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2023.05.28 13:57 Sad-Company6142 Should I go back to my old job?

31F. Long post please bear with me. I’m a corporate tax accountant that worked in public accounting for 4 years (was a high performer but burned out epically) then went to an industry in-house corporate tax department for 5 years as a Senior Analyst. I was sought out by someone that I used to work with at the public accounting firm to join their team as a Manager at Company X they had just left the firm for (they are now a Director there).
I wasn’t looking for a new job and liked where I was. I was good at what I did and people in the department above and below me looked to me for help and trusted me. The people there were all somewhat like family, we’d used to go out for wine dinners and movies and even concerts after work. Plus I was making $100K + an annual bonus. But in the back of my mind I was feeling a little mundane with the work and there was no promotion line (small dept with already two Mgrs and a Dir).
I decided to take the risk and go to the new Manager role. It ended up being miserable. The people were all generally nice, including the person I knew that recruited me, but on my day 2 one of the analysts put in their notice and I had found out that the dept had a lot of turnover problems (multiple others had left in the past year and two others left two months later). I was immediately doubled my work to cover for the loss and I quickly felt like I was drowning. It was a new industry, new level position for me, we were constantly on calls so I had no time to focus on my actual work or LEARN anything, and a lot of processes were just “figure it out as you go” because the people that knew those processes had left. I was working until 11pm+, on Sundays, I was forgetting to eat, and eventually had debilitating panic attacks. I resigned my position and it has been hard to deal with.
The question is - should I go back to what I know, even though I wouldn’t be a true Manager there? I’m petrified of looking for something else and finding out it’s like Company X everywhere since everywhere is understaffed and trying to cut $ to make $$$. But on the other hand I’m nervous of falling into a rut professionally and feel the pressure internally that “I should be a Manager by now” since that’s what others from my field are at my age.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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2023.05.28 13:57 Colt_Leasure The family next door disappeared. The answer to their vanishing is in the woods.

I live in a suburb surrounded by forest. My house is in a row of other properties built next to a tree line. The neighborhood was always quiet. The sounds of crickets, birds, and sight of black bears were routine on most summer days.
The scenic area was something I was always grateful for. I lived completely alone since the death of my parents. An accidental fire took both of their lives. Once I collected my inheritance, I relocated to a much more peaceful region. I had always fantasized about moving there.
I tried to start a relationship with Samantha. I had gone to High School with her sixteen years before. She had gone on to become a respected Detective. My attempt at something long lasting with her failed. She was too career oriented. I was reeling from grief. Focusing on building something meaningful with her was a pipe dream.
Things around my community changed once the Murphy family went missing.
The first sign that something was off on that Wednesday was how their blinds had closed. Their silver Chevy Chrysler remained parked in the driveway.
A tennis instructor at the country club noticed the wife of that house did not show up for the program. He called their number to make sure everything was alright. When no one responded, he notified the authorities. Rumors abounded immediately among the home owners association about an alleged affair. The gossip only furthered when the married couple and their three kids were not found in the abode.
I watched from my balcony as the patrolmen roped the place off with caution tape. The domicile was a three story building with brick chimney’s and a few peaked roofs in the style of English towers. They were beige, light blue and crimson.
On the morning of the Murphy’s desertion of society, the architecture became a hollow image. It was one that was once filled with activity and life.
The law did what they could. Any success they may have had in the investigation was secret. A few months passed by and they removed the caution tape.
I followed the on-line police logs. The weather was pristine and clear the day they vanished. The fact that there were no witnesses to what direction they may have gone disturbed me.
I had heard how the man, Frank Murphy, had a bit of a temper and always had a bourbon in hand. I had heard mutual friends describe him as an alcoholic in denial of his servitude to liquor. He was an indignant individual who knew no true repercussions for his behavior. He always had bail money from a software company he founded and sold a long time ago.
I was never close to that family, but I peered out at their vacant house far more than I ever had. I was in need of an answer. What could have happened?
I called Samantha one evening as I sat on my bed, wondering how she would respond to my reaching out. We were never argumentative or on bad terms. I still worried about her reaction, and hoped it would not be a dismissive one.
I heard her say hello. Her voice still impressed me. I had almost forgotten how silky her tone was. I knew it could change to a much firmer pitch when she was interviewing a suspect.
“Hi, Sam. I’d like to know if you’d be free tomorrow for a cup of coffee. We can go to that place, The Bean Field, off Pond road. It’s been a while and I know you have a lot to tell me about what’s new in your life.”
There was a pause on the other end, and for a second a bout of anxiety hit me. I judged my own words as robotic, stilted, and sure to push her away. I reasoned she was summoning an excuse to get out of having to interact with me. How dare I presume she would even entertain the notion of having a meeting.
“That sounds great,” she said. “Tomorrow is my day off, luckily for you. I’m in the middle of an incident right now. It’s a five car pile-up about forty minutes from where you live. I’ve gotta run. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
When she hung up, I was triumphant. I looked at our old text conversations. I realized we had not been in communication with each other for over twelve months. Now was my opportunity to reconcile that gap of unintended avoidance. I knew it would be an undeserved opportunity.
I sat outside of the cafe the next morning at a black metal table. I had a view of rolling hills dotted with trees. A highway with multitudinous shrubberies sat on either side of it. I sipped a piccolo latte while waiting for her.
When she arrived and stepped out of her hatchback in the parking lot, her appearance floored me. She had not dressed up for our supposed date, but that did not make a difference. She had arrived from the gym and wore shorts and a top set. She donned a gray and green hoodie.
She sat across from me and reached for the menu.
“Can you go to the front and order me avocado toast?” Samantha asked. “I’ll also take a mocha with a few shots of espresso. Please.”
I did exactly that. When I returned with her items, she apologized for consuming her meal in less than two minutes.
“I hadn’t eaten since five PM yesterday,” she said between sips.
“I understand,” I said. “I doubt you ever have a consistent schedule anymore.”
“You’re right, but that’s why I have to enjoy my free time when I can.”
We settled into talking about what had happened since we last saw each other. I referenced my trying to learn another language (French) with the hopes of moving to Europe or Canada.
After fifteen minutes of small talk, I asked her about work, but I did so with caution. It started with me wondering about what the call she was on when we were on the phone was about.
“A drunk driver blew a stop sign and hit two other vehicles,” she said. “It was ugly. A few people died. We’ll see if the man in silk pajamas gives him the proper sentence or a traffic citation.”
“You know, I’m curious about what happened to the Murphy’s, if they’re hurt or not.”
“You and everyone else,” she said. “We’ve been getting so many witness accounts, and so far they’ve all been bogus. All I know is what I saw when I got there.”
“I didn’t know you were one of the responders,” I said.
“Yeah. Something about the place was off from the moment I walked in. I found heavy items in placed they should not have been in. The toolbox was not in the garage but on the second story. A disassembled snowblower lay scattered everywhere in pieces. The oven door was on their bed. Frank Murphy was not the strongest guy in the world, either. For him to cause the kind of property damage I saw doesn’t make a lot of sense. At the risk of sounding crazy, inexplicable things happened when I was there.”
“Like what?”
“I was under the impression that something was playing a trick on me. Electrical outlets sparked a few times out of nowhere. The ceiling fan would go from still to spinning when I looked up at it. Books would fall off of the shelves. A volume on black magic, of all things, almost hit the top of my head when I walked on by. Another book about fairies collapsed with it.”
“So the home intruder set up a bunch of weird diversions,” I said. “I’ve heard of that before. These killers or kidnappers want the victims to think there was more than one of them. It’s so their account’s disputed in court.”
I’ll tell you right now,” she said, “we didn’t find any outside DNA.”
“So it’s a case of family annihilation,” I said as I took a long swig of my beverage. “I don’t know if you can substantiate the facts, but a few people have said that Emily had a big life insurance policy. Frank knew about. He may have been using steroids and having an affair, and that could have contributed to-“
It occurred to me that she eyed me with suspicion, as though I was digging too deep. I could also tell she regretted letting information about the forensic results slip.
She stood up and stared at me with a flash of anger in her eyes.
“I thought you wanted to piece something back together with me,” she said. “I didn’t know you wanted to play armchair investigator like every true crime fan. You know, your parents were kind. I wish you’d follow their example. I’ll let you get the bill.”
She walked back to her vehicle and I knew it would be a while before we conversed again.
Later that night, I stared out my window at the Murphy home. I saw a star shoot across the sky, and it almost seemed ready to plummet into the side of their house.
The next evening, I took a walk around the suburb. I spotted a thin line of dried red fluid along a path which led into the woods.
I was attempting to get in some movement to get my mind off of the events of the day before. Negativity and self-deprecation were all-consuming. I felt the need for a long saunter to try and release some of the meandering and pessimistic energy I accrued.
When I saw the carmine ribbon along the dark soil, a sense of worry filled me. I was not that far removed from a cul-de-sac with palatial manors a block away. There was no way I could speculate on me being the first to see it.
Could it be a hint where they are? I thought.
The notion seemed absurd, a reach.
I had read in the local newspaper that there was an uptick in bobcat sightings due to recent wildfires. The animals relocated during prior summers. I reasoned it could have been a house pet which became a victim after it got snatched away into the overgrowth.
I followed it, and the uneven road of red stretched on past many bushes and over logs. A shrill chirping in the background became louder. I moved between two conifers with petrified wood and found myself in a part of the forest I had never been in.
There were so many branches that it blacked out the falling sun. Ahead of me was a clearing. A swarm of gnats and mosquitos descended upon it. The sea of insects soared together in chaotic unison as a wave among the sedges and lichen.
I looked towards the right of the meadow and saw a ramshackle tree house. I trailed the red line towards it. I peered in through one of the windows and saw a statue of a woman with wings. I knew she was not an angel. There was no halo, nor were her organs of flight feathery, but rather they were thin and bat-like.
I entered the place knowing the danger I was putting myself in. I had tracked mud in and was oblivious to the incriminating actions I partook in. I was trespassing and risking stumbling into whoever may have owned the land. My curiosity got the better of me and caused me to keep moving forward.
The room was sparse but decorated. The walls had carvings of men and women, also with wings. Their bodies held yogic-like positions as they reached out to one another mid-air.
A piece of parchment with a few words sat in the corner. I picked it up and read it:
‘Humans are the greatest living beings to play tricks on. Especially when they go through a time of drought and extreme cold.’
I sat it down where I found it, unsure of what to make of it.
I touched the central figure’s neck. The chiseling was not only cold, but below freezing, as though I had submerged my hand in a polar pool.
The noise of some kind of bird attempting to escape a confined space reverberated below me.
Something brushed against my leg. I looked down and saw an army of glow bugs float up between the cracks, and they circled around me. They were like dragon flies. At the time I had labeled them as such, but in reality their shapes were far too humanoid.
I walked back home. I went to bed and slept. I was still perturbed at the wine-colored avenue and cabin.
I awoke in the middle of the night after something tapped at my walls from the outside. I peered out and saw the Murphy home, and observed how the blinds over their casements were wide open. A hive of mites filled every inch of the interior.
I found the decomposing body of a chipmunk stuffed into the tailpipe of my vehicle the next day.
This horrified me, because the deliberation of the act was too evident to ignore. While I did have a surveillance camera on my porch, the coverage of my vehicle was non-existent. I calmed myself down by thinking it was likely a tempestuous child. I retrieved a pair of medical gloves and disposed of the creature before going on with the errand. The rotting body had a horrible smell. It was like an onion left out in humidity for days, and my stomach turned as I sealed it off in the garbage with the lid.
The next morning, I looked in my closet. Some of my favorite shirts had disintegrated. Holes and patches of destroyed fabric littered them. I found it odd, and even searched on-line for possible answers before I decided it had to be a moth infestation. I sprayed lavender. Information on a website statEd that was a cure-all, but the problem persisted. It bothered me that I had not seen a single aphid, but I pushed that concern away.
A few days afterward, when I had tossed my disheveled pieces of attire, the power in my house went out. This was not such an unusual occurrence during the heavy winter months. For it to occur in the summer was strange.
It was a rolling blackout. Once my house had electricity again, I noticed how someone moved items around.
Something turned my kitchen table on its side and stuffed into a part of the kitchen I would have never placed it in.
I grabbed a butcher knife and did a sweep of the premises, and I did not find anything. There were no footprints or signs of anything else tampered with. When I got to the second story, birds nested along the tree tops, and the repugnant odor of fish attacked me.
My allergies became insufferable over the next month. Nothing purchased over the counter which helped it.
I went to the beach on an overcast day. After roughly half a mile of walking, I saw an illustration someone had drawn in the sand with a stick. It was of a being with airfoils.
A light precipitation had fallen earlier. As I trailed along the former part of the sand, a glint in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I looked out at the water and saw what appeared to be a light blue outline of wings beneath the surface.
A phosphorescent wall of creatures surrounded me.
As the days march on, I know I am stalked by something I cannot rebel against, let alone have any agency or autonomy over. My pillowcases have shredded, the pipes in my basement have burst, and someone left me a gift at my front door. When I opened it, I saw mice scurry away. It was a book, and it was one about the history of fairies.
I picked it up and had to blow the dust off of it. Someone had stolen it from a musty subterranean chamber and brought it here.
I theorized that it was Samantha, passive aggressive with her disappointment in me. Yet I flip through its pages and find it all too familiar. I cannot help but wonder if this is a sign of something far more dangerous.
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2023.05.28 13:57 gerund This was where my box was delivered this morning (NYC)

This was where my box was delivered this morning (NYC)
Luckily I had just woken up. My carrier is AxelHire. They didn’t buzz, either - I had just gotten the delivery notification and ran down, and was surprised to see it not on the staircase landing, but on the sidewalk where anyone could have grabbed it in those 5 minutes.
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2023.05.28 13:57 GoatimusMaximonuss DMZ insured weapons (and contraband) not loading

When are they going to fix this, 3 out of 5 games yesterday I infilled without my insured weapons.
I heard using blueprints might be an issue so I only build from base.
I heard skins and customisation items might be a problem so I removed all of those and use base skins (even for attachments).
I was told to unequip all items after each run then equip again, which I do.
I’ve hard closed, restarted console etc etc etc.
The game still randomly decides not to load my weapons.
Sometimes this also happens to operator contraband weapons or my insured weapons which turned into contraband if you die and join another team (I ended up deleting all “player” contraband weapons because it was hit or miss if they would load).
I went into Al-Mazrah with two guns and when I entered Koschei complex one of them had vanished so that’s another problem on its own. One match last week myself and two randoms all loaded in with no guns because of this bug, we all laughed on comms but we got wiped pretty quickly. Seriously what is going on???
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2023.05.28 13:56 Whomeimnoone69 [For Sale] Britney Spears, Coheed, Macklemore, Metallica, ECT

Hello all!
I have quite a few records for sale as I'm downsizing. All records are in a plastic protector sleeve, or a gate fold protector. Most of these records have a poly lined inner that has been replaced from the original. All payments should be made as Paypal G&S. All shipping to US add 5 dollars please ! Thank you!
Macklemore -The Heist - Black - $125 Has marks on records from gator inner sleeves but doesn't affect play. Records now in poly lined inner sleeves.
Britney Spears - Circus- Black - $20 - Has marks on record but doesn't affect play. Plastic sleeve with poly lined inner.
Britney Spears - Blackout- $50 Splatter UO version Plastic sleeve w/Poly inner
Bill and Ted - Face the Music - $25 Black Plastic Sleeve w/Poly lined inner.
50 First Dates Soundtrack - OST- $15 Orange Plastic Sleeve w/Poly lined inner
Eric Church -Mr. Misunderstood- $50 Black Gatefold plastic protector with poly lined inner. Sleeve has some slight damage on bottom right corner.
Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Ascension - $125 Black no CD Plastic Sleeve w/Poly lined inner.
Coheed and Cambria -Afterman: Descension - $80 Blue version no CD Plastic Sleeve w/Poly lined inner.
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions - $15 Gatefold plastic protector w/Poly lined inner
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - $20 Gatefold plastic protector. Has posters and stickers.
Metallica - 72 Seasons - $35 Smokey Grey Store Exclusive. Gatefold plastic protector w/Poly lined inner.
Black Sabbath - Paranoid - $25 Gatefold plastic w/Poly lined inner.
Metallica - Load - $50 Orange Gatefold plastic w/Poly lined inner.
Iggy Azalea - The New Classic - $20 Plastic protector
T-Pain - Epiphany - $30 VMP version. Plastic protector w/Poly lined inners.
Beyonce - Renaissance - $50 Box set played once.
Metallica - Kill em all - $15 Plastic sleeve protector.
Metallica - Master of Puppets - $15 Plastic sleeve protector.
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak- $35 VMP edition Gatefold protector with poly lined inner.
Jun Chikuma -Bomberman Hero - $50 Gatefold protector with poly lined inner.
A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step - $20 Gatefold protector with poly lined inner.
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2023.05.28 13:56 Chagum26 Arrival in Japan before the entry date on my student visa

Hello everyone.
I've been accepted into a university and my course starts on the 1st of October. On my student visa I would have the right to arrive in Japan 2 weeks before, so on the 15th of September.
However, I'd like to visit the country with my girlfriend and we'd like to arrive from 5 September.
She would come as a tourist.
Do you know if I can combine a tourist visa with a student visa ?
Thank you very much for your answers !
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2023.05.28 13:56 Excellent_Engine_716 The Top 5 Challenges E-comm Owners Face in 2023

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2023.05.28 13:56 randomman9911 How possible is it to get a remote customers service job with no qualifications other than shop experience?

I don’t care about the role or pay as long as it’s UK minimum wage and remote (going in an office 1-2 times per month ok)
I have 5 years customer service experience but no experience remote working although I have no problem with admin stuff
I’m in London btw
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2023.05.28 13:56 gogosica23 va rog ajutor

va rog ajutor
am un boboc de gasca care de dimineață nu avea nimic, dar in vreo 5 ore in care a stat afara a ajuns sa arate asa si sa se scarpine in continuu stie cineva ce poate avea?
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2023.05.28 13:56 xmaalone Become could’ve/should’ve have been an Album

OTM has a whopping track list of 18 songs and become(I know is an EP) only has 5 songs. My speculation is that bc all previous albums had around 10 songs give or take, I feel some songs off of OTM could have been on Become and it would’ve worked pretty well such as 1. Over and over, 2. Masquerade 3. Many nights 4. Another Go round and 5 being either Pink Funeral or ESP to even out the tracks and have two complete albums. Dropping two albums in the same year is nothing new to BH with depression Cherry and Thank you lucky Stars so I could’ve worked out again this time around. OTM would be like a daytime dreamy kinda album and Become a nighttime darker kinda album.idk this the kinda of shit I think about at 4am. what do y’all think about this idea?
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2023.05.28 13:56 Pus0ngbabae 30 [M4M] Miss Giving Sloppy Head

Cant host but willing to travel within QC or nearby areas and split the bill.
Looking to just suck. No reciprocation needed.
Clean, 5’5”, hair in bun always, athletic. Pic on profile.
Thanks! (:
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2023.05.28 13:56 Elegant_Lifeguard357 I need help with job decisions

I'm writing in this forum to seek your opinions on what I can do. I recently graduated from college a year early and didn't gain much work experience in the field of psychology, except for substitute teaching in schools.
I have made the decision to join the army as an officer so that I can pursue my master's degree while on active duty.
To get to the point, I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to work as a research assistant in my free time after my 9-5 job in the civilian sector. Is this a feasible option?
Additionally, I would appreciate any suggestions for other lucrative career paths that align with my degree and work obligations
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2023.05.28 13:55 Clean-Management9098 The 7 best online stores for African men swear in Canada

African men's clothing in Canada is increasingly popular and can add a touch of color and originality to your style. Canada[1]is home to many African boutiques offering quality clothing for every taste. Whether you're looking for wax shirts, traditional boubous or elegant dashiki ensembles, you're sure to find what you're looking for in these stores. In this article, we've listed the 7 best online stores to find African men's clothing in Canada, as well as the latest trends in African men's fashion.

The best online boutiques for African men's clothing in Canada

  1. Africtudes: This online boutique offers an exceptional selection of African men's clothing in Canada, from colorful wax shirts to linen boubous. The garments are made from high-quality fabrics and are built to last. What's more, the boutique offers fast, affordable delivery within Canada.
  2. Ebene Mode: Here you'll find a wide selection of African clothing, from printed shirts to wax pants. The boutique offers items for all tastes and ages. Prices are also very affordable, making it an ideal option for those looking to save money while staying fashionable.
  3. Elle Quebec: If you're looking for elegant, sophisticated outfits, Elle Quebec offers a selection of top-of-the-range African clothing for men. Their creations are made from high-quality fabrics and are built to last. They also offer customized shirts and jackets for a unique look.
  4. Afrikrea: This online boutique offers a wide variety of African men's clothing in Canada, from cotton shirts to traditional wax suits. They also have a children's clothing section, so the whole family can dress in African style. The boutique offers fast delivery and competitive prices.
  5. Wax Africa: If you're looking for something more unique and original, Boutique E offers unique designs that stand out from the crowd. Their African menswear is modern and trendy, while remaining true to African traditions. Shirts and pants are made from the finest fabrics.
  6. Couleur d'afrique 974: If you're looking for traditional African menswear, Couleur d'afrique is the place to find it. They have a wide variety of traditional garments such as boubous, dashikis and agwalas in a variety of colors and patterns. Most garments are made from high-quality cotton.
  7. Nathael Creation: Finally, Nathael creation offers a range of African-American-style menswear. Their designs are modern and urban, blending an African aesthetic with Western influences. Their garments range from shirts to jackets to pants, and are made from high-quality fabrics.

The best physical boutiques for African menswear in Canada

Home of African Fashion:This Montreal-based boutique offers a wide range of African menswear. In addition to their physical store, Home of African Fashion also offers an online boutique for customers who can't make it to the store.
Kensington Market: This area of Toronto is known for its multitude of African stores. Here you'll find a variety of African menswear, as well as accessories such as hats, jewelry and shoes. Visit Kensington Market to discover unique and authentic stores.
It's not easy to find African menswear in Canada, but these seven online boutiques will make it easy. Don't forget to check out the latest trends in African men's fashion to add a little color and originality to your wardrobe. With their varied and eclectic selection, you're sure to find something to suit your style and budget. So don't hesitate to visit these boutiques for an unforgettable shopping experience.
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2023.05.28 13:55 autotldr UPI to account for 90% of retail digital payments by 2026-27: PwC India report

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 49%. (I'm a bot)
Growing at a steady pace, UPI transactions are likely to reach 1 billion per day by 2026-27, accounting for 90 per cent of the retail digital payments in the country, said a PwC India report.
Unified Payments Interface, which is driving the digital payments revolution, accounted for about 75 per cent of the total transaction volume in the retail segment during 2022-23, said the PwC report titled "The Indian Payments Handbook - 2022-27".
UPI is projected to account for 90 per cent of the total transaction volume in retail digital payments over the next five years, the report said.
The Indian digital payments market saw steady growth at a CAGR of 50 per cent and is expected to reach 411 billion transactions in FY 2026-27 from 103 billion in FY 2022-23, the report said.
Mihir Gandhi, Partner and Payments Transformation Leader, PwC India, said that in the next five years, the payments industry is expected to focus on ecosystem expansion and new use cases for existing payment platforms.
"Areas like embedded and ecosystem finance, digital lending based on payment transactions and offline payments will drive the next phase of growth for the payments industry. In the ever-evolving Indian payments landscape, innovation and inclusion are paving the way for a seamless digital economy," Gandhi said.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: payment#1 per#2 card#3 transaction#4 cent#5
Post found in /india, /india and /IndiaOpen.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.28 13:55 DarkBlade43_563 Rune Factory 5 Appreciation post

With the announcement of the new entries into the Rune Factory franchise (Rune Factory 6 and Rune Factory Project:Dragon) [Super hyped, by the way], I thought I could create a post and show my appreciation to Rune Factory 5.
I don't like how this game is always laughed at, considering I think it does a lot of cool things that the other Rune Factory games don't do. So, I thought I could list a few of them, and maybe hear from you all.
  1. I love the open world aspect. I know it can be a bit rough, especially with the world feeling kind of empty at times, but considering this is the first time it can go open world is so cool. Running around is fun, and finding secret treasures is also a lot of fun. I love it, and I love that they're keeping it for future games.
  2. The bosses actually feel like bosses. The size of the monsters, and their fearsome attacks makes fighting them super immersive. For me, in 4, the bosses were cool and strong, but I think the top-down perspective kind of made them not look as scary since the scales were a bit messy. Also, taming bosses is a little easier since multiple items can be used rather than one specific one in the case of RF4.
  3. I like the village and the characters. While I do agree that I wish there was more dialogue like in 4, I still liked the characters and felt they were likable enough. I do wish the village was more compact, but I get it's open world, so they have to show the village to be bigger.
  4. The game days feel longer, and that's also a good thing. Since the game world is bigger, and it takes more time to travel on foot from one place to another, it's really nice that the in game days are longer. Unlike the standard ~20 minutes per day style, it feels like every day is ~30 minutes, so you can do more.
  5. It's still Rune Factory. It still has all the QOL updates the previous games had and more. All of these updates make the game more enjoyable and less of a hassle to play. I hope they keep them in the future games.
So that's my list for now. I'd love to hear from all of you what you appreciate from Rune Factory 5.
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2023.05.28 13:55 autotldr Ukraine plans to impose sanctions against Iran for 50 years

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 40%. (I'm a bot)
President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has submitted a draft resolution to the Verkhovna Rada to impose 50-year-long sanctions against Iran.
According to the document, sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran are applied for a period of 50 years and include a complete ban on trade operations, suspension of transit of resources, flights and transportation in Ukraine and prevention of capital outflow by Iranian residents.
The document also proposes to prohibit any investment in Iran and the transfer of technology and intellectual property rights by residents of Ukraine.
It is proposed to suspend electronic means of payment issued by residents of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The National Bank is also prohibited from registering an international payment system operated by Iran.
At a meeting on Tuesday, 25 April, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to submit proposals for the National Security and Defence Council to impose sectoral sanctions on Iran.
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2023.05.28 13:55 AutoModerator Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi (Here)

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2023.05.28 13:55 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (The Course)

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I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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2023.05.28 13:55 Silver_Pianist Feeling lost after graduating, what should I do after not being able to land a job in my specialized or related field?

I am a 21m who recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in dietetics. I am currently unemployed and feeling indifferent towards my degree. Despite graduating with honors and a GPA of 4.8/5, I haven't been able to find a job in my specialized field. It seems that most medical-related jobs require more than just a degree.
In terms of work experience, I have some experience in interpretation, management, and freelance graphic design through platforms like Fiverr. It may not be the most impressive background, but it is what it is.
Meanwhile, all of my relatives and colleagues are progressing in their careers, working for prestigious companies, and seem to have their lives somewhat figured out. On the other hand, I feel completely apathetic towards everything and struggle to find motivation to move forward. I feel utterly lost and don't find joy in life. My mind is constantly preoccupied with thoughts of financial instability, the need to make money, and the uncertainty of how to do so.
I'm naturally introverted and have low self-esteem. If it weren't for my brothers, with whom I lived until they found partners, I would be completely alone. Frankly, if not for them, there would be no one to write this post I am currently sharing with you.
I'm not exactly sure why I'm writing this, but as I was scrolling through this subreddit, I thought I'd ask: What should I do in my current state? Should I just take any job I can find? Keep applying for something related to my degree or work experience? Or maybe go back to university? Honestly, I don't expect much help from this post because I don't even know what I want to do. It might just end up being one of those unanswered or spammy posts.
PS: I apologize if this post seems illogical or pathetic. It's just that I had an urge to express myself through writing.
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2023.05.28 13:54 kingkemo73 Legal advice for hospital negligence

On 12th January 2016 I cut my thumb and index finger off with a benchsaw whilst at work I was rushed to the queen victoria hospital in east grinsted and had surgery lasting 9 hours, after the surgery my hand was hypersensitive which I complained of numerous times said it felt like something trapping a nerve but was told that it’s natural over the next 5 years I had about 5 rounds of surgery trying to save my finger finally in 2021 I had my finger amputated but still the sensitivity remained on December 28th 2022 I had another round of surgery on the thumb where my new surgeon told me he found a massive neurological blockage the next time I went to see my surgeon he told me that when they opened up my thumb it was a mess cotton wool trapped against the nerve causing all my hypersensitivity all this time since it has been removed it feels a lot less sensitive but still painful so now I waiting for my thumb to be amputated as I just want this nightmare to be over but without the cotton wool causing me so much pain maybe my finger could have been saved and maybe my thumb any advice please
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2023.05.28 13:54 J0SE917 How do I kill muffalos?

I recently got a quest asking for 530 bluefur and I already had some. However, I decided it would be a good idea to attack a herd of 5 muffalos. Luckily, I lost no pawns and and managed to kill them all but I’m still a little short of 530.
I’m currently in my second year (vanilla) and I have a pen with two adult muffalos and a baby (the female is also currently pregnant). If I slaughter one of my tamed muffalos, will the rest get angry? I think my main question is: How can I kill one wild muffalo without the rest getting angry?
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2023.05.28 13:54 Donut_Dude Planned hikes seem to have too much snow still. Can someone recommend some alternatives?

I'll be in Norway from 5-12 June for a solo hiking trip. My plan was to do 2 hikes: Bakkanosi (camp at the top) and a 3-day trip in Jotunheimen (Tyinholmen-> Skogadalsbøen -> DNT Vettismorki -> Tyinholmen all with the tent). But when I see this map:
It seems there will be too much snow still on both those hikes for normal hiking boots. Can anyone confirm this?
If there would indeed be too much snow for hiking, can anyone recommend some nice 2 or 3 day hikes which would be better. Wild camping or DNT huts are both fine. I have a rental car and the plane lands in Bergen. So I'm pretty flexible where to go.
Greetings from Belgium
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