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2023.06.07 20:05 Garrus_Vak Introducing the R6 Hyper Series Qualifying Major, Console's Largest Summer Tournament, Followed by a Brand New Player Entry Draft.

Introducing the R6 Hyper Series Qualifying Major, Console's Largest Summer Tournament, Followed by a Brand New Player Entry Draft.
Hello again everyone! VakCasts here once more with another update on the R6 Hyper Series. I am proud to announce that due to overwhelming demand and registration for our 4th season, we have elected to make a first-of-its kind Qualifying Major.
Slated for Mid-Late July, the Season 4 Qualifying Major is an advanced and more competitive form of a relegation tournament for our upcoming 4th Season.

How It Works:
  • 16 Teams, 4 Groups of 4 Teams Each.
  • 15 Teams are open registration, the worst team from our 3rd season is forced to play in the major to keep their spot for Season 4
  • Round Robin Bo1 Group Phase, top 2 teams from each group advance to Bracket
  • Double-Elimination Bracket, all matches Bo3, Grand Final Bo5.
  • While the Top 4 teams qualify, the winning team will receive an unannounced prize at a later date.
  • Top 4 Teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) Qualify for R6 Hyper Series Season 4
  • The roster that is used to qualify is the roster that must be used in Season 4, provided the team qualifies at all.
  • Discord Link:

How to RegisteWho is Playing?:

At present we have 9 teams registered which leaves 6 spots open. Keep in mind 1 spot is reserved for the worst team from out yet-to-finish Season 3.
  • Teams are permitted to have a roster of 9 players (5 starters and 4 subs.)
  • MnK Strictly prohibited
  • Players from Xbox and PlayStation alike are permitted, roster mixing is A-Ok.
  • If you have a team you wish to register, please DM me on Reddit or Discord and we will get you set up!
    • All teams must follow our City-Based Franchise System
    • If you have your own Org we are more than happy to accommodate your branding and find a mutually beneficial branding package

2023 Hyper Series Entry Draft
Fear not solo players! We also have a way for you to gain entry into the fastest growing league on console!
  • The 2023 Draft is an avenue for solo players to use to get involved in the comp community. Starting this month, Free Agents are no longer permitted in the league. All incoming solo players must wait for the yearly entry draft to gain entry into the league. From there they are free to act as a free agent as they have gained entry into our player ecosystem, similar to real life sports leagues.
  • Every solo player regardless of skill is welcome to declare for the draft but being drafted is not a guarantee. If you declare for the draft but go undrafted you are able to be signed as a free agent as well, similar to undrafted NBA players.
  • The Draft for the teams is very similar to the NBA draft:
    • 2 Round Draft, every team gets 2 picks
    • Worse Teams have better odds at a better draft pick
    • Every team is allotted to special roster slots for their draft picks, this compliments the existing 9 man roster limit
  • Draft will take place following the Season 4 Qualifying Major, tentative date for the draft is August 2023
  • If you wish to declare for our draft join our discord here:
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2023.06.07 20:04 nicagrace Will we realistically see anyone in MSP if we decide to live in a suburb 20-30 minutes away?

Looking to relocate from out of state and are liking some of the areas we visited a little further out/not too far out, such as Stillwater, Shoreview, Hopkins, Golden Valley, St Louis Park. We have some family and friends living in Diamond Lake and Uptown. I keep hearing warnings that we won’t be visiting people in the winter if we live that far out due to winter driving, etc. Realistically, how often would we be wanting to drive into the city during winter?
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2023.06.07 19:58 brokeaspoke [WTS] Franklin-Christoph, Hinze, Red Dragón, TWSBI, Kaweco, Karas, etc.

Bunch o pens for sale. Each includes US shipping. I'm happy to talk about international shipping. Timestamp
  1. Kaweco Liliput Black, EF nib - $45
  2. Franklin-Christoph 03 Antique Glass with black section and cap finial, no nib - $135
  3. Franklin-Christoph 31 Orange Crush, no nib - $135
  4. Red Dragon Desk Pen, no nib - $135
  5. Red Dragon Jowo #6 nib holder, no nib - $55
  6. Fine Writing International Fenestro in Micarta, F nib (never inked) $185
  7. Faber- Castell Loom, B nib - $35
  8. TWSBI Eco Jade 2021 LE, EF nib - $340
  9. Hinze 2021 St. Louis Pen Show LE, B nib (never inked) $155
  10. Hinze 2022 St. Louis Pen Show LE, 1.1 nib (never inked) $155
  11. Karas Starliner XL with radial grind from $55
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2023.06.07 19:57 CrysalisHeals Scenic Amtrak route from St. Louis

I haven't taken Amtrak before. This summer I'd like to take Amtrak somewhere for a trip over the weekend. I prefer a scenic route, or a route not especially scenic but has a lot of interesting things you can see. Is there any good recommendations?
Since I'm taking Amtrak, I need to either bring my bike or rent a car at the destination.
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2023.06.07 19:54 Druggedoutpennokio St Louis police run over armed man twice

St Louis police run over armed man twice
Since the hosts don’t know how to come up with content anymore let’s just spoon feed them interesting things to watch because we all fucking know Kyles not going to leave the house this week for anything but the gym and to buy more chicken and broccoli
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2023.06.07 19:52 mtdgrafx new project 'Hood Hottest Princess' from St. Louis rapper Sexy Redd dropping on Friday – tracklist/cover art out now, features Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Tay Keith & Sukihana #musicosinc

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2023.06.07 19:50 homicidal_penguin Transcribed audio from today's 32 Thoughts Podcast on Alex DeBrincat

I used a transcription software to get all this down, so it may be slightly off. I cut out some redundancies and a section where they talk about the new Batman movie for a bit.
Marek: Couple of days ago you heard about Alex DeBrincat of the Ottawa Senators and that organization doing their due diligence seeing what's out there what the marketplace is. He's someone who's poised to become an unrestricted free agent. Not next year but the year after, we all know there's new ownership coming in. That'll bring with it various management complications, et cetera. What is the latest with Alex DeBrincat?
Elliotte: You know what that writing that story was like, Jeff, I knew what what it's like for Batman to go up against the Riddler. Everyone was speaking in codes. They're like, well, you've got to find out but they're exploring what to do and things like that. Basically, it was a euphemism of, they're probably going to trade him. You have to be careful, because you know, there's always a chance that they don't buy. There certainly appears to be a feeling around the league that he's much more likely to get traded than not. And, you know, to be fair, there were some people who said to me, there's no chance he's re-signing there, but I had some other people say, don't go there because they think that you know, some of those guys really want to try to convince him to stay because they think he could be a real important part of their team for a long time. But the bottom line is, and I completely understand this from DeBrincat's point of view is he's not signing until he understands for at least for long term, until he understands who the new owner is going to be and what the plan is. And we're not going to know that anytime soon like even if one group suddenly gets okay, you have the right to negotiate to make the sale. It's still going to take two or three months to sort that out. So, Ottawa has made it very clear they at least to have have to have an idea of who's interested by the draft at the end of the month. So you know, they're doing their work there and I think there is interest like for to break it to be tons of interest.
Marek: With that release, I look at DeBrincat and I say on a team that played the way that the Chicago Blackhawks used to play and that is that strong heavy possession game, hold on to the puck and you know, get it to the net, just shoot it whenever it's on your blade, as opposed to a dump and chase team, you know, fetch and catch. I think DeBricnat just sings on any team, the ones that hold the puck as much as possible. I mean, choose your team around the NHL that's like that. I think the DeBrincat would be an outstanding addition. There'll be huge interest.
Elliotte: Absolutely. And like I'll say this, I don't know that this is where he's gonna end up going. But there's a lot of focus on those, like central area teams like, well I shouldn't say that because Detroit's not in the central but they're central ish. We'll call them that, central ish. Like Detroit St. Louis. Like, I had one guy say to me that that's a Doug Armstrong player. Like that's a guy that Doug Armstrong would want. So those are some of the teams that people are kind of focusing on but obviously I think there's a ton of interest
Marek:I kind of look at I kind of look at the Carolina Hurricanes.
Elliotte: Yeah, that's absolutely true. But the hurricanes to me seem like the kind of team that would rent him for a year. I don't know that they would sign him to what he's going to get in the free agent market.
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2023.06.07 19:48 shade_shifter21 School List Help and Advice

Hello! So I’m really trying to move out of state for med school to somewhere in the New England area, but I’d like a bit of help narrowing down a school list to under 20 schools with a good fit.
GPA: 4.0 state school
MCAT: 519
ORM, one gap year (will be employed as an EMT soon but not in time to go on primary apps)
Research: - 900 hrs, 3 poster presentations, 2 mid-author pubs in progress but not published yet
Non-clinical volunteering: - 250 hrs on the board of a non-profit - 20 hrs (so far) at a food bank - 60 hrs college department ambassador
Clinical volunteering: - 150 hrs clinical research - 100 hrs vaccine distribution site
Shadowing: - 50 hrs across 3 specialties
Extracurriculars: - 2000 hrs of marching band and other music ensembles
Current schools on my list, in a vague order of stat range (my apologies that I know none of the acronyms):
Slightly above my stat range:
Around my stat range:
Slightly below my stat range:
I’m trying to only need Casper, but otherwise am open to adding or removing schools as suggested. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.06.07 19:45 I_wassaying_boourns 1954 Topps Baseball SALE!

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2023.06.07 19:45 I_wassaying_boourns 1954 Topps Baseball SALE!

1954 Topps Baseball SALE!
I have a lot of twenty-two (22) cards from the 1954 Topps Baseball Card set. These cards are commons and a few semi-stars. Conditions vary between A-2 at the top end. Looking to sell the entire lot- $50 with priority shipping included. Thanks for looking!
Card #/ Name
8 Young
19 Lipon
26 Jablonski
115 Repulski
117 Hemus
122 Logan Jr
126 Wade
129 Jacobs
132 Lasorda
139 Jospeh/O’Brien
142 Poholsky
145 Valo
147 Riddle
208 Hatton Jr
210 Buhl
216 Sima
219 Kress
228 Hermanski
235 Law
237 Ryba
246 Fox
247 Mayo
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2023.06.07 19:45 plug_life Rumors around Firmino

“@TheAthletic reports that although there have been rumors of Bobby Firmino's fate including Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona, but it appears that MLS and St. Louis seem like a likely destination.”
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2023.06.07 19:42 CalvinballChamp2017 A look at Miami's schedule after Messi can join in July

The MLS transfer window opens on July 5th, and that is the first day Miami would be able to register Messi. These are all the guaranteed games that Miami will play after that date.
Date Day of Week Home Away Capacity Competition
8-Jul Saturday D.C. United Inter Miami 20000 MLS
15-Jul Saturday St. Louis City SC Inter Miami 22423 MLS
21-Jul Friday Inter Miami Cruz Azul 64767 Leagues Cup
25-Jul Tuesday Inter Miami Atlanta United FC 64767 Leagues Cup
23-Aug Wednesday Inter Miami Charlotte FC 64767 MLS
26-Aug Saturday New York Red Bulls Inter Miami 25000 MLS
30-Aug Wednesday Inter Miami Nashville SC 64767 MLS
3-Sep Sunday Los Angeles FC Inter Miami 22000 MLS
9-Sep Saturday Inter Miami Sporting Kansas City 64767 MLS
16-Sep Saturday Atlanta United FC Inter Miami 71000 MLS
20-Sep Wednesday Inter Miami Toronto FC 64767 MLS
24-Sep Sunday Orlando City SC Inter Miami 25500 MLS
30-Sep Saturday Inter Miami New York City FC 64767 MLS
4-Oct Wednesday Chicago Fire FC Inter Miami 61500 MLS
7-Oct Saturday Inter Miami FC Cincinnati 64767 MLS
21-Oct Saturday Charlotte FC Inter Miami 74479 MLS
If they win their USOC quarterfinal tonight against Birmingham, the semifinals are scheduled to be played on Aug 23 (so a game would have to move). There are another 5 possible games in the Leagues Cup, and another 1 if they win the USOC semifinal.
That is a potential total of 23 games over a period of 105 days for an average of a game every ~4.5 days. Messi has already played in 53 games for club and country since the start of the 2022 euro club season for an average of a game ever ~5.5 days.
You'll notice that I listed the home capacity for Miami as 64767 instead of the 18k that the temp venue in Ft. Lauderdale has. I firmly believe that Miami will move all their home games to Hard Rock Stadium (aka Dolphins Stadium) for two reasons:
  1. Miami isn't selling any single game tickets past July 1st.
  2. IMCF and the Dolphins only have 1 potential "overlap" on the schedule, so it almost looks like the facility schedule was built for this change. IMFC's last home game is on 10/7, and the Dolphins play at 1pm on 10/8. Atlanta flips the stadium over like that once or twice a year, so it can definitely be done.
Miami is also playing 3 of their last 4 away games in shared NFL/MLS stadiums, so the home teams will get a huge boost in ticket sales.
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2023.06.07 19:39 sweaty_palms44 After parties tonight

Anyone know anything fun going on after the show in St. Louis tonight? With the early curfew does anyone know anywhere fun with any music after the show?
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2023.06.07 19:36 dabaixada Thoughts? ML parlay with these 4 teams

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2023.06.07 19:32 Teaforreal Air quality in michigan . Its unfortunate that bikers are gonna get the worst of this. Drivers will be getting filtered air while just lighting the Earth on fire.

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2023.06.07 19:32 Afraid-Page-4191 Best carts/brands in MO/St Louis

Hi! I'm taking a vacation to St Louis (I'm from CA) and I'm curious to know what people consider the best carts! Looking on weedmaps I didn't see any Raw Garden, but I did see Select carts which I like. I'll be in St. Louis, so any shop recommendations would be awesome! Since I'm out of state I am recreational though.
Also, I will have access to a car, is it better to shop in MO or to cross to IL , price and quality wise?
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2023.06.07 19:32 DropWatcher new project 'Hood Hottest Princess' from St. Louis rapper Sexy Redd dropping on Friday – tracklist/cover art out now, features Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Tay Keith & Sukihana
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2023.06.07 19:31 ODSportsPicks MLB Parlay 6/7

MLB Parlay 6/7
Hit 3 of the last 4 Parlays, Let's go for another one today!
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2023.06.07 19:30 sugareeripple Estimated Prophets - 6/7 St. Louis

Estimated Prophets - 6/7 St. Louis
Another night, another show, another round of Estimated Prophets! Through 1/3 of the tour dates, our leader in the clubhouse only has 11 points! This is still anyone's contest. What two songs do you think the band will play tonight?
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2023.06.07 19:27 jaybeans21 MLB expansion with new divisions

I'm about to start a new OOTP game when I started thinking that I wanted to play in a greatly expanded MLB structure and have it where divisions are based on specific locations rather than the vague east, central, and west.
Another goal was to add a little more international flair by including two new teams from Canada and starting two new Mexican teams.
A caveat is that I tried to make it so that cities didn't have two teams (like say New York or Chicago) but kept teams if they played in nearby towns (like Baltimore / Washington DC or San Francisco / Oakland).
So, here's my working list so far:

Eastern Conference

East Division
North Division
Mid-Atlantic Division
Southeast Division
Gulf Division

Western Conference

Midwest Division
Central Division
Pacific Division
West Division
Southwest Division
So those are my divisions. Take a look and let me know what you think, and if there's any cities you'd have added!
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2023.06.07 19:25 transcribersofreddit BrandNewSentence Image "There goes old Dave, stealing a from a donation box at the Dairy Queen drive through with a rake again."

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2023.06.07 19:24 Forsaken_Seaweed_166 Rabbit

Looking for rabbit meat cutlets for a dish. Any idea of where can I find some in St Louis?
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