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2013.12.08 22:01 TastyMeatPoop As a black man...

For those pretending to be what they're not, and those who hate what they are.

2013.06.03 09:58 no_shoes_in_house Thalassophobia

Less than 10% of the ocean has been explored.

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A place to practice your Sherlock like observation

2023.06.05 14:58 mynameisdiscodisco Am I underfertilising my Monstera?

Am I underfertilising my Monstera?
I’m at my wits end with my Monstera. I think I got it back in September last year or so, and it has grown quite a bit. But something is wrong and I can’t seem to find out what.
About 2 months ago I wrote this post and found out that my pH was way off, probably causing issues with nutrient uptake. This was caused by me only watering the moss pole, resulting in an accumulation of salts in the substrate itself.
Since then I’ve stopped fertilising the poles and started actually watering the substrate. I’ve been measuring the pH and conductivity regularly (not every watering but maybe every 2nd or 3rd) and the pH seems to be quite stable at 6.5, which is great.
Still, the leaves show discolouration and feel kinda 'stiff' + I noticed the growth of aerial roots has kinda slowed and some are drying out at the tips. And. I. Don’t. Know. Why.
There is no stunted growth. There is no browning. The plant gets full sun for 4h a day. I water it maybe every 6-10 days. I fertilise with every watering, with about half the recommended dose. I water with runoff, so ~1000 µS go in, 1000 µS go out.
My fertiliser: NPK 6-4-6 with trace elements and Ca/Mg. For water I use a 50/50 mix of RO and tap water.
Humidity is between 60-70% (except when the sun hits the window), temperature between 23-26°C.
Do you think that this is too little fertiliser? Too much fertiliser? Too little direct sun?
I’m hesitant to fertilise more because I’m so proud of this plant (except, well, if the issues it’s having because of my apparently bad care lol) and I don’t won’t to mess her up.
I’m grateful for every tip you might have.
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2023.06.05 14:56 miiikabruh Is there any native, pet friendly, drought tolerant plants that can be planted this time of year or do I need to wait until Fall?

Is there any native, pet friendly, drought tolerant plants that can be planted this time of year or do I need to wait until Fall?
My husband is on a business trip so I finally have the time to do some gardening.
I’m interested in these varieties but I don’t know if they are non-toxic to dogs and if I should wait until fall to plant them. I sometimes pet sit so them being non toxic is huge for me.
Pride of Barbados Lantana Salvia Knock out roses Red yucca Silverado sage Yaupon Holly Autumn sage American beauty berry Turks cap Russian sage Lyre Leaf Sage rusty blackhaw viburnum Mexican Heather Hibiscus Ginger Oleanders Butterfly bush Germander
And at the top of my list is a Passion flower vine.
Pic is of one of my Vitex that I have managed to keep alive for over 2 years. I’ve really struggled with plants here and I got this list from locals in my area. Thank you!
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2023.06.05 14:56 TreeChai420 What should I do to fix around this window?

What should I do to fix around this window?
I bought a Dormer bungalow over a year ago and the original curtainrail has recently pulled off the wall in the spare bedroom. Turns out it was only secured into the pvc framing surrounding the inside of the window.
I want to cover up the wall and ideally remove the pvc edging. Is this just a plastering job?
If I remove the PVC covers on the side, it reveals a gap from the house to the window (pic 4) what would I need to do to cover this up?
I plan on putting the curtain rail back up but into the wall.
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2023.06.05 14:56 JankyJokester Legitimate confusion over complaints. Help me understand the issues.

To preface this I have quite a bit of time already. Took some breaks here and there but reached wt4. I've seen a few issues repeated on here and most of them, I just don't understand where they are coming from, and some clarification would be great.

Builds not changing after 50 - So I hit 50 right around WT3. I was realizing my level build was trash as druid, went and got Trampleslide which was a HUGE boost and felt great. Saw Stormwolf was better but gated behind WT3 stuff so started farming that (don't have it all yet.). I mean 50 is "max" level more or less. You have all your abilities by then. Aside from a unique or two unlocking a build path or two not sure what else you would expect here? Even thought about grinding pulverize for some variety.

Lack of content - This one.... really hurts my brain honestly. I get the side quests etc. isn't everyone's cup of tea but between the campaign, strongholds, dungeons, world events, world bosses, helltides, world legion events, and whispers I have yet to find myself going "what's next?" and always stuck between having to pick. You have renown for all the areas to max out and collecting all the aspects as well. Not to mention farming for cosmetic drops for your horse armor and trophy. Not to mention what isn't everyone's thing but will be my main thing for sure the PvP zones and quests. Usually, I get bored on eternal realm pretty quick, but I've been having a blast with friends. With seasons I don't see myself running out of steam for a while. Also, eternal/seasons got you bored. Go to hardcore. PvE too easy? Go get sweaty palms in PvP permadeath. Idk I don't get the boredom and lack of things to do at all.

Level Scaling - I think it's great. I would be bored helping new people or people just not great if I walked in and sneezed on everything while I was pulling ahead (I helped a lot of people while I was finishing campaign.). But for the people who I saw mention wanting to go back to areas and just wreck things? (idk how that is fun but to each their own) just go back to WT1? In WT1/2 I go back and like one or two shot entire rooms. You can go do that if you want later on. Idk this one I really didn't get. People who say you don't feel like you get more powerful because of it, I certainly did. Idk man change your build/aspects around then. If you aren't doing better and getting more powerful on the level grind that's on you, I feel.

Intentional friction - This complaint is well, subjective. Sure towns are not setup like a factory and more like a town. I get people can be annoyed but honestly I enjoyed it. The world felt more immersive with things setup how a town would be. Having to walk/ride to places. Again same thing here. This one I can get from like power gamer standpoint but between the mount and waypoints I haven't found it to be an issue. I rather enjoy it again immersion into the world more and also the "oo look event/rare spawn moments on the way to something. I prefer this over essentially a level select simulator. But this is up for debate and will vary by player.

Energy Generator skills - This one is complicated, but I get it. Traditional "mana' systems have their own issues as well. The generators I've used have all had some utility to them so had a purpose but yeah pressing them did feel bad. They should get slightly more damage. I don't need my 20k+ crits on it but a bit more than a feather duster would be great.

Overall, I must say this has been my favorite Diablo game so far. I've played since pre-lod 2. I'm super excited for seasons and hardcore PvP. Anyway, don't really get the complaints. I'm not sure what people were expecting to be different.
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2023.06.05 14:54 Darkbow85 The strange apparatus spread each of my fingers as wide as they could go.

Then the hooded man pulled out a fresh pack of white paper.
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2023.06.05 14:54 bigrichardchungus Edge printing blank pages when using the system print dialog

Hi folks,
Bit of background here. My company uses Epson TM-T88V slip printers for printing receipts. We have been having challenges with the standard Edge printing dialog. With the Edge printing dialog, print jobs will hang for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and will then print. This occurs for both standard print jobs and slips. We determined that this is due to the fact that these are non-standard size printouts and Edge seems to have a challenge with these (we think it might be a Chromium challenge honestly, as it seems to happen with Chrome as well). Additionally, the quality of the text on the slips is terrible when printing with the Edge dialog. The Windows print dialog does not have these challenges, so we're enabling the setting in Edge to switch the print dialog to the Windows System dialog with a GPO. However, with this setting configured, sometimes the slips just print out blank. This doesn't happen all the time, and reprinting the receipt works fine, but it happens frequently enough that I have concerns about pushing this change out to users. The only variable I'm not 100% sure about is the Epson printer driver, as I'm not honestly sure what version we're pushing out to the workstations that use these printers, and I'll be testing that in the very near future.
Has anybody experienced this challenge before after changing the print options in Edge? Is there even a way to determine what happens when the slip prints blank? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly!
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2023.06.05 14:54 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 the warner bros animation creepypasta hidden tom and jerry DVD

i'm total of tom and jerry fan i like all the episodes i don't think glitchy DVDs anymore i had it
it started on a summer back in 2012 i was watching Nick Jr on cable television i want to see this something in my mailbox only thing the mailbox there was the DVD i took it inside
i looked at the note in 3 days i did it
this is how is voice of the DVD
i can't take it anymore i had to get rid of the DVD before it was too late if you don't destroy the video disc you can pop the DVD too
it is not true
destroy this DVD please don't even watch that you don't destroy it
well that ones weird i have it seen in 3 days the reason how DVDs can talk just a video disc i was wrong about that
anyway i look at the case and it is look like the regular tom and jerry DVD it had black marker on it written Tom And Jerry Lost Episode like a DVD store when i saw Tom And Jerry Lost Episode on the writing of the DVD i wanted to watch it
i went up to my room and insert DVD in the play station 3 and then the TV screen showed mgm logo but the lion was red and the music so creepy then it went to the main menu the DVD menu was empty it is true menu button called Dream Mouse no credits no extras no nothing then when the music was finished the THE END sign didn't appear nothing but the blue background
when the father came the black hand came out the DVD menu with a mouse trap causing him to die causing the main menu to smashed my TV
then the DVD menu tries to go on bonus features menu one at the bedroom then the DVD menu jumping the bed the ambulance arrived and carried my mother to the hospital the DVD menu breaks the computer with a keyboard i was so scared
the DVD menu destroys the play station 3 and DVD menu destroys the wall with a iPad he said oh no my house is gone the DVD menu was evil laugh the DVD menu shouted said MOTHERFUCKER!
first my house and the traffic lights this is reason how DVD menu was really angry
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2023.06.05 14:54 AzysLla Honda strats

I haven’t played Honda since SSF2X but am having fun so far. I am currently at gold as a noob to SF6 (as is everyone else ) and here is what I found so far. For you Honda mains out there feel free to chime in. I am trying to get better as well so any comments or additional thoughts welcome.
  1. Somehow Honda seems to be a very good drive impact practice target… your headbutt’s timing seems perfect for using drive impact or perfect parry. Many will fail but if you play super aggressive people will drive impact you left and right. As you move up the ranks this is very important to remember. When I was starting there were some guys who just kept drive impacting me because I fell for it almost everytime lol.
  2. Do not count on Sumo Smash (even Ex) as a counter when you get up - it won’t work 90% of the time especially against characters who would use jabs to launch a long string of combos - you will get hit by all of them. If you had no idea what to do, use Ex headbutt or just block. Worst thing is you eat a throw.
  3. Neutral jump is pretty good - since I have used it extensively I have gained some real wins. You will know what I mean once you start using it.
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2023.06.05 14:54 ImmortalJormund Final Ember of the Afterglow

Captain Khan of the UNISG second task force leaned on a windowsill and sighed. In the building ahead, the large greyish white apartment block, their enemy laid low somewhere. The famed stalker Strelok, who had been assigned as Khan's bounty target by his employers. When UNISG, the original one led by Major Hernandez, was liquidated, to Khan's dismay they had uncovered very little actual information he needed. But Strelok? He had been an advisor for official Ukrainian state researchers, and if the stories were true, he knew more about it than anyone else. Capturing him would be a jackpot, and Khan desperately needed one. His unit was a mere shadow of its former self, the blasted Redeemed had killed so many of his men, even his second-in-command Clarke had died in those reed-covered swamps by the crimson-armoured bastards.
Not that Khan really cared. Only Clarke and Bauer had been long-time co-workers of his, pushing along the Belt and Road initiative in Central Asia and dealing with potential hiccups in a very subtle ways, or running heavy-handed security on the mines owned by their benefactors in Asia. But neither was someone he considered a friend, in this line of work such was rare, and Khan was here merely to make money. The rewards were astronomical, but trapped here in an empty city, their allies having abandoned them and no clear way out even if Strelok was caught, Khan was beginning to wonder if those rewards were worth all this.
His clients wanted to gather as much information of the Zone and possibly blackmail Ukrainian authorities into co-operation, but every passing day a successful mission seemed less likely. Still, Khan was not one to give in so easily, he would see the mission through out of sheer boneheaded determination. Growing up in the vast and harsh Mongol steppe had not made him a quitter, and he had earned the nickname Khan among his peers for a reason. Khan sighed as Sergeant Němec entered the room to inform him of the squad being ready. Nine men left alongside Khan. They would have to be enough, for he did not know if their mysterious allies would ever return. Taking his rifle, Khan followed his Czech sergeant downstairs to begin the mission of a lifetime.
Not far from the UNISG hideout, Redemption squad that had caused them so much harm was on the move. And while Khan was not aware of his survival, the greatest menace to UNISG so far marched on with them. Never in his, admittedly short life, had Dimka been anticipating a fight this much. All the feelings of being tricked, betrayed and used built up to a crescendo of wrath boiling inside him, and Dimka could feel himself bursting from seams. Finally, after all this hide and seek bullshit, Dimka would face Khan in battle and hopefully kill him, avenging his fallen comrades and perhaps allowing him to find some information that made him, Sevka and Maus free men once more. Yet now was not the time to get all giddy with excitement over it, getting to that point would require winning the battle rapidly drawing closer.
"Dimka, you alright? You look a bit, eh, anxious.", Sanyok asked, walking beside Dimka.
"Sorry, it's just... We are so close to getting some closure. It's been so long that I've held my breath, being sure I would never leave the Zone alive."
"Ah, makes sense. Reminds me of the battle against Sin at the Generators, so much at stake...", Sanyok reminisced.
"And I missed it because of some Sin fucker decided to smash my arm to pieces! Suka blyat!", Dimuha groaned.
"You did get to mastermind a jailbreak of a century afterwards. And shoot bandits, which is super fun.", Dima noted.
"Aye, giving Livid the good news was satisfying, but had I been there at War Lab, perhaps... Perhaps Micha would still be alive.", Dimuha sighed, and Dimka could feel a shift in the group's mood.
"No, you would not. None of us knew what would happen there, and we all knew Micha's fate could have been our own. Had you been in his stead, we would still be inside that spatial anomaly.", Boris explained, and Dimuha seemed to ponder on it for a second before hesitantly nodding.
"Past is not something to dwell on too much. Hindsight is a wonderful tool but also a trap of thoughts and hypotheticals.", Meeker chimed in, having marched in silence beforehand.
"Robot man is right. There's things I'd wish I had done differently, but ultimately there's little we can change. Sometimes the best we can do is take heed from those events.", Rogue remarked.
"Indeed. And make those responsible pay.", Boris muttered quietly.
They continued on in silence, the conversation having turned sour for many of the veterans of the northern campaign. Dimka took the chance a look around him more carefully now, given that this could be one his last days in the Zone. They were travelling down an overgrown road, building blocks reaching for the clouds around them. A couple vehicles had been abandoned by the roadwalks, including a bright yellow DU-47 paving machine. Weirdly enough, moss had began to grow on parts of it, even those seemingly completely metallic. The Zone's flora was a wonder in itself, and especially out here in the Pripyat it seemed to take bizarre forms. Dimka felt some sadness about leaving, this truly was the frontier he had always wanted to find. But he had duties elsewhere... Or at least, he thought he had. Perhaps they would turn him into a desk jockey after this epic of a failure, Dimka pondered.
The scenery changed to a small park. There was interesting, cacophonic statue standing on a yard of a tall and dilapidated building. It was made with the finest Soviet visual styles, meaning it was as blocky as a gopnik's Lada and almost as filled to the brim with depression and broken vodka bottles. Boris signaled for everyone to spread out, and Dimka joined Sevka and Meeker on the left flank. They moved quickly through the bushy area, passing by a couple blind dog corpses. The gunshot wounds on them indicated that either Strelok's entourage had finished them off or the uninvited guests had made their way here before Redemption. Thankfully the former turned out to be the case, as a man in Sunrise/exosuit hybrid waved his hand at them. Seeing Rogue and Stitch among the squad, the man breathed a sigh of relief.
"Thank the Zone, we thought you were goners. Quickly, come inside, Strelok is on the second floor.", the man said.
"We're not that easy to kill. Ran into a few hiccups on the way, that's all.", Rogue replied.
"Like locking yourself into a metal closet.", Dima mocked.
"Alright Kamaz, let the others in but keep this one out. He is a threat to our sanity above all else.", Rogue ordered, and the stalker acting as welcoming committee scoffed.
After some back and forth insults and jokes, the entire group, Dima included, made it inside. Boris ordered Dimuha, Dimka and Dima with him to Strelok's hideout. On the way, Dimka noted that the legendary stalker seemed to only have two men with him, the Kamaz fellow at the door and Yakut, a man in a SEVA suit, guarding another entry into the building. Strelok was not a fan of security, or just confident in his abilities, then, Dimka wondered. On the second floor, Boris led them into a room where Strelok was sitting on an antique, ruined sofa. Dimka was quite surprised at seeing the legend himself, the man was nothing extraordinary by the looks. In fact, had Dimka ran into him in the Big Land, he would've probably taken the man for some lowlife, given his scrawny appearance.
"Boris! I am glad to see you again. I heard Rogue and Stitch got here alright, yet the international agent problem persists?", Strelok asked.
"Indeed. And on top of that, there is a Secret Service force looking for us and them here in the city. Led by Degtyarev of all people.", Boris answered, and Strelok's expressionless face contorted.
"I see. I'm fairly certain he isn't here only because of the interlopers. He's here to bring me back to the Institute.", Strelok sighed.
"Care to elaborate? What beef do you have?", Dima questioned.
"I deserted my post there. Too much oversight yet too little reaction to when I notified the higher ups of alarming development. The complacency of Ukrainian Ministry of the Zone of Alienation is incredible, I warned them years ago that the source of emissions could be utilized as a weapon and they repeatedly denied funding to an expedition to find it. So I took matters to my own hands. I am sure Alexander would have approved personally, but he also has to fulfill his duties. Now, it seems that those duties have brought him to capture me.", Strelok explained.
"If so, you can trust on us to keep your back. I respect the Colonel, but you and I are stalkers while he is a jarhead.", Boris said in a solemn tone, but Dimka did wonder that part of this declaration had to also be related to the two UNISG fugitives within the ranks of Redemption.
"I thank you, Boris, you are as steadfast ally as ever. I hope it does not come to violence, but if we must face him in battle, then so be it. But now, let us prepare for those... UNISG, was it?", Strelok said, and they quickly formed a plan based on Dimka's insight of Khan's character, Strelok's knowledge of the surrounding terrain and Dimuha's battle instinct.
Twenty minutes later orders were barked and battle stations mounted, but just as they were rushing towards the battlefield, an announcement on PDA network made all of the group's devices beep. Pulling out his PDA, Dimka looked at the message and a picture next to it. The SSU cross clearly visible on it, the message ordered Redemption and Strelok's group to stand down as the building was surrounded. Dimka shot a glance outside, seeing men in dark blue Berill and Skat suits mount up weapon's nests and sniping spots.
"Chyort, they got here faster than expected!", Boris shouted in anger and frustration.
"There's a launcher on them, get down!", came a shout from Yakut downstairs.
"This is your last chance. Surrender now and you will face no charges of treason.", Colonel Degtyarev's voice rang in the cold morning air.
"Do we resist? What do we do now?", Sanyok asked.
"Hold the line. Strelok, get the hell out of here, he wants you captured, but we may be able to bargain with him. Rogue, Stitch, Kamaz and Yakut, cover his ass.", Boris ordered.
"But the place is surrounded!", Kamaz protested.
"Not the tunnels below. I used them once before, and I checked this place before. There is an access hatch here. Stalkers, on me, we'll flee for now. Boris, I cannot thank you enough.", Strelok said, gratitude strong in his voice, and Boris only nodded.
"What now?", Dimka queried, looking anxiously at the outside.
"Now, we go out there and convince him that it's not worth his while to be fighting us.", Boris said, grinning, and Dimka gulped.
"That's in-...", he started, but the exoskeleton frame of Boris had already disappeared through the door.
Dimka watched Boris walk over the courtyard. The SSU agents pointed their guns at him, but lowered them once the familiar helmetless Skat-wearing man stepped between them. Degtyarev looked at Boris disapprovingly, as the hiss of his exoskeleton servos and powerpack faded between the husks of buildings. Boris raised his hand as nonchalantly as possible, stopping on his tracks a couple metres from the line of various special operative weapons.
"Good morning, Colonel.", Boris greeted.
"I presume you've come to surrender.", the secret service agent said, raising his eyebrow.
"Not really. You see, we were sitting here, on a picnic, and then you decided to pop in and ruin the fun. How very rude.", Boris replied in a mockinly paternalistic tone.
"Cut the crap, Boris. You disobeyed my orders, breaking the agreement we made in Zaton. And now you're actively helping a fugitive. I know you and Strelok have history, but me taking him back to the Institute is for the best of us all.", Degtyarev said, infuriated.
"I broke the agreement? Colonel, we agreed to be allies. Then you spat on that by telling me that my men were no longer welcome, after we had fought and bled for your cause. We have been nothing but loyal this entire time, yet we are discarded us the second we had done our task.", Boris retaliated.
"It was becoming harder and harder to keep it under wraps, especially when I had to bail your man out from Zhurov's custody. He lost a lot of good men in Cordon, I was in boiling hot water afterwards. But you are right, I should have been less blunt about it. And I apologize. But I also know you are stalling. As a sign of goodwill, hand over Strelok and your men can return to Meadow unharmed.", Degtyarev proclaimed.
"No deal. Strelok himself told us that he was merely shackled by the Institute, not allowed to combat threats to the Zone and Ukraine due to big shots withdrawing funding. Yet ever since coming to the Zone, he has led an effective raid against the resurgent Monolith, blocked Sin's grand plan and is now allowing us to finally cut down UNISG by voluntarily acting as bait.", Boris countered, adding the last point as a little white lie.
"That may be true, but I have my orders, orders which I have had to bend far too much already. I'm sorry, but it has to be this way.", Degtyarev sighed.
"Then it must. Cut me down then, for I will not abandon my allies. Unlike you.", Boris spat, and he could see even Degtyarev's facade of calm splinter slightly as he flinched at the insult.
Boris held his breath, knowing that death was staring at him from the rifle barrels of Degtyarev's men. The colonel hesitated, torn between duty to the government and personal feelings towards the inhabitants of the Zone. It was as if he was reconsidering the entire fabric of his being, and what he had actually been sent to the Zone to do. Boris would never learn what his decision had been, as the rightmost SSU agent was struck by a bullet cracking his helmet open. Two grenades landed on the feet of the group, and Boris lunged onward by instinct, kicking one of them further away. The blast from the other one tossed him to the side, his Absolver armour sheltering him and the special forces operators from worst of the blast. They were disoriented and stunned by the explosion, however, and gunfire rained on them. Two more SSU agents died, when Boris began pushing them towards the building, out of the fire.
"It's UNISG, they found us!", Boris shouted over the fire as the six survivors of the ambush darted across the yard towards the building.
Sniper fire struck the ground around them, and finally the foes showed themselves. Two UNISG troopers from Khan's squad, clad in looted Monolith Nosorog armour, jerked upwards from a nearby basement and began advancing. Their movements betrayed inexperience with exoskeletons, moving too quick and risking injuries to themselves or others around them, but the venerable armours would still protect them greatly. Dimuha led a charge out of the building block to buy some time for the retreating SSU, Sanyok and Sevka blasting at the UNISG stormtroopers while Dimka, Dima and Meeker kept the heads of the snipers down. The Nosorog battleplates took a beating, but given that their armour was thicker than a renegade with brain damage, they continued on unhampered. One flicked the launcher sight on his rifle and took aim, Dimka realizing a second too late what he was attempting to do.
"Grenade, spread out!", he screamed, but just that second he saw one of the SSU agent's Skat armour take a direct hit.
Dustcloud settled over the entire yard, and gunfire continued. Through it, Boris emerged to the half-circle formed by Dimuha's trio, dragging Degtyarev behind him. Another SSU agent limped out of the blast zone as well, holding a butchered but alive operator alift. Rest of the UNISG force had appeared, and they now pushed over the yard. Dimuha's armour took a hit, yet he soldiered on despite a broken rib and kept shooting at the advancing Nosorog pair. One of his shots lodged itself between the ceramic plates, keeping enough momentum to break through and strike the man's heart. Sergeant Němec breathed his last sigh and fell down.
"Fall back inside, we can't fight them in the open at this state!", Boris ordered as Degtyarev started to come back to his senses.
"We were fools, letting ourselves get ambushed like this.", the colonel muttered.
"Well you are special forces, alright.", Dimuha growled and shot his last burst as the machine gun ran dry.
They stumbled inside, where Meeker took the wounded SSU trooper further in for emergency treatment. Seeing the ex-Monolithian after such a long time, Degtyarev gave him a slight nod and Meeker smiled faintly. The others took positions on the windows, trying to remain in cover while the building was peppered by bullets. Dimka tried to spot Khan among the attackers, but the swarm of angry lead mosquitoes made it difficult. The lone Nosorog trooper lumbered on, struggling to control the suit. Boris told Dimka to focus on him with the Vykhlop, given that it had the best chance of punching through, while the others kept pressure on the other infiltrators zigzagging between cover towards the defences.
Dimka did as ordered, waiting for the agent to make a mistake. He was clever about using cover, only exposing himself for a brief second, but his inexperience with the large machine wrapped around him showed. When darting between a broken car and the corner of commieblock, his exoskeleton shot upwards with too much force. Shocked momentarily by the strength of the machine, this second of confusion gave Dimka enough time to center the scope. Aiming between the breastplate and Spartan helmet, Dimka squeezed the trigger and felt the kick of his rifle. Blood spurted from the wound, and the man slouched down like a powerless automaton. Yelling triumphantly, Dimka cycled the bolt of his rifle and took another target. With the armoured spearhead of UNISG broken, their attack slowed down, giving the initiative to Redemption.
"Target left, Dima and Sanyok, hose it down. Dimuha, Sevka and Degtyarev, on me, let's counter-attack!", Boris shouted.
"Since when are you ordering SSU officers around, stalker?", the lone surviving SSU trooper asked angrily.
"Since when my men did not run into an ambush and require the assistance of the men they were supposed to arrest.", Boris retorted and Degtyarev groaned.
"We wouldn't be in this situation if you had surrendered.", Degtyarev commented.
"Or if you had allowed us to ambush the UNISG.", Dima replied.
"Shut the hell up, all of you, and let's drive the fuckers back.", Dimuha ordered in turn, and this time everyone shot back into attention, realizing the folly of bickering in the middle of a battle.
Boris' Absolver ran through the dust and smoke, followed by Degtyarev, Sevka and Dimuha coming out of the building guns blazing. Dimka managed to squeeze a shot between car windows into the shoulder of a UNISG rifleman, killing him on the spot. The shoe was in the other foot now, with three heavily armoured stalkers bearing down on the internationals' force, Sevka giving fire support behind the spearhead. Three UN troopers keeled over after a sustained barrage of sniper and shotgun fire, all the while Boris and Dimuha suppressed the others with their machine guns. Degtyarev was not idle either, having used the suppression to flank around using the dense bushes. He was now at the same monument Dimka had admired earlier, and his Abakan racked up a tally of two more spies when he sprung the trap. These two had been hiding behind a rusting hulk of a ZAZ car, when two bursts from the odd rifle struck them down. That was when a pack of blind dogs and pseudodogs burst from the foliage, attacking Boris' group. They had to redirect their fire towards the mutants, with Dima and Sanyok opening up on the last hideout of the remnants of UNISG.
Now, the last two UNISG troopers were visibly panicking. Having expected to smash the defenders in a calculated ambush, they had missed the Redemption squad in the building and paid for it. They took off in a desperate last ditch attempt to escape. Dimka was watching them through his scope, angling for a shot yet failing to get a proper view of them through all the junk and flora dotting the field ahead. He was sure Khan wasn't dead yet, and seeing the battle draw to a close, the hotheaded part of him let loose. Anger gripping him, he left the Vykhlop on the windowsill, grabbed his handguns and stormed out with vengeance on his mind. Dima yelled after him but Dimka was already far ahead, racing across the asphalt to be the one to strike the final blow. Memories of the betrayal, his dead comrades, the framing of his allies as traitors and the attack on the checkpoint in Jupiter flooded to his mind and quickened his pace. Gripping the guns, he made it past Boris, Dimuha and Degtyarev who were still fighting the mutants.
"What the hell are you doing?", Boris shouted to him.
"Getting my payback.", Dimka replied quickly and continued.
He heard Boris shout something more, but more gunshots masked the order. Dimka continued, unwilling to let his most hated adversary escape. The two survivors were running ahead, towards the grocery store, when Dimka opened fire. He was using both guns simultaneously, so the fire was as accurate as that of a drunk bandit, but using the time old classic tactic of "throw enough shit at the wall and some of it will stick", he managed to cut down one of the UNISG troopers. Bullet hole in his back, the man fell down face first like a ragdoll. The last survivor made it inside, jumping over the makeshift barricade and forcing the wooden doors open.
Dimka was hot on the man's heels, and soon stepped inside as well. Turning on his night-vision in the dark corridor, he found the store to be a mess of doors and small rooms. A proper labyrinth. He continued down the corridor, guns trained on any possible ambush location. But the further he went, the more nerve-wracking the experience became. He saw no sign of his enemy, yet every shadow, every dark corner, seemed to hide him. Then, crossing one corridor, three shots rang out and Dimka felt sharp pain surge into his brain like a sledgehammer striking it from the inside. Dimka dropped to his knees, blood flowing down his leg. Khan stepped through the door, where three bullet holes had now appeared on the old wood.
"Torodov? You traitorous bastard, you're helping the enemy?", Khan said in an astonished tone.
"You would know traitors, you lapdog. The blood of my comrades is in your hands.", Dimka growled.
"So? You're soldiers, we're soldiers, our task is to kill one another by any means necessary. You got bested, and now the last of your company of idiots will die.", Khan replied calmly.
"Wrong.", someone else said, and a shotgun blast struck Khan in the centre of his torso, tossing him against the wall.
Sevka stepped out into the corridor and saw Khan attempt to reach for a sidearm despite his grievous wounds. Dimka, wounded and bleeding yet still sound of mind, fired him in the limb. Khan screamed in pain and let go of the pistol.
"It's your company that meets its end here.", Sevka said, and raised the shotgun.
"Perhaps... But... We are not the only ones after Strelok. You'll... see.", Khan replied, barely able to speak due to the agony of his wounds.
Dimka had had enough, and his revolver fired once more. The last of UNISG infiltrators died with a simple sigh and .45 ACP bullet in his skull. Major Hernandez's men, the original unit of Dimka and Sevka, had been avenged. Sevka stepped next to his friend, stuck a stimpack into his arm and bandaged his wound. Once colour began returning to the Bulgarian stalker's cheeks, Sevka sighed and reprimanded his comrade.
"I thought you learned from that scuffle with Skull that rushing off alone gets you killed."
"I'm a slow learner, alright?", Dimka argued, grinning.
"That much is clear. Now, let's check his pockets for our "get out of jail free" card.", Sevka proposed, and Dimka nodded.
They went through Khan's belongings, checking through the various pockets of his Mk. II suit. There was little to find there, but in his backbag, there was a document detailing some of the mission parametres set by Khan's employers. The liquidation of original UNISG was mentioned among them, and Dimka also pocketed the encrypted PDA of the traitor, hoping that Maus could decrypt it.
"That alone should help, but this here might be a jackpot. Alright, Mr. De Luca, seems like we're off the hook now.", Dimka commented, shaking the PDA.
"Let's hope so. But what do you think Khan meant when he said there are others looking for Strelok?", Sevka asked.
"Those men in black suits perhaps? I wouldn't worry, they ran with their tails between their legs when we stormed the hideout yesterday.", Dimka scoffed.
Sevka nodded hesitantly, looking at the dead captain laying on the floor. Yet Dimka's comment was quickly revealed to be dead wrong, when the sound of a helicopter engine echoed through out the city. Outside, Boris and Degtyarev raised their eyes towards the sky, and the black helicopter they had seen leave before now approached yet again.
submitted by ImmortalJormund to TheZoneStories [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:53 twocantherapper What Does The Watcher In The Windows Want?

Hey everyone, I'm writing this post because I need to share what happened to me last week. I've been trying to make sense of it all, but honestly, I feel like every time I start to understand, I end up more confused and terrified. I don't know if any of you have experienced anything similar, or even if you'll believe me, but I have to get this out there. I work... Nah, I WORKED for a security firm that specializes in reviewing security footage for libraries and museums across the globe. I loved it, honestly, because I've always been a fan of history and literature, and the job allows me to work from home, which is a huge plus.
Pretty standard gig really - outsourced security, means these places don't have to pay for many night-guards and the like. If there's an alarm triggered we have the on-hand team to notify the cops. My job was to review footage after the event if something had indeed gone down.
Anyway, let me get to the point. Last week, something really fucking fucked happened. I was going through my usual routine, checking the specialist software that automatically alerts me of any suspicious activity in the libraries and museums we cover. Out of nowhere, every single alert went off at the same time. I'm talking dozens of museums and libraries, all around the world. It was insane. At first, I thought it had to be some kind of glitch, so we rebooted the system to see if that would fix the issue. I was then asked to review some of the footage, just in case, even though it seemed impossible that every museum and library could have been broken into simultaneously.
That's when things got really fucking weird.
As I went through the footage, I started to notice something. There was a brief glimpse or a shade of something in each video, lasting only a few frames. It was present in literally every feed I checked, multiple instances in the same buildings and all. I had to slow some of the footage down to spot it, but eventually, I realized it was present in every single video, at the exact moment the impossible simultaneous alerts came in.
The figure... I don't even know how to describe it, but it sure as hell wasn't human. It was vaguely human-like in appearance, wearing an old-time gray suit like something they'd wear in Peaky Blinders of Boardwalk Empire, but there was something deeply unsettling about it. Instead of a human head, this thing had a giant ear where its face should be. The ear was grotesquely proportioned, far too large for the relatively thin body it was attached to. The earlobe hung low, almost touching the creature's collar, and the outer ear was twisted and gnarled, like the tumorous roots of an ancient dead tree.
It was the details of the ear, though, that really got to me. The skin was a sickly pale shade, like a corpse left to rot in the moonlight. It was covered in a network of pulsating veins, so dark they almost looked black in contrast to the pallor of the skin - like they'd been tattooed on by the most sadistic tattoo artist in history. The worming capillaries seemed to throb with a sinister energy, as if they were channeling some unholy power. The inner ear was even worse. It was a cavernous abyss of darkness, a swirling vortex that seemed to suck in the light around it, threatening to swallow everything whole. There were no hairs, no ridges; just pure, unadulterated darkness.
I couldn't tear my eyes away from the figure as it loomed in the footage, and the more I stared, the more uneasy I felt. It was like my sanity was slowly eroding, crumbling away in the face of something so unnatural and terrifying. My heart raced, and my hands shook as I tried to keep my focus, but it was impossible. The sheer wrongness of the figure's existence was like a weight on my chest, making it difficult to breathe. I could feel my mind starting to fracture, splintering under the pressure of trying to comprehend something that simply should not exist.
The strangest part, though, was that the figure seemed to be aware of my presence, even through the screen. It was as if the monstrous ear was somehow listening to me, attuned to my every thought and fear. The more I watched, the more I felt an overwhelming sense of dread creeping in, like I was being consumed by some ancient, malevolent force that had set its sights on me.
I knew what it wanted, too, somehow. It was looking for something, something it didn't have but should - and was furious about it.
That fury… I felt it only for the briefest moment, but it was enough to make me know no human being in history knows what true anger is. Our minds simply deep enough to hold such rage.
I knew I had to do something. I couldn't just sit there and let this thing destroy me. So, I sent an email to my boss, attaching screenshots and explaining everything I'd seen. I hoped that maybe they would have some answers, or at least be able to tell me that I wasn't losing my mind. But I never got a response.
The next morning, I woke up to find that the company I worked for had seemingly vanished from the internet. All the downloaded videos that showed the ear-faced being were gone too, as if they had never existed. I couldn't find any trace of my employer, or any record of the security footage I'd been reviewing the night before. It was like the entire ordeal had been wiped clean from existence.
I'm terrified, not just because of what I saw, but because I don't know what this means for me. I'd worked at that place for five years, and it's just vanished. None of my team are in LinkedIn anymore, or any socials (not that I was close enough to follow them, but I knew where they were - where they still should be). What if the ear-man got them? What if it was the government? Did I stumble upon something I wasn't supposed to see? Are there consequences for having witnessed this fucking thing? What does it want?
I've spent the last week researching and trying to understand what I encountered. I've pieced together bits of information from ancient texts and obscure forums, but I've got nothing. I don't know if there's any way to protect myself from the being or the consequences of having seen it. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forget the twisted visage of that monstrous ear, or the way it seemed to reach into the very depths of my soul.
I do know that I can't keep this to myself any longer. I need to share my story, in the hopes that someone out there might understand, maybe even explain what this fucking thing is and why I keep seeing its eyeless gaze on me from at least one window on every street I've walked down since.
submitted by twocantherapper to nosleep [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:52 takeextrasteps AITA for not wanting to live with my elderly mom?

I am the eldest daughter of six siblings. I have an older brother. When our dad passed when I was 15, my mother dumped myself and my four younger siblings at our grandmother's(dad side) house and left with my brother. She cut all contact with us. Since my grandmother is old, I had to give up on school and work multiple jobs to keep us all alive. My younger siblings were all smart and got scholarships, so I only needed to earn money for our daily expenses.
For years, we didn't hear anything from our brother or our mom. Fast forward to 10 years later, I managed to get a proper job despite having no degree, and have been promoted to a supervisor. I was making enough money to get us by without struggling. Out of nowhere, my mom reaches out on Facebook and she says she found me through common friends who were relatives. She says she's "coming home".
It turns out, she left us years ago because she knew she couldn't afford to support all of us and she made the difficult decision to choose to support our older brother because he was the man of the house. Unfortunately, my older brother got married straight out of college and told her he couldn't afford to support mom now that he has his own family.
Despite everything, I take her into my house where I live with my four other siblings. Our grandmother had passed by then. It got very toxic very quick because she expected that I would hand over the management of the household expenses to her now that she's back. (Meaning I give her my salary and let her manage it.) I refused and this resulted in her throwing a long-term tantrum of nitpicking everything in the house and telling me every day that I did a terrible job of raising my younger siblings.
There was constant fighting between her and us on a daily basis. Worse, she started taking our stuff and selling them. Including my sister's laptop which was just loaned to her by a nice professor. It came to the point that I would sleep in the office and my siblings would sleep in dorms or their friend's place just to not to have to come home.
After a few years of this, our older brother comes in and saves the day. He is pretty well off now. Our mom had been crying to him for years about how horribly she is treated in our home and he will now be taking her back. Yey!
Fast forward to now. My brother experienced being locked down with our mom and their relationship has been strained to say the least. His wife and daughters hate our mom and has put their foot down. They want her out. As for myself, I have also gotten married and have two children of my own. My brother wants me to take our mom back as it is my duty as the eldest daughter.
I refused. I will not expose my children to her toxicity. I told him I will pitch in so he can get her an apartment. He says it's unacceptable for our elderly mother to be living on her own or with a (caregiver). This has been long so, AITA?
submitted by takeextrasteps to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:51 kurapika91 Ryzen 7900X3D suddenly hits 90c with no load - but doesnt peak over 80c under cinebench?

So as the title says, I'm getting some very weird behavior with my 7900X3D.
Generally when gaming it doesnt go higher than 55c and when doing cinebench the highest I've seen it go is 80-82c. But sometimes randomly it will hit 90c with no load and just sit there for awhile before going back down. I will look at my voltages and utilization and nothing jumps out at me. But my fans are going full-blast. The most recent example it occured was when I was updating a launcher for a video game and the CPU peaked at 30% utilization...
Do any of these values look strange?
Additional Specs: ASUS ROG Strix X670-E-F, using bios 1415. 32gb ram with buildzoids' timings. Also using Corsair H170i (which should be more then enough)
submitted by kurapika91 to overclocking [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:51 big_meats93 Men: Inferior? Dangerous?

90% of homicides and 80% of violent crime - true. It's also true that it is a select 1 out of 500 men (maximum estimated per fbi / census stats) that are arrested annually for violent crime in the US - .2%.
If it's generally a tiny minority of men that are in fact violent, and the overwhelming majority not - is it fair to characterize men on the whole as violent?
Some metrics tell a slightly different story than the ones you're gonna usually be exposed to. That's why statistics can be "abused and misused" sometimes.
More than 1 in 3 women (35.6%) and more than 1 in 4 men (28.5%) in the U.S. will experience rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime. (source)
On average, more than 3 women and 1 man are murdered by their intimate partners in the U.S. every day. (source)
Men also are known to underreport intimate partner violence because they don't want to seem like a pussy. It's not uncommon for men who were raped or assaulted in their relationship to feel there is no support available for them whatsoever were they to come out with that information, and in the end they would only harm their perceived manliness by doing so. Despite a difference between 1 in 3 and 1 in 4 - shelters for battered men are not a thing.
Looking at other metrics than the popular ones you get shoved in your face, the difference may not seem quite as skewed as some would make it. There is SOME difference, definitely - no denying. But to first exaggerate the scale of that difference, and then to imply or assume it's purely some kind of in-built biological inferiority and not take into account any anthropological cultural conditioning whatsoever is to inch towards the path of eugenics / race science / right wing / genocide type conclusions (it's the logical end product).
The woman who coined the term "the future is female" advocates for men to be genocided (she wants them reduced to 10% of the human race).
Lastly, the word violence also doesn't take into account "indirect aggression". Women usually channel aggression in a non-physical manner and are socialized to do so (sometimes also called relational aggression). Some examples are gossiping, social sanctioning, spreading lies, etc. There have been many studies on this. The amount of relational aggression difference between genders varies across countries but generally the ones conducted in the US have more often found women/girls do it the most (Bjorkqvist, et al, 1992; Crick, Casas, & Mosher, 1997; Lagerspetz et al., 1988; Ostrov & Crick, 2007).
To be clear, both genders do it and in some countries (with different cultures) it seems more equal, but to characterize women in general as beautiful angels is unrealistic and dehumanizing. The damage done is not physical, you can't quantify it or take a picture of it unless the victim is driven to self harm or suicide - but there's still damage that type of aggression does. Young people commit suicide from internet bullying pretty regularly these days.
if you want to hear more interesting perspectives in response to the ever-encroaching man hating (misandrist) tone in our culture, check out the all time top posts on a small but budding sub, LeftWingMaleAdvocates. Doesn't have a lot of the dross of other man-focused subs.
Who benefits when we are divided, ya'll? Others serve as "useful idiots".
I love you all. We gotta get together.
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2023.06.05 14:51 Previous-Parfait-906 Train and crystals

I was in a train station with an ex-lover. We had to switch trains but we were too late and my ex didn’t want to wait so he jumped on to a train that was leaving. I followed and we had to go on top of the train. After we got on top, the tunnel changed into a big underground crystal mine with floating crystals, with beautiful glowing colors. I could see turquoise the most, but there was also gold/pink/etc. A fight then broke out but I woke up before the fight happened.
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2023.06.05 14:50 Gumba54_Akula Karen refuses to buy a bus ticket, gets herself arrested

If you take public transit and your phone dies due to a 7 year old battery, you may sometimes get a comedy show straight from Monthy Python himself, such as on a particular thursady evening.
I peacefully sat on the bus after a long day at university, staring out the window, when some male voice interrupts my semi-dissociative state saying: "Please show your tickets everyone". Nothing out of the ordinary, I assume, until I see a woman speedwalking towards the front of the bus in the utmost corner in my eye.
I think nothing of it, show the about 30ish looking ticket inspector my ticket and continue staring out the window, until I overhear the following conversation:
Ticket inspector: "I saw you run towards the front of the bus as soon as I asked for tickets. get out at the next stop or you will be fined."
Karen: "No, I just hopped on the bus on [Main train station], and thus, I went to buy a ticket."
TI: "We got on at [Main train station] and you were in the bus since before then, as you were not on the bus stop with us."
K: "You are obviously lying. You just didn't see me because I entered before you, on [Main train station]."
Meanwhile, the bus has reached the next stop.
TI: "I don't have time for this. Get out now, or you will be fined."
K: "I am not leaving you liar."
TI: "Alright then, that'll be a €60 fine for you."
The bus left for the next station at this point in time, which is right next to the police station.
K: "No, I was going to buy a bus ticket after I have just gotten on the bus! You pathetic liar!"
TI: "Name and family name?"
K: "No, I will not accept your fine and I will not give you my name."
TI: "Fine by me, then show me your ID and I'll gladly fill out the fine ticket myself."
K: "I don't have an ID with me and you are still a liar."
TI, over the radio: "Uhm yeah guys can 2 of you come over? We got a very uncooperative passenger here who refuses to fill yout the fine ticket."
K: "Wait wha... How dare you?!"
Meanwhile, the random guy sitting next to me and I are chuckling.
TI, still over the radio: "Gotcha, awesome. Thanks."
TI: "Well, as you refuse to leave the bus, I will have you escorted off the bus by the police, and the bus will stay here until you get out. And believe me, now you will not be able to go away that early."
K: "This is unacceptable! I will get you fired for this!"
TI: "See you in court lol." Yes, he actually unironically said lol.
K: "It's always you immigrants and young spolied brats who ruin the lives of us hard-working German adults! This is the reason why this country is going to shit!"
TI, with a smirk: "I'm born in Germany but I will gladly accept the compensation for emotional damages."
At that, Karen let ot a shriek of dispair, anger and something else of what I can only describe as demonic qualities.
The bus stopped at the aforementioned stop, waited for two minutes and I saw 2 men in blue approching, looking supremely pissed, as if they were just put on the is last assignement as they were about to go home.
PO: "Alright ma'am, I'm going to ask you nicely to get off the bus once."
Karen storms out of the bus, the ticket inspector leaves as well. As soon as the doors closed, some people burst into straight-up laughter, including the driver.
I had a genuine urge to clap after this performance.
What did we learn today: Buy your bus tickets before you go on the bus and sometimes, the real world can be even funnier than the entire Internet combined. Also, if you make such a fuzz about a mere €60 fine, you can get yourself into knee-deep crap.
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2023.06.05 14:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Michael Sartain – Men Of Action (

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2023.06.05 14:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jason Wardrop – Real Estate Agency Accelerator (

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.05 14:49 iMaTzzz My friend committed suicide this weekend and I feel horrible

It's just as the title says. I had a feeling when a mutual friend told me he wasn't answering any messages as he used to. I got the news yesterday from this same friend. He committed suicide. I don't know why or when or how he did it. I can't imagine what he was feeling. I feel so sad that he didn't reach out to me. I feel terrible for not being there for him, I curse myself for being at the other side of the world. While I was happy I got to my dream country, he must have been living hell and I wasn't there to help him. Although we met a few months ago on Valorant and we never saw each other IRL, he wanted to know my birthday and send me a gift but I refused... There were so many times where I could have asked him if he was okay but I never did even though I knew things weren't going great for him. I didn't want to bring up his problems as I thought it would bring him more harm than good by making him think about them.
Now I'm stuck in Japan without my family nor any friends.
I remember when I was in a video call with my parents and I saw the notification that he was gone. I was mortified, I didn't know what to do. I couldn't believe it, just like that. When I got in a discord call with this friend that gave the news, she was destroyed. I didn't know what to say to her. She thought it was her fault, that she could have prevented such a thing. This message and these cries are now stuck in my memory and tormenting me. But I still woulnd't cry since I couldn't believe it. And then everything hit today, as I was working in my lab with my colleagues, I received a message from his mother through his discord account. She was devastated and I was mentally destroyed.
Honestly, I don't know what to do.
Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or for the long paragraph, I needed to take it off my chest.
Thank you for reading and man, I fucking miss you and I wish you the best wherever you are
submitted by iMaTzzz to TrueOffMyChest [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:49 Wooden-Tea-883 Is this a scam

Buddy of mine met this girl on tinder. They have been talking for a couple months. He said he video called her and talked to her many times. She convinced him to invest with her. He then approached me about investing with her. Said she will only ask for 6% commission. I said I don't know. He said he never met her in person but has Skyped with her a few times. So she is actually a woman and not a man.
So is she real? I never heard of a scam where the scammer asks the mark to find more people. Is this a new technique? Just seemed out of place for her to have him ask his friends if she is scamming him.
submitted by Wooden-Tea-883 to Scams [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:49 kiplet1 [City of Roses] no. 27.1: the Blue room – Bottles & Cartons & Tubs & Boxes

[City of Roses] no. 27.1: the Blue room – Bottles & Cartons & Tubs & Boxes
previous Table of Contents
tends to crumble
The room is blue, and dark, and very quiet. At the foot of the pallet mounded with white pillows under the angled ceilings he’s sitting, and dark hair eaves his shoulders, a great beard brushes his chest, his back and upper arms are hatched with more hair curling with the curves of sagging muscle, down to his thick round waist. His legs are folded tailor-fashion, bare feet tucked under bare thighs, hands held loosely open on his knees, his cock a-jut, tip of it darkly swollen, glistening, there before his thick-furred paunch. Mustache wide in a simple smile beneath eyes simply, gently closed, there between his beard, his hair, serenely still, so very quiet.
Explosions rip the television screen, chatter of gunfire, Angels comin thick an fast Sarge, and the guy on the beanbag leans back and forth, thumbs and fingers frantically working the controller in his lap. The view on the screen wheels, jerks, dials and meters in the corners whirling, flashing, galloping along in a tight-packed herd of wildly colored centaurs, garish pastel zebra stripes, neon leopard spots, Appaloosa rainbows, all wrapped in khaki saddlebags, human torsos draped in bandoliers, big guns in their outsized hands, Get to cover! Under the cable! Your six, your six! and another explosion. “Shit!” he yelps, tap-tapping, laughing, “Shit!” Over across the room a woman’s headed toward a grand dark staircase, and the other man in the room looks away from the screen, starts after her, “Ellen,” he says, dodging around a dark wood column, “hey, Ellen, wait up.” She stops, a couple steps up, looks down at him. “How long, exactly,” he says, “is he gonna be staying here,” and he points, up the stairs, past her. She shrugs. More explosions, more gunfire, the guy on the beanbag whoops. “Long as he needs,” she says. Her black hair spiky short, the inky lace of tattoos edging the collar of her running shirt.
“It’s just,” he says, at the foot of the stairs, tall and heavyset, cardigan blue. “The occasional overnight guest is one thing, but – ”
“My room, my friend, my business,” she says. “You won’t even know he’s there, Dan, unless you go out of your way.” The loudest explosion yet, and “Shit!” yells the guy on the beanbag. The television’s gone red. She’s turning to climb the stairs. “Ellen!” says the man in the blue cardigan, starting up, “Ellen, he was, what the hell was he doing, wearing my shirt?”
She looks down at him again, and maybe shrugs. “Looks better on him,” she says, and up she goes, up another flight, up under the very peak of the house. At the end of a cramped hall a door, cut at an angle the top to fit the slope of the roof.
The door to that blue room opens, and she steps in, a shadow dressed in black, flashes of silver piping, “Phil?” she says. “You’re, ah, oh.” Stretching out a foot to prod the black huddle of a discarded suit, there on the floor by the door. Splash of yellow within, and blue and white, a rumpled aloha shirt. “Hungry?” she says. “I was gonna go for phở.” Still in the doorway, hand on the jamb. “Did you want some?” Creak of a floorboard as she steps back, out into the hall. “I’ll bring some back,” she says. “You’re welcome to half the bed, if you need it.” The door swings shut. The latch clicks, quietly.

Rattle of glass, yellow bin in his hands, blue letters along the side say Portland Recycles! Clang and clink he sets it down, chock full of bottles, brown glass and green, clear, four or five of them wine bottles long and slender, the rest soda bottles, beer. Squatting he pulls out a wide-mouthed jar, the label mostly torn away, and holds it up in the light. “Fuck,” he says, setting it down. Smacks it, topples it, sends it rolling a hollow rumble away down the linoleum clunk against the wall. “Fuck,” he says, again, rattle and clink, and “shit,” and then “damn.”
Over by the floor-length curtains a brown and green sleeping bag, someone in it, rolling over, a voice, sleep-muzzled, “What.”
“Bits,” he says, “of pickle,” waving a hand, and dark hair swings about the shoulders of his warm-up jacket, blue and grey.
“So rinse it?” The sleeping bag hunches and flops open, whoever’s in it sitting up, a woman, wrapped in a puffy pink and orange parka. “Why should I,” he’s saying, “why couldn’t they,” and he shoves the bin, a chiming crash. “We’ll just have to get some. Bread-and-butter pickles. Trader Joe’s.”
“You want to,” she says, and she’s pinching the bridge of her nose, “you want to buy a new jar of pickles, and, what, eat them all, or throw them out, and the rinse the jar, because you don’t want to rinse the jar?”
“The label on that one,” he says, and then “dammit! It’s the perfect size.” Stomping the length of the room to snatch up the jar, and then through the door. Clomp and clatter, a squawking wrench, the rush of water.
She sighs, crawls out of the sleeping bag, long yellow hair a-dangle from the parka’s fur-lined hood. She slips on a couple of red canvas shoes and heads off carefully through the garbage strewn across the floor, more bottles, empty, all sizes and colors, glass and plastic, quart-sized cartons and half-gallon cartons and little pints and half-pints, cereal boxes and pasta boxes stacked and wrapped together with blue masking tape and black friction tape, towering masts of emptied rolls of plastic wrap and toilet paper, paper towels, plastic tubs tall and squatly broad, whole ranks of them that say Nancy’s in letters of various hues, all laid out in a relatively tidy grid, narrow paths between and through them all where she places her feet, aglets of her undone laces clacking against the floor, until she reaches a wide cleared curl of an aisle of sorts, edges marked with long strips of more blue tape.
He’s at the sink, fiercely scrubbing the jar, “Basic civic duty,” he’s saying, “think of other people, come on.” Slamming the jar on the counter by a dozen or more empty jars and bottles, scrubbed clean, gleaming. Yanking the faucet to shut off the water. “Luke,” she’s saying, “Luke,” and he looks up to see her there, hands stuffed in the pockets of her parka. “The hell you wearing that for,” he says, scooping wet shreds of label from the sink.
“It’s freezing,” she says.
“You know why it’s cold,” he says, dropping the mess plop in a swollen garbage bag that yawns there on the floor.
“So I’m wearing this.”
“You look ridiculous.” He shakes the slop off his hand.
“There’s still a smell,” she says. He’s headed past her, out of the kitchen. “Luke,” she says, following, “Luke. We’re gonna need – ”
“Don’t,” he says, kneeling by an untidy patch of garbage.
“We’re gonna need money,” she says. “Rent. The fifth. It’s next week.”
“We’re always,” says Luke, “gonna need,” plucking up a cereal box, “so get a job,” he says, grabbing another, a clownishly colored bird on the front of it.
“I had a job,” she says.
“Jessie,” he says, “don’t, just,” and he looks up, a shrug. “Your sister’s gonna be here soon. Right? So maybe she’ll have something for you. For us.”
“My,” says Jessie, frowning. “Luke, now is not the – ”
“Don’t,” he says, leaning over to place one of the boxes right next to a yellow plastic jug.
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2023.06.05 14:48 Flat_Paramedic5188 oddly specific request

can someone give me a gun load out of a civilian who has enough of the RIF and POD that they decided to attack random RIF/POD bases must be a russian or slav gun but still look unmodded with some mods on it like for example the ak74n still has the wooden grips on but has a sight mounted
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2023.06.05 14:47 PassengerDefiant8747 I used to imagine Matthew Haming as a conqueror of ladies' hearts. It turns out he doesn't mind having an affair with a man

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