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2023.06.07 11:59 Code_9988 My (25M) mom is staunchly against me marrying my girlfriend (30F)

I've been in a relationship with my partner for a year now. I love her, we're very compatible and comfortable with each other and decided to take things forward.
I pitched the idea to my mom who flat out refused and shot the whole thing down. She has asked me to move out of the house (which I think is fair and am okay with). But she's firmly against me marrying an older woman.
I've tried explaining multiple times about why I want to marry my partner but she isn't budging an inch. The current situation at home is extremely tense and sad.
Reasons why mom is against it : 1) The age difference. She has hated this since I began dating my partner. 2) Finances. Being in my mid 20s, I'm not earning an obscene amount of money, but it's enough to make a living.
My mother means the world to me but I'm torn between keeping her happy and wanting to spend the rest of my life with the person I want to.
Would appreciate any advice.
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2023.06.07 11:58 honeyredscreams My cauda equina story

Mostly just posting this for therapy, but also thought people might be interested to hear the variation in CES symptoms. Mine is a little different from most of the others I have read in this sub. This is my (relatively) pain-free cauda equina tale!
I had sciatic nerve leg pain for 4 months prior to getting CES. It was mild and I ignored it for six weeks before going to see a physio. They assigned stretches and did massage but things didn’t really improve. It never stopped me from doing anything, just made things more annoying/less comfortable.
In early January I woke up in the morning and sneezed. I felt bolts of pain shoot down both my legs, and struggled to get up. I had three days of 5/10 pain in my lower back when I moved around, but icing and an electric blanket helped and I went in to work on the fourth day.
The following day I sneezed again, and went right back to square one. 5/10 pain, hard to get up, couldn’t sit, pain all in the lower back and tailbone.
On advice from Healthline I went to see the after hours doctor who tested my muscle strength, gave me muscle relaxants and codeine and told me that if the pain persisted for more than six weeks I might want to get my discs checked out.
Went home, did more ice and heat and two days later was well enough to walk to to the supermarket and carry my groceries back.
That evening a hot, burning, bruised pain started in the backs of my thighs, a consistent pain where the other had always been movement related. When I went to bed I had to take a codeine to sleep, and I woke up as soon as it wore off (about 2.5 hours later).
At around 5.30am I noticed numbness in my mons pubis. The sensation was just gone. No tingling, not coming and going, absolutely nothing.
I immediately knew I was in trouble, because every single medical professional I had seen about my leg/back pain over the past four months had stressed to me, if you ever have numbness, tingling, incontinence, call the ambulance right away. No one had ever said cauda equina syndrome, but they were all so consistent and emphatic and clear. And that really helped, because I was so reluctant to call for help. Being scared, not wanting it to be serious, not wanting to take up resources if it wasn’t serious.
Once I ended up at the hospital I had a pretty speedy journey. Saw a doctor within an hour at ER, they pretty quickly checked if I could pee (no), did some more checking (iykyk), and then it was MRI time. From arrival at ER to going into surgery it was about 7 hours. I was so lucky and am so grateful.
I’m 5 months out from surgery now, and doing okay. Some numbness in my right heel, thigh, both buttocks and slightly beyond. I have a little limp. My tailbone hurts when I sit for too long or in a hard chair. I was horribly constipated for weeks, but have pretty much found equilibrium now. I’ve never really had any pain post surgery (other than my tailbone).
This has been my first experience in the healthcare system and it has been an eye opener. The emergency care was fantastic, the follow up care has been non-existent. It was so scary to have an uncertain recovery, for everything to be so hard, to need so much help.
The best advice I got was to keep a diary of your progress. It helped me see the improvements that I couldn’t feel whilst in the middle of it all. Reading that a month ago it took me 20 minutes to limp to work, whereas now I’m cruising along in 10 helps me see and appreciate that things are still getting better.
Congratulations to anyone who got this far, thank you to others who shared their stories, and if you’re newly diagnosed please have hope! It is so rough in the beginning, and you just need to be patient and see how your recovery goes.
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2023.06.07 11:58 InevitableHoneydew86 Best Global Payments Alternatives?

Hi, I have a UK based furniture company with two retail shops, we take payments face to face via credit/debit cards/cash/bank transfer, over the phone or in peoples homes with mobile card machines. Not taking payments on our website just yet, but that is a future plan.
We currently use Global Payments and the machines supplied by them for the last 20 so years.
My question is should I be considering any alternatives and if so what would everyone’s recommendations be?
In summary we would need 2 on the desk machines and 2 mobile card machines.
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2023.06.07 11:58 shreehari22 Top Ranking Universities to Study in the USA

Top Ranking Universities to Study in the USA
Study in USA offers students a unique opportunity to receive a world-class education and gain valuable international exposure. With numerous prestigious universities to choose from, aspiring students often wonder which institutions rank among the best. In this article, Shreehari explore some of the top ranking universities in USA and what makes them stand out in terms of academic excellence, research opportunities, and campus life.
Studying at a top ranking university in the USA can provide students with a solid foundation for their future careers. The United States is home to some of the world’s most renowned educational institutions, attracting students from all corners of the globe. When considering which university to attend, it’s important to evaluate factors such as academic programs, campus facilities, research opportunities, and the overall student experience.
University of South Carolina
The University of South Carolina is a prominent public research university that offers a wide range of academic programs. With a focus on interdisciplinary learning, students at the University of South Carolina have the opportunity to explore various fields of study. The university’s commitment to research and community engagement provides students with valuable experiences beyond the classroom.
University of Massachusetts Boston
University of Massachusetts Boston is a thriving urban institution that provides students with a diverse and inclusive learning environment. With a strong emphasis on public service and community engagement, UMass Boston prepares students to make a positive impact in their chosen fields. The university’s location in Boston offers students access to a vibrant city and numerous internship opportunities.
Read More:
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2023.06.07 11:58 Ok-Anybody1132 Going on 5 years of isolation, just 1 more year to go. How to cope with social isolation?

First, undiagnosed autism isolated me. Then, the pandemic isolated me. Next, the diagnosis & unmasking process isolated me. Now, where I live is isolating me. I grew up in a crime-ridden, falling apart American city where it’s literally unsafe to work or hang out anywhere. It’s beyond isolating and it’s detrimental to my wellbeing. I can’t afford to move until another year from now. Moving depends on my next job paying enough (currently underpaid to gain “experience” in my field). I also feel cheated because I had a job that paid enough 6 months ago, but triggered autistic meltdowns, so my partner promised to help make this move out of the city happen by himself and encouraged me to quit, but now he isn’t delivering on this promise and the economy tanked. 😔
So I know me moving will result in us breaking up. Now I need to make new friends but it feels forced knowing I plan on moving the first moment I get. And my current relationship just feels … fake now… knowing I’m leaving this city the soonest possible while my partner chooses to stay. All of my relationships feel like they’re falling apart and I won’t be in a position to forge new ones until I move in a year. How can I heal the damage due to 6 years of social isolation? How can I be social in this time of social isolation? Im not that brand of autism that can function with total social isolation. I start to go crazy. Im about to show up to the old folks home to play bingo because that’s how desperate I am. I am losing sleep and crying every day thinking about how the social isolation must continue for another year.
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2023.06.07 11:57 Pavilonbc Transform Your Home with HDB licensed Contractor

Renovating your HDB (Housing and Development Board) flat can be an exciting and transformative process. Whether you're upgrading your living space or preparing it for sale, it's crucial to hire a licensed renovation contractor. In this article, we will explore the reasons why engaging an HDB licensed renovation contractor is essential and the benefits they bring to your renovation project.
  1. Compliance with HDB Rules and Regulations: One of the primary advantages of hiring an HDB licensed renovation contractor is their in-depth knowledge of HDB rules and regulations. These contractors are well-versed in the specific guidelines set by HDB, ensuring that your renovation project adheres to all the necessary standards. Compliance with these regulations is crucial to avoid penalties, fines, and even the risk of having your renovation work undone.
  2. Expertise and Professionalism: Licensed HDB renovation contractors possess the necessary expertise and professionalism to handle your project effectively. They have the required experience and training to tackle various aspects of renovation, including design, planning, construction, and project management. Their expertise ensures that your renovation is carried out efficiently, delivering high-quality results within the agreed timeframe.
  3. Access to Trusted Suppliers and Subcontractors: Established HDB licensed renovation contractors often have long-standing relationships with trusted suppliers and subcontractors. This advantage allows them to source high-quality materials at competitive prices, saving you time and money. Their network of reliable subcontractors ensures that each aspect of the renovation is handled by professionals who specialize in their respective fields.
  4. Insurance Coverage and Protection: Hiring an HDB licensed renovation contractor offers you an added layer of protection through insurance coverage. Licensed contractors typically have liability insurance, which safeguards you from potential damages or accidents that may occur during the renovation process. This coverage provides you with peace of mind, knowing that any unforeseen circumstances are adequately covered.
  5. Efficient Project Management: Renovation projects can be complex and involve coordinating multiple tasks and trades. HDB licensed renovation contractors possess the necessary project management skills to streamline the entire process. From obtaining permits and licenses to coordinating different tradespeople and ensuring timely completion, their expertise minimizes delays and ensures a smooth workflow.
  6. Mediation and Dispute Resolution: In the rare event of any disagreements or disputes arising during the renovation project, HDB licensed renovation contractors can act as mediators. They have experience in handling such situations and can help facilitate communication between parties involved, seeking amicable resolutions. This expertise saves you from potential conflicts and legal complications.
Conclusion Hiring a HDB licensed renovation contractor is essential for a smooth restoration process. Licenced contractors offer many advantages to your project, from guaranteeing compliance with HDB requirements to offering knowledge, professionalism, and insurance coverage. You can have faith in the calibre of the job and take pleasure in a hassle-free renovation procedure that turns your HDB flat into your dream home by selecting a licenced contractor.
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2023.06.07 11:57 Appropriate-Oven-641 Apartment For Sale in Thane Raymond Realty Ten X Habitat Thane

Apartment For Sale in Thane Raymond Realty Ten X Habitat Thane
2 BHK apartment for sale at Ten X Habitat Thane by Raymond Realty. Ten X HABITAT is a culmination of exquisite imagination and planning, designed keeping the future of human living in mind. Modern amenities are available for these apartments in Thane. Book a site visit now!
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2023.06.07 11:57 NESMM Do I ask for a raise?

I started working at Safeway in 2016, starting out with a pay of $11.50 ($2 above Washington states minimum wage in 2016). I worked at the same store for 4 years then transferred to another store for college but would temporarily transfer back during winter break. From 2016 to 2020 my pay went from $11.50 to $16 (increasing due to Washington raising minimum wage each year). The one time I asked for a raise was at the end of 2019 when a new hire was making $1 more than me with no produce experience (he was making $13.50 I was making $12.30). Since then I never asked for a raise as I believed I was being paid a fair wage.
When I transferred to my new store I didn’t transfer into produce as they had enough employees. I got moved to DUG since it was new and they needed workers. I would take some produce shifts if someone called out but I mainly worked in DUG from the end of 2019 to 2021. When I transferred to that store I was making $16 (a bit over minimum wage).
I finally left the company after being burnt out from riding the bus for an hour everyday in December 2021. I got hired at whole foods in February of 2022, expecting to make at least $18 or even $17, they hired me in produce for $16. I would work for a few months until December of that year after they wouldn’t let me go back home for winter break, like I always do, because it was during a “blackout week”.
I would finally return to Safeway at the start of this year after not being able to find work. I tried getting a produce position since its what I have been doing since 2018 but no positions were available so I got hired as a checker. I asked if I could make more than $16 but they said $16 was what they start checkers at and I didn’t have any experience in that position. I was reluctant since rent increased but I went with it. I soon found out a new hire who has worked for Safeway for 3 months in the same position was making $18. I understand that they had 3 months more experience as a checker than I do but they said they started at $18.
During my years with the company I helped out in numerous departments with their work (liquor, bakery, deli and sco) while also helping my produce manager with orders, signs and trainings. I used to make $1-2 above minimum wage but now I only make a few cents above it which doesn’t feel too fair to me.
I’m transferring to my original store in a few weeks, do I bring up getting a raise or even a managerial position to the store leads?
Sorry for long post.
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2023.06.07 11:57 mArKoLeW My dreams seem dumber and dumber the more time I spent here

DISCLAIMER: I am no professional and trying to educate myself on the go.
Hi, I started to plan a homelab for myself and did quite a lot of work on that so far. Planned nearly everything out and am currently looking for HW and starting to feel down. I layout out my future rack (left is front, right is back) and noticed it's going to be expensive but that's fine as I am going to do it modularly so step by step. Even though it's going to stay in the planning state for quite some time as I want to do it properly and not spontaneously.
In general, I want to have something like a "three node" setup (one node optimized for cpu power for tasks like virtualization and for example cfd, one node for gaming and GPU accelerated computing, and one "node" [consisting out of at least 3 low power nodes] for HA and serving services like DNS, pihole, website, etc) The Diagram is quite complicated but you maybe get the idea. I want to only have the HA nodes running all the time and powering up the "bigger" ones only when I need them.
My main focus for hardware is the ability to scale the "power" nodes up. So a great mainboard in which I could for example easily put more and more ram or more GPUs without having to change the mainboard. Feeling like "Oh I need more RAM" Okay just buy it, put it in, and be done without the overhead of needing to change the mainboard and so on. The goal is to make them more overpowered as money finds its way into my pocket.
What I am struggling with now is finding suitable hardware for that purpose and it makes me question the whole project. So I just thought I could share my progress so far with planning, maybe a lil sanity check, and some recommendations on trusted stores for used commercial-grade server components to get the motivation up again. Also, a lot of concerns in posts on here about noise and heat, and the classic only get what you need is stressing me a bit out. So as I plan and read on here I feel more educated but also more delusional about my project.
Also how much did you guys plan and how did you cope with struggles while doing so? Or did you just go with the moment?
If someone feels like talking about it on maybe discord or sth I would be more than happy about that.
Just for fun here is my network diagram but I don't think that is important. I am going to try to realize it with Proxmox and VLANs.
Please ask for any more information you want/need and give feedback on my post itself.
By the way, I see the whole planning and homelab as a hobby so I am not interested in rented or cloud solutions.
So please share your thoughts if you have time and maybe I get a great new idea.
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2023.06.07 11:57 StellaStars222 I am so desperate to escape my controlling, racist mother

I (25F) live in California with my mother. If you don’t know, California is a very expensive place to live, so I’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to live at home whilst going to college. I love school, my grades are great, and eventually, I will collect a degree in psychology and find myself a good paying job. However, while I am still young it’s been my goal to spend my college years traveling and preforming with the Circus. For the past 7 years I’ve had my mind made up to buy myself a truck and trailer and spend a few years with them, for the experience. While I’ve obtained the skills necessary to work in the circus, I haven’t been able to make this a reality for a variety of reasons, but mainly because of my mother deliberately doing everything she can to stop me.
So my mother has always been very opposed to my plan of joining the circus, and she’s done a really good job over the years at making that crystal clear to me through her words and actions (the reason is because she is racist and believes that the people in the Circus are all criminals and shady people. Even though they are literally just acrobats). Her first step in hindering my plans was to buy herself an RV(literally as soon as I asked her if I could buy my own to park in our driveway)- which eliminated the possibility of me buying my own trailer and putting it close enough to my home to work on it. Without anywhere to put an old beat up trailer that I could work on, my only option would be to buy an RV that’s already in livable condition (which I simply could never afford).
Fast forward to last January, I’m starting to feel desperate. I feel like I have no options left but to give up on my dreams, because I can’t make them a reality. I’m extremely depressed, and I try to talk to my mother about it because she recently sold one of the cars and now there is finally space for me to put a trailer. I reached out to her, I was honest and open about how I felt like she’s holding me back from my dreams and I need to do this in order to be happy with my life… She completely shut me down, acted like I was attacking her and wouldn’t even talk about it. She has been stonewalling me ever since (so 6 months now).
Before I attempted to talk to her about the parking space in January, she he had planned to gift me her old car when she bought herself a new one. Well now that she is stonewalling me for the last six months she has decided that she doesn’t think I “should” own a car yet (on the basis that I smoke weed). It’s feels like such a bold attempt at gatekeeping that I can’t even wrap my mind around it. Again, I’m a 25 year old woman. I’m going to get a car when I decide to get one. I feel like this is just another way for her to hold me back in her mind.
Living with a mother that’s this controlling is really starting to hurt my mental health. I honestly have no idea how to get myself out of this situation. I know my first step would be to buy a truck, that way I can haul a trailer somewhere where I can actually work on it. The problem with that is I have no idea how to look for a used truck that’s in good condition, and nobody willing to help me. I think I might have to go to the dealership by myself and just accept the fact that I might get scammed. I wish so bad I had parents who were willing to help me, or at least some adult who knows what they are doing. I’ll take any advice I can get…
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2023.06.07 11:57 6onoda [UPD] What program is nearer to BS Psychology?

Hi! I'm a DPWAS from UPD and I'm planning to shift to BS Psychology for my second year. I've taken a look at my DiWA portal and saw that there are limited slots that I believe are closer to psych.
So far, I have decided on the following:
  1. BS Community Development
  2. BS Home Economics
  3. B Public Administration
  4. BS Social Work
And some programs that interest me:
  1. BS Geography
  2. BA History
I've checked some of the curriculums for the programs and compared them to Psychology, some had around 2-3 courses similar. Are any of these programs good so that I can shift to Psychology? Or are there any other programs you guys would recommend?
Also, is it possible that rather than shifting to the second year for Psychology, I just start from the first year again? This way I won't be running after time as I try to complete the courses in the summer (if I'm right). I really hope you guys can help :')
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2023.06.07 11:57 jassicaleo318 Latin American A2 Milk Market: Analysis, Trends, and Growth Opportunities

Latin American A2 Milk Market: Analysis, Trends, and Growth Opportunities
The A2 milk market in Latin America has witnessed significant growth and is projected to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years. With a market value of USD 170 million in 2021, this segment has emerged as a promising and lucrative sector within the Latin American milk industry. Fueled by increasing consumer awareness of the potential health benefits and digestive advantages of A2 milk, the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.20% during the forecast period of 2023-2028. This growth highlights the evolving preferences of Latin American consumers and the rising demand for alternative dairy products in the region. As A2 milk gains momentum and captures a larger share of the market, both international and local brands are vying for opportunities to capitalize on this emerging segment. With a favorable outlook, the A2 milk market in Latin America presents a compelling opportunity for companies to cater to health-conscious consumers and tap into the region's growing dairy market.
Get a Free Sample Report: Latin American A2 Milk Market Report Sample

Overview of the Latin American milk market

The Latin American milk market is a significant sector within the region's agricultural and food industry. It encompasses various dairy products, including milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt. Milk consumption in Latin America is driven by factors such as population growth, urbanization, changing dietary habits, and increasing disposable incomes.

Importance of the A2 milk segment

The A2 milk segment is gaining importance in the Latin American milk market. A2 milk refers to milk that contains only the A2 beta-casein protein, as opposed to conventional milk, which contains both A1 and A2 proteins. A2 milk is believed to offer certain health benefits and is sought after by consumers with digestive sensitivities or a preference for alternative dairy products.

Market Analysis

Size and growth of the Latin American milk market

The Latin American milk market is substantial and has been experiencing steady growth. Factors such as population growth, urbanization, and increasing dairy consumption contribute to the market's expansion. The market is expected to continue growing due to rising demand for dairy products in the region.

Market segmentation

Conventional milk

Conventional milk includes milk products that contain both A1 and A2 proteins. It represents the majority of the Latin American milk market and is widely consumed across the region.

A2 milk

The A2 milk segment is a niche market within the Latin American milk industry. It caters to consumers who are seeking alternatives to conventional milk due to digestive sensitivities or perceived health benefits.

Market trends and drivers

Increasing health consciousness

Latin American consumers are becoming more health-conscious, leading to a growing demand for healthier and more nutritious food and beverage options. A2 milk aligns with this trend, as it is perceived to be a healthier alternative to conventional milk.

Rising demand for premium products

As disposable incomes increase in Latin America, there is a growing demand for premium and high-quality food products, including dairy. A2 milk, often positioned as a premium product, appeals to consumers willing to pay a premium for perceived health benefits and superior quality.

Growing lactose intolerance awareness

Lactose intolerance is a common condition in Latin America, and many individuals seek lactose-free or low-lactose dairy alternatives. A2 milk, with its potential digestive benefits, presents an appealing option for consumers who experience discomfort after consuming conventional milk.

A2 Milk: Definition and Benefits

Explanation of A2 milk

A2 milk refers to milk produced by cows that only produce the A2 beta-casein protein, rather than the A1 beta-casein protein found in conventional milk. The A2 protein is believed to be easier to digest for some individuals.

Health benefits of A2 milk

Digestive benefits

A2 milk is claimed to be easier to digest compared to conventional milk, particularly for individuals who experience discomfort, bloating, or other digestive issues after consuming dairy products.

Potential reduced risk of certain health issues

Some studies suggest that A2 milk may have potential health benefits, including a reduced risk of certain health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of gastrointestinal disorders. However, further research is needed to confirm these claims.

A2 milk versus conventional milk

A2 milk differs from conventional milk in terms of the beta-casein protein composition. While conventional milk contains both A1 and A2 proteins, A2 milk only contains the A2 protein. This distinction is believed to contribute to the potential digestive benefits and health advantages associated with A2 milk.

A2 Milk Market in Latin America

Market size and growth of the A2 milk segment
The A2 milk segment in Latin America is relatively small but is experiencing growth as consumers become more aware of its benefits. The market size varies across countries within the region, with some countries witnessing faster adoption than others.

Market players and competition

Major A2 milk brands

Several international and regional brands have entered the Latin American A2 milk market. These brands specialize in producing and marketing A2 milk products, leveraging its unique selling points and perceived health benefits.

Local and international competitors

In addition to specialized A2 milk brands, conventional milk producers and dairy companies are also exploring the A2 milk segment. This has led to competition and diversification within the market, offering consumers a wider range of A2 milk options.

Distribution channels for A2 milk

A2 milk is distributed through various channels in Latin America. These include supermarkets, convenience stores, specialized health food stores, online platforms, and direct sales channels. Distribution strategies may vary based on the market penetration and consumer preferences in each country.

Consumer Demographics and Preferences

Target consumers for A2 milk in Latin America

The target consumers for A2 milk in Latin America are individuals who seek dairy alternatives due to digestive sensitivities, lactose intolerance, or a desire for perceived health benefits. This includes health-conscious individuals, those with specific dietary requirements, and consumers willing to pay a premium for premium products.

Factors influencing consumer preferences

Health concerns

Consumers who prioritize their health and well-being are more likely to choose A2 milk over conventional milk due to its perceived digestive benefits and potential health advantages.

Product quality and taste

Product quality, including the taste and sensory experience of A2 milk, plays a crucial role in consumer preferences. A2 milk brands that can offer a high-quality product with a taste similar to or preferred over conventional milk have a competitive advantage.

Price and affordability

Price and affordability also influence consumer preferences. A2 milk is often positioned as a premium product, and consumers need to perceive its value and benefits to justify the potentially higher cost compared to conventional milk.

Marketing and Promotional Strategies

Positioning of A2 milk in the Latin American market

A2 milk brands need to position their products as premium, high-quality, and beneficial for consumers' health and well-being. Emphasizing the unique selling points of A2 milk, such as digestive benefits and potential health advantages, can help differentiate it from conventional milk.

Branding and packaging considerations

Effective branding and packaging are crucial for A2 milk brands to attract consumers. The branding should communicate the product's health benefits, purity, and superior quality. Packaging should be visually appealing, informative, and provide reassurance about the product's authenticity and origin.

Advertising and promotional campaigns

A2 milk brands can utilize various advertising and promotional channels to raise awareness and educate consumers about the benefits of A2 milk. This may include traditional media, digital marketing, influencer collaborations, and targeted campaigns emphasizing the product's unique selling points.

Partnerships and collaborations

Forming partnerships and collaborations with healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and fitness influencers can help A2 milk brands build credibility and trust. These collaborations can include educational initiatives, product endorsements, and joint promotional activities to reach the target audience effectively.

Challenges and Opportunities

Regulatory and labeling requirements

A2 milk brands operating in Latin America need to comply with regional regulations and labeling requirements. It is essential to ensure accurate and transparent labeling that clearly communicates the A2 milk content and any related claims.

Competitive landscape

The A2 milk segment in Latin America is becoming more competitive, with both local and international players entering the market. A2 milk brands need to differentiate themselves through product quality, branding, and marketing strategies to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Potential growth opportunities

Expansion into new regions

A2 milk brands can explore opportunities to expand into untapped regions within Latin America. By understanding regional preferences, market dynamics, and consumer needs, they can strategically enter new markets and capture market share.

Product diversification

A2 milk brands can consider diversifying their product offerings to cater to different consumer preferences. This may include the development of A2 milk-based products such as yogurt, cheese, and other dairy derivatives, providing consumers with a broader range of A2 milk options.

Top Key Players of Latin America A2 Milk Market

The Latin American A2 milk market is witnessing the participation of several key players, both international and local, who are actively contributing to the growth and development of the segment. Some of the top key players in the Latin American A2 milk market include:
Nestlé S.A.: Nestlé, a multinational food and beverage company, offers A2 milk products under its various dairy brands, leveraging its global presence and expertise in the dairy industry.
Fonterra Co-operative Group: Fonterra, a New Zealand-based dairy cooperative, has expanded its operations to Latin America and produces A2 milk under its brand, capitalizing on its reputation for high-quality dairy products.
Danone S.A.: Danone, a multinational food and beverage company, has a presence in the Latin American A2 milk market with its A2 milk offerings, promoting its commitment to providing healthier and more sustainable dairy options.
Alpura: Alpura, a Mexican dairy company, is known for its A2 milk products that cater to consumers seeking alternatives to conventional milk, emphasizing its quality and nutritional benefits.
Prolesur: Prolesur, a Chilean dairy company, is actively involved in the production and distribution of A2 milk in Latin America, offering consumers a local option within the region.
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2023.06.07 11:56 Crafty_Thought I am being harrassed by my co-worker. Help needed!

TW: Mention of sexual assault and depression
Hi, I am a 25F living in India and working at a wedding planning company.
So I have this senior colleague who used to work with us as a freelancer and joined as an employee recently a week back.
In December 2022, while at a wedding my collegue (let's call him D) started behaving a little too friendly and touchy touchy. I got a little scared and I didn't know what do so decided to just ignore it for the moment. The night we were leaving for home he kissed me, I initially tried to push him but then just let him continue. This thing went between us for a 2 months or so. Where we would just make out and max 2nd base since I have a traumatic past I didn't want to indulge in any sexual activity further than that as I was not comfortable. I didn't have any feelings/crush on him, i just let it continue for these few months also as I liked the attention I was recieving from him, which now I know was wrong, since it gave him the idea that I enjoyed whatever we had.
When I said no to sex the first time, he was disappointed and asked why, to which I explained to him in detail my past and the reason why can't indulge. He said he understood, however over the two months he would try and persude me to sleep with and each time that I said no would make him upset. Almost like a child throwing a tantrum when he didn't recieve what he wanted. It felt like each "no" was a attack on his ego.
In the month of March, D was away on a work trip for half a month. Just the night before he left,he came over to my place but didn't enter the house since he is sacred of animals (I have a cat), so we were chilling outside in the corridor of my building. This is what we have always done when he used to come over. He again tried to persuade me to have sex. By this point I was done with our extra curricular activities and I just wanted to end it. Me being a people pleaser I didn't want him to be upset or angry with me if I told him directly that it's over, so I told him that I am seeing a psychologist who is helping me and has suggested to heal myself before getting involved in anything.
To this he decided he to make up a story based on my trauma to persuade me to sleep with him. I am a sexual assault survivor, he said that sometime back...he had met a girl in a club and had a one night stand. The girl apparently started crying right after they did the deed. The girl said to D that he is the first guy she slept with in a long time as she was sexually assaulted and has been afraid of sex, and then proceeded to thank him for helping her get over her fear. To me this sounded like a bullshit story as he could have told me this multiple times in the past when we spoke about my situation. How are you suddenly telling me this story, as your leaving for good number of days? And if you could help someone else with situation similar to mine you could have told me this to make me feel better or something idk. However I didn't react to this much as it was almost 4am and I had work that morning, so slowly and calmly and nicely I told him to go home. From that moment I knew I didn't want to be around a person like him who could make up such a story just to have sex.
The whole time he was away I didn't respond to his calls or messages, completely ignoring his existence. At that time I was going through a depressive episode so I was maintaining distance from almost everyone to get my head straight. Once he returned, I kept ignoring him, I had no worry since he was a freelance and to my knowledge he won't be coming to office, I'll be just seeing him during events. ignorance is bliss. When I wouldn't respond he came to my place one night after midnight. I was living alone in the house that and was unwell. Someone had and come rang the bell (I was a little supremosed since I knew no was supposed to come home for anything) and didn't stop for atleast 20 min. It was continuous and aggressive ringing of bell that scared me to hell as I didn't know who was out there...I couldn't see anything from the peep hole. During this moment I was on call with my friend who also got scared for my safety. Later he messaged me saying that he had come to place as he was worried. Usually in my experience if you're ignoring a person completely, they take the hint and stay, and I was baffled to see him continue to approach me and I found him incredibly insensitive for coming to hous late at night without anyinvitation and sort of harrassing me. I don't reply to his messaged and just ignored.
When he joined work a week ago or so, for 2 days he was very curt and standofish towards me. Then he again started behaving the way he used to with me before. Being friendly, teasing me, light touches here there, trying to have private convos with me at work place. I have maintained my distance from him, I don't indulge in any of his forward behaviours, I have instead asked my work girlfriends always be around me, not to leave me alone with him and I have been very much passive aggressive towards him to make him understand through my actions that I am not interested in him. Just yesterday while I was call with mom he grabbed my hand tried to pull me towards him to probably hug or something as he could see I was stressed on call but I instantly pulled my hand away slowly walked away whole talking to my mom. Now my boss has made him sit next to me, which gives him enough excuse to touch me innocently or interact with me. I am totally annoyed maybe even angry to be in his presence, his smell and touch annoys me and makes feel disgusted.
I have told my parents of the situation but just the his advances part since they are traditional Indian parents and can't tell them I was sexually active with a guy before marriage. They suggested i report to my boss and she'll help sort it out, but I know that's not a solution since I allowed myself to get involved in the beginning.
I just don't understand how to go about this. As this thing is going to make me slowly go crazy, give me anxiety and will end my fucking with head so much that I fuck up at work. I don't know how to make him understand to stay away from me, without hurting his ego or causing problem to our working relationship.
Please advice! Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.07 11:56 PhilosopherPresent73 "The Virgins SMP" has just reset and launched.

If you are looking for a small and good server to play on without a lot of hassle . The why wait cause i here present you "The Virgins SMP" where you can play with ppl and enjoy ur journey .
Which Plug-ins we have:
  1. The Essentials X which will help u in the homes and teleportations.
  2. Better Rtp
  3. Core Protect so u wont have to worry about ur stuff being stolen and not found.
So if u think it sounds home to you jump right in by clicking the link down below to join our discord server.
The Discord Server: .

Best Regards,
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2023.06.07 11:56 Solid_Interview4913 How to bring out the red in copper-dyed hair?

How to bring out the red in copper-dyed hair?
Got home from the salon yesterday and didn't realize just how orangey copper my hair was ~ which is fine; the photos teter between berry and copper. The stylist was great enough not to bleach my dark brown hair in the process and, thankfully, keep some of its thick integrity. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I put a little glaze of a more berry dye ~ would it take over my current copper?

I'm trying to make it more identifiably strawberry without being overpoweringly red for the most part, almost like a wine. Wish me luck!

where I'm at, just a little darker

where I want to be...

Any recs for this? I used to use L'Oreal HiColor Hi-lights, but I don't think they sell them anymore...
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2023.06.07 11:56 CommunicationSolid77 Stuck between two careers - CONSTANTLY going between them over the years- I need help.

its embarrassing but my brain just can NOT help it. I've gone from the past almost 10 years now, between healthcare/ trying to become a nurse/ right now actually enrolled in LPN school and half way through ... to.... different jobs in aviation. Its like every two to three years I get fed up and swap. And my passion is aviation. That's it. that's my full heart. But then I get a great job, my humanitarian side pokes through because I feel I'm not doing anything to help society, and then I jump ship back to healthcare. Ive been at this job for 5 years now (healthcare), then many times cut down to PT/ per diem to do both, but ended up coming back FT here because of the pay and 3/12hr shifts.
BUT Being in nursing school makes me feel sick, I even took this semester off because its like "whoa.... idk this feels right". Even when I got the scholarship, I threw up, and didnt sleep. And everyday I'm in school I come home and cry because its does. not. feel. right. Im employed by the hospital so the LPN is getting piad for with a 3 year commitment, but post covid- I just despise healthcare. I feel that jump about to happen again.
How the heck do I turn off in my head, that nursing is just not for me and I need to accept it, or somehow push through and just keep a nursing job part time just to say I did it. Another reason is that nursing, will provide a job if ever needed. And good pay, and flexibility. But thats the only reason I would stick it out.
(To make matter worse, I did push through a MS and BS in music ed and was a teacher I feel like im going crazy with all this switching and idk what to do anymore. My therapist says push through for the one year left, then inorder to push through, get excited to apply to what you love)
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2023.06.07 11:56 AutoModerator [Course] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.07 11:56 throw-away_0202 Someone is claiming that I SA'd them and it makes me feel sick

So I (22M) and this girl (21F) had been speaking to each other for a while and both liked each other as we'd spoken about our feelings towards each other, I had seen her a few times and we both really enjoyed each others company. This girl has told me she's never been in a relationship before and tends to have her fear and anxiety push people away. One day after I had already seen her she rings me and tells me she misses me and to come to her flat, so I head over and we just chill with each other for a few hours.
After a few hours of being flirty and cuddling at one point she just presses her face against mine so we begin to make out, after it happens I ask if that was okay and she says yeah it was nice. About 30 mins later we begin making out again and I'm now on top of her but notice she's breathing really heavily so I stop and ask if everything is okay and apologised if anything was up to which she says yes it was nice again, I start to worry something is up and say I'm going to leave when she grabs my arm and says its fine and that I should stay. I stay for another 40ish mins and nothing more happens but we just cuddle.
I then do actually have to leave as its very late so I go and we kiss goodbye, I then send a message saying I had a good time and I hope she did too, to which she replies that she did, she did not expect it to go that way but it was nice. To which I agreed as I was suprised, the next day comes and we're the exact same flirty and all lovey dovey, until very late that day after she has gone back home when she begins not messaging.
After two days not messaging she says she feels like I SA'D her which caught me completely off guard, she says she tried to push me away and that she didn't want it, which I did not notice or feel at all. I begin to ask why she didn't say anything and she says it was hard to when you're there in the moment. So I ask what about when I asked if she was okay or that I should go or even the text after I left. She responds by saying that she felt bad as I had noticed and said sorry so she let me stay for a bit, and she says she didn't know what to say so decided not to say anything.
Anyway this whole thing has made me feel sick, I feel like I made every effort to ensure she felt comfortable but not according to her, a lot of my friends think its her trying to push me away in some extremely weird fashion but I'm just too stunned to even think atm, am I in the wrong?
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2023.06.07 11:56 SecretNefariousness1 I lost all my money and stuff and the police didn't help

Hello everyone, The other day I was robbed by a taxi driver in the capital of my country , I had a laptop (razer 14), money, clothes and everything in the trunk of his car. We parked next to a shopping center to eat dinner and then we went to the station. When I got to the station I did not find any of my stuff, I was the only one who got stuff stolen from btw. I told the driver to wait for me so I could refund my ticket and we could go to the police together. When I came back I did not find him. I called him and he told me that I was on my own. After I went to the police they left me waiting and in the end they told me they couldn't help me. I had to beg people for money to get back into my state. I realise that it was partially my mistake of not keeping the expensive stuff such as my money and laptop in a bag with me the whole time. But it just sucks that I can't do anything about it. The stuff I lost were at least a year's salary here in my home country country.
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2023.06.07 11:56 butters1421 Another “Communication error occurred” rant!

I’ve always hated Kart Pro….merely because it’s so unnecessarily frustrating and stressful due to Nintendo’s flakey servers……but this tour …’s just another level of unstable!!!
Here’s how I just wasted my last hour:
•4th place •3rd Place •1st Place (1win streak) •1st place ( 2 win streak) RAGE QUIT 🖕😡😪
Trying to get 3 wins in a row is difficult enough without the game erasing your streak just cos it booted you out!!!
…..after all this time…I’m amazed and puzzled why Nintendo haven’t changed their logic to be able to recognise the difference between someone quitting the game /closing the app…..and when you’ve been inexplicably booted out of the lobby/ starting line!?!? 😡
It’s not our fault your servers can’t handle the volume of play requests!!! And given that this game has amassed over $220 million since it was released! ….there really is no excuse for them not to be spending a bit of that money on network infrastructure !
(And before anyone asks…yes…I’m playing on a strong, uninterrupted home Wifi connection)
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2023.06.07 11:55 byte_marx Throw the towel in on finances in order to achieve a clean break?

Hi Folks, I'm UK based and filed for divorce back in January. Our condiional order has just come through and we employed the services of Amicable for our mediation and finance agreement.
We have only really our house and some savings. My ex is due to receive some inheritance towards the end of next year but we dont know how much yet as its dependant on a house sale. We have two kids at Uni and two at secondary school. Only the younger two are under 18. At the moment I live in the family home and my ex has moved into a rental. she is in a new relationship so this works better as far as that is concerned. We have the kids 50/50
My ex earns a much lower income than me so that any split would end up with her needing about 80-90% of the money to meet her housing needs.
Amicable told us that our choices are putting it very basically:
1 - I buy my ex out but I dont have enough unless she agrees to take her inheritance into consideration.
2 - We sell the family home now or later, split the money accordingly and move on.
For option 1 - we have to stay married on the conditional order step until we agree on the financial settlement. For option 2 - we could potentially negotiate a settlment right away and divorce sooner.
I was wondering if it might be easier to sell the family home give her all of the remaining equity and keep my pension (she could use her inheirtance for hers). This will allow her to live mortgage free and then I could rent and then save for a deposit and start again. Assuming she agrees to this then does anyone see any issues with this? Of course I could push for more but I feel like I want to just draw a line, close the book on this part of my life and move on.
Have any of you just "thrown in the towel" and givne your ex everything and found that its better this way? Interested to hear opinions
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2023.06.07 11:55 UltimateMastermind Like a crackhead

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