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2023.06.07 13:54 DruFastDruFurious Childhood trauma reawakened.

On Sunday I got some bad sunburn at a lake (wasn’t much hotter than 20c but we were there all day).
Uncomfortable to sleep on but I thought nothing of it. I knew it was bad sunburn as I’m pale and the burnt regions (shoulders, chest, stomach) all stuck out. I rubbed aloe vera aftersun lotion on it a couple times without issue. My clothes irritated it a bit so I was careful putting clothes on.
Then…2 days after burning. I’m on a work trip to a seaside town. Me and my colleague are sitting by the coast having lunch.
I feel a certain tingle across my pecs and my eyes widen. I start jabbering to my colleague about how it’s ‘happening again’ like the giant from Twin Peaks.
I rip off my shirt, and in a blind panic, I spray after sun with aloe Vera onto the area and rub it in.
It’s only then that the most traumatic memory from my childhood hits me with the full force of an acid/PTSD flashback/Freddy Krueger going ‘remember me?’
I was a kid. I stayed in the hotel pool all day. I was burnt but fine until 2 days later when I collapsed onto the floor of an Irish bar my parents were in, writhing and clawing at my back. They thought I’d been spiked.
They took me back to the hotel, put me in a cold shower then rubbed aloe vera lotion on my back. It didn’t take long before I was screaming and begging for it to stop, thrashing about trying to escape my own body. I hadn’t thought about it for a long long time, but as soon as it woke up in June 2023 I realised it was the worst thing that had ever happened to me.
Panicking, I left all my stuff with my colleague and staggered along the coast, with tourists watching me slash at my skin non stop, doubled over like the hunchback of notre-dame.
A lot of people describe it as the worst pain of their lives. For me it was different to pain. It’s an itch with such urgency and such depth that you’d drop your newborn baby to scratch it. Only for you to find out that sorry, your nerves are malfunctioning and you can get no relief.
Having that cycle of irritation, relief, irritation, relief that you’ve known your whole life be completely blocked is an eye opening horror that a lot of people must only experience during terminal illness or torture.
Your brain flashes up a sentence. ‘This is different. This is a foe I cannot fight’.
If you have not experienced it, FUCK YOU. If you have experienced it, welcome to a dishonourable club. You will get through this with your mind intact with some simple steps.
For me, this has helped a lot, less than 24 hours into Hell’s Itch as I type this.
I took 20mg Loratadine and that got me home from my cancelled work trip without screaming.
I took a 30mg cocodamol tablet that doped me up good and stopped the fear. Doing the same again today.
I was quite dehydrated when it started. Chug it. Your skin needs the resources to regenerate faster and get you past nerve irritation.
Fights inflammation, takes your mind elsewhere, but only smoke weed if you are not panicking.
-Slight pressure from clothing
My gentle dressing gown against my chest seems to deaden the feeling compared to cool air against bare skin.
-Peppermint oil
I bought some. Haven’t tried it yet but will if there’s another wave. Dilute it in a little water and dab on the HI areas.
Best of luck.
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2023.06.07 13:54 scrapinblocks STOP asking for advice on this page!

I work in the industry & 9 out of 10 people comment/post things they have NO idea what they are talking abt & people actually believe them. do your OWN research. play around w medicine through YOURSELF. not through other people. you want advice? there it is.
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2023.06.07 13:52 Ms-Katie2 What happened to T's car??

So you only changed one spark plug last time?? And now you have to wait on the part store to open so you can fix it and go to work. Why not just use Tommy's car or have him drop you off and fix it after work? Plus from other videos you show him driving you around and to work. So does he still have his car or not?? I will be waiting on you to make a video addressing this 😂😂
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2023.06.07 13:52 antaresdawn Noom Med

So Noom is jumping into the medical weight loss business. I checked it out last night to see what they offer- it seems like they prescribe everything (except controlled substances) from GLP-1 agonists (like Wegovy, Mounjaro) to wellbutrin/naloxone. They also offer a lot of support, order lab tests, and attempt to work with your insurance company. I’m not sure what the subscription cost is yet.
So what do we think? I think it’s great for the toolbox! Useful for people who need it. But will Noom do this right and? It seems a bit unethical, plopping a pricey miracle med into someone’s life without addressing the social and psychological roots of obesity, overweight, and eating disorders.
I’m wary of weight loss medication for myself because right now I don’t have any metabolic or cardiovascular issues that would qualify me, at a BMI of 27, for a GLP-1 agonist. Before Noom, I would have qualified for sure. Also I am still trying to sort out perimenopause.
I am interested in seeing how the large experiment of people taking these drugs over time will play out. I hope for the best for everyone taking it, and with more data, I will feel comfortable taking GLP-1 agonists if I need them.
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2023.06.07 13:52 Aknickknackpattywack Which foragables and crops work with seed makers? And if I need to make say, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter Seeds, has the formula changed to include the additional veggies?

I'm trying to avoid using the Wiki. But when I purchased the Mushroom Berry Rice recipe, and saw the need for so many red baneberries, I realized my best hope is the Seed Maker, if that works on those. I clearly have a long road ahead but suspect I will need more than day of good fighting buffs for my forays into the Badlands.
Also I have to wonder just how many of each ingredient I will need to fulfill the Cooking achievements.
Thanks in advance!
Ancient Fiber • Joja Berry • Joja Veggie • Monster Fruit • Monster Mushroom • Salal Berry • Slime Berry • Void Root Forage Bearberry • Big Conch • Dewdrop Berry • Dried Sand Dollar • Ferngill Primrose • Four Leaf Clover • Golden Ocean Flower • Goldenrod • Mushroom Colony • Poison Mushroom • Rafflesia • Red Baneberry • Thistle • Winter Star Rose
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2023.06.07 13:52 akadmin FTD - AnyConnect certificate maps for automatic tunnel-group selection

Anyone get this working correctly? I do not have a test lab for this so I'm sort of stuck using TAC and my prod environment, and to be honest I don't have good confidence in the support I'm getting.
I have a Cert+AAA profile in use today, but I want to take away the ability for our users to select the tunnel-group on login because I happen to have multiple profiles.
The client certificates have an email field in the subject that I'm matching with cert map - so I configured that, and "if no rules are matched, match default profile" to another tunnel-group. This, in my mind, means that when the client presents its cert, they should automatically be mapped to the intended tunnel-group without having to select it, and if no rule is matched, it matches the default tunnel-group.
HOWEVER, when all this is enabled, users STILL have the ability to select a tunnel-group on login. It's as if the cert map config does nothing or is totally ignored. I did find another check box "Allow users to select tunnel group on login" so I disabled that, which did take the selection dropdown away from clients, but all I got were login failures, so it definitely wasn't matching my cert maps.
TAC seems acknowledge my problem, then tells me to do Group URL, but that's not a solution, it's a workaround. Now they want to test in my prod environment during a maintenance window rather than test in their own lab and get back to me with a proper fix :(
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2023.06.07 13:52 Silver-Ganache-5128 Why is Roomba becoming dumber by the day?

My roomba, no fail, six months in is half a fucking disable toddler. Can't make simple decisions, barely does the one thing it is designed to do (clean my floors), and all of a sudden now has a death wish and likes to yeet itself off the stair ledge it has been avoiding for six months. Can I just get one of these robots that does not actively work to become the stupidest machine on earth?
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2023.06.07 13:51 Current_Reach_5009 Public Sector

2. TYPE OF CONTRACT Civil servant, Flemish Government

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2023.06.07 13:51 Sea-horse457 Weird fill with Gen Fill

I see all the great gen fill demos on YouTube, but not working on my images.
I signed up for a trial with the intention of keeping it for gen fill. The first software, I ordered via an CC app that I did not use previously on my desktop. I activated the trial subscription, but I did not have the beta option, so was getting concerned that I could not test it. But the next day, I checked all apps and found a separate app that said beta, launched it and gen fill was there. I was so darn excited and then did testing. The fill kept producing very bad fill and weird unrelated stuff. Example: I selected a cat's tail and did gen fill. It detached the tail from the body, left a big gap and redrew it badly with weird graphics in some options. Other weird fills totally unrelated to the selected area. Another example, I wanted an existing "cup in hands" to be gen filled. Flat out messed it up, over and over. I have faith in Photoshop, but I will cancel the trial and wait for the real launch. Rather create from scratch using AI graphics generators. Wanted to only use Photoshop because their fill was supposed to use copyright-safe graphics.
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2023.06.07 13:51 Pontificatus_Maximus Loved the Style, Hated the Story

After cogitating for a few days after a first watch through, I love the style of the juxtaposed time lines and flash backs and many of the recurring themes. Great acting all around. One of the best TV series dealing with grief, trauma and perseverance. Loved the Shakespeare overlays.
Several elements of the story just stick in my craw and spoil what would have been a memorable feast:
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2023.06.07 13:51 -pastelblue- Not quite sure if I should have keep it going or detach

I met this guy who is on a work visa from Brazil. I met him while I skydived for the first time. He was the instructor. I’ve only known him a month but within that month he has taught me a lot about life, and myself. Every time we hang out it’s like I feel something so special between us. And I normally am so selective with who I choose to share my life with. His visa runs out in 2 months. He was going to try extend it but he doesn’t think he can. He also mentioned he misses being close to his family.
I feel myself falling in love. I’m getting attached. I’m already sad thinking of when he will leave. I’m not really sure whether I should choose to keep sharing my life with him or no longer. I would love to keep things going but I’m fearful of being hurt. I know what I’m like when I feel heartbroken, I go downhillI in life. I’m scared for that.
I haven’t had something good happen to me in a while and this feels good and meaningful and its a nice feeling but I know it’s not going to last because he is going back. I don’t know really what to do, I guess I’m putting this out here to ask what would you do if you were me?
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2023.06.07 13:51 pmassicotte Looking for assistance for plugin configuration

I am relatively new to vim/neovim, and I am trying to configure Quarto for Neovim (https://quarto.org/docs/tools/neovim.html). Hopefully, it is ok to ask for assistance here.
The plugin is available here:
- https://github.com/quarto-dev/quarto-nvim
And a kickstarter setup is available here:
- https://github.com/jmbuhquarto-nvim-kickstarter
I took the time to read the documentation and copied some example configurations from the kickstarter, but could not get it working. I have no errors, but none of the functionalities work (see the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLabWm-zCaD1axcMGvf7wFxJz8FZmyHSJ7).
My configuration files are here:
- https://github.com/PMassicotte/nvim
  1. https://github.com/PMassicotte/nvim/blob/main/lua/plugins/init.lua
  2. https://github.com/PMassicotte/nvim/blob/main/lua/nvim-quarto-config/init.lua
Kinda a longshot since I do not have specific errors, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.07 13:51 hearthepindrop Progress is progress.

I’m not sure if this is allowed here but I thought I’d give some advice that’s worked for me because I personally haven’t seen it posted here before and I see people posting here in situations that I can relate to.
So I’m neurodivergent and I’ve always struggled with the overwhelm of decluttering, as in I’ve pulled out of all my clothes and then ended up walking away from them and leaving them all over my bed/floor because the overwhelm is immense.
Instead of trying to get rid of things all at once, I’ve been getting rid of things one by one, day by day. I’ve so far done this for 31 days straight, that’s 31 items gone now. If I would have just pulled my items out and tried to get rid in bulk, I would be 31 items heavier still because of the ✨overwhelm✨.
Progress is progress no matter how slow you go, you will be further than you are now as long as you do not stop.
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2023.06.07 13:51 monroe_hawk12 Party of Five (and no this ain't the 90s) can't get dining reservations

So, here's the deal: our family of five is super excited about our cruise, but we've run into a bit of a snag with the app. It's been a frustrating experience trying to book tables for dinner in the Main Dining Room (MDR). The app just doesn't seem to be working properly, and we're getting a bit worried about not being able to secure reservations for our family.
We've already reached out to customer support, but their response has been a bit vague, suggesting we try again later. But we're concerned that if we wait until we're on the ship, it might be too late to get the dining times we prefer.
Are there any alternative methods for making dinner reservations once we're on board? Any tips or tricks that seasoned cruisers can share would be greatly appreciated! We want to make the most of our family time and ensure we have a memorable dining experience.
Thank you so much in advance for your help and suggestions. We're really looking forward to this trip, and with your guidance, I'm sure we'll find a solution to this booking dilemma. Happy cruising, everyone!
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2023.06.07 13:51 philip7499 [Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse] The watches are broken.

In the latest Spiderman movie Miguel tells Miles that breaking canon events destroys universes, citing when he went to live in another universe as his evidence. The other spiderpeople clearly believe him, they don't want to let those close to them die but believe it's necessary, Miles doesn't believe him. He believes Spiderman always saves everyone, or at least tries to.
I think it's no great theory to say that Miguel is wrong and Miles is right, in one way or another. The question is how, and part of that question is: if canon breaks isn't destroying universes, what is?
I believe it's the watches which allow safe travel to other universes. In the first movie 'glitches' happen to the spiderpeople whenever they are in a universe that is not their own. We also see the first of Miguel's watches being tested, and he is not confident in it's functionality. He thinks it will either work or destroy him, and he doesn't run any further tests, he just tries to use it.
My theory is the watches don't actually protect the universal travellers from the glitches, they reflect or sync those glitches with the entire universe, slowly destroying it.
We see in this movie how well a couple spiderpeople can work together (yknow, as long as there's not too many). Canon events break most often when there are extra Spidermen around, there are extra Spidermen around when there are watches in a universe, and that creates a correlation, but not causation between breaking canon and destroying universes. Miguel is so blind to the idea his mistakes lie solely as his responsibility that he assumes it is the universe conspiring against them, not him making a grave error.
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2023.06.07 13:51 murray_andrew Neurodivergent

Waiting for exam results to come out is always a stressful ordeal, there's just way too much going on that I'm not sure how to deal. I try to work but thinking about the worst is just so numbing, my friends try to calm me but I'm just drowning in this impending sorrow... I feel so awful knowing they want me to just be happy but I'm just too much of a realist to even begin to think of a happy way out of this... I've also started talking to a girl, that's something. I don't expect it to go anywhere because I'm just thinking that I'm not capable of being someone's partner, however I could spur up a new friend or just someone to talk to during the moments...
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2023.06.07 13:51 Lizbeeliz Vague presentation instructions for interview

I've applied for an internal position in data analysis. Part of the interview process is a 15 minute presentation, but no topic has been given and I'm finding it difficult to think of something. It doesn't sound like it needs to be work related as such, so that's not an issue, but part of the problem I'm finding is that most data I can find has already been analysed, and now I'm wondering if I'm overthinking it. These are the instructions for the presentation:
Ahead of the interview we'd like you to prepare a presentation on a topic of your choice to present on the day. The presentation should cover a current topic of your choice where you can present the data, insights, trends from that topic and answer any follow up questions.
It just feels too broad and vague to me, I'd have felt much more comfortable if a topic was given, or a set of data to interpret. Considering just withdrawing my application as the interview is on Tuesday and I just can't see myself coming up with anything.
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2023.06.07 13:51 AndrewHNPX Do you think there's any way The Breathing Method could work as a movie?

It's the only story from Different Seasons that hasn't been adapted yet, although a film version has been in development hell for quite some time. I'm not really sure how it could be done as a movie; the framing nature in itself would make it awkward and it would have to be very padded out, to the point where it would likely be unrecognizable as an adaptation.
I think it might have worked as an episode of Tales From the Darkside or something like that though.
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2023.06.07 13:51 Stupid_Triangles RTA rail service from Shaker Square to Warrensville/Van Aken is 67R bus

Edit: it may just be blue line affected. Not sure.
They posted the service alert like 20 minutes ago, and the bus came 10 minutes later... I've already seen 2 people get passed up. That's fucked up considering how people are going to potentially be late to work.
There aren't any postings at the stops. I just saw it on the Transit app when the green line kicked everyone off at the blue line's arrival time.
Just saw a car getting pulled off the tracks at Avalon with 4 cops around.
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2023.06.07 13:51 solo-ran Bluetooth tags like Tile or Chipolo or or Innway or AirTag that might allow API integrations?

I'm working on an app for pets that would be amazing if it included, along with other features, a way to track animals locally with a water resistant bluetooth tag device. For various reasons, the tracking should be at least partially with my app - so I would need API integration from the manufacturer. I would require my customers to buy the bluetooth device and even pay the "premium" fees if necessary, so in the case of Tile, the company would make $130 per customer, times 2000 customers so maybe $250,000 in a year. However, when I write to the companies I get formulaic answers from people in the company who are not paid to think but respond "no" robotically without really reading or understanding my proposal and who don't seem to understand that API integration is not uncommon. If there is anyone here who works with an airtag kind of company, hit me up.
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2023.06.07 13:51 Magdaki "Resilience" - Jason Bernard [Classical Solo Piano]

Good morning, I am pleased to share with you my latest release entitled "Resilience". This is a classical solo piano piece that I've been working on for quite some time, so it is nice to have it finished and ready to be heard. I hope you enjoy it and, as always, thanks for listening!
Sadly, not available on Apple Music as it is classical and they gatekeep classical songs :(

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2023.06.07 13:50 raiyanyahya Release of the 50th issue! 44% open rate and 8k visitors monthly.

Its been hard work growing a newsletter from scratch but we have been steadily growing everyday ~ 20 subs a day. Our open rate average has increased and we are at an average of 43.4% for the last 53 issues.
Wanted to share what worked-
  1. Twitter ads.
  2. Indie Hackers post.
  3. Reddit posts.
  4. Substack.
  5. Cross promotion
  6. A separate landing page.

What did not work-
  1. Twitter promoted tweets
  2. Reddit ads

If you are looking to grow or start newsletter, I would highly recommend substack and conversion ads on twitter.
Also here is the newsletter itself, try reading an issue and signing up.

Cheers! Dm if you need any help on growing a newsletter.
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