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Are We Hiring, yes we are!

2017.12.01 06:07 Jawn78 Are We Hiring, yes we are!

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2015.04.22 16:17 apbeir The DKC League

The DKC is an NBA role-playing game where each user becomes the general manager of his or her own team and abides by a modified version of the NBA CBA to trade, sign, and draft players. Users control their teams over the years, allowing for multiple strategies (win-now, or build for the future) but the ultimate goal is to have fun and build a team you're proud of. The DKC has been ongoing since 2013, and hosted on reddit since 2015.

2023.03.29 11:21 tops_int_tech Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Career In Cyber Security

Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Career In Cyber Security

Start your career in Cyber Security with everything you need to know. Learn the fundamentals of cyber security, Get started today and become a cyber security expert.
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2023.03.29 11:07 learnetskills Why choose a finance career?

Why choose a finance career?

Finance Career
Finance is a dynamic and ever-changing field that attracts a large number of people looking for a successful and rewarding career. The field provides numerous career opportunities and allows individuals to work in a variety of capacities, including financial analysts, portfolio managers, investment bankers, and financial advisors.

Individuals choose a career in finance for a variety of reasons, including:

1. High earning potential: The finance industry is known for paying high wages and generous bonuses, particularly to those who excel in their positions. This is especially true for positions such as investment bankers and portfolio managers, which frequently earn six-figure salaries with the potential for even higher pay.
2. Job security: Because the finance industry is so important to the global economy, it is not subject to the same ups and downs as other industries. Individuals who pursue a career in finance will benefit from this stability and security.
3. Intellectual stimulation: Finance is an intellectually stimulating and challenging field that requires individuals to constantly learn and adapt to new developments and technologies. This makes the field appealing to people who enjoy solving complex problems and analyzing data.
4. Career advancement opportunities: The finance industry is constantly expanding, and there are numerous opportunities for individuals to advance their careers. Financial analysts, for example, can advance to portfolio management, investment bankers to managing directors, and financial advisors to partners in their firms.
5. Social impact: The finance industry is critical to the global economy's functioning, as it drives economic growth and raises the standard of living for individuals and communities. Individuals gain satisfaction from knowing that their work has a positive impact on society.
Learnet Institute of Skills financial literacy course and other taxation courses provide a wide range of career opportunities and benefits, making it an appealing option for individuals looking to build a successful and rewarding career. We have something to offer everyone, whether you are looking for stability, intellectual stimulation, high earning potential, or opportunities for advancement.
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2023.03.29 10:52 JoJo-Bizarre-1997 The forgotten powerhouse of North America

When people talk about CONCACAF region, they only remember two most prominent names: Mexico and the United States, though the former is far more prominent than the latter. Mexico is the biggest and most powerful of the CONCACAF, and it is, so far, the only country from this part to have won any major FIFA men's competition, both in under-17 World Cup and the defunct Confederations Cup, as well as the Olympics. The United States, on the other hand, is only emerging.
But what if I mention about another nation that is deemed as a forgotten powerhouse of North America that people may not realise? Well, in the case, the forgotten powerhouse is Costa Rica, the country in the middle of Central America.
Costa Rica's fascinating football rise is largely shielded by widespread ignorance toward this country. With only five million people, a quite small population, Costa Rica had quite been viewed irrelevant by football fans from across the world for a long time. The country's top league, the Primera Division, founded in 1921, was for a long time run in a part-time basis, despite widepsread support for football in the country.
However, when Velibor Milutinovic, the man who coached Mexico back in 1986 World Cup, was hired as coach of Costa Rica, the Central American nation's football fortunes began to improve. Costa Rica qualified for the 1990 FIFA World Cup, where they shocked everyone by defeating Scotland and Sweden to progress to the knockout stage in their just maiden appearance. Unfortunately, due to the amateur status of Costa Rican footballers, the team could not weaponise from the initial success and missed out the 1994 and 1998 tournaments.
After failing to qualify for the 1998 FIFA World Cup, Costa Rican football officials decided to go full professionalism with the establishment of UNAFUT) (Union de Clubes de Futbol) in 1999. Since then, Costa Rica has been consistent at qualifying for World Cups, missing only the 2010 edition because of the playoffs against Uruguay, and during that span, Costa Rica even reached the quarter-finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup with an unthinkable performance, topping the group of death ahead of Uruguay, Italy and England - three former world champions, and only lost to the Netherlands on penalties. Though Costa Rica failed to repeat that feat in 2018 and 2022, the Costa Ricans nonetheless caused significant hardship to their opponents in process, such as Brazil's hard fought 2-0 win in 2018, or the shock win over eventual group winner Japan and their surprisingly strong resistance against Germany in 2022 edition, despite the backdrop left behind from its humiliating 0-7 loss to Spain.
In fact, Costa Rica today is widely recognised by fans as the only Central American national team that has the capability to compete against the likes of the best in the world, and the only Central American team that football giants have a significant worry to think of. When you can make Brazil, Germany and Argentina to even think of you, that mean you have become a recognisable face of the beautiful game.
I think both of us are left puzzled about how does Costa Rica, a small Central American nation with only 5 million inhabitants, manage to become so competitive, so capable of producing talented footballers each year, and, if we go a little romantic, somehow become the Croatia of the Americas, given the similarly small territorial size and small population between Costa Rica and the Balkan nation? What ingredients that trigger Costa Rica's football boom and its ability to produce talented footballers like Keylor Navas or Joel Campbell?
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2023.03.29 10:51 loanpandit2023 Bill discounting

Bill discounting
Bill discounting is a commercial activity in which a firm sells its outstanding bills to a funder who agrees to reimburse the company later. With bill discounting, the company discounts outstanding bills to obtain short-term financial help and maintain working capital. Invoice discounting is another name for this technique. The Negotiable Instruments Act of 2010 governs this process. With the TReDS platform, there are two techniques for discounting a bill: factoring and reverse factoring. Both strategies are intended to accelerate and boost cash flow without affecting the balance sheet.

Bill Discounting is a type of short-term financing for merchants in which they sell unpaid bills due on a date in the future to financial firms in exchange for a commission. The Bank acquires the bills (Promissory Note) well before the deadline and credits the amount to the customer's account after a discount fee. The Bank will collect the bill money immediately from the debtor on the bill's due date. This allows traders to manage their free cash flow and business cycles while keeping their balance sheets intact. Lenders often provide tenors of as long as 180 days even while providing bill discounting services.
As a result, the seller receives a reduced payment for their bill. This allows them to continue operating their businesses while purchasers benefit from a more extended credit period. On the given deadline, the seller pays the financial institution, completing the cycle for that specific invoice. Because the seller receives money at a 'discount,' this process is called Bill Discounting.


Assessing the vendor and the buyer: Before granting bill discounting, the banks or NBFC investigates the seller's and buyer's creditworthiness. This is performed to ensure that the purchaser does not fail to make the bank payment. The most noticeable element of bill discounting is the availability of quick cash to the customer.
After discounting the bill, the bank or NBFC acquires the invoice and pays it instantly. This makes the seller's life easier. They are paid immediately and do not have to wait for the customer to pay.
The difference between both the face value of an invoice as well as the amount accepted and released by the bank is referred to as the discount.
Maturity: The maturity period of a bill is the date on which the invoice must be paid. The typical maturity time is 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or 120 days.


The eligibility requirements for bill discounting vary per lender and are typically determined by the financial institution's leadership providing the service. Nonetheless, the following are the most typical bill discounting criteria:
  • The business must have been in operation for a fair amount of time. Most financial organisations need a minimum of three years of experience.
  • The seller should have dealt with at least two investment-grade firms.
  • A credit score of 650 or higher is required.
  • The company must generate a minimum annual revenue of one crore.


As a cash transaction, bill discounting benefits all parties involved: the vendor, the purchaser, and the financial institution. The buyer and seller can steady their cash flow, whereas the financial institution may profit from the funds lying with them.

The following are the unique advantages of bill discounting:

Enhances cash flow position:

To survive and flourish, all businesses, large and small, rely on cash flow. Bill discounting facilitates speedy cash flow into the firm, allowing it to survive and thrive. The quick money could be utilised to pay staff, buy supplies for a subsequent order, or to purchase a new asset.

Gives immediate access to cash:

A bill discounting service is a quick and easy solution for a seller to get payment on their invoices. It enables companies to better control their working capital and keeps the working capital cycle short. Most banking institutions, including MYND, provide funds between 24 and 72 hours.

There is no collateral involved:

Bill discounting is a pretty easy technique. It does not need much documentation. Second, the seller is not needed to offer collateral security to receive the payments. The invoice is sufficient collateral to obtain the funds.

There is no debt:

Obtaining cash through a bill discounting service does not place the buyer in debt. In this case, the purchasers are paid against the bills, which are already paid as a result of them. It only facilitates their acquisition of funds. As a result, it creates no debt burden for them. Compared to typical lending approaches, a bill discounting service is risk-free.

There is no effect on the balance sheet:

The bill discounting facility generates no tax burden. It's more of a spontaneous, impromptu procedure. As a result, it does not affect the company's financial sheet.


Bill Discounting is, however, one alternative, which allows a company to get paid quickly for their job and fulfil their running expenditures without relying on an outside agency. Bill Discounting, or Invoice Discounting, is just a business transaction in which a seller offers products or services to a buyer.
The buyer must pay within the agreed-upon credit period. If the buyer requires funds sooner, he might contact a bank or an NBFC and sell the invoice to them. The banking institution verifies the buyer's invoice and then pays the vendor on their behalf. They do, however, make some reductions, known as 'discounts,' as their commission.


1. What exactly is bill discounting?

Business discounting is just a type of commerce that allows sellers to receive prompt payment for their job. It enables them to pay their operating expenditures without relying on external funding sources.

2. In the event of bill discounting, what would be the repayment period?

The payback time is the same as the credit period granted to the seller by the buyer.

3. Is bill discounting considered a sort of company loan?

Indeed, it is a business loan provided by financial organisations such as banks and NBFCs. The amount of this form of company loan is sanctioned based on bills or invoices supplied by the lender.

4. Is GST, TDS, and VAT levied on bill discounting?

No, GST, TDS, and VAT do not apply to bill discounting.
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2023.03.29 10:46 Even_Message9815 A Look At How Data Science And IoT Are Transforming The Future

A Look At How Data Science And IoT Are Transforming The Future
One of the most significant technological advancements of the 21st century is the Internet of Things (IoT).an ever-expanding network of sensors and machines has increased productivity, fueled the development of new products and services, and enabled us to collect more data than ever before. For this reason, the demand for a domain-specific Data Science course in Delhi has also increased.
Recent statistics show how data science and IoT will shape the future of technology.
  • According to AuManufacturing, by 2025, there will be 75 billion IoT devices worldwide. Especially in Australia, according to Statista, the technology market forecast for IoT is positive.
  • By 2027, the projected IoT market revenue is expected to reach $632.7 million (A$970.7 million). Smart Home Technologies, a major player in the Australian IoT market, predicted a market size of US$625.6 million (A$959.8 million) in 2027.
  • Australian IoT revenue is expected to reach USD 632.7 million (AUD 915.84 million) in market size by 2027.

Data Science and IoT

Data science and IoT are interrelated. The field of data science is essential to the growth of IoT. IoT innovation is further proof of the essential role of data science in the modern technology sector, further increasing the employability of already world-class professionals. There is already a dearth of data science talent in the IoT sector. While the industry continues to expand, the need for data science talent will continue to rise.

What makes Data Science so valuable for IoT?

IoT is basically about computers and machines using networks to talk to each other, and this process is done completely through data exchange. So if data is the fuel that drives his IoT, his IoT algorithms in data science turn that fuel into something useful.
Daniel Christie, associate dean of the industry at JCU's College of Science and Engineering, believes data science has important value-adding capabilities for IoT systems. "Data science takes the data collected by IoT systems and technologies, harnesses it, and transforms it into something that can create value for an organization or business through analysis and visualization. Data science components enable you to extract and understand value from using and deploying IoT technologies. "
For example, virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa use machine learning to enhance their speech recognition capabilities. The sophisticated hardware and network configurations that Alexa devices rely on are of little value without the data scientists powering the core voice command functionality.
Speech recognition is just one of the many IoT-centric capabilities that data science enables. IoT devices leverage various data science capabilities to support key functions required to operate.

Key Skills for IoT Data Scientists

The IoT industry's focus on developing devices that interact directly with the physical world makes the industry's data science needs somewhat unique. Below are some key areas every IoT data scientist needs to know.
  • Key Big Data Skills:

Real-time streaming analytics

One of the benefits of IoT is the large amount of data it generates. To work in this setting, IoT data scientists must have prior expertise in working with and processing large amounts of data, particularly large-scale streaming data.
Real-time streaming analytics is useful for devices that need to rapidly develop responses to complex user queries or provide users with real-time insight into what the device is monitoring (such as a factory floor). Needed to strengthen. Since many IoT services receive data from multiple sensors simultaneously, it is important to be able to analyze multiple data streams together.
Learn the in-demand big data skills by joining the comprehensive Data science course in Bangalore, and gain experiential learning.

Key Technologies for IoT Data Scientists

In order to work effectively on an IoT team, it is important to understand the overall IoT implementation and design growth.
According to Christie, a deep knowledge of IoT technologies is essential for a data scientist. To comprehend the "technology of what is possible," data scientists must first understand how to "design and implement IoT systems/solutions to collect the data required to understand and solve problems." This knowledge also allows the data scientist to identify the limits of the data gathering process for its particular IoT system and to ensure that the data analysis process is viable in various real-world environments. "reasonable considerations" can be made.
Key data science and IoT technologies that data scientists need to understand include:
  • Cloud computing
Most IoT products use cloud computing as part of their services, and cloud services spending is expected to increase by 20.4% in 2022. His low-power IoT devices can accomplish complex tasks that would otherwise be impossible thanks to cloud processing. The cloud also provides his IoT service with a central repository for analyzing data from all deployed devices and sending updates. IoT devices that rely on big data processing depend on cloud services.
While it is not necessary for IoT Data Scientists to understand cloud engineering, it is highly recommended that they understand the cloud services available and how to use them. Further, cloud providers offer data storage, transformation, management, and analytics services. Data scientists need a deep understanding of these services to use the right tools for IoT projects.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting)
CAD software is an important part of designing and building IoT devices.CAD skills are required to understand the basic structure of devices and the IoT development processes data scientists handle from a physical design perspective.
  • IoT computing hardware
Most Internet of Things (IoT) devices must be small and work with small computing hardware. The Raspberry Pi and Arduino are two widely used hardware frameworks by IoT developers, both of which can create a full-featured computer on a single chipboard. Having a knowledge of IoT hardware frameworks, data science specialists can understand how far they can push the on-device analytics capabilities of their projects. Data scientists can gain a basic understanding of these technologies by learning at their own pace. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are open-source frameworks, and Raspberry Pi was originally invented as a computer science learning tool.
If you want to learn data science in IoT or other domains, Learnbay has got your back. It offers an industry-relevant Data Science course in Pune. Here, you will get customized practical training to help you get ahead of the competition.
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2023.03.29 10:39 will_the_broken Company is saying they have retained me after i asked for salary revision without registration

I got couple of offer letters in December, just before my appraisal cycle. Showed my manager that this is what I'm being offered and checked if my salary can be revised.
I rejected it on verbal confirmation that my salary will be revised to the agred amount by upper management.
3 months later i got my revised salary, HR says I've been retained. How can they retain me if I've not even resigned?that too 3 months after i verbally asked for salary revision. I just asked him like I'm expecting Xyz , same way in each apprisal but only this time with offer letters on hand
The team has high dependency on me , is my job at risk now if they become self dependent?
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2023.03.29 10:30 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Ovens – Uplevel Consulting 2023

[Get] Sam Ovens – Uplevel Consulting 2023
Sam Ovens – Uplevel Consulting 2023
- Get clarity and laser focus
- Productize your services
- Automate client acquisition
- Automate service delivery
- Hire & manage a lean team
- Scale to 7-figure profits
What is it?
Uplevel Consulting is a 9-week online course with physical workbooks, live Q&A calls and a community of successful entrepreneurs. The course shows you how to scale using systems.
Who is it for?
Uplevel Consulting is for people who already have an established business with customers, but want to scale to 7-figures with predictable systems, automation, lean team and PPC ads.
Where does it happen?
The Uplevel Consulting course is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, live Q&A calls and a Facebook community. You complete it online, on your own time.
How does it work?
You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Fb group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.
When does it start?
Because Uplevel is an online course, it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get lifetime access.
Why does it exist?
We created Uplevel because most established businesses are clueless when it comes to scaling, hiring/managing a team and making things predictable, consistent and systemized.
Here’s how it works
To scale a business and change your life, content is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Uplevel Consulting provides proven process, mental reprogramming, community and expert mentorship.
Get Immediate Access !

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2023.03.29 10:30 aadha_taklu [E] MS Statistics at T54 vs MSBA at T20?

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day!
I am an international student in my late 20s from engineering background. I have an above-average mathematics background but lack programming skills, though I am already enrolled in a few courses and should become proficient before joining my masters. I am a quick learner and reasonably good at self-learning. Though I have some work experience, it is not in pure statistics or data analytics, so I consider myself a fresher in this field.
I feel that MS in Statistics is better suited to me than other popular programs like MSBA/MSDS. I applied to and got rejected from Statistics programs at Penn State, UIUC, Virginia Tech, Columbia, and Purdue, probably because of my poor grades in undergrad, where I was focused on extracurriculars and ignored studies. Since I started applying very late in this cycle and was initially overwhelmed by the process, I missed lots of other good statistics programs, hence I applied to a few MSDS/MSBA programs as well.
My foreseeable goal is to work as a Lead Statistician or Data Scientist at F100 company leading in this field, like various banks or the big 4 consulting firms or maybe even the tech industry a few years down the line. I have various offers but these are my top 3 at the moment -
IUB Statistics - Though not highly ranked at T54 (Statistics, USNews) or T170 (University rank), I am looking forward to the IUB Statistics program as I feel that I will be more comfortable with a math-heavy curriculum. The 2-year course duration, small batch size, and relatively reasonable tuition were a few other factors. Also, this program offers an option of a tuition waiver in the case of TA/ GA, so I was expecting to save some money and graduate with lesser debt. There is an IU Statistical Research Centre as well, where most students get the opportunity to pursue an internship and gain some sense of statistics in real-world applications, which is a plus. Also, this comment and a friend who is a postdoctoral researcher in Stats at the T10 Stats program has told me to join IUB and skip the MSBA programs.
UCLA MSBA - UCLA on the other hand is a T20 Uni and Anderson is a T15 (MBA) college. Their faculty also seems well qualified with good industry experience, and I think the quality of education should be world-class. One of their professors contributes to the R library and has one of the highest downloads as well; another one has really good papers published and has experience working with Uber on the Price-surge model. Primarily, I think my goal of pursuing quality education from the US will be fulfilled by the experience here. But this is all in my mind; kindly correct me if I am wrong. Also, this program is pretty expensive and won't make sense if I can't snag a $150k+ placement.
Goizueta/Emory MSBA - Goizueta is T20 (MBA) and Emory is T82 ranked Uni but doesn't seem anywhere close to UCLA Anderson from my experience till now and the MSBA program is pretty short at just 10 months. But their placement stats are pretty attractive, and they have offered a reasonable scholarship to me and promised a bit more in the next few weeks. So, this seems like a reasonable option just based on the placement/fee paid ratio.
Curriculum - IUB Stats vs UCLA MSBA vs Goizueta MSBA
Placement - Though not exactly apples-to-apples, I am bound to compare the average starting salaries of these programs. Both MSBA are under business schools and they seem to have a solid and dedicated career services cell and they take placement of their students seriously coz they have to publish them to attract more students the next year. There are various opportunities like Internship, Co-op programs or Monthly employer meets to ease the placement process. Also, the employer panel at UCLA is very impressive and covers a diverse range of sectors - Career Impact UCLA Anderson School of Management . The UCLA MSBA program mentions a $115,000 Avg Starting Salary, whereas the Goizueta MSBA program mentions a $100,000 Median Starting Salary. Both quote above 95% placements within 6 months of graduation on their webpage.
Whereas for IUB Stats, placements are not the priority and there is not much support from the dept and you have to undertake the whole process by yourself. I went through the alumni details on the IUB Statistics webpage, and it shows placement data of around 6 people for 2020, 6 for 2021 and 4 for 2022 batches for both the Master's programs, which seems less than 50% of the total batch strength. Also, there is no mention of remuneration anywhere.
According to the COL Calculator, a starting salary of $115k in LA is equivalent to $77K in Atlanta and $75k in Bloomington. This puts the $100k at Goizueta way higher than UCLA's $115k weirdly.
Fees and COL - I am expecting to spend less than $70k ($42K tuition) over 2 years at IUB Stats. If I become the TA/GA, I expect some further tuition waiver. The UCLA MSBA program should cost me around $110k ($70k tuition) for 15 months. I am yet to receive/expecting a scholarship award from them. The Goizueta MSBA program should cost $92k ($60k tuition after a $20k scholarship) for 10 months. The Goizueta team has promised more scholarships in the next few weeks.
I come from a lower-middle-class family and will be taking out huge loans to pay for all the programs. Though I am debt-averse, I don't mind going for a moderately expensive program, if the future career prospects outshine the cheaper one.
Opportunity and VISA - Since I am an international student and plan to stay in the US for the foreseeable future, work opportunities and my VISA matter a lot to me. Will there be any quantifiable difference in the opportunities I will get if I have one university on my resume over the other? How much will this affect my chances of getting an H1B visa sponsorship in the future?
Before anyone mentions that university/college doesn't matter at all, it did in my case. If I had not completed my undergrad at a Tier-1 institution, I would not be getting any offers, considering my 2.6 CGPA and a sizeable gap period.
Location - LA and Atlanta are Tier-1 cities and have excellent opportunities for personal growth and job search. Whereas, Bloomington is a college town and doesn't compare to the other two. LA has an atrocious COL, otoh. Haven't compared the crime rate yet, any insights are welcome.
Other offers - I don't expect you to know about every other program out there, but I'm sharing just for information.
MSBA - UC Irvine ($52k tuition after scholarship, 1 year), Case Western ($57k, 16 months), SMU Cox ($32k after scholarship, 10 months), UTDallas ($40k after scholarship, 2 years); Data Science - Vanderbilt ($107k, 2 years), Rice Uni ($67k after scholarship, 1.5 years), Notre Dame ($60k, 16 months); Data Analytics - Boston University MET ($62k, 1 year). I am still waiting for decision from ASU Statistics, NEU Analytics, UMCP MSBA, UCSD MSBA, UIUC Predictive Analytics.
I may seem confused to some people, because I am. Where MS Stats seems to be equipping me with excellent technical skills but placement scenario is uncertain, an MSBA seems to be exposing me to the world of business and placing at good positions with good brands with handsome remuneration but lacks the in-depth technical know-how, hence this has become difficult to decide between the two. Thank you for your time and for reading this wall of text. Any advice will be appreciated.
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2023.03.29 10:15 cancancanaman [HIRING] 2d artist - animator (remote)

We are a new company looking for a talented 2d artist-animator to join our small team and work on a PC city-builder game. Our company is focused on creating engaging and innovative games that provide players with a unique gaming experience.
We are fine with part-time work as well, salary would be adjusted accordingly.
Salary: 3 000 - 4 500 USD depending on portfolio
Required qualifications:
Portfolio showing experience in 2d in style similar to attached sample 2+ years of previous experience working in video game or animation industries Love for games English or Polish proficiency
100% remote work Startup atmosphere, small team (~9 people) Elastic working hours No old code to maintain - new project We will respond to all job applicants - no ghosting No micromanagement, just tasks to be completed after establishing their expected effort, with check-ins twice a week. 1 stage recruitment
To apply: Please send an email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with links to your portfolio attached, as well as your availability. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and encourage diversity in our workforce. If you're passionate about games and want to work on exciting projects with a talented team, please apply today
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2023.03.29 10:13 payrollexpert Expert Tips for Smooth Transition to Payroll Software

Introducing payroll software can significantly increase operational efficiency for organizations. If your company has decided to adopt payroll software, congratulations! However, before you can reap the benefits of time and cost savings, you must ensure a smooth deployment and transition process. Like any new software deployment, you will encounter challenges and obstacles. Although each organization will have its unique set of issues, several common hurdles exist. However, many companies fail to recognize that a thorough analysis of their existing payroll operations and processes is the underlying solution to each of these challenges.
To ensure a smooth transition and deployment when implementing payroll software, consider the following helpful tips during your software testing phase.


A complete payroll transformation typically results in significant operational changes that can disrupt daily processes. As the new and legacy payroll software are not designed to communicate with each other, temporary integrations between the two may be necessary to maintain employee data until you’re ready for the complete transition. This process takes time, and to minimize disruption, you should assess the effort, cost, and resource capacity required for payroll software deployment.
With this information, you can create a deployment schedule that informs affected parties of system downtimes and outages. Work with your payroll vendor and internal team to develop a flexible and realistic schedule for deployment. Ideally, aim to roll out your new payroll software at the beginning of a financial year to reduce the need to incorporate previous payroll data, giving your team sufficient time to familiarize themselves with any new processes.

Form a project team

Implementing new payroll software is not a one-person job; it requires coordination with internal stakeholders and external vendors. Create a project team to lead the payroll software deployment and assign roles to facilitate the deployment process, such as internal communications, user acceptance testing (UAT), and vendor relations and management. The payroll software deployment project team should include some of your payroll staff, ideally employees responsible for monthly processing and the payroll manager in charge of approving payroll activities. These employees can verify the accuracy of payroll data on the new payroll software and familiarize themselves with it.

Outline the testing process

Before going live with your payroll software, multiple tests are necessary to ensure it runs smoothly. These tests verify that employee data is accurately tracked, payroll calculations are computed correctly, and historical payroll data is extracted. It’s best to work with your payroll vendor to create a checklist of items that need to be tested, including new hires and termination payroll runs, salary changes due to promotions, and the addition of variable payments, such as sales commissions. Bank file testing can also ensure the salary disbursement report file from your new payroll software is compatible with your corporate bank’s requirements.

Consider payroll parallel testing

If your team needs the new payroll software up and running as soon as possible, consider payroll parallel testing to reduce testing time. Parallel testing allows the payroll software vendor and payroll team to run multiple tests simultaneously on the legacy software and new payroll software. The payroll administrator exports employee and payroll data of a selected payroll cycle from the legacy payroll system before uploading it into the same payroll cycle in the new payroll software. A test run is then executed on the new payroll software to generate payroll results, which are compared against the payroll results generated from the legacy software payroll for discrepancies.

Consolidate common issues and errors

When deploying new payroll software, discrepancies are expected. During parallel tests or simulations, any issues should be flagged and consolidated. The list of issues should then be highlighted to the payroll software vendor for rectification. To facilitate the rectification of errors, it may be helpful to classify the type of errors on the payroll software, such as “Incorrect formula” for incorrect calculations of certain salary items or “Rounding issues ” for calculation rounding errors. This allows the payroll software vendor to quickly identify the root cause of the error and rectify it.
After completing all required testing, it’s time to launch your payroll software. Make sure your employees are informed of the transition. Additionally, it’s important to regularly evaluate the performance of your new payroll system with your payroll administrators, vendor, and other pertinent individuals.
Adopting a new payroll software can present difficulties, but the benefits are greater than the potential risks. With a well-defined objective and a proactive approach to addressing anticipated challenges, you can create a payroll software plan that improves and optimizes internal processes.
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2023.03.29 10:08 snigdhatbrc RF Signal Chain Components Market Report 2023- Market Size, Share, Growth Statistics, Top Key Players

The Business Research Company’s RF Signal Chain Components Global Market Report 2023 is the most detailed report available on the market, including broad forecast periods and multiple geographies. The report covers the historic period – 2010-2021, and the forecast period – 2023-2032. The RF Signal Chain Components Global Market Report 2023 evaluates RF signal chain components market size, growth rate, drivers, trends, and major companies.
The report provides a global perspective by covering 60 geographies and focusing on major economies in each region – Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa.
Request A Free Sample Of The Report (Includes Graphs And Tables):
The global RF signal chain components market size is expected to grow from $34.15 billion in 2022 to $38.90 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.9%. The Russia-Ukraine war disrupted the chances of global economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, at least in the short term. The war between these two countries has led to economic sanctions on multiple countries, a surge in commodity prices, and supply chain disruptions, causing inflation across goods and services and affecting many markets across the globe. The global RF signal chain components market size is expected to grow to $63.75 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 13.1%.
The RF signal chain components market segments in the report are:
By Product: Amplifiers Voltage-Controlled Oscillators Power Dividers Mixers Filters Switches Attenuators Diplexers Duplexers Couplers
By Material Type: Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Gallium Nitride (GaN) Silicon (Si) Silicon Germanium (SiGe) Other Materials
By Frequency Band: VHF Or UHF Band L Band K Band Ka Band V Band W Band
By Application: Telecom Infrastructure Consumer Electronics SATCOM (Satellite Communications) Aerospace And Defense Automotive Medical Other Applications
Asia-Pacific was the largest region in the RF signal chain components market in 2022.
Get More Information On The RF Signal Chain Components Market Report:
The table of contents in TBRC’s RF signal chain components market report includes:
  1. Executive Summary
  2. RF Signal Chain Components Market Characteristics
  3. RF Signal Chain Components Market Trends And Strategies
  4. RF Signal Chain Components Market - Macro Economic Scenario
  5. RF Signal Chain Components Market Size And Growth
  1. Africa RF Signal Chain Components Market
  2. RF Signal Chain Components Market Competitive Landscape And Company Profiles
  3. Key Mergers And Acquisitions In The RF Signal Chain Components Market
  4. RF Signal Chain Components Market Future Outlook and Potential Analysis
  5. Appendix
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Learn About Us: The Business Research Company is a market intelligence firm that pioneers in market, company, and consumer research. TBRC’s specialist consultants are located globally and are experts in a wide range of industries that include healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, chemicals, and technology. The firm has offices located in the UK, the US, and India, along with a network of proficient researchers in 28 countries.
Contact Us: The Business Research Company Europe: +44 207 1930 708
Asia: +91 88972 63534
Americas: +1 315 623 0293
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Follow Us On:
LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/company/the-business-research-company
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBusinessResearchCompany
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC24_fI0rV8cR5DxlCpgmyFQ
Blog: https://blog.tbrc.info/
Healthcare Blog: https://healthcareresearchreports.com/
Global Market Model: https://www.thebusinessresearchcompany.com/global-market-model
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2023.03.29 09:38 Dominique0001 Accidentally lucid

Hi, I'm very new here, but I wanted to share my experience!
I've always been a very vivid (not lucid) dreamer and regularly revisit dream places or stories to continue them. When I'm particularly lucky my dreams are so emotionally charged, that I have a soft depression of sorts that can last for a few days. All that is to say, I like dreaming a lot, and have some dream memories that will last a life-time.
Lucid dreaming always sounded like an accident to me, something that happens maybe in 1/10 dreams where you get some minimal control like being able to fly, or consciously stop a nightmare. I have never pursued them actively. Until...
One night I had an experience that I will never forget. I was at my old high school and spoke to a teacher. Then mid-sentence I somehow realised that I was in a dream. The teacher continued to speak but I just walked out of the class and needed a moment to process what was happening. I knew I was dreaming, but why was everything so...real? Dreams are not like that. I walked to the exit door and told myself, that there is no way I am going to see the school yard, because this is a door, and dream doors never go where they should. I felt the physical sensation of the door handle, I felt my muscles pushing. Then I opened the door and....I just can't emphasise enough how impossibly real it all was. The sun hit my face. I could feel the breeze on my skin. I could literally see the leafs on the trees shake in the wind. I have never experienced anything like this in a dream. Then the realisation came "wait....I can do what I want in this world, right?". So I started to fly around for a minute....and woke up before I could do anything else. I got too excited : (
When I woke up my entire skin felt like it was on ice. Not in an unpleasant way, but refreshed? I want to have more experiences like this, and have some hope that I have maybe some innate talent that makes it easier to get back there.

If you managed to read until here, I hope I didn't bore you too much! It's not the most exciting story, but it's very hard to describe just how incredible this experience was for me.
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2023.03.29 09:38 Icy-Hornet-6765 Data Scientist's Salary In 2023

Data Scientist's Salary In 2023
The managers of data science make up the last part of the tea. They mainly track and keep an eye on all the operational procedures of the data science team members.
The three data science teams' everyday activities are also supervised and managed by them. They are team builders with the capacity to combine project planning, monitoring, and team development.
What does a data scientist do?
Data scientists are among the most recent analytic data specialists who have both the technical expertise to handle complicated problems and the curiosity to discover what questions need to be answered. They are a fusion of mathematicians, computer scientists, and trend predictors. They work in both the business and IT sectors, which makes them highly sought-after and well-paid. Click here for more details: - https://youtu.be/lQvWY1m7JvQ
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2023.03.29 09:34 epoxyguy123 Guidelines for Caring Your Genuine Leather Shoes to Extend Their Lifetime

Although taking care of leather shoes can appear difficult, leather is actually remarkably durable when treated gently. Keep them clean and dry are the two fundamental ideas behind proper leather shoe maintenance. The durability of your shoes will be significantly increased with just a few easy actions. Here are some tips to take care of your genuine leather shoes. Most trusted products are available from Doc and Mark, and they also provide the option to purchase leather shoes online.
Leather needs special care and treatment to keep its glossy shine. You'll need to spend money on high-quality brushes, conditioners, polishes, and shoe creams for that. Why not invest in some premium shoe care products in addition to some high-grade leather shoes? We are confident that your hard work will be rewarded when you can wear those shoes year after year.
Moreover, be sure to choose the items based on the types of leather you have. For instance, whereas other types of leather might require polishing, your suede shoes won't.
Here are the tips:
  1. No matter what kind of leather you have, it won't be waterproof by nature. Water is poison to any expensive material, including leather. If your shoes do end up becoming wet, be sure to dry them off completely. Use a dry paper towel to pat dry the shoes and place some inside the shoes to absorb up the water. Avoid exposing them to bright sunlight, and refrain from using any extreme heat sources, such as a hair dryer.
  2. It is impossible to properly remove the dirt without water. Therefore you may give them a wet wipe rather than soaking them in water. Make sure you've used a shoe brush to get rid of all the extra dirt before doing this. Now gently wipe your shoes with any old, moist cloth. If necessary, this can be done every day.
  3. Your leather shoes' ability to retain moisture depends heavily on leather conditioners and lotions. This guards them against becoming overly rigid and breaking. Apply your conditioner or cream with a fresh brush after dry cleaning your shoes. To further safeguard your soles, you might purchase a conditioner. Using a brush, evenly distribute the cream, and then let the items air dry. Try to condition them every 6 to 12 months, depending on how frequently you wear them.
  4. The shoes must be polished to restore their brand-new appearance. The lifespan of leather shoes is not increased by polishing. But it does give the shoes more lustre and freshness. You can use any type of shoe polish to polish them as and when necessary.
  5. Use shoe trees. When shoe trees are made of high-quality wood, such cedar, they remove any sweat and leftover moisture and smooth out any wrinkles that develop in the leather as a result of normal wear. How come cedar wood? It has the perfect qualities: it maintains its shape, manages moisture efficiently, and smells well.
Doc and Mark is devoted to meticulous craftsmanship and create fashionable, comfortable, high-quality genuine leather shoes for men. Doc & Mark is made with the proper sincerity and delicate genuine leather, which is conceived through a robust and authentic manufacturing technique. Consistency, quality, and a desire to attract the best talent to the sector are the guiding principles.
By offering the highest design and comfort that would be both enduring and attractive, we strive to fulfill our mission of ensuring people's comfort and making their lives easier.
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2023.03.29 09:34 BigExpression5610 5 Interesting Full Stack Projects For Beginners

5 Interesting Full Stack Projects For Beginners
These days, full-stack development is quite popular. Most developers aspire to be full-stack developers because they can independently design an end-to-end program and have more and even superior talents than other developers. Therefore, you must create some full-stack projects to learn full-stack effectively and demonstrate your skills. Before we discuss some intriguing project suggestions for full-stack developers, let's first address some fundamental questions about full-stack development. Also, don’t forget to explore the full stack developer course if you are getting started in the field.

What Exactly is Full stack Development?

Full Stack Development is the process of developing a project from beginning to end, from the front-end user interface to the back-end servers, databases, etc. Do not mistake full-stack development for web development only at this time. Online, mobile, and native application development are the three categories into which full-stack development is typically divided.

Who is a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is proficient in all technologies, including database-related ones, from the front end to the back end and can create full-stack applications on their own. The following reasons explain why they are in high demand:
  • Considering that a full-stack developer is knowledgeable about all the technologies needed to construct an application and has experience working with most of them. A full-stack developer can quickly create a prototype, and the software business relies heavily on prototypes.
  • The company is not required to have a dedicated front-end or back-end employee because a full-stack developer can swiftly swap jobs from front-end development to back-end development when necessary (however, they are needed in case of expertise in each field).
  • A full-stack developer is knowledgeable about practically every area of the project they are working on (not always in-depth) (not necessarily in-depth). Thus, a full-stack developer is more likely to find a solution to the same problem faster than others and can recognize problems more rapidly than others.

Let's now discuss some full-stack development project suggestions for beginners.

Advanced Full-Stack Projects

  • Website or app for e-commerce
Since it is such a well-known project, you can find an e-commerce website or app in almost any full-stack developer's portfolio and so should you. The size of this project necessitates a high level of the database, front-end, and back-end expertise. It requires a lot of effort and time to complete and is regarded as significant work. Either build your own e-commerce website or app or try to duplicate one currently popular and successful, like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
You can start creating websites by joining the best full stack web developer course under the supervision of tech leaders.
  • App or website for video conferencing
Also, great full-stack projects to get your hands on our video conferencing websites and applications. Video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others have become indispensable in our life since the global epidemic hit. A video conferencing software might have tools like audio-video chat, text chat, call recording and conversation storage, video recording and storage for later use, a whiteboard for drawing and explanations, and more. In this project, there is a lot to implement and learn. You can add your own concepts to make them more original. For instance, in addition to the features found in any other video conferencing app or website, you could add a feature allowing employers to use it for online interviews so that candidates could write their own code.
  • Website or social media app
Social media is all that is around us in the world of today. We frequently utilize a variety of social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others. The full-stack project of creating your own social media application is excellent. A conversation app differs from a social networking website or app. Someone can publish an image, video, or text for others to like, dislike, comment on, and share. Similar to setting up a social network. Excellent front-end and back-end code practices can be found in this project.
  • Technology or system for managing content on blogs
WordPress is a good illustration of a content management system. Users can drag and drop the available components to construct a web page. That kind of unusual project can demonstrate your proficiency as a full-stack developer. Users of the CMS must be able to drag and drop elements to build their own web pages. By utilizing these features, the user should be able to enter text and media content into placeholders attached to the web page.
  • Tool for Project Management
The most challenging full-stack project includes numerous features and is the project management tool. Asana, Trello, and the Kissflow Project are among examples. This project should be designed like a basic social media network with user-to-user interaction. Users should be able to create tasks inside of projects and work together to construct projects. Like on social media, users should be able to assign each other jobs and comment on them.


These are some full-stack development projects suitable for beginners and advanced projects for those with experience beyond the beginner level. But this is not the absolute limit. Ideas should never stop coming since they are unlimited. These projects are typical since their source codes are easily available, and they are not new ideas. As a result, mastering the skill is made simple. But, if you have a great new idea, practice your abilities by creating projects of this type and then apply them to your new concept. However, if you are still unsure and want to start your own project with the help of mentors, Learnbay can help you. Head to the best full stack software developer course and build multiple real–world projects by gaining hands-on experience.
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2023.03.29 09:30 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Ovens – Uplevel Consulting 2023

[Get] Sam Ovens – Uplevel Consulting 2023
Sam Ovens – Uplevel Consulting 2023
- Get clarity and laser focus
- Productize your services
- Automate client acquisition
- Automate service delivery
- Hire & manage a lean team
- Scale to 7-figure profits
What is it?
Uplevel Consulting is a 9-week online course with physical workbooks, live Q&A calls and a community of successful entrepreneurs. The course shows you how to scale using systems.
Who is it for?
Uplevel Consulting is for people who already have an established business with customers, but want to scale to 7-figures with predictable systems, automation, lean team and PPC ads.
Where does it happen?
The Uplevel Consulting course is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, live Q&A calls and a Facebook community. You complete it online, on your own time.
How does it work?
You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Fb group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.
When does it start?
Because Uplevel is an online course, it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get lifetime access.
Why does it exist?
We created Uplevel because most established businesses are clueless when it comes to scaling, hiring/managing a team and making things predictable, consistent and systemized.
Here’s how it works
To scale a business and change your life, content is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Uplevel Consulting provides proven process, mental reprogramming, community and expert mentorship.
Get Immediate Access !

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2023.03.29 09:17 Bizknnect Human Resource Management in India

Human Resource Management in India
Bizaccenknnect Pvt. Ltd. is the best human resource management in India. Here we will try to cover all the possible Challenges for Indian HR in the Near Future. Human resource management is facing many problems now a day because of the development of Internet-enabled technologies.
It is predicted that businesses will face many human resource issues and the major challenge will be developing and retaining capable employees. HR professionals have faced challenges in managing workforces such as talent and leadership.
For more information please visit our website- https://bizaccenknnect.com/about-us/
Call us at 9289380207
#bizaccenknnect #challengesforindiahr #hrbusinesspartnering #humanresourceshr #humanresourcesjobs #humanresourcesmanagement #humanresourcesconsulting #humanresources #recruitment #recruitmentagency #recruitmentsoftware #recruitmentagencies
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2023.03.29 09:12 Josephtramontan_ How To Manage The Budget With A Minimum Salary In 2023

How To Manage The Budget With A Minimum Salary In 2023
Managing a budget on a minimum salary can be challenging, but it's possible, according to Joseph Tramontana Hamilton, New Jersey. With careful planning and discipline, you can live within your means and maximize what you have. In this article, we'll explore some tips for managing your budget on a minimum salary in 2023.
Create a budget: The first step in managing your budget is to create one. A budget is a plan for your money that helps you allocate your income to different categories, such as housing, transportation, food, and entertainment. Start by listing your monthly payment and then your monthly expenses. Be honest with yourself and include everything, from rent and utilities to transportation and groceries.
Cut unnecessary expenses: Once you have a budget, look for areas where you can cut back. For example, if you spend too much on eating out, consider cooking at home more often. If you have a gym membership that you rarely use, cancel it and find free ways to exercise. Look for cheaper alternatives for everything, like shopping at discount stores, cutting back on entertainment expenses, and using public transportation instead of owning a car.
Use cash: Joseph Tramontana Hamilton, New Jersey, said one of the easiest ways to stick to your budget is to use cash for everything. Withdraw the amount of money you need for the week or month and then only use that cash for your expenses. This will help you avoid overspending and make you more aware of where your money is going.
How To Manage The Budget With A Minimum Salary In 2023
Set financial goals: Setting financial goals can help you stay motivated and focused on your budget. Whether saving for a down payment on a house or paying off debt, having a specific plan in mind can help you stay on track and avoid overspending.
Use technology: Many apps and tools are available to help you manage your budget. For example, you can use a budgeting app like Mint to track your expenses and see where you spend too much. You can also use online banking to set up automatic bill payments and savings transfers.
Find ways to increase your income: If you're struggling to make ends meet on a minimum salary, consider finding ways to increase your revenue. Look for opportunities to monetize your skills and talents and explore ways to earn extra money in your spare time. This could include taking on a second job, freelancing, or starting a small business.
Build an emergency fund: Finally, it's essential to have an emergency fund in case of unexpected expenses, like a car repair or medical bill. Start by setting aside a small amount of money each month and gradually increase that amount over time. Aim to have at least three to six months' worth of expenses saved up in case of an emergency.
Managing a budget on a minimum salary can be challenging, but it's possible to make the most of what you have with discipline and creativity. By creating a budget, cutting unnecessary expenses, setting financial goals, using technology, finding ways to increase your income, and building an emergency fund, you can take control of your finances and live within your means.
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2023.03.29 09:10 soundlinesgroup How To Simplify Workforce Planning For Your Company

Global workforce employment agency Workforce planning is the process of determining an organization’s human resource needs and making strategies to meet those needs. Simply expressed, it ensures that the appropriate people with the correct knowledge, skills, and talents are in the right occupations at the right time, in the correct numbers, and in the right quantities.
Workforce planning is a systematic procedure for:
Objectives of Workforce Planning
Workforce planning is based on:
  1. Strategic plans that include information on the expansion, modernization, diversification of the company, new projects to be commissioned, estimated dates of commissioning, and information on staffing needs.
  2. Separation of information accessible in business records. Separations due to future resignations, transfers, terminations, and voluntary retirements may be predicted based on prior experience and the company’s policies.
  3. Utilization of labor, grades provided, etc., at comparable factories elsewhere. These may provide general requirements recommendations. The rules may be amended to accommodate the process, layout, local circumstances, and other considerations such as the degree of mechanization, climatic conditions, legal requirements, social systems, etc.
  4. The manager’s expertise is based on a firsthand and intimate understanding of the operation of comparable businesses. This may be used as a guide for determining the required workforce. Nonetheless, the ad hoc workforce determined on this basis should be subjected to ‘work study’ and ‘activity sampling’ procedures for containment, correction of imbalances, and manpower demand.
  5. Job analysis and understanding of work and historical data (if available) to evaluate personnel needs, skills, job holder tasks, position type, etc. Time studies are used to establish standard timings, which aid in determining workforce-required standards.
What are the advantages of outsourcing to a global workforce employment agency?
  1. Explore diverse markets
By partnering with an internationally diversified Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) company, you can enter new markets rapidly without establishing local entities.Multinational operations can be overwhelming for expanding businesses. Your ability to focus on a long-term talent strategy is hindered by compliance, tax implications, and frequent immigration changes.Partnering with a global employment company that has a thorough understanding of compliance will allow you to focus on expanding your business in the new market.
  1. Cost-effective and streamlined human resources
International employment and compliance issues are exacerbated when your costs increase due to managing multiple suppliers or recruiting HR professionals overseas. Outsourcings international manpower requirements eliminates the need to maintain an expensive in-house team while allowing you to work with a single entity.
  1. Enhanced efficiency and communication
A global employer organization that is outsourced can provide a single point of contact for all inquiries.This improves efficiency and expedites the resolution of issues while reducing the need to involve multiple stakeholders.
  1. Maintain compliance and reduce risk
Not only must an international workforce be mobilized quickly, but also legally. It is essential for the success of a global company to remain abreast of new legislation.A GEO specialist with vast local expertise ensures that your international workforce is managed completely no matter where you decide to function.
  1. Reliable and accurate payroll
Maintaining in-house finance and international payroll teams can be expensive and difficult for clients without a permanent presence in the country.A GEO company can manage local/national income tax and social security payments on behalf of each employee. Additionally, they should ensure that this amount is deducted from their pay and paid directly to the tax authorities.
Can outsourcing your global employment needs benefit your company?
One of the highly reputed Global Employment companies ‘Soundlines’, provides fully integrated international talent resourcing and outsourcing services to clients. Additionally, Soundlines serves both blue-collar recruitment and white-collar recruitment in varied industries, searching for the best recruit more defined and successful every time.
Soundlines has offices in 24+ countries to facilitate the recruitment process for both employers and candidates. Soundlines offers organizations access to its global experience while maintaining a local presence, ensuring that it understands your brand, culture, needs, and future goals.
Soundlines has served clients in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Poland, Russia, and Romania as a global HR recruitment industry leader for over two decades.
Click here to schedule a callback from our HR experts.
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2023.03.29 09:07 alfreddrr Looks like they’re expanding again! Either that or the previous employee hunts didn’t result in a kill

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2023.03.29 09:04 uxper Civi - A PROFESSIONAL Smart Job Board WordPress Theme

Civi - A PROFESSIONAL Smart Job Board WordPress Theme
Civi is a job board WordPress theme that is designed to help you create a professional and feature-rich job board website. The theme comes with a range of useful features and functionality, including advanced search and filtering options, job listing management tools, and payment integration.
Some of the key features of the Civi job board theme include:

  1. Easy job listing management: Civi makes it easy to manage job listings, allowing you to create, edit, and delete job listings quickly and easily.
  2. Advanced search and filtering: Civi comes with advanced search and filtering options, allowing job seekers to find the jobs that best match their skills and experience.
  3. Payment integration: Civi integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, allowing you to charge employers for job listings and other premium features.
  4. Responsive design: Civi is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that your job board website looks great on any device.
  5. Customizable branding: Civi allows you to customize your job board website's branding, including colors, fonts, and logos, to match your company's branding.
  6. User-friendly interface: Civi has a clean and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for both employers and job seekers. It has a modern design that provides a great user experience.
  7. Customizable job listing forms: Civi allows you to create custom job listing forms that can be tailored to your specific needs. You can add your own fields, and you can also choose which fields are required.
  8. Job alerts and saved searches: Civi allows job seekers to sign up for job alerts and saved searches, ensuring they are notified when new jobs are posted that match their interests.
  9. Multi-language support: Civi supports multiple languages, making it easy to create a job board website that caters to a global audience.
  10. Social media integration: Civi integrates with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, making it easy to promote your job board and job listings on social media.
  11. SEO-friendly: Civi is built with SEO in mind, ensuring that your job board website can be easily found by search engines like Google.
  12. Customer support: The developers of Civi provide customer support, which includes documentation and support forums. They are responsive to customer inquiries and regularly update the theme with new features and bug fixes.
  13. One-click demo import: Civi allows you to import demo data with just one click, making it easy to get started with the theme and see how it looks and works.
  14. Multiple layout options: Civi provides multiple layout options, allowing you to choose the best layout for your job board website. You can choose from a list view, grid view, or a map view.
  15. Email notifications: Civi sends automatic email notifications to employers and job seekers when certain events occur, such as a new job listing being posted or an application being submitted.
  16. Resume upload feature: Civi allows job seekers to upload their resumes, making it easier for employers to find the best candidates for their job openings.
  17. Flexible pricing options: Civi allows you to set different pricing options for job listings, including free listings, paid listings, and featured listings.
  18. Integration with popular plugins: Civi integrates with popular WordPress plugins like WP Job Manager and WooCommerce, providing even more functionality and flexibility.
  19. Built-in analytics: Civi comes with built-in analytics, allowing you to track the performance of your job board website and make data-driven decisions.
  20. Regular updates and improvements: The developers of Civi are committed to providing regular updates and improvements to the theme, ensuring that it stays up-to-date and continues to provide a great user experience.
  21. Customizable homepage: Civi comes with a customizable homepage that allows you to showcase your job listings and featured employers in a visually appealing way. You can add sections for job categories, featured job listings, testimonials, and more.
  22. Google Maps integration: Civi integrates with Google Maps, allowing you to display job listings on a map and allowing job seekers to search for jobs based on location.
  23. Easy customization: Civi is built using the WordPress Customizer, which makes it easy to customize the theme's colors, fonts, and other design elements. You can also use the custom CSS editor to make more advanced customizations.
  24. Job listing expiration: Civi allows you to set an expiration date for job listings, ensuring that old listings are automatically removed from your website.
  25. Easy job application management: Civi makes it easy to manage job applications, allowing you to review, approve, or reject applications from within the WordPress dashboard.
  26. User role management: Civi allows you to create different user roles, such as employers and job seekers, and set different permissions and access levels for each role.
  27. GDPR compliant: Civi is GDPR compliant, ensuring that your job board website is in compliance with data protection regulations.
  28. One-time payment: Civi is available for a one-time payment, which includes lifetime updates and support. There are no recurring fees or subscription costs.
  29. Job listing moderation: Civi allows you to moderate job listings before they are published on your website, ensuring that only high-quality listings are displayed.
  30. Advanced search functionality: Civi provides advanced search functionality, allowing job seekers to filter job listings by various criteria, such as location, job type, and salary range.
  31. Mobile-responsive design: Civi is built with a mobile-responsive design, ensuring that your job board website looks great and functions well on mobile devices.
  32. Translation-ready: Civi is translation-ready, allowing you to easily translate your job board website into multiple languages using WordPress translation plugins like WPML.
  33. Integration with third-party services: Civi integrates with third-party services like Mailchimp and Google reCAPTCHA, providing even more functionality and security for your job board website.
  34. Customizable email templates: Civi allows you to customize the email templates that are sent to employers and job seekers, ensuring that they are on-brand and effective.
  35. Extensive documentation: Civi comes with extensive documentation that provides step-by-step instructions on how to install, set up, and use the theme.
  36. Support for child themes: Civi supports child themes, allowing you to make customizations without affecting the parent theme.
  37. Developer-friendly: Civi is developer-friendly, with well-documented code and hooks and filters that allow developers to extend and customize the theme.
  38. Social media integration: Civi allows you to integrate social media sharing buttons on your job listings, making it easy for job seekers to share job opportunities with their networks.
  39. Custom fields: Civi allows you to add custom fields to your job listings, allowing you to collect more information from employers and job seekers and create a more robust job board website.
  40. Payment gateway integration: Civi integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, allowing you to accept payments for job listings and other services.
  41. Job alerts: Civi allows job seekers to set up job alerts, receiving email notifications when new job listings that match their criteria are posted.
  42. Job submission packages: Civi allows you to create different job submission packages with different pricing and features, allowing you to offer a variety of options to employers.
  43. Customizable application forms: Civi allows you to create custom application forms with different fields, allowing employers to collect the information they need from job seekers.
  44. Automatic updates: Civi provides automatic updates, ensuring that your theme is always up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.
  45. Detailed reporting: Civi provides detailed reporting, allowing you to track the performance of your job board website and make data-driven decisions.
  46. Fast loading times: Civi is optimized for fast loading times, ensuring that your job board website loads quickly and provides a great user experience.
  47. Friendly and responsive support: Civi provides friendly and responsive support, with a dedicated support team that is available to answer your questions and help you resolve any issues.
Get it now: https://getcivi.com/
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2023.03.29 08:50 Electronic-Ad-9276 Need advise regarding Career path

Hello I am currently a accounting manager with 3 years + exp na sumasahod ng 50k+
before i accepted this role i was told na ill be handling 1 company only but upon my arrival naging 3 ang hawak ko which has a large volume of backlogs and demanding manager from the operations counterpart
just a brief background that i am already at my 4th job so if ever i leave the company considered na ata ako as job hopper
lately at work nawawalan na ako ng gana palagay ko burnt out na ko so i am thinking about resigning and to find yet again another job na ligh lang na somehow makukuha ko pa din ang previous salary ko haha.
i also considered going into academe (i have no masters but from what i heard pede naman yun sa mga di major na schools/universities) but baka di kayanin ang salary dahil (due to the personal responsibilities)
Need advise should i risk to find another job / switch profession or should i just suck it up
Thank you nga idol sa pagbasa 😃
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