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2023.03.29 12:51 Guestenye Converter or syringe + needle?

I'm planning on returning to using fountain pens for my daily writings. I already ordered a Lamy safary with the Z28 converter, when it came to my mind that back in the days i simply used a syringe and a needle to refill my pen's "original" cartridge.
Is it still a viable/usable method? Is there any particular upside/downside of either? Which could be the cleaner solution ( that makes less mess during refill)?
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2023.03.29 12:51 SteveSyz 99 Intelligence

My character can fight gods, conjure spells, cook buffets, and build houses. Even steal from pyramids and make potions.
However, he’s never trained one part of his life that’s pretty important for some guy adventuring through a medieval fantasy world:
His mind/judgement/wisdom/intellect
Give me a test on Gielenor Lore, board games or puzzles to solve for XP. Maybe even a 1v1 or group race to see who can finish first. The harder the quiz/puzzle/challenge the more xp you get.
It will be a good way to invite challenge with others players other than combat.
Maybe I could solve a maze, or strategize an army to win a war. The faster I do it, the bigger the reward.
RuneScape quests are riddled with IQ challenges from math to puzzles, why not make it a skill haha.
This was just a quick 4am thought, so I don’t expect this to go anywhere. I was thinking of the quote ‘Knowledge is power’ and thought about my character’s intelligence.
TLDR Skill based on IQ/lore/puzzle solving. Make your character smart lol
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2023.03.29 12:37 destructdisc Welcome to the Great Indian Circus

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2023.03.29 12:35 Woodstovia [The End and The Death Part 1] Rogal Dorn is tempted by Khorne

When he teleports to the Vengeful Spirit with the Emperor Rogal Dorn is instead scattered somewhere else and over the course of centuries begins losing himself
This seemed to cause a lot of discussion within the community so here is the full excerpt
Rogal Dorn spends a century in the yellow desert until he finally concedes that there is no way out of it.
After a century, he also believes there is no way into it either, although he is in it, which suggests that this is untrue. A small fact to cling to. He came here. He was brought here. There must have been a way in, once.
Unless he has always been here. After a century, that starts to feel like the truth.
He meticulously orders the facts he can be certain of. Every day, he collates the available facts. Every day, for a century, there are fewer and fewer of them. The sun rusts them away. He is here. Fact. The desert is endless and the sunlight unrelenting. Fact. Something, technological or metaphysical, intercepted his teleport pattern and diverted him to this wasteland. Fact. None of those who departed with him are here. Fact. This is not the Target Principal, the Vengeful Spirit. Fact. But it is a trap. Fact. He is alone. Fact. He knows exactly who he is. Fact.
‘I am Rogal Dorn, Praetorian of Terra, primarch of the Seventh Legion Imperial Fists, seventh-found son, defiant and unyielding,’ says Rogal Dorn to the hot and empty desert air.
The desert is boundless, a soft sea of yellow sand, the colour of his Legion’s plate. The sky is a hot white haze, the colour of his hair. There is no sun, except that everything is sunlit. There is a breeze, parched and dry, that comes intermittently, and lifts the soft sand from the crests of the dunes in horsetail plumes to make new dunes nearby, grain by grain. There are walls. Ancient stone walls, faded pink, and bleached by light. They are too high to climb and they serve no purpose he can identify, for they keep nothing in and nothing out, and merely stand, crossing the dunes in forking, geometric lines. There are walls either side of him, suggesting but never admitting that he is caught in some gargantuan labyrinth.
He tries and fails to climb them. He listens at them, hoping to detect sounds from the other side, but he does not. Some days, he ascends to the top of the highest dunes, and from there, as the breeze lifts the sand around his feet, he can almost see over them. Almost. Enough to see the odd, angled lines of their arrangement and the fact that, beyond them, lie more dunes, and other walls, and more dunes.
Every day, for a century, he orders the facts he can be certain of.
He is here, and no one else is. Fact. He is alone. Fact. His pattern was diverted. Fact. This is not the Target Principal, the Vengeful Spirit. Fact. It is a trap. Fact. The desert is endless and there is no way out. Fact.
There is no way in. Perhaps.
He knows exactly who he is. Fact.
‘I am Rogal Dorn, Praetorian of Terra, primarch of the Seventh Legion Imperial Fists, seventh-found son, defiant and unyielding,’ says Rogal Dorn.
The bodies are here. They are all long dead and they are all his sons. They are scattered across the dunes and piled up against the bases of the walls, for kilometres. They wear the yellow plate of the VII Legion Astartes Imperial Fists, but they have been here so long that only dry white bones reside inside them, and the plate is abraded by breeze and sand, so all numerals and identifier markings are worn away. He doesn’t know who they were, except that they were once Imperial Fists. They may or may not be the men who formed the company he left with. He can’t be sure. Those men, hand-picked, may be here, but if they are, why were they long dead when he arrived? And who are all the others? There are far, far more than a company-strength of men scattered across the dunes. There are thousands. Tens of thousands. Yellow plate is piled like metal shingle along the foot of the walls. Many times he attempts to count them, to reach an accurate number which he can add to his list of facts. But he always loses count, some days after ten thousand, some days after twenty, for there are so many, and it is impossible to know where he started counting and where he has finished. He tries to mark them with his sword as he counts, cutting a notch in each pauldron. That scrupulous method gives him a figure of thirty-seven thousand four hundred and nine, before he loses count and forgets if he has notched a pauldron or not. Besides, his sword-edge is beginning to blunt, and he is weary, and there are still so many more, more than those he has already counted.
Unsure, he starts again.
He orders the available facts.
There are very many dead, and the desert is endless. Fact. The walls are very slightly too high. Fact. There is no sun, but the light neither rises nor sets. Fact. It is slightly cooler in the shadow of the walls. Fact. There is no way out. Fact.
There is no way in. Is that a fact?
‘I am Rogal Dorn, Praetorian, primarch of the Imperial Fists, seventh- found son, defiant and unyielding,’ says Rogal Dorn.
The desert is yellow. The light is white. The walls are very slightly too high. He sits in the cool of the shadows, day after day, amid the litter of yellow armour, and recites the available facts to himself. His sword is notched. He is alone. The breeze lifts feathers of sand from the ridges of the dunes like spindrift from the sea. There is no way out.
This is a trap. Fact.
‘I am Rogal Dorn. I am. I am Rogal Dorn. Primarch of the Imperial Fists, seventh-found son, defiant and unyielding,’ says Rogal Dorn.
Later that century, the rusting brown cast of the desert and the walls and the sky have grown darker still. It is red. Everything and everywhere is red, like blood, the colour of blood, scarlet out in the sunlight, across the endless dunes, and crimson, madder and orchil hues in the darker shadows of the wall.
He remembers, sometimes, longing for blood. The fire of blood, the gush of blood, the physicality of blood. He wanted that simplicity. He wanted to fight, in a blood fight, spilling blood close up, not fight with his mind from a distance. He wanted to put the mental fight aside, give up the crippling, endless puzzle of war, the never-ending facts and data, and just be a man with a sword. Just give up. Stop thinking and give in. Just fight. Just fight, mindlessly. Just be free. Just fight and kill, for blood. For blood, the colour of this desert. Just blood for the sake of blood, simple, released, unthinking.
Just blood. Blood for–
How long ago was that? Who was there?
Does it matter? Which side was he on?
He tries to order the available facts. He was a warrior who just wanted to kill. They wouldn’t let him. They wanted him to think. They wanted him to decide everything. They wanted him to order the available facts because they said he was good at it. He didn’t want to decide. He didn’t want to have to make those decisions. It was killing him. He never told anyone that. He wanted to stop and make somebody else decide, make somebody else order the available facts. All he wanted to do was to go to the walls and forget it all and fight, a man with a sword. Just fight. No thought. No decisions. Just fight, mindlessly, free, the way the others did. Just fight. Spill blood. That’s all. Just blood. Blood for the–
Just give up.
‘I am Rogal Dorn, defiant,’ says Rogal Dorn.
Just give in. ‘I am Rogal Dorn,’ says Rogal Dorn, sitting in the crimson shadow under the red wall.
Are you even that? Were you ever? Just give up.
‘I am Rogal,’ says Rogal.
Not even that. Don’t think. That’s all you really wanted, isn’t it? Not to have to think any more? You can do that here, in the shadow of the wall.
Just give up. Give in.
He orders the available facts.
‘I…’ he says. Is there anything he’s certain of any longer? All the facts have rusted, and all the thoughts have gone. There is only blood. That’s all he really wanted. Give in to that.
‘I…’ he says.
Just blood. Say it.
Say it. Say blood. The thing you wanted.
‘Blood,’ he says softly. Soft as the flecks of rust the dry breeze lifts in horsetail plumes from the ridges of the dunes.
Say it again.
Who is the blood for?
Say it. Who is the blood for?
‘Blood for the–’
For? For whom?
He’s waiting for you. You just have to say it.
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2023.03.29 12:31 PhyllisBentley What will the future of social media look like?

It's fair to say that we've all used social media at one point or another. With the big players being Facebook, Instagram (Meta), and Twitter, there isn't a shortage of concerns about data privacy, censorship, and control of information. Decentralized social media platforms promise to offer a solution to these issues by using decentralized technology to provide a more secure, transparent and censorship-resistant environment for online communication. I'm sure these are all advantages we wouldn't mind having, but IF the future were to favor decentralized social media, can they be abused the same way centralized ones? Or is a future full of decentralized social media a flat out better and more secure environment for users?
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2023.03.29 12:29 enekevm How do my boyfriend (21M) and I (20F) get rid of his FOMO?

TLDR : My boyfriend of two years has FOMO and we want advice on how to get rid of it or help him
I posted on the relationship advice subreddit almost a week ago now about the situation I'm going through with my boyfriend, but what's continuing is that he's been feeling dating FOMO and like he's maybe missing out on dating since we've been together for 2 years now.
We've had many serious conversations about our relationship, how we both feel about each other and came to some conclusions. Now that his stress has come down his feelings of FOMO aren't as significant as they were before, but they are still there in the back of his mind. He still loves me, he still wants to be with me, he still cares for me, I make him happy and he still wants to work on our relationship. I got him to talk to his guy friend about our situation to get some insight and so I wasn't the only person he was talking to about this. They came to the conclusion that this would be something he has to work on and he should try to find things that maybe he's not getting out of our relationship and incorporate them into it. We plan on trying to make things more interesting in our love life and are actually going on a date in a couple of days when we're not busy.
The main thing I need advice on are possible solutions to his FOMO. I know that there will always be the worry of us being right for each other and that there's someone who's better, but he seems very serious on trying to stay with me and find a way to get rid of these thoughts he's having about missing out on the dating scene. How do I help him, what advice can I give him?
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2023.03.29 12:22 vaasuki1359 What are white hat and black hat SEO

What are White Hat and Black Hat SEO?
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of enhancing your website to raise its organic prominence for particular search queries. Through website adjustments, SEO seeks to increase both the quality and volume of visitors to your website. This goes beyond just stuffing sites with relevant keywords, instead emphasizing crucial web essentials like site performance, mobile friendliness, interaction, and page content. However, with the help of Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai, you will be able to learn more about SEO.
According to experts, effective optimization involves both meeting client needs and abiding by the rules and best practices of search engines like Google and Bing. The core of effective SEO is anticipating user intent, knowing the kind of content they want to view, and giving the best solutions. It enables you to learn more about your clients and their behavior while serving as a sales channel for your company. The best part of SEO is that it's easier to learn and use than you may think. Instead of spending money on conventional print advertisements or sponsored posts, investing in a few tools and taking the time to master the fundamentals of SEO will aid your business more in the long term.
What exactly do White Hat and Black Hat SEO refer to?
In SEO, the terms "white hat" and "black hat" are often used. Simply said, white hat SEO refers to effective SEO techniques that search engines approve, and black hat SEO refers to unethical SEO techniques that violate search engine policies.
Below mentioned are the best White Hat SEO strategies that adhere to the rules and increase the visibility of your website:
Quality Content:
The most important component of present SEO is high-quality content that is produced with the user, not the search engine crawler, in mind. It's the most suitable approach to influence how search engines rank your website or blog.
Content Relevant Keywords:
Content-relevant keywords based on disciplined research around page content is It is necessary to choose keywords that are based on in-depth study on the content of the website. Pay attention to how you utilize keywords as well. Limit your use to one main keyword and two to three secondary or supplemental keywords.
Keyword-rich page titles and metadata:
Page titles and descriptions both must be keyword-rich. Although it's simple to miss or undervalue these areas, most sites' optimization opportunities are accessible.
Quick Page Loading:
Fast page loading is essential since responsive sites don't annoy users or promote bounce, similar to easy navigation or mobile optimization. Site speed is a factor in search engine rankings from an SEO perspective. Because the user experience is compromised, websites that take a long time to reply to visitor requests for whatever reason (big photos, image carousels, etc.) typically rank lower in SERPs. Be aware of how features and functionality affect load times.
The following are some of the Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid while improving the visibility of your website:
Keyword stuffing:
Keyword stuffing, which involves hiding content behind code while cramming it with keyword jargon to make it only apparent to search engine crawlers, may have been effective in the past, but search engines have become more advanced. Site owners that violate these rules will pay a steep punishment, and/or search engine authorities may decide to ban the site.
Meta keyword stuffing:
Meta keyword stuffing, or the artificial insertion of keywords into page titles, meta descriptions, or backlink anchor text, In fact, it may deter web spiders from visiting your site.
Link Farming:
The act of accumulating a large number of irrelevant website links that are often concealed from real site users is known as link farming. Being featured on such a page won't increase your traffic; in fact, it may result in the flagging of your website.
Above mentioned are just a few of the techniques of a White hat and Black hat SEO. In order to learn every aspect of SEO in detail, one can enroll in an institute that offers the best Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai with guaranteed placement assistance. In this case, one can consider Digital Academy 360 as the major priority. The difficult topics in digital marketing are covered in detail, and students are taught by subject-matter experts with years of relevant experience. It provides a variety of inspiring, interesting, and team-based education opportunities to boost students. It offers a comprehensive learning strategy that combines online learning that is self-paced, expert-led virtual classroom instruction, and experiential learning possibilities.
Courses offered:
Data Science Program with Machine Learning
Advanced Certification in UI/UX & Design Thinking
Advanced Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Program.
They also deliver Post Graduate Programs in Data Science & Analytics with Python, UI/UX & Design Thinking, and Digital Marketing & Analytics.
Additionally, it presents a forum for collaboration and information sharing, enabling trainees to discuss ideas and best practises with their peers. The adaptable nature of Digital Academy 360 allows enterprises to acclimate their learning tactics to their own requirements.
With the help of Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai, you will be able to understand each and every aspect of digital marketing which helps in the career development of an individual.
Digital Academy 360 Digital Marketing Course and Training Institute in Chennai
Address: X-41, Shivananth Building, 2nd Ave, next to Ayyappan Temple, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040
Phone: 073535 15515
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2023.03.29 12:21 chesthetica Chess Problem 03856 (KRBN vs knnp, #5)

Chess Problem 03856 (KRBN vs knnp, #5)
Now, this is a 'KRBN vs knnp' five-move chess puzzle or problem (whichever you wish to call it) composed by Chesthetica using the approach known as the DSNS from the sub-field of AI, computational creativity. The program can compose problems that may otherwise take decades, centuries or even longer for human composers to think of, or to arise in a real game. Depending on the type and complexity of the problem desired, a single instance of Chesthetica running on a desktop computer can probably generate anywhere between one and ten problems per hour.

White to Play and Mate in 5
Chesthetica v12.60 (Selangor, Malaysia). Generated on 11 Sep 2022 at 3:02:18 AM. FEN: 6nk/1K1R4/5p2/B2N4/8/8/2n5/8 w - - 0 1. Solvability Estimate = Difficult.

Sometimes an earlier version of Chesthetica is credited for a more recent problem because that version was still running on that computer at the time. Okay, let me think for a minute if there's anything else to say here. Do you think you could have composed something better with these pieces? Share in the comments and let us know how long it took you. Over time, the tactics you see in these puzzles will help you improve your game.

Move the Pieces Around: https://lichess.org/analysis/standard/6nk/1K1R4/5p2/B2N4/8/8/2n5/8_w_-_-_0_1
Solution: https://youtu.be/ddLl7rwSwno?t=38s
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2023.03.29 12:21 valerychic How to manage deadlines as a working student.

How to manage deadlines as a working student.

As a working student, managing due dates can be difficult. With classes, work and other commitments vying for your attention, staying on top of deadlines can be hard without getting overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help you manage due dates:
Take Time To Plan.
Set aside some time each week or month to plan the upcoming due dates in all your courses. You can use online calendars or printable paper planners to track when each assignment is expected and what needs to be done to complete them. By breaking up tasks into smaller chunks, you'll have an easier time staying organized and motivated throughout the semester.
Prioritize Tasks.
Identify which assignments need more urgent attention than others so that you can focus on those first before tackling any less pressing tasks. Try to estimate how much time each task will take so that you can spread out your workload over days rather than cramming it all into one night.
Schedule Breaks and Reward Yourself.
Give yourself regular breaks while studying as this helps improve concentration levels and decrease stress levels caused by too much pressure being applied onto oneself at once; reward yourself with something enjoyable after completing major milestones such as finishing a big project or reaching a certain grade target.
Ask For Help When Needed.
If there's anything specifically tricky about an assignment, reach out for help from professors/teaching assistants who can provide further insight - either through virtual workshops or Q&A sessions or private one-to-one conversations via email/phone call. Additionally, remember peer support - classmates may also prove useful if stuck somewhere along the way with their own experiences providing possible solutions!
With these tips in mind, managing due dates should become easier, allowing you to maximize productivity while still fitting in other aspects of life!
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2023.03.29 11:44 Victorsey2 How do i make a light only render in one camera using hdrp?

Hi everyone, this is my first post here, i hope i dont break any rules and english is not my main language so keep that in mind. I trying to render a light only in one camera but i dont know how. i looked up both google and chatgpt but didnt find a solution.
im using Unity 2021.3.12f1 hdrp.
More info: all lights have an "HD additional light data" script, it may be from a package (its a group project thats why i dont know for sure)
Thank you in advance
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2023.03.29 11:42 Acharyainduprakas The Importance of Your Kundli Chart in Astrology

The Importance of Your Kundli Chart in Astrology
Hindi kundli online represents the position of the planets at the exact time of a certain event such as a birth, wedding or celebration. Kundli online is most often call a horoscope in English. It helps a person to find the influence of the planets, Sun and Moon on his life. Kundli charts are use to determine the best time for anything from a festival to celebrating an auspicious incident and also help predict (simply put) luck and bad luck in a person's life. This is the recording of sensitive angles and positions of celestial bodies at a given time.
Several newspapers and now online articles feature weekly or daily horoscopes which are interpretations of the Sun, stars and planetary positions during a given day or week and how that would affect a particular person's life depending on their zodiac sign. In Hindu religion, Kundli charts are mainly base on the movement of stars and moon and any ritual or event is always perform keeping in mind whether the stars are in the right place or not. The kundli chart also has a great influence on Hindu marriages where the bride and groom compare their kundli to determine whether they are compatible or not, and if not, in some cases they are not allow to marry.
According to Hindu astrology, Janma Kundli, i.e. kundali birth chart, is consider the most important of all. Kundli birth chart determines a person's entire life and influences every event in his life. If you need kundali chart by date of birth contact our expert astrologer.
Let us discuss some reasons why the Kundli chart is important in a person's life.

Online Janam kundli hindi
Online Kundli available on Astroeshop has been create after consulting many professional astrologers on staff. This Kundli is 100% original and accessible. This tool gives you effective astrological predictions and is essential in making horoscopes. It is create to help you get predictions about many aspects of your life including your business, marriage, love life, work and many more. Online Kundli create by Astroeshop Kundli is equal to any traditional Hindu Astrology Kundli. And can be use for various things including matchmaking, marriage compatibility or making predictions. Such as Hindu or Vedic astrology predictions and kundli online predictions.
Lagna Charts and Predictions?
According to the Lagna calculator, one can determine the basic behavior of a person such as education, relationships, income and financial strength. Meanwhile, the Moon Chart deals with employment, job changes and everything else that happens in a person's daily life.
There are a number of different factors to consider when trying to make horoscope predictions. Astrologers generally agree that Lagna has a significant influence on a horoscope. As for the twelve houses, they are own by all the seven planets (except Ketu and Rahu), including the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Saturn.
In case of placement of one of the above mentioned planets in Lagan Kundali, all these planets will have a huge impact on the individual's personality. They say you have a helpful personality with the Moon and you should be energetic with Mars. Saturn gives you a sense of honesty and isolation. Jupiter gives you a lot of knowledge, while Venus and Mercury give you sophistication and intelligence.
Does the Kundali birth chart match?
Marriages are consider the most auspicious events in Indian culture and Indians. Who are skeptical of almost everything, do not want to take any chances. So janam kundali or kundali milan chart comparison plays an important role in finding the ideal life partner for most of the population in India. You cannot underestimate the power of kundli matchmaker.

After all, it was consider one of the foundations of a strong and happy marriage in earlier generations. Even in the 21st century, kundalis pairing is the first step in marriage talks to ensure a harmonious union between the couple.
When the Kundali matches between two people, their compatibility, progress in life, happiness, family, health issues and their mindset for a healthy life is revealed. If any obstacles arise in the future, rituals and remedies could be perform to remove them.
When the solutions are simple, people tend to ignore them. They think it's boring and lame. Because they've been infected with the mentality. That real solutions come with struggle. This way of thinking tends to demonize the healing of the situation that Kundali match provides.
Steps to Read Kundali Chart?
Not all of us can become a certified astrologer overnight, but a basic understanding can help us read our own Janam Kundali analysis chart, right?
  1. The first step to Janam Kundali reading is to identify the ascendant sign of yourself. The number that is given in the first house represents the rising or ascendant sign of the individual. The planets in the kundali are indicate by numbers, i.e. 1 to 12, and the houses by Roman numerals, i.e. I to XII.
  2. The next step is to understand the houses and their meaning. Aspects of a person's life can be indicated in his/her Janam Kundali by looking at the 12 houses. This includes personality traits, interests, physical characteristics and traits. Therefore, each planet or sign located in a particular house influences its factors and gives results accordingly.
  3. At the time of your birth, Janam Kundali is a photograph that captures the position of planets and constellations and displays it in the form of a map. So when learning to read a Kundali chart, you need to understand the abbreviated form of the planets. And their meaning in the chart.
  4. Finally, you need to find out which planet is in development or enthusiasm. In astrology, exaltation is a state when the influence of the predicted planet in a certain sign is signifying. That is, the natural harmony corresponds and the result tends to be consider in your favor.
Frequently asked questions - FAQ
How can I know my Kundli?
This completely depends on the exact date, time and place of birth. Depending on the position of all the planets at the time of birth, an astrologer can easily prepare your Kundli chart.
Can Kundli predict the future?
Well, of course, if we talk about predictions that completely depend on your Janma kundli. Even if they are 100% accurate, it can be said that up to 60-70% of predictions are correct. There are many famous astrologers who predicted a pandemic hundreds of years before the event turned out to be real.
Is Kundli important for marriage?
It is advisable to check kundli before marriage. This will surely help you understand the person better and also whether they can make a compatible couple in the future or not. After all, we are looking for reliable and trustworthy partners everywhere; this might also help you be prepared.
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2023.03.29 11:41 Doomshit123 I'm so overwhelmed, filled with dread and dissonance.

Where do I even start?
I feel deeply ashamed everyday, deeply guilty. I want to do things to progress and enjoy my life but I genuinely feel disabled (not physically), I just can't do anything.
When I say disabled, what I mean is that while I can do minimal things to be a "functioning" person like wake up on time and go to work but the entire time I feel completely hopeless and out of it, I can't do things that matter to me or things that I need to do. I can barely even do anything that is supposed to be leisure because I'm locked in my head and can barely derive joy from things. The only times I feel like I can enjoy things now is if I'm smoking weed. I feel as though I'm not completely immersed in my life. I'm constantly tired, guess I can thank my sleep schedule for that but every time I try to fix it, I get decent sleep for a couple days and inevitably fuck it up because of my impulses to stay up late. I always feel more alive and slightly better at night. I don't know why but my impulses just have such a strong hold on me that I cannot resist them whatsoever. Do I enjoy feeling like a zombie everyday? I just feel fucking depressed, it's probably all my bad habits making me think this way.
Maybe I don't have the right structure for my days? I'm currently conscripted which makes me just feel bad in general because I always thought it's a waste of time, and now I know that to be a fact. I could never get used to the structure of school and honestly the army feels the same way, just much more boring and depressing, I don't feel connected to even a single person in my base. Add the fact that smoking weed is highly illegal especially in the army (without a medical permit) and if I get caught it can put a stain on my civilian life later on, not like I can see that far forward, so I say fuck it anyway.
Then I have my dad who looms over me and it makes me so fucking anxious and filled with dread. It's not like he is constantly fighting me nowadays. He always asks me if I'm doing productive things but I fail everyday. I feel like I have to lie to him, it's what I always did. I live with him and help clean the house but sometimes I fall short even in house chores. I have a hard time not lying to him about everyday small things because when I'm truthful, he doesn't understand me and doesn't really care to listen. If I lie, I feel a little relief short term and then it all explodes anyway.
He told me that I'd never survive without him all alone, that I'm incapable of doing anything myself. It's all true and I hate it. I hate relying on him but I don't have a choice right now, still I'd like to pull my own weight somehow. Even if I could go live by myself or with roommates, or with my mom, I'd never be able to make it work and it won't fix shit. He constantly says he loves me and tries to get close but it's such a big cognitive dissonance because in my childhood and teenage years I absolutely despised and resented him, he treated my mom like shit and would often break stuff in angry rampages, hit me, verbally abuse my mom and me like it's nothing, scream at us for what felt like almost every day, etc., I thought about just ending it all pretty early on but not seriously, I don't think those thoughts even registered in my brain correctly. This is such a shit thing to say, but I don't love him and wish I could function on my own so I wouldn't need to interact with him.
Sometimes he asks me if I see him as my pet dog (as in he thinks I degrade him in my mind or don't think much of him) or if I would care if he dies. If I'm being completely honest with myself, I'd love to never see him again. I don't feel any love for him, I'm sorry. Today I'm gonna go back home and tell him that everything is fine like usual, like everyday. If I tell him the truth he would not get through it because he always tells me that I am everything he has. How the fuck am I supposed to react? I feel like a parasite in his home, yet he tries to comfort me and say that he supports me while ignoring all the years of pain he so comfortably inflicted on me and my mom.
I don't know how to deal with anything, the only coping mechanisms I've learned are things like reckless behaviour, overeating, smoking weed, forms of escapism, daydreaming, spending too much...
Today I had some suicidal thoughts that kind of led to me making this thread, I quickly snapped out of it like I usually do thankfully but it led me to think a bit. If I can just make all my problems disappear by simply taking the right pills and never wake again, then are they even problems in the first place? Maybe life isn't all I thought it was supposed to be and the actual answer is that life is just endless pain. I don't want to slog through it anymore like a helpless piece of garbage. Even if I get my shit together, get a degree, get a well paying job, strengthen bonds with my friends and find people I could call family for real, make sure I don't treat my kids like my dad treated me, in the very end it doesn't matter because I just don't see how I can get out of this hole. There's just never a way out. Even when I feel like I'm starting to make progress I always fall back down further and it's harder to try again.
I'm so fucking confused. I wish I could find a way in life because sometimes there's moments that I feel are worth experiencing but it's not worth going through the agony my head puts me in. I want to cry but can't. I want share this with someone who actually cares but the friends who do genuinely care for me probably don't want hear my sob story, everyone has their troubles, what makes my problems worth listening to? Guess I'll throw this into the void that is Reddit and hope someone can share some kind words or advice.
I want to find a solution or die, I admit I'm incapable of doing it myself.
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2023.03.29 11:35 Lauchstange Understanding URP/Rendering/Lighting


I'm looking for some good resources in order to understand the Unity rendering pipeline a little better. I use YouTube tutorials a lot, but most of the time you get out of the video with one specific solution and you forget about it a day later. I'd rather get a fundamental understanding of everything, to come up with solutions for my usecases.
I'd love to understand how the Pipeline Assets,Rendering Features, and Shaders etc. work together instead of searching for tutorials that kind of fit my needs. I'm pretty new to the topic but I got some basic knowledge of rendering and shaders.

At the moment I started doing u/CatlikeCoding Custom SRP tutorials, which are really great! I'd love to see something more in this direction. It can be paid stuff as well, I don't mind that.


Here the link to the tutorials: Custom SRP Tutorial
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2023.03.29 11:29 StepwiseUndrape574 Native Trainer trouble

For some reason, today, two multiplayer vehicles disapeared from my saved menu in simple trainer vehicle save and loader. It basically said, "not found" and when I try to load it, it persists with saying, "not found loaded" when I try to load in the Bf weevil custom from the vehicle spawner instead, it does nothing. keep in mind I only have this problem with the Bf Weevil Custom. If anyone has faced this problem and/or found a solution, I would be extremely grateful for the solution in the comments. Thanks in advance. (ps, I already tried Menyoo)
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2023.03.29 11:25 createathriving All You Need to Know About Mindset Coaching

While we go through the routines of life, our mentality greatly influences how successful we are. Thanks to the power of mindset coach for women, we may now get assistance developing the mentality to help us achieve our objectives.

These types of coaching lead to women's empowerment and make them aware of how to lead their lives best. Truly it answers all the questions on what is women's empowerment and gives an answer to all women on how to lead a strong and positive life.

What Is Coaching for a Mindset?

A type of coaching called mindset coaching aids a person in recognizing the barriers and habits that prevent them from being the best version of themselves.

With mindset coaching, people can reflect and uncover these unfavorable mindsets they have become accustomed to.

Why Is Coaching for Mindset Important?

Those who feel stuck in their lives and aren't achieving their full potential might consider mindset coaching. It is intended for those who feel they are not meeting their goals properly and wish to adjust their mindsets to recover from that slump.

Almost everyone has had times when they felt as though the entire world was against them. It causes you to feel self-conscious and anxious. Typically, some intuitive conduct is the trait that unconsciously leads all of these types of people toward failure.

Without the assistance of an unguided, unprejudiced outsider who will take your hand through the process and lead you in the proper direction, it is difficult to reflect on yourself and determine what you are doing incorrectly.

Coaching for a growth mindset can help with this. A mindset coach assists you in changing your perspective and healing any past traumas or behaviors that might prevent you from fulfilling your potential.

What Outcomes Can You Expect From Coaching Your Mindset?

By identifying the limiting beliefs and destructive thinking patterns that generate difficulties in the first place, rather than focusing on and resolving the specific issues that arise at different phases of life, mindset coaching can help you make long-lasting positive changes in your life.

A mindset coach will assist you in identifying the unfavorable attitudes and bad routines preventing you from reaching your maximum potential. They will collaborate with you to organize your thoughts and regain your purpose. Mindset coaching aims to teach you how to handle difficult situations with the utmost confidence and conviction so that you are not negatively affected by them.

Coaching on mindset helps you adopt a healthier lifestyle. This improves your professional and spiritual lives and puts you in the right frame of mind to advance and enhance your physical health.

What Characterizes a Quality Mindset Coach?

A skilled mindset coach may compel individuals to reflect and generate solutions to their issues. A mindset coach is not a boss, mentor, trainer, counselor, or therapist. They are not there to instruct, guide, counsel, treat, or direct you.

Instead, a mindset coach's role is to guide you toward becoming a better version of yourself by asking you the appropriate questions, providing the correct information, and providing the right responses.


The most effective mindset coach for women challenges their customers to picture their ideal lives. They ponder what thoughts and emotions keep them from making this future a reality and how they may move toward success rather than failure.
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Baby shampoo is the best choice for adults.it is a gentle and mild cleanser that is free of harsh chemicals. You should not use creamy baby shampoo if you have thin hair. However, if your Hair is dry and frizzy, creamy baby shampoo is your best option. Last but not least, remember to check the price of the baby shampoo. Since baby shampoo is enriched, it is more expensive than regular shampoo. Adults have different Hair and scalp needs than babies, so baby shampoos may not provide the same level of cleansing or conditioning as adult-specific ones. Any new product should be checked for ingredients and tailored to your hair type before use. A dermatologist or hair care professional can also provide personalized recommendations and advice. While baby shampoo can be a safe and effective option for adults, it's essential to use them with caution and take any necessary precautions.
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2023.03.29 11:19 RussoSwerves How would mass media (specifically news and journalism) function in an anarchist society? Would it even exist?

I was watching Folding Ideas new video all around the socio-ecological system of the Metaverse and specifically one tragicomical example of such a Metaverse - Decentraland. It functions really well as a continuation of his deep-dive into the Anarcho-capitalist culture surrounding NFTs.
One part of the video that really stimulated some curiosity was a bit at the 44 min. mark that gets into sth. Decentraland was trying to implement. The Decentralized News Network. Not to get lost in too many details, in summary, the Ancap way of implementing it absolutely sucked.
But I am curious as to how you all may think about the concept of a "decentralized CNN" in an anarchist society. There´s a lot for me to think about, the biggest thing being the relationship of such a large-scale institution to the people, with the ideas of it simultaneously being accountable to the public but also maintaining independence for proper journalism´s sake being issues that need to get sorted out. Any hierarchical society with willingness to coerce and compromise may come up with a complacent answer, but anarchists... I really wonder what you guys think. It seems like a really messy subject for us.
Dan Olson in his video doesn´t offer a solution either (not that he needed to), instead just criticizing Decentraland´s DNN specifically.
My thought has been that maybe the messiness is just too much to handle and instead of having any institutions with a responsibility towards a large, maybe global number of people, everything is more localized and you just have people blogging their lived experiences on Mastodon, with journalists/journalistic institutions as we know them - general experts on fact-gathering and reporting - not existing. But I also know that anarchism is not *necessarily* against globalization and large-scale operation and also doesn´t reject specialized expertise ("...I refer to the authority of the bootmaker") in a way that would make journalists as we know them incompatible with an anarchist world.
So I´m torn and don´t know what to think, but I want to see what you all have to say before I settle on that state of mind.
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2023.03.29 11:18 lilstupidbanana Help me find a game

genre: adventure, point and click, puzzle, wild west setting but NOT SHOOTER (PLEASE KEEP IT IN MIND) platfrom: PC Graphics style: 2D Charecters: Main character that came to the town aand a Singer named Rita, That was first seen at Saloon Stryline: The story begins on a train. Main charecter was heading a town to meet a woman he only chatted with. When he met her it appears that she was ugly. But he couldn't go back home. Because there was no trains on a schedule. So he stayed at that town for a while. Then he meets Rita at Saloon. She had red hair. He fell in love with her. But she was just playing him. And there was also a location of mansion with La Vénus de Milo in it Played it late 2000 or early 2010
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2023.03.29 11:15 lilstupidbanana Help me find a game

genre: adventure, point and click, puzzle, wild west setting but NOT SHOOTER (PLEASE KEEP IT IN MIND) platfrom: PC Graphics style: 2D Charecters: Main character that came to the town aand a Singer named Rita, That was first seen at Saloon Stryline: The story begins on a train. Main charecter was heading a town to meet a woman he only chatted with. When he met her it appears that she was ugly or sum. But he couldn't go back home. Because there was no trains on a schedule. So he stayed at that town for a while. Then he meets Rita at Saloon. She had red hair. He fell in love with her. But she was just playing him. And there was also a location of mansion with La Vénus de Milo in it Played it late 2000 or early 2010
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2023.03.29 11:12 philosophiesde Guest post part 2 by Torsten Hesse: "Why the world appears to us. The Function of Consciousness."

Guest post part 2 by #Torsten #Hesse: "Why the world appears to us. The Function of #Consciousness."
After the first guest article "Why the mind-body problem is not a pseudo-problem" by Torsten Hesse has fortunately met with such a strong response, which led to a very animated exchange of ideas on a high level, Torsten felt compelled to "step it up a notch" in order not to be pinched in the calves by the "dualistic dachshund" ;-).
Therefore it was a request to him to put his position once again clearly and also after so much about problems has been talked, to offer also times his solution suggestion for the constructive discussion. However, I had already announced here again my "cassandric doubts" that this attempt will lead likewise to no "genuine solution" in the discussion rounds. Since the other co-discussants found nevertheless finally also already their "own solutions".
But that is the beautiful and terrible thing about philosophy, there is no "absolute truth". Or as Paul Watzlawick said in his neuroconstructivist book "How real is reality", everyone makes his "own truth". But now let's see what Torsten has found for a solution. Serious counter-proposals with "own solutions" and "other truths" are very welcome.
More at: https://philosophies.de/index.php/2023/01/09/die-funktion-des-bewusstseins/
There is an orange translation button „Translate>>“ for English in the lower left corner!
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2023.03.29 10:54 Mallanar First time tutorial crash/freeze+reset (sometimes not even loading up)

So I've recently decided to give Valorant a try after a long period of holding it off.
After a quick and easy installation (and a reboot of my pc - I'm looking at you Vanguard), I boot up the game, but am met with a crazy long loading screen (5-10 minutes per loading - you will understand soon why 'per') where "the range" loading screen is visible, music ocassionaly pops in, plays for a few seconds then dissapears. These loadings have at some point got me into the range tutorial, but I was met with an immediate crash. With each load though I managed to get further down the range (mind you I had to complete the previous steps of it each time as well), until the point of tutorial for abilities (right after going through the teleporter). Each time I hit the first enemy with a gun (assuming at the point of the bot dying) the game freezes and goes into a loading screen after a few minutes. Then the cycle repeats. I also sometimes get a pop up to press "Welcome to Valorant" with a button to "Enter Range" but it just gets me back into the loading screen.
My PC specs:
PC specs should not be an issue from what I am reading about system requirements for the game.
Things I have already tried:
I have not been able to find any other solution online. And weirdly enough, there are occasional posts on reddit where people actually have this issue but no solution. Has anyone had experience with this or maybe seen a fix to a similar issue? (if I don't manage to fix it I will try riot support, though I have not had luck with support before as they tend to just tell u to reset/reinstall/repaiadministrator start/etc..)

I have been looking for a solution for a few days and am desperate to fix this. I wanted to give the game a try for a long time but never had anyone to play with - and now that I got some friends that play it I cannot be a part of it.
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2023.03.29 10:53 joynovel Abused Mate

Chapter 2 Book 1 Chapter 2—
I watched the angel walk away.
Did she feel that too? Is that why we couldn't look away from one another?
I, Chris Wayne, for once was totally flabbergasted.
"Chris are you on your way?"
My father's voice rang through my head.
"Yes father" I mind linked back.
A perk of being a werewolf.
If you didn't count also being extremely attractive.
I shook my head to clear the image of the dark haired angel from my head.
I had bigger problems.
A rogue had entered our property today.
I jumped in my Bentley then made my way to the pack house that was located in the middle of Moonlight Woods.
It was the place the Alpha, my father, Dwayne and my mother, the Luna Nicki lived and the Beta and his family lived.
It was a very peaceful place most of the time...unless a rogue trespassed on our territory.
Then it was game on!
Wolves were known to be very territorial, and with the weight of being the next Alpha in the next few months I was all the more protective of his pack.
My father had mind linked me during class and I had been distracted when I had ran into...I frowned as I tried to remember if the angel had said her name.
No she hadn't, I realized. And she didn't look familiar, was she new?
She was beautiful though, with strange golden silvery eyes and long curly black hair. She was tan and had thick beautiful lips meant to be kissed.
My Mate.
My beautiful Mate.
I had felt the instant connection once our fingers touched.
It was how you found your Mate.
Skin to skin contact, along with electricity coursing through your body.
I'm sure that the electrical current had been felt by all of my pack, which happened when the Beta or Alpha found their Mate. Of course no one would ask unless I personally told them.
I swerved as I almost crashed into a blue sedan, due to my wandering thoughts.
I cursed as I shook my head to clear it.
The pack house came into view and so did the large group of men in front.
I jumped out and stalked to my father's side.
My father was angry, and I understood him.
A rogue was nothing to play with, who knows why he had left his previous pack.
The rouge before them was actually not a full grown man.
He looked around my age actually. He wore a black shirt, dirty jeans and tattered black boots. His blonde hair was sticking out in all places and he had bright green eyes.
Maybe in college then?
The rest of him didnt look better. He had long scratches down his face, chest and legs that had dried up blood.
Guess the pack got to him first. My father gave me a look before turning to the young rogue.
"You do know you tresspassed on my territory and I could have you killed, dont you pup?" Dwayne said in his alpha voice.
The pup stood his ground, seemingly unaffected by my father's alpha voice.
My eyes flickered to my father in surprise. Was he...?
The rouge nodded at my unanswered question.
"My name is Tyler Bay, future Alpha of the Midnight Pack a few miles away from here. My pack was attacked unexpectantly late last night.... I managed to escape..but my entire pack was annihilated...."
Chris :
We entered my father's study to come up with a strategic plan.
With the help of myself, my future Beta Don and his father the current Beta Mike McMathew, my father finally decided on a solution.
Tyler sat in a seat, listening to us.
I would give him weary glances once in a while, thinking that no one should be going through this.
"We'll send Sean Paul and Frankie Hoss, our best trackers to go to your property to check things out. " My Dad said to Tyler.
He nodded his eyes dull and lifeless.
It was silent for a few minutes.
"We were totally caught off gaurd " He finally said.
We looked at him, waiting patiently .
"We were celebrating my younger brother, Matt's marriage to his Mate Kelley . Every one was happy, dancing and all of a sudden we're surrounded by these rogues...."
He swallowed convulsively before continuing.
"Clothes shred as my men shifted, protecting their Mates and siblings and pack. But not me, my gaurds forced me out the pack house. All I could do was mind link my father. He told me to leave, that he would take care of everyone . Above all he's my Alpha, and I had to listen. A few miles away, I told my gaurds to return . They should've been here by now..."
Tyler's eyes had become glassy and he kept clenching and unclenching his jaw.
"Son show Tyler to a bedroom, and with a change of clothes please. "
"Yes father" I bowed my head " Beta, Don I'll see you tomorrow. "
I led Tyler to a room, then went in search for clothes. When I drop them off I close my eyes in agony, he was sobbing in the shower.
I vowed these assholes would pay, no one should go through this!
I exited just as my father linked me to run a few rounds.
I ran till 11, not physically exhausted but mentally.
"Go on to bed Chris, you have school tomorrow " My father mind linked " We'll keep a look out for the gaurds, but either they're gone or captured."
"I agree father, good night" I climbed up the stairs and into bed.
I dreamt of my Mate, and I vowed I would find her tomorrow.
I cursed as I pulled up to my house.
His Charger was parked out front.
I checked my ipod, 6:34.
He got off of work at 6 .
I opened my door as silently as possible and closed it, silently praying that maybe he had stayed later than usual.
I had taken a few steps before a large figure loomed out of the living room.
"Where the fuck have you been?" He screamed.
Veins were bulging from his neck and forehead.
By instinct I took a step back.
"I....ummm.... I.." I stuttered over my words, fear immobilizing me.
"Don't try lying bitch! My food wasn't made and you know I hate that!" He screamed storming up to me.
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