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2018.04.06 21:58 RealJohnGillman Erma

Erma is a popular webcomic created by artist/writer Brandon J. Santiago. Erma has been published in the form of two anthologies, a graphic novel by Outcast Studios in 2017, who also developed an animated short film. The series originated from a short parody one-shot of The Ring franchise; following this one-shot's positive reception, Santiago developed a series based around the original Erma one-shot for Tapas. The series has received universal acclaim for its originality, creativity and humour.

2015.02.03 02:02 Lol33ta Sympathetic Monsters

Monsters need love too. A place to collect hugs for silly, brave, humble, fabulous, homesick, terrified, or sympathetic monsters.

2023.06.02 14:28 Weekly_Definition161 Worth it?

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2023.05.31 03:28 stopimpersonatingme What are your thoughts on the family reunion arc?

I loved the extra character development and new lore we got.

However i really didn't like how edgy and dramatic it was, especially the part where the three thugs went on a really long monologue that spanned multiple comic pages when they first met Mitsu and Momo.
Also, why are so many of the yokai sadistic and murder hungry.
Those dudes in the bar were ready to kill Sam just for existing as a human.
Those kids that really hated Erma for some reason even though she hadn't done anything wrong to them and literally told her how much they hated her right before she got put into a torture tree.
Those thugs that kidnapped Erma and put her into a torture tree, they know exactly how powerful her family is and apparently also know that her family tends to kill people in very gruesome and painful ways. They were willing to risk their lives over a fucking grudge, it's almost as if the only thing they think about is murder and torture and doing literally anything to cause more suffering no matter how bad of an idea it is.
Like, damn, why are so many of the people in this village willing to kill over petty bullshit.

Rin the snake lady tried to kill Sam too but she had a backstory that explained why she did it so I'm not including her in the examples.
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2023.05.31 01:29 BusterWolves I might not read as many webtoons as most people here, but I love this so much, Erma and Belzebubs is my all time fave! (feel free to judge me)

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2023.03.23 22:30 Raemac21 Just saying...

Just saying...
So I read the newest comic on Webtoon (501) and got to say...
I'm kind of jealous of Erma's hair! ; )
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2022.10.10 05:24 Voniper4 [TOMT][WEBCOMIC][2010s] tapastic comic about Killers living in a town alongside regular people.

I use to read on tapastic alot back in the day and recent returned to catch up on Erma and a few other comics but I seem unable to find the comic about teenagers who were assassin's or killers and they were living in an isolated village with regular people, like a retirement village. There were also people called janitors who would take out killers who committed crimes in public and if you could take down a janitor you would be promoted or something. I really can't remember much other than that. The main character was also female and i think her roommate was also a killer or a cleaner.
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2022.09.07 17:32 cgxggxhx This fandom is small yes butIt’s the best fandom ever

I always hated how the erma comic and fandom are not talked about much but still im happy its small and simple No toxicity no debates just fans of erma who made this subreddit because they love the erma comic I’m thankful of you all the mods the fan artists the fanfic producers continue to keep the fandom alive thank you all for everything.
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2022.09.01 08:11 PhantomAngels I recently got into the comics. I absolutely adore Erma, so I made this digital art piece. Hope you enjoy this one. :)

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2022.07.31 03:56 PuffFuff The Owl House post collections 3
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2022.07.11 19:48 ThatHartleyKid By @4BradonJS4 / Twitter - Creator of Erma comics

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2022.05.28 02:09 maswartz [TOMT] Comic about a moody girl with a twist

It was comic thing about a “horror movie” girl but the twist was her abusive father was the real monster. Or just a moody girl. For some reason the style of "Erma" ( reminds me of it.
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2022.05.28 01:41 maswartz [TOMT] Three comics I remember so vividly, sources unknown

  1. It was a comic about an actress who got bit by a vampire but only partly drained. Photos of her were transparent and she barely showed up in her movies afterwards. At the end she became a full vampire. Anyone know what I’m talking about and have a link? It was called 25 or 75%
  2. It was another comic thing about a “horror movie” girl but the twist was her abusive father was the real monster. Or just a moody girl. For some reason the style of "Erma" ( reminds me of it.
  3. It was a comic of Casper being ghostbusted by the original ghostbusters (the ones with the gorilla) and it went all trippy as hell when he remembered his living life.
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2022.05.27 07:55 somerandomboi65 random erma comic ( the guy in the glasses is a friend's oc)

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2022.05.07 06:03 MrGameguyC Ok...but for real...Erma Meets "The Comic Life" When???

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2022.05.01 15:47 Ismael9710 Thumbnail suggestion: Emiko Williams vs Nicole Watterson (Erma Comics vs The Amazing World of Gumball)

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2021.10.29 02:50 fanficwriter1994 Erma Jump?

Does anyone know if anyone has thought about making a jump for the webcomic "Erma" by OutcastComics on Tapas?
For reference, it's a Slice-of-Life comic about the misadventures of Erma, daughter of Emiko who is the ghost from The Ring, and a human man who is an author. Ergo, Erma is a Half-Ghost who looks like her mom, constantly in-the-face hair included and, in the comic, black Sclera to white Iris.
She gets into quite a lot of shenanigans, like the time a puppet her classmates found, animated, homicidal etc, took over her babysitter's body and then tried doing the same with Erma only to fail, be returned to the puppet body, before being dropped into a holel dug by Erma's undead puppy Siris straight into Hell.
Another Comic saw Erma meet Pennywise.
It didn't go well.
For Pennywise.
Also she has had an encounter with some guy in a bunny costume who seems to be some movie killer or something, he didn't do so hot the first time he met her.
Also, if someone makes a jump or you want to go there by generic, stay away from the dentist when Erma is heading there, they hired a level 15 cleric who subbed into 5 levels of fighter and he still got knocked out in one solid hit from flying dentist tools even though he put up quite a fight with his crucifix.
Speaking of, any suggestions for the best Generic Jump to go there with?
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2021.10.19 16:52 kinglamar1 Emiko Williams (Erma, comic) vs Nicole Watterson (Amazing world of gumball).

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2021.10.17 03:00 pillowmusicyt 10+ 4th of July Quotes to Celebrate Our Great Nation

Happy 4th of July quotes are fun and lively. Happy sayings, out of all the possibilities, are the ones that will simply put a grin on everyone's face. Consider this cheerful comment from Wendell L. Wilkie, an American statesman: "I believe in America because we have big dreams and the opportunity to make those goals come true." It's upbeat and upbeat, just like the Fourth of July. You may perhaps read something amusing by Erma Bombeck, the late great comic, that is suitable for any audience. "It will be celebrated with pomp and procession, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other," one of the Founding Fathers, John Adams, remarked about July 4th.
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2021.10.09 21:31 MetaMaster54610 Matchups for every Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl character

SpongeBob vs Gumball. Yeah, sorry, this one vibes with me, lol
Patrick vs Goofy. The designated klutzy idiots of their group of friends and two of the most well known simpletons in fiction.
Sandy vs Applejack. Rough and tumble southern belles well known for their physical prowess and rodeo skills.
Aang vs Aladdin (Magi). It's the one I always see, lol
Toph vs Terra (Teen Titans). Rocm powers go brrrrr.
Korra vs Storm (X-Men). Masters of the elements! Hey, everyone says Rey or Delsin, might as well try and be different, lol
Lincoln Loud vs Charlie Brown. Young boys with that classic newspaper comic feel who tend to be the designated butt monkey as they try to go about their hectic lives.
Lucy Loud vs Erma (Erma). Spooky yet adorable little girls that fight with supernatural powers and manage to be surprisingly wholesome in spite of their affinity for the creepy and macabre. Both also have a tendency to jumpscare their family.
Leonardo vs Red Ranger Jason. Yeah, Leo's had his best matchup
Michelangelo vs Grif. Orange slackers that have a tendency waste the immense potential they have in favour of indulging in slothful habits.
April O'Neil vs Ulala (Space Channel 5). Perky female reporters that know their way around a fight, using all their given tools to their advantage
Ren and Stimpy vs Cow and Chicken. Rivalling network duos consisting of a small jerkish aloof character and a bigger idiot with a heart of gold, hailing from shows known for being incredibly zany, ugly and gross
Powdered Toastman vs Captain Underpants. Rather dumb superheroes hailing from series well known for gross-out and toilet humour, eager for justice and having a ridiculous theme.
Zim vs Crypto (Destroy All Humans). Alien invaders that intend to conquer the planet and remove humanity from the equation.
CatDog vs Timon and Pumbaa (w/feats from the Timon and Pumbaa cartoon series). Duos consisting of a smarter, slightly more selfish but ultimately caring jerk with a heart of gold and a dimwitted, but not outright dumb loveable oaf with a pure heart of gold.
Reptar vs Peter Jackson's King Kong. Giant monsters that bonded with a human woman (apparently Reptar pulled a heel face turn because a human princess extended a hand in friendship to him).
Nigel Thornberry vs Wii Fit Trainer. Unconventional and unexpected choices for fighting games. Both wish to help educate others on their respective passions, Nigel being a famous nature documentary filmer and WFT being a workout coach. Both fight with extremely unconventional styles learned from their day jobs, Nigel immitating various animals like orangutans, woodpeckers and whales and WFT repurposing her workouts into a new form of martial art. Also both are flexible af, seriously how the hell does Nigel stretch his leg so far and from that angle wtf
Helga vs Ronnie Anne Santiago. Tough-as-nails young girls who bully the object of their affections and have extremely complicated family dynamics (Helga having a neglectful and disinterested family and Ronnie Anne just having a huge, chaotic family).
Danny Phantom vs Yusuke Urameshi. Ghosts and shit.
Oblina vs Randall Boggs. Because they scare people for a living and they be danger noodles lol
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2021.08.29 22:22 kinglamar1 Can we please stop acting like there are only terrible western comics out there?

If you watch YouTube channels like clown fishtv, hero hiei, Itsagundam etc, they constantly trash talk low quality comics produced by marvel or DC like “I am not Star fire”, “the new warriors” or comics that want to be political over actually telling a story.
In the comment sections of some of the YouTubers I named, You see comments like “this is why I stopped reading western comics” , “The comics industry is dying” or “This is why manga is better then comics” while I don’t disagree, after all I watch and read manga as well, however let’s not act like all western comics are bad. After all marvel and DC aren’t the only comic studios. I can name two comic studios off the top of my head that produce great comics. Namely Image comics or Outcast studios.
Image comics made comics like “invincible” (which eventually became the tv show that aired this year) and “spawn”which are two comics that are well loved by their fans. Outcast makes comics like “Erma” which evolved from a horror one shot to an actual story as you read it (I’m sure some of us recognizes this video). While Spawn and invincible have physical copies, Erma can actually be read for free on webtoon. So guys rather then pretend like low quality, political comics are the only western comics out there or giving up on western comics entirely, why not give these a shot first?
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2021.07.31 12:10 Nefepitou295 The Tale of Osamu Yureimoto

These stories are the Extra's that are always included in the Erma Comic book Issues, that were started at Issue 9 & these came from the 13-, 14- & 15 Issues. I wanted to give them to you, to get you all maybe interested in checking them out & maybe even start a discussion about them:
Part 4- Even with his immense respect to the Nurarihyon, Osamu would always confront him with his own tactic to handle the Humans. To take over the village & strike fear across the forests of Japan. Not wanting a possible Nation wide conflict, the Nurarihyon kept dropping Osamu's offer. To the point that the Group had considered banishing him from their little council.
(And it looks like most of the monsters we saw on the walls of the Throne room are there)
It was not until Osamu's wife, Amaya, that a deal was finally arranged. She proposed a duel between her Husband & the Nurarihyon. A Battle to the Death. The Winner would take their place as the one to lead the Yokai.
(This really gave me a new perspective about their relationship, because I always thought that their marriage was an arranged marriage. But in actuality they really care about each other, considering Amaya was visually worried that Osamu was getting always turned down)
Knowing that Osamu would never stop his pursuit, with sadness & disappointment, the Nurarihyon agreed to the Duel.
Part 5- With the agreement settled, the two faced off at the Council's meeting grounds. All of the members & even young Kentaro were there to bare witness.
(It's now even revealed that Kentaro seems to be the oldest Child, considering he's holding baby Fumiko in his arms)
This was it. The Fight to lead everyone. Osamu, Headstrong & Loyal to his kind. The Nurarihyon, the most humble & powerful of them all. With his Trusted Spear in his grip, Osamu's ultimate test had begun.
Part 6- The Battle begun with Osamu being the first one to strike. But as he lunged with his immense strength, the Nurarihyon made his move showing why he was crowned the most powerful of all Yokai.
(He literally blasted Osamu away with just a thought. Casually)
Not many have witnessed his wrath to describe what specifically makes him so powerful. Some who have suggest he has the capability to strike Millions down with a single thought. Others proclaim they he wields a force that can rip Demons apart like a piece of paper. There are even those who say that he can simply bend your own reality.
(This gets even shown when the land around him begins to make tsunamis & rocks are flying everywhere, the Wind begins to flow in all directions like a storming river, light balls were forming in the sky & were shooting twisting glowing beams directly at Osamu, and in what looks to be a minature Black-Hole began to form in the skies above him. Yeah, as Monster doesn't even begin to describe the Nurarihyon)
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2021.07.30 03:35 DavidThePK Can Anyone help me make a character model for super Mario 64. I just want to replace Mario with the character Erma, from Brandon Santiago's Webtoon Comic called "Erma"

I tried doing it myself, looking up tutorials, and after 1 month I'm having a headache. I can't, so that's why I'm asking.
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2021.07.22 23:45 kinglamar1 Erma Williams (erma comic) vs Mob (Mob psycho 100)

Do we got any erma or Mob fans over here? Whether the answer is yes or no, who do you guys think wins? For those unaware This is erma, and this is mob.
Connections: Both are kind until they are pushed over the edge.
Both are skilled telekinetic users and are technically child prodigy’s.
Reasons for this match up: Mob usually exercises spirits, and erma is a Japanese spirit with similar powers to Mob.
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