How much does firebase cost


2021.01.19 20:45 DJPaulyDstheman HowMuchWouldThisCost

A place to post dope things that people build and you wonder how much it would cost.

2013.10.16 19:48 ruseweek Microdosing: sub-threshold dosing of psychedelic drugs for self-improvement, therapy or well-being

This is a community for discussion pertaining to microdosing research, experiments, regimens and experiences. The most probable candidates for microdosing are psychedelics, but we encourage dialogue on the effects of any drugs at sub-threshold dosage. No sourcing of drugs allowed! Please have a look at the microdosing Sidebar ⬇️.

2014.07.30 19:10 LL-beansandrice How much did those shoes cost?


2023.06.07 20:32 maycheeck What are your thoughts on this one?

Hello guys, just wanted to ask about your thoughts on this one. Today I got a bad Sunburn and I am feeling exhausted. I was on Reddit and as you may think I came to a sub and then to the next and so one. It was only 4 minutes, but because I haven’t saw nudity for a longer Time it felt more intensive. A played with myself and then there was this feeling of oh no, now my load will come out. But a few weeks earlier I have found out about something that means getting an Orgasm but without an release. The guy who explained this said there is a technic you have to learn or hold your finger on the position between the balls and your A hole. So as I thought about this I started holding it back that way. It was a very little pain, but I really felt how much could come out. Happily it didn’t there were only two little drips. I am on something with 40 days, so this could be more than just two drips. My question now is not that If I failed or not (In my view I kinda fall but will come up again) My question now is, will this kill my benefits of SR completely or not so much and I will recover fast?
Sorry If that sounds bit cringe like the Nowadays Nofap posts, but I didn’t know anyone who is doing SR and I really wanted to know all you thoughts on this. Tell me anything you think about this. Thank you very much 😊
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2023.06.07 20:31 Mary_agatha_ugc My sons nanny’s boyfriend threatened my 3 year old with a mental disability

Nanny of my son takes up for her boyfriend
Okay so I come from a background where I don’t know how to handle situations properly.
So I have 4 children and my friend is the nanny of my second to youngest. He is 3 years old and has mental disability. My children’s father is not involved.
My sons nanny has been involved with him for over a year. Her boyfriend has been physically violent with her with her in the past. She has 5 children of her own from previous relationship and he has a child that he does not have custody of.
I babysit her children and other children for a living.
Every time my sons nanny comes over with her boyfriend my sons immediately wants to play with him relentlessly. I personally can see how that can be exhausting but all of us grown ups around redirect and occupy him with other activities in a way that he understands and with patience. But I could tell he got aggravated sometimes but just don’t say anything.
We all recently went to the beach together and her boyfriend was falling asleep in the chair. My sister was kinda sitting behind him in the chair so he did not see her. My son was playing in the sand under the canopy while all the other children were playing in the water. My son noticed her boyfriend and started to try to play with him. Her boyfriend was pushing him back with his leg say “boy you better get away from me I will punch you in your mouth and knock your d**** teeth out” and just kept on telling him all kind of stuff along those lines. My son does not understand serious voice or not he just thinks everything is play time. Anyways when I noticed my son next to him while I was fixing the crab lines and told my mom to hurry up and go get my son because I already suspected he gets aggravated with him from other times he visited. I did not hear anything her boyfriend was saying to my son because I was not close enough to hear but my sister had told me way later about it.
I told my sons nanny about it once I found out and she believes my sister is lying because her boyfriend told her he would never say anything like that to my son & says that’s just not like him. Then She said it could just all be a misunderstanding because he “jokes” with her boys like that. My sister has nothing to gain from lying and him having the background he has with my sons nanny and how he talks to her children and nature in general does not suprise me.
I know she is the type of person that will come here with her boyfriend and see me son and try to get him to go to her boyfriend like she always does.
I have already told her I don’t want my child interacting him. When she came to pick her children up from babysitting she brought him as well and didn’t even talk to my sister and ask what he said like she said she was going to do. And he acted like nothing was wrong which was really awkward. I feel like they are trying to downplay the situation and let it slip through the cracks. I have always been a people pleaser type and avoided conflict but when it comes to my children I have to protect them.
I thought about telling her as well she would no longer be the nanny but would that be too extreme?
I have not been good at handling conflict I typically over or under react so I am just trying to get the best advice I can and some reassurance.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.07 20:31 Superteletubbies64 [H] Humble Choice June and more [W] Paypal, Bad End Theater, Super Lesbian Animal RPG (maybe), Boyfriend Dungeon (maybe), The Darkest Tales, Symphony of War, Ashina: The Red Witch, Fates of Ort, Ace Attorney Trilogy, Hidden Through Time, Coromon, No Straight Roads, Dusk Diver

Only interested in Paypal offers for now (EU region, i don't have set prices
I'm selling these for Paypal (my region is EU and buyer covers the fees if not from EU, I do not have set prices) or could trade non-headliner games for one of the games in the title I want. Not interested in anything else, i will ignore any lists of random games
Ghostwire: Tokyo (might keep)
Honey, I Joined a Cult (might keep)
Turbo Golf Racing
Eternal Threads
Meeple Station
Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters
Operation Tango
The Invisible Hand
I do not have a set price in mind for any of the games, if you ask "how much for?" you'll be asked if you have a price in mind. Only exception would be one of the indie games for Coromon or Lil Gator Game
Lost Planet 3 - Complete Pack
Orbital Bullet – The 360° Rogue-lite (might keep)
Death STranding Director's Cut (might keep)
Life is STrange 2 Complete Season (might keep)
Revita (might keep)
Just looking for Coromon and the games in the title and Paypal (my region is EU), nothing else. If you offer a huge list of games or anything that's not in the title or on my wishlist you might get blocked for not having basic reading comprehension
I know Coromon is in a pricy build your own bundle rn so could do multiple smaller games for it but no ridiculous offers please
Only interested in Paypal offers and games in the title don't comment if you don't have either to offer. For AAA games I'm only taking Paypal offers, not trades Any comments with lists of random games I likely already own will be ignored and possibly blocked. My region is EU, if you are outside of EU you have to cover Paypal fees. I do not have a set price for anything, if you ask "how much for" you'll be asked if you have a price in mind.
Golden Light
Batora: Lost Haven (might keep)
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
112 Operator
Agent in Depth
Alchemist's Castle
Arcade Spirits
Death Squared
Detached: Non-VR Edition
Doughlings: Arcade
Doughlings: Invasion
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Farming Simulator 17
Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue (might keep)
Frick, Inc.
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
Guns & Fishes
Hack 'n' Slash
Hyper Gunsport
Izmir: An Independence Simulator
Little Orpheus (might keep)
Lust from Beyond: M Edition
Meow Express
MirrorMoon EP
Mount & Blade: Warband
Non-Stop Raiders
Orbital Racer
Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Planet TD
Project Chemistry
Remnants of Naezith
Rym 9000
Soul Searching
Space Crew: Legendary Edition
Stick Fight: The Game
Strange Brigade
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
System Shock 2
The Amazing American Circus
The Inner World
Ticket to Ride
Worms Rumble
X-Morph: Defense Complete Pack
Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition
DARQ (might keep)
Othercide (might keep)
GameGuru Classic STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ Driftland: The Magic Revival Red Faction: Armageddon Puzzle Chronicles STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy™ STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast™ Distrust Radio Commander
Main Assembly
RPG Maker VX (may keep)
Hamilton's Great Adventure
[Amnesia: The Dark Descent](httpsa://
LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers (may keep)
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD (may keep)
Dungeon of the ENDLESS™
Go Home Dinosaurs!
Lust for Darkness
RPG Maker VX Ace - DS Resource Pack
RPG Maker VX Ace - Zombie Survival Graphic Pack
Iron Danger (may keep)
The Swindle
Morbid: The Seven Acolytes
Amnesia: Rebirth
X-Morph: Defense
Treasure Hunter Simulator
Orbital Racer
Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition
LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes 2 (may keep)
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
Monsters' Den Chronicles
Telefrag VR
We are alright (Wszystko z nami w porządku)
RPG Maker VX Ace - Old School Modern Graphics Pack 2
Rebel Cops
Farmer's Dynasty
The Plague: Kingdom Wars
LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes (may keep)
Bang-On Balls: Chronicles (may keep)
Jetboard Joust
Forgive Me Father (may keep)
Aliens vs. Predator Collection
LEGO® Star Wars™ III: The Clone Wars™
Golf Gang
Maid of Sker
Hedon Bloodrite (may keep)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning FATE Edition (may keep)
Blade Assault (may keep)
DOOM Eternal (may keep)
Grow: Song of the Evertree (may keep)
Scribble It! - Premium Edition
[Liberated] (GOG)
[Wanderlust Travel Stories] (GOG)
My full list of games: https://barter.vg80b7/t/ (this link might be more up to date than the list above)
Full wishlist (bundled games are at the top so you don't have to scroll through tons of unbundled and upcoming games): https://barter.vg80b7/w/f/?filter=0,17,0,0
IGSRep (no longer updating):
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2023.06.07 20:31 Maleficent-Top7417 So it’s summer now

And I pretty much have nothing to do. How long could I spend practicing for the theory exam to pass?
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2023.06.07 20:31 orosknetwork Discover the Path to Profitable Trading: Unleash Your Potential with a Stock Market Trading Course in Chennai

In today's fast-paced world, the stock market presents a wealth of opportunities for those who possess the right knowledge and skills. For individuals in Chennai eager to tap into the potential of stock market trading, enrolling in a specialized course can be a transformative experience. In this article, we will explore another perspective on the benefits of a stock market trading course in Chennai and highlight why it is a worthwhile endeavor for aspiring traders.

Accelerated Learning:
A stock market trading course in Chennai offers a unique opportunity for accelerated learning. While some individuals may choose to learn through trial and error, this approach can be time-consuming and costly. By enrolling in a structured course, participants can fast-track their learning curve and gain access to valuable insights and strategies from experienced traders. The condensed timeframe of the course enables learners to absorb a significant amount of information efficiently, saving them months or even years of self-study.

Risk Mitigation:
Trading in the stock market involves inherent risks, and without proper education, one's hard-earned money can be at stake. A stock market trading course in Chennai equips individuals with essential risk management techniques. From understanding the importance of setting stop-loss orders to implementing risk-reward ratios, participants learn how to protect their capital while maximizing their potential profits. This focus on risk mitigation instills discipline and helps traders make informed decisions based on calculated probabilities rather than emotional impulses.

Personalized Strategies:
Each trader has their own unique style, preferences, and risk tolerance. A stock market trading course in Chennai recognizes this diversity and encourages participants to develop personalized trading strategies. By understanding various trading methodologies, such as day trading, swing trading, or long-term investing, individuals can align their approach with their goals and personalities. The course provides a framework for building customized trading plans, empowering traders to navigate the market based on their strengths and preferences.

Psychological Mastery:
Successful trading is not solely dependent on technical analysis and market trends; it also requires psychological mastery. Emotions like fear and greed can significantly impact trading decisions, often leading to poor outcomes. Stock market trading courses in Chennai emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence and mental resilience in trading. Participants learn to identify and manage their emotions, develop a disciplined mindset, and cultivate patience in the face of market fluctuations. These psychological skills contribute to maintaining a rational approach to trading and increasing the chances of long-term success.

Ongoing Support:
The journey of a trader doesn't end with the completion of a stock market trading course. Reputable training programs in Chennai offer ongoing support to their alumni. This support may include access to exclusive trading communities, regular webinars or workshops, and updated market insights. Such post-course support helps traders stay connected, continue their learning journey, and adapt to evolving market conditions effectively.

Enrolling in a stock market trading course in Chennai provides a transformative experience that equips individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to succeed in the dynamic world of trading. By offering accelerated learning, risk mitigation techniques, personalized strategies, psychological mastery, and ongoing support, these courses empower individuals to unleash their potential and navigate the stock market with confidence. If you aspire to be a profitable trader, consider taking the leap and enroll in a stock market trading course in Chennai today.
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2023.06.07 20:31 hampt0nnn How well does your schedule match up with your availability?

I’m a full time student and I’m planning to apply as a cashier for part time. My only availability will be on weekends in the morning and early afternoons.
So I’m wondering for current part timers, how well have they planned your work schedule to your availability? Do they only schedule you on your availability or do they schedule you whenever they want?
Also is it possible to get 4-6 hour shifts instead of a full 8 hour shift?
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2023.06.07 20:31 Taken-Username7161 The Shroud stands tall, and so shall you. (Psionic Tall build)

Peace, Technology, Unity. These are what the council promises to its citizens
Empire size will remain under 100 for the duration of the game with this build if tall is what you are looking for, it is fall that you will recieve. we’re using 4 worlds, But it is technically possible with 3, Unity would be a problem in that case though.
Game settings i’ve tested this on, x1 tech, x1 habitables, x10 crisis, end game start year 2300, late game scaling, grand admiral. Normal ai aggressiveness.
Intelligent, because yes
Budding, it’s better than rapid Breeders for the late game, but rapid breeders can still be interesting since our early game economy kinda needs all the help it can get.
Natural engineers Or Traditional Or Talented if a leader build is what we’re going for, either one of theses is a good pick
Unruly is a free pick for the early years, and can be hopefully removed later, either by us or Composer RNG. An alternative would be nonadaptive, but it has a lot more of an impact early game.
Deviant, the negative governing ethics attraction will probably only end up as a rounding error, we are playing both psionic spiritualist, and tall. Ain’t no way we are getting any problems with diverging ethics.
Solitary is a nice alternative if ethic divergence scares you, we’ll be building city districts all over the place for the building slots, housing will not be an issue.. at all.
For our starting leader trait we’ll be going spark of genius, or logistic understanding, research speed is always nice, but the reduced ship upkeep would also be amazing in the late game, if you’re going with logistic understanding i would suggest picking a governor as a leader, for a couple reason. We’ll be having some ringworlds with merchants late game, so the % increases to trade value are very interesting. Researcher is still better for research though, you can get a solid 20-25% so either one is worth a good amount of consideration.
Teachers of the shroud for early Psionics. But in theory a lot of origins could do here if you are ready to give RNG a shot.
On a related note, the Patron we will be going for is ideally the Composer, since the bonus to pop growth is both good early game and invaluable to fill out our ringworlds. It also has the best Sanctum for our purposes and a decent ship component. Overall, a good option.
The instrument of Desire is also a good alternative, Job output and trade for our eventual ringworlds is good, but the real kicker is the mark of the Instrument, which reduces ship upkeep and increases sub light speed which is by far the best ship component of all the patrons.
Whisperers is okay-ish in the early game, but it really suffers once it gets time to actually fill our ringworlds and stuff. If you’re going for a weird, high evasion ships, super espionage build though.. eh, sure, why not. But otherwise it’s not ideal.
Since we’re going fanatic pacifist, we don’t have to worry about the Eater, like, ever. YAY !
Speaking of ethics…
:: Fanatic Pacifist, Spiritualist
Now this might come as a surprise, so why Fanatic pacifist ? It does lock us into defensive wars after all, and that’s awful… right ?
Well the defensive war only policy, doesn’t make as big a difference as it might sound like. Liberation war already only allows to make claims during defensive wars and that stays unchanged, and for a tall empire, losing the ability to impose ideology, or make a forced vassal through war, isn’t really all that much of a loss. If we want to declare war like, really badly, we will be getting alternative methods through the senate and general diplomacy.
On top of that, Fanatic Pacifist allows us to pick whatever authority we like, and frees up one civic slot which is actually pretty massive especially for build flexibility.
The first civic has to be. Master Crafters, the consumer goods are nice, but what is really a big deal here is the trade value, since with this play-style we’ll be staying with 3 to 4 planets only until our traditions are done, this will allow us to keep our original technicians on our homeworld and roll with it until the endgame.
The second civic:: can be, for exemple, Meritocracy, it’s just a good civic. But depending on what you’re going for you might want to look at something else entirely. Again picking fanatic pacifist really allows us to have a lot flexibility here.
The third civc:: Ascensionists. More Planetary Ascension effect is what the kids theses days would call, "very poggers".
Yeah just pick oligarchy. Or imperial if you plan on using feudal society or something.
Expansion is a good pick for the reduced empire size from both systems and colonies, on top of the extra population growth, it’s just good, it also increases the weight to draw the Composer, which is the best patron by far for the late game. With the 20% to pop growth speed on top of the 10% increase to pop growth speed on Psi corps. It also has the best Sanctum of the patrons with a 5% empire wide production bonus on top of some habitability.
It’s just good for us to finish this one early so we will save up unity until we can finish the research for Psionic Theory which is generally the second to third technology pick after hydroponics and whatever else that shows up.
Making a Federation is absolutely critical for our purposes, there is no other good reason to pick this, but the federation bonuses that the holy covenant gives are significant enough. If you’re not able to find someone with similar ethics, find a planet in the middle of nowhere and settle it, before releasing it as a vassal and then releasing the vassal to form a federation with it. That way they will have the same ethics and will be extremely willing to form a federation despite your war policy. You might want to leave that tradition incomplete until you at least get Champions of the empire to reduce the empire size.
Leaders good. But the empire size reduction from champions of the empire is basically completely busted for tall players.
Harmony, More planetary ascension, less empire size from pops, and even some extra leader lifespan, what more could a man want ?
Mercantile, why mercantile ? Well, simply put. Money. Federations tax all forms of energy income other than trade, so you would be getting 15% more energy from all of your trade sources than any other sources by default with our current build, on top of that the extra merchants will allow us to make ringworlds with a massive amount of them, creating a downright obscene amount of energy, this perk is what fuels our energy economy in the late game, it’s vital that we take it.
It’s probably one of the best tradition trees in the game. It’s just straight to the point. It’ll ensure that our navy is as big as it can be given our small footprint.
1st Imperial prerogative
2nd, Technological ascendency or transcendent learning.
3rd Technological ascendency or transcendent learning.
4th we’ll either be keeping around as free in order to pick Galactic wonders or we’re going to pick nihilistic acquisition (Yes, it requires authoritarian, but we’ll be electing our chosen one as divine sovereign, which switches us over to authoritarian.)
The rest is entirely up to you, you might want to pick up gardians of the galaxy for extra crisis damage.
2200-2230 is the hardest part, your economy is going to be in shambles very soon. Put down science labs as quickly as possible, homeworld is a tech world.
Find your guaranteed habitables, settle them as soon as you can, your first one will also be dedicated to technology, the second one will be consumer goods and once you find a fourth, it’ll be your unity world.
We aren’t going beyond that, we’re playing tall over here, empire size is our directive, if you want a more true to form approach, look up the 3k+ research by 2250 tutorial made by u/yzseven89, this dude knows how to play the game, he will bring you knowledge and technology.
We’re still aiming for a pretty cool 1k by 2230 and ideally 2k by 2250. It should be a pretty reasonable goal since we started off two tech worlds. Buy minerals, in the early years, don’t let the planetary queues be idle, build city districts, then buildings, and repeat. 3k is still theoretically possible, but it requires some good luck, it’s nice if you can achieve it, but i’d say a 2k goal is good enough.
You will want to switch to civilian economy.
In some cases you might even put the factory homeworld designation for a little while if necessary, ideally we want to avoid it since it shoots our alloy production in the foot and reduces our researcher output a little, but it might be necessary to relieve some stress off of your economy.
2230 - 2250 is the calm after the storm of death that is the early years, you have a few more pops to play around with, you have neighbours to make commercial pacts with and vassalize.
Genocidal empires will be the bane of your existence, you can’t out-power them in your current state, you just can’t, diplomacy is your only shield so you better use it well.
Make friends with your neighbours. Grant away favours early on in the relations if it looks like it’s going to turn sour. Friendship is mandatory.
Once the event pops up crown your chosen one as eternal god emperor, The council position it unlocks is the best in the entire game. Since you’re also authoritarian now, you can pick nihilistic aquisition, which will be very useful in the late game once we are starting to feel the effects of the relatively low pop growth that Psionic empires have.
Once you picked nihilistic acquisition with your free perk slot you had saved up, quickly embrace your pacifist faction once again, and say goodbye to the useless authoritarianism.
2250 - 2300
From then on it’s just about keeping your tech up, and making as many alloys as is reasonable on the side in anticipation of mega engineering.
If you have to build a megastructure from scratch, build a mega shipyard, it’s fastest and cheapest one, then i’d recommend the Dyson sphere followed by a ringworld.
Once you have all 7 traditions finished is when you can really boom and start putting down planetary ascensions, so don’t neglect your unity, it’s very important, so if you find yourself lagging behind in the 2250s, don’t hesitate to resettle three to five of your researcher pops to your unity world.
Start off an alloy world down the line and start pumping out them Ecumenopoli, two of your four ring segments to trade, two to research.
2300 - Victory
Make another ringworld, this time entirely for research. As for the rest. Make ships, prepare for the endgame crisis, and that’s about it.
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2023.06.07 20:31 KnotWave218 Long story, but looking to see if anyone else has a similar story

My ex dumped me, and at first said it was because of her depression. She was depressed when we started dating and got worse bc of a few unfortunate events during our time together (not related to me). She said she the more she saw the effort I was able to put into the relationship, the guiltier she felt that she didn’t have the energy to do the same, and this made her more depressed. She said she needed to be alone to work on herself. A couple weeks later we talked again bc I had more questions, and then she tried to tell me she never loved me or felt comfortable around me at all. I know this isn’t true, and if anything was really a reflection of how she felt about herself, but it hurt like hell to hear. She had gone on and on about how I was a good partner the day we actually broke up, so it was extra confusing for me to hear this. We had a great relationship, until one day when she did a 180 flip and was kinda rude to me, and then a few days later broke up with me. After the second talk, she had asked for space, and honestly, I was bad at giving it to her as I was now broken and unable to control my impulses and emotions. I felt bad for not respecting her wishes and have apologized since via a note, but I was already blocked on everything. She even said in a tiktok that I stalked her bc I gave a gift for her that I had ordered before the breakup since I did it while she was dog sitting (I’d been to the house before but I get it was weird, I just needed to get the gift out of my house bc it was just reminding me of her). I apologized for that in my final note to her as well, and I truly feel bad for my actions the few months after the split. I was going through other stuff (burnout and I was coming off of a medication which caused depression) and was not acting like myself at all. It has been over a year since I last saw her. I still love her so much and think about her all the time. I have tried very hard to move on, but can’t seem to. We did talk about the potential that we could try again after we both heal, but she also made it clear she did not want to feel like I was waiting for her. I know that I should just assume she is gone forever bc of the way she has treated me since the breakup. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and what happened.
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2023.06.07 20:30 Dracomies Budget items that have been great Quality of Life Items (Less than 20- 50 dollars)

These are items I think are extremely budget but are super useful or great for quality of life items. All of these are generally less than $20-$50
Travelambo Leather Squeeze Coin Purse You can find this for $5 on Amazon. Very sleek looking. Super useful when traveling to countries where you are dumped with change.
Noopel Emergency Whistles - This is just a whistle. But it's very sleek looking as far as whistles go. I like it in silver. $8. Very small and compact.
O-Cedar sponges, a 6 pack can be found for about $7. Imo some of the best sponges out there. Very much worth the cost. I think it won a bunch of kitchen awards.
CICIMELON Pencil Case can be found for $8. They look fine in black. But a great price.
Sawyer Squeeze. About $29. Arguably better than Life Straw. But definitely worth the cost.
Smelly Proof bags. Tacky name. But they work fantastic if you need to hide the smell of anything. You can use them in the fridge for smelly food, use them for take-out food in your car. Smells like nothing was there. I think its intended use is for hiding the smell of ambition-killing plants and it works for that too. They're almost as good as Lopsak Opsak bags at a fraction of the cost.
Earthpak Waterproof Drybag at $20 are a fantastic deal imo. They're a waterproof compression sack. I like to put waterless car wash bottles in them and a few rags so I can clean my car anywhere in an emergency. I also put anything that's soup or liquidy in them too.
Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set - Clunky and ugly but a fan favorite. I personally returned mine because I found it just a bit clunky and ugly. But at $14 with a lifetime warranty, could be super valuable for a camper. Popular with campers. You might like it.
UCO 9-Hour White Candles at $8. Could be a life-saver.
Olight flashlights are fantastic and often very inexpensive. Almost always worth the cost.
Civivi pocket knives are very much bang for your buck in terms of ease of use, materials, aesthetics and portability. Good value for the dollar.
The Knipex Cobra XS at $29 might be viewed as expensive but it's so useful that it is worth every dollar.
The Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit 3 Liters at $28 is a fantastic 'dopp kit'. It's not called a dopp kit. But it is that. It's just as good as much more popular dopp kits at a fraction of the price.
Slice 10515 Mini Box Cutter, I bought this 5 times. At $9.99 I definitely recommend it. It's basically a box cutter but the tip is safe, yet sharp. Hard to explain. You have to watch the video to understand. It's genius.
Viperade VE1. Good price for an EDC organizer at $19.
SMALLRIG Super Camera Clamp Mount, I bought 4 of these. These are about $14 right now. Incredibly valuable for cameras and microphones or just anything. It's super useful.
HOTO Precision screwdrivers at $29. Very sleek looking. And easy to bring along in an EDC kit or V/EDC kit.
Seki Edge Nail Clippers. The hype is real. These are fantastic nail clippers at $17. Often mentioned in BuyItForLife
RESQME The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool, at $9. There's no excuse for NOT buying this. It could save your life.
TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, at $13, these work amazing at wiping out ants.
Zebra Sarasa Pens. Very inexpensive. But they write so well. One of the best bang for your buck Japanese pens. I like them in 0.4 or 0.5
OXO Good Grips Dish Brush, just a dish brush. But I'm amazed at how good it is. $7.99
Maximm Extension Cord White Flat Multi Plug, 1 Ft - 360° . Found for $13. These have been so handy for travel. The head rotates 360 degrees which allows you to put it in slots you normally wouldn't be able to in various areas.
Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, Black, 16 Ounce (matte black) - I freaking love this thermos. The way you press the button and how the lid flaps open makes it super useful. Usually about $20 to $30, very much worth it.
RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper, these are about $18. Super useful when you just are lazy and need to wear slippers to throw out the trash or pick up mail.
Chums wallets - Super cheap. $11. But many different colors and styles. An excellent travel wallet. Super minimalist. Good quality.
Hero Clip $17. Putting a disclaimer that I didn't find it useful. But you might. It's a carabiner you basically put on your backpack so it doesn't touch the shit on the floor when you're in a bathroom. Honest to god that's its apparent main use according to onebag Onebaggers go gaga over this shit. You might like it. But an ever-reminder that hype does not mean something is useful for you.
Vitafusion gummies. Cheap. They give you a lot. Tastes good.
Boogie Board at $16. It's an LCD tablet. You write on it. You press a button and it clears. Very useful for saving paper. No computer needed.
MTrack Solo at $50. Probably the cheapest interface that doesn't suck. (Audio gear)
The XM8500 at $20. A $20 microphone that performs at the level of $100 XLR microphones, ie the Shure Sm58. (Audio gear, an interface required)
Invisible Glass at $9. It's a glass cleaner. An amazing one.
Furinno Turn N Tube 5 Tier. $24. It's hard to explain. But it's so useful. It's basically like a 5 level shelf. But it's so useful to have. Good for books. Good for random pictures. Good for work stations.
KitchenAid All Purpose Shears, 49,000 people who like it. I like it too. It's only $8.99
Bissell Natural Sweep, $39. I still use this to this very day to just sweep up random shit in my carpet. It's not for deep cleans, more just a quick maintenance fix.
KitchenIQ 50009, knife sharpener. Yeah, there's knife snobs who say you shouldn't use these. But for the average Joe these are great. $10.
Amazon Basics Hanging Organizer File Folders. A bunch of file folders you put in your file cabinet. But very good amount for the price. Price keeps changing but it's worth it.
PVC placemats. They're cheap. But seriously don't bother with cloth placemats for your dinner table anymore. These are heat proof and if you want to clean them, just run the sink for 10 seconds and it's clean. Usually $9.
Greenies. You can get them for about $6 for a pack of 11. Makes dogs so happy!
A Lodge Cast iron pan at $20
Carrd. It's a website maker. It's free. But the paid version is $9 a year. Not per month. For the entire year.
Kirkland microfiber towels (Yellow) are maybe about $14 for a stack of 26. Very good value for the dollar.
Koss headphones. ie KPH 30i, Koss Porta Pro, Koss KCS75. These headphones are very good for the money. Often about $30 or so.
OLFA Household Scissors L-Shaped 112B at $14.99. These are fantastic scissors. Learned these from a lot of tools people. They cut through zip ties and plastic. Definitely a Quality of Life item
I think that covers all the cheap ones.
If you have any you'd like to add, please comment below. I love buying and testing all of these things! :P
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2023.06.07 20:30 chebster99 666M BMW wheel badge replacement

666M BMW wheel badge replacement
I just noticed that the cap badge on one of my rear wheels is missing. The wheels are M4 competition type (I think they’re called 666M) with the rotating centre hub that keeps the badge upright.
I don’t have much expertise on this. How can I replace it? Are the rotating hub and emblem part of the same assembly that I need to replace, or is there some adhesive type emblem I need to get? Or something else?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 20:30 Felix_ivg has anyone knows about it? Im asking to our Mods whats theire stand in this regard

has anyone knows about it? Im asking to our Mods whats theire stand in this regard submitted by Felix_ivg to IndianEnts [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 20:30 Reportersteven Know folks have posted the Optimus Prime before, but didn’t realize how much larger it actually was

Know folks have posted the Optimus Prime before, but didn’t realize how much larger it actually was submitted by Reportersteven to funkopop [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 20:30 Potential_Device_875 GoDaddy ADFS SSL Wildcard

I'm working with a coworker on an SSL Certificate (Wildcard) Renewal for ADFS. The expiration on the cert is coming up soon. This cert is the service communications certificate for communications between ADFS and an external system.
I've never gone through this particular scenario before and want to make sure I get it right.
  1. GoDaddy said I must rekey the cert, and sent me an article on how to re-key. I was surprised because I didn't think a renewal was the same as a rekey. Is a rekey really necessary?
  2. If so, does anyone recommend or NOT recommend the Digicert utility, which has SSL functionality, for performing this operation on the ADFS side? I am not sure how to renew an ADFS cert specifically and it was suggested that the Digicert utility is a great way.

Thanks, any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.06.07 20:30 _pandaeyes_ Amex payment via Paypal?

Im looking for creative ways to meet my sign up bonus. I was thinking my rent can be a good way of doing it? If i am paying with amex via paypal to a bank account via xoom how does paypal report that transaction to amex? Will the points count toward my bonus? Anyone tried this?
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2023.06.07 20:30 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi - Agency Navigator (Top Quality)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.07 20:30 DazzlingMushroom8578 Disabling video download from my page?

Does anyone know how to disable video download for contents created by me and posted to my page?
Lately, people seem to download and edit original content and post it as their own.
The only solution I found online was to use the content distribution option but on the updated fb pages experience I cant seem to find it.
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2023.06.07 20:30 givemeajobpls My (28M) fiance (28F) and I have figured out that we are different people after being together for over 10 years and now she is listing wants that she wants to see in a perfect partner

My fiance and I have been together for 10+ years. We dated since high school and pretty much went into a full blown romantic relationship. We had our ups and downs like every long term relationship, but I soon started to feel like everything I did made her mad. I asked her if she was happy in this relationship and she said she wasn't anymore. When I asked her what I felt like I was lacking in, she said that she can’t just tell me what to do because that is not romantic enough for her. I brought up the fact that I know I am more introverted and she is way more outgoing than me, which we knew about before but I thought that our love and understanding would be strong enough to understand those differences and try to make it work. I wanted to express how I was feeling to her, but she turned that into me saying that I wanted to break up, so she was fixated on that.
After this talk, I wanted to talk with her to clarify what I had said that day. I mentioned my values in a relationship such as: 1) I want to accept you for who you are and I want to feel accepted for who I am 2) As long as we feel our love in the form of understanding and trust for each other, that’s what matters to me 3) We should be allowed to voice our opinions if we understand that we are coming from a standpoint to help each other grow mentally and physically. She responded by saying that this isn’t good enough and why can’t our lives be completely intertwined with each other, so we decided to stop talking about it there and cool off some more before revisiting this.
Then comes the last day we talked, she started to list off a list of wants for her perfect partner which was 1) She wants a partner who is exactly like her brother and her father 2) She admires her brother’s relationship with his girlfriend where they miss each other and embrace after not seeing each other for 5 minutes 3) She wants a partner that is attached to the hip and is having constant deep conversations together 24/7 throughout the day 4) She wants a partner who will drop everything to move in with her if she wants to go somewhere else.
She also mentioned that she talked to all of her family members about our relationship problems, which would have been okay if she at least communicated to me that she was going to first. We had an understanding that we wouldn't tell our relationship problems to our immediate family because it would be easy for them to form negative opinions on both of us. She also said it felt so good to be validated by her brother's girlfriend about our sex life issues without talking to me about it first. She then mentioned she had every right to involve her family with our relationship.
I feel like her telling her family about our relationship troubles was a huge breach of trust. I love her so dearly and I want to make things work but it just doesn’t seem like we will get to a middle ground. Is there any hope for us to continue or is this a sign that we should break up?
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2023.06.07 20:30 IkRookG [Visual Studio] How to use Content Patcher and Json Assets within a SMAPI mod?

So I'm new to modding, but not new to programming. I want to try to create a little mod for myself to learn the basics and see how all things work: creating custom items, using custom sprites, all the good stuff.
I've created the basic button EventListener tutorial on the wiki and I mean that's a piece of cake. Now I wanted to create a mod and implement a mobile phone basically, with a custom sprite and behaviour.
I've been looking at some file set-ups on Nexus to see how others structure their project in order to combine frameworks like Json Assets or Content Patcher. One of them I came across is the PPJA - Farmer to Florist at Stardew Valley Nexus - Mods and community ( mod. This mod has a structure of :
something along those lines basically, each with their own manifests and additional JSON-files.
Now how would I implement this into my own Project? How does the compilebuilding handle this? Are they all their own Projects but just bundled together at the end? That doesn't seem workable.
I've opened the ModBuildConfig.targets file and basically added my directories as the ProjectDir, but that seemed sketchy by itself, and sure enough it doesn't work. The only part that works is the [JA] directory and it being loaded by SMAPI. Probably because it just overwrites the previous builds?
Could anyone recommend me some open-source mods I could learn from? I've been peeking at PathosChild's Tractor mod as that's public on GitHub, and that's interesting by itself. But that doesn't achieve what I intend to to do here.
Please help a noob out :-)
If you got some good resources outside the Wiki + Stardew forum + Documentation, lemme know too!
submitted by IkRookG to SMAPI [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 20:30 DaCoffeeKween Vacation, what to do with dog?

TL;DR: Do you guys board your dog, have someone house sit, or just have someone come by to feed and walk? If I'm gone for say...2 she going to need someone to come and stay in the house so she's not alone or would it be the ok to just have someone to take her out a few times but leave food and water and toys in her kennel so she isn't bored? It's it cruel to just leave her locked up minus 3 walks a day? Does a boarder do the same thing?
My husband and I usually go out to visit his only living grandma once a year. She is very old and we fear we may not get many more trips out to see her. We want to plan our next trip when our daughter is old enough to take on a plane. The only issue, we got a new dog too. If we go out on a trip, or if we are forced to go out due to her passing, we can take our baby without too much issue but the dog must stay here. We have family but no one can really house sit for us for the duration of a week or two and provide constant enrichment and care. The most I can expect is for someone to come and walk and feed her a few times a day. The rest of that time she will be stuck in her kennel.
I hate this but I have a feeling that's what happens when you board them too. They keep your pet alive and that's it. No enrichment, no training, no real interaction. If I could get someone I trust to house sit how would I know if they are even playing with her and letting her have fun? The cats are easy. Once a day fill their food and once a week scoop their poo they play on their own and have the whole basement. She would likely try to bolt if left out of her kennel and heard a person come in, or get anxious and potty or destroy things she wouldn't normally.
It will be a few months still so she might learn how to be better when kept out of her kennel an learn to not jump ect but being home alone would be torture.
What do you guys do if you have a lot trip planned? Should I try and convince someone to stay at my house for a week? By then we should have a spare room for guests but...idk if I trust anyone in my home for that long alone. Should I board her? Or is that just as bad as leaving her in a kennel at home and having someone come by just to walk/feed? I wanna get a plan made before we plan the trip.
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2023.06.07 20:30 Avaale Short question + Routine Help Thread: Have a question? ASK HERE

If you are new to this subreddit, welcome aboard!
As discussed earlier in the previous weekly posts, we are trying to introduce dedicated posts to bring organization to this subreddit, twice a week
All-new standalone posts regarding anything specified below will be removed.
This is being done so that all posts educating the community with personal experiences & knowledge can stay at the forefront, and all individual questions can be covered at one place. We hope you all will understand and adhere to the guidelines.
If you're wondering whether to post here or in a separate thread, consider whether your question benefits the sub as a whole? If it does, frame it as a discussion and make a standalone post, else please post here.

If you are asking for recommendations or help, Please add the following details in your comment to make it easy to help you




Guide on making optimum use of this sub and how to ask for help

FAQ on participating on the sub containing karma limit details and rules

If you have any questions/suggestions for the weekly threads, please feel free to DM the mods.
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2023.06.07 20:30 Exploding_Gerbil Equality Act, England work & Dementia- law advice please

Hi. Seeking legal advice please, not NAL opinion.
52 y (M) Friend just diagnosed with early onset Dementia. Head up his bum as you can imagine with tests, referrals abd diagnosis to come to terms with
Now his workplace, a school, are docking his wages when he has to attend hospital specialist appointments in working hours (8-5 hrs). Because he's had more than 5 appointments?
Is this legal? Wouldn't this fall into reasonable adjustments under disability in the Equality Act? Not like he's going to need them with this frequency all the time. Once they know which dementia type he has & if medication can help via Neurology, I anticipate the appointments shall settle down to annual reviews.
He us in front of HR tomorrow after an argument with his Boss today over this. Dementia UK offered HR their no. so HR could call them and discuss friend's needs. HR refused.
How can I help? Please, no NAL opinions. Just law facts and protection I can share with him & his missus ASAP.
Thank-you so so much xx
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2023.06.07 20:30 Inevitable-Stage-490 EFT lighting Effects

Idk about you guys, but I really liked the idea of Realistic Lighting in the game. I hope you all know what video I’m talking about.
My thoughts on it: it would make day time gunfights more fun inside and out of buildings. Nighttime would be more “dynamic” with moonlight; as in I feel like it would make it more playable. And lights in underground/no windowed areas would have better effects. I’m really thinking PvE and PvP scenarios here not just the “wow” factor of graphics.
I don’t mind the lighting as it is. But in my opinion that video looks amazing and I want to see some lighting like that. The lighting as it is just seems weird to me now.
Not sure how much really goes into changing the lighting to more “realistic” setting and what sort of effect it would have on the Engines Performance. But it would be nice to see that BSG is at the very least looking into the lighting changes.
To give you an idea of the changes I’ve seen, I’ve owned Tarkov for 2 been playing consistent for 1.5years.
submitted by Inevitable-Stage-490 to EscapefromTarkov [link] [comments]