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This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco.

2023.05.30 00:57 bingalls72 Ps5 lions claw @ fort Gael north sot

Need help killing lion in fort gael
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2023.05.26 22:47 Dryadversity Thoughts on the quatrefoil as a depiction of the Elden Ring: The Crucible, Four Belfries, and stained glass

Thoughts on the quatrefoil as a depiction of the Elden Ring: The Crucible, Four Belfries, and stained glass
Preface: I wrote this post before I learned that the user The_Dawn_Will_Come reached the same primary conclusion a while ago. Still, the post I'd written contained some other connected ideas that I think could be interesting, and which help expand the theory a bit.
A fairly common pattern seen throughout the game's architecture is the quatrefoil, which some have alternatively described as a clover. Sinister Stromboli has catalogued a number of locations it's found in, including Liurnia and Raya Lucaria, Stormveil, and Farum Azula. It is also found in Elphael, and in many of the larger undestroyed churches, including the Church of the Eclipse and the Redmane Castle church. Finally, it's also present in Liurnia's Temple Quarter.
quatrefoil symbol on the stained glass window, and above the statue's head
After seeing a post that referred to the core structure of the Farum Azula Elden Ring as a clover shape, I realized the two patterns were the same. I'd recently been thinking more about this core structure, but it was the word 'clover' that more immediately stood out to me and helped me understand the congruence of the two shapes.
Farum Azula's Elden Ring
If the quatrefoil is the earlier version of the Elden Ring, it makes sense that we'd see it in Farum Azula, which contains the older Elden Ring depiction. This is some of the strongest evidence that the two symbols are meant to be associated. It's also not surprising that we find it in Stormveil, which took a number of motifs and ideas from Farum Azula.
The presence of the symbol in Raya Lucaria probably has to do with the Four Belfries, but I think the symbolism of the Four Belfries could in turn be descended from Farum Azula.
All of the locations accessed by the Belfries' waygates can be narratively connected to the Crucible in some way. Farum Azula of course has the Farum Azula Elden Ring, which has been theorized to be the Elden Ring of the Crucible age. The Precipice of Anticipation is linked to the Crucible through the Golden Lineage and Godfrey, who led the Crucible Knights. And we find one of these Crucible Knights on the other end of the last waygate, to Nokron.
There are more connections to the Crucible. The four torches at each belfry are the same kind used before the Grand Lift of Rold, which is guarded by a Black Blade Kindred and leads to the Forge of the Giants (a crucible) and Farum Azula. (These torches are also the bottom portion of the post caps in upper Leyndell, which I have written about elsewhere.) Moreover, the belfries have reliefs of the ancient dynast on them, who was probably a prophet of the Crucible. Surrounding the dynast are roots/branches, which in addition to the dynast's statues, are also found in the Farum Azula Elden Ring.
ancient dynast in one of the four belfries
Nameless Singer referred to the central structure of Farum Azula's Elden Ring as a diamond, and noticed an identical arrangement of rings on the tiles of the main connecting road in the Lands Between, which they called the Goldroad. This road has the same purpose as the Four Belfries: to connect the rest of the world to the Lands Between, and unify them. The word 'diamond' is also fitting, because the Four Belfries connect the "four corners of the Earth", and a diamond has four corners.
In some versions of the quatrefoil, like this one in Raya Lucaria, the quatrefoil is surrounded by an actual diamond.
There are some other interesting parallels between Liurnia and Farum Azula. Both are "castles in the sky": Farum Azula is literally a floating castle, and Raya Lucaria looks like one with the reduction in the water level. Both have something to do with the color blue: Liurnia has water, and Farum Azula is in the sky (Azula). Both locations are linked with the elevation of consciousness: Raya Lucaria with education and study, and Farum Azula with the evolution from beast to man. Next, if you look on the map, the bridge to Ranni's divine tower seems to point to Farum Azula. This is also true for Stormveil's divine bridge—and Stormveil of course is linked to Farum Azula in many ways. Finally, both Farum Azula and Raya Lucaria are associated with light: Farum Azula is the seat of the sun, and 'Lucaria' could be interpreted as meaning "light".
[Tangent: the ancient dynast arguably represents both causality and regression. The Four Belfries expanded the scope of the Crucible civilization through the waygates, but also probably through the infiltration of the Crucible's roots throughout the Lands Between. Expansion and growth are manifestations of Causality, as demonstrated in the Law of Causality incantation. Yet the dynast also symbolizes regression, since he is "returning to the roots". Thus, it could be said that the Crucible had the same principles as Golden Order Fundamentalism, and that it was not a purely regressive force.]
The quatrefoil's presence in Castle Sol can be explained by the culture's strong ties to Stormveil, and I think the same is true of Redmane Castle. The Redmanes imitated Godfrey in various ways, including in the architecture and symbols they used. I don't think Fort Gael would be named such (or contain lions) were it not for Stormveil's influence. As proof the castle is taking inspiration from Stormveil, you can find a stormhawk depicted on Jerren's chair, and the chair found beside the lift leading to Radahn.
chair by the lift to Radahn
All of the churches mentioned share the same stained glass windows. At the top of each window is the quatrefoil symbol which is not part of the glass, but is sitting atop and in front of it. Its placement at the top of the windows would suggest it's of great religious importance.
Edit: the fact that a very similar overlay is found in Raya Lucaria's stained glass, which has different designs in the glass itself, is counterevidence for the interpretation above. If the quatrefoil isn't surrounding a unique shape, it might not have a unique meaning. I'll include pictures of the Raya Lucaria stained glass toward the bottom of this post.
This picture is from the Redmane church. The stained glass integrates a number of aesthetics important in Elden Ring: the \"stain\" is color, and the colors are illuminated by light, which is associated with the Elden Ring, the Greater Will, etc.
Below the symbol on the left and right are two similar shapes which look more like the modern Elden Ring. Altogether this could represent how the modern Elden Ring is descended from the original, like in a family tree. Or it could be showing how the original ring is superior, since it's sort of propped up by the other two. Another idea is that it's showing the original Elden Ring as the pinnacle and yet a component of the modern ring, since the three patterns create a triangular shape, similar to the shape of the current Elden Ring itself.
Even more interesting, in my opinion, is the stained glass design framed by the quatrefoil: in the windows of the Stormveil churches, Church of the Eclipse, and Redmane Castle church, the quatrefoil surrounds a depiction of the sun. This is strong evidence that the symbol is indeed linked to the Farum Azula Elden Ring, because again, Farum Azula is the seat of the sun.
I've also speculated the quatrefoil could explain the non-aggression symbol found in these churches (on the left side of the screen) and in a few other locations, and that this symbol could also be a representation of the sun. While I don't remember every location this symbol appears in, all the examples I can think of could be linked to Stormveil or Stormveil-adjacent imagery. For example, the Roundtable Hold is based on the Fortified Manor, which uses Stormveil architecture. Another example is Pidia's church, which does not have the stained glass windows but nonetheless has the quatrefoil on the sides of the pews, and a bisected version of it on the walls.
Curiously, this room also has the same ceiling pendants as the Roundtable Hold.
Another location the quatrefoil is found in is Elphael. To put it succintly, I think the symbol is present here because the Haligtree is in many ways a return to the Crucible.
The quatrefoil was used in previous FromSoft titles, namely Dark Souls III and Bloodborne. In these games the pattern was also used on churches. It wasn't just this symbol either; the surrounding designs on the church doors were reused as well. However, I don't think this entails that the symbol has no unique meaning in Elden Ring. I don't believe the developers would use a symbol that matches the game's namesake (especially when the game is about symbols) unintentionally, or in contradiction.
It's possible, for example, that the Farum Azula Elden Ring was based on the preeexisting quatrefoil texture.
identical symbols on the church architecture in Bloodborne
In the picture above you can see the same pattern as in Elden Ring, with the trifoil on the lower left and right, and the quatrefoil above and between them. What I said about the quatrefoil not being used carelessly is probably even truer in the case of the trifoil, since the trifoil resembles the current Elden Ring, and is thus an even more important symbol than the Farum Azula version.
The fact that both these patterns weren't just copied, but iterated in architecturally novel ways (like in the picture below) would suggest there's not only meaning behind the trifoil and quatrefoil, but their placement and positioning to each other, as well.
quatrefoil and trifoils in Farum Azula, right outside Maliketh's room with the ancient Elden Ring
Below are the Raya Lucaria windows I mentioned earlier.
in the elevator entrance to Raya Lucaria
For the above screenshot, I'd like to point out that the quatrefoil contains blue and gold, which are two colors associated with Farum Azula. This pairing can be seen in the Bestial Sanctum, and on the beastmen. Perhaps these colors also symbolize the marriage of Radagon (gold) and Rennala (blue). The blue and gold triangles together form a larger triangle, so they could be described as "two halves making a whole".
in the Church of the Cuckoo
I have no explanation for this one (the screenshot above). This sort of makes it look like the Farum Azula Elden Ring is being made subservient to a different order entirely, since now the quatrefoils are below and a new design (though related) is on top.
Endnotes on related symbols: I'm thinking that the symbol below could be a representation of the six equally sized great runes in the current Elden Ring—so excluding the Great Rune of the Unborn. I guess that doesn't make a lot of sense for Raya Lucaria, since this is where we obtain the Great Rune of the Unborn, but then again, Rennala probably received the amber egg long after Raya Lucaria was built. Another possibility is that the pattern symbolizes the six divine towers.
from the elevator entrance to Raya Lucaria
This pattern can be found in the outdoor sections within Raya Lucaria.
Likewise, the symbol in the picture above could potentially be a representation of all eight usable great runes. If you continue the pattern all the way around the missing half of the circle, I believe you'd end up with an octofoil. However, I should note this same pattern is found in Elphael, which might be counterevidence for this view. I say this because Miquella clearly wants a change to the current order; so if the current order has eight usable great runes, it wouldn't make sense for him to depict these in Elphael.
For the sake of comprehensiveness, I've included a picture from inside the church at the Night's Sacred Ground in Nokron. The floor has a pattern that sort of resembles the quatrefoil shown in the pictures above.
church in Night's Sacred Ground
Updates (5/31/23): After thinking some more about it, I realized how interesting it would be for the Elden Ring to be based on the preexisting quatrefoils, because it would mean FromSoft took religious inspiration from their own creations. This could tie into miirshroom's idea that the game Elden Ring is a crucible containing elements from FromSoft's previous works.
If Elden Ring is about taking things from the past and putting them together, and the emergence of the present and future from the past, it would be perfectly in keeping with this for the developers to look at their earlier works for symbols, and use those symbols as the template on which to grow (or graft) Elden Ring. So I think that not only was the reuse of assets intentional when designing the Elden Ring, it's arguably a demonstration of the game's core idea.
The same could be said of Elden Ring's other reuse of assets. Every reused animation could be justified as relating back to the game's themes of emergence and convergence.
On the the second Raya Lucaria window: the design at the top should logically have something to do with the Primeval Current, since as I've recently written about, the Church of the Cuckoo is used to show devotion to it. Maybe the symbol could be a depicting a graven mass? The pattern kind of looks like four simplistic humanoid figures (just their head and torso) pointing up, right, left and down, like a bunch of sorcerers grafted together.
-The_Dawn_Will_Come's comment on the quatrefoil, on Jygglewag's post which pulls out the quatrefoil from the Farum Azula Elden Ring (called "I broke down Farum Azula's elden ring so we can discuss it in detail"):
-My first post on the torches at the Four Belfries and Grand Lift of Rold:
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2023.05.16 05:59 SoulSoulSoul_762 Peppino scream in game?

I was exploring the gaol cave near fort gael when one of burning putrid corpses started to do their exolodey thing. I swear to you that one of them had the same scream sound as peppino from pizza tower, I've been unable to really confirm and was wondering if anyone else notixed
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2023.04.19 01:57 bleach_dsgn [PS5] Fort Gael Lions Claw

Hi, I’m trying to get get Lions Claw. Could anybody help me out? I’m at the top of the ladder in Fort Gael
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2023.04.14 10:11 Negative_Reward7997 Need spoiler free help on where to go next - Caelid or Altus Plateau and Ranni

TL,DR: looking for spoiler free answers and guidance around the following question: I'm running through Caelid and Redmande castle after killing Rennala, but I'm getting a suspicion that I'm supposed to go somewhere else first for this part of the story to make sense.
More deets: Ok this is a delicate one, as it's my first playthrough and I'm trying to choose the right path (ie: not messing up any questlines) without being told the entire story of the game. I'm currently making my way through Caelid after killing Renalla and feeling satisfied with how much content I'd got from all the previous zones.
I've arrived at Redmane Castle, and I'm shocked by the complete lack of any site of grace. I've been teleporting over the bridge from Fort Gael, and then working my way through the castle, opening a minor shortcut door at one point.
I found another teleport spot deeper in the castle, so I decided to finally Google it and see if there was maybe another fort somewhere in Caelid that would let me portal in deeper. But I immediately got confused and concerned by mentions of Ranni the Witch (who I haven't met yet, at least not the second time), triggering the festival by going to Altus Plateau (where I haven't been but which was next on my list) - and various sources saying that if you don't play this in a particular order, it changes the whole story or something.
So: can a kind soul on this subreddit tell me if it's ok to just keep pushing through Redmane castle (with no broken quests) or whether I need to backtrack and see this Ranni, without actually spoiling her storyline? And while you're at it, is it normal that this castle has no sites of grace or stakes of Marika? Should i be portalling in, or is that for later in the game? And finally: a lot of NPCs have mentioned there's some festival going on, but from my googling and before I backtracked out of fear of spoilers, it seems that festival only gets activated by going to Altus. Soooo... why am I even here?
Side note: I absolutely love this game, and I'm trying to role play it a little bit, going where I feel my character would go based on what he's learned about the world. That's why I headed to Caelid, because it seemed that killing Radahn made the most sense, and I'd been hearing a lot about him. I want to keep the immersion going, which is why I'd rather avoid suddenly backtracking and going somewhere else if I can. So what I'm really hoping is that I can power through this castle, and then find out from an NPC or something - instead of by googling it - that I need to head to Altus to activate this festival and see Radahn. I'm basically trying to tell myself a story that makes sense, and I feel like I might have messed that up somehow.
Edit: if anyone reads this and is wondering the same thing: you absolutely can push through the whole of Redmane Castle before you've been to Altus or done Carian Manor, and it's pretty fun. You can then double back and do Carian Manor and meet Ranni and her people without losing any quests.
Edit edit: and thanks for all the replies here!
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2023.04.14 05:42 InternationalFig7799 Malenia OP Strategy/Cheese

Using this strategy, I managed to defeat Malenia on my 2nd try
Important Stats for this Build: - Vigor - Mind - Faith - Strength
Stuff needed to make this work + explanation:
1) Blasphemous Blade +10
You'll get this weapon after defeating the Boss Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy at Volcano Manor, Mt. Gelmir We'll use this weapons Ash of War to stun-lock Malenia, making her unable to move, by repeatedly spamming it at her
2) Mimic Tear +10
Spirit Summon found at Nokron, Eternal City, an Underground Area available after defeating Starscourge Radahn at Redmane's Castle, Caelid Needed as a distraction for Malenia, as she'd otherwise attack us and dodge the Ash of War of our weapon
3) A Fingerseal
U can buy a simple seal at the Merchant at the Roundtable hold, find better ones at different locations (such as the Erdtree Seal, my personal choice) We need this to cast incantations that increase our power
4) Incantation: Flame, Grant me Strength
Found at Fort Gael, Caelid. Buffs physical as well as fire damage, which our sword both does. Therefore, it helps increasing our damage output drastically.
5) Incantation: Golden Vow
Found at Corpse-Stench Shack, Mt. Gelmir. Increases Attack as well as defense of us as well as our allies.
6) Incantation: Erdtree Heal (optional)
Found in the Queens Bedchamber at Leyndell, Ashen Capital after defeating Maliketh at Crumbling Farum Azula This incantation heals you and your allies by a small bit every few seconds, which can help to increase the survivability of you and your allies. You don't need this incantation for the build to work, but i thought I'd include it anyway, because it helped me
7) Talisman: Shard of Alexander
Received after Killing Iron Fist Alexander at the end of his questline in Crumbling Farum Azula. Greatly Boosts the attack power of skills by 15%. As we use the weapon skill/ash of war of our sword, this helps to increase our damage.
8) Talisman: Carian Filigreed Crest
Buyable from War Counselor Iji during Blaidd's questline at the Kingsrealm Ruins, Liurnia Lowers FP cost of skills by 25% This helps us to save some FP while using our weapons skill, which is especially useful if you're Not running a mage build/don't use FP that much and didn't Put alot of Points into the 'Mind' stat.
9) Talisman: Ritual Sword Talisman
Located in Lux Ruins, Altus Plateau. Reward for killing the Dem-Human Queen Gilika Boss Raises Attack Power by 10% while at Maximum HP. Helps us to increase our damage even further, which is always a good thing ^
10) Talisman: Fire Scorpion Charm
Found at Fort Laiedd, Altus Plateau Raises fire Attack Helps us to increase damage :)
All of this Put together turned the fight against Malenia into easy-mode for me. Make sure to wait for your Mimic Tear Summon to Attack Malenia First; then start spamming your Sword Ash of WaWeapon Skill at her. This will stun-lock her, easy kill in phase 1. In Phase 2, make sure to dodge the rot attacks and heal your summon If possible, for example using Erdtree heal Incantation. Make sure your summon stays alive. After that it's the same as Phase 1 - spamming your Ash of War until Malenia is dead.
Have fun with the build, and please let me know if it worked for u ^
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2023.04.13 03:33 JaqenHghar89 [XBOX] [HELP] Fort Gael

Can anyone help me go through Fort Gael please?
I'm on a new character and am just trying to get Lions Claw. I'm currently at the stake of Marika at the closed front door.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.04.07 08:10 cbboyer Ultimate cheat sheet for RL1

Ultimate cheat sheet for RL1
I just completed my first RL1 run of Elden Ring with no summons/spirit ashes, killing all remembrance bosses. It was only my second time playing through the game - I am nothing special at ER but have beaten all Fromsoft titles. All told, I had a ton of fun, and any Elden Ring fan who enjoys the masochism should give a run like this a try.
I was constantly utilizing this sub, Fextra, and YT for strategies - for me, researching builds, weapons, and talismans and then questing for them is a key part of the fun. As a massive thanks to everyone posting useful info and clips this sub, I wanted to pay it forward and aggregate everything that worked for me in terms of strategy, going boss by boss, with some video replays. If you want a blueprint to efficiently beat RL1, then look no further.

Starting out

I immediately got the Greatsword in Caelid, then followed the beginning of this Youtube tutorial to level it as much as I could. Shoutout u/Wargasm_Actual for his RL1 videos. I'm on console so I didn't do any skips or zipglitches.
To use the Greatsword, you also need to pick up Radagon's Soreseal, the Starscourge Heirloom, and the StrengthKnot Crystal Tear for your Physick. This will allow you to two-hand the Greatsword for 3 minutes - plenty of time to go to work on most all early bosses.
Next I went to Fort Gael and killed the Lion Guardian to get the AoW Lion Claw - this weapon/AoW combo absolutely crushes shit, it does 30 poise damage and I used it pretty much exclusively through the beginning of the game. I recommend using Fextralife to hunt smithing stone locations and level it as much as you can, at every point in the game. This means questing for Dectus medallion, unlocking Altus Plateau early, etc.
Speaking of, this run can basically be split into 2 talismans: Ritual Shield (receive greatly reduced damage at full health, for when you're trash early) and Red-Feathered Branchsword (for when the bosses start one-shotting consistently and you need the bonus damage). I had Radagon's Soreseal + one of these two talismans equipped for 99% of the run.

Early bosses

Margit - my Greatsword was +8 when I got to this fight, so each Lion Claw was hitting him for huge chunks of health. He has 80 poise, so 3 Lion Claws is an easy stagger.
Godrick - when he started his animation to transform into phase 2, I was able to get him with 2 Lion Claws for a decent chunk of extra damage. Video:
Rennala - I'd leveled up with Greatsword even further, so you'll see Lion Claw is doing massive damage in both phases. Video:
I shamelessly did the poison mist cheese on the Drac Tree Sentinel to get access to the Capital. Go get the Omensmirk Mask - this allows you to two-hand the Greatsword without needing to drink your Physick, which is a huge quality of life improvement.
Goldfrey - once I was in the Capital, I also went and got the Ritual Shield talisman right away. I kind of regret this, I should have focused on learning the movesets, as this is such a fun boss to dance with. Instead, I won this one in a really sloppy style - you can see me getting smashed in the prior attempt in my replay video:
Morgott - I shackled this mofo hard. Combined with Lion Claw, I was able to make instant work of his phase 1 by shackling him at the start, using LC twice, then taking the crit, then immediately shackling him again and repeating. Scripting phase 1 like this made the entire fight a cinch:

No hit bosses

From here on out, I always used the Red-Feathered Branchsword in boss fights. Most boss attacks were killing me in one hit even with the shield talisman, and the bonus damage from RFB makes each fight go ~20% faster. This means each boss fight becomes a no hit, time to sack up.
Fire Giant - one of the tougher bosses, because of the transition I just mentioned and because he has so much health. However, I was able to mostly script phase 1 - 3 Lion Claws and one R1 is a stagger (see this at :30 in the Phase 1 video). Then ride to the next spot, 2 more LCs and you're in Phase 2: 2 is definitely more annoying but I recommend attacking his hands at the beginning, then riding to behind his thighs and safely attacking him from there until he rolls away. This strat eventually got me the W, but not before taking this excruciating L:
Godskin Duo - it's all about sleep pots with these guys. Crafting these requires Trina's Lily, and there are a finite number of these in the world, so heed what I'm about to say: DO NOT TARGET THE SKINNY GODSKIN WHEN YOU THROW SLEEP POTS AT HIM. He has a fast dodge and will easily avoid. I wasted so many Lilies doing that... Throw them at his feet and bait him to walk into the cloud. Ideally get both Godskins asleep next to each other this way, right at the start of the fight. Beyond that, I quested in Volcano Manor for the AoW Royal Knight's Resolve which massively boosts one attack - with the massive Greatsword hitbox, you can really crush their HP while they're both asleep next to each other (example where I died: Ironically you have to fight the fat Godskin 1v1 to get that Ash of War, but it's good practice and worth it. Video beating the Duo:
Maliketh - the first fight that forced me to rethink my strategy of simply Greatswording everything in my path. After tons of failed attempts at getting past phase 1, I saw someone here say to try Glintblade Phalanx. Both phases only have 80 poise, so 8 glintblades is enough to stagger. This was the key to getting past phase 1 consistently - I put it on a rapier, then after the stagger I would switch to Greatsword for a crit, followed by a Lion Claw. Repeat once more and that's phase 1 dusted: Phase 2, same strategy, but since it's generally safest to stay somewhat close, I ended up just running into Maliketh with the glintblades. It took a ton of attempts but finally got him:
Rykard - randomly I beat Rykard as I was questing for Blasphemous Claw (which I didn't end up using against Maliketh). I just leveled up the Serpent Spear to +10 and smashed him with it, nothing too fancy, there's no shortcut. Sprint to the right when he starts the annoying earthshatter animation and you can avoid it with a roll.
Sir Gideon - he started out absolutely dicking on me, particularly with the golden rings attack - complete bullshit for RL1 melee characters. So for the first time, I went with a completely different look, using the incantation Frenzied Burst with the Frenzied Flame Seal. It requires 22 Faith, so I used Marika's Soreseal, the Two Fingers Heirloom and the Greathood (I should've just gotten the Faith-Knot Tear instead of questing through the Haligtree, not sure why I didn't). Also I didn't use Red-Feather Branchsword, not sure why. It felt great to turn the magical tables from a very safe distance:
Godfrey/Hoarah Loux - again I struggled in phase 2, so I decided to try out the AoW Ice Spear on a Short Spear, after seeing someone on here use it to great effect. He's super fun to get nailed down, and perfectly timing dodges on his exaggerated animations is super satisfying. The frostbite proc at the end to get the lucky kill...whatever gets it done:
Radagon/Elden Beast - I found a random post on here that said he had figured out how to script the Radagon fight entirely. What a gamechanger! Double Flame Art Pickaxes +25, both with Cragblade, Raptors Black Feathers, Claw Talisman for massive jump attack damage. You can stagger him from the start and it's game over from there. There's only one tricky dodge, the stomp after he gets up - just back up slightly as he winds up, then roll into him. This is as foolproof as RL1 gets: As for EB, I was able to consistently staggecrit him. You'll see at the end of my winning attempt that he's just firing off Elden so lucky with this one:
That's it right? I'm an RL1 Elden Lord! Well, my boys said if you don't beat Malenia, it's not a real run. Fair enough... I decided to go for the rest of the Remembrance Bosses.

Clean up

Loretta - I used Ice Spear again.
Malenia - here I have to shout out u/gilfordtan. This guy is a total lunatic, I highly recommend checking out his Youtube channel where he's consistently stomping Malenia (and every other boss) with about every build you can think of. Criminally underrated channel, everyone should subscribe.
He recommended using the AoW Storm Blade, on Uchigatana, so that you can keep your distance while still learning her moveset. Long story short, this is the strategy that got me the W. Keep her at medium distance, then spam Storm Blade twice - she will consistently dodge the first, then charge you and get hit by the second: It's very repeatable and made the fight feel winnable. Learn how to dodge waterfowl of course. I got lucky that she did Scarlet Aeonia attack twice:
Again shout out to u/gilfordtan, you shouldn't watch me. Storm Blade turns your Uchigatana into a rifle, it's stupid strong and I would've used it a lot more in the run had I discovered it earlier.
Regal Ancestor - used the same Uchigatana + Storm Blade build.
Astel - went back to double Cragblade pickaxe + jump attack combo. Got lucky with the double hitbox proc on the first hit for monster damage.
Dragonlord Placidusax - ditto, 2x pickaxe. In between phase 1 and 2 there is a window to reup your Cragblades on both, make sure to take advantage.
Valiant Gargoyles - Uchigatana + Storm Blade absolutely crushed them, huge HP chunks with each hit.
Lichdragon Fortissax - I returned to the Frenzied Burst build from earlier. He's stupid easy from range, just stay away from him and be moderately conservative, I think this took me 2 tries.
Mohg - for my last boss, I was glad to utilize Mohg's Shackle, which like Margit's can slam him twice in Phase 1. He's weak to bleed, so I brought back the 2x pickaxes w/ Bleed Cragblade and the jump attack combo. Back off and stop damaging him around 60% health, during the first two curses "Tres" and "Duo" then he will reengage in combat. I was able to shackle a second time and rack up some crazy damage with consecutive jump attacks. Basically avoided Phase 2 altogether, beat him in under a minute.


Elden Ring is an incredible game, and RL1 brought a new dimension to the gameplay that was incredibly addicting and rewarding. The intense rush from beating each boss is wild.
I encourage any casual Elden Ring fan to give RL1 a try - there are tons of tools and tricks that make it super achievable without godlike skills. Forgive my massive wall of text - I got so much out of this sub, and I wanted to organize everything that worked for my run, in case it's helpful to anyone else.
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2023.04.03 19:19 swagsta Defending Fort Gael from a max level phantom, a half-wolf and a cop

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2023.04.03 19:19 swagsta Defending Fort Gael from a max level phantom, a half-wolf and a cop

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2023.04.03 19:16 swagsta Defending Fort Gael from a max level phantom, a half-wolf and a cop

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2023.04.03 19:05 swagsta Defending Fort Gael from a max level phantom, a half-wolf and a cop

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2023.03.30 01:54 chefroxstarr Lion Guardian Stormveil vs Fort Gael

Does anyone know if the HP of the Lion Guardian in Stormveil is the same as the one in Fort Gael? I want to go get that AoW in Fort Gael but I'm still relatively early in the game and not sure if I'm ready to fight him though with spirits I was able to easily beat the one at Stormveil. Well, easily meaning I only needed one health flask to make it through. It saw my jump attacks from a mile away so I had to use spirits to get his aggro so I could get a few in.
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2023.03.18 00:45 Current-Mirror-8624 PS5 - Lion at fort Gael

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2023.03.16 09:06 AbraDAB-Lincoln Help me in caelid Xbox

Fort gael to start
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2023.03.15 09:20 SMVTEV Does anyone have a map like this, but for Altus Plateau? It’s great help.

Does anyone have a map like this, but for Altus Plateau? It’s great help. submitted by SMVTEV to Eldenring [link] [comments]

2023.03.11 20:12 DoomerVarianteDelta (XBOX) [HELP] Help with Lion Guardian at Fort Gael

I'll be at "Fort Gael North" Site of Grace.
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2023.03.10 08:51 Boomerbanana69 Ps5 need help with lion in fort Gael

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2023.03.06 05:28 GIGA255 After posting the video of my Castlevania challenge the other day, I decided to refine the rules/restrictions for a full playthrough of it.

Whips, shields, and consumables only.
Start as the prisoner with no gift. Discard your sword, staff, and shield. Upon reaching Limgrave, sprint all the way to Castle Morne, activate the lift grace, run past all the enemies, and obtain the whip. Teleport back to the lift. You now begin the game as an escaped prisoner of Castle Morne. You may not leave the Weeping Peninsula until you slay the Leonine Misbegotten and earn the favor, and your freedom, from Edgar, the Castellan of Castle Morne. Melina will not appear here, so no torrent or levelling up until this task is completed.
  1. You may not become a bloody finger.
  2. Your spirit ash selection is limited to Jarwight Puppet, Perfumer Tricia, and Manserpent.
Complete every castle in the game by defeating the designated target and then defeat Dracula Mohg, Lord of Blood.
Castle Morne - Leonine Misbegotten
Fort Haight - Bloody Knight
Stormveil Castle - Godrick the Grafted
Fort Gael - Redmane Knight
Fort Faroth - Giant Rat
Redmane Castle - Crucible Knight & Leonine Misbegotten
Caria Manor - Royal Knight, Loretta
Raya Lucaria Academy - Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
The Shaded Castle - Elemer of the Briar
Fort Laeidd - Fire Prelate
Volcano Manor - Man-Serpent Sorcerer
Guardian's Garrison - Chief Guardian Arghanthy
Castle Sol - Commander Niall
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2023.03.05 14:50 Madmartigan- PS4 Fort Gael North

Would someone mind helping me clear this spot? Password: Jedi123 Waiting at bonfire
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2023.02.27 09:56 ironshadowdragon Defeating Radahn causes certain 'non-respawning' materials like Trina's Lilies and at least one Arteria Leaf to actually respawn in east Limgrave.

It seems to happen after the Radahn Festival.
The Trina's Lilies in the Mistwood Ruins around the bear had respawned - as a result I think went and checked the waterfall near the third church of Marika (they had respawned), and the Trina's Lilies in Summonwater village, (they had also respawned).
An Arteria leaf west of mistwood ruins had also respawned.
Trina's lilies north of the Artist Shack, respawned.
North of the nomadic merchant at the saintsbridge, as well as the entire area south of the merchant with the skeleton ruins and the bear pond where there's an Arteria leaf at the very south of it near the Artist's shack coming from the north.
The wolf den north of the third church of marika on the way to Alexander's 'side' of the Gael Tunnel.
Trina's Lily behind Fort Haight also respawned.
The arteria leaf? north of rotview balcony has NOT respawned.
Obviously it seems tied to Radahn.
Is the entirety of East Limgrave just cut out and replaced with certain triggers forgotten about on non-respawning materials? Is there more I missed? Everything I listed where materials I knew of off the top of my head to check...
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2023.02.20 04:14 ironshadowdragon I find the inability to leave Redmane Castle on foot to be genuinely strange.

With no lever or any other exit to be seen, I find this to be a strange situation.
Even if you take the side exit with the bats through to the reach a dead-end with a drop too high to survive.
The reason I personally dislike this, is because this playthrough, after using the Fort Gael portal and after clearing the ballistas and catapults defending, I had intended to head backwards across the bridge for the grace point there. I like to have that grace because it's a fantastic farming spot for fowl feet.
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