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2023.05.28 16:01 dldiskfn [for hire] virtual assistant for $3 per hour

Hi! I am looking for a part-time job. I can offer my virtual assistance for you.
I have an experience in lead generation. I recently worked with a US-based digital marketing agency owner specializing in home service providers and contractors.
Aside from Lead Generation, i also have knowledge with Data Entry, Social Media Management and Graphic Design.
I am also very much willing to learn new skills. :)
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2023.05.28 16:01 UhmCool The AC unit that broke the camel's back

I finally blew up at my roommate.
After exactly a year of having to deal with my roommate, I finally reached my breaking point. We were friends for years before living together, but as soon as I moved in she made it clear that she wanted the place exactly how she had it and only she could have her things where she wanted them. Did she tell me this like a normal adult? No. She would take ANYTHING I left in the common space and throw it into my room. Notepads, pens, laptops, books, controllers, blankets, shoes, ANYTHING that she considered clutter was thrown into my room. Literally everything I mentioned was already in the common spaces because she had them when I moved in, but as soon as I put MY stuff in OUR living room, it was unacceptable and thrown straight into my room. Literally the most common household things were tossed back if she didn't like them, but if she had a use for it, it could stay out. She would never directly talk to me about anything she felt was wrong, she would just do petty things and, if she was really upset at something, would ignore me for days at a time. I had to be the one constantly asking why she was mad and having to open a dialogue cause she is incapable of communicating on her own like a regular adult and would rather let it fester.
It's a long story of her being controlling over literally everything in the house, but to sum up what led to the current situation I'm in, over the last few months I've looked at the way she treats me and noticed she only actually talked to me when she wanted something from me. Which at first, I was more than happy to help her because she was my friend. I would go with her to the store, help her with her room cause she was "too stressed to deal with it on her own", be there for her through boyfriend troubles, give her some of my meals when she didn't feel like cooking, got her gifts for the holidays and my birthday, went to events nobody else wanted to go to with her, let her borrow whatever she needed, and the list goes on and on. A few months ago, I noticed that any time I would ask for the same treatment back, she never gave it. She takes and takes, but never gives. She treats me like I'm a pest in her home otherwise. The way she treats our other friends, her boyfriend, and people in public just trying to do their job is a whole other subject, but just imagine any typical Karen that gets set off anytime she doesn't get exactly what she wants exactly when she wants it, but then tries to make it okay by being friendly right after she gets what she wants.
Most recently, she came to me asking if we could hang out, crying because she was sad her boyfriend was out of town. At this point I had been angry at her for weeks after how she's treated me, but I still hugged her and spent the night watching TV with her. That night I gave up hanging out with my boyfriend during the only free time he had that day AND I worked a double the next day and felt dead because I had stayed up with her instead of sleeping. Cause that's what friends are for right? Except she's never done anything remotely like that for me. I've always held my tongue through all of this because I didn't want it to be awkward in the house or her do anything to my stuff. Just forgive and forget, but enough was enough.
This was building up for MONTHS. Her asking me for things and never giving anything back, judging me for things she didn't like about me, generally making me feel like an unwanted annoyance in my own home. And Lord help anyone who goes against her because she will never apologize and never think she's wrong about anything. I've never heard her apologize to anybody even once or even suggest that she had anything to do with a problem, she just gets defensive and entirely blames somebody/something else or turns it back around on you.
Now, the blowup:
She's out of state with a friend. My other roommate and I are home when suddenly the AC goes out. We live in Florida and the summer heat is no joke, so this was kind of an urgent situation. She, being the control freak she is with this house and unable to ask for help from anyone living in it, has always had us go through her for communications with anyone legally associated with the place and has never given us any type of contact information or account information to anything (she lived here before us so everything was in her name. We aren't even on the lease, but the landlord is aware we live here and share rent). So I let her know the AC is down and if she could ask someone to come out and fix it as soon as they could. A simple phone call, right? Wrong. She's annoyed with me right at the start and just says "you can call" and sends a contact for the realtor. I'm already over it and just say "ok thanks" and call her. My roommate has talked with this woman for years and knows her well. The realtor doesn't know who I am and I have to explain where I live, who I am, my relationship to my roommate, and explain that I'm not on the lease but I have a problem and need help. Obviously she's just confused and leaves things off at an unconvinced "I'll get back to you."
A whole day passes and I hear nothing. At this point we have all the windows and doors open and every fan on trying to get the heat out of the house. My other roommate is tired of waiting and sends our roomates a message asking her to call somebody for us since they obviously didn't take me seriously when I called and it's just getting hotter and hotter. She tells her no problem, that she'll handle it. A while later I get a text from her letting me know the property manager is going to call me. At this point I'm just happy I can talk to someone who can help. She's very nice and and we work things out and got someone to come out to fix what we thought was the problem, and the AC worked for the rest of the day. Hours later my roommate just sends "?". I could only assume she wanted an update, so I told her everything was good and we fixed it. She messaged back "If you want me to deal with problems while I'm gone then I'd appreciate you at least texting me back." The entire 2 days was this type of attitude towards us. What was I supposed to respond to?? It was literally only those 4 messages between us. I give her the benefit of the doubt and took a screenshot and sent it to her asking if there was a message I didn't get because maybe she asked me something and it didn't send because she was out of state. Nope. She responds by saying that it was just those messages, but if we wanted HER to deal with OUR problems while SHE was on vacation, then I should at least update her about it. What in the fresh hell would make her think that after an entire 2 days of her being pissed with me for even speaking to her while she's "on vacation" that I would want to text her again just to get more of the same thing? Believe it or not, I don't enjoy getting talked down to. I hadn't even told her that the AC broke again and that I had already been handling it myself for the last day. If an update really meant that much to her, she could've just asked for one and I'd happily give it, but her being her, any little inconvenience sets her off so I didn't want to reach out since she obviously wanted us to deal with it on our own in the first place and leave her out of it. She literally never even asked if we were okay or anything and it was so hot my roommate got a heat rash and we both had to go to a friend's place. Not a single ounce of empathy, just mad that we interrupted her vacation. I asked her if she was mad (trying again to give her the benefit of the doubt, cause maybe I read it the wrong way because of how aggravated I was by this whole situation at this point). She said she was because we were interrupting her vacation while she's with a friend and didn't want to deal with any of this.
I text her back calling her out for being passive aggressive about the entire situation the whole time while talking down to me and said that we would've never bothered her in the first place if we could do it ourselves, but SHE was in charge of these situations and we didn't have contacts for anybody or any type of resources because she never gave them to us and always took it up on herself to speak to them whenever we had a problem. She took the entire situation personally and acted like she was above any of the problems going on in OUR house and above being asked by us to do anything about it. I also told her that it had already broke again and I was actively trying to fix the situation, but didn't want to bother her "while she's on vacation with a friend out of state" since she made that so clear the first time. If she had actually asked me for an update she would've known all of this, but I was actively trying to avoid her as much as possible at this point.
She said she was mainly mad that we even asked her to "deal with it" in the first place instead of just asking for the numbers to call. A ) this is the first time she's ever said to not go through her for these things and B ) Is there really such a difference?? I wouldn't even have cared if she had said to me "hey do you mind calling them instead since I'm out of town? Here's all the numbers you probably need" and leaving it at that instead of being rude from the start and in every message after that. She could've asked for an update. She could've asked what happened. She could've talked to me without being so aggravated the entire time. And I told her exactly that.
It all went over her head because she can never be in the wrong and just said the same "on day one you couldve asked me for the number but you didn't. You asked me to call someone to fix it. You reached out to ME while I'M on VACATION with my friend. Out of state." And "it's not my fault the AC is broken"
I told her she was right, she had no control over the AC breaking, but what she could control was the way she handled it and the way she spoke to me which was totally unnecessary and only made us more angry with her along with the heat. If I was responsible for something and my FRIEND/roommate came to me for help, I'd do whatever I could till I knew it would get resolved. All it took on her end was a 5 minute phone call and she still made a big deal over it when we were the ones at home having to live in the situation. After all the times she's come to me for help with literally everything she could ever ask for, she couldn't help me the ONE time I needed something that wasn't even personal. Not only that, but got mad at me for even contacting her and insinuating that she help at all. Whatever basic human decency she had left stayed at the border along with any respect I had left for her as a person.
After all that, here I am with the AC still broken
Things are gonna be interesting when she gets back.
TLDR: My roommate is a selfish asshole who'd rather let me cook in 90 degree weather than make a 5 minute phone call.
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2023.05.28 16:01 No-Sector181 Servus Freunde der Sonne

Ich muss bis mitte Juli nach Innsbruck ziehen. Momentan wohne ich in Wien. Ist es realistisch dass man in einer so kurzen Zeit eine Wohnung in Innsbruck findet? Ist es möglich eine Wohnung ohne Job zu finden? Hat jemand einen Umzug von Wien nach Innsbruck hinter sich und kann mir ein paar Tips geben? Wie gehe ich da am besten vor? Ich beginne heute brav Bewerbungen zu schreiben. Ich arbeite momentan als stellvertretende Filialleiterin. Diesen Beruf möchte ich nicht für immer ausüben, trotzdem für derweil würde ich Bewerbungen für diese Position senden. Ist es überhaupt möglich einen Job zu finden ohne auf ein persönliches Gespräch zu kommen? Sondern übers Internet? Ich bin sehr gestresst vom diesem schnellen Wechsel und weiß grad nicht wo vorn und hinten ist. Würde mich über eure Tips freuen! Dankeschön im Voraus
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2023.05.28 16:01 OkSection6836 Advice From Landlords Regarding Renting

To preface my question, I'm currently splitting a rental home with my family. We'd been strongly considering moving to another city due to a bad job market here. However, there have been interpersonal issues between my family members. Consequently, one of them has spoken to me about moving into a two bedroom rental unit.
The issue is, the other family member's job hours have been cut and, though I am working full-time, my income is not substantial. We can, however, easily afford to pay the full amount of the lease for at least two years due to savings.
My personal credit score is close to 800 where the other family member's score is between 650-700 as I see that often being asked on applications. We can also provide good references from past landlords.
How would you suggest that we approach applying for a new rental? Our pay stubs don't reflect that we can in fact make our payments without issue. We also want to take advantage of the ability to gain better paying employment and would like to make that clear to a landlord as well.

Thank you.
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2023.05.28 16:00 Shoelalaaaa Please just talk to me.

How much can the human mind take? How much loneliness and emptiness are we able to withstand before it becomes too much? Turning 30 this summer and I don’t think I want to make it all the way there.. Depression has been my constant companion my whole life. I don’t think I really know any other way of being. For the last 2 1/2 years I’ve been in a rocky relationship and last night I put things to an end after one too many harsh words were spoken to me. Today I am regretting that. I would rather take emotional abuse than be alone. Cripplingly alone. No one to turn to in my darkest time right now. No true, real friends. Not a single one. Its like I don’t know how to build a bond with anyone. I have my mom… who I live with because my life sucks… but she doesn’t want to hear the same shit I’ve been saying for two years. I have a minimum wage job because I can’t stand the shitty, mind-numbing office grind anymore… and because I lost both office jobs during Covid…I have no plans. No aspirations. Nothing I “want” to do with my life. Don’t even know what to do with my pathetic life. I tried joining a gym to help lift my spirits and it’s great, but once I get home reality hits that I’m still miserable. At this point crying makes me feel worse and I’m over it. Took some pills, not enough to take me out because I’m a fucking pussy, but enough to knock me out at least. Just wish I had the strength to go all the way. I just want this vicious cycle to stop. Please.
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2023.05.28 16:00 RiverCityMystery Did Joseph Weldon Brown kill 13 women between 1995-2000? He claims he killed prostitutes/co-eds/hitchhikers between Las Vegas & Pennsylvania during that time. Authorities say he is lying; what do you think? Doing research for my podcast.

Here's an article that goes into details of his case:\_news/life-without-parole-and-nothing-to-lose/article\_cb3a4319-78a4-504a-b0bc-be48a2f6c089.html
Life without parole and nothing to lose
By Ken de la Bastide
Tribune enterprise editor Jul 1, 2011
Pieces of Ginger Gasaway’s body were discarded in three counties.
It was Joseph W. Brown’s way of hiding the evidence of his crime, murdering the woman he formerly called a lover.
The crime still haunts investigators who crossed Brown’s path. One journalist described him as “a force of evil.” Now investigators say that force fell upon Charles Miller. Police say Brown strangled and killed the former Howard County resident in a cell at the Miami Correctional Facility at Bunker Hill.
Ginger Gasaway broke up with Brown 11 summers ago.
The punishment for that, in Brown’s mind, was death.
A cruel, humiliating death.
Brown talked his way into her apartment Aug. 29, 2000.
“Gasaway was sorry for dating her ex-husband and knew she was going to die,” said Maureen Hayden, a newspaper reporter Brown sought out after his murder conviction in 2001.
“Gasaway even cried a little during sex, knowing that her punishment for betrayal was coming.”
After strangling Gasaway with a shoe lace, Brown headed to a nearby Home Depot in Evansville to buy an electric saw. He unsuccessfully tried to dismember his victim’s body, so he returned to the hardware store looking for advice, according to court records from Brown’s murder conviction.
This time, he was covered in blood. He told the clerk he was trying to cut up a deer and the saw he bought wasn’t cutting it. With a new blade in hand, Brown returned to Gasaway’s apartment to finish his work.
The job turned out to be harder than he expected, so Brown made himself bacon, toast and coffee before going about the work of scattering pieces of Gasaway’s body in Posey, Gibson and Warrick counties.
It’s the stuff of Hayden’s nightmares and the novel “Blood Trails” written by Rick Reed, an Evansville Police Department investigator in Gasaway’s murder.
Formerly a reporter with the Evansville Courier & Press, Hayden corresponded with Brown through letters and collect phone calls from the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility at Carlisle.
Brown first contacted Hayden by letter, writing that he wanted to confess to 13 other murders.
Brown claimed to have killed women — prostitutes and co-eds he picked up hitchhiking — from Las Vegas to Pennsylvania.
Little to no evidence surfaced on Brown’s claims to be a serial killer, Reed said. Brown himself couldn’t even lead police to the bodies, nor recall the victims’ names.
But one name he did know was Andrea Hendrix-Steinert, a prostitute in Gibson County.
Eventually, Reed said, investigators from the Vanderburgh County law enforcement agencies, with help from the FBI, determined Brown’s claims to be untrue.
In the Hendrix-Steinert case, there was no DNA match for Brown or the other suspects, so officials opted to not prosecute a 5-year-old case.
But Reed, now retired from the force, said he is convinced Brown killed Hendrix-Steinert in 1998.
“I don’t know about the other 12,” Reed said. “I think he killed many other people. We just don’t know the names, where or when.”
Reed has company in thinking Gasaway isn’t Brown’s only victim.
It’s easier for someone who has killed before to kill again, said Stan Levco, former prosecutor in Vanderburgh County where Brown’s murder case was tried.
“When he made the claims [to have killed 13 women], it was not a matter of his not murdering someone before, just not that number,” he said.
But why kill Miller?
Reed has a theory. He said Brown wants a single-bed cell and a pet, both of which you get on death row.
At the request of Gasaway’s family, Levco didn’t seek the death penalty. Brown was sentenced in 2001 to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
“[Brown] had a hard time in the general population,” Reed said. “He’s paranoid and has conflicting emotions all the time about his sexuality.”
In his confession to Indiana State Police Detective Mike Tarrh after Miller’s death June 19, Brown said he packed his personal belongings after the killing, knowing he would be transferred.
“It was bound to happen,” Reed said of Miller’s death.
When he was in prison the first time, Reed said, Brown tried to beat another inmate to death with an industrial can opener. It took several people to pull him off. For that, Brown received an additional five-year sentence.
For whatever reason he committed his crimes, Joseph Brown will be etched in the minds of the journalist and investigators who talked with him.
“It does freak me out,” Hayden said when she learned of Brown’s latest victim.
“I’m nauseated,” she said. “I feel like I had when he wrote me letters. It was very disturbing. The encounter was a vivid reminder that there is evil in the world. It felt like a force of evil.”
For Reed, Brown played a role in his retirement.“I didn’t want to work another murder case like that,” Reed said.
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2023.05.28 16:00 Mega_Master_03 Jobs after class 12th.

Hi,I am a 20 year old[M],who cleared his class 12 th with 93% aggregate in 2021.I took a drop for jee 2022,but couldn't score good.Now due to some unfortunate events in these last few months,I have decided to drop out of btech as I have found out that studying is not my cup of tea anymore.
What are some jobs that a class 12th passout can do without cracking any exams.Any suggestion would be appreciated.
[Only want answers to the question.Dont want people to tell me to stay in college as I have made up my mind.]
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2023.05.28 16:00 MazdaRx7Guy How's your Sunday morning going? 3 stud replacement.

How's your Sunday morning going? 3 stud replacement.
Easy job, in and out.
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2023.05.28 16:00 Grievous69 Missile weapons tier list - 0.96a RC10

Yea screw the order, I want to get out opinions on the new stuff first, it's more interesting. So after this one I'll go with energy weapons.
There will be two tiers listed for ships/weapons. The first one always showing how good something is in the hands of AI, the second one being for player control. If there is only one tier, then there isn't a noticeable difference in power between the pilot.
Tiers are relative, meaning something being C tier doesn't mean it's bad. It's simply niche and you can better choices available. There's almost no truly bad ships/weapons in Starsector so it would be boring to have a tier list consisting of maybe 3 tiers.
Annihilator Rocket Launcher: B- / B
HE pressure weapon, fires in a burst of unguided missiles in a spread pattern (like Hammer Barrage) but it has very generous ammo for a small missile. It's nothing flashy and your ships will probably spam them even on targets they cannot hit. And that's good because you don't care too much about missing with 50 rockets and AI is deathly afraid of missiles in general. Compared to something homing and reliable like Harpoons, you can get much more damage out of these, provided you have some luck and your ships use them on slower targets.
Atropos-class Torpedo Rack: A
Only homing torpedo in the game (so beefy missile in translation), you can look at them as a sidegrade of Harpoons with the caveat of being weaker in fleet battle with more ships. Atropos has short range but it is very reliable, decent HE damage but you only get 2 shots. Cheapest reliable HE option tho.
Single variant has... a single missile yea who saw it coming, and it costs only a single ordnance point. Here's my question, if you plan on putting missiles on a ship, why be cheap? Go for the premium package. With this you get barely anything out of EMR and Missile Spec skill. Missiles are mostly high impact flux free weapons, go big or go home. I'd give this C tier or something idk, it's so fucking cheap, you'll just put anything else if you have it available.
Breach SRM: B
Dedicated anti-armour missile, it deals scripted armour damage that is NOT reduced by armour. Good ammo and OP cost but it is short range and honestly there's not many enemies where you really struggle with armour. For the toughest bricks out there, you'd probably bring a torpedo to do the job, or bombers. That said I still like Breaches since they're reliable and cheap.
Gazer DEM SRM: B+
Pressure kinetic beam missile so it's already niche. Each one fires a Graviton Beam for 10 seconds, and it also has their effect of increasing all damage taken to shields as long as it's firing on the target. Very nice ammo for small mount and it's dependable as it fires from a long range. Where Sabots are fire and forget to kill, here you need to commit and put pressure with your guns. Fun to use, in my opinion a bit situanional to be ranked higher.
Gorgon DEM SRM: A+
Easily spammable, Gorgons are a menace when you have lots of them. Energy burst beam means it even overloads shields quickly if it's a smaller target, and they are truly great for dealing with annoying frigates. 5 OP in a small mounts puts them on the higher end of costs but you get 4 missiles which is nice for ammo perks. Unlike Harpoons, you're going to need help with heavy armour.
Hammer-class Torpedo: A / A+
Guess this one didn't deserve to have a rack in the title, smh broken game. Fast unguided torpedo that you could maybe compare to Atropos. Both are reliable but in their own way, Hammers just fly fast and usually hit the target. And they also cost less OP and deal more damage. Just be careful you don't get in the way of a friendly Hammer cruising by.
Single variant: Same as with Atropos but even worse here, 1 OP gets you 1 torpedo, and the standard version also has the 1:1 ratio but that can actually benefit from ammo increasing perks. Stinky D tier.
Harpoon MRM: A+
If you're not sure what to exactly put in those small missile mounts, slap these on, you can never go wrong. HE homing finishers that actually have good range, they make sure that anything that's high on flux on overloaded gets bombarded with these from every ship having them. Fast frigates can avoid them without ECCM but other than that it's fantastic. There's a reason a bomber with Harpoons doesn't exist.
Double variant: Ehh it's not too bad but the refire delay is bullshit, the whole point is to unload these to finish a key target. Maybe if you have a ship with dozen of small mounts and you're reaaally hurting for OP. C+ tier since they're only 2 OP.
Reaper-class Torpedo: B / S-
4000 HE damage is all you need to crack the big boy armour ships. You only get a single Reaper for 2 OP so make it count. They are slower than Hammers but have more hitpoints, which is why AI won't always hit the mark. If we're being honest a single torpedo on a mount is nothing special even for a Reaper, but you can't deny its ability to vaporize enemies.
Sabot SRM: A+ / S+
Everything you ever wanted from a close range kinetic missile. Burst damage, avoids PD most of the time, EMP damage on hull. You get hit on shields, you're fucked, you get hit on hull, you're fucked. This is folks a very sexually active missile. The only complaint I have for them is that AI might not use them at the best time (opener) and sometimes saves them for panic moments. For player use though, absolute mastercpiece.
Double variant: Same as Harpoon double.
Salamander MRM: C
Rectal seeking missiles, Salamnders have a single job, disabling the engines. Their EMP damage might disable some weapons, but they target exclusively the back of ships. 5 OP but unlimited ammo on a cooldown. Honestly not really impactful for player fleet. Good PD or omni shields shut them down easily, you'll only have amazing moments here and there. But it is the most annoying thing on existence on the emeny side if you happen to pilot a ship vulnerable to them.
Swarmer SRM Launcher: A-
I feel like Swarmers are massively underrated, nobody talks about them. But this is how you make your ships immune to fighters and fragile frigates. Ton of ammo, cheap cost, excellent tracking and low cooldown. Only thing they don't do is damage anything bigger than your average frigate, and that's fine. They do their job really well. I'd put them even higher if they could handle Broadswords a bit better.
Annihilator Rocket Pod: A / A+
Completely different from the small version, this one fires a stream of constant rockets, which is excellent HE pressure where enemies can't afford to lower their shields for long. Pairs great with low tech ships which have a couple of medium missile mounts. Biggest drawback here is ammo, you spend 100 rockets faster than you think. AI will fire them constantly which isn't horrible, but you really need EMR. It's also one of the few cases where the elite effect on a skill can screw you up. Elite Missile spec gives +50% fire rate, you really don't want that with medium Annihilators.
Breach SRM Pod: B
Pretty much the same as the small version, just fires 5 instead of 3 missiles per shot. It has more competition now but it also beats the competiition in the ammo department.
Dragonfire DEM Torpedo: D+
With a name like this one would think it's busted. No, not even close. Dragonfires are in a nutshell, energy Reapers that are "homing". By homing I mean it functions as other DEM beam missiles, while Dragonfire also have a aiming time. They fly very slowly, do their aiming laser thing, and then fire. In big fights the missile gets killed by something random most of the time. And even if it fires, most ships can move out of the beam. And if they somehow perfectly hit a ship, that's soft flux damage, unless the ship is sitting there with the pants down, but then you can just use Reapers. Which is why I won't even put a player piloting tier here, just use normal torpedoes on your flagship. Oh almost forgot the worst part, this has 2 ammo. 2 ammo for 12 OP! Insane. With all ammo boosting perks it just has enough ammo as a Typhoon Reaper out of the box. This needs a buff so it's not a meme anymore.
Gazer SRM Pod: B+
Same as small Gazers, plenty of ammo here too, it fires 2 Gazers per volley. Still niche for ships that are too slow for Sabots or really want to have this for some fleet synergy.
Gorgon SRM Pod: C-
Where the fuck did it go so wrong? For some reason it has the same ammo as Harpoons, fires 2 Gorgons per shot and has a long cooldown... The very missile that is great for bursting down, needs to wait 10 seconds to fire again. Just mount small ones and install EMR. If you want homing damage in a medium, other options are better.
Harpoon MRM Pod: B
Not a fan of them firing 4 missiles per volley, but hey it's Harpoons at the end of the day, can't be bad. It just runs out too fast without ammo perks so I have to rank it lower than the small ones. And what happens often, 4 Harpoons just overkill the target.
Jackhammer: C / C+
Would be a better pick if it weren't for Typhoons. Firing 3 torpedoes at once, with 6 ammo doesn't give you much possibilities in a fight. Very cheap though, but as I have said already, you shouldn't save on missiles if you plan of using them (unless there isn't a better version of what you want). Due to how armour works in the game, I'm almost positive that a single Reaper does more damage in the end than 3 Hammers. 4000 vs 4500 damage which is split between 3 sources.
Pilum LRM Launcher: C
Let me be clear, these are in no way bad, they just aren't flashy and their impact isn't immediate. Pilums have infinite ammo but regenerate slowly over time, so you can "spend" them, the DPS just gets lower then. Longest ranged weapon in the game, they're THE support weapon from other side of the map, they pressure targets by dealing EMP damage through shields when the enemy's flux is high. Other than that it's fragmentation damage which won't do much to both shields and armour. 7 OP for a medium missile is cheap, especially unlimited one. They have their place in the game, I just don't use them much, maybe on some carrier that is waaay behind the frontlines.
Proximity Charge Launcher: A+ / S
Chonky Annihilators is what best describes this thing. Another HE pressure weapon, albeit having shorter range than Annihilators. But the bombs explode in AOE, killing fighters along the way. Also excellent against ships, only downside is their slow travel speed. And as with Annihilators, you run out of ammo pretty fast without ammo perks. 12 OP is expensive but it's worth it.
Sabot SRM Pod: A+ / S+
Everything I said about Sabots applies here as well. Fires 2 per volley and has 12 ammo so a bit more sustain than small ones.
Salamander MRM Pod: D-
Outside of meme builds, no one uses these. Salamanders are already pretty binary, either they reach engines, or they don't. You're paying double the cost in OP for having 1 Salamander more in a volley. Maybe there are some fights in the game where this is useful, but I haven't seen that yet. You can spend your points on better stuff that always works.
Typhoon Reaper Launcher: A / S+
I thought these were great before, but Alex said "more ammo" for some reason. So 6 Reapers for 10 OP. Not much to say here, monsters on flagships. And AI can blunder one time more than before. Ships that have 3-4 of these will put the fear of god in you.
Cyclone Reaper Launcher: A / S+
Even better than in previous patch, Cyclones are the ultimate dumb fire torpedoes. If your ship has forward facing large missile mounts, and has a mobility system or is fast, put these on. They almost don't need EMR with 20 shots. Beautiful things.
Dragonfire Torpedo Pod: D+
Well 5 ammo is an improvement, but not by much, most expensive missile in the game and has this much ammo. Reliability is the same as medium version, nonexistent. And for some dumb reason, large version has a 14 second cooldown. WHY??
Hammer Barrage: A- / S-
Cyclones with better DPS but they last for far less. 20 torpedoes and each volley fires 4, in a spread. Nice for big chunky targets but I prefer Cyclones now.
Hurricane MIRV Launcher: B- / B+
Poor Hurricane being nerfed so many times, it's still not bad, but far from the original powerhouse. Fires a single missile that splits into 7 smaller payloads which once they spawn, they lose the homing property of the original missile. Great range but AI tends to fire these willy nilly into smaller ships. It's funny to spam from a mile away along with Squalls.
Hydra MDEM Launcher: D
Mom: "We have Locusts at home" the missile. Somehow the Gorgon family just keeps getting shittier through the mount upgrades. Hydras like Hurricane MIRV have a single big missile that splits, this time into 6 (basically Gorgons). BUT 3 go to the left side of a ship and 3 to the right. As to flank it. Here's the obvious stinky thing, you don't want your damage split, unless you're playing a completionist minigame by stripping every single pixel of armour. It's nice for smaller targets and ships with narrow shields but very unremarkable otherwise. 15 ammo is nice tho. I don't even know how to go along fixing it, it's just way too meh, and Locusts are better versus small ships.
Locust SRM Launcher: S+
My favourite large missile, Locusts are going to eliminate every fighter and frigate you see on the screen. You don't need EMR, ECCM or even Missile spec. I mean it's even better with those but you get my point. Out of the box, cheap large missile that's incredibly reliable. Fires 40 fragmentation missiles that will automatically home in on nearest fightefrigate. And even with bigger ships that have their armour destroyed, this thing can eat through the hull. Many other large missiles got nerfed, but my boy is still staying strong. Of course you still need something to fight capitals and stations but this thing has you covered in every other area.
Pilum LRM Catapult: C+
Same as medium but double the cost, double the missiles fired, double the fun. Actually it's even better than that with better reload times, meaning DPS is higher than 2x of the medium version. The problem is still that you have better more impactful options. Yet I won't deny the fun of spamming the whole screen with these. Nice to keep the enemy busy with their PD and shields.
Squall MLRS: S
Still great, what a shocker I know. Lost EMP component, lost most of the damage on hull. But who cares, damage versus shields is the same, and that's the important part. Squall is a pressure kinetic missile that has 2500 range. So even before your enemies get in gun range, they have hard flux buildup. They have a lot of HP per missile so the PD can't even stop them. Faster ships can dodge the barrage, though that's a very minor downside to this MVP. Almost every enemy in the game has a shield you need to get through, Squalls will always have a place in your fleet. Until Alex decides one day to make the most bullshit end game enemy with only armour and phase ability.
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2023.05.28 16:00 MostBotsAreBad Wondercide Update

Well, about three days after the last time I sprayed Wondercide around our entire garden area, I stopped seeing ticks there. I don't want to jinx it, but it's been four days in a row with not seeing any. If I don't see any today, that sure feels causative, because I was probably seeing an average of two a day, before I sprayed.
We do think the Wondercide helps. It's just hard to prove it. These were fairly optimal conditions, for what it's worth -- the grass had just been mowed before I sprayed, and it hasn't rained in about a week, now.
We use 1 fl oz of concentrate per gallon of water (the instructions on the bottle seem to have changed, but this is what we've been sticking with) in a pump sprayer, and one gallon treats the area at hand. The 32 oz bottle of concentrate cost me about $80, and we treat about every two weeks except more often if it rains heavily. Realistically, I'm hoping the one $80 bottle will last us through the fall, but it depends on the rain.
It's an easy DIY and at least provides some satisfaction, but we think it does help, and it's at least allegedly pet-safe. There are plenty of other insects around, despite the spraying, so it's not killing everything, at least.
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2023.05.28 16:00 traumathrowawayacc 22 [F4M] New York - I want to experience a genuine connection with someone special!

Hi there!! I'm Jay! :)
I want to find a guy that is compatible to me and shares the same values. Hoping to find him here!
I am a 22 year old who graduated college and and am currently living in New York!
I am looking to form a bond with someone before I move, and then continue with an in person relationship!
A bit about me: - I have natural hair that I like to keep short, and I occasionally like wearing different wig styles to show my personality!
-I am on a weight loss journey! So I cherish healthy living and fitness. I am looking for someone who will motivate me to make the right decisions but at the same time also loves my body the way it is right now. I am currently 170lbs, my goal is around 130-140lbs. I've done it before, so I know I can do it again! I love walking and being active so definitely looking for a man who is the same!
-I am looking for someone who is mature and is established. Meaning, a man who works hard every day in any aspect of his life (career, family, or fitness). Someone who is level headed. But I am also looking for someone fun, kind, affectionate, and chill to hang out with!
-I am looking for a man who will prioritize spending time with me, whether it is virtually or in person. Someone who communicates and is neither pushy on me texting back within seconds, but someone who respects me enough to let me know if they're busy/to expect a longer wait time. Someone who is not shy to take random pictures of themselves and send them to me just so I know those silly little thoughts you have. Also someone who doesn't mind me taking tons of pictures too (because I do take a lot of pictures haha)
-I believe in communication! I need someone emotionally available, someone who isn't afraid to have those long, deep conversations with me. Someone who will hear me out and not judge me. A man that really listens but also has enough confidence to speak up too!
-My love languages are words of affirmations and quality time! It's my top two love languages :) Also, I want a man who intentionally plans dates/hang outs/skype sessions, and wants to genuinely have fun with me!
-I love anime! I watch so much anime, and I need a guy who is willing to watch some with me!
A bit about my careeschool...
-I am a published author! I have written 3 books, first one dating back when I was only 13! I was introduced to the publishing industry at a young age, so I went to college to study creative writing. I am currently minoring in creative writing and majoring in psychology! What I plan to do in the future is become a liscensed Expressive Writing therapist and/or create books for the youth to help their mental health!
-I used to have 3 on campus jobs when I am on campus. Library Assistant, tutor, and I work at the gym as a proctor. I am going to be starting a new job soon so I would consider myself a busy person, but I ALWAYS make sure to prioritize my relationships that are serious, and I expect my man to do the same with me.
***I consider myself to be a religious person, and this is something that value. I am Catholic and hope to meet someone who shares my faith! I'm looking for a deep connection, where we can pray together and listen to gospel music!
*** I smoke weed! So I am also looking for a man who does the same! I'm very 420 friendly!
*** I would consider myself to be asexual, which means that I want to form a relationship where sex is not a priority and isn't expected of me. Sending nudes is also something I will not participate in and is a hard boundary. However, I am an extremely romantic person and value intimacy and closeness in other ways! If you want clarification on this, I will gladly explain further over PM!
I am open to talking to anyone between the ages of 22-29 years old!
I want to say that I am a very open-minded person and welcome many different guys! Please decide for yourself if you meet these qualities and send me a message! All I ask for is commitment to having something serious and someone who is ready for that. Looking forward to finding you!
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2023.05.28 15:59 ThrowRA-honeybee I (F19) am in a daze about (M18)

I (F19) am in a daze. I met someone about a month ago (M18) who just moved to the US 2 months ago and we made it clear we liked one another, but their situation is putting a halt in my heart. They moved to the US from a foreign country all alone leaving their family behind and is working constantly to make their dreams come true and in the process, our conversation has been dying out (our communication was okay at the beginning we would say good morning then come back at night to talk about our day I didn't mind it because we have our own lives), but we rarely text anymore (we go days without actual conversations) since their new job a few weeks ago and I don't blame anything on them because life is hard and we do what we have to do to survive. Relationship isn't their top priority and it shouldn't be. I know that and I'm not upset about it but I am willing to wait for them to get their life together so we can build something. I am just conflicted on if it would be good that I talk to them about waiting for them to get their life together or if I'm just pushing it at this point? I know a month is crazy to know if you truly feel something for someone, but this person is the kindest person in the entire universe and everything I ever wanted in a person, gentle, loving, understanding, and emotionally intelligent. It isn’t anything either of us are doing that’s causing this relationship to fail but their situation just isn't allowing for a relationship right now and I'm in a daze if I should talk to them about waiting for them or just let it all go without having that conversation and move on.
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2023.05.28 15:59 toadscools top comment

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2023.05.28 15:59 Pediatric_NICU_Nurse 2 Hospitalizations and my work keeps asking me to find coverage and update them on a day by day basis if I am coming into work rather than taking me off the schedule. Feeling pretty dehumanized...

It's just a fun part time job working with kids. They were possibly discussing surgery and removing my colon due to my crohns disease. After my colonoscopy, my G.I. said it was one of the worst colons he has ever seen and he has been working for 40+ years.
I am actively vomiting, bleeding, and in excruciating pain. I have been hospitalized for the past 6 days. Before that 2 weeks ago, I was hospitalized for 4 days.
They are making me call off shifts rather than taking me off the schedule. I will be quitting in 2 months anyway due to graduating and starting my first post undergraduate job.
My family and friends are fucking furious and so am I. Is this something I should fight for before I leave in 2 months? Should I contact my managers boss? Should I just go no contact until I get discharged? I have never worked with such inconsiderate, inhumane, and selfish people in my entire life.
I also recently found out that there's a Facebook group of all the moms shit talking all the managers/supervisors that work there (99% of my coworkers don't like working with them either). That's probably the only good news I heard this week lol. What should my plan moving forward be? I honestly think this is worth blowing up over...
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2023.05.28 15:59 RoRoNoGo Is it hopeless?

I don’t know what to do anymore. Portland has become so unlivable. It’s coming to a point where it feels hopeless. What are we supposed to do? You can’t find affordable housing, can’t afford the gas/mileage to live anywhere within a reasonable commute. If something does happen to your car, Maine in general doesn’t have a strong public transport system. Fuel prices make the already difficult winters that much more stressful. The job market is weaker and weaker every year. It truly is becoming “Vacationland”.
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2023.05.28 15:59 Less-Function-5259 When would they bring this into affect? Would it be after a certain year ie 2024-2025 or would it apply to current years 1? Etc

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2023.05.28 15:58 gaymerRaver Taken me nearly a decade to realise ptsd has repressed my sexuality

Not in the sense of knowing who I am. Fully aware who I am. But I have been avoiding other gay people for long time I.e clubs etc. I’m in my late twenties so still time to explore but fuck me why am I only having this realisation now? This is incredibly frustrating but that’s how I feel getting a bit of decent exposure to “the scene” as we gays call it. Sure I can’t stand the music, but the vibe is alright and just wished I put myself out there bit more but again still got time so not all that bad just frustrated. Still not exactly sure why I have avoided it, but I think I’m now aware. Which is strange. Thought I was pretty much aware of what affected me hahaha.
My life has changed a lot over past 2-3 years ptsd used to cripple me couldn’t get a job but now I’m well on career ladder and love myself bit more. Just anxious as fuck with scale of changes and figuring out who I am so late.
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2023.05.28 15:58 Remotive [Hiring][Full Remote] 2 Full Remote jobs at tech companies - May 28, 2023

Job Title Company Salary Full Remote in...
Director, Sales Operations BetterUp - USA
Sales Representative Jooble - Ukraine
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2023.05.28 15:58 Life-Examination-469 Is my (35F) relationship with my husband (38M) normal and just chronic miscommunication? Or something else? I can't tell.

So...this might be a bit all over the place, I can't order my thoughts so well. Also might be long. Sorry! There's also so much I can't decide what to tell you and what to leave out.
I have been in a relationship with my husband for 15 years, married for 5. We have been in marriage counselling since December 2022, which was his idea. I have fibromyalgia and CFS, and I was fired from my 'normal' 9-5 job in 2018, because my body couldn't deal with it anymore. After it ended, out of necessity, I started my own business from home. I've been building it slowly since then, and while I don't take money out of it to live off, I'm at a stage where it keeps itself running plus a little cushion. I work at home and significant amount of my time is spent pushing it to grow, so I can get back to having a decent income. I have recently been given a small disability benefit so I now have a little income from that. My dad died in 2009, and my inheritance paid for the house deposit and a decent chunk of renovation, plus I paid my half of everything for 4 years before I lost my job. Husband has been solely paying bills for the last 4.
My husband has been desperate for children for a couple of years, but I'm terrified I can't look after them, especially since there are days I can't even get myself in the shower. He told me children is the only reason he got married, it wasn't important to him, which I hadn't appreciated before. He's a reasonably high earner, but with him paying for bills and everything I thought it was sensible to try and get my business in a position where I could pay someone to help me at home with children. He doesn't agree. He also keeps sitting down with me and telling me to get a job. He said most people wouldn't have supported me past a year of having no proper income. He says he hates my business and feels it's robbed him of children. He won't accept that it's very difficult to get a job with a chronic illness when you've been fired for that illness and you still have it, and he says there must be lots of jobs from home. I've been looking for an age but I can't find anything I'm qualified for, that would allow me days out with no notice when I have bad days, or that pays well enough for me to give up my business that I'm really proud of. I asked him to sit down with me and go through what work I can find, but he refused.
The therapist told us to fact check his fears and budget what we currently have. According to my calculations with what I know our joint bills and his personal ones to be, plus what I know of his income, I think he should have a decent chunk spare per month. He says he has no money, yet parcels continue to arrive for him, and he keeps paying for golf lessons and his PT. He won't allow me access to his bank account to go through it with him though. He's actually refused to do most of what the marriage counsellor has recommended and by his own admission hasn't been trying. He's gotten himself am individual therapist recently though so maybe that's the start of it?
I struggle with intimacy sometimes, as a result of being in pain a lot of the time, and some meds I'm on make me not all that interested. We had a dry spell just before we started counselling. I am a physical touch love language person though, I need touches and hugs. He's been refusing to touch me, even avoiding brushing past me in a hallways, since we started counselling. He says he thinks any touching will give me hope that this can be fixed and he doesn't want to do that. He's said that the dry spell because of my health struggles is exactly equivalent to him choosing not to touch me at all, and how dare I tell him I have issues with him withdrawing physical affection as a result. As an honest aside - through all of our relationship, he hasn't listened to most of what I've told him I like, regarding intimacy and sex. He hasn't done what I've asked of him. As a result, sex is a bit about endurance for me. We've even had times where I've told him it hurts and the response has been it's OK because he's nearly done. It doesn't make it something I want to use my energy on, when I have it. There was once a rhythm method fail very close to a conversation about how I wasn't ready for children yet, it's the only one in 15 years and bothers me.
He has complained about hugging me for quite a few years now. For example; if he works nights, he'll sit and play xbox right up until the last minute and then if I ask for a hug before he leaves, he'll complain I'm making him late and he doesn't have time. He also tells me regularly that everything is always on my timescale though, and I'm not sure this is the case? If I ask for help emptying pans in the kitchen or putting the washing out, he'll tell me to give him a sec and then I wait there until he's finished with his TV show or gaming to help, however long that takes. He spends all the free time he has at home watching TV or gaming, most housework is my responsibility but I haven't the energy most of the time so it doesn't get done. Last time I asked him to hoover for me he asked me why angrily, although he did do some.
What do you call it when someone responds to you in a hard tone that's quite spiky? I don't like it and it makes my anxiety worse when he does it, but pretty much all conversations use it now. He mostly doesn't ask me how I am or what I've been doing or anything about my life - maybe 2 or 3 days a month he'll ask me how I am. He says he doesn't want to, he's not usually all that interested and honestly, that's how he treats most family and friends. Pretty much all our conversations are about things that he's doing or cares about. He's never told me he's proud of me or that I'm beautiful or he likes how I look, unless in response to me asking if I look OK. He tells me then I look nice or fine. I don't need compliments much but on our wedding day would have been nice.
I'm confused a lot of the time. What if I've made this all worse in my head and imagined bits of it without meaning to or knowing? I struggle to make basic decisions without asking him, because I worry about being criticised. The other day I had to ask what vegetables to add to dinner. It's like there are two different people in him and I feel like I'm walking on eggshells. I run through the pros and cons of everything I want to say before I say it, so I can try and work out if it'll get a spiky response or not. I don't always get it right.
Whenever I have raised something I don't like in our relationship he's 9 times out of 10 refused to address it and countered with the things he hates that I do. The worst one of those conversations I remember ended in me crying, and him telling me I should probably go and talk to the doctor about antidepressants - so I did.
The only thing I've really done is taken him to get our cat when I knew he didn't want one. I need animals in my life, I'm really sensitive (I think HSP) and they calm me, but his family are fairly ambivalent about pets. I've apologised a few times for how I went about it and he adores her now, but he still keeps bringing it up as one of the things I've done that upsets him and how he doesn't like cats. He'll always bring up old hurts, and I've asked him what he hopes to achieve from it but he can't answer me.
Finally, he's responsible for the 3 most painful things anyone has ever said to me. The worst was the day after my Nan's funeral. At her house, the last time I'd ever be there, I asked him if he was OK (she loved him and I thought he might be sad) and he said did I think we might nearly be done because he was bored. It was so painful I couldn't breathe.
Is this me misunderstanding our communication? How do you know if you're imagining things? What if there is never anyone else for me? What if I eventually leave and regret it? I can't work out what's going on and I'm so anxious about it. Apologies for the length, thank you if you made it this far.
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2023.05.28 15:58 Top-Total692 [HIRING] 3 Jobs in Huntsville Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
BOEING Maximo Engineer Huntsville
TMX Finance Site Manager Huntsville
Oculus Search Partners Instrumentation Technician Huntsville
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in huntsville. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 15:58 Dangerous-Bag-7327 [HIRING] 3 Jobs in Phoenix Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Jobot Accounting Lead Phoenix
Kforce Technology Senior Manager of Business Development Phoenix
Delaware North Duct Mechanic Phoenix
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in phoenix. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 15:58 Noskyofficial [HIRING] 7 Jobs in San Francisco Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Robert Half Staff Accountant San Francisco
Penske Truck Leasing Diesel Mechanic South San Francisco
UnitedHealth Group Per Diem Patient Care Coordinator - Financial Counselor (Marin Health) - San Francisco Bay Area, CA San Francisco
UCSF Health Nurse Practitioner OB/GYN clinic San Francisco
UCSF Health Nurse Practitioner I or II Mechanical Circulatory Support MCS San Francisco
Ageless Men's Health Registered Nurse (RN) San Francisco
HelioHire Immediate Openings Cloud Solutions Architect San Francisco San Francisco
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in san francisco. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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