Can ford edge pull a trailer

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2008.12.25 00:33 The Place For All Things Ford Mustang

A sub dedicated to the world's most popular pony car. If you love Ford Mustangs and just about anything related to them, you can probably find something interesting here on a daily basis.

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Subreddit for all about Fox Mustangs from 1979-1993. Share pictures, ask questions, or start conversations about Ford's Mustangs from 1979-1993.

2013.05.15 05:11 nacho93303 For all the technical stuff!

This is a subreddit that caters to the Mustang owner that is building a street machine, drag racer, or is just plain curious about anything mechanical in their ride. Share stories, converse about performance shops, Modular vs. Pushrod arguments, and everything in between!

2023.06.08 00:04 Lets-go-there Am I the asshole AITA #AITA

Hey guys, I need some advice. This is a throw away account and will probably be deleted later. I’m going to give some background context before getting to the main part so bare with me.
I have and at this stage am a swimming teacher and have been for 10 years. I’m also studying in the health industry. I have been working at the company I am employed at for the last 5years. I am also a carer for my parents.
Yesterday I was pulled into the office to have a meeting with 2 managers after being away on placement for a month. I’ve literally been back for 4 shifts. In the past one of the managers and I haven’t seen eye to eye but I’ve been calm on my part. I was pulled in because of a comment I made to my supervisor. The comment I made was for verbatim ‘There’s been a little bit of regression in the class, their kicks haven’t been worked on.’ The teacher who was given my shifts heard this when I was talking to my supervisor. She has been a teacher for two months. She then logged a complaint with the manager over it. For context we had families put their classes on hold, threaten to quit and cancel classes because the teaching given over that month was (and I quote from the supervisors that told me) ‘not up to or near the standard that they want, are used to or you give.’
I was also pulled up about asking the pool deck if they thought that a child had been moved up too early, because I thought they had. For context this child is 2 levels above where they should be. I’m not the only teacher to do this and as instructors we often ask each other their thoughts because we want a second opinion. I’m pretty strict with my move ups, so often ask for a second opinion. I am also one of the teachers that trains a fair few of then new instructors, I have no issue with that. I’m also often asked by the manager whom is not a swimming instructor and other pool decks my thoughts on other teachers and where their weaknesses are. Whenever I’m asked I point out to them on the lesson plans, what is and isn’t going right and what needs to be worked on. It is often followed by me saying that ‘they probably need a bit more training.’ Everyone does because when you feel like there’s nothing left to learn, you shouldn’t be in this industry.
All of this was brought up in a meeting. I said if someone has an issue with what I have said, approach me about it and we can have a conversation and I’ll actively go out of my way to apologise and not do the same thing twice. I was then told I was intimidating to some of the new teachers. This may be the case but I’m confident in what I do and the people whom I’ve been told are intimidated by me are also the ones whom have never had a conversation outside of the pool with me. I stated this to the managers.
I know that one of these managers has had it out for me since I stood up to her after she called me on the phone abusing me after I sent a text telling her that I was underpaid. We had a meeting after that (that I recorded) with her stating that she was out of line, shouldn’t have yelled at me and needs to stop saying to other staff that I’m intimidating and a bit of a bitch. There have also been multiple occasions where the supervisor and managers have agreed that children have been moved up too early and there isn’t much consistency between the teachers and move ups from other supervisors. There have also been multiple occasions where the manager has said to other staff while the teacher is not present that quote ‘they are a bad teacher. They are a sh!t teacher.’ Which other staff have also said on multiple occasions about different teachers, but nothing has ever come from it.
I have been stood down while they get letters from the two people these situations involve on grounds of bullying. I know that they are trying to sack me, I’ve seen them do this kind of thing before. My question is, am I the bully and the asshole?
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2023.06.08 00:04 Jay8088 Got my shirt - thoughts on size

It's tough buying t-shirts online - there is so much variation in sizes. I got my shirt today and figured it might help someone make their decision. In any case, buy some merch - support the band! (You know you've got an mp3 or two that didn't cost you a penny...)
I got a large drip skull shirt. I'm 6'2" about 200lbs, I prefer my shirts just a little loose. Not huge or baggy, but I can't stand tight spots. The shirt is a Gildan softstyle. In terms of weight or fabric thickness, it seems right in the middle. Not super light weight, not super thick or heavy. Perfect, in my opinion.
I'll be able to wear the shirt, but it won't be a favorite of mine in terms of fit and how it feels on me. I won't dare dry it, I'm afraid if it shrinks any I won't be able to stand wearing it. (It'll happen eventually... I fear that day.) It's right on the edge of being snug, but not quite too snug. I'm going to get another shirt and I'll go for extra large for the next one. That should be just right for my preferences. (Hoping the shirt is the same Gildan softstyle for that one.)
Biggest gripes for me is the collar fits right up on my neck, just a little too snug. Then the sleeve length is about 1" shorter than I would prefer.
None of these things make this shirt unwearable for me - but it's right on the border. IF you are someone who prefers your shirts a little more on the loose side, I'd say go a size up.
The length is great for me, it's slightly longer than my other shirts (but not the longest.) I can raise my arms above my head and it just barely covers my hard-earned belly (at 200lbs... oof.)
Hoping my rambling and borderline tactile issues help another fan out! (Go buy shirts and merch now, please.)
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2023.06.08 00:04 Plastic-Arm-2412 When do they really start to get proactive in recovery?

When do they really start to get proactive in recovery? (Posted in porn free relationshis too but i know here is more active)
My pa has been in recovery since January. It feels like he will do what he feels is necessary and convenient for him to do with his recovery but it feels like the bare minimum. He listens to the pbse podcast and dare to connect sessions (as do I) He has tried with sa but doesn't relate so doesn't have a sponsor or a group. He has therapy once a month. If the therapist sends him worksheets he doesn't do them till last minute and then not really in depth. He has read some books. He does journal and will try to do a check in every day although he misses some days. I have been printing off the assignments from d2c since January and only tonight did he look at the first one.
He keeps having emotional relapses where he will get defensive invalidate my feelings and go distant/cold. I am focusing on my own recovery I no longer have the energy to keep rescuing our relationship so I leave it up to him. He has no clue at all how to get back to a place of connection and stay there/ride the ups and downs. Despite having lots of resources at his finger tips. It's like he needs constant boundaries to push against then the fall out of me upholding them and pulling him up finally pushes him in to any action at all to see or address anything.
He is losing me. Its been our entire relationship his been in addiction (10 years) I am exhausted and bored. I am ready to move on. But it's like he needs a rocket up his bum to get him going and to see he is losing me. He tells me mixed messages of maybe it should be over so I can finally move on. Then how he doesn't want that and he can change.
This is such a long slow lonely process. If we didn't have children, a house and intertwined finances I'd just tell him to go and do his recovery somewhere else. I deserve Peace and happiness not a mopey man wandering the house without a clue what he is doing. I am already raising three boys I don't need another to raise but he has no hope on his own.
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2023.06.08 00:03 leopauldelr My Top 10 Iconic Le Mans Legends

My Top 10 Iconic Le Mans Legends
This weekend, the 24 Hours of Le Mans race will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and with 62 cars from different classes gathering around in this centennial milestone as well as special guest stars, rest assured that the 100th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is going to be historical indeed.
As the whole world is bracing for the centennial running of the legendary endurance race that pushes carmakers over the limit in the name of speed and survival, it's time for me to jot down my top ten iconic Le Mans legends.
10) GR010 - Following the success of their LMP1-class TS050, which propelled Toyota Gazoo Racing to three straight overall titles at Le Mans, Toyota created this competitor to the new Hypercar class, which replaced the LMP1 class after the 2020 season. Complying with Hypercar regulations, the GR010 is powered by a 3.5L V6 twin-turbo engine mated to an electric motor that powers the front wheels, making it a 4WD machine where the petrol engine powers the rear wheels while the electric motor takes care of the front, a drastic change compared to its LMP1 predecessor. Toyota defended its Le Mans success in the new Hypercar class with the #7 Toyota Gazoo Racing car emerging as the winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans for two years, making it its fifth win in a row.
9) Toyota TS050 - In the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans, being the only manufacturer-backed LMP1 racer competing in its class, the #8 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050, piloted by Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso, Formula E driver Sebastien Buemi, and Kazuki Nakajima, made a historic victory at Le Mans, marking the second time a Japanese carmaker won Le Mans since the legendary Mazda 787B and the first time a Japanese driver became part of the Le Mans-winning team. In 2019 and 2020, with the latter being the final year for the LMP1 era, Toyota emerged victorious in Le Mans.
8) Jaguar XJR-9 - Built in collaboration between Jaguar and Tom Walkinshaw Racing, Jaguar's Group C competitor is powered by two V12 engines; a 7.0L for the WSPC and a 6.0L for IMSA GTP class. Both produce 760PS of power and 828Nm of torque, while mated to a 5-speed March/TWR manual gearbox, making the XJR-9 capable of hitting a 245mph top speed. A Silk Cut-sponsored Jaguar XJR-9 won the 1988 24 Hours of Leman with Jan Lammers, Johnny Dumfries, and Andy Wallace behind the wheel.
7) Peugeot 905 - The V10-powered Peugeot 905 cemented the French carmaker to the list of Le Mans winners when it won the legendary endurance race twice in 1992 and 1993.
6) Audi R18 TDi - The Audi R18 TDi is known as the only diesel-powered racing machine that conquered Le Mans three times from 2012 to 2014. Not only that, it has dominated two WEC championship titles from 2012 to 2013. Such achievement proves that diesel is king until dieselgate came most carmakers are ditching diesel-powered engines for good.
5) 919 Hybrid - In 2014, Porsche returned to LMP1 endurance racing with their 919 Hybrid and although it didn't fare well in its first run, which led to its 3rd place finish at the constructor's championship at the 2014 WEC season, it came back with a much fighting chance and because of such will power, it managed to win not just Le Mans but also three WEC seasons on the trot from 2015 to 2017. Porsche has left the LMP1 racing program after their three-win streak with the 919, only to make a comeback in the Hypercar class with the 963 racing machine.
4) Sauber-Mercedes C9 - As part of the Sauber-Mercedes partnership, this Group C prototype was introduced in 1987 and its first success can be traced back to the 1989 24 Hours of Le Mans, where the #63 C9 driven by Jochen Mass, Manual Reuter, and Stanley Dickens, achieved a win. During qualifying for Le Mans, the C9, with its Mercedes-Benz M119 HL 90º 5.0L Turbo V8 engine with two KKK turbos, achieved a top speed of 248.0 mph (400 km/h) at the Mulsanne Straight of Le Mans.
3) 917K - The Porsche 917K is known as the short-tail version of the legendary 917, a sports prototype race car, and it gave Porsche their first overall wins at Le Mans for two straight years since 1970. Thanks to such success, it even gained a starring role in the Le Mans movie starring Steve McQueen.
2) 787B - Built as an improved version of the 787, it features the same R26B 4-rotor Wankel engine as its predecessor which produces up to 690HP of power. Aside from that, it features carbon-fiber bodywork which resulted in a light, rigid body structure and other improvements. In the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, Mazda sent two 787B machines with the race-winning #55 car driven by Bertrand Gachot, Johnny Herbert, and Volker Weider. The 787B not only became the first Japanese-manufactured race car to win Le Mans, but it's also the first-and-only rotary-powered race car to win the said endurance race.
1) GT40 Mk. II - Ford's trial-and-error process of creating a racing machine that can crush Ferrari in Le Mans is nothing more of an act of revenge from the Blue Oval following Ferrari's rejection to become part of the Ford empire. Armed with the 7.0L V8 engine producing 485HP of power and mated to a 4-speed gearbox, the GT40 Mk.II from Ford delivered a stunning podium sweep at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race, more than enough to crush Ferrari into it. Such achievement has been profiled in the biopic movie Ford vs. Ferrari.
In this centennial running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, will it be a milestone for Toyota Gazoo as it's seeking a three-peat in the Hypercar class? Will the return of Ferrari in Le Mans crush Toyota's dreams for a three-peat? Find out as this legendary endurance race unfolds this Saturday, June 10th. Don't miss it!
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2023.06.08 00:02 OneCrowShort ESP does not detect PCF8574 interrupt.

I have a few buttons so running i2c to a (few) PCF847X makes sense.
i2c bus is good, I can read and write values to the PCF8474, just not interrupt.
The interrupt on the ESP pin works, tested it with button connected to the pin, and the IRQ is fired when the button is pushed (pulled low).
The datasheet says that it will pull the pin low when a pin changes, but I can't see it? If I poll the device I can see the state has changed, but I'd much rather have the interrupt.
Do I need to enable the interrupt or something?
I've searched the google and read through the code for the drivers for this and I just can't seem to figure out what's going on.
I've tried multiple modules and none of them are seen.
Thanks, Crow
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2023.06.08 00:02 JokerUnique The Division 2 - Title Update 18 - Overview

Title Update 18



TU18 is the first update of Year 5 and it is a full package. A new game mode, a new manhunt, XP reward overhaul and many more smaller and bigger changes.
=> Trailer


To release the new Season 1: Broken Wings, we'll be taking The Division 2 servers down for a scheduled maintenance Thursday, June 8th at
  • 9:30 AM CEST,
  • 3:30 AM EDT,
  • 12:30 AM PDT.
» Worldtime
The estimated downtime is 3 hours.
» Source

The story so far

When you have missed the last seasons, you can read a story summary here:
=> Summary

Title Update 18

Release Date: June 8th 2023


  • 1 Game Mode
    • Descent
  • 1 Manhunt
    • Broken Wings
  • 1 Gear Brand Set
    • Electrique
  • 1 Gear Set
    • The Cavalier
  • 2 Exotics
    • St. Elmo's Engine – Exotic AR
    • Shocker Punch – Exotic Holster
  • 2 Named Items
    • Cabaret – MP5 ST
    • Big Show – MG5 LMG
  • 1 New Talent
    • Thunder Strike
  • Expertise increase
  • Quality of Life
    • Directives for Raids
    • Conflict adds to SHD progression
    • Open World activities XP revamp
    • Mission difficulty no longer connected to Global Difficulty
    • Added quick grenade selection menu
    • Season Blueperints to Control Points


Descent is a free, 1-to-4 player game mode with semi-infinite and randomized progression, versus an infinite difficulty curve. Warlords of New York ownership is not required to access the mode.
Agents are stripped of all their gear, specializations and perks when starting the game mode. The mode is a playground where you can experiment with builds not feasible in the regular game, challenging them tactically and encouraging deeper understanding of the build meta.
You don't need to own Warlords of New York to play Descent.
=> Descent Summary

Season 1: Broken Wings

=> Manhunt Targets
=> Manhunt Roadmap
In the wake of the attack at the White House, The Division has discovered that 11 people are unaccounted for and considered missing.
You will be tasked to go on a high-stakes rescue mission to find the missing civilians, as they have valuable intel on the White House and The Castle Settlement.
Year 5 Season 1 prime Target is Mari Singh, the former Director of the DC Aquarium. She moved into The Castle and set up a fish farm to support the settlement and build a sustainable and secure place to raise their growing family.
Agents must locate and rescue Mari and 4 other hostages before further damage can be done in Washington DC. Securing the people will help rebuild The Castle and restore vital services for The Division.
Once we rescue these people, they will help us rebuild the Castle Settlement and unlock additional facilities there.
Good luck, Agents!
=> Broken Wings Overview

Castle Settlement Rebuild

For each hostage that you rescue, one of the facilities of the Castle Settlement will open up until you have a fully operational settlement.

Apparel Event

As part of Season 1: Broken Wings, you will be able to unlock apparel items inspired by SHD tech and the Black Tusk.
These are the so far previewed outfits:

New Gear

Gear Brand Set

  • Electrique
=> Brand Sets

Gear Set

  • The Cavalier
=> Image
=> Gear Sets

Exotic Gear

  • Shocker Punch – Exotic Holster
=> Image
=> Exotic Gear

New Weapons and Talents

Exotic Weapons

  • St. Elmo's Engine – Exotic AR
=> Image
=> Exotic Weapons

Named Weapons

  • Cabaret – MP5 ST
  • Big Show – MG5 LMG


  • Thunder Strike

Increase Expertise

With the new Items in the pool, the maximal Expertise Level increases to 23
=> Expertise Overview

Quality of Life

New Directives for Activities

With TU18 the Raids officially got Directives that you can select and add to the activity.

XP Revamp

=> Overview
  • Overall, the XP gains were increased by 12%.
  • The goal is that all activities grant the same XP per hour – that includes NPC kills.
  • Convoys have been adjusted to be on par with the others.
  • The goal is that you can enjoy a variety of activities and still get a good amount of progression and not just chasing convoys.

Blueprints From Season 9-11 / 3

When you did not get the blueprints from the season 9-11, after TU18 you can earn them from Level 4 Control Points. The Season 3 blueprints will be added a bit later.

Easy Access / Menu Updates

  • Added the Grants Tab to make the compensations process more streamlined and items easy to obtain
    • Grants Tab can be found in the Store
  • Added an option to allow players to change mission difficulty regardless of the world difficulty setting
  • Added quick grenade selection menu
    • Hold G for PC
    • Hold D-pad Left for the consoles
  • Added an option to mark Apparel Items as favorite
  • Added the option to Show selected mission Directives on the Mega Map
  • Added the possibility to hold ESC/SPACE to skip videos and epilepsy warnings
    • Equivalent of Space button is X (PS) and A (XB)
    • Equivalent of Escape button is Options (PS) and Map/Hide Map (XB)
  • Added a new "In Loadouts" section at the bottom of the Item Details window in the Inventory (under a gear piece's talent and mod slots) to display the current loadouts where the selected item is present
  • Added the Hide/Show Mask’ and ‘Hide/Show Signature Weapon’ buttons in the Inventory when hovering over the specific tiles/tabs
    • Currently present in the cross Options layout
  • Added a notification widget for modding Primary, Secondary and Sidearm weapons' skin slot, which appears if the player has any custom skin available for that weapon in the Store. The notification also has a quick button that redirects to the Weapon Skins Store tab
  • Added visual feedback for locked Grenades
    • When browsing through the Grenades menu in the Inventory, players will see a notification which lets them know if the selected Grenade can be equipped or not

Important Links

=> PTS Patch Notes
=> PTS Phase 2 Patch Notes
=> Division Day
=> Reveal Stream

Patch Notes

=> Link


This is a collection of already created Community Resources that should help you get going.
=> Community Resources


Check out The Division 2 Roadmap here:
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Looking for Group?

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2023.06.08 00:02 Relevant-Papaya-3115 Is work hard for you?

I work in a very intense field at a top 3 research academic institution and while I love What I do and I’m very passionate about my work I have been struggling a lot lately. Today my stress was so high I was getting heart palpitations and extreme nausea (the nausea has been a new thing within the past month but it’s not everyday) and during my lunch I tried to recenter, drink water, and I felt better but then it came back again. I get really scared having this disorder bc I have huge goals for my career but I am being eaten alive right now and my s*icidal ideation is out of this world. I wanted to go home but I couldn’t bc it is considered an “incident” if we have an unplanned sick day that isn’t approved at least 2 days in advance (as if we all plan our sick days right?) and we can only have so many before we face termination. I have plenty of sick time but can’t use it bc if this rule. I am at the max of incidents I can have and got a verbal warning but I need to ask my manager if these like disappear after a year? I’ve been taking some vacation days here and there lately just so I can breathe. I also want to ask what are some accommodations y’all have asked for at work? I am overstimulated, overwhelmed, irritated, and on edge all day, everyday. I have a psych that would gladly write a note for me as proof but yeah I’m suffering :)
A little side note for context: I hate my boss. She is actively transphobic towards me, I have reported her to HR and then they took her side. She is also just a nightmare of a person and is cruel to everyone in my department.
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2023.06.08 00:01 lc2015 5 year old dog's anxiety on walks is at an all time high - Help?

Our rough collie female who is 5 years old (we have had her since she was a puppy & is from a reputable breeder), has always had some level of anxiety when encountering new things/"scary" things - think flags/awnings, high pitched barks from other dogs etc. It has never been as bad as to make her want to high tail it home within a minute of leaving our place till now. She is our first rough collie and when people said how "sensitive" the breed was I did not fully understood what that meant. However, I do think she is unusually so even for the breed.
That said she did go to classes with us for the first 2 years of her life. Additionally, I do quite a bit with her to mentally stimulate her with puzzles/hide & seek games with treats/toys and as a bonus we work from home.
Exercise wise my partner takes her in the mornings for a 1.5 mile off leash walk in a nearby park which is dog friendly, but not a dog park. Then, in the evenings I take her around our (not so urban, think actual small town/village with mostly quiet streets) neighborhood or again to another place where she can be off leash or at least on a longer lead on a hike. I would say she gets 4-5 on leash walks a week the others may be off leash or on a longer lead. Regardless she gets at least 2 walks a day + in house puzzles.
This leads me to now - in the evenings when I do take her out, I have her on an easy walker harness as her neck is so long & skinny. The harness helps with her pulling, and I do redirect her when she does pull by doing the old trick of stopping and turning around and then walking forward again. It helps for a little bit, then right back to pulling. Since we had a time change, and it is lighter for longer during our evening walks she is scared by any little thing she sees/hears in the neighborhood. For instance someone taking a something out of their trunk spooks her. A kid talking up the street scares her (head up, ears perked and pulling begins). If she realizes we are turning towards home she will start pulling. Additionally any sound that remotely sounds like a "pop" terrifies her and gets her teeth chattering. In which case we sit (if it was just a one or two time thing) and wait, usually this calms her down if it doesn't - home we go.
To be honest, this has made walking her terrible. I don't look forward to it, and I have begun again with high value treats on walks & when she notices something scary I "yes" her, and give a treat. It does seem to help, but I am wondering what our options are. She is a very good dog otherwise, super sweet/funny and well behaved inside. Offleash, she responds very well to commands and is a reliable dog.
I would like to take her to rally, which we have not done but I think she would be unable to tolerate it with the unusual space/newness (she very much dislikes going into any "box" stores like Petsmart/etc - hence we don't go). Otherwise I am thinking of re-enrolling her in classes or working with a trainer who can come and observe heus at home and on our walks. We also have a vet appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Bottom line, we love our dog - we want her to be happy and to enjoy our time with outside with her (on leash!)
The other thought is, is my partner taking her off leash elsewhere too often? Are the neighborhood walks too infrequent for her to be used to the noises?
Thanks all!
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2023.06.08 00:00 ShelLuser42 [Data API drama] Do we _really_ need them API's? Let's build us a RedditSnooper! - Part 1

[Data API drama] Do we _really_ need them API's? Let's build us a RedditSnooper! - Part 1
Hi gang!
As you may or may not (?) know Reddit has decided to change their policies with regards to the use of their data API's. This has led to an upstir from people who believe that this limitation is going to effectively kill free Reddit apps. For my full explanation & opinion on this please see my previous post.
I've been in several discussions and I can only conclude that very few people want to bother with actually learning all the facts about a certain issue and would rather prefer to blindly follow "credible sources". To be honest I'm getting really tired - but also highly amused - with what I can only consider being signs of short sighted people mixed with pure ignorance.
But before I continue I want to make one thing very clear: when I use words like the above I am only directing those towards people who raise their opinion, only to belittle and ridicule those who raise an opposite opinion. While I personally do not agree with all the current "rioting" I'll also be the first to state that I have nothing but respect for those folks who now raise their concern for all this.
Because in the end all of this happens because people care about their Reddit platform, and IMO you can only respect that feat.
Doesn't mean I agree of course, I think it's getting to ridiculous heights (or depths?). So I figured, why don't I put my money where my keyboard is? ;)

Do we really need those Reddit APIs?

Boy did I have fun with this one. Yah, I raised this question and got met with so much blatant ignorance regarding the actual functionality that several major development platforms provide these days, now specifically talking about Android, Java and .NET (through the use of C#).
Disclaimer: I'm not a professional developer myself. At best I'm a hobbyist who considers himself to be at a level between hobbyist & amateur. I have developed several Java applications in the past though, also for my work but I was never hired as a full time programmer; I've always been a systems administrator first and foremost which also happens to be my favorite profession.
But as you can imagine I do have some experiences within this field. I've worked with Java and C# and been involved in a lot of scripting within environments such as Perl, Unix shells, Typo3 and a very small bit of Python (neglectable but still...).
For the record: don't worry if you have no experience with software development yourself, I will make sure to explain myself as I do in most of my writeups. And you should always feel free to ask if you'd like a bit more context.
This will be part 1 because I can't spend too much time on my post this evening, but... still wanted to get something started regarding this silly project of mine ;)
WHAT is an API?!!
Before we can even dive into all this it's important that we know what an API actually is; I've seen plenty of comments written by people who are absolutely clueless about the matter yet still managed to form a strong opinion about the matter at hand.
API stands for Application Programming Interface which basically means so much that it can act as an interface between two software environments; often used to make access to the software at hand a lot easier.
Let me show you an example:
Ableton Live, with an opened Max for Live device.
So here you see Ableton Live which is simply put an audio program: something which I can use to make and process (digital) audio. One of Live's key features is Max for Live: a visual programming environment which is fully geared towards multimedia purposes.
Simply put: this is a programming environment which specifically provides features which allow me to create my own Live instruments & audio / MIDI effects. Or process MIDI, audio or video data and when used like this I can even control Live itself. However, controlling Live requires knowledge of some specific details; like how to 'reach' the sections you want to control for example.
Because these interactions can become quite complicated the team behind Max for Live ("M4l") has developed so called API's which can be used for easier access, you can see one in the screenshot above.
Firing up a Live clip
So what are we looking at here? My goal is to start a so called clip; in specific I want the clip which I've currently highlighted to start playing the very moment when I click on that round icon you see at the top of the M4l window. All it really takes is 4 objects: a live.path object which references said highlighted clip, a command to start the clip (the "call fire" node), the actual representation of the object I'm trying to control: this is the live.object node and finally: "t b l": this object is used to trigger the whole lot; in other words it sets my little M4l device in motion.
On the right side of my M4l window you can see an object called "M4l.API.FireSelectedClip" and on the right side of my screen you see the contents of this node. This is the so called API which I mentioned earlier. As you can see it uses a lot more interactions than I actually need.
Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing mind you. Especially because the official API does a whole lot more than merely firing up that clip, as you also may be able to make out from reading its descriptions. It takes other situations into account too, for example when someone has selected a track which doesn't even have any clips.
But fact of the matter is still that the API provides us with a lot of overhead, something we don't always need and may not even want: overhead in processing also results in extra delays, no matter how small they are.
Most of all: as you can see we don't really need to use this API to make things work for ourselves! And believe it or not but that applies to much more situations. Sure things will be easier and quicker to set up when we use the API, no arguments there, but that doesn't change the facts at hand.

Reddit is still a website!

And you really don't need to register for any Data API's in order to access it. Your browser is proof of that. And if your browser can pick out specific data, why wouldn't we be able to do so as well?
What data you ask?
Well... I decided to do a bit of research and because of all the above (me not being a veteran programmer?) I'm going to start small. How about... the currently trending items?
Chromium's developer tools within Edge.
So before we can do anything at all we need to know what we're up against. And isn't it kinda ironic? When Microsoft decided to start using the Chromium framework to further develop their Edge browser I was somewhat disappointed because at that time Edge was pretty much one of the few remaining browsers outside of the "Google tentacles".
But I have to admit that this also comes with some advantages ;)
Once again: what are we looking at? Well, if you open a website you're basically looking at a so called web or HTML page. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and this basically implies that the data at hand... uses markup code. Roughly comparable what we use on Reddit to format our text (but not exactly of course).
HTML pages often use
segments to separate parts of its context. Use of these segments can also make it easier to dynamically build up your webpages; for example through the use of... yes, absolutely: a programming language.
So I started digging, and look what I found? The div section with the id "TrendingPostContainer" is the section I'm after: this one contains all the trending posts (duh!), something you can also see from the above highlight.
Next problem: but how do we identify the actual trending posts themselves? Well...
Reddit's trending carousel.
See above ;) Now we need to look for a div section which id starts with "Carousel-". Once there are no more div sections with this id within the main div section then we have everything we need. This isn't shown in my screenshot (this will come in Part 2) but there is a lot of useful data within this "Carousel div".
You're an idiot and don't know what you're talking about if you think parsing a webpage is viable!
Just one of the fun comments I got during my discussions. As said, my time is limited right now but trust me: we're going to further look into this later and discover for ourselves who exactly the real idiot is within all this.
But every good story needs a cliffhanger these days so I guess I should briefly address this one comment just a little bit.
See, a programming environment like C#.NET provides native support for web browsing through use of the System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser class. And it only gets better: the HTMLDocument class provides us with a so called method (more on those in Part 2) which is called: GetElementById.
Three guesses what that might do?
"But Shell... sorry, but... you do realize that this discussion is all about mobile apps? Android? What does this have to do with anything?!!"
Now, sure, I am not very familiar with Android myself but am with some of its general aspects. Such as, for example, Android's webkit:
As well as it's webview class:

How hard it is to actually retrieve a webpage?

Need I say more?
End of Part 1
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2023.06.08 00:00 Thimblesage MTG NBA reimagining set is not what you think, get over it.

MTG NBA reimagining set is not what you think, get over it.
NBA, though widely (and rightly) considered one of the greatest sports leagues of all time, doesn't do so great on the whole diversity thing. In fact, pretty much the only non-black representation in the league is limited. Leaving aside deeper, more probing questions into the league's philosophy on race, this clearly presents a problem for a company like Wizards of the Coast when it comes to creating the MTG NBA set.
Wizards has made plain its commitment to diversity, and done an increasingly good job representing a wide variety of different kinds of players on MTG cards, through iconic figures like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. And so it shouldn't surprise anyone that Magic: The Gathering's interpretation of the NBA has a good deal more diversity than most versions of the franchise. In particular, one of the most well-known legends, Michael Jordan, is depicted as a white man.
But, just like when NBA show dared to present viewers with a white player, a rotten subsection of so-called fans are raising a big stink about this. Comments on the recent Magic livestream where the card was revealed were particularly poisonous, and mods on the MTG subreddit soon locked the card's thread because "productive discussion largely ain't happening."
Obviously, it's really depressing to see such predictable racism rearing its head in the MTG community, especially given the inroads into inclusivity Wizards seems to have been making. It's also been cathartic to see big Magic content creators respond to the outrage and fragility with mockery and a verbal middle finger. Yet so many of those making arsey comments shirk away from the 'R' accusation, seeking out a more palatable excuse instead.
It seems like most of the complainers allege that they just want the cards to be 'accurate' and 'true to the NBA's vision,' pulling up statistics to show how Michael Jordan and others are described in the league. Obviously, I'm highly skeptical. I think this reasoning is generally just a fig leaf, poorly disguising the uglier true intent behind the outrage.
But if it's not just a bad faith excuse, and you're genuinely upset about Michael Jordan being white instead of black on a Magic: The Gathering card, then you really need to think long and hard about where those feelings are coming from. No one likes to hear that they're racist, so I'll be kind and do this gently.
First of all, yes, the NBA’s Michael Jordan in popular opinion is almost certainly a black player. But so what? Do you really think future interpretations of a sport have to be exactly identical to past ones? Of course they don't. Sports shouldn't be frozen, fixed, unchanging, and dead. If people are going to keep watching NBA games, they should try imagining different events taking place, or what is the point? You’ve already seen a game – why would you want a new but identical copy?
The very best games inspire people to reinterpret them in different ways and put their own spin on things or inject their own experiences. Today, you'll rarely find an NBA game that's remembered the same by all. Instead, you get NBA games having different scores, or team matchups between wholly different players, or even alternate reality scenarios. It doesn't always work, but it's a hell of a lot more interesting than endless replays of history. In this case, if making the NBA players more diverse can help more people to identify with them and see themselves in these great games, can't that only be a good thing?
Being as charitable as humanly possible, fans hate changing. I know this; I watched NBA games after following the sport closely, and at first squirmed over every rebroadcast that I knew didn't happen quite like I remembered it according to my truth. Major alterations in retellings of games you love can be jarring, can take getting used to, can provoke a knee-jerk response.
However, a player having a different skin color than the one you remember is not a major alteration to the NBA. It's a very minor one. So frankly, it's rather strange to be this upset about a basketball player's appearance getting reinterpreted when everything else about their person—their skills and their impact on the game—seems to be exactly the same. Other than better diversity, Wizards isn't reinventing the league, so if you're dismayed, I think you ought to ask yourself: why?
And guess what? If your favorite Michael Jordan looks exactly like the iconic player he is, you can just watch his highlights or revisit his games. They're great games. They're amazing moments. Nothing has been taken away from you.
If you honestly find yourself alienated by just a handful of MTG NBA cards that aren't black—note that the majority, like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, still seem to be—then doesn't that prove the value of diversity? If players not looking like you upsets you, can you not empathize with those who normally have to experience an NBA where no one looks like them?
Can't you be happy that Magic: The Gathering is providing a chance, for a change, for more people to see themselves in players like Michael Jordan and Candace Parker? Did you never learn to share?

MTG NBA - artwork of the card Reprieve, showing Leo da vinci
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2023.06.08 00:00 humanman42 Game valuation and authentication MEGATHREAD

ALL requests regarding game value or authentication go in here. Just leave a top level comment with pictures/info of what it is. If you make a post regarding these topics, the post will be removed and possibly get a 1-7 day ban.
If you see posts on these topics PLEASE report it. It helps immensely. We will be updating automoderator to help alleviate some of that burden from us and you onto it.
If you are asking to price something normal. Like the normal release of a game, or a special edition, normal consoles, or some special editions. You can find a decent approximation of its value here at
To help, here are some links directly to some consoles. These are not ALL of the consoles the site has. So please if you do not see a link below for the console you are looking for, go to the site and look around. This should cover MOST games, if it is not listed, please ask in this thread.

Also, to possibly get you closer to the "real" value. Click on this link once you found your game (for loose/CIB/Sealed) which will show you the data it is pulling from (like this). You can see if there are any outliers being sold for far to much, or far to little. Maybe a listing that had other games with it is being used for data, or its CIB rather than loose.

NES SNES N64 Gamecube Wii
WiiU Switch Gameboy GameBoy Color GBA
NDS 3ds Vitual Boy Game&Watch


Xbox Xbox360 XboxOne
Xbox Series X

Genesis 32x Sega CD Saturn
Dreamcast Game Gear Master System Pico
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2023.06.07 23:58 sweeneyj9999 Need help bad!

Need help bad!
I had to take this apart today because it was clogged. This is how it looked before I took it apart. It looks wrong here imo but it never leaked. I am trying to put it back together and it keeps leaking. What should I do? Pic 3 is the piece that is giving me the problems even when it's on there tightened I can pull on it a little bit and it will slide out.
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2023.06.07 23:58 Extasion Unpopular opinion : Muramana is way too overrated

Muramana is a good item but it's completely unnecessary. If you need mana, just go PoM. It doesn't do much more damage than any other priority item (Claw, LDR, etc). You'll eventually notice a bigger damage difference in late game, about 200 damage. Qiyana has enough damage, she really isn't lacking damage, even in late game. You delay your first dirk, meaning that after your first back you will have to get tear + LS and won't have dirk. It'll make you weaker than you needed to be, Qiyana with dirk on first back is very scary, and by buying Tear you shoot yourself in the foot preventing you from snowballing, you may be missing a kill (300g, so basically a LS worth of gold). It makes your build order weird, you won't get your stacked Muramana when you buy it second item, it'll take you a bit more time, so you'll have a non-stacked Muramana that would deal less damage than Claw.
The only time Muramana can maybe be useful is when you play to play First Strike TP mid, afk farm and play for late game (and even then, you can still do that without Muramana). But then you abandon all kill pressure and the pace of the game won't be in your hands, you will not be able to dictate how your midlane matchup plays out. This kind of playstyle suits high elo better than everything below master.
Imo if you're not playing Electrocute ignite Qiyana below Master, you're not playing her optimally.
Just in case someone needs the build : 1/ Duskblade (Yuumu is fine too if you know you'll be able to roam a lot, otherwise don't bother and just pick Dusk). 2/ Prowler's Claw 3/ Syrelda Grudge 4/ Axiom/Edge of Night 5/ Edge of Night/Axiom Situational items : GA, Maw and DD. I think Serpent is very bad, you'll kill them through their shields anyway, even against a shieldbow, I never buy this item.
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2023.06.07 23:57 MoveSalt6450 Special s/o to all the Waze users on the I-87 and I-90

Y’all the real MVPs. Esp during the last week of the month when the Troopers are trying to meet their quota. Can’t tell you how many times I would’ve been ticketed if not for y’all on Waze.. been on lots of trips to Montréal and Toronto and down to NYC and always been saved by the alerts.. why do state troopers just like to hide behind rocks and trees? Lol
P.S - not a speed racer but I’m usually hover between 3-8 over the 65 speed limit on the highways but seen folks pulled over for less
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2023.06.07 23:57 Lonelyriderclub Trying to figure out if I am over-reacting or if this is abuse

Long time lurker and having a really hard time. I apologise if this doesn't make a lot of sense there's a lot to unpack and it's still really fresh. My ex and I have not been together in 4 years, were in no contact for 2 years, and he contacted me last year because we were at the same event. Before no contact, we were on and off for a really long time and he would exit and enter into my life every 1-2 months pulling the same "I love you, I miss you, I want to marry you" card and then after 2 weeks saying "I need space."
At the beginning of our year long contact, he had told me that him and his last girlfriend had broken up a month prior to the event and told me about 10 times since that he never loved her because he still had feelings for me (this is an important part of the story). I was in that same position as well. Recently, I blocked him again after a few situations that happened during a trip with some friends of mine. Prior to this trip, he was extremely flirty with me for about 2 weeks straight. He was telling me how beautiful I was, how our connection was still there, sending me love songs, hinting at wanting some scandalous photos (to which I sent them), etc. The day after sending the photos, I felt really just bad because he was telling me how he was thinking things about me he shouldn't be thinking about and how hot I was but also that it was "wrong" and it made me feel so insecure. So I apologised and immediately he went cold and stopped being playful and just overall fun.
So, I go on this trip, send him a photo of my group and he immediately hits on my close friend asking "who is that" with the eye emojis. It made both my friend and I super uncomfortable and I told him to back off and he immediately told me it was a joke. I left him alone for a few days to just enjoy myself and then told him that we needed to talk because that crossed a major boundary of mine and made both my friend and I uncomfortable. When I told him that he told me that it was a joke and when I said it wasn't funny and I didn't get why it was a "joke" he pretty much told me that everyone else thinks its funny and I need to lighten up. We ended the conversation and immediately he told me that he was starting to see a new girl and needed to cut some contact right now so he could focus on that relationship. I told him that was fine, but that also I needed to cut ties entirely because I don't think it was going to be healthy for me knowing that he's seeing someone and I am slightly in the picture still. Then, he didn't get it and I explained it and he pretty much told me that I needed to get over everything. He also had said he felt bad because he knew I still saw a future with him and he just never has. He goes on to say that he's been in love with another woman for 3 years and that he couldn't commit to anybody because of her, yet he was in a 1.5 year long relationship during that "3 years" of being "in love" with someone else. As mentioned previously, he told me I was the reason why he couldn't love someone else. Then all of the sudden after I set a boundary he tells me about this girl he's been "in love with" for 3 years. So I tell him I hope the best for him and that I am blocking him because I need to heal and said "you're really going to that extreme again" and when i said yes so I can heal he said "but why do you have to block me?" He has done this more times than I can count and has always found a way to contact me even when I ask him not to. I know it is my fault for answering, but I feel I'm not strong enough to not answer. I have blocked him on everything but I am afraid he's just going to show up over and over and over again. I also feel crazy for thinking like this and I am also very confused as to whether or not I over-reacted or if it is abuse. I can't ask my parents because they don't know we were back in contact and I can't ask a lot of my friends because they keep telling me "I told you so" when I just want someone to listen.
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2023.06.07 23:57 DDoubleBlinDD Everyone's a Catgirl! Ch. 219: Sapphire of the Emperor

First Previous Next Volume 1 Volume 2 Patreon
The Port of Meow. Tristan thought he wouldn’t be surprised by the world’s naming conventions after he’d heard terms like ‘Myana,’ and ‘Onyans,’ but this one struck him as funny. Maybe it was the lack of sleep from their conditions on the boat. Every time one of the girls said it, he laughed.
“There are so many people,” Destiny murmured as they entered the port city. “And all the buildings are so close together!”
Lara inhaled a deep breath. “Wind brings so many flavors with her. I have never smelled so many spices.” She pointed at one building, then the next, then a third. “Earth is the ruler here. Each one of these structures begins and ends with him.”
It really was incredible. The strips of buildings carried a spirit of older Chinese architecture, using a bilateral symmetry that stemmed from one focal structure into secondary components on either side—like wings on a giant bird. He was fascinated in middle school by Asian and Middle-Eastern design, and to see it dominating an entire island in a completely different world was mind-boggling.
Such an intricate, elegant city. Called the Port of Meow.
Tristan laughed.
Destiny gently touched his forehead with the back of her hand. “Tristan? Are you feeling alright?”
“Yes, sorry. I’m fine. Just tired.” Her skin felt cool against his. “I guess I did laugh at a weird time, huh?”
Destiny chewed her lip. “It isn’t just that. You’re very pale.”
Lara bent her knees and looked into his face. “My sister is correct, Young Master. I would advise we find a place to rest.”
A sure hand clapped him on his shoulder. Matt was suddenly beside him, his Party at his side. “Ready to get something to eat?”
Tristan’s chest tightened, and he licked his lips. He suddenly felt very dizzy. “C-could you show us where to stay? I’m not feeling well.”
Cannoli danced to his side, her hands deep inside her [Cat Pack]. “Poor Tristan! I may have a potion! Let me look!”
“That’s sweet of you, Cannoli, but we’ll take care of him,” Destiny said, favoring Tristan with a worried glance. “If we need anything, I’ll let you know.”
“The Spider Lily’s this way.” Ravyn grabbed Matt’s arm and tugged him away from Tristan. “Don’t crowd Tristan. He looks like he’s about to faint.”
Thanks, Ravyn.
Destiny hooked her arm through Tristan’s, and Lara copied on his opposite side. They made their way through the crowds together, drawing the eyes of almost every catgirl they passed.
The port was bustling with activity. Sailors and merchants loaded boats on the multitude of docks while vendors in tents hawked last-minute travel supplies and whatever ‘San Specials’ were. In the sprawling wings on either side of the center building, there were small restaurants, shops, an armorer, and a tailor. Excited murmurs and laughter echoed from all angles, making it hard to hear one another as they fought through the throngs.
It was nothing like Venicia.
It turned out the Spider Lily was the center building. An expansive inn lit by dozens of paper lanterns, with metal gates forged by geometric patterns. Opaque windows mirrored the gates’ rectangular motif, flecked with golden embellishments and pieces of colored glass.
Ravyn led them inside. Incense burned on a polished podium, and they were greeted by a pair of young women in high-collared dresses, their dark hair tied away from their faces.
“Welcome to the Spider Lily,” the woman in red said, bowing deeply. “You are Cailu’s companions, are you not?”
Ravyn made a sound between choking and gagging.
“You could say that,” Matt replied before Tristan could say anything. He nudged Ravyn with his elbow and offered a wry smile.
“Very good. I am Ayu, and this is Nalee. Your rooms will be free for the duration of your stay,” Ayu, the woman in blue, announced, copying her companion’s bow. “There are two suites on the second floor; one for each of you.”
Tristan exchanged a confused glance with Matt.
“Just two?” Keke asked first.
“Yes, miss. You will find four beds in each suite, as well as a full-service washroom. Is this not to your liking?” Nalee tilted her head to the side. “Perhaps we can find something more suitable?”
“No, that’s perfect. Thank you very much,” Tristan said with a wave of his hand. “It’s more than enough.”
“Excellent, sir. We have stationed Kaori and Ratu on the floor as well. They will retrieve anything you require. Food, drinks, travel necessities, you need only say the word, and they will bring it to you,” Ayu continued. “Should they fail to meet your needs, Nalee and I will both see this rectified.”
“Pardon me, miss, but how will charges for these items be collected?” Ceres asked.
“Cailu has assured us that he will settle your tab,” Nalee said. “It is not yours to bear.”
Tristan heard Cannoli mutter to Keke, “We can order anything?
Keke nodded.
Cannoli took Buttons from her shoulder and looked at him excitedly. “We can get you so many peanuts!
Ravyn cackled. That was the laugh of a girl with dad’s metal credit card in her wallet.
“We will not cause Sir Cailu to regret this generosity,” Ceres replied with a deep bow and pointed glare at Ravyn. “It is a great kindness, and we thank you.”
“I just need some water,” Tristan said, leaning his head against Lara’s shoulder.
Destiny raised her hand. “Can we please get our key? We would like to go up now.”
“Of course, miss.” Nalee retrieved a key on a delicate chain from behind the podium and handed it to Destiny. “Please enjoy your stay.”
“Why don’t we head off to the Golden Dragon first?” Matt suggested to his Party. “We can come back and check on them after.”
Ravyn gawked. “Did you not hear what the lady just said?”
“I did. And I’m with Ceres on this one. Come on.” Matt waved his group outside.
Keke laughed as they filtered through the door.
“Let us go upstairs,” Lara said, squeezing Tristan’s arm.
“Yeah. Good idea.”
Destiny and Lara guided him up the two flights to the second floor, and Tristan’s vertigo grew worse. It was like a combination of seasickness and stepping off the teacup ride at an amusement park. The world would just not stop moving.
“Hello, sir. My name is Kaori.” A green-haired girl bowed in the hallway of the second floor.
“And I’m Ratu. Just let us know if you need anything at all.” A head of short blonde hair ducked deep with her bow.
“Thank you both,” Tristan replied, unsure if he had the energy for proper introductions.
Destiny unlocked the door to their room and pushed it open. The dark hallway gave way to a room of colorful screens and vibrant tapestries. The single room was bigger than the apartment Tristan grew up in—each bed could fit three people without an issue.
As soon as they were inside, Destiny knelt to help Tristan take off his boots.
“Y-you don’t have to do that,” Tristan said, embarrassment burning into his face.
“I want to,” Destiny said, continuing to untie the laces.
Lara moved to one of the beds, turning down the blankets with expert precision. The sheets fell with perfect symmetry, the rectangles laying parallel to the headboard. She smoothed the bottom layer and stepped back, looking expectantly at Tristan.
“Girls—” he began.
“Please. Let us use all of this etiquette training.” Destiny laughed, sliding the second boot from Tristan’s foot. “We can’t let Kaori and Ratu show us up.”
“Alright,” he relented. “Just this once.”
Destiny took his hand and led him to the bed.
He stared at the freshly pressed white sheet for a long time. “Will you two join me?”
Destiny’s eyes widened, and she hissed in a tiny breath.
Lara took his hand in both of hers, her airy voice taking on a tone of concern. “Young master, your current physical state will not allow you to perform—”
“That’s not what I mean,” he cut her off, a little harsher than he meant to. “I’m sorry. What I meant was… I just want to be close to you right now.”
“Of course, Tristan,” Destiny replied softly. “Here, lie down.”
They situated him in the middle of the bed, making sure his feet were under the blankets and tucking him to the waist. Lara was the first to slide under the covers, wiggling her way to Tristan’s right side. He hooked an arm around her waist and pulled her close until her head rested on his shoulder.
“You are very warm,” she noted.
“And you’re very soft.” Tristan chuckled. “Destiny?”
Destiny turned multiple shades of red. She held her hands tightly clasped in front of her apron, her gaze never resting on one place. “I-I’m sorry. Is this really okay?”
“Yes,” he said, holding a hand out toward her. “Please?”
Destiny nodded and lifted the covers with care. One leg pressed beneath, then the other. She shifted forward, taking Tristan’s hand and letting him guide her to his side. With a slow exhale, she relaxed against him, trapping his left thigh between her legs.
“You’re soft, too,” Destiny whispered, wrapping her tail around his ankle.
“And you’re wonderful,” Tristan murmured. “Both of you are.” He yawned and closed his eyes, already feeling the warm descent into sleep.
On a foreign island, in a stranger’s bed, Tristan felt more at home than he ever had in Nyarlea.

Destiny Pro Tip: I can't wait to try the food! And we can eat it in our room like a picnic! Oh! Shhh, he's sleeping.
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2023.06.07 23:57 Emergency-Fuel7239 Please help me find this T- shirt!

Please help me find this T- shirt!
Please help me find this T-shirt!
Hi! My girlfriend has this t shirt and totally loves it, but caught it on something and now it’s pretty badly torn, please help me find a new one! Looked a lot online and couldn’t find it in stock anywhere, it’s made by pull and bear. I will be forever grateful if anyone can help :)
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2023.06.07 23:56 pacingpilot White line disease treatment hack

Last week my farrier caught one of my mares in the suuuuper early stages of white line disease. He opened up the affected area and cleaned it out resulting in a small hole in the toe of the front left, luckily she lost only about a half inch by quarter inch section of hoof. Like I said, caught it really early!
Anyhoo given the small size of the hole, getting the iodine solution up in there was proving a little difficult. At work yesterday, organizing my tools and mulling over the status of the old gal's hoof I had a light bulb moment when I pulled a bag of pipette droppers out of my cabinet. I tossed a few in my purse and gave it a try when I got home.
Loaded one up with iodine solution, wrastled the hoof into position and gave it a squirt. Perfection! Easier to manipulate than a syringe. More accurate than a bottle with a nozzle tip, and less wasteful too. Enough force to really get up in there good and at any angle, and with such a tiny tip you can really dial into tight spots.
I see potential for other uses too, from flushing small punctures, medicating sulcus cracks/thrush, flushing injuries/scrapes in tight areas, I'm thinking this may be my new method for reaching tight spots. Disposable, small, easy to use and cheap, I think I paid about 8 bucks for a pack of 50.
So if you're looking for another useful tool to add to the ol' first aid kit consider ordering a bulk pack of pipette droppers. Also handy for making things like boozy cupcakes and boozy chocolate dipped strawberries (what I originally bought them for).
Happy trails, y'all!
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2023.06.07 23:55 Boring_Abrocoma_9397 Cut off my high school girlfriend and close friend

Hello everyone! I’m currently in the thick of a lot of big emotions so forgive me if some of this is kind of jumbled. I (20f) met my ex gf (19f) in high school and we recently broke up. It had to do with a few different things. I kept trying to keep the connection between us alive for long distance while on her end she was losing interest in the relationship as it had no future. I understand this and in hindsight I can see it wasn’t built to last. While we were in the three week long process of reevaluating our relationship, one of the issues that came up was that she was attracted to a guy. She told me it was a surface level crush and not anything that deep, but that combined with everything else going on with us just set me on edge. I feel if this guy hadn’t come along during the process of our breakup, I’d be more eager to be friends with her, which she really wanted as we were close friends before we got into a relationship. She’s mentioned before that regardless of our romantic relationship, I have been one of her most important connections. Yesterday, however, I told her that I could not go through with being friends with her and simply wanted us to move on separately with our lives. I feel incredibly guilty because I know that my friendship was a very important aspect of her life and she wanted me to stick around. She was understanding and took the news well and wished the best for me in the future, but I still find myself feeling incredibly guilty as I feel like I abandoned someone who needed me to stay in their life. I could really use some advice about whether or not I’m being unreasonable and cruel here.
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2023.06.07 23:55 IHaveQuestions_Many Parking a Moving Trailer in Burbank

Hi I’m getting ready to move and am using the service U-Pack and their trailer option. I can’t seem to find any information specifically on parking a moving trailer on the streets in Burbank?
For LA City it said moving trailers are exempt from some parking restrictions. The street I’m on has no parking restrictions other than street cleaning.
Does anyone know if I need to do anything or is there any kind of permit?
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2023.06.07 23:54 imsostressedrn my aunt is just like one of those rich people villain in dramas...

I'm so stressed and angry right now, everything has been a huge mess. My family has always been struggling financially since my mom has been the bread winner alone, as my dad doesn't speak English at all (my mom's English skill is about the typical immigrant level). My dad worked as a food delivery guy previously and often got held at gunpoint, robbed, and even had his car stolen 2-3 times. Which basically cancels out almost all the money he has earned. Just maybe 3 years ago, my dad's sister (who has experience of starting up 3+ restaurants before) suggested starting a business along with her nephew (my cousin). Compared to what my dad had to do before, this was obviously such a wonderful opportunity. So they ended up starting this business which I'll just call FoodPlace, where my aunt currently lives (~4 hours away by plane). It was split 40-40-20 (aunt-cousin-dad) for the shares. FoodPlace was such a success they won a local award, and had several news articles written about it.
Which sounds like things are working out, except the whole internal part is a mess. They all worked within the kitchen along with the other staffs, but my aunt and her husband deliberately gave my dad harder physical work because they were in charge of the "managing work". They keep him out of conversations too, although my dad does struggle with his cognition and conversing, I don't think they should've done that as he was a shareholder too. Eventually my cousin pulled out and sold his share according to the current value of the business. My family suggested to my dad to not buy half of that because we could already see that our cousin left because he could feel my aunt and her husband brewing trouble. But my dad, who's never really had the opportunity to provide for his family took the risk because this was the one time he actually was able to earn money, and even more than my mom. We were finally having money. He even ends up buying a house all the way over there, which we are still currently paying off.
But everything started spiraling down after my cousin left because at least he was also holding some power so my aunt and her husband couldn't really make too much trouble. Because now they have 60%, and my dad 40%, they're considered the owners and such. Their daughter embezzled money a bit here and there through usage of the business' credit card for personal matter. They started picking fights with my dad during restaurant hours. Complaining all he does is sit around but he hurt his back with the hard labor they gave him, and he was just sitting because the food prep at that time doesn't require him to be standing. When holidays rolled around, they wouldn't let him take days off to come home to visit us saying they are very busy. But they close the restaurant as they wish to go on vacations themselves. At some point they even had the audacity to ask my dad for the contract paper and thankfully no matter how much he struggled cognitively, he didn't give it to them, because that was his only proof of his share. They got so pissed after that. Fights escalated and we finally found out why. They were trying to kick my dad out, they had open another restaurant down the road. Exact same name and concept, just with a 2 slapped on it. So FoodPlace 2... without even notifying my dad of such and they are already mid negotiating the sale of the current business with the new owner. Basically the restaurant got so successful they wanted it all for themselves.
Fast forward to recently, just a few months ago. THEY SOLD THE RESTAURANT. Without my dad's signature. It was sold for 700k and they tried to do it without letting my dad find out, even had my dad teach the new owner all the recipes. When we found out we were furious and said we took part in this restaurant too. We invested our money, sweat, and blood into this restaurant too. My mom even helped out at the restaurant every time she went to visit my dad, without expecting or receiving any pay. We tried to demand our 40% cut of it as per contract, but they denied us saying they helped us and that that should be good enough. We said that's not right and demanded just our original investment back, even though she paid my cousin the percentage base off of their current value. She gave us a small check and said take this money. My dad did not accept it, but they ended up slipping it between the accounting stuff they handed to my dad which we found out only a few weeks later. Then they go around telling our family members (my dad's side of the family) about how we earned hundred of thousands (which we did not) and that we're being greedy for asking for money from the sale. And how they starting having marital disputes and their family is falling apart just because we are asking for the money that belongs to us, which they earned from the sale that they did without our consent. With this huge mess, and my parents already stressed enough, they figured they'll just cash the small check which was only about a tenth of our investment cause they said how about they pay us bit by bit. But we knew she was cunning and was trying to trick us, but we figured alright we'll trust her. The check bounced... Eventually we ended up having to get a lawyer involved because it was a huge sum of money that we put in and we just wanted our original investment back as we were still paying our cousin back every month for the half of his share which we bought. They went berserk and started yelling at us and crying to their parents about how the money belongs to them. As this was our first time dealing with lawyers, we thought we could just trust the process to them. But we basically ended up paying $4,500 just for them to send a single letter to my aunt saying we want to settle privately. As for why we are not taking this to court? My dad is naïve and holds family really close, he trusted his sister still after everything just up until this month when he found out all the lies she's been telling everyone. All my years of being alive, this was the first time I saw my dad cried. Not just once, almost every time now after he calls with his family. His mom doesn't care about him, tells him to just let it be. His brother acts kind says he'll help be a middle man in front of us, but then when he thought it was just the two of them scolded my dad and told him he handles everything on his own why is my dad unable to do it? Then proceeds to tell my dad alone that he will not be helping. Meanwhile we were put in a standstill because our lawyer told us my dad can't say anything or do anything because anything and everything can be evidence. Meanwhile, my aunt cleaned up their mess and said they retract the sale and now they're just selling it for $300k. We don't even know if anything is going on under the table, as they never gave my dad any power (as in he did not even have access to the card under the business even though she gave it to her daughter, and etc). Now they are trying to wiggle their way out by saying they'll negotiate with my dad if we cancel the thing with our lawyers??? If they didn't do anything illegal, there should be nothing for them to be afraid of. Obviously if we take it to court and had evidence of their dealings, we would definitely win. Although we have some, we don't have sufficient evidence and the cost and time it would take is not worth it for my parent's mental and physical health. Plus we were just trying to settle, we gave up on getting the percentage off current value long ago because this has been going on for months and my family is all stressed out from it. We just want our original investment back but they still want to keep going in circles. They also have the money and time to keep doing this but we don't. We barely had any to begin with, we took out loans and borrowed money to invest in this business. Why are they like this? They own multiple properties, even have rental properties and already own their big house in a nice neighborhood. It's not like we are asking for an unreasonable amount, just our original back now. They even kept trying to get my dad to travel back and forth to negotiate because their parents also currently lives where my family lives. Recently I was finally able to visit my dad to help sell the house and gosh the house was big and beautiful, we finally had our own home. I started breaking down because I just thought about how much he went through to finally buy us a house and how he must've been so lonely and enduring so much living here all alone with his cognitive impairment and not knowing English at all. And now we are getting ready to sell the house so that he can move back in with us back where we currently live and be a whole family again. I'm so stressed that I've been thrown into all this legal stuff because I have to help out as my parents have limited English unlike my aunt and her husband, and having to suddenly be an adult because my parents are already carrying so much responsibilities right now. At the same time I'm so angry for how manipulative my aunt, not really of their family just because I know they never really cared for my dad as he wasn't a very bright son/brother of theirs, but it's still absolute crap. I don't even know what to do now except that I have to work harder to find a job so that I can share the burden and not have it all lay on my parents especially my mom who almost basically raised us as a single mom and took care of us very well to make up for both parent roles and give us a good upbringing. There's already so much other personal matter going on and having this on top, I feel like my head is about to pop TT It's all too stressful
TLDR; My dad owns a restaurant business with my aunt (40-60 respectively). They opened a new restaurant with same name, just a 2 slapped on it and pick fights with my dad on purpose to kick him out. My aunt then sells the restaurant without consent of my dad for $700k. We want our rightful money back. They scream and throw tantrum. We want our original investment back. They manipulate and lie to everyone around them saying we don't deserve it, she loves her brother, she's offered so much help to my dad. We get lawyer involved, they retract their sale and now say it's sold for $300k. We have no evidence because my dad who was alone in this far away place alone to start this business with my aunt is cognitively impaired and trusted his sister. Still won't even give us our initial investment back.
TTLDR; My aunt is trying to scam my family, I'm stressed.
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