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League of Legends 1v1s Meetup

2015.04.19 10:57 guacamully League of Legends 1v1s Meetup

I really enjoy 1v1's, and I know a lot of other people do too. It's a good way to learn how to play certain matchups, control waves, develop mechanics, and just get better as a player. But it can be tough to meet others who want to play them regularly. That's what this subreddit is for.

2020.02.01 19:26 SmallEyes-x- 1v1lol

Official Community Subreddit for 1v1.lol and Justbuild.lol

2016.04.21 21:45 HaloCS loltyler1

loltyler1.com discount code alpha.

2023.03.27 21:48 Transportation3565 What Are 1v1 lol unblocked 911 Games 66 To Play?

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2023.03.12 07:34 Separate-Piece-8865 Game

I frequently watch them to acquire knowledge and then play 1v1.lol unblocked for fun since it's a highly interesting survival shooting game. The information you provide is really helpful to me and everyone else.
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2023.02.28 19:07 Crack_Dangus Highlander Third Stance Rework Idea

In celebration of over 5 and 1/2 years of Highlander being total dogwater, I've created a new Highlander rework idea to live out fantasies in my head of this character not being completely wasted potential and unfun to play. Seriously, if this guy isn't the next up for a rework I'll probably cry.
Main problems with Highlander:
So what do I propose?
For starters, I think something that would make Highlander truly unique and potentially much better would be a 3rd stance. My idea is for him to have Neutral Stance (Current Defensive Stance), Offensive Stance, and Defensive Stance (a new option accessed by Full Blocking.)
First up, let's talk about Neutral Stance (again, what is currently called Defensive Stance in game.) This stance is a lot better now that Highlander actually has a dodge attack, but it still has some problems. Here are the changes I would make:
Now what do we do for Offensive stance? Currently the mixup is extremely flawed, so how do we make it less janky and weak?
IMO, Highlander's layered soft feints, while cool on paper, are a design failure and will always be very weak against certain characters even if you made them strong against others. Highlander suffers from extremely one-sided matchups as it is, so we will be removing these. Some of these changes make Highlander stronger but also make his offense a little more traditional, in order to prevent him from becoming too "out there" when we introduce Defensive Stance.
Offensive Stance changes:
So what is Defensive Stance?
So what does this mean for Highlander overall?
Please give me your thoughts or potential problems below. I understand that this will never happen since it would take a ton of work (ubisoft dying lol) and basically turn him into an actual fighting game character, but a boy can dream.
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2023.02.27 15:06 naseermnd 1v1 LOL Unblocked Games WTF: A Guide To The Ultimate Multiplayer Game - Best And Latest Games And Apps

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2023.02.16 08:59 ComfortableRuin1163 1 vs 1 lol unblocked games 76

1 vs 1 lol unblocked games 76 online version:
LINK: https://vipogames.com/1v1-lol-unblocked-online/
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2023.02.07 18:08 Lower-Economics3967 1v1 lol unblocked 911

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2023.02.07 15:39 WorldlyMycologist230 1v1 lol unblocked 911

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2022.09.24 10:01 Basic_Pattern5321 Tyrone’s Unblocked Games To Play At School

Are you are searching for Unblocked games to play at school when bored, try Tyrone's Unblocked Games, packed with mini-games of all genres. Tyrone’s Unblocked Games offers iconic games like Slope, Cookie Clicker, Tetris, Run 3, Retro Bowl, 1v1 lol and more. Whenever you are bored at school or work, you can simply load up the website by clicking here and get access to hundreds of games without needing to download any installation file on your school computer or Chromebook.
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2022.06.24 19:27 Lady_Kink_Power Zhanhu Rework/QoL Changes

First attempt at a rework! I know that Zhanhu is not in desperate need of any changes, but she is my main and the character I’m most familiar with, so I thought I would take a stab at bumping her up to meta in duels and 4’s, without making her quite Conq tier.
So here it goes:
Zone Attack (Absolute Amplitude):
Pretty self explanatory, currently it consumes 50 stamina. AA is a powerful tool used in chains with its undodgeable property, relative speed and large hit box however like most zone attacks, it’s consumption feels way too high. Hopefully this will make it a viable mixup and anti-gank tool, without making it quite as stamina cheap as say Raider’s zone.
Chain Starters:
This might be controversial, but I feel that Zhanhu’s kit lends itself well to baiting attacks. This gives her a defensive option besides dodge attacking which is often high-risk, low reward.
Light Finishers:
I wasn’t really sure about this one. At high level play in duels, light finishers are a free parry, in lower levels, they are the bane of your opponent’s existence. The one place they shine is being target swapped in 4’s. The compromise here is that they are sped up to be the same speed as other light finishers, but also have the damage reduced to be in line with other light finishers. I don’t think the 66ms will be the difference maker to those who can’t parry them in the first place.
Heavy Finishers:
I’m sure there is room for improvement here, but they are already pretty good in the role they serve as large hit box unblockable attacks. Speeding them up or messing with them with the other proposed changes in this rework feels like running the risk of overtuning.
Forward Dodge Light (Stinging Maneuver):
Forward Dodge Heavy (Torturing Maneuver):
Just a QoL change to give her a viable roll catch. Hopefully this alleviates the problem of being to negate her entire forward dodge mixup on the same timing as well though I’m not 100% sure of the specifics.
Forward Dodge Bash (Subduing Blow):
Could potentially tweak the timing, though if the issue of mixup negation on the same timing is fixed by the change above, it seems unnecessary.
Side Dodge Attacks:
Zhanhu’s dodge attacks had the advantage of coming from either side, but with the amount of guard break vulnerability, low damage and light parry properties, that feature was never particularly useful in my opinion. I think these new dodge attacks streamline the character a bit. Recovery cancels still provide easy access to them and therefore they should have some semblance of guard break vulnerability to reward a correct read, but now the damage makes them somewhat useful without being a death sentence if parried.
Overall the idea is to make Zhanhu just a little harder to deal with 1v1 without catapulting her into the S+ stratosphere in 4’s. I hope I did that! Please give me any feedback you have as this is my first attempt at thinking up a rework. If it sucks tell me lol.
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2022.06.18 16:28 coolcarters14 Opinions on all bosses major bosses in the game?

I think the main problem with this games bosses, especi endgane bosses is that they all try to one up each other with the scale and spectacle of attacks to the that they start to become bs and unfair.
This coupled with the fact that bosses in this game can just endlessly chain attacks without recovery, and sometimes if you get unlucky, they can repeatedly spam hard to dodge, unblockable special attacks.
Here's my opinion of all the major bosses:
Margit the fell omen: great boss, gets you very accustomed to the slowed down panic roll catch type attacks most bosses have, can claim attack for a bit too long though, not too many openings.
Godrick: a little too much AOE but I think he's equal to margit.
Renalla: I think is the easiest and most balanced boss.
Radhan: awesome fight, great spectacle, I think he's my boss. I only fought him after all of his rebalancing, though.
Rykard: awesome gimic fight that still retains a good level of difficulty.
Mohg: I love him, the burning blood is so cool, and I think he handles AOE alot better than other bosses but I found it difficult to find openings on him.
Godskin duo: easy to fight with summons but solo completely overwhelming, because these two are supposed to he fought 1v1, not as a duo.
Malekith: second favorite boss, but favorite boss design. I love how agile he is. My only problem is his jumping air slashes, he spammed it 3 times in a row, sooo annoying lol.
Radagon: would be an amazing final boss if he wasn't tied to the elden beast. He is the pinnacle of the delayed attack boss style and is VERY difficult even with a summon.
Elden beast: again I think would be better if you had torrent and was separate from radagon. Her size is her problem.
Malenia: she has a great concept, which is can you kill melania faster than she can kill you, but her waterfall dance is completely busted, the only time I was able to dodge it is if my summon was targeted and not me. Her second form is beautiful but so busted, if she uses waterfell dance ONCE in her second phase I died instantly, the entire second phase felt like "am I going to get lucky enough that she doesn't use that move" because that's litteraly the only way I won. It feels like if you don't use a specific build for her you're in for hell.
Thanks for reading this and I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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2022.06.13 16:41 n00bringer Speculating about how TG will affect heroes

Just for fun, I will speculate how the Gb changes would affect each hero, for something we should for, just 2 things 2 consider:
Black prior:

Well this are the ones i can think off, unblockables become absolute kings, heroes with huge heavy parries are buffed in comparison to the rest of the cast and bashes are weaker.
If something like this is gonna be experimented bashes should also be as safe as unblockables, in the most cases bashes deal less dmg and are way more riskier when punished with a GB.
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2022.04.26 15:09 hloreddit 1v1.LOL unblocked

To win in 1v1.LOL unblocked game you need to destroy your enemies. For this purpose you have weapons and a set of building forms. All this is located in the lower right corner and there are numbers-letters that you need to click to select items. At the same time, you cannot choose construction and weapons, only in turn. For your fun, try different modes of play. The faster you switch between weapons and construction, the more likely you are to survive. Most of the walls built are very easy to break through. Reloading weapons takes time. One of the tactics of winning is to continuously build and push the enemy at the moment of recharging. Once you see it, grab the weapon and kill the enemy!


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2022.04.02 18:56 TeenyTinyWyvern Peacekeeper: Outdated design, but lots of potential

Peacekeeper: Outdated design, but lots of potential
Having not played a lot of Peacekeeper since the beta (a long time, I know), and being in a slump of not knowing which hero I want to fork over my limited time on this Earth to, I've decided to pick her up recently.
What has become of this endeavor is a sad, hollowing SLOG of a time. Peacekeeper is a hero fallen from such high grace into a position that is absurdly difficult to even call "balanced" in any way.
In this post, I'm going to attempt to break down some of the extreme shortcomings of the hero, and what the devs could probably do to fix them.
First up, the biggest issue with this character so far:

Lack of pressure when being external'd

It's no secret that Peacekeeper is literally a dead class when you just target swap and lock onto someone else. No unblockables (without a prerequisite condition that is) means the character cannot even hope to open up any opponent that refuses to fight her face to face.
The only real workaround to this issue, is either A: staying at such a range that you're able to punish a mistake the enemy makes with a dodge forward heavy into dagger follow up to apply a small amount of bleed to allow yourself access to the unblockables, or B: have a teammate purposefully guardbreak for you so that you can apply bleed to the enemy ( <---- THIS FUCKING SUCKS BTW, DON'T DO THIS )
At higher levels of play, you are an active HINDERANCE to your team at times simply because you can't fight anyone who doesn't WANT to fight you. This can often lead to you feeding revenge in a teamfight without you even knowing it.

Absurdly high damage for NO reason

Did you know that Peacekeeper's Finisher Heavies do an upwards of 33 damage? (22 Direct + 11 Bleed)
Neutral side heavies do 26 damage ( 15+11 ) Neutral Top Heavies do 29 ( 18+11 )
38 Damage GB punish by the way!
I'm fairly certain that the only reason Peacekeeper isn't borderline unplayable in duels OR 4v4 for that matter is the fact that her damage is through the roof compared to other heros.
The best part about all of this bleed that she has in her kit? It stacks infinitely. A Peacekeeper can quite literally apply so much DoT to an enemy that they can kill her before they inevitably drop dead 10 seconds later. While this is cool, and unique to her as a hero, it can be a little oppressive when you get guardbroken once and get stabbed for 38 damage, now limping your way through said fight.

General combat ineffectiveness

Peacekeeper suffers from quite a bit of outdated design in her current kit.
Dodge cancels that just don't work at all because they're too slow, range that is so bad you sometimes can't hit enemies that have gotten knocked down by your revenge activation (or just sometimes at all really), a horrid dodge attack that can do more harm than good at times, despite it dealing good damage, and overall juts clunkiness in general.
The easiest thing to look at first, is the dodge recoveries that Peacekeeper has.
  • Dagger Cancel can have it's recovery dodged out of after 333ms
This is absolute garbage for a recovery cancel, as it barely plays any role in actually avoiding anything other than the slowest attacks. To put it into a better perspective, here's Peacekeeper's dodge recovery cancel compared to that of Pirate's.

It feels bad, it doesn't really work as a recovery cancel, so what's the point?

Smooth like butter, it feels good, and it's utility is ALWAYS seen when playing the character. btw, you can do this on EVERY ATTACK.
Not only does this recovery cancel not really serve a purpose, but it hinders her offense when outnumbered, because she has this tool, but it's awful, and can actually hurt you more than help you.
You can also dodge out of the startup of all your heavy attacks, which can be nice, but on Peacekeeper, this rarely needs leads to any sort of success, and that's because of the next topic in this "chapter": the dodge attack.
The dodge attack Peacekeeper has is a sad relic of a time long past in For Honor. A 533ms Dodge attack that deals 7 damage (lol) but leads into an additional Deep Gouge for a total of 18 damage.
The damage is fine, but this attacks offers no real I-frames, and the biggest elephant in the room is it's recovery. God forbid you miss Peacekeeper's dodge attack. The recovery is so long the enemy can get a free guardbreak, or even just throw a neutral heavy and it'll land no problem.
Another big gripe of mine, maybe not to many others, is that Peacekeeper's neutral heavies just feel way too slow for a hero like her. I'm not really sure why though. They're the same speed as Shaman's yet they feel clunky and slow. Maybe it has something to do with the animation, who knows.
Lastly, Peacekeeper's chains suffer heavily from being shut down by dodge attacks.
Peacekeeper's Light > Light chain is able to be dodged out of quite easily, and if you have a dodge attack that provides a good amount of I-Frames, it's basically a "get out of mix-up free" card against Peacekeeper, as even doing a Light > heavy instead doesn't catch the dodge attack. This isn't really too big a deal, but it's another notch against the hero.

The tl;dr

Peacekeeper sucks. She has a lot of things going for her, but none of them are enough to warrant playing her when another hero can do them ALL better. Poor Range, recovery cancels that don't work, almost completely unusable in 4v4 due to lack of pressure unless the opponent is bleeding, which means they can just external you for eternity unless you receive help from an ally to set you up. Absurd damage is also something that makes this hero in need of tuning, as it's likely the only thing keeping them afloat.
It is sad to see her in this state, because she has a good foundation, and not much at all needs to be changed about her to be good, but she has been in this state for a long time.

Teeny's solution to the problems

This is my own list of ideas on how to better Peacekeeper for the foreseeable future, and turn them into a hero good in not just 1v1 settings, but also reliable in 4v4's as well.
Bleed damage across the board is lowered slightly, while direct damage is increased.
  • Dagger Cancel Bleed Damage lowered to 10 overall (1+9)
  • Deep Gouge Bleed Damage lowered to 5 overall (1+4)
  • Neutral heavies standardized to 800ms (700ms would be cool too)
  • Neutral Heavy Damage standardized to 20
  • Finisher Heavy Damage standardized to 25
  • Side Dodge Attack Damage Increased to 10 (from 7)
These changes make Peacekeeper able to deal damage more consistently through direct means instead of only relying on bleed all the time. It is a bit of a nerf to damage overall, but it would be much more fair, not only for the Peacekeeper, but for her opponents
Guardbreak stab changes
  • Overall damage lowered to 30. Still higher than the damage her neutral heavies output, but less fucking stupid numbers wise
  • Damage portions changed. The Bleed inflicted by each stab has been reworked to be 10>10>10 (was 10>10>18)
Guardbreak Stab Cancel rework

this mechanic (which is basically just a throw in the live game) is expanded on
  • Pressing guardbreak in between Stabs will kick the opponent away, and grant I-Frames during the animation
  • Can only be done after the first or second stab
  • Guardbreak vulnerable
This ability would allow for Peacekeeper to be able to "confirm" her damage safely after a GB even while outnumbered by allowing her some way of safely canceling the stabbing portions of her GB punish

the duration of the flip would grant I-frames
Dodge Recovery Cancel
  • Dagger Cancel's recovery can be dodged out of 200-300ms into the recovery
Dear lord, this should just be standard at this point. It allows for more survivability and a better shot at punishing those who dodge attack your dagger cancel.
Dagger Cancel Change
  • Dagger Cancel is now unblockable. Damage has been lowered to compensate for this
This change allows Peacekeeper to actually have someway to apply pressure to opponents who are externally blocking her. This doesn't really have any effect on gameplay to begin with, as the attack is already unreactable, so you either get hit by it, or you don't.
General changes
  • Forward momentum increased on ALL attacks
  • Tracking improved on heavy attacks
  • First hit in zone attack is now 400ms, damage lowered to 10
  • Deep Gouge can now also be recovery canceled with a dodge at 200-300ms into the recovery

and that's it. and she'd be pretty good, or at least, I think she would.
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2022.03.21 11:47 appsharedotcom 1v1.lol Unblocked Games: 7 Step Easy Download and Play!!

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2022.02.10 19:10 VastInvestigator7307 Fps Drop

Is it just me or is my fps getting lower after more updates. anyways if you wanna play 1v1.lol with good fps u can play the old version just look up 1v1.lol unblocked on google web store and it will bring you to a website were 400+ more people play it.
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2022.01.06 14:29 TeenyTinyWyvern Thoughts on Warden: Underperforming, or outmatched?

Thoughts on Warden: Underperforming, or outmatched?
I've been playing Warden more and more here lately. The character seems to be in this weird limbo state of either performing slightly well, or just being overshadowed by other characters. Of all the characters in the game, I don't think I've ever said to myself, "Man, I really wish I was playing someone else right now" not because of my distain for the hero, but because at times I just feel like what little kit Warden does have is just not good enough to warrant playing them.
I honestly feel as though, even with all the work given to Warden over the years that they are still in a spot that can simply be summed up with the following phrase: "Useable, but frustrating".
So, with this post I just want to talk about a few things that really just hold Warden back.
  1. Shallow Kit
  2. Lack of Defense
  3. Poor Stamina
  4. Weird Design Choices
  5. Hitbox issues
let's get started.

Shallow Kit

Warden's kit doesn't allow for a lot of mind games outside of his shoulder bash and chain finisher heavies. To top that off, there are only 3 chains that Warden is capable of: L-L-H, L-H, and H-H. Being this limited attack pattern wise is not a strength, especially in team fights and when outnumbered. Shoulder bash can be chained into from any attack besides itself, which does add another layer of offense, however, due to reasons that will be explained later, this is really his only go to attack after any light or heavy.
The unblockable heavies are something that provided Warden's kit an immense buff, as it allowed him to have SOME sort of offense other than the shoulder bash, however, these have their own problems that will once again be explained later.
Dodge forward Heavy, "Valiant breakthrough" is a great tool for catching people rolling out of your offense, but that's about all it's good for. You can't feint this move, it doesn't do that much damage, It's a fairly obvious animation, etc. etc. The saving grace is that you chain into shoulder bash or unblockable heavy afterwards.
The basic premise that I'm trying to highlight is that Warden doesn't have enough in his kit to make it good enough as is, and in this case, simplicity is not a strength like some other heros (i.e Jiang Jun, Zhanhu, Shugoki)
So many other heros in game outperform Warden in the category the hero is supposed to be in, and it's a shame, as the tools for Warden to perform well are there, but not good enough to actually perform better at a high level.

Lack of Defense

When Ubisoft reworked Warden the devs stated that they wanted to "Change his playstyle from a defensive one to a more offensive one" the problem with these changes is that they didn't give Warden any new tools to help the character defensively.

This is about the closest thing you can get to a \"defensive tool\" to use when outnumbered.
Warden has no GB invulnerable dodge bash, no full block, no terrific way to interrupt people, nothing other than a Superior Block from one direction that is one of the easiest things to bait out in the game.
When outnumbered, Warden is extremely susceptible to punishes, even when initiating his own offense. A lot of his attacks are GB punishable during the recovery, basically making your offense when being ganked a detriment rather than something you can defend yourself with.
This is a character that has absolutely no tools for keeping themselves alive other than Crushing Counter. No Recovery Cancels, No Fullblock, No I-Frames, nothing.

Poor Stamina

This tab really doesn't need much explanation, Stamina management for Warden is absolutely insane. Just take a look at the video.

The stamina consumption on a feinted heavy is enough to make you go OOS after 5 heavy feints, keep in mind these are neutral heavies as well.
Compare the stamina pool and stamina drain values of Warden to a character like Raider or Zhanhu. It is kind of appalling just how big a difference it is.

Weird Design Choices

A lot of Warden's kit never got changed for any reason even when it should have. For instance, did you know that Warden's chained side light attacks are still for some reason 600ms?

Free parry lol
Did you also know that Warden's double lights do less damage than Shinobi's? Warden's Zone has no special properties but is a 60 stamina 13 damage attack... you're also supposed to chain moves off of this zone attack, but it drains so much stamina that it isn't worth it at all.
Warden's neutral offense is also extremely lackluster due to the fact that is suffers from the issue of being extremely interruptible. Opener offense should be relatively safe, and characters with 500ms neutral bashes are, relatively speaking, pretty safe with their opener attacks. Warden's neutral bash is 700ms at the fastest. It is so easily interrupted that you often times need to make a read on if you should even try and initiate the bash in the first place, which makes it a really piss poor opener attack. This really neuters Warden's neutral game for not only 1v1's but also for 4v4.

Hitbox Issues

The hitboxes on Warden's attacks are too angled to be used effectively in team fights or when outnumbered. This is weird because the devs even did a balance pass on said unblockables, but even then, they can barely hit anyone, and most the time they just get dodged.
The "arc" of the unblockable attacks are just too specific to be used as a team fight move, and when it's really the only thing you're supposed to be using in said team fights, you can see the issue on why this character is just not used.

video to highlight the hitbox of the finisher heavies. The dark area allows for better visibility of the weird arc.

Other heros just do it better :/

Everything about Warden just falls too flat when you put them up against other heros. There's always a better choice for team fights, feats are lackluster, 1v1 potential is there, but still, someone like Zhanhu can do that pretty well themselves, and damage is pretty standard and nothing to really write home about. A lot of characters have better neutral offense, and characters like Black Prior have more specializations in their kit that make the character more attractive to run in 4v4 while still retaining 1v1 capabilities.
So what is the problem with Warden exactly?

The tl;dr

Warden's kit is a weird amalgamation of good 1v1 and okay, but not all that good 1vx. He brings nothing to the table that other heros can't just do better, and his entire character overall is lacking tools that are becoming a necessity in For Honor today.
Small quality of life changes can only prop this character up so far, and what they really need is an actual opener attack, not a 700ms bash that can be, for the most part, safely interrupted and isn't even useable in group fights, and barely useable when being ganked.
Their team fighting ability is also really rough, as you are meant to throw a lot of target swapped unblockables, but the problem is that they rarely hit anyone due to the poor hitboxes.
Warden as a whole really is the embodiment of a hero that has been overtaken by power creep, as even most other "off meta" heros can do a better job than he can in certain regards.
Soft feints, more attacks, anything would be good for this character, and as much of a meme as it is to say, relying on the shoulder bash for his main damage as much as the character does is actually hurtful for their performance in game, not just their "character identity". I do hope at some point, Warden comes back into the spotlight, but at the moment, it looks as though this will never happen.

No reason for this video being here, the animation of side finisher heavy feint into top heavy is really good looking tho.
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2022.01.03 19:09 Raymancer YOU SHOULD GRIND THE DEEP STONE CRYPT...........NOW

Heritage and Succession are the best special weapons for their slot in the game for PvE. Eyes is still dumb as fuck in Gambit Invasions. But what I really want to talk about is Bequest.
Yeah it kinda late to hype train it but Bequest is extremely good right now. Here's my build for it:
The God Roll Bequest is Probably: Jagged Edge, Sword Masters Guard, Relentless Strikes, and Surrounded and Surrounded Spec as the weapon mod. Surrounded is very good overall. There's only a few situations where it may not proc and that's in pure 1v1 boss scenarios. Which are few in all honesty. The few boss fights that end up being 1v1s are Vorgeth and Kell Echo to some extent.
I'd say it's my second sword option if I'm not running Lament (Which is not often) and it's probably the highest legendary dps sword option currently in the game after the nerf to swords. It can one shot antibarrier champions with the heavy attack with Surrounded Proc'd.
For Weapons I run Bequest with Arbalest (or Witherhoard) and the Retraced Path Trace Rifle that has Demolitionist and Subsistence if there's no champs. If there's unstoppables I just run a sidearm or pulse instead of Retraced for this season.
Armor Mods for me are: 2 Arc Armor Pieces, One Solar, One Void, and then the last one can be whatever.
Charged with Light Build pretty much: Stacks on Stacks, Lucent Blade, Charged with Light, Supercharged, and either Powerful Friends or Radiant Light for the stat boosts and to gain Lucent Blades second perk which buffs the sword charge speed.
On Titan I run the exotic Strongholds for Neutral Game Survivability. Strongholds are kinda wonky outside boss stomps. If you're getting blasted from all sides what I do is press the block button and hold it while getting getting and then quickly unblock and and reblock when I think a projectile will help hit me. I usually get some health back when I do this. Cuirass is an overall good option to with Middle Thundercrash. Best option for DPS probably but then you loose out on the health regen of Strongholds and I typically run the holds with top Tree Sentinel to proc Defensive Strike for more survivability.
On Hunter it's pretty self explanatory if you're gonna sword it's either top or bottom tree Shadowstalker with Omniocolus, Sixth Coyote, or Graviton Forfeit
Warlocks can use....whatever exotic they want in terms of exotics lol. And the Subclass is either bottom Tree Voidwalker or Middle Tree Dawmblade aka Well of Radiance.
I hope to God next season is Unstoppable Blades. Where Glaives and Swords can stun unstoppable champions. For the Lament Build I just use the same setup but instead for weapons I run Ignition Code with Blinding Nades and Vorpal Weapon. Or I run Empty Vessel with the same roll.
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2021.10.11 11:55 pkinpum Twogs

Try playing Slope Unblocked, 1v1 lol can you make it through?
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2021.10.11 05:31 Friday_Night_Funkin8 1v1lolunblocked

If you are passionate about shooting games you cannot ignore 1v1.lol unblocked.
1v1.lol unblocked is a real 3rd person shooter. The feeling of hunting the target uses effective tactics, the sensitivity is maximized, creating a very stimulating feeling when playing. try it now
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2021.10.05 20:16 anantoni 1v1.LoL Unblocked – How to play on PC & mobile

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2021.09.20 16:53 v2272 Fuck me I'm so shit at this game.

I try to main beserker or raider. But holy fuck do I suck. Can't parry for shit with beserker, everyone knows his moves so they just block and parry me every time.
Can't seem to avoid any unblockable stuff unless it's an overhead movement cause they take longer. I can't seem to anti guard break, the timing window is miniscule.
On dominion I just seem to get ganked big time. Whenever I go to help out team mates who are being ganked, they desert me. Any time I happen to almost kill someone, either a team mate comes in and steals the kill or they run away faster than I can catch up with them.
1v1, whoever I play as I somehow can't get a hit in, I'm just overwhelmed by insanely fast hits. Somehow I still have a 87.5% win rate in 1v1.
With double XP I'm flying through levels but not getting any better and only putting me up against harder and harder opponents.
This shit is insane lol.
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2021.09.20 07:06 Psychological-Cup730 Questions for Master and GM players(preferably PS players but I'll take what I can get).

If you want just make it simple and easier for yourself and just talk on party chat, here's my name: UnewGEN__. (I might not be the best talker but please bear with me, and thank you really)
Some key words you probably know GM: grandmaster Top 100: ^
MODS... I'm sorry
But yea, this is a bunch, A BUNCH of questions. It probably is a bit demoralizing to answer all this but...IDK. Also, I kinda set this like interview questions so they're short and to the point. Enjoy?
  1. What is your mindset like when playing against players in top 100? What's a difference that you see between casual and ranked?
  2. Most chosen characters in ranked? Do you think a nobu main could average and last ( not have an extremely hard time against Master and top 100 players, same with Valk or Shaman. Do you think it'll be harder to play top 100 or Master players as nobu). is everyone really patient, or whats the common behavior.
  3. Do masters and top 100s go for unblockable parries more often than lower ranked or rep?. How did you make it to top 100? Character win rate( if you don't mind me asking, kinda just for comparison). When or if you ever hit a learning block, what did you do? Did you study deep into frame data? Did you make it by just knowing basic frame data?
  4. What do you do do when frustrated mid match? (IM ONLY ASKING ALL THIS SO I CAN GET THE IDEA OF HOW SOMEONE IN THE HIGH RANK THINKS.) Nobu advice? 1v1? Shaman advice? Valk advice? Do you emote, beggining of the match, it there a lot of players who just rush you when match starts? You have opponent effects turned off?
  5. What character frustrates you the most?(BTW you are awesome for spending your time to answer this, I grately appreciate it SO much. You are the best). Your main? Senario: (one heavy from being dead, your caught in a mix up and the opponent decides to throw a side unblockable finisher. Is it more common for them to feint or let the unblockable go?)
  6. Favorite cereal(lol)? Serious question tho, do you believe having a regular sleep schedule with a good diet to have sharp reactions? Do you notice a difference in reaction if you were fatigued or haven't got much sleep?
    1. Do you have some sort of rule in your head as you play(Ex: when hit with blade blockade, always parry the right light attack. Or never atrempt a full light chain when opponent is low.)? Are you Master or GM?
    2. when did you start? Average total rep players you see(rep 300s, 400s,200s)? Ever played a rep 100 in Master or top 100? Do raw heavies feel utterly useless if your using a character that can't soft feint or dodge cancel? How was your day?
Thats everything I can think of atm. Sorry reddit mods. I'll probably have another list of questions, just a lot shorter than this one. I feel that if I can grasp this information, then I can make it to/last in Master or GM as a rep 100. I cruised through platinum using Nobu, and cruised to diamond 2 which is where I stopped cause of the new season starting.
I'm not gonna be playing ranked for a bit until the Orochi rework and matchmaking fixes, actually happen. I just want to soak up a bunch of knowledge like a sponge, progress and learn quick and early cause I do intend to get into a team for Dominion Series, or stream, or anything like that.
Again, reddit mods I'm sorry for making this post so freaking long. Idk and haven't really read the terms and requirements when posting. I feel that there's a possibility of someone spending time to read and answer all these questions, cause I would answer all this, if I had the knowledge. And since I think I would spend time to answer all this mumbo jumbo, then I can't be the only one to do so(hope I'm not the only one).
Also if someone decides to answer this, take you time, no rush, thank you, thank you so much, I'll never forget you, and I swear the time you spent on me will not go to waste. UnewGEN__ on playstation
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