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2023.06.06 16:46 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MI Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Saginaw
Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Warren
Wolf Creek Dental Hygiene Assistant Adrian
Wolf Creek Dental Dental Hygienist Adrian
Stefanini Sr. Product Manager Allen Park
Stefanini Senior Product Manager Allen Park
Beaumont Health Radiologic Technologist Ann Arbor
Beaumont Health LMRT Ann Arbor
Spectrum Health Unit Aide to CNA Career Path Program Big Rapids
Variant Trucker Brighton
Variant Truck Driver Brighton
Wolf Creek Dental Dental Hygienist Clinton
Beaumont Health CT Technician Detroit
Atlantic General USA Business Systems Analyst Dimondale
Atlantic General USA Business Analyst Dimondale
Atlantic General USA Cisco Analyst Dimondale
Thriveworks OP Therapist Grand Rapids
Capital One Senior Platform Engineer (Workday Specialist) Grand Rapids
UP Health System - Portage Elder Associate (CNA) 7459-3396 Hancock
LifeStance Health Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) Kalamazoo
Capital One Senior Platform Engineer (Workday Specialist) Kalamazoo
Marathon Petroleum Transport Driver - Great Pension Plan Lansing
CareerStaff Unlimited Registered Nurse (RN) Muskegon
myRN Staffing Solutions Registered Nurse - RN Muskegon
Tramec LLC Human Resources Manager Muskegon
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in mi. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 15:51 Meaning-Plenty KUNAN POSHPORA – THE OTHER STORY

This guest post by SHRIMOYEE NANDINI GHOSH is based on two essays about the men and women of Kunan Poshpora, that appeared in the Kashmir Reader dated 1 September 2013, and 13 January 2014.
Beneath the horrors of the mass rape committed by Indian troops in the twin villages that night in February 1991, lies the untold story of systematic torture of men, carried out by the same forces with the precision and deliberation of a planned military operation.
In June 2013, a Public Interest Litigation filed in the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, by fifty Srinagar based women, supported by human rights group Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil society (JKCCS) had resulted in a Magisterial order for the further investigations of the mass and gang rape by Indian army personnel of the women of Kunan, and neighbouring hamlet Poshpora, in Kupwara District of North Kashmir on the night of February 23rd-24th 1991. The police, it appears from the lack of any remotely investigative activities in the villages to have done little if anything, by way of following the court order in the last six months. On 14 September, 2013 they asked for and were granted an additional three months time for further investigations, without notice to the survivors who are legally represented in the case.
However, the closure report, which police had failed to file for twenty – two years, and which had been presented before the Magistrate of Kupwara just weeks before the Public Interest Litigation, in March 2013, had yielded several important previously unavailable official documents. These included a hand drawn police map, a nominal roll of 125 army personnel (including several officers) who were admittedly part of the operation and in Kunan-Poshpora that night, statements from victims, witnesses and army men mentioning specific locations, times and incidents, and the official medical reports of some of the rape victims. JKCCS had decided after some deliberation that if the police did not appear to be doing any investigations, they would themselves, aided by the new documents, attempt to rescue from oblivion the events of that night. Over the last three months, they have been engaged in a process of interviewing villagers, explaining to them what the police papers say, seeking clarifications, and attempting to piece together as coherent a narrative as possible given the constraints of resources, the lapses of memory, the reticence of rage, grief and repeated recounting, and the deaths of crucial witnesses. On 24th August 2013, I accompanied a team of human rights lawyers and researchers from JKCCS to the village of Kunan, on one of their visits. I was told that their interviews with those of the women who wished to speak was almost complete, and the day’s planned interviews were mostly with men from the village. Previous conversations, as well as police statements showed that interrogation centres had been set up in the village during the operation, and witnesses referred to extreme and extensive torture of men, but this was not specifically recorded in the First Information Report, and formed no part of the official list of crimes that occurred that night, which consists of rape, house trespass and illegal confinement.
As in the police documents, Kunan Poshpora has become inscribed as a story of rape in Kashmir’s public memory. But something else also happened that night. A crime so commonplace in that age of cordons and crackdowns that even the men who were its victims, barely thought to mention it, attending instead like the rest of us to the outrage of the raped women. As Ahmad Ameen put it, ‘They let us go home after the crackdown, in the morning at about 9 am.’ [Some men were bleeding; others were barely conscious and had to be carried. One man told us he crawled home on all fours].‘That’s when we realised what had happened. What they had done in every house. Then all hell broke lose.’ Several of the men were somewhat laconic when the interviews began. ‘Joh karte hai, wahi kiya’, Rahim Dar said. ‘They did what they do.’ And indeed they had– with wood, water, electricity–those universal implements for the infliction of finely calibrated pain. JKCCS believes on the basis of preliminary conversations that between hundred to a hundred and twenty men from the two villages were tortured that night. A total of twelve men were interviewed during the course of the day I visited, by three teams of researchers. I think it was after the fourth time I heard mention of medical treatments for sexual dysfunction, that the true irony of the ‘emasculation’ metaphors that are so abundant in talk about the Kunan-Poshpora rapes dawned on me. What I often dismiss as misplaced patriarchal indignation had been repeatedly made flesh that night. ‘Oh! Come on’ I want to say aloud, every time I hear or read the words ‘rape’ ‘our women’ and ‘impotency’ in close proximity–‘It’s NOT about you!’, but this time it was. And it involved wires, needles and a portable DC battery.
A kind of unmooring from the realms of human language has characterised the description of the Kunan Poshpora rapes. District Magistrate S.M Yasin’s report speaks of being unable to put down in ‘black and white’ the acts committed by the ‘beasts’ for instance, and the rape survivors themselves talk of the chaos of a toofaan, of foul smelling shaitaans apparating through their black-outs and disassociated states as they lay in the dark . But, as I listened to the men, ranging in age from 90-year-old Lal Dar (68 at the time of the torture) to 40 year old Manzoor (18 in 1991) their torture seemed to bear a somewhat different relationship to language and the world. What happened to them was nailed to a scaffolding of banal bureaucratic and military terms—interrogation, information, identification, search, cordon, crackdown—and tethered to mundane physical objects and familiar places–-buckets, logs and planks of wood, helmets, torchlights, batteries, wood sheds, barns, streams and trees. As the men spoke I began to picture that night, not as an endless orgy of a horde of rampaging beasts, but as a quiet and efficient military operation, carried out by trained men. Four companies of men from the 4th Rajputana Rifles, 68th Mountain Brigade commanded by a Colonel K.S. Dalal, in fact, as the army itself admits in police statements. Alpha and Delta Companies were deployed in the outer cordon, Bravo and Charlie in the search and interrogation. While teams of ten to twenty soldiers, sometimes headed by an officer who they were heard referring to as ‘Sir’, went on a systematic house to house search, rooting men out of their beds, demanding to be taken immediately to militants or hidden weapons, strip searching them and burying them in the snow, their comrades were otherwise engaged. Most of the commissioned officers were deployed at the ‘interrogation centres’ according to the army. Two kuthars (large barn like outbuildings for storing grain, fodder and cattle) within yards of each other, belonging to Asad Dar and the village numberdar (revenue official) Aziz Shah, and Abli Dar’s home, on the main lane of Kunan’s maze of winding alleys, were quickly commandeered and their lofts or rooms converted into make shift ‘interrogation centers’, while their compounds formed a holding space for the men. All three were provided with the same basic equipment – a bench fashioned out of planks of wood, a large wooden log, a bucket of chilli water, a couple of wires connected to a radio battery forming a crude live-circuit, assorted sticks and ropes, a few chairs, and somewhere to suspend the men from–but adaptations were made according to available resources and geography. For instance, in Asad Dar’s yard through which the village stream ran, repeated dunking in its icy depths formed part of the standard procedure. At two of the compounds, Aziz Shah’s and Abli Dar’s where firewood was stored in the wood-shed a bonfire was lit, around which parka-clad soldiers chatted and drank, and villagers recovered from their water treatments. At Asad Dar’s kuthar a tall, fair and somewhat chubby faced officer sat on a chair before a wireless set, giving orders and flashing his torchlight. Downstairs, in all three yards, men squatted or stood in the snow waiting for their possible turns on the equipment. Occasionally when they went up, they saw a neighbour or brother who was before them in line, slumped on the floor at the head of the stairs. Some like Salim Dar, whose brother was a surrendered militant, paid a visit to two of the three centers. He still walks on crutches as a result.
The village of Kunan has changed in twenty-two years. It is no longer ‘the huddle of thatched and wooden houses’ that journalists described in 1991 (‘Indian Villagers Tell of Mass Rape by Soldiers’, The Independent, March 19, 1991). Buildings have been torn down, and rebuilt in brick, cement and tin. The chashma (natural spring) that emerged from the earth behind Aziz Shah’s kuthar has dried up, and only a muddy depression now marks the spot. Ghulam Afzal walked with us around the hamlet amidst squawking chickens and curious children, pointing out the sights– ‘this is where the Abli Dar’s old kuthar stood, that there- is his new house…this is the wood shed in which I hid, this is the nallah along which Naba ran, this used to all be clear ground then…’ For some reason, seeing those buildings brought home to me an intimation of what it was like to be a man from Kunan-Poshpora on that night, in a way even their words hadn’t.
What was it like, I found myself imagining, to be squatting in your own snowy barn yard, drowning in your tin bucket, broken and blubbering on your hard granary floor, blinded by chillies from your own store? And then all the hypotheticals began, as my mind ran on and on. How did it feel I wondered to hear the sounds coming from the village? Yah Khudaiyo! Yah Khudaiyo! Could you hear them over the sounds of the interrogation? Pakistan, Militants, Samaan, Information, Bol Saala! Could you hear them over the groans of your neighbours? Could you hear them over your own yells? Which was worse–to definitely identify the scream of a loved one, or merely contemplate if it was them, through the fog of your insensibility? What was it like to be told you could leave in the morning, to be given painkillers by the army doctor, (Capt. Dr Shyam Sundar accompanied the unit according to his own police statement), to come home and realise what had seemed so far like a recurring nightmare—another crackdown, agonising but vaguely familiar –had been another kind of visitation altogether? And then, to unable to leave or get help for two days, because of the army siege around the village? To have no family or neighbours to turn to, because everyone you knew, was in precisely the same state as you? What kind of courage did it take to be Abdullah the compounder, from neighbouring Trehgam who snuck into the village using the back route through Chopan Mohalla, to deliver what analgesics and first-aid he could knowing it to be hopelessly inadequate? Or most unimaginably of all, to be Abdul Wani. To return from an over night business trip to Srinagar and find your front door broken, your two sons in bed electrocuted, your wife and three daughters raped, and your family’s barn turned into the village torture chamber? How does one live with such knowledge? And having held one’s peace for twenty two years, how does one begin to tell a stranger with a note book, not about what was done to the women, not about what was done to the never to be named teenaged girls, but what was done to you, to your own aging and scarred body, all those many years ago?
That night is full of other kinds of silences, not as innocent but just as tortured. What can one say of Abdul Ghani, the police constable who was related to several families in the village who accompanied the soldiers on their rounds, and signed a ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) the next morning stating that the villagers had no complaints? He appears in many accounts like some kind of will o’ the wisp with a torch light— relaying messages between houses and family members; accompanying one man back to his home to fetch more firewood, allowing him to peep in through the windows and see his wife on the kitchen floor but not to enter; giving water to a woman with a broken spine; getting locked in a cow shed for remonstrating with soldiers; carrying a cousin home on his back in the morning, weeping as he related what he had witnessed. How do we begin to disentangle the betrayal, the subversion, the unlooked for kindness of it all? Constable Abdul Ghani Dar’s statement of what he heard, saw, and did that night, would have formed a crucial part of the prosecution evidence, if the case ever comes to be tried in a court of law. But ‘unidentified gunmen’ murdered Abdul Ghani in his bed in 1993, pumping thirty bullets into his gut, rendering his words hearsay, and obliterating them from the legal record.
Several other critical eyewitnesses have died in twenty two years, including Sharif-ud-din Sheikh who led the fight to get the police report registered and the case heard in the State Human Rights Commission. Some have died as a result of their rape or torture that night, others from age, bullets or disease. By some estimates from villagers, fifteen of the rape survivors have had hysterectomies. Along the way I lost count of the many other surgeries, unsuccessful treatments, chronic aches, intolerable pains and nameless ailments I heard described. One, however stood out. Lal Dar, whose knee was shattered by a rifle-butt early in the proceedings, and who spent most of the night sprawled in the snow outside his home watching the comings and goings of the men, said that he subsequently had two surgeries, the second to remove his knee cap. He said he could not bend his left leg any longer. He finds it hard to pray.
A Meeting in the Park
Impressions and reflections on meeting the survivors of the mass rape at Kunan Poshpora, at the Sher- e-Kashmir Park in Srinagar on Human Rights Day, 2013
It came as a surprise. I don’t think any one, even amongst the organisers of the event at Sher- e Kashmir Park, on December 10th, had expected that women from the two villages would come. It was assumed that the survivors would be represented by members of the Village Committee, elderly men folk from Kunan and Poshpora, themselves survivors of the mass torture that took place on the night of February 23rd-24th, 1991. But the women had come, almost thirty of them. They had arrived in Srinagar by Matador van, leaving their homes in Kunan and Poshpora at seven in the morning, when the frost was still hard on their windows. I had met some of them before, but it was different seeing them here in Srinagar. I couldn’t remember all their names; their biographies had come detached from their faces. Many of them hugged me.
I remembered S. though, one of the more outspoken survivors I had met— her sharp, twinkly eyes behind thick, black rimmed granny glasses, her wide smile full of crooked teeth, in a face wrinkled and brown like a walnut. We had met at Kunan, in August 2013, when I accompanied a legal research team, from Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) who was representing them in their recently renewed litigation against the Indian army. She had spoken fiercely about the injustice of it all; the many outrages that she read about everyday in the papers, her desire to see such criminals behind bars for life. Her anger was loud and visceral. But when it came to the actual events of that night, she had refused to answer any questions. She had a terrible headache, she said. She could not wait, she had blood pressure, she was dizzy—she had to leave, she always felt like this when she thought of that night, she would not talk to us anymore. It was the only interview that had to be abandoned half way. Today, she was complaining about the long journey, ‘bumping-bumping-bumping all the way.’ ‘We should have come by Sumo’, she grumbled. But, it seemed to me that despite this, she couldn’t quite mask her delight at being out in the sunshine. In the open, amidst the falling leaves, outside the shadows of their men folk, their kitchens, their village, the women grew garrulous. S. told me of her daughters, one married to a doctor, the other working at the Social Welfare Department. At one point, Gul Fatima, from the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons, wife to a disappeared man, came over to the group of Kunan Poshpora’s women. ‘Where are you from?’ she asked them. ‘From Kupwara’ S. replied, naming the district. Then, a shadow seemed to cross her face. ‘Kunan – Poshpora’ she said. We’re here from Kunan Poshpora.’
Many of the women from Kunan Poshpora, did not wish to be photographed. The cameras made them uneasy. Some of their children, and grand children they said, did not know their stories. They huddled together and covered their faces with scarves, but the photographers persisted. It felt undignified– cringing behind shawls, cowering under ‘We Demand Justice for Kunan Poshpora’ posters, being asked to join the circle and sit in the appropriate place like an errant schoolgirl, when one had wandered away to avoid the cameras. In 2004, Manipuri women activists protesting the rape and killing of Thangjam Manorama had shocked us by their dramatic inversion of the figure of the cowering and shamed raped woman. Stark naked, they had stood in front of the Assam Rifles Base at Imphal, holding a banner that read ‘Indian Army Rape Us’. The photograph had made headlines across the world. I thought of it as I pleaded with a particularly intrusive photographer on behalf of the women to ‘please respect their privacy’. At this, he turned around and asked me, ‘Why have they been asked to come here, then?’ .I didn’t really have a good answer. It is true. We do need them. We want to have their pictures. We want to put faces to their tragedies, to commemorate their losses and violations. We need them to remind us that we remember, that we have not lost the battle against forgetting yet.
After I got home, the women of Kunan Poshpora, and their attitude to the news-cameras, made me think of a question. Would the agitations against the Shopian rapes in 2009, have been so angry, so volatile, so strong, if Asiya and Neelofar had lived? If they had survived, would we have heard of them at all? And if we had, what particular stories would we hear? Perhaps their rapes would have been covered up, as so many have been in the villages of Kunan and Poshpora, in the name of marriages, families, reputations, futures, for the sake of preserving innocence. A raped dead body makes for an uncomplicated heroine– worthy of both victimhood, and martyrdom. But a living rape survivor is a different being altogether. Her speech and her silences are more fraught. The women of Kunan Poshpora have been voices, not victims through these twenty three years. They have spoken back to the forces of occupation, before media crews, independent fact finders, the police, the state human rights commission and the courts of law. But, they constantly remind us– by covering up before our cameras, by getting dizzy, by blanking out, by her reticence before our questions, that we are all incriminated in her secret yet public shame.
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2023.06.06 15:41 ThrowawayThisUserAcc Financial Agreement Advice - Joint Mortgage/Child maintenance etc

Throwaway account for obvious reasons....
England based, I split up with my wife earlier this year. No prenup, shared mortgage. We have two younger children (young school age). I am currently paying my own rent, half the mortgage and childcare vouchers along with a sum of child maintenance.
Vouchers + maintenance I'm paying == what the govt. calculator says to pay,
Then add on the 50% of the mortgage extra.
Effectively this leaves me with very little after bills and buying food of my own for me and the kids. To the point where an essential car part (a relatively inexpensive one) this month has meant I have nothing left. The jointly owned house is the vast majority of my capital/savings. Between us, aside from cars and contents we maybe have 10k savings and 330k in the house after the remaining mortgage is subtracted.
She's been saying that she will give me enough for a small deposit out of the house and that's it. The killer is I've paid more towards the house upkeep for the entirety of our marriage, I put up 30k inheritance for a deposit and last year my father gave me a 'gift' ... effectively inheritance, all of which is also in the house. We had a verbal agreement where I would use my leftovers to pay for the bigger stuff such as new dishwasher, topping up house account etc and she would save for us. So I have nothing personally saved to fall back on. Additionally when collecting my children the other day I saw a letter stating a large amount of money had been invested in one child's name, this is making me concerned she's hiding the savings too.
We do not have a financial agreement in place yet, but I need to know roughly what to expect. I can't really afford a lawyer (as I say, I now have virtually nothing left at the end of the month). Would diving into shared savings be acceptable/legal?
So I have several questions.

  1. Given CM payments + childcare vouchers == the govt calculator value, am I still obliged to pay 50% of the mortgage? Can Vouchers form part of the CM payment? Is that a case by case agreement thing?
  2. Given I can't afford a laywer unless I dip into shared savings (I have access to one joint account with savings in it) - is this allowed?
  3. Are the extra payments I made into the house by me basically just counted as 50% value each when we come to an agreement? Will I even get 50% of the house value if she can't afford to buy me out?
  4. Am I likely to have much go in my favour or is that entirely lawyer dependant (if I can appoint one)?
I'm concerned as effectively I've gone from being financially ok to struggling to make ends meet. If she gets her way then I will have no savings of worth and nowhere near enough to get somewhere to actually make a home for the kids when they come and stay. They are my main priority obviously.
Lastly I apologise to anyone out there who is struggling financially who may well be yelling at me through the screen as I am aware that I am potentially in a far better position than a lot of people in these times. I just want to ensure I am not screwed over so that I can give my kids a decent place to live when staying with me.
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2023.06.06 15:03 Rumple-Foreskin [Sami Mokbel] Tottenham exploring Harry Maguire bid ahead of a potential swoop for out-of-favour Man United defender this summer

Tottenham have an interest in Manchester United skipper Harry Maguire as the north London club press ahead with their summer transfer plans following the appointment of new head coach Ange Postecoglou.
England defender Maguire’s future at Old Trafford is uncertain with United boss Erik ten Hag open to selling his captain ahead of next season.
The centre-back is not pushing to leave United, but is keeping an open mind about his future as he enters the summer transfer window.
Spurs are understood to have made checks on Maguire’s situation ahead of a potential move later this summer.
The confirmation of Postecoglou’s appointment from Celtic on a four year deal will now see Spurs accelerate their recruitment plans, with the 57-year-old to play a key role in deciding on the club’s targets.
But Maguire is an option with Tottenham well placed to move should there be a collective decision to target a swoop for the experienced defender.
The former Leicester star is a peripheral figure at United and there are no indications that his first-team chances will improve next season.
Ten Hag has admitted the centre-half has a decision to make over his future, while England boss Gareth Southgate has expressed concerns over Maguire’s bit-part role at United after admitting the 30-year-old risks losing his international place if he continues his bench role. Any move for Maguire is likely to welcomed by Tottenham striker Harry Kane, who has a close relationship with his England team-mate.
Of course, Kane’s future is also unclear with Real Madrid and United both vying for his signature this summer.
Centre-back is an area of the pitch Tottenham will look to strengthen this summer; Crystal Palace’s Marc Guehi another player of interest.
In addition to Maguire, the Leicester attacker James Maddison is admired. Intriguingly, Maddison and Postecoglou are represented by the same management agency.
With club captain Hugo Lloris also set to leave, Tottenham are targeting Brentford’s goalkeeper David Raya, who is rated at £40million.
In confirming Postecoglou’s appointment as Spurs boss, chairman Daniel Levy said: ‘Ange brings a positive mentality and a fast, attacking style of play.
‘He has a strong track record of developing players and an understanding of the importance of the link from the academy - everything that is important to our club. We are excited to have Ange join us as we prepare for the season ahead.’ Postecoglou added: ‘They wanted me to extend my time at Celtic and while I am so respectful and understanding of their position, a new opportunity has been presented to me and it is one which I wanted to explore.
‘It was an honour to be asked to be Celtic manager and during my two years I have given everything I have to deliver success to our supporters. Culminating in the treble at the weekend, my players and backroom team have been brilliant for me on this journey.
‘They have given us all some fantastic moments through their energy and effort, creating real quality, winning football.
‘Our supporters have been magnificent to me and I thank them for the way they have embraced me during the past two years. My ambition was always to give our fans a team they could be proud of, a team people talked about and I think we have achieved that.
‘Celtic is a phenomenal football club, and so much more - and I will forever be a supporter of this great institution. I wish everyone connected with Celtic nothing but continued success.’
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2023.06.06 14:41 thebluebananaguy Help

I'm ready to but a new pair of up to half marathon race day shoes but not sure which if these to choose some wise experience would be appreciated in the comments too. Info would be great
View Poll
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2023.06.06 14:11 ramen_powder Should there be an extra GP for the non-M1S4 teams?

When the Marbula One Season 4 team list was announced, many were outraged at the distinct lack of Indigo Stars. Many believed teams like the Raspberry Racers and Pinkies didn’t deserve to return after lacklustre performances in M1 prior. Many also were surprised not to see the Snowballs back despite good performances in the past, and frankly, I’m amazed more people haven’t talked about them.
Whenever a new Marbula One season rolls around, there will be x number of teams that are removed from the previous season, most likely due to poor performance. At the same time, there will be x number of teams that are brought in. It’s pretty straightforward to determine who should be removed: the teams typically in the bottom quarter of the overall standings, or teams that have been sub-par in M1 for multiple seasons.
However, the task of deciding who should join Marbula One, amongst the teams that weren’t in the previous season, is a trickier one. If the teams aren’t in Marbula One in the first place, how can they show their M1 skill? Do we base it solely on the Marble League, which is an entirely different tournament that tests a range of different skills? Do we only look at that one season 3 or 4 years ago for teams like the Rojo Rollers and Oceanics, that really shouldn’t be held against them several years later? Aside from perhaps one M1-style ML event like Marathon/Marblocross, which wasn’t even there in ML 2022, there really isn’t an opportunity for the non-M1 teams to show what they can do.
Thus, I believe one single GP at the end of the M1 season, only for the 12 ML teams that aren’t in M1, is a good idea. The purpose of this extra GP is purely to give these teams an opportunity to show what they can do in M1 and to make it a little easier to make decisions about who should join the next season. It shouldn’t be an outright qualifier, but treated more like a one-off that the JMA can look back on and go: “Hey, this team did pretty well here, maybe they should get a chance”.
There are some points about this potential GP that I’d like to make, some of which after discussing with people on the Marblebase Discord server:
Ultimately, I think that if the 12 non-S4 teams get this extra GP, it’ll be much easier for JMR to make decisions on who should join because there’s more M1-specific data for them to choose from. It doesn’t need to have crazy production value, simple is good. I’m sure fans of those 12 teams would also appreciate seeing their team in an extra video.
If this works out, I think this extra GP would be a good idea after all future M1 seasons. From S5 onwards, it could be filmed during the main M1 season on one of the main season tracks, so JMR doesn’t need to build an extra track or do any extra decor for it.
I’m going to tag u/JellesMarbleRuns and u/Minos765 so that hopefully they can see this post and consider this idea. I totally understand not doing this because of the extra workload, but I hope the suggestions to ease the workload can make this idea a more attractive one. Thank you!
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2023.06.06 07:13 HeadOfSpectre The Silver Baron - 6

July 8th Excerpt from the Diary of Heaven White
Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, with your right hand you save me.’
Psalms 138:7

Onu’s instructions were clear. I recognize that, and I am fully aware that it is not wise to defy his wishes.

But there are things he is not telling me. Things that weigh on his mind at all hours of the day. I see it in his eyes. I hear it in his voice. I had initially suspected that the damage caused by Casey LaBeouf’s betrayal had left him more disorganized and scattered than he let on. But no.

I’m not so sure that is the case, anymore.

Onu’s instructions were clear. I was to stay out of Family affairs. But in the end, I truly could not help myself. The blood of my family runs through my veins. Their affairs are my affairs. Perhaps in Onu’s eyes, I will need to earn my status, but that does not bother me. In fact for now, it might well be an asset.

Unbound by the constraints of the Family, I am free to operate without Onu’s direct oversight. He may not approve, but he can not stop me.

I knew he’d be out of town tonight. On what business, I wasn’t sure. But his absence was my opportunity. The man he had assigned as my escort - a gentleman by the name of Doug Coleridge, was attentive but still very much human. When I told him I was going to bed, it did not take long before he did the same.

I lay awake and waiting, listening as he got settled in the guest bedroom beside mine, and waited until I knew he was asleep. Then, after about thirty minutes, I left my room to begin my research.

Onu’s office was left unlocked. I closed the door behind me as I entered. Then, just like before, I began searching through his desk. This time, I was thorough. Most of the documents he kept there were focused on some of the cases he’d taken on. I couldn’t help but notice how many had popped up since LaBeouf had defected. It struck me just how thinly he was spread. I left those folders alone after skimming through them. It was nothing for me to tamper with.
I left that drawer as I found it, before going through another. The documents there seemed to be more personal. There was a handgun, which I carefully set aside, some trinkets, pens and old newspaper articles.

Now those seemed very out of place. I skimmed through them and found no mention of LaBeouf. Most of them detailed an event from several years back. The murder of the Stone family. I couldn’t see why Onu would even care, until I saw the photograph of a woman.

Diana Stone was the name under it, and the woman was identical to the girl in the picture on Onu’s desk. At last I could put a name to the face. I glanced up at the picture of the woman, comparing the two before deciding they were the same person. I paused, studying her for a few moments longer. Her eyes were terribly familiar. The same burning amber as the eyes of the Girl who’d pushed my Father. For a moment, I caught myself wondering if they were one and the same, and skimmed through the story. The only useful data it provided, was that Diana Stone had died twenty years ago. A relative, perhaps? I’d need to look into it. But now was not the time. I returned everything to its proper place, and continued my search. Finally it bore some fruit.

The files on LaBeouf were plentiful, although disorganized and difficult to decipher. Most of it was from before his betrayal, and I sorted it into a little pile while I read through the newer material. There was very little on him currently, Onu’s notes and scribbles were vague as usual, although they often needed to be. He couldn’t afford to leave his secrets out in the open. I’d need to check the things he didn’t write down.
I looked over at his computer. What I was thinking was a brave move, and not without its risks. I’d not only need to be smart, but careful. A shake of the mouse brought up his login screen that requested a password. There was no hint given, either you knew it, or you did not. I admittedly did not know it.

I glanced at the framed picture of Diana Stone. It was a wild guess, perhaps guessing was a mistake, but it was all that I had to go off of. Aside from her possible connection to my Father’s killer (a connection that was only a half baked theory, at best) she was nobody special. She wasn’t part of the Family. The article I’d read had stated she was a dancer, and I doubted Onu had enough affinity for dance to idolize a dead small time ballerina. No… she was special to him, for some reason. Perhaps special enough to guard his secrets. I typed, ‘Diana’ into the box. His computer opened up to me, and from there, it was trivial to open his email. It’s so convenient how computers save passwords, isn’t it?

From there, it didn’t take long to find some more useful information.
It seemed that I’d underestimated Onu. He’d kept his eyes all too closely trained on LaBeouf’s brother. There were copies of emails that he’d sent, and a few barely useful status updates that one of his shadows had sent him.

The would-be senator hadn’t contacted his brother directly to their knowledge, and Casey’s disappearance had been marked by the disappearance of another man involved in LaBeouf’s defection. This man’s name was Steven Love. A police detective and it wasn’t exactly difficult to determine that their disappearances were likely connected. I found little on him aside from a file attached to an email. There was no concrete evidence tying him to LaBeouf, other than the two men had seemingly left town at the same time, and Love had more or less dropped off the face of the earth since then. He unfortunately seemed to be another dead end. The name only came up once in another email, that suggested he was the one to whom Casey had spoken to. Aside from that, no picture, no address, nothing. Frustrating, but I kept digging. There was little else to find, but not quite nothing.
In one of the emails, from Kasting, there was a footnote that made me go back and look at Love’s files. He had a partner, a man by the name of Vincent Bennett. There were no files on him, but the footnote read as follows.

Terry spoke with Bennett, about a week before he went dark. Lexi followed up on it. Can’t find any connection. Bennett says he’d stopped working with Love before he disappeared and he’d heard of LaBeouf, but didn’t work on the case. We’ll keep an eye on him, but I don’t think he’s behind what happened.

Kasting seemed to think that this Bennett man was a dead end… but I made a note of the name anyways. Perhaps if Kasting couldn’t get the Detective to talk (assuming he even knew anything at all), I could. I wasn’t sure how… but I was sure I’d think of something.

Intrigued, I skimmed a little further until I found another email from one of Onu’s other shadows.

I looked into that weird address that was contacting Matt. Far as I can tell, it’s legit. Maybe he just likes Japanese cartoons? TMFI.

How bizarre. I looked a little further until I found another reference to the address that had been contacting Matthew LaBeouf. It was a copy of one of the emails that had been sent to him.

Hi Matthew!
Thank you again for your recent purchase from Ultimate Waifu! Your new handmade Dakimakura cover has been safely shipped and you should expect it within the next few days. We hope you enjoy this adorable cuddlemuffin! Don’t be too rough with her! She’s delicate!
Please feel free to contact us if there are any concerns or questions and please leave a customer review if you are satisfied with our service!

The image was signed with a little pixel art image of a character with short blue hair. I reread the email a few times, before finally finding a copy of the email one of his Shadows had sent the same address.

Hi Alexis!
We’re sorry to say that the item you’re looking for is currently out of stock! But if you really, really, reeeeeally want it, we can totally contact you when it comes in again! We’d really hate to deprive anyone of a sweet kawaii cuddlemuffin to keep them warm at night! In the meanwhile, please feel free to browse our quality selection of stain resistant, machine washable, Dakimakura!

The same little cartoon character was there by the signature, and I closed out of the emails. I couldn’t make heads or tails of them, so for now, I decided to leave it alone. I moved on to see what else I could find, before a voice in the darkness interrupted me.

“Y’know this is the exact thing I’m supposed to stop you from doing.”

I looked up, to see a shadow in the door of the office. The light came on, and I was greeted by the sleepy, but sternly disapproving face of Doug Coleridge. He was a tall, broad shouldered man in his early forties with thick hair that was just starting to gray and intense brown eyes.
“What’s the harm in curiosity?” I asked.
“You ever heard that old saying ‘Curiosity killed the cat?’” He asked, his voice still heavy with sleep.
“Well then I’d have plenty to fear if I were a cat, wouldn’t I?”

He sighed, and approached me to turn off Onu’s screen. “Don’t be a smartass, Heaven,” He said. “Your Uncle told me to keep you out of this stuff for a reason. So do me a solid, and don’t get us both in trouble.”
“I’m just reexamining what he already knows.” I said, “Technically I haven’t done anything yet!”
“What did I just say about being smart with me? Leave the LaBeouf thing alone. It’s none of your business.”

“He betrayed the Family. Of course it’s my business.” I replied, “If I want Onu to take me seriously, then I need to contribute. Simple as that.”
“A lot of things I’d have figured you for, kid. But a glory hound wasn’t one of them” He said, “They’re never gonna to catch LaBeouf, you know that, right?”

“Never is a harsh word. I’m not doing it for repute. If Onu won’t give me an opportunity to contribute, I’ll make my own.”
“Yeah, great idea. I’m sure it won’t blow up horribly in your face,” Coleridge said dryly. “Let me know how you plan on doing that.”
“Well, I could use the help… if you were interested,” I offered.

Coleridge raised an eyebrow at me before scoffing.
“Last time I checked, I worked for Robert, not for you.”
“Oh come now! Say we did find him, it’d look good on both of us!” I said.
“I’d also be crossing one of the most powerful men in the city.” Coleridge pointed out, as if expecting me to have some sort of answer for that.
“We’d be doing him a favor.” I noted.
“Yeah, I don’t think he’ll see it that way when you get caught,” Coleridge said before sighing. “Look, I admire your dedication, I do. But like I said before, there’s a damn good reason Robert doesn’t want you involved in this.”

“Is there?” I asked, “Because I don’t see it! Do you?”
Coleridge was silent for a moment, staring intently at me. Then, finally he sighed.
“Go get dressed,” He said, before turning to leave.
“Because you and me are going for a drive.”

“To where?” I asked, feeling a slight pang of concern in my chest as I followed Coleridge out into the hall.
“You wanna know why your Uncle doesn’t want you involved in this? I’m gonna show it to you,” Coleridge said matter of factly.
I watched as he disappeared back into his bedroom, before quietly going to mine to find some clean clothes.


Coleridge and I drove in relative silence through the night. He didn’t tell me where we were going, even when I asked and were I a more paranoid woman, I might have worried that he had some kind of ill intent.

I’m not sure if I should have been surprised or not when he brought me to a hospital.
“Is this some sort of underhanded threat?” I asked, as he pulled into the underground parking lot.
“That’s not what I’d call this, no.” He replied as he pulled into a spot. He got out of the car and I followed.

“I don’t know how much you know about your Uncle’s reputation, but Robert isn’t the kind of man you double cross,” He said as he headed for the elevator. “If you ask me, Casey had some real balls, doing what he did.”
“And yet Onu still hasn’t found him,” I noted.
“Trust me, he’s been looking,” Coleridge said. I followed him into the elevator and he hit a button, taking us up to the 6th floor.
“So I’ve seen. And it would appear that all he’s uncovered are anime body pillows. That’s hardly progress, if you ask me.”

Coleridge chuckled.
“Saw those emails, did you?” He asked. “But no… use your brain, kiddo. You really think your Uncle is going to keep the juicy stuff in his emails?”

He might have had a point there. The elevator doors opened and Coleridge stepped out. I followed him. He led me through the pale linoleum halls of the hospital, although to where, I really wasn’t sure.
“After LaBeouf skipped town, Robert sent the usual guy he hires for this kind of stuff after him. Travis Gordon. Can’t really say that he and I were ever friends, but I worked with him from time to time… long story short, he was one a ruthless son of a bitch.”

“If he was, you would have thought he’d have found LaBeouf by now, wouldn’t you?” I asked.
“Yeah, you would’ve. Heck, maybe he did find him… not like Travis would tell us.”
He led me down a short hall, before pausing in front of a door.
“Why not?” I asked, before noticing the name on the door.

Travis Gordon.

I looked back at Coleridge.
“If this is some sort of elaborate prank, Mr. Coleridge, than you can save your energy and-”
“You wanted to know why Robert doesn’t want you involved in this. I’m showing you,” Coleridge replied plainly. “You wanna know why he’s not putting more effort into chasing LaBeouf? Go through that door. See for yourself.”

I stared at the door again. Suddenly the world around me felt a little more present. The ground beneath my feet felt a little more real. I stared at the door, but I couldn’t open it. Coleridge stood beside me, watching me quietly. After a while, he just sighed.

“Let’s go,” He said, getting up to leave. “It’s probably best if you don’t tell Robert that I brought you here. I don’t think he’d-”
“What happened to him?” I asked.
Coleridge looked back at me.
“What happened to him?” I repeated. “He was injured, right? What happened to him?”
“I don’t know,” Coleridge replied plainly.

I looked back at the door. Coleridge stood waiting for me.
“Tell you what, I know a good diner just down the street. Best cheesecake in town. My treat. We’ll go home, forget about this whole thing and-”

I opened the door and stepped inside. Coleridge’s voice died in his throat.
The room I entered was dimly lit, but I could see the hospital bed and the figure lying on it. I could hear Coleridge’s footsteps behind me and looked back to see him standing in the doorway, his expression grim. He didn’t say a word to me.

Slowly, I approached the still body of Travis Gordon. I could hear the steady beep of a heart monitor and the rhythmic hiss of oxygen. In the dim light of the hospital, I could see that his eyes were open. I paused, thinking that he might have been awake. But his eyes weren’t focused on me. They just stared thoughtlessly up at the ceiling and it took me a moment to realize that the only reason they were open, was because he had no eyelids to close.

My stomach turned as the realization hit me, and as I stared at Travis Gordon’s face, each new mutilation became clear to me.

Someone had taken a knife to his face, cutting away flesh and letting it fester and scar. In some places, I could even see exposed bone. What was left of him barely even resembled a person anymore. He had no nose, no lips, no cheeks… his face had been almost completely butchered!

I clamped a hand to my mouth to keep myself from screaming and took a step back, right into Coleridge’s arms. He stared down at Travis Gordon with an expression that was somewhere between sorrow and disgust.

“What… what happened to him?” I asked.
“Last we heard from him, he was following up on a lead in Toronto. Then about three months later, they found him on a plane, looking like this… they needed to use his dental records to ID him.”

My stomach turned.
“They took his eyelids, his tongue and did that to his face… they cut his fingers off at the second knuckle and castrated him. His spine is broken. He’ll never walk again, and God only knows how many drugs they pumped into him… I guess the one small silver lining is that I don’t think he’s really in there anymore. Far as I’ve heard, he doesn’t know who he is, where he is or what happened to him. He’s just… gone.”

I saw Travis shift slightly and saw his eyes move toward me. My breath caught in my throat. Coleridge stared at him, but didn’t say a word. He just put a hand on my shoulder. Travis’s breathing grew heavier. I saw him try to open his mouth, but the only sound that came out was a dull, wet gurgling noise.

Coleridge pulled me toward the door, and I followed. I couldn’t look anymore. He closed the door behind him, and I heard him let out the breath he’d been holding the entire time.
“You wanna know why your Uncle doesn’t want you looking into LaBeouf? You wanna know why he asked me to keep an eye on you? That. That is why.”

I didn’t reply.

I couldn’t.

“Whoever did that to him… and I say ‘whoever’ because it sure as hell wasn’t LaBeouf, they could’ve killed him. Instead they sent him back here to us.”
“But why?” I asked, looking over at Coleridge.
“I figure it’s a message,” He replied. “Back off.”

He turned and headed down the hall again, back toward the elevator.
“Well… message received, loud and clear.”
“So whoever did that, they’re just going to get away with it?” I asked, “Onu’s not going after them?”
“Yeah, surprisingly he’s not sending anyone to look for the person who cuts peoples faces off and tortures them until they’re a gibbering mess. Can’t imagine why,” Coleridge said.

I stared back at the room, before quietly following him back to the elevator. We rode down in silence.
“Like I said before, it’s probably better if you don’t tell your Uncle I took you here,” He finally said, breaking the silence between us. “And it’s probably best if you drop this whole LaBeouf thing.”

The elevator doors opened and Bennett stepped out again, back into the parking garage.
“What about following up on some local leads?” I asked.
He paused, and though I couldn’t see his face, I knew he was rolling his eyes.
“You’re joking, right?” He asked, looking back at me.

I wasn’t. I was dead serious.
“If there’s nothing to find, what risk am I putting myself in?” I asked, “And if there is something to find, we can give it straight to Onu. You said that Travis had gone to Toronto, right? We won’t even be leaving town! And you’ll be with me the entire time!”
“Are you… are you actually serious right now?” Coleridge asked, “Did you not see what happened to the last guy who went poking around here!”

“Yes and clearly he was onto something!” I argued, “Whoever did that to him… they were trying to scare us, and clearly they’ve succeeded!”
“Yeah, cutting a guys face off tends to do that,” Coleridge scoffed. “And considering how your last assistant got hit by a train, I’m really not a fan of what this little investigation of yours might do to my life expectancy!”

“Things will be different this time!” I assured him, “You’re not my Father, you’re different, more experienced! I only want to follow up on one thing, at least help me with that!”
“No! That’s my final answer!” He said.
“Fine, then if you won’t help me I’ll do it myself! You may be assigned to keep an eye on me Mr. Coleridge, but unless you plan on physically restraining me, you can’t stop me!”

Coleridge opened his mouth to argue, before signing and rubbing his temples.
“For Christ’s sakes, woman!”
“You’re not supposed to take the Lord’s name in vain.”

He gave me an incredulous look, before finally giving in.
“Fine, fine… if it’ll get you to drop this, I’ll help… What is it?”
“I want to follow up on a lead. A man named Vincent Bennett. That’s all.”

Coleridge considered it for a moment before sighing.
“I’m gonna regret this, aren’t I? Alright, fine… I’ll help you with this, and then we’re done. Deal?”
He offered me a hand to shake, and I shook it.
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2023.06.06 06:13 MountainBuffalo17 Race Report: Steamboat Marathon - when everything goes right

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A No Injuries Yes
B PR (4:06) Yes
C 4:00 Yes


Mile Time
1 8:58
2 8:52
3 9:37
4 9:08
5 8:33
6 8:38
7 8:57
8 8:55
9 8:51
10 8:57
11 8:55
12 8:59
13 8:58
14 9:24
15 8:59
16 8:59
17 8:53
18 9:09
19 9:00
20 8:42
21 9:10
22 8:58
23 9:08
24 8:28
25 8:42
26 8:54
27 2:51


The story behind this race really starts a year ago. I ran the Colfax Marathon in Downton Denver, and fell short of the 4-hour goal. Many things went wrong, between injuring myself with some nasty tendonitis around my shin 2 weeks pre-race, a poor fueling/hydration plan, and my fitness not quite being where I thought. I crashed hard at mile 20 at Colfax, and watched the 4 hours slip away slowly walking up the hill on 17th St. That had been my first road marathon (I've ran the Pikes Peak Marathon, but the strategy and approach to that race is wildly different), and I learned a lot to prepare for redemption in 2023.
The ultimate goal this year is to run my first ultramarathon, a 55k in the mountains of Colorado in July. In planning my training, I decided to use a road marathon as a tune-up and fitness check-in for the month of June. I did some searching for good Springs marathons close to home (Front Range), vowing not to repeat Colfax, and was quickly entranced by the beauty advertised by the Steamboat Marathon. Since Steamboat Springs is one of my favorite Colorado locations, it was an easy sell! It fit the bill, so I booked the hotel, signed up, and got to work training. Since this is a tune-up race for the ultra, the principle goal was to survive a marathon training block injury-free.
I used the TrainAsOne app for training - and have mixed feelings about it. I found it consistently under-loaded my weekly milage vs what I expected from other plans; so I took a lot of liberty in extending the long runs to hit the milage I wanted. Aside from being a bit short on volume though, I think the plan did an excellent job of planning tempo, interval, and threshold runs. I was challenged, and found the balance of workout types well structured. I plan to keep using the app, but will happily extend the volume if I'm not happy with it.
As smooth as training went for the most part, I did start getting some calf pain about a month before the race. Off to PT I went, worried for the worst, to be diagnosed with only a minor calf strain. Lots of calf raises, some dry needling, and continuing to run healed the problem swiftly, and I didn't miss a beat. Training goal accomplished....but not without a good scare! A smooth taper brought my confidently into race weekend.


My wife and I drove up the day before on Saturday, June 3 and checked into the Nordic Lodge. I can't recommend this lodge enough for runners; it was easy walking distance from the pick-up point and finish line, they let us check-in early since the room was ready, and let us check out late so I had time to shower after the race before the 3 hour drive home. The day before, I didn't run, but enjoyed a 2 mile walk around the town, and loaded up on carbs at Mazzola's, the local Italian restaurant. As usual, I slept terribly before the race; there's something about the pre-race jitters that makes sleeping impossible, between the performance anxiety and the terror of missing the morning alarm.
The hydration plan was pretty simple: Carry 1L of water with my vest (practice for the ultra-run), which works out even better since aid stations are ~3 miles apart on this race. I took water and gatorade at every aid station, and sipped on my 1L as needed. I had just about finished it by the finish line. For fuel, I took in 1 honey stinger waffle every 10k. Those waffles are like candy for me, and I swear I can feel the immediate kick from taking one in.
Race morning was tremendously smooth; props to Steamboat for putting on a smooth race! The weather was a runner's dream; ~45 and cloudy at the start. It was a 5 minute walk to the bus pickup point, where marathoners were picked up and driven 26.2 miles to the start line. Anytime you're bussed to the other end of a point-to-point race, it really hits home just how far a marathon is! We were dropped off around 6:45 for the 7:30 start, and had some time to warm up, use the porta-pot(twice), and line-up. The start is nestled in a quaint historic mining village up at 8,200 ft. Given my home at 5500 and training on trails frequently, I wasn't concerned about the altitude. I didn't really feel major nerves for the race until about 5 minutes before the start, when the race called everyone to lineup.


Miles 1-6: The first miles always fly by. Lesson from Colfax: Do NOT start faster to try and bank time. Terrible idea. This time around, I started intentionally slower than I felt I could, taking the rolling hills at the start of the race at a modest 9 minute pace. Once the downhill opened up at mile 5, I let myself go a bit faster, very carefully managing the heart rate. The start of the course is easily the most beautiful, with big gorgeous mountains on both sides and Colorado's best Spring in years on full display. The race field was around 300, which is a wonderful sweet spot for a race to feel populated but never crowded. No corrals at the start, but at the cost of dramatically fewer spectators. The course feels tremendously rural, but that only adds to the beauty and charm! At mile 6, I improvised and took a gel pack from the aid station in addition to the 10k honey stinger to stay ahead of fueling, and it worked out great.
Miles 7-13: This part of the race is steadily downhill, but I wanted to keep managing the pace. I settled in and chatted with a few other racers, distracting my mind from the downhill quad-pounding. At the halfway point, we hit the half-marathon start line, and the season was literally changing as we lost elevation, from trees that were just beginning to bloom to rolling meadows of brilliant purple flowers. The race had a fantastic team of cyclists to provide both encouragement and safety to the course and they really made a difference.
Miles 13-20: More steady downhill, and this is where the long miles really start to pile up. What mile am I on? 17, or 18? My heart rate through these miles was bouncing around the 140's, and that was my first clue that this race would be very different than Colfax. Everything was going right; I felt like I was keeping a foot on the brake at all times going down this endless hill and was actually looking forward to the infamous 3 mile climb. This was a lonelier stretch, and the views closed in as we hit the course bottom in a small canyon with a raging creek.
Miles 20-26: Here it is; the thing everyone seems to talk about with this race: the 3 mile climb. The course profile starting with some rollers, plunges down in miles 5 and 6, casually keeps going down from 7 thru 20, and then slowly but surely rises nearly 200 feet in 3 miles towards town. And I somehow crushed it! I guess all that training in my hilly neighborhood and on the trails in the foothills really paid off. I had little trouble maintaining my 9 minute pace, felt empowered from the 30k honey stinger, and invigorated by the increasing spectator support as we drew close to town. Miles 24 and 25 were my least favorite of the course; too much traffic on the road, and not quite close enough to the end. I had the energy still to step on the gas and power through these annoying miles. The final turn onto Lincoln Avenue is a huge relief, as the last half mile offers a continuous view of the finish! While I may not have had energy for a sprint to the finish, I still felt strong at my target pace. Words cannot capture the feeling of not just surviving, but thriving in a marathon! I survived the onslaught in Colfax, but I thrived in Steamboat. I passed my dad, wife, and dogs as I passed Mile 26 with nothing but smiles as I rolled into the finish!


Another lesson from Colfax: STRETCH. WALK. Do these things after a race and stave off a lot of soreness. I took 15 minutes to stretch it out, and grabbed my free beer and burrito. Neither sounded even the least bit appetizing, so right into the cooler they went for Monday. Are there people out there who can pound down a beer and breakfast burrito after a marathon??? I had to somewhat hustle back to the hotel for a shower to fit the late checkout time cutoff (12:30), but was still comfortable since I finished before 11:30. We walked another mile or two around town, and then the 1/4 mile hike to Fish Creek Falls, and settled in for the ride home.
Everything went right this race. As I write this on Monday, making it a priority to walk another couple miles around home today, my body feels fantastic and ready to jump back into training after an easy week. It's hard to tackle a first marathon; there's a lot of lessons to be learned that can't be learned until you've tried it. Miles 20-26 are simply a different animal from the first 20. To those who learn from those lessons, the second marathon is an entire world of difference. For me, that was smarter training to avoid injury, proper fueling and hydration, and a whole lot of stretching!
Maybe next year I'll do the Colorado Marathon to continue working through my local marathons and see what is possible for a third marathon! Thanks for reading!
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.06.06 05:37 SomeInternetGuitar Bloody wedding done right

I’ve seen some posts about how useless bloody weddings are, and I wanted to share a story of one done right.
In my current game as custom Duke of Austria turned Holy Roman Emperor, I vassalized France by restoring the Capets from the Vlaanderen usurpers. Both my chad ruler and the Capet restorer died and my wrathful son and new King of France hated each other. King of France then started independence faction. On top of that, my new heir was married to a sterile Karling and wanted to replace her. It just so happens that the Queen Mother of France is a Karling, and as such the Karlings and Capets were one united family.
Enter my evil plot. I search for a random adult unmarried grandchild (who, much later turned out, wasn’t even my son’s son) and killed the husband of the sister of the King of France. I propose a grand wedding, wait for the King of France to return from a hunt and start the event.
After careful analysis of the french succession, it’s clear that the next in line that is not on the slaughter list is the newborn child of the younger brother of the king. I order the little guy be imprisoned and, apart from an opinion hit and minor tyranny gain, I don’t receive that much of a penalty. Events have already been set in motion anyways.
Finally, all guests arrive. The King of France, all his brothers, children, nephews (except for the little guy), and Karling cousins (including my son’s wife) are slaughtered as planned. House Karling goes extinct, apart from the Queen Mother, who ofc hates my guts now. The legacy of Charlemagne is snuffed out in a single night.
As predicted, I get excommunicated. I don’t care, as the single greatest threat to my power was the France-lead faction, which has now completely fallen apart. The new King of France is in my dungeons. I grant him the Kingdom of Aquitaine then revoke it, granting it to the Duke of Aquitaine of House Toulouse, effectively cutting France in half, ensuring who was once my most dangerous vassal will never again be powerful enough to rebel by themselves.
I release the boy king on a hook and use it to force him into a betrothal with one of my granddaughters. I also take him as my ward. He grows up to be a terrific ruler, even managing to take back Normandy in his 30’s from a weakened England.
4 generations later, the resulting split of France and Aquitaine still holds, the two kingdoms evenly matched and engaged in constant wars, forever keeping each other in check.
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2023.06.06 03:00 kanand1999 School List Review

I am a Washington resident and am currently putting together my list. I graduated in June 2021. Here are my stats:
GPA: 3.51 from college with a very upward trend. My freshman and first half of sophomore year were god-awful. Junior and senior years I was having a 3.7 or above GPA.
MCAT: 506 (129/125/127/125). This was a retake, the first time I scored a 499 (127/124/124/124)
Volunteering: 105 hours (80 hours non-clinical / 35 hours clinical)
Shadowing: 100 hours
Clinical Work: 1200 hours (interned at a pediatric office one summer, been working as a radiology assistant since Jan of last year)
Research: None :/
I plan to continue to work and volunteer. Please let me know if these schools are okay and if I am shooting too high. I would love more ideas for schools as I am SO nervous, any help would be amazing❤️
  1. PNWU - COM
  2. CHSU - COM
  3. Touro University - COM
  4. Western University of HS - COM
  5. Touro University Nevada - COM
  7. Rocky Vista University - COM
  8. University of New England - COM
  9. New York IT - COM
  10. Michigan State University - COM
  11. Rowan University - SOM
  12. Oklahoma State University - COM
  13. Midwestern University - COM
  1. University of Kentucky School of Medicine
  2. University of South Dakota SOM
  3. The University of Nevada Reno SOM
  4. Wright State University SOM
  5. Central Michigan University COM
  6. University of Kansas SOM
  7. University of North Dakota SOM
  8. Michigan State University SOM
  9. Washington State University SOM
  10. Rush Medical College
  11. University of Washington
  12. Oregon Health and Sciences University
  13. West Virginia University SOM
  14. University of Vermont COM
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2023.06.06 02:53 Destrae [Trip Report] March 8-24 (Tokyo/Yokohama/Kyoto). 16 day weeb dream vacation - Kingdom Hearts concert, JJK exhibit, so many arcades!

I wasn't going to do a trip write up at all, but I'm planning a return trip in the Fall and I realized some of the things I learned on my first trip might be useful for other people, so here we go! I don't often see post write ups from people who are specifically into rhythm games/ arcades/ anime stuff
Dates: March 8 - 24, 2023 Background: Planned this trip mostly for myself but one of my friends decided to tag along fairly last minute. I had planned to spend the whole trip in Tokyo but the one thing she wanted to do was Kyoto, so we added a side trip + a very pleasant day at a Ryokan. I used Wanderlog to plan (HIGHLY recommend, this site is amazing), and my basic daily itinerary was morning shrine > pick an area to explore and have 1-2 major things per day. The person I was travelling with ended up taking a long ass time to get ready each day, so most of my morning stuff got cut or rearranged. Costs: I will fully admit I did not budget for food/ shopping, 100% vibes. I simply do not acknowledge what I spent
Now on to the super detailed trip report! Here's the big album if you don't want to look through photos separated by day. Warning for flashing video
Day 1 (travel)
Day 2 (Akihabara, photos)
Day 3 (Shibuya & Harajuku, photos)
Day 4 (Asakusa, photos)
Day 5 (Shinjuku & Kabukicho, photos)
Day 6 (Ikebukero & Rippongi, photos)
Day 7 (Yokohama, photos)
Day 8 (Kyoto, photos)
Day 9 (Kyoto, photos)
Day 10 (Kyoto, photos)
Day 11 (Tokyo - Concert, photos)
Day 12 (Ginza & Sumida, photos)
Day 13 (Tokyo - JJK Exhibit, photos - flashing video warning)
Day 14 (Tokyo - TeamLabs Planets & SquareEnix Cafe, photos)
Day 15 (Shinjuku, photos)
Final thoughts (Misc, photos)
Edits for formatting
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2023.06.06 02:50 rocketlaunchedducks 42 [M4F] USA; NC/SC. Sometimes I workout, sometimes I eat cheeseburgers... sometimes I'm happy alone, tonight not so much.

Save me from the apps, they’re terrible and I never want to use them again – and I love the pen-pal nature of reddit and how you get to know someone slowly, a bit old-fashioned maybe. Surely there’s some geeky quasi-fit single mom (dog moms also welcome) who spends way too much time on reddit and is looking for a guy like me. What kind of guy is that? I would like to think I’m an extraordinary person in a very ordinary package. Easy going, playful, funny, sarcastic… but behind that I’m a high-effort, good communicator, authentic, romantic guy. I’m an introvert who fakes it really well (or maybe I’m an extrovert who just needs a lot of recharge time!?). Quality time and acts of service are my love language(s); you can’t fake the time and effort you put into building a bond.
I’m an asset at bar trivia but a liability in escape rooms. Impress me with your travel stories. I have many, I want to hear yours, and really want to create more together. I enjoy driving with the windows down and music too loud. I’m secure enough as a man (and old enough) to admit that Sex in the City was a fantastic television show (no comment on the movies though).
Things I enjoy: coffee shops, diners, breweries, daytrips, discovering a new greenway to run or trail to hike. Things I don’t enjoy: rollercoasters, spiders, how much concert tickets cost, the amount of dust on my passport. Other passions include long meandering conversations, history, geopolitics, board games, reading. Mostly liberal, guilty-Catholic, grad degree, credit score like whoa. My biggest hobby is running, I do half marathons and overnight team relays several times per year. Have a regular workout + social group that means a lot to me. Life can be hard, I think good friendships and good routines are really important to keep grounded.
I have two elementary-age kids, they’re awesome. They’ll be the only kids I will ever have, but I’m down for being the world’s best stepdad. Or dog dad, I miss fur-covered clothing. I’m allergic to cats but willing to do those allergy shots – for the right person (and cat). Vasectomy, because in the 21st century birth control can be a man’s responsibility! Social media presence is minimal, would love for that to be something we have in common – they’re mostly cancerous.
I’m not looking for you to be my everything, I just believe that a great partner can turn an amazing life up to 11. If you like what you’ve read, this piece of wonderbread is looking forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.06 02:48 rocketlaunchedducks 42 [M4F] USA; NC/SC. Sometimes I workout, sometimes I eat cheeseburgers... sometimes I'm happy alone, tonight not so much.

Save me from the apps, they’re terrible and I never want to use them again – and I love the pen-pal nature of reddit and how you get to know someone slowly, a bit old-fashioned maybe. Surely there’s some geeky quasi-fit single mom (dog moms also welcome) who spends way too much time on reddit and is looking for a guy like me. What kind of guy is that? I would like to think I’m an extraordinary person in a very ordinary package. Easy going, playful, funny, sarcastic… but behind that I’m a high-effort, good communicator, authentic, romantic guy. I’m an introvert who fakes it really well (or maybe I’m an extrovert who just needs a lot of recharge time!?). Quality time and acts of service are my love language(s); you can’t fake the time and effort you put into building a bond.
I’m an asset at bar trivia but a liability in escape rooms. Impress me with your travel stories. I have many, I want to hear yours, and really want to create more together. I enjoy driving with the windows down and music too loud. I’m secure enough as a man (and old enough) to admit that Sex in the City was a fantastic television show (no comment on the movies though).
Things I enjoy: coffee shops, diners, breweries, daytrips, discovering a new greenway to run or trail to hike. Things I don’t enjoy: rollercoasters, spiders, how much concert tickets cost, the amount of dust on my passport. Other passions include long meandering conversations, history, geopolitics, board games, reading. Mostly liberal, guilty-Catholic, grad degree, credit score like whoa. My biggest hobby is running, I do half marathons and overnight team relays several times per year. Have a regular workout + social group that means a lot to me. Life can be hard, I think good friendships and good routines are really important to keep grounded.
I have two elementary-age kids, they’re awesome. They’ll be the only kids I will ever have, but I’m down for being the world’s best stepdad. Or dog dad, I miss fur-covered clothing. I’m allergic to cats but willing to do those allergy shots – for the right person (and cat). Vasectomy, because in the 21st century birth control can be a man’s responsibility! Social media presence is minimal, would love for that to be something we have in common – they’re mostly cancerous.
I’m not looking for you to be my everything, I just believe that a great partner can turn an amazing life up to 11. If you like what you’ve read, this piece of wonderbread is looking forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.06 02:37 TraderjoeswineFTW First Marathon - RnR San Diego

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 4 No
B Sub 4:10 Yes


Mile Time
1 9:17
2 9:13
3 10:10
4 8:49
5 8:57
6 9:01
7 9:01
8 8:46
9 8:38
10 8:43
11 8:42
12 8:43
13 8:33
14 8:29
15 8:52
16 8:57
17 9:04
18 9:08
19 8:42
20 9:00
21 9:12
22 9:46
23 10:52
24 11:35
25 10:08
26 9:07
27 1:37


I am a 28F that has been a runner since high school (ran XC). I didn't run competitively in college but still continued running for my main source of exercise as an adult with an average weekly mileage of 5-15 miles. That changed last year when I started training for my first half marathon. I raced that in late February and felt great, being able to complete my first half in 1:47 on a flat course but with extreme rain and wind conditions (and taking a wrong turn, oops). I had a great time and felt that the weather conditions robbed me of a proper first race experience. While training for the half, I had been running most of my long runs with a local run club in which most folks were training for the LA marathon, so figured I was half way on to marathon training already. I took about a week and a half off after the half and began training for the full marathon the second week of March.
This gave me about 3 months of training time. I did the NRC half marathon training plan and really liked the guided runs (especially the speed runs and the long runs with coach Bennett) so decided to do the NRC marathon training plan as well. I had to cut the first few weeks out due to time constraints (the full plan was 18 weeks, but I only had 13 until race day) but figured my base fitness was in a good place from the half marathon training so would be alright. I followed the plan fairly well and completed each week's long run and speed run. The main difference from the plan is that I only ran about 4 days a week while the plan included 5.
I did about 2 days of strength training each week as well (usually one day of lower body focus, one day of either upper or full body focus), incorporating at home YouTube workouts after runs.
About a month before the race, I started experiencing major knee pain in my right knee. I figured it was IT band related and took it easier on runs. I stopped running altogether the last week before the race in hopes it would heal.


I had been trying to adjust my sleeping schedule to waking up earlier to be able to be ready and rested for an early wake up for a 6:15 am start time. We arrived to San Diego the day before the race and got brunch at a local Mexican cafe where I ate pancakes and eggs. We checked into our hotel and relaxed for a few hours. I ate pizza for an early dinner at about 4:30 (I didn't want to feel too heavy during the race) and came back and watched some tv at the hotel. I turned in for bed at 8:30 and luckily fell asleep at 9:00 pm despite my nerves.
I woke up at 3:45 and ate 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and banana which is what I had eaten before all of my long runs during training. The only bad part which I hadn't planned for was that the hotel didn't have a toaster so I had to eat the bread without being toasted. It was drier than I wanted and I definitely didn't feel hungry but forced it down anyways.
I also didn't anticipate the start to be so chaotic. I knew there was going to be thousands of runners, but I showed up at 5:45 expecting to be able to use the port-a-potty at least once before the start. When I arrived at 5:45, the line was super long. I waited in it for about 15 minutes and it barely moved. I was still a block or two away from my designated corral so I made the decision to bail the line and hold my bladder. I barely made it to my corral (4) with about 2 minutes to spare before the start of the race.


When I crossed the start line, I felt extremely excited and loved the energy from the other runners. I was prepared for the start to be crowded since the marathoners and half marathoners started together, but due to the corrals there was actually more space than I anticipated. From the start of the race, I had a lot of discomfort in my bladder and figured I'd have to pull over to the port-a-potty fairly soon.
Luckily I had run the first few miles of the course a few weeks prior while visiting SD (and I used to live there) so I wasn't surprised by the rolling hills in the first 3 miles and felt good. I saw my family at mile 2 which gave me even more of a burst of energy but my bladder was telling me otherwise. I gave in and stopped at the next port-a-potty but unfortunately had to wait for one to be available. I probably lost ~2-3 min in the ordeal (during training I had stopped to use the restrooms during long runs and timed it would take about a min or so) so I knew I would have to make up for the lost time to reach my goal.
Despite that, I tried to start the first 3 miles on a slower pace. It was hard due to the energy of the other runners and spectators, but I tried to keep the pace slower knowing there would be many more miles to go.
I started feeling minor pain in both of my knees around mile 5. I was worried as this was super early on but felt great with my energy overall and told myself to keep going. By the time the marathoners and half marathoners broke off around mile 8, I felt great. I passed my family again at mile 9 with a huge smile.
Mile 12 started a descent downhill for about a mile. This is when the knee pain became overpowering. I had trained on hills but never such long, steep downhill portions on a slant. My knees were in A LOT of pain at this point.
I tried to keep pushing through the knee pain and was able to make it to mile 19 focused and at a good pace. I saw my family again which brought my spirits up even more.
Mile 20 is when things started to turn in a different direction. Although I had been fueling throughout the race (had 3 gels already) and drinking water at each aid station, I started feeling a bit light headed half way through mile 20. I was worried since I had never run more than 20 miles in my training but I knew I just needed to focus. At the next water station, I stopped to walk when I took it, and walked while I drank. After a few seconds of walking and getting myself together, I started running again. This was huge for me as I had never stopped to walk on any runs while training.
Mile 22 is when the gradual ~1.5 mile hill (~200 ft of elevation gain) began on the freeway. Of course the pavement was even more slanted than other parts of the course on the incline. At this point, the pain in my knees became unbearable and my right quad was extremely tight (almost to the point of feeling like it was completely cramping). I started walking and ended up doing a walk/run combo (walked about 3 times in total) for the remainder of the hill.
Once I got to the top of the hill, my knee pain felt so incredibly strong but I was determined to finish. After walking on the hill, I came to terms with the fact that I would likely not finish under 4 hours but I still wanted to finish with the best time I could. I had long lost sight of the 4 hour pacer and the last miles were a mental battle of wanting to walk but pushing myself to jog. Once I got to mile 25, I was determined to finish strong despite the pain.
It's probably cheesy, but I even made a hand catered playlist for the marathon in which I placed songs in the exact order of when I wanted to hear them. I knew that if I finished my goal of just under 4 hours, I'd hear a specific song (Congratulations by Post Malone lol) while crossing the finish but I ended up hearing the song on that playlist right after (which was disappointing). I was still proud and tried my best to go all out for the last .2


I crossed the finish and immediately felt all of the pain in my knees and quads that I had tried my best to suppress. I hobbled down the finish chute and chugged a full bottle of water that was handed to me by a volunteer. I made it a few tables down and opened half of a banana when I put both hands on a table and felt frozen, scared to move for a few moments due to the pain. Luckily I heard my parents call my name through the crowds and I slowly made my way over to them. I felt so much better seeing my family.
Overall, I was happy to finish. I knew I had signed up for a fairly hilly course for my first marathon but was still optimistic I could meet my sub 4 hour goal. Although mentally prepared that it would be there, I was still extremely humbled by the massive & brutal hill at the end. While I never felt any shortness of breath or physical fatigue at any point of the race (I had an avg HR of 163), the physical joint pain was something I had not prepared for. I'd definitely love to hear any feedback on how I could've done better (and open to answering any other questions). Now a day later, I know there was for sure some things I could've done better in hindsight:
Ultimately, I am happy that I did it regardless of the result. It was a huge accomplishment and felt so grateful for the presence and support of my family on race day. Having lived in San Diego for some years, it was a beautiful experience running through some of my old stomping grounds and running routes. While I knew I had done the training to finish the race, I am still amazed and grateful at my body for being strong enough to finish.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.06.06 02:19 henrys1996 (Race Report) Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Half Marathon

Race Information

Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 1:45 Yes
B Negative split Yes
Mile Time
1 7:58
2 7:54
3 7:46
4 7:40
5 7:38
6 7:34
7 7:32
8 7:33
9 7:37
10 7:37
11 7:58
12 7:46
13 7:59
0.1 (was 0.2 on my watch, typical) 1:40


This race coincided with my training cycle for the San Francisco Marathon (in late July) and was the last of three half marathons I had planned before zeroing in on building the miles. While I'm still a fairly new runner (running consistently only since the Santa Monica Classic 10K last September), I took on quite a fair amount of distances (and races) and finishing the LA Marathon back in March. I spent a lot of time figuring out what to do, how to train, and it wasn't until late January (about seven weeks prior to the marathon) that I adopted easy running and long runs and I started seeing some breakthroughs: sub-25:00 in the 5K, sub-55:00 in the 10K, and sub-2:00:00 in the half marathon, all in that month. I got the racing bug and signed up for what was definitely too many races after the marathon was done.
Fast forward to after the marathon, I met and spoke with a running coach and got a training plan from her for the San Francisco Marathon, which I jumped into 2 weeks after the LA Marathon. Training started well, setting a PR at the Carlsbad 5000 with a new 5K PR of 22:53 and base building looked good: the long runs went from 8 miles the first week up to 14 by Week 4. My first major test was at the OC 5K followed by the OC Half Marathon the very next day: I had pushed a bit too hard in the 5K (ran 22:54) and it showed in the half - I had set a goal of 1:45 and a combination of weaving, hills, and fatigue kept me from achieving that, finishing in 1:46:18.
In the weeks that followed, I kept up with at least one run over 10 miles: 6 days later, I ran the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon going at my usual long run pace with a fast finish, and followed that up with an 11 mile long run and then a 15 mile long run. I also snagged a 10K PR on Memorial Day (with a 44:55) on the back of a 45-mile week. I also decided it would be fun to go on a trail run the day before the Rock n' Roll Half, but that was a quick 5K with a big uphill. In hindsight, I definitely should have rested the Saturday before the race as well, but these are the things we learn on the road to improvement.


I took the Friday before the race off from running and physical activity altogether, so I was feeling rather good; I drove down to San Diego the day before the race to pick up my bib and shirt. The legs felt fine despite the rather high mileage and lack of a taper for this race. I had a good lunch at a nice taco place near Petco Park and a pizza dinner, checked into my hotel and was asleep around 9:30pm to be up a bit before 4am to get ready for the race. Race morning was more or less as planned: got up early, made myself a coffee in the room, drove out to park by the finish line about an hour before the start, and walked about 20 minutes to the start line to drop off my gear. When I approached the start line, I got into my race shoes, dropped off my gear, had my caffeine gummies, and warmed up for 10-15 minutes.


Miles 1-3: I looked for the 3:30 marathon pacer and just tried to stick with him, running just quicker than 8:00/mile. This section was also mostly uphill so I used that as a reminder to hold off on the pace and to trust the pacing. I started with the 2nd corral so I did question if I was going too slow when a few people started passing me and zooming by, but I shrugged them off as late starters. At that point, the pace felt easy, calm, and collected, and I crossed the 5K timing mat in just under 24:30.
Miles 4-6: By this point, I knew the hills would turn into flat, and this was a good opportunity for me to settle into a rhythm and keep good form. I also reminded myself that my first gel would come at mile 5, and it was a little awkward getting it out of my back pocket - but luckily I had practiced that in training. Still, I sped up the pace a little bit to see how I would fare, and I crossed the 10K timing mat in just under 49 minutes.
Miles 7-10: This was where I felt I could use the downhills in my favor. I sped up to 7:35ish pace and it felt comfortable - the half marathoners also split from the full marathoners just after mile 8, and this was where I wondered if I'd be able to push any further. Before hitting 15K, there was quite a steep downhill and my quads definitely felt it: it was a precursor to what I'd feel in the coming miles.
Miles 11-13: There was a steep uphill right after crossing the mile 10 marker and after a few miles of downhill, it was a total shock to the system and my legs really started to feel heavy and I was on the struggle bus to the finish. The course also turned into slight rolling hills (with more downhill than uphill) and the race really turned into a mental battle, but surprisingly, the pace did not significantly slip. The mental battle turned even more difficult as I saw more and more runners peeling off to the side and slowing down to a walk. As I reached Mile 12, however, I really felt my breathing going heavy and being really thirsty so I took some water and Gatorade at the last aid station before the finish. I told myself to just go at the pace of my previous splits and I knew I would PR by a wide margin and not obsess over the sprint finish or lack thereof, so that was what I did. To my surprise, I still managed to keep the pace quicker than 8:00 miles even when I was hurting after Mile 10.


It felt like a massive milestone to go below 1:45, after missing out by just over a minute 4 weeks ago and it came to show how far I've come in just 9 months of my running journey. But more than that, I was surprised by how much the race more or less went to plan, despite slowing down a little in miles 11-13. I met a first-timer when I was getting back my gear and lining up for pictures and we shared about our races and running experiences. My next race is the San Francisco Marathon, so I'll be de-loading this week and then building the mileage up to a peak of around 60 miles and doing a two-week taper before the marathon. My next half marathon is in October, where I'll be running the Long Beach Half Marathon: I've learned my lesson to not schedule more than 2 races in a calendar month. Maybe someday, I'll learn my lesson to properly taper for a week before a half marathon.
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2023.06.06 00:10 No-Pomegranate7647 Mould in our property, landlord said "wipe it off" a few months ago- its gotten worse as well as my health

In England, my partner and I have moved into a property less than 6 months and we have experienced mould in more places than I thought were possible. Looking back when we first moved in the whole house smelled like paint probably covering it all up. First of all we made an initial complaint roughly 4 months ago as we had found a path of mould roughly 1 meter wide and half a meter tall growing on the wall which was very close to our wardrobe. After reporting this to them they said that they weren't going to send anyone out and told us to wipe it over with a damp cloth (am I stupid or is this just one of the worst things to do) and open the windows to let fresh air in (baring in mind this was in rough part of winter) me and my partner both work 9-5 and our tenancy agreement doesn't allow us to leave windows open when we're not home so we had to open windows at 6pm on cold December nights to combat the mould. They said if it comes back let them know.
2 months later we have had an inspection in which we echoed those concerns still nothing heard back.
For the last 2 weeks me and my partner have been very ill with all the symptoms to mould infections and as we were having a clear-out over the weekend we notice the clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe (which is close to the original mould discovery) have mould all over them. I don't too expensive clothes in there just a few rare football shirts and 3 nice 3 piece suites that I have for work are the only real expensive items I have in there however they would cost me ~£750 if I had to buy them again. The wardrobe which was brand new from IKEA when we moved in was £200 which is now ruined.
What legal action could I take, clothes are replaceable and wardrobes come and go but our health is significantly deteriorating and I can't deal with this for much longer. Who can I report this to and is there any way I could go about getting anything back for the clothes that are ruined. Currently got all the clothes on a sofa and still having to work in the room with said mould no less than 2 meters away from it. Any help is appreciated thank you.
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2023.06.05 23:55 gold-intentions First Half Marathon! San Diego 25th Anniversary Rock n' Roll

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 2:30 Yes
B No walking Yes


Mile Time
1 11:02
2 10:01
3 10:07
4 9:41
5 9:41
6 9:37
7 9:47
8 9:39
9 9:54
10 9:35
11 10:01
12 10:19
13 10:01
14 8:29 (0.1m)


I have waited so long to post my very own race report and let me just say I am STOKED.
Hi everyone! I am 25, female, and happy to answer any other demographic questions if anyone has questions. I decided to do a half marathon this January. Before that, I was a fair-weather runner and would get really into it for two or so months before burning out and switching to another kind of fitness. In January, I had a real solid 4 mile run and got runner's high for the first time in almost a year and the decision to run a half came solely from adrenaline and euphoria. I also made the decision to get sober around two years ago. The longer I stayed sober, the more I felt myself needing a outlet and a way to deal with frustrating emotions/day-to-day stress.
I followed this training program from RunnersWorld semi-closely. I kept it fairly casual the first two months since this was a 3 month training program and I had a little over 5 months to train, but I think being able to start training in a very casual manner helped me avoid injury and keep running fun.
I am a full-time student and full-time employee and definitely started feeling stressed in April/May. Long story short, my rental started falling apart (mushrooms started growing in my bathroom, lead to a discovery of several walls' worth of rotting wood and mold) and I started having asthma issues and had a handful of asthma attacks while running. For 3 1/2 weeks in April/May my partner and I, plus our three dogs) bounced from Airbnb to Airbnb while our bathroom was demolished, mold was remediated, and our bathroom was reconstructed. All of this is to say, my training definitely suffered-- BUT, I was still able to pull it off. This is a tale of encouragement, not one of woe.
My longest run pre-half marathon was 10 miles, 2 1/2 weeks before race day. I tapered harder than the training-program suggested. As the miles amped up I noticed more and more soleus pain (was not a fan of the New Balance Fresh Foam 880's, would love shoe recs). I figured at this point, I was better off undertraining than overtraining and hurting myself.


Holy heck, was I getting scared! I can't say I advise this, but I didn't run at all the week before. Instead, I got a sports massage and focused on yoga. I figured I wouldn't gain or lose any significant fitness in the singular week before my race and wanted to give myself a week to heal from the physical and emotional stress I had been under. I absolutely think this was the right call for my situation. The day before, I made an effort to eat more than normal, hydrated plenty with propel zero and regular water, l and tried to go to sleep early. The morning of, I had a shot of espresso and half of a bagel with cream cheese.


Miles 1-2: Took it slow on purpose but really had no choice? I'm not sure if this is a normal thing, but things were very congested and a significant portion of people, like 15-20%, were walking? That threw me off and took me out of the moment a little bit.
Miles 3-5: My happy place! I barely remember anything about this chunk, just that people had spread out and I found my pace. Lots of spectators with cute signs that made me smile. Some favorites were: Run faster! Your dog misses you.
You're only at mile 4! You got a long ways to go! That sucks!
Where is everyone going?
Don't stop now, people are watching!
Took a cup of Gatorade Endurance and a cup of water.
Miles 6-10: My happy place pt. 2! I was surprised at how easy things felt. I saw a text on my watch from my partner letting me know he was around the 6-7 mile marker with our chihuahua. I spotted him and was able to smooch my pup on the forehead, smooch him, and keep going. That ruled. Got pretty nicely hydrated during this stretch which felt great. The only thing I would've done differently is fueling a bit here, but I didn't have gels or gummies on me and was too "in the zone" to stop and grab some from the fuel stations. I started feeling hungry and "weak" during mile 11.
Miles 11-12: Holy mother of steep downhill roads. Lots of people used this to their advantage and sped up but my knees had other ideas. Took me out of my flow and started to notice my feet hurting. Stuck it out and tried to focus on the mix I was listening to and my breath, and it passed sooner than I thought!
Mile 13: I remember thinking, "what the hell? We're here? It's over?" I wanted to sprint but kept telling myself not to push it and hurt my knees. This mile was ironically the toughest mentally, or rather the ONLY mentally tough mile, and I was in a constant push and pull of "SPRINT! no, don't sprint, you'll get hurt! NO, SPRINT!" Sprinted like I've never sprinted before for the last half mile. Honestly felt like an out of body experience. Felt like Usain Bolt or some shit. I wish I could've seen myself because I felt like an absolute BEAST. I felt like an absolute force to be reckoned with. Absolutely awesome. Crossed the finish line and had the most primal urge to scream like an Amazonian warrior. Did not do such a thing. Politely grabbed my medal and a baggie of fruit snacks :)


I cannot begin to tell y'all how proud of myself I am. I have been glowing. My knee's bothering me a tad from the sharp downhill mile but it feels more like a "I never use these muscles so now I'm sore" than an injury. I'm not rushing to get back out and run and plan on taking it easy until there's no residual pain. Am definitely in the market for new shoes. I was not a fan of the wide toe box on the NB Fresh Foams. I loved the shoe at first because of the extra cushioning, but the more miles I ran the more I noticed I felt unstable while running, felt a constant need to re-tie my laces (tighter! no, looser! no, tighter!) and the development of soleus pain was a new thing that I can't blame the shoes on with 100% certainty...but... eh.
All of that said, holy crap. I am so proud of myself for setting a goal and DOING THE THING. It did a lot for my confidence. I am proud of myself for sticking with it when it got hard, doing runs when I would rather do anything else, and for listening to my body. During the half, I kept giggling to myself thinking that if I could have told 15 year old me that ran cross country blasting Daft Punk through her headphones that 10 years from now I would be paying money to do the exact same thing, she'd be so pissed and confused.
I've already been looking at full marathon training plans and looking for races far enough in the future to give me a nice lil buffer. I'm hooked. Thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.05 22:02 ladystohne How do I politely tell my RDH and dentist that I don’t want unnecessary treatment and upselling?

Hey all, future RDH here! However, this question is about myself as a patient. I’m hoping I can get some advice on how to best communicate with my new dentist and hygienist.
I have terrible dental insurance that only allows me to go to dental groups. I live in Los Angeles and the dental groups here are notoriously bad, however I found what seems to be the best of the bad options I get to choose from. As we all know, dental groups love to upsell as much as possible and charge for unnecessary treatments.
My checkup went pretty great! X-rays all looked good, no cavities, and the dentist said he saw minimal plaque and no tartar buildup. They of course tried to sell me on Invisalign (very unnecessary, I had braces for a long time and my teeth haven’t really moved since then) and a $750 essix to help with my TMD, which I will be getting from a private practice for about half the price. However, when I went to schedule my prophy I saw that he had put me down for a full mouth debridement and a full mount irrigation (4355 and FMI). Of course, these are not fully covered by my insurance and would cost me almost $200. However I know that all I need is an adult prophy (1110). I confirmed with photos of the kind of state my teeth would need to be in to require a 4355 and mine look absolutely nothing like that.
While I feel this is extremely unethical, I also cannot switch dentists at this time. So I need to make sure I get the treatment that I actually do need, without burning any bridges.
How can I politely tell them I’m not going to get any unnecessary treatment? And am I able to tell them I would appreciate if they didn’t try to trick me again? I’m sure there is a better way to word this, but I’m at a bit of a loss!
TIA for any advice!
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2023.06.05 21:51 hell0g00dbyez Mortgage declined due to partner being self-employed

Was declined a mortgage in principle today due to partner being self-employed.
I'm employed full time. He's been self-employed for 6+ years. Our combined income is roughly ~100k before tax. Good payment history on both of our credit cards, no concerns in general.
We are looking at ~325k max properties ans currently have 16k saved up for a deposit.
Had a 50min conversation with a building society and in the last 5min as they performed the soft credit checks the tone of the advisor changed abruptly and he apologised saying "there wasn't any warning pop up when he inserted the self-employed status" and he just said technically they accept 5% deposits but due to one of us being self-employed we need a 15% minimum. So just over 48k at this price range..
48k is just mad. We are not even looking at ridiculous houses (down south) but just really don't want to move into an apartment when buying our first place. All online calculators give us good numbers but him being self-employed seems to be such an issue. If I were to get a mortgage by myself I could apparently get ~180k which isn't nearly enough. Even cheaper places will have insane deposit requirements with 15% with the two of us jointly applying..
Have any of you had experiences with mortgages when one of you is self-employed? Did you have luck with brokers or would it make more sense if my partner just became employed and we tried again in 4+ months?
edit: Thanks for the responses. Please note I'm fully aware 16k is a tiny deposit to have saved up but to clarify the 100k combined household income is totally new, we are talking a couple months. We are testing the waters and seeing what is out there, especially since I've read about 5% deposit schemes. Not rushing into buying and will have time to save up more - added all current numbers for transparency. The aim of this post was to discuss issues with mortgages for self-employed people, as the advisor (Nationwide) we spoke to seemed adamant on us not getting anywhere without a 15% deposit due to my better half being self-employed.
We are paying 1000 a month in rent only and my thought has been that I'd rather pay that (and more) towards a place I own. Very much still figuring out everything and only getting started on the first time buyer journey. Thanks again for all the responses and sorry for not responding individually.
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2023.06.05 21:32 DoddyUK Green Park Reading 10k - A strong start melts away

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub-52 No
B Sub-50 No
C PB (49:19) No


Kilometer Time
1 4:49
2 4:57
3 4:55
4 5:05
5 5:09
6 5:10
7 5:16
8 5:34
9 5:36
10 5:22


After I stopped running during the pandemic, I effectively started from zero again. I've spent the past year or so losing weight and getting back to the fitness I once had. Thanks to a good effort with dieting last autumn and winter I ended up losing nearly 20kg, which has been rewarded with new overall PBs for the 5k, 10k and Half Marathon distances so far in 2023.
For this event I had no specific training, my free time has been limited recently due to the arrival of my first child about a month ago. The 10k has always been my favourite distance, so just taking part in parkrun every Saturday morning and one or two HZ2 5k runs in the evening during the week has been enough for me to keep my fitness stable.


This was a last-minute entry for me, I signed up a week before race day after seeing an advert online, my son now seems to be settled in so I had no worries about going out for the morning. I had previously signed up for this event in 2017, but had to drop out as I fell ill over that weekend. The same almost happened again as I came down with a small stomach bug on Friday and had to miss parkrun on Saturday morning. Thankfully 6:30am on Sunday morning came around and I was feeling a lot better.
This was forcasted to be the hottest day of the year so far in the UK, so I opted for a vest for the race with my thin waterproof running coat to give me a little warmth during the colder early morning. For nutrition I took my two-bottle belt, one bottle containing 300ml water and the other holding Lucozade Sport. Turns out I had to give myself an early warm-up anyway as my bus was running too late for my train, so a medium-paced 4k run from my home to the train station was required!
I managed to grab my usual pre-race coffee and pastry at Basingstoke station while waiting for my connecting train, just under 2 hours before the start time. Getting to the event this year is also a lot easier thanks to a new train station (Reading Green Park) opening last week, about a mile from the start line.
Lightly jogging from the station to the race village, I could feel the temperature starting to rise. Some participants in the 3k fun run were running along the home stretch. The race village itself seemed fairly well organised, the queues for the late entrant bibs and bag drop moved very quickly. The toilet queues weren't too bad when I went, but started to stretch back closer to the start time. Still by no means chaotic.


I was aiming for 50 minutes, so I spent a few minutes trying to judge whereabouts in the starting pen to place myself. The rear was fairly cramped but the further forward I moved the more spacious it became - the opposite to usual! The race started at 10:30am exact, the first 2km following an out-and-partial-back through the business park. 2 kilometers gone in 9:46, so far so good.
After 2km we left the business park via an access road for a lap of the Berkshire countryside. To be honest if you've run a rural road race recently (try saying that a few times!), there's not much different here. Trees, hedges, fields, farms, slightly under-maintained roads. It's a "nice" course, relatively flat as well with only a couple of small hills near the bridges over the M4 motorway.
The big difference here was the heat, "only" 15ºc at the start but being the first hot day of the year nobody was used to it. By 4km I was starting to struggle to stick to my intended pace. Being mainly an East-West route there was very little shade offered by the trees and hedges. By 6k it was becoming more important just to finish without stopping rather than trying to get a faster time. A sub-50 target became sub-52, and the drink I picked up at 6k went half down my throat and half over my head.
I kept on going, sticking with a small group who also seemed to be struggling with the heat. The next couple of rural kilometers ticked by gently until we were back onto the business park for the final 1.5km. I was up to a 5:30/km pace but wasn't really concerned about a quick time by this point. I picked up a bit of speed in the home stretch but it wasn't quite enough to get me under 52 minutes.


I shambled over to the end of the funnel to pick up my medal, goodie bag, and most importantly, a bottle of water. Then to the nearest tree to finally get in the shade. That was definitely one of the tougher 10k races I've ran in, I've run in warmer conditions but those races made allowances for the summer heat with more water stations and mist showers. This is a spring race that got caught out by an early summer day, and had the weather been a bit cooler I suspect this would be a very fast course.
Despite the slower time I was still happy with my finishing position. In the top 33% of all finishers, top 50% of all men and just outside the top 50% for age category.
I have no regrets about signing up for this race. It seemed well organised and friendly, which is especially welcome since this was their post-pandemic comeback. The course itself is a bit generic but there's nothing particularly wrong with it. If I've not got any other more local races this time next year, I'll probably be back for 2024.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.06.05 21:31 Lost_Wandr1ng_Cub Turning 35 this week and still feeling like a child

I am turning the big 35 this week and I feel like a giant loser, another year gone by with nothing big accomplished. Each year before I'd just turn older but this year I turn geriatric.
I've been married quite a while and have grown together since then. Aside from an early miscarriage we haven't been able have any kids. It probably isn't helping much since the last year and a half I've been functioning on 3-4 hours of sleep, drinking lots of caffeine, not making time for regular exercise like I have all through 20s, and eating lots of easy to get junk. I know I'm not allowed to say I feel tired all the time because I don't have any kids.
We both want to move back closer to family. I'd love to finally have a home but we don't want to settle down in this area. We were making progress on paying off the small debt we had but then my husband started having repeat dental emergencies, our one car had severe engine failure and had to get a new one, and our landlord chose to evict us to double the rent. We were able to find a nice similarly priced apartment earlier in the year and got moved in. We also traded in our disaster of an old car and got a new car that's affordable.
Now that our apartment has properly working appliances, I want to go on a meal plan again. I know what that looks like from before but need to practice at it again. I've also been getting in a 3-6 mile hike once a week the past few weeks and want to start adding to that.
I know to get back closer to family I need to find a new job. I have been stuck at a dead end job for years now and my skills are growing obsolete. I am also getting really burnt out of my field and am debating learning new skills by trying out one of those online boot camps. Both these things cost money but no where near the amount I would need for a college degree at least. I wanted to save for these after I knocked out our smallest debts. I had a side gig to help make progress on these debts for the past two years. I could work whenever from home and was making slow but steady progress. Lately, earnings seem to be unreliable and it doesn't seem worth the time I put into it anymore. So last week I decided to apply for a part time job to swap it out with. I got an interview this afternoon but I may end up applying to others if the pay isn't there for this one.
I have been working through stuff slowly in therapy the past few years. I will be celebrating my birthday in my therapy session this week but I don't want to celebrate it anywhere else.
TL/DR: Every birthday gets more and more depressing with people I know buying houses and having kids and getting promoted. I just feel like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get ahead but trying to make changes. The small things I have done make me feel like a child. Thank you for reading and responding to my novel.
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2023.06.05 19:46 Jorts-Battalion Personal Story: Delta-8 Gummies and Pre-Employment Lab Urinalysis with Quest

This sub has a lot of users asking questions, and very few answers offering any concrete advice, so here's my example story to hopefully help some fellow delta-8 users hopeful for a new job.
So I've been in the process of looking for a new engineering job with a consulting firm (non-DOT utility), and like a dummy, it didn't even phase me that I'd have to be clean of DELTA-8 gummies because they show up on drug tests. As soon as my mom mentioned it, I quit using.
My last usage was Thursday, May 18th, and my drug screen was scheduled for the next Friday, May 26th, at Quest, so naturally I was worried. The test was a 5-panel urinalysis (code 35105N) with a 50ng/mL threshold.
I bought 3 different brands of at-home tests:
The first time I peed in a 50ng/mL cup was on May 22nd, there was an extremely faint line. After some anxiety-driven googling, I was able to assure myself I'd pass because a "line was a line". I kept drinking water and not doing any form of exercise, and testing with with 50ng/mL tests over the next 3 days.
The morning of my test (May 26th), I had a hard time waking up because I worked very late, so I drank 2 cups of coffee, 1 serving of C4 pre-workout with 8oz of water, and about 20oz of plain water. I also drank some Gatorade to keep the caffeine-induced pee from dehydrating me.
Took the test at 11am Friday, went through Memorial Day weekend, got the results back from my potential new employer by 11am Tuesday that I had a negative dilute test, and would have to schedule a new test within 96 hours.
No problem, I scheduled the next test at 10am the next day (Wednesday). This is when I bought the 15/20/50/200/300ng/mL test strips and they were delivered that evening. I used the first test on my very first pee the next morning, and had no lines on the 15 and 20, a very faint line on 50, and solid lines on 200 and 300. Later that afternoon, I showed lines all the way down to 20, so I felt very comfortable at this point.
The next morning before my test, I only drank 20oz of water and one coffee, tested the last strip, and had lines all the way down to 20ng/mL (but nothing on 15ng/mL).
Proceeded to take the test Wednesday and got the call Friday morning that I was all set to schedule a start date (i.e., I PASSED).
Note that I don't claim to be a heavy user at all. But I hope this helps someone who might be frantically googling for reassurance sometime down the road.
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