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2023.04.01 13:18 Memeingthedream [30F]How can you tell the difference between Strep and Tonsilitis? Is antibiotics necessary/avoidable?

For the past 3 days now I've had a sore/swollen throat that has only slightly been getting worse. White (almost not even visible) spots on one side. Red streaks and inflamed back of the throat, started out with dry coughing but now coughing up chunky barely green tinged with bloody specks of phlegm. Yesterday I had the chills, body aches and a fever that now has gone away. I have been drinking elderberry, lemon balm and ginger tea all together with honey and apple cider vinegar in it. After I have a cup after I wake up the symptoms go down substantially.
Now, recently I was on a quadruple treatment for h pylori and am avoiding antibiotics at all costs. If I'm showing signs of improvement with simple remedy, is antibiotics still necessary?

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2023.04.01 13:18 Alternateliferpuk Alternate life rp, a uk based serious role play server. Come and see for yourself what we’re all about

```Welcome to ALRP!
Over at AlternateLife RP we have spent over 2 years perfecting our server and will continue to do so!
We are looking for people to create story's, have fun and bring there own unique take to the city while also having a huge variety of jobs and other activities to keep you busy! We Are A Public UK Based Serious RP Server, EVERYONE is Welcome!
And Much, Much More!
Come Live Your Alternate Life! - https://discord.gg/alternatelife
We hope to see you soon!```
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2023.04.01 13:18 lainaflorio Personal development coach

Laina Florio is a personal development coach and certified health coach based in New York City. She specializes in helping clients identify and overcome the limiting beliefs and mental blocks that are holding them back from achieving their goals. With her unique blend of practical tools and powerful insights, she helps her clients create a life that feels meaningful, fulfilling, and intentional. Laina has a special interest in helping people create meaningful relationships and live with more self-love. She is passionate about helping her clients create a life that honors their deepest desires and values. Liana is a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and she is trained in the principles of Positive Psychology. She is also a trained life coach through the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. In addition to her individual coaching practice, Liana works with corporate clients and hosts a variety of events and workshops. She is a frequent guest speaker and has been featured in various publications and podcasts. If you're looking for a personal development coach who can help you uncover and tap into your potential, Laina Florio is an excellent choice. https://www.lainaflorio.com/blog/aboutme
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2023.04.01 13:18 cdrakescakes 4.5 mo EMW

Hoping to get some help with my 4.5 mo LO’s early morning wakes. It doesn’t seem to matter how much day sleep get gets, his nights are all over the place. He gets anywhere from 3-4 hours of day sleep and usually sleeps 10.5-11 hours at night, although lately it’s more like 9 hours. He goes down independently for nights but not for naps. He wakes once during the night to feed, usually between 4:00a-5:00a.
Normal wake time is anywhere between 6:00a-6:45a, but lately he’s stayed awake after his morning feed. Current wake windows are 1.75/1.75/1.75/2/2. Bedtime is around 7:00p. His naps are still all over the place and mostly contact naps, but his last nap is usually a 15-30min cat nap at this point. Sometimes we shorten the last wake window to fit in the last nap so he can comfortably make it to bedtime. Maybe time to drop to 3 naps and expand wake windows? I’ve been afraid to do it because of his short naps, and I’ve had a hard time figuring out if he’s over or under-tired. Thanks for any and all help!
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2023.04.01 13:18 throwawyajwjfjdjwj My carnist roommates are slobs and I hate living with them so much

For some background, my “roommates” are my uncle, aunt, and grandma so I can’t move out yet because I’m only 16 and have like no money. Anyway, they act like fucking children who don’t know how to clean up after themselves and it extra gross because they eat meat and whenever they cook their is meat all over. They make they biggest mess when cooking dinner which sucks for me because I wake up early and have to look at their mess whilst trying to make breakfast and it grosses me out so much that sometimes I feel like I’m gonna throw up. They don’t understand how much seeing the meat all over the counter and oven grosses me out and get mad when I say something because they “work all day and deserve to come home and rest”. This is the stupidest excuse because it’s not that hard to not make a mess in the first place. Like I don’t even understand how people get food everywhere when cooking unless they are a fucking toddler. They act like I don’t need to rest when I come home when I am in 5 AP classes during the weekdays and work on the weekends as well. They also always leave their dirty dishes on the counters and on top of the oven. Not only does this gross me out because of the dead animals and other products that were obtained by torturing animals, but they also waste so much food. I’m a huge environmentalist and it pisses me off because they always make like double or triple the amont of food then what they eat and then they throw away all the leftovers because my uncle is a huge germaphobe (he also uses a shit ton of paper towels and paper plates). For example, when I went downstairs this morning to make my breakfast their was two basically full bowls of spaghetti and meatballs on the counter, a pan of meatballs on top of the oven, and meatball pieces inside of the fridge. It’s so disgusting and it literally makes me cry sometimes Most of this is just my uncle but my grandma also pisses me off because everyday she will start composing about how she’s tired of eating chicken all the time. I’m like okay then I can make you what I eat or something else that’s vegan and she will give me a dirty look as if that’s the most disgusting thing she’s ever heard. I tell her to stop complaint to me about it because it grosses me out but she won’t stop. Everyday she will tell me what they are having for dinner or start stressing out because she can’t rescued to feed her man child of a son who doesn’t even like her cooking because he’s a germaphobe and will literally throw out a whole meal and spend $50 on chick fila if he sees her touch the food with oven mitt. I tell her to stop talking to me about them eating dead animals and will explain how the animals are treated but she gets so mad at me for “pushing my beliefs on her” she did this with religion as well even though she is the one who always brings it up. I just wish I had vegan friends to talk to but I’m a 16 yr old in Ohio so that’s like impossible, which is why I’m posting my rant
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2023.04.01 13:18 bleistifte It's been three weeks without my Jónsi

Friday nights have a new meaning now. Every Friday is another week since I last held our beautiful whippet, since we fed him all the forbidden foods and took him on a walk where every treat was a jackpot and I let him bury his face in the treat pouch until it was empty. Since we played on the lawn and I got out all his confiscated toys (mostly in the mending pile, full of holes; and his cuddlepillar and fox toy that got put away because he wouldn't stop humping them) and laughed at his antics then cried. Since we made him a bacon and chicken pizza for his dinner and let him try Tim Tams and icey pole.
Every Friday is another week since the vet came to our house, and he barked at her to warn us about the intruder, and then sniffed her shoes. Since she sat with us on the patio and we talked through everything again and I cried and cried about how wrong all of the options we were facing felt. And we talked about how no 2.5 year old dog should be facing a repeat liver surgery off the back of multiple hospitalisations in such a short life, and how doing nothing wasn't an option when he was bleeding internally and could hemmorage at any time. And how there was no certainty and no clarity, just the knowledge that he wasn't well and was unlikely to ever be well. And she told us that it was okay that it wasn't easy and okay that we couldn't tell if it was time, but gently encouraged us to think about the whole picture of his health and what the future might hold.
Every Friday is another week since we sat with him and held him as he passed and told him how much we love him and what a good boy he was. Since we buried him wrapped in his blanket with his favourite toys. Under the plum tree, where we can see him from our bedroom window.
Every Friday is another week of a too-quiet house and a too-empty bed and a lonely couch. A week of looking at photos and videos and smiling and laughing; and then looking up and remembering he's not here. A week of waking up, or of coming home, and seeing an empty space where he's meant to be. A week of bursts of crying, which is okay; and what if ruminations, which are less okay. Of writing down our memories and asking "do you remember when" and sharing the shadows of a dog who filled our days and hearts.
As each Friday passes the grief does shift and change, and I find more spaces to breathe and smile between the tears.
Oh sweetheart, I miss you so. I love you forever, my darling Jónsi pup.
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2023.04.01 13:18 chopchopped Ray Miller speaks about converting Oilfields to Hydrogen Fields to save jobs in Kern County. At Energy Link, we plan to make Hydrogen affordable by scaling the production of H2 from the ground up and, simultaneously, saving Kern County oilfield jobs by converting them to Hydrogen field jobs

Ray Miller speaks about converting Oilfields to Hydrogen Fields to save jobs in Kern County. At Energy Link, we plan to make Hydrogen affordable by scaling the production of H2 from the ground up and, simultaneously, saving Kern County oilfield jobs by converting them to Hydrogen field jobs submitted by chopchopped to HydrogenSocieties [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 13:17 Emergency_Zebra_5972 I saw what was in the news and if the ex President gets convicted of what the government has accused, can they take it to the Supreme Court and vacate it, or, is that only for a federal court? I believe some of the accusations were felonies.

I saw what was in the news and if the ex President gets convicted of what the government has accused, can they take it to the Supreme Court and vacate it, or, is that only for a federal court? I believe some of the accusations were felonies.
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2023.04.01 13:17 rhino910 Every bit helps. This is the final stretch, folks. Plz do what you can.🇺🇸

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2023.04.01 13:16 boobberrie I wish we have the ability to shapeshift ourselves

This is more of a vent or just letting out my thoughts. I hope with this insight, people would be aware that DID isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but also having huge disconnection with your identity and memories. Feel free to read or comment with your experiences.
As a system, we've always had issues with self esteem and body image. Some alters don't mind our current mood, but I honestly hate what I look right now.
I look too feminine, hate having visible chest around. I don't like bright, pretty colored outfits in my closet. I don't even remember buying pink dresses, or floral tops. Even fucking makeup. It triggers my dysphoria, causing me to spiral down and feel as if I'm not masculine enough. What masculine man would have pretty dresses and cutesy pants, Korean skincare products, or fucking makeup in his room?
Been contemplating going through HRT and chest surgery, just to live like a man. But then another alter with feminine preferences will come in and intervene. Then I'll wake up and wonder why am I in makeup, and get mad at the money being wasted on clothes or makeup. I hate it here. Getting through it as a system feels so fucking frustrating because we'll forget, getting flashbacks, or how much we want to escape a social situation because we're hanging out with a specific alter's group of friends and technically we don't see them as our friends.
I've always wished to be a shapeshifter. A machine, an app, anything to transform us into what we desire to perceived as. I don't want someone in our system to impulsively end up getting cosmetic surgery (botox or boob eurgery as an example) and I end up feeling worse. Everyday I feel like I don't know what I really am. If we were to resemble an object, we'd be a really fucked up and almost impossible to solve rubix cube.
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2023.04.01 13:15 bubblezbby Searching

I’m looking for a good book to just take me to another place. I want something like verity. Something that gives me chills. Any recommendations? I also love fantasy and loved the a court of thorns series. So if you have any similar. Bonus if it’s NSFW
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2023.04.01 13:15 SHH2006 how was yours?? and how good do you think I did??

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2023.04.01 13:14 Alternateliferpuk Alternate life rp

```Welcome to ALRP!
Over at AlternateLife RP we have spent over 2 years perfecting our server and will continue to do so!
We are looking for people to create story's, have fun and bring there own unique take to the city while also having a huge variety of jobs and other activities to keep you busy! We Are A Public UK Based Serious RP Server, EVERYONE is Welcome!
And Much, Much More!
Come Live Your Alternate Life! - https://discord.gg/alternatelife
We hope to see you soon!```
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2023.04.01 13:14 RyanzRetroReviewz The Sea Hawk - 1940 Film Review - RyanzRetroReviewz


The Sea Hawk is a 1940 black-and-white swashbuckling/adventure movie directed by Michael Curtiz, starring Errol Flynn, Brenda Marshall, Claude Rains and Flora Robson. Plans for the movie were announced by Warner Brother's Studios immediately following the success of Captain Blood (1935), again teaming up Flynn and Curtiz for the now 10th time, but not before filming and releasing The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) in between. As with "Blood", the screenplay is based off the novel of the same name by Rafael Sabitini, with changes being made to both the overall story, as well as Flynn's character in general, using the exploits of the historic Sir Francis Drake as inspiration, more than that of the original source material. The story takes us back into the late 17th century, focusing on an impending war between the Great Spanish Empire and the lesser Kingdom of England. Having recently conquered the treasure laden South and Central American Empires, Phillip the 2nd of Spain now wishes to subdue the whole of Northwest Europe, starting with England, but must wait some Months before his naval Armada can be built. Elizabeth the 1st of England (elegantly played by Flora Robson), decides to secretly commission a group of English privateers known as the "Sea Hawks", lead by Sir Roger Thorpe (Flynn), to attack and plunder the Spanish treasure galleons returning from America, denying Phillip the funds necessary to build his Armada. The side plots focus on Flynn falling in love with the daughter of the Spanish Ambassador to England (played by Brenda Marshall and Claude Raines respectively), as well as a discontent member of court, Lord Wolfingham (a classic Donald Crisp role), planning with the Spanish Ambassador behind the Queen's back to undermine the Sea Hawks. It's also worth mentioning the brilliant character work by Alan Hale, Una O'Connor, and others, putting the cherry on top of the acting department. With the movie being made during WWII, the entire theme of the story is evidently Pro British propaganda, showing England and the rest of the world suffering under the brutal might of Spain, in place of Nazi-Germany. The movie is full of flamboyant and realistic period drama costuming (re-used from "The Private Lives of Elizabeth of Essex"), as well as being packed with epic scale practical effects, featuring two full size sailing ships going to bat with each other on multiple occasions (guns, cannons, swords, bodies flying into the water, the works), all filmed on the old Warner Bros. Maritime Stage. Also noteworthy in this movie is Erich Wolfgang Korngold's very emotionally driven inspiring theme, which was considered a true high point in his career and served as one of the main inspirations for the all time great composer John Williams. With all of this brilliantly wrapped up together by the great Michael Curtiz, "The Sea Hawk" (1940) is a top line old time pirate movie, a true must watch for fans of retro cinema.
And that's all she wrote folks. Thanks for reading
Ryan D. Hurley
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2023.04.01 13:14 reader_bee 3 year old personality flip

So up until quite recently, my child wasn’t an angel, but was lovely in many many ways. Nowadays I often end up crying or at least upset daily because of her behaviour. I know it isn’t personal, but it upsets me nonetheless.
At 1 year old, we made it so dummies/pacifiers were an “in bed only” thing. She dealt with this incredibly and had no problems at all. Now, her dummy is almost surgically attached to her, and trying to get her to hand it over until bedtime is proving to be near impossible.
She has begun experiencing what seem to be night terrors, and my child who has slept through, in her own bed, since 8 weeks old is now up several times a night, wanting to come into my bed to watch tv at 1am, asking for water constantly but only taking one tiny sip, screaming and kicking off if something doesn’t go her way. Basically, her dad and I are exhausted.
She has also started potty training, does incredibly at nursery and whilst out of the house, but the minute we are home, screams and cries wanting a nappy on.
She also seemingly despises me. Only wants her dad. I went to comfort her in the night last night and the moment I reached her bedroom door, she was hysterical because it was me and not her dad.
She’s also being horrifically mean to her younger sister (22 months), in ways that I can only describe as a WWE reenactment.
Please please please help me. I feel guilty for saying it, but I currently hate my 3 year old. I can’t stand her. I can’t stand to be around her. I wake up dreading the day and put her to bed dreading the night. And I feel so so guilty and upset myself more for feeling this way. Please help me. I’m desperate for any and every piece of advice you can offer me. But please don’t take this as an opportunity to drag me down further. I’m at a loss
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2023.04.01 13:13 lothloloki Scars

My neck is pulsating with pain. I can't sleep on my right shoulder again. If I turn to my left and fall asleep, well, I know what I will wake up to. Before I even have a chance to ask for a moment, you'll pull yourself up against me. You'll grab my shirt, my pants, my skin. It doesn't matter. The marks left don't matter to you. Just another battle scar for me to hate. To hide under layers of black. I'm still sore. I'm still bruised. It doesn't matter. Does it? Why doesn't it matter? Shouldn't that matter?
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2023.04.01 13:12 loudhanna IFRD International Female Ride Day, 1st Saturday in May

Trying to decide what to plan for IFRD (International Female Ride Day) this year. (Always the 1st Saturday in May). Any ideas? I base in the north so my season is just getting going. Can't decide if I should do a big group ride or roll solo. I was kinda inspired by the person who posted in the last day about jumping on, going 200 miles (unplanned) and wound up at this cute little cottage to spend the night. I'm thinking that might be the way but as a "planner" I'm a little worried I'll find myself far from home and no inn with a vacancy lol. Still a little risky up here for camping as nightime lows can be below freezing through the end of May... you don't have to be a lady rider, looking for all inspo.. I just want to do something "different" than buzzing around my own county.
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2023.04.01 13:11 RyanArmstrong777 What to do with a gf that doesn’t know what she wants to do

Basically, we wake up, we both want to do something. I name lots of different activities we could do and she can’t name 1 thing. What do I do?
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2023.04.01 13:08 Fatal-Injection5683 Being a short man is frustrating

I am tired of being a short man (5'3)
It is so frustrating
I am 27 year old and I never had any success with anyone
all my friends are married or are in a relationship, meanwhile I couldn't get a single date
Every women I try to talk to seems annoyed or completely ignores me
I hate that I am born like this I hate that I am stuck in this useless body that constantly betrays my interests
I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but its burning me on the inside. Every waking moment is a painful reminder of my failures
Every time I see a couple, my blood boils and my hear burns
I can't take this any more I am tired I can't let you have it
I want you to suffer just as I did, I want to see you broken and hopeless just like I am,
you deserve nothing, you never earned anything, You just got lucky enough to inherit the right bone size
You have never worked for it you never deserved it i want it taken from you
you are less than nothing
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2023.04.01 13:08 yaniiiio Scorpion comes back alive when you try to eat it!

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2023.04.01 13:08 DizzyHombre44 MdDs or PPPD? Don't really know but doesn't matter it came back after 3 years

Hello. So my story is a little bit long but here we go.
First dizziness episode:
I am currently 25 years old. I had my first episode of dizziness in June 2019. At that time, I was already hypocondriac for a good 6 months and I just got out of surgery for a kyst. Suddenly one day I started feeling the ground moving under my feet even tho I was standing still. I freaked out. The days after, my symptoms kept getting worse: constant dizziness, lightheadedness, swaying, brain fog, muscle pain, extreme light sensitivity, blurry vision etc... I felt like I was constantly on a boat. When I was lying down, my body was moving like a boat on sea, when I was standing still the floor was moving under my feet, when i was walking it was like the ground was always soft, like a trampoline.
Fortunately it was at the beginning of the summer between 2 university years. So I went to see all the specialists available under the sun: ENT doctor, neurologist, cardiologist, ER, Rheumatologist... I did CT scans, brain MRI, EMG, ECG, blood test etc. Nothing. Everything was fine. All the doctors were telling me "it's just anxiety, it's in your head, just relax". But I was feeling worst and worst. I gained weight because I was bed ridden. I lost a lot of money going to the capital seeing doctors, but also chiropractors, acupuncters, lot of alternative medecine. I was fed up. I just wanted to die. At that time, I diagnosed myself MdDs because I had all the symptoms and I was feeling much better in a moving vehicule, which was the main factor for a MDDS diagnosis. But I went to see a ENT doctor specialised in dizziness and he told me it was PPPD or maybe a mix of both it was impossible to know for sure.
After 3 months and being still dizzy, it was time to go back to college. I wasn't sure I would be able to but I forced myself and started my 2nd year of law school. At this time, I had started SSRI medication and I was taking valium which was helping me a lot functionning "normally". By doing things, going to class, doing sports, moving myself, I started to slowly noticed improvements. Several times, I thought I was healed but then I got relapses. It was really hard but I kept going ang going. After nearly 10 months on symptoms, I was nearly completly in remission in March 2020, just at the beginning of Covid.
The three years after that, I was completly normal. I continued my studies, went in an student exchange abroad and I am now finishing my masters in corporate law.
Second dizziness episode (now):
This leads up to now. My symptoms came back 5 weeks ago. Unfortunately. I was under a lot of stress and anxiety since 1 month, believing I had brain cancer or MS because I had weird symptoms. I was almost sure I was going to die. I also suffered a hearthbreak and I am really anxious about my future. But I'm not sure it explains the come back of my symtoms. One day, 5 weeks ago, I was shopping and I started feeling dizzy in a shop. Then when I walked in the metro station, I started to notice the ground moving under my feet. I didn't really paid much attention, I didn't want to believe it. But the following day it was way worse, I was feeling extremely dizzy. The ground was moving under my feet and it was way worse when I was in a still position (standing, sitting or laying down). Walking outside, I rapidly get brain fog and lightheadedness.
I went to see all the specialists all over again (less this time because I know now what I have) and the same doctor told me after a battery of tests that I had PPPD. So I started to take back SSRI medication, valium to function normally and started vestibular therapy last week. I am really desperate because I start a very important internship in a law firm. Then I am supposed to do a preparatory class this summer to pass the bar exam on september... I feel like my dreams are crushed because of this. I wake up every morning hoping this monster is gone but I almost immediatly feel my body moving like on a boat so i know it is still there. I fight everyday. I continued to go to class, to go to the gym etc but it is very very hard. I am really anxious about the upcoming weeks as I will be sitting behind a desk 10 hours a day and it is my worst position for my symptoms. I really hope that the SSRI medication will do wonders but I am alreay on week 4...
Thanks for reading me I will try to keep you updated (and btw sorry for my bad english I am french)
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2023.04.01 13:07 Giselle_Kikky Rules to sleep at my house

Hello it seems that my mother accepted you and i to have a sleepover at their house. Mine is relatively easy so dont worry. If you follow the rules found on this piece of paper you will be safe (Atleast i think so)
Rule 1: Be here before 7pm. Because after 7pm is when they are the most active. If you end up not being here before 7 call me dont just disappear.
Rule 2: Dont go to my parents room. In under any circumstances you should never go there. If you do it then it wont be long before they will get you
Rule 3: Me and my siblings are all named after greek gods and goddesses you should introduce yourself with a fake greek god/goddesses name it will intimedate the things. If you dont then refer to rule 4a and 4b
Rule 4a: Kill yourself.
Rule 4b: You will say your kidding and introduce yourself with the fake name name. If your fail to do so refer to rule 4a.
Rule 5a: My oldest brothers Castor and Cadmus are twins both are 20. If start talking to you. Curse them and walk away. Cursing them and not walking away will result in a fate worse than death.
Rule 5b: If my brothers are casually talking with my dad run and hide. My brothers has different father than the rest of my siblings. Thus they despise eachother.
Rule 5c: If one of my brothers call you to talk feel free to do whatever you want to do. Reject their offer or accept. They dont care. Its the real them
Rule 6: We have a dance studio and workout room inside the house. They are on the 2nd floor. Also there is only one bedroom there that happens to be mine. So if you cant find a workout room or dance studio on the 2nd floor. Leave immedietly before you have time.
Rule 7a: I have an infant sister Alecto. Do not say her name boyish. Although she is an infant be afraid of her. The things are very fond of her.
Rule 7b: Dont go to inside the nursery. Especially if Alecto is inside. The things are very protective of her.
Rule 8: My dad is from Germany. So he speaks German from time to time ignore it. Even if you know German he is from Bavaria you wont understand his accent. Put on your earmuff
Rule 9a: We have a cat, a dog and rabbits. But the rabbit is always inside the backyard. We never let them in. However if you see rabbits inside the house. Pray that my dog or my cat is near. If you fail to do so refer to rule 4a.
Rule 9b: Dont go to the backyard. The rabbits and the things dont like people.
Rule 10: We have a mealplan stuck up on the frigde for the day. If the food is anything other whats on the mealplan. Dont eat it. Give it to my dog. He knows what to do.
Rule 11a: Before going to sleep, you should have an earmuff and sleep mask its crucial for survival. If you dont have it refer to rule 4a.
Rule 11b: Be up before 9a.m
Rule 11c: Be asleep before 12p.m. If you arent then refer to rule 4a.
Rule 11d: Say "I shall be protected by whoever wants to protect me" my dog likes having things to do especially during the night.
Rule 12: Your parents should pick you up at exactly at 11:00. Not 10:59 not 11:01 just 11:00. And always have track of time.
Ok i think you read all the rules. I hope we will have a fun time! Bye see you tommorow
As i read this paper left by my classmate Athena. I wondered if she was crazy. I mean i had heard some crazy stuff about her. About how people went missing after having sleepovers with her or her brothers being prisoners who escaped i didnt believe any of them. They were just crazy. I decided to go what could happen. I didnt had to convince my parents. They quickly accepted. Odd. But whatever.
As they dropped me off at her place. It was 6:36. One rule followed. As she opened the door her house looked super nice. The furniture, decor. Everything just screamed expensive there were animal heads everywhere and fur carpets. I dont understand why people dont like her. I introduced myself as Hera. Again one rule followed. I saw both Cadmus and Castor walk towards me. I said "Fuck you two" and quickly walked away. One rule followed. It was dinnertime. And i looked at their fridge an lo-and-behold there was the mealplanner. It was lasagna for dinner. I dont have any problem. They served me steak. I gave it to the dog. Again one rule followed. She dragged me to see her sister Alecto. I didnt say anything about her name and left. One rule followed. I put in my earmuff and my sleep mask. And as i said "I shall be protected by anyone who wants to protect" her dog came at me. It was a mastiff too big to be inside but he was protecting me i dont care. One rule followed. But the day after. My head was hurting super bad i wanted to cry. When i woke up it was almost 11 a.m."Shoot i must've overslept". My parents were here to pick me up as Ms.Gorey (Athena''s mother) said i excitedly hurried to the front door. When i saw my parents car outside. I almost cried. After i got inside my parents asked what time did i wake up at. I told them "I dont know". They once again asked me when did i wake up.
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