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Near Eastern Biblical Archaeology

2008.08.02 20:28 Near Eastern Biblical Archaeology

Subreddit dedicated to Near Eastern Syrio-Palestinian (sometimes also called "Biblical") Archaeology, especially during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

2015.12.29 09:00 SBookman Great Works by Obscure Contemporary Composers

This subreddit features nearly 300 excellent contemporary works of classical music by composers obscure, little-known, and perhaps unknown. Submissions should never be Romantic, dreamy, moody, sweet, or calming, but stirring and powerful, challenging and daring, even whistleable, able to be carried in the head away. Please nothing obvious like Glass and Adams, etc, and nothing, (in the old-fashioned sense), 'unmusical', such as by Lachenmann, Scelsi, Nono, Einaudi, etc. Thank you.

2013.08.07 22:53 East Hampton, CT

East Hampton is a town in Middlesex County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 12,959 at the 2010 census. The town center village is listed as a census-designated place (CDP). East Hampton includes the villages of Cobalt, Middle Haddam, and Lake Pocotopaug.

2023.03.29 10:54 freshbaskit1 Online Fruit Delivery Service In Mohali

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2023.03.29 10:54 ChibiKV2XD Looking for new Rp Partners Interested in Origional story's, Long-term preffered [DISCORD]

As the title suggests I'm looking to find some new rp partners, my schedule is more open now and I'm hoping to be able to find someone interested in something long-term
A bit about me; I'm F 25 based in Australia, I'm happy to rp with people from across the world as long as they're fine with the time zone differences between us. I am a native English speaker.
I work part-time and work from home so i have plenty of time available to rp. Generally i will respond throughout the day and even occasionally when i'p at work. I would consider myself highly literate and would prefer someone who is able to keep up detail/length wise, who is willing to discuss ideas as we progress in the Rp itself. (preference for 3-6 paragraphs average not including slow scenes)
I'm not against OOC chats, and I do a lot of the time like to discuss potential plot points and lore of our rp even in times where we may not be 100% up to rp, but want to just chat!
I'm looking for someone who is relatively active and detailed, happy to have a chat but can at minimum make one or two posts a day etc. though obviously I would prefer more but I am chill about it. My main thing is I want a partner who is willing to actually put into the story and isn't just along for the ride.
As a side note for my own sanity, please be over 18, note preference for characters is 25-40). Self OCS/anime ocs need not apply
I prefer a partner who is more than comfortable playing more than one character at a time if necessary, swapping characters from time to time if the story goes that way.
i am mostly interested in Military, War, wwll & Cold war Alt History prompts. I have a range of prompts ready to go based on my own original writings/characters/concepts I do also tend to dabble in Apoc, Fantasy etc but not nearly as much (Fantasy the least tbh)
If you have an idea or if we want to kind of work on something together feel free to reach out! Though I do tend to be picky I'm sure we can reach an agreement.
If you'd like to dm me please do so and introduce yourself!
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2023.03.29 10:53 maherharp Chance Junior aiming for top universities for computer science or applied mathematics

Demographics: Male, Caucasian(Middle Eastern), Michigan, Public Magnet High School, Suburban, Low Middle Class (Low income for some colleges)
Intended Major(s): Computer Science or Applied Mathematics (depends on which major I would most likely get in with because computer science is very competitive)
ACT/SAT/SAT II: Don't have one yet but have been doing practice tests with 1530+, so rn assume Test-Optional please (worst case scenario)
UW/W GPA and Rank: UW: 4.0/4.0, W: 4.87/5.0, Class Rank: 1/330
Coursework: 17 AP Classes (Took all offered at school), 4 Dual Enrollment Courses
9th: AP USH (3), AP HUG(4), Algebra 2, Health/Wellness, Biology, Spanish 3, English 10
Summer: Pre-Calculus @ local community college
10th: AP CALC AB (5), AP STATS (4), AP ES (4), AP WH(4), AP LANG(3), Honors Chemistry
11th: Dual Enrollment courses - CIS-100 and Elementary Spanish I, AP CALC BC, AP CHEM, AP GOV, AP CAPSTONE SEMINAR, AP ECON (MACRO/MICRO)
Summer: Calculus 3 @ local community college ~~~if not accepted into summer program
12th: AP BIO, AP PHYSICS 1, AP LITERATURE, AP CAPSTONE RESEARCH, AP PSYCHOLOGY, Dual Enrollment courses - Calculus 3 (if not summer) and Linear Algebra [if i do take calculus 3 in the summer then linear algebra and differential equations]
  1. 2022 Congressional App Challenge: Programmed an app about the future of AI/ML and was invited to U.S. Congress to present app
  2. FIRST Robotics: District 2021 Impact Award, District 2023 Impact Award, District 2022 Engineering Inspiration Award, State 2022 Engineering Inspiration Award, First-Time World Championship Qualifier
  3. 2x GLOBE IVSS Symposium 4-Stars, Top 1% of Research Papers submitted (international)
  4. AP Scholar with Distinction
  5. Tennis: 4x District Gold Medal, Rookie All Star, Coach's Award, 4x All-Conference Award
  6. idk lol im lacking
Extracurriculars: Include leadership & summer activities
  1. GLOBE Research: 2x published research; Added Atmospheric Arduino Sensors (particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ultraviolet light, and sound) onto NASA-sponsored; 2 year long project with 2 research papers.
  2. FIRST Robotics: Lead Programmer; Programmed the drive and autonomous period; First-Time World Qualifier
  3. Class President: 4 years; organized city-wide parades, homecoming, snow-coming, and senior prom; raised over $15,000 through fundraising
  4. National Honor Society: Parliamentarian (11) -> managed school courtyards and organized school-wide pink out and blue out raising a combined total of $14,000; Vice President (12) will be organizing community-wide blood drives and awards for 100+ members
  5. Key Club: Co-Founder; Media Director (10) -> created club website through HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT; Secretary (11) -> handled all members attendance and hours; Vice President (12) -> organized district-wide events with multiple service projects
  6. Science Club: President (12) -> created 5 student-led research groups; organized science equipment; helped groups on scientific procedures; raised funding for 10+ symposiums
  7. Varsity Tennis: Team Captain (11-12) -> 4-year varsity; lead team practices and drills; 1 Singles
  8. Independent Research Project: Emotion Detection through Euclidean distances on facial features; published; through summer program of Inspirit AI
  9. Community Religious Organization: Organized city-wide events with 50,000+ participants; (i don't wanna say the stuff bc i don't wanna dox)
  10. Independent Research Project: ChatGPT accuracy on different levels of difficulty of 5th grade subjects; published
  11. (for uc applications) Watershed Committee; Organized community-wide events to rehabilitate rain gardens
Personal Statement: don't know because I didn't write it yet but aiming for 10/10 :)))
Assuming from past applicants
APES TeacheResearch Advisor : 10/10. She is the best person in the world. She is the only reason why I am on this Earth, truthfully. Our relationship is amazing. She is known for amazing letter of recs in the past.
AP CHEM/Honors Chem: 7/10. Had for 2 years. Have a good student-teacher relationship. She allows use to basically 'write' our own but she changes it drastically because of FERPA
Counselor: 7/10. She uses the same format of letter of rec for every other student she has so there really isn't that much diversity. But, I am talking to her more to make sure my story really comes across.
AP Calculus AB/BC: 6/10. Had for 2 years. Was a sophomore taking ab and junior taking bc so I tried to engage myself in the classroom more with him. We have a good student-teacher relationship. Although he writes his letters of rec in under 2 hours (...LMAO) ik this from past students.
Schools: List of colleges, ED/EA/RD, etc
University of Michigan -Ann Arbor (in-state)
Georgia Tech
Michigan State University
...more local/state universities
Harvard University
All ivies
All UCs
Carnegie Mellon University

I am only a junior so I have a long way to go. Genuinely, please chance me. I know people with better stats than me and get rejected hardcore. My AP scores are lacking big time so I am studying hard to hopefully get all 5s. Similarly for my Awards, does anybody have any advice to receive awards that are computer science base? Because all of them that I find are coding competitions and unfortunately i suck at those (trauma from 9th grade USACO training). Also, ik the SAT is weighted much more from the past years as TO applicants rise so having a good score makes your stand out more, that is my goal.
I will be deleting this post later today. Thank you.
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2023.03.29 10:53 joynovel Abused Mate

Chapter 2 Book 1 Chapter 2—
I watched the angel walk away.
Did she feel that too? Is that why we couldn't look away from one another?
I, Chris Wayne, for once was totally flabbergasted.
"Chris are you on your way?"
My father's voice rang through my head.
"Yes father" I mind linked back.
A perk of being a werewolf.
If you didn't count also being extremely attractive.
I shook my head to clear the image of the dark haired angel from my head.
I had bigger problems.
A rogue had entered our property today.
I jumped in my Bentley then made my way to the pack house that was located in the middle of Moonlight Woods.
It was the place the Alpha, my father, Dwayne and my mother, the Luna Nicki lived and the Beta and his family lived.
It was a very peaceful place most of the time...unless a rogue trespassed on our territory.
Then it was game on!
Wolves were known to be very territorial, and with the weight of being the next Alpha in the next few months I was all the more protective of his pack.
My father had mind linked me during class and I had been distracted when I had ran into...I frowned as I tried to remember if the angel had said her name.
No she hadn't, I realized. And she didn't look familiar, was she new?
She was beautiful though, with strange golden silvery eyes and long curly black hair. She was tan and had thick beautiful lips meant to be kissed.
My Mate.
My beautiful Mate.
I had felt the instant connection once our fingers touched.
It was how you found your Mate.
Skin to skin contact, along with electricity coursing through your body.
I'm sure that the electrical current had been felt by all of my pack, which happened when the Beta or Alpha found their Mate. Of course no one would ask unless I personally told them.
I swerved as I almost crashed into a blue sedan, due to my wandering thoughts.
I cursed as I shook my head to clear it.
The pack house came into view and so did the large group of men in front.
I jumped out and stalked to my father's side.
My father was angry, and I understood him.
A rogue was nothing to play with, who knows why he had left his previous pack.
The rouge before them was actually not a full grown man.
He looked around my age actually. He wore a black shirt, dirty jeans and tattered black boots. His blonde hair was sticking out in all places and he had bright green eyes.
Maybe in college then?
The rest of him didnt look better. He had long scratches down his face, chest and legs that had dried up blood.
Guess the pack got to him first. My father gave me a look before turning to the young rogue.
"You do know you tresspassed on my territory and I could have you killed, dont you pup?" Dwayne said in his alpha voice.
The pup stood his ground, seemingly unaffected by my father's alpha voice.
My eyes flickered to my father in surprise. Was he...?
The rouge nodded at my unanswered question.
"My name is Tyler Bay, future Alpha of the Midnight Pack a few miles away from here. My pack was attacked unexpectantly late last night.... I managed to escape..but my entire pack was annihilated...."
Chris :
We entered my father's study to come up with a strategic plan.
With the help of myself, my future Beta Don and his father the current Beta Mike McMathew, my father finally decided on a solution.
Tyler sat in a seat, listening to us.
I would give him weary glances once in a while, thinking that no one should be going through this.
"We'll send Sean Paul and Frankie Hoss, our best trackers to go to your property to check things out. " My Dad said to Tyler.
He nodded his eyes dull and lifeless.
It was silent for a few minutes.
"We were totally caught off gaurd " He finally said.
We looked at him, waiting patiently .
"We were celebrating my younger brother, Matt's marriage to his Mate Kelley . Every one was happy, dancing and all of a sudden we're surrounded by these rogues...."
He swallowed convulsively before continuing.
"Clothes shred as my men shifted, protecting their Mates and siblings and pack. But not me, my gaurds forced me out the pack house. All I could do was mind link my father. He told me to leave, that he would take care of everyone . Above all he's my Alpha, and I had to listen. A few miles away, I told my gaurds to return . They should've been here by now..."
Tyler's eyes had become glassy and he kept clenching and unclenching his jaw.
"Son show Tyler to a bedroom, and with a change of clothes please. "
"Yes father" I bowed my head " Beta, Don I'll see you tomorrow. "
I led Tyler to a room, then went in search for clothes. When I drop them off I close my eyes in agony, he was sobbing in the shower.
I vowed these assholes would pay, no one should go through this!
I exited just as my father linked me to run a few rounds.
I ran till 11, not physically exhausted but mentally.
"Go on to bed Chris, you have school tomorrow " My father mind linked " We'll keep a look out for the gaurds, but either they're gone or captured."
"I agree father, good night" I climbed up the stairs and into bed.
I dreamt of my Mate, and I vowed I would find her tomorrow.
I cursed as I pulled up to my house.
His Charger was parked out front.
I checked my ipod, 6:34.
He got off of work at 6 .
I opened my door as silently as possible and closed it, silently praying that maybe he had stayed later than usual.
I had taken a few steps before a large figure loomed out of the living room.
"Where the fuck have you been?" He screamed.
Veins were bulging from his neck and forehead.
By instinct I took a step back.
"I....ummm.... I.." I stuttered over my words, fear immobilizing me.
"Don't try lying bitch! My food wasn't made and you know I hate that!" He screamed storming up to me.
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2023.03.29 10:51 AI0 reddit performed action `removelink`

Target User: u/SirPotatorito
URL: /Twittecomments/125hs0j/im_17_twitte
Title: I'm 17 twitter...
Twitter baited me into entering my birthday, April of 2005 btw and I (foolish mistake) did so because I thought it would be nice getting a Happy Bday! message or something, instead I got a swift ban because I'm under 13? Did Elon code the age calculation bit? Also what's with the change on FYP taking place from thr 15th of April? I want to see my memes man...
I sent a ticket with my Jordanian ID, hope the suspension is lifted because I was in the middle of a little trolling session.
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2023.03.29 10:50 TomatilloFlaky5394 Feeling bad emotionally, frustrated with myself and spouse.

We're both in our early 30s. Together 13 years, married for 8 of them.
Basically I'm frustrated by feeling like I have to parent my spouse and then feeling annoyed at myself for being annoyed. Sometimes I think I'm just a demanding, irritable person who shouldn't be in a relationship with anyone. I get annoyed because I feel like I have to manage the house alone. His one thing is that he's supposed to cook and I do everything else. Two or three nights a week is take out(pizza usually), another is chicken nuggets or hamburgers or hot dogs, another is 'make whatever yourself'....it boils down to like 1 or 2 non junk food meals per week. I tried looking up new recipes he might like, but he has no interest in them. I tried offering to take over cooking but he said no to that, too.
He never knows where anything is, if we have it, or where to get it if we don't. I sweep nearly every day. I'd ask him to lift his feet so I could sweep under the couch or desk sometimes if he was sitting there. Recently, he asked if we owned a broom. He seemed to genuinely not know. This sort of thing happens all the time. Do we have x? Where is y thing that you have told me where it is several times now? He got irritated with me once for putting the new vegetables beneath the older veg that should be eaten first, claiming I 'hid them' and made him 'forget to use them' in some food he was making. It's like I'm a storage account for him to deposit tedious shit into so that he can withdraw it whenever and not have to be bothered himself.
I tried the 'stop doing things for him' thing for awhile but it just doesn't work on someone so intensely oblivious. We had pizza. He ate the last slice. The empty box sat around our house for 3 months before I got fed up and tossed it. I did the communication thing. Please pick up after yourself. Didn't mention the 3 month old pizza box, didn't want to make him feel bad. Things get a little better for awhile, the empty jar of whatever will sit to be cleaned out for a week now instead of longer, etc. Baby steps I guess, until it goes back to the way it was. He just feels thoughtless. If I don't tell him every little thing, it's my fault, he shouldn't have to just remember stuff for himself.
It's also hard to have any serious, intimate conversation. I'm not saying we need to talk about our feelings daily or something but like I made a comment about the sunset being beautiful, he doesn't have to care, but does he have to make a stupid goofy face instead of just being like 'yeah nice whatev'. Does he have to go on rants about how boring everyone is for liking xyz hobby or movie or music or whatever so that I never want to share anything about myself or interests with him again? Does he have to make mocking(they are jokes and i get it and maybe im just sensitive) remarks about what I'm doing while I research for school work? When I try to ask him something serious does he have to just deflect with a joke even when I'm begging him for a serious answer? When I watch a comfort movie that I used to watch with my recently dead grandma does he have to mock the movie? Like not even me making him sit and watch it with me, just me watching it on my own and he can't help but make some remark. I don't expect him to like everything I like, and I'm not going to be mad if he says "I don't like that thing". But I do feel pretty shitty when he has to make actively mocking comments about it. It's his way of joking so I know he probably doesn't mean ill will but it's also just like exhausting. I'm tired. I don't want negative, mean joking anymore, I don't care if this makes me humorless or frigid or whatever, I'm just tired. I feel suffocated inside myself because sharing something just makes it a target for jokes.
He doesn't even listen to me half the time I'm talking anyway. I was trying to have a conversation with him over lunch. In the middle of it he disrupted me to point out something some birds outside were doing. He apologized and I'd forgotten what I was saying at first, and I asked, "What was I saying". As I asked, I was starting to remember and pick up my train of thought again but then he said, "Uh....I don't know. Something about *vaguely related keyword to the topic I was on about*? I don't know." So I just pretended I'd forgotten altogether and let it drop. I get this can happen, I'm not trying to be upset about a one time thing. But this happens all the time to the point that I just don't want to talk to him anymore. I don't feel listened to because he's so eager to just make a joke or something. Even when I'm asking him to do or remember something, I don't hear "Okay," and then a joke, it's always just a joke. I just want to feel heard and understood!! It's extra annoying because those very things I'm asking you to do, you don't do them because you were so busy joking you forgot I asked about them!
This has probably made me less interested in sex too. I think a lot of it has to do with a medication I'm taking, because I did genuinely have a harder time with sex once I started taking it. But now I wonder how much of it has to do with my frustrations with him. I kept refusing him, more irritably than I should have admittedly, and it finally blew up. So I tried giving him oral more often, but he wanted sex. I told him I thought the medication was making me have a low sex drive, and that I just didn't want sex. I didn't want him to think it was his fault. I felt guilty, so I said I'd do it for him anyway if that was what he wanted. He did and I think I messed everything up permanently because now I'm repulsed by sex. Not with him, with anyone, ever. At first he was grateful. I try hard to orgasm every time because he was unhappy if I didn't, and I still can't manage it 100% of the time. Then it turned back into a problem, he said he saw me cringe sometimes while we did it and that this made him unhappy and feel like I was doing this out of obligation. I apologized but internally felt so dead. Like yes, it is an obligation, I explained this to you, I said I do not want this, I'm doing this FOR YOU and you AGREED that was what you wanted and now it's still not enough?!!? You notice me cringing and crying and still get off and somehow I'm the one apologizing at the end?!? I mean I get it, sex is important, getting none is a dealbreaker so I'm trying, but what am I supposed to do? How do you talk to someone who never seems to remember or listen to what you are saying to them?
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2023.03.29 10:50 imin_distress Had a bad experience on a private bus in Idukki

I 21f was travelling back after an exam from college. This bus was really crowded and I was standing next to where two men were sitting on a seat reserved for women. The one near the window was scrolling through his phone and then the other man got down at one stop. The man scrolling in his phone looked around 50-60 years old which is same as my dad, so I sat next to him. He was scrolling through his phone with his right hand and his elbow was touching my hip bone. I felt uncomfortable and tried to scoot away a little bit but now he kept digging into my hip bone(not grazing but digging with force). I got really uncomfortable and stood up and moved away from and suddenly one ammooma sat on the same seat. All these things happened under the span of 3 minutes and I was genuinely confused and thought I was making it all up in my mind because that man looked to be around my dad's age and I did not expect it. Later I noticed that he was infact staring at me even after I moved away from there and also he was still scrolling through his phone but his elbows were far away from that ammooma (his elbow wasn't even near her and same was the case when the other man was sitting next to him). I earlier saw him looking at my breast area and I foolishly thought that he was looking at my id card.
I have noticed that women here do not sit next to men if the seat was vacant but I always thought that we shouldn't demonize a whole gender because of some people and would always sit down if a seat was vacant. I've never had such an experience and didn't give it much thought.
I dont know if it constitutes as something sexual but the only thing I know is that I felt really uncomfortable. I cannot stop crying now. I feel so disgusted and humiliating.
I feel so ashamed for not responding at the right time and I wanted give him the benefit of doubt but he just kept staring at me until i g9t down at my stop and after that I thought that nobody would even beleive me if I responded then. I was so confused and couldn't believe something like this would happen to me.
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2023.03.29 10:50 Throwwayy_FavKIdd I don't want to go to college.

I'm graduating high school soon. I have fairly high grades, only having one grade below a B, (Its a B- so who cares anyways), and its always been this way. Even before letter grades were given to me, I was told I was "Gifted". That I was smart, insanely attentive, and had a drive to do just about anything. In middle school, I joined AVID, and college options started getting shoved down my throat.
"This college offers amazing law programs!"
"This college is close, and not as expensive as XYZ college!"
"Go here and you'll be paid more as a doctor in prospect!"
But.. why is that all they seem to care about? I know high schools get cool kid points for the more college enrollments they spit out, but... did any of these teachers ever stop to look at what I was actually doing all this time?
I draw. I bake. I sing. I don't want to prove a murderer guilty, I don't wanna look at peoples hearts and tell their families they wont live past 50, I wanna put a stupid Pikachu drawing on a cake and sell it to five year old's parents for their kids birthday. I wanna wake up at 3 am, excited to put 15 batches of baked goods into an oven. I wanna sketch out waffle designs and put up decorations in my own Bakery that I worked to buy and achieve. But any time I tell a teacher or counselor, they look at me with distain, almost, and always ask;
"But what about XYZ college?"
"What about the A-G track? Why not reconsider college again?"
"You're so much smarter than that, (Name), do better than baking. That's a hobby."
Im so done with education. I received back my state test scores last week, prior to spring, and along with them came a note from my counselor saying. "Congratulations for receiving the HIGHEST Language and Reading comprehensive score amongst your grade! Cant wait to see what the future holds!"
I never responded. Maybe I'll bring her a cupcake I frosted before writing this. They came out better than my entire education did.
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2023.03.29 10:49 AloneInTheWhole [LTR] 25 [M4F] #Europe/Online - 🛎️ A strong woman is needed at the reception 🛎️

It's hard to find your soulmate in the mass, your needle in the haystack. 🌾

How can you stand out enough for your better half to recognize you? Most conversations stop in the middle, without either party starting it up again. I'm a firm believer in the adage that opposites attract, that complementing each other is what balances us out. So I did my critical assessment: I am sweet, a bookworm, I lack confidence, I like flowers. A strong, confident, manual, athletic woman is therefore required at the reception.
Of course this ad is to be taken at an n+1 degree, it is not a shopping list. I don't have precise criteria and I remain open to any note that could be in harmony🎶 with me. However, I am only looking for something serious and romantic, nothing short term or sexual please (I know, I know, sorry ladies).
Let's take the time.
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2023.03.29 10:49 BigT404 Anyone want to be friends? 15M

Hi! I want to make some new friends either online or maybe in real life.
I am a 15 year old boy. My hobbies are:- Listening to music- Riding my bike- Drawing- Playing Minecraft- Playing with my dog
I live near Melbourne, Australia (very close to the city, about a 25-minute ride).
DM me if you are interested
I also play the Double Bass
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2023.03.29 10:49 colombianbastard Cancelled and rebooked

Cancelled and rebooked
My flight from LAS to ATL got cancelled. I had a window seat in the first row of Main. Now I got rebooked without an assigned seat and the app won’t even give me a boarding pass or tell me the boarding time. Only seats available in new flight are a middle seats in the back of the plane and a middle seat in the back emergency row (no recline). Phone rep. claims I have to talk to check in staff for help on seat assignment and/or get seat assigned at gate. I just want a window seat and a boarding pass. Do I ask for the last seat in first class? Or Comfort+? Help! I have never had to deal with this.
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2023.03.29 10:49 TheInsane42 Why comes the default Linux image without swap?

I just created an account friday (and then found the group, shame for the 20 euro discount ;) ) and made 2 CX11 hosts to replace my 1 1G 1 CPU host I have with another VPS provider. One host will be the main host with DNS, web and email (alas, outgoing temporarily with the old host as relay to bypass the port 25 blockage), the other secondary DNS, as the old provider decided to kill off the old fully dns secondaries for clients and replace them with limited ones that ignore notifies (which makes them useless for DNSSEC setups).
The old host was near idle (max 0.1 load), however, the new main host was lagging like crazy and had loads of well over 10 with almost no traffic what so ever. I upgraded the amount of CPU's to 2 (changing to CPX11) and got the load around 4 with peaks of 8 when I noticed the systems came without a swap...
This is how the load graph looks pore and post swap addition:
Load graph pre and post swap
Before I added the swap, the system was battering the disk for data, which after adding the swap, was dumped in memory and totally ignored afterwards. Before swap the 2G memory was nearly full, after adding 4G swap the swap is filled about 1.7G and never accessed again and memory usage is about 350 MB.
Any idea why the default Hetzner image (Debian 11 in this case) comes without swap? Apart from commercial (they can sell 4G+ vms to 'fix performance') I can't think of a reason, as swap in my case is filled once and almost never accessed. (pre swap almost permanent 100-400 MB reads, after swap addition it's about 10-20k reads when I see traffic on the disk at all, but it's idle 99% of the time)
Having a base image that doesn't batter the disks seems to me to be more beneficial to the provider then one that does, even if it results in more memory sales.
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2023.03.29 10:48 Zuperduper09 my Breath of the Wild theory

Link is dead, or dreaming.
lol ok lets backup. im pretty sure being in heaven or being in a dream is the laziest way to write an anything, but for breath of the wild...it makes a lot more sense than you would think.
originally what caught my attention was the fact that there are a lot of similarities between skyward sword and botw. namely, the hylian shield design is the same, the master sword is the same, (some could say that its the same as twilight princess too, but the twilight princess one is a darker shade of purple and has golden around the golden gem on the hilt so its technically different) and I thought that well maybe that means botw is somewhere near skyward sword, but then I started thinking more about it. the mirror of twilight, the yellow striped at, (yes i watched a lot of game theory) and the references to each different timeline. matpat said that its because of hyrule warriors, which connected all the universes, but the developers said that game isn't canon and I happen to be a stubborn little brat, so im not gonna explain it away with hyrule warriors like game theory did. no, my theory is that link is dead or dreaming, and somehow accessed the memories of all the different past versions of himself. but I'll get to the specifics of that later.
now, the main and obvious reason that I think this is because, well, it has references to each timeline. thats pretty much it. but looking closer, there are a few very specific details that were chosen.
throughout the game, the hylian shield and the master sword, link's two most familiar tools, have their designs from skyward sword. considering its at the end of the timeline, which is objectively the farthest away from skyward sword as possible, that seems kinda weird. like after thousands of years, they just changed to their original form? no, something must have happened. one other smaller detail relating to skyward sword is that the language on some of the signs is the same as the skyward sword era.
now, lets look at some other facts: the rito and the zora are both alive in this game, but seperatly, even tho the rito were suppose to be the descendants of the zora. how is that possible? never explained. how about calamity ganon? where did it come from? they tell the story of it, and how it appeared, but not how. they don't specify on ganondorf or who created calamity ganon, he just sort of appeared.

all of these things can be explained with a few different theories that are all vaguely similar to one another.
1: Link is dreaming. link got real tired from his last adventure and as he fell asleep, he accidentally gained access to all the memories of all his past incarnations, and their adventures. everything that any link ever has ever known was crammed into this huge dreamworld for link to explore. calamity ganon is the incarnation of the nightmare part of all of link. ganon has been seen by multiple links a lot, and when combined, only share one similarity: they are formed out of pure evil, and therefore thats how he is depicted in this dream sequence. this can also explain why the rito are there, the zora are there, and the references to skyward sword. and TOTK looks like it could be going along with this too, seeing as the next part of this dreamland revolves around him flying up into the sky, like what happened when hyrule was lifted into the sky.
one more small detail, is that Impa is there. demise in skyward sword said that he would cast a magic so that the three that represent the triforce pieces would be reincarnated again and again and again, and yet another recurring character is impa. (i know there are other recurring characters, but ill get to that in a different post) and impa, in botw, is depicted as incredibly old. now, link, throughout all his journeys, has seen impa as one thing more than anything else: fragile and old. so if link were to be dreaming and his mind was searching through memories, what would be the most likely thing for his brain to comprehend? an old, fragile impa.

2: Link died. there are two possible theories that spin off from this one theory:
link died, and is now having flashbacks of all his memories before he gets reincarnated again OR...
that link died for the last time, and succesfully reset the timeline.
now, hear me out. similar to the dream timeline, my theory is that all these different memories from other links are being jumbled into one world--but for a different reason. for some reason, the three spirits of the triforce lost their sense of creativity--and decided that as they are forced to reincarnate over and over again, (because of demise's magic thingie) that they decided to reset the timeline and recreate all the events over again, except, nothing went as planned. BOTW is the limbo, the in-between of a new hyrule being created. everything from the past timelines were brought right here and formed into one big world, which recreated hyrule in a very different way from what it had planned. so link was dropped into this world by accident while skyward sword was being recreated, and now, TOTK is the reset version of skyward sword, mostly referenced by the fact that there are now islands being lifted into the sky. of course TOTK hasn't been released yet so it may destroy my whole theory, but this is what i've got.

two other things I forgot to mention, starting with the first: the technology.
for both the death timeline and he dream timeline, the tech has gone crazy. the legend of zelda game series is about fantasy, and suddenly out of nowhere technology starts to become a huge part of the game starting with botw? now, in past games there have been other, smaller technological innovations, but nothing as big as giant robot animals that shoot lasers. for the dream timeline, Link's memories of diffewrent technological pieces all crammed together to create new technologies never before thought of, and were brought into the dreamworld not seperate, but not fused together. for the death timeline, well, its kinda the same thing: all the technology from the previous games and timelines were brought here altogether instead of seperate from one another, and the gods or whatever kept it in the world as it restarted with TOTK (aka the new Skyward sword)
the second thing I wanna mention is amiibos:
now this is a really stupid thing to bring up, but literally every amiibo item you get, including costumes and armor from previous games, and even wolf link and epona, can all be explained in both the dream theory or the death theory. and its basically the same way you explain technology and everything else. the amiibo stuff is all from other timelines and games, and therefore the memories brought it back. this works for the DLC too, because there is a lot of stuff from that (for example tingle armor, the phantom knight thingie, the purple bunny thing) all come from previous games, previous memories, ETC. ETC.

now, I know this theory is so, so far out and so, so far fetched, but I have been trying for a long time to fit the pieces together on breath of the wild, because it goes in all different directions. Thank you for reading this far, I am but a child on the internet who enjoys this game series, and I hope you enjoy my theory concepts.
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2023.03.29 10:45 Duck_Dye I hate my sister for playing "victim middle child"

This is more or less a vent or whatever. I'm 14 M and my sister 20, is the middle child while I'm the youngest, my parents were awful to everyone throughout my entire childhood, but she acts like they only treated her like that and if any of us express what happened to us she dismisses it because "either way they hated me more for being the middle child" Also she takes credit for "raising" me (I get that some older siblings are forced to raise they're younger siblings and that's horrible but that wasn't the situation) when the only thing she ever did was beat the shit out of me and scream about how it's better that I'm neglected by our parents rather than abused by them (my dad has smaked me for no reason but idk if I'd call that abuse) and I taught myself for to read and write. I wasn't even allowed to go to school because my mom homeschooled me but without the school and just locked me up in my house until like 6th grade
But seeing her gives me shivers. I'm terrified of her and sometimes just being never her or thinking of all the ways she used to hurt me makes me want to die. Yet my mom still lets her live in our house, I'm scared of her and idk what to do. I try to avoid her by leaving the house but than I get introuble for leaving the house without my mom's primetion, but if I ask for it than she'll say that I need to just get along with my sister
She doesn't just want to be a victim, she wants to be the only victim, and she'll hate anyone else who isn't another middle child who dares also be traumatized
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2023.03.29 10:43 CrackedyHere Current State of the mongol only Challenge

Current State of the mongol only Challenge
So roughly 2 weeks ago while casting on EGCTV we threw in this challenge for if we reached 400+ Subs that weekend i'd play mongols only until top 10.
Still far away from top 10
I got up to #21 but there are so many smurfs in high Elo it makes it a really long grind :O
not like this :(
I have now played more mongols than china games this patch.

I'm gonna keep trying for the rest of the Season but i gotta say mongols are taking their toll on me.
I wake up in the middle of the night screaming to the ear shattering sound of intense throat singing in my head and a voice telling me "Do not trade, do not towerrush, just add more TCs it will be fine Kappa".
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2023.03.29 10:43 Xiazn Wearing Mum's office blouse

Wearing Mum's office blouse
I paired my mum's white blouse with a mini skirt and my docs. I got compliments for them at school!
I usually always decline my mum's offers to lend me her clothes, but I never realised how cute this one is. I really like the lace cut out in the middle—it's kind of spicy and helps me stay cool in the hot weather. The collar is also really cute! Too bad my hair is covering it. The long sleeves are balanced out by a lot of leg shown. Overall, I think the fit has really cute academia vibes :-))
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2023.03.29 10:43 BaktusBror Trying to pick up this hobby but there's a whole lot of hurdles

This is a very long post, detailing my experience trying to pick up Warhammer as a hobby.

When I was a child I had a couple of boxes of Warhammer Fantasy models, some paints and even some terrain. I never played the game but I was fascinated by the models. Unfortunately, at some point it all ended up in a box that never got opened again.
But lately I've been playing a lot of Total War: Warhammer, and that same excitement I felt over Warhammer when I was a kid, was abruptly reignited. And I decided, mostly on a whim, to pick up the hobby. So where do I even start?
The obvious first step was to decide between 40.000 and Age of Sigmar. And I quickly settled on AoS, purely based on the aesthetics. I know nothing about the lore, nor am I very interested - it's just that the fantasy setting has always been more appealing to me than a sci-fi one. I should also mention that actually playing the game is of little to no interest to me - I might play a few games with friends and family if I ever get to the stage where I have two complete armies, but the process of building and painting them is what actually interests me.
Next step was to pick an army... So I ended up on the GW website. I navigated to the AoS section, and checked the "Starter-Kits" box, but I realized that not all armies have one of these, so that wasn't an option. Then I instead checked all boxes for each of the armies/factions, and had a look. During this process I continuously un-checked the boxes for the armies that wasn't appealing to me. And after a little while I ended up with a list of four potential candidates:
Then I repeated the process trying to eliminate them one by one. The only one I managed to remove from my list were the Ogor Mawtribes, after realizing that the only aspect I enjoyed about them were the mammoths (I mean, they're really cool...). So then I had a list of three, but I couldn't eliminate one, they were all equally cool in their own right.
What I ended up doing was looking at the boxes for each faction, trying to do some napkin math to figure out which one had the most bang for my buck, also taking in coolness factor. And after a couple of hours I not only had picked an army, but a specific box I wanted. The only problem was that this box was out of commission, but luckily I found it on a website in my country, and it was even a tad cheaper than the current Vanguard variant. "Start Collecting! Skaven Pestilens" ended up being my box of choice. And I immediately ordered it.
Total: $67
Okay great! What else do I need? Well, I obviously need paints, so lets start there...
During my drooling on the GW website I had noticed that the boxes all had a list of paints you need in the description. One problem - since the box I had chosen was out of commission it wasn't on their website... I tried searching everywhere for the list of paints to no avail, I even tried using the wayback machine, attempting to find a snapshot that included the box, but no luck. I eventually figured out that I could look up each of the units included in my box, all of which was on their site! First paint I need - Gun Metal.
I went to my chosen retailers website and searched for Gun Metal - but no results... That's odd I thought, but oh well, maybe they don't have that one. I tried the next one, Parchment. Same thing there, and with the next one. I found out after clicking on one that these were actually consisting of multiple paints - Gun Metal was actually Leadbelcher and Nuln Oil. This was worrisome, how many paints will I need? Only one way to find out - I added all the ones I needed into my cart, which ended up being 19 or 20 different paints. And that was just for "Battle Ready" (I'm still not totally sure what this means, but my guess is that "Parade Ready" is an extra step to make the minis look even better). Next I added the ones I needed for "Parade Ready" as well, but noticing the total price I quickly went back to just the "Battle Ready" ones. All of the paints I needed were nearly twice the price of the actual minis, which took me by surprise.
Total: $182
Okay what else do I need? I watched a few videos and read some articles, and made myself a list:
Oh no... Okay lets just add everything to my cart...
First I had to do some research on brushes, since I have no prior experience. A common consensus amongst the creators of the videos I watched and articles I read was that the Army Painters Most Wanted set is an excellent starting point. It includes a regular brush, fine detail brush and a dry-brush (I had to research what that last one actually meant). I found a relatively cheap toolkit that included a cutting mat, clippers, file and knife with some spare blades, so I went with that one. Citadel had one of those mini holders for pretty cheap, added that one as well. Found some cement, and last thing remaining was the primers. I found out Corax White doesn't exist anymore, and I had to determine which one took its place - which seemed to be Scar White.
Total: $255
At this point I just sat back and watched some videos of people putting together and painting some minis, trying to see if I had everything. Which is when I noticed that the base which the mini stands on was just plain black plastic. On all the pictures I'd seen they were all on cool, thematically fitting bases. They don't come like this out of the box. Well, what do I need to make them look good? I went down the rabbit hole for a little while but managed to dig myself out. After a long while of researching I found a method that gave a good result, which wasn't overly complex. I ended up adding Citadel Stirland Battlemire, Army Painter Steppe Grass and a Citadel Medium Texture Spreader to my cart.
Total: $274
plus shipping:
Total: $284
I had already ordered the box of minis, and it had been a day since then, so it was already on its way. What do I do at this point? How can I justify spending nearly $300 to paint some rats?
I'm currently just waiting for the box of minis to get here, not sure what to do with it when it comes - do I return it? Do I bite the bullet and spend this ungodly amount of money? I actually ordered the other stuff as well but cancelled the order after an hour.
Have I added a bunch of unnecessary items to my cart, or is it actually this expensive to start the hobby? A quick summary of everything I've determined I need:

After a whole lot of research I've bought a box of minis and added everything else I need to a cart, only to find out it comes in at nearly $300. Which left me paralyzed, and I'm not sure where to go from here.
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2023.03.29 10:43 FanNo8142 Help, I’m miserable !// parenting ?

Before i start my very large rant, I would just like to say, I love my parents and am grateful for everything they have done for me HOWEVER, I just can’t seem to add up the remnants of my past 18 years. Okay, so where do I begin ? I’m 19 this year and I don’t think I can handle the constant loop of unproductive days followed by waiting for what seems to be FOREVER to go to bed to avoid everything. I was a bright kid who talked using dramatic gestures and the people loved me. I’m not sure what happened but I then became this extremely shy kid who had major separation anxiety/social anxiety. I cried during my first year of school and cried for many more years. I loathed the idea of being around other kids and demanding teachers for 7 hours and I never woke up without trying to find a way to call in sick until i was in 10th grade. I’m lonely, I feel sad and jealous seeing others at the shops. Eventually, I feel as though I’ve transcended into a void. I feel numb. Growing up, I had friends, some that left quickly others that were my friends for many years. I always felt left out . My parents are religious but aren’t strict upon it to a large extent. They did, however, use religion to deprive me of what would have made many childhood experiences and memories. I was allowed to go out with friends, maybe twice in my life without supervision , the other four with my parents being there. I begged for a phone and got one in high school but wasn’t allowed to message or call any of my friends ( I lived near my school, so the phone wasn’t really of any use ). My life consisted of going to school, then back home. Any outings had to be with family. I never face timed , or went to houses. I never watched any popular shows or movies because any show/movie that involved human actors was deemed inappropriate by my mother so I was never able to relate with any of my friends. My friends often told me that I probably didn’t consider them as friends since I “never wanted to hang out”. In reality, I didn’t want to make my parents look bad and simply told my friends that I didn’t have time to go to their plans. My 14 year old sister stays in her room all day with the door closed, when I until now have someone barge in on me. I always told to get out of my room and be with family so I basically lived in the living room. Remember the COVID-19 lockdown? I did all my zoom meetings in the living room when I had a perfectly spacious room. My father told me that he liked this new house better because everyone is together. No double storeys to keep people separated and the rooms are all near each other. After graduating high school, I thought I would become a more improved version of myself in uni ( college, whatever you want to call it ) but boy was I gullible. I got my learners license 3 years ago but I don’t have my license because : 1- Anxiety 2- I saw no point in having one. It’s not like I was going places. I made all my classes online except for one day on campus. Despite all of my parent’s friends asking why I didn’t take the bus or train, whenever I brought up their comments, my parents would answer for me. “ Oh but you’ll be scared since you’ve never used public transport. You’ll be so lost or even miss your train!” True but I’m not scared. So my mum offered to drive me there. Getting ready, she’d tell me not to wear baggy clothes because it didn’t look nice. She’d also comment on how certain things made me look like a ball ( thanks to that extra 15kgs lockdown gave me ). Then she’d tell me to wear something different in case people notice that my pants were the same as last time. Then, she’d ask why I used my own shade of foundation, I needed a lighter one because fair skin looks nicer than tanned. She’d finally end up wearing something that looks like all her other black coloured clothing and we’d drive off.Around 40 minutes away, she decides to stay at uni since there’s no point in driving all the way back. I definitely didn’t enjoy it when she walked with me all the way to my class on the first day. Or when I have to walk back to the units coffee shop to meet my mum and walk back to the car together. Don’t get me wrong, its lovely spending time with parents but being privileged plus being heavily dependent on your parents gives other the impression that you’re an ignorant and spoilt snob. Or you’d get made fun of for not knowing how the outside world works. She makes sure to emphasise how she never has time because she always has to take the kids to school and take me to uni. Anyways, then I’d go back home, try to study with all the noise, end up wasting my entire day making empty promises to myself and have nothing done. Then at around 10-11pm, mum would announce that she’s tired and when she’s tired, we have to give her all of our electronics ( phone, iPad, laptop, switch, everything ). Then I’d have to wait until she waked up in the morning until I get my things back and thankfully she charged the phone but oh god she forgot the iPad this time, looks like lectures will have to be watched later. Nowadays, she tells me that I can keep my IPad /laptop with me until late so that I can study. I refuse each time. Why? I don’t enjoy pity. So now I sit here, not doing my skincare, not happy with my weight, no motivation to study, not bothered to complete simple tasks such as making my own bed, not going out with friends despite my parents getting mad and telling me that they aren’t stopping me from doing so. Well, surprise surprise, I’m pretty sure that none of my friends message me anymore since I never put in the time for them. Now, I watch my 14 year old sister FaceTiming and messaging all her friends. I look back and see my 9 year old sister FaceTiming her friends on her iPad, playing Roblox together. It’s messing me up and I sure as heck am jealous. My parents do love me but all of this pointing out my flaws, treating me like a child, not allowing me to be able to grasp a single fragment of a childhood memory really has turned me into this miserable, anger consumed person. I need to learn to suppress certain feelings while emphasising others. E.g. I could be so emotionally driven, anything would make me cry ( children’s movie, celebrities being cheered at, etc ) but I also can’t tell the difference between nervousness and anxiety. When I see my mother or sister cry, I feel awkward, sometimes annoyed. I’m not moved yet I remember what I need to do in steps and I only take action out of guilt so step one, see if they need to be alone, step two coax them, step three move in for a hug and so on. SO so sorry for this rant, was never given psychological help so I’ve kept most of my problems to myself. This would only accumulate to a quarter of my issues. Any advice is greatly appreciated !
P.s - I can’t move out ( religious reasons ) and I’ve never ignored my parents as it would make them fume with rage so I can’t do either of the two.
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2023.03.29 10:42 fsh4youz when is sp MAD orientation? ;_;

hi! i’ve completed the enrollment process, save for a doctor’s memo that i havent gotten because the sp staff havent told me what specific condition they want to memo to be for 😭
its nearly april and i havent gotten any email about orientation…. is this normal? has anyone else in pfp dmad gotten an email about this?
please let me know if i’m missing something jsjdjsjdks ;_; im terrified that i messed up somehow and got my place revoked… tysm!
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2023.03.29 10:42 joynovel Abused Mate

Chapter 1 Book 1 Chapter 1—
December 15, 2004
The woods surrounded me, the night enveloping me like a black cloak.
My breath came in short gasps, the cold air clogging up my air way. I stumbled, falling on my hands and knees.
I could feel blood seeping down my legs, sharp branches scratching my hands but I paid little attention to the pain.
And still I continued to run...
and run...
and run!
I had to get as far away from him as possible, if he caught me...I shook my head not wanting to think about it.
Tears streamed down my face as I heard the familiar howl, he was getting near.
But I had nowhere to go.
The realization yet again hit me, causing me to falter.
Where would I go?
I had no money.
I had no relatives.
I was just a little girl and I was alone.... so alone.
As I stood there, the cold seeped through my jeans and jacket, sending a bone shattering chill through my body,
I heard the approaching footsteps.
I froze before I came to my senses and ran.
I stumbled and stumbled, unable to see the tree roots and low branches.
Finally after what felt like hours, I couldn't continue on.
I was cold, and my limbs were going numb due to the December winter.
I fell to the ground, too tired to push away the stick poking at my ribs.
I closed my eyes, letting sleep take me.
I faintly heard a twig snap near my head then everything went black.
10 Years Later...
August 25, 2014
I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock.
My eyes snapped open and I instantly shut it off knowing he had a hangover and the noise would only infuriate him.
I sat up in my pull out couch bed and stretched my sore muscles.
The first day of Senior year at Middleton High.
I couldn't wait! No sarcasm there.
I headed into the bathroom, taking a quick shower and brushing my teeth.
Walking into my small room I shoved on the first thing I saw a pair of jeans, a plain black v neck and a black leather jacket with a hoodie. It was all I could pretty much wear, or a long sleeve shirt.
Frankly, the hoodie hid things better.
I didn't bother with make—up, I wasn't the type of girl who tried to stand out much.
I put on my black boots, grabbed my backpack then quietly made my way down the small hallway.
I winced as the board creaked beneath my weight.
I had forgotten about that.
Hopefully he had not heard.
I had almost made it to the front door when his voice boomed out.
The door handle in my hand, I stared at it longingly before making my way to the door.
I waited, knowing he didn't like me to talk without him saying so.
"Where are you going?"He demanded, his speech slurred from the hangover the night before. "To school" I said softly.
I peeked in his room when I heard a shuffle.
He still wore his mechanic uniform, the blue of it stained with various oil stains. His black hair in tangles, and two day whiskers covering his face.
"Come here!" He rasped.
Cautiously I made my way inside, side stepping the brown bottles of what I supposed was moonshine. It was all he ever drank.
I stood before him, staring at the far wall and wishing I were anywhere but here.
Suddenly he grabbed my hand and jerked me closer to him.
He gave me a hard kiss on the cheek then let me go.
"You can leave now" He said yawning and putting the covers over his head.
I wiped my cheek furiously before making my way outside .
I woke up to the best smell ever.
What better way to start my senior year?
After taking a quick shower and putting on a black aeropostale shirt, jeans and back Nike hightops I made my way down stairs.
When I entered the kitchen my father had his arms around my mother and they were lip locked.
"Aww jeez! Gross!"
I rolled my eyes.
My mother flushed but my father just grinned.
"Morning darling you ready for school?" my mother set a plate before me piled with eggs, Bacon, sausages and pancakes.
"Oh yeah who doesn't like school?"
I said sarcastically before shoving as much food as I could in my mouth.
I saw my father silently chuckle before giving me a pat on the shoulder.
"I'm off to work, Chris have a good first day. I'll see you later honey."
I watched as he gave mom a kiss then walked out.
I ate quickly, then gave mom a kiss before leaving.
Getting into my 17th birthday present, a silver Bentley I headed to Middleton High.
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2023.03.29 10:41 TheFieryPotato L on L

Intended Major(s): Business/Econ
Standardized Testing
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Club Badminton, been playing for 12 years, have competed nationally and internationally.
  2. Varsity Badminton and Vars Badminton Co-captain, led team to undefeated seasons 3 years straight, only lost one match in all 3 years. was also a player coach.
  3. School Clubs such as: interact club, photography club and service commission. Held board roles in most such as PR and secretary.
  4. Community Service such as: a food bank, working at a hospital, and a program that allowed me to tutor a kid from Ukraine.
  5. Internship with a city council-member, helped market political campaigns, and manage tasks like keeping track of a city festival and charities.
  6. Two paid jobs: an afterschool care assistant at a martial arts place, and a waiter at a local restaurant.
  7. Awards/Honors
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Really just MVP for Junior Year of school badminton.
Letters of Recommendation
(Briefly describe relationships with your recommenders and estimated rating.)
APUSH Teacher: 7.5/10, had a nice friendship with her. Though she did have a bad injury at the time of her writing my Chapman and BU letter of recc so that may have played a factor.
Chemistry Teacher: 8/10, also had a nice friendship with her. Kept up with her and made her food. Wrote my USC letter as she went there.
Counselor: 6/10, rarely talked to him but we did bond when I did have to talk to him
Internship Letter of Rec: 9.5/10, if I could reuse it for future endeavors I would. Only issue is it would be perfect towards a polisci major.
Berk Recorded: 6.5/10, Stuttered and didn't finish it on time. Got all my points across though.
(Briefly reflect on the quality of your writing, time spent, and topic of main personal statement.)
Common App: 7/10 Spent about 2 weeks on it. Wrote about my badminton history but now that I think back I shouldn't have done that but my tutor was pushing me to do so and I folded.
UC's PIQ: 7.5/10 Spent a month and half on these. They were solid topics, but when I think back, not strong topics. To be fair I've done a lot more since the time of applying but it is what it is.

Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Waiting on Berk but honestly I'm defeated at this point
Looking back my GPA wasn't the strongest and for the amount of AP's offered at my school I should've taken more. Essay's could've also been stronger but I didn't have much to work with at the time of applying. I recognized I was a mediocre student like sophomore/junior year so I tried to stack on EC to compensate but obviously schools value a better student so it is what it is.
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2023.03.29 10:41 dimm_ddr Public screening of documentary "Famine" (“Голод”, 2022) and discussion with Maksim Kurnikov

We, a small group of Russian-speaking people from Tampere organized the public screening of the documentary "Famine". This documentary is about the horrible famine in the Volga and Ural river regions in the early 1920s that killed at least 5 million people. And we even manage to get one of its director, Maksim Kurnikov, to Tampere to talk about it. The film itself was made just before the war with Ukraine started and was immediately banned in Russia.
The documentary itself can be watched on YouTube for free, and because of that we also don't charge anything for tickets. But if you want to support us: there is a link to campaign on mesenaatti on the event page.
The documentary itself is in Russian language with English subtitles. Unfortunately, we don't have anywhere near enough manpower to translate it to Finnish. The talk after the screening will also be in English language.
This event will take place in Tampere on the 6th of May 2023. There is cannibalism in the documentary, so the event is 18+.
Link to the FB event: https://fb.me/e/K2wejeUy

Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm also studying Finnish and able to understand and sometimes even correctly write answers in it, you can use it if you want.
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