me. “Could you… start with the back?”
I felt my tail wag. “Certainly.”
I set the brush against her neck and drug it down til I reached her tail. I could see her muscles tense beneath her fur, but by my second pass she had begun to relax. By the time I had reached her snow-touched shoulders, I heard a purr. She even started turning so I could brush the rest of her. This… this was good. Like I was part of a herd. A small herd, but a herd nonetheless.
As I was getting the final tangle out of her tail, I heard the sound of someone tapping against wood. I flicked my ears to listen. What was that? The tapping came again, but this time I noticed it came from the door. Curiosity got to me, and since I was done with her back, I handed Sharnet my brush. “I think I’m done, but you can detail to your preference.”
“Oh!” She took my brush in her hand, seemingly disappointed that our grooming session was done. She gave a light bow. “Thank you for that.”
I signaled her “your welcome” with my tail and strode over to the door. The tapping began a third time as I reached down and swung it open. A blue spaceman stood with his arm stretched out, explaining the source of the sound.
“Ah, Howdy!” Jacob’s speaker sounded, “ Ah know y’all don’t need as much sleep as us, so ah hope ah didn’t keep y’all waiting!”
I flicked my ears in greeting. “no, actually, we only recently woke up. How long were we asleep?”
“Way-all,” he drawled, placing his glove against the chin of his helmet, “ah only just got myself so… about seven hours… a claw and three quarters?”
My ears flew up in surprise, and I heard Sharnet give a stutter of confusion. We slept that much?
“I guess y’all slept in,” Jacob commented, “well ah was just wanting to let y’all know that breakfas-ah, “first-meal” is being served in the cafeteria! Most people have already headed down. Some human recipes, but everything is Venlil-safe! And ah do mean everything! Y’all want to come?”
I wagged my tail delightedly. “Absolutely! One sec first.” I left the door open as I strode over to my pack and pulled out my pill bottles. Heart strengthener, hormone blocker, painkillers! Just toss in the mouth and swallow.
“Tarlim,” Sharnet whispered to me, “are you sure about that? I mean, I’m able to handle just being around a human, but…” She looked back towards the door and pulled my head down to her level, which I allowed. She spoke in barely a whisper. “This would be them eating! What if they can’t resist…you know?”
I thought about her words. This would be a dangerous situation according to what most believe. But those “most” were following the words of people that allowed the correctional facility to exist. They were wrong about me, so I had complete confidence they were wrong about the humans, too.
“Remember Kaeden?” I whispered, “I don’t know if you noticed, but when he came out of the room, he had his mouth uncovered. You saw, right?”
She was shaking, but she affirmed with a flick of her ears.
I returned the gesture. “And his companions showed no signs of fear. Even from someone who considered themselves a monster.”
Sharnet lowered her ears in slight shame, so I allowed my tail to rest against her back. I thought back to my first meeting with Jacob, and I suddenly realized something. A bit strange, but it just might work! I patted Sharnet’s back with my tail, prompting her to look up at me. “Here, let me show you something.”
I opened my mouth slack-jawed, letting it hang open in front of Sharnet. As expected, she looked at me confusedly. “Why are you opening your mouth at me?”
I attempted to speak mostly without the use of my teeth, which was harder than I had anticipated, so I just closed my mouth and pointed to my teeth. “My teeth are bigger than his! What can he do that I can’t?”
I watched her face. For a moment, I was afraid it wouldn’t work, or even backfire as she looked even more confused. After a moment, though, it seemed to click in her head. Her ears rose again in realization. “You…You’re right.” She sounded almost in awe at the revelation. “Kaeden’s teeth were pretty small, yeah! I doubt they could even break skin!”
I brushed my tail against her back in confidence, “And you heard his companions. They both fought him and held their own! You should be able to…” I trailed off as her expression fell again. Right, loaded topic. Dumb brain. I shook my head and restarted from the top.
“If anything happens,” I said, “I promise I will stop them. You have my word, Sharnet. You’re safe here with me around.”
I looked at her, and for a brief moment, I thought I saw a hint of orange appear in her ears. “Th-thank you. I… I think I can go.”
I wagged my tail at her enthusiastically. “I knew you would.” I stood up from the bed. “I think that we’ve kept Jacob waiting long enough.”
With a wave of her tail, Sharnet moved to grab her belt pack and holopad. Once it was secure, we ducked out of the room. Jacob clapped his hands together. “Right then! Ah’ll lead y’all to the cafe!”
Apparently, it was on the bottom floor. I was about to enter the stairwell, but Jacob put a damper in those plans as he guided me to the elevator. I was surprised to find that I could technically fit inside with only a crouch instead of the borderline acrobatics I usually have to do.
The cafeteria was to the side of the lobby. Jacob led us through the door and I stood to get a look. It was rather sizable. Humans and Venlil were sitting at tables together, there was a small line at a food counter and… and…
What in the name of the Tenants is that sun-blessed smell?
I took a scenting breath, and there it was again. Salty, earthy, some cut grass, and a slight burn that seemed only to enhance the whole profile. Jacob was saying something, but I didn’t hear him as I strode forward, following the wonderful smell. It came from the counter. The people in the line parted as I strode forward. Where was it coming from? This? This? No…
Before me was a platter consisting of 6 large green leaves holding a mixture of brown cubes and small pieces of white grains inside them. The server was a human wearing a white apron pelt, and they looked up at me as I practically drooled over the food. “Uh… can I help you?”
“What,” I pointed to the food, “are those things?”
The server looked between me and the unknown meal, thinking on what to say. “It’s… i-it’s tofu and rice on a lettuce leaf. Do you… want one?”
I wagged my tail before remembering who I was speaking to. “Yes. Very much, please. As soon as possible.”
One of the others in the line passed over a plate, and the server slid one of the leaves onto it. He added a spoon and handed it to me apprehensively. “Is there, uh, anything else I can get you…sir?”
I didn’t answer as I grabbed the plate. I scooped up a spoonful of the sticky grains and one of the cubes and, after only a moment of hesitation, slid it into my mouth.
Salty. Savory. Toothsome. Firm enough against my teeth, but not so firm as to crunch. Something in this sung sweet songs to my tongue. Satisfying a craving I barely knew I had. Something beyond my craving for Stringfruit. Like part of me declared that I had never even eaten before now. I placed the plate onto the platter.
“Sir,” the server spoke, “if it’s not too your liking you-”
He cut himself off as I picked up the platter. I needed it. This was mine now. I felt everyone starting at me, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t care. There was an empty four-seat table nearby that had the chairs detached, so I pulled one out with my food and sat down to feast.
“Okay,” I heard Jacob speak before I could properly dig in, “so you were definitely hungry.”
I looked at him and Sharnet. His eyes were hidden, but Sharnet’s expression held enough surprise for the both of them. Sharnet. She must know this ecstasy. I slid the one I had already started off the plate and replaced it with a fresh leaf and held it out to her. “Eat,” I practically demanded. She was taken aback by the forcefulness of it, but gingerly took the delicacy from my hand. With a satisfied huff, I picked up a full leaf from the platter and began to imitate a vacuum.
Oh, Glory! What wonders the humans could make! If I were to be served such a meal every day, I would kiss them on the mouth, predator or not! I had just finished my third leaf when the world once more came into focus around me. Jacob had gotten some kind of whiteish slurry and sat across from me with his helmet removed, a visor mask obscuring his eyes. Sharnet was next to me mostly staring at me in awe, having only eaten about half of her own portion.
But what caught my attention the most was the crowd around our table. A herd of no less than thirty humans and Venlil combined stared at me from around our table. The voice in the back of my mind told me I should be scared or nervous, but it was promptly silenced by another bite of tofu.
“Excuse me,” I heard a human step forward. He was male, his skin as dark as Noah’s appeared in the images. “Are you some kind of… Venbig?”
I swallowed my mouthful. “I’m sensing a pattern with that joke. But I assure you all that I am pure Venlil.”
The Venlil in the crowd seemed to relax at that assurance. Even though they were obviously comfortable being near humans, my presence still seemed to make them nervous. Wait, did THEY think I wasn’t a Venlil?
Distracting me from the sobering thought, a human with multiple pigments on his face stepped forward. “How are you so big? I mean, you’re huge!”
“It’s a condition,” I explained as I took another bite of tofu. “Marklen-Jauntes Syndrome. It’s very rare, but basically I never stopped growing.”
“Ah’m curious,” Jacob spoke, swallowing some of his white paste. “Bout how rare? It’s got a name an’ everything, so there’s musta been more like you.”
I wagged my tail. “From what I remember, recorded history shows about 301 individuals. That’s including myself.”
“What about now?” The dark skinned human asked. “Are there any others like you alive?”
“Yes, actually.” I moved to grab my pad, but I felt nothing on my shoulder. I remembered I had left it upstairs in my pack. “Well, I was going to show you, but I guess you’ll have to look it up. There is this white and tan woman somewhere on the leeward side of the planet towards the night. I haven’t met her, but if I remember correctly, I think she’d come up to my chin.” I tapped my snout. “I think her name was…”
“Lylina” I heard Sharnet say next to me, looking at her holonote. “That’s her name, Lylina. Says here that she lives near a small fruit town.”
“That’s her,” I swayed my tail towards Sharnet. “I got a no-reply message from her a year or so back with a well-wish inside. She’s the only other one with my condition that I personally know of.”
“And she only comes up to your chin?” A light-skinned man spoke. “You must be the tallest Venlil to ever exist!”
“Third, actually.” I finished another leaf’s worth of rice and tofu. “The tallest lived about 50 years ago. I’m about… four centimeters shorter than him.”
“The largest alive still ain’t no small feat, Tarlim!” Jacob praised.
“Yeah,” a man with blood-colored hair agreed, walking forward with a human data pad in their hands, “you must be famous! Can I get a picture?”
Famous. The translator gave it a positive meaning. I saw several other humans pulling out their small data pads and beginning to ask if they could get a photo as well. Even… even a couple Venlil did the same! They… wanted to be around me! They wanted me to be in a herd!
I wagged my tail and stood while I flicked my ears in a gesture of acceptance. The Venlil in the crowd caught on and started forwards, followed closely behind by their human partners. I was soon inundated with camera flashes and the sounds of lively conversation around me. These people didn’t cower away in fear or keep their distance. They were pressed against my fur, taking pictures with me and their human partners. Talking to me and answering in return! One kind Venlil even complimented me on my fur! It felt completely unreal, a dream made real! If I am dreaming now, I don’t ever want to wake up!
It took time, but all too soon I was posing for the last group. The humans had discovered that I could lift them onto my shoulders, so two asked me to do so at the same time. It wasn’t hard, and the crowd cheered my strength. After their pictures were done, I looked around to find my companions. I saw Jacob talking to a few humans. My ears caught him saying that his suit was a great idea and easier to wear than those masks. A couple touched their own visors as he showed off his helmet. So glad he’s having fun.
After a short glance through the crowd, I spied Sharnet talking to a pair of gray Venlil with her holonote held out. Her body language screamed nervousness. What were they talking about? Once I said my last good biddings, I shuffled closer to them so as not to disturb them. As much as I can, anyways.
“Yeah,” a gray male commented, “I can honestly say that this program has been an overall success. Empathy tests passing, the humans happily eat plants, anyone who denies those facts would have to be as bad as that captain who tortured Marcel and Slanek!”
Torture? That caused my ears to perk. “Hey, sorry to interrupt,” I strode over to them, “but did you say someone was tortured?”
The gray Venlil turned their attention towards me, and immediately I saw the telltale signs of fear that I’ve grown accustomed to. It’s lesser, but still there nevertheless. Guess he’s not in the exchange program. Must be an employee. “O-Oh, uh, you didn’t hear?”
I signed a no with my tail. His ears fell as he continued. “Marcel and Slanek had disappeared after the Arxur raid. They were thought dead like so many others, but it turned out that they got captured by a Federation ship! They held Marcel and brutally tortured him! Clawing at his eyes, starving him, beating him, they even threw Slanek in the same room with the full intent of watching him being eaten! And when he obviously wasn’t, the Gojid captain tried to shoot Marcel! The only reason they survived was because a Kholshian stood up to their captain and helped the two escape!”
“And thank god for them!” I heard Jacob speak behind me. He must have seen us talking and decided to come over. “Ah hope more people in your Federation act like that Kholshian than the Gojid! He ought to be a hero to his race!”
“I know!” The Venlil was quick to agree. Definitely used to humans. Just not me. “Can you believe it? How could someone just hold someone in one place to torture for their own amusement?”
I felt my expression fall. I can believe it very easily.
“Y-yes.” Sharnet stammered, gripping the fur on his legs, “It is horrible what some people can do.” She shook herself and took a more professional stance. “Do you mind if I quote you on that?”
“Sure, that’s fine with me.” He turned to his grey female companion, “what about you?”
The woman hadn’t said anything in the portion of conversation I had been present for. She had been staring at Sharnet with a contemplative look on her ears. “Have we met before?”
Sharnet flicked her ears in confusion. “I don’t… think so?”
“I’m sure we have. Those white spots on your head. I’ve seen them before…” the woman’s eyes widened in realization, “I loaded you onto the outgoing shuttle! What are you doing here? You were kicked out and sent to resocialization!”
Sharnet visibly shrunk at the accusation. “I, uh, I just…”
“Did you ditch your officers?” The woman continued, “they were supposed to collect you at Wayward Prime!”
Sharnet continued to stutter as my mind went back to the spaceport. Some officers near the entrance were asking if I caused a stampede, and then Sharnet and I walked out the building in a herd. Those officers had gotten there faster than they should.
“That, uh,” I spoke up, “that might have been partially my fault.”
“That doesn’t matter!” The woman exclaimed, pointing at Sharnet, “You are supposed to be with resocialization!” She pulled out a holonote from her own belt pack, “I’m calling security! You shouldn’t have been allowed in here in the first place!”
I looked down at Sharnet. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were darting all over the room. Her focus began to shift to a window facing outside. Tail twitching. Legs tense. The gray woman was calling in security, and Sharnet was... She was going to try and run!
With barely a thought, I reached down and picked her up. She jolted around in my arms and cried in surprise, but fell silent as I pulled her to my chest in a hug. “It’s okay,” I whispered in her ears, “you don’t need to run. I’m here. Focus... Breathe... Calm…”
As the seconds passed, her breathing slowly settled into a steady rhythm alongside my mantra as I repeated it back to her. Thankfully, my comforts seemed to be enough to stun the gray-furred woman into not completing her dial. I didn’t feel like having Sharnet escorted out in cuffs. “You don’t need to call that, ma’am. I’ll escort her out myself. We were just about to leave anyway.”
Jacob leaned back in surprise. “We are?”
I swayed my tail stiffly at him. “Yes. Since we slept for seven hours, you and I will need to head out soon to catch the next train to transfer back to Dawn Creek.”
“Dah!” Jacob exclaimed, “What da hail we waitin’ fer? C’mon!” He dashed right past the female guard heading out of the cafeteria.
I set Sharnet back on the ground and made to follow him. Wait. One last thing. I turned back and waved to the crowd. “It was great meeting all of… Y’all! I hope your time here on our planet is a good one!” I received a few cheers from the crowd, several giving joyful cries of “see ya Venbig!” I wagged my tail at the widespread acceptance and ducked out the door behind Sharnet and Jacob.
“Thank you for that,” Sharnet whispered, “again.”
I swayed my tail to signal that it was no bother. “I meant what I said, Sharnet. ‘If anything happens, I would stop them.’” I scratched an itch under my fur to give her a chance to respond. She didn't. I sighed. No avoiding it, I suppose. “So, you were supposed to meet some officers when you landed?”
Her ears pressed against her head as we all huddled into the elevator again. “I never got charged, but they did ordain that I had to go through at least 40 paws of resocialization.”
Jacob seemed to count something on his fingers before he tensed with realization. “Why, that’s about a month! S’pose it’s better than gettin’ charged for aggravated assault, though. What does… ‘resocialization’ entail?”
“I have to spend a set amount of time each paw with a herd chosen for me by the government. I’ll have to report to them every paw. Normally I could register my own herd, but my job sent me wandering so often that I never really…joined one.”
“Way-ell,” Jacob drawled, “what about your parents?”
She gave a short laugh. “It was deemed that direct family might reinforce certain undesirable behaviors rather than correct them. The herds are supposed to have at least some initial level of separation so that everyone actually socializes.”
I noticed a slight bitterness in her words. Something was being left unsaid. Possibly directed towards her parents, but whatever it was, she wasn’t ready to say.
The elevator opened onto the fifth floor and we stepped out to head back to the room. Jacob took the lead again as I talked to Sharnet. “I know you will be able to pass,” I told her as we walked. “I am, and always will be, blessed to have met you.”
Her tail sagged at my words. “You have done so much for me, Tarlim,” she whispered.
We reached the room to see Jacob come out of the bathroom with a small box. He then pulled a large, roughly cylindrical bag out from under the bed and started going through it. He nodded in approval before placing the box inside the bag and hefting it onto his shoulder. “Well, I’m all ready to go! Never unpacked, so it’s all still in here!”
I wagged my tail as I strode over to my shoulder pack. I easily slung it onto my back and faced my companions. “We can drop Sharnet off with the officers and then walk to the station.” I pulled out my pad and opened the train schedule. As I ducked out of the room. “Our train doesn’t depart for a bit, so we should have time for the trip.”
I looked back to see Jacob slip his other arm into a second sling and pull the bag so it balanced completely against his back. “Sounds like a plan,” he grunted at his first step. “Let’s get moving!”
Closing the door one last time, we headed back to the elevator for our final trip back down. “Tarlim?” Sharnet brushed her tail against my leg to get my attention. “You really have done so much for me. I just want you to know, when we next meet, I hope to have done something for you.”
I flicked my tail in appreciation at those words. Before we split for good, I decided that I should send her off with a proper goodbye hug. I knelt down and pulled her close as we entered the elevator. She purred in my arms. Even if we never met again, I would never regret this time we three spent together.
“Wait a minute!” Jacob broke the moment as the doors closed, “did you say we’re walkin’!?

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2023.03.25 12:52 Memedestroyer10199 LPT: For anyone who's forgetful has an android

For the android users out there. There is a part of Google assistant called 'open memory'. You say "hey Google, remember I left my keys in my jacket pocket" and it'll save it indefinitely. Then later when you lost your keys, just say "hey Google where's my keys" and it'll tell you or say "open memory" and it'll open up the list of things you asked it to remember. It works for anything just say "remember X or Y". Very handy I don't have to remember multiple thinks just the words "open memory". Just a little tip I thought might help some people.
Saw this on ADHD by u/jackofjokers
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2023.03.25 12:52 lazysoups Thinking of making a few sims and homes with no CC. Any tips?

Just to be clear I won't remove the CC from my game. I just noticed that I mostly use CC and almost never touch the game provided content, and I would like to break off my dependence on it. I think it would be fun to try as a challenge, too! 😁
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2023.03.25 12:52 GeneralNo9885 I (21f) am questioning my relationship with my partner (24m).

Throwaway because I'm not sure if he'll find this or not.
My partner and I have been together for 2 years. Since we started dating, I've had different opinions on having a nonmonogomous relationship. At first, my partner was absolutely against it and I have laid the conversation to rest. I brought up the conversation at 4 months of us together and haven't since.
However, he wants a threesome with another woman. He tells me he wants to create a tinder for us to find someone to join us, or to meet another woman organically, and goes into great lengths describing his desire for this.
I would normally be fine with this, but a few concerns are raised for me. I don't know if this is a blatant fetish (I'm bi and he knows this). I also am conflicted to agree because he doesn't want me to be active with anyone else (i don't want to necessarily engage in polygamy, just explore my sexuality further), yet he seems to be all in when he'd be the center of the experience.
I'm unsure how to go about revisiting this conversation further. I love him to death and want to spend my life with him. He's had concerns since our last conversation of me cheating on him (which I have never done in any of my previous relationships and have not done with him) due to me bringing up this topic. However I find his idea of nonmonogamy to be slightly unfair, and yet he shames me when I bring up my idea of nonmonogamy.
Any advice on how to ask myself the right questions to approach this better? Or am I totally in the wrong here?
Tl;dr: partner wants a threesome, but wants me to remain monogamous. How do I talk to him about having a nonmonogomous relationship?
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