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2023.06.07 14:13 sunliu94 advice please

me and my gf have been dating for almost 4 months. during the school year, we were both busy, especially her because she wanted to take her LSATS, which we both know is a huge deal. However, despite her busy schedule, we never had issues and still spent time tg nearly every day. we started long distance on May 22nd due to the summer ( i live about 3 hours from her). before LD, we have a convo and agreed to try it out, and that we would talk about any problems we had. we also discussed communication styles before and after LSAT and came to an agreement. For the past 3 weeks, LD hasnt been too bad, we texted everyday, facetimed every week, and nothing seemed to be going wrong. However, she did become a little more distant a few days prior to this event (i will get into it), still texted me everyday and not dry, just not as frequent. I called her on Sunday night to tell her ive been feeling this way, but that it was not something I wanted to make an issue bc i knew her LSAT was this week and i know she is stressed AF. We had a small talk, and when i asked her if she wanted to say anything, she hesitates, and says somehting along the lines of "i think i have something on my mind but it has to wait until after the LSAT." naturally, i freaked out a little. During our back and forth, here are the important details: 1) it is not a positive thing, 2) she wants to make sure the LSAT isnt messing with her, 3) it would require a long call, 4) she cant exactly put it to words. At that point, as an overthinker, I thought she was going to dump me. So i told her "if its what im thinking i would rather not get strung along." at the end, she said "you are not getting completely strung along..." and after that i kind of blanked out bc i just got so confused.
Im mostly just upset bc she spilled this information on me and then refused to talk about it. During the call, I asked her if she needed space this week to properly think, she said she didnt and that she would not mind me texting her still. however, I still thought it would be nice to give her at least a little space, so the day after the call, I gave her space the entire day, and at night i texted her how her day went, this is how the convo went:
me: "how was your day"
her: it was alright. how about you
me: honestly not too good, ive been worried about the convo from last night. but work went well.
her: thats nice.
Tell me if im being dramatic, but i thought her response was very cold. She never texts that dryly, and i know she knows that it was not a good response. My thinking is thats her way of putting her foot down and telling me she does not want to talk about it, however, I dont think me telling her the truth about my day was a bad thing, nor was i trying to get an info out of her. I just wanted to be vulnerable with her, plus i didnt want to LIE and say my day was great when I was a mess at work and at home. Its Wed now, and we still have about 2-3 days before she actually tells me whats going on. We did not text all day yesterday. At this point, Ive grew numb, and just told myself to prepare for the worst. But I wanted to know if i should still hold onto some hope.
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2023.06.07 14:13 hearden Golden Vault Conversion: The Murkmire Malevolence (1st-level)

It's been awhile since I played this so this post is quite delayed, but I'm here now with my deeper dive into setting the Golden Vault adventures in Wildemount.
Anthology Conversion (original post)
I'll be covering the following sections — Location, Lore, Experience, Future, and Resources — for the 1st-level adventure, The Murkmire Malevolence.

“You’ve got to steal the Murkmire Stone and bring it back so I can save the city!”


I like the Varkenbluff Museum of Natural History being in a big city — it makes sense for them to then have the resources available to magic-ward the building in the various ways we see in the adventure. A smaller city could have such a museum, but a large or small town definitely not.
For examples of such cities, I recommend Rexxentrum, Zadash, Nicodranas, Port Damali, Rosohna, or Uthodurn.
My personal preference, as well as where I set this the two times I ran it, is Rexxentrum. I just like how having it in the Empire opens up the possibility of tying Cerberus Assembly stuff into it, including Dr. Dannell's involvement and the museum's arcane traps and workings.


With that in mind, this section isn't necessary, but if you're looking to give some flavor to the adventure to make it feel more immersed in the world, as opposed to just a drop-in module, then there's a lot to work with.
Dr. Cassee Dannell, first of all, could be an archaeologist who works for the Soltryce Academy, Hall of Erudition, or the Marble Tomes Conservatory, both being arcane universities. I would say the Cobalt Soul Archives don't work in this case since they're not as much an arcane-focused organization.
Curator Alda Arkin could just be a freelance fence working independently, but she could also be a Myriad fence, using the museum as her cover.
If you're not using the Golden Vault as your group's patron, mages who're interested in the Murkmire Stone — such as Doolan Tversky, Yussa Errenis, Vess deRogna, or Essek Thelyss — could either be hiring the party to grab the stone for them or could be the ones funding the stone's safekeeping for the gala... and then perhaps Alda sneaks it away after the gala to be delivered directly to them. Who knows!


I ran this adventure twice with two different groups. It was pretty straightforward, hence why this post is on the shorter end compared to my other conversion posts. A lot of the additions I made were simply flavor ones, having the PCs know certain NPCs already or being familiar with the museum using the given hooks or expanding on an NPC's written personality to include a brief backstory that helped make them feel less one-dimensional (especially for an adventure that has so many named NPCs).
The two groups I ran were for a oneshot with 5 players and for an anthology series side campaign with 2 players. Both were set in Rexxentrum with the same NPCs quirks and backstories.
The oneshot group was first, so I learned from all of my mistakes with them. Party was warlock, monk, Draconic sorcerer, artificer, and rogue.
I had had their meeting with Dannell in the morning, as the book said, but since the gala was at night, they took that as an opportunity to go around the museum during business hours (the Gemstone Wing was, of course, closed and cordoned off). That let them get the layout of the museum before the gala, as opposed to having to attend the gala and plan at the same time.
Hilariously, the warlock kept trying to get in with the guards as a new hire but wouldn't back down even when the guards told her that Alda hired guards directly herself, so there was no such "job posting" asking for new hires. This almost busted their recon period since Alda got suspicious when one of the guards came to her office saying that the warlock was claiming to be a family friend, too, but eventually Alda got busy and ignored this after telling the guards to shoo the warlock off.
The party left themselves an escape rope hanging from the skylight (the rogue had climbed the building from the outside during the recon portion) and then hid in the bathrooms or the supply closets after the gala.
I accidentally skipped over the part where the animatronic doesn't attack anyone and just jumps downstairs to wreak havoc. Sureth died in this oneshot because she was standing 5 feet away from the animatronic when the artificer activated it from the other side then quickly backed up. The animatronic crit on her, but she got revived at the end of the story by the Golden Vault cleaning things up.
The warlock also was knocked unconscious because (since I hadn't sent the animatronic downstairs and the party was in hiding watching Maryam and the guards fight it) she fled downstairs to create a distraction, and the guards down there knocked her out. She was arrested but I had their Golden Vault handler come by and talk her free.
On the bright side, the artificer did end up in a relationship with Dr. Dannell, who he came into the adventure having an established crush on, so that was cute.
In the wrap-up, we established that the party convinced Dannell to quit her association with the Soltryce Academy and go do research and similar work for the Golden Vault. The museum was shut down for investigation by the Cerberus Assembly and the Crown, and its future of ever being open again was put into question because of the havoc that'd been caused by the animatronic killing Sureth.
In terms of runtime, that group did 6 hours with 1 hour debrief, 3 hours prep, and 2 hours heist/combat.
The anthology group was second and only had two players, so I extra scaled everything down (removed half HP from everything). Part was Clockwork Soul sorcerer and rogue.
Same thing happened with the "early meeting" and "late gala" prep time — they wanted to go in during business hours to recon because there was still a whole day to kill. I've been recommended that, perhaps, the DM should skip from the meeting to the gala immediately, but I think that players might still say "hey, we had all of those hours to kill, we could've been doing recon then, too". In that case, maybe it'd be for the best that Dannell meets with them shortly before the gala so that there's no time to really do separate recon.
The sorcerer and rogue pretended to be on a date, and since this is an anthology connected to my campaign, we had a lot more stuff to work with. (The players were controlling NPCs-turned-PC-sheets that they've met before and are allies with in the campaign; the anthology is basically "what were these characters doing while y'all were not with them?") My favorite part being that they were both nobles, so I played off the idea that everyone knew them... which then made them have to work around the fact that people knew their faces so they couldn't be too suspicious since it'd be too easy to catch and identify them.
The rogue was the eldest child of Watchmaster Brunda Gleshin (and the black sheep of their family), so I had them know Maryam as a former Watch captain who'd retired to take on private museum security (it pays better than law enforcement). There was a lot of snarky back and forth between the rogue and Maryam because of that once they had gone up to scope out the second floor. This was my favorite interaction:
Micha: We'll leave you alone, but nice to see that you've taken up this... position.
Maryam: Mhm.
Micha: I'm sure my mother is very proud of you.
Maryam: Can't say the same for you.
They also set the skylight up for later, mingle at the gala (Watchmaster Gleshin is there, much to the rogue's chagrin), and then make their leave. But they don't actually leave and go in through the basement, fight the mimic, go into the records room and Alda's office and kill Marigold. Then they leave again and head up to the attic to wait for the museum's closing.
They'd previously tried to talk up some guards to see who they could maybe flip during the heist... but then when it comes time for them to come out of hiding, both of them discover that the guards have all changed positions so now the guard set-up they'd lifted is useless.
(This was fully because they chose to come in early and Maryam saw the rogue walking around during normal business hours, so she went and tipped off Alda right before the gala. I thought it was a nice touch since the rogue was acting real cocky and it further emphasized their bad reputation for being a troublemaker around town, that any Crownsguard who knew them would automatically think they're up to something.)
At the end of the day, both heists were successful, although the oneshot group definitely had more chaos going on, likely due to the number of players and the fact that I'd missed the line about the animatronic not causing real people damage. The oneshot group swapped the stone for the replica while the anthology players swapped the stone for a sack of ten pounds of adventuring gear... because it was "more fun". When I pointed out that that meant they'd probably know that the sorcerer and rogue did it since they were the only adventurers casing the museum earlier in the day, the rogue replied, "Yeah. We want them to know! They can't catch us. With what proof?"
I also found that Cassee was popular to flirt with. I mean, she's a dorky archaeologist, so I guess that was written in the stars already. In the oneshot group, as aforementioned, the artificer ended up dating her, but in the anthology group, the rogue tried to flirt with her and ask her out for dinner... but she declined because they were way too boisterous and high energy for her. (In comparison, the artificer from the other group was also shy and quiet like her, so she appreciated that... and his starting hook was knowing Dannell through academics, so there was that.)


There's already future hooks discussed in this adventure, so I won't repeat those. However, I think because of the huge amount of named NPCs in this adventure, there's a lot of opportunities to reuse them later on, especially if you're running the adventures as connected like I am for my anthology group. Could be a nice callback.
The museum guards, if the museum is shut down, could reappear as guards in a later adventure, showing that they had to find somewhere else to work.
Alda Arkin, if her fencing was never discovered, could rise up to do bigger work and be involved with a later heist, such as Masterpiece Imbroglio.
Even Dr. Dannell herself could reappear in a later adventure that has to do with arcane magic or weird creatures (perhaps Markos Delphi has correspondence with her about eldritch horrors?).
I'm currently playing with the idea that Franceena, who the anthology rogue gave the business card of their dueling academy they run to, could have gone and taken those dueling lessons and become stronger over time, reappearing in a mid tier adventure (Vidorant's Vault?) as part of a rival crew. I haven't implemented it yet since I'm also considering using the Thieves' Gallery from Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves as a rival crew, but who knows! It's fun to think about, regardless.
As a side note, I also love that Dr. Horthnar Stonecrusher shares a name with Torgja Stonecrusher of the prewritten rival crew. It could be that it's just a happenstance of having the same name, especially since they're both dwarves... but I think it could also be fun if they're related — maybe he's her father and he mentions at the gala how his daughter has run off with some 'petty thieves'? And then she appears later as part of the rival crew!
In addition, I didn't get to implement this because I thought of it after I'd run both games, but I had the idea of dropping foreshadowing objects in the displays to hint at later Golden Vault adventures (similar to the museum episode of Black Mirror, iykyk). These obviously can't all be the MacGuffins of the adventures because those MacGuffins have to be somewhere, but maybe they could be allusions to characters the players will encounter or locations they'll go to.


No third-party supplements were used in either of my runs of this adventure.
My Playlists: Gala / Heist / Combat


My rating for this adventure doesn't change from my original conversion post of the book.

8/10 - simple, effective, and meets all of the three pillars. The anthologies usually don't miss with the 1st-level adventures. I docked points simply because the flavor and setting was a bit predictable, but it makes sense to start an anthology with a classic museum heist.

Overall, it's still very fun, and both groups loved it when I ran it for how 'classic heist' it feels. It's got a lot of potential for future hooks
Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading, and happy gaming!
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2023.06.07 14:12 DueMaternal What would be your ideal pay for the work you do and role you currently at in your restaurant?

Be honest with yourself, and don't undersell yourself, please. Disregard the way you would bargain with a manager or whoever is deciding your pay, and definitely ignore how your work or importance is seen from an outside perspective. Don't feel bad for the company or the owner.
What is the actual worth per hour of your contribution to your workplace?
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2023.06.07 14:12 kyshiag CRV Repair: Windshield Wipers

I have a 2008 CRV. Has never really given me any trouble. Unfortunately, that also means that I am a bit unfamiliar with mechanics. Anywhoo. My windshield wipers are acting funny. The front sometimes works in all settings but most times only on the highest setting. The rear one comes on automatically when you start the car and will not go off for about 3 minutes. The rear does not really respond to me turning them on or off or using the washer. Mechanic says its the motor but it feels more electrical to me. Would a motor cause this. I did have the motor replaced in about 2010 due to a car wash incident.
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2023.06.07 14:12 Aviator377 Looking to mentor

I did this about six months ago, and got the chance to work with someone for a while and it was a really positive experience. So here we go again...
About me: 35 year old male, business professional in a job that revolves around leadership. I've got passions for personal finance, technology, aviation, the outdoors and more. I've found success by leading teams through challenging times and situations but it hasn't always been easy. I found that there's a lot more that I could have been doing in my 20's to set myself up for success, whether that was investing in myself, my education, avoiding bad relationships, foster positive relationships, and much more.
What I'm offering/seeking...I want to find one or two people who are still fighting through that challenging period, transitioning into the real world, and want someone to bounce ideas off of. I've learned what it takes, how to manage your life, budget, invest, grow and learn.
I think it's important to get to know each other, gain trust, and then from there on out, I'm a resource for you to bounce ideas off of, the ones you don't want to ask friends about, the ones that just help having a non biased mentor to help you work through.
I look forward to hearing from you. Please just message me with a quick intro about yourself, age, hobbies, etc.
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2023.06.07 14:12 AHucs My [33M] wife [31F] called my night sweat "disgusting"

So I will occasionally (once a month-ish) get some pretty bad night sweats. I believe it's primarily anxiety-driven, and I am talking to a therapist. During the summer I sleep with only a top sheet, only boxers, and we've got a fan, but it doesn't seem to get rid of the problem. When it happens usually I'll wake up sometime between 2-4am covered in sweat with bed on my side kinda drenched.
Usually my wife is quite understanding, but last night she had a really negative reaction that left me feeling hurt. I woke up to her poking me at 2:30AM saying "hey can you do something about this? I can't sleep". After that I apologized and said I'd move to the couch. As I was walking out of the bedroom I heard her say "ugh...disgusting...".
In the morning we talked. She apologized, saying that she didn't mean to make me feel bad, she was just tired and grumpy. I appreciated her saying that, but I am still a bit unsettled because the hostility definitely was there. And now I'm feeling like my stress is hurting her, which is making me feel even more stressed.
Anybody else gone through this before, and any suggestions on how best to deal with it? I'm less looking for advice on how to stay cool / avoid sweating (we're already trying a lot of things, and I don't think there's an obvious silver bullet...), and more on how to manage an uncomfortable situation where there isn't an easy solution. I get that it's kind of gross, I don't like making my wife feel gross, and I get she needs a good night sleep too. I would just like to not be treated with hostility over something I can't fully control and am trying to mitigate.
tl;dr - my wife got upset and called my night sweat "disgusting". I appreciate that it kind of is, and it does affect her, but it's also not something I can fully control so the hostility I felt kind of hurt me.
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2023.06.07 14:12 nothisisnotadam Trying to lose weight while also attempting to have a neutral relationship with food and body

Any advice is warmly welcomed. I’m a 35 year old mom of a 2 year old lovely daughter. Im overweight and im trying to lose some of it for my health and well-being. I’ve always had a bit of a difficult relationship with food and my body. I’ve done a lot of work on the body love part and have arrived at a place where I place less empahasis on looks and more on how I feel. Food, however, continues to be a difficult area and my habit of emotional overeating is at an all time high. I’m trying to lose weight now by watching my intake all the while showing my daughter that I eat regularly and enough (I don’t want her to get the same weird body and food issues I got from my mom). I guess the question is, how does one navigate being a mom with really bad food issues while losing weight and most importantly while not f*cling up your daughter’s relationship with food?
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2023.06.07 14:12 Comfortable-Draw-896 Some things are not adding up.. 🤔

To start with, your LI catches you before Ivy can go in with the kiss. Earlier, he told your MC about her grafting hard (seeming annoyed), but then let her put her hand on his thigh and then goes to lean in for a kiss. It’s too bad our MC was caught, because I really wonder what would have happened.
Later Ivy will tell you about Roberto’s secret. If you do that answer in the game, it’s wrong. She lied to you and basically says you’re gullible.
Later after she takes your LI on a date, they hold hands. He doesn’t pull away. They both agree to never admit to what happened on the date. When he once again catches MC, he pulls his hand away and of course you can’t talk about it.
And of course once she’s kicked off, you can pay gems to find out all he did was talk about MC. But, why would they agree to not talk about it? Why would she hold hands with someone who basically said no 3749293 times? She’s lied before about stuff, including earlier that day. She’s never liked your Mc, so why would she want her to win?
At this point, I know she’s kicked off, so no real reason to lie, BUT I have a huge feeling she will be back at casa. Her story didn’t seem done. Is this where we find out the truth? I definitely think so.
As for Amelia; I could also see your original LI and Amelia getting together at some point. She seemed like she got some answers right and was paying attention to what she said. I guess we will see if she got into the bed on purpose (after hearing what MC would want him to do) or she went there to finally confess her secret from earlier. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she’s pretended to be MC in the past and that’s how she got Zeph, even if he knew them both. I would hope the islanders can tell them apart though, I certainly can…but it feels like mistaken identity will happen at some point (possible next week). This could be accidental, or could be because Amelia is jealous of all the attention from MC, especially if you tell her you’re also into Roberto.
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2023.06.07 14:12 Nervous-Living2824 How a shouting guy chased me at a waterpark

This is not going to be that scary like other stories you can read here, but when it happened to me it was really really frightening. Also I apologize because it might be a little long.
So this happened a few weeks ago in the countryside at my neighbours (and friends) waterpark.
It was the second day that it opened in the season and there was only one pool in use. Like I said before, it was our neighbour's place. When we arrived (my friend with her parents and my parents and me) me and my friend (I'm going to call her Anna from now on, it's not her real name) went in the pool while our parents were at the buffet having lunch. Before I continue, I would like to mention that we are both girls and minors.
I remember seeing a group of people, about 3 or 4 guys and 2 smaller girls. I think they were siblings, but the point is, there were no adults with them. They all played and had fun together, and I remember looking at them and thinking: 'ohh it's so nice seeing the older brothers playing and having fun with their little sisters and everyone looks so happy!' (seeing love among people always makes me emotional).
As time passed, Anna and I got hungry so we went to the buffet where our families were. When we got there, we saw that same group one or two tables away from us. I was standing there, Anna sitting, and I saw them staring at us. Again, I didn't think much of it.
After lunch only Anna and her mother were in the pool. The next things didn't happen to me, and at that time I didn't realise it was happening, Anna's mother told us later. She heard the guys from that group telling one to go up to Anna. That guy was in some way mentally disabled. I really don't want to offend anyone by saying that, I don't think that a disabled person would be less than any other person. It was not their choice but it is the people's choice to bully them or think differently about them which is just so so so dumb. Anyway the other boys encouraged him to go up to Anna. She didn't notice any of this happening, and by accident, she went to her mother right before he would have gone up to her. Then they heard the encouraging guys say 'come back, her mother is here'.
Later when we were all in the pool, I kept noticing that they were always looking at us and that one guy following us everywhere. My mother went out of the pool, I was with Anna and her mom when the he came up to me and said hi. Of course, i said hello because there is nothing wrong with this. But I have severe social anxiety and I wasn't feeling very comfortable. He was staring at me so strangely... Anna saw this too and she started to feel uncomfortable too. Her mother told us what had happened before then the three of us decided to go to my dad who was not very far from us.
The guy came closer, he even followed us when there were two adults there with us. By this point we were feeling really uncomfortable so we decided to get out of the pool, my mother was outside anyway. So nothing bad could happen right? Wrong. As we were getting out of the pool, we heard the guy come after us while he shouted: 'wait for me' and 'don't leave me'. We could see my mom so we went that way. Anna started panicking, so she decided to run. And because of her, I started to run too. After it happened, of course I know that it was a bad thing to do but at that time I was so creeped out, I couldn't think normally. I took off my slippers, because i couldn't run in them. When we got to my mother, i didn't have time to explain what's happening, because I really had to go to the bathroom. I gave her my slippers and run through this grass field that unfortunately had smaller branches and rocks lying there. I wasn't wearing my glasses, so I couldn't even see what i stepped on while being chased by a shouting guy. When I got to the women's bathroom (what was completely empty), I felt so relieved. I slipped a few times because wet, muddy foot and shiny bathroom floor are not the greatest combo 😅. I went in one of the stalles. Everything was quiet. Then I started hearing this heavy breathing coming from the doors way. I knew it couldn't be a woman, because it was in such a deep voice. Like a guy who's tired from a run. Of course after the past events a thought it was him. At that moment I was thinking: 'this is it'. I knew that if he stood in the door, there would be no way for me to get out of there. I haven't felt that scared before. When I could no longer hear the heavy breathing, I slowly got out of the stall. When I went out, I could see him going in the man's restroom's way and my mother yelling at him. Apparently he wanted to get into the women's bathroom. Later my father spoke to him and after that he stopped following us (but when he passed by or when they left he was looking at us).
I don't blame him, I think it wasn't his fault, but the other boys' who encouraged him to go up to us. I'm quite sure they were just pulling a prank on him by telling him that we looked like we'd be interested in him. And honestly I don't think anything that bad would have happened if he got to us, but like I said, i have severe social anxiety and I'm a little paranoid too so the things that were happening made me feel very uncomfortable and scared.
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2023.06.07 14:12 treatcare Children are getting depression victims from social media, help them in this way

Children are getting depression victims from social media, help them in this way
Social media has become an important part of everyone's life today. Even so, why not? How easy it has made the world of people. Through this, people can stay connected by staying in another country. Like two sides of the coin, social media has both good and bad aspects. It depends on us what we want to accept. Social media has both positive and negative effects. A recent research has revealed that excessive use of social media is making people mentally ill. The feeling of loneliness increases in these people. Not only this, people are suffering from many other health related problems besides insomnia and stress due to its addiction. Let's know what the study says about depression from social media.


Is social media really causing depression in people?

This research is published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Researchers have claimed that symptoms of anxiety and depression start appearing in people who spend too much time on social media. He also said that when these people reduce their use of social media, the symptoms of depression also decrease.

Four thousand adolescents between 12 and 16 years of age were included in this study. Every year information was taken from these teenagers about how much time they spent on the digital screen. Along with this, he also noted how much time he spent on social media, TV, computer and video games separately.

Professor Patricia Conrad of Montreal University said that more research needs to be done on the ill effects of social media, so that they can be known in depth. Research revealed that teenagers are spending almost nine hours online, which is directly affecting their health. This is the reason that the level of depression among the youth is increasing.

According to a research conducted by the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, people who spent more time on social media showed signs of loneliness and depression. Jordan Young, the coauthor of this research, reported that depression and loneliness were less common among people who spend less time on social media.

143 students from University of Pennsylvania were included in this study. These were divided into two groups. In one group, there were those who continued to use social media as before, others were those who started using it to a extent. After three weeks, they were given half an hour a day to spend on social media. In this, 10 minutes were given for Facebook, 10 minutes for Instagram and 10 minutes for Snapchat. Researchers tracked the data usage of all these students' phones on how much time they spend on each app. The results of this study were straightforward. The group whose people spent less time on social media, their mental health was better than before. Signs of loneliness and depression were seen in people in the second group. Jordan Young stated that even though he was initially like him, the symptoms of depression were much less visible in him by reducing the use of social media.

(People also like to read: IVF Treatment in India )

How to save children suffering from depression from social media

Depression and stress related diseases are becoming dangerous for teenagers. Do you know that a teenager is committing suicide every 1 hour 40 minutes. There are many changes in the body and mind of the child at this age. The average age of depression in children has been increasing in the last few years. In such a situation, you should also allow your children to stay in a range and use social media. Social media can reduce your child's chances of depression. For this, parents should interact with their children from time to time. Go on a holiday with the children and ask them to stay away from mobile during this time. If there are signs of stress in the child, then periodically communicate with them. Guide them properly in every problem.

Not only depression on social media increases the risk of fear of missing out

FOMO means sudden loss: It is also a brain disease associated with excessive use of social media. This problem is very common among the youth. In this situation your child feels nervous while attending social events. The party to which everyone is enjoying, appears to be a nervous side in that party. Foamo-infested teen feels the anxiety. She is scared of going to the social party. They stay connected with other people on social media. According to many research, people living with foam feel that the lives of others are better than them. This affects their physical and mental health. This leads to mood swings, feelings of inferiority, decreased self-esteem, loneliness and increased levels of depression.

Help children with depression and loneliness on social media

People need to be mentally healthy. So spend as much time with children as possible to relieve stress. If the child has any kind of tension, then convince the child to share it with you. It would be better to share all your troubles with someone outside.

The impact of social media is negative because people want to spend most of their time there. By this, they also think more right to share their things with the same unknown people. This can increase the dependency on their unknown person. The front can be good as well as bad. If your child is cheated there, it directly affects their mental health. Such people also start making distance from the society and they do not mind in any work. So always give your child the zone so that he can come and share everything with you. Many times, an attachment to social media can make them very lonely. It is better that you do not let them use social media more from the beginning. Apart from this, if you see any change in their nature or feel in stress, then try to know the reason behind it. Try to remove all the trouble of your child. Consult a doctor if needed.
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2023.06.07 14:11 ollulo Songs that grew on me

With some exceptions, I always the entries for the first time at the semi or the grand final. Every year, there a few songs that stay under my radar or that I don't like during the contest, but I end up liking days or weeks later.
This year, among all the entries at SF 1, Aijā went totally unnoticed by me. Yesterday I rediscovered it listening to the official Eurovision playlist.
I was kind of annoyed by Future Lover during both SF 2 and the Grand Final. Days later, it popped into my head. I listened to it again and it totally slapped.
What are your songs that you first found mediocre/bad/annoying and you end up liking now?
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2023.06.07 14:10 DeploraBill92 Air Quality in AC This Weekend

I hope this an appropriate post for this sub. My friends and I are planning a trip to Atlantic City from Friday-Sunday, have various things planned, including the outdoor HQ2 Pool Party Saturday afternoon.
As many of you may already be aware, there are wild fires raging in Nova Scotia, Canada at the moment. The smoke has drifted down the coast, and their is currently an Air Quality Advisory in NYC and the surrounding areas. If you look up pictures of the sky from the Yankee game last night, you can see how eerie the haze is.
That being said, I was wondering if anyone that is near AC (I am in the Poconos so I'm not really close) has any idea the rumblings for this weekend. Will the air still be bad? I heard the advisory goes through Thursday night, but who knows how long this will last. If the haze is still bad, is there a chance that any outdoor events get cancelled? Or even indoor clubs?
I know these questions may be impossible to answer, but just wanted to do my due diligence in case I need to cancel the deposits on my hotel room
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2023.06.07 14:10 Intelligent_Ad2739 My shooting star is kinda „low responsive“

My shooting star is kinda „low responsive“
Hey guys,
I very recently got into yoyoing and I have 2 responsive yoyos, a K2P and a shooting star. I recently noticed, that the K2 is way more responsive as my shooting star and wondered if I’m doing something wrong or if this is just how it behaves.
I know that my technique is pretty bad at the moment, since I just started but idk, the difference seems quite noticeable.
I’m very glad for any advice you can give me
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.07 14:10 GoldBit448 posts like these are so weird. more below to clarify

posts like these are so weird. more below to clarify
like, yes, i agree, you are right, obviously. and my issue isn’t even with this post specifically.
but so many people on this sub post the most over-used talking/points or “hot-takes” that arent even hot-takes at this point just to get people on here to validate them for being so progressive and honest.
this also applies to: 1) goes for people who post things about how they don’t hate gay people but they need to stop proclaiming it so much 2) all the people who post about how doing drugs makes a person less attractive. like bro most normal people don’t find addiction or casual drug use to be a sexy perk 3) people who ask if they’re dumb or weird for not having done hard drugs at the age of 17 because “everyone else has” (we know you just want us to say how smart and cool you are bro) 4) posts that start with “she said ____ to me does she like me? and you can fill the blank with of the most blindingly obvious sign of interest ever bc OP is seeking for strangers to tell them that their crush is madly in love with them 5) or posts like “hot-take but intelligence is attractive” LIKE? YES? OF COURSE IT IS?
etc. etc. i know i’m being a hater rn but the comments on these posts are always the same and no one ever mentions how repetitive they are and it’s 6am and i’ve just seen one too many “hot-take but being skinny isn’t a bad thing” type posts.
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2023.06.07 14:09 fish_kneecaps Struggling with weight and eating

I have been really struggling with body image and weight loss. For the past 2 years I have been struggling with disordered eating and weight. I was starving myself and over exercising and was 45 kilos and 5'5. It doesn't sound too small but you could see my bones pretty well. I was then hospitalized for conditions that were not an ED and I gained the weight back. I am now 62kg and super insecure about my weight since I can't fit into pants I could a year ago. Any advice on how to lose weight fast? My goal is 49kg for a 5'5 female under 25 yrs old. Apologies for the long post but I'd really appreciate help. I posted this to WeightLossAdvice but it has yet to be approved
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2023.06.07 14:09 eliasopdekankerbeat Why this ending

I know everybody is already hating on the ending, but it doesn't matter. I watched got for the first time i was so invested till season 6/7, but after that I kind of lost my concentration and it wasn't because i couldn't focus, but everything that happend was just unlogical. Like Varys, Jaime, Barristan (Even tho it happened before everything else), Baelish and the worst of all Dany and the Night king.
I will start with Barristan. He shouldn't have died in an alley there is nothing more to say, even grey worm would have been better.
Varys. Tyrion should never have betrayed him and told the queen because he knows what would happen.
Jaime, he probably was in love with Brianne. So, why would he even go back to save his sister even though he knows she will kill him? And then dying by bricks and Euron, and I don't think Euron should have been able to stab him twice. its just sad.
Baelish, I understand he was in love (probably), but everything he told Sansa about not trusting anyone always expect the worst. He was displayed being smart and everything, but then dying because he thinks Sansa would betray her family, because of what he told her after giving her to the Bostons and everything else. Just a stupid death it should have been done in another way.
Dany, I just don't understand what happened. She hated Cersei for killing her friend, but what did they expect to happen. And in the war killing all those innocents, even though they already surrendered. I understand that it was destined that she would become evil, but this just threw her whole character away she always wanted to the protect and fight for the innocents. It would be better if she had killed Cersei by burning her or something, and then the civilians just demonstrating and hating on her, and then she kills them (its still bad, but at the very least better than what we have now). Jon killing her was random to he didn't even try to talk to her, but just kissing and then stabbing her. Tyrion and Varys were her advisors, so why would they even be afraid to tell her to marry Jon, she might not like to hear it like Tyrion said “she doesn't want to share her authority” but it should have been suggested.
Now the worst of all, the Night king. How could Arya kill him head on, even though he was hyped up the whole series, and it was Jon his character arc, but Jon just went on playing hide and seek with a dragon by hiding behind a rock which should have been destroyed/melted. There also were to many unimportant deaths (except Jorah and Theon) they should have let a more important person die, like Jaime or anything he was being jumped by all those things. But the long night was also one long episode I personally think it should have been 2 episodes+aftermath. And Jon should have had a role in his death, and Theon should have had a more influencial death.
There are other stupid things, but I don't want to think about the bad things in the serie, because it still is one of the best series I have watched. This is pretty long I didn't even think about it, and a lot of people won't agree, so please comment what you (don't) agree with. And thank you for reading all this.
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2023.06.07 14:09 nittrainings1 What Are The Main Causes Of Disc Compression?

Disc Compression also known as herniated or slipped disc, is a common condition that affects the spine. It occurs when the soft, gel-like centre of a spinal disc protrudes through a weak or damaged outer layer, causing pain, discomfort, and other related symptoms. If you're suffering from disc compression, it's important to understand its causes and explore effective spine treatment options like those offered by Balagani Spine Care. Let’s discuss the main causes of disc compression and discuss the effectiveness of seeking treatment from Balagani Spine Care.
Causes of Disc Compression:
Age-related Degeneration: As we age, the spinal discs naturally undergo degenerative changes, losing their water content and becoming less flexible. This makes them more prone to herniation or bulging, leading to disc compression treatment in Secunderabad.
Trauma or Injury: Accidents, falls, or sports-related injuries can exert excessive pressure on the spine, causing discs to shift or rupture. Sudden and forceful movements can result in disc compression, especially if there is already underlying disc degeneration.
Poor Posture and Body Mechanics: Prolonged time of poor postures, such as slouching or sitting in a hunched position, can lead to disc compression surgery in Secunderabad. Incorrect lifting techniques or repetitive activities that strain the spine also increase the risk.
Genetics and Hereditary Factors: Some individuals may have a genetic predisposition to disc problems, including disc compression. Inherited conditions affecting the structure and composition of spinal discs can make them more susceptible to herniation.
Effectiveness of Balagani Spine Care Treatment:
Comprehensive Evaluation: Balagani Spine Care Center in Secunderabad takes a personalized approach to treatment, starting with a thorough evaluation of your condition. They employ advanced diagnostic techniques and technologies to assess the extent and underlying causes of your disc compression, allowing for a tailored treatment plan.
Non-Surgical Interventions: Balagani Spine Care prioritizes non-surgical treatment options whenever possible. They utilize conservative approaches such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, and pain management techniques to relieve symptoms, strengthen the surrounding muscles, and improve overall spinal health.
Minimally Invasive Procedures: In cases where conservative measures may not provide sufficient relief, our disc compression hospital in Secunderabad offers minimally invasive procedures. These innovative techniques, such as epidural steroid injections or percutaneous discectomy, target the specific disc compression site while minimizing tissue damage and promoting faster recovery.
Experienced Specialists: Dr. Srinivas Balagani is a highly skilled certified spine surgeon in Secunderabad with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating disc compression. They stay updated with the latest advancements in spinal care and employ evidence-based practices to ensure optimal outcomes for their patients.
Disc compression can cause significant pain and discomfort, affecting your quality of life. By understanding the causes of disc compression and seeking treatment from reputable disc compression clinic in Secunderabad like Balagani Spine Care, you can effectively manage your condition. Don't let disc compression hold you back—take the first step towards relief and recovery by exploring the options available at Balagani Spine Care.
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2023.06.07 14:09 novaaayla anim na singko [UPD]

(TW: depression)
by the end of this sem, i will have incurred 6 singkos. 3 from last sem and 3 for this sem. I’ve given up on this sem’s majors, I will not be taking their finals. Nasabi ko na rin sa family ko.
worst part is, i know i could have done better. i’ve just been in a really bad mental state since the pandemic started. i’m on antidepressants and i meet with my psychiatrist monthly. I don’t understand why I couldn’t get better. My family supports me through it all and yet it’s so hard for me to pick myself up.
LOA is not an option because I already went on AWOL for 2 years. I just got back last semester.
To those who experienced the same predicament as me and prevailed, what would you advise me to do? Also, is there a support group for iskos who are delayed? I would really like to join kung meron
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2023.06.07 14:08 kthetockstar Myntra sending old used products

Myntra sending old used products
I ordered dove body wash in recent sale.ii received old used product without any seal or stuff. Guys pls beware and check ur products
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2023.06.07 14:08 singlok45 I just had my first root canal and i have some questions

Hi! Just had my first ever root canal done today at 20 years old, is this not good? I don’t have terrible teeth, but they’re not the best either. Had a few fillings when i was younger, needed another one a few years back, but no major issues, this was the most complicated dental work i had yet.
Also, regarding care of the work, i just had the canal fixed and a temporary filling put in place, and the long term one will be done at the end of the month. How do i take care of it before then and after, so that it would last as long as possible. I read a bit about how long they last and talked to the doctor about it, because of that i’m now really afraid of breaking it or it barely lasting.
I feel kind of bad about what happened with the tooth, but at the same time, i didn’t know about it, because i did not feel anything and went to get it fixed as soon as i felt something was wrong.
Thank you for reading! :)
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2023.06.07 14:08 Thrown_AwayTerrified How does one socialise without being mean?

Hi dad
The title sounds bad, and I cannot honestly say it isn't as bad as it sounds.
I've always been a bit of an outcast. When I was young it was because I was "too mature for my age", during puberty it was because I was fat, ugly and depressed and now I'm a young adult I've realised that I'm actively shooting myself in the foot socially by always keeping everyone at arm's lenght and making a point of trying to be better.
Throughout all those years of bitter loneliness, though, the only times I was around people('s banter) were when I visited my dad's side of the family (siblings etc), and I must admit I've never liked it. Their "banter" is boorish and plain mean and I'm frankly ashamed of being related to them most times.
Well, skip to this week when I first met my new (first!) partner's friends when they asked me to attend a game night, and between making an ass out of myself by being too afraid to talk and trying to appear likeable by swallowing my fear and trying to participate in their banter, I realised I didn't like what I was doing, for while I was trying to appease the friends, it came at the cost of being somewhat mean to my partner and I don't want that. I've talked to them about it, but they say it was fine, and funny and to not make a big deal out of it, but I feel like shit over it. I don't want to hurt them, and I don't want to fall back on (an admittedly very watered-down version of) the social scripts of my childhood. I don't want to be an ass, even if it's "only somewhat" of one. I just don't know how to rewire my brain to stop falling back onto that script.
So, please, do you have anything to say about this? Some advice or even some call-outs for how horrible of a person I'm being would be very welcome.
In the meantime I have decided not to attend social functions, since when it's just the two of us I can be a normal human being.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 14:08 FlyleafNero090 I left my mom at the hospital and I don't feel bad.

Idk how much detail to put but my dad died 8 months ago and my mom moved in with me and my fiance in our house that we had recently bought because she couldn't make it on her own but over time I realised my mom is a narcissist and every boundary set for her is an attack. This weekend we tried to set another boundary and she just started screaming "I'm grown! I'm grown! Fuck you! Fuck you!" Then 3 days of silent treatment from her and yesterday shit hit the fan. I was at work. She tried to act like nothing happened and everything was fine like she normally does. My fiance is over it and tired and wasn't just going to let it go. So she was like what's wrong? And he said he's keeping the same attitude and so should she. She tried to play dumb but that didn't work. She went downstairs and got the title to her car and boat threw it at him and said to split it between the grandkids. Then proceeded to walk out the door and turn to my preteen son and said "This will be the last time you see me I'm going to go kill myself." My fiance got her keys from her while she was punching him in the chest and she took off running on foot. I got off work and called the cops. 2 hours later she walks back says she took 5 pills and needs to lay down. We tell her she need to go to the hospital. EMS comes and it take them 45 minutes to convince her to go and her story has changed to "I only took 3." Around 8 she calls and she is groggy sounding and she's asking me to take her some clothes and toiletries. And I do and I'm mad and frustrated. I get to the hospital and i can't find her. I try to get them to take the bags but they won't cuz they don't wanna be liable which is understandable but I really didn't wanna see her. I go in and I'm like "Here is your stuff. I have to go put the kids to bed" and try to leave. She said hold on I'm gonna convince them to let me leave and you can take me home. And I lost it I don't remember what all I said. I know I told her if it was just the pills they wouldn't have tried to keep her. And she just kept saying I'm fine I'm fine. I was just hot from walking. And she never apologized for any of this not for a damn thing. The doctors come and they are like what's going on? She starts saying I changed my mind she is going to take me home. I said no I'm not. She just looked at me like a gapping fish. She started hollering at them. I said I'm leaving they agreed and said they think that's best. And I walked out. And I feel bad about not feeling bad. Like that's my mom should feel something other than relief. Thank you I needed to get it out.
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