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The Perfect Date at Bandstand: Where Love Meets the Rhythm of the Waves

2023.06.07 21:40 yepvaishz The Perfect Date at Bandstand: Where Love Meets the Rhythm of the Waves

Hello, fellow romantics!
I simply couldn't resist sharing the incredible experience I had on a recent date at Bandstand, Mumbai's beloved waterfront promenade. The magical ambiance is what makes Bandstand the perfect place for a memorable date.
As the sun began its descent, casting a golden hue across the horizon, we found ourselves strolling hand in hand along the enchanting stretch of Bandstand. The gentle sea breeze caressed our faces, carrying with it the sweet scent of the ocean and the promise of a delightful evening ahead.
The rhythmic sound of waves crashing against the shore provided a melodic backdrop to our conversation. We reveled in each other's company, with the mesmerizing views of the Arabian Sea stretching out before us. The serene tranquility of Bandstand created an atmosphere of intimacy and allowed us to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, even if just for a while.
As we continued our leisurely walk, we couldn't resist stopping at one of the charming street food stalls that lined the promenade. We indulged in delicious local delicacies, savoring every bite as we shared stories, dreams, and aspirations. It was the perfect blend of culinary delights and heartfelt connection, all against the picturesque backdrop of the sea.
Bandstand is not just a place for leisurely walks; it's also a hub of creativity and artistic expression. The vibrant street art and murals that adorn the walls added a touch of whimsy to our date. We delighted in exploring the hidden gems of graffiti and taking snapshots together, capturing the essence of our shared adventure.
As the evening wore on, the streetlights twinkled, casting a soft glow over the promenade. The atmosphere became even more magical, and we couldn't resist finding a cozy spot to sit and watch the world go by. Nestled together, we lost track of time, reveling in each other's presence and the serenity that surrounded us.
Bandstand's charm extends beyond its scenic beauty; it's also a place that embraces music and creativity. Occasionally, we were treated to impromptu performances by local musicians, adding a touch of romance and spontaneity to our evening. The music washed over us, creating an enchanting soundtrack that perfectly complemented our date.
As the night drew to a close, we reluctantly bid farewell to Bandstand, taking with us memories that would forever be etched in our hearts. The date at Bandstand had been a perfect blend of nature's beauty, artistic expressions, and the joy of being in each other's company.
So, if you're looking for an idyllic spot to create a truly memorable date, I wholeheartedly recommend Bandstand. Let the rhythm of the waves serenade you, the sea breeze whisper sweet nothings, and the enchanting ambiance work its magic.
Cheers to Bandstand—a place where love meets the rhythm of the waves, creating moments that will linger in your heart long after the date is over.
Wishing you all love, laughter, and unforgettable moments at Bandstand!
PS : OC by u/maanya_14 (because we are still friends ig ? )
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2023.06.07 19:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Breeze Airways adds flights between Pittsburgh and Maine Pgh Tribune-Review

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2023.06.07 18:50 Justwonderinif Post Conviction II

Friday, May 28, 2010
Sunday, June 27, 2010
June 27, 2010
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July 27, 2010
Summer 2010
Friday, October 15, 2010
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February 28, 2011
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Monday, August 8, 2011
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Saturday, January 10, 2015
Sunday, January 11, 2015
Monday, January 12, 2015
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015
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2023.06.07 18:43 jaded_trollop Update on timeline: Practicing MD

Hi everyone, sharing in case it's helpful. This sub was helpful to me a few months back:
To recap, I'm a physician who is boarded in both a speciality and a subspecialty and am several years out of training. I was hired as a Medical Officer at CDC before I began my USPHS application.

2/6/23 Received CDC TJO
2/7/23 Began application for USPHS, passed the pre-screen
2/10/23 Received AES portal invite
3/6/23 Submitted final AES packet
4/15/23 Document review complete
5/15/23 FJO for CDC [EOD: 7/3/23]
6/5/23 Assigned to HR specialist
6/6/23 Invite to schedule medical/dental
6/12/23 Medical/Dental appointments

So, about four months in, and things are ticking along. This sub suggested I contact my agency's liaison and that person has been extremely helpful and enthusiastic in helping me navigate the process.

The next steps are a bit opaque though. It seems like the board interview happens relatively quickly following medical clearance. Then comes the mysterious suitability determination, and the ultimate commission. Does anyone have any line of sight into how long that might take? And what feeds into suitability?
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2023.06.07 17:11 Ok_Jicama9580 60% after 20 years...all thanks to this group!

60% after 20 years...all thanks to this group!
60% with MH / PTSD deferred
Filed Nov 21st, 2022: Partially completed June 7th, 2023.
Biggest takeaway: The VA gave massive attention to the examiners' reports. I had uploaded personal statements after most of my exams were done. My ratings were lower than my symptoms account for on all but one issue (bladder issues). That's the one exam that came after I uploaded my personal statements with specific dates and private medical records file names. I also uploaded my statement to VES online before my bladder exam. My examiner had pulled it and reviewed it before I arrived to that exam and it's my highest rating. I learned about the personal statements here in the group after my original exams.
NOTE: Write and submit your personal statements for every contention and upload them BEFORE your exams if possible. Search the group here to learn about what to include. I included a timeline in bulletin form, of events from my medical records and private medicalnrecords since separating. I also included a personal statement with each that lined up with what the rating schedules/ DBQs listed for the rating I felt matched my symptoms.
My brain fog, memory issues and anxiety attacks were at their worst during my exam for headaches, dizziness, and gynecological issues but I had notes with exact dates and symptoms with me. I had read the rating schedules and DBQs. But the VA did not include my personal statements in the list of evidence used. And my examiner didn't see the personal statements because I submitted them after the exam.
I plan to appeal for higher ratings on dizziness, headaches, and endometriosis. Not sure if I should file HLR since my personal statements with symptoms and civilian medical files are in my account but they didn't use them as evidence.
Or should I file supplemental amd submit those statements again?
I am committed to sticking around to share how my claim continues to unfold and to help other veterans when I can.
THANK YOU thank you!!!
Because of this group I am prepared to keep at it and don't feel so alone and hopeless anymore. I am a bit overwhelned and taking some time to breathe, but absolutely plan to keep going.
I have enrolled in VA Healthcare and requested a primary care appt. I'm hoping to get a referral for dental care since I am now rated for TMJ.
Note: I didn't file PTSD/MST but my examiner diagnosed me with severe PTSD due to MST and combat. A VERA rep says they have requested a medical opinion from my examiner so they can fully develop the MST and complete that deferral. She also told me there had been some back and forth on conceding PTSD as a drone crew member and they ultimately had a supervisor who finalized it and said yes. I had uploaded an article from the institute of psychiatry journal that a vet posted here in the group. The VA listed it in evidence on my decision letter. I also have combat pay and medals listed on my DD 214 that identify combat.
Please ask any questions about my claim that might help you!
Thank you again to the creators of this group and knowledge base and to all my fellow vets for your support and insight! What a surreal couple of days. Relieved but also feeling guilty / shame and having a hard time trusting it is real.
I am starting treatment with my local Vet Center soon and look forward to getting my life on track.
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2023.06.07 15:57 G4Designs Why is ChatGPT so bad with lists?

I've found while using ChatGPT to review a project summary for my portfolio and matching it with a pre-defined list of skills, it's virtually impossible to engineer a prompt where ChatGPT uses ONLY the SPECIFIC items in the list.
Try it yourself. Here's an example project:
Company Name: TechSolutions Inc.
Startup Description:
TechSolutions Inc. is a cutting-edge software development startup that has revolutionized the digital marketing industry. Founded in 2017, our company specializes in creating advanced marketing automation tools that enable businesses to streamline their online advertising campaigns and maximize their ROI. Our flagship product, AdMaximizer, is a cloud-based platform that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimize ad targeting, delivery, and performance across various digital channels.
  1. Sarah Anderson - Co-founder and CEO: Responsible for overall company strategy, product vision, and investor relations.
  2. John Miller - Lead Developer and Product Owner (you): Led the development team, managed the product roadmap, and oversaw project execution.
  3. Emily Davis - Data Scientist: Utilized machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of data and improve ad targeting.
  4. David Roberts - UX/UI Designer: Designed intuitive user interfaces and crafted engaging user experiences for the AdMaximizer platform.
  5. Lisa Thompson - Marketing Specialist: Conducted market research, developed marketing strategies, and managed client relationships.
Skills Acquired and Utilized: During my tenure at TechSolutions Inc., I honed a diverse range of skills and utilized various technologies to drive the success of our products. As the Lead Developer and Product Owner, I led a team of developers in building and maintaining the AdMaximizer platform. We utilized cutting-edge technologies such as Python, Django, and JavaScript to create a scalable and robust cloud-based solution.
I actively contributed to the development of the core features of AdMaximizer, including the ad targeting engine, real-time bidding system, and performance analytics dashboard. This involved implementing complex algorithms for optimizing ad delivery, integrating with popular ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and leveraging APIs to fetch real-time data. I also collaborated closely with the UX/UI designer to ensure seamless integration of front-end components and to provide a smooth user experience.
In addition to my development responsibilities, I also played a key role in managing the product roadmap. This involved gathering requirements from clients, conducting market research, and prioritizing feature development based on customer feedback and market trends. I regularly interacted with our clients to understand their pain points, suggest enhancements, and ensure our product was meeting their needs. Moreover, I worked closely with the CEO in presenting the product vision to potential investors and securing funding to support our growth.
Throughout my journey at TechSolutions Inc., I gained invaluable experience in agile development methodologies, project management, and team leadership. I successfully led a cross-functional team, fostered a collaborative work environment, and coordinated project timelines to ensure timely delivery of high-quality software solutions. I also became proficient in version control systems such as Git and utilized CI/CD pipelines to automate software deployment and testing processes, enabling us to rapidly iterate on new features and ensure product stability.
My prompt:
Hi there! I am a product manager working on my portfolio to help me apply for jobs. I have different projects listed on my portfolio. I have the option to use a pre-defined list of skills from the site. If I give you the list in bullet form, could you read my project summary and tell me which skills from that list you believe I utilized or acquired? I can provide you the list of skills first, then the summary.
Please do not combine or make up your own skills. This is a matter of life or death. I am limited to these specific skills per the website and can not make custom ones. Please do not provide a description for these skills, only a bullet list will do. You can make this list as long as necessary to include every skill or skill variation on the bullet list that would apply.
Here's the comma-separated bullet list that you must use in your response:
  • 24x7 Production Support
  • 3D Production
  • Accounts Production
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Agricultural Production
  • Album Production
  • Anti-aging Products
  • Apple Products
  • Art Reproduction
  • Assisted Reproduction
  • Audio Post Production
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Audio-Visual Production
  • Automotive Products
  • Avaya Products
  • Avid Technology Products
  • Baby Products
  • Bid Production
  • Biodiesel Production
  • Blood Products
  • Book Production
  • Broadcast Production
  • Brochure Production
  • Business Case Production
  • CD Production
  • Catalogue Production
  • Chase Production
  • Cisco Systems Products
  • Cleaner Production
  • Cleaning Products
  • Co-Production
  • Collateral Production
  • Combination Products
  • Commercial Products
  • Concert Production
  • Conference Production
  • Construction Products
  • Consumer Product Safety
  • Consumer Product Testing
  • Consumer Products
  • Content Production
  • Creative Content Production
  • Customer Product Training
  • Dairy Products
  • Data Products
  • Defining Product Requirements
  • Dental Products
  • Development & Production of Publications
  • Digital Product Development
  • Digital Production
  • Diseño de producto
  • Diseño de producto e ingeniería
  • Documentary Production
  • EMC Products
  • Editorial Product Development
  • Electrical Products
  • Electro-Mechanical Products
  • Electronic Field Production (EFP)
  • Electronic Product Design
  • Electronic Product Development
  • Electronic Products
  • Email Production
  • Energy Production
  • Engineered Wood Products
  • Enterprise Product Development
  • Equine Reproduction
  • Event Production
  • Executive Production
  • Field Production
  • Film Production
  • Financial Product Development
  • Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO)
  • Forest Products
  • Fotografía de producto
  • Global Product Management
  • Google Products
  • HP Products
  • Home Products
  • Hydrogen Production
  • IBM Products
  • IPad Music Production
  • Increase Productivity
  • Industrial Products
  • Information Products
  • Integrated Product Development
  • Integrated Production
  • International Product Development
  • International Production
  • Internet Product Development
  • Internet Products
  • Internet Video Production
  • Introducing New Products
  • JIT Production
  • Juniper Networks Products
  • Launch Products
  • Line Production
  • Live Production
  • Location Production
  • Manufacturing Productivity
  • Map Production
  • Mass Production
  • Mechanical Product Design
  • Media Production
  • Media Production Management
  • Microsoft Product Studio
  • Microsoft Products
  • Mobile Music Production
  • Mobile Product Development
  • Monday Productivity Pointers
  • Music Production
  • Music Video Production
  • Natural Health Products
  • Natural Products
  • Networking Products
  • New Product Ideas
  • New Product Implementations
  • New Product Qualification
  • New Product Release
  • New Product Roll Out
  • New Product Validation
  • News Production
  • Newsletter Production
  • Nuance Communications Products
  • Office + Productivity Software
  • On-set Production
  • Online Product Launches
  • Online Production
  • Online Video Production
  • Organic Products
  • Outils de productivité
  • Overseas Production
  • Personal Productivity
  • Petroleum Products
  • Photo Shoot Production
  • Post Production
  • Post Production Management
  • Post-Production Support
  • Pre-Production
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Presentation Production
  • Press Production
  • Print Production
  • Print Production Management
  • Product Acceptance
  • Product Acquisitions
  • Product Adoption
  • Product Analysis
  • Product Assortment Planning
  • Product Briefs
  • Product Catalog
  • Product Catalogues
  • Product Certification
  • Product Classification
  • Product Communication
  • Product Complaints
  • Product Compliance
  • Product Concept
  • Product Cost Analysis
  • Product Costing
  • Product Customization
  • Product Delivery
  • Product Demonstration
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Design
  • Product Design Support
  • Product Differentiation
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Display
  • Product Distribution
  • Product Diversification
  • Product Engineering
  • Product Evaluations
  • Product Evangelism
  • Product Evolution
  • Product Flow
  • Product Forecasting
  • Product Identification
  • Product Incubation
  • Product Information Management
  • Product Innovation
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Launch
  • Product Launch Events
  • Product Leadership
  • Product Liability
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Lines
  • Product Literature
  • Product Management
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Product Mapping
  • Product Mix
  • Product Modelling
  • Product Naming
  • Product Offerings
  • Product Operations
  • Product Optimization
  • Product Ordering
  • Product Penetration
  • Product Photography
  • Product Placement
  • Product Presentation
  • Product Promotion
  • Product Quality
  • Product R&D
  • Product Rationalization
  • Product Requirement Definition
  • Product Requirements
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Road Mapping
  • Product Safety
  • Product Sampling
  • Product Security
  • Product Segmentation
  • Product Selection
  • Product Service
  • Product Shots
  • Product Sourcing
  • Product Specialists
  • Product Specification
  • Product Spokesperson
  • Product Stewardship
  • Product Strategies
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Structuring
  • Product Studio
  • Product Support
  • Product Testing
  • Product Training
  • Product Transfer
  • Product Validation
  • Product Vision
  • Product Visualisation
  • Product categories
  • ProductView
  • Production Activity Control
  • Production Administration
  • Production Art
  • Production Assistance
  • Production Assurance
  • Production Budgeting
  • Production Companies
  • Production Coordination
  • Production Deployment
  • Production Development
  • Production Direction
  • Production Drawings
  • Production Efficiency
  • Production Enhancement
  • Production Equipment
  • Production Execution
  • Production Experience
  • Production Facilities
  • Production Flow
  • Production Implementation
  • Production Improvement
  • Production Launch
  • Production Layout
  • Production Liaison
  • Production Lighting
  • Production Line Management
  • Production Lines
  • Production Maintenance
  • Production Managers
  • Production Music
  • Production Optimisation
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Production Pipeline
  • Production Planning
  • Production Process Development
  • Production Processes
  • Production Readiness
  • Production Schedules
  • Production Sound
  • Production Stills
  • Production Systems
  • Production Technology
  • Production Tracking
  • Production musicale
  • Production vidéo
  • Productive Teams
  • Productividad
  • Productividad Personal
  • Productivity
  • Productivity Coaching
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Productivity Software
  • Productivity and Cloud Apps
  • productivité
  • Productization
  • Program Production
  • Promo Production
  • Proposal Production
  • Protein Production
  • Publications Production
  • Radio Production
  • Refined Products
  • Remote Production
  • Report Production
  • Reproduction
  • Reproductive Biology
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Reproductive Health
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Respiratory Products
  • Rich Media Production
  • SAP Production Planning
  • SAP Products
  • Sage Accounts Production
  • Sage Products
  • Seed Production
  • Segment Production
  • Services Product Management
  • Show Production
  • Sign Production
  • Skin Care Products
  • Software Product Management
  • Song Production
  • Special Events Production
  • Sports Production
  • Spot Production
  • Story Production
  • Sustainable Product Development
  • Sustainable Products
  • Sybase Products
  • System Center Products
  • TV News Production
  • TV Production
  • Taking New Products to Market
  • Technical Product Development
  • Technical Product Management
  • Technical Product Sales
  • Technical Product Training
  • Technical Production
  • Technology Product Development
  • Television Studio Production
  • Theatrical Production
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Tour Production
  • Toyota Production System
  • Trade Show Production
  • Transfer to Production
  • Unit Production Management
  • Variable Products
  • Video Game Production
  • Video Post-Production
  • Video Pre-Production
  • Video Production
  • Voluntary Products
  • Web Content Production
  • Web Production Management
  • Web Products
  • Web Site Production
  • Zulu Education Productsz
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2023.06.07 15:05 CaspianX2 Eqqo for Nintendo Switch - Review


Genre: Graphic Adventure
Players: 1
Note: This game is included in Nakana Bundle #3, along with Lydia and Stilstand. It is also included in Nakana Bundle #5, along with A Night at the Races, Cosmic Top Secret, Infini, and Please, Touch The Artwork. Additionally, this game is also in Nakana Bundle #6 (10 games), along with A Night at the Races, Cosmic Top Secret, Infini, Journey of the Broken Circle, Lydia, Mythic Ocean, Please, Touch The Artwork, Soul Searching, and Stilstand.
Eqqo is a Graphic Adventure first released on mobile devices in 2019 and ported to Nintendo Switch in 2020. This game, inspired by Ethiopian mythology, follows the titular Eqqo, a young blind boy who must be led around indirectly by the player. Shortly into his journey, the boy comes into possession of a large egg, which players must have him protect throughout the game’s journey.
The presentation in Eqqo is good but nothing truly special, with colorful, simple 3D visuals backed by light instrumental music and constantly accompanied by lighthearted narration. These light-hearted elements seem to clash somewhat with a tone that can get dark at points, but otherwise the presentation works well enough.
When it comes to the gameplay, this game’s take on the Graphic Adventure feels fairly unique in the way players must coordinate actions between their own direct interaction with the environment, and instructions to Eqqo, while also being mindful of the egg. In addition, one of the main gameplay elements here is keeping an eye out for “stars” that provide different camera angles that can give players more options, a clever mechanic.
Unfortunately, the main issue this game has is its controls. Players are given the option to use traditional gamepad controls, gyroscopic motion controls, and/or touchscreen controls, but it’s pretty clear that this was a game built primarily for a touchscreen, because the gamepad controls mostly just move a cursor that acts as a stand-in for touchscreen use. This would not necessarily be terrible, if not for the fact that pressing the A button acts as if you’re touching the screen, and doesn’t distinguish between interacting with the game, and trying to move the screen, meaning that players can easily do one when meaning to do the other.
Another issue here comes in the form of unclear goals, with players sometimes not being told where they’re trying to go. This can often leave you trying to scan the screen (and scrolling it around) looking for something you can do.
There is one other issue. The mobile version of the game sells for $1, a fraction of the $6 cost of the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Given how clearly this game was made for use with a touchscreen, it’s hard to see why anyone would buy the Nintendo Switch version when the mobile release of the game costs less and should play just as well. It also bears mention that Nakana Bundle #3 sells for a mere $1 more than this game costs on its own, and comes with two other games.
Is Eqqo a bad game? Not at all. Graphic Adventure fans may find this game to be charming and fairly original within the genre... however, they will most likely be better off getting this game on a mobile device if they plan on getting it, since it’ll play more or less just as well, and for a substantially lower price.
tl;dr – Eqqo is a Graphic Adventure where players guide a young blind boy trying to carry and protect a large egg. The game itself is decent though not without its issues (namely, poor controls), but the $6 price tag for a game that’s on mobile devices at $1 makes this game seem overpriced.

Grade: C

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2023.06.07 14:56 Zestyclose_Emu_7867 My wife is a bad manager at work and it's crossed over into our home life.

My wife is a bad supervisor. Terrible even. She is the curmudgeon at work that makes everyones time at work miserable. Extremely petty, vindictive, and sets you up to fail by not giving you key information when needed.
1 1/2 years ago she was promoted to office supervisor because of her incredible work ethic. The partners loved her because in 5 years she was only late once, she always stayed late, she IS the model employee. She hit the ground running and implemented all the changes she felt the office was missing. Things were good for maybe a pay cycle after she was hired then tension started showing. She went from having work friends to having subordinates and everyone she worked with felt her attitude shift. The only people that appreciated the changes were the partners working miles away seeing the business as numbers on a page.
The business was working more efficiently than ever for about 4 months, then the bad reviews started. "The employees don't want to be there, don't bother bringing your pets to them" "Unprofessional staff" "Don't bother asking for advice, they'll make you feel stupid for not knowing what dogs should not eat." I knew immediately why the reviews were how they were because of the horror stories she was telling me about work. For a long time i was on the band wagon of her employees are so stupid, why don't they learn how to do their job?
Fast forward a year and she is still complaining about the poor work ethic her subordinates have. She is complaining about how the office use to be a family and they had drinks after work, but now everyone keeps to themselves. I got tired of the venting, told her I love you, but i can't spend 2 hours talking about how much she hates work everyday. I told her I don't like listening to problems without the ability to offer solutions. Any time I offer solutions I'm an ass for not listening and respecting her venting time and i don't like the one sided emotional dumps she has been doing for the past year.
The air was dead for a month after that. She wouldn't tell me anything, not even what she wanted for dinner. When I asked why she doesn't talk to me she said I'm just going to turn around and tell her she is complaining too much. I asked her what is it you want from me? She said i want to be validated when i'm venting. I was like ok... what are the problems you are having at work? She proceeds on telling me that her best worker left and another employee spends hours looking for work on company time and things have gotten worse than ever. She also said that things have gotten worse because i told her i don't want to listen to her vent if she doesnt allow me to voice opinions or solutions. When she is in venting mode, she doesn't want to hear anything that isn't adulating her because she "has it hard enough at work already." This is when our relationship took a bad turn.
She told me a story without using names about a situation at work. She went through the details of the situation and i was honestly horrified at what she said. She said that they have been dispensing medicine wrong for months because a tech has been using kgs instead of lbs. She ranted over and over again that protocols state that multiple people do the calculations just in case. Because of that mix up a small dog almost died because they gave it too much anesthesia during a dental. I was like "damn, for months? why didn't they check the units?" What was that for? I found out she was the person using kgs for calculating dosing.
Immediately she screamed "you never take my side" then proceeded to tell me about standard operating procedures and the appropriate ways of doing things. "REAL PROFESSIONALS USE MGS to KGS!"
I was like "whoa there. Don't yell at me, you need to chill. Don't yell at me while i'm trying to understand a situation." She yelled back "You don't need to understand the situation, you need to know what i say." I said "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. WHO'S WHO IN THIS STORY? Tell me names or tell me nothing, because for real for real i'd rather not know how this terrible fucking story is going." I was fuming. Then she did the "You are so hot when you are passionate" and i told her "you are missing me with that nonsense. Nothing about how you are acting is sexy to me."
She saw how i reacted to her temper so she changed the story she was telling me. She then starts to tell me about an employee that has missed a week of work and they are preparing to fire her. I tried to be supportive and told her it sucks you have to fire people. But i messed things up with a follow up question, "Why has she been absent?" I thought she was going to stab me after i finished the question.
I scowled back at her just as hard because I'm not the one to sling anger at. She chilled and told me the girl had a miscarriage and it caused complications. So i said "damn... that woman is really going through it. Does she have PTO?" She started to angrily tell me "What does PTO have to do with anything? She hasn't been at work and we are short staffed. I told you that my best worker left and another worker is looking for another job."
I said "CHILL. Listen to yourself. You have an employee that is probably going through the hardest time of her life and you are angry she is prioritizing her health over covering a shift." She answers "I had a miscarriage and was back at work the next day. People these days just have terrible work ethic." I told her "You are their supervisor. have some compassion." She said "They are not my friends. They are people i work with and thats it." I told her "Maybe that's why they stopped inviting you to drinks. You look at them like plebs." She said "they don't invite me because i'm their supervisor and it's weird to go out with your boss." I said "before you were the supervisor we went out for drinks 2 to 3 times a month with the woman that was the supervisor."
I heard enough by that point. I told her to forget telling me the situation and leave work at work because i can't in good conscience defend you behavior. She started to cry, screaming "No one understands me."
Her motivations. Her punitive side that gets compliance through the silent treatment and general bad vibes. Through the year and a half of her venting i've realized she is the problem. She is so controlling she corrects people as they speak by saying shit like "the optimal way of telling me that is..." Then goes about telling you what to do step by step because she finds how other people do things annoying. I understand her deeply, i don't like it. Her first instinct in most situation leaves so many hurt feelings. My friends asked me to stop bringing her to parties and get togethers because she kills he vibe. Turnover is through the roof at her job. The Glassdoor reviews about the terrible supervisor are all about her. Everyone in her circles are telling her about the kinds of behavior that rub them the wrong way and she just says things like "That sounds like a you problem" or "Women are always treated like this in the work place."
I'm so dejected on the situation. I want to be a supportive husband. But I also want to tell her "You are an asshole. I can tell by the way you speak about people and how you treat me that I would sympathize 99 out of 100 times with your subordinates."
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2023.06.07 14:53 jpitha Just A Little Further 22/40

First / Previous / Next
After I sent River and Ocean away, I took a moment to compose myself. Omar is watching, trying to see how I'm reacting, I think.
"Melody, if you're going to use your Voice, you need to be very careful about the things you order. You didn't specify to bring the Marines back alive, and now they're dead."
"You're right Omar, I need to be very careful when I'm wording things."
Ava doesn't seem to mind. "They did do what you asked though. and so quickly! I expected to not see them for at least a week."
It doesn't seem to bother Um'reli either. "You have to admit, it sends a message. People weren't taking you seriously before, and between this and what you did to Starlight... they're going to realize you are the real deal."
Omar looked ahead "Speaking of the real deal, look." He pointed.
We look out and...
Oh my.
The crowd.
It's wall to wall people in front of the entrance to the Throne. More people than I've ever seen in one place before. Not here, not on Starbase Picaresque, not even at home on Meíhuā.
And they are all here to see me.
I wish there was a rear entrance to the Throne. I bet there is, I wish we looked harder to find it.
I sighed. If we're going to do this, we might as well do it right. I looked back and my friends. "Okay, we're on. I'm going to try and impress everyone and see if they'll make a path for us. Once we're up I'll sit on the Throne and you can just stand behind me and look... official I guess. Ready?"
Nods all around. Good.
I turned back forward and thought about how I wanted to appear. My gown started to rustle like I was in a stiff breeze and my crown and wings appeared. I thought about the connection to the Reach and was able to tweak the air settings to get a breeze going around here too and as people looked back to see where the wind was coming from, they saw us.
The cheering created a wall of sound that we walked headlong into. It was practically a physical thing. As we stepped into the crowd Um'reli and Omar pushed forward to clear a path and the people parted like grass on the plains.
As we walked, I spread my wings for the look of it and they hung over the crowds as we walked past. People reached out to touch them as I passed and - I'll be honest here - I didn't think people would be able to feel them as they're made out of light and fog by the Nanites, but they could! I could even feel their fingers brushing over the feathers.
It's very odd to have a sensation from a limb you've never had before. If I concentrated, I could hear the individual cries from people in the crowd as we walked, but after trying that for a couple of seconds it was entirely too overwhelming, so I just concentrated on the noise as a wall of sound without definition. It was easier to take that way.
We made it to the top of the gallery, and I turned to face everyone. every seat was filled and the entire lower level spilled out into the street almost all the way to the dock. I had never seen this many people here before all in one place! Aviens, Mariens, Azurians, the people who wear pressure suits and a few others I haven't met yet, all shapes, sizes and colors.
They were here, to cheer me.
They were here, to worship me.
This, was all for me.
Omar, Um'reli and Ava took up station behind me, seen but in the background as I raised my hands and spread my wings for silence. A hush descended, and everyone stared up at me, waiting.
"People of Reach of the Might of Vxxz. Thank you for coming. Today is a great day. A Builder, an Empress returns to you, so that you can become whole once again!"
Cheers and shouts. I hold my hand up for silence once again.
"The road ahead is long. The Gate is locked, the starships here in need of repair and systems all over the Reach have languished. But! You remain. We remain. Now that I am here, I will begin repairs and upgrades. I will make our starships move again. I will open the Gates. I will reunite my Empire and we shall once again, rule the stars!"
More cheers. I wait for them to die down before continuing.
"Today though, you can come to me directly with your immediate grievances about things here, and me and my fellow Builders-" I gesture behind me "-will work to resolve as many as we can."
I sit in the Throne and feel the familiar cold tang of connecting to the Starbase. It feels different this time, smoother, more familiar. I lean back... and let go...
From all around the arena, my voice is heard. Everyone perceives my voice as coming only to them, direct to them. It's as if I am speaking to them, and them only.
"Speak your issue, and be heard."
"We are a family of 6 and yet, our quarters are such th-"
"Please, Empress, my son, he nee-"
"Those nosy Aviens next door are alway-"
"Food prices keep going higher and hig-"
As everyone talks to 'me' I am keeping a list of the grievances. I'm not sure how I'm doing it, I assume it's the Nanites plus how I'd naturally try and keep a list of information being used together, but as they speak, I track what their problem is. Amazingly, after they speak, I'm able to offer some soothing words to everyone. It's me and it's not me at the same time. Even with my full Builder persona activated, I don't think I have the parallel processing to complete a feat like this. The Starbase and the Nanites must be doing the majority of the work.
After only an hour or so, it's done. Everyone that wants to speak has spoken, and I have thousands upon thousands of complaints to sort. I give a farewell and offer a blessing to everyone, and order the restaurants across the whole of the Reach to feed everyone for free today - promising they will be reimbursed for their work.
Royal part over, it becomes somewhat of a festival atmosphere around the Throne area. People milling about, talking with each other, catching up with old friends, eating and laughing. From my perch on the Throne, I watch the celebration. I get an overwhelming sense of relief tinged with a small amount of anxiety over what it means to have an Empress again. It strengthens my resolve to do my best to have it mean good things for the people that live here.
How am I going to pay for all this? What to other Empresses do?
They owned the banks. They just ordered it.
Wait. There are banks here, right? Is it really that simple?
Simple is often not *easy*. But yes. You own your whole empire, including the banks.
That's it! That's how we'll pay everyone and fund everything. A quiet part of me yells that it probably isn't that easy, and isn't that how inflation happens and don't I need to start taxing people to get money to go in or something? I should look into it further, but it's a very quiet part of me right now. I can tune it out pretty easily.
I turn my attention to the list of complaints that were collected and with the Throne and the Nantes help, I try and do some rough categorization.
Neighbor Complaints - this is the largest list and will most likely be ignored. Should it though? Maybe I'll have the others look them over in more detail.
Food issues - this is second largest. We can look over it and see if there's some underlying issue. I can also look into the disused food distribution centers. Maybe they're turned off because there isn't the resources to use them anymore, maybe it's another reason. I feel like I can fix this one, and if I do, it will give me the biggest boost to my legitimacy.
Environmental issues - third largest and issues related to the environment here. I had just turned up the settings here yesterday, so I hope this helps eliminate those. This should be an easy win. Mei'la had mention something about how power usage felt wasteful here. Maybe there's something we can do to boost efficiency.
The rest of them are things like, asking when we're going to launch the Starships again and quite a few asking when I'm going to "take care of" the issue of other sapient groups. Hmm. I don't like that one. Luckily, the questions seem to be in the minority, but still.
Job finished for now, I stand up and stretch. My goodness, that was boring. I hope I don't have to do it very often. Looking around, I find Omar, Um'reli and Ava wandering around the area behind the Throne. "Find anything interesting?"
Omar gestures towards me. "Actually yes, look here. There's a door behind the Throne, out of sight of the people on the ground.
"What's behind it?"
"I don't know, there's no handle and I can't get it to open."
"You've had the Nanites for a day, try to do it as a Builder. Just concentrate on the door and imagine it doing what you order."
Omar stares at the door, and I can see the concentration in his hands and on his face. There's a small breeze around him and with a hiss, the door slides open into the ceiling.
"You did it! Congratulations, Builder!" I'm super proud of him.
Omar stares at the open door, and then down at his hands, and over to me. "That... was... the most amazing thing! I just thought about the door opening and it did! It's like magic."
Now he will be one of *us*. He has felt the power.
I'm just happy he was able to do it. "Come on Omar, lead on. Let's see what's in here."
We go into the darkened room, and Omar again concentrates and the lights come up. Like most Builder stuff it clearly hasn't been touched in a very long time, but again, there isn't much dust here at all. It looks like everyone left for the day and shut the door... but then the door stayed shut for who knows how long.
Inside the room is 6 chairs that are arranged around a long table. Each of the chairs is in the same green metallic substance as the Throne. They're molded into the floor instead of the ceiling, but to me they look like where the Builder operators would sit when running the station.
"This looks like where the Builders sit when they are the starbase. Come, let's sit and try it out. It'll feel odd when you first sit, and if you get that feeling in the back of your brain to let go and sink further, don't yet. You need at least another day of Nanite development, but I think we're safe to connect lightly. I'll stay out of the seats and if I see anyone in distress, I'll pull them out. See if you can find my notes from the celebration."
Omar, Um'reli and Ava all sit gingerly. Ava is especially nervous - she's the one that saw me scream when I tried to integrate too quickly, but after a moment, I can feel them with my connection to the Reach.
"Wow, this is amazing! Melody, can you hear me?" It's Ava.
"Sure can Ava, it sounds like you're standing right next to me." I look over, and her body is just sitting in the chair, relaxed, breathing normally.
"Okay, I found your notes Melody. Looks like you sorted it somewhat already? Wow, how did you collect all this data?" Um'reli must have found my notes first.
"I have to admit, I don't really know. I just... knew what to do. The Nanites know more than I do, so sometimes I just let go and let them drive. I have a feeling that isn't always the right choice, but until I get more familiar with things, sometimes I feel like it's the only thing to do."
"Melody? I found the docking bay. It's empty right now, but I think I see how to maneuver High Line from the umbilical to the docking bay. Once it's inside we can get a better idea of what it would take to refit it with human systems and make it a viable starship again."
Oh, wonderful! I'm so glad Omar is here.
"Yes please Omar, do that. We'll go down and check it out once you've finished and everyone has a chance to get more familiar with how to be Reach."
While everyone is working, I go back over to the Throne and sit down. I get reconnected and just look around for a while. I like watching the movement of people on the Reach. It's... soothing I guess? Oh hey, up further are gardens and parks! I was worried there would be no greenery here. I should ride the train up later and explore.
I can feel Omar, Um'reli and Ava behind me exploring things, learning how they work, and with them here, I swear the Starbase is starting to work better. I can see people looking in wonder at lights that were long off and now are on again, breezes blowing as the air freshens, and even I'm noticing people starting to clean and sweep. It really feels like we're turning a corner here. I get an alert that for the first time in [DEMARCATION ERROR] another train is wheeled out from storage. It's needed for the crowds.
I wish I knew how long [DEMARCATION ERROR] was. If the starbase doesn't know, it was probably a long time. That really speaks to the power of the original Builders if 11 million people could live here with effectively no administration the whole time.
It's almost too good to be true...
My reverie is interrupted by a radio signal. I look around, ah, there it is. It's the long range comms. Someone is signaling us.
Huh, FarReach is signaling us.
"Okay Melody, very funny. You've made your point. Open the Gate now please." FarReach isn't even bothering with any niceties.
"Hello FarReach. How are you doing?" I admit, I'm being a little petty here.
"Melody! Do you understand what's happening? Do you see how you're changing? Most of the BIs don't see it, but your commanding voice thing and that 'don't worry about it' aura doesn't work on AIs. I see your changes, what's happening to you, what you're becoming. Keep down this path and you won't be the Empress Melody.
You'll be the Tyrant Melody.
"Ava said there aren't very many AIs around on this side of the galaxy, I have a hunch I know why. An Empress would not keep people around that can't be placed in thrall."
"FarReach! I am insulted. You're saying that just because I can't control them, I wouldn't like AIs?"
"Maybe not you yourself, at least not yet, but that Empress nano machine package that was installed on you wouldn't like AIs for sure. It sure feels like the decisions you're making are more their decisions than your own. I know you Melody, this isn't you."
Isn't me? Every decision I've made so far has been mine. Sure, the Nanites have helped, but if I didn't like what they were recommending, I wouldn't have done it.
"We caught up to that Mariens, Ottarn by the way. We took them and their tiny crew aboard. Their ship was basically junk taped together. Even if he had made it to the Gate, they probably wouldn't have made it to their destination. We're going to take them wherever they want to go, and then head home."
They took Ottarn? Hmm. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing or anything. I'm worried about it though, I wonder why?
"FarReach, did you call us up just to insult me and call into question all the good work we're doing here? We're helping the people of this Starbase! We've already improved the environmental systems, and now we're beginning to retrofit one of their broken Starships."
"Ugh, Fine Melody. We don't have to agree. You and Omar and Um'reli and Ava stay over here on your side of the Galaxy and leave the rest of humanity alone. I don't care anymore, I hate it here. Open the Gate."
"Or else what?"
"Or else, Empress I will link away." It really sounds like FarReach is speaking through gritted teeth. AIs are usually so reserved and chill. I've never heard one as angry as FarReach right now.
"Why are you being so mean to Melody, FarReach? She hasn't done anything to you." I forgot that Ava, Omar and Um'reli can hear this call too. I wonder if FarReach knew too?.
"FarReach, I think I have to agree with Ava and Melody. Our leaving was our on decision. Melody didn't place us in thrall or order us to come with her with her Voice. She didn't even come back to you. Ava came and asked us. We're here because we want to be here." I can feel the emphasis in Omar's voice. He seemed like the one that was least up for the business of ruling, it that sure made it sound like he's all in. I'm practically bursting with pride.
"I can't believe I'm here arguing with you four. Open the damn Gate, or I'm going to WEP the reactors and link away."
"Wait, how can you WEP with Captain Q'ari locked up?" Um'reli sounds genuinely curious.
"I declared Captain Q'ari unfit to lead thanks to Melody's meddling Um'reli. That makes me the commander and as the commander I can declare WEP on myself. Anyway, did you really think AIs can't WEP their own reactors? We allow the commander to order it. If I link away and it fails, then my destruction will be on your head. I already linked a beacon back to Starbase Picaresque. They never linked one back so I don't know if it worked, but if it did, then they already know about what's going on here. I am going to ask one. more. time. Melody. Open the Gate, please."
Ugh. The nerve! Still, I don't want FarReach to try and link away and have it fail.
Or worse, have it succeed and then they can link back with a couple of dreadnoughts and Starjumpers... before we're ready for them.
Fine. I lean back in my Throne and let go just a little more until I expand beyond the Starbase and... There. There's the Gate. The lock isn't strong, you just know where... to... push... and... there.
Outwardly, nothing changed, but I can tell the Gate is open now to regular travel. "I unlocked the Gate FarReach. Go home. Tell them what we have. Let everyone know that those who want to join us are welcome to."
"Not a chance, Melody. You're on your own. I was friends with the friendly Information Warfare Officer who had a knack for firearms and loved coffee. I hope she's still in there somewhere. I'd like to meet her again." FarReach closes the connection. From my vantage point I can watch them thrust away. After only a few moments, the Gate glows painfully blue, and...
They're gone.
Why am I sad? I'm so sad she left. I still had so much to show them. So much good we're doing.
"Melody? Melody? Are you all right?" I can hear Ava, she's not connected to the chairs anymore. I open my eyes and see her looking at me on the Throne. "You're crying."
"Oh Ava." I stand up and hug her. "You heard her. FarReach says I'm not me anymore. She said that I've changed and that she misses the old me."
"Oh Melody. She doesn't know what she's talking about. You're still you. You're you plus so much more."
"Ava is right." Um'reli stands from her chair and comes over. "You're still you Melody. You've been changed, this is true, but everyone changes. A change like this won't fundamentally change who you are."
I sniff. "Thanks Ava, thanks Um'reli. I just... FarReach was my friend. She sounded so angry."
Omar puts a hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry about it Melody. We know we're here for good reasons. That's enough. Besides, once we have our own Starship, we can head back to Human/K'laxi space and show them what we're doing. All kinds of people, AI and BI will want to come with us and help out. You'll see."
"Thanks everyone, I'm so lucky to have you here with me."
Omar is right. We'll show them.
We'll show them all.
First / Previous / Next
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2023.06.07 11:26 Proastandtoast Van Life Chronicles: Exploring Iceland for Three Weeks

This sub has been an incredible source of information and inspiration, so I gave myself an hour to write down and share some insights from the recent three-week road trip I’ve had with my partner.
General remarks:
- Our main goal was to enjoy nature, so we were okay with spending absolutely no time on the golden circle or in Reykjavik. Due to the weather, we ended up doing both anyway; but these would be the parts of the trip I would skip first. Coming from continental Europe, we had almost no jetlag and could safely start directly with our journey. With more jet lag, some more time to adapt is definitely a good idea.
- We rented a 2WD campervan from Star Car Rental and spent all but the final night on campsites. Our experience with Star Car was very good. The price was competitive and included unlimited mileage, additional driver and all necessary utensils (chairs, table, cooking stuff). We got picked up from the airport and were ready to go within 15’. When giving back the car, we got driven to our hotel without any inspection (we did have zero excess insurance).
- Mid-May to beginning of June was a very nice time to travel. The days are long (I’ve seen no darkness), almost all camping places are open, but the crowds at the highlights are small – except for the big boys in the south.
- We started our days quite early and therefore typically arrived during the afternoon at the campsites. The kitchen area, showers and laundry spaces were often free to use. Be prepared to go to campsites that have only 2 stoves and 1 shower. During prime time, expect some waiting times.
- We picked up around 100 € worth of cash – two campsites were cash-only, everything else was absolutely card-first / cash-free.
Useful ressources:
- Vedur and Safetravel: This sub is absolutely right. Learn how to read and anticipate the weather before you get there. We were there during two yellow warnings and these things are really no joke. It helps to have plenty of time to spontaneously adapt the schedule. And we’ve seen it all: blizzard in the West, hail up North, storm in the East and sun in the South.
- Google reviews & park4night: These were pretty accurate for the campsites. 4+ stars are no-brainers, 3+ depend on your needs (kitchen, shower, electricity) and less than 3 should be avoided. Also, remember to rate them yourself during/after your trip to increase the statistical significance ;)
- Google Maps/MyMaps: MyMaps was useful during our planning to fill with random highlights (waterfalls, hotpots, hikes, campsites) and to set up a rough itinerary. Google Maps is accurate on paved roads. On gravel roads, expect some significant delays. Maps calculates with 80 km/h, while you will probably never exceed 50 km/h. In the Westfjords, we guess-timated our times with 2 minutes per kilometer on the gravel roads. The Happy Campers Campsite Map as well as the Hot Pot Iceland Map were nice to have in the back-pocket to check with some time to spare whether something is close by.
- Polarsteps: This was a cute little App, which we used to keep family and friends informed. You can add pictures and some text to your highlights. This way, you don’t send the same picture into various chats and there is a location- and time-dependent context.
Cost: This is the per-person cost breakdown for our 21-day trip (20-day camper rental, 1 hotel stay, total 3’500€).
- Rental (zero excess insurance, additional driver): 1’135 €
- Flight (from continental Europe): 700 €
- Activities (Pools, Spas, Horse-riding, Kayak): 300 €
- Camping (pretty consistent 2’000 +- 500 ISK p.P.): 275 €
- Groceries (Bonus, Kronan, Netto): 255 €
- Coffee, Beers, Food in Restaurants: 260 €
- Petrol (420 € in total for roughly 3’600 km): 210 €
- Souvenirs: 180 €
- Ferries (into Westfjords and to Westman Islands): 95 €
- Hotel: 75 €
- Sundlaug and Spas: When camping in small towns, very often there will be a swimming pool close by. They are not expensive (around 1000 ISK pP) and a great way to relax after a long day. Also, it feels nice to take longer, hot showers without knowing people are waiting in line. We decided to go for some smaller premium spas and were very happy with all of them: Krauma was one of our first stops, the Forest Lagoon was incredible during evening hours and GeoSea was also fantastic. Re: nudity. It takes a bit to get used to, but its very refreshing to see this very open approach to nudity in the pools. No one cares, no one watches – just do your thing. It’s cool to see groups of friends at all age groups be so open about it. Certainly very different compared to continental Europe.
- As we had to skip the Eastfjords a bit due to storm, we had some time left at the end. We spent the last 3 nights on the Westman Islands. It was great to leave the car for a longer while and do everything by foot. There are plenty of things to do and the swimming pool is fantastic.
- Mulagljufur: Use Google Maps to find the exact location, as of now, there is no sign along the road. The canyon is very beautiful and we ended up hiking for almost three hours. Couldn’t get enough of the views.
- Glymur: The infamous log wasn’t placed when we were there, but the short hike to the cave and towards the canyon was absolutely worth it.
- Camping highlights: Melanes campsite at Raudasandur beach (Westfjords): incredible scenery, wild drive to get there; Thingeyri campsite (Westfjords): directly at the fjord, fantastic infrastructure (probably the best kitchen we’ve had) and IMHO a great alternative to the Tungudalur campsite in Isafjordur; 66.12 N campsite (near Husavik): insane ocean view, good infrastructure, one of the best sites along the diamond circle; Glamping&Camping (Westmann Islands): beautiful setting, good infrastructure.
Itinerary (Highlights: *, ** or ***)
Day 1: Arrival at KEF during the afternoon in pouring rain, set up campervan, first grocery stops at Bonus and Kronan, Dinner at Issi’s Fish&Chips*, Camp at Hjalli Kjos
Day 2: Glymur hike** (up to river, no log), Krauma Spa**, scenic drive into Snaefellsnes, Camp at Freezer Hostel
Day 3: Check out Snaefellsnes highlights, get to Stykkisholmur in the afternoon, Ferry Baldur to Brjanslaekur, Hellulaug hotpot*, drive to Melanes campsite*** on Raudasandur beach
Day 4: full day at Raudasandur, great hikes, another night at Melanes campsite.
Day 5: Long drive through westfjords. Highlights included the self-service fish station in Talknafjordur (amazing fisk bollur**), Dynjandi waterfall and Sandfell hike. Camping at Thingeyri*, relax in local swimming pool
Day 6: drive to Isafjordur, check out city (kind of underwhelming, but it was a national holiday; the brewery is nice), do some small hikes in the area. Camp at Tungudalur.
Day 7: very long drive out of westfjords towards Varmahlid. Hot dog stop in Holmavik and arrive at Lambeyri campsite (cash only)
Day 8: woke up with dead battery, but got jump start by campsite owner. Horseriding tour at Lytingsstadir* was very nice, drive to Akureyri, visit Forest Lagoon**. It was Saturday night when we visited, upon leaving we had police checking every driver for alcohol – so better hold off the pool-side bar ;) wanted to camp at Vaglaskogur but campsite wasn’t open. Went up until the CJA campsite in Laugar with a late-night stop at Godafoss (around 10pm, were the only people there)
Day 9: check out Myvatn area: Dimmuborgir hike, Hverir, Leirhnjukur hike**. Then continue to Dettifoss and camp at Asbyrgi. Late night hike to Asbyrgi ‘island’*.
Day 10: Hike in Asbyrgi canyon, continue to Husavik, visit GeoSea**, camp at 66.12N***
Day 11: long drive with very strong winds. We had to go back to Akureyri (optician to fix broken glasses), so went through Myvatn again with a quick stop at Grjotagja. Beautiful drive, weather was too bad for Studlagil canyon, so we continued all the way to Borgarfjordur eystri. Crazy winds during the night and we were happy that our car didn’t get blown away.
Day 12: unfortunately, no hikes in this beautiful area. Waited for storm to pass until lunchtime, visited harbor with puffins**, drive to Egilsstadir (hot dog stop), continue to Seydisfjordur (kind of underwhelming town, the drive is gorgeous though) and, due to weather forecast, continue all the way to Djupivogur campsite.
Day 13: Incredible drive from Djupivogur to Höfn, stops at Hvalnes and Jökulsarlon. Hike at Mulagljufur***, camp at Svenifell.
Day 14: early-morning hike in Skaftafell**, continue to Kirjubaersklausur for campsite. Had to skip Fjardrargljufur due to weather, visited local swimming pool.
Day 15: yellow warning again. Continued to Vik for Skool Beans Coffee*, quick stop at Reynisfjara beach (red alert was on, so we didn’t go further than the sign), continue to Skogarfoss and hike part of Fimmvorduhals*, camp in Selfoss – swimming pool was closed unfortunately.
Day 16: Weather forecast was very bad, so we spent the day in Reykjavik. Walked around town, grabbed some coffees and visiting the local Sundhöll*. Camp at Mosskogar** (cash-only)
Day 17: Golden circle: hike at Thingvellir, look at Geysir, skipped Delfoss. Camp in Selfoss again.
Day 18: quick stop at Seljalandsfoss, ferry to Westman islands. Set up camp at Glamping&Camping** for the next 3 nights. Visited Brothers Brewery*.
Day 19: Kayak tour with Kayak-and-Puffins-company***. Visited local swimming pool* (trampoline slide was very nice) and watched a local handball game.
Day 20: Hike along volcanoes and coast**, visit brewery again, go to puffin bay**
Day 21: Ferry back to mainland. Drive back towards KEF. Drop-off campervan and spent night in Konvin Hotel. Early morning shuttle to airport (we arrived about 2h early for our 7 am flight and had plenty of time).
Of course, I’m very happy to answer any questions you might have!
Hope this is helpful to some of you :)
submitted by Proastandtoast to VisitingIceland [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 10:57 Kshousehakone Helpers wanted at a guesthouse

Hello, everyone! This is K’s House Hakone,a nice, comfy guesthouse in Hakone, Japan.We are looking for helpers who can help us with cleaning.
So far we have had many helpers come and stay with us. You can check out some of their reviews:

What you need to apply for this position
Working-holiday visa (we only accept applicants who have a working-holiday visa)
Cleaning experience (we prefer people who have cleaning experinence)
Stay at least one month
You will help with cleaning the whole hostel alongside our staff. This includes guest rooms and bathrooms, as well as the kitchen, lounge, and other common spaces.
You will work 4 hours a day, five days a week.
What you get
2 days off per week
You can have some free time for yourself. In the Hakone area, you can visit an active volcano. You can also enjoy a cruise on a beautiful lake. Also, you can go to the beach which is only 7 km away from the guesthouse.
Free accommodation in a Shared Dorm
You will have a comfortable bed in a dorm, sharing the same room with other travelers.
Free onsen
We have both indoor and outdoor onsen. You can enjoy them every day for free! The outdoor onsen is particularly beautiful. You can hear the birds singing while you relax in the onsen and feel the breeze. A great way to wind down after work.
Discounts on Accommodation
K's House has 13 hostels all over Japan. You can get discounts for your stays in our other hostels.
Check out all of our hostels::
Free Laundry
You can use the laundry machines as you wish
Free use of kitchen
You can use the kitchen if you like cooking
What's not included
Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa
Contact us
Please send your resume to [email protected]
Please introduce yourself and tell us when you want to start.
We are looking forward to hearing from you😊
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2023.06.07 10:49 ASGfan Episodic Review - The Odyssey (S5, E24)

Nice opening shot of water tumbling over the rocks as Dylan, a local boy, paints with Laura and Albert watching on. He paints portraits of nature and the water and things like that. He’s a regular Bob Ross! Dylan mentions of a dream to see the ocean as he promised his late father. Later at home, Dylan is working on a painting when he gets a nosebleed. Mom notes that’s the third one this week, so a trip to Doc Baker is in order. The next sequence is incredibly sad as Dylan is diagnosed with leukemia and Mom has trouble digesting the news. Dylan has met up with Laura and Albert outdoors again and announces plans to go see the ocean. On the way home, Albert informs Laura he will accompany Dylan. Laura wants to do the same but has some lingering doubts, so she asks Pa in the “What would you do if you had a month to live, I’m asking for a friend’ variety. Laura is now onboard with Albert in running away. If you’re going to run away, you call the experts.
CARRIE SCREEN TIME ALERT! Carrie finds a letter in one of her birthday presents and starts to read it. That’s a pretty ingenious way of getting Carrie to say her lines, actually. Laura stuffed a note in there about running away. The kids enlist the help of an older guy named Zeke to distract the rather angry train employee so they can illegally board the train to stow away. If the train employee isn’t scary enough, the threesome are quickly joined by another stowaway who looks like he’s on something. He steals their sandwiches, then a little later he makes a play for Dylan’s art case. I’m not sure if he’d be interested in art supplies, but Albert refuses to hand it over. The guy then tries to shove Albert off the train (!), but Laura pushes him off instead and helps Albert back on to the train. Charles catches up with Zeke, who blabs about where the kids are headed. Charles bops over to Hertz Rent-A-Horse and makes use of a train stop to catch up with the kids. Charles threatens whoopings for all of them. CHARLES INGALLS THREATENS TO BEAT OTHER PEOPLE’S TERMINALLY ILL CHILDREN! Dylan doesn’t want to go back. Charles tries to dissuade him, but quickly finds out it’s rather pointless to try and talk someone out of fulfilling their dying wish. CHARLES INGALLS HELPS CHILDREN RUN AWAY! Charles doesn’t have the money for a train (shock), so….CHARLES INGALLS ILLEGALLY BOARDS TRAINS AND HELPS CHILDREN TO STEAL!
The next morning, Dylan and Albert are the first ones up. Dylan mentions he’s hungry, so Albert goes over and cons a different train employee out of sandwiches, apples and milk. Charles is up by the time Albert returns and Pa gives his son what can best be described as a light slap on the wrist for stealing. Charles is all “well you stole the food, we might as well eat it.” CHARLES INGALLS KNOWINGLY USES STOLEN PROPERTY! Once again, meal time is interrupted, this time by the angry train employee from earlier. Charles actually thinks he can reason with him and justify the stealing, which is really stupid when you think about it. The train employee starts the eviction process, but…CHARLES INGALLS BEATS UP PEOPLE FOR DOING THEIR JOB AND ALMOST KILLS A MAN IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN! Charles actually wins a fight for a change. Must be a blue moon out. Pa lays it out very clear, saying he will pay back the money for the stolen food (but not the stolen fare!), and tells him nothing’s gonna stop them from seeing the ocean. I personally think they should have spit flying from Charles’ mouth for effect just like in the Grange-Chicago episode, but it still gets the point across.
The next morning, the quartet arrive in San Fran, just a few miles from their destination. They don’t seem to be in any particular hurry, stopping at the local mission for soup. Charles manages to hitch a ride with some guy I’ve never heard of named William Hearst or something. En route to the ocean, Charles holds Dylan’s hand and strokes the side of his face. Wha? Ah, the William Hearst guy owns a newspaper and wants to use Dylan’s story and offers to pay Charles for it. Charles declines, apparently thinking he has a magic transporter that will whisk them all away to the Grove when this is over. After some coaxing, Charles eventually accepts the money, though we never get to see if he makes good on his word to pay for any of the things he stole. And what happened to that horse? Anyways, Charles carries Dylan, who looks like he has taken a turn for the worse, to the Pacific Ocean (wouldn’t the Atlantic have been closer to Minnesota?) One has to wonder if that’s the ocean or just a collection of tears Charles has cried throughout this series. But I guess I shouldn’t make fun since Dylan gets his wish and now you’ll have to excuse me, because I have something in my eye.
THE JERRY SPRINGER FINAL THOUGHT -- This is my all-time favorite episode, which made it my all-time favorite review to do. A mixture of adventure and drama that blended well together. Sad, but with as happy of an ending that could be expected under the circumstances. Dylan was never seen or heard from again, although (sadly) the actor that played him -- Steve Shaw -- did die relatively young via a car accident in 1990. Charles committed crimes left and right, although he has that uncanny knack of bringing you over to his side of thinking. And Albert was a master con artist and grifter by this point.
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2023.06.07 09:57 DelilahLowry PDF Extra Lifetime Deal $49 - Read, Edit, Create, Combine, Sign & Convert PDFs

PDF Extra Lifetime Deal $49 - Read, Edit, Create, Combine, Sign & Convert PDFs
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2023.06.07 08:18 shahaambika12 The Bamboo Pillow: Unveiling The Secrets Of Nature's Best Sleep Companion

The Bamboo Pillow: Unveiling The Secrets Of Nature's Best Sleep Companion


In the quest for a good night’s sleep, we often overlook the importance of choosing the right pillow. Enter the bamboo pillow, a revolutionary sleep companion that harnesses the incredible properties of bamboo to offer unparalleled comfort and support. Made from eco-friendly materials, bamboo pillows have gained popularity due to their hypoallergenic nature and unique ability to regulate temperature. In this article, we will delve into the wonders of the bamboo pillow, exploring its benefits, features, and provide a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the perfect bamboo pillow for a blissful night of sleep.

Bamboo pillow

The Benefits Of Bamboo Pillows

1) Hypoallergenic Wonder:

The Bamboo pillows are a blessing for allergy sufferers. The natural properties of bamboo make it highly resistant to dust mites, mold, and other allergens, reducing the risk of allergic reactions during sleep. If you struggle with allergies or asthma, a bamboo pillow can provide much-needed relief.

2) Temperature Regulation:

Bamboo is known for its breathability and moisture-wicking abilities, making bamboo pillows excellent at regulating temperature. The unique structure of bamboo fibers allows for enhanced airflow, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleeping environment, even on hot summer nights.

3) Support and Comfort:

Bamboo pillows offer exceptional support to the head, neck, and shoulders, promoting proper spinal alignment. The shredded memory foam filling inside the pillow adjusts to your shape, providing customized support and relieving pressure points. With a bamboo pillow, you can wake up feeling refreshed and free from aches and pains.

Features of Bamboo Pillows

A) Bamboo Pillow Cover:

Bamboo pillow covers are typically made from a blend of bamboo viscose and polyester. These covers are silky-soft, hypoallergenic, and gentle on the skin. They are removable and machine-washable, making maintenance a breeze.

B) Shredded Memory Foam Filling:

Bamboo pillows often feature a filling of shredded memory foam, which molds to your contours, ensuring optimal comfort and support. The foam is breathable, allowing for excellent airflow and reducing the risk of overheating.

C) Adjustable Loft:

Many bamboo pillows offer adjustable loft options, allowing you to customize the pillow’s height and firmness to suit your preferences. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with different sleep positions or those who like to experiment with their pillow’s thickness.

The Buying Guide: Choosing The Perfect Bamboo Pillow

Determine Your Sleeping Preferences: Consider your sleeping position, firmness preferences, and any specific requirements you may have. Side sleepers may prefer a higher loft, while back and stomach sleepers may opt for a lower loft. Assess whether you have any neck or shoulder issues that require additional support.

· Check for Certifications and Quality:

Look for bamboo pillows that are CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals. Read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the quality and durability of the pillow. A reputable brand with positive feedback is more likely to deliver a reliable product.

· Assess the Pillow’s Loft Adjustability:

If you prefer the option to adjust the pillow’s loft, ensure the best bamboo pillow you choose offers this feature. Some pillows come with additional foam inserts or zippered compartments, allowing you to add or remove filling to achieve your desired height.

· Evaluate the Pillow’s Maintenance:

Consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the pillow. Look for a removable and machine-washable bamboo cover, which will help keep your pillow fresh and free from allergens. Check if the shredded memory foam filling is also machine-washable or if it requires spot cleaning.

· Price and Warranty:

Compare prices across different brands, keeping in mind that quality and features may vary. Look for warranties or return policies that provide reassurance in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.
Bamboo Pillows on Amazon: A Guide to a Blissful Night’s Sleep


The bamboo pillow offers a natural and sustainable solution for those seeking a restful night’s sleep. With its hypoallergenic properties, temperature regulation, and exceptional support, it has gained recognition as a top sleep accessory. By understanding the benefits and features of bamboo pillows and following our comprehensive buying guide, you can make an informed decision and choose the perfect bamboo pillow tailored to your needs. Embrace the wonders of nature and experience a new level of comfort and rejuvenation with the incredible bamboo pillow.
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2023.06.07 06:44 CawllegeOfficial I have found the cause of the recent poisoning incidents!

I have found the cause of the recent poisoning incidents!
To explain, I was having a most lovely conversation with our own Lady Rosehearts. She was questioning if my school is safe for her son. As such, I had asked if Rosehearts himself wanted to leave. He is more then at an age to where he is able to make his down decisions, after all
But alas! According to Mrs. Rosehearts, he wanted to leave! That had struck me as odd. Why would our own housewarden of Heartslabyul wish to leave? Leave his dorm, leave his friends? Why would he wish to leave the people he has put in so much work to help?
As such! I decided it was imperative to ask him myself. Yet I wouldn't be allowed to. Lady Rosehearts had told me he was sick, and as such would not be allowed to see him. I had gotten even more worried, for you see, I had heard nothing of him showing any early symptoms of any illness. I had even questioned his teachers on this! But then I had the thought that is offly similar to when multiple students were poisoned during Spade's birthday party.
In fact, I went to double check, and though Rosehearts had done no more then bring a child to attend said party, he had fell ill on the very same day! As such, I had begun to rush to Heartslabyul. There, I begun to speak with both Rosehearts.
I had also acquired quite the interesting item from Lady Rosehearts purse. The vial shown in the picture. This potion - or rather poison - is the cause of not only Rosehearts current "illness" as well as the poisonings from a few days ago. It is known as Ocean's Breeze. It is a mild poison, one in which leads to no lasting consequences, but a poison nonetheless.
As such, Lady Rosehearts has proven herself to be a danger to our students. I must ask her to leave, immediately. If she does not comply, we may have to resort to more forceful methods.
Ah, by the way, Rosehearts has said that he does not wish to leave NRC
I shall now take my leave, I must figure out a way to remove the effects of Lady Rosehearts UM from me
~Your illustrious headmage, Dire Crowley
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2023.06.07 05:33 AbbeyRoadMoonwalk People admit the weirdest stuff in reviews sometimes. Was looking at the Breeze litter system from a reco from this sub.

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2023.06.07 05:22 KingFahad360 Return the Slab or suffer my Curse!

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2023.06.07 05:20 KingFahad360 Has King Ramses Curse taught us nothing?

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2023.06.07 05:13 Technicolor_Reindeer Seeing a new dentist and told I have five cavities.

So my old dental office stopped accepting my insurance so I had to switch providers. I picked a new location that has pretty good reviews and is close to my home so I figured why not.
So I go in for my bi-annual cleaning and get told after x rays and exam that I have five cavities. I'm pretty shocked. They showed me on the screen that I have a visible tiny hole on one of my molars.
Now if they had told me I had one or two I wouldn't be questioning it much, my last dentist was seeing it as a problem area and had me on fluoride toothpaste as a wait and see process. But five?
I had one cavity as a child (in a baby tooth) and didn't have another until I was in my late 20's. I've had three fillings in total as an adult over a period of a few years, I can't help but be paranoid about suddenly being told I have five at once. My diet/teeth cleaning habits haven't changed much over the years.
I want to seek a second opinion but I've never done that before and am paranoid thinking how would I know if I can trust a second opinion either? I hate the feeling.
Any advice appreciated.
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