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2023.03.25 11:42 Acqirs What have they done to the roblox acc??? Sorry for mobile view, on holiday atm.

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2023.03.25 11:42 IShunpoYourFace Clutch pedal becomes hard to press after pumping it and clutch does not disengage

I was stuck in traffic, pressed and released clutch multiple times in really short period(5times in like 2-3sec) and it became hard to press with no hydraulic feedback just like plain old spring and did not disengage with floored clutch pedal. Pedal did go all the way with no restriction but really hard like something got stuck on other side. I drove it without a clutch with rev matching to first free parking spot and parked. After like 10mins everything came back to how it was. While it was stiff and not working, when I pressed it there was change in sound near transmission.
Another mechanic keeps saying that friction plate is worn because biting point is on high side(not fully on top but on high side which i can) but new set was put like 2 months ago and biting point was high since replacement. Im currently not able to get to mechanic who did the clutch set.
I'm thinking that the problem is probably somewhere in cylinders or pressure plate. It still does not get in my head that its working all okay now.
I remember in my old(all hydraulic clutch), I used to press and release clutch pedal fast while i was stuck in traffic and nothing happened.
Any thoughts?
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2023.03.25 11:42 REalR55 Investing in stocks and shares amid recession fears

Hey all!
My saving strategy has consisted mostly of paying into managed funds (vanguard) as most of my investments had been for the long term 5-10 years.
I have around 40k cash and I am looking to invest it but am conscious that we are heading into a recession. With the current uncertainty are stock prices generally expected to fall and thus waiting to invest in a fund would be wiser? Whilst I wait I can put the money into a savings account/ premium bonds so it at least isn’t just sitting there.
I understand trying to predict the market can be detrimental to investing and as long as you are flexible with your goals anytime is as good as another to invest in a fund.
Any advice or sharing of relevant personal experience greatly appreciated, thanks!
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2023.03.25 11:42 Ordinary_Traffic4271 Please Help

I have a bachelor’s degree in biology and my mlt. Certificate that I recently received. I was able to get a job at the same site where I did my rotation. That job was a part time job. I left that job and took a job offer elsewhere that offered me full time day shift with a pay that was 4 dollars less that my old job. After I put in my two weeks, the new job called me and told me that a mistake was made on the offer. They consider me an MLT and was offered 12 dollars less now than my old job.
I don’t know what to do at this point. I am very confused. I don’t know if I should look elsewhere or stick around for a year and take my MT test but I will be working only in microbiology at this current job.
The pay rate, they are offering me is so low that I won’t even be able to afford childcare with that.
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2023.03.25 11:42 felix_using_reddit [Friendship] 19/M breaking free from my cultural bubble

Not sure if this is the right subreddit for this but it’s the best I could find so…. if you do snap streaks and were raised + currently live in a country that is not mainly English or German speaking, but still know either of those to an extent you can fluently communicate with me (which, if you can read this text without the help of any kind of translator, is already a given I think) please add me on snap & send me your streaks :) I want to break free from my cultural bubble
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2023.03.25 11:41 BatterednFried ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4, Ryzen 5-3600 and 32Gb Corsair RAM post boot looping

Hi all,
as the per the title :-)
No issues running 2 x 8Gb (16Gb) of 2666 RAM in slots A1-A2, bought two more stick of same, post boot loop, never sees windows. return RAM. purchase a matched ram kit or 4 x 8GB 2666 Corsair (CMW32GX4M4A2666C10 which is definitely on the supported list this time.
No joy, just boot loops before even posting (does not reach F2), need to remove all RAM and leave it in Slot A1 for the system to recover boot. Also did try leaving it in the boot cycle for about 15 min, also no joy.
Board is currently on 7.40 Firmware and I am back to the original 2x8GB RAM sticks, have tried a reset to defaults and using XMP loaded profiles to set the memory, all works fine with new or old memory until I populate B1/B2. I have been able to get it to a recovery boot with an 8Gb chip in B1 so I believe the slots are good.
This is the third lot of RAM I have tried to get it to 32Gb (the others were not on the list) but this is the officially supported set.
Suspect that it's a board issue and will need a new board, but I have seem some mention of an AMD Training feature, can't for the life of me find anything like that in the BIOS settings.
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2023.03.25 11:41 Optimal-Fig3388 Uworld

How much of the uwolrd should I complete before going to give the exam . Currently I am at 40 % done with 64% correct . A month left for the exam ? I am getting anxious by the thought of not getting it done . Any help is appreciated , thanks in advance !
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2023.03.25 11:40 kriz1998 Turkish foreign minister send a congratulatory message for Greece's national day today.

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2023.03.25 11:40 Tau9thYIKES What line should I pick?

The past few days I've been grinding one line that I'd thought I'd like but then switching halfway through to grind a different line. I'm sort of stuck on what to grind for, but here's my list and my reasons for wanting to grind the line.
- Is-4 line (supertank that almost has medium speed, currently at the Kv-3)
- Czech heavy line(really enjoyed italian line with autoloaders, so I thought having an autoloader slightly tankier might be fun)
- British heavy line (Grinded this line years back in 2015 on console, but only got to stock black prince which was unbearable)
- Italian TD line (autoloaders with even stronger guns than the mediums?)
- Polish line (First line I got to tier 10 with was the E 100 line and 60tp seems similar with the alpha damage)
- French heavy line
- American heavy line (T57)

Which line should I pick? I really enjoyed the autoloader route but I love to play supertanks so I can't really decide.
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2023.03.25 11:39 rMasterBuilder248 CB #4 - Multi-Class & Buildings

Its been 2 years since I began my Crazy Balance sets in this sub. I've come a long way since then and it reflects in my balance today. I hope you like what you see.
Welcome. Please give feedback to this post if something is wrong.
This time its a bit different than usual. Hope you like it!

Reserve Shooter

3 clip size, 36 max secondary ammo, Base: 60, Crit: 180 (6 damage x 10 pellet)
(+) +25% more accurate
(+) +33% faster deploy and holstering speed
(+) deals Mini-Crit damage to airborne targets or while the wielder is airborne
(i) can only Mini-Crit during a 6 sec. duration after deployed
(-) -50% smaller clip size

Reason: A clean switch speed and some more accuracy will help this gun pop up more in Soldier's arsenal. I've also decided to take in the possibility of returning airblast as a Mini-Crit option.

B.A.S.E. Jumper

2 clip size, ∞ max ammo
(i) allows the user to open a parachute while in the air, slowing their descent
(i) user can also release the current parachute and activate another one
(+) guaranteed fall damage immunity after using a charge
(-) activating another parachute while airborne consumes 1 parachute ammo
(i) after using up all parachutes, it has to recharge (about 10 sec. or with ammo pickups) to be used again

Reason: This item was hammered too hard. Now, it can redeploy the chute again, but it'll cost some recharge time

Pain Train

Base: 53, Crit: 158
(i) Alt-Fire: (respective of the individual class)
(i) press Reload to charge at 300% speed in a straight line for 1 sec. (can stack with other mobility items). During the charge, the next melee swing is a guaranteed 100% damage bonus (damage bonuses do not stack). Smashing into an enemy deals 50 damage
(i) recharges after 12 sec.
(+) user has a 2x capture rate on points & carts and triggers the briefcase alarm 2 sec. later when carrying it
(-) raises damage vulnerability by 15%
(-) -25% less damage

Reason: The Pain Train needed more. It was just specific with its use, but also really didn't lose anything for it. Now, feel the pain when a Soldier comes charging


Base: 70, Crit: 210
(i) Alt-Fire and Reload: (respective of the individual class)
(+) +50% longer melee range
(+) on kill: heals 50% of user's base health. Can overheal up to 150% of the user's health (max: 263 (D), 300 (S/DK), 330 (SBB))
(i) overheal fades after 30 sec.
(-) Honorbound: once drawn, this weapon will holster for -50 HP unless it kills
(-) -30% slower firing speed
(i) a single hit will kill an enemy wielding the same weapon

Reason: Just a small boost for better use on Soldier and Demoman

Panic Attack

6 clip size, 36 max secondary ammo, Base: 72, Crit: 216 (4.8 damage x 15 pellets)
(+) +50% more pellets per shot
(+) +50% faster deploy speed
(-) -20% less damage
(-) -50% less accurate

Reason: With Random Bullet Spread gone, the downside of widening your already bigger spread became unnecessary. But it was also needed to list the accuracy nerf that it had

Sentry Gun

New (only Level 3):
Bullets: 200 clip size, N/A max ammo, Base: 16 (8 rounds/sec.)
Rockets: 20 clip size, N/A max ammo, Base: 4 x 25
(i) Damage-type: Bullet
(i) costs 120 + 400 metal to build
(i) has 210 health
(i) raises revolver damage resistance by 25% when sapped
(i) has a 20% Minigun resistance
(i) destroyed buildings drop 50% of their original building cost as scrap metal which can also refill ammo and cloak (4 x 7.5% = 30% ammo/metal/cloak)
(i) constructs itself in 12 sec. without Wrench interference (4.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) redeploys in 4 sec. without Wrench interference (1.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) ramp-up (150%): 24 damage, fall-off (50%): 8 damage
(i) firing speed: 0.12 sec. (8 x 0.12 sec. = 0.96 sec.)
(i) Wrangler firing speed: 0.06 sec. (16 x 0.06 sec. = 0.96)
(i) DPS: 128 damage, Wrangler: 256 damage
(i) ramp-up (150%): 4 x 38 damage, fall-off (50%): 4 x 13 damage
(i) firing cool-down: 3 sec.
(i) Wrangler firing cool-down: 1.5 sec.

Reason: The Sentry Gun is the building you think of first when you look at Engineer. Its powerful, but it has some tweaking due. On the one hand improvements to later firing speeds, on the other slow-downs for building and early development


200 clip size, N/A max ammo, Base: 8 (6 rounds/sec.)
(i) Damage-type: Bullet
(i) costs 100 metal to build
(i) has 100 health
(i) raises revolver damage resistance by 25% when sapped
(i) constructs itself in 4.5 sec. without Wrench interference (1.6875 sec. with Stock)
(i) redeploys in 1.5 sec. without Wrench interference (0.5625 sec. with Stock)
(i) ramp-up (150%): 12 damage, fall-off (50%): 4 damage
(i) firing speed: 0.16 sec. (6 x 0.16 sec. = 0.96 sec.)
(i) Wrangler firing speed: 0.08 sec. (12 x 0.08 sec. = 0.96)
(i) DPS: 48 damage, Wrangler: 96 damage

Reason: The Mini-Sentry is now adjusted to the changes of its big brother, now with much faster firing than before, but a slower building time


New (only Level 3):
(i) costs 100 + 400 metal to build
(i) has 210 health
(i) raises revolver damage resistance by 25% when sapped
(i) destroyed buildings drop 50% of their original building cost as scrap metal which can also refill ammo and cloak (5 x 5% = 25% ammo/metal/cloak)
(i) constructs itself in 12 sec. without Wrench interference (4.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) redeploys in 4 sec. without Wrench interference (1.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) effect radius: 130 HU
(i) can hold up to 400 metal max.
(i) health generation: 20/sec.
(i) ammo generation: 40%/sec.
(i) metal generation: 60/5 sec.
(i) cloak generation: 15%/sec.

Reason: The Dispenser just needs to build/deploy faster and it makes building so much faster


New (only Level 3):
(i) costs 25 + 200 metal to build
(i) has 210 health
(i) teleporters display their cooldown timer to your teammates
(i) raises revolver damage resistance by 25% when sapped
(i) destroyed buildings drop 50% of their original building cost as scrap metal which can also refill ammo and cloak (4 x 3.125% = 12.5% ammo/metal/cloak)
(i) constructs itself in 12 sec. without Wrench interference (4.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) redeploys in 4 sec. without Wrench interference (1.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) recharges time: 2.5 sec.

Reason: The Teleporters suffer the same speed problem as the Dispenser. This general build time will help it so much

Thank you for all your work and feedback. I'm MasterBuilder248 and this was Crazy Balance. I hope you liked it and I'll see you later!
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2023.03.25 11:38 kinzaa-interior Top Interior Designers in Mumbai - Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai - Kinzaa

Top Interior Designers in Mumbai - Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai - Kinzaa
Kinzaa is a well-known interior designers firm in Mumbai that specializes in creating exceptional residential spaces. They are known for their unique and innovative designs that blend functionality and aesthetics to create living spaces that are both comfortable and stylish. Their team of top interior designers in Mumbai is composed of skilled professionals who are passionate about design and committed to creating bespoke solutions for each client. They work closely with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and lifestyle, and tailor their designs to meet those specific requirements.

Interior Designers in Mumbai - Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai - Kinzaa
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2023.03.25 11:38 RedStylzZ Browser no hardware acceleration

Hey guys,
I've recently installed EndeavourOS and wanted to get a little bit familiar with desktop linux after using a linux server as a homeserver for a while. But new things rarely come without issues :D
I have a problem with my browser setup or graphic setup I think.I wanted to watch a YouTube video, but it was barely possible because my system started lagging horribly. In htop I saw that while watching the video my CPU usage rose very high (70-80%) from about 5-10% usage. The problem appears on every streaming platform. I went to brave://gpu and saw that WebGPU and Vulkan is disabled. Also the option Video Encode says "Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled"
Here you see the current stats:
This is the brave nightly build. But that doesn't seem to be the problem. I also tried it on edge and firefox without success...
My laptop components are: CPU: Intel i7-1165G7 GPU: Intel Xe Graphics 96EUs (i915 module) RAM: 16GB
I currently have these intel, mesa or vulkan packages installed:
Does anyone of you have a solution for this problem?
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2023.03.25 11:38 n3kor4pist Video in theater mode takes up the whole tab size

Video in theater mode takes up the whole tab size
Anyone know how to fix Youtube's stupid update in making it so the video takes up the whole tab in theater mode, I want to be able to watch the entire video and see the title.
Pic of how it currently looks like
Image of how I want it to look like (how theater mode used to work)
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2023.03.25 11:38 ElectricalAd5201 Australian Cup Day 2023 Live @Reddit?

Looking for early info on this year’s Australian Cup? The tipsters at Neds have put together
everything you need to know before this year’s race.
Run over 2,000 meters each March at Flemington Racecourse, the Australian Cup is a Group 1
classic run and won since 1863.
Live Here:
It was previously held on ‘Super Saturday’ at headquarters alongside the Group 1 Newmarket
Handicap (1200m) but was moved to its own feature race meeting later in the month ahead of
the 2023 edition.
The Group 2 Peter Young Stakes (1800m) held earlier during the Melbourne Autumn Racing
Carnival is the key lead-up into the Australian Cup and Fiorente (2014) was the last galloper to
complete the double.
The weight-for-age feature currently offers $3 million in prize money after having its stakes
increased for 2023, and many turf greats have taken out the event including in recent times
Northerly (2001, 2003) and current race record holder Makybe Diva (2005) best known for her
historic Melbourne Cup three-peat.
The late, great ‘Cups’ King’ Bart Cummings famously won the Australian Cup on 13 occasions
with his last success being in 2008 with Sirmione.
In 2022 Duais won the Australian Cup before a next-up victory in Sydney’s Group 1 Tancred
Stakes (2400m), while the form was also franked by the runner-up Think It Over who won the
Group 1 Queen Elizabeth Stakes (2000m) at Randwick during April’s The Championships.
TAB Australian Cup Day 2023 Flemington
Saturday 25 March 2023
Flemington Racecourse
On its new home on the last Saturday in March TAB Australian Cup Day will be a pivotal day on
the racing calendar and a fitting finale to the Flemington Racing Spectacular.
Another feature race day and a spectacular finale
On its new home on the last Saturday in March TAB Australian Cup Day will be a pivotal day on
the racing calendar and a fitting finale to the Flemington Racing Spectacular.
The $3 million Group 1 TAB Australian Cup (2000m) counts many of the greats of the Australian
turf on its honour roll - legends such as Dulcify Bonecrusher Vo Rogue Better Loosen Up Let's
Elope Saintly Octagonal Northerly Lonhro Makybe Diva and Zipping. Last year's edition was
taken out by Duais.
Also featuring is the Listed Roy Higgins (2600m) with a new prizemoney purse of $500000 and
an eagerly sought-after Golden Ticket for the winner into the 2023 Lexus Melbourne Cup.
And of course the last Saturday in March presents the last chance to enjoy the thrills and tastes
of the Flemington Fareground! Look out for the $5 fries and $5 large beef pies available from
food outlets across the course.
Kick on after the last race as Paris Lawrence will be on the decks to keep the party going for our
'Front Lawn Party Hour'.
Group 1 TAB Australian Cup (2000m)
Atrium Tiered
Dining Room
General Admission
Mates Rates
Members Enclosure Daily Ticket
Picnic Pod
Straight Six
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2023.03.25 11:38 hewedhumerusHiccups Would asking about the possibility of relocation reduce the opportunities of getting an offer/cause a company to rescind their offer?

I feel severely burnt out in my current job and therefore am seeking new employment. I hold one offer and have an interview scheduled for next Monday.
Here's the deal: I am in HK but have plans to work in Canada before March next week. The duration of my stay is undetermined but would be at least one year to fulfill some requirements. Actually, I still haven't been even issued a visa (the application is still processing, though it's pretty much at the very last stage), so technically I can't even say anything with surety...
I currently hold an offer with Company A. They know nothing about my plans for Canada. It is an international company but according to its website, it does not have a Canadian office. However, I do see on LinkedIn that there are people from company A working in Canada. I am having a call with the hiring manager next week to clarify some questions I have about the offer. Should I bring up my plans and ask about the possibility of relocation during the call? Is there a chance that they'd reconsider or rescind their offer to me?
I have an interview upcoming Monday with Company B. It is more international and according to their website, they do have an office in Canada. I read one employer's story that the company has been very flexible and supportive in her past 3 relocations within her career so I feel hopeful. Should I ask about the possibility of relocation during the interview? Would this lower my chances of getting an offer?
I'm not even asking for a relocation package because it is me who wants to be relocated. (or should I still expect one?) All I hope for is that they'd be able to provide employment in Canada -- that way I have one less thing to worry about. Worst-case scenario, I'd just quit and seek alternative employment in a new company in Canada, but it might not look so good on my resume. Also, if the new job turns out to be a good fit, I'd definitely want to keep it.
I just feel like an employer would appreciate it if the employee is transparent and honest from the onset. My main concern is that mentions of my unconfirmed plans would lower my chances of employment, which is NOT something I want since I desperately want to leave my current soul-sizzling job.
OR -- given my priorities, is it wiser to keep my mouth shut now and work at my new job till it's closer to 2024, discuss relocation possibilities only then or directly seek employment in Canada where a relocation package is offered? Any advice is appreciated!
Note that I'm junior in the work field and the positions for both companies do not require specialized skills.
TL;DR: I plan to move to Canada (temporary or not) early next year and gain at least one year of employment there. I currently hold an offer with company A but they do not know my plans for Canada. I have an upcoming interview with Company B. Both companies have international offices. Should I ask casually about the possibility of relocation while discussing with Company A about the offer and during the interview with Company B?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.25 11:37 eta10_see_no_evil Usurper rebellion wars

When the king dies and has no more in his clan there shoukd be other nobles wanting to compete for the throne, creating usurper rebellion wars. Basically if (X side wins) against (Y side) they shall become the current king of the kingdom, however the capital wont change, (basically if X side with a different capital from the original kingdom wins against Y side with the original capital, the capital of X side will be the original capital)
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2023.03.25 11:37 partizan502 Controlling allergens

Hi all!
My roommate and I just adopted an adorable kitty named Giza. It is my first time having a pet so I am ecstatic. The only problem with this is that my girlfriend is quite allergic to cats.
We are long distance so she would only come a few times a year for a few days, but either way I want to take the necessary precautions for her or anyone else I know who has allergies.
Currently I don’t let her into my room (where gf/guest would sleep), I vacuum whole apartment once a week, I plan to let her stay w/ a friend or in my roommates room while guest is over, and I have a couch cover. While these are super manageable, I have started to get a little obsessive with some things. When I’m in areas where the cat is I wear sweatshirt/pants which I then take off in my room so as to not get hairs to spread. I have also considered buying the Purina allergen-reducing food, brushing her everyday, and using an allergen-reducing dry shampoo.
Basically I’m starting to go a little insane worrying about dander getting out of control (particularly in my bedroom), so I am wondering what the best way to control it would be without going overboard?
TLDR: need to control allergens in apartment for occasional guests who may stay over a few days. I do the easy stuff like vacuum and dont let her into my room but also go a little overboard worrying about hairs/dander (like not wearing outside clothes into my bedroom). Is there a way to minimize the chance of a reaction without being so cautious?
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2023.03.25 11:37 thebloodyhouse421 ServiceNow AppEngine Studio vs. ServiceNow Studio IDE

As a beginner in the ServiceNow ecosystem, I've been experimenting with different tools for building apps on the platform, and I've found myself enjoying the ServiceNow Studio IDE more than the newer ServiceNow AppEngine Studio. However, I'm curious to know what current employees in the industry prefer, and what employers are looking for in terms of skills and experience.
So, my questions are:
  1. What do ServiceNow employers care more about: experience with the older ServiceNow Studio IDE, or familiarity with the newer ServiceNow AppEngine Studio?
  2. What do ServiceNow employees generally prefer using for app development, and why?
  3. As a beginner, which tool should I focus on learning first, and why?
I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this topic! Thank you in advance for any insights you can share.
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2023.03.25 11:37 The_God_SJB Root Recession

I recently had a consultation with my surgeon and I was told that having a SARPE would be a risk for me due to tooth root reabsorption from previous brace treatment.
The surgeon is happy with my bite even though I have an anterior cross-bite. My upper teeth sit slightly inside my lower teeth
Currently the plan is to go forward with a bimax in 2 months time.
Would a 3 piece lefort during the bimax be a solution with less risk than the SARPE.
The goal is to keep me in braces for as little time as possible. Should I discuss the option of having this all done at the same time?
This is being done on the NHS so I’m not sure if the 3 piece lefort during Bimax is part of the routine procedures.
This treatment is to deal with OSA, will there be a benefit to getting the expansion sorted or should I accept this crossbite?
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2023.03.25 11:37 Mother_Emergency1455 AITA for telling my sister she's going to lose her daughter over the grudge she keeps carrying?

My sister Viv has a daughter named Serenity. I'll call her Sera for the post. So when Sera was 7 her dad passed away. Her dad walked out the door to work that morning and got into an accident which cost him and two others their lives. Viv was shell shocked. She and Sera's dad were high school sweethearts who had Sera the year after they finished college. Sera and her dad were as close as could be and his loss rocked her. About a year later Viv met her current husband Michael. A year after they started dating they introduced Sera and Michael's daughter Mia to each other. Sera was 9 at the time and asked her mom not to keep dating Michael and not to be Mia's stepmom. She told Viv she wanted her to herself and didn't want to be second choice to her. Viv, instead of showing concern that Sera would feel that way, or even ask some questions about where that was coming from, called her selfish and told her she was a child who had no idea how the world worked and would not get to be selfish by denying another kid a mom. She also told her Michael was looking forward to being her stepdad and that she'd be better off having another dad and a sister for the first time.
I remember at the time telling Viv that she had felt the very same way when our dad married our stepmom. And we didn't even lose our mom to death, she just left our lives. Viv was especially angry that our stepmom had two kids of her own and didn't want anything to do with them. She said she was a selfish little bitch back then too and realizes now they were the best thing to happen to us.
Sera is 16 now and she's in high school. Mia is 15 and also in high school. The girls are not close. I think both still see themselves as only children and they're not claiming each other from what I know. Viv has held onto what Sera said as a 9 year old girl who lost her dad and was scared to lose her mom, and because she and Mia aren't close, she brings it up to her constantly and accuses her of trying to get her way by not embracing Mia. Michael, I have come to realize, just wanted someone to raise his daughter, and is not really involved all that deeply in anything related to his marriage to Viv or being a parent to either girl, even Mia.
Sera told me, my husband and my MIL (who acts as another grandma to her) that she feels like her mom hates her and that she wishes she could move out. She told me she can see now that Mia is more important to her and that unless she loves Mia and adopts her as a real sister she'll never have her mom back. She also told me she wishes she had never said anything to Viv and how much it makes her wish her dad was still around. Viv didn't like how much time Sera was spending with us, confronted me and I told her she would lose her daughter if she doesn't get over this grudge and accept that her child just wanted to experience less change after such a big loss. Viv said I was ruining her family. She also called me a bitch.
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2023.03.25 11:36 namelessusernam3 My (f 29) boyfriend (m30) isn’t honoring boundaries with his coworker (f late 20?)

We been together a year. In the earlier stage of our relationship, there have been issues with boundaries/trust. But we have since talked extensively about it and haven’t had any new issues until today.
My bf works for a small company, and one of his female coworkers has asked him multiple times to get drinks, coffee, etc. He typically either ignores the text or gives non committal response. She never ask to hang in the context of a group, but 1 on 1 basis. My gut feeling tells me she’s interested in him, and I told my bf this. But he doesn’t think so. I even offered once, that he could respond with asking to bring me. That way I could get a feel for her, but he chose instead to ignore her text asking to hang.
Recently, this girl has left their job. She texted him she wanted to stay in touch, to which he replied “yeah for sure :)!”. I did not like this response, but he said it was one of those things you say just to say not bc you intend on following through. So I left it alone.
Few weeks pass by, and she text him this Monday about a certification they both want to take for their job. He engages in convo with her but stopped responding when she ask to hang out. He doesn’t tell me about this when it happened though.
Few days later, she texts him AGAIN talking about the work certification and he engages in convo with her about it. She then says they should meet and catch up. This time though he says “I’m down”, she follows up asking what day would work best for him. And he didn’t respond back.
I accidentally found out about all of this! He tells me he honestly just forgot to tell me about it and he intended on letting me know and just caving in and having all 3 of us hang. I blow up and tell him if he doesn’t shut her down right now there would be no more discussion. He then text her “ I don’t think we should hang out”.
Even though their convo wasn’t inappropriate, he still did not enforce boundaries. This is making it really hard for me to believe in more aggressive situations (esp if it was a girl he was attracted/interested in) he would handle himself correctly.
Idk what to do, I’m debating currently if we should break up. Idk if there’s a way to work through this, any suggestions please?!
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2023.03.25 11:36 Frarod17 Should I persue an physical MBA or an Online MBA?

For some background I have a full time job as a HR in a well reputed NBFC. I've been here for 1 year and 8 months. I have 9 months of internship experience in HR prior to that too.
My qualifications are BCOM.
My current CTC is 2.16 LPA which is way too less. Should I go for an full time MBA or should I go for a online MBA (I've heard NMIMS is good) while I continue working?
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