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2023.04.01 12:29 MrWaffleFox18 I have put out 234 fires in the launcher.

I am a dedicated minecraft player and i dont want the launcher to burn down. So as any sane person would do i want to stop any flames from spreading,so i shall put out EVERY SINGLE FIRE AND I SHALL COUNT EVERY SINGLE ONE. Join me in this quest and lets save the launcher lmao.
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2023.04.01 12:29 F1schfreund Looking for a rifle for our team (Europe, Germany)

About us:
We are 4 people from mid 20's to early 30's, ranging between DMG and LEM respectively Faceit level 3-7. We value a friendly togetherness, but still want to constantly improve and win games. We mostly play on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and are limited in time to 8-11pm CEST due to work and family.
So far we consist of a passive rifler, an aggressive "star" rifler, a newly learned AWP, and an IGL/Support. Our current map pool is Anubis, Inferno, Overpass, and Vertigo. We would like to add one more map. We are currently leaning towards Mirage, but are open to suggestions.
Our goal:
Our main goal is to find a healthy middle ground between wanting to win, "try-hard" while still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. We want to constantly improve and expand our setups and strats. Perspectively, then climb up the ranking on Faceit and play against better and better opponents. In the future, a 99dmg participation is also conceivable.
We have mainly found pleasure in the team idea and want to play team CS. In terms of meta, utility, rotations, setups etc. we are well positioned for our level of Elo. Because most of us don't have much time to play at the moment, there is a lack of firepower.
About you:
You are open-minded, understand the importance of fun, are willing to learn, can criticize constructively and be criticized. It is important to you to improve individually and as a team. You are willing to learn utility, setups, concepts and simple strats and to reflect your playing style. Your current playing level is at or above our level. Optimally, you are a strong fragger and want to improve in other aspects of CS. And last but not least: You understand that despite our fascination with CS, there are more important things in life.
Ideally you are fluent in German but we’d also switch to English as a team if everything else fits well.
Your role:
We are open to any type of Rifle player. Ideally, you like to play aggressively, have clean communication, initiative and lots of ideas.
If you feel most comfortable at AWP, that would also be possible if all other aspects fit perfectly.
Feel free to write me a direct message on Reddit if interested.
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2023.04.01 12:29 ThrowRApenguinfoot I (20M) am in love with my best friend(22M)s girlfriend (19F). Should I tell her how I feel?

Essentially I've known them both since high school. My friend and I both had a crush on her (hell, nearly everyone I knew did). I never talked about having a thing for her though. One day she confessed that she actually really liked me and wanted to date. I just had too many insecurities to get into a relationship at that time so i pointed her in the direction of my best friend. They began dating a few months later. 6 months into their relationship she stated that she still had feelings for me. I once again turned her down stating that I valued our friendships and wouldn’t want to ruin them. They have been dating for 2 and a half years now. My feelings for her went to the back of my mind for a long while. Recently we all got together and hung out for the first time since going our separate ways after graduation. This threw me in a complete relapse. We talk often but i forgot how much we just kind of clicked when we were together. We have all the same core interests, hobbies, and even the same personality type. Meanwhile, it seems like they argue very frequently. It doesn't even seem like he respects any opinion she has most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I care for both of them and we all talk nearly everyday. I don’t want to ruin my friendships but I can’t hide these feelings anymore. Trust me, reddit was my last resort. Listen, I have mental health issues so maybe it's the depression and anxiety talking, I don't know. Should I just move on and try to forget? Should I tell her?
TLDR: I(20M) in love with my best friend's girlfriend(19F), whom I am close friends with. She had feelings for me in the past but I was scared to tell her how I felt. Should I do it now?
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2023.04.01 12:27 Catperson_XX I don't want to move in with a friend, but staying with my family doesn't appeal to me either.

A friend (23f) is moving back to a city near me. Mostly as a joke, I (23f) said at the beginning of the year that we could move in together if she didn't move in with her boyfriend after all. Coincidentally, a few weeks after that they broke up and she asked me if I meant it first, which at that moment I said yes, since I've been thinking about moving to that city as well since I work there.
We have been looking for flats for a while now and finally got one and I already signed the papers for the flat as it became clear that this was most likely the only flat we could get as housing market is horrible right now (I honestly don't fully like the flat as we have two bedrooms and a tiny living room that only fits a couch and tv. So the dining table will most likely end up in one of our rooms anyway). My goal was also to have my work desk somewhere else beside my bedroom, which now also does not work. When we got the ok, she was very happy whereas I was not really (we only had a call about the approval before we signed and she assumed my lack of words was out of shock), but I also didn't want to go back on my word as she needs a room from April on in the city.
The main reason why I want to move out is that the living situation with my family. I live with my parents, both siblings (22m, 26f) and my nephew (4m) in my parents' house on 3 floors. Sounds relaxed, but it's not quite. On the top floor is my room and right next to me is where my nephew sleeps, so I hear screaming etc. every night (which can stretch over several hours) when he doesn't want to go to bed. Plus, I can't practice music anywhere after work because he is supposed to go to sleep by then. The last room on this floor belongs to my sister and a cat, who always wants to attack my own cat when he sees her. (We have had my cat for 10 years and he has only been with us a few months).
In the middle floor is "our" kitchen with a small dining room, where the kitchen also serves as a passage to the bathroom. So you don't really have peace and quiet here either, because people walk through especially in the evenings and it is always stressing my out. On this floor is also the bedroom of my brother (which used to be the living room) and the bedroom of my parents.
On the ground floor is my parents' living space, their kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom (which needs to be renovated and is therefore more of a storage room). The living room is purely for my parents and the dining room is all full of kids toys and a pass through to their kitchen and bathroom.
Basically there is no real retreat apart from my own room, and no way to invite friends over. I also don't want to work out of my own bedroom for a lot more years.
But then why don't I want to move in with a friend?
1) It's probably only for a year, since she will be transferred afterwards and living alone (even with my cat), I just don’t want that. I did that in the past for about 6 months during my studies and just felt lonely and miserable. I also don’t want to live with people I don’t really know at this point.
2) My brother wants to start a second apprenticeship next summer, for which he would have to move out and then probably stay there. Then a room would be free that could be used as a living room with a sleeping couch. My sister is also starting an apprenticeship this summer, where she could also be transferred after in two years (and take her son with her). But there is always the risk of either or both not working out or both coming back and wanting their rooms back.
3) Money. I currently earn 3k€ per month (after taxes) and would pay 700€ for rent & utilities. I could afford that, only the question arises for me whether it is not more sensible to save this money and save for an upgrade of our adjoining building or the renovation of the small cottage on the property of my parents. Both are not habitable due to lack of heating, poor insulation, uneven floors and the outdated water pipes.
4) Is it worth it to tear my cat out of her environment for a year? I don't want to leave her with my parents, because there she would have no attachment figure and no real place to rest. She is not allowed to go to the lowest floor because of my parents' birds, on the middle floor there is only my brother and he is rarely at home, and on the top floor she can't go into my nephew's room or my sister's room because of the cat.
5) I am 30min away from my small village. Doesn't sound much, but because of that I can't join the voluntary fire department and after music rehearsals and gigs I have a much longer way home and I can't just have a drink, because I always must get to my apartment somehow...
6) I am most likely the person to get my parents’ house as I currently work rather nearby and am the most financially stable. So I also am saving up for that possibility in parallel.

As of right now, I'll move in and keep the thoughts of resigning the lease mostly to myself (of course, I'll talk with my roommate about it and we would have to pay for 3 months after resigning according to the law). Honestly, I was supposed to start moving smaller things into my room and paint a wall or two today, but I just can't get myself to do it.
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2023.04.01 12:26 DeathorGloryGaming Motor City Mayhem is the largest ITC event in May! Join us on May 26-28 near Detroit, MI at our new venue with attached hotel. 256 player 40k Main Event, 2v2 Doubles, and Singles Sunday Events. One of the best tournament player experiences with top of the line terrain and excellent table spacing.

Looking for your next event after Adepticon? Look no further! MCM is the largest 40k ITC event in May, come join us! MCM is May 26-28 near Detroit, MI. We have a new and improved convention center as our venue, with a discounted room block at the attached Hyatt Hotel.
We have some of the best terrain of any 40k tournament. Our themed GW terrain tables are some the most balanced and best painted sets of any tournament. Additionally, we pair our mats with the terrain to complete the immersion on the table.
In summary, we have some of the most mechanically fair and competitive tables in the tournament scene, while still maintaining our signature themed tables.
MCM is a full con with the following events on offer:
MCM WIP Terrain Link:
Join the Mayhem!
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2023.04.01 12:25 Diligent-Advisor9528 Hello!New player here!I know its a kind of do what you want to question,but after killing Warden in Act 1 and repairing the bridge are you suppose to cross the bridge first or take Emissarys quests in Desert?

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2023.04.01 12:25 WWDB Questions for Australians about Aussie Rules football

I’m an American coming at this with much respect, I love watching AFL and have bought three video games
  1. In terms of the entire Australian sports scene where would you rank the AFL versus rugby, soccer, or basketball, league or national? Is there a sport I’m missing that should be in the mix?
  2. Why are so many games lopsided and has the AFL done anything to make them more competitive?
  3. Is there a “feeder” system for the AFL talent? I know there are lower level leagues but is the sport supported by any sort of scholastic system such as football or basketball from the United States? If not where does the AFL get their talent from? I know several players are from outside Australia.
  4. I notice a lot of the star players have mullets, “Edgar” or other unusual haircuts. Is this just a thing with star players, all players, or is it an Aussie thing?
  5. Finally why are so many teams based in Greater Melbourne? It would seem to me with all the teams there, Sydney would have 7-8 teams. Is this a sport only popular in that city? How does this help or hurt the sport nationally? Are there any cities that could support an expansion or relocation team?
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2023.04.01 12:23 BackToTheStreetsRP Searching for new Players FiveM BackToTheStreetsRP

Searching for new Players FiveM BackToTheStreetsRP
We're a new German FiveM-Server Community in the search of new players to play on our server.
We have a lots of special-scripts, like in the video, the meth-making progress, also we have around 150+ importet cars aswell as legal jobs like as busdriving, burgershot, etc.
We would appreciate if anyone could join our Discord: write me pn for the link
On our TikTok Channel you can see some short-movies about our Server: BackToTheStreetsRp (@backtothestreetsrp) TikTok every week i upload about 2-3 Videos about the Server
Reminder: Its a German Server, so every script is on German, but the players can speak English
thanks for reading
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2023.04.01 12:23 Kraterkacke [Offline][5e]North London group looking for 1-2 more players

We're a group of DnD players looking to start a DnD campaign hosting offline sessions every tuesday in the north of London (near Finsbury Park). We're looking for 1-2 more players to complete the group. We haven't decided on a DM yet, so if you want to DM thats great, if not, some of us are willing to DM as well. Hit me up on discord Kraterkacke#5853.
looking forward to hearing from you :D
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2023.04.01 12:23 Dreddnaught619 Reactivate keyless entry?

Hi, I put both keys into battery saver mode. Since then I can't get keyless entry to work. I can unlock the car with the unlock button and the car starts if I have the key inside with me but I want to have the car unlock when I get near or pull the door handle. I. E. Open the car without pressing the unlock button.
How can I do this? I'm pretty sure when we first got it an approach to the car would unlock it.
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2023.04.01 12:23 throwawayfinalform56 CIMT. Echo and CAC all perfect but should I get s cardiac MRI to be sure? Heart disease genetics in my family

Those diagnostic tests only give pieces of the overall puzzle so I'm considering paying cash for a cardiac MRI to better know my risk factors
I'm a male, nearly 50 and my moms dad died of a heart attack at my age so there's some risk factors there. My hs crp and homocystine are basically zero but I have LP(a) out of range and am wondering if the MRI is worth the cost to reassure me (or otherwise)
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2023.04.01 12:23 DankuBot Me irl

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2023.04.01 12:22 danielkim21 Could late Eastern Conference matchups help determine MVP?

Everyone was on Embiid’s head for ducking Jokic in Denver, but Jokic has sat out the past couple games. With that being said, Denver is awful without him, showing how much of an impact he has on the team. He is obviously a unicorn and has a good shot at taking the award again, but I just get the feeling voters don’t want to see him win another MVP. Maybe I’m wrong and will eat my words… but let’s go over the current Eastern Conference contenders in case I’m right.
Giannis had a “rough” game against Boston but I feel like if he outplays Embiid and gets the win against Philly on Saturday then he could narrow the gap on the MVP race. Light 40+ Triple Double against Indiana earlier this week, and will get the chance to play against Embiid, an arguable favorite to win MVP and also on national TV against a solid Grizzlies team on the road. He’ll have to take care of some tougher teams, but if they manage to win out Bucks should hang on to the 1 seed. No doubt the best player in the league and has great numbers to go with it, I think you can make the argument for him to take MVP virtually any year. Similar deal, however, to Lebron in the past in my opinion… will remain the best player in the league while not winning MVP every year.
Embiid gets to go to Milwaukee with the chance to keep 76ers in contention for taking the 2 seed from Boston. Even if they lose, he has been a consistent 30pt+ double double and will also get another chance to play the Celtics in Philly. However, if the 76ers lose both of these games, would Embiid’s MVP chances take a hit even if he goes for 30-40 points with 10+ rbs in these games? Would go 0-4 against Boston/2-2 against Bucks in the year. Still, you don’t ever see bigs winning the scoring title, and Embiid’s offensive game has continued to improve through the years. Also, while Embiid may not be dropping consistent triple doubles, it is clear to see that he has been the most dominant player this year. (Even though he lives on the free throw line, you can’t deny Giannis and Jokic get the whistle more often than they should).
*Brings me to a pointer for Tatum…. 79 points in past 7 quarters to go 2-1 against Milwaukee, no turnovers and insane efficiency. Just a thought, is there any situation where Tatum jumps back into the MVP discussion this late in the season? While it would be a wild scenario, what if Tatum somehow maintains his restored offensive scoring while winning out and taking back the 1 seed? Call me stupid, but I’d say there is a slim (really slim) chance he could get back in the discussion, but it would take an insane run on both his part and Boston. I feel like 35+ pts/10 rbs would have to be the minimum. Regardless, Tatum’s growth has been remarkable and even though he probably won’t be a top 3 MVP finalist, it would say a lot if he continues to pour it on and help Boston take back the 1 seed. (Would also go 4-0 against Philly in regular season).
Looking for unbiased feedback on my thoughts!
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2023.04.01 12:22 DMLearning2Play 7e - Introducing Combat, Chase and Negotiation Mechanics to the D&D 5e System using a Generalised "Conflict Based Roleplay System"

This is a follow up to a previous post introducing the 7e Roleplay Gaming System, link at the bottom of this post. There was, to put it mildly, a significant amount of criticism about the philosophy of that project.
In this post rather than speak about the concept of 7e I'm going to focus strictly on the core mechanics of the Conflict system, discussing the rules which unite Combats, Chases and Negotiations scenes. While these rules are designed for a 5e successor, they are mostly compatible with the current D&D 5e system and so can be easily used by groups playing with that system.
Conflict Based Roleplay Gaming System
5e, in my opinion, provides a good core for a general roleplay gaming system. However I do not deny that at it's core it is a combat simulator.
As stated in the previous post, my approach to 7e is to adapt the 5e engine into a more general roleplay gaming system. To achieve this I have taken the existing combat rules, and generalised them in order to have those rules serve a range of different "Conflicts".
A Conflict represents a scene where a significant moment in the plot is decided through the Actions of the Player and GM controlled Characters. In 5e the only Conflict rules presented are rules for Combat, in 7e Conflicts currently represent Combats, Chase Scenes and Negotiations, with plans to expand the types of Conflict available beyond these three (get in the comments if you have suggestions for these!).
The rules for Conflicts share many parallels: they are turn based, each Character may use an Action and Bonus Action, or two Bonus Actions, during their turn. And the ability for Characters to engage in a Conflict is determine from their Fate Points, which represent different outcomes depending on the scene (e.g. in a Combat, Fate Points are equivalent to death saving throws in 5e's Combat System, in a Chase it determines a Character's ability to continue the Chase, in a Negotiation it represents their ability to continue influencing an NPC or, for an NPC, their resolve against the negotiations of the Player Characters.
The intent of these shared rules is that there is a reduced need to learn multiple different sets of rules for different Conflict systems. Not only this, but by using a shared language for these Conflict systems, Character abilities which are useful in one form of Conflict may be used to engage in multiple forms of conflict.
An example of this is the "Distract" and "Taunt" actions. In the context of a Combat Conflict, these effectively grant an attack against a creature advantage, or cause a creature to have disadvantage on an attack roll. These same actions are referenced in the rules of a negotiation, but represent different effects, with the Distract action being used to momentarily stun or distract an NPC while Taunt is used to reduce their resolve through acts of intimidation or insult.
Combat Conflict
The Combat system naturally has a lot of simularities to the existing 5e system, but with a number of quality of life changes and some changes, such as replacing the Help Action with the Distract Action and introducing the Taunt Action. Additionally the wonky Death Saving throw system is much improved from the move to a points based system.
A full description of the rules can be found here, but I will assume people reading this post have some familiarity with the D&D 5e Combat System and so little further introduction is needed:
Chase Conflict
The Chase Conflict can be understood as a kind of theatre of the mind interpretation of the Combat Rules, where relative distance between the Player Characters and the GM Controlled Characters determines what the Players can do.
Notably a Characters movement on each round is determined by a "Movement Check", where they are trying to exceed the Chase DC of the GM Controlled Characters who are either chasing, or being pursued by, the Player Characters. By meeting or beating the Chase DC the Players gain ground, bring them closer to their desired position relative the GM Controlled Characters. By failing that check, they lose ground.
The modifier a player uses for a movement check is their movement speed divided by 10, rounded down (e.g. 30ft = +3, 45ft = +4).
The idea of a Chase is that players will use their actions and abilities to help them gain ground. Actions such as a Dash action increase their movement modifier, while features such as Spells and the like may be used to increase their movement speed or decrease the movement speed of the GM Controlled Characters.
Full rules here:
Negotiation Conflict
In a negotiation the Player Characters are acting to persuade an NPC towards a certain course of action. This would be used to simulate high stakes negotiations, such as obtaining important information or agreements from an NPC (it isn't intended for simple conversations with shopkeepers and bartenders!!).
Because of the asymmetric nature of Player vs GM agency in the 5e system, the Fate Points of a Player differs from that of a GM character.
A GM Character cannot persuade or convince a Player towards a course of action, the Player is always in control of the Characters actions (unless something like magic is at play). Meanwhile the Player is assumed to be able to persuade a GM controlled character, at the GMs discretion.
To persuade a GM controlled character, the Player will spend their Fate Points, which is effectively their "social currency" to influence the GM controlled character. This allows them to use a range of skills to persuade, taunt or otherwise influence the GM Character towards that course of action.
The GM controlled character resists this in the form of their resolve. The more resolve they have, the harder it will be to convince them towards that act. If a GM Character is reduced to Zero resolve, then they will agree to carry out the request, but more likely the Player Characters will have to offer them a Bargain, which is worth as much as their current resolve points (this could be monetary or service based).
For people familiar with The Witcher RPG it took some inspiration from the ideas presented in that game.
Full rules for negotiations may be found here:
Wish I had the time to write more about this, but honestly I'd be mostly repeating what I've already written on the attached links. Hopefully I've given enough of a feel for how these rules work to pique your interest.
The only thing I'd like to add that in trying these rules out in my 5e games I found that not only were the rules fun, but they create an excellent way to "escape" Combats where the CR was too high or too low. A particularly challenging Combat leads naturally into a very tense Chase scene where the players have the chance to escape rather than continue fighting their way to a tpk. Let me know if you try these rules out or have any thoughts on the concept of a Conflict based system in general!
Original Post about the Concept of 7e:
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2023.04.01 12:22 Tennants_Lager An apology from Craig McPherson

An apology from Craig McPherson submitted by Tennants_Lager to rangersfc [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:22 FitEntertainment4910 general : Looking for late night friends to crack jokes with (PST) Gold/Plat

My job consists of me being a late night dweller. Im looking for late night players in NA. Im from California. Id like to meet similar people. Im always on discord late night, but all my friends are asleep. Im a nice dude wanting to learn about other peoples stories and just making connections with people who love what I do. Im really into finding new music or sharing my tunes. (I rave) Im also not a bad looking guy ;). just looking for late night friends with similar schedules who would like to connect and have a laugh. My in game username is "thedonjon". Hope to meet the best of yall!
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2023.04.01 12:21 NatureDragon2974 Why do people try give solutions when you didn’t ask for any

There is event near me that’s been playing endless music for hours on end and it Is overstimulating. I complained and people are telling me that I should put on headphones or music. I tried that ages ago and it didn’t help long of much. I just wanted to complain and be met with something like they get it, it’s annoying. Not telling me what to do. It is upsetting, I’m not a child. I know my limits and I have met them.
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2023.04.01 12:21 RamboBambiBambo I wonder if 343 should do an update to enhance the multiplayer armories of Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 4?

I wonder if 343 should do an update to enhance the multiplayer armories of Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 4?
For those that weren't aware, Halo 2 Anniversary's multiplayer was developed by Certain Affinity using a slightly updated version of Halo 4's engine. Hence why the game control feels so similar and many of the vehicles/weapons share their Halo 4 rendition instead of a more classic look.
This fact alone has myself wondering if one day 343 should do an update to the game to essentially do a pseudo-merger of the H4 and H2A character customization armories?
Think about it. The Spartans of H2A are dressed in the style of Halo 4's MJOLNIR Gen-2 art style. The Elites are the huge, bulky Halo 4 style Sangheili. So it shouldn't be too difficult to merge the two armories together in a sense.
Not a full merger mind you. Bear in mind, while the two games share a VERY similar art style; there are still key differences to consider. Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 4 render themselves a little differently, with H4 going with a more realistic attempt at colorization and 2D paint texturing to show white-markings and scuffed paint edges to show some signs of wear-&-tear. Meanwhile H2A's multiplayer depicts its Spartans and Elites in near-pristine armor with lighting that makes them borderline cell-shaded with how bold the colors tend to be.
This would require some effort from the modeling department. Minimal effort at best in order to make a new form of color rendering for these 3D models in each-others multiplayers.
If 343 were to pull off this sort of update, that would allow players in Halo 2 Anniversary to customize their Spartans in ---
  • 45 new armor set options (this number includes the Mark VI MOD worn by Chief or "Mythic" as I like to call it and also the cut-but-still-in-the-game-files Hayabusa Gen-2 armor set; though it probably should be renamed to something like "Ninja" or "Hanzo" to get past the crossover copyright shenanigans.)
  • 17 Visor color options
  • 6 Armor Effect options
Players in Halo 2 Anniversary would also see the ability to customize their Elites with Halo 4's Storm Covenant armor sets, being ---
  • Storm
  • Ranger
  • Commander
  • Warrior
  • Zealot
Players in Halo 4 meanwhile will have access to Halo 2 Anniversary's Spartan Cosmetic sets, being ---
  • Mark VI Alpha (there are minor differences between H4 and H2A's versions of the Mark VI Gen-2)
  • Mark VI Alpha's few variants
  • Centurion
  • Hoplite
  • Orion
  • Biroid Armor Variants
  • Sierra Trooper Armor Variants
  • Panzerdoll Armor Variants
  • Megaframe

So essentially, such an update will provide a small customization DLC to Halo 4 but a MASSIVE expansion to Halo 2 Anniversary's customization options.

Whaddya think?
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2023.04.01 12:21 ThrowRArigateau I (25M) was falling for a friend with benefits (25F) but her messed up night out has me conflicted and questioning what to do.

I'm (25M) in a complicated new friend with benefits (25F) and have been having sex, and hanging out a lot since the start of March.
For some context, we have both come out of serious relationships in February and she was planning on moving from the UK to her home country at the end of April. We've not hashed out every detail of our situation but we've each expressed how we wanted to be exclusive until she left.
We've gotten quite close and now she is reconsidering her move and may stay in the UK long-term (I am slightly related to that change of heart). I like her so much that I'd strongly consider dating her as we've been really honest and open, and we both know how much we like each other. Even though at the start of my breakup in Feb I was resolute in staying single for a long time, she is worth reconsidering.
Now the problem. She recently retired from a very prestigious dance company and had a big going away celebration after a show which I was not a part of as I was busy. I very nearly joined them as she was desperate for me to join and it was only 10 minutes away from my house but because she was planning on clubbing and I had work the next morning I declined. She was drunk and I let her know before I slept that if she ever needed anything she could call me and I will be there for her.
By the end of the morning, I knew something happened. We already had plans for Friday but she was conspicuously absent and didn't reply to my messages until late in the afternoon when the time to meet was approaching. She eventually came to my house and, even though she initially did not plan on telling me, she felt she had to be honest with me. She was partying with a large group of friends but eventually tagged along with a group of 2 guys and 1 girl. I'll call them Kevin, John, and Kate. They all went to various clubs and eventually arrived at Kate's house. She prefaced this part that she did not have a good time.
For additional context, she had spoken to me about Kevin previously and they hooked up twice but that was around 7ish months ago. She did not have a great experience with him but was still considered a nice guy and has some standing in their industry.
At this point she had sobered up some but was clearly tipsy. The guys had offered her drinks at every opportunity. Then John and Kate inexplicably start having sex right next to her and Kevin. Then Kevin tries to start on her and initially she refuses but at the suggestion that they all have a foursome she decides to go for it. She made it a point to tell me that when with me she gets incredibly wet and it is very true. With the foursome, she refused to give the guys blowjobs and was completely dry and no matter what they tried no penetration was possible even though both Kevin and John tried to force themselves in. At this point, she quit and went to sleep on the sofa while the other three had sex in Kate's bedroom. After sleeping for a couple of hours, she left without saying bye.
At this point in the story, she tells me of the times Kevin and John kept getting her drinks throughout the evening. She also recalled how in a goodbye/closure type meeting with her ex (who works with her) just before the night out, Kevin interrupted them and tried to force his way into their conversation. As well as this, during the night out, she was talking to some guys and they asked for her instagram at which point Kevin stepped in and was trying to stop her from giving it. She then tells me an additional part of her previous hook-up with Kevin. They had unprotected sex and he came inside her without her consent and did not take steps to help her afterwards in terms of emergency contraception or comfort.
As they get to Kate's house, Kevin and John go into the bathroom together for a 'meeting' and are talking for some minutes. She then tells me how she discovered Friday morning that apparently these three regularly have group sex and invite friends. She was completely unaware the whole evening.
It is clear this situation is so fucked up and positively disgusting from the overt predatory behaviour and I am so genuinely upset and angry for her that this has happened. There was so much apologising from her and she felt so incredibly guilty and vowed to never do anything like this while we continue. She is so sorry because, while she knows she was drunk and being taken advantage of, she still feels she made the express decision to stay and involve herself when the situation was turning very weird at Kate's house.
I cannot speak to anybody I know about this. I can't break her confidence and I do not want anyone to think differently of her. But I cannot deny that I do now. I completely understand that it is such a fucked up situation but what we had is in jeopardy. The images of what she told me have really hit me hard and I do not know how I can get over this. Some part of me feels guilty about this but I cannot help but not truly trust her judgement. She has told me a few stories of her doing quite risky things (getting in a cab at 3 am to go have sex with a musician at his hotel and she had never personally met him before - stories of this ilk), generally involving herself with unsavoury people, and not to mention even considering going near that bastard Kevin.
On one hand, I am so upset that this happened to someone I care for, but on the other, I am angry and feel like I'm being taken for a mug and my feelings have been misplaced in someone I cannot trust.
My questions are:
Will I ever be able to get over this and how?
How can I best address my feelings to her in an appropriate way?
Can I or should I actually trust her?

TLDR: FwB that I am falling for got very drunk, had a foursome, and I'm struggling to reconcile my feelings and do not know if I can trust her or progress this to a relationship anymore.
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2023.04.01 12:20 Josephballin69420 First Campaign Writing Help

Hello! This is a little bit of a long one, and I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it through. I want to make sure i can provide a fun experience for my players for many sessions and hope you guys can help me make sure I’m able to do this :)
After our Icewind dale campaign died out, me and my friends wanted to try something new. I came with the idea of running a homebrew campaign for them, something they thought would be fun due to tie ins with backstories and what not. Here is my idea for the campaign:
The campaign starts as a DCC (dungeon crawl classics) game, which means the players will have 4 randomly generated lvl 0 characters but will transition into a 5e campaign withing the first session or two. The players start as helpers on a large merchant ship. Sometime during the start of the first session the ship is attacked by tentacles, and the players get to fight one or two of these before the ship gets destroyed, preferably the players are helped off the ship on a lifeboat by an NPC I introduce at the start of the game as their boss, and pretty much only friend on the ship. They then make it to a nearby island which happens to be the home of their boss`s old adventuring companion, an old druid. Their boss, either left on the sinking ship or dead of injuries when the players arrive at the island is explained to have been an adventurer in his past along with the druid, who says some half cryptic stuff about the players future or something. The druid will offer the players to use a modified Pipe of remembrance to vaguely show events from their past. Here the players will be given a secret and get to choose their dnd class and race. I think this is a good way to do it as most of the players are quite new to dnd and this gives them something to roleplay and base a backstory off of, alternatively they can skip getting a secret and just explain their backstory. The druid will then tell the players about an old, beached ship on the island which the players could loot to acquire weapons and other gear. I have made tables for what players can find at this shipwreck based on the starting equipment for each class, and I`ve added common magic items for investigation checks of 20 or higher, I hope this is a good way of showcasing skills in dnd and how different rolls result in different outcomes. The ship is home to a monster called a treasure chest golem, made up of a treasure chest and surrounding corpses. This should serve as a dynamic first fight as the players in their classes.
I`m sure there are thing about this first session i could do better and I look forward to hearing your ideas. I want the players to start on the ship, but anything else you would change i am all ears for. As for the general flow of the campaign going forward i have thought of this:
The campaign takes place on a large archipelago, more accurately just a large area of sea covered in possibly hundreds of islands, each with its own climate, people and monsters. I want for the players to be able to take advantage of this open world, but still make sure every session seems interesting and somewhat planned.
Here is a list of ideas i have for the campaign, although I don`t know exactly how to implement them, so any help here would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Navigation in the archipelago is impossible without the use of magic items known as coral reef compasses. These are made with the chaotic magic that flows through the archipelago and so grant every ship that uses one a random magical ability, like short range teleportation, invisibility for some hours, or other things like summoning whirlpools or gusts of wind. The second session is going to give the players a way to acquire one of these by stealing it of a nearby pirate ship, but if you have other ideas on how the players could get one i would be delighted to hear them.
  2. The magic rock the players see in the first session is the McGuffin of the campaign, my idea roughly equating to it being the heart of the archipelago, split into many different pieces, with only a few secretive factions knowing of its power.
  3. I have an idea for a mid-late game boss, a mimic the size of an island. This mimic would be like the first mimic in this world, a highly intelligent aberration and I want him to have mimics turn into humans (using doppelganger stats) and is secretly trying to take over political structures in the archipelago.
  4. There is a cabal of mind flayers who recently suffered a major defeat of some kind. Their leader was killed, but his consciousness was transported into a tadpole which has now infected some dude he uses to make sure he is more powerful when he gets back. I want this mind flayer to kill a friendly NPC like the druid or someone early in the game. Maybe the players boss doesn’t die immediately, but when the players return after acquiring a coral reef compass, they find both him and the druid dead with their brains removed or something. Either way I want the player to fight this tadpole infected person, wit him fleeing if the battle goes south. If he gets away and the players start pursuing him, they will eventually find him as the mind flayer within takes over his body and he turns into the mind flayer.
  5. I have an idea for the villain of the story, a sorcerer with the ability to absorb all magic around him, kind of like a magic sponge. He would be responsible for the attack on the ship in the beginning and I would want the players to get information about him at some point around tier two. I think them meeting him early and the villain absolutely obliterating them could be interesting and give the players more motivation to hate him other than destroying a ship the players probably won`t remember after a few sessions. This could also be cool because the villain could destroy the player`s ship. This would give the players a reason to switch ships as well as to further create motivation for the players to be against the villain.
Anyways, thanks you so much for taking the time to read, I`m open to pretty much all ideas and would really like some constructive criticism as I`m sure I`ve done some things wrong in preparing the world and this campaign.
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2023.04.01 12:20 monkeyD_01 CGX

As a player, you may come across a tournament that you know you can win – but lack the funds necessary to pay for an entry. Our system will enable these players to seek out sponsorships in the community. Sponsors enter smart contracts with players to pay their entry fees for that given tournament, that contract between each other will agree on how the prize will be split, for example 70% for the user and 30% for the sponsor, and when the players win, the sponsors automatically receive the agreed portion of the winnings. We hope to inspire a new era of scouting in esports through this functionality. Because players will know that sponsors may always be watching, it will also serve as an impetus for everyone to play at their peak potential all the time so they can create a winning track record.
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