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2023.05.28 00:48 RobotTomPeterson ODFW confirms more bear sightings in and around Forest Park

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2023.05.17 01:44 ShaeBowe Itsh a great thing for me to shay.

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2023.05.16 17:41 MyODFW Coastal residents and visitors: Be BearWise

There is much to look forward to at the Oregon coast with the onset of warmer and sunnier weather - but bears getting into your garbage is not one of them. With spring comes the emergence of black bears from their dens in search of food.
Now is the prime time to look around your property and make sure food sources attractive to bears are secure and inaccessible. If you live along the Oregon coast or own or manage coastal rental property, consider using bear-resistant trash cans.
A bear's strongest sense is smell and everything from trash cans to grill drippings can bring them to your property. Finding your trash spread out across the yard or driveway can certainly ruin your day, but the consequences could be much more severe. If bears become habituated to humans (too comfortable around people) they could pose a serious threat to human safety.
A bear that loses its wariness of people and becomes conditioned to human-provided sources of food may be humanely killed. This is often the only option to protect humans and ultimately to protect the larger bear population from learning the same behavior.
Bears, like all wildlife, have a specialized diet that coincides with seasonal changes. Access to human-provided food can negatively impact their health, lead to conflict with humans and in many cases have fatal consequences.
Bears have a great memory when it comes to food. Not only will they remember where they have found food before, including trash, but female bears will also pass this knowledge down to their young. Intentionally or unintentionally feeding bears can negatively affect multiple generations of bears.
The good news is that most conflict between humans and bears is preventable. Bears don't want to be around humans, but the prospect of an easy meal is often too good to resist. Removing things that attract them to the area is the most important thing you can do to protect people and ensure bears stay wild.
Follow these BearWise tips:
Share these tips with your neighbors, friends and family. A community effort is vital to preventing problems with bears. One person who feeds or attracts bears, intentionally or not, can pose a risk to everyone in the neighborhood.
Living responsibly with black bears is possible and it's up to everyone to do their part to keep humans safe and bears wild. Contact your local ODFW office to report unusual bear activity or for information and resources to help prevent conflict with black bears.
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2023.05.16 17:37 MyODFW Don't kidnap young wildlife and take away their best chance of survival

Finding a young wild animal alone does not mean that it's been abandoned or orphaned, so leave them where you find them. The advice you are likely to hear if you pick up or bring young wildlife home is "put it back," and you might get a warning or citation from Oregon State Police, too.
Removing an animal from the wild is illegal under Oregon wildlife laws. (ORS 497.308 – No person shall remove from its natural habitat or acquire and hold in captivity any live wildlife in violation of the wildlife laws.)
Many wildlife species will leave their young while they forage for food. When people remove them from the wild, young animals miss the chance to learn where to seek cover, what to eat and how to escape from predators and other dangers.
Unfortunately, every year around this time, ODFW offices, licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and even Oregon State Police are flooded with calls from well-intentioned people who picked up a deer fawn, elk calf, fledgling bird learning to fly, or other young animal they assumed was orphaned because it was alone.
Even if they receive care from a wildlife rehabilitator, successfully returning a young animal to the wild is not always possible. Options for long-term placement in wildlife sanctuaries or zoos are limited and animals often must be euthanized since they lack the survival skills to be released back into the wild. Some animals can also become dangerous as they grow into adults and pose a serious threat to human safety.
Here's how to help instead:
Deer and elk Oregon's deer and elk give birth from May through July. It's natural for mother animals to leave their young alone and hidden for extended periods of time while they go off to feed, so never assume a young animal is orphaned when you see it alone. The mother will return when it's safe to do so—when people, pets or predators aren't around. Deer and elk see dogs as a threat to their young and may act aggressively in response to disturbance from a dog.
Marine mammals Harbor seal pups are born in late March through April. Females often leave their pups at haul-outs or along sandy beaches while searching for food. Never pick up or handle a seal pup or any other marine mammal you find at the beach. Beachgoers should stay away from resting seals and sea lions and keep dogs away from these animals as well. Marine mammal strandings should be reported to OSP's hotline at 1-800-452-7888.
Birds Birds nest in the spring and young birds may be found from late February through early summer. Some baby birds, called fledglings, may become separated from their parents as they learn to fly. These are sometimes thought to be abandoned and brought to wildlife rehabilitators. Unless obviously injured, birds should be left where they are or lifted carefully back onto a branch to help them avoid predators (like outdoor cats), so they have the best chance at survival.
Ducklings and goslings frequently become separated from their mothers due to disturbance from humans or predators. If you spot young waterfowl without a mother, please leave them alone and leave the area so the mother can return.
Detections of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Oregon continue this year and it is important to avoid close contact with waterfowl (ducks and geese). Do not feed ducks and geese. Feeding congregates susceptible birds and enables the disease to spread between birds more easily. Also, note that Oregon's wildlife rehabilitators are not currently accepting sick ducks and geese to protect other avian patients and education birds in their care.
Removing an animal from the wild often does more harm than good. Please respect wildlife and if you care – leave them there.
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2023.05.16 17:32 MyODFW ODFW to host family fishing event at Hebo Lake May 20

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife invites new anglers to take part in a family fishing event on Saturday, May 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Hebo Lake.
ODFW will provide equipment including rods, reels and bait during the event if needed. Angling education instructors and volunteers will be available to answer questions and offer assistance to less experienced anglers. The event is free and registration is not required, although some people will need fishing licenses to participate.
Anglers ages 11 and under can fish for free, while those 12-17 will require a youth license, available for $10 at ODFW's website (myodfw.com) and license agents. Adult anglers will need a regular fishing license. Licenses will not be sold on-site the day of the event, so people planning to participate should get their licenses ahead of time.
The lake will be stocked with approximately 2,000 rainbow trout just prior to the event.
Hebo Lake is a 2-acre lake located 3 ½ miles east of the Hebo Ranger Station on Hebo Mountain Road. From Hebo, take Hwy 22 ¼ mile east, then turn left onto Forest Road 14. The U.S. Forest Service, which manages the lake and campground, will waive the $5 day use fee during this event. Overnight camping fees will continue to apply.
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2023.05.10 16:06 Jjm-itn Greater Idaho opinions?

This seems to be a serious movement going on for eastern Oregon counties to be merged with Idaho and the state borders redrawn.
Not sure if or when this will occur, but I would imagine that will greatly affect ODFW among many things.
Inform me if I'm incorrect but that's what I understood so far about it. Any more info would be helpful. I've visited their website and briefly looked into it.
What is your opinion on this?
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2023.05.09 15:08 jcravens42 Volunteers needed for Diamond Lake Creel Survey in Oregon

Diamond Lake is a natural body of water in the southern part of the U.S. state of Oregon. It lies near the junction of Oregon Route 138 and Oregon Route 230 in the Umpqua National Forest in Douglas County. It is located between Mount Bailey to the west and Mount Thielsen to the east; it is just north of Crater Lake National Park.
Volunteer to survey anglers at Diamond Lake. Data from these surveys supports Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's ability to determine the angling effort and catch rates.
Click here to volunteer
Once registered, ODFW staff will reach out to schedule specific dates and times.
2023 Dates include:
May 10, 11, 14, 21, 38 and 31
June 10 and 12
July 5, 8, 9, 14, 22
August 3, 5, 17, 19
September 3, 30
October 29
November 3
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2023.05.08 05:42 BBinfinite You Hear That Ed? Bears, now you putting the whole station in jeopardy.

Sounds like we might have some furry friends heading into the south hills.
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2023.04.26 20:45 release_the_hound Crawdads at Fern Ridge?

Looking to drop my trap and get some dinner in this gorgeous weather, hopefully getting some of the invasive ones. I'm having a hard time finding where to go at Fern Ridge. Anyone have experience trapping there? Any specific places to go or avoid? I'll be hanging out with it, not planning on leaving the trap overnight or anything. I know it's a little early in the season but it's so nice out, maybe they'll come out.
Thanks for any help!
Edit: I just called the ODFW office and he told me they are ALL OVER fern ridge but unfortunately you can't set traps there. Oh well. I'll head out to Whitaker, thanks!
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2023.04.25 18:53 MyODFW ODFW hosts Family Fishing Event at Devils Lake April 29

ODFW hosts Family Fishing Event at Devils Lake April 29
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife hosts a Family Fishing Event Saturday, April 29 at Devils Lake in Lincoln City.
The event takes place 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Regatta Park. ODFW will stock the lake with 8,700 rainbow trout prior to the event, including 4,000 fish that will be released in a large net pen reserved for youth fishing.
ODFW staff and volunteers will hand out equipment and be available to teach kids how to bait, cast, and land their catch. Youth can keep two fish from inside the fish enclosure, after which they can continue fishing in the lake until they reach their five-fish limit.
The fishing enclosure is reserved for youth fishing, but adults can get tips on basic rigging, fish identification, and casting at the event.
Kids 11 and under can fish free at this event. Youth 12-17 need a youth license, which can be purchased for $10 online at the ODFW website, any ODFW office, or license outlet. Licenses will not be sold at the event.
These events are intended to help families learn how to fish together and get outside. There is also a great playground at Regatta Park, so pack a lunch and stay a while!
Regatta Park is located on the southwest side of Devils Lake. From Highway 101, take NE 14th St. east for about one-half mile until you see the sign for Regatta Park on the right. There is parking by the dock, and overflow parking is available along the one-way road in and out of the park.
Devil's Lake
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2023.04.23 01:58 SalSimNS2 Canada Goose with fish lure in foot at Discovery Park Pond

Yesterday and this morning, he was on the lawn near Lemhi Pass, at the pond. I called and left a message with ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife). Three of us tried to "get him" with the intent to cut the hook and pull out the lure, but he flew into the water. Maybe someone with more bird skills, or better phone numbers can further assist this bird.
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2023.04.20 06:15 SoilNectarHoney GIS Application Developer for ODFW in Salem Oregon

GIS Application Developer for ODFW in Salem Oregon
Check it out.
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2023.04.15 00:12 MyODFW Additional wolverine sighting and tracks confirmed in Central Cascades

Video of a wolverine crossing Hwy 20 east of Santiam Pass on April 6 was confirmed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. ODFW Deschutes District staff confirmed tracks near the video location on the day of the sighting. https://www.dfw.state.or.us/news/2023/04_Ap041323b.asp
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2023.04.14 12:45 SeaLionFacts ODFW awarded grant to study marine mammal disease threats - Newport News Times

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2023.04.14 05:41 Stinky_Ham_Sandwich Rare wolverine spotted again in Oregon, ODFW confirms

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2023.04.11 15:46 SeaLionFacts ODFW awarded grant to research and create solutions to marine mammal disease threats - KCBY.com 11

ODFW awarded grant to research and create solutions to marine mammal disease threats - KCBY.com 11 submitted by SeaLionFacts to SeaLionFacts [link] [comments]

2023.04.09 23:46 Latter-Carpenter-162 We need to reduce whitetail populations

Odfw cites that human growth is why mule deer populations are falling but that is bull. I live in eastern Oregon and when I was a kid mule deer were way more abundant. I guarantee the whitetail population is what’s causing it and odfw does nothing about it “a Deer is a deer” is what it feels like their mentality is. I can’t drive 5 miles without seeing at LEAST. 20 whitetail. They need to make a separate season and wipe these whitetail out. They shouldn’t even be west of the Mississippi.
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2023.04.07 07:45 SeaLionFacts ODFW awarded grant to research and create solutions to marine mammal disease threats - KATU

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2023.04.06 23:46 SeaLionFacts ODFW awarded grant to research and create solutions to marine mammal disease threats - nbc16.com

ODFW awarded grant to research and create solutions to marine mammal disease threats - nbc16.com submitted by SeaLionFacts to SeaLionFacts [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 22:36 yunks505 *hunters* ODFW mandatory reporting fee

Any oregon hunters out there got charged this 25$ fee for "not reporting" on deer or elk last year but swear you did report???
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2023.03.24 23:48 TheFishGenie Fishing Alpine Lakes in May?

Are there any alpine lakes here in Oregon that are accessible & fishing by early May? I’ll by leaving the state for a bit after that but would love to go. I’ve been looking at ones listed on the ODFW website but most seem closed to access till June 15th. Thanks
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2023.03.23 16:48 spudsmuggler Wolverine sighted along Columbia River outside of Portland!

Wolverine sighted along Columbia River outside of Portland!
UPDATE: It was sighted again (with video) on Wednesday near Damascus! ODFW posted the update to their Instagram page.
Super cool news of a wolverine sighting on Monday in a very atypical location - along the Columbia River outside of Portland. As far as I know, Oregon only has one wolverine known wolverine, "Stormy" in the Wallowas. This one is not Stormy. Pretty neat and fun to see them show up in places we don't expect. See ODFW's press release.
North American wolverine (Gulo gulo luscus), credit: Cascadia Wild
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